La Quinta Corporate Office

La Quinta Corporate Office Address

LQ Management LLC
909 Hidden Ridge Suite 600
Irving, TX 75038

Contact La Quinta

Phone Number: (214) 492-6600
Fax Number: (214) 492-6616
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CEO: Wayne B. Goldberg
CFO: Temple H. Weiss
COO: Angelo J. Lombardi

La Quinta History

La Quinta Inns and Suites (or LQ) opened it’s first hotel in 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.  The company was founded by brothers Sam and Phil Barshop.

La Quinta grew, mostly in Texas, during the 1970s.  Phil Barshop left the company in 1977.

By 1986, the company had 170 hotels mostly in Texas and Florida.

In 1991, the company was taken over by the Bass and Taylor families of Ft. Worth, TX.

In 1999, the La Quinta corporate office moved from San Antonio to Irving, a Dallas suburb.

Today, the company operates over 700 hotels in the US, Mexico and Canada.


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Kenneth M Holloway July 25, 2015 at 1:02 pm

I am a LAQ Returns customer. I feel that when you post hotel locations as new
you are misleading customers. Some customers including myself book locations
listing as new expecting to find totally new. Not an old hotel being refurbished such
as Pigeon Forge former Red Roof and Corpus Christi South Padre Island former
Hampton Inn. Thanks.


jack gantz July 20, 2015 at 9:48 am

I just wanted to say i think la quinta has one of the best motel chains in the united states . me and my wife have stayed in la quinta ‘s up and down the east coast for the last ten years. Mostly in Florida and Maryland we live in Delaware . we travel by car to Florida so we look for la quinta s along our way.we have stayed in a la quinta in ocala Florida 15 times in the last 10 years. Nicest one of them all. They also have a nice one in kingsland Ga. Yea we havehad some problems at some of them but nobody’s perfect. Their rewards program with points is fantastic . we have gotten and used a lot of points. I’m sure you get a lot negative e_ mails but not from us. We enjoy staying at la quintals because we feel secure there. And as Wayne Goldberg says see you along the way.


Heather July 20, 2015 at 1:38 am

Earlier this evening I was witness to some horrible stuff here at LaQuinta in East Baton Rouge! The girl working behind the desk was sweet as could be but her drunk boyfriend slammed the front doors open and they got stuck and I couldn’t get in through the front doors for 10 minutes because of him and his total lack of respect. I told my cousin I didn’t even want to go back outside to smoke by myself. When he came with me the elevator doors opened and Bam- there’s the cops fighting this dude to put him under arrest. When we got past that and outside a guy walked up to us and told us he caught the guy in the back of his truck stealing stuff!! The cops questioned me and I told him when we pulled in from getting a bite to eat he was trying to sell us power drills, cvs $100 gift cards, a saws all and plenty of other things! That’s YOUR EMPLOYEES HUSBAND!! Sounds about like a set up! She knows which guys are here for work (because of corporate rates) and all of a sudden our vehicles are getting robbed!! Sad LaQuinta! Think our guys all 40 to 50 of them will be checking out of here! Microtel next door is looking better by the minute!! I can’t even sleep because I’m worried he will get out of jail and come back and finish stealing what he didn’t get the first time!!


Cindy Nicewicz July 10, 2015 at 10:09 am

I want to give you team a huge shout out. What customer service they gave me on the phone and my Husband right there in the hotel. Hats off to Ms. Melly and Ms. Joann :) Let me tell you a little bit about my experience. I called around 4 pm on Tues 7/7/15 to La Quinta at 6225 South Padre Island Corpus Christi, TX and got Melly. I explained my husband was staying there all week for work and it was his birthday Wed 7/8 and was looking to have a cupcake or something sent to him on his birthday. We live in CT and he was away from his family and friends so I thought this might make his Birthday alittle more special. Well let me tell you they went above and beyond to do just that. They got him more then a cupcake a beautiful Cupcake Cake with several cupcakes and a card with words I asked them to put in it. Well let me tell you when my hubby wen to his room that day after work all bummed out and open the door and say that you brought the biggest SMILE to his face I heard his smile on the phone all the way to CT. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! This is what make the world a wonderful place. You are very lucky to have 2 outstanding members of your team Melly and Joann. They totally gave us the WOW factor for customer service and we will definetly be using La Quinta in our future.


Ann C July 8, 2015 at 1:14 am

I recently took a housekeeping job aprox 3 months ago … Let me make myself very clear , I am NOT a disgruntled employee , I quit and left due to alot of other employees , its easy enough for you to go back and check out the turn over ..mostly due to management or lack of .. I am trying to make you aware of all the very good employees you are losing due to these matters , 1st of all , we found bed bugs .. It was never treated .. Only vacuumed and rented again the same day .. 2 rooms I seen myself .. Bed bugs have been seen in laundry facilities as well .. We was told by our GM to not tell anyone .. Katherine Kelly GM .. Laundry would be piled for days not done , us housekeepers had to come in and do our own linens and towels .. Everyday we stated with none .. Mind you there are 2 head housekeepers .. Not entirely their fault due to only having 1 washing machine and 1dryer that only works part of the time .. There is no air conditioning in upstairs hallways , took a thermometer with me one day and the second floor was 91 degrees .. Alot of the ac in rooms do not work only fan .. Numerous complaints fall on deaf ears .. I was verbally abused and screamed at by another employee in housekeeping room and was not protected by my GM .. There is so much more .. La Quinta will not last long in this town of Frankfort, IN under the management of Katherine Kelly if something is not done ..
I take pride in my work and I am a very good housekeeper .. Very disappointed .. Here is my personal phone # 765-656-**** .. Also when picking up my last check there was a typed letter in it saying that I just walked out and never tried to contact them to resolve the issue .. I called Kat to the desk and hand it that to her and told her that was not true I tried call her twice I have witnesses to that Chris that works there took the messages and was also a witness to the abuse I received by the other employee . . this hotel could do much better if under better management and providing better equipment to be able to do our jobs correctly .. I believe you could find out more if you did a unexpected visit or decoy employee to see exactly what is going on … If this is not taken care of , as a concerned citizen I will have no choice but to contact board of health .. I and others witnessed the bed bugs in 2 rooms left untreated and rented again same night ..
Looking forward to your phone call as I do not email 765-656-**** Ann Cox


Ann C July 8, 2015 at 1:23 am

La Quinta in Frankfort, In 46041
Holiday Dr


Ann C July 8, 2015 at 2:18 am

Also there was a week maybe a little over a week we were forced to bring in our own trash bags from home in order to our jobs .. GM was very much aware of this .. And just shrugged her shoulders and ignored us .. Helen that works breakfast bar brought in some and myself and another housekeeper brought some from home to get us thru … Hence: good workers taking care of LA Quinta out of our own pockets …


Donna Compton July 17, 2015 at 11:50 am

My husband and I stayed at a LaQuinta Hotel in Dallas (I-35 & Walnut Hill). We were impressed at how clean and comfortable the room looked however looks are deceiving. We stayed there Tuesday July 7, 8 and 9, 2015. On the way back to San Antonio we stopped in Temple, Texas to gas up and use the washrooms. It was then that I checked to see why I was itching so much on my hips and in my private area. At first I thought I had been bitten by mosquitos but Duhhhh, mosquitos don’t bite in that area. I had at least 6 in each groin, on my hips, the crack of my butt, my thighs, on my back and in my armpits. I had a total of 35+ all over my body (and let me tell you they itch like crazy). My husband noticed his when he got out of the shower friday night. I counted them. He has 67 bites on his body!!. I should have called the hotel right then and there but it was late, we were exhausted from travel and I didn’t call the hotel until sunday. I talked to Katy at the hotel and she told me that I should talk to the General Manager Donnie Crosby who didn’t come in until Monday. I called her at 11:10 a.m. on Monday since she had not called me back yet and she said she had just got to the hotel and she had been in meetings all morning. She said that she was notified at home on Sunday after my call and that she was going up to the room as soon as we hung up the phone and would call me back within an hour she also said that she could comp one nights stay and that was all she had the authority to do but the Operations Manager would be there on thursday and he/she would have the authority to comp our stay which came to $277.05. Obviously this did not happen. I called her back at 4 that afternoon and the receptionist asked who was calling. I was put through to her voice mail (big surprise). Ms Crosby never returned my call. I called the City of Dallas Code Compliance office and spoke to Alexis who told me they would send an inspector over to the hotel as soon as possible but it may take 48 hours. The Code inspector called me on tuesday and said that he was at the hotel and was advised that the hotel chain has a contract with an exterminator/inspector who was expected to be there the next day so he did not inspect the room since they had a contract in place. Yesterday, thursday, the Code Compliance inspector called me back and said he received a report from the contracted inspector that the room was found to be “bug free”. I phoned Ms. Crosby as soon as I heard this and told her I wanted at complete refund of my stay there that I had been to the doctor (7/14/15) and it was confirmed that these were bed bug bites. Ms. Crosby insisted that I did not receive them at her facility and that the exterminator found the room, which she claims that 4 other people stayed in after us and had not complained of being bitten, to be free of any insects. Now let me see, I call on Sunday, Katy called Ms. Crosby on Sunday, their “inspector/exterminator” got there on tuesday or wednesday and found the room to insect free? Does anyone else think there was enough time lapsed that the rooms mattresses could have been changed out and fumigated? I am not looking to sue anyone, I just want my $277.05 back. Oh, did I mention that I have pictures of all of the bites?


