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Mattress Firm Holding Corp.
5815 Gulf Fwy
Houston, TX 77023

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Phone Number: (713) 923-1090
Fax Number: (713) 923-1096
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Mattress Firm Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Mattress Firm Executives

CEO: R. Stephen Stagner
CFO: James R. Black
COO: Stephen G. Fendrich

Mattress Firm History

Mattress Firm was founded in 1986 by Steve Fendrich, Harry Roberts and Paul Stork in Houston, Texas.  The first store was a success and the company grew quickly through both corporately owned and franchise locations.

Fendrich left Mattress Firm in 2001.  He rejoined the company in 2010.

By 2002, there were 250 corporately owned locations.

In 2010, co-founder Harry Roberts and his brother Charlie rejoined Mattress Firm.  They are helping expand the franchise department.

In 2011, the company went public.

In 2012, the company acquired competitors Mattress Giant and Mattress Xpress.

Today, Mattress Firm is the largest bedding retailer in the US.  The company currently operates over 1100 locations in 28 states.

Mattress Firm FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Mattress Firm?
Answer 1: The phone number for Mattress Firm is (713) 923-1090.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Mattress Firm?
Answer 2: The CEO of Mattress Firm is R. Stephen Stagner.

Question 3: Who founded Mattress Firm?
Answer 3: Mattress Firm was founded by in .

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Shirley A White August 21, 2019 at 5:57 am

I have been trying to resolve an issue for over a year. I purchased one mattress and returned it. Purchased second mattress and was supposed to receive credit for first mattress. I am now paying for two mattresses as Mattress Firm will not admit that their second invoice was incorrect and they did not give me the credit for returned mattress. I have contacted the Attorney General in my state and Mattress Firm still will not admit that they are wrong.


Blake Carswell June 16, 2019 at 2:11 am

I purchased a queen mattress, box springs, and frame for the 2nd floor in my condo. It was supposed to be delivered on Thursday.

The two delivery men started out rudely by scowling and barely speaking to me and by dropping the metal frame on my wooden floor and carelessly banging it around. The mattress was moved up the stairs and placed up against my dresser.

They “tried” to move the box springs upstairs and yelled, “hey, you” at me. I was unsure if they were talking to me since I can’t imagine being spoken to that way, but I asked if they needed me. He said they couldn’t move the box springs up. I disagree since we had bigger furniture being moved the day before by a moving company, but I was still trying to work things out and be accommodating.

I called the Mattress Firm where I ordered the bed, but the call wouldn’t go through. The delivery man was starting to get even more belligerent and shoved his phone in my face and told me to sign for the delivery. Micheal Vance, the sales rep who sold us the bed, had highlighted the number and told us that if the delivery people asked us to sign something and our order was wrong, call the store number. The delivery man got louder and got closer to me.

My hands were shaking and I just started calling Mattress Firm numbers and got the other store in Hickory. I explained to Milton that the delivery person was unwilling to bring up the box springs and tried to explain that he was being mean and aggressive. Milton told me that he couldn’t “force” delivery dude to carry up the box springs. I asked for other options, and he told me that they could deliver a split queen on Saturday.

I told him Saturday was a huge inconvenience. I work 12-1/2 hour 3rds in an ER. I literally have enough time to go home and sleep and grab a quick bite of food before I drive back to work for my next shift. Saturday is right in the middle of those shifts. I was also asking what I’m supposed to do until Saturday. Can the mattress sit on the frame or will it fall through or rip? Should I ask the delivery men to take down the frame and just sleep with the mattress on the floor?

While on the phone with Milton, the delivery dude was still shoving his phone in my face and commanding me to sign for the incomplete order. I refused.

He went downstairs and started taking pictures while yelling. Milton was not giving me any solutions to my questions. I was still on the phone and becoming extremely agitated and upset, and then the delivery men walked out of my condo without resolving anything, without completing my order, without throwing out the old mattress (which was mildewing from a flood three nights before). The delivery men left my door wide open (and I have a cat who could have gotten outside and we live near a highway).

Milton still didn’t get my order done, I was so upset and bewildered and angry at the way I was treated, I couldn’t even speak at that point. My mom had been outside and I handed the phone to her because all I could manage to do was cry

The delivery man had gotten increasingly aggressive towards me, raised his voice, and he got in my personal space. Needless to say, I am a very short female and found his behavior intimidating, especially since I was alone except for my mom who was outside during this altercation.

Since then, I have tried to complain to anyone about how I was treated. My boyfriend tried to still be diplomatic and get the split queen. We agreed on Saturday to have the split queen delivered but that he would be there with me and that if those same guys showed up, he would tell them to leave.

We spoke to Ken and Michael Vance, and we were consistently told that the delivery company is contracted out and that they have no control over the delivery date, times, or who delivers.

I tried to get home early on Saturday so I could maybe get some sleep for a few hours before they came in and started banging around. I got about three hours of sleep before my boyfriend informed me that the box springs would not be delivered. Micheal Vance has gotten the order wrong (not the split queen) and that the next day they would deliver is Monday.

At this point, admittedly, I went sideways. I have NEVER cussed someone out the way I did with these people. Mr. Vance gave me his manager’s phone number. Mr McCurdy (sp) gave me the same bull crap answers that I’ve dealt with for four days. We’ve been given a customer service line that doesn’t pick up and another that sends us in circles, never to speak with an actual person. No one will tell me the names of the two delivery men, the name of the contracted delivery service, the warehouse manager, or Mr. McCurdy’s manager’s number.

I want three things:
1. Get your sh*t out of my home! Immediately!!!
2. A full refund.
3. To lodge a formal complaint about how I have been treated with someone who will actually do something about it. I can’t be the only one who has had these men get aggressive with them.

This isn’t over; I will pursue this as high as I have to go. I should never feel unsafe in my own home, nor should I be sent in circles by your company when I say that the contracted company THAT YOU USED made me feel so unsafe in my home.

I have not even received a legitimate apology from anyone, nor do I expect to get one at this point.

Buyers beware. Mattress Firm will not make this right for us.


Randy McClure January 29, 2019 at 10:32 am

Went to the Gainesville, ga. super center location. Spoke with the sales man and decided on the set up we wanted. After seeing the price we told him we did not want to put that munch into it (over $3600) so he said he had some on clearance in the store. He said it was the same mattress that was on the floor model but was just not in the original packaging but was still new, we told him that was fine because we did not want a used mattress. We mention this at least two more time and was insured that these were new. I picked up the mattress on Monday, drove an hour back home, finally got the beast unloaded and un-wrapped (2 layers of thick plastic) and discovered a yellow tag attached to the mattress saying that it was indeed a used mattress!! it also had holes in it! The sales man looked us in the eyes and told us a bold face lie!!!!! even after asking him several times if the mattress was used!! I called the store where we bought it and the sales man acted like it was no big deal! I have a bad feeling about this and hope I can get this order stopped. If not I will contact a lawyer and the CBS consumer watch team to expose these people and their way of business!!!


rogaciano jaramillo November 20, 2018 at 11:17 am

We purchased our mattress with adjustable base from our local Texas state fair. We walked out with no contract after being told we would not have payments for 120 nights, we had explained to the sales man that we could not afford a new bed right now seeing how we are having our house rebuilt and we would not be in the new house until next year he assured us that we would again have no payments for 120 night and then at that point we would start paying. We received a bill with the due date of 11/24/2018 we have been calling since the end of October to receive a copy of the contract, we were told we would receive a call from the sales person and an email with the contract within 48 hours it has been nearly a month and to this day we have yet to receive any calls or email with the contract and we have a bill due this Saturday Nov 24th. This purchase is nearly $5,000 for me to receive service this horrible. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced and this was my first purchase going towards my new house. Thank you for ruining my shopping experience for furniture.


barbara Kushnir November 3, 2018 at 4:07 pm



Melissa Patrick November 2, 2018 at 4:06 pm

Still waiting. 3 weeks and counting. Now 3 days since I posted. I really am trying to be reasonable but the only time you respond is when I post. FIX MY W2! Are you going to pay the fines?


Melissa Patrick October 31, 2018 at 6:33 pm

I’m so over waiting for Mattress Firm to respond to my issue. It’s been over 3 weeks and the only progress (which is 10 days old) that has been made is that I have filled out their silly form. FIX MY W2! I’m out 2300.00 because you had me working in a state I never lived or worked in. You ask me to email you and not post, so I do and then you don’t contact me. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? This is unacceptable!!!


Christina Bonner October 4, 2018 at 9:49 am

Hello my name is , Christina Bonner and I purchased a Mattress and Box spring and Frame from the Mattress Firm in Orange Park Florida a little close to Jacksonville Florida. When I went into the store I explained to the salesman that I was looking for a firm mattress because I had back surgery and it is so important that the mattress stays firm. So he showed me a couple and then he picked out the best one he assumed would work for me. I financed it through , Progressive Leasing and paid it off very early. When I received the bed that I payed over( $2000.00) , Two Thousand Dollars for I and had no frame. This was the first thing wrong and when I called the store about this ,the manners went right out of the window over a ($ 100.00) One hundred dollar frame. The Bed is a king size and it was firm when I received it and now it is soft. I called on 10/03/2018 and spoke to, Brandon ( 76 Blanding Blvd. Orange Park Florida) ( 904-276-3494) and he said he would call me back and I never received a call. Brandon didn’t care enough. I notice that everyone was nice when it was time to buy the bed but after that things changed to the worst. In the beginning I called over and over again regarding the frame and nothing but transfers and disrespect. I just don’t understand this behavior ? In the past one by one someone in my family as purchased a bed from, Mattress Firm..not per say this store but that is a lot of family. When I purchased the bed a little over a year ago I still never received the frame and I just stop calling because I had a lot of surgeries and it became sad the way I was being treated. I am Disabled and I am also a writer so i could not continue to call and hear the same thing over and over again. ” If you want a Bed frame you must pay ($ 100.00) one hundred dollars. I would say ” When I purchased the mattress and box spring and frame and didn’t receive the frame and I was told this is what I would get, it was sad. I don’t understand, why lie ? It is a one hundred dollar frame with a two thousand dollar bed. Now I have tried again since I am all most finished with my book and it feels like I am right where I started from, this is why I am writing to you now. I always have my phone on speaker so there is always someone here to hear this, either my editor or my publisher or a family member or my friends. Also when i first purchased the bed I had my grown children was with me and they both to time off to come with me. This is something I didn’t expect to have to go through. After what I went through Stacey and James and my two older sisters wouldn’t buy there beds from this store so they went else where. There is a web site with a lot of complaints about this store due to the salesman(s) lack of honesty. When in the sales Business you must be Honest and remember a good sale and a happy customer can boost sales and a bad encounter can be spread by word of mouth and that could in time ruin business. I haven’t spoke my feeling to much but if i can not get someone to come to my home and look at this mattress and give me a firm one and the frame. This is what my phone call was about yesterday. I have a city councel meeting on the 16th and there is where I will share my experience so no one else will get hurt by this. Also, Brandon mention giving me a credit back of $ 2000.00 and the way things have been going that is the only thing that properly go right.

Thank You
Ms. Christina Bonner
Green Cove Springs Florida 32043

CC: Congressman Ted YoHo
Supreme Court Justice Dennis Donovon
Ms. Stacey Bonner, BM
Mr. James Bonner BM

Just a few friends and family , just in case nothing is resolved


Victor Anderson October 1, 2018 at 11:59 am

I bought a $600 mattress set from a mattress firm store in Chicago on 2700 North Halsted street in 2016. And in less than 2 yrs. it has totally collapsed without abuse. First the box spring fell apart, then the mattress swank down into it making a small crater in the middle. This has made me a very dissatisfied customer with Mattress Firm!


