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Logan's Roadhouse, Inc.
3011 Armory DriveSuite 300
Nashville, Tennessee 37204

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Phone Number: (615) 885-9056
Fax Number: (615) 346-6301
Website: http://logansroadhouse.com/
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Logan's Roadhouse Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Logan's Roadhouse Executives

CEO: Samuel Nicholas Borgese
CFO: James J. Hagan
COO: Maria Rivera

Logan's Roadhouse History

Logan’s Roadhouse was founded in 1991 in Lexington, Kentucky. The company operates a chain of steak restaurants with retro-themed dining areas. The company is well known for using local artists to decorate their walls and for offering buckets full of peanuts as appetizers.

The company has been sold several times, most recently in 2010 to Kelso and Company, a private equity firm. As of August of 2016, there were 230 company owned restaurants and 26 franchise operations.

In August of 2016, the company announced that it would be filing for bankruptcy and closing 18 underperforming locations. Company spokespersons have stated that the company has had lackluster sales and mounting debt that made reorganization necessary.

Logan's Roadhouse FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Logan's Roadhouse?
Answer 1: The phone number for Logan's Roadhouse is (615) 885-9056.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Logan's Roadhouse?
Answer 2: The CEO of Logan's Roadhouse is Samuel Nicholas Borgese.

Question 3: Who founded Logan's Roadhouse?
Answer 3: Logan's Roadhouse was founded by in .

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Carol November 1, 2019 at 10:54 pm

My husband and I went to the Logan’s in trussville al on 11/1/19 and we had to wait 45 minutes before we got seated the waited another 35 minutes before we got our food and I had ask for well done no pink when it came out it had blood running out of it so needless to say I sent it back and couldn’t even eat after that and I ask for mashed potatoes the waitress didn’t tell me they where out when she 1st brought the uncooked steak I said I had mashed potatoes she oh let me go it them and never came back and told me we r out I heard her tell the men behind me that they where out on a Friday night no u don’t run out of stuff so the manger paid for my husband food and I told him the last time we came 2 weeks ago the same thing happened and we will not be going back


Deb s October 26, 2019 at 7:04 pm

Stopped by your Evansville ind restaurant this afternoon at 3:30 for early dinner
Half of the tables were empty
Hostess said she would not seat us for 20 minutes becauuse not enough waitresses or cooks showed up for their shifts
We ask about bar seating and was curtly informed it would. Be 20 minutes
Lost a loyal customer


Shenekia mosley October 25, 2019 at 2:08 am

My name is shenekia mosley me and my family came Logan’s in meridian it was five of us and our waitress name was Latasha wow might I say she was the best server we had in a long time. She kept our rolls coming and our glasses full she was very attentive and also smile and laughed with us it was just what me and my family needed after traveling so long she was the best server that we had in years and me and my family appreciated her and when we come back we will be asking for her. Overall, the food was excellent and the service was amazing we will be back thanks for wonderful experience and thanks to Latasha for great great service..


Rachel Freeman October 13, 2019 at 11:18 pm

I was at Logan’s for a baby shower. We had about 20-25 people we only had one server. Service was SOOO slow, not so much her fault as much as there should have been another sever. Took forever to order, never got refills on drinks. I ordered the trio after about 10 mins she came back to tell me they did not have one of my items so I changed it. Everyone at my table was done with their food by the time I got mine. When she brought me my food she informed me they did not have the onion petals that I subbed the first on available item for. So she only brought me two of the three items I ordered. Did not ask me if I wanted anything else. I got three small chicken tenders and 6 fried pickles that were very cold. At that point I was very frustrated. After she finally brought the checks and took everyone’s cards we were then informed the “system” was down and we either had to pay in cash or give the store our are info so they could run the cards “later that night” Why is going to give anyone their card info to be charged later. This whole experience was horrible. I felt bad for the girl that was having the shower because her guest had such a horrible time.


Doug Sullivan September 12, 2019 at 7:57 am

Logan’s Lebanon, TN – my wife and i eat there at least 2 times per week, our sever Kristina takes very good care of us. Yesterday she was let go because she wanted an apology from her manager Jason for disrespecting her in front of her customers calling her a liar and such, the GM Tracey told her there would be no apology and to go to work or she would be let go, my wife and I witness this termination after 3 different meetings with Kristina , Jason & Tracey. Tracey approached our table for whatever reason, i let him know how i felt and that he did a poor job handling that situation as a manager you should build your team, encourage them to want to be there, not to embarrass them in front of customers and working peers, i also said that as long as he (GM Tracey) & (shift manager Jason) we’re employed there that my family will no longer visit that location, there were 6 other couples present that felt the same way as we did, who also witness this poor handled situation. I’ve always enjoyed the atmosphere at Logans, but i wont go back until management changes for the good at this location.


