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Kia Motors America, Inc.
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Irvine, CA 92606

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Phone Number: (949) 468-4800
Fax Number: (949) 470-2809
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CEO: Byung Mo Ahn
CFO: David Kim
COO: John Yoon

Kia History

Kia is a South Korean automobile manufacturer with global headquarters in Seoul. It is South Korea’s second-largest automobile manufacturer after Hyundai.

The name Kia is derived from two Korean words which together mean “Rising out of Asia.”

Kia was founded in 1944 as a maker of steel tubing and bicycle parts. They later began building complete bicycles.

In 1957 they began building motorcycles, then trucks in 1962, and cars in 1974.

From 1986 to 1995 they expanded methodically and incorporated into the United States.

During the Asian financial crisis, Kia declared bankruptcy. Hyundai acquired 51% of the company. After subsequent adjustments, it now owns 32.8% of Kia.

Today Kia sells over 1.5 million vehicles per year.

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john Mc Ginn March 9, 2017 at 6:39 pm

Trying to get an email address for KIA CEO new Car issues as follows:
The dealership is having issues with my second KIA Soul both purchased new 2016 . The Dealership contacted Corporate Engineering Technologies early this mourning with no response. It is now going on 5:00 PM and they need to keep the car overnight because of no response from Corporate Engineering Technologies. There is something wrong with this type of customer support. Please look into this and get back to me. First time I have had the car in. I know KIA can do a better job than to leave a customer hanging like this.
John Mc Ginn 928 252 XXXX KIA Dealership 17431 N 91st Ave. Peoria, AZ 85382


Ronald Cullen March 2, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Regarding case #306780: The vehicle was purchased on Feb 17, 2017 (rc)


Richard Repole February 7, 2017 at 11:05 am

I own a 2015 Kia Soul. I have driven all over the county in the past year. Many trips we take we leave in the middle of the night. Just recently I was 50 miles from home and got a flat tire. I called Kia roadside and was told my Soul did not have a spare tire kit. I was stunned. What car maker sells a car without a spare tire? What dealership does not inform you that your new car does not have a spare? Luckily it was the middle of the day. I was towed to a Kia dealer. The tire could not be repaired. I had to buy a new tire. My wife refused to drive with me until we had a spare tire. Next day I went back to the dealer where I purchased the car and bought a spare tire kit for $250.00. I spoke to the owner and he was sorry I was not told the car did not have a spare. He told me it was a Kia policy not to have a spare tire as part of the car I purchased. I told him if he valued his customers safety he would make sure all cars that he sells had spare tires. I have bought 3 Kia,s from this dealership. I will not return. I am through with Kia.

Richard Repole


Virginia Cgerry January 30, 2017 at 1:45 pm

On January 26,2017 I went to get a Kia Optima 2015 working with the saleman.
The car I was finance it with the credit Union, when I came back to the car dealer how about they done sold the car didn’t have the courtesy of calling me a d let me know I call the saleman to let him know I was on .my way up there with the check, he still didn’t let me know nothing about the car had been sold but when I got there the saleman going to that he had some bad news another saleman had sold the car I then call and made a complaint still waiting on a respond all they had to do is communicated with each other about the car and the problem would never had occurred terrible saleman. After that try to sale me another car that didn’t want.


Doug Dunigan January 24, 2017 at 12:29 pm

You no i am pretty pissed off we got a flyer in the mail we won a $500 Target gift card I thought good and was very thankful but we took it back to the dealership and lo and behold it was all b******* I feel that it was just a f****** scam for people to come in I bought a brand new car there the first of the year and was very happy with the dealership and the way I was treated but I think this is wrong to send stuff out and you just b******* people I will never buy a new car from you guys again because of this and I am will tell everybody what has happened my wife went in there and brought the flyer in there and they said that we don’t have anything instead of a $500 Target gift card we got she got a selfie stick what the hell is a selfie stick and very mad it would like everybody to know this I think this is wrong what they’ve been not just because of the gift card but the way it was handled we’ll see if we get a response out of this I don’t bet on it to all you there by the Kia good luck


Andrea Guynes January 21, 2017 at 1:59 pm

I purchased a 2016 Forte March 29 and It has been in the service department 7 times from purchase date. After having it for a month it cut off on me on the expressway, had to get it towed to dealership. They fixed it, now no heat, next antifreeze leaking out of car, next again no heat, a clamp is missing, one thing after another. From March until December I have been bringing that car in for repairs. Now I am waiting for another part due to the car heats up sometimes. I love kia soul never had a problem with the soul, but I will never buy nor will I ever refer a friend to them again. I have had 3 new cars from them and never had a problem until now. The SALES MANGER was very disrespectful very rude, very bias. Never have I ever been treated like this before. Very much dissatified with kia. I will be contacting the Attorney General, and maybe they can help me.


Ronald Cullen March 2, 2017 at 1:56 pm

Sir, On February 27,2017 I purchased a 2016 Sorrento from Matt Blatt Kia of Egg Harbor Township NJ. I have, for the past twenty years have owned Hyundai’s and had excellent service and customer care but thought I might try something different. I paid the asking price for the vehicle, added an extended warranty and tire/wheel insurance at my wife’s request. My only request of the dealer was that they would have a remote starter installed as I have had problems in the past with a starter and wanted to make sure it was installed properly. Four days later I was called and responded to pickup the vehicle. My salesman Bill LaRose showed wife and I how to start the car with remote, I asked for paperwork or receipt for the remote installation and after a half hour of waiting, stated they did not have it and would get it to me. My wife, several days stated that the remote would not unlock the doors and she has to unlock the doors with the key which is not what I wanted. I contacted Mr LaRose several time through out the following two weeks thinking something was wrong with the remote, Larose’s only reply was he was sorry and would check on the problem and get back to me. As of March 2 I have yet to hear from Mr LaRose regarding the problem. On Feb 27 my wife responded to the dealership to get the new tags for the car and spoke to sales manager Tom McClellan and advised him of the problem and he advised he would “get back to her” As of this date we have not heard from McClellan. Upon chance I visited a local automotive store and questioned a employee about the remote. After looking at it the problem was solved. Your dealership, Matt Blatt of Egg Harbor Township NJ 08234 has shown that they have very little, if any, respect for their customers after the sale is done. It is a stain on the Kia reputation that, as a senior citizen I was discarded so thoughtlessly after the money had exchanged hands for the car. All I asked was that someone at the dealership look at the problem, and if they could not fix it direct me to who could. Apparently the qualification of helping the customer after the sale was not instilled in this company in this instance…


Chris Childs December 25, 2016 at 9:01 pm

Nov 5, 2916 I purchased a 3 mon used Kia Soul. A few adjustments pointed out to the salesman, plus 2 others; an extra key, replace the broken “sol placard ” drivers side, scuff marks on back bummer, a nick in the wheel. By the time the paperwork was done, I was assured this would be addressed and I wld have a extra key within a few days . So 3-4 wks go by no phone call, so I call to find the salesman were no longer there, so left a mess for someone to return my call re the issues. Another wk or so, still nothing, no return call. So a young man that keep up with the deal called to see how things were going with the car, I explained the events n he went to his boss. I got a call from the service Mgr which got me an appt. took car in which took all day to fix which by the way were never noted in the computer nor written up on the “Due Bill” I finally called bout 4pm to ck on my car n they told me it was ready but couldn’t get a key due to their key machine was broken n the nick in the wheel wasn’t fix, had to be approved! So I’m not really satisfied with the way they handle business , they got their commission n said “screw you very much”, now after reading other stories, I pray that I don’t have to follow their footsteps. I really like my car n wld hate to have more unpleasant experiences or information from people that don’t know their a** from a hole in the ground!