Connie Sapp September 28, 2018 at 11:07 am

I purchased a mattress from the Arden NC. ( 038016 ) store 5/28/2018. We paid $200 down and we would arrange paying the balance and pickup. The order number was S0171793364 Customer Number c009613284. My son was tragically killed in a auto accident on AUG 10.

The next week at the store and Eric and Patrick assured us a refund would be issued and cancelled the order. This is our problem. It has been 5 weeks. with on run around bull.
I will have to call corporate, I have not received a call from them yet, it shows processed,.
We have not received a check. Please get us some answers and service! I do not want to take additional means!

Contact me: 828-829-XXXX, ctsapp@, Fletcher, NC 28732


Chris from PA August 17, 2018 at 10:42 am

We purchased a bed, box spring and frame from a Mattress Firm store for my 10 year old last November. The mattress was delivered and we were satisfied until about 6 months after the purchase. The box spring started to creaked very loudly anytime my 10 year old moved on the bed. I would not expect a quality box spring to do this especially with a 10 year old sleeping on it.

I went back to the store and they told me to fill out a warranty claim so that’s what I did. I sent them the required information which included taking apart the entire bed set up so I could get pictures of each product/label separately through the website warranty claim. A few weeks passed and I received an email saying they now need a video of the noise so I took a video that clearly exhibits the loud creaking noise and sent it to them. A few more weeks went by and I now am being told that video was too long (it was about 7 seconds long) and to send a 5 second video with just the box spring making the noise. That means I now have to go back and take the bed apart just to video the box spring.

This is ridiculous. I’ve sent the required info in twice and now they are asking for something different. And it’s all for a $99 box spring! They probably spent more money investigating this claim than it would have been to replace it already. I am half tempted to just take the box spring down to the store and leave it out front so the store manager and customers can hear the poorly manufactured box spring. I was in the market for another mattress set and I can honestly tell you I won’t be going back to Mattress Firm for it.


William Brady August 7, 2018 at 4:46 pm

URGENT ATTENTION Mattress Firm Corporate, I was recently terminated from Mattress Firm as a retail sales clerk. I have made over 20 attempts to discuss issues concerning my federally entitled Cobra information and nearly 120 days of accrued unpaid vacation time. Even Kaiser Permanente themselves have had no success in reaching Mattress Firm or getting any response whatsoever after several attempts. Please respond to William Brady… medialink1@ and 301.602.XXXXX… Employee ID (185658453) (022664)


Julia Herlevi July 9, 2018 at 3:03 pm

Judy Her shared a post.
Just now ·

I went to check this out on Sunday while I was running errands on the West Side of Cleveland. The sales person was great, answered my questions, and I had decided to buy a bed with the “free” adjustable base. When we talked about the base options she gave me pricing based upon the difference between the $599 and the cost of the base I might select. I had no problem with that. I live on the East Side of Cleveland and I wanted my husband to look at the mattresses with me. We took our lunch break today to go to the store at 2205 Mentor Avenue across from Target. The sales person was Dan. When we asked about the special with the free base, he told us that we could pick out any mattress $699 or higher and it would include a free base. I asked him to show us the base. He did and it was heads up only base, but that was not big deal. I then asked him to show us other bases and he showed us one that would cost us an additional $1600. Then I lost it. You see the sales person yesterday never quoted me anything higher than an extra $400 for upgrading the base. On top of that the sale that was advertised was $599 not $699 (both on TV and in the written ad I received in the Sunday paper. I felt like I was in a cheezy used car lot.
What did this guy expect to gain from being so deceptive. When I called him on the $599 v. $699 he told me that if that was what I thought it was he would give me the $599 price. No that is not what I THOUGHT it was, that was what was ADVERTISED!!!!
So it’s July 9, the sale ends tomorrow, and I am not going to buy the mattress with adjustable base after all. If you have a sale, know the facts (which I believe this guy did) and don’t try to deceive people. This is how you stay in business for the long term. I don’t need a new mattress that bad and the adjustable base is a luxury for me. The sale sounded great and the sales person Sunday was as well, but I refuse to buy something from some one who just wants to put a few extra bucks in his pocket.

BTW –After leaving the store in a huff, I had lunch with my husband and rand a few errands. As it was when we went in, the parking lot had one car in it — his. Does he ever wonder why????? We went in there to buy. His dishonesty and deceptiveness led up to us walking out. How many other people do this????

My husband and I have had a consulting business for 20 years now. We don’t advertise but have a great stream of loyal customers. We don’t try to take advantage of them and make sure that they receive value added service. I learned many years ago that customers want quality, service, price and honesty.


Angie July 3, 2018 at 12:41 am

I went into mattress firm in moline il. To look for a bed for my son we just started to look. At first we were greated and she was helpful as we were trying out beds. Then another couple came in. Even though there was another lady there both of them went to assist them. And left us all together. I had found an newspaper ad on the bed. And was going to take it with me so I could look it over. But as I was leaving do to lack of help now. The lady said oh you leaving I said yeah we are gonna think about what he wants. She said can I have my ad back then. Really was it the only ad in the store!! Guess they can’t spare an extra for me to take and look at. Won’t be back due to rudeness and I was planning on purchasing 3 beds two with adjustable bases and one with box springs. Guess ill go to Denver mattress or Ashley furniture.


Karen H June 18, 2018 at 1:52 pm

On May 30, 2018 I visited the Vauxhall Store # 166063 to purchase a new mattress. Chris was my salesperson and he was nice and helpful. I also bought an adjustable base with the mattress. Because my staircase has a short ceiling I know that I had to order a split box spring or in this case a split adjustable base so the delivery could be made.
It was not until the delivery was made and I tried finding brackets for the headboard did I make the discovery that the adjustable base I ordered does not accommodate brackets for a headboard.
To be very sure I visited the store again. I sat with Sales associate Kim Sueing who was helpful and called the warehouses for information and advice. He advised that only the adjustable bases with massage can accommodate headboards. The day of that visit yielded no solution but Mr. Kim stated he would call me regardless of the answer. To date I have received no call from him. And I am far from happy.

Had I been advised about the differences in adjustable bases I may have bought the one with massage or passed on the adjustable base all together. Your sales person did not inform me of the difference while I was in the store when I made my decision. Now I have a bed with an adjustable base, no headboard!! I am not happy that my bedroom looks incomplete and other than buying a panel bedframe an expense I have not planned on ,I have no recourse.
I am not happy about this outcome. What would make me happy would be for Mattress firm to provide me with the correct type of adjustable base at no additional cost, train your floor sales associates better and ensure your sales associates do what they say that they are going to do especially when a customer is waiting for a call.


chris baxla June 5, 2018 at 5:36 pm

looking for a contact at corporate office.

please email me at chris@


chris baxla June 5, 2018 at 5:36 pm

looking for a contact at corporate office. i have a set of mattress firm letters that was for a new store, but the company i built them for went out of business. perhaps you could use them at an upcoming location?

please email me at chris@


Theresa Dunagan May 25, 2018 at 8:43 pm

I have had not 1 but 2 unpleasant shopping experience with this company. The first was at the Queen Creek AZ, the lights were on the door was unlocked and the employee was sitting at her desk. When I went into the story I asked the woman if she could look up the previous order I had made in March. Her response was “ I have logged off for the night, but I will be here tomorrow “. If the lights and open sigh are both on and an employee is at her work desk, and the door is unlocked it’s my understanding that a business is open of business however that is not the case at this location. Today, 5/25 , I walked into a different location in Gilbert Az on Power Rd. Around 4:30. There were two male employees working. Another couple was getting ready to purchase a more expensive bed. I told the employee what I wanted, he looked it up and let me know the bed would be available on Wednesday, and the the price now has gone up over 100.00. I told the employee I would make the purchase and would like to put it on my Mattress Firm credit card, but I didn’t have my card. The sales employee said he needed the card in order to place the order. I asked if he could look up the card number for me , his response was he would have to make a call and he was going to help the other couple before he did that. ….. remember there was another employee that was working at this location and currently help the other costumer. Since, your employee made it very obvious he wasn’t interested in my business I choose not to wait for him to find the time to make the 5 minuets to finish my transition. I’m very disappointed at the lack of professionalism mattress Firm has chosen to demonstrate at TWO different locations. It unfortunate cousmer service doesn’t seem to be a priority with in this corporation.


Linda Selsey February 8, 2018 at 7:01 pm

I was online looking at mattress from Mattress Firm. I wanted to see what the mattress felt like before ordering online so I went to the store in Fayetteville on December 21, 2017. I asked the salesman to see the mattress and gave him the name and item number. I also told him that the online store offered free delivery for that weekend. He said he could do free delivery. So I decided to purchase from the store instead of going online. I told the salesman I had $180 of the total price of $321 and wanted to put it on the amount due. He told me they didn’t take the cash and all I needed to pay was $59.00 plus tax which would be deducted from my account. I asked if the $59. would be deducted from the total $321 and he told me yes. I did a credit application or so I thought. A few weeks later I received a bill in the mail showing how much the mattress would cost at the end of the lease. I was very upset and I still am. I called Progressive and informed them I was not told by the sales man at Mattress Firm that this was a lease. I thought I was doing a credit application not a lease. I would never lease a mattress. I felt like I was mislead. The representative at Progressive apologized for the lax in communication. I told him I wanted to file a complaint. I tried to call the Mattress Firm headquarters but got no where. I called Progressive again and the young lady I spoke with told me she would send and email to mattress firm with my concern. I called back to mattress firm where I purchased the mattress and spoke with the salesman who sold me the mattress. I let him know how I felt and that I was very displeased with the service. He informed me that he would put the $59.00 plus tax back into my account and I could deduct it from my total. After a week there was nothing in my account. I called mattress firm and spoke to a woman who told me he cannot put that money back into my account because it goes to Progressive. So now I get a call in January from Grant Bulochi (not sure of correct spelling) district manager of mattress firm he saw an email that was sent by the representative at progressive he left a message on my cell phone and gave me his cell number to call him back. So as of today February 8, 2018 i have left Grant mores messages than I can count and he still has not returned my phone call. I am going to the Better Business Bureau and then to the Inspector General. I will probably return the mattress since I was given a 120 day test to see if I like it unless that was a deception too. My phone number is 910-797-XXXXX.


Julie February 7, 2018 at 4:15 pm

We did some looking for awhile before we found what we wanted. Although we spent almost $4500 on the bed, we figured it would be worth it. It was set to deliver on January 11, 2018. At 8:30 that evening it finally arrived. Disrupted everything being so late. Not much time to air it out or walk on it.
Now, almost 30 days into it, we have not received a phone call or email asking us how we like our bed. When spending that kind of money, you would think someone would reach out. I know we got a ‘recorded’ call from someone, but it cut off after the name, so not sure who it came from and we don’t answer 1-800 numbers. Also, they were running a special for Fitbits with a purchase, never got one. Our only hope is that this bed does not hill and valley like our last one.


Kim Potts January 1, 2018 at 3:15 pm

Bought the bed, wanted really firm. Changed the box springs to a solid foundation as there was too much give to it. That was $79 (delivery). The first couple months not bad, then the bed started getting soft, and popping sounds from the springs. It was after the trial period (3 months after) now it’s a warranty issue. Had to pay to have someone come out (took three weeks), and had to pay $40. They did replace it, but you had to go back to the store to reorder the new one. I waited almost an hour for the gentleman to wait on me, because he was busy with others. Then when he waited on me someone came in, and he said he be done in just a few minutes and they walked out. So now he throwing a fit, because now he isn’t going to make enough to pay his bills because he’s helping me on a warranty issue. He was waving his fists around, and swearing because he didn’t make a sale! Plus told be my bed wasn’t good anyway! The first bed they brought was softer than the one I had, so won’t accept it, second one came with marks on it (voids the warranty), brought one more and said that was it, had to pay $79 (delivery). Guess what 2 months into the new mattress it was the same as my original. NOT paying any more for Junk!!!

