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Lennar Corporation
700 Northwest 107th Avenue
Miami, FL 33172

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Phone Number: (305) 559-4000
Fax Number: (305) 226-4158
Website: http://www.lennar.com/
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Lennar Corporation Facts

Date Founded:
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Number of Employees:

Lennar Corporation Executives

CEO: Stuart A. Miller
CFO: Bruce E. Gross
COO: Jonathan M. Jaffe

Lennar Corporation History

Lennar Corporation is the United States’ second largest homebuilder.

The company was founded in 1954 under the name F&R Builders by Gene Fisher and Arnold Rosen.

In 1971 the company went public under its new name, Lennar, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LEN.

In 2006 Lennar’s was at its height of success as a Fortune 200 company and one of Forbes’ America’s Best-Managed Companies.

The housing slump of 2007-2008 hit the company hard, and it posted heavy losses of more than $2.4 billion by the end of 2008.


Today Lennar builds single family and detached homes in 20 states under the names Lennar, Camelot, NuHome, and Greystone. The company has 5,740 employees and had revenue of $5.94 billion in 2013.

Lennar Corporation FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Lennar Corporation?
Answer 1: The phone number for Lennar Corporation is (305) 559-4000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Lennar Corporation?
Answer 2: The CEO of Lennar Corporation is Stuart A. Miller.

Question 3: Who founded Lennar Corporation?
Answer 3: Lennar Corporation was founded by in .

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Alfred Zagaroli September 5, 2019 at 11:48 am

had a house built in plantation lakes in Millsboro Delaware of 2018.it is now oct 2019.my issue is I still don’t have a backyard to enjoy from last oct to present.i just received my property tax bill and am requesting lennar to pay some of my property tax on land that I cant even enjoy or have to enjoy.cant get any info from anyone of lennars people on when I will get my backyard. if I don’t hear anything from your office I will continue to write and show pictures of my back yard so other people will see how lennar works here. thankyou


Javier Sobrino July 27, 2019 at 2:13 pm

I purchased a new home at Lennar’s Galiano Estates on 137th Ave & S.W 190th Street in Miami. I am not even going into the long list of issues. Many which have not been corrected after being reported well OVER TWO MONTHS AGO. Lennar’s Customer Care or Maintenance Response is a 1 on a scale of 1-100.
But I am sure that someday everything will be corrected.

However, the critical issue which has not even been addressed and Lennar will not even admit that it is an issue, is with the soil and filtration throughout the ENTIRE DEVELOPMENT. Galiano Estates is pretty much a swamp. I cannot even enjoy my backyard because every other step there is a “mud puddle”. Large areas of grass are brown from being soaked in water for days and rotting. The FP&L electrical box in front of my house is usually covered by 6 inches of water, so when I walk my dog, I have to go the other way because I am scared to touch any puddle that is in contact with the water covering that electrical box. Not to mention the amount of frogs & mosquitoes.

If I am lying or exaggerating, PLEASE prove me wrong by simply coming out here and walking around the front, sides and backyard of my house. And by walking around my block (135th Ave & S.W 190th Street).

I do not enjoy sending email or complaints like this. I have tried EVERY other way without luck. The issues do not bother me as much because things happen. What is really disappointing & sad is the way Lennar responds (actually DOES NOT RESPOND) to these issues.

Thank you for turning our dream of owning a new Lennar Home into a nightmare.


Marsha Nicholas July 12, 2019 at 12:41 am

To whom this may concern,
I am currently in the process of building a home with Village Builders. I am currently dissatisfied with the design center. We were mislead, concerning interior paint. We asked could we have the satin paint on the walls, they informed us that they don’t do satin paint, but we could only have semi-gloss paint. Now that its time for painting, the construction manager tells us that the walls will have flat paint. We originally told them that because we could not have the satin paint, that we would go with the semi-gloss on the walls. I am very upset and disappointed to be paying over $500,000 for a home and cannot get semi-gloss paint on the wall. Who wants to go into a $500,000 house and have to repaint the walls?!? This has been a very stressful process for me, on top of trying to recover from cancer. Please have someone to contact me as soon as possible. In the meantime, I will be looking for another option for a home due to the dissatisfaction with Village Builder.


jun perez May 13, 2019 at 5:08 pm

The sale person Jenifer banki lie while doing a random check to see if the area check flooded saying it was dry while I am stuck on the street because of the water in porter tx 77365. I show them pictures and video but they didn’t even care about it and refuse to give my earnest money back. It was raining hard so I thought would be best to see how it hold up but I couldn’t drive far enough to see the house I was trying to buy both entry to the house flooded.


Rosemary Owen April 24, 2019 at 9:57 pm

Suppose to have a closing on 4/29. Attempted to do a walk thru yesterday, but could not get along with this customer service manager, Dave. We will not go to closing without a walk thru and inspection. No one will respond to our requests. Our original sales person retired and we are left with no one to turn to.


David Fellows April 11, 2019 at 6:32 am

Built a home In Connerton Land O lakes Florida. Having issues with The plumbing from the upstairs down to the first floor. The wall is to small to hide the plumbing the drywall was cut a patched to hide the pipe. Asking if this can be fixed right, but having issues with everyone I’m talking to. Hoping that this can be fixed with this email. Also had a drywall guy and plumber guy that was sent out by Lennar. They both said that wall needs to bigger.


Dr. and Mrs. Doron Finn March 29, 2019 at 1:45 pm

We recently moved into our new half million dollar plus home in Fort Myers under duress. Before our closing date February 28, 2019 we expressed repeated concerns of numerous areas that were unfinished including the following: missing and broken appliances, crooked cabinets and medicine cabinets, unfinished painting interiorly and exteriorly, damage interior doors, office doors that would not close, front double wood doors that don’t close properly and need additional staining, unfinished caulking in several areas throughout house, tub drain pull missing and rust stains in ceramic tub in guest bath, door hardware that cracked the doors and was left unsanded and painted over leaving exposed jagged edges, nails exposed that were painted over and many areas where molding is chipped and wasn’t sanded and painted over, several areas of damaged drywall……and this is just part of a two page list documented with our contractor. He assured us that everything would be fixed and completed before our move-in day.
Problem two was we were originally told our closing day would be in early March so my husband scheduled a medical meeting. We were informed that would be okay, and then a week later we receive notice that we were closing on the 28th. We were threatened that if we didn’t close on that day that Lennar could charge us late charges on every successive day until we closed if the house was deemed-move-in ready. The house was not anywhere close to move-in ready at the pre-closing walkthrough. We agreed to sign in advance because we would be out of town on closing day, but I would walk through the day before and make a decision whether to close. On that walkthrough, the house still had most of the problems outlined from the previous weeks and I told the title company I was not closing. I left that day to meet my husband in LA. We got a call the next day from the bank saying they had not been contacted and had transferred the loan money. Then we got a call from our agent urging us to close and promising my husband by the time we got back the following week the house would be ready. Against our better judgment, we reluctantly agreed because the loan had already processed.
Naturally, when we arrived back home the house was not finished. We did a walkthrough again with the contractor and we had a page and a half of unfinished work still needing to be addressed. Several of our appliances were not set up and unusable. Interior doors were still missing.
Now we are over four weeks out and still many issues remain. Luckily we had appliance people who came for other issues and set up or oven, washer, and refrigerator so we could use them. We are having to start paying on our loan even though we are in a house that was not anywhere near move in ready. Lennar threatened to charge us if we did not close on time I wonder if that principle applies to us since our house is not complete. We have documentation, emails, worklists, extensive pictures of everything I have included in this letter. We were told at the walkthrough with our selling agent after returning that, ” Hey we should be happy this is one of the most finished houses she has seen at previous closings” I commented as a real estate agent myself I would hardly be advertising of that fact.
At this point what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives has turned into a huge disappointment. I cannot believe that Lennar Corporation would find this acceptable and so that is why I am letting them know our experience. We are very laid back easy going people and generally willing to take others at their word. We hope that Lennar will heed our concerns and address these issues in a prompt manner. We know when building a new home that not everything will be perfect but there are multiple issues that should have been resolved prior to closing.


