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Meineke Care Care Centers, Inc.
440 S Church Street, Suite 700
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

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Phone Number: (704) 596-3093
Fax Number: (704) 372-4826
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Meineke Car Care History

Meineke Car Care was founded by Sam Meineke in Houston, Texas. The original name of the company was Meineke Discount Mufflers. Franchising operations began the following year. The name was changed in 2003.

The company operates a chain of franchised automotive maintenance and repair shops. The parent company, Meineke Holdings, became Driven Brands, Inc. in 2006 and acquired Econo Lube N Tune.

The company also acquired Walt’s Auto Care Center in 2013 and America’s Service Station the following year.

Meineke Car Care has almost 900 locations in the US alone, with many other locations around the world, including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and China.

Meineke Car Care FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Meineke Car Care?
Answer 1: The phone number for Meineke Car Care is (704) 596-3093.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Meineke Car Care?
Answer 2: The CEO of Meineke Car Care is .

Question 3: Who founded Meineke Car Care?
Answer 3: Meineke Car Care was founded by in .

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Larry Milton October 4, 2018 at 3:01 pm

October 1, 2018

On August 12, 2018 is when I took my Cadillac 2009 CTS to Meineke located on 107th & Western for repairs to Mr. Kevin whom inspected the vehicle. After inspected the car he explained to that I needed an engine and would get back to me when he finds one with low mileage. In about a week later he said that he was not able to find an engine & that he could fix the engine that in the vehicle because the left side is what needed repairs.

On August 16,2018 is when I went to Shirley Cadillac to get the parts he needed to started the repairs which cost $1,350.00 the parts.

September 16,2018 Kevin & I discussed the progress on the vehicle was coming along and I asked how much time will it take to repair the car and he was not able to tell at that time. Then since this last conversation what was an ongoing & prolong with repair, conversation, attempts to contact him. He was stalling with giving the update on the car then continue to September 19, 2018.

Kevin then contacted me on September 20, 2018, to come on September 22, 2018 to pick up the vehicle & make the last payment, when arrived to make the payment he stated that is only accepted cash, so before I went to get the cash I asked he where is my car? And that is when Kevin got upset because I asked to see my car. We exchanged words & so I decide to call the police because of the racial slurs he was used against me and my response to led me to be arrested which he presses charges and I spend some hour at the police station.

On September 24, 2018 I went to back Meineke with Police escort to retrieve my car & make the Final payment of $ 1000.00 in cash.

And since that day of September 24, 2018 I have been experiencing difficult with the vehicle such as cutting off, engine is cracked, back set carpet is lifted from car floor.

Mr. Larry Milton


Matthew Ford January 9, 2018 at 10:06 am

Took my car to Meineke in Springdale, Ar to get my clutch replaced. After picking it up the first time got it home and noticed it was leaking some kind of fluid. Therefore took it back to them to find out that a seal on the transmission was the cause of the transmission fluid leak. After picking it up the second time I immediately noticed a rattling noise coming from the engine. I let the Manager who is also the mechanic that worked on my car know. However he could not tell me what the noise was and wasnt willing to make it right. Drove the car home there was jerking and it wasnt shifting the way it should so I called to let him know. He told me that he wasnt going to take responsibility for it because my car is a 2005 mazda 3 with 160,000 miles on it and that is the reason it is doing those things. Also when we first picked up the car my wife tried to get their front desk person to print off an itemized receipt of everything they did. He proceeded to tell my wife that it was on his computer screen as if he expected her to walk around the desk to look. He then printed a piece of paper that had 4 items on it and didnt explain or break down everything they had done. So my wife again asked and at the point Greg (front desk) called Chad (Manager/mechanic) and put his phone on speaker then threw it up on the counter and leaned back in his chair and said The Fords are here. Very poor customer service and they aren’t willing to take any responsibility for their work. So I took my car to the Mazda dealership and had a certified mechanic look at it after explaining to them everything meineke had done. They ended up finding that the transmission had been unnecessarily split and then jb welded back together. I now have it on paper what they found but yet cant get anyone from customer service to return my call. So I am making this complaint hoping that someone will contact me back before I have to get my attorney involved.


