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McAlister’s Deli Corporate Office Address

McAlister’s Deli
731 S Pear Ste 49
Ridgeland, MS 39157

Contact McAlister’s Deli

Phone Number: (601) 952-1100
Fax Number: (601) 957-0964
Email: Email McAlister’s Deli

McAlister’s Deli Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

McAlister’s Deli Executives

CEO: Frank G. Paci
CFO: Carl Jakaitis
COO: Patrick Walls

McAlister’s Deli History

McAlister’s Deli was founded in 1989 in Oxford, Mississippi by Dr. Don Newcomb, a retired dentist.

The original restaurant was opened in a renovated gas station and some of those original design elements are still incorporated into the design of the restaurants, such as garage door and black and white tile.

Most McAlister’s Delis are owned and operated as independent franchises.  Locations vary from single-location family-owned operations to larger multi-unit groups such as JME, Inc., Southern Deli, and The Saxton Group.

The 100-item menu includes deli sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts, and catering items such as boxed lunches and sandwich trays.

McAlister’s Deli has 300 locations in 20 states.

McAlister’s Deli FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for McAlister’s Deli?
Answer 1: The phone number for McAlister’s Deli is (601) 952-1100.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of McAlister’s Deli?
Answer 2: The CEO of McAlister’s Deli is Frank G. Paci.

Question 3: Who founded McAlister’s Deli?
Answer 3: McAlister’s Deli was founded by in .

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David Bowden December 6, 2018 at 9:48 am

I have never taken the time to express my appreciation or displeasure in writing concerning the quality of food, cleanliness of the eatery or service provided in any restaurant. In short, we simply never go back if we are displeased. On the other hand, if we are satisfied with the establishment, we do return.

My wife and I have been frequent visitors to McAlister’s Deli in and around Indianapolis for well over ten years. We most frequently find ourselves enjoying the restaurant in Fishers, not because it is closest, but because the manager and employees always seem to appreciate our business and treat us like friends, not just customers.

We have enjoyed meals at the delis in Noblesville, Castleton, Carmel, Greenwood and several other places in and around Indianapolis. However, the Fishers Deli on 116th Street is by far our favorite. Mr. Stan Conner’s smile and enthusiastic greeting must be infectious as most of the employees are very friendly and confirm an eager desire to be of service. Alex, our favorite server, goes the extra mile to make us feel important. She always projects a friendly smile and makes us feel welcome. Needless to say, we look forward to frequently visiting this deli.



Vicki Kennedy October 29, 2018 at 5:38 pm

I have a complaint against the McAlister’s Deli located in the Love Field Airport in Dallas. We arrived there around 9:15 p.m. along with another couple we were traveling with. Each
couple’s order totaled around $35.00. They had half of their restaurant roped off where no one could sit at the tables there. There were only a few tables on the other side, and they were full. We asked the person that gave us our order (he gave the name of Jose Rivera) if we could sit on the other side that was roped off. He said, “No, we are getting ready to close.” He pointed out 2 seats that were available on the side that was open and said, “You can sit there.” I told him that there were 4 of us and he said “Oh, there are 4 of you.” Then he said nothing else. We had to end up sitting in Chili’s tables because that was the only place we could sit down. If we are going to pay that much for meals, we, at least expect to have a place to sit down, which they had, had they not had it roped off so they could get out of there quicker when closing time did get there. They ended up closing their store around 9:35, which would have been plenty of time for us to eat our meal and leave. This customer service is unforgivable. The date of this incident was 10-26-18. Hopefully someone can make a difference in the way this place is run. By the way, don’t know if the guy’s name was really Jose Rivera, but that is the one he gave us.


Harry Kleinman June 1, 2018 at 2:20 pm

I am retired military and sometimes go to McAlisters. They supposedly have a military card they pass out for a free meal following your 5th purchase. For the past couple years I have gone to the McAlisters in Biloxi, MS only to be told they are “out” of cards. After a year of this, I wrote the corporate office and received NO reply. Today I went again and asked if they had any military cards – of course, they said “NO.” When I ask if the program still exists, they tell me “YES,” but at this point I don’t believe them anymore. Since a certain woman manager took over the Biloxi McAlisters, there have been no military cards to receive. I don’t know if it’s the manager not wanting to provide the free meals to military or if McAlisters has done away with the program. McAlisters – if the program no longer exists, just say so! OR discipline this store manager and get your act together! By the way, my turkey rueben today was terrible; burnt bread! If the program still exists, you owe me at least three sandwiches. Thank you.


Sarah N Danneman May 9, 2018 at 10:02 am

On the date of May 8, 2018 at 6:30 pm we had a horrible experience at the Homewood, Alabama off State Farm Parkway location. it took 3 phone calls to just get someone on the phone. first time no one answered, 2nd time i was put on hold for over 5 minutes, and the 3rd time i had to snap at the lady because she just wanted to keep putting me on hold like i did not matter. finally got my order taken and my dad went to go pick it up and that took forever. the worst part of it was they forgot my kids entire meal which we paid for, they didnt put the dressing in the bag for my dads salad, and my soup was not only cold but it was old. i called to speak to the manager. the lady i spoke to said the manager was not there, so i asked to speak to the person in charge. she said she would have to call me back. i told her if i did not hear back i would complain to corporate and i never heard back. we paid for this food and the service was horrible and the food was horrible. They have lost our business but i want this resolved and my money back because it was not worth paying for. I want this resolved ASAP!


James Smith May 8, 2018 at 5:21 pm

Went to McAlisters @ 4210 82nd street in Lubbock, TX today, 5/8/2018 and ordered 3 sandwiches to go. Got home about 7 miles from restaurant and no pickles were included. I go there about twice a month and this is the second time in 4 weeks the order was not complete.


Elana December 19, 2017 at 1:28 pm

I visited McAlister’s on December18, 2017 at approximately 9pm,, in Turtle Creek Mall, Hattiesburg, Ms. Upon my arrival, I was not greeted by the cashier. She was washing a dish or something and finally turned around after we stood there for about 25 seconds, with a frown on her face and answered, “YES?” We asked her to give us a second. I then told her that I wanted to order the Spud Max. Before I could get the words out of my mouth, she responded abruptly, “we don’t have anymore potatoes.” So after we did not feel welcomed we decided that we did not want to eat at McAlister’s. I asked for her name and left. I called the team leader or manager that night and was not apologized to, the excuse he had for her was that she had just started. Before I got off of the phone I asked should I leave my name. The team leader responded by saying, “he would leave a note for the manager. I called back on 12/19 to see if the manager got the message, however, she had no knowledge of the incident. I informed her of the issue and she was very apologetic.

I do understand that working during the holidays can be frustrating. What I don’t understand is why Niya felt it was ok to treat me in the very offensive manner that she did. This type of behavior and treatment of customers is not a good representation of this company. I generally eat at McAlister’s every time I visit Hattiesburg, I DO NOT believe I will be going back to this location. “Serving smiles with every meal” did not apply to my visit.


Debbie Hudson December 6, 2017 at 2:53 pm

Love Your bathroom soap….where do you get it or can anyone buy?


Kenyatta Burdine September 9, 2017 at 9:59 am

Good morning. I am a current employee at the McAlisters Deli in Indianapolis, Indiana located at the Castleton Square Mall. I was promised two raises. When I checked my pay stubs, I saw that I was still at the same hourly rate. This is very frustrating because I know that I am worth way more than I am getting paid. Quitting has never crossed my mind until I saw this last check, but I don’t know what else to do. All of the “first time” customers return because of me and my bubbly personality, and that’s says a lot about my character. Who can I call about this situation? Please email me and let me know. Thank you in advance, and enjoy your weekend!