Owen McCurty March 14, 2019 at 1:25 am

We had our Celebration walk through at Championsgate in Orlando on 11 March 2019. My wife and I was being escorted by a customer care representative, during our walkthrough. I pointed out several issues to the Lennar Construction Manager, Shae XXX. He began debating the issues; he felt the issues were acceptable, due to Lennar standards. I told him that the issues were put on the original walkthrough list, per Lennar protocol. Mind you, we had a total of 8 pages of deficiencies. Shae told me that he believed that my wife and I, intimidated the Lennar representative, during the initial walkthrough. As an African American, his comments were racially stereotypical, unprofessional and disrespectful. I would appreciate if someone from Lennar would contact me to discuss this further. I’m in the process of sharing my complaint with the media. I also believe that 60 Minutes should be contacted to discuss the overwhelming complaints from buyers about Lennar. I believe that it would be a good news story.


S. Jones May 3, 2019 at 1:55 pm

I wish that we had read these observations prior to purchasing our Lennar home in Texas…never would have bought it! Lennar does a substandard job on several fronts and does not care about customer service. A few examples: the landscape package was dismal on contracted homes – better on inventory homes (Shaddock is in the same neighborhood and really puts Lennar to shame); bathroom fixtures in the Lennar homes are placed so far back that you have to turn the water on full force to avoid having it hit the counter; there is no interior insulation, consequently, sounds travel very easily between rooms; Lennar charges persons who contract to build different prices than persons who purchase inventory homes…believe we paid for someone else’s special item such as a third railing over upstairs landing (we were told this by a previous construction manager); they are inflexible on small things – such as the color of cabinets where you might want white, you are told that Knotty Alder is all you can get; you are very limited in selections when you visit the design center to make personalized choices; when we contracted to build, we were given an extremely long closing date (having built several houses previously, we felt this was just a safety date and, surely, would not take as long — it took 9 months!). We believe a company this size should offer a better product and happily promote great customer service.


Patrick O`Shea December 23, 2018 at 9:59 am

Just wanted the upper management to know that we really got a BIG LAUGH when we saw the advertisement this morning for The Lakes (Harmony, FL) a supposedly “Active Adult Community” here in central Florida.
We were the first residents of South Lake, with our home built by Cal Atlantic. The home die have a few warranty issues, but we finally got them ironed out. Lennar is currently building approximately 20 homes in our pod, with another builder working on models in the second pod.
Anyway, the “Active Adult” advertisements are the BIG LIE! We have NO activities director, and the activities are 90% organized and run by residents here in South Lake. The only activity is Tai Chi, paid for by the Golf Club, which collects the Activities Fee of $#87.50 each quarter!
For the $1550 per year, we get 24 rounds of golf with a golf cart proviede, BUT the golf cart will not be provided after Jan 1, 2019!
NO ACTIVITIES RUN BY AN ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR!! NO BUS TRIPS ANYWHERE!! NOTHING EXCEPT GOLF WITH NO CART!! Several of the residents have said at public meetings that they would NEVER have purchased a home here if they knew in advance that it was NOT AN ACTIVE ADULT COMMUNITY!!
Hopegully someone might read this post and not buy here, and avoid giving yourself a big headache!


Troy and Carol Harper December 21, 2018 at 4:23 pm

Date: December 20, 2018

Re: Water and Mold Remediation

Owner: Troy and Carol Harper

Lakewood Ranch, FL. 34211

We purchased our new construction retirement condo October 30, 2018. We had to wait until November 2nd to officially move in because Lennar was unable to get a Certificate of Occupancy. We had to find alternative lodging for three days at our own expense.

One November 7th, our new furniture was delivered. That evening, our condo flooded from the unit above us. The source of the flood was from the washer drainpipe in the unit above us, which was clogged with rock and mortar. Not only did we flood that night, but found out the unit above us also flooded October 29, 2018 (before we closed). We learned of this information from the owner of the unit above us. This was not disclosed to us, nor was it properly remediated. Lennar stated “we (Lennar) did not have to disclose because we did not own the unit at the time”.

On November 8th Lennar hired Expert Water Removal to start remediation. We had to move all our recent unpacked items into other parts of the condo and take what we could with us. Lennar Warranty Department was also present at this time. Lennar stated, “we will get this right for you”. This statement was the furthest from the truth.

Experts Water Removal started cutting out parts of our ceilings, brought in fans, putting plastic over some of our new furniture…They actually thought we should be able to stay there…I said we cannot stay here with the fans and dust…Lennar agreed to pay $200 a night to stay else where until unit is rebuilt which would not take very long. The only thing was we had to pay and they would refund with a receipt. As of today we have not been refunded a single penny. We have moved 5 times to-date and will be moving again in January 4, 2019.

As the remediation progressed, our unit flooded again (3rd time) while plumbers were trying to find the source of the water. We received a call from Expert Water stating he thinks he found mold in the ceiling of one of the bathrooms. Later Expert Water said he got it all, and there was no longer mold. He stated it was from a leaky pipe from the toilet and Lennar is getting a plumber to fix it. The word MOLD was very concerning to us and we requested a Mold Hygienist to come in and test our unit. Lennar denied my request to pay for a Hygienist. They stated, they will hire their company to do the tests. At this point we are losing trust in Lennar. We hired are own mold company (CMA, rated A+ BBB and 5 Star rating online reviews). We paid for our own mold test, which came back positive for mold (a copy of the results were sent to Lennar representatives for their review).

We set up a meeting with Lennar, their hygienist and our hygienist to discus the results of the reports and to come up with a plan for remediation. Lennar stated they are not accepting the detailed, scientific and thorough report we provided because they argued it was too extensive and does not warrant the remediation our hygienist requested. They wanted to proceed with build back as is with minor remediation. At that point, we requested a new unit. Lennar stated that they are not in the business of buying back units. Three days later Lennar got back to us and stated they are getting a “third person” to do another test. We said no. Our report was thorough and is backed by scientific data. We reminded Lennar that we own the unit. We are following our hygienists report based on what’s best for our family’s health. Lennar/Jonathan called us back later in the day and asked us when we would be moving out of the coach house they were providing us to live. He stated since we are no longer cooperating with Lennar we would have to find our own living arrangements.