James Bachand November 10, 2017 at 6:45 pm

Extremely disappointed. Tried to charge $4500 for a remanufactured motor; so I ordered one from Autozone for just over $1700 and educated that motor would be delivered Oct. 10 on Sept. 26. We then called after Oct. 10 because we noticed vehicle wasn’t moved or being worked on. Originally was quoted $5600 figured minus the $4500 would leave us to pay rough $1300 to $1500. When making the call he hadnt even scheduled a time to start working on the vehicle. Kt was moved by Oct. 27, figured finally getting worked on. Had son call on Sept. 6 to find out when it would be done and double check the cost. Was told cost was over $1900 And now needed motor mounts and time up and cost would be roughly $2340. I got on the phone and questioned what was taking so long and why such a cost difference from original est. He fumbled on the phone and brought cost for final still over $1900 with the mounts. But needing the second family vehicle do to family medical issue I was upset and ask when will it be done? He want to educate me on the things he still needed to do and I stated no I don’t want to hear that I want a date it will be done by. He stated possibly tomorrow no later than Wed. My son called Wed. Still wasn’t done, he said my midmorning Thurs. Then it became Friday, Then Sat. And NOW ITS MONDAY. 34 days after getting the motor and knowing in advance when motor would be there. I am getting ill with this bs. I’m a veteran and it’s Veterans Day tomorrow and this guy put us off. I want to know who the local owner is and I will be calling Corporate and asking for a presidential call. I WARN YOU ALL NOW TO NOT EVER, EVER GO TO RAPID CITY MEINEKE. And just to give you a little more perspective our vehicle was in their shop And was picked up Sept. 16. $1042.07 And it didn’t last the first hour before it broke down and was towed right back to Meineke, for Oil line replacements and a rear wiper motor


Gary Cudmore August 21, 2017 at 7:35 am

2-weeks ago spent 1,000$ on exhaust system so I could get inspection sticker 5-days ago engine light is on another $480.00 to fix more of the exhaust system so how so how do I get my car fixed because 1- I work nights I’m the only one that does at my work I drive TRK from Ma to NYC 3-4 times a week I can’t just leave my car no way home or back also how much $$$$ do I have to keep spending?? Because things are very tight $$$ wise for me because I’m in the process of moving Boston Ma to Nashua NHso the??? Is what’s gonna be done me a paying customer the shop I deal with is in Wilmington Ma Main Street


Gary Cudmore August 24, 2017 at 2:17 pm

A few days ago I sent you a e-mail about your shop on Main Street in Wilmington Ma about a problem I was having I want now to apologize to you and most definitely to your shop I was having other problems and I just didn’t need another with my car As a matter of fact I will be back there tomorrow
7/25/17 to have them do some work on the car again I apologize to you and your shop and I hope you will contact them as soon as possible and let them know about this E-mail Thank You


Labrena Starks August 20, 2017 at 8:19 pm

I went to the MEINEKE IN PEACHTREE CITY, GEORGIA on two different days.
I had made an appointment online and picked the 11:30 a.m. slot & in the notes, I had stated that I needed my alternator changed. I had been seen on Aug 18th with an appointment for my air conditioner needed freon and I informed her that my engine light had came on. She said she would have the mechanic check it, and informed me that it was my transmission. When I got my vehicle back I went home, then I had to go to the store, and while driving my battery light comes on and touching on the 9 which is very low. I take it to another shop and they put it on the diagnostic machine and tells me that my alternator is bad and that was the reason for my engine light being on and that there wasn’t anything wrong with my transmission. I arrived to Meineke on time and when I stated to the Shop Mgr that I had an 11:30 a.m. apptmnt and the reason for my apptmnt, she stated to me that she wasn’t for sure if she could do it because the system generated 30 mins for and alternator change and it normally would take 1hr. I then stated to her that I have an appointment and I stated in the notes alternator change so It’s not my fault that the system generated 30mins. She accused me of picking 30 mins and I had told her that their was no way for me to pick how long a job would take. I then tried to show her how I did it and she told me that she didn’t want to see it because she didn’t know anything about how the website appointment worked. I told her that I can show her and she said that she didn’t care and didn’t want me to show her. I then begin to tell her that I had called another meineke location and asked them how long would it take to swipe out my alternator and they told me 30 mins. I informed her of that conversation and she said she didn’t care because it’s her store and she was charging me for an hour. I asked her did she know the number to the corporate office, and she stated to me that Corporate doesn’t pay my bills here nor do they tell me what to do with my shop. So I just said alright then because I wasn’t about to get onto an arguing match with her. Then she says to me I really don’t accept parts bought in, and I told her since when does Meineke or any shop not let you bring in parts that you puchsse from a store and not put them on a person’s vehicle. I informed her that being military and constantly moving around, I have always done business in every state with Meineke and never not once did they tell me I couldn’t purchase my parts myself. I was charged labor in each of those states to put on my parts, but never refused service all because I purchased the parts myself which saved me a little money and Meineke still got paid for labor. And I understood if I didn’t purchase Meineke parts then my parts weren’t warranty with meineke and I understood that. When I informed her of all this, she said she didn’t care once again and that it was her shop not corporate shop. And that she can refuse what ever she wanted. Now even if she is a franchise store, she still holds the name Meineke and should live up to Meineke expectations & cus toner service. I wasn’t happy at all and I felt cheated out of my hard earned money.
They pulled my vehicle in and I started my times and watched to make sure that once my vehicle was in, that they wouldn’t try to walk away from it and ride the 1hr time out. My vehicle is a 2000 chevy blazer, and I myself had changed my alternator in my driveway by myself well within 30 mins because everything is on top and so easy to get to. I couldn’t do it this time due to having major surgery 2 weeks ago and can’t do anything for 6mths. That’s why I chose for meineke to do it for me because they always treated me good in the past. So as I watched she stated to me that I didn’t have to watch and I told her that I wanted to. So once they got the alternator on and charged my battery which was a brand new battery only 2 weeks old. They pulled it out and it took them 31 mins total. When I informed her of how long it took she stated to me once again that she didn’t care and over charged me by having to pay for an hr. I ask her did they have a 30 min charge and she said yes, but again I’m charging you the 1hr that I stated to you before beginning the work. She also upset another customer who was very unhappy with the work on her vehicle and wanted to talk to the mechanic who worked on her vehicle, and she stated to that customer that she wasn’t allowed to talk to the mechanic and couldn’t. Now I have never in my life heard of a shop manager refusing to allow the customer to talk to the mechanics, especially if the mechanic was the one who worked on that vehicle. She was very nasty and unprofessional and representing Meineke name on her shop. I fight for this country every single day and risk my life to keep other’s safe, I also take my hard earned money and trust Meineke to treat me well and with respect. I’m to the point, I don’t want to do business with meineke anymore because the only one closest to me is in Peachtree City which is her shop. She’s giving Meineke a bad name and bad reputation. I hope this can get resolved and not swept under rug. I hope there will be consequences for her actions, and gild her accountable. I know I won’t be getting my money back, what a shame. I still have more work on my vehicle that I need done, but I think I’ll give that business to someone else who knows how to treat, speak and talk to their customers. Being a military family, I’m definitely going to let other soldier’s family members, never do business with that Meineke because they don’t know how to treat, not talk to their customers, and they cheat you out of your hard earned money. The store owner/ Mgr name is PAM. If that’s how they treat their customer’s then they should be shut down for good. Have a blessed day.