Be careful if you buy from this company, they say they are throughing in the frame for free, and pillows, but they itemize the statement with prices on those items, and take it off the price of the mattress, so if you have warranty issues, now your mattress is worth less then what you paid for it!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!


Rosamaria Ogorzaly December 19, 2017 at 12:44 pm

I’ve been trying to talk to a human using all the numbers you have on your website:8773465603 and 8773496165 but w/o success. I called your 2442 Evergreen Park, IL store but I was told he can’t help me because I ordered online! I received no email confirmation of my order although it’s already been charged to my cred card. Call me at work 312-575-****. You have my home phone # on the order.


Karla Andrews November 27, 2017 at 6:08 pm

I went into the Mattress Firm store in Burleson,TX on and purchased a FULL size sofa sleeper mattress on Monday11-20-2017. I was told I needed to prepay which I did and I could pick it up on the next day at 1:00PM which this is the day I needed the mattress due to guest arriving. I called the store the next day and was told the mattress was not delivered to the store and would not arrive for pickup until Tuesday the 27th and for my troubles I could go to another store pick up a twin free of change and keep both mattress once mine arrived. I contacted the store and asked for a refund the next day which it says you have 120 days to test any mattress. I was told they now want me to pay the difference between the two mattress I did NOT ask for the twin mattress. Since you could NOT deliver what I paid for now you want to hold me hostage, I have never picked up the one I paid for. Now my salesperson says this is out of his hands. I cannot contact a district manager nor customer service as no numbers are listed for any complaints. I cannot send an email to anyone as they will NOT give out a numbers and will call you from a number that says NO CALLER ID so you cannot call them back you must wait for someone to call you back. I have had a horrible experience and will indicate to anyone please beware of this companies practices. I want a full REFUND. I do NOT want anything from Mattress Firm. PLESE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL LISTED.


Michael Everett November 24, 2017 at 12:07 pm

My wife and I have been looking for a mattress and after several stores walked into a Mattress Firm in Centralia, WA and were immediately turned off by the aggressiveness of the sales person and the conflicting information I had received from the store manager two days prior.

When I got home I immediately wrote a review of which I was contacted by a Mr. Joseph Stenio ( who claimed that he was a upper level “social media representative” that was disappointed that I had reviewed the company so poorly and asked if I could share my experience with him. After I did we were promised that we “would be taken care of if we were to place an online order” and after a discount offer and discussion with my wife we did. When he asked when I wanted delivery we told him the Monday after Thanksgiving week as we would be traveling and not available during that week. Somehow the 4th of December was suggested – and I agreed. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this date was a week AFTER the date we had requested.

I have been on their website multiple times trying to get the order delivery date changed, which I was my assumption on where to start. Problem is according to Mattress Firm “there is no order associated with that information. (see image 1). After a few e-mails to Mr. Stenio (as requested by him) without a response today I contacted “chat” was was connected with a representative named “Quentin,” who informed me that there was no order in their system. When he was informed that I had an email from Mr. Stenio the account was suddenly found.

When I asked why I couldn’t find it through their website I was informed that until the “night before delivery when an e-mail would be sent confirming delivery” that the order would not be found on the website. Again I explained my request and was informed that there were “were no alternative delivery dates and that the 4th was the earliest available to us.” This is in complete opposite of what we were assured by Mr. Stenio of our options and had been directed to contact that company if “any needs arose.”

Understanding that it is today “Black Friday” I can understand that they are overwhelmed and might not have time, or desire, to actually try to assist us on an existing order as they are “sales associates” who are commission driven; but as it is actually black friday and “cyber monday” is coming up, we will be purchasing a mattress from another corporation. Competition is a good thing as is social media!! My advise is to take your business elsewhere as what they consider “customer service” is anything but.


Sharon Hanson October 26, 2017 at 12:42 pm

I have purchased beds in the past from Sleepy’s/Mattress Firm for happy occasions like moving into a new house. This past week I visited the Freehold location store #166047. I needed to purchase a bed for my 25 year old daughter who recently moved in with me. In July, 2017 She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since starting chemotherapy the only thing as a mother I can provide her with is love and comfort. I live in a small condominium and did not have an extra bedroom or bed for Jillian. I visited Mattress Firm on Friday evenng 10/20/2017. I was greeted by the most wonderful angel, Anthony Capppiello. I explained to him how my daughter had been sleeping on a couch while receiving treatment. I wanted to convert a small nook area into a personal and comfortable space for my daughter and therefore, needed to start with a bed. Anthony, was attentive, compassionate and explained my bedding options. He went out of his way to find a comfortable bed that I could afford. I had the bed the next day. My daughter cried when she came home and saw her new bedroom and slept for the 1st time in months in a bed that was truly her own. I can’t thank Anthony Cappiello and Mattress Firm enough for making our lives a little more comfortable.
Anthony, if you are reading this please know you really are a special person and Mattress Firm is lucky to have such a compassionate employee!

Sharon Hanson


Wilbert Moore October 9, 2017 at 11:48 pm

Excellent customer service was rendered by Jeffery Utsey on 9/18/2017 at store #001193 Grand Crossing,102 Grand Parkway,Katy Texas 77494. He was very professional,had great product knowledge,friendly,very helpful and kind.He was also very patient.Mr.. Utsey know how to turn a customer into a client. Many (THANKS) to him.
A Satisfied Customer


Carole Coleman September 13, 2017 at 11:57 pm

Bought a Serta mattress and base in April. In July the base stopped working. Had it repaired. Broke again in August. Called for repair ..several appointments..either never showed up or couldn’t repair it. Finally inspector came said it couldn’t be repaired. Informed us it was a discontinued floor model which we were not told when we purchased. Finally sent us a so-called replacement that was not comparable. Original base was between 6 and 8 inches high, replacement is 2 inches…like sleeping on the floor. This was not the profile we purchased. They now refuse to do anything further to accommodate us. We are senior citizens and feel taken advantage of. Never had a problem with Sleepys. STAY AWAY!


Lori Lawrence November 10, 2017 at 10:53 am

My recent experience is almost identical to Caroles (above) experience. Frame, floor model and our mattress, as well. Horrible mattress! I’ve been trying to contact someone at corporate since late August 2017, assigned a case # & Customer Relalations has yet to call me back to this day November 10th!!!. When I called the general service phone # in Texas, I was told today that they would forward “esculate” my case to customer relations. BUT, could not provide another phone # to me!!! Even said the executive offices had no number & wouldn’t be able to do anything. I was told by another source that is not the least bit affiliated with this company at all, that either Sam Woods or Jamie Little may be interested in getting this resolved. This company is extremely hard to notify, with even generic email responses. Very, very poor service!!!


Kathy Best August 20, 2017 at 4:32 pm

About 3 weeks or so ago I purchased an adjustable bed, and along with this bed I received 2 cool pillows free with my purchase…Since I have had them I’ve been experiencing a chemical smell that is very over powering…At first I thought it was the mattress cover I bought but changing my bed I found out it wasn’t it, it’s the pillows that smell. So I called the Store I bought my mattress from and told the salesmen Laren my problem…He began to tell me to set them outside to air them out. I said what if the smell doesn’t go away, can I bring them back? He proceeded to tell me it was against the law to bring them back. I said but you sell these pillows, there $100,00 each pillows! If I were to buy just the pillows at $100.00 each your telling me I couldn’t bring them back? He said NO. Against the law!! My son recently bought an adjustable bed also form you and likes it very much and he bought pillows also and was told he could bring them back if they weren’t satisfied with them…I was with them at the time and the service he got is what led me to you store to get my bed…the pillows was just a bonus for me…I am not at all happy the way he argued with me on the phone, and by not taking the pillows back. All I wanted was a replacement if they were defective, no money back because they were free with my mattress. I have taken pillows back at Macy’s numerous times for one reason or another and they never said it was against the law…You people sell these pillows and if I had bought them separately and the Chemical smell was there I’d expect a replacement or something for them…But this Laren guy said No….Not at all with this Salesmen or his attitude on the phone.
Thank you for listening to my rant…won’t be doing business at this place again.
Kathy Best


Catherina Gross August 8, 2017 at 9:05 am

Horrible experience! My daughter purchased a bed on July 3rd, 2017 (due to a family emergency). The order was cancelled on 7/5/17. Even though the order was CANCELLED, the bed was shipped out. My daughter suffers from a severe brain disorder and was forced to bring in this heavy bed from outside by HERSELF!!

My daughter has called & called on numerous occasions regarding her refund. She has been told by many customer service reps that her refund has been processed since 7/31/17 with EVERY excuse why the refund has not been credited back to her.

On Monday, August 7th, I had to rush her to the ER after speaking with your customer service dept. This is totally unacceptable!! Please have your CEO call me immediately (571) 286-XXXXX. Otherwise, I will contact the local Eyewitness News as well as, a local attorney office in Houston.

Deborah Gross-Gallegos


Sheila Miller August 1, 2017 at 10:26 am

On Saturday July 29th we went to Mattress firm to purchase a NEW bed, we left excited that our new bed would be delivered on sunday July 30. Great customer service, couldnt have been more pleased with everything.
Sunday my husband had put the old box springs out on the front porch to * help * them out save some time ( our mistake)
The delivery men showed up, YAY , after looking at our box Springs and seeing a dead bug in some dust they decided not to let us have our bed. He took a ppicture of said bug and sent it to his warehouse. They claimed we had bed bugs and refused to deliver, got back in their truck and left. Now we are pissed off. I spent 4 hours trying to find out what to do next with NO answers, Not one person would help us. Then i got someone on thephone from online sales who called the warehouse and found out that The only way we could have our beds delivered was if we had the house inspected for bed bugs. It had been determined by them that we had a stage 1 bed bug infestation. Now i have gone postal. I wake up monday morning call an exterminator at PCT , Chris came and did an inspection. He also looked at the picture the gentleman took and said it was a beetle ( WOW ) He says this happens often when buying a bed even to himself.
He gives me the paperwork needed to prove we have no bed bugs and i send it to our sales girl. She calls back and says your bed will be delivered tomorrow between 9-5 ( Tuesday)
OK great finally we are getting some where.
Then …. I get an email Monday afternoon
Hello Ms. Miller,
I had tried to call you at the phone number provided of 488463XXXXX, but that is not a working number. I wanted to speak to you about your delivery scheduled for tomorrow. We wanted to inform you that, based on what the delivery team observed when they attempted the previous delivery, any delivery attempt to your door would be for merchandise that does not have any warranty. If you would want a warranty on the merchandise, you would have to provide us with a letter from a licensed exterminator on their letterhead stating that the home is free and clear of bed bugs.
Please call me at bla bla bla if you would like to discuss this further, or email me at bla bla bla if you have the necessary extermination inspection report. If we do not hear from you, then the delivery would be made tomorrow with no removals and with no warranty. The delivery would be made at the door.
Thank You,
Adam bla bla
Customer Relations Representative
I Call the man and he has me email him the inspection report
after telling me he wants to help us get everything right.
As long as we prove we do not have bed bugs we can have our bed and the 10 year warranty.
So we settle everything and my delivery is set for Tuesday.
I get a call monday evening from Adam, and he proceeds to tell me they can not deliver our bed tuesday it will have to be Wednesday again 9-5 delivery window. So now again no bed.
We are so disgusted by all of this and i will never ever purchase anything from mattress firm again. They turned an exciting experience into hell over a beetle on the box spring
Lets see what happens today. To be continued …..Oh and let me add …. We had to pay 79.50 to have this inspection at least we now know we have no bugs


Mary Legg July 27, 2017 at 2:28 pm

I would love to speak to a human
to get anyone on the phone in reference to a return I have been fighting for 6 months has become a full time job, not getting any rest on this mattress


Catherine urso July 24, 2017 at 6:08 pm

I was buying a new mattress. A used mattress was delivered. IThe mattress had thread pulls on the mattress material. A used mattress has to be disinfected God knows what was used Dishonest, unresponsive. I was told it was probably a floor model
Never again. God knows if I will get a new mattress and when
Kate Long Island.


