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Les Schwab Tire Centers Corporate Office Address

Les Schwab Tire Centers, Inc.
PO Box 5350
Bend, Oregon 97708

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Phone Number: (541) 416-5162
Fax Number: (541) 416-5133
Website: http://www.lesschwab.com
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Les Schwab Tire Centers Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Les Schwab Tire Centers Executives

CEO: Dick Borgman
CFO: Jack Cuniff
COO: Ken Edwards

Les Schwab Tire Centers History

Les Schwab Tire Centers began in 1952 when Leslie Schwab purchased OK Rubber Welders tire store in Prineville, Oregon.

In 1966, Schwab decides to operate OK Rubber Welders as a separate company.  He changes the company name to Les Schwab Tire Centers.

By 1972, there are 35 tire center stores.

In 2000, Modern Tire Dealer magazine names Les Schwab Tire Centers as dealer of the year.

In 2006, the company was sued over allegations of gender based discrimination.  The case was settled out of court in 2010.

Dick Borgman is named as CEO in 2006.

In 2007, founder Les Schwab died.

In 2008, the company headquarters moves from Prineville to Bend, Oregon.

Today, there are over 375 Les Schwab Tire Centers in 9 Western US states.

Les Schwab Tire Centers FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Les Schwab Tire Centers?
Answer 1: The phone number for Les Schwab Tire Centers is (541) 416-5162.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Les Schwab Tire Centers?
Answer 2: The CEO of Les Schwab Tire Centers is Dick Borgman.

Question 3: Who founded Les Schwab Tire Centers?
Answer 3: Les Schwab Tire Centers was founded by in .

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Ms.kendra April 24, 2019 at 5:31 am

To whom it may concern.
I’m worried about these Turner children as well as your business. I have seen the pictures on her Facebook page and they are time stamped at 1:30 -2:30 am that she is there. The children are under the age of 15 . Please investigate this if the labor board sees that they are underage children working at the Franklin store in Bend Oregon. And with her being investigated for having sex with underage boys is also very bad for business. I know that this is going to cause alot of problems if anyone of those children are hurt in your store this is a insurance nightmare for your company. This is a very serious matter that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. You are leaving your company in a vulnerable position and she could sue your company.This woman who could take this company to court and your insurance will take a hit as well as your public image of a family company. I’m studying the law and i know this is against the labor laws in Oregon. Please don’t let this woman Casey Turner ruin your company’s good name.


John Davis April 30, 2019 at 6:04 am

To whom it may concern.
My name is John Davi and I was going to leave a compliment on this site but after reading the posts that Ms. Kendra and Anna Goodwin made I’m wondering about your hiring practices are so lacking in integrity and family values that you would allow a suspected child molester to have that person cleaning your store and by the looks of those pictures she is not even doing the job but having children clean the store for it. I think I will take my business elsewhere from now on and I will be telling other people to reconsider giving you their future business. I’m very disappointed in this company that says your family and then endanger your customers. Thank you for all the good year of service.


Mr. Turner May 4, 2019 at 8:30 am

To whom may see this I’ve ran a respectful business for years and would never have my children in a place where I do business at early morning hours that are in question nor is my wife being investigated for those unspeakable! For those who are aware our family does not know any type of Kendra and slander is not okay! So when anyone has facts to back these horribly wrong allegations up then come forward until then I am going to be contacting the local DAs office to bring this to their attention so they can investigate these and see where they originated from!


Ms.kendra April 13, 2019 at 3:22 am

To who it my concern
I’m a concerned parent I have a son who was taken advantage of by adult named Casey Turner. She is under investigation for this. I have been keeping track of her on Facebook and lately she has posted a lot of pictures of her young children working at your store in bend at all hours of the night. I feel you should be made aware of this due to your company is family-friendly . Im studing to become a lawyer so I believe you need to know who is working at one of your stores.


Ann Goodwin April 12, 2019 at 5:41 pm

To whom it may concern.
I’m a concerned business owner who saw on Facebook a women had posted that her children working at a bend store. They are young children and you could get a fine from the labor board. This woman’s name is Casey Turner she is also under investigation for sleeping with underage boys. I know this because my son best friend is one of the boys she had sex with.


Peter J. Poullos February 11, 2019 at 5:35 pm

February 7, 2019
Proposed Washington State Bill 1309: $100 Fee Per New Studded Tire, a Ban in 2025

OLYMPIA Washington — New studded tires would carry a $100 fee per tire if purchased after July 1 of this year and would be banned after mid-2025 under a proposal being considered by the House Transportation Committee.

The law, would replace the current $5 per studded tire fee and phase out studded tires, it would raise an estimated $3.5 million over the next two years. The estimated damage to state roads, according to a State Department of Transportation study, is $20 million or more a year.

A spokeswoman for Les Schwab Tires said the state is halfway through a two-year program to educate consumers on options other than metal studs for winter driving. Jennifer Ziegler said lawmakers should allow the $150,000 program to finish “before you make any major policy decisions about studded tires.” A currently available option to pavement damaging studded tires are Garnetread™ Formula Infused Traction Tires, which are available today and are superior to studded tires as shown in independent tests conducted by Washington State University and approved for use by the State of Washington.

The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Cindy Ryu, D-Shoreline, talked about the damage caused by metal studs she said “they are chewing up our roads.”The bill would allow drivers who prefer studded tires to other options to use them until July 2025. “But the state should raise the fee for new studded tires”, Ryu said, and collect a total of $400 for four new tires.“That is just a tiny little drop in the bucket toward the damage they are causing,” she said. But $400 is “real money for people on a fixed income,” said Mark Johnson of the Washington Retailers Association.

Paul Parker of the state Transportation Department said Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois have already banned studded tires, as recommended by the Federal Highway Administration. The House Transportation Committee will decide if it will vote to send the proposal to the full House.

Garnet is a semi-precious stone. When garnet is added to rubber in the correct proportions, the result is a tire with superior all season traction. Garnetread™ tires are registered under Patent #4,082,131, additional patents are pending. Garnetread™ formula infused tires have been independently tested by Washington State University in wet, dry, snow and icy conditions. Test results clearly show the superior traction of Garnetread’s garnet infused tires, with results confirming that a vehicle equipped with Garnetread™ tires resulted in shorter stopping distances on snow and ice glazed pavement than when the same vehicle was tested with studded tires, and without the pavement wear caused by studded tires. A key feature of Garnetread infused tires is constant traction in all weather conditions, even with normal tire wear as new pieces of garnet are constantly exposed maintaining traction. Garnetread’s patented all-season traction tire formula that can be adapted to any rubber based tire design and can be used by all tire manufacturers.

Tests funded by the Federal Highway Administration and the US Department of Transportation, proved that Garnetread™ infused tires have exceptional performance benefits for year-round use with superior dry and wet-pavement traction and control.

Garnetread™ infused tires have been approved for use by State Highway Administrators in all 50 States. The State of Washington, following extensive testing, has approved and recommended the use of Garnetread’s infused tires for travel on snow and ice covered roads. State Transportation officials stipulated no seasonal time restrictions for the use of Garnetread™ infused tires since tests showed minimal wear to pavement surfaces.

Over 100,000 tires have been sold incorporating Garnetread’s patented traction formula. Drivers of vehicles equipped with Garnetread™ infused tires extoll not only the superior traction and control in winter conditions but also relate how impressed they are with tire performance on dry and rain-slick pavement… the perfect, budget and environmentally friendly, all season tire.

Garnetread Contact Information: Peter J. Poullos pjp1garnetread@ earthlink.net



Pete October 14, 2018 at 2:45 am

The store in Elko ,Nevada treats their staff like crap. It’s known they pay their own family who work there at a higher pay rate than others and they don’t see to it their staff has adequate uniforms. These guys work their butts off and are not given simple decent communication. It’s not good to go in and listen to the way they speak to their staff. You can be sitting waiting for your vehicle or in line and the guys are running and management speaking to them like they need anger management class. If I had crap uniforms, was making less pay than others there less time and spoken to like crap daily I wouldn’t be inclined to want to even do the job these guys are hustling to do, yet they do what they are told. This store needs to treat staff better as it’s a real turn off to go in and listen to that. Simple respect goes a long way. I can go over to Big O and they treat the staff with same respect as the customer. Maybe they need to hire more staff and lighten up the attitude and they might actually keep the ones the have.


Tammy Smith September 24, 2018 at 4:00 pm

The local Les Schwab in Woodland, WA is nothing but a joke!!! Their customer service is something to be desired. Rude & arrogant. I have been trying for the past 2 weeks to get my car in for a tire rotation & balance. It doesn’t matter the time of day that I go or call I am always told there is a 2-1/2 – 3 hour wait then on Saturday I called at 2:30 and was told they are no longer doing rotations for the day. Really it was 2:30. I will just go somewhere and pay for my rotation and will not be doing business with Lew Schwab in the future.


Patricia Fry June 15, 2018 at 2:57 pm

I went in to have a front end alignment. They told me they could not do it and that all the parts to align it were seized up. So Blake Rothrock the manager went and looked at the car. He called me after Vernon looked at it also. Blake told me that it all had to be replaced 2 days later after they looked at it and he said he could not get the parts so I had to order them. While I had him on the Phone (Blake) with Bob in Kia Parts he told me what to order, all the front parts, nuts, bolts, cams and extra because they could not get them. So while he was on the phone I ordered $160.00 worth of parts. They also told me $45.00 for each side replacement. Went I went down on Sat after I order the parts per our conversation the cost to replace went up to $105.00. So I said when can it be done. You told me this Saturday. They told me to come back. So I went back the next Saturday and the person working the counter said they can not do it because I ordered and bought the parts my self. Funny thing was the manager knew I was ordering the parts because he was on the phone when I was ordering them and telling me what I needed. So needless to say they did not reimburse me for the parts and did not fix the car. So I took it to S and S Ken the owner was great. He had his guy check the car and I never needed the parts. They did the alignment, rotated my tires and fixed a leak in my tire for under $100.00 because he felt sorry for me getting the SHAFT FROM LES SCHWAB IN SPANAWAY< WA, Needless to say I have not seen my money back and can not return them because they were specialty parts. I will never get tires or do any business with them again and I advise other people not to either. They used to be loyal to customers and gave a lot of good service. I was surprised to see all the bad reviews here. This is so sad that someone has to screw someone over for a buck. Some of us barely get by and had to by parts that I could not afford. I also came all the way in from Rainier, WA and that is a lot of time and mileage. I am appalled by the service that I received.


Ray Fillis April 4, 2018 at 9:36 am

My Les Schwab Store. First I would like to say I’ve made several attempts to speak to the legal department. I would like to speak to the shareholders, the family. The wool has been pulled over their eyes. If someone is an attorney and you read this. I have a very long story to tell.

Defamation of character:
Unfair Labor Practice:
Wrongful Discharge:
And More

Names that will be mentioned:

John B.
Dick B.
Howard F.
Howard M.
Todd V.
Gary W.
George S.
Clay H.
Richie R.
Randy H.

Maybe the legal department could send me their email. Maybe the family would like to hear the truth about their company.


Eddie March 12, 2018 at 4:33 pm

Less Schwab just opened a store in Rialto so I thought I would give them a shot. I own 2 companies in the transportation industry and was in the market for a good service provider. The manager at the Rialto store promised me that they can service all of our trucks and vans. If all I needed was tires maybe that would be okay, but when I was promised more services Les Schwab was unable to help. What a disappointment. I was able to find another service provider in Rialto. CCF Pitt Stop.


Nancy Smith February 12, 2018 at 12:45 pm

Are you people even reading the reviews?? Gosh I’m so disappointed in Les Scwab tire co. The Company I have always trusted and have great reviews and passed onto friends ,is in serious evaluation of its employees and service. I went into the Emmett center last summer with a sound on my drivers side in the front after a brake job they said I needed ,I still had the noise,then in Nov. I had new tires put on and told them about the same noise ,they looked again and found nothing. Then I had my tires rotated 3 weeks ago and they still found nothing that could possibly be making the noise. So I got under my own PU and found a rubber boot off of a part that went to my drivers wheel. come to find out it was a CV Axel ,and that is important to know since it can make you wreck and cause lots of damage if it comes off. So I had it fixed in Fruitland and guess what ,No more noise . So thanks for nothing. 🙁


David A November 7, 2017 at 1:58 pm

This morning I went to the Airway Heights Les Schwab Arriving 45 minutes early I was first in line. There were employees all over the place drinking coffee and eating popcorn while the line grew to 40 plus people. They made us wait in the cold untill about 4 minutes before the store offically opened and let us in. I had called the day before and tried to make an appointment for a full brake job. My ticket was the first filled out. Thirty minutes later my truck was still sitting outside. I told them I was leaving and to forget the brake job. The truck went right in. Approxamately 45 minutes later my truck came back around front. I went to the desk and asked if it was ready to go. I was told all they did was diognose the problem and they didn’t have the parts in stock to fix it. I couldn’t beleive I just wasted half of my morning for nothing. They have a NAPA Store nearby and could have had the parts delivered as has been my experience at a store in Deer Park Wa that I used for 35 years. You have after 35 years of me being a loyal customer LOST MY BUSINESS!

of my morning for nothing.


Don Paullus November 6, 2017 at 8:29 am

I have 2 complaints with our local store..I drive a medical van and we run studded tires. When I had them do the change over to studs last year, they called me over to the counter and said my van needed new struts as the ones on the van were leaking. I asked to see them and they said they had the tires on and it could not be done because the tires were put on. I had him do a cost sheet with the reason why it was needed. Took the van to another Schwab store to do a rotation and had them look at struts, brakes, and anything else that may need replaced. Low and behold. Nothing needed replaced. So had that printed out So my boss could see. #2 went in this last spring to have my studs removed. Had bout an Hour and only 1 person ahead of me. They ran 4 more people ahead of me. Went over to watch the workers pick up the work orders and they were cherry picking them They were giving people who were buying tires on their changeover(I was not) ahead and I think it had to do with the commission on the sale of new tires. Owner is not a happy person.


Vicki October 23, 2017 at 5:09 pm

I have a complaint about the Les Schwab Tire center in Monroe, WA. 98272.
I have been a customer of this tire center since it opened, years ago. This morning I arrived at 9:45 to have my tires rotated. There were 2 cars on the rack and 4 cars waiting. At that time there was only 4 tire reps working the line. It was 11 a.m. before they even got to my car! Last week they took 2 hrs before they got to my sons car in the afternoon! This is not good. I complained to one of the employees about the wait time and he proceeded to give me excuses. I told him to hire more people, especially when they already know that Monday mornings are busy! By the time I left I noticed that more employees had shown up.


Kyle Pea October 17, 2017 at 10:32 pm

I visited the Les Schwab in Moses Lake, Wa and had my truck looked at as I was having brake issues. I left the truck there and went about my day with my family. Later I received a call from the employee at the tire center, stating I needed new routers, brakes, tires, shocks, bearing, ect. I knew it was not good but did not think it was that bad! They quoted me $4500 dollars, I had some savings and my father in law stated he would let me utilize his account there at the store. After getting the truck back it seemed that the front tires were squealing on corners but driving better. Fast forward from August 18th to October 14th, I noticed the truck to feel more bumpy and not driving well, the brakes were working well, but there wasnt something right, climbing under the truck I realize the inside of both my front tires were rubbed to the wires of the tire, I imediatley took it into the Clarkston Le Schwab and have been working with Cory, although my I have this great “warranty” nothing was covered on the tired as the alignment was out because “I” rammed into something. ( I drive this small truck from work and back 5 days a week there was no wreck or ramming) So I was quoted 968 dollars to fix the allignment and bearings, I am not a happy camper, I have no saving and am a college student! The account I could use is maxed out, so I guess I just don’t have a rig to drive! Thanks Les Schwab! My uncle works for this company and I still wouldn’t recommend them!


Paul N August 31, 2017 at 4:12 pm

I have been stewing on this for about 4 months and decided I had to write in. We have 2 trucks and a travel trailer that all have Les Schwab tires on them. In the Fall of 2016 I took in the F250 to the Porterville, CA Les Schwab and bought all new tires. The young man who installed the tires told me that I needed new shocks. When I asked he told me they were leaking oil. He sent me home with a quote of around $440. My nephew is a diesel mechanic and offered to replace them for free, and since I just dropped a grand on tires I took him up on it. So I bought the shocks and he did the job. Thing is, we saw NO evidence of leakage on any of them! Hmmm. But, I figured what the hell, truck’s 16 yrs old, probably good to replace them anyway. In the spring of 2017 I went to the same store for a tire rotation. The guy who did the rotation finished up but told me that I needed new shocks! I told him that they are all new (4 months old). He started stammering as he tried, quite unsuccessfully, to provide some sort of justification. I just looked at he and the manager ( who was standing 3 feet away and refused to make eye contact), and walked out. This “practice” of up-selling a customer is okay IF it is done ethically. IF it is for something that actually needs to be done. This was unethical. This was lying. This was greed. Now I question whether I needed new shocks in the first place. My nephew sure didn’t seem to think so when we discovered they weren’t leaking. I was a Les Schwab customer because of the service. I trusted the company. I found the same tires I bought from you for $200 less at a local shop. I paid the premium to you for the trust I had and the service you provide regionally. That trust is broken. I will utilize the free services your company provides for the tires I bought from you until all my tires need replacing. Then I’m done. Les Schwab tire centers have gotten the last of my money.
I sincerely hope you address this issue company wide. It is a black eye for a once-great company.
Paul N

P.S. I told my father-in-law this story. He has four vehicles plus a travel trailer, all wearing Les Schwab tires. He was shocked to say the least. His words to me were “I will never darken their doorway again.”


Scott September 22, 2017 at 4:06 pm

It is unfortunate that, a once great company, has a culture of trying to upsell customers for unnescessary repairs. I used to trust this company, but now am repulsed. This needs to be addressed soon or all of the goodwill that Les generated will soon diappear.


Bill August 29, 2017 at 1:40 am

Went to Less Schwab in Albany today to buy a lawnmower tire and get it mounted. Waited two hours and was complaining about the time it was taking to my friend. One of the employees overheard me and decided to input his two cents uninvited as I was not talking to him. He stood there saying how hard they worked and that they were behind.
All I got were excuses from this fat boy and no help! I could tell he was mad just as I was then and now. In the time he stood there running his big mouth he could have had the tire
mounted! I told the fat boy to just give me the tire and I will take it home and mount it myself. He tells me I will have to wait till he is done patching a tire. I went to the desk and said I wanted to buy the tire. I was told I needed to talk to the fat boy again but was adamant with the little punk to just bring me the tire so I can get out of there. He begrudgingly did what I told him and I paid for my tire and brought it home. I had it mounted and aired in 2.5 minutes and mowed my lawn. I have gone to les schwab for years but I will not tolerate sloth from a lazy fat boy who thinks he works hard! I know what hard work is being a timber faller and from bucking hay on the farm throwing 168# bales 5 teirs high on a trailer that was chest high. That is work! Les schwab use to have guys running all day long and not sauntering from one place to the other and running their big mouths uninvited! They also use to mount lawnmower tires in between doing cars and trucks as it takes hardly any time. I know this is a fact as I went there for all my tire needs for years.
I will never go back to Albany Les schwab again! I will buy a matching tire for the one I bought most likely online and mount it myself. I do not need to hear from a condescending moron like fat boy and will not tolerate such a person or his childish behavior! Nor will I tolerate an attitude such as the kid at the counter I had to deal with. Its obvious that these people need training in customer service. If fat boy likes to interject into a conversation uninvited maybe he would be better off with a different job someplace else! I might add that it is rude to do so without being invited.I may be one person but I know a lot of people and will tell everyone about this experience. I will be buying tires for my boat trailer, utility trailer, motorhome, car, and pickup elsewhere from now on! Hmmm! I wonder how much that will cost you?! It seems to me you hire some morons at Les Schwab!
Not a loyal customer any more.
PS. Fat boys remark about working hard does not hold water as I saw 3 employees standing around doing nothing but talking to each other for 5 minutes. How many lawn mower tires could they have put on in that time?


Richard Bennett August 24, 2017 at 1:48 pm

Was travelling south on I-5 freeway south of Albany, OR August 12, 2017 when I blew a rear tire on my BMW x-5. Put the spare on (smaller size) and traveled back a few miles to the Les Schwab store on Albany. I was greeted by Terry Marstall of sales and service. He looked at the blown tire (not from Les Schwab) and the rear tire on the opposite side and noticed it was about to go also (steel showing on inside edge). The rear tire size is hard to find and the Albany store did not have any. He called all around Albany to see if another company had any, no luck. He then found 2 that were up in Lake Oswego, OR about an hour and a half away. I could not risk driving my car up there due to the other tire possibly failing. Terry talked to an employee at the Lake Oswego Les Schwab who he asked to drive them down to Albany where that employee lived. He did so after he got off work at 5 pm, The employee from Lake Oswego had to leave for work on Monday morning at 6 am so Terry Marstall met him at the store then. Terry had my car back on the road after the store opened up at 8 am. Long story but Terry went out of his way to take care of me and send me back on my way home to southern California. Best customer service I have ever seen in my years dealing with sales and service. Terry was very caring and professional and had great things to say about the company he works for, Les Schwab. Thanks again Terry!


scott reusser August 4, 2017 at 10:25 pm

I would like to add my les schwab story. Today was almost 100 degrees in the northwest and I got a flat on my double axle utility trailer. I was only a couple blocks from the Bellevue Washington Les Schwab so I hobbled into the parking lot. When I got there I was not greeted and had to go try to find someone to help me. It was not busy and something was off. One of the guys told me that the power had just gone off and they were limited in work scope. I told them I had a sidewall flat on my utility trailer and I was fairly panicked because I had supplies in my trailer for my work crew of 12 men and no one could work with out me. The said they could get me back on the road. They sent me inside to price out a tire. I went inside and they found that they only had a 6 ply tire and I said beggars can’t be choosers and told them to get started. They then said that they would need to use the mobile service truck to do the job and it would be about ten minutes until that was free. I waited about 20 minutes and then asked if they wanted me to swing home and get the spare tire and then they could do the job when ever they got the time and I could come back later. They told me that would be helpful to them. I unhooked my trailer and drove home. They told me they would have the tire off and might have a new one on when I got back. I drove home and was back with in about 20 minutes. When I got back to your store it was definitely busier. My trailer was still sitting there with the flat tire still in place. I waited with my spare next to my trailer and waved several times to the guys that had been helping me. After another 30 minutes I went to one of the bays and asked for help with the spare just to get on the road. I was told to go to the front desk again. I went to the front desk and they sent me back out to the bays to look for a service person. At this point it had been over an hour and a half at the hottest time of the day. I realize that you were busy but when I came in I told you my situation and you told me you would help me. A young woman from the front desk approached me and said you need to talk to Andy. She then went over and pointed Andy out and when I came over he said that you were really busy and I just needed to just wait my turn. I realize it was hot and it was tense for your employees but this comment was inappropriate. I had already waited an hour and forty five minutes. I was flexible about the solution and was willing to pay for any tire you could give me. I drove home to get the spare to save you time and effort and be flexible with your situation. I watched other customers arrive after me , get service and leave. I did not need power or a service truck , I needed someone to jack the trailer up and take off 5 lug bolts. I waited another 20 minutes and then took out the very small basic jack and lug wrench that was issued with my truck. I thought I might as well get the lugs off and then maybe one of your guys might come out and help me. I got the lugs off then jacked the trailer up, took the tire off, put the new one on – and the whole process took me less than ten minutes. I am close to 60 years old. The way your employees treated me today was shameful. You all watched me in the heat of the day change my own tire in your parking lot right outside your service bays.
I dont mean to be non respectful of any employee but you told me you could help me and then you did everything but be helpful. I would have even felt better if just one of your people came out to help me get the tire on the trailer. No one word not one finger of help. If I can get a trailer jacked up and and tire off and a new one on in ten minutes using an tinker toy jack and lug wrench, how much effort would it have been for you to bring one of your industrial jacks out and a real lug wrench. You did not need power or a service truck to help me. I ended up leaving without buying an new tire and I posted the pictures of me changing my own tire in your parking lot with your service people watching me on line.
When I finally was back on the road it was two and a half hours later. I run a landscape company. I have five trucks, trailers, bobcats, loaders and all of them were serviced by les schwab. I am upset because every time one of my I have had my brakes done you require full brakes , rotors, drums, pads and it is supposed to carry a three year warrantee. I have yet to ever have you honor the warrantee. I feel very very taken advantage of by les schwab.