Shannan December 22, 2016 at 1:54 pm

I’ve had absolute HELL with my 2012 Kia Rio. It is a death trap. It was in the shop for mechanical issues the day after I drove it off the lot NEW. I’ve had so many issues with that call


brad December 21, 2016 at 1:47 pm

I was coming home from my girlfriend’s house and the temp was nearing zero. My low pressure for tires lit up on my driver side. I already had an appointment for Oil Change and Tire Rotation for that day. So I drove home and went to my appointment. In the waiting room the service (manager ?) Came in and told me the low pressure gauge for my tires was on and I had an unrepairable tire due to a nail in the tire. He said it was on the side so there was no way to plug or patch it. He offered to replace the tire the next day as they did not have one in stock for $125. I said ok I’ll do that and see you in the morning. I however do not trust KIA and further than I could throw it due to a MAJOR problem from when I purchased my car there in my first month of ownership. I went to Discount tire on the ride back to work. Waited there for an hour and they put it on the rack to check my tires. The technician said I had a nail in the tire and that it could be easily plugged and showed me a model of a tire and which could or couldn’t be repairable. He said no problem. He took the nail out and checked the tire pressure again. Hmmmmm NO LEAKS! He gave me the “nail” which was the size of a dull pencils lead that was sticking out of the nub part of the tire. So he didn’t even need a plug or anything. I asked which tire it was on. He said front driver side. Well, Than I guess KIA lied to me as well about the tires being rotated also! NOW I was really PISSED!! They offered to rotate my tires at no charge since they already had it off the ground but I passed on it and thought I’d leave it be and head back to work. When I got back to work I called KIA and had them explain the situation. I asked them maybe was it possible I had low pressure from the extreme weather temperature change. Yes they said, well You said my tire was unrepairable and that’s why I was getting the low Pressure lights on. AND can you ask why they didn’t rotate my tires, Was that not part of my appointment? He said I could just get them rotated next time. Ummm, Why would I come back! I’m only going there because of my first mishap when they gave me 2 years of free oil changes/tire rotations. (That’s not even close to what happened this time). I put about 500 miles on my vehicle since this appointment and we had a 20 below zero day as well. No leaks or anything. no low pressure gauge going on either. I really don’t even know if you are the right person to contact for this but I can guarantee you that I will be telling EVERYONE about this shady business practice if I am not contacted and this isn’t taken care of somehow.


Vicki Banks November 7, 2016 at 1:10 pm

I leased a 2016 Kia Soul in March 2016. This is my first time driving a Kia. A month or two later one day it would not start. I had to call a battery service to get it charged enough to drive it to the dealer. They said one of the battery connections was a little loose. About a month or two later the same thing happened and I had to have it jumped off by a towing service. The dealer put in a brand new battery for no cost. This week one day it would not start again and the battery service came out to charge it. I drove it to the dealer and they just looked under the hood and told me to bring it back this week and leave it with them so they can let it sit for a few days and maybe they can see if something is draining the battery. This always happens if I don’t drive it for 3-6 days. The battery service says this should not happen after not driving it for that period of time. I am 67 years old and retired. I live alone and now I am having to drive this car every day just so the battery won’t die.


Roger Croghan November 1, 2016 at 4:36 pm

I was going to complain about my new K900 being a Lemon (7 visits, 35 days in the shop) but after looking at all the complaints here, that appears to be normal Kia quality. Guess I’ll just let the Lemon Law Lawyers hand this problem.


Michelle October 8, 2016 at 9:52 am

This has been the 4th time I’m having to replace my headlight I brought my Kia to penscola Florida three months ago they advised it was not a problem living in the country in the rural area having to bring the car back an hour and a half away feasible so I went to O’Reilly’s so I can have some lighting in the night. I have a place now Lottery time this is the 4th time both headlights of being out at the same time I have never had this problem was concerned whether or not it was a leak it’s something the headlights to be out at the same time I was told in Pensacola Florida Kia that I have to get them replaced here this not feasible that can be expensive. This. Is my last Kia. My first problem this happened a year ago both headlights at the same I did not know that I had to bring the car back here with Kia bulbs I feel like this is just a waye to get money. Itit will 6 nice if you had a Salesman to go over everything with you when you’re buying the car and take your time and explain things to you. Instead of trying to make a bonus care about the customer


Wilbert Cunningham September 9, 2016 at 7:20 pm

I had my car serviced at Kia of Downtown LA 10/9/2016. They took my car across the street for schedule maintenance first they could not find the wiper blades in which the service rep had already pull then when my car was ready they had to bring it from across the street. I had to wait 40 minutes for someone to go get my car and bring it to me one would figure they would have someone to do this when it done.Once someone was found to do this he took my copy of the receipt to go get the car and someone else brought the car I ask for my receipt and they said they did not have it so they had to call the person who took my receipt to bring it back that took another 10 minutes . Next I ask for the check list that they do that lets you know if battery is good tires etc… they tell me it was lost lost in your own shop? So I don’t if anything needs to be attended to or not. When I left I called to speak with the service manager because I had a complaint he wasn’t available so they took my name and number that was at 10:30 am it is now 4:30 pm and I am still waiting for that phone call. If they weren’t going to return my call why waste my time in taking my name and number. When I get home I look in the back seat of my car and their I find the appointment cap that they put on the top of your car on the floor


maryanne clynes August 28, 2016 at 6:35 pm

August 28, 2016
Kia Headquarters
111 Peters Canyon Rd.
Irvine, CA 92606 MaryAnne Clynes/ Owner
M & R Cleaning
10610 Creek View Dr
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 422-9509

