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Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings Corporate Office Address

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
358 South Main Street
Burlington, North Carolina 27215

Contact Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

Phone Number: (336) 229-1127
Fax Number: (336) 513-4510
Email: Email Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings Facts

Founder: Michael Lillig
Date Founded: 1978
Founding Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota
Number of Employees: 52000

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings Executives

CEO: David King
CFO: Glenn A. Eisenberg
COO: James T. Boyle Jr.

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings History

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp) was founded in 1978 as National Health Laboratories Incorporated, a division of Revlon Health Care Group.

In 1988 National Health Laboratories was spun-off from Revlon, with Revlon retaining 24% ownership for the following six years.

By 1990 the company had reached $500 million in revenue.

Today LabCorp is a top provider of clinical laboratory services, providing 470,000 tests per day for hospitals, doctors, government agencies, employers, and drug companies.

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol LH, is a member of the S&P 500, is #443 in the Fortune 500, has 52,000 employees, and had $8.55 billion in revenue in 2015.

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings?
Answer 1: The phone number for Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings is (336) 229-1127.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings?
Answer 2: The CEO of Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings is David King.

Question 3: Who founded Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings?
Answer 3: Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings was founded by Michael Lillig in 1978.

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Jmpraul March 19, 2019 at 9:50 am

Just think you should know that a vehicle with a Labcorp sign on it cut me off in traffic this morning. I had the right If way & the vehicle just continued in front of me until I had to stop in the middle of a 4 way intersection so he could go without hitting me. It was scary & I was upset & the driver just gave me a dirty look & continued on his way. It was at Rt. 40 & Rt 54 in Buena. A silver equinox. I have the tag number.


Ben Esparza February 6, 2019 at 3:53 pm

Good News/Bad News (Bad News First)
On Tuesday, 2/6/2019 after fasting all night (and not told I had to provide a urine specimen), I walked up to the window at 31150 Temecula Parkway in Temecula. After signing in, the lady told me to go to the kiosk. I had problems, so the note stated: go see the clerk. She was rude and told me that see was busy taking care of someone. After providing the urine, she gave me a bill for $717 and that I may have to pay for it! I told her NO, I am not paying it. Then she said, OK no service!
(The Good News) Same City: I went with my friends at 27699 Jefferson Avenue. Yessen and Denise are the best. Their supervisor, Erika Reyes trains them well. Professional, yet personal. Accommodating and friendly. Customer Service skills that “others” should copy.
Yessen, called my medical provider, “patiently” went thru every code and corrected them. I owed $0, which gave me peace of mind, he drew the blood and I went to my late lunch, I am diabetic you know. This is the only LabCorp where I will go. Please share this story with them.
Thank you, Retired Vietnam Era Marine Veteran


veronica c costello November 12, 2018 at 8:40 pm

Regarding my recent visit. 11/12/18 8:45 am

Dorothy Smith at the front desk at the Plano location 5944 W. Parker rd Plano Tx 75093. This lady is so rude made people wait that were not white until she took care of the white customers first even tho they walked in after every other race in the lobby. Her tone was very unpleasant loud and talking down to any other race other then her own which is white. I really hate to have to send and email like this my children are bi-racial my husband is white. I am always having to defend my family and our right has human beings which is just sad. I’m use to people giving me and my family dirty looks but to see Dorothy Smith talk down to more then four people 1 Mexican Male 1 Black male 1 Asian woman and 1 Black woman and then smile big and hold conversation with the 2 while males that she allowed to go ahead of myself and the other 4 individuals is just inhuman. Dorothy Smith did not greet any of the 4 individuals listed above including myself. She call my name did not even check to see if my ID matched my face at all never looked up at me just grabbed my ID and said that I would be called back shortly. I don’t know if I should expect more I’ve been in the medical field 13 yrs I would never treat anyone the way she treated the five of us today. Dorothy Smith Please do better no one deserves to be treated like they are beneath you because guess what we are not..( P.S this is for you Dorothy Smith at the front desk at the 5944 W. Parker Rd Plano Texas Location.)