Brenda Hilliard September 1, 2019 at 1:44 am

Horrible restaurant! Every time I go I have a bad experience this is the last time I try. The management is terrible! I quit going for 2 years because of bad experiences. and I wish I never went back. Every time my stark has to be recooked! They are so rude they have no idea about customer service! My credit card was left in the payment book they give you. I called and asked the Manager to check on it. I asked him when he would get back to me he said sarcastically in a few minutes after I ask other mangers the day went by and nothing! They have #2 rating on the internet, I give them a -#1. They will probably delete this from their facebook page but I plan to write a letter to corporate and spread the word. They might be nice at first until they think you are asking for too much or complain and then you are on their sh*t list. NEVER GOING BACK!


Wendell August 29, 2019 at 4:31 pm

Me and my family will never eat at this restaurant again i know my family is just one family so it will not matter if we spend our money at Logan’s to owner…..But
This place allow and accept manager disrespect the employees calling them names on there sexual preferences.playing music in the kitchen loud enough for customer that’s eating can hear and using the N word like it’s nothing even if they listing to music which being played in the kitchen…… A worker you had working in your restaurant in Goldsboro NC was fired because he stood up and had a conversation with the manager that was using the N word.this is the type mangers that you have representing your company I think the young man that was let go should not have been.Theres 2sides to a story and I bet you only one side was heard want get anymore of my hard earn money or my family’s…..


Tim August 1, 2019 at 10:04 am

I was overwhelmingly appalled! I went to restaurant when I 1st moved to the State of NC & My Mom & I enjoyed the theme of the place. Wednesday July 31,2019 was entirely different! My Wife & I decided to have a date night so we stopped upon the establishment with peanuts. We were seated properly yet after just our drinks things changed for the Worse! Wife & I were having a nice conversation until this appalling look came upon her face and she froze. I stared at her with a question mark upon my face then she pointed! When I turned I was in shock as I never saw that since I’ve moved to NC. She pointed and I turned ever so slowly and there it was… 2 HUGE WATERBUG SIZE ROACHES IN BETWEEN THE CHAIR AND THE WALL! I immediately grabbed my Wife’s hand in the attempt to calm her down not to get loud! I then grabbed a waitress to advise them we would be going to a new table due to the two ROACHES inbetween the chairs then on the table! She explained that we should leave everthing there and she would give us new drinks. Once we sat down my Wife told me that she wanted to leave because the thought of not 1 but 2 HUGE ROACHES IN LOGANS FIREHOUSE was too much! Nevertheless sometime has gone by through the movement and deinks and behold a MANAGER comes over with this COLD apology which held the least of empathy. We explained that we are going to leave due to the ROACHES in LOGANS FIREHOUSE! she explained that this would be OK BUT we must pay for the 1 beer and 1 drink that we were given! I looked at her in shock….She went on to say there was nothing she could do about that and immediately turned around and walked away! WTF KINDA APOLOGY WAS THAT? I LOOKED AT MY WIFE IN SHOCK HOWEVER I REMAINED PROFESSIONAL…Nevertheless we paid for the drinks and left! The point of this 1 of many rants is merely principal! People come there to eat in a clean pest free environment! If someone must leave due to ROACHES ON THEIR TABLE OR CHAIR Then I guess the ROACHES SHOULD PAY! The appauling way the Manager approached this to the end was riveting to say the less. She didn’t display any empathy nor class. To be a Manager she should have treated this as 2nd HOME not a job and to display sincere empathy! I will NEVER vist a LOGANS ROADHOUSE AGAIN! Furthermore our employees, relatives, friends, colleagues, and stranger’s will all be told of this disgusting yet heinous establishment with poor Customer service and repoor. Pls don’t respond with your RIDICULOUS template! That is part of why your cuatomer service is sloppy. Pls take some directive feom Chic-Fil-A.