Back in 2014, I took my 2005 Kia Sorento to the South Austin Kia Dealer ( 5306 S. IH35, Austin, Tx 78745) for repairs. At the time, I needed a new A/C compressor, and head gasket, timing belt and had them check all belts and hoses. In all toll I had just shy of $3000.00 of work done. This is my Business vehicle.
It was still cold out, so I didn’t use the A/C at that time. Three months later I took the car for an oil change. The service tech came out and said that he couldn’t work on it due to the fact the car didn’t any oil in it. I was shocked I just had the car fixed 3 months prior for the same reason. I called the dealership and they told me to bring it in immediately. I took it in and left it. They had it again for about 4 days. When I picked it up I was told that it was a bad gasket and they replaced it – AGAIN.
When I got it back , the weather turned hot and I started to used the A/C. The A/c belt would squeal like a thousand cats. I called them and they had me bring it back in. I picked it up 2 days later. They said they didn’t hear the noise. I started up the car and YES the noise was there when I turned on the A/C. I was totally angry. I took the car home, I put a review on yelp and I got a voice mail the next day from the service manager to bring it back in. I was so disgusted at that point I thought – why – I have already been out of the car twice and I use it in my business and do not have another vehicle to place my supplies in. So I did not take it back I lived with the horrible noise for the last year and half.
Two weeks ago the A/C stopped working. My son who is ASE certified, went to check it out and fix it. This what he found:

1) Missing engine bolts from the work done at Kia Dealership
2) Bolts laying on top of frame ledges inside the engine compartment, never put back.
3) The A/C plug missing
4) The dealership evidentially broke the A/C connector and put electrical tape to hold it, which THAT what was wrong – the taped piece had worked loose and was hanging
5) The squealing was due to the A/C belt too loose
6) He also noticed while working on all this that the radiator was leaking. At the bottom the mechanic had broke a piece on the radiator – I had to buy a new radiator.
7) When the radiator was removed it looked like the mechanic beat it with a hammer. It was so dinged up that my son was appalled.

At this point I will NEVER bring my car to the dealership again. I have Ford cars and trucks and have taken them to the ford dealer and have never had this kind of shoddy workmanship. I have come to the conclusion that Kia dealerships and their service departments are not reputable. My son has worked for service departments and has never seen bad workmanship such as this. You need to look into how they hire mechanics and how they do quality control checks. This is totally unacceptable.

MaryAnne Clynes
M & R Cleaning

Cc: Kia dealership, South Austin, Tx


Tiffany Warrior August 24, 2016 at 3:35 pm

I purchased my 2015 Kia Optima from Kia Downtown LA on 1/09/2015. My car was running fine until 7/1/2016 when I took the vehicle to get an oil change at Kia Downtown LA service department. First off my husband and my new born son and myself were waiting until later just for an oil change and we were not even notified when our car was done in the waiting room. My husband had to ask a service rep if our car was done and we got our vehicle.
A few days later my car began to jerk like it wanted to shut off on the road. So when I got home I told my husband and he said oh my gosh there is no oil in the car. We were furious because now we were questioning if they ever did my oil change when we went there on 7/1/2016. My husband had to ask our neighbor if he can take him to auto zone to put the same oil listed on the hood into the car. We could not even drive the car because of that issue. Once my husband put the oil in the car it worked fine so we took the car back to the Service Department to let them know what happened. When we explained what happened the representative said that it sounds like we need a NEW ENGINE(the rep said this before our car was even looked at) and they would need to put it on the machine to see why it was jerking like it wanted to shut off and charge us $163. We told the rep we would not pay that because our car was working perfectly fine before we took it to them. We ask the rep how the hell we need a new engine on a year old car that has only 24,000 miles on it. We also spoke to David Zimmer the General Manager of the Service department and he lifted the hood of my car and checked the engine and never said we needed an ENGINE. We left the service department that day so the rep can see if the $163.00 fee can be waived.

Now for some reason my car started to do the jerking again and started making a knocking noise while I had my new born in the car then it started to smoke from the back of the car. When I got home I told my husband and he notice that OIL WAS LEAKING FROM THE EXHAUST. We were so upset.

We went back up to the dealer and was told by the( same rep that told us we needed a new engine without putting the vehicle on the computer or whatever they use) told us that they would need to keep the car to see what is wrong with the vehicle and they will not charge us the diagnostic fee of $163.00 which was Friday 8/19/16. However they didn’t even address that OIL IS LEAKING FROM THE EXHAUST, MY CAR WAS STILL JERKING WHEN DRIVING IT AND MY SENSORS NEVER CAME ON SINCE I BOUGHT THE VEHICLE. The called us Saturday 8/20/16 only to tell us that WE NEED A NEW ENGINE AND THAT MY ENGINE WAS NOT TURNING.

We went back to the dealer that day and spoke with the Assistant Manager Mr. Henandez because Don Zimmer was not there and we explained again. OUR CAR WAS WORKING FINE BEFORE WE BROUGHT IT IN TO THEM AND THAT THEY DID SOMETHING TO OUR CAR. HOW THE ENGINE IS NOT TURNING AND MY HUSBAND HAD JUST DROVE THE CAR TO THEM THE MORNING BEFORE. Which means to me they did something to my car and do not want to take the fall for it.

The Assistant Manager said that my 100,000 warranty is not valid because they do not show on their system that I have done maintenance and they were have to take pictures of my car and I will need to bring in my maintenance records to them so they can submit these things to KIA AMERICA and they will know if KIA will give me a new engine free of charge.

The worst customer service ever. They do not care that they messed up my car after they did whatever to it and now no one wants to address my oil leaking from the exhaust, my sensors on my dash never worked(no check engine light, tire pressure light etc) never worked. I never received notices regarding schedule of maintenance on my vehicle. Everyone that I spoke with at KIA (Service Rep, General Manager, call center associate ) told me KIA does not send out notices to their customers regarding schedule of maintenance. However I received a reminder of schedule of maintenance on 8/20/16 which we showed them. They said oh its because we came there. Which makes NO SENSE.
The Service Department does not want to admit they messed my car up and want to put the blame on me when this is a vehicle I really wanted and got. My vehicle is still there and it is now 8/24/2016 and we have not heard from anyone.







Barbara Benjamin November 15, 2016 at 1:45 pm

2012 Kia Sportage! My current vehicle I have never seen anything like this in my life ! I purchased a leased vehicle with only 36k miles practically brand new car right!
Well the nightmare begun! No warning on the express the car started knocking sound I was on my way home at 1am now three weeks later I need and engine no one ever offered me a rental or anything I sm paying for it myself hoping and prYing that the engine will be fixed soon and the warranty company reimburses me for the renal car fees lord please jesus help me bc I am getting behind on my bills


Collin Boyle December 22, 2016 at 5:14 pm

Was this issue resolved by Kia? We have the same vehicle with the same problem. Please contact me , I am anxious to hear your story!! kiaenginefailure at


Leighsa Wilson December 15, 2016 at 10:26 am

Count me in on the class-action suit! I’ve got horror stories, too. I can provide details as needed. I am currently waiting on the Service Dept. Director to call me back…


brad December 21, 2016 at 1:50 pm

They had mine for a month once as well! Why should I pay for something I don’t have and was thier fault to begin with


Anita G Shavers July 13, 2016 at 3:49 pm

I wish I had of researched the Kia Soul before I traded in my 2011 Sorento (fully equipped and immaculate condition). First false statements, “we are willing to give you up to $13,086 for your vehicle.” Second false advertisement, new 2016 Kia Soul for $13,888. The sticker on the one I foolishly traded my Sorento for was $17,300; of course that’s not counting all the hidden charges. I feel like I was lied to and taken for granted being a woman. I should have listened to my father when he said “Buyers Beware”, because that goes triple for the car dealers of today.I thought that Kia was a honest and fair dealership. Needless to say, I thought wrong. I will not tell anyone that you are a dealership that does what they promise and I should have known better. I got a much cheaper car that raised my payments, not lower them!!!!! If anyone is thinking about buying a Kia, DON’T.