Janet Wood June 21, 2017 at 1:53 pm

I had to file a lawsuit on the Center in La Plata, MD because they burned up my computer in my car. I won my case and the owner of this franchise still has not paid me my money. If a judge says you were liable then why haven’t you paid your judgment. Who wants to take there care to a facility that carriers insurance and doesn’t want to own up to their mistakes. They should take their operating license. If you can stand behind your business you can face the music when it’s your fault. Pay me my money.


Phil Campbell June 2, 2017 at 2:30 pm

Its quite a shame that one bad apple ruins the entire bunch. If you’re looking for car care services, shop around. I’ve been over charged on every visit and yesterday I paid big $$$ for less than average work on truck exhaust system ($762) at the Indian Land SC Meineke location. Today, I had to go to another location to have the work I thought I paid for yesterday corrected and it cost another $125. At the second location they showed me the new pipes that were installed yesterday in Indian Land weren’t welded all the way around, just partly welded. They could believe I paid so much for such bad work. I considered myself a good customer, I’ve spent almost $5000 there on 4 vehicles in the past 6 to 8 months. BEWARE, these locations are individually owned and operated so this Home Office location could care less. I’m just writing here so maybe someone else doesn’t have to go through this same situation…..


Thomas Bridgeman May 4, 2017 at 6:21 pm

I went to Meineke in Oakland California on 3464 Foothill Boulevard in Oakland California my visit there was to get my air conditioning in my vehicle to work this store charged me $119 for AC recharging and Freon knowing that it would not take in my system I was never offered an inspection to be perform to see if my system would take the recharging. The store’s practice is very misleading and should have informed me before recharging the air conditioning that this particular system would not take. Due to the new emissions laws and such of this state. The manager of this store was very rude and not accepting of my wanting a refund due to their misleading practice he even hung up on me when I tried to explain my situation I paid for service that was never performed and knowingly could not be performed buy the service technicians due to the change in laws concerning air conditioning recharging this particular make year and model it is my request to be refunded $119 that I was charged thank you and I hope to hear from someone very soon


Sandra Stacy March 8, 2017 at 1:59 pm

I had a coupon for a $9.99 oil change that ended up costing me $17.95. I was told my car used a special oil filter that cost extra. I have driven my car for the past nine years having my oil changed when needed at Meineke as well as other repair shops. I have never in all that time been charged for a special oil filter. I have never been charged extra for oil disposal. It has always been included in the oil change price. I got charged extra for both of these. I told the person waiting on me it was nothing but a rip off. They were busy and did not want to lose the money that my coupon oil change would have cost them so that added the extras on to make up the lose. I will never go to that Meineke again and will tell everyone I can what a rip off they are. It is places like this that give mechanics bad reputations. I went to the Meineke located at 1805 South Grand ST., Amarillo, TX. RIP OFFS are all they are.


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