Sandra Ebner July 28, 2019 at 9:35 am

I just ate at Logan’s roadhouse yesterday 7/27/2019, My husband and I both got half slab ribs I got rice he got baked potato it was the worst ribs we ever had we use to eat at logan’s all the time, we have seen such a change its not good , We asked for the manager and I told him I will not pay for this food he took the plates back and never gave us credit ,when we complained to the waitress she told him and he only took one meal off, again we said not paying and they charged us for our drinks ok I can accept that, Except the right thing would have been sorry for the problem I will not charge. you but nope he was rude and so was the waitress, of course she got no tip either!! use to love eating there its in Fort Wayne Indiana on state Rd 14


Misty jones July 22, 2019 at 10:06 am

Logan’s Bristol VA…..waitress not very good never cleaned off dirty dishes, the kitchen sent my food out wrong twice. And on top of all that the waitress kept my gift card that had over $11.00 remaining. 4th visit I have made with food coming out wrong. And my last visit.


Ann Prince June 22, 2019 at 6:20 pm

I have been eating at the Logan’s in Anderson, S.C. for 15+ years or however many years Logan’s has been in Anderson. Yesterday I ate at a table in the bar area next to a window. I could see food splatters on the windows, looking up, food splatters on the underneath side of the light hanging over the table, the top of the light fixture was covered in dust, and the blinds on the windows must have the dust on them from day one. This restaurant is absolutely filthy. You should be ashamed the restaurant is So dirty. I hope my complaint will get your attention and things will improve. If not, I will not go back. Thanks, Ann Prince


Ronda scorpio June 19, 2019 at 1:41 pm

My first time going there on 13 and Gratiot in Roseville Michigan the food was amazing so hats off to your cook and our waitress was fabulous very friendly can’t wait to go back again


Vicki Lowey May 31, 2019 at 2:55 pm

Adding on to my post.
The party room is now on the other side of the building!
Bathrooms are not clean!
Except for maybe 4 employees the rest are horrible!


Vicki Lowey May 31, 2019 at 2:52 pm

We frequent the Logan’s in Clarksville, IN several times a week. Have had many partyies there in the large room off of the bar area. When there is a problem it is always corrected. But, since the recent remodel, it is a weird and dissappointing lay out. Not to mention a few new people who are rude. We tip BIG and will not put up with the rudeness. But, the party room is not across the whole building away from the bar. How are the servers going to get 40 people drinks so quickly not to mention food? The bathrooms have never been touched since the day this Logan’s opened. A deal breaker. The old party room was converted into a “game room” that has 4 games in it! There is a sign posted not kids. There were kids. There are 2 tables back there. The staff use one for paperwork and breaks and told us the girls do not check the other table. We had already asked a girl if she will serve that table and was told yes. She never came. We then went to another table int he bar area and waited 20 minutes for it to be cleaned. While looking around, because we had nothing else to do, 3 tables were complaining to the manager. Logan’s, I don’t know what happened to you all! We have been going there so long! But, all the parties and people we meet there is going to be changed to another location! Clean the place up and forget the 4 games! Rediculous!


Latrina Rowsey May 30, 2019 at 10:35 am

Graduation party of 10 @ Logan’s 600 E County Line Rd, Ridgeland, MS 39157 on 5/30/2019 @ 7:30pm .We had a graduation party of 10. The hostess stated she was going to sit us as soon as the someone clears the table. They was not busy and there was plenty of tables. She went to the young lady with braids and she stated she was not going to clean the table. But it did not stop there. The hostess came back and stated that see will seat us but the server is not ready yet and she does not need us to be rushing or being rude to the server because she is not ready. We was seated next the young lady with the braids came over to the table and stated that “I want you to know that gratuity will be added to all tickets. Monica stated to her that this was not our first time eating in a restaurant and we know that. The server with the braids stated that she was letting us know cause there better not be any problems when it’s time to pay VERY LOUDLY. We were all offended. Monica went up to talk to the manager and he stated she should not have done that. Then we told him we was going to contact Corporate and he could care less. We proceeded out the door and the girl with braids left out the back door and proceeded to the front door to see us coming out like she was going to do something. I felt very threaten at that point. She had her boyfriend to escort her inside and Monica told her she was going to report her. She said she did not care . She also stated that we did not want some of this. I felt like the entire incident was unprofessional. The staff is rude. The manager does not care and the hostess acted as if she was doing us a favor by telling us how to act. I will never be returning to Logans again. This was an horrible experience


Holly Davis May 22, 2019 at 9:35 pm

On May 21, 2019 I attempted to call in a lunch order with no success. Your new phone automation sucks I was on a land line so the only option I had was to stay on line to order with a person, so I waited. After 10 – 15 mins I choice to call using my cell phone while I was still waiting for someone to pick up phone. Only to go though the process of texting, checking my email, sending in the code, downloading, then to receive a message that said this app is not working( what ever it was it did not work So I started the on-line order process. but I could not fine the items we wanted to order. Mean while my sister shows up at the restaurant to pick up our order. They tell her we don’t have an order for you & it will take 30 mins to cook. She calls me “I’m going somewhere else”. So I hung up, 20 mins I had waited for someone to take my order.