ANTHONY KOELLNER June 30, 2016 at 2:21 pm



Bruce Cavins June 17, 2016 at 4:10 pm

I went to Ron Ward kia on 6/17/2016 to get a supposed oil change and tire rotation but after leaving the dealership I pulled over to inspect my tires to find out they never did the rotation but I paid for one.I returned to the dealership to let them know and I got the ron around.I told them I am positive they did not do thr rotation because the day before I had hit a curb with my front driver side tire and it left a scuff mark on the rim.After the supposed rotation that same tire was still on the front driver side but they wanted to still say they did the rotation.I got the # of the general mgr.and spoke with him instead of ap[ologizing for this form of robbery he said to come back in and they will redo everything in front of me.I should not have to do that it should of have been done the first time.thats wehat I paid for .I feel I should be reimbursed since I know for sure half the work wasn’t done how do I know they even did the oil change.this type of bad business gives kia a bad name.


Rose May 26, 2016 at 10:21 pm

I would like to say a few words. I had a very bad accident with my car on 5/2/16. I was in the parking garage at my job. I parked the car left it running with the car on park. I was standing by the drivers side looking for a phone number with my car still running listening to a song. I reached went to the other side to get a book still looking thru my phone car still running took my purse, and gym bag out placed them on the ground . Went in to shut car off but then the car started to roll backwards. I tried to jump in and stop the car the down hit my knock me down and over in a ball went crashing to the wall. I have no idea what cause this. Took to Kia was told cannot touch the car and that I had to report it to consumers affairs. Talked to Mr. Samuel Kim. He treated me like I was trying to reap them off out of money when I just wanted Kia to check the problem. Took Mr Kim abou a week to let me know about my car. Very disappointed with him and this company. I love my Sportage. All that have one be careful that this doesn’t happen to you. They say they fixed the recall problem 2 years ago. He did not have the dealership recheck the part that was fixed on the recall. I had a bad customer service with Mr.Kim. But the dealership service department manager in Austin Texas Capitol Kia was Awesome. This is all I have to say. 5/26/16.


Daniel A. Rodrigues May 12, 2016 at 11:36 pm

I have a 2011 Kia Optima that is fully loaded. This car gets Mobile 1 synthetic oil every 7500 miles and only gets Chevron premium fuel. I commute 81 miles to work each way, all highway. This car does not have any idea of what abused is. At 90,000 miles my oil light came on. Three minutes later I pulled into a gas station, bought a quart of mobile 1 synthetic, checked the oil and it was a 1/2 quart low. I added a half quart. I pulled back onto the highway and less than a quarter mile later the car died. I coasted it to the side of the road, called for a tow truck and had it towed to the Kia dealership. Geweke Kia located in Yuba City. I dropped the keys in the night box along with a written description of what I experienced. I received a call at 9:15 am informing that the engine was seized. I am the second owner so the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty is not honored. Nevermind the fact that at 31,000 and at 67,000 miles the turbo went out…. yes, twice the turbo failed. I should have gotten rid of it right away, and I did not. My mistake.
I called Kia America and spoke to Matthew Lang his phone number is 800-333-4542 extension 46906. He informed me that this repair is not covered under warranty but he would review the case, contact the dealer, review the service records and then contact me in 2-3 days. In less then 90 minutes I get a call from the dealership that Kia America will not be covering anything. Now I have a car with a blown engine that showed NO signs of catastrophic failure other than the oil light flashing on that I addressed immediately. A loan balance on the vehicle of $11,500 and a repair bill of $5,800 for a new engine. Needless to say I will now make it my soul mission to let every American know that Kia is a poorly made vehicle designed to fail without warning at less than 100k miles.

Kia should be ashamed of themselves and I will follow this email as well as several of the complaints above with a class action law suit against Kia America.

Furthermore, Matthew Lang did not even have the decency to call me directly, in my mind he is a coward hiding behind his desk phone. Kia America, at least have the common courtesy to contact your owners and inform them of your decision. Pathetic, judging by the emotions of the above posts, Kia America has a poor culture and does not value it’s customers or their customer experience, both are sad ways to conduct business.

One slight glimmer of light….Geweke Ford Kia has excellent customer service and worked diligently to get the initial estimate of $6886 down to $5700.


Rose May 26, 2016 at 10:25 pm

Add me to your list for 10000 year warranty rip off Law Suit


Collin Boyle December 22, 2016 at 5:26 pm

Did Kia ever fix your car? What engine do you have? Please contact me , I would like to learn more of your situation. kiaenginefailure at


PAUL KILROY May 2, 2016 at 2:12 pm

Worse customer service I have ever received. I call Kia corporate, my car is at the dealership as I wait for Kia to step up and stand by the product they made. They answer the phone and tell me my case is being handled by the escalation dept and Robert is the guy I need to talk to. I have to call daily because Robert never returns my calls when I leave a msg or his mailbox is full. My car has been at the dealership for a week now awaiting Robert to handle the case, in the meantime I have no vehicle and have to schedule rides so I can keep my job in order to pay for a car I don’t have. Single handedly the absolute worse product I have ever bought in my life. My 2011 Kia Optima has continued to brake and has been in the dealership every month since I bought it. Never ever buy a Kia product, please save yourself the hassle and aggravation.