Elvalina Barksdale August 17, 2017 at 2:20 pm

Completely Frustrated and Disappointed!!! at work today I placed 5-orders by phone I was given a total and was told that my order would be ready in 20 minutes. We arrived to pick up the order 20-25 minutes later and was old there was no order for us. This was a I called the same number again where I placed the order and was told there was nothing they can do…What??? this is totally unacceptable and expected from McDonalds or Burger King but we tend to think of McAlister’s as a higher end restaurant and did not expect such poor service. The manager Chad Hester hung up the phone on me and the customer service representative….this was our 1st and last time ordering from this place….and I guess you can say I would rather order from McDonalds in the future….horrible location!!!! Augusta Road, Greenville SC


Janice Toner August 1, 2017 at 10:44 pm

Last Wednesday I went into McAlister for tea. I love your tea. Not knowing there was water on the floor I fell flat on my face. I twisted my knees as I went down. Right away one of the employees ran to clean up my tea. They told the manager that there was a spill. He never came to me to see if I was alright. I sat at the restaurant and ate my lunch waiting for the manager to approach me. He never did . Before I left I ask to see the manager. I told him about what happened. He ask of I was fine and he walked away. I was very disappointed in the whole incident. I have been in a lot of pain. I will go back and get more tea. But will be very cautious.


Courtney July 14, 2017 at 6:32 pm

I ordered a sweet Chipotle chicken from the mcalisters in nmb sc and the crew was super nice. I was on break so I didn’t have much time. When I walked back over to my store, I went to open the box and they gave me the wrong order. I called back over and asked to speak to a manager and told them the issue. I also asked if they could walk over the order being I now only had 30 minutes left on break. The lady responded stating she didn’t have the crew to do that. I’m also 3 months pregnant and it’s 100 degrees outside plus humidity. I’m very unhappy and may not be going back.


Kim Smith May 31, 2017 at 9:51 pm

That was the Andrews, TX location,
Sorry I left that out.


Kim Smith May 31, 2017 at 9:48 pm

Today we ordered 2 side salads at 7:26 pm.
Restaurant was absolutely empty when we arrived with 2 employees outside smoking. We finally got our side salads at 8:20 PM …. and that is totally unacceptable service.
This restaurant started out with a bang but lately I can see why nobody goes in there it takes them forever to get your order out. Plus too many people standing around nobody doing your job and this is coming from a farmer restaurant manager. Ridiculous so I thought cooperate should know what is going on in the store .


Nisha May 27, 2017 at 9:21 am

So I’ve been going to the location in Merrillville constantly for the last two weeks . My boyfriend knows I love salads and he told me they had the best salads . And honesty they did , they chop everything up nicely the meat was great and all . I go on Wednesday to grab a salad , wasn’t feeling so good I didn’t eat the salad till a few hours later . They actually have the best bowls ever , I had to use a knife to help open it , so theres no way anything could’ve crawled in from the time I got it till the time I decided to eat it . As I’m about to take my 5th bite probably I notice something black with a lil leg, I turn my flash on and it’s a got damn bug . I was so sick after that . I don’t care how fresh y’all s**t is , y’all should’ve made sure that s**t was clean . I’ve had a lot of things happen to me at restaurants that I’ll never worry anyone about but that s**t was gross . And it makes me even more upset that I was already sick . Then I go and read their reviews and everyone is talking about how nasty the place is ! HOW SWAY ?? Y’all ain’t even been there two years probably . Then the way they handled that . I hope that picture on Facebook slows there buisness down a bit so they can have time to clean . My baby could’ve ate that damn bug 😩


P May 19, 2017 at 11:06 pm

I went to the franchise at short pump va. I ordered a grill chicken sandwich without any mayonnaise. I was in a hurry I took it an went right back to work. I was busy I was eating while I work. Just to realize there was mayonnaise covered over by mustard. I am allergic to mayonnaise. That was not the only thing. There was bacon in the wrap. I don’t eat bacon. I didn’t order it. I ordered a grilled chicken wrap. I called to tell them. First thing I was told what do you want me to do. Did you tell them u were allergic. No i didn’t. I said do not add any. I didn’t realized I had to give a reason. I was to sick by them to take anyone on. I am trying to decide what to do…will never eat there again. That i know.


April May 17, 2017 at 7:29 pm

Very very highley disappointed you have chosen to discontinue the pecan berry salad that was one of the best salads you had. Such a shame


Greta O'Neal May 6, 2017 at 2:49 pm

I just want to say THANK YOU for the food that was provided at the Scleroderma Education meeting earlier. I didn’t get the name of the..I assume manager, but the courtesy and kindness was greatly appreciated. If I hadn’t eaten breakfast I would’ve appreciated the “spread” more. Thank you…God Bless.


Latrice G May 4, 2017 at 11:40 pm

I’m a very patient person I’ve worked in the food industry I understand how busy it can be when it comes to a promotion or sale. the service I received at this location is beyond horrible. the only person who tried to take care of the customers was the cashier sierra, she is the only reason I had faith to wait 2 hours on my food. The other lady there was very loud and inappropriate talking to the customers, her only concern was getting her sandwich made without pickles. The manager was in the back cooking but that didn’t make a difference my order was beyond messed up multiple times even after I got a refund for majority of my order. He had an attitude the whole time just plain rude. The other people who were making food one was happy and energetic while the other had in headphones rapping in clear view of the customers. I love the McAlister’s chain but although this location is literally up the street from my house there is no way I will ever return. This was at the Little Rock, Arkansas westhaven location.


Darlene May 4, 2017 at 7:05 pm

Vicksburg store is a joke u have this promo going on and u order on line to pick up at five and they tell u it want be ready until seven food sitting on counter tea melting in cups it was very disappointing I love eating there but I don’t think I will be going back and a lot of people was very upset


Acie Singleton May 2, 2017 at 9:19 pm

I am in the Laurel Ms area. I called in my order and drove 20 minutes Utes the the Laurel McAlister’s. I waited 30 minutes in line, to go orders all over the counter and people standing around waiting to be served. Finally got my chance to be waited on only to be told my order was never received. Teenagers and management just acting like it didn’t matter that I was there or wanting anything along with all the other customers waiting. I’ll never go back to that s**t hole


Toby Garner April 18, 2017 at 9:36 pm

I pulled up to the window, no on in front of me and no cars on the side waiting for orders.
I say for 3 minutes with employees walking pass the window, only for the young lady to open it with no greeting. No sorry for the wait. Poor customer service


Barney huskey April 13, 2017 at 8:37 pm

We live in terry and wanted to go to McAllister in Byram to get a muffuletta but found out they don’t sell them any more and found out they don’t sell them in this area anymore so we won’t buy anything from you at all probably don’t matter to you but customer over time adds up wow


Jalia brown January 7, 2017 at 4:35 pm

I would like to just get the address for my w2 form change


Patty January 2, 2017 at 12:10 pm

Niagara Falls , NY Location
My mother and I Visit this location once a week . When we started going in there The team was so Nice and always has a helping hand . One day The Manager Shirley Walked up to My mother and myself to help Us . My mom is in a wheelchair and Shirley IS always right there to give her helping Hand . Mom enjoys when We go to McAlister’s and we see Shirley Sweet Lady and I do Believe she needs to be Awarded for her JOB .


Penny Bailar December 19, 2016 at 7:57 pm

Hello, I live in Clermont Fl your deli has been open I think right around a yr, we went there right away, the food is good, the service not always good a couple nice young people, the managers are not friendly at all, and really do not seem to really want to give you what you want, I go there about once a week, my husband loves the big nasty, I get it to go, he likes extra gravy I will pay for extra gravy, I do not mind, the manager on duty today this evening I wanted extra I told her I would pay for it I wanted another one I payed for it after I got the order she did not want to give it to me, I had paid for it. The young girl told her that I paid for it. What is with your managers, why would they care I pay for it. Rude, they will not take orders on the phone, because I guess they do not want to. I have called many times they put me on hold and will not pick it up again, 5 to 8 minutes then I get there and i told them and they say order on line, and they are usually not busy when I get there. I know you probably do not care, but I hope you will care, businesses are going to hell in a hand basket as they used to say. I am pretty disappointed. No one seems to care any more.


Cindy Lopez November 18, 2016 at 11:08 pm

My sister and I went to McCalisters tonight in Indianapolis. East Washington St. Walking up to the counter we were shocked to see coke syrup covering the counter. Weve been in there many times and have never encountered such a filthy counter. After getting my food realized my order was wrong. Ok. We can deal with that. 15 min later my sister got her salad. We were HORRIFIED to find a long( not ours) hair in it!!!!! Never going to another McCalisters!


