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Knotts Berry Farm
8039 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, California 90620

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Phone Number: (714) 220-5200
Fax Number: (714) 220-5148
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Knott's Berry Farm Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Knott's Berry Farm Executives

CEO: Jon Storbeck
CFO: Patrick Adams
COO: Jennifer Allen

Knott's Berry Farm History

Knott’s Berry Farm was an actual working farm, owned by Walter and Cordelia Knott. During the Depression, they began selling berries, pies, and fried chicken along State Route 39 in California. The Knotts began serving food in a tea room on the property and soon added shops and entertainment for visitors. Walter Knott began construction of a “ghost town” on his farm in the late 1940’s. By the early 1960’s, Knott’s Berry Farm was founded and admission was no longer free.

Today, Knott’s Berry Farm is owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment. This wild west themed park is the 12th most visited park in America and has more than 10,000 full time employees. A water park was added in 1999 and Cedar Fair continues to expand the park by adding more rides.

The park currently has 10 roller coasters, 2 water rides, and a total of 40 rides and attractions. Knott’s Berry Farm had almost 4 million visitors in 2015.

Knott's Berry Farm FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Knott's Berry Farm?
Answer 1: The phone number for Knott's Berry Farm is (714) 220-5200.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Knott's Berry Farm?
Answer 2: The CEO of Knott's Berry Farm is Jon Storbeck.

Question 3: Who founded Knott's Berry Farm?
Answer 3: Knott's Berry Farm was founded by in .

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Lakita Hodge July 23, 2019 at 1:58 pm

To whom it may concern
This is a formal complaint against Mrs Knotts chicken diner. Yesterday on July 22, 2019 at approximately 6 o’clock my family and I celebrating my sisters birthday and decided to go and have a family dinner at Mrs. Knott‘s chicken diner . We were told that there was an hour wait in which we waited and then we were eventually
called and seated. From that point on it was like a celebration from hell. Being that we were the only African American in the diner and we felt like we were treated in different .It was an in direct discrimination I feel I had to request our own tables Biscuits after discovering we were the only table without. The first time after I had placed an order the waiter came out with one of the cooks and told me that my food will take longer than everyone else’s at the table and that I would have to wait an extra 20 minutes which was fine . The second time the waiter came out after everyone had received their food he stated to me that my food had been contaminated and that they would have to make a new batch of chicken and dumplings to serve me so that would take another 30 to 45 minutes . Finally when my food arrived I requested to see a manager I was very uncomfortable and displeased with eating the food after being told it had been contaminated . It was a horrible first visit at this restaurant and what bothered me even more is that my disabled daughter that has cancer wanted to order the exact same dish which would have jeopardize her health and had she gotten sick it would have been a disaster .It was very plain to see that our table was the worst treated out of the restaurant . I could visibly see that everyone else were being served at appropriate timing and I wasn’t. But I had to keep my composure though I was so appalled on the service I received. It caused the time to run out for our remaining enjoyment evening at the park. By the time we did go back into the park we could not enjoy the rest of our night we weren’t able to buy any souvenirs cause the shops were closed and I felt so helpless for my 2 disabled children and family. Being that this is a part of Knotts Berry Farm I am so disappointed that this situation took place. A lot of money was spent on tickets to go and celebrate a birthday and we couldn’t even enjoy it . I wouldn’t ever recommend going back to Mrs. Knotts chicken diner by all means necessary.