Ellen C. October 25, 2018 at 10:30 am

Resubmitting: After being notified by my health ins. that they would no longer support my going to my local hospital for lab/blood work, I hesitantly went to LabCorp in Eden Hill Medical Center in Dover, DE. In previous years I had gone to LabCorp.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the office was clean, had computerized check-in, and little to no wait time. That was the end of my pleasant visit. After being instructed by the receptionist to go to Room #1, I sat for just a minute when the Lab Tech named Melinda entered the room without so much as a hello, good morning, etc. First words out of her mouth….did you urinate in the cup? I told her a did a little….which she replied…how much is a little? When I didn’t answer (because I did not know how to quantify my sample), she harshly said….well did it cover the bottom of the cup. She attempted to pull my blood from my right arm. When the blood would not come, she started twisting the needle around….after several more twists, I indicated that no blood was coming, but that I was going to have a large bruise. Her reply was that I would not get a bruise. Today is the day after…..I have a large bruise. She was finally able to draw my blood in my hand using a butterfly clip.

In a nutshell, I remember why I had changed years ago to go to the hospital for my lab work. I waited there also, but the quality, courtesy, and professionalism of the staff is far greater than what you receive from LabCorp. I dread the thought of having to go there again.


Ellen C. October 25, 2018 at 10:13 am

I submited a complaint yesterday, but do not see it.


John OBrien October 20, 2018 at 11:18 am

My name is John OBrien.
I am writing you to let you know you have a SERIOUS problem employee in your Denville NJ office.
I have been in the medical field for over 35 years-and have NEVER been subject to such aggressive rudeness on the part of your technician .
I DEMAND you to provide her name to me within a reasonable time frame-I have every intention of reporting her to the Board of NJ.
My visit was today 10-20-18.
I signed in at 9:45 for a routine pre employment urine collection.
After sitting there for over one hour-the receptionist calls “John”-as the “check in system was not working.
I get to the back and the “tech” -who just LOOKED miserable-with glasses hanging half off her face-tells me “your the wrong John-I want the one with an appointment”-and then FURTHER tells me AFTER BEING SENT HERE “we don’t do preemployments except Mom-Fri 11-2”
I asked her how this could be accomplished with working people-only to be told “I don’t care how YOU get it done-WE only do them M-F 11-2”.
Is THIS the customer service -or basic human interaction you want for your business??
Have you READ your reviews here?
Do you CARE???
I am beyond angry at this -and will be reconsidering my company’s further dealings with Labcorp if I do not have satisfaction .


Christopher Jones August 21, 2018 at 2:49 pm

Good afternoon,

I am writing to you this afternoon to complain about one of your LabCorp locations I took my son to this morning. The overall experience was horrible and I am feeling horrible for making my son go through the experience we had this morning. The location I am complaining about is located at 201 Kingwood Medical Dr. A100, Kingwood, TX 77339. Originally when we arrived this morning, the lady at the front counter took my orders from me then gave them back to me and stated that they would not be able to perform any orders due to the fact that the order form was blank. The order forms I gave her from our doctor had about 6-7 sheets attached to the blank order. So she said I would have to go back to the doctor and get the proper orders. I then decided to contact the doctor and the issues I was dealing with was that I was being transferred on the phone with the doctors office multiple times and taking up to 30 minutes of my time. When I originally looked at the orders I saw the orders the doctor requested on the forms and told the lady at the front desk but she kept telling me that these weren’t the orders. When I finally got the doctors office on the phone she asked to speak to them and they made her aware that the other pieces of paper were the orders and she replied back by saying well I saw these but didn’t want to miss any additional orders and not have to make them come back. She never stated that to me before and she also wasted about 30-40 minutes of our time. She then stated that we could go to the back and sit in room #1. So my son sits down in the back and then from there she walks over to assist him with his blood work needed. He is 9 years old and already nervous about getting blood work done. She took his left arm and prepared him to have his blood drawn. She then stated that she wasn’t able to get the blood to come out correctly so she would have to try again. Meaning having to stick my son again! She then took his right arm and prepared an area around his wrist area. Again, he is 9 years old and now he is scared. She then had two other people who looked like they didn’t know much more than her to assist her and see if they could get the blood to come out. I was starting to get frustrated but still didn’t say anything to them cause I could see my son worried. If it wasn’t that he already had been pricked twice and going through a lot already I would have told them never mind and left. But I stayed and then they called on an older lady working there to assist and so she went back to his left arm higher up and got the blood work she needed. Why did it take three times to prick my son to get the blood needed? Why did it take someone who knows what she’s doing to come on the third try to complete the order. It worries me that they have people working there that shouldn’t be working there. My other concern is that they wrapped his arm three times with bandages for every area they stuck him at and when he was done they removed the other two wraps from where they missed to make it seem like they only stuck him once. The older lady did ask how many times was he pricked and he told them three times. After that usually when you get blood work they have you verify your info on the tubes, but not his visit. I had to ask the older lady if I need to verify his info to ensure the correct blood and tubes are tested. This was the worst experience I have ever had with getting blood drawn and I am writing you because if my wife had went to this appointment this morning she would have given them a totally different experience than what I explained cause she would have had to be escorted out of the building from her complaining. I told her about our experience and she was very upset about our son going through all of this this morning.