Sabrina April 16, 2016 at 10:22 pm

Another TERRIBLE experience here with my 2011 Kia Optima. I purchased the car on December 30, 2014, on December 24, 2015, the rods started knocking and it has been parked ever since. I contacted my dealer, I’ve wrote Kia and I cannot even get a response. I gave $17,000 for this dealer owned car, it had approximately 80,000 miles on it and dis not even last a year. What a joke. I am still making monthly payments on this car and the only way it will be driveable again is if I buy another engine for it. I have been reading posts on all kinds of Kia forums, this is a HUGE problem with these Kia’s and corporate isnt willing to do anything to help the customer, somehow, every engine that is messed up on these is somehow the owners fault. Good luck to everyone on here, if you haven’t yet purchased a Kia and are considering it, DON’T!!!!!!!


nicolle landsdown March 6, 2016 at 1:52 pm

I was a customer at Grand West Kia in Grand Junction Colorado for 12 years before becoming an employee there a year ago. They always treated me well as a customer and they have been overly welcoming to me as an employee. I have a passion for the KIA vehicles and I have a dream of being a KIA corporation rep.. I wrecked my original KIA Spectra a couple years ago and used the wrecked car as a trade in on a KIA Sportage. I recently found my original Spectra completely fixed up and for sale at a small car lot in town and I am rebuying it. I have driven KIAS for 12 years and will continue to drive these vehicles in the future. My dream car is the KIA Optima Turbo, after my teenage sons are done learning to drive on my vehicle though………. I love being a salesperson for these vehicles at this dealership. Thank you to Grand West KIA and the KIA corporation…………… NICOLLE


Linda C. Grant April 17, 2016 at 9:16 pm

I was very happy with all of our KIA’s until today when we learned there was a recall on the brake light switch in 2013 for my son’s 2008 Sportage and we were never notified. He found out by googling that his cruise control quit working and his off trac light stayed on. It said to check the brake lights and sure enough the lower ones weren’t working. On line it told all the problems this could cause and some were very dangerous. I’m not sure I would recommend KIA to anyone after this. My husband and I have bought 2 Sedonas and I bought a Soul and a Sarento last year. My brother and sister also bought KIAs. I don’t know where the problem of notification was but I am not happy. I recently made an appt to take his car in to have a rear view mirror replaced and they couldn’t find a record of him having bought it at KIA in Clarksville, In store. After searching they found it under my name and my name wasn’t on anything when he bought it.


natifa March 2, 2016 at 10:56 am

Good Evening,

It is very out of my character to be emailing a corporate office on behalf of an employee, however I have been a very loyal customer to the KIA Industry and feel that the experience I had with one of your service department reps Name Randy from Cobb County Kia located in Kennesaw GA was overall completely distasteful and the way he conducted business was extremely unprofessional in my eyes. I financed a 2012 KIA Forte on September 2013 and once my daughter was born I upgraded to the 2015 KIA Forte on October 2014 and was very satisfied with the sales team and the warranty deals. I was extremely happy and recommend KIA to all my friends and family who in FACT also brought KIA cars as well. I kept up with all my oil changes and made sure that I kept up with the maintenance on my car. This winter was pretty cold and one morning when I went to turn my car on to Warm it up and move to a closer parking spot my car made a LOUD screeching noise. I have 25k miles on the car and was told by friends and family that there should be no reason why the car makes that noise and since i have a warranty I might need to take my car for inspection. But when I scheduled to have your team look at it, the service Gentleman named Randy told me that its not covered under warrenty in a rude manner, and that its nothing that they can do for me.I treat KIA like they are family however, this guy was strictly rude and advised me that I would need to pay $110 invoice just for looking at my car ( which i was NOT told when I was advised to tow my car to the lot) Also Randy told me that there would be a charge when my car was dropped off at the lot. That in fact was not true because I was not even there when my car was towed. Randy was very rude and advised me that who ever did my last oil change messed the car up and did not put all my pieces on my car. However Cobb county Kia as done all my oil changes except for 1 oil change that was done by NTB which was my latest oil change and I’m sure a oil change has nothing to do with breaks.

He did not say anything about different options I may have for getting the car fix or why it wasn’t covered under the warranty he just brushed me off, and every time I call in to speak with him he gets a nasty tone in his voice. I work in Corporate America as well as Customer service and I know this man does not value his KIA customers because if he did he would have looked over my history with KIA and would have or should been a little more kinder and alittle more understanding. Since I only had the car for 2 years it makes absolutely no since why I would be the cause of a caliber malfunction. He was quick to say it was my fault instead of looking at all the facts and understanding that there is no way. I had 3 mechanics take a look at the car after RANDY and his team did, and for everyone to say that it clearly is a malfunction and I need to contact KIA because it should in fact be under warranty blows my mind.

So, I say ALL this to say someone should in fact not let this email slip through the cracks and should in fact make sure they reach out to the Cobb County KIA SERVICE DEPARTMENT and make sure this happens to no one else. Weather mother, brother , sister , friend this is simply unacceptable especially when someone drives off the lot with a BRAND NEW car with 20 miles on it out the door and a yr in half later needs a WHOLE CALIBER and be told its COMPLETELY your fault.

Now I do not want this email to serve as if I’m degrading the entire COBB COUNTY KIA family because that is not the case. The Sales team, accountants and the overall family are GREAT thats why I recommend people go to that KIA dealership overall. However this email is to highlight the distastful treatment I received from RANDY and RANDY alone.

Best Regards


robert conway December 18, 2015 at 4:33 pm

on 11-13-15 my wife, and i were in an accident, (hit from behind while stopped at a railroad crossing,) my 2012 soul was totaled but we came out of it without any real harm. that little car held up great, so we bought a 2016 soul, we’re sold on soul. it’s a great little car.



JW November 16, 2015 at 6:41 pm

I received a card in the mail that the local Kia Dealer had a “buy back” event going on and that they were looking for 2013 Kia Rio’s as their supply had been depleted. I thought that I would check out the deal as I was interested in upgrading my vehicle. I ended up being “tossed” around to 3 different reps. I received more than one phone call, confirming that I would be in for a test drive as they wanted to make sure the vehicle (Soul) that I was interested in was brought up front and ready to drive. When I arrived, I asked for “Lance” – the 3rd person I was told to meet with. After a few minutes, Lance said I needed to talk with “Brandon” – the second person I originally was to meet with. The first person was the internet sales Tech – Caleb, and he didn’t pass any info on to the rep other than I had a 2013 Rio. The vehicle I wanted to test drive, was not “up front”. It was still in the car lot, and we had to search it out. When it came time to appraise my 2013 Rio (54,500 miles), I was told it was only appraised at $6,000!!!! A 3-year old car for $6,000 —- but the appraiser said it was in good shape! Apparently, the new Rio’s design had changed; thus, the decreased value, and your care will only continue to decrease. I owe more than what the car is worth. I’m wondering, should my next vehicle be a Kia?


Omar November 9, 2015 at 5:48 pm

I bought a 2016 kia sorento on the first week of October. It supposed to have a SIM card that makes the navigation sistem work. But it didn’t had it on the vehicle, the sales man from fredy kia told me that it would be a matter of 2 or 3 days, to have it replaced, over a week when by and nobody call me to let me know what was taking so long, I called fredy kia and ask about SIM card that said tit was on back order they told me to contact kia 1800 number. So I did I have case number k3055210 talked to some one that said he was going to survey my part. And he was going to be calling me. Neither fredy kia nor customer service had help me. I’m very disappointed. I’m ready to return the grate car just becouse the lack of respect and aprecation on service. And still called today from work and that don’t do nothing about it, all they do is get my cell number and say they are going to call me and but they never do.