Mike July 17, 2017 at 2:12 pm

Hi, i bought two box springs several months ago for my new king bed. After a couple of months they began to squeak terribly. If you move on the mattress at all they make a loud noise. I weigh 180 and my wife is 130. I went to the store to ask about replacing them. I was told they could replace them under warranty but, i would have to pay an $80 delivery fee. I asked if I could pick them up because the warehouse is 15 min from my house and I picked up the original set. I was told that the warranty claims come out of another warehouse and I would not be able to pick these up. I paid to have them delivered. The delivery guy called and said he was running an hour late. When he got here he said he was stuck in traffic picking up my new box springs from the warehouse I originally went to. So the store employee lied to me. I put that behind me and now I have a new set that within the second month is now doing the same thing. I called the store I bought them from. The employee asked me if it was the brown set and started laughing. He said “that going to keep happening, they are our cheapest set”. He apologized and told me I could buy a new better set from the store since these are out of warranty. Its hard to believe that you can’t make a quality product that only serves one purpose, to hold up a mattress. I should have confronted this when I was asked to pay for a product that didnt work. I can’t imaging returning something to another store and paying them for a product that they did not build correctly. It is a shame that there are this many negative experiences all on one site. I hope to get this resolved. If not I will be escalating this problem.



Liza July 15, 2017 at 9:03 pm

I purchased a split King from MF on Saturday 8 July 2017. I was ensured it would be delivered by 15 July 2017. Waited all day for a call. Stopped by store in Harker Heights, TX around 2 p.m. To inquire and was told no problem. Received a phone call at 7:30 p.m. Saying we will offer free pillows or a free night stay at a hotel after we sold our bed same day. I made plans for the following day and told sales rep this, I get a SORRY we will contact you in morning. Store opens at 1100 Stop in then. What the heck.. I’m military and do not have time to wait day in and day out for people to make a decision on delivery. Plus the money I saved and spent to get a good night sleep, no good. I will be asking for a freaking refund from this company..


Bill July 6, 2017 at 9:59 pm

Bought some mattresses from these guys years ago. Turns out, their warranty is useless. Turns out that there are local companies who sell 2 sided mattresses that are great for about half the price.

Their marketing is a disaster too. So do they just sell firm mattresses? Their iMattress commercial sounded like they had some poor woman miked after she was hit by a car and was dragging herself to the curb.

Real ripoff.


Teresa July 5, 2017 at 6:42 pm

I wish I would have read this before my purchase I never would have gone with Mattress Firm. We purchased our bed on the 06/10/17 it took two weeks to get the bed and when they delivered it we received the CalKing base and King mattress. Because we had customized out bed frame for the bases we couldn’t send the new set back because we couldn’t get our old mattress back in. We were told to contact our sales rep to get the replacement mattress this has been nothing but a nightmare he does not return calls or he does then tells me he will get back with me for the delivery date and I hear nothing. Don’t even try calling the customer service line because I don’t think they know what the definition of CUSTOMER SERVICE is , no one can help you all they do is tell you they will contact your sales rep and he will call you within 24 hours guess what it has been 96 hours and still no sales rep call. I have called back customer service and all they do is tell you they will email your sales rep. WORST COMPANY EVER !!!!


Joe Leask July 5, 2017 at 4:42 pm

Would never do business with Company again. Wish I would of read reviews first.


Sylvia Williams June 21, 2017 at 7:23 pm

I purchased a demo massage chair fortitude 2.0 at the boat show along with 2 xl twin adjustable bed frames for a king size bed. I was told by sales guy Andre R. Garlic that he could have all of this delivered by Friday June 26th. I received only one xl twin bed. Totally useless as we have a king size bed. Also no massage chair. Still waiting on Andrea to let me know what is happening.


Terry F. June 17, 2017 at 3:26 pm

I recently visited the Maple Grove store (located on Elm Creek Boulevard) with a friend who I had been helping with decorating her condo: in this situation choosing a mattress.  My friend is in her late 60’s and wanted my help with finding something that would not hurt her back and be a comfortable fit. While going there over a course of several visits checking out mattresses, and my friend having to return 2 of them because they were too firm, during the last visit I witnessed less than appropriate customer service actions by one of the sales personnel named Jason.
Jason was condescending, showed agitation at having to exchange the mattress, and a switch-and-bait tactic when we tried to express what was needed.  For example:
While my friend retrieved papers from her car, I told Jason we had gone to Slumberland and found a perfect mattress and asked if Mattress Firm had it.  Jason said Mattress Firm didn’t have the same models and besides the decision was up to my roommate as to what she would purchase. My friend explained to Jason that what I described is what she wanted.
When asking for a pillowtop, Jason said there was no such thing.  When we showed several examples in the store of what was meant, he aggressively kept saying they were not pillowtops. The point was, he was being shown examples of what was needed – it really didn’t matter what they were called.
After quite some time of trying a variety of mattresses in the store and expressing they were not comfortable, Jason finally offered to look up the Slumberland model and find it in the Mattress Firm store under a different model name. My friend went and laid down on it and immediately said that was the mattress. Of course, the mattresses that Jason was steering her to were considerably more expensive.  Jason was reminded that a less expensive mattress that breaks down a few years sooner would mean a customer could return to purchase it again. He was overlooking the point of the purchase – customers need to be pain free by getting a mattress that fits.
During the checkout process, Jason was visibly angry making side comments such as not having to come back to the store, that a Christmas card would be fine, that he was having issues with processing the $400 reimbursement and did we want to purchase something else, and stalling on helping to find a delivery date.
The thing that struck me most is that my friend kept being steered toward expensive mattresses that did not fit.  She could afford them, but the right fit was paramount. That did not seem important to Jason because he was angry that a mattress was being returned. Your store provides for 2 returns if needed at the cost of $80 each return. Jason seemed to forget that my friend had a right to the returns and to a good fit for her sleep health.


Diane Dreis June 7, 2017 at 7:37 am


Order number S006837397

We purchased a mattress on April 1 but exchanged it in May for a different one. The sales person was very pushy and talked us into buying an adjustable bed frame. We were really unsure of the purchase of the frame because my husband and I knew we wouldn’t be able to agree on the position. The sales person tried to talk us into buying TWO twin mattresses (we had purchased a king) so that each one of us could adjust the bed the way we wanted but the price was outrageous. We tried the new mattress and frame for week and tried to return it but were told that the frame was not returnable!!!!!!!!!!!! We were shocked. The manager was very adamant that it clearly states on the contract we signed that the frame was not returnable but no one ever told us this. I don’t know about you but most of us do not read the fine print of contracts. We asked why the frame is not returnable and were told that once a product goes into someone’s home it is no longer returnable. How can that be true when you accept mattresses that have been slept on for 120 days? I’m beyond upset that we spent $1,500 for a frame we hate. We purchased a mattress for our daughter as well which we have cancelled (we cancelled our mattress too). I am so upset with this situation I can hardly speak.

To make matters worse, about 30 minutes after returning home we were alerted by our credit card company that someone had tried to make a fraudulent purchase at Walmart for an amount a couple of dollars less than our return amount. That means someone in your store tried to use our card!!!!!!!!!

I would recommend you investigate this matter.

Finally, the people who delivered our bed did not wear shoe protectors and now I have multiple stains on my ivory carpet that I cannot remove. We were specifically told that they would wear shoe protectors. They were also unable to sync the 2 remotes that control the adjustable frame and didn’t offer a solution. So, not only do I have a defective product in my home (that’s in the garage!) but you won’t take it back.

I am appalled.


Deborah Witzke May 30, 2017 at 1:59 pm

I purchased a mattress and adjustable frame on Tues May 23rd, 2017. At that time the experience was questionable as it took the sales associate forever to process the order. We literally picked out the mattress in less then 5 minutes but it took him an hour to process the order. We were told that Thurs May 25 would be the delivery date and that someone would call to verify the time frame. No one called on Wed night or Thurs morning. I called the store and my sales associate was off. The supposed store manager said that there was a problem with the paperwork and that I would hear from my sales associate. I did get a call and was told that because of the mess up our delivery would come later in that day. Later on Thur I called the store again to verify the delivery and spoke to Dante who, in a not so friendly voice, said the delivery would happen. Less then 2 hours later I received a phone call stating that the delivery would not happen and could be scheduled for Fri May 26. I told my sales associate at that time that if the delivery did not happen then I was cancelling the order. He insured me that all would be fine. The next day I did not receive a call regarding the delivery time frame but I did pull the info up on your website. Delivery from 4-10 was showing up. Around 2:00 I called the store as I wanted a better idea of time frame, at that time I was told that the delivery would not happen. I told them that I was coming in to cancel the order. I got a phone call back stating that they could arrange for an outside delivery service but that I had to pay extra for the delivery of $150.52, however they would credit me the $150.52 to balance everything out for my inconvenience. It has been 4 days and no credit is showing up on my credit card. I hate being lied to.


Cody T May 19, 2017 at 11:52 pm

After reading some of the reviews posted here, I am kicking myself for not reading these sooner.

My wife and I were/are in the market for a new bed. We currently have a queen size bed and we were on the fence about whether or not to move up to a king. Enter our salesman at our local store, Alex. He was super helpful, answered any question we had with what seemed like knowledgeable answers. He towed the line of allowing us to look without being overbearing or pushy yet was still there to provide assistance whenever needed. When debating about getting a queen or king he reiterated their policy about no hassle returns and exchanges. He assured us if we were to go with king but changed our mind before delivery we could simply come in and cancel the order for the king and change it to a queen, no questions asked. Great, we thought. He also told us about their price match guarantee where they will beat any competitors advertised price by 10%. Great again, we thought. The experience was so great, we liked what we heard so much, we were so comfortable with our salesman Alex, we decided to buy that day without visiting any other mattress stores (Mattress Firm was our first stop). We decided to go with a king. While we were sitting and going over our bill and delivery options, my wife was teetering on getting it delivered during the week. We asked Alex about Saturday delivery and he said absolutely, they deliver on Saturdays. My wife again started to think outloud about the different things we had going on that Saturday, Alex stopped her and said we would get a phone call at some point during the early evening on Friday to inform us of our delivery window. Alex explained that if the time didn’t work for us for whatever reason, we could call the store before 8 pm that Friday night and he could adjust the time for us. Awesome, we thought…why couldn’t car buying be this easy!

Now is where the trouble starts. The very next day I caught wind that our mattress was on sale elsewhere for $400 less. No problem we thought, our man Alex has got our back on this. Also, after getting home and thinking it over we decided we had better stay with a queen. Another problem that will be quickly disposed of by our super salesman, Alex, we thought. The queen was also being advertised for $400 less at the same store that had the king for $400 less so this is really going to work out for us all the way around, we thought.

My wife goes into the store the same day we noticed the sales prices, which was the day after of our original purchase. She is greeted by someone other then Alex. She fills the new person in on how we wanted to switch our order to the queen and also advised him of the lower advertised price. He looks it up, verifies it is the same exact mattress, but then proceeds to tell my wife that this is only his 3rd day on the job and he didn’t know how to do the price match and then beat it by 10%. This is a Monday(we purchased the mattress that Sunday, one day before), he tells my wife that Alex will be back on Wednesday and that she would need to come back then. No problem, she thought. Our delivery wasn’t scheduled until that Saturday, so no big deal.