Sincerely A disappointed guest


Bob June 19, 2019 at 6:05 pm

I was very disappointed and surprised to see such negative reviews on Yelp about Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner restaurant. Understand everyone has the right to express there opinion and many people do, both negatively and positively. When I saw a three star rating on this icon I was taken back. I been eating here for over three decades and never once have I or family members had a issue of any type. Even when having to wait when it gets busy, real busy my wait time was never over thirty minutes. So, to my surprise when I read these reviews I had to make a road trip.
My family and I made reservations for Monday nite June 17th. We arrived on time and were seated immediately. Our waiter Tim did his routine and greeting us. We decided on the Family Chicken Dinner. The price is up there but for what you getting and where your at you can expect it. Let’s be honest here, it’s 2019 not 1971! Our meal began with chicken soup, salad with there well known fresh baked briskets, we also had four ice teas. Next came large bowels of macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, corn and the a huge plate of fried chicken. We settled in and dug in. In the thirty years coming her they didn’t disappoint. Everything was fresh good and tasty. The fried chicken was “perfect”.
After our meal Tim told us that we still had a choice of pie or ice cream. Everyone passed but me. I went for a piece of good old fashioned apple pie. At this point I mentioned to Tim our waiter about the a Yelp reviews. He responded openly and honestly that during the previous week they had bad time due to the unusual hot weather and there air conditioners just couldn’t keep up. People were complaining and just grumpy. I understand but, I told him as a customer if your not satisfied with your order say something. He agreed, and said sometimes things do go wrong and they do everything to correct and get the customers what they need. I guess, for some it easier to complain on line than say something in person. Personally I find that a bit cowardly. But….. people are people. I want to thank Tim our server and Larry the clean up man that made a long road trip worth it. They did not disappoint and resorted my faith that everything you read is not always the truth. Go find out for yourself! THANKS AGAIN!


Larry Gadd June 16, 2019 at 12:19 pm

Did you change the pie recipe it taste less sweet and I don’t remember whole berries my wife and I was disappointed .


Garisha June 15, 2019 at 2:56 am

Me and my family of 5 made a trip to Knotts today 6/14/19 and we usually enjoy our self when we go there but today was not enjoyable at all. We got in line for the log ride around 7:30 pm and we were in line for about 2 hours mind you before I finish what I have to say the park closes at 10pm on Friday so the ride gets stuck while we were almost at the front of the line we were like the 4th person from the front and the lady told us that the ride broke down and it was stuck and it will be delayed so we wait about 15 more minutes and the ride hadn’t started back yet so now I’m very frustrated because my kids really wanted to enjoy at least 5 more rides before we left. So I ask them since the park will be close soon and we waited in line for 2 hours is there a way we can get like a fast pass for this perticular ride so when we come back another day we will be able to at least enjoy the ride that we stayed in line for and never got a chance to ride and the lady was very rude and said there is nothing we can do now I would have felt maybe a little better if she was nicer but she wasnt and I don’t feel like it’s fair that my kids missed all these rides to stay in line for a ride that broke down and there’s no compensation for your time especially with the daily tickets being so pricey it’s not fair. We have season passes so I’m not looking for a free day at the park but I went to guest services and they said to contact you about the issue I just don’t get why no one could give us a pass for the ride since we stayed in line so long and all we get is attitude and the boot. I really don’t see why no one could help please explain to me.


Vikki Raymond March 23, 2019 at 5:29 pm

Jon Storbeck. You may want to consider helping disabled/seniors be able to get to and from the gate. We bought year passes for our 7 grandchildren and am finding out that my 79 year old disabled mother and disabled husband will have to walk (which is not possible) back to the motorhome we are bringing when they need to rest. If i drive the RV out of the parking lot to pick them up at the front gate then we have to repay the $24 parking fee. I have been on the phone for an hour trying to see if we can just get a maintenance vehicle to drive her to the parking lot from the gate to no avail. This seems like a simple fix called a shuttle. Some places have them for handicap only. That would be a great solution. As it stands we will probably not renew our passes next year as the lack of access does not accommodate the needs of disabled and or seniors.