Doug Johnson October 28, 2015 at 12:24 pm

Kia salesmen are very deceptive persons by selling LEMON CARS, they are dumped on the public daily. Kia is also a very problematic vehicle and they do not stand by their vehicles when massive failures occur. Would not recommend any one buying a Kia because they are a piece of junk. I purchased my 2012 Kia Optima a year ago 2014 and now the engine is shot after 80,000 miles and broke down 400 some miles away. Want $6,000 to fix it (yeah right). Need some one to step up here and do the right thing with these cars when you know there are problems instead of false advertising about the reliability, will be contacting office in our state and filing a lemon law complaint.


Anonymous February 12, 2016 at 1:26 pm

Yes Kia cars are lemon cars my 2015 brand-new car needed an engine in January 2016 buyer beware. I purchased my brand-new car in January 2015 only one year in the engine went out.


Collin Boyle December 22, 2016 at 5:27 pm

Did Kia ever fix your car? What engine do you have? Please contact me , I would like to learn more of your situation. kiaenginefailure at


Wynne Wigderson October 27, 2015 at 7:14 pm

I have a 2007 Amanti Kia that recently the transmission went out due in part from a ESC problem,which was like the recall- my vin # wasn’t included so they say even though it was just like the recall. I tried to get a Kia transmission but was told they were on back order for at least a month. The extended warranty by Royal gave me $1595.00 which is all they had to do by law’ & I had to pay about $700.00. My Kia is just now a little over 60,000 miles & all the help I’m getting is what I am doing for myself. Nobody wants to answer my questions at Kia & I think something doesn’t smell right. So if you are told that Kia covers their cars bumper to bumper , all I can say is buyer beware. Oh and don’t waste your money on an extended warranty- if you put that money in your sock drawer, you will be able to buy your own transmission yourself and go out to dinner with the money you have left over.


LaTrese Davis October 19, 2015 at 3:27 pm

The reason that I purchased my 2014 Kia Sorento in Memphis, TN was the impressive factory/extended warranty that comes with a new purchase. I have had no issues with my vehicle.On Aug 28th 2015, my truck stopped while in operation at 64,000 miles. Due it being inoperable, I had towed Kia. The diagnosis of the vehicle is timing jumped time and locked engine. Factory warranty has decline to fix my vehicle, due to timing chain not being serviced prior (which is not in service maintenance section).Tming Chain is usually serviced at 100,000 miles. There are no preparation indicators that indicate that a timing chain may jump time….. I am only in my second year of financing this vehicle.


Zettye Vassar October 5, 2015 at 1:27 pm

You know we brought 3 cars one on a thursday one friday and one sunday do you know these car’s don’t have a spare tires. Keith at Kia on Thornton Road told me that they do not put a spare in the car because there are to many people getting killed changing tires. What the hell!! and now I am on the phone with Briana in Corp she stated they do not put spares in the cars anymore they put a repair kits what in the hell are we going to do with a repair kit. She told me they give us roadside service so we can go to the dealership with the flat. Wth She told me that the dealerships are not putting spares tires in the car. I asked her does know that for sure she stated she could only speak for Kia I told her that is not what she said. Work on this will let you all what will happen if not tires I promise we will be looking into more car’s…


Lucy October 1, 2015 at 12:09 pm

I bought my 2013 Kia Sorento Aug.24 2015. I had picked out a gray one but the salesman told me to sit in the silver one that was exactly like the gray one. I noticed the engine light was on as I was leaving I told the salesman & he said to bring it back the next day it went off but came back again they could not do anything until 8-31 in the meantime the owner called & said bring it back 9-14 (3 weeks) called before taking it & no one knew anything I brought it in the following day,they had to order parts a couple of days later they called to say the parts are in & they have to take the motor apart I called today ( more than 1 week later) & I was told the fixed the car but the light came on again I am still waiting for my car


Thomas Shockley August 24, 2015 at 10:57 am

Why does Kia only have 2 parts in the USA that fit my car?
And one of them is damaged and the other one is in Rhode Island?
The people who have the part will not ship it overnight so I have to wait until next Monday to get my car fixed.


Joseph Szoke August 21, 2015 at 3:26 pm

I recently had a flat tire and I called Kia Roadside service and they sent out a towing company that towed my car to the dealership and when he took the car off the flat bed of the he tore by entire front end off my car and the towing company or Kia wants to take care of the damage that was caused by a contract company that Kia hired nor does Kia want to fix it. They want me to go through my insurance company. The towing company does not call me back at all and Kia says they cannot do anything. What a way to treat a customer.


LaVon August 13, 2015 at 12:05 am



Brian Williams August 11, 2015 at 5:44 pm

I want to file a complaint against Kia of Union City, Ga. I’m extremely dissatisfied of how they treat their potential customers. This location is absolutely unprofessional of how they conduct business.
I orginally went in that location Union, Ga on Saturday August 8,2015 @ about 3pm and spoke to the young lady “Six” (her desk is right in front) and I filled out an application and explained to her what my family and I wanted and told her that I would be back in a few hours. Ok, that was fine. She told me to come back in on Monday Aug.10th and I did. I waited 45 min and she never acknowledged me and she stood outside for 20 min talking to the other agents. Not taking in consideration that I came back for her because I believe in loyalty. After they told me I was approved I was told to call back the next day or they would call me back. Every since I left on Monday, I never received a call so I called all day and nobody would return my calls or even talk to me. Here it is Tuesday Aug.11th and still nobody knows whats going on with my application or anything. I just so happen to call the sales lady this morning to ask what was going on and she didn’t know anything or even seem to care. There is so much lack of communication as this dealership it’s ridiculous. She told me that she would call back at 1pm- no phone call. I took time out of my working day to call the dealership and NOBODY picked up the phone. I called the sales agent from a different number and to WHAT A SURPRISE! She answers! She act like she couldn’t hear me amd hung up on me when I was calling from my original phone number then she other call. I’m so frustrated because she then tells me that “well I’m off work now so I can’t do anything!” What?! You mean to tell me that you have a potential buyer and you blow me off?! I have NEVER experienced such horrible customer service when it comes to buying a vehicle. I have had Customer service reps work hard on my applications with other dealers with no problem. I guess that’s what type of people you hire now days. PEOPLE THAT DON’T CARE! I guess I will be taking my business else where. And I will be sharing my experience with everybody that I know and on all social media. I expected more from Kia of Union City, Ga. I am extremely disappointed and angry of how I have been treated. I as a consumer shouldn’t have to deal with this unprofessionalism AT ALL.


Karen August 6, 2015 at 5:38 pm

I purchased a car for my mother which is a 2004 Kia, Sorento. She liked the room it had, she was able to see the road clearly and she was able to have room for her dog. The problem we are having now is she was driving on the interstate when the Reservoir tank blew literally…. it blew the hood about 4 inches up, broke the hinge, tore the fire wall away from the body of the car. The tank was blown apart. The mechanics I have spoke with, the adjuster, the body shop, have never seen this….I am thinking that there was a faulty tank?? Now she is afraid of the car….Has this happened to anybody else??? Can not seem to find a recall.


