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KinderCare Corporate Office Address

KinderCare Learning Centers, LLC
650 NE Holladay StreetSuite 1400, PO Box 6760
Portland, Oregon 97232

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Phone Number: (503) 872-1300
Fax Number: (503) 872-1427
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KinderCare Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

KinderCare Executives

CEO: David J. Johnson
CFO: Paul Thompson
COO: S. Wray Hutchinson

KinderCare History

KinderCare was founded in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1969 by Perry Mendel. He realized that with more women entering the workforce, there would be a greater need for child care centers. The company operates a chain of child care and education programs for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age.

The company grew quickly and by 1974, there were 60 centers in 17 states. Today, KinderCare is the third largest privately held company with headquarters in Oregon. Annual company revenue in 2012 was $1.45 billion. As of 2014, there were approximately 1,700 locations and more than 200,000 children enrolled in day care or after school classes.

The parent company, KinderCare Education, also operates Knowledge Beginnings, Children’s Creative Learning Centers, and Champions.

KinderCare FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for KinderCare?
Answer 1: The phone number for KinderCare is (503) 872-1300.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of KinderCare?
Answer 2: The CEO of KinderCare is David J. Johnson.

Question 3: Who founded KinderCare?
Answer 3: KinderCare was founded by in .

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Shawn McCoy August 29, 2017 at 8:11 am

Good morning,
I would like to speak with someone regarding a situation that took place at the KinderCare learning center in Chanhassen MN on Thursday 8-24-17
My daughter and myself stopped in to the bank which is next to the kindercare, and shares a parking lot with it to an extent, there was road construction going on and It appeared many people parked in the US. Bank Parking lot, leaving no where to park, I parked “somewhat near” the Kinder Care center, but to the side, not directly in front of the building, actually down at the very end of the corner of the building, (the entire area in front of the kinder care center was open and empty.

Two ladies were walking in front of my car while i was trying to park, I parked my car and started walking with my daughter the opposite direction into the bank.
One of the ladies started yelling at me, “what the bank parking lots full???” In a snotty tone, I said “excuse me?” and her and the other lady proceeded to go into the building, and just before they walked in she yelled again, Bank lots full so you have to park here??” and I repliled, Yes, it is full, to which she dismissed me with her hand and walked into the building.
I deposited my money, and was back out within 3 minutes, I went into the kindercare center and asked to speak to a manager, and the individual who came out was one of the very same ladies.

I said, so you know why I’m here correct? I told her that her employee was very rude, and rather than her apologize for her employees unprofessional yelling, she attempted to defend her. “well, you have to understand, this is private parking and we have to protect the children, I explained to her, that first off I was not parked in front of the center, secondly, there are absolutely no signs that state any portion of that parking lot belongs to kindercare center, and it is a shared parking lot with many business ( I have several photos also, showing where i parked in relation to the center) at this point I stepped outside of the building when I realized she was actually escalating the situation rather than an offering an apology, and I didn’t feel it was appropriate to argue in the kinder center.

I pointed out, “this is how you protect your children, by letting your employees provoke an argument and confrontation with people in the kindercare center?”
she identified herself as Kristine (Director) although her sweatshirt had the name Stephanie on it. I asked for her business card, and she handed me a card with full name on it, although the business card has the city spelled incorrectly on it? This whole thing was very unprofessional and i feel a very unsafe environment for children.
I would like an email with a phone number I can go into more detail.


Frank Spadaccini August 16, 2017 at 5:12 pm

I was a customer at Fleming Island FL KinderCare for about 10 years because of their outstanding staff and facility. When we moved 30 minutes away and needed a summer camp for our son, we immediately enrolled him in the Julington Creek FL KinderCare without hesitation. When summer was over and it was time for our son to start kindergarten I verbally told the Julington Creek center his kindergarten staggered start date (school staggers the start over several days with a few students at a time before the official beginning of the school year) emphasizing that he would not be at the center on his staggered start day because we would be bringing him to school and picking him up. The day before his staggered start date I received a call from the kindergarten school saying that I sent him without his nametag, backpack, or lunch. I said they must be mistaken because I had brought him to KinderCare that morning and he did not start kindergarten until the next day, which they confirmed. Later on I found out that KinderCare had brought him to kindergarten without my permission and on the wrong day. I was extremely upset at this inexplicable error and my son was confused. I just let the incident go because my son was OK and only had 3 more days of camp at the Julington Creek center before officially starting kindergarten at his new school, and we were not enrolling him in any before/after programs at KinderCare.

A week or so prior to the kindergarten staggered start I handed a signed official KinderCare form to the center stating that my son would not be attending KinderCare in the fall once school starts officially. My wife brought him to kindergarten on the official start day, but when I went to pick him up at the end of the day the school said that KinderCare had picked him up and would not leave without him when the school had objected. I immediately went to Julington Creek KinderCare to find that he was not even there yet and demanded to know how this could possibly happen once, let alone twice, when there was no written or verbal permission for the center to transport my son to or from the kindergarten school. He wasn’t even enrolled in the center anymore. This is only the result of sheer INCOMPETENCE of multiple members of management and is completely unacceptable. Here is a suggestion for your next corporate quality assurance meeting: RECONCILE all permission forms and enrollment forms with your roster lists. Before a school year or summer session starts VERIFY enrollment, start dates, and transportation arrangements with the parents who pay you several hundred dollars a week in some cases and trust you to care for their children.

This is not how I wanted to end my relationship with KinderCare. It is also not how I wanted to experience my son’s first days of kindergarten. I do know that I cannot trust Julington Creek KinderCare with the care of my son in any capacity and will not be bringing him back for any future camps or programs.


Turquishea Baptiste May 31, 2017 at 4:18 am

Location 300410
I am a foster parent and several of my foster children have attended Kindercare Early Learning Center for 5 years, I usual have 3 to 4 of my foster children enrolled at 1 time.I would like to speak with someone in regards to the Assistant Director at the Lake Harbin ,Morrow Ga location.This is an ongoing issue with the same individual. Please contact me at 770 743 XXXX or 770 478 XXXX


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