Lennar does not care about our health, our safety, or giving us the peace of mind we deserve. We were not going to accept our unit in this condition. Lennar hired a water remediation company that is incompetent and liable for the condition this property is in at this time. They did not follow proper protocol when they found mold and a leaky toilet (grade 3 water) from the unit above us. They did not cut back enough drywall in affected areas, remove proper amount of affected insulation and left contaminated material (drywall, baseboards and vanity) in the unit which can cause cross contamination. As of December 20, 2018 our unit has been sitting for 45 days.

This situation has caused emotional distress as well as, a financial burden on our family. Our family has been displaced long enough. We will not be in our home for Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year.

As previously stated, Lennar said, “We will get this right”. They also stated they pride themselves in customer satisfaction and customer care. Again, this is the furthest from the truth.

Respectfully submitted,

Troy and Carol Harper

** We have been informed that four other units in building six have also had water issues that needed remediation.


Chris December 12, 2018 at 3:20 pm

We purchase our house 2016, and we still have problems in our new house. This suppose to be a brand new house with no problems but it’s like a freaking fixer upper. First time we occupied the house the bathroom downstairs was leaking it turn out to be that the was not put in the pipe. Second the washer and dryer line was switch, we’re getting hot water on the cold side and cold water on the hot side. So they ended up ripping the dry wall and switch the freaking line. Last two months ago one of the irrigation pipes leaked because of poor workmanship, so we had that repaired. The freaking ceiling dry wall was cracked and they said they don’t cover that sh…Now on the front of the door there’s water seeping through and everyday our front door pavers is wet. We talked to a plumber and he said that it’s underneath the structure. We’ve been calling freaking customer care and they always say “we will have someone look at it”. but never freaking came. It’s frustrating because this is a brand new house and already having this kind of problems what more in some more years…My opinion these house were built poorly and it look like it was rushed. I don’t think there was a QA/QC done on these house. And there customer service sucks big time…..I have served in the Army as a Maintenance Supervisor and never I had a return because of a good QA/QC…So Lennar if you have anything so say my email is up there….


andrew j grosso September 9, 2018 at 12:52 pm

We recently worked as a sub-contractor at your recently built Henley on the Hudson condo project in Weehawkin,NJ. Since July we have been attempting to get our final payment from the general contactor , Lennar Corp, had working for them T& M Glass & Mirror, to date we have met only with frustration. I was hoping someone could look into this matter and hopefully rectify it, before we start filing liens. I had requested info regarding if they (T&M) were bonded for this job from one of Lennar’s site supervisor e-mail a week ago ,but have not received a response to our inquiry. As a small business were cash flow is vital , we thank you in advance for your anticipated attention to this matter
Andrew Grosso, Managing Member
Safe-T-Site LLC
123 Briscoe Drive
Toms River, NJ 08753


Pati Scanlan September 1, 2018 at 5:48 pm

Lennar Legal team wrongfully terminated my contract to purchase 2 days prior to close. Claimed that I was in default when in fact they did not complete their pre-requisite for close by mitigating the walkthru punchlist. When I did the initial walkthrough, the dales rep and Contruction rep stated at the end of the list that they will have all the items finished by the following Friday so that we can have a timely close. previous to that the sales repo indicated in writing that close cannot happen until the punchlist items are completed. I drove down the next Friday( a 2.5 half hour drive) o provide signoff on the list. Some items were started but not complete, other items weren’t even started, about 25% of the items wee complete. What a waste of my time! The construction rep also indicted that the garage door issue would not be complete for several days to come. the gate was not stained, the sprinkler that was shooting water 15ft onto someone else’s property was not corrected, and another planting area was not getting water at all – — to top it off, the construction guy said not to worry about that plant getting water because there was a swale where water would drain and that’s how it would get watered. (Are you kidding?). They did not do anything about the trim item on the front porch, nor the linen closet issue. They missed the 1st & 2nd close dates to complete those items. I replied to the attorneys letter and said the they need to check their facts & that they have no rights to terminate nor keep monies. Additionally, Lennar’s own lending company screwed up and did not provide wire transfer instructions until the day prior to funds being needed! Lennar Legal threatened to terminate the agreement if I didn’t have the funds in their hands within 4 hrs of sending their notice! And at that point the punchlist items were still not done!! When I said that I’ll be seeking legal counsel – – but it would NOT be to try to re-instate the deal, all of a sudden, I get a calls from their mortgage company & Lennar sales team telling me that Legal is willing to reconsider – – so please finish the deal, blah, blah. I asked why the legal team isn’t talking to me? They said that they talked with legal tried to make excuses for the – like it’s just an automated process (no it wasn’t) – – and that there was a mixup in communications, and that the Legal team is going to be ok with getting this back on track. The regional sales rep just found out on one of those “savage attempt” calls that they still did not finish that punchiest. (acknowledged by their own sales rep). Obviously they discovered their screwup. I’ll be using public forums, the state attorney general, social media, the state contractors license board, private attorneys, news media ombudsmen, and other means to get my $$ back + expenses & damages. Lennar made a huge mistake – – – and is still telling me that they will not be returning my monies. Lennar apparently has a bad reputation amongst thousands of other buyers / potential buyers and I can now see why. They’re dealing in bad faith.


Noel DeVera August 1, 2018 at 11:25 am

CEO and Lennar Investors,

I am attempting to purchase a new build in the booming market of Las Vegas Nevada. I know that this market is making so much money that I am a nobody. It just baffles me how the only thing holding up the build is a power meter. The funding is complete, the home itself is complete and yet there is no meter for electrical. $260,000 could go from funding limbo to the investors if only someone could have the power meter installed.
It’s not a lot of money to a major corporation like this one, and maybe that is why something so simple can be swept under the rug. But to a family living day to day, not knowing when to schedule a mover, take a few days off to move. Should we pack, should I rescind my notice to my current landlord, and the strain of this on my relationship. It’s a huge deal to me. The customer.