The next day May 22, 2019 I tried again I was surprised when someone answered the phone right away. I placed our order but before I could get out the door to pick up order, I get a phone call I’m sorry but we are out of ham for your order, I said OK what about turkey and he said no turkey. So I said I needed to go to my computer to look at the menu. I put the phone on hold, walked 4 feet to front desk picked up phone. But there was no one there. He hung up on me. I like you food but the service is the worst I’ve ever seen.
My co-workers said we will never order there again. Location: Texas St Bossier City, LA 71111. If there not on the chopping block already (because they are never business or VERY POOR TO NO SERVICE) I would bet it’s one of your least profitable locations. My Co-workers say FIRE THEM ALL. I say GOOD LUCK and I fill sorry for the manager who is tasked with cleaning it up.

3 strikes your OUT


Richard Stoudt May 6, 2019 at 8:23 pm

on May 3,2019 my wife and I visited Logans in Hamburg,PA. We will never go back. The server ignored us for most of the time, and they where not busy,it was around 4PM. The table was so sticky that the water glass stuck fast, She said that is the way it is. It was discussing and she did not want us to move,she said all the tables where like that. The food was not very warm, the baked potato was cold and brown inside, the corn looked like it was warmed up several times. The manager didn’t stop by and ask us how things were. As we where leaving we stopped at the hostess desk and told her what happened , and the so called manager was standing there and never opened his mouth. He just stood there like he didn’t care. What an idiot, we will never go back. The manager was just walking around like he didn’t care. If that is the kind of managers that you hire, you are in a lot of trouble. I can see why you where not busy.


Mr. & Mrs. Thompson April 19, 2019 at 11:52 am

On Thursday 18 April 2019, we attended a seminar at Logan’s Roadhouse in KILLEEN, TX. Yes the meal was paid for by a company but that was not an excuse not to get 100% service. We arrived at 4:30pm, drink orders taken and served, couple minutes later food orders was taken and server. I have been to many seminars some where food is served doing seminar and some that is very strict, once door is closed no entrance. At all Logan’s you normally get your drinks, rolls then your meal. At this particular restaurant rolls was given to us after complaining to manager at 7pm on our way out the door.

The evening manager told us the cook forgot and put the oven on warm, not bake then he walked away, a waiter informed us it would take about 10 more minutes for them to cook. I feel the waitress owed us an explanation once she knew they were not cooked. Every private paying customer had complete meals.

I filed a complaint and received a call from the morning manager at 10am, in the process of trying to explain to her what happened, she was trying to over talking me (YES THE MEAL WAS FREE) but as customers we still should get the same service as others customers.

I tried to explain to her what happened and I made the statement, “THE YOUNG LADY HAD PLENTY TIME AFTER BRINGING THE FOOD TO GET THE ROLLS TO US, SHE MESSED UP”, the manager states to me, I WILL NOT ALLOW (she said ALLOW) YOU TO TALK ABOUT OUR EMPLOYEES, as a customer I have the right to complain about your employees. She said since the meal was paid by someone else, come in and I will give you some rolls, at that time, I had to hang up.

We have been to this Logan twice with in the 3 years of living in Killeen and there was a problem. Will never go to that place again, 3100 E. Central Expressway, Killeen, TX 76542. SORRY SERVICE


Keith April 9, 2019 at 11:13 am

The new corporate management has changed tooooo many things. Food seems different, happy hour starts at 4:00 instead of 3:00 like it always has been and the price and size of many of the happy hour items has changed. Wine is no longer on happy hour…my wife drinks only wine…you lost her and I go with her. Your changes are foolish and will not generate more revenue but I am confident you sure will loose more….But maybe that’s your intention. If you want to make changes look at the local management and give them a reason to provide proper service to their patrons.


Lesa Agee February 5, 2019 at 8:49 pm

I ate at Logan’s (Thompson Lane) in Nashville, TN tonight. We normally order chicken and it’s our favorite. Not any more! After we told the waiter that it was not good, we were told you had changed brands. Please reconsider because the new brand doesn’t even taste like chicken.

Lesa Agee


Kelly March 28, 2019 at 12:56 am

17 young adults went to the Redding CA location and half of them are complaining of stomach pains. One being my daughter! Shut it down already!