Dr. Jack Taylor August 5, 2016 at 6:18 pm

Monroe, LA location. I am amazed that the Ouachita Parish Dept of Health allow this facility to operate. Absolutely filthy. Employees looked and acted like field hands. Floors had garbage, yes garbage on them. My wife and I got food related illness and stayed in bed for 2 days taking lomotil and emetrol for our gastronomic illness. We were there for a family funeral and were physically unable to attend the services. Employees all had their lips poked out and the Manager looked like he was dressed for a Halloween party.
Please take advice from a Proctologist and steer clear of McAlisters and Monroe, LA.
This has to be the “Red Neck Capital” of Louisiana.
Dr. Jack Taylor
Lafayette, LA


Deseree Jones July 22, 2016 at 8:40 pm

There is an Employee working at the Shrewsbury, New Jersey Store fooling around wi5h a Married Man that Drives one of the ÑJ Transit Local Buses. Her first name is Sophee.. She is Jamaiçan fluzzy wench!!! She is sneaky wench. Is that the kind of Employees you wanting working at CVS???? She needs to let go!!! I know who he is, where he lives at. He lives in Lakewood, NJ. I know if his Wife should fiñd out, All Hell Will Break Loose!!!!!!!!!!


Emma Gonzales July 22, 2016 at 1:19 pm

always call order in for lunch ,today was on hold over 15 minutes, started driving to deli , when agent answered, told her about wait , was very rude ,did not care ,lots of calls, she says , did not even ask for My order, paused for a long time ,then finally I say do you want my order, pulling up to drive thru , employee tells me ,she does not have order in cue , so wants me to pull up to wait another 30 min she says ,that is crazy This was like 1130a, So I cancelled n drove off , does not matter my order was never placed Service was so bad , and very rude ,both employees


Teresa July 22, 2016 at 12:23 pm

Our family were on the road coming back from a week in Tenn. and stopped for the night in CONWAY ARKANSAS. It was ‘Free tea day’, so being McAlister fans we decided that was where we would have supper. The girl at the counter was being very slow helping the one person ahead of us. When it was finally our turn, she acted so uninterested and totally bored with her job! The other front worker, a young man, seems a little confused. A lot of tables in the room still had plates with food on them. The floors were a mess..NOT GOOD!
We are from the BARTLESVILLE OKLAHOMA area, and their McAlister’s is GREAT!! Also the one in OWASSO OKLAHOMA, very good.


Susan Robinson July 5, 2016 at 7:06 pm

I love eating at McAlister’s, however, I’m a very brittle diabetic having to live on an insulin pump because my pancreas had to be removed. On 2 separate occasions, the 3rd happened today I asked for unsweetened lemonade. These employees look at me like they have never heard of the word unsweetened. I explained no sugar in the lemonade. OH! To their surprise, yes we have that. Well, I order that…counted my carbs for my food and bolus using the pump. Well, 2 hrs after eating my blood sugar is over 300. I again, bolus with my pump to bring down my blood sugar; but, I’m still sipping on my “unsweetened lemonade”. My blood sugar spikes again almost 400. I look up McAlister’s lemonade and find out it has at least 13grams of carbs per 8oz. I had the large cup that holds at least 3.5 cups. So, figuring this the lemonade had almost 51 grams of carbs. I am very angry at McAlister’s employees for misleading me on all 3 occasions of telling me the lemonade is unsweetened. McAlister’s need to train your employees the difference between sweet and unsweet. This can cause very serious harm to people that diabetics. Thankfully I was able to search the culprit down for the continued spikes in my blood sugars. Some people may not be so fortunate. I know that most lemonade are already sweet. And I would not have ordered that. But, I do always ask before ordering drinks. I trusted the employee that they knew whether their lemonade was sweet or unsweet. Not very happy with McAlister’s today. Diabetics please be aware!!!!!


Mike Taylor June 30, 2016 at 3:38 pm

I had a vey nice thing happen to me this morning at McAlisters MADISON MS . I usually get dinner here two to three times a week. The manager there today i have gotten to know. Her name is Kathy, and she always speaks to everybody, she is so nice. She knows my brothers history with leukemia. She is so thoughtful and caring. When i came in the deli, Miss Kathy meet me with the chef salad that my brother loves, plus sweet tea and said this was on her. That was the best customer service ever. Its kindness like this is why i will continue to eat here. My brothers taste buds has changed and would rather have your chef salad than anything. Thanks Ms Kathy for always asking about him and please continue praying for him. May God bless McAlisters and all its employees.


Mike Barber May 13, 2016 at 10:52 pm

Ok I recently decided to try your restaurant in Tulsa, OK, the experience I had over all was really good, great friendly staff always checking to see if we had everything we needed, was with my family of 12, so knowing that you all had a reward system, I downloaded it earlier in the day, I’m always about getting rewarded to places I go, which keeps me pretty much a loyal customer, but I have never been to a place where you have to spend 80 bucks just to get a free tea or cookie, which both are under 3 bucks, subway I can go buy lunch and get a free breakfast, I can dine at a local restaurant and my 9th me is free, etc… I’m just wondering why you all are so cheap on your reward system, which will not bring me nor my money back just think you all need to rethink your reward system it’s not good at all, but I do wanna give props to the employees at 21st and Yale, great staff, and I hope it doesn’t turn out like all the other complaints I read before I posted mine…. Thank you


Cynthia Gibson April 30, 2016 at 2:06 pm

I dont know who your female hiring manager is at your high point store but she needs to be taught how to interview. My daughter had an interview there and she asked her if she was pregnant, which she is and was going to tell her during the interview. It is discriminatory to ask someone if they are pregnant. Someone better tell her that before you have a lawsuit on your hands.


XXXXX you April 3, 2016 at 11:58 pm

This company f-ing sucks. Austin location is it too hard for you a**hole to get out before one a.m? You close at 9 pm! Or do you really just hire pathetic low life’s who couldn’t make it in college


Anonymous February 15, 2016 at 11:43 pm

I’m a 19 year old, full time college student who has worked at Mcalisters for a year and 10 months. Tonight, my general manager stood beside me as a guest scolded me about cheese being on his sandwich. My manger knew that it was by no means my fault. I took the man’s order and entered no cheese just as he asked. When his receipt printed, he double checked because it doesn’t say on the receipt any extra details of his order and I told him I put no cheese on his order, it just doesn’t show on his ticket. There was around 10 other customers in the lobby and several of my coworkers standing up front listening to this man go off on me. He began by asking where my manager was, I asked my manager to come help and the man looked directly in my eyes and said “I’ll do this in front of him. I will ask you for a THIRD time if there is cheese on my sandwich!?” And I said “there shouldn’t be” and he just kept yelling at me (I don’t even know what all he was saying) and my manager stood there right beside me and watched. I walked off because I was so angry I could’ve thrown my computer at him. I came back up front and told the man “sir I’m sorry that there was cheese on your sandwich but it is in NO way my fault. I took your order and that’s it.” He said “and I asked you to double check didn’t I?” And I said “no sir when I gave you your bag you asked if there was a fork and I told you yes.” And he said “NO I ASKED ABOUT THE TICKET” and I said “and I told you that it doesn’t show on there where I put no cheese” then my manager came back up front and told me to go to the side until he left. (I wasn’t yelling at the man I was just standing up for myself because my manager didn’t care). I cleaned a few tables in the dining room and came back to the side where I found my manager talking to the guy, laughing, offering him anything for his “troubles”. Then he made the man a free $10 bowl of pasta. After the man left, my manager came to me and said “he told me when he was leaving not to come scold you” and I stopped my manager right there and told him “I don’t care what he said I know that I didn’t do anything wrong”. I then told him I couldn’t believe he game him free pasta (not only considering that my manager had gone so far as to take away every employee’s discount because food costs were high but also because the man talked to a young girl like a filthy dog). My manager told me that there are certain degrees of complaints he has to deal with and that was such a serious degree that he felt he needed to take it as his own responsibility as the general manager to make sure the man left pleased. So from this I’m taking that a single customer (he’s not even one of our regulars), is more important to my general manager than an employee who has worked at this particular franchise for just a little under 2 years. The loss of one customer should not be more crucial than the loss of one of only two of the girl closers that works 5 of 7 days a week. Customers may “always be right”, sure, maybe he had cheese on his sandwich, but if I was the manager of any business and I had a man talk to my employees the way that man talked to me, I would’ve told him to get out. I already quit once because of the way he runs things up there and they asked me four times in one week to come back before I finally did. This time when I find a new job and leave, I won’t be coming back when they’re falling apart.