Pat Stark July 23, 2018 at 12:22 pm

I have been trying for over a month to get in touch with someone who is in charge of the sales office for Tree Tops, in Lancaster, SC. I have a $5000.00 problem. I am 70 years old and my husband recently retired. We had been looking at 55 and older places and can across Tree Tops. We went back several times. It is a beautiful development. We went on April 10 or 11 and again on April 13th. On the Friday we came up with a price and what changes we wanted to an inventory home ( lot 111 ) that was finished. The salesman really put pressure on us to sign that day. We needed to think about it, we still had a home to sell and we didn’t want to be forced to get a mortgagee. We needed to discuss how we would pay for the home. He told us to come back early on Saturday, as they were expecting a rush of people on Saturday and several were interested in that home. We discussed how we were going to pay for the home with cash, by taking the money out of our IRA and then put it back once our home sold. We went back Saturday around noon, no rush of people, and again spoke with our sales rep and told him we were taking money out of our IRA to pay cash. We signed the contract and gave a check for $5000.00. Our closing date was to be around May 31, 2018. We also gave him a copy of our bank statement that clearly show funds in an IRA account. Nothing was said about it being in an IRA other than when we sell our exciting home, we would put the money back. WE came home and put our home for sale by owner.
On Monday the 16, I called our account and investment person. I received a return call on Wednesday April 18, and was old that was a really bad idea. If we didn’t have the money back into to IRA Accounts within 60 days we would face a 50% tax bill. That would be a payment to the IRS of about $150,000. We called the salesman and told him our problem and he told us the deposit was NON-REFUNDABLE. We discussed moving the closing date and he said he would check. He said we needed to come in so we could discuss. We discussed getting a short term mortgagee with him and ,of course, with our credit, this was very possible, however at our age, we are debit free, and we really didn’t want a mortgagee. We agreed that we could maybe extend our closing until the end of June. In the interim I , myself got very ill and was under a Dr’s care. We didn’t have too many showings on our home and this was very depressing. So in the first week of May we went back to Tree Tops and we were told we could cancel the contract and Lennar would keep our $5000.00 in escrow for 6 months towards another home. I have emailed and asked our sales rep several times to let me contact the upper management and explain. He said he contacted them and my money is non-refundable.
My concern is in the contract under, NO CONTINGENCY, which we had checked it states “ If Buyer does not ( in Seller’sole judgement, based on the doXXXXentation provided by Buyer to Seller) have the financial ability to purchase the Property with cash, then the seller may terminate this Agreement by refunding to buyer any paid Deposit.” That being stated in the contract, when we gave them our bank statement, clearly showing the money in an IRA Account , we feel someone , in the business office, could have seen that and contacted us . Our salesman states he was unaware of the taxes that would be owed. I am still under a DR’s care and I would be unable at this time to move even if we sold our home.
We are only asking for our deposit back. Lennar doesn’t need our $5000.00, they are a BILLION Dollar company. Can someone please contact me concerning this matter.


Kwabena Yanzu July 16, 2018 at 1:47 pm

To the honorable CEO Stuart Miller.

Greetings to Lennar,
To Whom It May Concern
This is Ray also known as “Kwabena Buah Yanzu”. We purchased the Lennar model home including all the items in the model home, located at XXXXX Rock Island Road Berewick Victoria subdivision in charlotte NC on Shopton west.
I decided to write you this letter because I feel we haven’t been treated fairly. Please read this to understand my situation here.
This is what happened, whiles we were peacefully enjoying our Lennar home, we received an email from Lennar on 3 consecutive times both my wife and myself with an “ultimatum” saying act now before these smart home equipment offer expires so I called them. The person at Lennar in Californian said set up an appointment so that we will come and install these smart home equipment in your smart home but make sure your internet service in your laundry room panel is working and that is all you need. The email also included eight different Apps I have to download and create an Account so I did that.
After spending all these time downloading and creating all these accounts, now Lennar just say “sorry your home is not a smart home” But I want Lennar to know that saying sorry is not the best way to handle this and I believe Lennar can do better than that for a Lennar home owner. There is a saying that “if you don’t know, it doesn’t hurt”, because we never knew this until Lennar revealed this to us.
I believe Lennar have every right to say we don’t care, but rather Lennar should reconsider this hypothetical situation for just a second. If the Technician who came by to install these smart equipment was able to install all these equipment, then Lennar later found out that, they have made a mistake but those equipment shouldn’t have been installed in my home. Therefore, would Lennar go above and beyond to get these already installed equipment’s back?
This is a good point I am trying to put across to justify my situation in a sense that Lennar should not take these equipment’s away from us because we love them, and also had our name on it among the list already, hence this our lucky ticket. In my opinion, the best thing Lennar could do is by giving us these smart home equipment to install it our-self or at least install two of the equipment for us, as a means of saying sorry to make us feel good. Thank you


Hannah Niane June 13, 2018 at 7:33 pm

Unfortunately having read the previously listed complaints, I have similar frustrations about the lack of professionalism of some, but not all, trades who have worked on my house in Merced, California. Lennar Corporate promise of 100 percent satisfaction is questionable, mainly because the project manager and customer service representative are not holding the trades accountable for poor performance.

Please select subcontractors that also have a commitment to excellent customer service before, during, and after the deal. It is unacceptable to hold homeowner hostage to repeated reworks or to have them to miss days from work to correct construction déficiences that should have been caught prior to release of the home. “I am sorry” does not pay the bills. Remember that word of mouth recommendations are the best or the worst marketing that any company can have.


Mark J. Horn April 11, 2018 at 6:57 pm

We purchased a Lennar home in Winter Garden, Florida nearly 18 months ago. Lennar offered a 12 month Warranty on the new home. While still inside this 12 month warranty, we had numerous repairs made by different trades due to poor craftsmanship. Here it is 18 months later and we are still being inconvenienced by Lennar not having all of the warranty repairs completed!

Lennar’s Customer Care Representatives consistently offer insincere apologies on why they can’t get these repairs completed. Keep in mind that the reason behind warranty repairs is poor craftsmanship from the beginning, and some of the trades that show up to correct the problem do poor repair work that has to be re-worked again!!! We needed the 1×12 stairs trim replaced because it was originally cut way too short at the top stairs riser. The Customer Care Representative that came out to our home to oversee what materials were needed to complete this job wrote it all down on a legal pad. Only ONE item was actually delivered to our home and was dropped off in my driveway instead of the delivery guy asking where we would like it placed! I had to move it inside myself. This occurred in October 2017. We had heard nothing from Lennar until I made a call in February asking why it hasn’t been done. I was told that the Customer Care Rep completely dropped the ball on it, so now we were at square one again. When the carpenters finally came out, they had two different styles of trim, pine and MDF. When they made the repair to the stairs trim, they replaced only 1/2 of the spindles on our staircase. The spindles were mismatched which their carpenters didn’t even realize (these are people in the carpentry profession). Once we informed them, they eventually replaced them so they all match.

We have been dealing with a different Customer Care Rep (CCR) with Lennar, who just like the first, is full of excuses and empty promises. He schedules trades without even having the respect to check with us first. When he does schedule the trades, I’m having to adjust my work hours around theirs! The CCR told us that the painters would be here today 4/11/2018 between the hours of 3:00-5:00PM. They were a no show! This is all after he scheduled them for Monday of this week, which I asked the CCR to have them come by at 4:00PM. Of course they showed up at 3:20PM and I hadn’t made it home yet. Then he schedules for Tuesday for the same time frame. He notifies me that they can’t come out Tuesday and reschedules for today which I just explained never happened!

I urge anyone looking to buy a Lennar home to do a complete and thorough walk through from the very beginning! Bring flashlights, ladders and plenty of blue tape to mark every little thing that you want corrected RIGHT WAY! Lennar wants to close and they will bend over backward to fix items you want repaired PRIOR to closing. If you don’t, good luck waiting on Lennar to fix warranty repair issues AFTER you close!!!


Ayanna Fletcher November 27, 2017 at 10:45 am

I purchased my Lennar home in June 2016 – Lennar Glen Eagles, White Plains, MD. We complained upon move-in that the concrete slab leading to the backyard was overly slanted. Place a piece of furniture on it..and it leans. We were told, it is supposed to be this way. This was never repaired.