Pat July 18, 2017 at 1:21 pm

Went into the Corning, California Les Schwab store to have my car battery replaced which I was told in advance the cost, have had an account with Les Schwab for years after the job was completed was going put it on my account to pay I was told I no longer had an account with them by the manager who as very rude to me, talked down to me made me feel like I was some sort of low life or gee maybe because I am a woman. I was very upset I paid with a CC and left the store with having to return due to they didn’t reset my electronics in the car also didn’t air the tires up like I had requested them to do when the battery was installed. I wonder if Chris the manager talks to all woman like that! It won’t happen to me again because I will never enter that store again!


aimee October 9, 2017 at 5:40 pm

I am a woman I believe were the main targets les schwab focuses on up selling because were not supposed to no anything. please male or female lets figure out something together to get our money back.. I believe they are responsible for all of the front end damage that’s accured since I bought 4 brand new tires 9000 miles ago,. 3000 miles-my first rotation I needed new tires and ti rods and rack in pinion, $500.00 later I should be good to go, second rotation 5000 miles that’s the number they said to rotate at, I was told by one storebrakes next time and ill need new tires…wtf I think to see the rest of this please email me at aimeebarnes5150 at gmail.com lets get a class action suit against these FRAUDS


SID July 11, 2017 at 6:51 pm

I went to Les Schwab on Queensgate in Richland to have my wheels balanced. I knew that Les Schwab on Tabteal didn’t charge for wheel balance if I bought the tires at Les Schwab, or the tires were on the car when I bought it, so I expected no charge at the Queensgate store. I was not told in advance that there would be a charge, but they charged me $60.82 for the wheel balance. I objected, but was told that their policy is different than at other stores, so I’m out $60.82. Needless to say, I won’t be doing business with Les Schwab in the future. Be sure to ask what the charge is before you authorize the work. or you might be surprised like I was.


Janice & Steve Birge July 2, 2017 at 11:29 pm

It was just like the Les Schwab advertisements that we see on television. We were trying to move our 27 foot travel trailer out of a storage facility that had very limited space to maneuver. We discovered that one tire was low on air and the trailer was not moving correctly. Somehow we got in a very tight spot (2 inches away from a large concrete barrier in one place and about 12 inches from a parked RV next to us). No matter what we did, the situation got worse and we were even closer. Feeling desperate, we called Les Schwab and told them what we needed – someone to come to fix the tire AND have the experience towing to assist us in getting out of this situation. Our call was forwarded to the manager of the store who said they could help. In a few minutes, “Ray” arrived in a Les Schwab truck. He suggested that the tire be filled with air first then it could be fixed at the store after the trailer was out of the space. Ray had experience towing jet skis and was extremely good at knowing which way the truck needed to move to guide the trailer away from the obstacles. Ray set up a voice relay to make sure the driver would hear the instructions. After moving an inch at a time in all directions, the trailer was finally out of the space. If Ray had not stayed to help us, we might still be there. Words cannot express how grateful we are to Ray who stayed to help in the 94 degree weather, to the manager of the store who sent him and to Matthew at the store who changed our tire, provided support and guided us from the back lot. “Customer service” can’t get any better than this!Thank you so much South First Street Les Schwab in Yakima Washington!


Karen Rowe June 27, 2017 at 10:43 am

So late last night i notice a screw in my husbands truck tire(he of course is out of town), was able to put in enough air to keep it from going completely flat. Called my Les Schwab dealer at 7;45 a.m. this morning, spoke with Jimmy, he said no problem i will send a service truck and a second driver to my home & pick up the truck, fix the tire & bring back to me. I am home today with a 6 month grandchild and no car seat! If this doesn’t go beyond the call of duty I don’t know what does !!! The employees at my dealership always come running out to greet us, do whatever they can to fix the problem, no attitude just old fashioned CUSTOMER SERVICE. Way to go CLINTON, UTAH DEALERSHIP-YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!


Misty June 24, 2017 at 8:17 pm

Terrible customer service. They’re rude and try to sell overpriced new and used tires. They don’t keep standard sizes in stock.

Our car picked up a nail and the tire couldn’t be saved. We were on a day road trip and needed it fixed. When we saw the price of one tire was $300, we told them no thank you, we’ll go back to the dealership. The customer service rep at the desk got an attitude about us going back to our dealership and then continued to try and sell us used tires, which would not even fit our car.

The $300 tire wasn’t even in stock! How does that make sense? Selling us a tire that we would have to come back for when we don’t live there?
Our dealership sells the same tire for $155.

I called to complain to the manager, who wasn’t in, and spoke to someone else. He didn’t apologize and just said he would let the gal, who “helped” us, know about the complaint. How does this fix the problem and when is the customer important?


Randall, kendra June 22, 2017 at 5:19 pm

My family was dedicated to Les Schwab for years as growing up my dad and mom would always say that Les Schwab was honest and a company with integrity. Today we choose not to do business with this company anymore. Store # 397 in Auburn WA has the most dishonest employees ever. Les Schwab over charged me for the hours of labor and didn’t even fix the problem. After I left I took our car to another mechanic and they diagnosed the problem in 15 minutes at no charge. Les Schwab charged me 312.93 for labor then said they couldn’t fix the problem. Then when my payment was due which runs on the 15th of each month. we received 5 phone calls on the 15th from an aggressive angry woman. The payment wasn’t even late. I was getting harassed for a bill that was actually a ransom from shoddy work. Then I contacted the corporate office and they said to talk with the manager “Joe” so Ive made 3 attempts to speak with Joe who is never there. Don’t even know if Joe exist, called corporate again to get directed back to Joe. HMMMMMMMMM……. If your reading this DO NOT USE les schwab, they are “THEIFS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From now my sixteen your old son will now be taught not to trust les schwab. That his family will not use les schwab.


Carl Isaacson June 8, 2017 at 3:39 pm

I drive a 45 year old car, when I notice a new noise I take it seriously.
17 April my car started making a squeaking noise. A brief inspection showed cupping on the right rear tire. (Toyo Z800s with 12k miles). I suspected a wheel bearing. I took it to Les Schwab on Stevens Drive in Richland. I’ve been doing business with them since 1977.
Sergio put it up on the rack, and determined the bearing was ok. I asked him to check out the driveshaft, he said maybe we should have an alignment scheduled. I subsequently diagnosed the problem as a bad “u” joint in the driveline.
The next day April 18 while driving I heard pieces falling off of my car. I experienced “bump steer” and a hard pull to the right when braking, found camber adjustment shims on the frame rail. It was concerning because even though it’s a 45-year-old car I maintain it carefully. It’s been on nothing but pavement since August of last year. I am under the hood literally every day I have driven it. I had to navigate home on back roads as it was too unstable for the freeway.
I returned to Les Schwab on 19 April and asked for Marcus the manager, I was informed he was out that day and Shane didn’t know when he would be back. He assured me he could help. I expressed my concerns to Shane.
I lifted the hood showed him where the camber shims had fallen from. His response was parts fall off of old cars all the time. There’s no wrench marks on the nuts. (They’re hardened steel!)
I informed Shane I’d be back as he was behaving defensively and becoming aggressive.
I smiled, said good day and began idling away.
Shane spun around, and began to verbally accost me and called me an “a-hole” and a “douche” in front of several other customers in the lot.
I said nothing and left.
My car with the Koni shocks, poly graphite bushings, new steering box, tie rod ends, ball joints, spindle extenders – no longer tracks like a laser guided rocket sled on rails. I went to Commercial tire to have my car aligned. Oddly enough only the righthand camber was out.
Even IF no one took a turn to a wrench, is it part of the “Les Schwab Culture” to insult a customer calling him an a-hole and a douche in front of other members of the community?
The absolute lack of respect Les Schwab presented me with has killed a trust I’ve held for 40 years.


Greg June 1, 2017 at 11:51 pm

On 6/1/2017 I went into one of the local Les Schwab Dealers (Watt Loop) as I had raised the front of my truck by over 3 inches by using Torsion Bar Keys. When there I asked for a Front End Alignment on my 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD. At around 10 am give or take a few minutes I heard someone call my name. I presumed it what the Technician that would have done my alignment. This Mechanic told me that they would be unable to do the work on my truck until I paid them OVER $1000 to rebuild the front end of the truck. His comment to me was “No wonder your tires wore unevenly, because the parts needed were worn out”. I graciously told him “Bulls**t, You have no idea as to how my old tires wore, I had over 78,000 miles on them and the ones on the truck are Brand New. That I felt all he was doing was scamming me to get more money from me”. Had I not been a mechanic and knew that tires that are wearing even did not do that with a front that was worn out. Or I just might have fallen for his SCAM.

I then proceeded to a Different Reputable front end shop and had the Mechanic check all the parts this, I want to be polite so I won’t call them a Jerk, mechanic had said were worn out. The New Mechanic came out and said there were NO again NO worn out parts on my truck.

How can Les Schwab Personnel sleep at night knowing that they are encouraged to SCAM People. This HAS TO STOP. I am going to also send this to Consumer Protection as well. But the Executives in Bend, OR need to reexamine their pro-dual when it comes to selling their services. This sort of salesmanship has to stop. It is not only wrong but Unethical. SHAME ON LES SCHWAB FOR ALLOWING AND ENCOURAGING THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOR.

Greg Schouweiler


Darren March 30, 2017 at 5:52 pm

My 60 month battery died before the warranty was up, so I took the battery to the Les Schwab tire center here in Ponderay Idaho and was informed that they would only honor the warranty if it was purchased at that site. So in other words if someone was traveling through the area and there Les Schwab battery went out on them, then this store will not honor the battery because it was not purchased here. Shame on you. You won’t even honor a Les Schwab battery. My battery was in the truck when I bought it almost 2 years ago. So I took the battery to NAPA auto here in town and bought a new battery that NAPA will honor all over the country at any NAPA store. I will never ever do business with Les Schwab again. Shame on you.


Cevans March 28, 2017 at 3:42 pm

My family has been customers of Les Schwab tires for over 30 years now. We have had a business account with them for a very long time. Today was the final good bye to Les Schwab due to the customer service provided to us this morning in Tooele Utah. Every time my father or I have had to go to them they never have our parts in stock, we do not have odd cars that this should be happening.

On Saturday, I called first thing in the morning to have my brakes replaced. I was told that I could come in and wait for two hours to see if they could get me in, and then they told me that they were having to pull strings to get brakes for my type of car. I immediately drove to another Les Schwab location 45 minutes away and they took care of me completely within 4 hours without having to “Pull strings” for the parts.

This morning my battery was dead on my car and I was already running late to work. I was able to jump my car and get it to the location in Tooele. I specifically told them that I needed to have my battery replaced. They told me it would be 30 minutes and they would get back with me to tell me what options I would have for my battery. I told them that I was running late for work and they assured me they would have me taken care of quickly. Almost 45 minutes went by and they announced they didn’t have my battery. I told them I would just take it into Salt Lake to the Les Schwab there to get it taken care of this last weekend.

Later when I was actually being helped at the second Les Schwab, I called to speak with the manager of the Tooele location. He proceeded to tell me that we had asked to have the battery tested and that was the wait we had . I asked him why they would have me wait to have it tested, which I didn’t ask for, if they didn’t have the battery, I explained to him that his employees needed to listen to people and what they need because I had specifically requested to have the battery replaced because we already knew our battery was dead. The manager responded by saying “what did you say, I didn’t hear you?” totally being a jerk. We will never go back to Les Schwab again after today due to the attitude problem topped with a lot of disrespect for my time and to me as a person.

I hope the store manager is fired for talking to his customers like that A lot of people in Tooele are tired of dealing with them, and have started going to other companies to have the work done on their cars. Unless you have a Ford or a Dodge pick up truck, or are not buying their most expensive wheels, don’t go to Tooele. They can’t seem to help you without “pulling strings” to get your items in stock for you.


Juan Enrique Reyes January 25, 2017 at 7:53 pm

I visited tstore #556 in Los Banos California for he first time to have my tires rotated on my 1996 Chevrolet C&K3500 pickup. i aske dfor my front tires be rotated to the inner rear dually wheels upon completion i headed back to oregon where i am working. my front tire shoed some wear but sill had plenty of tread. all of my tire’s are of the same brand. i had to return to the store to have them rebalace the front wheels as it was not balance correctly the first time. the salesperson (Darr0n D B) mentioned that it was way off. at this I hadn’n really inspected the rear tire until my return to oregon. my brother noticed that the inner dually tires were bald (no tread). so on closer inspection I noticed that the tires that were mounted were not even the same brand of tires i had on my truck they were different all together. I called the store manager to let him know of what happened.Offcorse I was not happy with my finding out that this could even happen. I dont know if it was intentional ar they made a mistake by mounting the wrong tires either way it happened. Mychal the store manager expressed that none of his employees would do something like that. So i said I dont know how it happened but that it did and someone should look in to it. after all why would an employee of Les Schawb even remount a tire that is so bald that it is a safety concern. The tire are not in any condition that they should be on any auto. You would think that they would have mention that to me or brought to the store managers attention. Mychal said he would contact the Hood River Or stor to see if they can swap out the tires of that size with some tread .He said he would get back to me but i havent heard from him. now i feel that im just getting blwon off. we bought a set of tires for my wifes car there aswell. thier customer service is not an issuse but thier integrity is in question. I think they should make this right and look into the matter of why this happened. I can get tires anywhere but thats not the way buisness should be conducted. Please advise……..
Thank You
Juan E Reyes
I am currently located in nHood River Or.


Rob hall January 24, 2017 at 1:43 am

Went to Les Schwab for the first time ever. Was disappointed with the workmanship. They lost a very important bolt that held my break line and abs wires away from tire. And moving parts. In stead of telling me. Or fixing it properly. They just put zip ties everywhere. I found out two days later on my own. When I took it back. They acted like it was my fault. And that I was lying to them. They did fix the problem after I called them out on it. And proved it was there fault. But the part that pissed me off the most. Was that they didn’t even say I’m sorry. All the tech said was ” we were closing and the zip ties should have been fine”. Real life Les Schwab story Clovis ca.


Monica M January 22, 2017 at 9:55 pm

This past Thursday I was in a panic after work because I would be taking a 9 hour round trip over the weekend and there were cracks in the sidewalls of my rear tires. I went to my local Les Schwab in Richland, WA. With less than hour before closing, they quickly got me in, gave me several options for prices which were reasonable, and they quickly changed out my tires in a friendly manner. While on my trip in a very isolated area of Oregon, I ended up off the side of the road and sunk into a snowy, deep soft shoulder. I was stuck. Several stopped to help, but they weren’t able to get me out. I called for a tow and waited over an hour. These two guys in a big, white truck with Idaho license plates stopped to help. They worked at it and were able to get me out before the tow truck came. I wanted to give them some money to say thanks, but they wouldn’t take it. The driver pointed at my tires and said, “I see that you have Les Schwab tires. I work for them. Let’s just call this a free road- side service call.” I was super grateful! Thank you for hiring such kind and helpful people and having quick and friendly service.


Trudy Nix January 18, 2017 at 4:55 pm

I was involved in an auto accident in December 2016 with a Les Schwab employee who stated that he was at fault. The manager at Les Schwab was informed of the accident by the employee and the manager let me know that they would take responsibility for repairs. The manager had me fill out an accident claim form and get repair estimates which totaled $2150.00. I also was told by the manager that a rental car would be provided also while repairs were being completed. Weeks later I received a call from the claims adjuster asking questions about the accident. After the claims adjuster spoke with the Les Schwab employee responsible for the accident he denied fault and the claim was denied. These are lying and dishonest people. I thought this was a respected company but after this incident I would not recommend their products or services to anyone.


D J Hill Oglesbee January 16, 2017 at 11:45 am

Very disappointed…had front end work done at my local store and new tires. Couple days later my engine light pops on a few more days I lose my transmission…the sensor that is behind the front tie rods that they had recently replaced had been broken…and ZIPTIED back together. My mechanic wrote a detailed letter why whomever had worked on the tie rods was directly responsible for the damage to my car…so far the store is trying to deny that someone there damaged the sensor directly leading to my transmission failure. Hoping that Les Schwab will stand up and take responsibility for the damage. Always liked dealing with this company before now…hope this issue can be resolved soon.


Greg June 2, 2017 at 12:05 am

Good luck with that. After reading many of these posts Les Schwab has really changes since Mr. Schwab died. I am getting the opinion that they no longer care about customer service and are only after the Bottom line. How much money can we get into the Employee Profit Sharing.


Tim Johns January 14, 2017 at 2:48 pm

I have a 2009 Ford Escape and brought it to the Les Schwab in Bothell, WA to get new rims. Two days later the TPMS failed on one of the tires so I brought it in and they fixed it. It was fine for four days then it happened again. I brought it in and they told me that I needed to replace two of the sensors and it would cost $200. I never had a problem with those sensors until they replaced the rims and now they wanted $200 for an issue they caused. I’ve been a loyal customer for years but the last two issues I’ve had with my car and brought to them I’ve felt like I’m being screwed for money. Guess I’ll shop around for someone I can trust.


Jennifer Wierschin December 28, 2016 at 10:01 am

I recently needed snow tires for my scion xD. I went to seaside les swab for tires. They informed me that they neither carried a fitting tire for my car, nor were willing to order a tire. So, I was forced to drive a friends van to PDX, pick up tires, and bring my scion to les Schwab for installing. They quoted me $60 for installing, but when finished, I got a bill for $86!!! I’m very unhappy with both the unwillingness to order my tires, as well as the misquote for installing. I was forced to use les Schwab because of proximity, but the service was awful.


John December 23, 2016 at 8:20 pm

Not sure if this is inline with the norm or not but, I went in for a tire rotation, balance and front end alignment. Got a call about an hour later telling me I needed front tie rods. So initial total was $128.42, final total for replacing tie rods = $782.59 (which includes the rotation, balance and alignment) does this seem like the going rate for my 2008 Dodge Truck? Before I spread this all over the internet and facebook…..I would like to get Les Schwab corporates input.


Greg June 2, 2017 at 12:35 am

Sounds excessive to me. A lot depends on if the tires were Les Schwab Brand. Front End Alignment should have been no more that $80.00, Rotation around $48.00 and then the 128.42. Even if rotation/balance were higher still wouldn’t have been the amount you mentioned.


Ed Moore December 14, 2016 at 7:59 pm

Dec 2016, After having my truck in the shop for a variety of repairs and a full systems check the long time and trusted macanic told me the only thing it needed now was a frount end allignment.. As a 30 year loyal costomer of Les schwab I too it to your snohomish store. They then told me that they couldent do the allignment because the ball joints where bad, a tie rod needed to be replaced and the stering box was bad and gave me a quote for over $1400. I decided before i go off to get another opinion. I took it to a seperate shop and had a full frount end inspection done. That shop said there was nothing wrong with it and it was ready to go.
That tells me that ether a) the mecanic at the Snohomish store is totaly incompantant as a mecanic or b) he is lying and cheeting his costomers out of a lot of expensive, unnessessary repairs.
As a buisness owner, if one of my empolyees is cheeting my costomers i would want to know about it. That is why im sending this letter.

As for me, my buisness, and my family. I treat my costomers fair and i expect to be treated fair by others, so we will never again do buisness with les schwab as i dont do buisnesss with liers and cheets.

signed Ed Moore


John December 23, 2016 at 8:32 pm

SOB’s told me the same things here in Kennewick, WA. Funny thing was I had a recall on ball joints / tie rods less than a year ago by Dodge……you have to wonder if Les Schwab isn’t pushing this kind of thing.


Victoria December 12, 2016 at 7:35 pm

I cannot even begin to express how disappointed I am in Les Schwab.
As a long time customer I really have the last few times seen a decline in customer service and after todays visit I will no longer bring my vehicle to Les Schwab nor will I recommend anyone use your services.
I came in the Minnehaha Store to get a low/flat tire looked at and arrived around 11:30 which was my lunch hour. it was not quite busy but the parking lot was full and i could see everyone running around. I was told it could be an hour and I was ok with that as it approached 1pm I asked a young man if he could check on the status of my car and he came back and told me there was two cars ahead of me and should be about 20 mins… as 20 minutes turned in to 2pm an hour later I inquired again and was told by Reed that FLAT tires aren’t a priority, I replied back with well that would have been nice to know when I first got here and i would have come back later but seeing as how I watched 9 other cars pulled in the bays to put on BRAND NEW tires it all made sense to me. They finally got my car in and Reed once again came in to tell me that my car was out of alignment and the tire was rubbing causing it to lose air but they could replace them with two new tires or fix it and I could come back later. SO I opted for I will come back later when I have more time and by the way you guys did my alignment…. when Colton came to give me my keys he told my was outside and that the reason my tire was low is because they found a SCREW in it unlike what Reed had indicated. Whe I asked him where he parked my car he said over there… I asked again where over there and he pointed me in the direction he parked it. He didnt say thank you for coming in or thank you for waiting or we apologize for the inconvenience. SO, it seems as long as Les Schwab is LYING TO YOU or unless you are BUYING a FULL SET of tires your not as important??? I think its time for you to re-examine your customer service ethics! I am really disappointed in how this was handled.


marilyn Higginson December 10, 2016 at 9:06 pm

Well, look at all your negative, revealing comments! Years ago, at this little piece-of-sh*t Mormon outfit in Salem, OR called Big O Tires, a fat little mormon moron whose name I don’t recall, told me there was “play” in my front end. This is when they put it on the rack and wiggle the front wheels. But you know that. My grandmother didn’t fall for this age-old bullsh*t in 1950. I didn’t fall for it at Big O, and I didn’t fall for it TODAY , DEC 10, 2016 AT LES SCHWAB IN MCMINNVILLE. OR.
I have never had a complaint at Les Schwab, until today. It seems that when The Old Man died, you people started crapping on his legacy of honesty and good service.
This wiggling of the tires—being informed of it by the tech who changed my all season tires for my studded snows—put a flag in my eyes. The woman at the desk checking me out said, “We need to schedule you for an appointment for the front end”. Uh uh. This is very important because the tire changer who wiggled your front end (I watched the process and never saw her wiggle anything) says you have a serious problem that has been happening to suckers like you for decades and decades, even your dear old grandmother from the early 50s.” Guess what! I declined to have you people bend me over a barrel and f**k charge me for some bullsh*t, unneeded “repair”.
I have done business with Les Schwab for years. But NEVER AGAIN. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Les Schwab was a reputable company for decades. I never hesitated going there, no matter where I was in Oregon, knowing I would get good, honest service. Today, you shot yourselves in the foot. You have lost a customer, a vindictive, nasty XXXXXX on a mission to close your McMinnville store, publicizing your cheap, dishonest trick where and whenever I can. All of my friends drive and buy tires and all of them will know about you.


jim December 9, 2016 at 2:54 pm

I took my bronco in to the Yelm Les Schwab for an alignment on in June of 2016, All went well but they told me the steering box had a lot of play in it which I was aware of but didn’t think it was that bad but planned on replacing when I could. I’ve been turning wrenches on cars for 40 years so I do kinda know a little bit about how things work on my vehicles. I was finally able time and money to put a steering gear box in a week ago,(December). While I was at it I decided to check the front brakes and when I removed the right front wheel I discovered the upper ball joint had not been tightened up after the alignment, it was so loose that I could spin the alignment bushing around with my fingers. I was able to get nearly two full turns on the nut before it started to get tight. I remember the mechanic telling me he had a hard time getting the socket on the ball joint for some reason. So yesterday I did take it back to them and the manager did comp. me another alignment but stated that it was only because it was not worth his time to argue over if it was there fault or my fault. “Excuse Me !” how was this my fault. YOU did the alignment, YOU told me the play was from the steering box, YOU are supposed to be the professionals. I only used the vehicle when I had to, putting less then 1100 miles, less then 3 tanks of fuel in the 6 months.
I’ve been a Les Schwab customer for over 20 years and I’ve had minor issues here and there, mostly loose lug nuts but I just learned to go behind them and tighten them up myself with a torque wrench, but blaming me for there mistake, no. I think it may be time to take my money to another dealer. Discount tire has always had better prices on there tires anyway.