Misty November 6, 2018 at 1:11 pm

I felt that you should know that I decided to go to Logan’s today because they always have the same quality food and service. Unfortunately, I was wrong about that choice. We visited shortly after opening. The bathrooms had not been cleaned nor serviced, the greater got her hair done while we were sitting there, and the waitress and her friend had a great and loud FaceTime with one of their children, our waitress disappeared, and y’all famous potatoes must of been left from last night. I guess to sum this up. These loyal patrons will find another place that can be depended on for quality, cleanliness, and service.


Felicia Johnson November 3, 2018 at 5:55 pm

To whom it may concern, I took my mother to her favorite restaurant to eat for her birthday and we found a worm in our broccoli. All they could do was refund my money. No I’m sorry nothing. I have pictures of it if you need them..


Jennifer Harvey September 29, 2018 at 9:02 pm

The Logan’s Roadhouse in Pearl MS is awful. Immature, load and unprofessional greeters or check in servers. Joey needs to fired. He gets his friends in a have everyone else wait. He is rude and very unprofessional. I counted 20 tables vacant and he is giving customer a 40 minutes to an hour wait time.
The floors are filthy, not just with peanuts… a lot of other trash.


Heidi Adams September 22, 2018 at 8:22 pm

The south bend Indiana location over the past 7 months has gone down hill. Your managers need to be trained better. Sadly after the past 3 visits tonight was our last. We’ve been going twice a month since February. Last time she ignored the fact I didn’t eat my meal after I complained. Didn’t bother to remove it from the check nothing. Today I went up and same manager. This time I told her to remove my meal. I’ve been a manager for 15 years. My goal was always to make sure the guest was happy so they came back. They pay us.

Just sad. You were my favorite date night family night go to. Now I’ll look for a new place


Connie McCoy September 16, 2018 at 1:57 pm

We went to Logan’s last night. The service was terrible. We sat there at least 1/2 hr before we even got rolls. We ordered the filet and shrimp and it was not even good. Cost us almost $75 for three peiple(of course one did not get the steak and shrimp


Lycia Harris August 24, 2018 at 9:02 pm

Currently at the Logan’s in Bessemer/McCalla/Tannnehill Prominade
The service is horrible. We (my best friend and I) ordered prime rib. We received them over cooked x 2 and when my friend sent hers back the 3 time and ordered the bone in Ribeye instead, the manager, David,brought the regular ribeye to the table. When my friend told him she requested the bone-in ribeye, he told her that what she requested was a $30 steak… like she says didn’t know what she ordered. He repeated this 2 times during their conversation. HOW CONDECENDING!!!! It was like he was judging her ability to pay. We just happen to be African-American, but, I won’t say why I feel David felt the need to tell us the price of the steak. We normally eat at some of the FINEST restaurants in Birmingham, none of which EVER have told us the price of anything we ordered prior to bringing the entre to the table. We were “slumming” it at Logan’s, because we live in this area and were looking for a quick decent meal. We were very WRONG with this choice. I was APPALLED At the way we were treated. My best friend and I are both HIGHLY educated and she is a nursing administrator at a Major hospital in our state. So in short, we don’t order food or anything else we can’t pay for. Oh, and did I mention that when she sent the prime rib back, the David brought the same piece of meat back to the table saying they could not get the meat rare, as she ordered it, because it is slow cooked all day. THE SAME PIECE OF MEAT SENT BACK to the KITCHEN!!! Customer service here is HORRIBLE!!! And, BIll, I’m assuming a manager of some sort asked us about our meal, but didn’t stay to here the response!!
He acted like someone distracted him, yet… he never came back. HORRIBLE customer service and seemingly obvious health violations (taking and keeping plates returned to the kitchen, only to bring it back 5 minutes later)!!!


Benjamin VanTroost August 19, 2018 at 5:52 pm

Upon further review of a previous complaint dated Monday (8/13/18). I’ve realized there may have been some confusion around what my actual complaint was. I mentioned that I attend the Gastonia location multiple times a week, that staff takes EXCELLENT care of me. The complaint was regarding the home office/customer service staff from the number I acquired online. I was rudely greeted by Sabrina on the phone, I attempted a few other times but Sabrina was the only person working apparently…once I finally got to a “manager” (Trey/Tray??) I voiced my concerns and was IMMEDIATELY AND RUDELY dismissed. I find it comical someone from customer service can shut down an idea without consulting someone who is actually involved with day to day sales and activities. I’ve called previously with an idea to add a sampler platter to the menu in Gastonia (would increase sales to a top 3 bar in the company). Trey/Tray and Sabrina, both in customer service, deserve to be reprimanded! Absolutely unacceptable behavior.