I want to ensure that this complaint is being heard and that you will do your best to rectify the issue at this location. I do not want anyone to go through what my son and I had to go through this morning ever again! I would like a response from someone verifying they got this complaint and what their plan is to help solve the issue.


Mare August 10, 2018 at 2:58 pm

What is the problem with Labcorp?? In the past few months on two different occasions two different labs could not perform testing. The either do not have the testing equipment and or contrast.
How does a well known lab like Labcorp not have the necessary equipment and even WORSE EXPIRED equipment????
It is a disgrace and not acceptable. I’m a the insurance company in this information


Lorraine Lang August 1, 2018 at 5:23 pm

I am writing to complain about your organization and the incompetence within your company. Since LabCorp changed to a newer platform to receive lab results I am unable to retrieve my daughter’s lab results. Per LabCorp I needed to re-register and all lab results would transfer over. I did and all was fine except for my daughter’s. Some how your INCOMPENTENT staff changed her date of birth and made it mine. I am her mother. My daughter is a minor and I have ever right to her medical records. I have called the 800 number three times and not one person can help me. I finally received an email with a ticket number that says to call LabCorp. Since the email provided no contact number, I called the 800 number. Spoke to two people and still on hold because no one knows what THE HELL IS GOING ON. If this is not resolved within 24 hours, I will be contacting my attorney as LabCorp has changed pertinent information in MY FILES and that is illegal. My daughter needs her lab work due to her condition. Let’s see if corporate gives a HOOT! I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED ON HOW THIS IS BEING HANDLED! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND DUE TO YOUR MISTAKE I AND MY DAUGHTER MUST SUFFER!


Janet Herold June 5, 2018 at 8:58 am

I visited the lab corp on US 19 In New Port Richey fl. on June 5. 2018. I had a 8 am apt and I was fasting. I signed in at desk, and told to sit down and someone would call me. I did so. Waited 30 min and getting very agitated as I see newcomers going in the lab… I approached desk and was told I did not sign in at portal !!! What portal I ask? She points to a letter sized note on window saying to sign in at portal. She did not tell me. I was furious. I go to sign in at portal and then wait another 15 minutes. Lab worker was great but I was in no mood for pleasantries at this time. The office girl was rude and unaccommodating. The room was filling with clients and they had 2 girls working and the third just came in at 8:30. If lab corp is scheduling in 3 apts for every 10 minutes, then they need the personnel there to take care of them. I was shocked at the slovenly appearance of the place . I will return to Quest where apts are honored and the staff is helpful. NEVER to return to this inept lab.


Christine May 8, 2018 at 9:03 pm

Dear Sir or Madam;

The purpose of this letter is to describe my grave disappointment with and the gross inconvenience resulting from the poor quality of services provided to me by the Lab Corp Mule Rd. facility in Toms River, New Jersey over a nine-month period from Summer 2017 to Spring 2018;

1. On several visits (approximately 3-4) the wait time for routine blood work exceeded 1 hour and on one occasion approached the 2-hour mark. These visits were both scheduled and of the drop-in nature.

When questioned about the exceedingly long wait time, the associates on duty said that it was “the summer” and that they “were understaffed.”

Only twice did our wait time fall within a 15-30-minute time frame.

2. During the Summer of 2017, our general practitioner’s office sent a script for weekly blood work several times (approximately 2-3) both electronically and via fax, to the Mule Rd. facility. Upon arriving at the office for blood work, the Mule Rd. location had no record of ever receiving an e-copy or faxed, hard copy.