Eric November 30, 2016 at 4:57 pm

Was going to say the same thing that everyone else is saying how Les Schwab over charges and up sells everything stopping to get snow tires put on claimed they couldn’t put two on came to pick vehicle up and was ignored at the front desk for 5 minutes finally walked around the counter grabbed the key for my car and then obviously I got their attention they followed me out telling me I owed them money after they done nothing but tell me they couldn’t put my tires on


Chris Blessing November 21, 2016 at 1:12 am

I thought that writing this might bring to corporates attention what is happening at the Schwab in Woodland, Wa………. but upon arriving here and reading the comments, they obviously are aware and show no inclination to fix the situation. Sad. ….. the old man built a great business on honesty and integrity and in a short period of time it can all be flushed down the drain. It was a place (be it slightly more expensive) where I could send my wife and know that the problem would be taken care of in a reasonable and expedient manor when I’m on the road…….. however …… this is FAR from fact. Over the past couple years, they have TRIED to take advantage of my kids when they would stop in there with a problem, always trying to sell them several hundred dollars worth of repairs when upon my own inspection, the real problem was something quite different, usually fixed for under 50 bucks.

The final straw this past week was a flat on my wife’s car. …… my 17 year old daughter had it and while in town cut the sidewall. ….. she called me. I was out of town so told her to go the Schwab and get it replaced. I called Schwab and told them she would be in, and to have her sign for the least expensive replacement they had for it.

Fortunately I’ve raised kids that are fairly good at sniffing out BS……. when she got there, they told her that the ONLY tire she could put on it would be $450.

She called me. ……. ONE tire…… $450 !!!!!!!!

Fun facts for you. …… 1) a new factory original tire for a Ferrari costs less……. 2) a tire for a semi truck costs about that much. … but let’s face it. … they are big. ….. 3 ) a pirelli costs about 100 less

My wife called down there and the guy had all kinds of BS reasons why that tire costs so much.

What it comes down to is that they saw a young female driving a nice Mustang and figured daddy will pay. ……. I DON’T THINK SO, HOSS

I outfit MANY vehicles in our family. …… Le’ Slob will NEVER see a dime from us again.


Bryan Meldhal October 25, 2016 at 3:25 pm

I have been a long time customer (10+ yrs) which include brakes, tires, alignment for all my vehicles. It was just recently (10/25/2016) that I may be taking my business elsewhere because of a transaction (purchased tire chains for my 2002 F350) of which I was charged $25.00 to have them shipped from a local dealer(Monroe) to Mukilteo which is approx 15 miles, the salesman informed me that they needed to send a courier (which is understandable) and will be there tomorrow, I just received a phone call informing me they got them today (there was a stock transfer in progress so they added my chains to the order).

Being in the industry of customer service we here try to appease any and all customer request to the best of our ability, charging someone $25 for a set of chains to be transferred 15 miles when they were doing a stock transfer anyway is taking advantage.

I hope this email is received and addressed

Bryan Meldahl


roelin davis September 27, 2016 at 12:46 pm

hello, long time customer, i usually have good things to say about Les Schwab , ive only had a couple bad experiences, one i had a trailer that i had the center in reedsport oregon do a tire swap, they did a amazing job, but the didnt listen to me about one of the lug nuts was half ruined and you had to hand thread it then hand tighten it, so the spun out the socket hole and presented me the lug nut with ” i dont know what happened !” i told them what happened of course. also i had moon hub caps and they didnt get one put back on right and it was lost forever. other than that they been good.
but my real complaint here is just recently in sept 2016 at the center in north bend oregon, i was having a brake inspection done and while i was waiting i was looking at a tire flyer and i ask the two employee what the numbers meant for each tire (example p225/70/r15) i knew that the R meant rim size but not so much the first two specs. now mind you im not trying to single out gender here cuz in this matter it would ANY employee’s Les Schwab 101 orientation, i mean ALL and every employee should know this, i mean you’re a tire store right ??? sure you have other services but you promote tire sales first off. so these two employees are women who handle the sales and billing and take calls, both commercial and walk ins etc. one has worked there 3 YEARS, the other 1.5 YEARS and neither one could tell me what the specs meant, they didnt even have a card at their desks or up at the counter where the cash register is that they could reference, nor did they even try with Les Schwab’s website. i find as a manager’s perspective that this was just totally mind boggling that these employees that sell tires all day long , 6 days a week, that have been employees for 1.5 yr and 3 yrs couldn’t answer that simple question and had to call up 2 other employees from the shop that couldnt answer it and then had to call the manager who finally could explain the specs, took him 1 min, the lady of 1.5 yrs expressed she “was sorry”, but never “i’ll look that up” or “i’ll make sure to know it for the future (which should of been the first week)”. when i then turned to the lady of 3 yrs and asked her she stepped forward and i asked her and she said “i don’t know either” i was pretty pissed off and i said ” how is it that both of you could work here this long and not know this answer ?” and the girl nods her head and says “uh huh” and i said “this IS A TIRE STORE right?” she says ” uh huh” and i said “you do sell tires here right?” she says (nodding her head with every answer) “uh huh” this all being in a condescending manner. i said ” don’t you think its rather ridiculous that both of you have worked here this long and don’t and cannot answer this question which you should know as part of your job and customer service ??? and again the same thing “uh huh (with the head nodding). then to call 3 other employees from the shop while they are in the middle of a rush day to answer that simple Les Schwab 101 question. theres not even a chart anywhere for a customer to see nor a reference card anywhere. this is NO EXCUSE and reflects to some major management issues. and i have to wonder “how many other Les Schwab centers have either untrained employees or employees that do not care about their job skills or their customer service or their managers have not or do not train their employees to answer this question ??” i mean FORGET THE FRIKKIN FREE MEAT AND TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES !!!!


Mark Martinez September 24, 2016 at 11:40 pm

I had a great experience today at the Oroville, CA Les Schwab store. I scraped the under side of my car today while leaving a parking lot, causing the underside air dam to break and come loose. I had an hour drive back to my home and the air dam was scraping the road as I drove.

I was looking for a parts store to buy some zip ties when I happened to find the the tire center. Jacob ran out to my car and asked how he could help me. I explained what I had done and asked if he could zip tie the part back on for me.

Jacob checked with his manager and made the repair. When I asked how much I owed, he replied “there is no charge.”

Thank you Jacob and Les Schwab Tire Center of Oroville CA on Lincoln Street.


Dan Kort August 31, 2016 at 6:13 pm

I have five vehicles and for the past 25 years have bought my tires exclusively at Les Schwab. I have been very satisfied with their level of service until this past year. I needed a tire for my trailer and was told they didn’t have the tire in stock but could get me the tire in four days. No big deal, but I needed the tire sooner than that so went to Gerber Tires one block away and they sold me a better tire for $25 dollars less the same day. My wife needed her front end aligned and when she called for an appointment was told they didn’t make appointments any longer, but to just come in anytime. When she came in she was told it would be a three hour wait time. One week later I was unable to make an appointment to have my tires rotated and when I drove five miles to the store I was told it would be a minimum of two hours. I asked them to save this time for me so I could leave and do other things while I was in town, but was told the vehicle needed to be left at the tire center for them to hold my time slot. My wife and I are both self employed so any time away from the office is money lost. I’ve never had such poor service and I wonder what has changed in the Les Schwab company. I will no longer be buying my tires at Les Schwab.


Angela Dorn August 26, 2016 at 8:53 pm

Doing the right thing since 1952? First 2 years ago we took our car to the Marysville location for a brake inspection. We were told the rotors were warped. We asked how much it would cost to turn them and they said they could not because they were way under the state minimum thickness. So I took the vehicle home and bought the rotors and pads to do them myself. upon inspecting the rotors compared to the new ones, I found the thickness to be the exact same. I took the rotors into 2 diffrent Autozones and they both measured the rotors and found them to be well within guidelines and no variation in thickness anywhere on the rotor. so I returned the rotors and replaced the pads myself. Second, last week our son took his car into the Everett location for a brake inspection. They told him that the pads were almost gone and the rotors needed to be replaced due to heat spotting. They said the repairs would cost $520. Today, he took the vehicle to the honda dealer for an oil change. They did a full inspection of the car and said everything looked great except the air filter needed to be changed. He asked about the brakes and explained what was said from your shop. They said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the brake at all. So my son was confused and didn’t know what to do so he took the car to Goodyear to get another opinion. Goodyear also came back and said there is absolutely nothing wrong with the brakes. I highly doubt that 2 major car care places are going to put themselves in a bad position to tell him there is nothing wrong if there actually was, because if he got into an accident and there was, they would be legally liable. As for the $520. $256.75 was for pads and labor. $105.75 for labor and $151 for pads? Where the hell are you getting the pads from? Autozone carries them for $22 and $58 for high performance pads. High performance for a minivan? Still $100 more. Fine, you say you only use O.E.M. replacement parts from the manufacturer. (by the way, Les Schwab has a corperate account with autozone and O’riely). OK, the dealership carries the pads for $62. and that is without your discount. As for the rotors, $218.56 for the pair. Again $82 for the pair from Autozone and $126 from the dealer. So really you are charging $105 for labor and over charging $300 for parts.Nice. A $400 profit from a simple brake job that takes an hour to do, that never needed to be done, from a 17 year old that you believed would be niave enough to cough up a bunch of money for a lie. Real nice of you to do the “RIGHT THING”


Weirick August 11, 2016 at 10:20 pm

I have never delta with Less Schwab tires. Got a flat tire on the left front. McCall, Idaho not only fixed the left front but found a second leak. In and out in less than 45 minutes. AND, NO CHARGE ! I didn’t think that was fair and wanted to pay for their services. They said absolutely not, and would not accept any money. Where do you hear of that in today’s world. THANK YOU LES SCHWAB TIRES.
R. Weirick


Ken August 8, 2016 at 6:37 pm

Sitting in Les Schwab for the second time today. Trying to get my car fixed apparently I have a tire that separated they replaced the tire for $90 bucks not really free even though the tire was probably defective from the beginning. I don’t know why they didn’t check the balance when they replaced the tire now I’m back and I was supposed to be in the front of the line and my car has not moved for 15 minutes. Most likely the front end is out of alignment, but they won’t check it because they would have to align it for free and they won’t do that. So much for customer service. Steering wheel is moving when driven so it probably out of alignment. When you are wrong you should at least admit it and try to fix the problem, seeing that four tires cost me nearly $1000 when I bought them. So much for Les Schwab integrity. Pure Crap, you know horse sh*t!


Dan August 8, 2016 at 2:43 pm

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this in hopes of change to a customer service experience that is, in my opinion, substandard in comparison to other Less Schuab branches. I have been a customer to this company for up to 20 years living in Eureka CA, Medford OR, and Roseburg OR. Commonly at these branches, it is customary to be greeted by by staff when one pulls up and the service experience is quite prompt. Having moved back to CA and living in Santa Rosa, I have tried 5 times to get my tires rotated at both Santa Rosa locations and Windsor. Forget that nobody greets me outside upon arrival, but to be told it will be 1.5 – 2 hours wait for a rotation that should take 10 – 15 minutes seems excessive. Especially since I don’t have people to pick me up and leave my vehicle. Regardless if I come in at 8am or not the wait is the same. This forced me to take time off work for a simple procedure. I don’t know if the company has a different philosophy in this area, management chooses to not hire enough staff, or other, but my experience makes me question my future association with this company if I can’t get simple service in a timely matter.

Thank you,



Dan Bergeron August 3, 2016 at 11:06 pm

Les Schwab needs to get a new supplier for their batteries. I just had to replace a battery that was less than three years old. Which was a replacement for one that went bad in less than three years. Can’t be a coincidence. Disheartening when you’re 200 miles from home on a Sunday and you can’t shut off your engine because you’d need a jump to get going again.
I’ve never had problems with tires or their service. Actually got great deals on their mistakes with chains and price quotes on tires.


wrgatrel August 3, 2016 at 10:49 pm

After buying new tires today at the South Medford Location. I noticed a dent in my front rim that I hadn’t seen previously. I talked with staff and then ended up talking with the store manager (Trent) who took the time to fix the dent in the rim personally. It appears that the damage was probably caused while I drove, yet the manager chose to fix it for me whether it was my fault or theirs. He also personally took the time to do all the work himself. Thanks Trent and Les Schwabb. WRGatrel


Kerry Baldwin July 26, 2016 at 12:13 pm

So I pay over $1500 to get the front end on my Dodge 2500 rebuilt at Les Schwab in Brookings. Go back 3 times to tell them there is something loose.

Nothing loose they say. Today,6000 miles later,the $338 track bar is worn out….in 6000 miles. No warranty because we told you nothing was wrong for a year.

The guy actually said to me “I guess they don’t make them like they used to” when I pointed out the one they replaced lasted 148,000 miles.


Fred Stanwood July 25, 2016 at 2:23 pm

STopped into your Lincoln City location with a very low rear tire on July 23rd. Arrived at 10:50am. Young man at service counter told me it would be about 45mins to fix the flat. We went for a walk and did some shopping and returned at 12 noon. Waited in waiting area for 15 more minutes. My truck was still sitting in the bay with the low tire. We had an appointment so had them put air in my tire and we left at 12:15. Never had this happen at a Les Schwab. My complaint is that they were very understaffed. When we arrived there were 2 other vehicles being worked on. When we returned there were 6 vehicles in bays so I see I was dropped to the bottom of the list for the people buying tires! Not good service!
Fred Stanwood


Dot Naten July 16, 2016 at 10:42 pm

Once again, I am writing about the disappointment in your Woodland, WA store. My husband went in there today 7/1/6/16, to have a low tire checked. Turned out he needed two new front tires, plus front end alignment. Well, of course he had to wait for an alignment slot to “open”. He went inside to the “customer waiting area”, got some popcorn, sat down to watch the TV “that the store HAD ON” ….young lady at the counter (that still needs customer service training), came over and turned the TV off. My husband found the remote and turned it on again. She came over and turned it off again and told him she could not hear on the phone with the TV on……………REALLY!!!!!! Maybe she could get headset or learn to ‘multi-task”. When my husband checked out….he asked the young man that checked him out….what the young lady’s name was…….and said he was going to file a complaint…..because her attitude has always been negative every time he has come into that store. The young man followed my husband outside to “talk to him”….my husband just said……if it is an inconvenience to that young lady…..to have customers watch TV….take the TV out or move her to where she can hear the phone….get her a headset …. or replace her. After the last time he had to go to CA and stopped by there……….they could not get the tires on our car in 20-25 minutes, he would “have to come by the next morning” ….. that was our “Ahhhhh Haaaaa Les Schwab moment….that we did not share on TV . I have NO idea why he went back to that store…..he told the young man they would not see him again……………..we have been customers for over 30 years …customer service must have gone by the way of other younger people, not “respecting” others. Really…………………turn the TV off….. might as well remove the popcorn and coffee too…..we can just stand outside and wait on our vehicle….not to cause any “hardship” on the young lady at the counter. We are only one customer…..to that store……if others are treated like that………………….that store will close…..it is as close for us to go into Vancouver, as it is into Woodland, WA Really, what is going on????


Mary Swenson July 11, 2016 at 7:51 pm

July 11, 2016

Dear Les Schwab Corporate,

I am not one to complain.

However, when the overall service, including: lack of product availability, wait time, final product, and disappointing final car examination is a total disaster, I am obligated to make your company know and other potential customers aware.

I am starting with you, before I post this letter on the website of the Shelton, Washington, Les Schwab Tire Center.

My sister-in- law and I had left their home in Allyn, Washington, with our combined 5 grand children, headed for the Children’s Museum in Olympia. About 15 miles out of Shelton, I got a flat tire, called AAA, and got my small spare put on. The tow truck company suggested I get it fixed at the closest place, which happen to be Les Schwab in Shelton. He was pretty sure it could be repaired, as it was not apparent that the damage was on the sidewall of the tire. He found a small spot he thought was where the small puncture was and marked it with a pen. My sister-in- law had her husband come, reload all children and car seats into her car, while I planned to drive to Les Schwab, get the tire fixed (after all, the commercials report what quick and courteous service you provide!).

When I arrived at Les Schwab, UNLIKE the advertisement where the service men greet you at your car and take immediate care of you, I entered the store where only one other customer was waiting. The woman at her desk said they would fix it within 45 minutes. After an hour, and now busy waiting area, a service man whose name was Cory told me the tire was repairable, and showed me a huge unrecognizable “bolt” of some kind that they SUPPOSEDLY pulled from the tire. My only option was to buy another tire, but they had no other tire like my Michelins. I had only ONE choice – a very expensive ($179.99) 235/6OR-17 102H Ultra Z-900 ALL SEASONS BW. He said this was the ONLY tire he had in stock that would fix my van. Quite a surprise, considering I was at a large tire shop! He also did not recommend that I drive on my spare to Olympia. So really, I had no other choice, but to give him the go-ahead. Cory said they would get right on it, and it would be ready shortly.

FORTY-FIVE minutes later:
Knowing my grand children and sister-in-law were waiting for me, I went to the counter and asked another service man about my van, and he referred me to Cory. Cory, obviously, surprised that it was not ready, said that they would get it fixed right away! I watched as he RAN to the back room, and pushed the tire out to the area in which my van was. They had not even started it! About 20 minutes later, they called me up, charged me way too much money for one tire and sent me on my way.

When I got in my van, totally frustrated, my “low pressure” light came on for the OTHER rear tire – they had not even checked the tire pressure on all my tires before sending me on my way! Really?! At a tire store?! A very highly reputable (supposedly!) tire store?!

I called the store from my car just to tell them about the warning light and vent my displeasure! Cory said he would connect me to their assistant manager, then returned to the phone, and said the assistant manager was unavailable, but he would go out and tell the service people to be sure to check all tires pressure!

Long story short:
NOT welcoming service, NOT attentive to time quoted,
NOT appropriate stock (or NOT truthful to a woman, in an emergency situation, about their stock),
NOT organized enough to keep track of which vehicles should be serviced, and finally,
NOT any indication of appropriate final safety check of all the vehicles tires before leaving the store!

Attached is a copy of my receipt, and picture of the bolt, so that you have proof of my long and last visit to Les Schwab of Shelton, Washington.


Mary Joyce Swenson
Auburn, WA 98001

PS I finally made it to the Children’s Museum – just about time for us all to leave. An unforgettable day for my visiting family and myself, for sure!
PSS Please respond asap


Trisha July 9, 2016 at 5:06 pm

As one of your regular customers for over 10 years, I am writing to tell you about my terrible disappointment in your service. I purchased new tires a few years ago with a 40K mileage warranty. I recently had them in at your store in Missoula to get rotated, and was told I needed new tires. My tires only have 15K miles on them!! I was told that there was no records of having them serviced at the store and therefore my warranty didn’t matter. The unprofessional service rep (with a nasty, huge chew in his mouth) then asked if I just wanted to buy new tires today and informed me they were in stock! I informed him I was not prepared to pay another $700 for new tires and that I would look in my service records to prove they were being checked and rotated. So I later got home and found service records of the tires being checked, balanced and rotated on a regular basis. My husband returned to the store and informed the service rep that we were having the tires monitored, they had been rotated and balanced, it was just at a different tire store. The rep then stated that something was probably out of alignment and there was wear on the tires and that the warranty wouldn’t cover anything. He also said that’s why we recommend only having them checked at les schwab. Then asked my husband if we would like to purchase new tires today. Talk about scandalous, I don’t know why you even pretend to offer a warranty. So, today we took it to a new tire shop. The rep said we have at least 10k miles left on them and there is absolutely no reason to buy new tires. He said the wear is most likely not an alignment issue, but can be caused by simply turning the car. He said save your money, you do not need new tires yet. Wow, how disturbingly shocking to hear!! I feel completely raked over the coals and am saddened that your techs are trying to scam people out of their money. Your warranty was the one reason why we have always purchased through your company, and it is completely WORTHLESS.


Morgan& Kevin wade July 8, 2016 at 6:18 pm

To whom is may concern:

I am writting this letter with such disappointment in the Les Schwab company.
My husband and I have both been customers of Les Schwab for over 5 years together and both previously before that.
In the last 5 years alone we have purchased 4 sets of truck tires and wheels and have paid off every account we have had in timely manner spending over $10k+

We have been been to many different locations but often travel to Poulsbo WA store, or the West Bremerton WA store location as we have dealt with these locations in the past.

We have had nothing but trouble with these Les Schwab companies and it is such a burden for us to have to bring our vehicles in anymore.