JAY B stammerjohan March 7, 2019 at 12:49 pm

dear Knotts can a person who has been trying to work there for a few years and have been interview over 6 times to get a chance to start and show i can show up and do the job thank you JAY


Peter Talavera February 13, 2019 at 4:16 pm

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to share an incident that happened on Monday, February 11, 2019. As season pass holders, my wife and I took our two granddaughters ages 7 and 4 for a day of fun. The day was going great, there were short lines and at times, no lines. Unfortunately when my 7 year old granddaughter was riding the airplanes in Camp Snoopy, my 4 year old was too scared to ride so she decided to press her face against the wooden fencing that surrounds the ride so she could watch and wave her sister as she rode the ride. When the ride was over, my 4 year old moved away from the wooden fence and let out a loud scream. She got two splinters from the fence; one on her finger, and another on her cheek. Her grandmother was able to remove the one on her finger, but the one on her cheek is deeper and may require a doctor to remove it. Needless to say an otherwise perfect day was ruined as we had to leave because my granddaughter was crying uncontrollably and wanted to be with her mommy. As this happened only two day age we are trying various remedies to see if the splinter will come out on it’s own before taking her to the doctors. I did call Knott’s this morning and spoke with someone regarding the incident and the response was “Ill let maintenance know” Please get those wooden poles sanded down and made safe. Don’t let another child’s day be ruined because of negligence. I hope the splinter comes out on it’s own and does not require a visit to the doctor. If we do need to take her to the doctor to remedy this, we will need to take other action.

Thank you, A very upset Grandfather


LEONA JONES February 11, 2019 at 10:55 am

My friend purchased season passes for my husband, her husband, me and herself on 12.12.18. We went to the park on Christmas Eve and discovered that my husband and myself could not fit on most of the rides in the park, so my husband and I went to visitor services and explained to the young lady that we would be unable to use the tickets due to our size. The young lady made a phone call and said that Knotts would refund us the full amount back to the credit card that they were originally purchased from and took both of our season passes. It is the middle of February now and my friend has yet to see the credit for our 2 season passes and 1 drink pass refunded to the card. She has made several calls to which she gets told that they will look into it and call her back and they never do. I am very frustrated that we do not have a refund or the tickets!


Jeff Chambers October 16, 2018 at 11:27 pm

To Whom It May Concern
On Sunday, October 14, 2018 after a day at Knott’s we wanted to have dinner at the Chicken Dinner Restaurant. We have eaten there for over 45 years. Now it is the first time we have seen the restaurant after its makeover and liked what we saw. But after being seated we became very disappointed. We were seated next to a table that had not been cleared and never was cleared our whole time eating dinner. The food was not as we remembered it which was disappointing. We were seated on picnic type benches which you really should get rid of. After walking around the park for 7 or 8 hours you really don’t want to be sitting without back support. The service after all my years there was the worst. Dinner were not only forgotten for some of our party but also drinks were never asked to be refilled. This is not an inexpensive restaurant and we feel that you have not kept up with the Walter Knott tradition and he would be extremely disappointed. In years past, the lines were longer but the service and food were exceptionality better. We will come back and give it a second try. Hopefully we will have a much better experience. I tell you this as an old time Knott’s customer. I could have went to Yelp or the restaurant reviews but wanted to go as high up as I could in hopes that things may change for the better. Thank you for your time in regard to this matter.

Jeff Chambers


Elizabeth Carranza July 12, 2018 at 8:54 pm

07-12-2018 Called over the phone.
Today I unfortunately lost my job and I tried calling to cancel my season passes. A lady by the name of Emily from communications has refused to put a supervisor on the phone. I have called a total of 8 times and have been hung up on every time. To me this is very poor customer service and I refuse to be treated this way, whether I am choosing to cancel my passes or not I have the right as a paying customer at Knotts Berry Farm to speak with a supervisor. I would really appreciate for someone from Knotts to contact me asap. Sincerely a very angry and disappointed customer.


Susan Drew April 4, 2018 at 2:31 am

I have taken my kids , now grandkids
to Knott’s Berry Farm every Passover
for the last 36 years. Today was truly
a disappointment !!!! We took 6 grand
children, kids and us. We arrived at
10:00 am and left at 4:00. We were
only able to ride on 4 of the rides. We
spent a lot of money and received very little entertainment !!!! We met
two sets of friends. So I would say you disappointed 22 people!!!!!!! This
is not a way to keep customers.