When requiring another script for blood work, our general practitioner requested that we come in to his office to pick up a hard copy to hand directly to an associate to ensure its receipt. This was of a great inconvenience to me since I am employed during the day and evening, and also provide elder care.

3. When questioning an associate directly, twice, and during two separate phone conversations on whether the results of blood work taken in the morning could be sent the same day to a local surgeon, I was assured on both occasions that “yes” they would be able to send those results to the surgeon by noon that day.

When arriving at the Mule Rd. office the morning of the blood work, I was told face-to-face by an associate that “no” and “I don’t know who you talked to” but they could not send the results the same day to the surgeon as they were “sent to Raritan.”

When I stressed that I was told twice to the contrary and that the blood work needed to be facilitated that morning, the associate responded, “Well, you’ll have to go to the hospital.”

No apology was offered for the office’s misinformation nor any effort was made to accommodate the patient for the facility’s error, again, causing a great inconvenience.

4. When allegedly “on hold” during a phone call with a Lab Corp associate, I could hear the entire conversation the employee was having with a client to whom she was attending in the office.

This makes me question whether Lab Corp truly values a patient’s right to privacy and general confidentiality.

Based on the poor quality of services provided by the Lab Corp Mule Rd. facility over the past nine months, we will no longer patronize this location nor the Lab Corp organization for our health care needs. I will also encourage my family and friends when in the event they need blood work, to seek a facility other than Lab Corp.


Christine Cassidy


Madeline May 7, 2018 at 3:42 pm

I’m speaking about the Venice, Floriduh location


Madeline May 7, 2018 at 3:41 pm

I’m disgusted. Nobody listens to the patient. Use a butterfly needle when it’s requested. My arm is black & blue & swollen. I started bleeding all over on my way out. My blanket has blood all over it. Then after she cleaned her mess up she made the elastic so tight my arm is numb. Has been down through my hand since the draw. What happened to the great people who used to be there? It’s unacceptable for this to happen. There was no concern at all nor caring. All I got from the front desk when I showed the woman working it was sorry for the inconvenience. It’s ruined my entire day & with the fibromyalgia who knows what tomorrow will bring. Plus it’s understaffed always. One on the desk one doing the blood draw. It’s very bad situation especially when they really just don’t give a damn. Some company. I’d recommend staying away far away unless they get new phlebotomists. This one this morning is not good. 8:45 am. 5/7/2018


Sandra Garcia March 26, 2018 at 2:49 pm

I need someone to contact me about my sons invoice. Your billing office is not doing their job. He was there in August of last year!!!!


Kason March 19, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Good afternoon. I highly recommend that another Labcorp office get provided to the Tallahassee area. The main office off of Monroe is always overly packed. I have been sitting herewaiting over a hour to get services. I haveyet to be seen. Some people have been sitting here over a hour. On top of sitting here many peopel came to the facility after me and walked back to be seen within a few minutes of being in the office. With all of this being said you can see there is a huge problem here. People do not have all day to sit around to get their blood drawn. Plus they do not have long hours. Also the one off of Capital Circle do not take all lab orders. Can yall please try to resolve these issues. Thanks


john beech February 19, 2018 at 1:40 pm

I have a billing problem Ive been dealing wiyh since July 2017.My blood test from my doctor had an incorrect code.They sent the right code to lab corp.I called medicare & was tolod they never received the correted invoice.I have reced. a bill telling me I’m about to be turned over for collection.Ive never had a collection and need to get this resolved.Please help or iguess if could split the bill and make payments then ild do that.Please email your reply thank you very much. John Beech


john CELENTANO January 15, 2018 at 11:18 am

my wife had to go to lab core in myrtle beach. so on sunday we took a ride to find it, we could not locate it. my gps in car could not and smart phones could not. so monday morning he had to go give blood and urine samples. as we rode up and down the street again for 20 we had called. the number on the work order was for a different site, and the girl had no idea where the one we were looking for was. the address was 823 82nd parkway myrtle beach. it was upstairs from 1021 82nd parkway. so you need to go inside the building to make sure you have the right place. as we told the girl she said i know we always get complaints.. duhhhhhhhhh put up a dam sign outside. people are stopping in the rode and someone will get hurt looking for your stupid lab.