Wednesday morning comes and I learn that the sale we were going to get mattress firm to price match was a two day sale only, that ended at midnight on Tuesday night. I have terrible luck, and I didn’t do my due diligence in checking up on his long the sale lasted(I did call the competing stores customer service to confirm and was told the sale would run through that Saturday). I should have went into the store instead of calling customer service late at night that Monday night. Oh well, lesson learned.

My wife promptly returns to the store that Wednesday to tell Alex how we were unable to get the price match due to the new guy not knowing how to do it(we weren’t going to ask for it after the fact, just wanted to make him aware) and to also get him to change our order to a queen. Well, my wife was greeted with yet another new face. Turns out Alex is attending a company training and this guy is filling in from another store. My wife says this guy is super nice, very helpful, and seemed just as knowledgable Alex. She explained everything we had been through up until that point. He apologized and told her the guy she met with Monday night should have taken care of everything. Oh well, you win some and lose some. She asked this guy to go ahead and process the switch over to the queen mattress. He was able to do so, but explained that the queen was on back order and it would be a week and a half before delivery is able to be made. Ok, we’re patient people. No problem. Delivery was set for the following Saturday(remember this day is Wednesday).

Today is now Friday, May 19th 2017. The day before our scheduled delivery date. Finally! It’s like the anticipation before the birth of a new baby! My wife gets a call around 6:30 pm. The call is mattress firm, it tells her that our delivery is set for tomorrow(Saturday) between 10 am and 12 pm. Not good! My wife has a birthday party to attend at 10 and I am cooking jambalaya for a charity organization until 11. Not a problem, we remember Alex assuring us that he will get this resolved, no problem.

My wife quickly calls Alex, she says Alex doesn’t sound like he did when he was selling us the mattress. She explained to Alex our time conundrum, expecting him to reply with a “no problem!” No, Alex told my wife the time we were given is the time we must abide by. My wife says “but Alex, you told us the time wouldn’t be a problem, you could easily change that,” Alex replies, “no, there must have been miscommunication. I can only change the day. If tomorrow doesn’t work for you, you can either change the delivery day or cancel your order…just make sure you make your decision by 8 tonight.”

Wow! What happened to super salesman Alex? This is so cliche I thought. Too cliche, in way is Alex the type to tell a perspective buyer anything to make a sale…only to muddy the waters when something is contested later. I’ll call Alex and get this cleared up. So I call Alex, I reminded him that he told us the delivery time could be adjusted to meet our needs. Alex proceeds to tell me “no, I never told you that”. Ok, things are getting a little hairy, by this time it’s 8 pm. The store is closing, my wife’s and I plans are simply non-cancelable, I’m quickly starting to be backed into a corner. I tell Alex that if it comes and we aren’t there, then we would simply need to refuse delivery( obviously, if we’re not there) and cancel the order. Alex replies to me with “oh yeah, if you do that you’re going to be hit with a delivery fee”. My immediate first reaction/reply was a simple “no I’m not!” He says well you need to go ahead and cancel, to which I replied with “yes, cancel I guess”.

What other option did Alex leave me? I really, really wanted/needed that mattress. I did not want to cancel, but was sort of forced to do so. I believe that there probably is no way the delivery time window can be moved or adjusted, otherwise Alex would have done it before losing a sell. A canceled sell that Alex himself recommended and initiated. Me and my wife both heard Alex tell us the same thing way back on the day we initially bought the mattress, that was we could call him before 8 that night before delivery and he would adjust delivery tine if that was something we needed. I believe Alex was counting on the delivery window to work for us, or he was maybe hoping we would just do our best to be there instead of call him out on his promise to be able to change the delivery time window. 99 days out of 100 we would try our hardest to just fit whatever time was given to us. On this particular we simply could not.

Our feeling is that we’ve waited two weeks for delivery of this mattress, we were met with turbulence when my wife went back the very next day to change our order due to the salesman admitting that he didn’t know what he was doing, we were met with more turbulence when we missed the sale window on the price match due again to that same salesman not knowing what he was doing. We were simply asking for the time window to be adjust back 1 hour to 11 to 1 instead of 10 to 12. Nope. Mattress firm elected to cancel or order instead of working on the 1 hour shift for us. Ok.


Allen Stoltz April 11, 2017 at 2:10 pm

Thought we purchased a new hot tub, after several weeks late of delivery, a used hot tub came in from Alaska to Nebraska, of course did not know it was used until three days later from sales person. It was damaged, this was purchased Labor Day 2016, yes it’s still damaged, and the continuing unreturned calls even from Corporate rude down talking people when they do return calls…NEVER AGAIN and I’m sharing my experience…


WARREN ANDERSON April 6, 2017 at 5:58 pm

I cannot believe Corp HQ’s irresponsibility and unresponsiveness – it’s Apr 6, 2017 and my son (who worked at a Sleep Train in Calif) still hasn’t rec’d a W2 for 2016 despite Fed laws requiring W2’s must be sent by Jan 1

We’ve been trying for many weeks and this week I called as many Accting, Payroll, and HR people I could find, but only got voicemail’s which are not returned. I sent 4 new emails to addresses I found that also are unanswered

The most objectionable part is this is a $3 Billion company with 4,000 employees and 4,000 stores but they don’t have an operator or can’t send me to a single person i can talk to ?? Unbelievable



Arlene March 13, 2017 at 3:48 pm

Mattress firm delivery service and warehouse sucks. I ordered my mattress March 4 2017 and I still haven’t received my king size Beauty sleep yet.


Evelyn Shell March 7, 2017 at 9:27 pm

Unhappy with one your Sales Representitives
I would like to begin by saying that our initial Sales Rep – Amy S. was the greatest. She made sure that my son selected the “right” bed for him. She was patient, polite and very informative. My son absolutely LOVES the bed and the delivery service was on time and service was great. I wanted to give 5 stars because of this but we had a small issue that warrants attention from corporate as additional training is required. My son ordered the bed but decided to go the credit route to build his as he does not have credit at this time. So upon completion we decided to put a deposit of $500 down, although that was not necessary, to lower his monthly payments. The rep accidentally made the payment to the Mattress Firm instead of the finance company. She stated that it would release the funds by the end of the day at the latest, it didn’t. I visited my banking institution and because I don’t normally use that card they froze my account thinking fraudulent activity. The card was reopened and the funds were posted to my account. The bed was delivered on March 3, 2017, after following up a few more times I called and spoke with another rep of which whom I didn’t catch the name and was extremely rude. She placed the call on speaker and began to speak to me as if I was her child and uneducated. She also stated that when a -500 shows up it means a credit; in the finance world it does not. She cut me off in mid sentence when I was explaining to her that the additional bed railing that I purchased separately was not the right size she immediately stated – well no refunds or returns. She emailed a copy of the statement and on the last page it clearly shows where the $500 was deducted. She also stated that I was to receive an additional $100 credit but no mention of that when she called me back with her findings. For the record, I’m a retired Hospital Administrator with a Masters Degree and I am now managing a financial institution. This is my recommendation to Mattress Firm – please provide your employees with customer service and consumer sensitivity training, quarterly updates on how to process forms and payments and customer follow-up.


christian Carter March 1, 2017 at 4:50 pm

I am highly upset. I ordered a full size set for my eleven year old son new bed. I paid in full and was told i could pick it up on Tuesday 02/28. I called on 02/27 to see at what time i could pick my order up and some employee named Elijah told me to look at my receipt. He was very rude. Fast forward to today i get there and the wrong size was ordered. The guy was very nice and tried to find me a set but couldn’t deliver. My son now has to sleep in my bed and I have to sleep on the couch. This is pitiful. I was issued a refund but I am waiting on corporate to issue it. I will never do business or recommend this company to anyone even my worst enemy. I am an assistant manager at a store and it is poor customer service to tell anyone to look on theier receipt


Brenda February 23, 2017 at 6:00 pm

I purchased a Stearns and Foster mattress for my son 3/23/15 for $3,199. It is a hybrid mattress with foam rubber I also purchased the box springs and frame specifically for this bed at Sleep Train. And a mattress cover. It was fine for the first year or so…As I found out my son went and bought numerous pillow to try and correct the neck and back issues he was having (We also bought a pillow from sleep train) and could not make the bed comfortable after approx 1 1/2 years of trying to correct the defects through other means i.e. Pillows new sheets, different sleep positions he finally came clean to me and told me he could no longer sleep in this bed. I contact sleep train customer service as the mattress has a 10 year warranty. I was given 2 options pay for a test kit or pay for a home inspection. I ordered the test kit. As the mattress is made of foam rubber it only showed a 1 1/2 inch depression and there is no way to show how the foam rubber reacts once my son lays on it and his body heat warms the mattress. By the time he wakes in the morning he is laying in a huge hole. So, I once again called customer service and scheduled an inspection for someone to come out an physically see the mattress. I called on 1/30/17, paid my $39.95 and was told the first available appointment in my area was 2/24/17 and I would get a phone call a day or two befor the inspection to set-up a time. I received a recorded message stating that the appointment would be between 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm. As I have to be at work by 4:30. I called the inspection company to see if I could change the time. I was told by US quality furniture service that I could not change the time but could reschedule for 3/10/17 and the same thing would happen, I would get the same recorded message telling me when my appointment time would be scheduled. And if I didn’t accept that appointment today there was no guarantee that the 10th would still be available and could push me out to the 3/25/17. This was from a supervisor Marlene. When I asked to speak to someone in corporate or a phone number for corporate, she gave me the same phone as I had already called (per Marlene) and continued to tell me that corporate had gone home for the day. I called at 1:30 pm. It is in Texas and I live in California. I think it is only a one hour difference. So, I called sleep train customer service and the response I received was the inspection company has limited inspectors. She told me she could refund my $39.95 and set me up with another inspection company. But that there was no guaranty how long it would take for that company to respond or how long it would take to set-up an appointment? With everything totaled I spent $4,000 at sleep train that day. I need some help with this matter and have run out of patience. Could someone recommend someone or some agency that I can speak to, to help me with this problem? I was trying to help my son out as he works 7 days a week 8-10 hrs a day and just wanted to help him get a good night sleep. And now he has no bed to sleep. I’m beginning to feel like “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”


Margaret Hachmeister July 3, 2017 at 8:16 am

Brenda, have you contacted an attorney?
I too am having problems with mattress firm and if my call doesn’t produce action I will be contacting my attorney, I’m tired of the BS that I’m getting..!!!


Tony C February 13, 2017 at 4:39 pm

On 1/23/017 A Queen size mattress, box spring and frame were delivered to my home for my son.
At the time of the delivery, it was raining so as you can imagine the 2 delivery men were hurrying to get the mattress and Box spring off the truck and in my house in a hurry.
They set up the box spring and mattress in my sons room and prior to departing I signed for them. At the time of delivery it looked like all was well with the mattress and box spring.

On Friday 2/17/2017 my son asked me to look at the box spring which appeared to be lower in the center. I called Mattress firm and spoke with Keith and then Matthew .
I explained that the box spring appeared to be lower in the middle. From the naked eye it doesn’t appear to be a big difference however when I got a ruler it shows that from the Box spring to the floor is 7” on both and right and left sides, however it was 6 ¼”
In the center. Matthew asked if I could take pictures and email to him which I did. I was told by Matthew he will report this situation to his manager and get back to me.

Since I didn’t hear back from Matthew from Mattress Firm on 2/13 at 12:20 P I called and spoke with Matthew who told me that his Area Manager offered me 2 options. Since I am within 120 days of delivery,
1- I could take the defective/broken box spring to the warehouse and exchange it. I don’t have a truck so I cannot do that.
2- Option # 2 is for Mattress Firm to deliver a new Box spring for 40.00. What I disagree with is why do I have to pay a delivery fee for an item that was defective. If my 18 year old son jumped up and down on his bed or caused the damage I could understand paying the delivery cost, but since this appears to be a defective box spring in the one area I don’t understand why I have to pay for a replacement. After all When I paid for the Mattress and Box spring, isn’t it safe to believe I am paying for a non-damaged item. During my initial call to Matthew I offered him the opportunity to inspect the box spring and show me that the damage was caused was caused by my 18 year old son.