Vanworth Carroll June 5, 2018 at 1:08 pm

On May 27, 2018, I visited the Logans Roadhouse in 1125 N. Burleson, Tx 76028 in Burleson, TX and found myself surrounded with flies near a window booth in the back of the restaurant. I reported to the waitress, which seemed normal to her, however upon her return I requested another area and she accommodated by offering anew seated area 3 feet from the flies. During this time the manager did not even introduce the issue with us. I submitted Validation code 06747 and 09006 to no avail has a manager contacted me regarding the issues. This restaurant had a pattern of promoting a certain nationality raced in the back. I have never received this type of Service in the real South. I this I will have to reconsider dining in these restaurant chains.


megan taylor April 23, 2018 at 10:37 am

I need a copy of my 2017 w2 as soon as possible I need it for childs daycare please respond and let me know when I can get it.


Michael witteman April 17, 2018 at 11:00 am

I need my W-2 form and I can’t figure out how to get it from you all please email me so I can get it thank you


Michael witteman April 17, 2018 at 10:59 am

This is Michael witteman I used to work at Logan’s Roadhouse and I need my W2 can you please email me so I can get my W-2 form


Patsy Easter February 19, 2018 at 9:01 am

On Sat Feb. 17,2018 we finally get to go to Logan’s at Tupelo , Ms . I have never had a meal there that was as bad as the one we had . The first rolls were cold would not even melt the creamy butter , then when we got our order my 1/2 rack of ribs was cold and I hate to eat cold food . My husband steak was raw and we asked for med well it had blood running out of it and my sons steak was to be med well and it was well done he could not even chew it . I wanted to call for the manager but my husband did not want me to cause a scene! He just did not eat nothing but a salad 😱Needless to say I paid $60.00 for that meal !!! I will not go back and I hope y’all could get someone that can run a restaurant the right way 😀Very unhappy and I do know about these things since I am serv-safe certified! !!!!!!!!!! please make this right.waitint to hear from you .


Danny Couch December 21, 2017 at 10:29 pm

12/21/2017 Logans Road House Lloyd Crossing Shopping Center Evansville, IN. I ordered onion brew steak, was eating my salad and realized that I had left my phone in the car. I was waiting on an important call from my corporate office. Went to car parked directly outside the main entrance. I was gone less than a minute. Came back and my table was cleared, drink, salad, rolls and silver ware. Waitress apologized and told me that the busser thought that I had left. Waitress got me another drink no salad no rolls no silver ware. Waitress then brought out my food. Told here to make it to go, she brought me a takeout container told her that I did not have any silver ware. She brought me a packet of plastic utensils. Still had no silver ware so I put my food in the take out container with my fingers. Told her get me a MANAGER. Manager came (JOSH) told him what had happened. Was billed entire cost of meal? Didn’t get to eat my salad or rolls.


Jane Fater February 9, 2018 at 12:23 pm

Ilmu Sister and Ibwwntbto Logan’s restaurant in Southgate Michigan at the end of December, 2017. My food was cold the waitress was awlful . It took forever to get our meal. Then we complained to the manger , all she took off my bill was like 6dollars. I contacted Logan they sent me.a gift card. For 20 dollars. I went in lastSat the Feb3,2018 they would not take my logan card . It was the same manager Kate she said it wasn’t any good. She didn’t know when it was issued or how much it was. It said right in the back of the card that it was supposed sued 1/5/18 and the frint of the card said 20 dollars. I’m so fed up with this restaurants I will find someone else to go.


Olivia Cannon December 9, 2017 at 5:17 pm

Hi. My husband and I have been going to Logan’s Roadhouse in Paducah, Ky for over 15 years, two to three times per week. In all these years we have noticed Logan’s going down hill. The inside needs to be updated BADLY. If it wasn’t for Matt Keeling, waiter and Kat, waitress we wouldn’t go there at all. Across the road is a new restaurant, Longhorn Steakhouse, and it puts Logan’s to shame. Even Rafferties and Olive Garden look much better. The employees look professional with a standard uniform. It seems Logan’s can’t decide what to have as uniforms. Logan’s employees are looking like slobs. Worn out jeans, and unkept appearances. I would like to know if and when Logan’s will take pride in this location.
Olivia Cannon
Loyal Dissatisfied Customer
oliviacannon88@ yahoo.com


Leigh Colvin November 14, 2017 at 8:00 pm

Went to the Gadsden Alabama location… Ha what a joke! They were not to busy only 1 large party! There were 4 in my party. 2 ordered salads. My daughter ordered the grilled cheese and fries and I got a 6oz steak and loaded potatoe. It took over 45 mins to recieve my food and when we got it (other the salads) it wasn’t even a little warm! The potatoes was 75% sour cream and cold as well. I’m sorry but there is no excuse. We were told several times that our food would be right up well for it to be that cold it had BEEN up. Just totally unacceptable. It reminded me why we go to Applebee’s!