Tammy July 2, 2015 at 6:08 pm

I work for a foundation that cares for families of children that have brain tumors. On occasion we have to book a room for the families because the child may have treatments or many doctors appointments and our families live all over the US. Recently I booked a room at the La Quinta at Perimeter Medical center in Atlanta, GA for a family. Since we pay for the room when making the reservation I explain that I am booking it for a patient but my foundation is paying the room charge. I provide them the person checking in’s name but all the other contact information is for me and my foundation. I followed all of La Quinta’s policies and I asked for the credit card authorization form to be faxed to me when I made the reservation (because they do not tell you this is required, you just have to know to ask for it). After waiting 30 mins I called back to the hotel front desk and requested it again. I finally got the fax, filled it out and returned it via fax with the copies of the card that La Quinta requested (which by the way according to my CC company this isn’t legal for you to ask for this) I further followed up by calling back to the front desk to make sure the fax was received as I Knew I would be out of town on the day the family was to arrive. First the lady at the front desk that answered the phone spoke fast and unclear I could never make out her name, even after asking several times, however, she did confirm that she received the fax and cc copy and had everything she needed. I also received the email confirmation for the room and thought everything was handled……..NOT THE CASE….on the day the family arrived which was around 9:00 pm after traveling on medicade transport for 5 hours, having numerous doctors appointments and a MRI for the brain tumor the family was greeted by a very rude front desk lady and told that the room had not been paid for and if they wanted to stay they had to pay….this family did not have money for this room —– that is why we were paying for them —— this family was made to wait for TWO hours for this to be resolved. They were told they could not legally charge my card without my permission……The family got in contact with their social worker who was at home at the time and she spoke with who she thought was the manager. She ever offered to pay for the room on her personal charge card. Finally, after two long hours, Todd (who now I know was the GM) charged my card and at 11:35 pm the family got to enter the room. I find it funny that they put this family through the ringer over their policy but they never followed their own policy —- Todd (the GM) never contacted me to verify it was fine to charge my card so you have to think that obviously they had all the information they need to get their money but it didn’t matter about how they treat the folks in the meantime… this day no one from La Quinta has called to verify the charges. When I got this email from the Social worker the next day I was just heart broken for this family. This child is very sick and to have made them go through this all over a measly $90 is simply sad…..where is La Quinta’s compassion? Shame on Todd for even charging my card after making someone wait two hours and not doing the proper – legal due diligence…….Obviously their passion is only for the almighty dollar……well to make this worse, I received the little survey on how the visit was from the CEO who speaks about how they pride themselves in great customer service only to receive an email from Todd the GM saying how he would make sure this did not happen again if we personally would contact him….Todd never mentioned nor took ownership that HE was the one that was involved in this AWFU:L treatment of this family….I didn’t know it was Todd (the GM according to him for 25 years) until I asked the social worker who she dealt with —– oh but wait it gets better or worse I should say —- when I found out it was Todd all along it made me more sick so I called in to the corporate office and asked to speak with someone over the GA location, the lady that answered never inquired why I needed this person, just immediately transferred me to the Guest Assistant Associate James who basically typed what I just told you, agreed that the GM was not very good, and took down my work number and my cell number assuring me that someone would be in contact with me……this was over a week ago and as of today I still have not heard from anyone but Todd who after I called him out on being involved touted his location ratings and his 25 years experience and that he was home when he tried to help them… was most folks at that time of night…..and Todd hasn’t proven to be trustworthy…..his answer was they are human and they give a great hospital rate that’s why we should use them —– REALLY does the great hospital rate make up for such horrible treatment? Not in my book…..if the $90 dollars was going to put them out of business then maybe that location should not be in business. I didn’t call corporate to ask for a refund, I am just trying to give our very sick families a little help along the way and do not think it is too much to ask for a business you are paying to give good, kind, customer service. Very disappointed that the upper management of La Quinta doesn’t care about what their local folks do and how they treat their customers. We will not use La Quinta again for business and I will not use them personally nor recommend them to anyone as this will be the story I will tell why. Sad, a simple phone call and Todd just being honest that they didn’t do the right thing could have solved all of this. Hope that $90 was worth it.


sherry l keller June 20, 2015 at 4:39 pm

You advertise the lowest rate at check in guarantee. I made reservation at LaQuinta in Schertz, Tx. Several days prior to arrival date I called your 1-800 reservation # and asked for the Summer15 promotional rate on my reservation. your employee said he checked & it was not available. I had a friend call for the same reservation & she was quoted with the promo rate – approx. $13. lower per nite. I cancelled my reservation with you & made other arrangements. This isn’t fair practice. Just thought I’d let you know my disappointment over this incident.


disgusted bigtime June 16, 2015 at 10:08 am

Ther i definitely a problem with the staff in the way the talk to you here at corporat andthe location in naples, fl

When you try and talk to Jaime and your so mellow and low key. She manges to pump you up and gey o on the defensive.
She is going a 100 miles an hour talking and you can’t get a word in edgewise to say anything, ask anything or get anythig done in apositive manner. Everytime Itry and talk he talks at the sme time I do. So she oesn’t here me and we don’t hear ach other.

Then she had m so frustred byher rearks I curse her. But the managerheas the whole thingsupposedly and takes her side. And he is just as wrong as she is. His name is Stephani. Supposdly the GM.He thought e herd eveything. Thn he wants to blame me.
I was so fustrated with the procss. I have stayed at oters and nevr had this issue.

It is very rude to do tha to someone and you put them on the defensive. I don’t kno what happened to customer service. But even corporate is rude. So that would explain why they are rude.


Perry Whitney June 7, 2015 at 1:47 pm

Ref: Confirmation # 3193369172

Location: Winnie, Texas

Date of Stay: June 5, 2015

I arrived at your Winnie, Texas location at about 4 pm on June 5, 2015.

I checked in and cleaned up to attend my daughters graduation that evening. Upon arrival back at the room, I tried to go to sleep after 9pm, but with all the noise of kids running up and down the halls, slamming doors and sounds of stomping feet, I could not.

I contacted the front desk and was told they would look into it.

Still noise and slamming doors. Stomping noises that even the television would not drown out. At about 10:30 or 11:00, I called the desk again to change rooms and was informed they had no other rooms. I stated that I could not sleep in this environment. The reply was: “Ok”.

I packed my bags and went to the front desk and checked out.

It was at this time I was informed that there was a soccer team staying in the hotel. Like that changes the rules for being quiet? I was not given an apology, or any other explanation other than a soccer team staying there. I noticed at the time of my departure, the pool was full of screaming splashing children. Are there not rules that close the pool for the protection of guest? Obviously, the rules were bent to please the famous soccer team.

I was forced to ride my motorcycle to various locations after 11pm to find another room at a greater expense.

This weekend I am flying to a reunion in Davenport, IA. I had planned on staying at your hotel on Kimberly rd for 2 nights. Those plans have now changed. I will not be staying at a La Quinta Inn this weekend, or at any other time in the near future. The feeling I took away from my stay that night was that of a homeless person and felt humiliated trying to find another room at 11:30 at night.

All I wanted was a place to rest, but it was clear to me that the emphasis was on pleasing the soccer team and not me.

As you know, La Quinta is not the only location to provide this service. I would not even begin to understand the inner workings of this industry. I don’t want to know. What I do want to know is this: Where is the best place to obtain simple, clean lodging at a reasonable price and get a good night’s rest?

Perry Whitney


Theodore Rogers June 2, 2015 at 5:05 pm

Complaint already submitted expecting callback from Corporate Headquarters not automated response nor do I want to here from LQ Pasenda manager!!!!