Sharon Durden January 9, 2018 at 1:00 pm

12/29/17 sent inquiry # 12292017-857861 as the incorrect facility and physician was listed on my report. NO REPLY
1/4/18 send 2nd inquire #012042018-874906 as lab report now shows incorrect facility on my report. NO REPLY
It appears my PI is being sent out to incorrect facility/phy and no one seems to care.
By the other complaints/concerns it appears LabCorp Of American Holdings does not seems to care.


CARMEN CABALLERO December 20, 2017 at 7:56 am

I got here to the office on 21st west Bradenton. Do at 7 am as the office is open at 7. This time is convenience as work 8. The office did not open until 710 am. It is 755 and I am still sitting here. The lady stated that they are understaffed.


Lisa DeHaven December 8, 2017 at 8:30 pm

I was given an order for labs to be drawn 3 times this week. The office said they put it in your system but it was not there. Thankfully I was also given a copy so I brought it in. The lady at the front desk spoke with a lady that worked there for the first ten minutes after I arrived. The phlebotomist was very quick but the chair was so close to the cabinet that I hit my head on the cabinet when she drew my blood. Then next day when I came in they were blocking the entrance smoking and asked for my order again and when I said I didn’t make another copy for them, they found it in the system. The third day I came in a different woman was at the counter and she didn’t even greet me after I said hi. She asked for my order and when I explained that it was already in the system she couldn’t find it. I pulled it up in my email and asked if I could send it to her and she said no that wasn’t possible. I told her I would call my doctor’s office to have them send it again. She informed me that they closed at 5 and she would be locking the door. This was after my office said it would be just a minute. Well sure enough she said she was locking the door. My office had it sent by 5:03 but she escorted me out at 5:00. The ladies working in your Winchester Virginia office have terrible customer service skills, they waste company time, and they were so very rude to me.


Patricia Lee September 26, 2017 at 11:48 pm

My son went to the Lab corp at 4135 Atlanta Highway in Montgomery,Al. He had lab orders from the liver transplant office and from his liver doctor. They were date in July 2017 to Dec 2017. They had told us on another visit we had to have one for six months. They donot take the one year standing order. To day she stated we needed a new one every time we come. So tell me why you cannot take a six months or one year standing order for these situations. I checked with another lab company in the Montgomery area and they will take the one year. Your lab is closer to us and we would like to use it. I need some answers soon because we are going to need more lab work for the liver transplant and the fever from the PS Cholangtist. Call me at 334-279-XXXXX and how long does it take you to respond to problems.


Patricia Lee September 26, 2017 at 1:14 pm

My son is on the liver transplant list for PSC of the liver. he runs fever at random and we have to get blood cultures and other lab work. His liver doctor at UAB gives us an order for the year. We were told you did not take routine orders for the year. What is the problem? Other labs take the routine orders. Why does it have to be every six months. If you have the doctor’s order what is the problem? You cannot always get the order faxed to you if the doctor is not in the office. Call me at 334-279-9794 to discuss. I need an answer right now since he is running fever and we need to do the lab work. I am trying to reach David King CEO.


Deborah Harris September 26, 2017 at 11:06 am

I will not go to Labcorp or Quest, I call Blood draw Service for the Homebound, she charge only a Conveience fee of 20.00 and it is worth every damn penny!!!!!!!!! She comes to your home draw your blood and done in 8 minutes , your doctor gets his/her results on time. This service is located in Dover, De. I don’t have to sit in that damn waiting room to to have someone with an attitude to draw my blood, they don’t smile, stick a hundred times to get your blood! The service is very poor. If you live in Dover, De. or Delaware period Call Blood Draw Service and you will see what I am Talking about, This kind of service is a God send! I have a life , things to do, I don’t have time to sit in a damn lab all day and get nothing done I get my blood drawn, and I go right back to sleep in the comfort of my home. Here is the most sweet part she smiles and draw your blood , you don’t even feel it. And she is Insured!! I checked her out and everything, she is legit!!


james September 13, 2017 at 2:01 pm

Upsetting trying just to speak with a single person about anything at Labcorp. All service centers will circle you on the phone and you will never speak with anyone.


Merle M Bell September 11, 2017 at 8:30 am

Will Delran NJ site be re-opening? If so, when?


Merle M Bell September 11, 2017 at 8:25 am

Will Labcorp site in Delran NJ be re-opening? If so, when?

Thank you.