We purchased a brand new 2016 Toyota 4 runner one month ago, and brought it in to the West Bremerton les Schwab to get a lift, wheels and tires put on it. Spending over $3k
When the 4 runner left it was pulling to the right..
We took it into the Poulsbo location because we live in Poulsbo so it was convenient to just stop in.
They stated it wasn’t alignment related, so we opted to go back to the West Bremerton location who originally put everything on.
They decided to Re-balance and mount the tires as they were off by a good margin they stated… We left with it still pulling right as they could not fit us into the schedule for an alignment.
We then came back a few days later for the alignment appointment.
Myself and 3 year old son waited 2 hours from 4-6pm until closing for my 4Runner to be done.
The gal brought it out once after “realigning” it but as she drove out my car was now grabbing the mud flaps as it NEVER did before.
So she said the “camber” needed to be re-adjusted and that she would have a second person help her to get it done quicker as they were close to closing.
They immediately closed the bay’s at 6pm on the dot for closing with my car still not being finished.
Then it came out and i could see the tech shaking her head, getting out and apologizing for how bad my car now was and that it was so much worse that before..she stated the guy helping was saying it was pulling left which it never was, we came in with a complaint of it pulling right, so he adjusted how he wanted..
My car now at this point with its wheels completely straight my steering wheel was turned almost all the way left.
I was expected to get in my car with my 3 year old and drive all the way back to Poulsbo with it in this condition, to have to bring it back in the morning to have it worked on even more. Driving home feeling nothing but unsafe in my own brand new car.
At this point I called my husband and was just balling because this is my brand new car and now it was so messed up I could barely get down the highway home.

My husband brought it back the next morning all the way back to Bremerton to have it started from scratch and finally aligned with no pulling. How it should have been the
First time before it ever left the location.

It took us driving to Bremerton 4 different times to get my brand new car where it should have been from day one.
Lack of communication between workers, lack of knowledge on the basic things they are expected to perform left us not wanting to deal with les Schwab again.

Now after this we went home, switched cars and got into my husband 2007 dodge 2500 and went into the Poulsbo location to have his tires rotated.
We leave the store after an hour and half wait and go about 3 miles up to the local Walmart parking lot to grab our son some fireworks and my husband hears a noise rattling in his wheels.
We pull over to see the entire center cap is spinning around my one screw and 3 were missing.
He has 20″ Fuel wheels which have simulated and actual screws to hold it on. The tech tightened every single simulated screw snapping them all off. And didn’t tighten any of the actual ones holding the cap on.

We have had the worst experiences with Les Schwab now which is such a disappointment because we have always used this company for all our tire & such needs.

Morgan and Kevin Wade

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Brittany Walker July 1, 2016 at 7:50 pm

I was told by Federal Way, WA Les Schwab that I needed to replace my right front bearing and get an alignment. I took the quote into the Seattle, WA location on 4th. I CALLED them beforehand and they said to come in. They said they could do it today. After 2 hours of waiting they finally told me hey didn’t have the part and had to order it when I came in. Flash foward to 3 hours of waiting and they finally have the part on, but another car (someine who came AFTER me) was on the alignment rack and they were having trouble getting it done. Apparrently I have to wait until they are done before I can even begin to have the alignment done. Wth kind of service is this? I will have been here over 4 hours by the time they finish it isn’t like this location is close to anything either! If they had simply told me they didn’t have the part I would have come back another day. This is ridiculous.i will not be using this location ever again.


Joe June 27, 2016 at 9:54 am

Recently I drove to Salt lake City from my home in Olympia Wa. to purchase and pull a pontoon boat back home to Olympia, 840 miles. I found myself in salt lake at 3pm and had just a couple hours to satisfy myself that all wheel bearing were up to making the long trip and had to leave at 4am the following morning. Being a devoted happy Les Schwab customer I found the local Les tire store in Salt lake (Taylorsville ) and arrived with only two and half hours before the store closing time.

Just like here at home in Olympia, the crew a Les Schwab were outstanding. Specifically David Gonzales, Spencer Ewell, and Chatona Manilla were very helpful and I was able to purchase a spare tire and get my bearings taken care of by end of that work day at that store…..and they were busy !

I have never had a bad experience at Les Schwab, at home or on the road. My big thanks and hearty compliments to these fine employees in Salt Lake.



E. McEvoy June 16, 2016 at 4:52 pm

To all concerned;

I had a quote from the les Schwab store in Washington State, and was questioning the practice of quotes with almost know understanding of why? Next, I called the Les Schwab Head Quarters in Bed, OR. The individual I spoke to wouldn’t provide his last name which is suspect to potential fraud, or to hide something. Otherwise he should be forthcoming. Furthermore, he became argumentative when asked reasonable straight forward questions, yet after I said that it appears I will have to report my findings to the Washington State Attorneys Generals office of Consumer affairs the Customer Service contact Mr. Derik(no last name provided) was starting to get condescending when I asked for any suggestions to resolve, and his only response was. You don’t allow me to talk, and I responded you appear to be this generation of folks who need sugar added to conversation, and I’m sorry for your sensitivity, and lack of ability to find any reasonable resolution. This concerned me, and I feel I must report such apparent bullying of customers into being forced to buy addition parts and service not needed. This is less than honest in my experience and opinion.
Sincerely, U.S.ARMY Disabled Veteran (very Concerned with Les Schwab’s business policies and customer treatment.


Akhil Vallabhaneni June 11, 2016 at 4:48 pm

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Dr. Vallabhaneni. I am a physician working for Providence Medical Center in Medford Oregon. I am writing this letter as a very frustrated customer due to one of your employee’s incompetence & behavioral indifference.

I have been a loyal customer at the same location for 5 years. About a month ago I took my Infinity QX56 to this location for primary problem of slow air leak from front passenger tire. Initially I was told that it could be stem problem. Few minutes later I was told that my tires are worn & could be the problem so had to replace all my tires. An hour later I was told that the rims were rusted & could be the source of air leak, so had to replace all my rims. Total for all these replacements exceeded $2500.

Today, I noticed that the primary problem still exists. So visited the same location & spoke with James, who was the same person responsible to take my order a month ago. I believe he is 3rd “in command” at this location. James did not give me an explanation for continuing primary problem. He did acknowledge that the same old stem thought to be causing the primary problem was used & could be the problem. He said there was nothing he could do for me today as there were 12 customers ahead of me & offered to fill my tire with air & let me go. There were no superiors I could talk to as they were out of town leaving James in command.
I am not sure if you can help me in any way but I do want to let you my severe frustration with James & his lack of customer service & supervisor skills as he was directly responsible for his team who worked on my SUV that day.
Location of incident: Les Schwab Tire Center, 500 Matt Loop, Medford, OR 97501


Akhil Vallabhaneni, MD
Medford, Oregon
Ph: 717 668 XXXXX
Email: drakhilv at gmail.com


Phil Hobson May 31, 2016 at 6:53 pm

Dear Sir,

On May 31, 2016, I took my van in to have it serviced at the Salem, Oregon location. They told me that it would take 2 to 3 hours to check out the van. I was having my van checked because it was making noises on the passenger side front. I had my tires rotated approx. 3-4 weeks ago, one week later I was back in because 2 studs on the driver side front had broken. They replaced all 5 and I went home. 2 weeks later I am back with noise on the passenger side.

I went back after 3 hours today, I needed to get home to take my medication, they had not even gotten to checking it yet. They had written 3pm as an appoint time on the sheet and that is what they were going by. Even though I saw people come and go in that three hour time, I was waiting as I am unable to go anywhere due to a disability that requires I use a scooter to get around. I also notices that the females were quick to receive help. When I spoke to the manager he was unhelpful, in fact when I said I was going to complain to headquarters they just laughed in my face.

I find this behavior appalling, not only as a regular customer who has an account (under the name Catherine Hobson), but as a veteran as well. My veteran status was very plain to tell, from the hat on my head to the sticker on my scooter. I hope this is not indicative of how you treat veterans. I would hate to have to take my complaint to the newspapers.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope to here from you on this matter.

Philip Hobson


larry mobley May 21, 2016 at 12:54 pm

I was in the woodland, wa location today. I was there just to get a tire rotation on 4 tires less than 1 year old. I bought these tires for over 250$ per tire for my charger. AFter more than an hour wait they finally pull my car in. without even taking off a single tire come and get me and tell me the tires are too worn and I would need to buy 4 new tires. I look at the tires and say that crazy look at them.. they look nearly brand new.. there is no core showing.. there is slight war on the outer edge but its very slight. They are like 90% brand new still. I ask for a manager.. and this kid comes out and says ” oh yea these tirtes are 100% shot all 4 of them” I toild him to stop trying to sell me tires and to please just rotate them as I asked. He outright refused said I has 2 choices to either buy tires our get out of the store. This is absolute insanity.. I said Fine.. I will leave and I will never come to one of these stores EVER again.. They pull the car out front.. I am waiting.. instead of handing me the keys he throws them at my feet on the ground and walks away.. the absolute worst experience I have ever had in ANY store much less a tire store. You will never get my business again and i will make sure everyone in the public knows about it.


Vern May 11, 2016 at 1:50 am

Ok, first off i been going to les schwab for 16 yrs from Washinton, Oregon, Nevada, i recently took my car in for tire rotation and an hour later they they pulled my car out front and handed my keys to me then told me that they could not rotate my tires, they said i needed a tie rod done and 4 new tires no paper work no quote, i said ok why did you not tell me in the waiting room ? would have got the work done. Took it to Big O tires and they said yes you need the tie rod and highly recommended to get a front aliment and only need towo tires and now i have an appointment with Big O, les schwab did not want my businesses so from now on it’s Big O


don kalashian May 9, 2016 at 8:21 pm

slippery lying thieves, replacing unnecessary parts and when I contact the corporate offices they are even more slippery and blame it on it being a franchise and they have nothing to do with keeping les schwabs good name intact, then I called him o that then he blames the parts supplier, they had to weld a bolt to the frame and didn’t charge me, they charged me 242 dollars for a part that’s not broken bent or even cracked, the bolt that hold the alignment bar which holds the control arm broke loose on the rough road I travel daily to work, they didn’t mention the welding until I did as I watched the mechanic do it. then they had to admit the welding, I caught him in one lie after another, so they see a guy from out of town and give him the once over, hmm yelp here I come and the BBB here I come and facebook here I come


Rob Vevers May 6, 2016 at 7:20 pm

I am writing you regarding the service at the Les Schwab in Toledo, Oregon. I have been going to this particular tire center since they opened, and have come to rely on them for many things. It is such a professional, comfortable, and dependable establishment. When I have any vehicle or equipment needs…..even if it is something not generally thought of as “in their scope”, I always stop here first. If it is something they take care of, I want it done here. I own and operate a small business. On multiple occasions, they have solved issues for me, that keep us working. Tractor tires, mower wheels, breaks, vehicles that wont start, etc. They check out my wife’s van, and make sure we are safe, before a trip.
I have seen the commercials, where people tell their Les Schwab story. I wouldn’t really know where to start……the time my tractor had a flat. they had us up and running in 15 minutes or less.It was the difference between completing our project that day or not. The countless times they have fixed our commercial mower wheels. The time they sent the service truck to my house, to try and get my daughter’s car started. Note, that all these things were no charge!
While I have never had a bad experience at any Les Schwab; The Alan Brown Tire Center in Toledo Oregon, is by far the best! From the front desk personnel, to the owner, this place is a model for any business to study. Seriously! This is THE LES SCHWAB TIRE CENTER that any other tire center should study for success.

Rob Vevers


Dale B. Hall May 4, 2016 at 2:33 pm

I just visited your store at 52 Division Ave. in Eugene to have a screw pulled out of a tire on my vehicle. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone at that store for the outstanding customer service I received. The store was spotlessly clean and everyone stopped what they were doing to address me and make sure I was taken care of. Les Schwab is what America used to be. Good, honest, hard working people representing a company that they are proud of. I cannot say enough of how pleased I am with Les Schwab and all the people at the Division Ave. Store. Thank you.


Scott April 28, 2016 at 1:34 am

My vehicle was damaged at the less Schwab at Fairfield California I have all the evidence and the quotes from the body shop like asked. The two body shops I brought it to said they see accidental damage routinely like that from repair shops from mechanics accidentally getting into the vehicle a sharp objects in their pocket. Cheryl R. Fugate In the claims department was the rudest person I have ever met I maintain professionalism the whole time and still do. After the incident occurred with the damage to my vehicle I still spent over $700 bringing my car to your shops to be worked on because I truly believed you guys would do what was right, like your TV commercial say you do. Well basically Cheryl R. Fugate called me a liar and said she had the same make, model as my vehicle and the paint was chipping in the same spot imagine that she has a two-door 2 wheel drive lowered Chevy Tahoe the rarest SUV General Motors ever manufactured and she has exact same one as mine and it’s lowered the same and the chips are in the same spot wow!!! She then laughed at me when I said I was turning it into my insurance company she said I’ll deny them to. None of this is a lie I have all the supporting emails and voicemails if one of the three executives would like to listen. And the invoices?? I went to your stores nine times in 10 months for two different jobs….repeated warranty work but still I stayed loyal to you. Mr. Casey Delp in customer service sounded great telling me he was going to get to the bottom of it and help me, hey Casey it’s been two weeks you don’t return emails or voicemails. Like I said I have the next 6 months off of work and it’s great weather here in California myself and a couple friends are going to make signs explaining how I was treated and the damage to my vehicle and your claims dept. calling me a liar. I plan to picket your shop all summer long. I’m not asking for anything special I just want my vehicle fixed and an apology. $2100 is a lot less than your lawyers charge for appearing in small claims court.


MR.ED April 8, 2016 at 3:18 am



Terry Chancey 405 808 6833 March 25, 2016 at 5:41 pm

Discusted at service. Really I am. Les scwab dented my Chrysler 300 srt.
And is now playing a game with my cat my life and my money. I had some repairs done not once not twice but by four different Les Schwab’s to touch my car not one of them figured out my issue I had a bent caliber bolt which cause me when I got back home to replace my entire braking system again and yet so here I am out thousands of dollars and a dent on a vehicle and less Schwab has shown no integrity thus far and it’s very concerning I want to service company and never would I allow a customer to be treated as tasteless as they are treating me wanted everyone to know wanted to scream it from the mountain tops this is just the beginning of a bad review and less I am taking care of this is wrong very wrong and needs to be rectified immediately I would love for the CEO to call me back or something to that effect because I am appalled at the disgusting treatment from employees towards their customer Need help. And don’t know what to do.


Louise February 13, 2016 at 3:38 am

To Dick Borgman and in particular to Ferndale, WA Les Schwab:
First off, I must say I have always been very happy with the service provided by my local Les Schwab dealership (Ellensburg). They always go above and beyond. This is not about your car service.

I am deeply disappointed and disturbed that Ferndale Les Schwab has decided to sponsor an event on Saturday that makes me question the values on which the company prides itself. Please consider pulling your support from the Ferndale High School’s fundraising event, so called “donkey basketball”. This is a barbaric form of “entertainment” that has no place as a school fundraiser. As a community leader you should NOT be teaching kids that it’s funny to watch a terrified animal struggle and suffer. Please do the right thing, set a really good example and refuse to support this blatant form of animal cruelty and promote a regular, cruelty-free fundraiser.

From a concerned citizen, thanks for listening,
Louise Smart


Kelly February 16, 2016 at 4:03 pm

Get a life!! What…are you now going to say that kids riding horses at 4-H events are cruel?? How about rodeo’s?? When will you crazy people stop. Maybe we should just all be placed in our separate little bubbles and sit quietly doing nothing by staring off into space. That should satisfy you, right?


Russell January 31, 2016 at 12:16 pm

You have stolen my car i am beyond angry ive spent over 1200 dollars here in the last year but i can not get ahold of anyone this sunday and i am livid. Call me!!! 719 963 XXXXx or else this is the last tire i buy from you period.


Dan Wlodarczyk January 28, 2016 at 9:00 am

Unfortunately I am writing you today due to poor workmanship. I have my 2014 GMC lowered by your store in Rocklin, CA. First problem occurred shortly after where the ABS Sensor wire was improperly routed and was crushed causing the ABS light to activate. Again i find that due to the improper routing of brake lines on the opposite side of the rear axle the brake line was crushed causing excessive heat to the right rear brake assembly. Additionally a number of other problems were discovered. I have a number of photographs I would like to share with you showing the damage. i would like to be reimbursed for the incurred damages which total $1629.60. I have always chosen Les Schwab for my tires and service needs. I normally shop at your Tracy, Ca store where i have had excellent service..
Please feel free to contact me at any time in this matter. Phone # 209-832-XXXXX.

Thank you for your assistance,
Dan Wlodarczyk


Guy January 25, 2016 at 12:23 pm

How many times do we have to listen about a damn kitten or Carnival rides , are these the only good things you have done and do you not have enough money to make a new commercial


Alan January 17, 2016 at 4:34 pm

I am greatly disappointed in my experiences at your Washougal Washington location. I have been a loyal Les Schwab customer for 17 years. I have visited various locations all over the states and never have I experienced something as atrocious as this. You have drunk employees working at you Washougal location! I have been in to this location 2 times and in BOTH experiences your front desk employee (Deb) wreaked of alcohol and was slurring her words. How is it no one has noticed this? It was completely obvious! If you allow this in your front line workers, I can only imagine what’s going on in the back!


Scott Davenport January 4, 2016 at 1:36 pm

My family has been going to Les schwab as long as I can remember. This is what made me so mad at the Les Schwab in Provo Utah I go in to do an alignment for my wife’s car and they told me that the bearings and inner tie rod is going bad. So I got the parts and changed the wheel bearing that desperately needed to be changed I had 3 Mechanics look at them 1 of the Mechanics has been working the The Diesel for 30 years the other is dose safety for a living and the fine one has worked for GM deals. they all agree that there was nothing wrong with my wife inner tie rods. So My wife took her car back in to Les Schwab and they still said the inner tie rod was bad with a 1/4th of play. Then I had them call me and proceeded to argue with me over the phone saying that its too much play and it will void the warranty on the tires I under stand that but If it was unsafe he should have said get it out of the shop and bring it back when its fixed. I would like to know why that Technician was arguing with me after I told him I had two ASE certified Mechanics look at the inner tie rods? I was always told never Argue with the costumer they are always right. Because of this instance I am concerting not ever going back to Les Schwab.


Glenn Johnson December 19, 2015 at 12:40 pm

Say what you want about Les Schwabs. For me, they ROCK! At the last minute, they agreed to send out a truck to jump me and stay open past 6 to get a new battery installed in my car. I didn’t know there was a Les Schwab that was actually closer to me in Sisters,OR, because the only ones showing up in search were in the Bend location. They tried explaining to me over the phone, but due to my hearing loss, I wasn’t able to comprehend what they were saying. They came anyway, helped me, and didn’t charge me for the service call. Handed me my keys with a smile and wished me a Merry Christmas! Les Schwabs on Hunnell Rd in Bend, you guys are awesome!


mike December 16, 2015 at 2:40 pm

Elko les schwab assistant manager stole from home Depot in the service truck and still works there. His son also works at same store and that’d against company policy. Not sure how that’s possible for wither without getting fired. Just shows you how this company is. Be aware.


Dave December 4, 2015 at 9:57 am

only complaint ihave about les schwab tire centers is i have gone to the turlock calif store 3 times to pay money to get new shocks and brakes they checked the brakes and showed me they were new , this is on a old 1973 lincoln,(bought it a few months ago) well they said you dont need brakes, so i didnt get to buy them then i went there to get new shocks, lol they showed me that the shocks on the old car were almost new and was nothing wrong with them,they were right, and? they didnt charge me to check the car over, i mean i was ready to buy new brakes and shocks, lol but they said you will need tires sometime,, very strange company, totaly honest, i then took my car to a tire shop that i used to go to, they said i needed new brakes and new shocks, 900 dollars , go figure, my old tire shop said my car was unsafe to drive i left that shop never ever to return, the people at the turlock location are great people,what got me was they showed me that the car was in good shape, you do not get that type of service from the major tire shops,


Marc December 2, 2015 at 12:20 pm

13 months ago I took my truck to Les Schwab (Willits, CA) to get a brake job done and they told me I needed new calipers so I ended up paying around a thousand dollars for new breaks and new front calipers.

Last week my front breaks started making noise so I went back to Les Schwab to have them checked and I was told that I needed new front breaks and new calipers. I told them that I had new calipers put on around a year ago and they told me that they always replace calipers with every break job. In my experience this seems excessive.

New calipers with every break job? I can’t afford to spend almost a thousand dollars every time I need a break job.

I took my 1996 Chevy to the local Chevy dealership and they told me that the calipers on my truck were the Chevy originals that came with the truck and that all calipers for this vehicle have been after market for the last 12 years.

Some business people have no idea how fragile and important trust is.


rick harmon November 20, 2015 at 10:56 pm

Les Schwab in Battle Ground Wa is the worst. Jeff the manager has disappointed me on several occasions, but for some reason I keep on returning. I have lived on Clark County WA. my entire life and have used Les Schwab since I first owned a car 34 years ago. I have always loved them, but Jeff, the manager is a pompous ass and needs to be fired. I have used Les Schwab in Battle Ground for 13 years and have been let down at least 3 times. Jeff “helped” me with my tractor tires, he sat on his personal phone while checking me in and screwed up the order and only entered in 1/2 if the work order so I had to return another day, then I took the tires back and the tires did not hold air.
Then Jeff sold me on a set of rims for my snow tires and not only was he still his pompous ass of a personality, the order was screwed up again and I had to make 2 trips to get it right. Lastly I just put new struts on my car and they did not put new boots on the struts, there were holes in the boots that where 17 years old, I spent 1200 dollars and they did not put boots on the struts to protect them?? I asked to Jeff, why?? he said he would fix it if I paid for the boots and the labor, he wanted me to pay to remove the struts just to put new protective boot on the brand new struts I just bought! Les Schwab warranties the struts so I said “yah right” I will return in 2 years and you can replace the whole damn thing, in addition the struts make a horrible noise and they will not fix it, the guy took it on a test drive WITHOUT ME IN THE CAR, and said I don’t hear anything, yeah right. If it was not for the fact that I have both summer and winter tires for my car from this company I would never return.


anthony s. davis October 27, 2015 at 12:32 am

most companies will rob their customers for 1$ and say sorry there is nothing i can do. i almost cried at the customer service les swab showed me. they made a simple mistake every tire store makes. i have worked at a tire store and have made the exact same mistake. david at les swab on mill plain in vancouver wa, made it right, with absolutley no issues. i am stunned and amazed. every corperation in america should take note of your customer service skills. and if you ever do a undercover boss you better hook david up….. HE MAKES YOU LOOK AMAZING.


Virginia Garlow October 24, 2015 at 8:26 pm

I am ecstatic about the experience I had today at your store here in Bakersfield CA, at 2512 Oswell street. I was inquiring about ordering stock wheels for my 08, Nissan Altama. I was told they might have the wheels, ‘take offs’ up stairs. Sure enough, exactly what I wanted. I also asked for balance and alignment. Each step was explained to me. I saved several hundred dollars. My car drives perfectly now. The staff was unbeatable, very polite, knowledgeable and professional. I will return to Les Schwab for my automotive needs. This particular location is close to my home and job. Thank you so very much.