On Friday May 22, 2015 somewhere between approximately 3:30-4:00pm I went in to the Pasadena LA Quinta location located at 3490 East Sam Houston Pkwy South, Pasadena, Texas 77505 to check in. Jenna was working the front desk at the time, and was on the phone with a customer. I heard her giving details on the rooms, fitness and business center etc and could tell it was going to take a few minutes. Since I’ve been having problems with a very painful bad ankle, I decided to sit down and wait until she was finished. When she finished I walked up to the counter, and she thanked me for my patience and we proceeded with the check in. She had me sign 2 documents. First was the document where you initial for the room charge, initial the no smoking policy, and then sign the bottom. The second was a basic old style computer printout that contained some of my credit card info etc. She said that one was authorizing them to charge it to that card. When we were done she handed me my room key and told me breakfast was from 6-9. I asked if there was anything else and she said no, so I went back out to my car where my husband was waiting with the dogs. When I got back to the car I got in and he got in to get a cart to load up our stuff. Since it was close to 90deg, one of us stayed in the car with the AC running until the room was ready to take the dogs in so they wouldn’t overheat. He loaded the cart and went in to ready the room. When he came back in he said “you can go in and set up the dogs tents, it’s going to be a little while until we go in, but I think it’s ok if you get that set up a while” I said “why? What’s wrong?” He said “when I went to put stuff in the fridge the door fell off, I went up front to let the lady know and she said we would have to wait until she could get someone to repair it” I said “so we can’t go in and wait?” he said “I guess not, she made it sound like maintenance would need to be able to get in there and we would have to wait out here until they’re done” I said “ok”. I went inside and set up the dog tents and finished taking the stuff off the cart and put it on the chair just inside the door. I pushed the cart back out front by the main doors where they’re stored. Jenna was on the phone discussing reservations with another customer, so I didn’t bother to stop since she was busy. Besides, I had assumed she had contacted maintenance and we were waiting on them. I went back out and Ted and I sat in the car for a spell. We started to talk about that she may not know we were outside, and decided maybe we should check in. I wasn’t sure at this point how long it had been, but it seemed it had been a while. When I went back in, Jenna was again on the phone, but she finished quickly. I don’t recall sitting during this time. When she got off she asked “can I help you?” I said “I’m just checking the status of our room?” She seemed confused for a second so I said “We were waiting for them to fix the fridge?” She said “oh that, I haven’t gotten around to that yet” I said “oh, ok. Well do you have an approximate time frame so we know what we’re going to do about dinner and such? We’re getting kind of hungry and..” She kind of cut me off and said “I haven’t found anyone to help me move it, can your husband move it for me?” I said “I’m not really sure, he’s disabled and I think that’s probably beyond his limits, so I doubt it” She seemed to get upset at this point. She stuck her left arm out and grabbed her upper arm with her right hand and said “well I have these weak little lady arms, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it” She walked around the counter and said “you know I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing for the last hour, I’ve been working!” I said “ok, well we were just asking because we’re getting hungry since we haven’t eaten yet” She said “well I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it” I said “ I thought maintenance was coming?” She said “they’ve already left for the day, so I guess I’ll just get a dolly and try to move it myself since neither of you will help me” I told her “ Well I have a really bad back and my husband is disabled, you have lawn guys out front working, maybe one of them can help you?” She looks out the door where one is standing and snaps “they’re with a different company! They don’t work for us! So no they can’t help, and since you won’t help either I’ll find a way to do it myself!” She starts down the hallway and I follow her. She starts to open a door that says “storage” on it. As she turns to open the door she sees me there and pulls it shut again and this time yells at me “I’m handling it!! You don’t have to follow me around!!!! You can go sit down somewhere and I’ll get to it!!” I said “well I thought you were going to go in to the room, and since some of our stuff is already in there I’d like to be present when people go in” She snaps “fine!”. She opens the door, but only partially. She grabs a hand truck/dolly from right inside the door without actually going inside and slams it out through the door. She walks down the hallway to a room that was across the hallway and a few doors down from ours and goes inside. (Later I was talking with my friends outside their room and the room they went in I believe is the same one she was attempting to pull the fridge from… It was Joan and Norm Williams and I believe they were in room 121, and I believe that was the room she entered. I didn’t know it was theirs at the time). When she comes out of the room quickly after, she’s clearly irritated and says “it’s too heavy for me to pick up, I don’t know what to tell you” Since she didn’t want us in the room without it being fixed I said “Well I kind of looked at it earlier. It has a little screw adjustment on the bottom, I tried to tighten it and see if the door would go on. But the top pin seemed to short. Maybe you can look at it and see if you can see if its missing a part or something?” she said “fine, I’ll look” We go inside and I show her where the adjustment is, she says “yea, I see that” then she wiggles the part that holds that piece up and down and says “this part is clearly broken, I can’t do anything about that.. I’ll just have to see if I can find you another room” I said “man, I would really hate to have to move all our stuff to another room after all this time..” She said ‘well there’s nothing I can do about that!” She walked out of the room. I stood there for a minute unsure of what to do. She had already yelled at me in the hallway, so I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I thought for a minute before I left and decided that she had said she was going to look for another room, so I was supposed to follow her out front to get it. When I get out front she sees me and aggressively snaps “yes ma’am?!?!” I said “you said you were going to look for another room, so I thought you wanted me to follow you?” She moans, looks around and picks up a stack of papers that were combined with room keys. She takes one from the bottom of the stack, looks at it and Snaps “not that one!!” Flips through 3 or 4 more and snaps “not them either!!!” and quickly flips the rest and slams the stack back in the basket and snaps “nope!! Not any of those!! I don’t know what to tell you!! Figure something out!!!!” so I say “ok, well can we stay in there if I can find a way to rig it back on temporarily?” she says “sure!! Do whatever you want!! cause I don’t know what to tell you!!!” I said “ok, but it’s ok for us to stay in there and we won’t get charged for it, right?” she says “yea, sure. Whatever..” So I go back in and fiddle around with it and kind of wedge the door in place by pushing it back inside the compartment it was housed in. It held as long as you didn’t pull on it. I went out and told ted I rigged it up, so we were allowed to stay in the room. We unloaded the dogs and went into the room for a few minutes. Got the dogs settled in their crates and fed so they could rest while we were gone and we left to go have dinner at Applebee’s right around the corner. We went back to the room. It was after 7:30 at this point. I was tired and decided to walk the dogs so I could relax and before the storm hit. On one of my trips out (I walk the dogs individually) I ran into friends in the hallway. We talked for quite some time until we all agreed we needed to go take care of the dogs so we could relax. I took my dog out and went back to the room. I was barely in there and putting my dog up when I thought I heard the phone ringing in the bedroom area. Ted was in there so I called over “ted is the phone ringing?” I think he had fallen asleep as he hadn’t seemed to hear it and was a little disoriented at first” I heard him answer it and continued on with getting things ready to go to bed. I was in the living room area (it was a suite). At some point I hear him giving our address “*1* Sh*** G**** ln, A*K***, TX *****” and I say ‘what are you doing?” He doesn’t respond, but I hear him repeating our address and then giving my phone number. SO I say louder “ted, what’s going on?!?” He said “what credit card did you pay with?” I told him the last 4 digits not thinking he was going to say much and figuring they shouldn’t need more than that for verification. He says “was it a master card or visa?” I said “I don’t know it was (and I repeat the last 4) he says “yea, but they need to know if it’s a MasterCard or visa” I said “why do they need to know that??” he said “it’s the manager and he said that the computers crashed and they need to re-enter everyone’s info” I said “he? It’s a girl working?” He said “no, this is the general manager” I said “why would he be calling?” he said “I don’t know, maybe he came in because they were having problems” I asked “if we were going to get charged twice?” He said “he said no, since the computers crashed you weren’t charged, so you’ll only get charged once” I said “well they should still have the card info on file” He said “he told me all that info was deleted in the crash” (we had actually been through a situation like that at an LQ years ago where there was a problem and they locked our door out, when we went up front to tell them our key wasn’t working they said they had a problem when they tried to run our card overnight and needed to run our card again physically, so it seemed legit since its happened before). I told him “I don’t have it with me, my wallet is still in the car” I hear him change tone a bit and say “no, I’m really not comfortable giving you my credit card info over the phone, we’ll just come to the lobby” a pause and then he says “no, that’s ok, we’ll just come to the lobby” I asked ted to come with me. We walk out the back entrance and go to our car, I get my wallet and we walk up to the front doors.. At which point I see no ones in the lobby. I say to ted “if their computers crashed, why is no one here but us? No ones in there? That seems odd” He replies “yea, that IS kind of strange” as soon as we walk through the doors, before we get to the counter he says to Jenna “are you having problems with your computer?” She says “no, why?” he says “someone called my room saying your computer crashed…” She cut him off and said “that’s a scam” he said “huh?” she said you didn’t give him info right?” he said “no, why?” she said someone’s been calling several rooms every night and asking for credit card info” then she said “I’ll take down your info” he said “wait…why? What’s going on? You mean to tell me this person is calling rooms every night? Why aren’t you telling you’re customers?” she points to the elevated counter to a 3×4 sheet of paper with very fine print (that I never did get to read) and says “it’s right there” he said “that’s near impossible to see.. Why wouldn’t you put up a big sign or tell people??” she said “I do, I tell everyone at check in” I said “you didn’t tell me?” she said “yes I did, I tell everyone” I said “no you didn’t, or we wouldn’t have given him as much info as we did, nor would we have come down here with our credit card to pay again” Ted said “why not just put a big sign right here on the counter like this one?” She said it’s not La Quintas responsibility to notify you of anything!!” he said “well maybe not, but its good customer service to do so if you know there’s a scam going on” He said “can’t you shut down the calls at the switchboard or something?” she said “no, we have no way of doing that or tracing any of the calls to block them or anything, and besides you should be smart enough to not give out your info” The “smart enough” comment did it for me, and I said to ted “you know, she’s been rude and nasty ever since I told her you couldn’t help move that fridge” and he says “I know, you’re right” so he looks at her and says “this really has been a bad experience from the start, I think with everything that’s been going on, and with this credit card scam I’d like to talk to the manager” She said “If you’re so unhappy you’re free to go to another hotel” He said “no, I don’t want to go to another hotel, I’d like to speak to the manager. She said “no, you’re not talking to the manager and you can get your stuff and get out of my hotel” He said “all I want to do is speak to the manager, can I speak to the manager???” she said “you’re not talking to anyone! And if you don’t vacate the premises immediately I’m calling the police!!” He said “because I want to talk to the manager??” she said “I told you, you’re not talking to him!!!” I said “you’re going to call the police because we asked for a manager??” and she said “yes!! No get out!!!” I said to ted “don’t interact with her anymore, let’s go back to the room and call the LQ line and figure this out…”this was at 8:39pm, I had checked my watch to see what we were going to do. I think when I said that, this is what made her lock out my room as when I got back to go inside the room key wouldn’t work.. I tried turning it, holding it, moving it up and down etc… we were locked out. We had been in and out of that room dozens of times and the keys worked fine. She locked us out. I called down to ted in a bit of a panic at this point “ted she locked us out!! The dogs are in there!! My car keys are in there!! Holy crap, she locked all our stuff in the room!!” I went back out front and said “you locked us out! All our stuff is in there! We need to get our stuff!!” She ignored me and was on her cell phone talking.. I said “who’s she talking to?!?” Ted said “I don’t know, I think she called the police” I said “oh my God, all this because we wanted to talk to a manger?!? Oh my God, my dogs are in the room!! And you locked us out!!” Ted said to me “come on, the police are on their way… we’ll wait for them out front” We went out front and I started to put my wallet back in my car, but decided to keep it in case the police wanted my ID…. I locked my car back up and walked back to the front just as the police pulled up. They walked up and shook Teds hand and asked if he was the one that called them. He said “no, the lady inside did” We recount our story. They say “ok, we’re going to go in and talk to her, but we want you to know that state law states that she can have you removed and she doesn’t even have to have a reason to do so.” I said “even though its only because we asked for a manger or the fact that it goes back to her being mad that my husband is disabled and couldn’t move a fridge when she asked him to” They said “unfortunately yes, she can say you have to leave and never tell us why. I think it’s horrible what’s she’s doing to you, and I don’t like it either… and I’m very sorry… but yes, the law says if she says you have to leave then you have to leave… talk to the manager about what happened.” I said “we can’t, she won’t give us his info and says we’re not allowed to talk to him” he said “let me see what I can find out for you and I’ll be right back” When they come back out they have a key card… they say “she tried to argue with us, but we told her ‘you can’t tell them they have to leave and keep their property locked up.. you have to let them in the room to get their stuff” he then handed us a business card and said “she didn’t want to give me the managers info, but I convinced her.. So this is her card. You can call and talk to her about what happened” we mentioned something about being charged and he said “uh, no… she’s the one making you leave, so she can’t charge you” I said “really? Cause it would suck to pay for 2 hotels after being kicked out in the rain” He said “I’ll be right back” He went back inside. When he came back out he said “she tried to say you agreed to pay and I told her she can’t charge you when she was the one that made you leave, and she tried to argue it but I told her she can’t do that and made her print out these papers saying you’re not being charged..” I was so very thankful!! They kept apologizing just repeating how sorry they were and how horrible this situation was… they walked us to our room and asked if we needed anything else.. I was saying something like “I can’t believe she can kick us out in the rain with nowhere to stay and we’re 4 hours from home…. And it all started because he’s disabled and couldn’t move a fridge… He said ‘I know, it really sucks and I’m truly sorry… if you’d like my partner and I can drive you around to hotels until you find somewhere to stay? This is horrible” I had been on the line with the Rewards line the entire time since they arrived, so I said “no, the rewards line is working on finding something, so I think we should be ok, if not I guess we’ll sleep in the car tonight since it’s too late and rainy to try and drive home” He apologized again and said “if you need anything at all, just give us a call” and they left. They left at 9:01pm. The agent at the rewards line was back and forth between working with me, and me being on hold through the entire process of the police being there. I had called as soon as we walked outside to wait for the police. After they left and while Ted was packing stuff up, she came back on and said “my supervisor advised me to call the front desk and ask for the manager. Would you mind holding while I do that please” I agreed. After an extended time she came back on and said “I just wanted to check back with you so you didn’t think I forgot you. I’m still working on, but she put me on an extended hold and never came back. So I’m going to hang up and call back.” The next time she came back on she said “She told me her manager isn’t available for me to talk to and that if I want to talk to him I can send him an email. My supervisor and I are trying to work on finding you a room… just bear with us a little longer while we figure something out” Ted and I finished packing and got in the car and drove next door and sat in the bank parking lot. She eventually came back on and said the supervisor is working on it and asked if we were still in the room. I told her we weren’t and that we were in the bank parking lot. She asked if her supervisor could call us back in 15 min after she figured out where to put us. I agreed. That was I believe about 10:15…. We had started to give up hope of them finding anything, and Ted fell asleep in the car. Then Melissa the supervisor from the rewards line called back maybe around 10:50 asked “ok, what happened there tonight” I proceeded to recap everything… She was so empathetic and apologized for what we went through, and said we’re going to get you set up here. She even confirmed that she could see on our reservation that in the comment section it says “1st floor medical reasons” so that was a clear indicator that we had made his disabilities known even prior to this incident. I’ve put that in the comment section for years. She moved us to the deer park location. They were very kind and accommodating on both the rewards line as well as the other hotel. She had also told me several times they wouldn’t be charging me for the room… when we settled in I decided to check my credit card balance… concerned about being charged for the room we were kicked out of as well as the credit card scam even though we hadn’t given the credit card info… the balance showed a pending charge in the amount of the room and 1 for dinner. I assumed the room would fall off after it canceled. I went to bed. In the morning I again decided to check just to be sure… I got up about 7:30am. The balance was the same, only reflecting the pending charge for the room and dinner the night before. I went to my function, my husband was too tired to go and so he stayed a little longer.. Shortly after 2:00pm we were about to fill our tank and grab a bite to eat before hitting the road home. I checked again just to make sure everything was ok before putting the charges on. My balance had dropped by close to $100. I immediately call the credit card company. They say a charge for Applebee’s, and 2 charges for LQ in the exact same amount, $94 and change… I said “wait, it’s twice?? Why are you putting it on hold twice??’ she says “because the charged you twice, once on Friday for $94.** and then on Saturday for $94.**” I didn’t know what to do… do I go back to the hotel to ask why I’m being charged? Do I call rewards? Are they authorized to stop payments? I decide to drive back and call them and wait and see what they say. I had gone in briefly, but went back out when they came on the line… it was a different girl working. I speak with Brandy a supervisor at the rewards line.. She put me on hold and when she comes back she says “ok, I made her cancel it and I recorded her stating that it would be canceled, and I made her promise she was deleting all your card info from their system. You should be good. “I asked if I should go in and get written proof since I was right there. I heard her speaking to a gentleman and say “she’s at the property, should she go on and get a paper? No, she said it’s someone else working” then she told me, “yea, since there’s someone else working, go ahead and go in and get written proof… that can be your physical proof to our recording” I go inside. Laura is working. I tell her I’d like to get a copy of the current cancelation. she tells me “there’s nothing we can really give you showing the cancelation” I said “well they gave us a $0 balance paper last night” she said “well I can print you another copy, but it’ll be the same thing you got last night, and besides (she points at the sign on the counter) it takes 14 days for the charges to reverse from your account… if you want them removed you’ll have to give all your credit card info so I can contact them on your behalf” I said “no, what I’m looking for is the cancelation for the charge from today” she said, I don’t have anything for that. She then pulls out the 2 papers from check in and says “I can make you copies of these?” I said “those aren’t the cancelation though?” she said “there’s only the cancelation from last night and these” she slides them and shows me the one with the credit card info and says “see? You authorized us to charge you for the room” I said “that was at check in before I was kicked out” She said “that doesn’t matter, you authorized us to charge you” I said “you weren’t supposed to charge me, even the cops told Jenna she wasn’t to charge me” she said “look, I already heard how you acted last night” I said “really? You mean how we wouldn’t help move a fridge?” she said “no Jenna told me how you acted, she said you were yelling and screaming and irate, and that you kept demanding that she move the refrigerator… and no matter how many times she begged and pleaded with you that she wasn’t strong enough you just wouldn’t stop and you just kept screaming and demanding until she had to have the police remove you” I said “that’s not at all what happened, let me tell you my story” she said “I don’t need to hear your story, I’ve already heard Jenna’s… I said “yea, so you don’t want to hear me and the manager won’t talk to me…” She said “the manager already talked to Jenna and got her side, he doesn’t need yours” I said “Ok, I see how it is, can I get my paperwork please?” she said “there’s no paperwork for me to give you” and about then Jenna walks out from the back.. I had no idea she was there. I said “well you charged me twice, I need 2 cancelations” she argues and states “no way did we charge you twice, your bank is just authorizing it multiple times” I said “they don’t do that and they told me it was 2 definite and separate charges” She said “we didn’t charge you twice, your bank is doing that” I said “no they’re not, and if you charged me again today maybe Jenna is being vindictive and trying to tie up my available funds” She said “she’s not being vindictive and we didn’t charge you” I said “Ok, my bank has proof of 2 charges, if a 3rd charge hits I will be filing charges for credit card fraud on Jenna, so I suggest you make sure it doesn’t go through a 3rd time” When I left I called back to the bank. They said if someone from LQ management would like to have a 3 way call with my bank and I, as long as I’m on the line and authorize it that they can tell them the exact date, time and amount of those 2 charges to prove that it was in fact 2 separate charges placed on 2 separate days from that particular Pasadena location.