During my call with Matthew he stated that at the time of delivery I would have seen the defect. I disagree with Matthew. At the time of delivery, the 2 delivery men, my son nor I could see the defect, however when using a ruler it is clear that the mattress sags in the middle. Once again 7” on both the left and right corner, but 6 1/4 in the middle.

I explained to Matthew, that how could I possibly inspect the wood inside the box spring since it is stitched with a fabric? Did he expect me to get a ruler out and inspect the box spring? Since the box spring is sagging isn’t there a good possibility that additional nails or screws are needed on this box spring? We could speculate all day. But the fact is there is no indication my son caused this damage. If it were caused by my son wouldn’t the material be ripped?

I am asking for your assistance since I do not believe that I should pay the $ 40.00 to have a replacement box spring delivered.


Joy February 1, 2017 at 3:10 pm

Why is it that Mattress Firm has no supervisors you can speak to? I have a major problem with the sales person and they keep directing me back to her. I made a huge mistake and purchased a mattress from Sleepy’s and the only record they can find is my BILL, (they should have lost that too), so now that they have my money I don’t exist to them. I was trying to resolve this problem yet again with my so called sales person Barbara out of the Woodbridge, NJ office who by the way could not recollect the three other times I called her had the nerve to ask me if I was getting a good night’s sleep. What the hell did that have to do with my problem was beyond me. I can’t get a good night’s sleep, getting the RUN AROUND and worrying about spending extra money that I did not agree to. So every time I speak to the sales rep. I get so many conflicting stories and this has been going since November 2016. I called the warrantee department and spoke to Amanda thinking I can get to speak to someone after she kept on hold for over 20 minutes then she enlightened me that there was no one to speak to there (they must have everyone working from home). Finally I find a number online to the cooperate office and they wanted to transfer me to the customer service nightmare again but instead she transferred me to a supervisor Bianca Mitchell that was not at her deck while attempting to leave a message the phone disconnected me. I am not sure what to do at this point, I am going to have to contact an attorney.


Niles January 10, 2017 at 11:03 am

I purchase Matt & Box, and it had mold. The company, and warehouse had terrible communication. I never got a replacement. I ask for a refund. I’m still waiting for a refund.


Rick Ramirez November 25, 2016 at 1:03 pm

after reading most of the comments on here, It’s amazing that MattressFirm has any customers at all. I, too, have had nothing but a bad experience with MF. Now, the salesman, Eugene, is about the only bright spot for MF. Outside of paying a ton of money for a mattress that isn’t what I wanted ( its been switched out and I’ll explain shortly) and still having issues with the base, and no help from MF, I am totally frustrated.
So here goes: after purchase and install my tempurpedic mattress, it constantly slide laterally. There is a bracket at the foot of the best to stop sliding but not laterally. I sent emails, videos and even stopped by a different store to get help. I did receive a call from one ‘manager’ who said he would call me back after he presented my situation in a meeting that morning, but never heard from him again. I have sent multiple emails, made many visits and still to date have not heard back ONCE.
Called customer service at HQ over a week ago, no one called back.
Oh and I was not told about the warranty. $8/month for a 10 year warranty is a no-brainer but I was refused because I didn’t get it within 30 days of purchase. I was never told about it, wtf??
Now, they advertise that your purchase and SLEEP will be guaranteed. thats a huge load of crapola.
I have parts sitting in a box and im still waiting for the call from the repair/warranty center to schedule. I’ve had them about a month now and this is after the repairman has been here twice.
Believe me, there’s much much more, but I’d get carpal tunnel syndrome if I had to list everything.


Diane November 16, 2016 at 5:00 pm

Worst company in the history of companies !!!!
I went into a store in Naperville Illinois in July. I was “Thinking” about buyin a new mattress. I left financing a mattress. My first payment due in August through a reall shady company, Secrency bank. (something like that). No problem with the first payment. September I went on line and set up a payment. October 6th I got a call that i was 30 days over due. So I called them back and said WTH? …. they said I must have entered the account wrong. So right there they credited me back the late fee and I made a payment with the lady on the phone. I waited till she told me it went through. Two weeks later looking into my account i did not see the payment so i called, OH, no no mam you made payment, no worries. I said, it has not come out of my account what is going on, no no mam no worries.
A week later I got a letter I was 60 days past due! I called and they said I had not made a payment. Then a week later they said, the payment was rejected. When i told them my bank said no it had not even come across my account, they changed their story again.
I call the company to come and get my mattress i had enough!
This past Monday I got a call on my VM that they are delayed in processing due to my complaining. In the meantime this is racking up agianst my credit!!!!!
NEVER, willl i recomend this company. EVER!


Tiffany Jones September 22, 2016 at 8:26 pm

Worst, most draw out experience ever.
I ordered a bed set and before having it delivered found out my job was moving me out of state.
I spoke with the worker at the store who told me my order could be forwarded when I had my new address.
When I called the store back about three weeks later I was told that my bed couldn’t be rerouted and that I would have to go into the local store to get my order moved.
I went into the local store and was told my order and information had been removed completely from the system. I was directed to call an 800 number because the money I had already payed was not refunded.
After speaking with the financial group they said they could draw my order back up (because I still had the receipt) and the original store could forward it to the local store.
After speaking with someone from the original store my order was sent to the local store and said to be scheduled for two days later.
After two days passed I still had no bed. I called the local store and was told the delivery wasn’t scheduled, but they could schedule me for the next week.
This process has taken weeks! I was advised against using Mattress Firm, and I can now understand why.

While the local store has great employees, the originating store’s employees are extremely subpar..


Barbara Yancey September 21, 2016 at 8:23 pm

My husband and I purchased our pos from a Mattress Firm in Hickory NC. We have around $7000.00 in the mattress and the base we purchased. The mattress, a Sealy Black Hybrid, (pos… a big one) has a huge sagging bulge in the middle on the outside edge. If you aren’t careful you will be in the floor. We start the “claim” process about 6 weeks ago and still have no resolution. The 3rd party inspector (scam artist Mattress Marshals) were supposed to come out yesterday but called to say they were combining routes go conserve fuel. They were supposed to be out today, I missed their call but called back within 10 minutes and left a message stating we would be home for them to do the inspection. I called for the next hour and a half and no one answered until 6:00. They were supposed to be out between 4 and 6. Michael with Mattress Marshals stated since I didn’t answer he would request a home kit to be sent out for my husband and I to submit our claim. I don’t believe he was in our area to begin with, nor did he plan to come out to do the “inspection”. This has been the most horrible experience I have ever had with any retailer. I will not recommend anyone to purchase anything from this company. I will let everyone know Mattress Firm does not stand by the products they sell. We went to the store where we purchased our “pos” and Josh the sales person only suggested contacting the black hole they call their customer service department. He really didn’t care what our issue was because he has already made his commission off the sale when he sold us the set. My husband and I are considering contacting action 9, or 3 on your side to see if they can help get someone with some guts from Mattress Firm to contact us and get this resolved.


Robert Fuller October 29, 2016 at 11:24 am

Purchased a mattress set for my 15 year old son 2016. This set was selected by a sales associate of mattress firm in Peachtree City, Ga and was supposedly the correct combination for our son that needed a XL bed due to his height. It maybe has lasted a total of three months and has such a deep depression in the center now that it aggrevates him sleeping and he stays sore each day from not getting a good nights rest. Contacted the store to see what could be done about this problem and they stated to come in and pay $25 for a warranty inspector to come out and measure depression and so on. Paid the money and called to set up inspection with company and what a joke that whole ordeal was and still is. They made and appointment for October 29 2016 between 7AM and 10AM and never called or showed up. I called today to customer service and was told that they could send me a home inspection kit or have a manager call me back in 24-48 hrs. I chose option 2. How hard and complicated does it have to be for a mattress company to exchange a product they sold due to a failure and will not even come inspect it. That is CRAP!!!!. I will wait on return call and if no call then I will SUE. So make sure that you do your reasearch before making a purchase from them. And ask all the return questions beforehand and it might just change you buying decision. Hope that this company does the right thing.


Brian Coughlin September 14, 2016 at 2:01 pm

Delivery drivers caused heavy damage to my home and have been given the run around for just over a month now ,Have been told for 3 weeks insurance would be in touch with me but never have , i had to estimates given to me from private contractors as instructed by mattres firm and that was a week and half ago and now my calls are being ignored , i have One estimate for $1350.00 in damage and one for $1425.00 in damage, half not heard from insurance since turning in these estimates and now being ignored , find somewhere else to buy a mattress because if you have problems you will not get ant relief from this company , Now i will have to take time off from work and sue them in court to get my home fixed .!!! BEWARE


Joan September 8, 2016 at 3:51 pm

Ordered mattress in July and changed deliver a couple of times. Finally it was suppose to come a couple of weeks ago and they deliver came about 9:00 pm but said they had to put it together and it wasn’t enough room. They also said they couldn’t take the old set because there was a whole in it but could set the new one. I didn’t let them do anything. So we went to the store and changed the adjustable frame to regular box frame. Saturday of Labor day weekend they were suppose to deliver it in the 11:00 afternoon window. Called late in afternoon and it wasn’t on truck and no one called to say it wasn’t coming. Spoke to someone about the whole thing. She told me the delivery people received part of shipment. So we set it up for Wednesday the 7th of September. The delivery people called 10:10 pm and they would be shortly.
I told them we where in bed. One of them spoke ugly but i didn’t understand what they said. I called the next day and they weren’t that concerned when I cancelled the order. So I have ordered a mattress from some where else.


Cabrina August 9, 2016 at 12:40 pm

I had a recent experience with Mattress Firm on Millennia Ave. in Orlando that I believe your company should be made aware of, especially since the website states 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

On 7/26/16 I was pre-approved for $900 for 90 day same as cash. On the same day I purchase 2 full size mattress sets and frames. Delivery was scheduled for 8/1/16 between 6:00pm and 9:00pm.
On August 1st I called the store and confirmed delivery was on schedule. No delivery was made that night.

On August 2nd, I contacted the store again. Apologies were made and the delivery fee was taken off my bill, with a guarantee that the beds would be delivered that night between 6:00 -9:00PM. Terrance, the salesman, also stated that he would discount the price by $100 because of the inconvenience. Again, no delivery was made that night.

On August 3rd I received a voice mail that stated delivery was again rescheduled between 6:00-9:00pm. Later that morning I received another voice mail stating to disregard the first message since the order had been cancelled. I immediately called back and spoke with the store manager Dave. He stated that he did not realize I had cancelled the order when he left the first message. I then advised him that I had not cancelled the order and proceeded to explain the situation. He then stated if I wanted to get delivery that day I had to come back to the store and re-sign the paperwork, and I had to do it quickly if I wanted delivery that day. He also stated he would “throw-in” 2 pillows but knew nothing about the $100 discount. The beds were finally delivered on August 3rd.

On August 1st I moved into a new apartment with my 79 year old mother, who had to sleep on a couch for two nights, while I slept on the floor.

I am still not sure of what the exact issue was, but the salesman Terrance was at least apologetic and tried to assist me as best as he could. The store manager Dave was very indifferent and basically blamed everything on Terrance. I have written to “Customer Care” several times with no response.

I had intended to return to Mattress Firm to purchase another bed for my daughter, however, I will never do business with this company again!