J. CARLOS BARBA November 8, 2017 at 11:38 pm

Dear Knott’s Berry Farm,
On 11-4-17 we visited your theme park with our family. We played your milk can vendor game around 5:30pm. I approached the attendant that was there and asked to purchase 4 softballs to play the game. I tossed the 1st ball and missed. I was told by the attendant that I passed the yellow line and that I needed to get back so it would count. I tossed the 2nd ball and I missed, but I asked the attendant was that a good toss and if I had passed the yellow line. He said no it was good and that I was behind the line. I proceeded to toss my 3rd ball and with everyone’s surprise I made it into the Grand Prize milk can. I was excited and my whole family was also and the people around the game where cheering and could not believe it. I told my nephews that I would give them the PS4.
Well what was my surprise…… I was not treated to a winning prize. Instead I was treated like a cheater and not a winner. My attendant told the other attendants what he had to do to get me the prize. So the attendant to the left of the milk can game popped out of the middle yelling no he didn’t win the video showed he passed the line and he is not getting nothing with a smirks smile and laugh. So I confront him and ask to speak to his supervisor or manager. After a few minutes the supervisor showed up and explained to me what he saw on the video. I asked to see the full video which he got and showed me. I did pass the line by an inch or so.

With all that I’ve said and explained has been a very disappointing day for me and my family. Why do you have attendants watching a game you pay for and you ask them if you are doing the correct thing to play a game and the only confirmation you have is from the attendant there. You go with good faith and pay your money to play a game and when you win you have to wait on a camera review and feel like you did something wrong. Where is the fun at and excitement of going to a theme park to enjoy yourself with your family. Then you have the attendant next to the milk can being rude and taunting you that you didn’t win and putting up an X with his hands telling you you didn’t win. Making my nephews cry as if they did something wrong. This is not how Knott’s should treat their customers and visitors.

A very disappoint Family
J. Carlos Barba


Lou Blanchard October 19, 2017 at 2:42 pm

On Saturday 10/14/17 I took my wife and 11 year old son and his friend to Knott’s Scary Farm as a birthday gift. I don’t need to tell you how much the tickets cost because you already know. That said, that’s not where my complaint is. I am very unhappy that the crowd level on Saturday night, it was so absurd that we actually only saw a handful of performers because the crowd was so thick our family had to hold hands to keep from being separated and lost. I was there this same time 2 years ago and it was crowded but still enjoyable, so I do have a frame of reference.

So for the price of admission (plus $30 to park) we were able to ;

• Wait over 2 hours for the Paranormal maze
• Spend $58 for some hamburgers that took 55 min to get (with only 6 people in line in front of us)
• 2.5 hours wait to ride the Silver Bullet ride.

This is unacceptable and shows a complete lack of respect for your patrons. I am going to go onto social media and share my experience with the public. I had two very exhausted little boys that were completely disappointed at the ridiculous wait times. Yes, I know I can pay a large fee for fast lane passes, even those folks were waiting for 45 min.


jay stammerjohan September 25, 2017 at 8:32 pm

i find its sad as i have gone to knotts to try for work after a few years this year i was gived the gate fom a group of 4 one of the other job seekers their was a worker at knotts the interview i had was not the same as i have talk to other workers i was treated like a child i find that knotts cant be fair to hire JAY


Ching Choi September 25, 2017 at 8:11 pm

Dear Sir,
I’m represent a conglomerate group who has been actively invested in China, it is our interest and progressing to build the theme park attraction, I would like to speak with someone who can talk about the join corporation on your exciting theme park avendtures, please let me know the phone # and name to arrange call from Asia time zone. Thanks and looking forward.


Daniel Raynard August 15, 2017 at 2:02 pm

Do not buy Parking with your season tickets!! They have to assign the parking to one of the cards. If that person cannot go, the others in your family with season pass cards CANNOT use that card. It makes the parking pass WORTHLESS.