Donna Compton July 17, 2015 at 3:48 pm

WOW!! And I though I had it bad. I stayed at the Dallas (I-35 & Walnut Hill) location and all we got was bed bugs BUT between my husband & I we had about 100 bites and they denied that bugs were present in our room.


John OConnor May 26, 2015 at 10:52 pm

We provided emergency laundry service to your facility on Colorado Blvd. in Denver CO, in 2014, and are currently owed $17,421.67, more than 5 months past due.. We have been told numerous times a check is in the mail. The local manager ‘lq0518gm Denver – South’ ( has stopped responding to my emails.

Please advise.


km May 3, 2015 at 1:06 pm

I was recently terminated by a new supervisor for crying on the job. I was accused of making a mistake in the comp.system which led to a 3rd party online representative calling me while at work(on my first day) cussing me out ,saying that I blamed the mistake on them, which I never did . In fact I didn’t make the mistake at all, it was the clerk that worked before my shift. The GM made me stay at work til I fixed the problem & when I asked for help, he ignorantly said he’s busy ,to do It myself.(I was scheduled to work 8hrs,ended up staying 9hrs, not even allowed a lunch break)… So I stayed until I fixed the problem on my own. When i was done ,the new supervisor walked in & said “I’m sending you home because you’re crying, give me your walkie talkie &everything else that belongs to la Quinta.” I told her ” I just want u to know I tried my best.” And she told me to clock out,so I did. Later that day the same supervisor called me and said I was terminated due to my comment about “I tried and couldn’t do it”. (Thats not even what i said.) She said she took it as a resignation & terminated me. I couldn’t believe what happened. The ppl there are so ignorant and rude. I will NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT WORKING OR STAYING AT ANOTHER LA QUINTA INN!!!!!! NOR WILL I RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE!!!!!! THANKS ALOT B*H*


Nana Troche May 17, 2015 at 9:08 pm

My sister works for La Quinta Inn and she loves her job. bUT, working 17 hours straight I think is not fair. Not having a chair to sit is not fair. Her gM sucks. The headquarters should be more aware of this situation.
They should contact Undercover boss and visit La Quinta Inn, consulate Dr.,Orlando, fl


george heinlein May 1, 2015 at 6:33 pm


I would like to share with you my experience at your La Quinta Hotel located in Frederickburg, Texas on 4-26 & 27 2015. I am a 67 year old man who has several medical conditions that require certain medications. While we found your hotel to be very confortable and clean the service team lacked trustworthliness. A container of my medications which consisted of 90 325 mg tablets of Hydrocodone for pain was missing. A report of this incident was reported to the General Manager Rebecca Dingler who indicated she would investigate. Upon checking out of the Hotel later, Mrs. Dingler informed me that the person who cleaned our room on the day the medication became missing said she had called the hotel and said she was quiting her job. I was very thankful she did not take my heart medications. My wife and I are planning a trip to Chicago in August 2015 and we will be staying at La Quinta. We hope not to have a similiar encounter. By the way, we enjoyed the breakfast.

Thanks for taking the time to read this


Donna Compton July 17, 2015 at 12:28 pm

Are you nuts? Chicago has thousands of hotels and you are going to stay at another LaQuinta?????? Also, put your medications in your purse and take them with you NEVER leave medicines, especially Hydrocodone (Vicodin) in a room that cleaning people have access to. Some hotels have in-room safes. Lock them in there if available.