An unsatisfied customer,


Teresa Romasco August 2, 2016 at 12:33 pm

Mattress Firm due to their up-selling tactics for sheets, pillows, etc. and their No Return Policy!!!
My husband and I recently purchased a king split Cloud Supreme Breeze TempurPedic mattress with the massaging base which we love. The issue I have with Mattress Firm is that I felt pressured into buying two sheet sets to ensure that I had sheets that fit. However, I found that I do not need the “special fit” sheets that Mattress Firm pressures the customer into purchasing. I received the sheets (they were shipped to me) and promptly took them back to Mattress Firm requesting a refund of $219.98 (the cost of the two sets of sheets) and was informed that the policy is No Returns of sheets, pillows, etc. The issue I have is if the sheets were NEVER opened, NEVER used, NEVER taken out of the box, then why can I not return them for a refund? Why do other large companies such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sears, Target, etc allow customers to return sheets if they have never been opened, used, etc but Mattress Firm does not? Mattress Firm was more than willing to take my money for a high end mattress with base, etc but is unwilling to budge on a measly $219.98 refund?
I have made three calls to Mattress Firm and was told that the District Manager would reach out to me regarding this issue but I have received no contact as of this morning! I just called the Corporate Office (my 4th call) and was told by customer service that they would ensure that management would reach out to me today! I am hoping that Mattress Firm values me as a customer and would like to keep me as a happy customer!


Lanita Kelly April 29, 2016 at 5:24 pm

I decided to become a customer in January​ 5,​2016. I spoke with Sales Representative ​Natisha Wilson​ with the expectation of a good quality queen mattress set through the 9​0​ day payment option.I didn’t receive a brand new HR 3​40​ set​; in fact I ​received a mix match set. A HR340 mattress and a FOSSIL FND box spring. I didn’t use or un wrap the merchandise due I was plaining to move .On January 21, 2016 I called in and ​ spoke with Lupita Martinez​​ stated I received the incorrect size box bring. After receiving the correct size box spring I set the bed up. I then noticed how uncomfortable the mattress was; I could feel the coil spring in the inside and the bed squeaked and made noises all thru the night. I called in to ​complain about the​ quality of the mattress​ ​and I was told I needed to​ sleep on it a while longer and to​ speak with ​N​​atisha Wilson. I emailed her, left several voice mails and she replied with one email that didn’t resolve my issue. I spoke with a supervisor and I was told I could return the mattress set ​or swap and receive a refund.​ I choose a refund due to the level off service I’d already received.​ When the mattresses were picked up pictures were taken by the delivery men and the merchandise was still in the plastic.I received an email from Progressive​ which led me to call in. I explained the mattress was in a return process and the rep stated she would make notes in the system to stop the collection calls. I was told I would receive my refund in 2-3 weeks. I called in to Progressive to check the status of the refund​ and I’m told I won’t receive a refund due to the restocking fee and cleaning fee. Those fees were not discussed with me prior​ and nor is it mentioned in the email receipt. I feel I have been scammed by Mattress Firm and Progressive.​ At this time I don’t have a mattress set nor a refund. Mattress Firm states 180 days customer satisfaction. I have not received such at all; I received used merchandise.​
In my attempts to speak with customer service representatives today I have had the calls have been disconnected, transferred to sales; not to mention the wait time to speak with someone.


Lloyd Stein March 17, 2016 at 9:22 pm

Order No. S003607701
Customer NO. C003338773
Sales Associate: Alyssa Banales

Store Address: Deerfield (BTB) #119038
92 Waukegan Road
Deerfield, IL 60015
(847) 559-9660


Konnie Hughes January 27, 2016 at 1:37 pm

Looks like I joined the club of MANY when it comes to disappointment with quality of Mattress Firm and the lack of respect from sales people once purchase is made. We are in For $4850.00 and all they care is they got paid. My bad for not checking BBB reviews first and looking for complaints on site. Hope you all find a way to get your problem resolved. My fight has just begun and I don’t go away easy. If I have to get an attorney – so be it ! It is SO SAD any company this big just looks the other way while their stores and sales people do what they want. My opinion is to Stay away from the store in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Their answer to refund is We signed at delivery SO…. It’s yours. I don’t think so.


Matthias Schaetzle April 20, 2016 at 6:36 pm

Did you get a reply?


JERRY April 26, 2016 at 9:01 am




marcia iza January 26, 2016 at 12:13 am

After reading many comments I realized I’m not along with the mattress i purchased at MATTRESS FIRM. No one returns calls, e-mails or faxes in fact they claim they don’t have anything. I NEED TO GET MY CLAIM TO THE CEO. I need this mattress EXCHANGED . after spending over a $1200. I deserved a good nite sleep PAIN FREE. My pressure points are so sore event BRUCED. Not fun at all.


Beth DeLong January 22, 2016 at 11:38 am

I wish I had read these before purchasing a mattress at Mattress Firm. I bought a mattress which was delivered last Sunday, 1/17/16, and I don’t like it. I know they want you to sleep on it 30 days but 30 days is not going to help. I was told by the sales associate Nathan in the Triadelphia, WV store that if I did not like it I could pick out a new one or he would give me a FULL refund if I couldn’t find one I liked. Now he is saying I have to pay $149.00 to return it and pick out another. The lies go on and on and I asked to speak to his manager and she has yet to return my call. I also sent a detailed message to the customer service and they have not responded either. I spent $2,300.00. Is this the kind of treatment you give your customers Mattress Firm? Apparently you do not. DO NOT BUT A MATTRESS FROM THESE PEOPLE.


marcia iza January 26, 2016 at 12:17 am

Im an unhappy client as well. Would u be interested and do somenting about?
Mattress firm. MATTRESS is killing me every night.


Adam January 9, 2016 at 2:21 pm

I am a retired US Marine and a 100% disabled veteran with severe back injuries. I purchased a mattress set from Mattress Firm in Edomnd Oklahoma. At the time of purchase I asked if they had a military discount. The manager said no but he would “hook me up”. The discount he applied was listed clearance savings. I asked to make sure that it didn’t void the 1 year happiness guarantee because I wasn’t sure how my back would do with the new mattress and might have to exchange it for a different one. He PROMISED me that it would not void the guarantee. Almost a year later later my back is worse and I went into the store to try a different mattress. I was told “to bad it says clearance”. I explained that the manager had promises me it would be ok and was then told ” that was then, this is now”. I’ve emailed the corporate office five times with no response. It is very sad that a company who has vowed to help veterans has admitted to lieing to one in order to make a sale. Now I have a $2000 mattress that I can’t sleep on. I would love to talk to the CEO and ask him to admit that the lie to disabled veterans just to make a sale.


Barry Wilkins November 29, 2015 at 10:38 am

Mattress Firm treats cancer patient HORRIBLY! Having been recently diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus, adenocarcinoma, which was caused by problems with acid reflux over the years, my Dr. suggested that I get an adjustable bed to help prevent acid from continuing to damage my esophagus. I went to Mattress Firm in Spanish Fork, UT, and ordered my bed. I arranged for deliver the following Wednesday (not sure why they advertise same day delivery). I took the afternoon off to wait for my delivery. At the end of the delivery window, I called the store and was advised they would look into it and call me back. Earlier on Wednesday, I removed my old king size bed, which was extremely challenging for me due to chemo and radiation treatments. After waiting 45 minutes for a return call, my wife drove to the Provo location (the salesperson at Spanish Fork didn’t know how to enter the order so he called Provo and had them enter it. I had to drive to the Provo location to complete the order and pay a portion of it). The sales person at Provo, who was busy eating pizza, informed my wife that “something happened with the truck and it wasn’t coming until the following Tuesday”. He claimed they tried to call me but my voice mail wasn’t set up. My wife disagreed with him and after looking into it, he agreed that is was someone else he was trying to call. My wife asked who the boss was and they informed her it was “Ashley” and he provided the phone number. When my wife returned home, I called and left a message for Ashley and was told she would return my call in about 10 minutes. I then called and emailed the corporate customer service number. NO RESPONSE! I called and emailed again on Friday morning, and then contacted someone through their chat feature. I was advised that a supervisor would call me shortly. I called and left another message for Ashley at that point. Saturday morning, after not receiving a response, I had my wife drive me to the Provo store to cancel my order. How does this company stay in business with this kind of horrible service. When cancelling my order, the representative advised me that my original salesperson was “fired last week”. I’m not sure why she felt that breaking the law to tell me this was going to make me feel any better, or provide justification for the treatment I received. Not ONE person at Mattress Firm was professional or helpful. Thanks for putting me through the extreme exhaustion in removing and replacing my old bed. Thanks for your complete lack of communication. I had 5 total contacts with your employees, and NOT ONE OF THEM ATTEMPTED TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OR COMMUNICATE INFORMATION!


Eric Mickelson September 15, 2015 at 10:45 pm

I purchased 3,110.73 in mattresses and bedding from the Mattress Firm in Provo, Utah on 9/6/2015. I Matt, the sales person was absolutely fantastic! He arranged delivery to my home of all items on Saturday, 9-12-15 at approximately 9 am. Saturday came and at 11:30 am, I had not received my purchase. I called Matt and asked where my delivery was. Matt made some calls and discovered that not only had the warehouse not fulfilled my order, they did not have the complete order available. I was disappointed, but agreed to accept two of the three mattresses on Monday, 9-14-15 at approximately 12pm. I was assured that the delivery would be made. On Monday, 9-14-15, I received a call from Matt explaining that the delivery wouldn’t becoming because the warehouse was unable to fulfill it. Matt, apologized and tried to arrange another time. Having had enough time wasted sitting around waiting for things I had paid for and my children sleeping on the floor waiting for beds that never came, I cancelled the order and asked for an immediate refund. Matt said that it would take 5 days to get the refund of the cash I paid for the bedding. I told Matt that was not acceptable as I needed the money to purchase beds from somewhere else and I didn’t want my kids sleeping on the floor that long. Matt, who has been amazing through this whole situation said he would call his Area Manager. a few minutes after speaking to Matt on 9-14-2015, his Area Manager called and basically told me there was nothing he could do. He explained that the refund had to be approved to confirm the condition of the merchandise that was returned. I told him that I never received the merchandise. He didn’t know what to say. I did drop the F-bomb once, and all he could do was get upset at me for being angry and saying a naughty word. What a complete failure in following through on a purchase. It cost me time from work, a missed soccer game and two wonderful kids without beds to sleep on. Matt was great. Nothing but thanks.


megan mcginley July 20, 2015 at 3:12 pm

I am writing this email in behalf of my mother, who has recently passed away.
I had purchased an adjustable advanced ergo adjustable base to accompany the temper. bed that I purchased for my 99 year old mother, who has passed. The base never worked and after numerous phone calls to the State Street location in Salt Lake City, Utah for service calls, some of which the responded to and others they did not and referred me to the cooperate office.
The ENTIRE NURSING STAFF AT HOLIDAY HEALTH CARE ON 4700 SOUTH 2700 EAST will testify , never worked more that i day after repair, the entire time we owned the bed. My mother died with pillows the facility propped up behind her head, as they did 100% of the time I was and am paying on that base.
Please respond to this email or 801-583-**** or the facility at 801-277-****.
I know your policy on the adjustable base, and I am requesting that you refund the $1200 base or subtract that from our bill.

Thank You
Meg McGinley


Chris Stafford June 14, 2015 at 5:53 pm

Mattress Firm Customer Service,

I am disappointed to receive notice that my warranty submission has been denied. The statement in your letter of rejection states “after carefully reviewing” which I find to be a totally dishonest statement. The reality is someone, somewhere glanced at the report by your representative and saw our bed that’s less than a year old is not sagging the required 1.5” thus denied our claim. I’m certain that it will meet your guidelines before long since it’s so new.