Paul Gabb October 20, 2015 at 8:44 am

. I have a complaint about one of your Les Schwab Tire store. The one that is located on 200 East Main Street Price, Utah.
The incident happened on Friday around 12:00pm on October 16, 2015. I went into Les Schwab store to buy a spare 4.80 X 12 tire for my trailer that had a shredded flat in the Mountain that day. Everyone was great to help me. They told me that it would be 30 to 40 minutes I said “I’ll do some shopping and I’ll be back”. I did some things around town.
As I walked into the store I was the only customer there at that time the Manager was on the phone and said “I will be with you in a moment, I said fine that’s good”. After he left a massage on the phone to someone, the phone rang again so I waited for my turn I said nothing because I think but I don’t know it was a customer on the phone. I understand that part. When the people in the back saw me walking in they put the work order & repair paper in the file so that I can pay, they even loaded the tire into the bed of my truck so that I can put it back on my trailer that was still in the mountains. GREAT SERVICE on there part.
I was the only customer there at that time in the store, all I had to do was to pay my bill and I could leave. Another customer came in, She was a good looking young female all of a sudden the phone was hung up quickly and she was asked what can I do for you. She wanted to get her car and pay for it and then she asked for some prices on tires. The manager started helping her instead of me, I was here first. I said “can I just pay my bill and get out of here”, He said “I told you that I would get to you in a moment”. I ask one of the employees I wanted to talk to the Manager and they told me He was the manager. I finally got to pay my bill and then I left.
I call the store I was mad so I couldn’t express myself as I should have. So all I asked was, is this the way that you store is operated. The lady that I talk to said she was the owner, she said “No it’s not”. With that I kept on thinking, this is Price, Utah there is nothing going to be said to that Manager that first customer should be first, not some young thing before ugly customer.
I hope you read this and able to help so that the ugly people are not put to the back of the line because of some young thing come in.


Dale Cordell October 7, 2015 at 2:17 pm

I’ve been a loyal Les Schwab customer for over 40 years. I’ve been there every time Les Schwab has needed my business. For the past several years I have been under employed and as a result my personal credit has taken a hit for the worst and I was turned down for their in store credit as a result. I finally got a solid offer of employment,however, I need a new set of tires to get me safely to work. Les Schwab has shown me a less than compassionate side of their business model that threatens the 40 years of loyalty I have given them.


Tabitha Promise September 29, 2015 at 11:38 am

Where do I start ?

I am sickly disappointing in les schwab. 6 months ago i had TWO flat tires in one day i Used my spare tire for the first flat and the second flat i had to have a tow tuck driver tow my car to les schwab. I had 10,000 miles left on my warranty for my tires so im thinking they will honor the warranty and replace the two tires that went flat. negative. Instead, they insist my tread was too worn out ( which it was not ) and they tell me i need to purchase 4 new tires which i did because i have a 5 year old in the car and despite arguing with them our safety is more important. well here i am 6 months later with brand new tires and im on the highway going 70 when my passenger rear tire blows out and sends me and my daughter spiraling out of control in traffic. luckily we walked out of the accident ok but the car did not. I had my car towed to a tow lot because les schwab was closed Saturday evening at 5. i had a family member pick me up because i was 2 hours away from home on our way to my aunts memorial service. i left my car at the tow yard sunday because les schwab is closed sundays. monday morning i call them i have them go to my car and look at it. i explain what happened they tell me that my back tires have 80 tred and my fron are “almost bald” so i need to purchase a set of 4 new tires and 2 rims just to get the car to drive that does not include any other damage to the car. I say well these tires are 6 months old, i find it impossible that my back tires are 80 percent tred and the front almost bald. the back tire that had 80 percent tread is the one that blew and caused me get into this accident. im told they do not honor warranties if the tires are almost bald but they are not. im not going to argue any more with these crooks. clearly they have no concern for loyalty of customers or safety. I am pregnant i have a 5 year in my car i could have died my car is now totally messed up and they are not willing to even help with the tires that are under warranty ? This is down right pathetic and they are fraud. nothing but crooks. i have contacted my lawyer i have a close contact at my local news station im very unhappy with them and not only will i never give them money again im going to make sure that people know exactly how shady they are. I say do some SERIOUS investigating while considering which tire place to go to.


Lloyd Peterson September 25, 2015 at 9:01 am

I’m a very unhappy customer. After providing my business to Discount Tire for over 20 years and with consistent exceptional service, I decided to try Les Schwab due to locational convenience after recently moving to Tacoma. It turned out to be such a horrible decision on my part. – I needed to buy and replace one tire immediately. I also had a used tire that had about two-thirds of its tread left that I asked if they could put on the other front wheel of the car. Before the end of that very same day, I had a blow out on I-5, which created a very nervous and dangerous driving situation right in the middle of rush hour traffic. Imagine trying to cross 4 lanes of rush hour traffic after being startled from having a tire blow out. I contacted the store manager, Mr. Don Kerby and he advised that I should contact the Tukwila Les Schwab store for help and he refused to help replace this tire. The Tukwila store brought a truck out to replace the bad tire with a new one. However the bill came to $245.15 for replacing that one single tire. – I had previously learned from Discount Tire that tire centers will not put a tire on a vehicle if they feel the tire is unsafe. I can only assume that Les Schwab must operate with the same policies when it comes to safety, which would mean they felt the tire was safe before they placed it on my vehicle. What then could have made this tire blow out on the same day that it was placed on my car? I asked the Tukwila store what the possibilities were and they did not have one possibility or, they just did not want to say and remember, they looked directly at the tire. – I am very upset to say the least. I will never step into a Les Schwab tire center ever again. And through personal experience, I know that Discount Tire would have replaced this tire but manager Mr. Don Kerby does not feel that either he or Les Schwab have any responsibility and nor does he want to help. And when I tried to find a customer service department for Les Schwab, they did not have one. They don’t want to hear from their customers, they just want your money. Is this the kind of company where you want to take your business? For me, it will never happen again. I am going to pass along my experience to every single review web site that I can find and then return my business to Discount Tire, where they actually care about their customers and prove it with their actions. Lastly, Customer Service is not defined by how friendly you are when you sell a customer new products, as anyone can provide a smile when taking your cash. But it does have everything to do with how you respond when a customer has a concern. Importantly, it also directly identifies and defines how much you care. Les Schwab could not have failed more miserably.

Thank you for listening.


Lloyd Peterson
A former customer


Tom Demogines September 14, 2015 at 6:52 pm

I brought my car to have a tire repaired for a slow leak. I was told and believed it could not be repaired and it was suggested I purchase a new set of tires. The rear tires had about 20% tread left but the front tires have more than 80% tread. I was prepared to buy only the rear but the salesman, Nick, was insistent I buy an entire set. I decided against a purchase and drove home. What I hadn’t realized was this Les Schwab Tire Center took all the air out of the tire and didn’t even give me the valve stem cap. Les Schwab Tire Centers are a trap for unsuspecting customers who deal with uncaring and almost criminal employees. They don’t really sell, they bully, they lie, and coerce you to giving them money.


Kevin DeWitt September 17, 2015 at 5:11 pm

Hello Tom,

Sounds like we had the same dealer. However I wont be so kind. We have 2005 Honda Pilot, I bought a full set of the top of the line TOYO”s ex for my wife’s car. The other day I noticed the fronts were all but wore out, however the rear were like new. So I went to see the local Helena MT store and right off they started to give excuses, and accused my wife of being a horrible driver. So when we ask about tire replacement he not only wanted us to buy new tires but did not even have in stock what we needed until the following week. As of today my wife is stranded in Great Falls Mt. due to these same tires (FLAT) and the service manager with Tire Arama I believe told her that the side walls are also gone as well as the uneven wear issues. Les Schwab did not even inspect the tires when we were their, just assumed we were at fault of course. Not that it could ever be a faulty set of tires!!!!!

I am prepared to contact Corporate in Bend Oregon and speak with the CEO Dick Borgman tomorrow if this goes south tomorrow when she goes in to get this resolved. They say its all about customer service, however you are exactly right, its all about the con and the misrepresentation of the product. We will never buy from Les again.


Kevin DeWitt/Diane Boles


Constantine Copulos September 2, 2015 at 3:43 pm

complaint re. store in lodi, Ca.
On Sept 2nd at approx 10:30am I went to the store in lodi to have my tires rotated. Upon arrival I saw no cars parked waiting to be serviced and none in the front bay being worked on. No one came to my car so I went in and request a tire rotation. The woman took my information and told me that they would let me know when it was done. I started the waiting process and noticed that nothing was been done and at 11:30 decided that I had waited long enough since 5 cars that arrived after mine were cared for and I was still waiting. I left without getting my tires rotated and highly upset.


John Bernardo August 27, 2015 at 8:16 pm

On 08/27/2015 at approximately 4:20pm, I John Bernardo notified the branch manager Brian of the following. I took my 1996 GMC Tahoe into the Oakley, CA. 94561 center to get my tires rotated and alignment done, (Worker Order 65600161663.) There was 2 employees that had got in and out of my truck during the duties working on the truck. When I paid for everything and got into my truck and drove home I could not get out of my truck because one of their employees broke my handle inside the truck. I called les schwab back and was not sure who I talked to and I explained the situation to them and they put me on hold. Someone else got on the phone and told me that those are known to break and there was nothing they could do. I told them I understand those are known to break but you guys broke it and you need to get me a new one. He stated there was nothing he could do so, I stated I was coming down to speak to a manager. When I arrived at les schwab Brian the manager came out and I explained the situation again and once again he told me those are known to break easy and there was nothing he could do. We went the truck and I showed him what had happened and he did not want to help me at all. I told him if your employees can just buy the part and I can install it I would be ok with that. He said that they break easy again and that they did not do it and how many times have you got in and out of your truck compared to my guys today and I was very shocked he would say that because he is a manager and that is besides the point. I told your employees broke it and it does not matter how many times compared to your guys that got in and out of it today. He then asked me do I even do business with them and I told him bring in 3 of my cars to you for years so we went to the computer to see if I was lying and I’m assuming I was right once again. He wrote down my truck info and said I will see what I can do and call you and just walked away.

Will Les Schwab stand up for there name and take care of there customers when they are at fault is to be determined.

I hope someone takes care of this right away.


Amanda August 22, 2015 at 3:56 pm

A little over 2 weeks ago, I took my car into the Les Schwab closest to our house in Washington. I told them that every time I turn my car, especially making left turns, it sounds like an old door closing in a haunted house! Without test driving it, they told me that my struts needed to be replaced at a cost to me of almost $1000. I got the struts done and within a few days, the noise was back and worse than before. I called them back and they said to bring it by. I got a different guy who this time drove it up and down the parking lot. Within minutes, he was able to determine it was lower control arm bushings that needed replacing. He even said he wasn’t sure why the previous person who worked on it couldn’t see it or hear it. Uh yeah….me either. He said he would call around for prices and get back to me. A day later, I get a call from the manager who said it would cost $655 to fix the arm bushings. I had a fit. I clearly came in about the terrible sound my car was making and they sold me struts that wasn’t even the problem. And now you want to charge me again for YOUR mistake??? He tried to explain that the type of car I had required the more expensive bushings. I said I felt duped…….and that they were trying to take advantage of me for being a female. The manager seemed nervous all of a sudden and said he would call around and see if he could find some cheaper bushings. He calls back a few hours later and said he found them and would do everything for free. Well, that’s interesting. So I brought my car back in for them to fix it again. Three hours later, the same manager called and said they had the wrong parts sent to them. Seriously Les Schwab???? But this same manager, who I’ve been dealing with all along, then says that if I can bring the car back in next week when the right parts come in, he could pop on the bushings in 10 minutes. I said working on my car in just 10 minutes makes me very nervous. He said the bushings my car had were really easy to pop on and off. Oh……….but just a few days ago when you quoted me $655, you had told me my car required the more expensive bushings and would take several hours to install. So, they REALLY are trying to pull a fast one on unsuspecting customers. Les Schwab in Edgewood, WA,,,,,please stop trying to insult the intelligence of your customers. Anyone with half a brain can see right through you.


Lizanne Zike August 18, 2015 at 12:21 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
For years our family has been loyal to Les Schwab. We are a 4 car family including our boat trailer. Several years ago we were contacted by your Hilltop office in Redding, CA stating that we had an 8 or 9 dollar credit your company owed us for overpaying. We declined the refund asking that it be held as we did so much business with your company we felt sure we’d use it on a future purchase. Not long afterwards we went in for a new set up tires and we were told we were no longer eligible for the 90 days same a cash offer as we neglected to pay an owed balance. We spoke with the manager who said he would take care of it and went ahead with the purchase. The situation came up again when we purchased 4 more tires for another one of our vehicles. It was never taken care of and now we are no longer eligible for the 90 day offer. This situation was your accounting error and we are being punished for not only our loyalty but our willingness to bypass a refund knowing we’d be back to purchase more tires or use other services your company offers. It really pains me that we must now go elsewhere for all our tire, brake, and front-end needs based on your mistake, in addition, you have a credit due us for the amount you wanted to refund and then changed to a debt on our part.
In closing I’ll just say you’ve not only lost our business but I would never recommend you to anyone.
Lizanne Zike


Penny Newman grain company August 18, 2015 at 9:26 am

Very poor service here in stockton california,store three blocks away and can’t get a service call…how crazy is that….it’s very costly when one of are loaders r down and production stops.. we should of stood with brannon tires…


Lori August 10, 2015 at 11:14 pm

Please stop the kiT-Ten commercial. I am going to poke out my eardrums if I gave to hear that woman say kiT-Ten one more time. I can’t even pay attention to your commercials because of that.


Steven August 7, 2015 at 5:39 pm

I have been going to Les Schwab tire for more than 25 years. Recently I took my car in to the South Jordan, Utah store to get tires rebalanced and rotated which they did to my satisfaction. They told me that two of my tires are nearly worn and should be replaced.
Today I took my car back to the same store to get a flat fixed and have them move the worn tires to the back and have the good tires on the front driving wheels. After sitting and waiting for 1 hour and ten minutes they finally brought my car in. I was then told that the tires are worn (which is why I wanted them on the rear until I can buy 4 new tires) and that he wouldn’t swap them front to back, but he would fix the flat.
Why could they rotate the worn tires to the front last month but now can’t move them to the back?
I wasted a lot of time for no good reason. Discount tires and or Burt’s Brothers tires now has a new customer.


John Dixon July 30, 2015 at 12:19 am

I have been a steady customer of Les Schwab for 15 years. If you don’t stop that commercial about the kitten I will become a Big O Tire customer for the next 15 years.


Adler Rodrigeus July 29, 2015 at 1:36 pm

I have been a Les Schwab customer for the past 20 years. However, the events of the past weekend has made me lose faith in the competence of the technician hired at the Edmonds, WA store.
I had my daughter take my car in to inspect the tires as something did not feel right during driving. Also, discount tires had noticed that my right tire was losing pressure in two days. My daughter asked the woman at the counter to have the tech inspect all tires as she was not sure which tire was affected. After noticing a nail embedded in the rear tire, they informed her that all the rest were good to go.
Two days later (yesterday) my tire went flat but I was able to make it to a Discount tire store. After inspecting the right passenger tire (flat one) they informed me that there was a nail embedded which caused it to lose pressure every two days. They were surprised that Les Schwab did not catch this blatant issue. They even went out on a limb to suggest that if the nail issue was caught two days prior, I may not have needed to replace the tire.
I called the Edmonds store to report the issues but was basically informed that the Discount tire manager had no right to blame Les Schwab. I was not attmepting to play the blame game, just wanted to make sure that no one else is affected by the Les Schwab technician lack of thoroughness (incompetence?).
However, the manager went on the defense, telling me that his technicians would never make that mistake.

Anyway, thanks for the 20 years of service.
I will be moving my future tire purchases elsewhere and will make sure to spread the word on the negativity received from the Edmonds store. Yelp review to follow.


Daniel Ockerman July 24, 2015 at 2:14 pm

About a month ago, i was driving to work in my parents Chevy tahoe, and im going no more then 10 MPH, when the front left wheel pops off and rolls about 10 feet away which caused damage to the rotar and wheel well which wouldnt let the drivers door open. 2 weeks prior to this, we had gotten the tires changed and rotated from my parents suburban to the tahoe. When i went in with my dad the next day to the Poulsbo Les Schwab, the man working at the counter had shrugged it off as no big thing. When i got off work that night, i had to go on the highway to go home which i would be going 50 MPH. Had the tire fallen off there, it would be a completely different story right now. I do not recommend going to Les Schwab again.


Misty O July 23, 2015 at 7:13 pm

A employee named Bruce would not listen to the complaints about the strong rubber smell in this court street store on 7/23/2015. He just told me to go outside. Thanks Bruce. Send two old people outside for over an hour on almost 80+ weather on a hard bench, so they don’t have to smell rubber stinky tires. Can’t we have AC, with some cross air ventilation???


Misty O July 23, 2015 at 7:10 pm

Her is my Les Schwab story.

I came into the Court Street Les Schwab on July 23, 2015. It was only about 75 degrees outside, sunny. The AC was on in the tire store, which was nice, but not necessary. It was just shy of one hour to replace two front tires that were balded. Each tire and serves fees, the total came to $224.00. My husband said this was a good price. Well, here is the issue. The tire store smelled so bad of rubber, without any cross fresh air venting, that it was making myself and several older people sick to their stomach. Sure, I realize that this is a tire store, but each Les Schwab visit always takes one hour or more. I opened the three times and employees kept shutting the door, cause of the AC, fine. BUT that still didn’t eliminate the strong smell. I guess the employees are used to the smell, but customers aren’t. Isn’t there a way to have AC and eliminate the strong smell of rubber?


Jeremy July 20, 2015 at 10:37 pm

First of all I would like to start by saying that I have NEVER left a review or a complaint about anything I have ever purchased before. But I felt strongly enough about this that I felt it was necessary.
I have ALWAYS gone to Les Schwab every time I wanted or needed tires and/or wheels. In fact, in the last 5 years I would bet I have spent 8 THOUSAND DOLLARS at Les Schwab. I’m sure you can verify that Mr. Schwab…….All of it upgrading and customizing my trucks.
Today, 5/20/15, I called my local Schwab and asked for a quote on a new set of rims and tires. I already know what I want so it was as easy as getting ordered what I want but I want the best price. The quote I was given was $3098 for what I was looking to do. Seemed awfully high so I called a competitor. I didn’t mention the quote I had a just received.
I was quoted $1954!!!!!!
That’s right….Les Schwab was over $1100 dollars more! A store I have never purchased a thing from out bid Les Schwab by over $1100.
Come on Schwab!!!!! At least be in the ballpark!
Please do yourself a favor and shop around.
Today Les Schwab lost a loyal and valuable customer.


Debra Chard July 14, 2015 at 6:34 pm

6 months ago I purchased a new set of tires at Navy City, Bremerton Les Schwab. I was planning on having the tires rotated the following week and I was told that the inside back tire was down to the core already. I was amazed. The tires were quite expensive and I was just over the 6,000 mile mark for mileage since the install. I took the car to my local mechanic and they replaced a few things and put it on the rack and checked the alignment. The next afternoon I went to the Les Schwab and they looked at the tires and said it was an alignment problem. My car was put on the rack and they found that one of the bolts were loose allowing a rear tire to move quite badly. The store and the supervisor/manager was absolutely a life saver. If the person first hadn’t pointed out the tread wear I would have continued to drive myself and everyone, including grandchildren on the tires. Secondly, if the workers had not pointed out the loose bolts allowing my tire to move I could have been severely injured. The store took care of me and for that I am very grateful. The other outcome may have not allowed me the ability to write this “Thank you” to the Les Schwab in Bremerton.


d mastrude June 18, 2015 at 9:33 pm

“Best Tire Value Promise”?
I think not.
I got 9K on your substand crap,folks.
You refuse to stand brhind your products.
I will not take this lying down.
i have a photo if you would like to see it.


Kortney June 4, 2015 at 11:57 am

Wow well after reading just the top 10 comments I am reassured that I am not being unreasonable in my frustration with Les Schwab I have recently puchased tires for my show truck they are 22″ wheels and 40″ tires which ran about $3800 they are also powder coated black and I made it perfectly clear how nervous I was with the mounting of my tires , they assured me they would take care of them and not to worry, however when I picked the truck up later that day there were chips and gouges on the face of the wheel along with inside the lug area(where they used a non Teflon coated socket to torque the lugs) when I called the service manager I was made to feel that I wanted something for nothing when all I wanted were my wheels fixed, I have given them photos of the damage and have also spoken to several service techs that assured they would resolve the issue but to no avail they have not made any effort to take care of this issue, I am a manager at my parents tow company and we buy all of our tires for 13 trucks from les schwab I am reevaluating the business we do with them now and thinking of going to Goodyear Commercial Tire where my husband works . It seems very apparent that a call to corporate is my last option and I feel as if I have been swept under the rug by our local les schwab tire center, trust me when I say I will never take another thing or recommend this company to any one of my AAA customers. Expect a call!! Just getting my ducks in order now : (


Adam Holt May 18, 2015 at 9:06 pm

Les schwab
34415 16th Ave S
Federal Way‎ WA‎ 98003-6849
United States

Arrived @ les schwab 5:29 pm (close at 6)
Asked to get an oil change.
“Uh hh let me check”
I observed every bay open , but one.
“Sorry we can’t right now. My boss says.
30 minutes not enough time? I think my drilling company will cease our account with les schwab. If the stores close at 530, 600pm seems misleading. Thank you and good luck with your establishment.


c meinert May 14, 2015 at 11:40 am

I live in a very rural community. I bought 4 new tires a couple of months ago. I blew out the front and rear left tires avoiding a rockslide on our highway. I also put a huge dent in the wheel’s tire surface. My car is the only transportation I have to take my Mom (95) and my Aunt (90) to their doctor appointments that are 100 miles away. I contacted the Les Schwab tire center I bought my tires from. Remembering the ‘so-helpful’ commercials, I thought they might help me get replacement tires.

With no transportation, I was informed that I had to get the 2 tires and wheel to their store, 70 miles away, before they could do anything. He has to measure the tread. There is nothing else he can do until he sees the tires, AT HIS STORE! No other options. I’m scrambling to try to find a way to get my Aunt to her appointment tomorrow.

I definitely plan to spread the word about Les Schwab and the false advertising in the commercials I see on TV. And to think I spent 40% more for tires from Les Schwab than tires available elsewhere. I feel like such a fool right now. I have to find transportation for my aunt.


Dan Fanning May 6, 2015 at 3:04 pm

My name is Dan Fanning and I went to the Les Schwab store in Rancho Cordoa CA on Sat May 2nd to have A front end Alignment and the mechanic said that I needed tirod sockets and some other things done to A cost of $306.69 dollars before he could do the alignment. I had gone to my auto shop the day before that and they had checked it out and told me that nothing needed to be repaired just the liniment so I was very disappointed in your store


David Dailey May 2, 2015 at 4:03 pm

I have been a Les Schwab customer for 30 years until today. I went online to price tires, but there wasn’t any pricing at all. So I call a store and they told me that they don’t put pricing on their web site. Even though they thought they were being nice they were rude. If I wanted to drive to their store I would have, but it just would have been nice to look online and get the answers I am looking for. So now you have lost a customer, a life long customer.


Jaclynn April 19, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Les Schwab has always been in my mind, a reputable company. But I hold a different opinion of them now. Last July we purchased a set of tires for my Toyota Rav 4. We were told they were warrantied for 60K. They are 100S Mastercraft Courser STR AS OWL. I have a warranty with the 60,000 box checked when I walked out of the store. After 30k miles on the tires and several rotations, I went to visit my local Les Schwab (store 602, salesperson Brandon L S) because I have noticed that my tires are nearly worn out. I was told that they are only warrantied for 40K, not 60K and the salesman actually took my warranty and scratched out the 60k box and checked 40k instead. Since when is changing a warranty and going against your word professional business? The best he could do for me was to warranty them out for 10k and give me a measly discount on some new tires. I purchased the tires with the understanding that they would be warrantied for 60,000 miles, not 40,000 miles. Had I known this, I would have chosen different tires or perhaps gone elsewhere. You don’t change a warranty 9 months after you issue it and say its no good. If your office made a mistake, you need to own up to it! This is very unprofessional and lousy service. If you cannot make it right, I will be going elsewhere from now on to purchase my tires. Les Schwab will no longer have me as a customer or my referral.