Shelia Collins September 19, 2017 at 10:59 am

I recently had dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse Restaurant in Mobile, AL. A total of 24 family members were in attendance, celebrating my mom’s 84th birthday. The service was awful. The server did her best, but I really think she needed help. She was also training a server. That crowd was too large to have one server. The orders and the receipts were wrong. We all felt sorry for the server for not having any help.
Upon leaving the restaurant several of our family members were approached by the trainee. He stated that three receipts were not paid. We told him that they were. So my sister went inside and it was discovered that we had indeed paid. This is the second family gathering that this has occurred at Logan’s.
In December of last year we were celebrating my aunt’s birthday. There were a total of 20 family members in attendance. After leaving the restaurant we were approached by an employee saying several meals had not been paid. We discovered that it was a mistake that all the meals were paid.
My mom loves this restaurant but she does not know what is going on behind the scene. GET SOME HELP FOR THE SERVER WHO WORKED THIS EVENT!


Angela Smith August 26, 2017 at 6:33 pm

Sat August 25 my family and i travelled from Clover SC for my youngest sons graduation ceremonies from basic training at Fort Benning GA. It was also my husbands birthday so we had much to celebrate and went out for a wonderful dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse 2643 Manchester Expy Columbus GA. We sat down and ordered drinks and appetizers. The waitress came back to the table 3 times to tell us she was getting our drinks… finally she brought them, followed by the appetizers. We then ordered our entrees..steaks and salads! We were happy and hungry! The waitress came by the table about 10 min after we received our apps to inform us that the kitchen was “whipping up” our salads right then and they would be coming shortly. The steaks arrived early and the salads about 5 minutes later. By now the steaks were cool and cooling and we didnt want them until after salads anyways. Our waitress assured us that she would have the kitchen re-cook them while we ate the salads. She said the reason our salads were late was because she was waiting on cruotons to finish baking in the oven….our salads didnt even have croutons on them! We decided that we really didnt want to take the chance of having our food “messed with” in the kitchen because it had been sent back, so i talked to the manager to let him know that i didnt mind paying for the apps and drinks but would not be paying for the entrees that had been sent back. He tried talking me out of the decision but my husband was not having a good time anymore and we just wanted to leave. The manager assured me that he would adjust the bill and send it right over. He never went over to apologize to my family or speak to them at all. Finally after sitting and waiting another 10 min for the adjusted bill (that NEVER ARRIVED) i went to the bartender …who appeared to be the ONLY one working or not smoking weed… and had her deliver a message to the manager. F#@$ him and i absolutely would not pay for anything. At that point my entire party walked out. We went to the TEXAS ROADHOUSE and it was VERY busy but we only had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated. TEXAS ROADHOUSE saved our night and we received a wonderful meal with exceptional service. We have told our friends and family about our experiences and thought that we should let you know as well. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions or would like to reach us my name is Angela Smith and my cell number is (704)718-XXXXX


Chelsea Blackwell August 10, 2017 at 10:06 pm

We ordered 2 8.99 meals that comes with 2 sides and the waiter told us that it didn’t come with any sides and put it in as appetizers instead. His name is John and he acted like he didn’t know what he was doing it took forever to get refills. The service was terrible. This was the gallatin TN location.


Dan B Brooks Jr July 18, 2017 at 9:25 pm

I need the regional manager to call me regarding a serious problem I had at the Jackson. TN location One of my sides was grilled mushrooms When they brought them on a metal skewer, I picked it up to remove the mushroom a got burnt on my thumb and middle finger It really hurt and I now have two really good blisters. Why would you not warn the customer and not use a wooden skewer This is not right My phone # is 731-803-XXXXX I expect a phone call. Thank you


Ronald Payne July 17, 2017 at 9:49 am

We went to Logans in Livonia Mi we go there at least once a week. It’s always been a great experience after this experience I don’t know if we’ll be returning. To start the chips that came with the Queso dip were stale, after saying something to the waitress she replied we make them fresh everyday,took them back and brought some fresh one’s.