Secondly, I had two outstanding service requests: Replace a door, trim, and painted. The door was replaced, the trim was replaced, but no one has returned to complete the job. This was initially requested in September, 2017.

The kitchen sink was leaking a massive amount of water underneath, Ben Lewis Plumbing was contacted and immediately responded to the request. Upon inspection, Ben Lewis Plumbing identified the problem was the sink was not installed properly, causing water to leak behind, and under the cabinet. I reported this problem to Lennar immediately, and was told on two occasions (with scheduled dates) that a contractor would come out to fix it. However, the representative for the Lennar Townhomes – Ryan Montgomery, failed to schedule these repairs. Not only did he tell me dates and times that a contractor would show, I took off work and lost pay because of it. Now, I reached out to Mr. Montgomery, (who would not take my phone calls) to express my concern and he, unprofessionally, sent me a text message telling me to “create a request”. I created the request, and Mr. Montgomery responded to my email asking me to provide a date for repairs. I did. The date, was today November 27. Mr. Montgomery, quickly responded, stating he would schedule it. However, he has not. Now the repair has elevated, the mold is steadily growing behind the sink, and Mr. Montgomery continues to not adhere to my request. I will continue to attempt to not only contact Mr. Montgomery, but to also contact his supervisor, and persons within Lennar’s corporate office. His lack of professionalism has left a stain on the Lennar name, and I am highly disgruntled home owner. This request needs to be handled immediately.


Gil Lustig November 6, 2017 at 8:55 pm

My wife and I moved into our Lennar home in June 2017. It has been one problem after another since moving in. We are very disappointed in the quality of house items and poor workmanship in the construction of our home. We are living here four months and from day one, we have had cloudy water coming out of all faucets. The City of Phoenix and the Lennar Plumbing Contractor cannot find a solution. Six days after moving in, a water leak developed in a pipe in the garage wall due to a poor soldering connection. An electrical outlet was missing in the entertainment bundle, but there was an electrical outlet directly behind the laundry room sink. Tile installation and grouting was very poor and we had to have tiles replaced and constant grout repairs. The outdoor garage lanterns are tied in with the entry overhead lights and we cannot leave them on all night because the entry lights illuminate the inside of the house. When the master shower is turned on a dripping sound is heard coming from the wall behind the toilet closet. Four toilets had to be replaced because the enamel was coming off the inside of the bowels. Recently we noticed a hairline crack in the concrete in entry walkway. It cracked even though our house was built on a Post Tension Concrete foundation. The door hinges in several rooms have been squeaking and I had to lubricate them several time since living here. It’s very annoying. The latest problem is with the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. After 4 months, they began chirping. Last night one in the guest bedroom started chirping and we could not sleep. Customer service removed it this morning and has not come back with a replacement. Tonight the other guest bedroom started to chirp. We called the Lennar Emergency number and are waiting for someone to come and remove all remaining detectors and replace them with new ones before the other two detectors begin to chirp. It’s not the batteries. If I weren’t disabled, I would remove them myself. Very sad. You pay a lot of money for a new home and have all these issues. Very disappointed, and at this moment, I would never buy another Lennar home.


Julio L. Matta October 21, 2017 at 3:46 pm

To Lennar CEO and Legal Team:

I moved into our new home in White Plains Maryland in July 2015. Since August of 2015, we have been reporting to your representatives in Glen Burnie and here on site Mr. Joel Smooth, that we had a land foundation problem that when it rained the entire grounds around my home would get flooded for three to four days at a time. Since August of 2015, Mr. Smooth and other Representatives of Lennar here at St. Charles, in White Plains have visited our home over 10 times, have witness the flooding of our home front, sides, and backyard after it rained and have advised us since August of 2015 that a proposal was being submitted to have the grounds dredged correctly, put new top soil, which was never done and the home was and is sitting on a slap of hard rock and clay, reseed and put new sod to the entire home because everything was dead because of the flooding of the grounds of my home. Again, this has been reported to your Headquarters and your Representatives more then 15 times since August of 2015, they have visited and witness the flooding more then 10 times since 2015, we have over 25 emails and over 20 pictures of the flooding that was presented several times to Lennar since August 2015 and all the time, all we receive was assurance that a proposal was being worked on to fix the problem. After patiently and respectfully waiting for more then 24 months and receiving in writing from Mr. Smooth that a proposal was being worked on to dredge the foundation of home so the water would not sit on the grounds for days at a time, and in writing that the dredging would be done, top soil that was never placed on the ground would be done, re-seeding and new live sod be replaced, and again after 24 months of hearing and receiving notification that this would be done, on October 10 2017 Lennar did the following. 1) They knocked down part of my fence to allow the bobcat to get into the backyard, and took out all the dead sod from the backyard, 2) Removed all the dead sod from both sides of the home, and 3) placed in from of my home several pallets of new sod to be placed once the dredging, top soil and re-seeding would be completed. Three hours later, the pallets of sod were taken away, the dredging was never done to any side of the home or backyard, the from yard was destroyed with the back and forth of the bobcat, on the right side after they took out all the dead sod, there were electrical and telephone wires left out in the open, and my home was left a shambles and in hazardous conditions. The next day, Mr. Robert C. Dugan, Lennar Representative told us that a problem was found on the proposal and due to weather conditions the project was postpone until further notice. I ask him about leaving my house in a shambles no dredging, no top soil, no reseeding, no new sod, live wires out in the open, and his response was that it was delayed until further notice. Since October 10, 2017 that is the unsafe, hazardous conditions your representatives left my home in and as of this writing the home is still in the same condition. We have not have bad weather. What was suppose to be done and completed after 24 months was started and never completed even though that right across the street where lennar is building a new development what was to be done to my home is being done to all the new homes, and Mr. Dugan just keeps telling us that our project was postpone. After 24 months of waiting, your corporation has destroyed my home, left my home in an unsafe hazardous condition, willingly and negligently without any reason other then malicious unprofessional behavior. Pictures and emails, and copies of proposals detailing what was to be done to the home since August of 2015 are available to prove the unsafe, hazardous, negligent, malicious and unprofessional behavior your Corporate representatives and project managers have left my home. I demand my home be fixed completely, this is noway to treat a client, and a disabled veteran. Since 2015 via your representatives and agents, your corporation has been placed on notice of this deficiency, and instead of fixing it as they have express verbally and in writing since 2015, they just came in and destroyed my home. You can not say you were never notified. I demand my home be fixed immediately.

Your organization has known this flooding problem of my home since 2015, 20 days after we moved in and we have the doXXXXents showing that for the past 24 months your organization has been telling us and providing us with copies of the proposals to fix the problem and all they did was destroy my property and left it and never returned.

Julio L. Matta
The Heritage at St. Charles
White Plains, MD 20695
October 21, 2017


Shannon Thayer October 31, 2017 at 1:42 pm

Mr. Matta,
I represent Great Plains National Bank out of Austin, TX (corporately located in Oklahoma). I’m trying to figure out who I would need to forward my information to introducing our company, loans offered and pricing structure. Any chance you can help me out?