Sandy September 8, 2017 at 5:05 pm

I’m sitting in in the local LabCorp waiting to be called for my turn. I have a 3:00 appt and it is now 3:50. I’m still waiting. I informed the person when I checked in that I had an appt twice and checked the box on the signin sheet. I have finally stood up and ask “what is the point of having an appt when you are put in line on a first come first serve basis?” The other person behind the desk finally noticed that I had an appt and said I would be next. Oh, but wait! When she call the next name it was not mine. She called someone else. I stood up and then she said “oh, that’s right, you can comeback with me.”

This is crazy!!!! I would not use this lab but I have to because that is what is required by my husbands company for insurance.

I understand they have had some turnover. But come on, this is just common sense and general working knowledge.


Shanel Billingsley September 7, 2017 at 10:02 am

I went to submit a drug test for pre employment and lab Corp mixed my name with someone else’s name and told me that I was not able to take the drug test do to me already taking the test. I had never been there before so that was untrue then when I called customer service she said there’s nothing they can do! Theonly thing they can do is call the company to submit another drug test after they violated hipaa!!!this is sad!!! Especially when you have to show a government issued ID in order to take a drug test.


Wm & Elizabeth Enniss August 30, 2017 at 8:03 am

I want to inform you that my overall experience was very pleasant concerning the professional capabilities of the phlebotomist: Ms, Kim Evans. She was operating the multiple jobs of phone & intake receptionist, lab tech all in one. This is the reason why when pts. walk in they see no one at the desk. She is usually either collecting specimens or working on the computer at the rear (lab) logging them in. Please accept and act upon my suggestion that you employ at least one assistant to alleviate the issue of the vacant chair at the front desk as she (Ms. Evans) can only be in one place at a time. I am a particularly difficult draw and I grade her 10+++!!! Thank you for your attention to this matter, yours truly, Bill and Liz.


Wm & Elizabeth Enniss August 30, 2017 at 8:12 am

Re:comment from Wm and Elizabeth Enniss, eenniss at ; I need to add the address of the branch that we attended: 391 Serpentine Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29303.


Jan wilkinson August 19, 2017 at 3:51 pm

Yesterday afternoon, 8/18/17 at 2:00 I went to the LabCor facility at 1010 N. Bancroft Parkway, Ste 2, Wilmington, DE 19805 and was appalled by the total lack of professional behavior displayed by the two women on duty. They acted like they were high….laughing and carrying on loudly, talking on the phone to friends and family, playing music so loud they couldn’t hear questions. It was out of control and like nothing I have experienced. I had an appointment, was the only one being served and yet kept waiting for a half an hour. I needed the blood work done immediately, or I would have left to go to another location. Probably should have because after finally being served, I walked to my car with blood streaming down my arm (never happened before!) and now have a huge hematoma on my arm. Shame on somebody for allowing your service to to become so frighteningly undisciplined.


annoymous August 15, 2017 at 9:45 pm

Nerve damage during blood draw – told her I felt a sharp pain and Nancy B from McAllen TX on 1422 E. Ridge Rd 78503 well she still continued until I got home that I realized she hit a nerve and it has got worse over the last few days. I was in so much pain that i called and talked to supervisor Elma Z well she did not do nothing to this young stupid girl, especially after the fact that I told her I was in pain and she continued and was just rude, well I ended up in the ER she did in fact hit a nerve bruised up my arm for several days, I will sue labcorp for hiring a young ignorant stupid girl that needs more experience. please stay away from Nancy Banuelos she will stab you your arm will feel numb. in fact I will be speaking to legal dept about this issue, Elma do your job and let her go you will end up with a big lawsuit she needs more experience


John Perry August 11, 2017 at 8:13 am

Headquarters needs to conduct a quality assurance review of your lab in Tallahassee, Florida on Tim Gamble Street. For years we have dreaded going there for routine lab work, but today must be the worst experience ever. I arrived at 7:30 and the lobby was full; people even standing around the hallways. Staff had no sense of urgency to serve the customers/patients. Only 3 people were called back in a 35 minute period of time while I waited. One could see staff milling around, chatting with each other, oblivious. I finally gave up and requested my paper work so I’d come back later. They couldn’t find the paperwork because it was still in a bin, nowhere near processing. Just Awful!