Janie Massey January 11, 2016 at 7:05 am

I worked for McAlister 8 hard and dedicated yrs
I was let go for no reason of why


Tyra Richardson January 5, 2016 at 11:30 pm

Mcalister’s was my first job and my manager erika Stanley at mcalisters deli at legacy in San Antonio is a horrible manager she gave me no hours and then took me off the schedule and left me with no job when I was working then and another job to support myself now I have nothing and can’t even pay my phone bill or even help myself at all. I’m so disappointed who just takes someone off the schedule just because you don’t like that person. I did everything I was suppose to and I listened to everything she told me to do. But she slowly started taking days away from me and I was left with Saturday’s now she took me off completely. And I can’t even reapply Bc I never put in my 2 weeks. She handles everything the wrong way and it’s not right she didn’t even come to me first before taking me off the schedule


Tyra Richardson January 5, 2016 at 11:35 pm

also she doesn’t give you notice when she takes you off the schedule you have to figure it out on your own. She never trained me register another employee had to train me and when she found out she got mad. She’s not helpful or anything. She’s rude and hateful to people that are careful and listen to her instructions


Jackson April 8, 2016 at 8:49 am

Hello I work at McAllister’s and I need to know the pay schedule, I know it pay every two weeks. I worked last week and this week. Do I get paid on this week? I’m confused.


mooresville nc January 3, 2016 at 8:23 pm

This place on River Highway stinks! We waited almost an hour. The manger was absolutely no help and seemed to be in a funk. After an hour the manager served us $25.00 twenty five dollars worth of ice cold cajun pasta we could not eat and had to return. Not only did the manger fail on every customer service level to fix the problem but we did not get our money back!!!! Instead we were handed a voided ticket by the manager and told it would be 3 to 5 days before the refund would be processed and credited to our bank card!!! Seriously? We will never go back!!!!!!! 01-03-2016


Myra Jourdan December 28, 2015 at 11:01 pm

Let me add Clinton. Absolutely horrid slow service! Can’t think of one time in the last two years that I haven’t had a problem with the food or service in any location. I think that’s a long enough grace period. Bye Felicia!!


Myra Jourdan December 28, 2015 at 10:38 pm

I have been patronizing Mcalisters for years. Every store from Hattiesburg to Jackson to Meridian are not good and have been progressively getting worse…cold, over baked potatoes and bagged lettuce smell. Your prices are too high for that kind of quality. I am NEVER going back!!


martika Holloway December 27, 2015 at 10:17 am

I was an employee and the way they fired me was wrong and missed handled is there any one that can direct me to the person to talk to I worked at the Goldsboro n.c location the Manager she say I had some write ups but I only signed one and I felt like it was wrong it was told that I just left my job but it was three o’clock with was time for me to get off I went in the office to tell a manager he said OK so I left the next day I get a phone call saying I abanded my job that’s not true I really need to talk to some one over the people that I have talked to..


Sean Jordan November 12, 2015 at 1:52 pm

Just had a terrible experience at the Byram,MS location during lunch. When I arrived the venue was not crowded, I placed my order and after 30 minutes my food was still not ready. Upon investigation, my ticket had been lost and my order was not placed with the kitchen. Also, another customer was having similar issues. I was told by the cashier that they would try to expedite my order. However, I was on my lunch and could not wait any longer. While receiving my refund from the cashier, I requested the store number of that location so I could report the incident to customer service. The cashier did not know the number and asked the manager who also said he did not know the number. I fact, I was told no one in the deli knew the number. It was not until I returned to work I realized that the number is on the receipt, and cannot believe your manager did not know this. He never made any attempt to make me feel better. In fact, he never came from the back. I am very disappointed in the way I was treated and will not be returning to your establishment.


Robbie November 16, 2015 at 3:45 pm

Lunch before md appt, stopped in an employee having lunch in dining area on cell phone and the entire establishment could here her conversation about a drinking game of shots. Order stayed in window forever when asked if cashier could hand order to customer, manager stated he’d bring when finished drink order. When brought said here’s your squash soup which was not ordered, totally rude experience. JACKSON TN


George Bennett November 11, 2015 at 11:57 pm

Tonight 11/11/15. Approx 7:30 pm My wife and I decided to eat at your Monroe La restaurant. I ordered the choose two and got the big nasty and the bacon potato When my food was brought the sandwich bread was stacked on each other and wasn’t enough meat to use on one piece of bread and barely enough gravy to say I had any. I asked for bacon to place on my sandwich which I was told quickly that it didn’t come with bacon. I tried to explain that I normally get bacon on my sandwich at your West Monroe la location and the lady was quick and rudely explain to me that she didn’t work in West Monroe and turned and walked away. I sent my daughter to get me more gravy and called her back to the table since the counter acted as if she wasn’t there. Our total bill was 53 dollars and to be treated like that in your deli really makes me think I may need to find me another sandwich shop to patronize. That was my first visit to that store but have eat at your West Monroe location at least 2 times a week but I don’t believe I will continue that. Thanks for your time


Sally thompson November 8, 2015 at 10:17 pm

McAlisters really need to get their act together. I have been eating on East Washington Street, Indianapolis for years. I am about done. Everyone is so rude–I really think they are miserable. People told them how cold it was in there, but Joe said “Are you kidding I am hot.” Wes was back in the kitchen and food was not so great –no cheese whatsoever on spud-max, butter was actually frozen. Chili had been reheated one too many times! We had to practically beg the management lady for crackers for the chili. Club sandwich had just a very small piece of bacon on each quarter. Watched several people come back with their to-go orders with a complaint. I won’t be rushing to go back.


Cc November 3, 2015 at 11:19 am

I went to the store in Clinton, Ms last night. There was a person waiting for a take out and 2 other people in there eating. When I walked in the cook in the back saw me. He was talking to the female behind the counter. There was someone sweeping the floors. Who came close to the counter and talked to the girl behind the counter. The girl behind the counter put a plate in a bag then called the person that was waiting to get it. This person got up and came right next to me to get her order. The girl turned around and put a to go play in a bag and set it to the side. She did that twice and was getting another bag by the time I decided to leave. Also 2 different people came out from the back and talked to the girl behind the counter. During this time, not one person uttered a word to me nor asked to take my order. As I was leaving someone came out to clean tables. So there were more people working than customers.
About 2 years ago I went in with at least 8 employees in there with 3 behind the counter talking and all 3 looked at me when I came in. At least 2 people who were cleaning did speak to me. There again were more employees than customers. I waited almost 10 minutes then said well I guess no one wants to take my order so we are leaving. Then 2 of the people who were talking behind the counter hurry to the register and said they would take my order. I said no thank you I believe I have waited long enough. I didn’t go in there for at least a year. The past few months I have went frequently without any problems. But to have not one of them to acknowledge me much less not take my order is a bit much.


Shirley Crawford October 29, 2015 at 8:11 pm

The only people I want to see this is the corp. office! Why do we now have to use our iPhones to get credit for eating in your restaurant? I have never got this to work even with help from an employee. I hate this!!!!!!


Peri Stanley October 20, 2015 at 2:38 pm

Worked @ the Lexington Kentucky location for 1 day and was not trained at all. There was a fundraiser that day and it was slammed the entire shift! The Manager and Assistant Manager were so rude to me the entire time I was there! I am 55 years old and feel as though I was discriminated against because of my age! I literally worked my tail off that day and was so disrespected! Contemplating during them for discrimination! By the way all of the kids that worked there were rude and everyone passed the buck on to someone else so not to have to deal with it themselves! Still haven’t received payment for work completed! McAlister’s does bad business and I don’t recommend working there or giving them your business period! McAlister’s does bad business!!!


Peri Stanley October 20, 2015 at 2:39 pm

Worked @ the Lexington Kentucky location for 1 day and was not trained at all. There was a fundraiser that day and it was slammed the entire shift! The Manager and Assistant Manager were so rude to me the entire time I was there! I am 55 years old and feel as though I was discriminated against because of my age! I literally worked my tail off that day and was so disrespected! Contemplating suing them for discrimination! By the way all of the kids that worked there were rude and everyone passed the buck on to someone else so not to have to deal with it themselves! Still haven’t received payment for work completed! McAlister’s does bad business and I don’t recommend working there or giving them your business period! McAlister’s does bad business!!!