Regards – Dan Raynard


SEANIQUA WOODARD July 27, 2017 at 10:52 am

Subject: Park Visit 7/20/17

I was excited to bring my nieces & nephews here for some end of summer fun. After purchasing 11 tickets we couldn’t stay more than an hour which is RIDICULOUS AND UNFAIR. I had to make the decision to leave because two of the kids have severe BEE allergies and this park is FULL OF BEES!!! I mean everywhere you turn, there are swarms of them in the trash cans (at least 15 at a time), the soda fountain nozzles are covered in bees and you can’t sit down without at least four hovering your chair. Are you aware that if people with bee allergies drink from something like that they could still have a reaction? There were bees that flew inside of our bags. I feel bad for the drink station workers who have to stand in these unsafe work conditions. My sister bought a funnel cake on the way out since she’d been anticipating it all week & the bees attacked her plate faster than she could!!! Not to mention the bees that snuck into my baby’s stroller during nap time, luckily I seen it. This place is dangerous, on a 90° day you couldn’t even sip from the souvenir cups we purchased because of bees lingering around the straw tip. The workers just suggest there’s a hive near by and say everything’s fine but I didn’t spend over $459 on tickets just to end up in the ER !!! There needs to be some sort of compensation. Per information from Orange County’s Environmental Health Department this amusement park is in violation of multiple codes. Since then I’ve been getting the ring around from your park manager and his receptionist. This matter needs to be handled.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Seany Woodard



paola forero June 21, 2017 at 5:09 pm

My Sister used to love coming to this place. On May 28th she went to the park as she normally does during summer time or special occasions. She dropped her cell phone on the cracks of the board walk next to the ride pacific scrambler . We addressed the issue to the park and up until now NOBODY has had the willingness to assist us or try to resolve the issue. All we get is : we will get it tonight when the park closes.. then we call and the answer is: we will do it tomorrow … 25 days later we are still waiting for someone to TAKE US seriously. Neither my family or friends will ever come back to this place as I feel NO ONE has taken us SERIOUSLY or attempt to help us. Phones are VERY EXPENSIVE items to be leaving them in between the cracks of a boardwalk as someone could simply helped us remove it . I wish SOMEONE WIL TAKE US SERIOUSLY AND CREATE ASENSE OF URGENCY !!!!


JAY STAMMERJOHAN June 18, 2017 at 9:26 am

dear knotts why is it when a person for over 4 years has try to come to work at knotts to be given the gate i have show the drive to be a worker who can stand and walk to do a job give a person a try thank you JAY


Jana Koshkerian May 11, 2017 at 10:43 pm

To whom it may concern,
I took my grandaughter to Knotts for her birthday today, May 11, 2017.
I really hoped I could leave a nicer comment but no, You have the worst employees ever, no hello no smiles not even have a nice day, nothing was open that was even worth eating, for the prices that I paid I would of rather spent to Disneyland, wont be visiting your park anytime soon, Im sorry I wasted my time and money.


Albert Cuevas May 11, 2017 at 5:43 pm

Mr. Jon storebeck

I need your attention on a very important
matter that needs to be resolved before it goes to the next level. Your supervisor Justen running your park did not care to resolve the issue . Email me or call me at 760 402 XXXXX
Thank you


Anthony Pauza February 23, 2017 at 11:14 pm

I’m a retired veteran and I am very touched that your company cares about us I go to knots every year on Veterans Day and I promise that I will spend more money at your park then I ever will at any other park it’s my honor thanks


melanie helmich December 27, 2016 at 8:01 pm

Complaint: I purchased a total of 7 tickets via the AAA for a Christmas gift for my family. They all went on Dec. 26, 2017 traveling from San Diego. The time was miserable as the crowds were too heavy and unsafe. The lines were too long for rides, and food. I spend a bundle of money with admission, food, gas, parking and my family came home after a couple of hours due to excessive crowding. I will contact you in writing soon. Very discouraging for such a huge bundle of money>>>for nothing
Melanie Helmich email: melaniehelmich at


Joan Hogue July 14, 2016 at 3:01 pm

I stayed on the line for 30 min no one answered, my daughter was treated very badly by not 1 not 2 but 4 employees at the park. She came home crying. I would like for someone to please call me directly 562602XXXXX or 563754XXXXX if l do not hear from you soon I’m contacting a lawyer. This happened yesterday July 13th 2016. Thank you Mrs. Joan Hogue


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