Shannon Thayer
Mortgage Banker
Great Plains National BNK
sthayer@ gpbanktx.net


Karla Diaz September 28, 2017 at 8:19 pm

RE: Refund of my deposit – Storey Park
To Whom It May Concern,
We are extremely concern with the lack of response and seriousness from your sales office, Lennar, in one of your developments in Orlando, FL (Storey Park).
We were not approved by your subsidiary Eagle Homes after working with the loan officer Sharon Gutierrez since March 18th 1017. Even though, Mrs. Gutierrez explained Mrs. Natalia Morales (sales rep at Storey Park) that we were not approved, she insisted that Lennar will keep the deposit of $3,500.00. With no other explanation, Mrs. Natalia Morales cut all contact with me and my wife. That’s the reason we need to appeal above, since there are many things that we have learned during the process, and should not happened in order to get us approved.
We learned that Mrs. Natalia Morales and Mrs. Sharon Gutierrez recommended us to change from townhome option to a single family home, because they said it was easier to get us approved: from 11936 Sonnet Avenue (Lot 3241) to 11460 Biography Way (Lot 3264)
We learned that when they could not approve us with a Single Family Home that the recommendation was for my wife to change her 1099 status to W2, causing us financial problems, and I won’t start explaining to you the emotional rollercoaster this process has been for me and my family. We have a toddler who now has to be taken care by a babysitter 5 days a week. The money she made as a W2 hardly pays for our child’s care, but we did it because it was Lennar and Eagle Homes recommendation.
We learned that Mrs. Natalia Morales assumed, even though she has several e-mails from Eagle Homes, that we relinquished our loan and for that reason, she was not authorizing the refund minus $250 as contract stated. It was suspended by Eagle Homes, because I was in training and my commission /bonus decreased during that period (you can request to the staff involved to submit to you an e-mail from August 28th 4:35 pm –from Eagle Homes to Lennar directly, to Natalia Morales and previous e-mails too).
During that suspension, as your staff labeled, Mrs. Sharon Gutierrez asked my wife to become W2 employee. After all the process to cover one of your subsidiaries’ requirements the loan was denied due to not “sufficient time at the job” as a W2 employee. Your staff/associates could not get the exception of a policy that you, as lenders, already have. Your staff made us to do this huge change counting only on a small possibility that the underwriter will do an exception to its own rules.
Mrs. Shannon asked Mrs. Karen Morgan through Mrs. Natalia Morales to read more about the case and to refund the deposit. Mrs. Karen never contacted us, neither Mrs. Natalia Morales regarding our deposit. (We do not know who Mrs. Karen Morgan is, since she was never CC or introduce to us)
After exhausting all resources Mrs. Sharon Gutierrez kept in communication with us, at least she answers our calls, saying that she will appeal above Natalia Morales but unfortunately she was not able to CC us per privacy policy (Phone call between my wife and Mrs. Gutierrez – September 13th 2017 – 3:39 p.m.).
Two weeks later we have not heard from Lennar nor Eagle Homes. We need your office in Miami to take care of this issue. We want our deposit to be refunded as soon as possible. For the ones today receiving this email $3,500 may not make a difference in your life, but for us is savings and we want our money back.


Peter Wang September 25, 2017 at 2:30 pm

To whom it may concern,

On 09/2017 at Fontana, CA Ruben Lopez, a Lennar employee scolded, insulted, was racist and tried to enforce me to sign my client’s walk through inspection. Then Fred Prout, the construction manager pushed me and said, “GET OUT” and threatened to call the police on me.
After the incident I immediately sent an email to Lennar’s customer service manager, but I still haven’t received a response. It seems odd that they wanted me to do a walk through, but ignored all the issues of the property and kick me out. Lennar says that their homes come with a 1 year warranty but it takes them 3 months or longer to resolve the issue or won’t even repair at all. I would like some advice to resolve this issue and hope this helps so that this will no longer happen to anyone.


Peter Wang September 25, 2017 at 2:33 pm

This Email I sent it by Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 11:26 PM

To whom it may concern,

I’ve been spoken to Pete and customer care manager William as well about the service representative RUBEN, He is impatient, very rude, always throw horrible attitude in front of clients and me, he’s been threatening my clients and some other homeowners who purchased house at Vista Paseo and Camino Pacific located in city of Fontana California. He always push me as fast as he can while doing the walk through, for example there is one of the house (about a month ago, at the address of 15616 Allspice Ln Fontana, He called me to do the walk through without Appliances(refrigerator, Stove,Washer and dryer haven’t been installed yet), On the 2nd time that he called me for final walk through in one of the NEXT GEN homes, the Washer & Dryer and water faucet all disappeared, I refused to sign off, then he threatened and forced me to sign which is involuntary, I told him several times said that I was not willing to sign, then he showed the attitude of ” DO NOT WASTE HIS TIME”!

Like on 09/14/2017 morning, after he rushed the walk through of Vista HS 254 with me, he always say that he has lots of other jobs to do, so we have to finish this asap. I felt very uncomfortable about everything during the whole walking through process. After that I went to another property besides the Recreation center, what happened was that the homeowner was very confused about water meter, the number that water company came and read was 58 cubic feet, then homeowner took a look at the second day that the number jumped to 68 cubic feet, it means that they used 10 cubic feet water in ONE day, it obviously something went wrong, so I brought RUBEN with me to go over there and take a look, Ruben given too much stories and keep making excuses, then Ruben lost his temper and had an huge argument with homeowner, at that time I was trying to let RUBEN calm down, Do not fight with clients and I called Fontana water company trying to solving this problem, He said DO NOT WASTE HIS TIME, This is unacceptable!! When I was helping RUBEN to calm down and said could you please let client finish what they are saying first, then he became very upset with me and point his finger to my face, he scold and insulted me in front of my clients, I am so upset about what he did to me, it’s horrible.

Meanwhile, there is another guy also from Lennar, he showed his unfriendly face to stop me when he was talking to me, it looks like he wanted to kill me which he was helping Ruben to yell at me, while RUBEN said he wanted call the police to threaten me, I was there waiting him to call the police to come over, After 30 mins I had to leave as I had another appointment with my clients. Then I called William the customer care manager, he told me that Ruben is an excellent employee, after that I told customer care manager William the truth, some of the completed survey your company received that were fake, as your employees were keep asking either me or homeowners to give them all 10s.There are so many homeowners compliant Ruben for what he did to them. Lots of clients told me that Ruben is always rude and racist to them. Only because they do not speak English (at this point I would like to ask Lennar, If we do not have them to buy houses, how can your company GROW so fast?? you understand what I meant, where is all your job come from?) I always help out to solve many small issues, At this time I could not help any more, I wanted to announce those who has been experienced all the suffering, At least 20 homeowners wanted to sign on statement as proof if necessary. Hopefully this mail can get into the right place and reach the top management instead gets to some one who under covers it.


shawn Mccreary August 22, 2017 at 3:39 pm

I bought my house in October of 2016, since then I’ve had a a lot of problems!
1 I have black mold in several rooms
2 Brick was not installed proplery
3 My fire place has Condenstation
4 Hole under my sink
5 bed rooms get hot
6 Yard has mold due to bad grade (payed to have it inspected)
7 Crack in my celieng
There seems to be a lack of interest in correcting fault building, These problems were reported in the last week of June 17. I’ve been told there scheduling people?