Secondly one of the cooking staff went out of the front door took a cigarette break returned to the kitchen area he kept on the same gloves began preparing food without exchanging gloves or washing his hands. We ordered loaded baked potatoes with each meal. Each potato was cold and wash left over from the previous day, when the waitress came over we replied that the potatoes old there were visible signs of that the potatoes were cooked the previous day they were also cold. The potatoes that replaced them were old and cold as well.

I ordered the half slab of ribs they were cold also were cold and dried our meals were horrible. I noticed that the lady at the table behind us she also complained about her potato and sent it back. I requested to see the manager who came over to our table she introduced herself as the manager and her name was Monique. She asked if their any problems upon explaining the issues with with the meals she replied that the food is prepared fresh daily, upon explaining our disfacation with the meals she took them off of the bill. That was the worst dining experience we’d had there or any other establishment. We looked forward to going to Logans at least once a week we are still indecisive if we’ll return to your establishment. We noticed upon leaving that the same member of your cooking staff was outside smoking in his black disposable gloves.

Sincerely Ronald Payne


Chris smith June 13, 2017 at 2:55 pm

I recently had dinner at battefield pkwy store ft.oglethorpe ga. 30742 and was treated by our waitress how i would describe as very very rude an not professional at all. .we ordered our meals(4of them) and was never seen again to ask if we wanted drinks refilled condiments or any other just checking on u….i waited for alnost48 mins. Exactly to recieve a steak cooked medium rare…we felt very uncomfortable and i asked to see manager and was told manager was busy id have to leave name and number for them to return my call at which up til this6moment ive still not bn spoken to about my very non professional visit and i would like to recieve a refund for a dinner we never finished….


Ron Wasson May 18, 2017 at 7:32 pm

I was recently at the 153 restaurant in Chattanooga Tennessee, and while I was waiting on my server to greet us I had noticed that something had hit me in the head and while I was trying to figure what it was I notice that several guys were throwing ice at each other and some of the ice that was thrown hit me in the back of the head. I had asked my server to ask a manager to come over to my table and she said she would. While waiting for a manager to come to the table i had seen a server ask a guy a question and in a very loud voice he say G..D…it what the F…. do you want. So I had asked the sever once again for the manger and informed her what I heard. When I seen my server approach a guy to come to my table I heard him say F… them and walk away. I asked the server who the guy she was talking to she informed me that he was the GENERAL MANAGER. The server had told me his name was CHRIS BLEVINS. I have filed several complaints not just on him but several others because when I go in they are very rude,inappropriate, and don’t care how they treat their customers. As I am a regular customer that goes in at least 3 times a week that something would be done about all of the inappropriate behavior not just from employees but the Manager’s as well especially the ” SO CALLED GENERAL MANAGER”. I can only hope that this is seen by the C.E.O and will be taken care of.


sandy April 27, 2017 at 1:11 pm

Could not find the site to join the email club and get $5.00 off next visit.


Gary Faulkenberry March 14, 2017 at 10:15 pm

Hi my name is Gary me and my family members went to eat out at your restaurant and we had a bad night,all of the food was cold we asked for dinner rolls we didn’t get them until are food was served . We ordered some salads with the food we didn’t get them until are food was served as well you would think that the salads would be the first thing served . Had 5 people in my party we asked to talk to the manager but are waiter said he was cooking we waited for 15 minutes and then we decided to leave I called to speak to the manager on the location we went to eat at I was put on hold and I got hung up on twice the waiter kept complaining that he should have stayed a cook this location is in San Antonio off of 410 and 37 I would appreciate if you can get back with me about this matter thank you for your time


David DeRouen February 3, 2017 at 2:04 am

Need more information on your close Restaurant in Baton Rouge,Louisiana. Would like to buy Restaurant in Baton Rouge area. Please send cost of Restaurant.


Gene January 20, 2017 at 11:48 pm

Had the worst ribeye ever. Very tough
Other family members food was great but mine was


Jeremy Carter January 1, 2017 at 5:57 pm

Logans roadhouse in jackson tn on December 31,2016 I had table order food then walk out I immediately went and told my Gm Aaron newton and he stated well you have to pay for Thier meal it’s new policy or clock out and go home so he fired me for customer not paying Thier bill which in state of tennessee is against the law and a class action lawsuit waiting to talk to corporate about this as well


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