Alissa Weaver August 5, 2015 at 10:30 am

On 04/19/2014 I purchased an 2008 Jeep Compass, a few months after the purchase the motor blew up so I had the KIA dealership replace it costing me over $3000.00 Then on 08/26/2014 I had to take it back to KIA with leaking radiator that had to be replaced costing me $312.60, on 06/23/2014 I’m back at the dealership because the engine was making a terrible noise, this time around they found the power stearing pump and alternator making abnormal noise, Dealership determined pulleys were not replaced previously with new engine. This time I had to have the PS pump and alternator replaced. Along with 3 pulleys. Not to mention the stops of fix something here and there along the way. Now I’m back again with the Alternator needing to be replaced less than a year later at the tune of $355.81. This was on 07/11/2015 and with this trip they lost the cover to my motor and broke the hose that sends out water to wash the windshield. They said they would replace and fix these parts, this has been over a month ago, and all I can get from them is that the parts are on back order, or they are being over nighted. I have purchased 2 vehicles from KIA and there will NOT be a third all simply due to the service department. I’m not a stupid person by any means and to have them treat me as if I’m a dumbass really gets under my skin. I have spent almost as much money repairing this vehicle as I have on the purchase of it.


Kathy young July 28, 2015 at 2:03 am

Bought a Kia Soul Sat. 7/25/2015, in Las Vegas, while so far I like the car, I feel so violated that I got ripped off on price. Even with ‘shaking hands’ with a finance guy on one price, magically while signing papers the pmnt. Went up $30 he had already left the building. This proves that I would rather go to the dentist than buy a car. Never again at this dealership


R.R. Williams July 21, 2015 at 9:01 pm

I had the displeasure of loosing my Nissan, to a red-light-cell texting idiot that totalled my Good car. I said, hey, I’ll just buy this used Kia Sorento! ” STUPID Choice!!!” This is the worst, most unreliable, piece of crap that I ever owned, and I have had 30 auto’s since 1982. Hell, my old Dodge Onmi was better than this ‘ No air workin, steering fluid leakin, brake noise makin, transmission thumpin, oil burnin, lights burning out, lying gas gauge, Piece of Satan’s metal!! Never buy any Kia!!!


Laura Young July 13, 2015 at 10:16 am

I am beside myself .I worked so hard for years to purchase a nice car. I was told I was going to receive a rebate of 2.000
,also was told my interest rate was 4%.Was putting down 1.500.I trusted them to keep their word.Had been there for hours and had my grandson with me.I stupidly signed the papers without fully reading them.I finally read them,not only did I not get the rebate ,the interest rate was higher than promised.I guess it is true what they say about car salesman.I am trying to contact headquarters but doubt I will get anything done.Live and learn.


Elton Bryant June 21, 2015 at 9:34 pm

I purchased a used car along with a 2 year warranty from the Yonkers KIA in Yonkers NY in December 2013. The car was totaled in a car accident last November and my insurance company paid off the balance of the car loan. In December I went to the Yonkers KIA to file the paperwork for reimbursement of the remaining warranty. The paperwork was filled out and the Kia representative told me it would take about a month to receive the warranty refund. In February I called the warranty company and was told that the warranty refund was sent to Yonkers Kia. I called the Yonkers Kia sales office and was given the run around for several weeks until I was finally referred to someone named Naomi who told me that a check for $1200.00 was sent to Capital One the company that I had the car loan with because Kia had not received any information that the car loan was paid off. She gave me the check number and told me to contact Capital One to confirm if they received the check. I contacted Capital One and was told that they had not received any checks from Kia for my account and that they had sent a letter to Yonkers Kia in December stating that the car loan was paid off. I called Naomi at Yonkers Kia and told her what Capital One had told me and she became indignant and said that she never told me that a check was sent to Capital One. When I questioned her about what her statement she slammed the phone on me. For the next week or so I called Kia and asked to speak to the Sales manager and was given the run around. Finally after who knows how many calls I was given the contact information of the Sales manager Darwin Olivia and was promised that he would call me back. After another week or so of leaving him voice-messages which were not returned I went back to Kia dealership in Yonkers on a Saturday. When I arrived I explained to the manager at the front desk that I needed to speak to Darwin and gave the full background of what had transpired through several months of unsuccessfully attempting to get my refund for the balance of the car warranty. After about an hour of waiting Darwin showed up and heard my story and apologized for Naomi’s behavior. He told me that he would get back to me on Tuesday about the refund after confirming the status of the refund check and gave me his cell number. On Tuesday he asked me if I had proof that the car was paid off. I emailed him a copy of the letter that Capital One had sent me stating that the car loan was paid in full. We went back and forth via email for two weeks because he stopped answering his cell phone and responding to text messages. Finally he sent me a text message on June 11 stating that the refund money was sent to Capital One and that I needed to contact them. So at this point I’ve wasted 6 months of going back in forth with the Kia dealership in Yonkers who are refusing to pay me my warranty refund. Is there someone at the Kia corporate office that I can speak to before I head to small claims court? I will be extremely hard pressed to ever buy a car from a Kia dealership after this frustrating ordel. I feel like this dealership is just trying to take my money.


Tomika brown June 16, 2015 at 10:46 pm

I just bought a 2007 mercedes benz gl450 from the kia dealership on illinois rd in the auto mall in fort wayne indiana and that was the worst experience of buying a vehicle out of my 20 years in buyin cars. I normally go back to the same dealership 2 or 3 times before i try another dealership. But with the experience i had at Kia i would never buy a car from there again unless someone contact me to rectify my issues. I was promissed things that i didnt get. I was told a car is not to b sold off an official car lot unless the tires are up to 50% and me being a woman i didnt no better. When i brought the vehicle home i was told the tires are no good at all plus it had a nail in it that i didnt see. The parking sensor does not work which i didnt realize until later that day, they only gave me 1 key and it does not hv the mechanical key on the inside, so if the remote does not work then im locked out the car until i get another one or battery. With no way to get inside the truck since its snot a regular key. I have been calling every week for the additional key and im just getting the run around. They dont want to take care of the tire issue and when they gave me the truck it was dirty and had not been cleaned except for the outside. The sales person said when i bring it back they would detail it which was never done.
They didnt want to fill the gas tank up like they promised. This was just a very bad experience for me with Kia. Can someone please email me back so i can talk to someone about my issues or to see about getting my issue fixed because im not a very happy customer . Thank you for ur time. Tomika Brown