Gary August 9, 2017 at 8:57 pm

I have tried for several days to register as a new client because it was requested by my physicians to use you. It has been a horrible experience and less then professional. I have wasted my time and have been shifted around and ignored. Yes, even disconnected by phone as I tried to explain my frustration. I did what was requested by ( ‘Avila, Kimberly’ ) but I had to send her the information as the email address she gave me to send the information did not work. I sent my email 8 hours ago and have had no reply. At this point I assume you don’t care about my concerns and request for help regarding your program. I will inform my Physicians of your incompetency and wish to use Hoag instead of LabCorp. I do not have any problem when I use the Hoag Hospital facility and I can pick up my results at anytime with no headache!


F. Canzoneri August 6, 2017 at 8:49 pm

Please help me, lab corp has been sending me bills saying that i have incorrect insurance,
this is not so, have been fighting a bill for over 1 year


Jacqueline Monahan July 18, 2017 at 8:39 am

Had blood drawn at the Niceville office in Florida three separate times.First one went well.
second time on May 31,2017 and it was horrible,she did not get the needle straight in to the vein (I have very good veins) after she twisted and turned it a few times then the blood started coming in to the tubs fast.She told me I would probably have some bruising but it would eventually fade.Not only did it bruise I had a pea size lump in my arm, very painful.I had to massage it for weeks.Third time July 11,2017 she couldn’t get the needle in to my right arm,so she switched arms,told me not to have blood drawn from that arm ever again.She got the needle in my left arm but had to twist and turn it to gel the blood to flow, it was very painful.Same thing as before badly bruised and a pea sized lump where she drew the blood from.
Lab Corp was my choice above another three labs in my area I could choose from, but never,never again.These people who draw the blood seem to be trained the same way, to go in in the vein “sideways.” It was a terrible and painful experience. Please,please give your people better training, we are humans not dolls to practice on.


Harrison Chaess June 13, 2017 at 11:54 am

Very​ poor service. Sitting in office more than one hour. Location is in King of Prussia (484-681-5499). Something must be wrong with your organization that is not service oriented.


Bill June 2, 2017 at 11:41 am

Quest was a by far better place than labcorp. Unfortunately my insurance changed to labcorp and now i must suffer.

I scheduled my appt and the computer showed me a confirmation number for my appt. When i got here the lady told me i didn’t have one and someone else had my appt time. Now i have to wait as a walk in. Your computer appt schedule is horrible and your company is awful. You should be ashamed for running your company like this.

I guess it doesn’t matter to you because you still make the big bucks


Bill June 2, 2017 at 11:57 am

Sad as im sitting here another guy walks in and says he has a 12:15 appt. The girl says we have an undefined at that time. She told the guy he is treated as a walk in. 2 in one day, what a great scheduling system.


Wendy kurtz May 25, 2017 at 9:16 am

My husband is the insurance holder for my step daughter. Her custodial parent is her mother. Her mother used the insurance for blood work done for the minor child on Jan 23. We are receiving bills in my husband’s name for this labwork. He is legally responsible to carry insurance on his child. He is not the custodial parent, he is not the parent that brought her into your offices for labwork, and he is not on record at her primary care physician’s office as person responsible for payment. Your billing department insists they have paperwork from the doctors office stating that he is the responsible party for payment. They do not, I confirmed this with the doctors office yesterday. I am now insisting that my husband and I see proof of these “responsible for payment” papers or I am filing the necessary complaints with the better business Bureau and consumer affairs. We are being charged for something we never agreed to, never signed for, and were completely unaware of until your decided to bill us based on the insurance card information.


Hal May 19, 2017 at 11:44 am

VIsited LabCorp at 7431 N University Drive, Tamarac,Fl. I requested a container for a 24- hour urine test. The were no instructions on the container and no instructions were provided by the staff.

I started the test at midnight. Later when I visited sites for the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins they stated that it should start the firth time you urinate. However, you do not enter it into the container. It just indications the collection start time.

So, I had to later backtrack to 10:30 PM for the appropriate start time.

It appears tha the Manager who orders supplies has failed to get the proper label for this container and maybe other collection containers also.

The same standards should apply to all LabCorp locations.