Mary D. October 18, 2015 at 8:01 pm



Unknown October 15, 2015 at 1:48 pm

Sonny adkinson the store manager for the Siegen lane location has a very unfair way of handling his business with his associates.ive work for this company three years never been wrote up nor have I been suspend but I missed one shift and got fired. you think that was unfair but here’s the killer part there are other workers at that place that have disrespected him plenty of no call no show but all they get is a slap on the wrist. You ask me would I go back to work there MOST DEFINITELY NOT! I wouldn’t offer anyone to work under him.


John A. September 30, 2015 at 11:49 am

I have eaten at the McA in Fishers, IN for over a year. The food has been consistently good and have not experienced any problems. But the thing that makes this store standout is one of their employees, Alex A. I have personally spoken to several individuals that only frequent the restaurant because of Alex working there. One couple told me that they use to eat at City Barbeque because that is where Alex worked at the time. Now that Alex is at McA they consistently eat there. I do not personally know any of these individuals that made these comments and have only spoken to them while eating at McA. You better hope that Alex does not leave or there is going to be a noticeable impact on business. If I could recruit her into my business I would in a minute (and trust me I have tried).


Veronica September 30, 2015 at 9:27 am

Worst customer service experience ever.

I was extremely disappointed with the customer service or lack there of during my lunch visit to McAlister’s Deli. This particular establishment is located in Lawton Oklahoma, a military town.

I am staggered by the cashiers closing remark as we walked away. My boyfriend, an Army soldier was in full uniform, the cashier said, “thank you for your service to this country that I don’t like.”

I don’t understand why he felt the need to say that especially to a military man. It completely ruined my lunch experience. We had other customers come up to the table and apologize for his comment. It was embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable. The restaurant was filled with military people who have dedicated their lives to this country.

I am baffled that an employee who is representing the restaurant would make such a callous remark.


Jane September 15, 2015 at 8:21 am

The management at the one in College Station is like nothing I have ever witness. I don’t know if they treat their staff the way they do because they are young kids but it just isn’t right. During the last Aggie game they had concession stands at the stadium. The kids that worked, worked 12 hrs without any breaks or food to eat. Plus the manager clocked them all out at 11pm, even though they kids didn’t get back to McAlister’s to unload everything until 12:30 am. I don’t think the Wage and Labor department would take too kindly to that! Not a safe or friendly environment to work in.


Pam August 4, 2015 at 8:15 pm

DELI CLUB COMMENT….please allow e-mail as a form of account verification ID!

Only allowing a text message is keeping old customers from getting rewards. Several in my family are nearly 80 and love McAlisters and dine in weekly. However they do not use cell phones therefore can’t join the Deli Club. They do use a computer and e-mail so if they could verify via e-mail that would be great! Please consider this so not to discriminate against your older customers.

Reading the other comments here…’s a shame to read of such bad experiences. Hopefully someone is addressing these issues.

No major complaints about at the McAlisters in my area or others I’ve dined at out of state. Locally there are probably 15 locations in the Metro Area and I’ve probably dined at 7 of them. Food has been good, 99% of the time served correctly as ordered (and I do often make changes), staff and managers have been friendly and helpful. Twice in one visit at a location I was given a dirty soup spoon (I now ask for plastic utensils). At another location I ordered a salad with grilled chicken and the chicken just didn’t taste right. In both instances I mentioned these things to the managers on duty and couldn’t have been more pleased with their attitude and resolution to the issue.

In our area there is a lot of competition within a mile or two of any McAlisters. Namely Panera Bread, Corner Bakery, Jason’s Deli, Scholtzky’s, Baker Bros Deli, etc. Maybe this is why I haven’t had such bad experiences since all of these places really want our business.

As I mentioned at first…my only concern at this time is that you don’t discriminate against your older customers who might not have cell phones by allowing an e-mail verification and sign up for the Deli Club. Or perhaps get a type of small plastic card or continue to allow the punch card.


Anthony M. July 17, 2015 at 7:46 pm

I was in the restaurant in Champaign Illinois and from the ordering counter you can see where the dirty dishes are. The floor was disgusting and the filth extended into the counter area. I do have a picture if you are interested.


Becky July 16, 2015 at 5:05 pm

Why is the Deli Club down so much. The last three times I was at the store in Hunstville, AL, I didn’t get credit for my orders on my Deli Club. Never had that problem when I controlled it with a card to be punched. This is disappointing. I’ve read the other complaints and now I see that your company is losing customers. I can see why.


Elizabeth July 1, 2015 at 10:51 pm

I never report problems but the Miramar Beach location has gone downhill over the past few years. Two weeks ago, left out a meal and wouldn’t open door (9:10 pm). Tonight, no pickles with any sandwich, soup cold and left off my potato salad. I’m sick of paying more than receiving – tired of bad service!!!!!! Good luck!


William June 6, 2015 at 8:41 pm

I went to thethe Mcalister on hacks cross Memphis Tennessee on Saturday. 06/06 horrible service they had line out the door ,,,only 4 people working one one the register women in the back mess up food order , no sweet tea, no lemons omg horrible experience an then top it off made me wrap with no meat inside just horrrrriblehorrrrrible!!!I am so disgusted with y’all food ,customer service


Donna Wichman May 31, 2015 at 4:14 pm

What’s happened to Jonesboro ar. Mcalisters,toasted bread is always limp, meat is piled in center of sandwich, always out of pasta salad, tortilla soup is super thick and salty, the deli in ridgeland ms. Is fabulous , Jonesboro is not


Beth Lane May 17, 2015 at 8:30 am

I at at the Bryant AR deli yesterday and was served the most disgusting pasta dish!! I ordered chicken pasta marinara. The 4 small slices of chicken (which had the only seasoning) were at the bottom of the dish topped with pasta and marinara which not only had no seasoning it contained strips of carrot and corn kernels. The bread with toasted (?) cheese was OLD and DRIED OUT. I can usually eat anything placed in front of me but this was $9.00 wasted. Oh, and the tea was served minus the lemon and I wasn’t even asked if I wanted lemon. Shame on you for foisting this so called NEW dish of slop on me.


Verna March 28, 2015 at 2:48 pm

So glad Panera Bread will be coming to Florence, SC. Have eaten at other McAlister’s and it was good. Every time I eat at Florence (4 times) there is a problem. The order is incorrect, the salad dressing for my salad is missing, the drive thru is horrendously long and not one is being served. Today was the last straw, I waited in the drive thru 15 minutes there were 2 cars in front of me and 3 behind. No one was moving so I called to see if there was a problem and the person hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak to the manager and he never picked up the phone. There are other places in Florence that are not rude and have better customer service, so from now on that is where I’ll take my business. McAlister’s, remember there was an Atlanta Bread here some years back and they forgot about customer service and they are out of business now.


Andrea March 22, 2015 at 12:58 pm

Well the store in Corinth has gone to crap! On several accessions now I have seen this new management belittle employees and have been rude to customers asking about their orders. Well no more. I will NEVER step foot back in one of their stores.


Kevin Caldwell March 14, 2015 at 8:05 pm

I own and opoerate American Discount Cleaners in Ridgeland, Ms next door to what use to be McAllister’s corporate offices. I opened there in the Odyssey shopping center in 1992 and Chris Newcomb and his father Don opened their first restaurant there two years later. I miss seeing all the people who worked at the corporate office and was to understand that the group was split up with some moving to Atlanta and the rest are possibly still here in the Jackson area, is this correct? Where is corporate now located ?


Terry White March 8, 2015 at 9:21 am

Good morning, I happen to be staying at the same hotel in Fort Lauderdale at the same time as your held your first general manager cruise. Over the last day or two I noticed your employees or franchise owners walking around the hotel I could not help but notice the lack of minorities of color at your event. Each and everyone of the people I had interaction with from your company was very friendly. I hope my observation are wrong because as set next too someone from your corporation meet and great people for breakfast . I thought to myself what a wonderful friendly group of people they must be to work for and with. Sometimes we don’t notice small thing until someone takes the time to bring it to our attention. No posting or response is needed or wanted to this email.