Sawandi Galara April 21, 2015 at 1:57 pm

At first we enjoyed Laquinta , even obtained a rewards card . Then things started getting bad after I switched locations. 2 Laquinta locations in ft Lauderdale , Florida brought hassles to me . 1 had all types of pest . I stayed in 1 room & seen roaches in my room & the hallways ! Room service didn’t come til around 5 o clock so I guess that explains that . Customer service was well issued I can admit , they gave me a free room but that room too had pest . And these bugs were unknown!! I moved from that location & was referred to the Cypress location . I wasn’t in my room an hour before someone comes knocking on the door accusing me of smoking. Must I include the hallway smelled like smoke upon my arrival . I was asked to leave & was given 15 minutes. I had no chance to dispute these accusations. As I was leaving I noticed a condom wrapper & plastic cup under the bed . When I went to report the issue , I was asked to leave the premises or wait on the police & that housekeeping will be told to do a better job . As I was leaving I walked pass a pest control technician ! Mind you this wasn’t the 1st location with the pest issue . No compensation was made.


latosha w April 20, 2015 at 5:50 am

Stayed at the lq inn&suites Indianapolis south 3/15, right after I checked in I went to check the room and found a condom ring on the suite bathroom floor. I was utterly disgusted and totally appalled. On top of that I had two children with me who I had to make sure they didn’t see that lying on the bathroom floor so I quickly cleaned it up and flushed it then called the front desk to relay the problem and they told me that I would be contacted by the manager as seen as she gets the message come that Monday when she returned to the office. I never got a call, email or nothing and it’s been almost a month since this occurred and yet the matter hasn’t been addressed. I am not sure if I would recommend that anyone stay at this facility but I do know that I will not! I mean just nasty and unprofessional to say at the least.


Tammekia Johnson April 10, 2015 at 7:04 pm

I am very appalled at the condition that I found my room in after a long day out. Housekeeping DID NOT come to my room after we asked them to come back. She knocked on the door at 8:30 (we were sleep) and again at 9:00(we were showering and dressing). The assumption was that she would come in while we’re were gone. We left at 10:00 and returned at 6:45 to discover that the trash, towels, beds , everything was untouched. I called the front desk to complain and was told that it was my fault for sending housekeeping away those two times. They don’t come back a third time and if the housekeeper assigned to my room is done, then that’s it. No afternoon crew and no coming back to ensure each room is taken care of. This is terribly nasty!!! I will NEVER settle for a LaQuinta room again in life!


Bly April 8, 2015 at 8:17 am

I wish I could attach pictures I’ve taken. There is mold all over the shower walls, ewww


Heather lyman April 6, 2015 at 7:00 pm

My step daughter was staying there for a week and need another week and she didn’t know the rates had gone up in price week rate…she is 8 months pregnant and homeless…she was turned away due to the fact she didn’t have the rite amount of money from the person that gave it to her…so my point is u will turn someone away that is like that for what 50 bucks…That’s so unbusiness like on your part…so to have a sure thing money wise for a whole week and with the money in her hand u will say no and maybe have that room empty for a week…????? Your hotel is rite off the freeway and prob have most rooms full…I always seem to c lots of cars there…I go by about once aweek being out and about…maybe u could give her a voucher for a stay at your other hotels or if she needs it in the future…u all just missed out on almost 500 bucks…


Roger April 6, 2015 at 8:26 am

La Quinta is no longer on our travel radar because every reservation we make results in a lot of mailers to our home. In this age of identity theft, we must then handle those by a shredding process. There is no way to prevent this from occurring when reserving a room.

My instincts tell me this is wrong and should be fixed.


gary frisinger April 3, 2015 at 10:41 pm

So I had a reservation in your hotel and was treated. Very bad me my partner and room mate drove700. Mil from Toledo Ohio. To come to Winston. Salem. And now have a place to stay asked for a manager to call me and still nothing. I’ll now have my lawyer. Call and handle this cause I still have no place that takes my work discount also to turn some one away and have them removed by the police


Ron Williams April 1, 2015 at 12:47 pm

I really am upset about your hotel in Pittsburgh PA. North. I stayed there for three nights 3/20/2015 thru 3/22/2015 and was the worst experience I ever had at a Lq Quianta. The rooms were nasty not dirty but nasty and in need of much repair. The breakfast was really bad and like no other La Quinta anywhere. This hotel has a lobby bar and it is a hang out for locals and is a very scary place I was afraid to even go try to get a beer. This hotel is a disgrace to the La Quinta chain. I have stayed here several times in the past 12 months and I know for sure they have had at least 4 managers in the last 8 months. Now they did have a couple here in September and October a heavy set guy and his wife that ran the place like it should be run it was a real La Quinta when they were here. Where ever La Quinta moved them they need to be brought back to fix this place. I don’t want to just go on and on but unless you get things fixed you have lost my business and my companies business I really like that motel and pray you will get it fixed soon. If you do decide to bring back the couple to run the place please let me know I will return. By the way I was given a number to call of a guy named Ken with RevMax who is supposed to be overseeing this motel he is a jerk and was rude and did not care about anything I had to say he even told me maybe I needed to stay at the Hampton down the street next time. Is this the way L.Q. treats there loyal guest now?????


Andrea Garcia March 19, 2015 at 4:12 pm

Hello I have been staying at La Quinta’s for more than 15 years and have always sent my clients to La Quinta’s. My job is to book and find hotels for our many clients which are very high profile clients, pro sport players, CEO’s, professional singers etc…. Well I had sent a very important client of ours to the La Quinta on Shea and 101 and I was completely shocked to find out that the GM ( Ken ) was extremely rude to my client and discrimated him right when he walk through the doors, my client over heard Ken commenting about his various tattoos and his style of dressing, this is extremely disturbing to hear from a client. Ken had no clue who this client was and how important he is and very well known, at that point I sent my client to another hotel that would treat him as he should be even without knowing who he is. I will no longer use La Quinta’s for any further accommodations for my clients and from this point on my company will be taking all our business in all our states somewhere else. I would recommend that you explain to your employees, and especially GM’s that know matter who the guest is or what they look like they are still a guest and should be treated with respect and not judged when they walk through the door, this sickens me that he was treated this way. Have a great day

Mrs. Garcia
Assistant CEO


Samantha T July 4, 2015 at 1:38 pm

Just curious,

Before I submit my lenghty complaint on social media anywhere i can, I wanted to know if anyone replies to and addresses these complaints on this contact page. Anyone, guests or employees, who can asist with that answer, I would greatly appreciate.

Thank you.


Donna Compton July 17, 2015 at 3:52 pm

They don’t return calls. They are petrified of a law suit. Post anything you can on social media, and travel sites to warn other “guests” before they choose the wrong hotel.


Maroch March 17, 2015 at 3:30 pm

There was a bag of marijuana and a pipe found outside of our room at la Quinta in del rio Texas. We contacted front desk person. She was told to go remove it from the room but never contacted police dept ! We contacted local police dept after a few hours later . We had hoped that the hotel staff would have called local authorities no matter how small of a quantity was inside bag . When we called local authorities they informed us that the hotel had never contacted to make a report or have them remove the illegal substance from the hotel . Very questionable as to why this hotel would not report this issue .


Traz gill March 16, 2015 at 3:14 pm

i got charged 205.00 on my credit card in Sweetwater and I never stayed there you call them and corp. and it’s just a run around . I remember la Quinta use to be the place to stay now they just charge the tar out of you . Then I found out it was for a one night stay ! REALLY!!!!!! In Sweetwater !!! They are full of c—


Ashley Deshommes March 15, 2015 at 9:48 pm

My friends and I made reservations to stay at 21338 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, Fl. 33765 from March 12-15. We got an email saying our room would be ready at 3:00 p.m. We arrived at the hotel at about 3:05. The person at the front desk Joe (who was also the only worker at the time) said our rooms weren’t ready and we would have to wait an extra 30 minutes because the cleaning staff was running behind. My cousin asked if there could be any accommodations for us since our room wasn’t ready on time and it was interfering with our time and if a manager was around. Joe said the manager wouldn’t be in until the next Monday. After waiting for 30 minutes , my cousin and I asked to see the room before actually paying for it. Joe gave us two keys and we went to look at the room. To begin, one of the keys were not even working for the doors, the couches had stains on them the room smelled like a bunch of dogs were in there (we know that dogs are allowed there but it should not smell like that), and it overall gave me a filthy feeling. After seeing all this, we didn’t really want to stay there but we already had made the arrangements to stay there. We went back to the front desk to pay for the room but before paying, my cousin asked for accommodations while actually staying instead of waiting until after our stay which made more sense. Joe rudely cut her off and said “But are you going to stay or not?” She then asked the same question again and he said “well now you have no room now leave before I call the police” She then asked “you’re calling the cops because I’m asking for accommodations?” Joe said “yes now leave” while saying that he was waiving his hands at us in a dismissing way. First off, my family has had many family reunions and stayed at LaQuintas all the time and have never encountered problems like this. I think this man should be fired. He was extremely rude and unprofessional.


Sally March 12, 2015 at 11:02 pm

LaQuinta 1010 E Whitestone Blvd. Cedar Park Spoke with Albert, Manager

I too had the cops called on me like so many others who have posted here. I challenged Celeste (front desk clerk) about the $25 increase room rate she wanted to charge me upon my arrival versus rate quoted over the phone. When I asked to speak to a manger she told me there wasn’t one available. When I asked if a manager could be called to help solve the issue she declined. Sensing she & I were not clicking & our personalities were against each other, I told Celeste I would just speak to management in the morning agreeing to check in at the higher rate @ which time Celeste replied she no longer had a room for me. Puzzled I asked “Are you refusing me service?” & she replied yes, I don’t feel we can make you happy tonight”. I grabbed their business card from counter, wrote her name on the back & asked her to sign that she was refusing me service for my records. Celeste refused my invitation to validate & take responsibility & be accountable for her OWN action to refuse me service, at which time I decided to provide my own record of my experience by using my cell phone to document it. I begin recording stating her name, that she is refusing me service, the date, time,& the LaQuinta hotel name & address at which time she left. Knowing it would be my word against hers I awaited her return, again began recording asking her to be willing to own & verbally stand by her decision to not service me. Instead of speaking to me she picked up the phone & called the police.
Also note, that Celeste knows I am traveling alone, have no vehicle, it is late at night, she has heard me making an effort to lodge somewhere else but to no avail. The police come, haul me off as a courtesy to another hotel after one officer stood with me in the parking lot, running my drivers license thru the system & another officer went in to speak with Celeste.
Today I spoke with the manager & that experience was even worse. Seeing how I just moved my daughter here & am a LaQuinta fan I decided I’d rather be happy than right, want to desperately moved out of the problem into a solution & I extended a peace offering asking him if we could agree to disagree about what had happened the night before and just move forward by starting fresh as I believed we had the potential of healthy business relationship in the future as I would be returning often to visit in which he replied he didn’t want or need my business. Stunned I asked ” I just want to be sure you just said you don’t want my business” and he replied “that’s right, that’s exactly what I just said”. Not one ever wanting to end anything on a bad note, I tried one last attempt to smooth things over by mirroring back my efforts “to try and make amends, be professional & get into a solution” in which he reply I was being very professional but he already explained how he felt the relationship or any future relationship & I”m done with the call.