Mark Lorenz April 16, 2015 at 11:00 am

I purchased a set of tires yesterday much to my dislike. I had one tire with a bulge in the outer wall that need to be replaced. All tires had 70% tread left on the tire. I purchased from Les Schwab. I was told this was not covered as the only way it could happen is hitting a curb or pot hole. I vehemently disagree. Furthermore I was told I could not purchase one tire as I have a 2005 Honda CRV. By the way it is not full time AWD. I felt Les Schwab was more interested in selling a set of tires for profit than honoring your warranty. I was between a rock and a hard place as I did not want to drive 40 plus miles on a bad tire. I bought a set of tires. I have done business with Les Schwab for years. Going forward I most likely will go to Costco since you do not honor your warranty. Anyone can put a sales pitch on a client and that is not service.
Good luck to Les Schwab. No longer a customer or referral source.


CHERYL PEARSON April 11, 2015 at 3:34 pm

cALL THEM FOR THEIR SIDE OF THE 3-4 HOURS THAT THE;Y GOT TO DEAL WITH MY RUDE UNCLE.. I CAN LAUGH NOW, BUT I HONESTLY THOUGHT I WOULD GO NUTS!! (….please let them know that i am not dead or in the hospital. The motor home is now in Havasu City….broken down !…………. go figure!!)


Casey Heiss March 31, 2015 at 8:23 pm

I purchased a set of aftermarket wheels from Les schwabs in The Dalles oregon for my 2006 dodge 2500 , I bought my own tires and out of convince ( due to my work schedule at the time ) had the wheels and tires installed at les schwabs in Hood river oregon . This occurred jan-3-14 . In April of 2014 I had a leaking left rear wheel seal . Upon removing the lug nuts I observed that they where over toured , I discovered this by setting my snap on torque wrench to the reverse ( loosen) position and adjusting the poundage untill the lug nut began to come off . The lugnuts did not begin to loosen untill 220ftlbs . factory tourque specifications for my truck is 135ft lbs , so my lugnuts where over tourqued by 85ft lbs . The threads where also stretched to the point to where I was not able to put lugnuts back on them . I replaced the bad wheel stud on the rear , and called The Dalles les schwab and asked to speak to their manager ” Chaylan maxwell ” to inquire as to what my lug nuts should have been tourqued to . The manager said 135-140 ft lbs . I described my problem and was comforted with ” let me know if you have any problems ” . March -27-15 all 8 wheels studs sheered off of my right front axle causing the wheel to separate and my truck to drag the right front brake rotor along the asphalt untill I was able to safely come to a stop . I had my vehicle towed to The dalles for repairs ( that’s where I live ) .
Upon confronting Les schwabs about the over tourquing of my lug nuts resulting in wheel stud failure I was met with responses varying from my wheels had over tourqued themselves while driving ,
That all of my wheels studs have been broken for sometime , and the manager had the audacity to question my age (25) and profession to validate his statement to negate les schwabs fault in the situation . I was questioned as to why I had taken my vehicle to The dalles Les schwabs and not the Hood river Lea schwabs , and was questioned as to what chaylan was suppose to do about it . In the end I ended up paying for a new wheel , lug nuts , wheel studs , brake rotor and labor to install everything . I left feeling disrespected , cheated , and skeptical that the rework that I had paid for was preformed properly . I felt that I was seen as a investment , not as a customer . I am left to replace the other 24 damaged wheel studs on my truck . Sadly this isn’t the first wheels-off Incident I have had resulting in work performed by a les schwabs tire center . I was previously met with the same negative and condescending attitude by the management and I will no longer be a customer of les schwab tire centers . I urge others to chose another tire center to do business with . I am fortunate that neither of the wheel-off events have been fatal , and where merely only momentarily life threatening .


Whitlee Johnson March 27, 2015 at 12:21 pm

My family and I were headed back from vacation on the Oregon coast on Wednesday. On our way home the wheel studs started popping off one of our tires. We tightened the two that were left and limped the car to the nearest town La Grande where there happened to be a Les Schwab. We took the car in they were excellent! They got us right in. I was able to leave my sleeping kids in the car and not wake them. They put the spare on my car with new studs at no charge! They said we obviously had enough trouble and just wanted to help out their customers. They definitely made a bad situation better! I’ve always gone to les schwab for tires and I will continue to use them I was very pleased with the service.
Also a special thank you to Arlen who helped us out!


Robb Chambers March 22, 2015 at 11:06 pm

Been a Les Schwab customer for many years. Father, brothers and family included. This last go around with a store in Reno I was extremely disappointed. Enough that my loyalty and surprise was rocked. Very poor alignment ruining other components in the suspension, in which I was then recharged for parts and labor to fix.

If you break it then you should be the one to pay to fix it.

Angrily disappointed,



Shaun March 9, 2015 at 4:44 pm

Waiting for a month for my tire to arrive

About a month ago, I had a tire blow out on me when driving. Since these are stubbed tires that I bought at the local Moscow, ID Les Scwab they are covered under warranty. I did all of the necessary steps involved and dropped my car off at the store. They told me that since my tire was a out of date model, they would order it and it should arrive within a week. It has currently been a month and I am still waiting for the tire. Thankfully they did put a loaner tire on the car. I have called them every week so far and I am still told that they are waiting for it to arrive. They keep giving me the run around and I starting to think they never order the replacement tire in the first place. How many more weeks do I have to wait for my tire to arrive? Ever time I have called them they seem to either forget about my car or give me the run around.

I expect a lot better from a business that is BBB listed.

Moscow, Idaho Les Schwab
1421 E White Ave, Moscow, ID 83843
Phone:(208) 882-3538
Hours: Open today · 8:00 am – 6:00 pm


Sarah March 6, 2015 at 12:45 am

Rant: So I had my tires put on a year ago, mounted and balanced on a special order. So I came in to have them rotated and the guy comes out and tell me they were put on backwards, and was worn really bad oh and they are Irok (not cheap)! They tell me sucks to be me but for 30.00 each they can put them on right but damage is already done! I already paid to have them put On once the right way and they didn’t! On top of that they gave me a wheel to ride on that was smaller rim and tire size so it messed up my that side when they said nothing would happen, that quote was shortly after they put my new tires on. I feel as tho they own me a new set of tires, mounted, balanced, and front side fixed.


R. Bahl February 25, 2015 at 3:55 pm

It probably does no good as reading some of the rest. I too thought LS was a step or two above but not anymore. Bought 4 tires and alignment (Invoice #33200143226). Alignment did not take. Went back told I needed a Ball Joint. I bit. Ball Joint installed and another alignment (Invoice #33200179332) still no good. Tried to sell me some other (stuff) which would require another alignment. I took it to a shop which did engine work for me. Put it on the rack and in minutes determined it was a loose wheel bearing ! Repaired and like new. LS stiffed me for $370.67 not to mention potential safety issues. Manager did leave me one message. LS is now more interested in trying to upsell a littany of BS and has sunk into the car repair XXXXXlist with all the rest …


Hector Ressy February 25, 2015 at 12:36 am

Dick Borgman
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Les Schwab Tire Centers, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters
20900 Cooley Road
Bend, Oregon 97701-3406

United States
Phone: 541-416-5162
Fax: 541-416-5133

Re: Vehicle Damage Claim

Dear Mr. Borgman:

I took my vehicle in for a repair to a broken throttle on 12-20-14 to store: 401.
My vehicle was returned to me that afternoon with the same problem and I was charged $100.00 plus tax. Invoice: 40100102563. My vehicle was not fixed and returned to me. That is the main issue that needs to be addressed first, whether or not my car was repaired when it was returned to me. The answer is no, Mr. Borgman. There is no warranty for this repair. I want my money back. My vehicle was not repaired. This is the bottom line.

The manager of the tire center, Sparky Kaminski, came to my home on 12-22-14, to drop off a Les Schwab Company Incident Report and verified that I could not drive my car.

I have tried to explain to Mr. Denny Carter what happened and he has been rude to say the least. He was informed by an independent mechanic that my car was towed to him and that he recommended I not drive my car. That is how I got it back. Mr. Denny was told this and he ignored the information. This is what I want addressed. That I could not drive my car when I got it back from store:401.

Mr. Denny instructed me to contact him by email, and he has ignored my emails and has made it impossible for me to try to explain my damages to him. I am asking you to intervene. Thank you.


Hector L. Ressy
* 94th Ave E.
Puyallup, WA 98375


Patrick Hollander February 19, 2015 at 11:18 am

I am terribly disappointed by the service that my wife received in The Dalles store. The manager “Mark” had my wife in tears (She is staying in The Dalles helping out with our grand kids). Mark had promised that a wheel bearing that they installed in April of last year was certainly covered by a one year warranty, even going so far as setting up an appointment for Wed Feb 18. My wife took a day off from work to take her car in and was treated so badly she was in tears. Mark informed her that he had made a “mistake” and he proceeded to make excuses saying that it was “policy”, they never called to inform her of their change, saying it was “to bad” They could not produce this “policy” in writing, and when asked for the number of the corp office she was told that they didn’t think they had it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I am 60 years old, and I have been a business owner an manager, I remember when Les Schwab was an icon of customer service and always used them for a great example of how to do it right. Now I have a great example of how to do it wrong.


Eric Eliasson February 9, 2015 at 10:46 pm

In my past career I was a commission retail salesperson and then a outside sales rep. Customer service was the rule, if money was to be made it began with service. I started doing business with Les Schwab about 5 years back when I needed one tire. Shortly after I purchased that tire I ran over a nail and when I went back to Les Schwab you fixed it for free. I continued to do business with you and only you in the area of servicing my car since then and until my last visit and the prior visit before that I had been serviced to my satisfaction. The reason for my contacting you is because my visit today, the second in a row that produced unsatisfactory results, nearly ended our business relationship. Jon Anderson, the Assistant Manager of the Vallejo, CA location turned my opinion in favor of continuing to do business with Les Schwab. I will not go into details but he made a wrong, right and proved that Les Schwab clearly wants my business. No one is perfect but a little TLC is all that is needed to keep loyal customers, loyal customers. I will be happy spending my money at Les Schwab as long as the level of customer service is demonstrated by employees like Jon Anderson at the Vallejo Ca location. I hope customer service matters enough that you will recognize Jon for his service to his and your customers.


Shawn Harrison February 9, 2015 at 1:23 pm

My son just spent an hour and a half sitting there for them to tell him that they can’t fix the flat tire and he has to get four brand new tires. He just got these tires in March 2014 and rarely puts more than 20 miles a day on them. It’s pathetic and wrong. We’ve been going there for 11 years but the last couple years have been awful. Once told me I needed new struts for a brand new car. Took it to a the dealer who said there was no way I needed new struts! Never again for us. It’s sad that’s how they treat teachers and coaches in the community like this. My teacher son just can’t afford this level of service!! I’m done spending my money there!!! We’ll be telling everyone we know as well as posting complaints everywhere. Les Schwab would be mortified at the level of service, the lack of professionalism and the fact that your customers can’t trust your recommendations to be accurate. This is not the first negative experiece we’ve had with having to purchase new tires for a single flat tire, BUT IT WILL BE THE LAST!!!!


Mad Mr and Mrs January 31, 2015 at 6:11 pm

First of all we went to one Les Schwab tire location because there was wire showing on one of our tires and we knew that wasn’t supposed to be that way, and the store manager was very rude to us, yelling at us and everything. We went and found a different location and they were nice to us last night and put an old tire on and checked our alignment for free. We found out that we needed an alignment so we made an appointment for today and asked for the old tire to be replaced with a new tire that we were going to purchase. They did the alignment no problem but when it came time for them to replace the tire they were supposed to replace they refused. They said that the drivers side front tire was worse than the other tires so that was the one they were going to replace. There was still tread on the drivers side front tire. It was fine, and the one we wanted replaced was the old tire because we like new tires on our car. New tires are more trustworthy. Business motto’s used to be the customer is always right. Now it seems like it is the customer is always wrong. We are ready to quit going to Les Schwab for anything. They need to start listening to what the customer wants.


Roger Frazier January 18, 2015 at 12:33 pm

This is my Les Schwab experiance my doughter hit the median on Cole Rd by the Les Schwab tire store it was after the store had closed ,she noticed a problem and parked her car in the Les Schwab parking lot by the street away from the store as not to interfere with the store,the next morning around 8.30 we went to check the car out,we needed to pull the tire off to check the front end steering exct,during this time a Les Schwab employee came out and said, whats going on ,in a rude way,we told him the problem and he said we couldnt do it in their parking lot because of the liability we understood this and he told us we could move it out on the curb on the street,another rude experiance he was very abrupt,we have been a customer of Les Schwab for sometime we have never had anyone be such a rude employee of your store,had I been alone with him I would have told him what a prick he was,not only his rudeness but didnt even offer to help ,we probrobly would have taken it their and let them inspect it as you guys are experts in this kind of problem,we found that the rim was bent put the spare on found a rim and went to the Les Schwab in Kuna Id and bought a new tire and had them mount it and where treated with respect even after they mounted the tire and we realized they had change rim sized within a 05 to o6 on this car so we took it back and explained that we had the wrong rim we purchased at the junk yard they took the tire off no problem,we found the correct rim went back in and they credited us for the other tire we paid a little more and they mounted the tire, with the Les Schwab service that we have come to expect,yes this was one problem at a different store but will never recommend that place and will always remember the rude prick,how would you like to have that on your Les Schwab experiance commercial? probrobly not, as you can tell I am upset I have had a buisiness in the past and never shown disrespect for a customer and will let people know about it, Roger Frazier


Bob Murch January 12, 2015 at 4:53 pm

It is sad to see Les Schwab sponsoring a competitive coyote hunt in Burns this month. What an irresponsible decision and one that reflects poorly on your corporate community and environmental values. To promote such senseless violence and brutality may look proper to your corp. leadership, but to those of us who abhor such barbaric activities it is truly disgusting. I for one will never do business with your company again. This action is not at all in keeping with the image you try to portray to your customers, except maybe those in Burns.

Shame on you Les Schwab!


William Burghardt January 11, 2015 at 12:28 am

Had a battery replaced today. The service guy broke the plastic box the old battery was in. Mentioned the nut that clamps the terminal wire to the terminal lead was starting to strip. He said he could fix it by cutting off the old terminal lead and wiring a new end. When I asked why could you not replace the nut a bolt he just shrugged his shoulders. Not impressed with this experience.


Hector Ressy January 1, 2015 at 12:48 am

Here is what you do people.
Call Bob Erickson Director, LES SCHWAB TIRE CENTERS in Bend, OR (541) 447-4136 ask for him. Talk to him. He puts on his underwear the same way we do. DON’T GET INTIMIDATED BY THEIR VOICES. It seems that the criteria to be a LES SCHWAB claims agent is to have a frog in your throat. Honesty and brains need not apply. If you can prove that they damaged your car then you should have no problem. You need your invoices. Look at the Comment sections. Is there anything listed that you had any noticable dents. If you got your car back with dents that you know were not there before, and you suspect some kind of retaliation from those rogue mechanics (they have them) then insist on your claim. You call Boob Erickson, I mean Bob, directly! Make sure folks, that you go by your invoices and check all comments they made when you brought your vehicles into the Center. Please have your dates, and story straight and in order of occurrence. Horse before the cart. If you suffered any emotional distress, you have to be seen by a doctor Psychiatrist at your mental health center and tell the psychiatrist how you are suffering mentally. Then take all your information to your attorney when he takes your case or gives you a free consultation. During this time, you may picket the store. Find out from your local Sheriff where to locate or just place your picket sign near a busy street and leave it there, secure, where cars pass by, and can read it easily. You don’t have to be with the sign all the time. Do some research on the internet folks if you have anymore ideas or doubt what I’m saying. Here is the most important part of all. Make sure that Mr. Boob Erickson, pardon me, Bob Erickson, ask for him by name, and tell him what your intentions are and if you can prove to him that damage was done and he still won’t settle, (which is my case) then get your attorney on a contingency. If he takes your case, he will charge you a third of what you recover. Read my letter addressed to Denny A. Carter. During this time, you can file a complaint with the BBB Email your complaints to complaints@thebbb.org. Then you can file a complaint with the Washington State Attorney Generals Office or the State your in. They handle automobile complaints. Do all this in more or less the order I described above. If you have all your ducks in a row, the claim agent will always say no, and give you a hard time. The key is to prove they damaged your car and go from there. YOU HAVE TO PROVE IT. ALL YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW! They will try and shoot them down. Just stand them back up! Prove your case to the BOOB!


Hector Ressy January 1, 2015 at 12:07 am

Greetings, Mr. Carter:

I wanted to give you an update on what is going on. I spent my afternoon today picketing
LES SCHWAB TIRE CENTERS nearby 213 43rd Ave SE in Puyallup. You can call the center and
verify. I think one of their employees saw me. I was amazed at the response I received. I will picket again on Friday and every day after that, at my convenience. I am retired AIR Force. I don’t work because of depression, and anxiety. I suffer from PTSD.

I did not appreciate how you kept interrupting me during your recorded interview, of which I have a copy. You said you were calling me to get my side of the story but instead you chose to use unfair tactics and disrespect me by interrupting me on every point I made and then hanging up on me before we were finished. You laughed at me. You did not hang up on me because you got your little feelings hurt, as you cried to me, in the background, when I was speaking with your boss, Mr. Bob Erickson.

No, you hung up on me, way after you cried wolf about getting your little feelings hurt, because the information you were receiving, was too hot for you to handle, and you hung up on me before we were finished, which was very unprofessional, rude, and inconsiderate. You were trying to provoke me and now you have.

I explained to my attorney that I am suffering from the trauma I am going through because of the damage done to my car by a rogue mechanic, by the name of Mark, who is employed at your center.

He advised that I should seek a psychiatrist at a mental health facility, here in Puyallup. I was intending on doing that anyway. I will be making the appointment next week.

I will explain the truth to him or her. I can’t sleep. I’m very anxious and depressed about the damage done to my vehicle by one of your rogue mechanics and I can’t eat. Did you know when Mark gave me back the part that mysteriously broke when I stepped on the gas peddle, he did not inform me that the car could not be driven anymore when I was in his face, when I picked up my vehicle, after he botched the broken throttle linkage and air intake line repair.

Do you think your rogue mechanic started my vehicle before I arrived? Did he notice anything wrong with my engine?

By the way, I called 30 LES SCHWAB TIRE CENTERS out of 100 listings, and every manager I spoke to, said that was not a service they offered because they were not equipped for such a job.

The mechanic, Mr. Worton, informed you today that the car had no leak problem but oil was found near the battery, which was installed by you. If there is no leak, how did the oil get there?

I am not happy with the brake job, done on 11-19-14. The peddle was low upon leaving the center, and when I got home and checked the reservoir, it was empty. I filled it and the break peddle is still low. Guess who worked on the brakes?

Mr. Worton seems to think that his report to you about what he found wrong with my vehicle, in which I received it from LES SCHWAB TIRE CENTERS on 12-20-14, was enough for you to settle with me.

He is going to write a clearer findings report, so I can give it to my eager attorney. I have not hired him yet. I can give you his name now, but I want to save you the money on your cleaners bill.

Every day that goes by where I can’t take my mother to her appointments will rest on your head for looking down on me and trying to bully me when the facts are there and you ignore them.

I urge you strongly, to settle with me, before I get the attorneys involved and the rest of my intentions. Your theory about my engine leak was incorrect.

The recording you gave me permission to record, will be heard by millions. I plan to mail copies to the media to show how LES SCHWAB claim agents operate.

I will continue to picket LES SCHWAB TIRE CENTERS in Puyallup until you come to your senses and do the right thing. I am asking for your answer by next week, by email as you requested.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Ressy.


Tim Bly December 30, 2014 at 10:25 pm

I used to to be able to get my tires rotated while I waited. I didn’t mind waiting an hour while working me in while your taking care of the other customers. I do this every 5,000 miles. I’ve had to have my other mechanic rotate them and it cost me money. Now I’ve tried for over 10,000 miles and called or stopped by close to a dozen times. I’ve been a Les Schwab customer for many years and have spent a bundle of money with a couple of stores close to my home. I’m beginning to get extremely frustrated as they can’t rotate my tires without me sitting for a couple of hours and/or dropping it off. That service was offered and never used to be a problem. Now it’s impossible within reason and I’m seriously considering going to Costco from now on. If you can’t take care of the customer after the sale your worthless.
Either take care of your customers or don’t. My money is good anywhere.


Randy December 18, 2014 at 5:32 pm

Dale the assistant manager at your Spokane 2nd ave office vandalized my vehicle after I told him to stop the work because they didn’t have the proper tolls to do the job. He was physically upset and beat the side of the vehicle when I wasn’t looking. He was the last one to touch or be around my vehicle when I noticed the damage later on that day. Your claims department denied my claim for $180.00 for a paintless dent repair job because Dale said he didn’t do it, poppy XXXX. He’s a liar and will no longer be doing any business with you company and will make sure to spread the word. So screw you les Schwab


Roger L. December 16, 2014 at 6:23 pm

On October 23, 2014 I took my minivan to the Fallon, Nevada Les Schwab tire store for a front end alignment. They inspected my van and told me it needed about $416 worth of work on the front end (tie rod, ball joint). I had two other certified mechanics (one a UTI graduate) look at the front end and both told me that although there was wear no work was needed at this time. I do not like people that lie to me and I no longer have trust in Les Schwab. Therefore, I will take my business elsewhere.


anotherLostCustoer December 15, 2014 at 6:39 pm



Pferron Doss December 2, 2014 at 10:55 am

For over 10 years I’ve been a customer of yours. Yesterday I took four sets of winter chains to your store on canyon blvd, ptld OR. I needed to know what size tires they’d fit on including one set I never used. The store was very busy and I felt kinda in the way. MARON (your employee ) not only figured out what size tires the snow chains were but exchanged the unopened one for the right size. I wanted to hug her for her sincerity, customer service and smile. It is so refreshing to feel valued no matter what my questions or needs have been. I will never buy tires from anyone else and I am so happy every time I arrive at Les Schwab knowing I will leave with a smile. THANK YOU MARON and LES SCHAB


Khris Alexander November 20, 2014 at 12:09 pm

On my 3rd set of tires in 3 years because of tread separation and everytime I get partial credits from the local branch its crap it should be 100% replacement because of your bad tires separating you shouldn’t sell them if theres issues because of low profile and it could seperate while driving.well over $1300.00 in less then 3 years on 10 tires outrageous ! And corporate won’t contact me back only says see local branch.America’s tire here I come as a customer account !