Jane Kesler March 4, 2015 at 5:18 pm

A friend and I ate at the new store in Muncie, In. today. It was a very pleasant experience and what we ordered was very good. Everyone was very attentive. I do hope that continues to be the case as time goes on. Just wanted to say thank you for the new McAlister’s. We will definitely be returning.

Jane Kesler


Brianna February 27, 2015 at 3:49 pm

I am also having trouble getting my W-2. This place is a joke, and it’s no wonder why since they have the worst management ever. They call themselves a christian establishment but are nothing of the sort.


Amber Tremblay February 26, 2015 at 10:56 pm

Please send me my w2s. Im tired of being transfered around. I contacted mccalisters before the 1st of Janurary and have you to recieve them. You have my email so please send it to me ASAP!!!


Joan Barnes February 20, 2015 at 11:37 am

Eating out with my husband, I like nothing better than hot food — don’t you???
Don’t expect it at McAlisters in Charlotte NC. I’ve tried the Ballantyne branch and the Mallard Creek Church Road branch frequently because my husband belongs to Mensa and thats their choice of restraunts. I won’t go there any longer. I’ve sent soup back so many times its got to the point I don’t order it any longer. It NEVER comes more than luke warm. I’m afraid of food poisoning because they can’t manage to send hot food to the table. Hot sandwiches are the same. I’m tired of spending $25 bucks at a pop and getting cold food. Maybe I should contact the health department. They’d close the place down for serving colod food.


NW February 16, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Why are these poor kids working when it’s snowing/sleeting/freezing rain?? I’ll tell you why? It’s the same reason they are made to work when they have the flu!! Terrible management! I believe her name is Eve! If one of these kids gets in a wreck and is hurt then I hope your company gets used for every penny you have!!


chelsea martinez February 13, 2015 at 1:07 am

The same thing happened toe at the abilene,texas location I have called the managers three times the first lady I told her my name and without looking through the W-2 again she said rudely that she doesnt have it that it would be at my address and I asked her what the address was and she said she couldnt tell me. The second lady said she would talk to the main office and she took down my name and phone number and address and said she would let me know what they said and I never got a call back about it. The third lady when I called she said corporate was sending them out and they should be there in a couple of days and that was a week ago and I still have not received it yet. If someone can please get back to me I’m a single mom and really need my last W-2 so I can get a vehicle.


Karen February 11, 2015 at 6:20 pm

I was in the McAlister’s in Paducah Ky. Today at 10:45am. The employee took my order and I told her is was to go. Four other customers come in and placed orders also and they where all to go. Well the very last customer got his order first, then the third customer got theirs and the second got his. I finally asked where is my order. They said oh they called theirs in that’s crap they were all behind me!!!!!!! They also said they had a bunch of call in orders for offices they had to fix!!!!!!! Well if that’s the case they need more help!!!!!!!
Employees were very rude and Manager didn’t even apologize!!!!!!
Plus they got a C rating from the Health Department. I was Manager for a retail store for 10years and we treated our customers with respect .


Teresa February 10, 2015 at 1:53 pm

My comment is in reference to the Mcallisters in Flowood, MS. My daughter and I stopped there for lunch today and we’re very disappointed. We stood at the counter for a good 15 minutes before anyone waited on us. The person who finally did take our order wasn’t listenong and I had to repeat it. Even then, the order wasn’t right. The soup was cold and part of the order was left out. My daughter asked for a coolkie and the girl taking the order said “we ain’t got no kinda cookies”. There were no napkins out, no condiments, and the place was filthy. The restroom was so bad I wouldn’t allow my daughter to use it. The girl behind the counter was extremely rude and totally ignored several customers. Three people finally gave up and left because she ignored them and wouldn’t take their order. She complained the entire time about what a “XXXXXty” day she was having. It was a terrible experience. The food was awful… we took a few bites and left and went to Newks which was great. The place was so dirty and uninviting. I wish I had that $27 back. Wasted.


Georgia February 10, 2015 at 12:48 pm

I use to work for the macalisters in summerville south carolina and before I left for my other job I let macalisters know what my new address was so they could send my taxes to my new address and they said that they would but then just bc i got a new job and left them they sent my W2 to my old address and now it’s lost somewhere bc i looked for it at my old address and at post office and nobody has seen it and I called macalisters back letting them know that I couldn’t find it anywhere and ms Ruth answered rudely saying it’s not her problem that she doesn’t have time to help me and that she can’t send another W2 to me without the one she sent out but how can I do that if I can’t find the one she sent out. I know the law and how it goes and I’m holding them totally responsible for sending it to my old address and it being lost. I need a new one sent to my new address so I can do my taxes. They knew I had moved and I told them where and they said that they would take care of it and this is before I left them as an employee and they never took care of it and sent it off and now I can’t find it and they say they can’t do anything about it. They were rude and obnoxious and they don’t know how to treat anybody. Can someone plz send me a new W2 form so I can do my taxes.


Georgia February 10, 2015 at 12:55 pm

That’s also why I left there tho bc when I started working there they were rude to customers they would talk about the ppl they took an order from behind they’re back like if there was an old person telling them they’re order ms Ruth and the young girls after taking the order would get an attitude and say I’m done with old ppl and talk a lot of crap and did favoritism on certain employees and I know that’s against the law and it was an immature company I would never let my family go there and eat ever just bc i know how they are towards ppl they are horrible. And I wasn’t about to work with a company like that and on top of that they have suckie pay towards the ppl who bust they’re butt working for them and give extra money to they’re favorites. I would not recommend anybody to go there and eat ever with they’re type of service and ppl who work there I’d recommend Jason’s deli before macalisters any day


Renee February 9, 2015 at 12:30 pm

My comment is in reference to the Bartlesville, Ok Deli.
All people deserve respect whether in a management position or not. We have witnessed on many occasions an employee by the name of Brea (not certain of the spelling) which is some type of manager being rude to the employees in the kitchen area. Talks to them like they are dogs! She is rude to the customers and in my personal opinion has no business managing at her young age and lack of management skills. She is disrespectful and runs around the deli like she owns the place while being loud and obnoxious for all to hear. You want return customers? You need to make surprise visits to Bartlesville! You will be amazed at what goes on and your employees are being treated!


ashton altmann February 5, 2015 at 12:49 pm

I was a former employee at mcalisters in andrews texas from jan 2014-april 2014 and I will never work there again! The general manager stephani d. was so unprofessional she would cuss at employees while the store was open so customers could hear her from the kitchen! She also cussed at me in front of a customer at the drive thru! And the guy above her kenny (I dont know his last name) is just as equally unprofessional a couple customers came in to address issues with him and he just stayed looking down at his cell phone the entire time never making eye contact or acknowledging the customers! BY FAR worse place to work mostly everyone who opened the restaurant quit within months because how the general manager treated them when she was there which was all the time! As a former employee its sad corperate lets people like that still worked there after numerous complaints were sent in not only by employees but customers as well because they were witnesses or victims themselves! I no longer work for the company but I hope its no longer like that for current employees!


Grace February 2, 2015 at 9:54 pm

to whom it may concern, my experience at the Carlsbad NM was horrendous today! I have been to this location several times and has been pretty good and service has been great. Tonite I called in order and waited in pick up line for half an hour. People behind me were backing out so I came inside to pick up order only to be ignored and not helped for 15 min. Then had to go to different register clerk was very dry in her service. Finally got our order approaching 1 hour to get our food. Got to car and noticed we were short one sandwich order immediately went back in and told clerk we were short on order and I paid for it. Clerk replies “if it is I. Receipt it was I. Your bag…” Rolling her eyes. I said no mam it’s not in bag…so she goes and refunds the sandwich but that’s not what I wanted…she then calls mgr. And he the refunds whole order and charges me for order without sandwich….I asked him why are they messing with my card , all I want is the sandwich I paid for. So at this time very upset and annoyed mgr. Charged my card for order but didn’t charge for the sandwich in question…which was nice, all that needed to be done was give the sandwich I paid for!!! The mgr. Swears that I will not be charged $70 for order that should be $32…we will see. The counter was sticky and the counter where tea dispenser was overflowed with tea and napkins to plug canister. I do have a pic of it if you would like to see it. I must say I will not go back to this location. It’s a shame because we enjoyed it up till now.