Melissa May 24, 2017 at 11:50 am

It will be 3 years in August that I purchase my new Lennar home in Homestead, FL. I can say that when I had my original walk-through prior going to settlement there were many unresolved issues with the new build; all of which Lennar went above and beyond to correct within a 24 hour time frame. I work in the construction field and while I am familiar with some construction there are also items that I am not familiar with so I hired my own home inspector (not through Lennar) for the walk through; and he picked up on many things that I did not. I would suggest anyone wanting the exact knowledge of the operating systems to hire their own home inspector to accompany during the final walk through; yes there is a fee but it comes with peace of mind. The Lennar staff that I have dealt with has been nothing but professional and accommodating. I currently have an issue with my storage shed door and frame, it has been an ongoing issue since the purchase of the home. Lennar made several attempts to correct the situation, however the problem still persists; Lennar is having the issue addressed next week with completely different materials then what was used in the past, which should hopefully correct the problem once and for all. I would definitely purchase another home from Lennar and there are avenues you can go through to get issues addressed.


Tracy October 12, 2018 at 12:05 pm



Terrence Guess May 17, 2017 at 8:32 pm

I purchased my home, brand new from Lennar in Ladson, SC June 2016 and over the course of this first year I have had countless issues ranging from flooring, applicances, framing, landscaping, siding, plumbing, and drywall. When purchasing this home, I expected to have some warranty items to address over the course of the 1st year however, they seemed to be more plentiful than I could anticipate. What makes matters worst is the fact that I have to deal with either missed appointments, quick fixes not working, or the workers damaging something else or what they just finished working on. I have had my kitchen floor replaced twice and my living room floor replaced once due them damaging it while replacing the kitchen floor. I have been lied to about promises made where I had to go back and show them proof of what they promised me in order to make them make good on the promise. They have attempted to make up for things by upgrading my countertops however, after that was done, I’m right back to missed appointments and scheduling discrepancies in which inconveniences my family yet again. I have wasted countless hours of comprehensive leave from work, to spend at home to not have issues fixed after they were scheduled weeks in advance. I am completely dissatisfied with my experience with Lennar at this point and I wish I never purchased a home from them. It really makes me question the quality of the home I bought based on the worker that have entered my home. I have had a flooring worker bring his entire family to my house while working on my floor. His wife was helping, his daughter was in and out of my house, his son was in one vehicle in my front yard, and who I assume to be a grandmother was in another vehicle with a toddler…. Very unprofessional. Not to mention, the work that he did needed to be readdressed. I have dealt with the warranty director Tyler Salser who has had some good moments and bad moments. At this point, I need to speak to someone over him however, I have been having trouble determining who that is. This entire ordeal needs to be addressed and rectified as soon as time permits. A home buying experience should be a happy and pleasant one….. Ours has been a nightmare!


Nelson Mora May 5, 2017 at 9:55 pm

Early this morning it was raining in Lakeland and our yard looked like a swimming pool.
The waters hight was about 1 inch below our sliding glass doors. Only two of the four gutters installed on the Lennar units opposite us were affective in keeping water away from our units.Those are the ones that were installed on the three bedroom end units. The two gutters that were installed on the two bedroom units only aggravated the situation and were ineffective. The water that was coming out of the downspouts of the two ineffective gutters and was cascading over the retaining wall and into our yards. It looks like Niagara Falls. Please have these two ineffective gutters removed before the next rainfall because they are making a bad situation worse. We would like for you to supply us with a timetable on when the work will start on:
1. The repair of the retaining wall which failed and water was coming from it like a spickit.
2. The installation of the French drainage system.
3. The gutters that are to be installed on the ends of our unit.
4. The privacy fence that’s to be erected between our units and the units opposite us.
We do not understand what is taking so long? Communication from Lennar is virtually inexistent. The Lennar builder and the knownologists are clueless and have no answers to our questions. We need the name and a contact number of the Lennar representative in charge of these projects who could answer our questions. The Lennar Corp. builds
quality homes and has a reputation to live up to. This is the primary reason we purchased a Lennar home. Please don’t let our pleads land on deaf ears. We just would like to enjoy the investment that we made in this beautiful Lennar home without the stress that we may be flooded out of our homes with the next rainfall.
“Thank You!”
Nelson Mora


Von Harmon April 29, 2017 at 3:02 pm

Compared to the complaints I have read so far my issues seems insignificant. I purchased this house brand new in Nov. I tested everything I could think of except the one thing that I didn’t..the doorbell. It would seem that several people have stopped by my brand new house and rang the door bell……several times. Thinking that I wasn’t home since I didn’t answer, they left. But I was home. The problem is that you can’t hear the door bell unless you are on the main floor of the house. Translation, if you are upstairs or downstairs, then you have no way of knowing if someone is at the door. I requested that the company put in door chimes on all floors so that you can actually hear when you have someone at the door. I was told that the door bell was hardwired during the build and that there was nothing they could do about it but I could consider purchasing a wireless door bell system out of my own pocket. Seriously! I paid 500K for this house and at the very least Lennar should be willing to put in a doorbell that can be heard throughout the house. Who does that. This was suppose to be my forever home, but as soon as the market stabilizes, I’m selling as fast as I can. Talk about time and energy wasted not to mention money.


Sylvia Shortt April 19, 2017 at 1:41 pm

Well, our year is coming up, and we still have outstanding issues with Lennar. If someone would come out to our home to actually see what we are concerned with, that would be great. No one seems to really care once you have moved into your home. My neighbors are all fed up with Lennar as we are. I could ramble on and on, but I’m so angry right now that I better watch what I say! Now, the excuse is the drought!!!!!! Our issue has been going on well before that!!!!!!!!! Any stupid excuse Lennar has doesn’t fly with us. We hoped this would be our last home, but it’s turned out a disaster. We are embarrassed how our yard looks, but yet……we have to pay maintenance fees. This is soooo wrong. We need some action ASAP on our issues. The Knowologist is a joke!!!!! We need someone way higher up to assist us!!!!!!!


Richard Norton April 12, 2017 at 5:09 pm

Have a crack in concrete of back porch which is getting worse causing a drop in a corner post and a bend in board along one side in ceiling of porch. Home is under 10 year warranty. This was reported by original owner about 5 years ago and nothing was done then. This crack is dropping and getting worse. Also getting drywall cracks at corners of a bedroom door an a window close to this porch, as well as a crack in drywall above the entrance to the laundry room. Would like to have your representative come and inspect these issues. Thank You, Richard Norton 720-408-XXXXX Thornton,Co 80602