Randy Barnes November 19, 2014 at 10:06 pm

I came in the Redmond store for 4 struts and 2 new tires at 7:00 am they pulled my car in at 11:00 @ they did no work on it tell about 5:30 pm now I have been here for over 12 hours and they still are not done. And I have to pay almost 900.00 dollars for this service. I thank this is wrong. They had the car in bay for over 7 hours.


lloyd beckett November 19, 2014 at 2:46 pm

Bought Toyo at tires and wheels for a grand total of 2300
And cannot get these to balance out. They vibrate. My whole
Truck. Many shops have tried and was told if not happy with
Them could return them. Now not wanting to honor this
Is this your pokicy??, Uf you do not stand behind that statement then you should not state it!!!


Francine Turner November 18, 2014 at 11:04 pm

I get this response when I try to email the corporate office:

You 404’d it. Gnarly, dude.

Surfin’ ain’t easy, and right now, you’re lost at sea. But don’t worry; simply pick an option from the list below, and you’ll be back out riding the waves of the Internet in no time.

Hit the “back” button on your browser. It’s perfect for situations like this!
Head on over to the home page.

I can’t tell you how this infuriates me that you provide no contact to the corporate office. I took my car in to have the front brakes done. They said that there was damage to one rotor, but not the other. They were unwilling to turn or resurface the one rotor, but insisted that both must be replaced for even wear. I obliged and they replaced both rotors. The car stopping didn’t feel smooth when I picked it up, but I attributed it to new brake pads and thought that it would get smoother as I drove. It didn’t. It got worse. I thought that the pulsation in the brakes would subside as the new brakes were broken in, but it didn’t. It continued to worsen. I thought that replacing all 4 tires and getting an alignment would help, so I had it done and paid for it. No improvement. A few weeks later, I took my car to a Toyota mechanic that said that the front rotors didn’t even look new. They were rusted and completely warped, which they say that they see when the lug nuts are overtightened. My brakes were still under warranty, so I called the store where they were done, and they said that if I brought it in, then they would flip the rotors for me. What I don’t understand is why they were not willing to flip or resurface them when it was my dime, but now that is what they want to do when it is their dime. I am taking my car back into Les Schwab this weekend..in the same town, but a different location. I have my warranty in hand and expect both rotors to be replaced. I think this is complete bull that I have to deal with this, and have to fight for what is right. Les Schwab USED to be so good. What the hell happened?


Cathy November 17, 2014 at 1:43 pm

Hi Folks,

This morning at 7:55 I arrived at my local Les Schwab in La Grande, Oregon for my winter tire change over. Much to my surprise the parking lot was totally full and they were turning people away. I was quite distressed to learn that they opened at 7:00 am and NOT at 8:00 as indicated in ALL of the phone books and websites. This was a great disservice to me. Les Schwab needs to do a better job at keeping advertising up to date regarding hours of service. In addition to checking the phone book and website I called the office over the weekend hoping for a recording detailing office hours. There was no recording. Please update your information for this office and include recordings of hours of service on the phone lines. I am A VERY disappointed customer.


R C E November 4, 2014 at 2:02 pm

Liars and unsafe to have work on my car!

Summer 2009, I bought the top Xtreme Power Les Schwab recommended and branded 7 year battery to replace my Original Equipment Manucturer (OEM) battery that had finally died after years of great service (batteries don’t last forever).

Before two years was up, the battery failed and Les Schwab did the 1st warrantee free replacement of the battery in August of 2011.

Hard for me to believe; but before two years was up on that battery; the battery failed AGAIN in July 2013! I took it into Les Schwab on 4th Ave S, convenient to my work and had it checked out, with the request they check the battery and also my electrical system to make sure I didn’t have any out-of-spec current draws to make these batteries fail prematurely. They said everything checked out and that the battery was still good; and just needed charging.

Beginning of November 2013, the battery died AGAIN! I took it back to the Les Schwab on 4th, and THIS time they said the battery was bad. However, as it was two years past the free replacement period, they said they were going to charge me a pro-rated price due to the free period being past on the battery. I refused to pay that as they should have replaced the battery back in July when it was originally brought in. After lengthy discussion and me about ready to leave and get a new replacement battery at the nearby Costco; they relented and said they would replace my 2nd failed battery for free with a new battery; and that it would take awhile to charge the new battery.

Exactly a year later, the battery failed AGAIN!!!!

I took it into the West Seattle Les Schwab, and found out the 4th Ave store did NOT replace my bad 2011 battery – it was holding only about 50%! The 4th Ave store the previous year just charged up my bad 2011 battery and sent me on my way! The attached picture shows the sticker on the old battery showing it was from an April 2011 batch. They looked up my car in the Les Schwab records and the data entered by the 4th Ave shop said my battery tested GOOD back in November 2013! Under the extra year pro-ration; I ended up having to pay $65 +.

So they knowingly lied to me to prevent having to comp a new replacement to the replacement battery and left me to being again unable to start my car at some point down the road when the battery continued to fail to hold charge.

Never again will I patronize Les Schwab, as they are willing to send me out with repairs that were not done that they claimed were done; while not honoring their promises and written warrantees.

Will YOU do so? (Also posted under Yelp reviews)


Derek and Jessica Sparks November 4, 2014 at 12:58 am

We dropped our car off at the Les Schwab in kent WA on Saturday to replace or fix the nail in our wheel.. my husband left his new phone so they could call us when its done they never called we stopped by around 5:30 to pick up the car and they were closed. They were also closed all day Sunday and had my husbands car locked in the garage. he was not able to get his stuff for work ( laptop , backpack,..) So we called at 8am monday to find out the status they had nothing to say , car still not repaired, when we asked them to go ahead and order a tire they did but still not have car ready until 11am , my husband was late to work, the gal at the front desk was unapologetic for not calling the right number, they didnt apololgize, they went ahead and repaired the tire but when my husband got into the car there was greese on the floor mat and the seats ( i have a picture( and then they placed his spare tire on top of his stuff in the trunk not even putting it away properly we are SOOO dispointed in their service and will NOT return to this store and possible Les Schwab ever again,, You can see in my history we have bought over 4 sets of wheels and tires over the years but will work with discount tire, 206-406-****


GD October 31, 2014 at 5:57 pm

I ve spent a great deal money at Les Schwab over the years, for the most part they have a fairly good job in the past. But, lately thing are going bad to worst. Today take the case, I went to the Reno store located on Kietzke to have them check my tire on my Mazda Pick up, and asked them to re balance and rotate the tire, which they; then this young Mexican fellow Tech stated I needed to brakes. The funny thing I had these Brake completely done near three months ago, with a new parts.

On the next day I when on a small trip to Lake Tahoe and the fron end of my truck felt like the whole car vibrating as the wheel had not been done in the first place. So I decided to drive over to another Les Schwab Tire store location on south Virgina Street to south of town and ask then to check the brake and please check the front tires for balance. They did another balance and found the front tires out balance about one once out, and advised me that the brakes look nearly brand new.

I asked them to please notify the Kietzke tire store location and explain that to them, and I want to know why would they even state such an issue with my truck needing now brakes, which simply just (BullXXXXX) , so the manager at the South Virginia location asked me if it would be alright to for him to call the manager at the other store and explain to him the issue, and that mostly this fellow Cris the manager would call me. So I did get a call from the Kietzke Chris and ask if I would drive by so that he could take a look at the left brake, so that he could check it to make sure that it did need new brakes.

Chris then asked me to drive back to his location and when I get there to ask for him, so I drive back to his location walked into the store and asked for him, then a older woman by the name Cher ask me what I needed and then I had to re explain the entire issue, “MY GOD” dumb people, then she began to tell me that the Manager was gone on vacation, so I then asked her to get the other Manager Chris, and then everything started to fall apart, she stood there doing nothing, so I just walked out and call their Head office and explain the entire problem to them.

I can’t really stay that all of these location are bad, but my god how dumb can these people be, they wasted my entire morning trying to get these tires problem rectified and go on about my business.

I am just trying let people know that when you are considering a place for tires or brakes; “You just might want to consider a much better store inwhich to get proper service of your truck or car. It may be your wife in same scenario and she might take these dumbie at there face value and have them put in new brakes when the vehicle never needed them at all. Good Luck, Go to Costco or Tire Discount they are much better to work with and they a great deal cheaper for a much better grade of tire…..


Gary Krieg October 27, 2014 at 6:41 pm

We drive a 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid Energi, without a spare tire. The trunk size in this car is very very small but I can squeeze a spare in. The best spare would be as small as possible. The tire size mounted on the car is 225/50R17. This is a front wheel drive car, with disk brakes around. If I were to mount a smaller spare on one of the rear locations, what in your mind would be the maximum cirXXXXference difference, between the original tire and a smaller spare, that you would accept if you wanted to be able to drive the car another 100 miles or so to a tire shop?



Jesse Flores October 22, 2014 at 3:02 pm

My mother-in-law got her breaks replaced at the Les Schwab in Roy, UT, and next day they gave out because they didn’t install them correctly. We had driven on the freeway on their incorrectly installed breaks, and could have been killed. I would never go back again, they’re gross negligence and utter incompetence could be deadly.


elisa evans October 15, 2014 at 2:20 pm

Les Schwab tire center in Covington WA address 17235 se 272nd st, Covington WA 98042 . Manager Don and assistance manager Kenney races discrimination over non white employee. The assistance manager Kenney fired an employee on 10/14/14 without the store manager Don approved. Kenney was very discrimination to non white employee and treated the employee badly. I was disappointed because I was hightly respect for Les Schwab is a good company to work, for, so I encouraged my son to work for this company, but I was disappointed. I hope Les Schwab Human Resource will take action to the Covington WA tire center. Races Discrimination to the employees will destroy the company reputation. By the way, there are all white employees work for the Les Schwab Tire Center in Covington WA.


GD October 31, 2014 at 6:05 pm

your issue is not a place for this site, I want to know how there services and how they try to scam people……


dan mullins October 12, 2014 at 3:04 pm

I was going to complain about the tires installed by fresno/blackstone store ( but after reading the comments about your stores I better go somewhere else)


Jerry October 6, 2014 at 8:13 pm

Honest I had my alignment done at leschawbs. An they told me that they will give me my money back for my car alignment coming loose they all laughed at me. An told me to XXXXX off!! An I’m not getting money back after corporate said they would so honestly this is the worst company!! I would never go here they will leave your lug nuts loose. Or they will leave your brakes bolts loose never go there!! They left my bolts loose an I almost got in a accident yet they laugh at you!!!


john perry October 4, 2014 at 2:31 pm

I have been a customer since 1999,I have bought off road tires,trailer tires ,atv tires,&the last few years service dropped off the chart! Anymore plan on 2/3 hours to get anything done! I spent just under a grand for 4 tires for my wives suburban,in less than a year the sidewalls by the bead are splitting! It’s taken 2 separate visits talking to different employees to get a resolution! So now I sit again,been here when they said,it’s been an hour & a half & truck is still sitting in lot! I don’t appreciate other new tire customers being put first before my warranty replacement! I will be paying off my account & going elsewhere,as a bunch of my friends already have done so!!!!!


John September 24, 2014 at 8:16 pm

This story is relstive to the rude, unprofessional incompetant employees of the Butte, MT
Location, tried to buy four tires for five months, that did not work, went to Helena, got a quote and so far all is well. By my stupidity I stopped at my hometown location Butte, now the woman that screwed things up for five months was replaced by a male, said come in anytime and we will take care of you. Another lie, went there two days after the quote
No tires in stock, had a current flat that was not repaired. The eoman that screwed things up started to interfere in the conversation I was having with a male salesman, she kept putting in here useless comments, finally I said ” i am talking to this guy not you”. Well that came back to me because I was then yelled at by “BOB?” Saying i do do care for you yelling at her, this Was wrong, I said what I stated above, after 15 years as a customer
I left the store bought four new tires install $225 cheaper and no hassle and quick turn around. With people like this at the Butte location this location needs to close its doors or have a 100% total employee change over, where the company realizes the reason they are in business and have a job is the “Customer” without the “customer” you do not have a business or a job and a paycheck, People in Butte do not understand or know this fact.



allysa kolyvanov September 20, 2014 at 3:11 pm

I just finished at your store on franklin in bend, oregon. JESSE WAS AMAZING!!!!! I am handicapped. I did not even get out of my car! He was prompt, courteous, and FAST. WHAT A GEM HE IS. I tried to tip him and he would not take it. Just asked me to come back. He explained he is with the company 20 years and. LOVES IT!!! What a great experience. This one needs to be in management. DONT LET HIM GO ANYWHERE ELSE. His supervisor is Bruce. Thanks again. Always Les Shawb with me. And my whole family!!!


Lynn Dawson September 14, 2014 at 10:28 am

I am so upset with Les Schwab. We recently took our truck to Les Schwab to have it get “trip ready” when we were heading to Montana for a wedding. First off the employees were rude, but I took that maybe they were having a bad day which can happen. But then we started driving. Things were alright until we got about 10 miles from Hood River at which point the car began shaking. Thank goodness my husband decided to pull over because we had lost all but one lug nut on the front passenger tire. All but 1!!!!! We had our 2 year old and 4 year old in the car! This could have ended really badly. I picture the tire falling off at 70 miles per hour and I am not happy! We fortunately have AAA and put a call. I love AAA but they were unable to transport all of us along with the truck so my children and I had to take a taxi to Hood River at 6 am mind you. We ended up sitting out front of Les Schwab waiting for them to open to fix the mistake made by the store in Portland. I will NEVER go back to Les Schwab again!!! If you care about your family and friends tell them this story and be sure to never let Les Schwab touch your vehicle. Also, this is the second time this happened. Last time we were headed back from the coast and they were all loose-none came off so not such a big deal, but TWICE-really?


Greg Knight September 12, 2014 at 2:32 pm

We just tried to buy some tires and the Ballard store, we were told we did not have that type of tire in stock. Were on a budget and need to work our deal to under 400.00 but that could not locate a tire for us. Were really disappointed to say the least and had to go down the street to Goodyear to get what we wanted for tires. We have been working with the Ballard store for over 20 years and now they could not find a set of tires for us.


Larry F. September 12, 2014 at 12:15 pm

Sadly, this is not your dad’s Les Schwab Tires company any more. They have always been a little more expensive than other tire stores but it was worth it because of the excellent service they USED TO provide. They have completely walked away from providing good customer service or doing business with any kind of ethics or integrity. They refused to honor their warranty on some tires that failed (sidewall split) and were perfectly OK with me going to Costco to buy my tires (I have been buying Les Schwab tires since 1990). I won’t set foot in one of their stores ever again. Another great American company down the tubes, RIP Les Schwab Tires (Les is probably rolling over in his grave).


Ethel Honeycutt August 27, 2014 at 11:17 am

I would like to tell you how great our local les Schwab is. We went on a trip and we had 2 flat tires around Layton utah, all I had was my local store so I called Liz in chubbuck Idaho and with in 20 minutes a guy from Layton showed up with 2 tires and we were on our way


Terri Tobkin August 23, 2014 at 4:57 pm

Addendum to previous complaint regarding a failed battery under warranty: I forgot to include that the file battery was installed in the car in October 2010. I carried it out and had someone put it in at my house so I didn’t have to sit there and wait as I had severe back issues at that time. The person who installed it has rebuilt a 1951 Ford so it was installed correctly.


Terri Tobkin August 23, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Just like AAA Towing, Les Schwab Tires, have always been an important part of my life, when it comes to driving. I keep my cars well maintained from tires to batteries and oil, to the cloth top on my convertible. I take our 4 cars there, my elderly father’s 2 cars, and my friend’s car in Lincoln City. Yesterday, I had to get jumped 3 times in my convertible. Since the battery was still under warranty, I had AAA come to the house & jump me so I could drive into your location at 166th S.E. Division, in Portland, after I let it run an hour in my driveway. It was 5:30, but not busy. Young guy said pull right in the stall after I said I better not turn it off. He checked the battery, added water to the cells, tried to charge it, but it wouldn’t hold a charge. He went and talked to Tim, the manager, who said problem was NOT the battery, something was draining it. So, they jumped me and sent me on my way at 6 pm and closed the garage door down behind me. I barely made it home, luckily it was close & i ran stop signs. I got a charger and charged it over night. This morning, it started, I ran it for 30 mins. When. I went in to get my wallet and turned it off, it would not start again and the meter my neighbor put on it read under 11. I called the same 166th Division store I was in last night. Phillip told me I’d have to pay $45 for them to come to the house and jump me plus buy a new battery. Did I want to talk to Tim, the manager? Yes, I did. Tim gets on and was very cold and said the problem was NOT the battery. He was not going to honor my warranty. That the problem was the car. I told him the alternator and starter were put in 1,500 miles ago. The car is a 1993 Pontiac convertible. Because I am now disabled, I fix things on it when I think it’s time so I don’t get stuck. I told him my family has spent a lot of money at his place there and now he was telling me his warranties are no good? He said this warranty was NOT valid because there was nothing wrong with the battery. I told him it’s been on the charger all night and won’t start. He said, “again, there is NOTHING wrong with that battery!” And if you have us come out it is $45. I said, even though I was just there last night to get it fixed? He said, “again, it is NOT the battery!” I said well, I’ll just call another store then. Tim said “Go ahead.” I called the store on S E. 122nd and Division. I told the manager the whole story. He said “I’ll send someone out right away. We will pro-rate the battery.” I gave him all the info he needed. He said, “you’ve been a good customer a long time!” It was not even an hour, AND on a Saturday morning, and Sean came and replaced it. Took 10 minutes and like $64. Ten minutes and I was off to see my terminally ill Mom, which is what i was trying to do ALL day yesterday! Had I gone back to your 166th Division Store with Manager Tim, it would have cost me about $160, after they came and jumped me, and because he said they were really busy, there’d be a wait. WHICH was why I was trying to take care of the problem yesterday! The car runs fine now. Would you please let that Tim know that? Not that he cares. AND not that he cares that he won’t be servicing 7 vehicles any longer plus neighbors possibly. The Les Schwab truck at my house did not go un noticed after AAA being here all afternoon yesterday. MAYBE Tim should retire, his attitude is definitely NOT what it used to be and I also heard him snap at an employee when I was being sent home last night. It is a good thing your other store stepped up and did the right thing, I can gave a big mouth when I am not treated right.


Gary McKay August 20, 2014 at 12:32 am

To whom it may concern
I took my ford flex into your store in pleasant hill ca, to get my tire repaired, they took care of
It no problem . The manager there who’s name is sack told me that the struts in the rear
We’re blown and leaking and quoted me $799 to replace both I told them I would have to
Budget it. But I took it to my dealer. So they tell me that a ford flex does in fact have shocks in the rear not struts and replaced them for $340 not $799 this is what gives mechanics a bad name for stupidity like this I have been a customer for at least ten years and I’m so glad
I never had anything other than a tire repaired because this shops manager should not be working with the public, I will tell all my friends how close I came to being ripped off by another low life shop


Natalee Billman August 8, 2014 at 10:28 pm

Years ago we were on Vacation to Oregon Dunes and noticed splashing liquid in the wheel wells ,We pulled into a Les Schwab and had it checked ,we thought the worst but the guy told us it was the fluid was too full and he also noticed our quads tire was flat on our trailer and they fixed it for free.He would not even take a tip. We vowed that we would always go to Les Schwab from that point on and we did. I own a Dually Dodge 3500 and a 2500 Dodge truck and a Jeep Liberty and a Barracuda and a camper and 2 quads that is a lot of tires and other work. I got the Jeep Liberty from my mother in Law who could not drive anymore, due to illness. We took it to Les Schwab here in South Lake Tahoe,CA as we have loved them for years we were so happy when we got one in our town instead of driving to Carson City ,Nevada,like we used to. Recently went to get the brakes checked since getting it from my mother in law. They told us we needed everything ,so spent almost $800.00 .Got in to drive it and brakes went to the floor. My husband had seen a worker with a 3 foot screw driver trying to pry off the calliper earlier when he was checking to see if it was done. I have since brought it back at least 3 times they said they found nothing wrong with it. Like I was crazy! My brakes don’t start working until 3/4 of the way to the floor and have not worked at all with me and on my husband. I don’t know what else to do. I called them with 5 more doXXXXented dates the brakes have failed .I’m either going to get into an major accident or get killed. The manager said he would pick it up and do the whole brake job again. Supposedly this was done already.
I thought this would be a priority to them and my car is still in my drive way .I live 8 blocks away. and when I told them I had to put the pedal so far down they said they cut something to give me more footing and Brakes need time to work in .Right!!!!!! This has never happened before in any brake job in the past. I had perfect brakes before I went there My car stopped!!!!, I used to Love Les Schwab but this is not cool at all . I want the CEO to read this and help me. Before i die or kill someone in my car. Please get in touch with me .Not Happy!!!!!!!!!!! At All!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You-The Les Schwab in South lake Tahoe has my phone # and I would enjoy a call from Dick Borgman-ASAP


Sharon Lacey August 8, 2014 at 9:41 pm

I’m a stand up comedian. I perform all across America, and have entertained our troops on two overseas comedy tours in Iraq and Kuwait.
Yesterday I was on my way from Portland to Gig Harbor, Washington, where I was going to perform a comedy show for 180 children of wounded or fallen soldiers. I left in plenty of time – UNTIL I had a flat tire halfway there on I-5. I tried to fix it myself, but I couldn’t get the jack on correctly, and I couldn’t get the lug nuts to budge. I was stranded. No motorists stopped to help.
I was frantic. I didn’t want to let those kids down by showing up late or not making it at all. I called the closest Les Schwab dealer, in Chehalis, and told them my predicament. I wasn’t even exactly sure WHERE I was on I-5. About 30 minutes later, like a knight in shining armor, the Les Schwab white truck arrived and rescued me. Levi Jones quickly changed my tire, and I followed him to the Chehalis dealership. They didn’t have a new tire of the same type to replace my destroyed one, but Levi voluntarily put on a used tire, free of charge, so I could quickly and safely make it to my gig on time and not let those kids down.
Thanks to Levi Jones and the Chehalis Les Schwab Tire Center, I made it to my gig with two minutes to spare. The kids had a great afternoon filled with laughter, and I was also able to make it back to Portland in time for my show at Harvey’s Comedy Club. Today I went to my local Les Schwab and bought a new tire.
I just thought you might like to know how very much I appreciate Les Schwab Tire Centers!


Julie August 2, 2014 at 10:33 pm

My calipers continue to get stuck…. This is the 3rd time I take my car to the Same les Schwab in Kent WA (84th Ave N location) in 1 week! They specifically told me they triple checked and diagnosed the breaks/pads/calipers….. I’ve already paid $1100 on a 94 honda accord!! This car is not even worth that much!
After the 2nd time at les Schwab, they Supposedly replaced everything (pads/calipers ).
And 2 days later….. I’m having to drive Back to the same store to replace again!! Because of the same damn problem. How can you not fix some calipers after the first try. I dropped car off this morning (8am) … Have been waiting for a call, it’s now 230pm!!! Not one phone call to give me an update!!! I am a customer just like everyone else, and these guys expect us to wait until they decide to call….until they feel like updating us on what the problem is with the car? They already charge an arm and a leg. Very disappointed with their Services!!! Would NOT recommend to anyone!