Fred January 13, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Worst service ever, stood inline for 25 minutes during lunch with only about 10 people in front of us, employees behind counter smiling talking, only one register actually taking orders one other so slow only 2 orders whole time, then wait another 25 minutes for food. The staff just so lackadaisical. No sense of urgency. Forest Dr. Columbia SC.


Jenny DuBow December 4, 2014 at 11:03 pm

I picked up lunch from McAlisters Deli in Kokomo, IN today, 12/4/14. It was the absolute worst food and service I have received anywhere! We ordered the turkey cranberry Grillers and received a pitiful presentation and portion of what we ordered. Each half had one small Apple square and a small swipe of cranberry. When I got the order home and distributed it, I was so embarrassed. We took photos! I called, and spoke to a manager named Jason. He told me that he made the sandwiches and they were fine! He was very rude! I have pictures…there is no denying what we received. No Customer Service at all. I am VERY disappointed and will NEVER go there again! I want my money back!


Lisa P. November 11, 2014 at 2:12 pm

Baton Rouge, LA
7242 Perkins Rd. 70809
Re: 3rd Complaint for the above McAlister’s location

To whom it may concern:

Please let the manager of this store know that his manners are more often than not “quite abrupt and rude”. I understand that he has a handicap/disability being speech-impaired; since he wants “no discrimination” then I will report him as I would anyone else. It is sad to see how rude he is with customers. I even asked him to give me his name as the manager and he rudely refused. I asked for the first initial of his “last” name and he asked me “who I was with” and said he refuses to give me any info on him. I told him that I simply wanted the name of the manager to write to the corporate office and he said “fine, hung up”. This has happened on numerous of times to me, co-workers and friends and our hesitation on reporting him has been b/c of his disability which is not fair to us. A few of us have decided not to visit the Perkins location again and drive 10 minutes further to the other location to avoid his rudeness which again is unfair to us who patronize McAlister’s. Please let the manager know how disappointing this truly is.

I was just thinking about what he did to the customers in front of me today. Three ladies came into McAlister’s in their scrubs obviously from work at the Hospital or nearby and they told him that the order should be separated in three ways. He told them in a very abrupt and rude way that they need to state that when they place the phone call. They apologized and asked if he could separate it, and he said NO. One lady then asked if he could tell her the cost of the “soup” alone and he said “I don’t know ma’am” but the total is $ 21.**”. This is what you call rudeness at one of its highest with no thought or appreciation to customer service. How very, very, sad. If corporate does not tell this man something, I can assure you that I and my coworkers and friends will not visit this venue any longer.

Frank Paci
Cark Jakaitis
Patrick Walls


Lisa P. November 11, 2014 at 1:59 pm

Please let the manager of this store know that his manners are more often than not “quite abrupt and rude”. I understand that he has a handicap/disability being speech-impaired; Since he wants “no discrimination” then I will report him as I would anyone else. it is sad to see how rude he is with customers. I even asked him to give me his name as the manager and he rudely refused. I asked for the first initial of his “last” name and he asked me “who I was with” and said he refuses to give me any info on him. I told him that I simply wanted the name of the manager to write to the corporate office and he said “fine, hung up”.. this has happened on numerous of times to myself, co-workers and friends and our hesitation on reporting him has been b/c of his disability which is not fair to us. A few of us have decided not to visit the Perkins location again and drive 10 minutes further to the other location to avoid his rudeness which again is unfair to us who patronize McAlister’s. Please let the manager know how disappointing this truly is.


Jennifer November 7, 2014 at 4:59 pm

OMG! I stopped by McAllister’ s today with my son . I wasn’t very hungry so I ordered a cup of chilli. It was evidently from a can and the worst thing I have ever put to my mouth. I can not believe this over priced sandwich shop would not have good made from scratch soups and chilli. So surprised they are still in business. I’ll never eat there again


Jerry Smith November 5, 2014 at 10:31 am

I went into McAlisters deli on Riverwind Dr. (Pearl) on last night. First, the cashiers were all in a huddle at the registers, talking and playing. After standing for 5 minutes, I was finally greeted by a girl that came from the back. Then the girl that took my order was chewing gum. This is very inappropriate in a place that serves food. I asked to see a manager and I was surprised when the cashier pointed me to one of the girls that was playing in the huddle when Id first come in. I just walked out. Didn’t pay for my order, didn’t want it. They should def. re-evaluate their employees and management team. Don’t think that I will come back. It seems as if something is upsetting every time I come here now.


Jackie Peake September 29, 2014 at 5:36 pm

I just left the McAlister s in Myrtle Beach, SC. This is the 3rd time I gave gotten XXXXXty food, I ordered a Reuben sandwich, well, I took a bite, it’s not even corn beef, no 1000 island dressing on there and I actually feel sick to my stomach. My bill total was $26.47 and I am really mad, and my boyfriends sandwich was just as nasty. I work too hard to pay good money for XXXXXty food.


Shari September 25, 2014 at 1:12 am

San Antonio, TX. McCalister’s on DeZavala. Very poor management–obviously uneducated. Manager–Dewon: On several occasions I’ve overheard her use the “nigga” word to her employees. Do you hire management out of the ghetto? Managers, General managers–flirt with young staff right out in the open! Unprofessional. Food? My comment to most who inquire about it, “Don’t waste your money.” Carlos P–poor manager; Robert G.–poor general manager. This is NOT a good place to eat or to work.


Wendy September 8, 2014 at 7:19 am

I was having lunch at the McAllister’s in Indianapolis at Keystone at the Crossing when some woman decided to change her baby’s dirty diaper on top of the table next to us. No one at the store came over and told her to stop. When the woman left, one of the employees came over to wipe off that table and I pointed out to him that a woman had just changed a baby’s diaper on that table. He said they knew that, and I told him he should sanitize the table. He left and came back with the same rag he had before (and nothing else like a sanitizer for the table) and proceeded to merely wipe down the table.


Peggy Rush September 3, 2014 at 9:23 pm

I am very concerned woth management at the McAlisters on River Oaks Drive in Flowood, MS!!! I ordered a spud was hard dried and no potatoe inside. Also, an employee came into food area with both Bare Hands all up in her hair flipping it up and placing a bobby pin in it at the food counter. When i asked for the manager i was informed he left early. I am reporting to ms department of health. This is my second time to witness employee playing with haor in food area! Very dissatisfied and concerned!!!


Kim Elaine Woodring August 23, 2014 at 3:13 pm

Ordered choose 2 and additional side of potatosalad and a full sandwich no mayo or honey mustard with bowl of soup. Got 2 choose sandwiches/ wrong soups/wrong side/ sauces onsandwiches. Waited 20 minutes for that. Asked for a refund and got the wrong change. My husband Vincent went back in to get his full refund and the manager put his name in the managers book for the next 3 visits free. The manager’s book was FULL! Not surprised. Paige was our cashier at the bardstown road Louisville KY Location. It was a terrible experience.


mrs. clark August 6, 2014 at 7:13 pm

I recently ate at the Mcallisters in paducah, ky and the service we received was terrible. We waited over 20 minutes to actually see our food get in the window. My complaint was that it sat in the window and additional five minutes and then they brought out a to go order and another customers order that ordered 5 minutes after us and then brought us our cold food. Needless to say we left and did not eat the cold food! NEVER eat at this place if you want good hot food and great service….you will not get it!


joan August 4, 2014 at 7:56 pm

This is visit I won’t forget. The guy who was taking order was out in left field. Had order 2 lunches, he put in one order and then u took 46 minutes to get the orther. I have at this store since it open. This is the worse service I have ever had .store at perking Rd in Baton Rouge La. He look like he was on drug


Tierra McDaniels July 26, 2014 at 8:08 pm

Hello everyone. As a former employee, I would like to provide some closure or answers to some of the concerns most of you seem to be having. Is McAlister’s deli a good place of employment? Is it safe to eat there? Do they follow the federal labor laws? Do they care about their employees? Or customers? The answer is no to all and I have on more than one occasion witnessed harassment by gm on an employee as well as a former employee. I have proof of broken OSHA rules and regulations on food being prepared stored and serve as well as management trying to file false police reports on employees who speak out. My voice will be heard if it has to be on TV in court or on social media. If you want good quality food I would suggest you go to speedway’s deli bar before you choose this place. McDonald’s or even Frisch’s would give you better service than this place.