So there you have it. Yes there are two sides to every story. No I’m not an angel.

But what has happened to the service industry &/or professional customer service. Note that I never wrote that the Manager ever apologized, or exclaimed at anytime that that is not how he runs his business. Note how I never quoted him to ask me “How can I make this right?” Because he NEVER DID, not even close. However when I asked about Celeste kicking me to out, alone, late at night, in the cold, without a car as I had been dropped off, he replied & I QUOTE, ” HOW YOU GOT HERE IS NOT OUR CONCERN!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!

There are 2 sides to every story and I am not perfect & I clearly stand behind my strong personality that will not put my tail in between my legs and run away when I feel there is a miscommunication. I will ask the questions others may not ask in an effort to clarify any and all communications and am willing to interject management to facilitate and resolve any disputes between myself and any staff member anywhere.

I will give myself an encore note highlighting when all was said and done I (not LaQuinta) was the one who tried to men the fence and move forward with a fresh start only to be shunned. Me, the consumer, asking the LaQuninta manger, how can we move forward, to shockingly hear him reply “Not interested”.

I’m 55 years old & sadly remember the days when it use to be the other way around.

PS. I have read every bad review and notice the reply is always some BS on how they want to. Are it better blah, blah, blah. You can read them too for yourself.

But what I can’t figure out is why isn’t that the attitude the Manger and staff take when you are standing in their lobby in front them in person. Or where is this professionalism when having a phone dialogue.

Oh I almost forgot that the LAST time someone wrote about having the police called on them after challenging the staff with an issue Mangement reply was neither apologetic or professional as he defended his staff actions stating “his we don’t tolerate being mistreated by anyone”.

Interesting that we as consumers don’t have a Consumer Advocate we can call in to witness the mistreatings so many of us continue to endure daily..


Imad Koumeiha March 5, 2015 at 12:15 pm

Hi there, s I’m very disappointed from LA Quinta Inn location at 4465 North I-35, Denton, TX 76207. I stayed in room 126 last night..found 2 crickets on TV table and one in bathroom.. That’s not acceptable for place like LA Quinta woth good reviews..


Revolution Softball Team March 1, 2015 at 9:34 am

Dear Corp LA Quinta recently stayed in one of your hotels in Lafayette Indiana near their Meijer store. Our team booked 12 rooms, I myself have stayed at many LA Quinta and have NEVER had as many issues as I have on my stay Feb 27-28th 2015. 1st checked in 12:30 in their morning to find the room floor was wet which I had laid our bag on…hotel had no other doubles and offered to move to near hotel…if it wasn’t after midnight I would have. But I accommodated my family into a king room only to find blood on their bathroom door. Know as long as it can be cleaned with some cleaner no big deal. Story continues to next day when we arrived back from a game to have cake for a girls bday. We were told that we could not be in their common area…per their policy which is understood but are where are we suppose to all go? to one room, it was near bfast area?? As i was not there for the initial issue, i came into total confusion in which the front desk had called the police! Yes the police…later to find out it was over everyone meeting in the breakfast area to have cake for a 13 yr Olds party. I could not believe what I was experiencing. Now I know there are issues with team and all that sometime but no one was loud and it was for bday party. As I wish I was done with this story I am not. Once that was all settled as the police had talked the front desk to let us be as we were not causing issues. I came back to my room to use the restroom…I flushed the toilet to have it overflow. Now as a calm person I had just bout enough. I cleaned the water and told front desk quickly. The manager showed up and asked questions. On what happened…basically blaming me for the toilet to overflow! Now if I would have caused this to overflow due to me doing number 2..I should would have cleaned my own mess, but in this case I only pee’d! The manager then had his head maintenence guy show up and he said the toilet wasn’t flushing right as he used a “snake” to fix issue. So I know this is alot but at this point I had hit my limit. Know they compensated first night but am waiting to check out to see about second night. I have worked in hotel business to know that the customer comes first and to keep people happy and return you want to do whatever it takes. Remember that I said we booked 12 rooms, now I had couple parents had few issues to but want to stress that with my experience I will not return to LaQuinta hotels and my team of parents and myself have posted our experience in Lafayette on facebook and other sites. If possible please review this hotel as I have never had this kind of experience before in your hotels and now has left a sour taste!!! Thank you Revolution Fastpitch softball team

Team Manager

Lisa Robertson

Checked out and was charged for both nights and manager could not be contacted to get straighten out! I have never in my life…totally will not utilize LA Quinta!!!!


Melissa February 21, 2015 at 9:27 pm

Dear La Quinta,
I have used your facility many times before and have had a decent experiences. After my experience with bed bugs and rude management this evening at the Uptown Dallas location 4440 N Central Expressway, I will never return. I found bed bugs in the bed after being in the room for only two hours. I pulled the sheets and took photos. I even captured one in one of your coffee cups and brought it to the front desk. The two young ladies at the front desk were very professional and called your general manager because they could not refund me since thee reservation was booked on I explained to Chris Lowery over the phone that I could not get a refund since it was past the 48 hour cancelation policy. It having bed bugs discussed in his lobby would prevent guests from wanting to stay at the facility. He then said “you are acting ridiculous” and “I will call the cops”. I told him that I was not doing anything wrong and suggested to put the bed bugs in a little baggy to give it to an exterminator. I hands the phone back to Lacey and Mariah who were behind the desk. I told him that their manager was making matters much worse. They brought me a plastic baggy. We put the bugs in it together and I left. My husband is driving me home, back to Houston as I am writing this. I do not want anything from you. I am simply making you aware of my horrific experience in hopes that nobody will have to experience this with your hotel. I also realize that you may have many customers with pleasant experiences and unfortunately those are the ones you will not hear about. I was that customer before this evening.
Kindest regards,
Melissa Shaw


Donna Compton July 17, 2015 at 3:56 pm

We stayed at the I-35 & Walnut Hill LaQuinta and between us we had nearly 100 bed bug bites on us. They do not return phone calls and will tell you that the room has been inspected and found to be free of any insects. They are poorly run and you should share this with any and all types of social media and travel sites.


H February 17, 2015 at 12:24 pm

GM at ur hotel in Milford MA doesn’t do his job sits on his ass in his office all day everyday when he decides to come in..he never ever n I mean ever walks the halls of the hotel he never checks any rooms never helps threw out the hotel..he sits on his ass checks his emails and goes home…he talks shit about his boss Keith on how he never wants to put money into his hotel and this and that.the hotel is a mess rooms got bed bugs badly n he sits there n does nothing but check emails take a call then leave.. This hotel would be perfect if you had a new GM that cared!!!


H February 17, 2015 at 12:26 pm

And then fired me for getting a coffee as he has workers sleeping there for free ,audit lady sleeping at the desk people stealing n I get let go for getting a coffee..


la April 1, 2015 at 12:26 am

This is every la quinta especially all the ones in Orlando Florida. Extremely horrible and infested with rats. manager could care less since she never comes in but forces her employees to work more then 10 days in a row to get 1or 2 days off. What a ridiculous place to work. Glad I left that shit hole.


sharkethia porter February 14, 2015 at 2:19 pm

I had a terrible experience and would like to speak to someone over the phone….. not via email….. please email a contact number so that I may speak with someone in your office immediately.


Donna Compton July 17, 2015 at 3:57 pm

HA HA HA Good luck on that one Sharkethia. They don’t call back.


Brittani January 23, 2015 at 9:08 pm

I had a reservation for my birthday weekend on 1/16/15-1/19/1990 and my fiance was coming into town from his army base out of state. I came in to check in and get everything ready before I had to go get him from the airport. I can’t even begin to explain the rude, eye rolling, why are you talking to me kind of attitude i received from the front desk. Not to mention I was completely ignored by the front desk supervisor as well! I am from Alpharetta and that kind of customer service can shut a business down in my area quick! I now understand why the hotel rooms are so cheap and how the parking lot is almost empty when I come by. I called customer service the moment I left and cancelled that ASAP! Went to the Marriott in Buckhead and everyday was thankful I changed my mind. Cheap hotel isn’t worth sacrificing the customer service experience.

The manager Rob Learn wrote me some crazy email on tuesday saying

I’ve attempted to reach you twice by telephone, but I have had no luck. I’d like to speak with you regarding your call to the LaQuinta Customer Service Department. I’d like to better understand the situation and seek a resolution. Please call me at your convenience.”

Again how unacceptable to make it seem like it’s my fault that he can’t get a hold of me. Which I think is total b.s because why not leave me a voicemail or a call back number? I don’t believe he has called. I quickly responded back to the email and call a generic la quinta phone number and was sent to his voicemail where I left a message so he has no excuse about hearing from me. But alas its friday and not a word from Rob Learn.

Unprofessional establishment, unprofessional people and I will never come back.


