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LQ Management LLC
909 Hidden Ridge Suite 600
Irving, TX 75038

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Phone Number: (214) 492-6600
Fax Number: (214) 492-6616
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CEO: Wayne B. Goldberg
CFO: Temple H. Weiss
COO: Angelo J. Lombardi

La Quinta History

La Quinta Inns and Suites (or LQ) opened it’s first hotel in 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.  The company was founded by brothers Sam and Phil Barshop.

La Quinta grew, mostly in Texas, during the 1970s.  Phil Barshop left the company in 1977.

By 1986, the company had 170 hotels mostly in Texas and Florida.

In 1991, the company was taken over by the Bass and Taylor families of Ft. Worth, TX.

In 1999, the La Quinta corporate office moved from San Antonio to Irving, a Dallas suburb.

Today, the company operates over 700 hotels in the US, Mexico and Canada.


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stephanie August 26, 2015 at 8:08 pm

I logged onto LaQuinta to obtain my points balance, I am a Silver member. My points were gone. I called and spoke with a representative I believe her name was Beyoncé. She told me my account was cancelled due to inactivity and my points were taken. I asked why I wasn’t notified and if my account was cancelled how could I still have online access. She did not offer an explanation. I then asked why I wasn’t notified I was in jeopardy of losing my points via email. She responded that an email is generated 90 days prior to cancellation. I stated I didn’t get an email. They maintained my address and continue to send emails about specials. Again, I asked how could my account be cancelled but my email remain active, again could not offer an explanation. I asked that my account be reinstated and my points returned. She said she could reinstate my account and after two stays my points would be returned. I asked for a supervisor and got no where with her, she repeated what Beyoncé told me. I told her I thought it was unfair and was going to contact headquarters, she said I am welcome to call headquarters, cancellation for non activity is LaQuinta policy. I still don’t get how my account was cancelled but I am able to log-in and get promotional emails. I was going to use the points I had for a last minute Labor Day Weekend with my daughter. Boo LaQuinta!!!!


Sandie August 26, 2015 at 2:05 pm

I recently stayed at the LaQuinta in Wayne, New Jersey. This is the second time I’ve stayed at this hotel and we were there for two nights. My cousin made the arrangements as he sends all his family/friends to this LaQuinta. I didn’t want to embarrass him so I did not mention it to him while we were there, but the room my husband and I were in was not clean. There was a piece of plastic on the floor when we arrived. I left it there to see if it would have been picked up by the housekeeper. It was not. The bathroom was filthy. There is a mat in the tub that I lifted to see under it – It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned ever! the light switch in the bathroom had dirt on it. The night stand had a mark on it from something that was left on it not by us, that if had been cleaned would not have been there. The housekeeper there obviously does not do her job. My son who had been there a few months early (again at the arrangement of my cousin who lives in the area) when I mentioned it to him, he said when he was there the bathroom wasn’t clean either. I know I should have brought it to the attention of the manager on duty, and I did not. However, the next time we visit New Jersey and my cousin wants to make the arrangements for us I will have to tell him to please look elsewhere.


Mr Sid Powell August 23, 2015 at 11:59 pm

Mr. Deron Houchins (GM),

We have enjoyed staying at La Quinta at many of the locations (Texas and Tennessee) and decided to become members. However, I do not share a good (worst) experience with you regarding our stay at the San Angelo location during 20 & 21 Aug 2015. The front desk personnel were observed upon our arrival lounging in the lobby (Amanda & Auditor Person) area with feet propped on the table and their uniforms were worn without regard as to representing the company with a positive image and professional manner. Additionally, the swimming pool was dirty with leaves and debris (we couldn’t go in), a pressure washer person dirtied up my truck (just washed) from the second floor and our room was not made or entered. I pointed to the pressure washer guy that I was upset and all he could do is point to the front office as if…go and complain. Towels were not exchanged and the coffee maker in the Continental Breakfast area needs adjustment to add more coffee (dual dispenser). We stayed in room 149 on the backside where an un-managed field housed an abundance of crickets that crawled into our room around gaps in the door’s weather-stripping whereby they proceeded to jump and crawl everywhere (one in my shoe the next morning) in the room.

On a good note, Jose was exceptional as he provided us towels when I went to the front office and also responded promptly to spray around the door for the cricket invasion. Amanda at the front desk stated the housekeepers were behind yet they never came during our entire 2-Day stay.

We became members because we like La Quinta and shall be visiting quite frequently as our daughter is attending Angelo State University for the next four years. Yet, you are right, there are a lot of alternative hotels to choose from and we just might. But, as a member for which I’m strongly considering canceling, we should be treated with better courtesy. I have recently read comments from others who have stayed at this location and many share the same sentiment as I/we have unveiled unto you. This place needs managerial oversight and I have read its a work in progress but its far from progression. A big disappointment and worst visit at any La Quinta we have ever stayed with our family. Good luck on improving this place because if a behavior happen’s once, okay that’s overlooked, yet 2-3 times of similar or even various occurrences denote trends and this becomes your customer service norm.

Mr. Sid Powell


CD August 21, 2015 at 2:15 am

On 7/18/2015 at approximately 3;00pm
I walked into La Quinta Inn & Suites at 1465 East Main St. Fredericksburg, TX 78624 and l and asked the lady at the front desk if they had any rooms available and she just said “no we’re sold out”. Funny she didn’t even look. Minutes earlier I went into other hotels seeking a room and this is the only one that gave me the feeling that I was discriminated against based on the color of my skin. As soon as I got in the car (within 30 seconds) I had my Caucasian girlfriend call and ask if there were rooms available. The same girl at the front desk answered and said “let me check…yes we have one room available for $199.00.” I can’t believe that happened to me. My girlfriend and I were so shocked that we didn’t even confront the girl about turning me away when there was clearly a room still available. There is no way a cancellation would’ve happened that fast within seconds.


Bob August 18, 2015 at 4:28 pm

Tried to get my Quinta card reinstated. No luck, guess I spend six days at Hampton or Marriott, since their people respond and they like the business


Barry brunskill August 17, 2015 at 10:12 pm

You need to close down he hotel in Midland on highway 20 business.

I hope you read the reviews that people write about their stays at your hotels, this was without question the filthiest hotel I’ve ever stayed in ever. I was appalled at the state of the bathroom, and the stains on the carpet looked like government tests that went wrong.

I’ll make it my mission to keep every one I know and all the business connections I have that do frequent business in Midland, that they never stay at this hotel ever, I’ll sleep under a rock before I use this trashy hole ever again.

You will be better served in you’re Irving Texas high and mighty office by pulling this derelict piece of history down.


Sandra wampler August 17, 2015 at 2:18 pm

La Quinta in Rock Springs WY is awful. Why would Fox News channel have no sound and all other channels have sound? Staffers seemed to know this and said I was the only one asking about it. What’s up Goldberg? Don’t ya like Fox News? You should you concentrate on improving that nasty hotel and let the people watch Fox in their rooms.


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