Tco July 23, 2014 at 1:44 am

Have you all ever heard off under cover boss I think you all need to show up in the cape Girardeau mo location and set these managers straight, they don’t make the workers work right and do there job, one of the managers walked by my 16yr old and walked right in to him and never said sorry my son said sorry to him and my son never moved from his spot the manager should have said sorry not my son this is BS, he looks at my son while he is working and makes my son very uncomfortable, they don’t do they job at this store like they should, they had people quit because they refuse to get the a/c fixed for about a month, the floor by the dishwasher in the back is licking water from under it, half of they would rather talk about sex and other stuff than do there job and take care of customers and do they know customers could hear them.


Rita Snelling July 7, 2014 at 8:41 am

My husband and I ate lunch at your Fort Wayne Restaurant yesterday, and we were thoroughly disappointed. We go to your restaurant frequently and have never had any issues before. I ordered the White Chicken Chili and a Southwest Cobb Salad. Service was very slow, and when we finally did get our food. To our surprise, the White Chicken Chili wasn\’t white, but red. When I have ordered this from any other restaurant when it is called White Chicken Chili, it is white with a white soup and beans. I obviously should have asked before I ordered it. The Southwest Cobb Salad was supposed to have Avocado\’s in it, and what I got was a dollop of guacamole, and also, alot of the lettuce in it was not fresh. The manager came by, and ask how everything was, and my husband preceded to tell him about the soup and he said its called that because it has white chicken in it, and he did offer to get me another soup, which I replied no as we were almost done at that point. I also told him about some of the lettuce not being very fresh, which I had picked out and laid aside. His response to that was its got a Spring Mix in it and that is what Spring Mix looks like. I replied to him, sir, I buy spring mix, that\’s practically the only type of salad mix I buy, and this is not what Spring Mix is supposed to look like-rotten. He said but that is Spring Mix. We didn\’t even waste our time on telling him about the Avocado/Guacamole. It\’s funny, right when we were leaving, a waitress came by and ask how everything was and we said not very good, and her response was, \”What can I do to make it better\”, isn\’t that what a manager should be saying? I have to tell you, we will think twice about going to your restaurant again, with so many other choices in Fort Wayne. We tried leaving this message on the Talk To Us, but after trying to get it to do through 5 different times, obviously there is something wrong on your website.


LFresh June 14, 2014 at 7:47 pm

We found some sort of heavy, thick metal object in our jalapenos at the McAllister’s in Columbus, MS. I have left 2 emails and no response. I am contacting an attorney Monday. I will be blasting this and the pictures all over social media. We were only asked if we wanted a dessert for our trouble.


Ayanna P. July 8, 2014 at 2:54 pm

I just encountered the same issue with my salad, metal shavings that got stuck in my toothe. I was offered another meal.


Jalisia L June 12, 2014 at 3:57 pm

I had the absolute worst experience the last few weeks with this company! I had a horrible experience with the Peal MS location and called the corporate office the very next day. As of today I have not spoken with no one that seem to be concerned with the service that location is providing! This says a lot about the company and I will not spend another penny after what I have gone through. Maybe this comment will send a red flag to someone but from the lack of concern I have received so far……….I may need to get on contact with my lawyer to take legal action for discrimination.


Torie Wheeler June 12, 2014 at 1:58 pm

McAlisters in Grenada,Ms. serve was below zero. They seemed a little prejudice, if you roll your cameras back you will see there was complete disrespect. I wanted to ask for my money back but didn’t want to cause a big problem in in front of customers. I would like for someone in higher position to email me back. I deserve my money back for the disrespect.


laura June 11, 2014 at 12:10 pm

I have left 2 messages on your TALK TO US tab on your website. I have gotten NO response from anyone!! I am going to speak to an attorney. I bet I will get a response then. I am also about to blast what happened to us at McAllister’s all over social media!!


jennifer June 10, 2014 at 12:33 am

So I went into mcallisters & told the owner about my complaint of the rude person on the phone when I tried to place a to go order. She apologized profusely & told me that it was a corporate # that is called, not the stores. She than comped my food. Was very satisfied & will be back again.


jennifer June 8, 2014 at 2:37 pm

So incredibly fustrated right now! I tried for 20 minutes to put an order in online & the website wouldn’t work, so then I called instead. Waited for someone to pickup, then I get so.eone with an accent who talked soo fast I couldn’t understand him, & when I asked him to repeat himself & that I didn’t understand he spoke in that slow condecending voice. I know everyone needs to work, but everyone should have good customer service skills as well. I tried to find a corporate # or email, but all it did was direct me back to the store. Very fustrating?


patsy hinojos May 28, 2014 at 10:18 pm

I am so mad!!! SATURDAY MAY 24 called in a order at McAllister s order 2 large tea and a gallon tea she asked if I would like the works I said yes it comes with cups, lemons, ice well I sent my daughter to pick it up I as not feeling well the didn’t give her the 2 teas the ice. No lemons no cups also shorted my a potato salad but they did charge me for it!!!! I calls they took my name down well today may 28 I calls in a order again told him my order then tell him my drinks told him what happen he said he has to ask his manager put me on hold for 45 min I hung up calls back a Christy answered told her everything she said she would pass it on along with my number I went yo pick up my order they have no record!!!! Of my order they need to know how to follow through why place a order if it is not gonna be ready when you go get it sorry sorry service!!! Very disappointed.


Cheryl Ward May 23, 2014 at 4:48 pm

If employees are sick, they are still required to go to work? Really? I don’t think that is a healthy situation (not only for the employee) but for the customers. Makes me wonder when I can eat there again if this is the standard policy. (5 others had called in sick, but weren’t required to come in….the only one I know that called in sick was my daughter, and she was told she had to come in. She did as she was told…went in to work. BIG HEALTH concern for the general public don’t you think? Or do they care about their employees????


Jessica R. May 5, 2014 at 4:37 pm

I also called the corporate office and left a VM for someone in relations (Hope, I think) inquiring about the age requirements on working BOH & FOH. I hope to be replied to soon.


Jessica R. May 5, 2014 at 4:32 pm

I recently had the young man I am mentoring apply at McAllister’s. It was such a great working environment for me for the 3+ years I worked there I thought it would be a great first job for him to gain experience from. He filled out his application and turned it in at the Clinton, MS store. The asst. manager told him to come back for an interview Monday at 3:00, you can only imagine his excitement. He studied the menu all weekend! On Monday he arrived at 2:45 only to be turned away told by Becky L., “you can’t work here unless you’re 18.” Talk about disappointed. I called the Brandon store to verify this age requirement and was told they allowed 16+ to work for the company FOH or BOH. When I went in to discuss this with the manager the asst. manager Kieth M. told me “he’s gotta be 18!” And turned around to talk through the expo window. I tried to grab his attention asking when this became company policy his reply, “I don’t know since before I started here.” Then tured around again ignoring me. This man does NOT seem fit for customer service! Talk about RUDE!!! I asked another question and he replied, ” look do you wanna talk to the GM?!” Finally! Yes! Becky L. Had watched the way he talked to me without saying a word to address it. When did the company allow such poor treatment of customers, past employees, and possible future ones? Things like this get around. That asst. manager Kieth needs to go back through manager training (at Brandon, with Audrey) and get a REALLY good lesson on customer service!


James P May 3, 2014 at 2:14 pm

Guys I just got back from your store in lawton ok. and I have to say that i didn’t have any problem with it till now. Your management sucks in crucial situations. The door to you 10 min to go section was locked because according to the manager it was windy and damaged to the door i guess. Well that’s fine but they should have made adjustments for the problem. they should have handled the problem of waiting like a special line for to go orders. I wasn’t about to wait in a long line for 30-45 min for my order. Because of no proper management i went straight to the front counter from the main entrance in front of somebody else. There should have been some sort of seperation between the lines with ropes or someone standing by the damn door to direct traffic.


Yolanda williams April 10, 2014 at 12:30 am

Tried to reach mr pat by email but it didn’t go through just need 2 ask a question an discuss a situation I had


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