Jennifer Ferrer March 11, 2017 at 8:20 am

I do want to make sure that the corporate office sees my complaint but I also would like to make sure that they do something about it and not just let it sit in its inbox. I also want to make sure that not a secretary or monitor of this inbox addresses the issue with the same like they do to all other home buyers with we are truly sorry however we regret to inform you that unfortunately there is nothing we can do. As a corporation you should not also be to obviously make a profit but what would mostly stand from and other builders is your customer satisfaction. We are realistic and understand you can’t be able to satisfy everyone because that’s just life and you are also looking to profit from your homes. But when you have a new family of 8 going to be blended and is looking for that perfect home why can’t you help. Especially when the soon to be wife has severe medical issues, 2 children with special needs out of the six, the soon to be husband has excellent credit and is a veteran. How can you say there isn’t anything we can do and good luck elsewhere which mind you came from one of your VPs so says well he doesn’t meet with clients that’s not his job. How could a company that is supposed to be so grand like you say and do such a thing just to make the most profit possible. On top how can you do this to a veteran who served his country. How can there be no compassion. You all VPs, CFO, CEO, etc… were all in a place onetime of buying your dream home and having a family and of course climbing up that ladder. Is this how you would have wanted to be treated? Is this how you want your children, brothers and sisters, parents grandparents to be treated. Where is the attention and compassion? This is what is going to really distinguish you from other builders and bring you to #1. But your company has failed to show any of that to us and instead had added an additional 8,000 to a lot premium that realistically should have no premium and that most importantly was told to us had no premium. I’m not going to go further in providing you with the remainder of my complaint whereas I would like to have someone in corporate office who can do something and is willing to be compassionate and help us to contact me. I do not want to receive a call from someone who has to say well I have to talk to my boss and so forth. It would greatly be appreciated if you can find that time in your very busy schedules to hear a client out and attempt to really assist. My number is 813-918-XXXXX.


maggie December 12, 2016 at 1:19 pm

i am at SE 34TH AVE HOMESTEAD FL THE CENTRAL AIR COMPANY said the coil inside the unit need to be replaced from what i know i purchased a brand new house please i need an answer ASAP my number 786-267-XXXXX. M.P.


Edward Sepiol December 6, 2016 at 7:42 pm

November 11, 2016
Dear Mr. Spencer
We purchased the Lennar Columbus II home in July and moved from Indiana at the end of August. Since then we have been trying to get an unsatisfactory issue resolved with a less than a favorable outcome.
It is unfortunate that this issue had to be directed to you, however, we are requiring a different result than what we have previously been given and felt that you should have firsthand knowledge of the situation so that we could hopefully get a more positive resolution to the problem. To further help you understand this regrettable situation let me give you the scenario.
The granite in the kitchen and master bath is of very poor quality to say the least. We have had granite in previous homes and know that granite comes from different stones and sometimes the stones are less than perfect. However, this particular granite is of such poor quality that we question how it could have ever been cut and installed to begin with! None the less, we are the unhappy owners of this horrible piece of stone. After asking to have the granite replaced because it is so unsatisfactory and told that would not be done because the “granite man” says that is just the way it is, is a very poor resolution to the ugly granite in our retirement home.
There is no luster at all to the granite. It looks old, scratched, unpolished and water spotted, not to mention the several chips that have been found so it, therefore doesn’t have a smooth feeling. After having a granite expert that we consulted come in to take a look, we have been told that it is definitely of poor quality and should not have been used to begin with. Given that fact that it was installed anyway with no chance of having it replaced leads us to this letter.
We have asked that the granite chips be repaired and that it all be cleaned and polished with a long term impregnating sealer. We were initially told that it could be polished and now have been advised that this process wouldn’t help!!! What if we insist that this cleaning and polishing process be done anyway? Especially since we are only asking for that rather than asking to have it replaced. Because Lennar used granite of such poor quality, should we really be expected to not find issue with it?
So, as it stands, we have given up the hope that it could be replaced with a much improved piece of stone. However, we don’t feel that asking to have it properly cleaned, polished and sealed is a huge request!! If this process keeps Lennar home buyers a little happier, we can’t imagine why this is such a big issue.
We cannot afford to replace the granite ourselves and don’t really feel it is our responsibility to do so. Lennar’s standards of poor quality in their homes has since we moved in, is talk of the community. Such a shame since the aesthetic area of Heritage Hills is and of itself, lovely.
We anxiously and hopefully await your response with a decision that we think is acceptable!
Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sepiol

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:  (Expecting Kevin Spencer)

It has been several weeks now since we sent our initial e-mail voicing our complaint about the granite in our new home.  As of this date, we have yet to hear from anyone regarding this issue.  It, once again, reinforces the fact that Lennar isn’t too concerned about the resolving the issues in their homes.  How long does it take to have someone, other than the people we have already dealt with by going through the regular channels for repairs,to respond?  We had hoped to come to some resolution by now.  

STILL WAITING………………………………………..

We have sent the letter again in the form of an attachment for your review.

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Sepiol


Leslie Caro September 27, 2016 at 1:23 pm

To whom it may concern,

Our warranty expires September 29, 2016 and I want to express my feelings with the workmanship going back to the first initial move-in. I understand things happen due to the settling of a new home. But when we’re having cracks in the walls and ceilings, cracks around the stripping of the windows, cracks in the caulking/grout of the vanities, tubs and showers and we’re being told it’s not covered within the first year warranty…..this is UNACCEPTABLE! We have lived in two other homes that were much older than this home (one was 25 years old and the other was 17), and we NEVER had to replace the caulking around our bathroom vanities due to cracking. We had the home inspected by a qualified, reputable company, and even the inspector said that the grout in the showers/tubs needs to be REPLACED (not just repaired) because it is cracked, and not doing so will lead to leaks and mold. To me, if this happens in the first year, it is not just routine maintenance; it is either sub-par materials or shoddy workmanship. We expect all the damaged caulking/grout to be replaced/repaired and all the cracks in walls/ceilings to be repaired ASAP!

Leslie Caro
Lewisville, Tx


Ruth Allen July 5, 2016 at 12:36 pm

We have been in our Lennar Home in southern California for 3-1/2 years and our white Thermafoil cabinets in kitchen have melted above the stovetop and double ovens. We had a water main leak/break going to house this past Sunday. Called after hours phone number, they got us in touch with plumbing subcontractor who wouldnt give us name of his company, and neither would Lennar. He wouldn’twouldn’t stand behind his shoddy work and said it was only guaranteed for 1 year. Huh???? Not only that, my husband works in water industry and said he didn’t even think inspector looked at it. It was binded so tight that it was hanging on by a thread right where it goes into copper pipe. Several big rocks were also pushed up against, along with their food trash.
I called local Lennar office.and they are very sorry but I need to fill out a form. I will noy recommend.Lennar to anyone. I am, however, going to file a small.claims against the plumbing contractor, once I find out what company
Its not a secret Lennar!!!!!


James September 24, 2014 at 5:53 pm

I am trying to get in contact with someone about my $500 earnest money deposit that has not been refunded to me after I cancel my contract and was authorized a refund by people at the Lennar office. We contracted to purchase a home at the Cambria development in Murrieta Ca with Rosalie Dufresne in early June of 2014. We had to cancel the purchase agreement well within the time limit given by Lennar and was granted authorization to have our earnest money deposit refunded. It is now almost October, 2014, four months later and we have not received our refund. We have tried getting in contact with Rosalie and when we have talked with her, she said she had to call the home office, but we have not received our money. I finally found some of the corporate info and will continue to write more emails until someone takes care of this issue. I mean really, $500.00 cannot mean that much to a company of this size. I would appreciate someone getting back to me.
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