Sean Achong January 21, 2015 at 1:07 pm

Mr.Wayne B. Golberg and to whom ever wants to ensure that La Quinta practices good business ethics and has high values in this line of business;

First allow me to introduce myself My name is Sean Achong I my Senior Service Engineer for my company and we do alot of business with companies both in the oil and gas industry in Houston Texas

I recently stayed at La Quinta Inn & suite stafford sugar Land Texas, my booking was form the 12/01/2015 to 16/01/2015, on one evening on returning to my room, I found the room open, (the door was wide open) for how long it was like that I do not know. I reported it to the front desk and the young lady who was there accompanied me to the room, I expressed to her how disappointed I was, she apologised for what had happened, and told me that she will report immediately, She also told be that she will see what the hotel will about it as she will need to contact the manager.

Later that evening I went down to the front desk and was speaking to her, during that conversation she said that to me that they were willing to reverse all charges for me that is, I will not be charge for my stay. I must say I was very pleased as to the gesture your business was taking. The morning I checked out, the lady (not the same person) at the font desk also confirm that I was not going to be charge, for my stay.

On returning home from my business trip I found that my credit card was charge fully for the hotel, I contacted the hotel and was told that I had to contact Orbitz as I made my reservation through them I did after spending more that an hour, the Orbitz person had to verify my request by contacting the hotel, when he finally got back to be I was told that the hotel was only going to honour one night, I was very disappointed, I once again called the hotel and spoke to the manage, who said that there was an mix up in communication between himself and the staff personnel.

Before I left I had asked two of you stall members who was at the front desk, on two different occasion and the response was the same, I think as a establish Organisation as your should have honoured your word not wait until I left Texas and then give me that excuse, I am very disappointed with how this was handle, I will be lodging a formal complaint to with my company so that employees for my company will be aware of the business practices of your organisation

Disappointed Customer.



Donna Compton July 17, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Bite the bullet Sean and spread the word. Word of mouth advertising as well as posting on social media and travel sites will hopefully deter anyone from reserving a bug infested poorly run hotel like LaQuinta. There are reasons they advertise “lowest rates.”


John Flores January 18, 2015 at 10:53 pm

Understandable it’s a busy weekend. Keep in mind when u book online and select ocean view with balcony you expect a full ocean view and not looking directly to the pool. In observing the hotel 3 and 4 floor my perception these are ocean view floors 1 and 2 are not ocean view rooms. Jessica committed promised to have a room ready on the 4th floor the following day knowing we had a full schedule the following day with all this said they assured and promised they would hold it so that we could move our stuff to the 4th floor. Never got a follow up the general manager jose. Walking up to front desk was given bad news it did not happen. Will be contacting CEO. Come to find out this hotel has been having lots of problems this was disclosed from other staff. Assistant general manager was very rude attacking with tone of voice upset because of the complain was frustrated with my feedback all she did was argue instead of making things better I hope this gets resolved soon


John Sheahan January 15, 2015 at 4:46 pm

I have been a La Quinta gold customer for over five years. About an hour ago, I called to check on my points and during the conversation I mentioned that I wanted info regarding your corporate rates (since I also own a outdoor billboard company in Chicago). I tried to call the number furnished by your rep. only to get a recording, followed by an abrupt hang up, Then I got on your web site and tried your main corporate number((214) 492 6600, again I got a recording and another hang up.In closing, for the last hour I’ve been bounced around your system. If I wanted the headache you gave me, I would have called a government agency. PLEEEEEEASE address this issue or quit have your reps mention corporate Gold accounts,only to waste my precious time.Is there really a corporate office or are you guys really a front for the CIA ? I think the CIA would be easier to talk to, and I might actually talk to a human being. John Sheahan, President/CEO Monarch Outdoor Inc, Chicago, Illinois 60655


Stephanie January 14, 2015 at 3:24 pm

I contacted the Daytona Beach Oceanfront location on 12/20/2014 to make a reservation with my daughter’s team. At that time I asked the reservations representative what the cancellation date is to avoid penalties. I was told 24 hours prior to arrival I can cancel without penalties. I contacted the hotel directly on 1/14/2015 to cancel my reservation for 1/16/2015 and was told I was not able to cancel due to a booking group. Your hotel manager, Chuck Singleton, was not willing to accommodate any of my requests. I explained to him that I am only now able to dispute charges and give negative feedback. His reply “to go ahead” shows not just his lack of customer service and support but his lack of company value!


Rod Guerra January 13, 2015 at 11:50 pm

We stayed at the La Quinta in Orange Park (Jacksonville) FL 1-8-2015 thru 1-11-2015. We got back to the room around 12:15 am Sunday 1-11-2015 and could not get in the room we got locked out since the keys did not work. We went to the lobby which was locked for security our keys did not work. There was an intercom we called several times we were standing and waiting in the cold wind for almost 10 minutes until a clerk finally came from the office behind the desk and opened and opened the door for us and gave us new keys so we could get inside the room. She seemed very disinterested in our situation like she could not care less. We finally got in our room after 12:30 am that Sunday (1-11-2015).We were vey upset and disappointed on the LA Quinta hotel. We do not want to stay at that hotel again.


Donald R. Ballard December 31, 2014 at 7:20 pm

On or about 24/25 Dec 14, I made reservations at the La Quinta Hotel (on 21st Ave. Myrtle Beach,SC VIA computer (obviously through ORBITZ ). Since no confirmation E-Mail message was received, I phoned the Hotel (843-916-8801 on 26 Dec at 10:22 for four minutes to reconfirm my reservations. The individual informed me that the reservations through (ORBITZ) would be cancelled and he sent me an E-Mail confirming my reservations at 10:30 on 26 Dec. indicating the price without tax $58.31 and $65.31 tax included. At approximately 7:AM on 30 Dec when I checked out the Male (Clerk) would not provide me with a receipt, would or could not advise me of the charges. I produced the copy of the E-Mail confirming reservations which clearly stated the price, however, he stated that if I wanted to know how much I was charged to contact ORBITZ. Once I arrived home I checked my VISA account and was charged $87.45. To say the least, I am totally disappointed with your staff, your customer attention and will discourage any and all NOT to remain customers of La Quinta Hotels. I for one, will not ever stay at one of your hotels. Don Ballard Sumter SC


George reynolds December 31, 2014 at 9:58 am

well they keep on showing there great rude for the guest . Phone rings front while I am talking to the lady .told me just a min in .phone calls more important . After booking a room one year ahead time and not getting it . This shouldn’t matter wonder if I come back .just be happy


George reynolds December 30, 2014 at 6:31 pm

mr Goldberg , have stay at the south padre tx hotel for the last three years at Xmas , on 12/30/13 I booked a sweet on the fourth floor center looking out at gulf . Even called two times during the year was told room was mine . Then got here not true yes I got a sweet on third floor . Still not what I booked .wondering if I should stay some were else . You may never reply if not o well thanks


Martin December 3, 2014 at 6:19 am

Angelo , its martin x superviser la quintanilla 2000 south round rock call me at 512-694-**** thanks


Sean Hall November 22, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Mr. Goldberg
I had a very disappointing stay at your Birmingham Hoover/Riverchase location. I spoke with the person at the front desk informing them that I reserved a non-smoking room and they placed my daughter and I in what was obviously a smoking room that had an ash tray in it. My daughter and I had planned a wonderful Father/Daughter weekend and we had every expectation that our stay at La Quinta would meet our every need, but unfortunately it did not. The person at the front desk said she would inform the General Manger of our concern and that she would call me the next business day. Well that did not occur. I then called the following day and left a message and she still did not call me back.
I was thoroughly disappointed with our experience and I simply wanted some level of appropriate apology and a small discount to our bill but no one at your location cared enough to even follow up on our concern. Again a very disappointing experience.
I don’t know if this will matter to you as the President and CEO of LQ Management, but at least I have been responsible to express my concerns.
Sean Hall


wendy stoner November 12, 2014 at 2:53 am

My boyfriend and I stayed @ 1 of yr hotels in Omaha Nebraska.. Nov 6-7 2014. As we were leaving on check out. I thought it was just a pimple. A few days later (like a day or 2 later) noticed that it was not a pimple in fact it is a spider bite. On Nov 11 2014 I did call the hotel to let them know what had happened and the young lady would not finish listening to what I was trying to explain to her. Her name is Janelle.. All I was trying to do was inform the hotel that there maybe a pest problem and have someone look into it.. She kept telling me in a rude manner that I was to late for anything to been done bout my bite. It takes a few days for a spider bite to form and the reason I know this I have been biten more than once in a 10 year spand. The bite is on my back. She also said she would give her manger Chrissy my info. I am not very pleased with young lady. Further more I would like to say the hotel is nice just may need more sanitary cleaning.

Thank you for your time. Please fell free to email or call me.. My cell is 308-850-**** & my email is ***** I also have a couple pics of the bite..


Allen T December 30, 2014 at 12:22 pm

Laquinta City Place needs a crash course in Customer Service. Daniel, the Manager is highly incompetent and he needs to be monitored . We had a serious issue with an employee, who was fairly new. All Daniel kept saying was he was a valued employee who has a bright future. The situation was seriously disturbing and a quick offer was made followed by an additional offer of a free night. When we called to use the free night, Daniel retracted his offer stating he doesnt remember the offer. I could understand if it had been a lapse in time but it was 4 days later. He is either a liar or has some memory issues. Either way, he does not have any business being an Innkeeper.


Mary Lowe November 11, 2014 at 12:12 am

I stayed at the La Quinta inn in Canton, Mississippi on August 15 2014 and paid with a credit card. We checked out the next day left key cards and checked out through desk. Several weeks later my card billing statment showed I was billed for August 18 2014 for 86.11. I called the hotel and was told a manager would call me back which did not happen I have called several times and a mr Patel has not responded, I have also sent 2 emails8/23 and 9/17. I am currently going through chemo and dealing with things like this is definitely not a good thing. I will now be making a police report for fraud to the Canton, MS police as the 2nd billing was done with out my permission or my card and your company is the one that benefited. If you are interested in contacting me my nub I can be reached at is 228 627-6885. as for Mr Patel at the Canton, Ms franchise you may want to reconsider how you chose your owner operators. sincerely. Mary Lowe, Gautier MS


Teddy Sponsler November 6, 2014 at 6:48 pm

Like to start by saying that your employee Jodi Arko is a Manager at one of you local Austin locations.
The facts I’ll be stating are true, I was married to here and know of these facts.
One, She has a concoctions of multiple hot checks writings,.
Two: every guy she has been with has now has bad credit due to her and Iwill state this on every website tthrew out your area.
Her phone number, if you wish to reach her is 512-630-***, she got married again, her 6 the time, makes you wonder, really.
You can contact me back at :817-655-**** Teddy Sponslet


Ms. Tj Baker Holm November 6, 2014 at 6:44 pm

November 6, 2014

NOTE: In a slight rush – will have some grammar mechanically errors.