Dem July 30, 2014 at 11:24 pm

Wwll, looks like they removed my post! Trying to hide the Dirty Rats that you are…
Not rewriting again.. check out link…
. Watch “Big Loop Rodeo Cruelty Wrap-Up” on YouTube
Big Loop Rodeo Cruelty Wrap-Up: http://youtu.be/gsDPzurUZjY


Sandra Mesman July 23, 2014 at 4:32 pm

The NEW Les Schwab, no communication, no service, no responsibility, no accountability and their new motto “sorry about that”. The “Peace of mind Tire Protection” should be stricken from their advertisement and replaced with buyer beware, we’ve got to make a liven!!!!!


tom bush July 20, 2014 at 3:30 am

I took advantage of your travel inspection on my car on 7/9/14 they came back told me my car was 100 % no problems be cause i was going to tulsa i got to wyoming and front brakes started to grind need less to say made it tulsa and had to have front brakes and rotors put on if you did not want my money just tell me, i had to spend it at pepboys in tulsa thanks


Unknown July 16, 2014 at 5:15 pm

The harrassment is incredible at the Les schwab my close family member worked at. He was put down constantly and called names, even when he was doing a fantastic job, i would never reccomend working at the one he went to, the assistant Manager is horrible. Being called Retard and dumbass isnt the way to go and is not ok. You are supposed to bring up your employees not put them down. He WIll never be able to run a business right by doing what hes doing.


Tom James July 9, 2014 at 7:08 pm

I have bought my FIRST & LAST set of Tires from les schwab ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Went into store # 151 Aurora Colorado, for a ” free” fix on a srew extraction & patch An hour and a half later Iwas Finaly Given my keys back. I watched the Whole process, 1 man working in the shop, 5 in the Air conditioned show room doing nothing! I work in the transportation industry and WILL Bad Mouth Les Schwab as long as I live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sincerely Les Schwab Tires Can Kiss My ASS!


Ryan Lin July 8, 2014 at 11:14 pm

I was so dispointed with Les schwab customer service at 122nd and Division . I took my car to the service center to rotate tires. A young serviceman came to me and told me my front tires are unable to rotate because it has 2.5 inch left of tread. I decided not to buy two new tires and asked one of my friend to explain to him. The serviceman was rude and started unpatient. I will never go back there anymore. I always think Les schwab is one of reliable business to shop for tires. Actually, I got two tires from them 2 months. I guess I am not their customer anymore.


Richard Collier June 11, 2014 at 2:43 am

my family an i have been doing business with les schwab for many years usually happy with there work. Recently had my girlfriend take our van to store 341 in longview washington my front driver side brakes were grinding also service ABS light was on told her to get new pads all around when she got there they told her they didn’t need to touch rear brakes they were fine quoted her 256 dollars for front brakes said i had ball joint going bad that would be over 600 dollars to fix she said no to new ball joint an oked front brakes after six an a half hours she called to see if it was ready to be picked up they said ya when she got there they told her it was 472.90 because they had to replace both front rotors and that my service ABS light would shut off when she fixed something that was broke on rear brakes when she got home an told me i took our van for test drive brake peddle does not engage till half way down they feel sponge an feel like rear brakes are not even working at 7 mph if i hit my brakes they lock up this is not suppose to happen with ABS i called les schwab to see why they said rear brake service was denied that’s bullXXXXX she was told they didn’t need to be touched than later told to fix something on rear brakes to get service ABS light to shut off but they don’t need to be touched right! Because i have to work couldn’t take it right back the vary next day my rear brakes are now grinding they took advantage of her an that’s bullXXXXX they did a XXXXXty job on my brakes an i now feel like its to dangerous to drive an that’s bullXXXXX 470 dollars later brakes still grinding Service ABS light still on i feel like i have been robed now i have to take time off work witch cost me money to take my van somewhere else an have the brakes done right hopefully les schwab will read this an do something to make it right they should not be allowed to rip people off like this


Jesus morales May 22, 2014 at 6:15 pm

This just happened today and I am so pissed off at les schwab right now, I take my car in to the store #91 in nampa idaho I went there today because my car needs brakes and they advertise free brake inspection so when they checked them they said after thorough review we need to change the brakes and it will be 255. So I said do you guys take car care one card and Chris an associate from les schwab said yes, so I said go ahead. I was happy, new brakes it’ll take about 2 hours I was fine with that, but after two hours they called me again and said that is now going to cost me over 800.00 dollars for other things that they found. Now I’m really upset with them I asked them why didn’t they tell me this before, of course they started coming up with excuses, why they didn’t tell me this before so I was already mad, so I just said to do the brakes, went up to pay with my car care one card and it didn’t go through. The blonde lady in the front desk was no help at all. So I was forced to open up an account with them all these mistakes could’ve been avoided from the beginning, I hope karma, which it will, get them. As soon as I pay off the brakes which I’m not happy about which I will make sure everyone knows about it.


mike June 3, 2014 at 7:16 pm




Rebekah Betts May 19, 2014 at 10:19 pm

I visited a Les Schwab location in South Auburn, WA because there was a bulge in my passenger side front tire. It took a few minutes of convincing and mentioning my husband found it before they would look at the tire. After sitting through four cars (when they said I was only behind one person), they said my tire was not covered under the warranty. I asked why, stating we had bought the tires from another Les Schwab location less than six months ago. They simply stated, “it’s not covered under the warranty because it’s been impacted”. Well, I don’t know who impacted it because I haven’t been in an accident and don’t trash my car by smashing into curbs. They refused to answer questions and just chuckled when I became angry. This is incredibly disrespectful and happens frequently when I come in to get warranty items replaced. I have not been able to use tires or any parts Les Schwab fixes for long because they are constantly breaking. The less than six month old tires continuously go flat, but there is, “nothing wrong so it can’t be going flat that much”. We take in my car every time it goes flat and my husband has managed to get more answers than I am able to. This is ridiculous and I am now shopping around for new tire centers because Les Schwab clearly doesn’t honor any warranties and feels okay with treating women less respectfully than men.


Nikki Hubbart May 14, 2014 at 9:29 pm

I purchased new tires at your store in Coeur d’Alene, ID. In April I took a trip to Kuna, ID to visit my grandchildren and was to get a speeding ticket on my way. Upon taking my car to Les Schwab in Kuna, ID, store #128 I was to be assisted by Valentino Laniohan who was so helpful! I was crying because the store in Coeur d’Alene had not only put the wrong brand of tire I had ordered on my car, they had also put the wrong SIZE on the car! When my son saw my tires he knew they had made an error and we went directly to the Kuna, ID store. Valentino was so professional and not only understood the problem but he reassured me with full compassion that he was going to see that the problem was remedied right away! I received full credit for the purchase of “wrong” tires, and then he installed the right size and brand tires! He understood when I was so upset and sad, told him I had called the Coeur d’Alene store before coming to see him and they acted like “oh well, those tires will work anyway,” a man calling himself the manager/assistant manager on the Saturday I called. The Coeur d’Alene store didn’t care and acted like there was no reason for me to care or worry about THEIR mistake, let alone exchange the TO BIG and WRONG BRAND tires I had ordered and “oh well” was the response when I explained I am a grandmother, have always trusted Les Schwab with my cars and all the work they do and didn’t know they had even made the error until my son spotted the problem! It was simply of no interest to them! Valentino apologized for the actions of the employee I had spokane with and promised me he, Valentino would make things right again! I told him I ALWAYS buy the Toyo tires, how could they have ignored that . . . but Valentino kept reassuring me he and Les Schwab do care and would make things right! And that he did! When I left that store I was smiling again and realized how much better my car was actually riding and I could tell this huge difference when I was driving. I am very impressed with the service I received from Valentino and the Kuna, ID store as they restored my faith in your business promises! I kept thinking of all the commercials I have seen where people talk about how great the people are that work for Les Schwab and how the Coeur d’Alene store is no longer following that business practice apparently. I hope I do not have to go back to that store after this experience as it was really a crappy thing to have this happen and then when I called them they just didn’t care! Valentino is an excellent employee and knows how to make the customer happy, feel secure in your workmanship and attention to the order and the details surrounding that order and fabulous customer service! He should be running the Coeur d’Alene, ID store for you. He is knowledgeable and cares about getting the job done right and all with a friendly smile! I hope someone in corporate pays attention to this! Thank you, Nikki Hubbart smiling again, from Coeur d’Alene, ID


Beard May 10, 2014 at 2:56 pm

Penie Manning


Marie Myers April 25, 2014 at 1:14 pm

Hello….we saw and heard your commercial on TV….OMG doI have a story for you….traveling down i-5 n my brakes caught on fire…I finally was able to use emergency brakes but I already passed the uaway ramp of rocks…almost going over the mountain….it was the SCARIEST experience I have had!…..I was 55ft… travel trailer and camper shell…packed..

Moving to Oregon…2 tow trucks later …the dispatcher to us about…. TIRE STOP IN Ashland Oregon…we spentnthe night in parking lot….ES employees were so nice and did a wonderful job puttingnin new brakes…I would highly recommend ES ….
This was a month ago…I have a video on the mountain … 541.528.XXXXX…I have the video on on Facebook ….. DICK BORGMAN ….ATTENTION…

Marie and Robert…..


John April 17, 2014 at 3:34 pm

We’ll boys I have been doing business with you for over 20 years but can no longer do so.
I have continually had problems with chrome flaking off my expensive new wheels and your
your s***ty brake jobs, they do not last. Always my problem when the rotors warp or the calipers seize, apparently I ride the brakes, bulls*** you installed faulty systems and it’s like pulling teeth to get you to honor your warranty, well I will no longer put up with your s***. Both the store in Kirkland and the one in Redmond refused to fix my warrantied brakes, so long and goodby


Bob Micheli April 4, 2014 at 2:59 pm

My wife found the Grand Canyon of all potholes in a construction zone on Interstate 84 north of Burley, Idaho 4/2/14. . We had to change to our doughnut tire and limp into the Burley’s Les Schwabs. The service we received there was stupendous! They didn’t have Toyota wheels but they changed our damaged ones around so we could get back on the road and they replaced a missing oil cap all FREE OF CHARGE! We two Seniors entered their bay all shook up about the pothole from hell and we left with the same smiles they greeted us with in the first place. Some times I think Les Schwab tires are too expensive…now, I know this may not be true! Thank You—-Burley Tire Center!


Steven J Nickson March 29, 2014 at 5:19 pm

I have a 97 Ford F-150 4X. I went in to the “new” Sparks, NV. location, on Los Alton Parkway. I spoke to the mgr, Cory Witters, about wheels to make my old truck look a little more modern. He asked me the size, 17″ was the size that was on the pickup, and he looked through a number of catalogs. He said he couldn’t find anything, but would make a phone call. I stood there while he made the call, listening to him humming and hawing. He then told the person on the other end, that he would tell him that. Tell me what, I was wondering?! He hung up and told me,”That “they (whoever “they” is)”, said for me to get my friends to take my truck, have my friends burn the truck, tell my insurance that it was stolen, collect the insurance money and go buy a truck that they had wheels for! I looked at him and said,”what?…….”. I walked out the door, got in my truck, and drove to Discount Tire, about a 1/2 mile away and bought wheels there. They were on sale, which made it even better and I didn’t need to commit “insurance fraud”! I would NEVER do what they were suggesting!
Les Schwab Tire Centers are a whole different world, now that Phil Wick was let go. And not for the better, either!
I went back to a different store, on Wednesday, 26Mar14, to check out some tires for my car, figuring that I don’t hold grudges and I’m an adult in this situation. I did tell the person at this store, that I would be calling Les Schwab corporate, and let them know about the attitudes, and the “general” way their staff and management, feel about potentional customers and customers, alike!
I would really appreciate a response to this matter, and what they can do, to make this situation “better”! Anxiously awaiting your reply. Thank you, Steve N.


Sonny Landers March 28, 2014 at 6:05 pm

i had a blow out on my way to oregon and i had just bought sum tires from another tire store so i called less schwab they sent a guy out he took the tire back to his shop and he was suposed to call me to let me know what the prices where gonna be so i could say yes or no to the price and then the guy shows back up with a tire and it came out to $380.00 for one tire if he would of called me like he was suposed to i would of told him never mind.and just bring my tire and rim back and i think its bullXXXXX cus they wont give me my money back.i think less schwab is just tryin to get over on people.what about the comercial that says if ur not happy just bring it back less schwab will never get my business again and im gonna smutt them up on every websitr i can find cus i feel like the took food out of my kids mouth and that is just totaly unacceptable


Carl March 24, 2014 at 4:16 pm

Les Schwab Tire Store #387, 10312 East Sprague, Spokane, WA. 24 March 2014. Had snow tires removed today, switching to previously purchased Les Schwab summer tires. Requested wheel spin balance on summer replacements. When I returned to pick up vehicle, I asked the receptionist if wheels were balanced, she said yes. Asked her if they re-use the wheel weights when doing the balance, she said no. Was given receipt stating that $13 was charged per wheel, total $52, no charge due to complimentary spin balance. Prior to taking vehicle in for tire work, I took a permanent black magic marker and placed a small dot on each summer tire wheel weight. Since the vehicle was in the parking lot, I checked the wheels before entering the store so I knew they were not re-balanced. It is also apparent the wheel weights were not changed just by looking at the dirt/rust surrounding them. The invoice provided to me from Les Schwab’s #38700131228, states that this work was done. It definitely was not done. This constitutes theft on your part.


all pissed off March 15, 2014 at 8:43 pm

wow. i cant believe the lack of concern for customers,.i brought my Lincoln ls in because it was squeaking. when turning.from the passenger side ball joint. brought it to les schwab to get it fixed they said that they would fix the problem.and that they would need to do an alignment after the ball joint was replaced. i asked if both should be replaced. because they were original parts.they said no the other one was fine.and that the only had one in stock. they fixed it.and did an alignment.when i picked up the car.they said that they could not do a proper alignment without a shim kit.you think they would have known.
picked up the car and drove home .while pulling into my driveway it made a slight noise.i was worried
.after that i drove to work on the way the ball joint went out and was grinding metal to metal. part failure?thats what they said. so that was monday .they said they were ordering parts and that they would call in a couple days and would fix for free under warrenty .went through the whole week with no word back.
i guess i should have called and made sure they did there job.its 6 days later i called them they kept me on the phone for half an hour.after talking to three people i found out the tec i was working with didn’t order the parts. he sat them on some shelf and forgot his boss called him a dumb a**. and apologized to me. BUT THAT DOESN’T GET ME TO WORK DOES IT ! i have been working with my company. we have bought 60 sets of tires from les schwab this year.they sure took care of me that day.did it fast called me back asap to confirm order came in quick.
i hope they take good care of me during this problem. i sure dont want a quote dumb a** working on my steering and suspension. please do better thanks


Varun Sharma March 7, 2014 at 7:37 pm

I will never ever refer anyone or myself visit Les Schwab. They always are in a selling mode. I bought the tires in the past for my Civic in two month duration, first for front and then for rear. Both times I bought from Les Schwab and they gladly put the pair with different tread design(but same specification). I changed to winter tires and tried to reuse these tires on Audi(same specification). When I took the tires to Les Schwab, they refused to put these. I understand that the tread design should be same but why did they not raise this point when they were selling for the front wheel drive.
Now I am held up with extra pair of tires. I always feel cheated when I go there. This time I have made up my mind, not to visit this chain again forget about recommending it to anyone. They just want to make money out of you, nothing else.



Kristine Strachan February 27, 2014 at 11:02 am

I took my car to the Les Schwab in Aloha, Oregon. My car is old, but the alignment was fine when I drove in. When I came to pick up my car, they told me I needed an alignment appointment and it would cost extra. I drove off and my car was now pulling severely to the right. I came right back because it felt dangerous to drive. They switched the tire to the left and now the car pulled to the left. They said it was not the tires and that because my car was old with old tires it caused the alignment to be off when new tires were put on. They made an appointment for me for 5 days later, so I would have to drive like this until then. I went home and noticed the front left tire was certainly much flatter than the rest. I went to the gas station and checked the psi, it was 32, and the other tires were at 35. The max psi is 44. I filled all tires to 42 and now my car drove fine. I called to let them know and they said I should not fill my tires that much, and go by the recommendation on the inside of my door. They said if I filled my tires to 42 psi the tires would wear out faster. The only recommendation is for 32 on rear tires when towing.
I was most certainly taken advantage of and forced to drive a dangerously out of alignment car. Shame on you for trying to swindle more money out of me, I had a 3 year old in the car. I confronted them and told them I felt like they were basically causing a problem to make more money. I wonder how many times they do this to people. My husband called too and it was a bad confrontation. They absolutely did not care. I now spent $476.00 on tires to a deceiving, conniving company.


Tina Gollyhorn February 17, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Please see the notes from our community mud run….. Just a heads up to you all. The scappoose Les swab, don’t go there. Got there yesterday after the mud to air up before I drove the rest the way home. After waiting 10 min to get air. First thing the guy says is “please wash your truck before you come in here again (don’t worry I won’t be coming back) you left mud all in our parking lot” umm okay. I just drove 9 miles in the rain and washed it off before so whatever….. I was nice and said ohh I’m sorry, can I please have my tires put up to 45 psi. He finished and we left. This morning my dad went out side and noticed my tire was completely flat. I figured I hit and nail or something on the way home no biggie. So I aired it back up. Come to find out my valve stem had been loosened, so I fixed that and aired to 45. I figure well I might as well check the others. Not only where the stem caps barley put on, they where all at 37psi….. Wow…. Thanks…. Won’t be going back there. Ever….. I would recommend to you all, to do the same.
My reply to our fellow mud runner…
I will be happy to give them a call tomorrow and explain how many of us from the Mudding Community spend $1,000.00 of dollars on a couple of tires for these big trucks and if they can’t take a little mud we will be happy to spread the word and take a few 100 trucks to another tire shop.


Joe February 14, 2014 at 4:08 pm

My wife called Les Schwab in Portland for help with a flat tire on a set I bought there. One and a half hour wait. The store was 1/4 mile away. Said they no longer fix repairs, but will gladly put the spare tire on. Then they charged her $45. Really? What happened to the “free flat tire repair” that’s adverstised on their website. You just lost two customers. Hope the $45 was worth it.


Steve m June 12, 2014 at 3:49 pm

I’ve had this happen before but actually nowhere on their warranty does it say FREE road side assistance.


denise boyer February 12, 2014 at 11:31 pm

971217XXXXX unsatisfactory work. Part put in upside down. Damaged car.


Mark Spada February 12, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Can you email me back who to contact from LS for event sponsorship? I’m located in Everett, WA.


Hal Shore February 11, 2014 at 3:17 pm

I will never again refer anyone to Les Schwab again. I have been an ongoing customer for many years and have been satisfied.with their service up until now. I had brake work done on my 1993 Explorer in 2008. I was under the warranty time & mileage when I had to have work redone. That was in 2010. It is now 2014 and a little over 15,000 miles on the new set of brakes and still less than 30,000 miles and they are metal on metal. Since YOUR policy is 3 years or 30,000 miles I have to spend another $300.00 plus to repair my brakes. In my opinion, your policy should change to reflect when the LAST date of service was.


Jesse Gonzalez December 19, 2013 at 10:46 pm

Today 12/19/2013 I dropped my Honda off for a rear break service at 7 am when they opened. I was the first customer in the store. My schedule has been crazy and I chose to leave it there for the work to be done by the time I got off of work today. I received a phone call at 12:17 pm today during my lunch break and spoke to Victor M at the Stockton, CA store on 1717 W. Charter Way. Work Oder 67300041771.

He advised me I needed the work done to my rear breaks and I agreed. When I got to the store at around 4:30/5 pm. My Honda was not done!! I talk to the technician working on my vehicle when I arrived and he said he didn’t know why it wasn’t done and he had just started to work on it.

I entered inside and ask the technician who opened the work order that morning why my Honda wasn’t done and he said, they had to order parts. Nowhere!! in his phone call did he say he had to order parts or did I receive a phone call that my car would not be ready.!! I left there at 6:30 pm. Eleven and a half hours for a rear break job!!! I had to wait an hour and a half!!!

With no apology or acknowledgement of the inconvenience!!!! REALLY, I was the first in the store there is no reason why this should of happened. The manager Matt and the technicians knew I was upset and an apology or some sort of discount could have and would have sufficed!!!

My time as every other customer(s) time is valuable, and lately I have little of…an hour in a half after working three weeks straight in this Les Schwab store was unnecessary and RIDICULOUS!!!

Even more so, I got the feeling from all the employees and especially the manage Matt they didn’t seem to care and their actions confirmed my feeling and FRUSTRATING experience!!!!

I WILL never visit this store again!! I hope this complaint does not go unnoticed or even more disappointing that it will be replied by a computer generated sorry email!!

Social media goes a long way…Just saying!


carolyn hovdahl November 16, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Your company is losing credibility. Seems your company is no longer interested in customer service. When a customer has to wait 3 hours to get a flat tire fixed it becomes insane. If the company has become too big to service their customers it is time to close your doors or expand. However I am sure you could care less about the customers as long as you are making big bucks off the customer. My experience with your company makes your commercial a lie!!!!!!!


Ken Wharam November 6, 2013 at 8:22 am

I’ve been watching the videos about the Jordan Valley Rodeo and was utterly disgusted at the way the f***ing evil sXXXXbags abuse the poor animals, especially the calves which are just babies..
What kind of a**holes are you to sponsor these lousy pieces of s***?
Everyone involved in this barbarity deserves to die screaming in agony.


Scott Distler October 26, 2013 at 12:37 am

I went in for tires .come out with warped Brakes.they said they would fix it.took back they replaced rotors again . But also told me my lug nuts were bad .and tryed charging me for them .
And they warped them again . So this is the one in union gap .so go to the one on yakima ave. They tell me the guys from the other shop shaved my rotors to Low so he said he fixed it with new rotors again I’m haveing the same problem so I take it back in and they say my brakes are shot well Yah after 3 sets of rotors and didn’t change the pads the pads are bad.so they say. So as of now my brakes are shot due to warped rotors .trying to let them fix there mess up
They take advantage of people .
I’ve been in the business for 20 years , YOU DON’T TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT !
first of my brakes were fine just had them done before i went to les scwab .ive owned this car sjnce 2004 . Had a couple of different sets of tires & Never had a problem UNTIL I GO TO LES SCHWAB. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO THERE AND I WILL BE TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT HOW LES SCWAB TREATS THE CUSTOMER


william February 12, 2014 at 10:24 pm

I have been a coustomer for along time until now. Not only are your people in the Yuba City Les Schwab incompetent, they are arrogant, rude, uncoropitive and crooked. $916.11 worth of inferior Chinese parts and extensive frontend repair that was installed incorrectly, not to mention wrong parts. Six months later 5 visits in two states and a trip to a frontend specialist”,NOT LES SCHWAB”. and an additional $ 1590.50, Problem solved, BUYER BEWARE……


Stephen Butler October 1, 2013 at 2:58 pm

I brought four tires this am. When checking me out William B told me that a stud broke on
my left front tire . He assured me that it was safe to ride on a missing stud. He also said I could not get it fixed today. I then asked him how long I could on it. He said one to two days. Fiist, since he broke the stud why did he just fix it and send me home. Second he could have come out an told me sad story and I would have said fix it.
Thrid, If he broke way do I have to pay for it to be fixed? You can look my history and see I havge with for a long time. Do you really want to loose me as a customer?
Steve Butler Crow Creek Dr. Galt Ca 209-744-XXXXX
Awaiting reply Steve


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