Monica May 9, 2017 at 12:55 pm

I just left the Fort Lauderdale location and am completely disgusted by what I saw. First off, the waiting room was full of people and only 3 people working. One at the front desk and the other two drawing blood. After waiting over an hour, I get a guy who was very nice but clearly had no idea what he was doing. I don’t like needles so I always look away. He sticks the needle in and nothing comes out. Very surprising considering I have great veins and this has never happened. So he had to stick the other arm and that went ok until I looked and realized he wasn’t wearing any gloves! I’m sure that violates some sort of health code. I will never go to this place again! It’s no wonder it’s hard to find a way to get a hold of Lab Corp to complain. I’m sure they would be swamped with complaints!


Jacqueline sloan May 15, 2017 at 12:03 pm

Have been trying for month now to get labcorp to send bill to correct insurance, have been treated horribly with the exception of the first call. Everytime i get bill again with another reason why i need to pay for ir or i will be denied future services. Guess what you will be denied i will mo longer request labcorp as i have for yearz. Not sure what has changed perhaps your employees are treated so badly they are taking it out on cuatomets to hurt company. There comments online are that it is a terrible company to work for. I hope after 8th call and dealing with your rude employeez this will be taken care of. Labcorp will not get a penny from me ad this is a coveted charge. My next call will be to attorney general’s office and better budiness bureau. This has got to be the most incompetent business ever, i just have to ask what changed because up to now I’ve never had any complaints.


Eleanor Finkelstein May 1, 2017 at 10:20 am

Sitting here waiting in your labcorps office in Coral Springs , Fl. All seats in the waiting room are occupied and people are waiting in the hall outside the office. There is one staff member at the sign in desk (very nice) and only one woman in the back drawing blood. This situation is a disgrace.


Unknown April 8, 2017 at 8:53 pm

Finding it hard to understand why Lap Vorp would allow the use of the business with label Lap Votp on the side to be used for out of state vacation use.

N C. State tags at the VA. Colonial Williamsburg parking lot on Saturday April 7 2017

NC EAE 4858

Nice going Lap Corp. corporate officials


Larry Lee April 7, 2017 at 1:54 pm

Labcorp submitted unvalidated bill to ccs collections and after calling and escalating to a manager known as she advised as Ms A found her very loud talking over at that time she was in possession of an unlawful charge on a workman comp case I had paid for my wife which should have never been charged that has been refunded however information was incorrect send to collections She advised me to do what I need to do so I have in fact done that


Carol Love April 7, 2017 at 12:02 pm

I have to go ever six months to get blood drawn in Lab Corp Gastonia NC on 640 Summitt crossing.I have been going there for years. In October and this month(April) the receptionest Stephanie is rude, bully and rude to not only me but the employees that work there. She thinks she knows everything and exerts it too. She is hungry with her position that she should not have. I complained back in October about her but heard no response, Here I am again about this matter, and also the bruising I received from blood drawn. Other people when I go comment on how rude she is. This time she questioned my blood work order from my doctors office. In explaining it to her she had an attitude and did not believe me until my doctors office called her and she questioned them and told her the same thing I did. There are other things but I do not want to write a book on her, not worth it. But you guys need to do something about her and her attitude with the public. I have to go every six months to this facility. I really do not want to go there at all. When I started there everytime I went there was someone new in the front office and drawing blood. There is not stability in that office. I will be talking to my doctor about alternative to get blood work done. I would not tell anyone to go there.


Sherry Zawadzki February 16, 2017 at 7:58 am

I have been using the services of a Lab Corp on 49th street north in St Petersburg fl. for many years. I go once a month for labs do to a kidney transplant. I have complained before about this lab. Most lab techs are nice some not but the real complaint is the front desk help. Ask a question and you get your head chewed off. I asked why they needed a credit card for my granddaughter who has Medicaid, the worker said it’s right there on the sign. She could have told me the answer it’s that simple. Bad customer service again. Please put on your application must be able to treat humans with the respect they deserve. After all we contribute to their paycheck.


Deborah Harris September 26, 2017 at 11:14 am



Amy Smith December 17, 2016 at 12:36 pm

Nerve damage during blood draw – told her I felt a sharp pain – she still continued …. it wasn’t until I got home that I realized she hit a nerve… and it has gotten worse over the last few days. It makes things even harder to do. I have even considered contacting legal advice , especially after the fact that I told her I had pain and she continued and was just rude about the whole matter.
But I’m interested in what you are going to do in regards to this matter?
Thanks Amy Smith


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