RE: Unfortunately a Serious Complaint(s)

Patron – Ms. Tj Baker – Holm [President; FBEA/TSTA/NEA]
2009 Candidate US Congress – District 18

Top of the hour [Wayne B. Golberg, Temple H. Weiss, and Angelo J. Lombardi] CEO’s of LaQuinta Inn & Suites! I am one of yours happy, bless, and dedicated hotel patron! Up to now, I’ve always been pleased with your [Home Away Home] establishment, and not only just me, but my growing members within my local union of `FBEA- Fort Bend Education Associates; under the umbrella `TSTA – Texas State Teachers Association and `NEA – National Education Associates; we have been your appreciated guests at several locations.

Staying at LaQuinta Inn & Suites is comfortable enough to say, “I could stay/sleep here for a month, or more if I had too!”

Well those words actually came true last Tuesday on October 28, 2104. I had to move to another unit, because, water damage in my kitchen from another unit above me. Luckily another unit was available, but my son could not take the `New paint smell and whatever the maintenance guy clean the floor tile with… it smells like a mop bucket with dirty old water; which made my son get sick and made his severe asthma flared up!

So what does any loving mother do in that situation; upon getting cleaner air for her child? Well to me, I didn’t have to contemplate of what I as his mother needed to do and do it quick! Make a reservation at one of your LaQuinta Inn & Suites hotel

I chose the Stafford/Sugarland area, because it’s closer to my son’s high school in FBISD – Fort Bend Independent School District.

[October 30, 2014] The third day, being there, and this is still mentally and spiritually painful to even recall about is “Huh? What?” intense, awkward, and puzzled… message that was scribbled on my hotel bathroom top mirror. When, I took my morning shower on the third day, the words “Fuck Yall” I was livid! It made me so infuriated, as if someone had written the `N word; I guess my shock made such a loud response, that my son, knocked on the bathroom door; and see what happened.

To make a long story short… $25.00/ Twenty-Five dollars off my bill, said the GM, which I thought was totally absurd! Now that’s twice, I’ve been insulted and noon time hadn’t even come around yet!

I’ve mentioned that the `Corporate would give a better `Customer Service Compensation and, I hope, I don’t have to go on that path, because I really believe in proper protocol. Well your GM’ RESENTFULLY, took off at least one day.

After that UN-pleasant incident, two days later, another weird UN-expected surprised; I don’t know why or how they came into my hotel room. But lots of… ANTS! Crawling on my toes and legs; again I hollered out loud! Which; caused my FBEA assistance to ask, “What? What’s going on?”

My reply, “Lots of ants, underneath this desk!” NOTE: My son [Keith D. Baker II] soon to be an `Eagle Scout! Halleluiah! Continuing can’t eat in his bedroom at home; let alone, really eat in our hotel room, because I have some minor OCD issues. 

Therefore any take-out containers, wrappers, or beverage cups, or bottles; immediately all thrown away – outside the hotel room!

As a matter of fact; your housekeepers here at the `LaQunita Inn & Suites of Stafford/Sugarland area… adores me, because, I make sure every day this hotel room is tidy – even both bed covers are pulled up, and not only that, I make sure that any used bathroom towels and floor mats are bundle up inside of another body towel, and last but not least, 90% of the time, either my son, or just myself empty out the hotel room garbage can, the night before or early in of the morning.

So where did these ants come from?

Still puzzled and got even more puzzled, when I called to the front desk, I let them know, about the ants in my room. Now here’s the interesting part, I called the front desk and shared about the ants, within three minutes, one of the maintenance crew came up with `Ant Killer Spray, and sprayed around the room, now I’m really skeptical about, should I stay here any longer?

Continuing, the ant killer spray seemed… odorless at first, but within fifteen minutes, I got dizzy and sick to my stomach, and then came the diarrhea! I was very tardy picking up my son from school and I still to lay down again, when I got back to the hotel room.

Going back on protocol, I felt since the GM didn’t have any sympathy/showed lack of concerns about my upset and disbelief feelings about the profanity message scribbled on my bathroom mirror, then surely he was not going to have sympathy about me having diarrhea that was caused by his `Ant Killer spray – purchased product for this hotel. And, that’s how come, I’m writing/sharing with you three gentlemen, because I feel, and I know for certain, that your GM, could’ve given a better apologetic com, than just one free night.

Last, but not least; My Son…Noticed `GRAFFITTI inside the elevator doors. Okay, how much is `Scratch-be-Gone… cost? What only a few dollars at Sam’s or Wal-Mart store stores. 3:22 PM and I’m just noticing inside of my hotel room… the carpet hasn’t been vacuum within these past four days! No wonder underneath my feet has been feeling gritty; my hotel carpet room has not been vacuumed in days!

Please allow me to share this one true fact about me… I Don’t Like to Complain! I’m Very Optimistic!

I would’ve kept ALL my pickled/disbelief feelings to myself, closed my account, and switched over to another DIFFERNET hotel establishment, but I would’ve had to share W/ my FBEA members, why our upcoming – 2015 annual [Teacher’s & Para’s Motivation] retreat – won’t be at any LaQunita Inn & Suites hotel… where we always `Hit the Sack after a long day; As one big happy family.

Bottom Line… I’m the president and if I’m not pleased, then I can’t expect them to be pleased, and knowing my members… they won’t, because they know, I’m always trying to be give them the best!

My son and I will be checking out this Saturday [11-8-2014] morning. I hope; I receive… ASAP Compensation – at least – four nights offs my bill, for the belittling pain, and suffering that I had to endure. My son was scared that night, when I had diarrhea, he was going to call the ambulance, because I don’t get sick like that, and that made my son very worried.

Oops, one more thing. A couple of nights ago, I was catching up on the news from the `Lobby computer, and I’ve kept hearing… the front clerk – during the 2nd shift… giving out different prices! Curious, I wanted to know why, and received an answer, but I’m still not convinced!

NOTE: I know the `On-line Prices [Different Beds & Accommodations] are priced differently and much way – way higher for the last minute… `Walk-in Patrons. However, some of those prices were changed… higher and some lower – toward different set of hotel patrons. I’m not going to express and share more on this subject matter.

Nevertheless, not only investigate, but have a `Customer Service – Policy [Racial & Status Profile] Meeting with your employees at not just this location, but all of your locations in very state.

P.s… I hope no employees here at this `LaQuinta Inn & Suites – Stafford/Sugarland location – be put on probation, or worst get fired. The holidays are coming up and folks need their jobs! Especially… housekeepers, and as a matter of fact, to pay for my college tuition, I was a proud housekeeper. I say proud, because it’s an honest and respectful living!

Room # 214

Until then,



Donna Compton July 17, 2015 at 4:06 pm

Tj, take my advice here because it is the most satisfaction you will get about your complaint: Open a can of tomato soup, pour the contents down the drain of your sink. Wash the can out (or not, your choice) and then explain vocally into the empty can about your situation. Satisfied? It will produce the same result.


Guy Case November 4, 2014 at 6:20 pm

I fell and was injured on 10/26/14 at your facility located at

1708 I-40 East,
Amarillo, TX 79103-2114
Phone: 1-806-373-7486.

I’ve made several attempts to reach you by email and I was assured by the Manager that LQ’s Risk Management Office would be in touch with me. Today is 11/4/14 and I have not been contacted by the RM office.


Richard valentin October 28, 2014 at 2:57 pm

3 day experience at la quinta in new Britain ct.. first i reserve my room they give me a 3rd floor. room filthy. dirty. hairs all around the bed sheet in a non smoking room with cigarette holes all in the sheets carpets very dirty smelly and stained with god know what fluids.. asked to change my room due to it was very filthy room service manger came in and seen the pubic hairs on the bed and the dirty ass room said it was her fault seen i was taking pictures and immediately ripped off the sheets and got upset and started to clean the room and said she was sorry she by passed and didn’t seen that ? they switched me to another room again worst then the first one no fridge no nothing looked like a last min bum room called again got front desk female who answered had an attitude i came down with my bags spoke to the manager shuan who said he apologized several times i asked for a first floor room 121 they gave me plus his so called 10% off my stay which i payed $251.85 for 3 nights cash. he gave me $11.50 back thats not 10% off of what i payed so i went to my first floor room try to make the best of it room was decent but smelled and you had guys in the back way just sitting there who didnt stay there but had access to the hotel they were there day and night no security cameras at all scary huh,, on my last night i left early to the mall 12pm came back at 8:10 pm more or less to find my room open latch out holding the door open all my stuff thrown around house keeping was the last to be there according to front desk caz the electronic keys tell who was there or opened it the last and it was house keeping hmmm money was missing so was medication then to find out i had close to 28 bed bug bites all over my body and they said they will refund me the money since i payed cash they will give it back which they never did they stated they now there sorry and sent out a check if i payed cash and i have to wait 4 weeks to receive it ? when i payed cash but i called to go pick up the money cash like he first said but now hes too busy and cant be reached at all every time i call but i call and left him a message to return my call so i can pick up the money as he said the first time but again no call back no answer i would not recommend this hotel to my worst enemy its dirty service sucks and they quick to take your money but its a mission to get it back service sucks the manager even admitted the hotel is 43 yrs old and that house keeping can do a whole lot better cleaning but i guess the staff runs him around suck gives this hotel corp a real bad name never again would i go thru this or stay in any of these la quinta hotel i regret it.. but they say you get what you pay for stay away from these hotels dont go thru what i did especially if you have kids .. dirty nasty


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