Apparently your best & firmest mattress, which we purchased at your salesman’s suggestion, is perfectly fine in your judgement since it’s “only” sagging 1 inch in this short period of time. You no longer have a satisfied customer of many years due to this decision. I have purchased eight beds from your company because I was very pleased with the quality until now. Not only did my wife and I purchase beds for ourselves but for my mother, my daughter and my son as gifts. Never again.

Not only will I never purchase a bed set from Mattress Firm but I will also advise family, friends and strangers to buy elsewhere as well.


Joey April 30, 2015 at 10:32 pm

I bought a king size mattress from the owasso store about 2 or 3 years ago. I was told from the salesman I had to buy the protect a bed from mattress firm or the warranty would not covered, even though I just recently bought one from Mathis brothers. I did buy the protect a bed from mattress firm and used it. About 5 months later one of our kids wet to bed and the protect a bed failed after we se sent our protect bed to them to test they declared we didn’t wash it appropriately and wouldn’t fix the stain. We did follow all their instructions I have tried to get help from the owasso store on our warrant and no one will help me. I have had the stains removed. And my bed needs to be checked for warranty because it slopes 2- 3 inches in two spots I was at the owasso store about a year or less ago and no one will return my call. I have called corporate and they can not find me in the system even though I used mattress firms credit company, I still have tags on mattress and I am looking to find proof of purchase, I really need someone’s help no one in your company seems to want to help me out. Thank you for your time all I need is to see if mattress needs to be replaced.
Joey gorczynski


Kathleen Donovan March 24, 2015 at 1:55 pm

I bought a twin mattress for my 91 year old father to replace one that had been ruined during my mother’s illness and subsequent death. At the time of purchase at the Stuart Center #052032, by Pastor Damian I explained that due to my father’s age and my strength that I would need help setting up the frame etc. to support the mattress. He told me that it would not be a problem to help me when it was delivered. Before the delivery people( two strong men) even came up the stairs, they told me that because the frame was not purchased at Mattress Firm they could not/would not help me set the bed up. I even offered to pay them to help me, but even this was not accepted. This is an example of very poor communication and a total unwillingness to help out in a situation that should have been met with kindness and compassion. Needless to say, I will never purchase or recommend anyone purchase a mattress/bed from your company. Your willingness to put the customer first is severely lacking. Sincerely, Kathleen Donovan/William Gorman


alex February 18, 2015 at 4:22 pm

Hello this is Alex from Houston tx , im trying to reach someone with the realtor department
i have few property for Lease & they are great for Mattress Firm ,
Can you direct me please or forward my massage to them i attached the property info for you to take a look


Thank you !

IT is located at ,




631 UVALDE RD Suite B


Steve Kal January 6, 2015 at 6:27 pm

The Mattress Firm misleads their customers by promising to refund their money on an exchange or return within “10 Days”. Sometimes they will tell you they mean “10 Business Days”. Therefore the Mattress Firm’s “10 Business Days” do not include Saturday or Sunday (although they are open both Saturday and Sunday) and do not include any and/or every holiday. The misleading part is that depending upon what time of the week you return your mattress, when associated holidays arrive during that time of year, etc., by design, the “10 Business Days” turn in to “30 Business Days+”. I bought a very expensive mattress from the Mattress Firm that was delivered defective. I exchanged that mattress for a less expensive mattress and it was not until a month later, after having to involve my bank, that I was finally credited back the difference. Shortly thereafter I returned the less expensive mattress (defective as well) for a credit and have now been waiting for over a month to receive the balance of my money back. The Mattress Firm continues, even now, to avoid giving me my final refund. It is unclear to me why the Mattress Firm does not refund your money immediately? Every one of their competitors refunds your money immediately. Why does The Mattress Firm hold your money for a month+? If it is the policy of The Mattress Firm to hold your refund for 30 days+, why doesn’t the Mattress Firm tell you so upfront, instead of misleading you by telling you that you will receive your refund within “10 Business Days”. In fact, again, why does it even take “10 Days” of any kind for The Mattress Firm to refund your money? I will never do business with The Mattress Firm again. I want my refund now. I have been waiting over a month!


stacey couch January 2, 2015 at 5:24 pm

Its all fine and dandy they give you the money you paid for a mattress you bought 3 yrs ago, because of sagging purposes. You go pick out another one, higher of course, and then hit you with ANOTHER delivery fee! Because of their product that did not hold up to its so called standard ( Beauty rest). Anything to get an extra dollar from your customers.
Good luck, if anyone else has this problem.


james rogeroson December 2, 2014 at 2:13 pm

this is absurd that a major corporation as large as mattress firm has to rip people off to make a dollar. I have been in touch with the customer service t o no avail. I purchased a Hampton and Rhodes 12″ innerspring mattress what I received was a classic brand that measures 39 across, 71″ long and 10″ high. not only was this mattress misrepresented it is not even a twin mattress by dimensions. I would like to have your office bring to my house what I ordered and take this mattress back.


Patsy Rose November 17, 2014 at 10:09 pm

Went to mattress firm on bedford Euless road in north richland hills Texas. my daughter and I walked in and two men were sitting down, one was asleep, no one offered us any help until we ask. Picked out a mattress and gave them almost a month to deliver. The salesman followed us out to bum a cigarette. When it came it was dirty and I called and complained and was told I would have a new one in three days. It has been three weeks and still don’t have a new one. Have called and was told there is no cooperate office. No one that I could file a claim with. I will never buy another mattress from mattress firm ever. I will never recommend them to anyone, ever!!


johnright October 14, 2014 at 12:00 pm

To whom it may concern:rosewell location this is in regard to the matresses that have been written off as damage or defective in the warehouse manager blake has been stealing them and selling it in the side alone with a contracter partner name eric if you do your inventory from the begining of the year hundreds of mattress have been writting off as damage to cover up the stolen matrees this man has been on vacation more than the ceo on stollen matresses that his been selling on the side ,send a investigation teen to inventory all the matresses That have been stolen ,a couple a month ago a contracter was fire becouse he was stealing when that fact are that he was allowing the contracter to keep the use matrees then flip the story to cover his stealing if you continue to allow this warehouse district manager to keep making hundreds off thousand dollars he even got a personal camper park outside the warehouse so he can carry out his stealing..take a close look at this man


Stephanie Lepisto August 19, 2014 at 10:20 am

I have the same complaint as everyone else! We spent a lot of money on a king size mattress and it is sagging very badly! We are not sleeping well and have back and neck pain! No response to our complaints and no one has come out to assess our mattress. The matress is not the same one we looked at in the store, but we didn’t realize that at first. Now that time has passed and we are having problems we have moved the mattress off the bed and have come to realize there is no support in the mattress whatsoever! It is just stuffed! I am very unhappy with the quality of the mattress we bought from Mattress Firm and the lame customer service we have received since! We have reported the issue with the mattress several times and have filled out the form twice. No one has called us to resolve the issue! It is unacceptable to force someone to wait 4-6 weeks (twice because the form was not processed the first time and we were told it was never received) for a company representative to assess the mattress. If there is a major issue with the mattress, which there most definitely is and any idiot off the street could see it, that is wreaking havoc on our lives by causing lack of quality sleep and back pain, than why should we have to wait that long for a solution??? We shouldn’t! And I promise, you wouldn’t want to either! Well we couldn’t deal with the crappy mattress any longer and bought a new mattress from a competitor and are very satisfied! I have told everyone I know not to buy from Mattress Firm and there have been several people who were very glad I told them because they are in need of a new mattress and have been looking! They will not buy from Mattress Firm!! I have also gone to social media to inform others of the poor quality merchandise and horrible customer service. I also work for a pain management clinic specializing in back and neck pain and have the potential to increase your business in this city but unfortunately due to my negative experience with your company I have directed business elsewhere and have not hesitated to say why! I have also directed many people to check out the poor reviews and 300 + complaints online regarding this company, as well as the numerous negative reports found on the BBB website. I am reporting to them as well!
Sent from my iPhone


Charle Livingston August 8, 2014 at 12:24 pm

I purchased a mattress and box spring from the Denton, Texas store and I slept on one side for less than three weeks and when I slept on the other side I roled over to the side I intially slept on due to that side wearing down. I purchased a plush mattress because when I lied on it in the store it really contoured to my body but the one they delivered was not the same. I have Sciatica and my back has been aggravating me ever since. The mattress is no good and the box spring is so cheap looking my one year old granddaughter could have done a better job building me one without the springs ready to come out and all the noise I’m subjected to listening to as I toss and turn all night. The irony is, I went back to them to upgrade my bed but I’m going to make sure they do not deliver that one because I refuse to pay almost $2000 to experience the same situation with a higher price tag.They also say free delivery with purchases $599 or greater and still charge a $79 delivery fee knowing they do not have anything in their stores for less than $900. How are they still in business? Is that’s the reason they changed their name? I’m a very dissatisfied customer who have to go to a reputable store to spend more money on something I haven’t even slept a good four months on.


lawrence coates June 19, 2014 at 12:38 pm

We purchased a defective king mattress from your company. Our local store printed out the warranty claim and my husband and I agreed that we would not fax our credit card information as requested on the warranty form due to financial safety concerns.
Why we have to pay a “mattress inspector” to look at your defective product is beyond me, but that’s a post for another day.
We wrote on your form that we could call with our credit card numbers. I called 3 days after faxing the form from our local Mattress Firm store. You said you couldn’t find the form.
l also emailed you with the date of sale, customer number, mattress name, and asked you to call me for our credit card numbers, etc. You never responded to the email.
We recently received a denial letter of the warranty claim for the defective mattress we purchased from you because (here’s the best part) we had not included our credit card information.
We need for you to address the fact that we purchased an expensive mattress from your company and you have neglected to email, call, or do anything that would make you a reputable business.


Fran Wade June 2, 2014 at 8:01 am

In July, 2012, we bought a King Marlyn EPT Set from the Johns Creek, GA store. Since the end of last year I had been having problems with my neck and back. I saw a chriopractor for a couple of months and then went into physical therapy at the request of my orthopedic surgeon for several months. In total spent over $6,000 in medical bills. After sleeping on one of the other beds for awhile in our home (we have 4) I came to the conclusion my mattress was the cause of my pain. I contacted the Warranty Dept and they sent an inspector to evaluate on May 10. After calling several times to the Warranty Dept for results I finally received it in the mail last week while on vacation. We were denied because he measured down the center from head to toe and found indentations to be 1″. I told him when he was there that our problems were on the ends of both sides –as that is where my husband and I sleep (each facing out). It is obvious to sight that the mattress is sagging there. Both of us can no longer sleep in the same bed due to the bed “caving” in under weight of either of us. My husband is 185 lbs and I am 150 lbs. I am requesting another inspection to be taken on this as I am having to go back to PT to aid in the pain this is causing me. I visited the local store several weeks ago to try out other mattresses while waiting for the results and choose a Thermapedic Tempur Cloud Lux with the adjustable base and was willing to pay the difference in the two. Please help us so that we can get a good nights sleep and eliminate neck and back pain from both of us. My next step will be contacting Mr. Stagner and presenting this to him and after that the Better Business Bureau and American Express where we paid for the purchase. We feel that a mattress should not “cave” in less than 2 years wear. Please refer to Customer Number on the Precise Mattress Inspections Report #TRX 91593-5131582460.
Thank you Fran & Gary Wade


Daniel Nievea March 6, 2014 at 9:01 pm

Mattress Firm at Fayetteville Pavalli0n 0749. Address 96 Pavalion pkwy #23,Fayetteville Ga,30214. I Daniel Nieves, brought a set of Montgomery qween. It was suppose to be new. They gave me a box torn at the bottom an a mattress that is stained. This is bad Buisness for you all,I spent $680.00.I wld to hear from some one at corporate, my number is 770 866 6447 or 678 334 7437. I would this problem resolved. The STORE number is 770 716 9138. My customer receipt # 030540CQZQB. Thank You, Daniel Nieves


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