Connie J June 12, 2015 at 2:28 pm

a couple of weeks ago I took in my car for service after it leaving me stranded while traveling out of town (my car is under 2 years old) being a Holiday weekend I was unable to get any help from Service and had to rent me a car for 2 days. Getting it in there was no problem but getting it back was one of the worst experience ever, not only was my car not ready as promised but they took forever I thought maybe its getting washed no it wasn’t washed, long story short no paper work was given back to me and was actually rushed out of there the next day I emailed the gentlemen the helped me over the phone and to this day no response no paper work has been forwarded to me all I know is that I supposedly got a new battery but I can tell you my car still pulls to the side so that wasn’t looked at (I was told months ago I needed a alignment so I got one) I don’t think i really did i just paid for one but I will never know because no one replied to me nor forwarded any paper work I can go on but honestly I am so frustrated yes even weeks later I just cant believe they would treat me like this AFTER i sent 3 referalls 2 drove out with new cars. I am really annoyed with Kia


Carol Shackleton April 6, 2015 at 5:23 pm

We just purchased a CPO 2013 Sorrento at Deland Kia, Fl. The high pressured sales can wear you down. My husband is a disabled vet. We were at the dealership for 6hrs. the day before Easter. Never was told the final purchase price till signing. Was told there was backup camera. There was no cooling off period. Went back to dealership at 9:00 Monday morning to try to cancel the contract. was told NO! I had gotten on internet on Easter and saw same car (tag number matched) the price was $3,000 less than we paid.
We could not get that price if we didn’t know before hand. How could that be fair to the customer? They said because there was no backup camera, we could buy the camera and they would pay to install. When signing I wanted to stop the deal and the man said if we walked out, ” HE WOULD BE FIRED”. We are in our 68 years old. This is the worst experience we have ever had. My father sold cars and I know a
little bit about how it goes. We are loyal customers, 2 Hyundai Santa FE & 2 Sorrento’s.
I do not want to deal with anyone who would take advantage of people this way.
Your company has lost 2 customers. I will tell everyone I know! Please reply.


Robindranath Sital March 17, 2015 at 12:22 am

Case # K2895824 I am waiting for an exective to call me about my issues with KIA at west orlando fl. 32808. It seems that when the dealership get the customer money. They hate to deal with there issues and concerns. Need some one to respond to this matter asap. my vehicle is brand new and i should not have such a problem. shame on Orlando KIA west office. unhappy customer.


Raquel Herrera May 13, 2015 at 11:04 am

I purchased a kiaana optima june 2014 at coral springs automall in florida. Let me just start off by saying this dealership is a mess!! I received in the mail a redlight citation that was done in Boynton beach, Fl saying that a white kia hyndai took a red light on december 25 2014. Mind you I live in Miami fl. And drive I kia optima! So kia switched my tag with some other customers!! I was driving around with someone elses tag the whole time! I was in shock! Now when I called kia they said they would take care of the citation and send me a new tag and registration. They sent me a new tag as well as my registration but never took care of the red light citation that wasnt my fault. It was kias fault for giving me the wrong tag. now my license is suspended!! I am livid about to hire a lawyer! I need justice and now!!

Raquel Herrera


Marvin Barlow &Latonya Barlow February 21, 2015 at 8:55 am

To whom it my cocern on 2/20/2015 I had an appointment for an Oil change at KIA Car Dealership at 9205 S. Western Ave Chicago Illinois 60643. I had a 10;30 appointment I was there at 9:00 Serviced by Mario Hurtado. Incident occurred by the Bathroom !!! I Had to use the Mens Restroom nudged the door a salesmen was in there but i didn’t know and the gentlman who was in there didn’t respond too let me know he was there !!!! So the Service Manager John unprofessional about the situation told me I should have some manners getting loud with me the customer !!!! I said to him my Bad Sir and he walked towards me !!! I walked away from the situation, he got mad and said you’re paying $25.00 for that door it will go on your oil change receipt then he asked what kind of car I drove, I didn’t respond, he said that’s okay I will find out!!! There was NOTHING wrong with my car except for needing the oil change when I drove it in !!! while in the waiting area for a long time I got up, walked outside and my car was in the parking lot Service# 534, I went back in and asked is car # 534 available The other service Sir said here comes your paper work now. I drove off the lot hearing a knocking sound turn around and went back and things got out of hands between Service Manager John and I, my car wasn’t driving the same there is now a lot rattling noise from the rear of my car that wasn’t previously there. When I went back into the dealership to inquire what happened to create this sound coming from my car John stated I didn’t do anything to your car, I never accused him of doing anything, I just stated this wasn’t an issue when I arrived for the oil change and wanted to know what happened!!! I Got treated unfairly just unprofessional, he John continued to insult me (all of this because I refuse an earlier confrontation with him in the bathroom situation which he wasn’t apart of) I continued to ask what happened to my car John then told my to leave the establishment, I responded not until my car has been restored to the condition it was in when I orginally came in for the oil change, John then threaten to call the police I agreed that would be best, he declined and told me I’m no longer welcomed not to ever bring my vehicle back to this location. I don’t know what happened to car while it was in their care, I know it’s not running properly which is putting my family lives in danger. I need some assistance with this matter, I’m sure I’m not the first customer this Service Manager has had ISSUES with, but I hope I will be the last customer whom has to deal with the unprofessionalism at this location.


Mr. & Mrs. Barlow


Susan Murphy February 12, 2015 at 5:02 pm

I just leased a KIA Sorrento for the 1st time in May 2014. Recently over the past 2 months the car is either dead in the driveway or dead at the airport parking when I travel. I have had the car jumped 6 times, taken to two KIA Dealers where I am told nothing is wrong with the vehicle. This past Tuesday, 2/10, I called the 800-KIA roadside # and had the car once again jumped and towed to a dealership. This dealership stated the car was fine as well. After pushing service to look further, they called me to say “Yes, there is a heavy draw, but we don’t know where it is coming from. We are also closing, going out of business next Friday, 2/20. You will have to take the car to another dealer. When i asked if they could just tow it, he said no. I took a day off of work, cancelled a business trip and rented a car in the hopes of getting my car fixed. When I called customer service, Lael and Ezekiel at the 800 # offered no support at all. I asked if I could take my car to another dealer to be and be provided with a loaner car and they said no. I asked them to tow the vehicle to another dealer and they said no. I asked to speak to their supervisor, was placed on hold of r10 minutes before I became more frustrated and hung up. I will NEVER lease, buy or refer anyone to lease or buy a KIA ever again. Horrible customer service with no support whatsoever!! I am a single mom, with a kid and a dog and I work FT. I have no help with this situation and KIA is doing nothing to lift a finger to resolve this issue and to make it better.


neil costa January 27, 2015 at 4:29 pm

I keep getting “urgent” letters AND calls from a company that says it’s part of KIA, about renewing my warranty on my Sportage. They are “high pressure”, and if they ARE part of your company, they do you no service. If KIA wants to upgrade its US image to a higher-end one, this is not the way to go about it. And if “Vehicle Services Department” is not part of KIA, why are you giving out – or, worse, selling – your customers’ information?

Neil Costa


Ann Snyder January 19, 2015 at 1:42 pm

I have a 2004 Kia and I just had it service. Dennis said I needed a lot of work done under the hood. He explained everything I needed done and since I do not know anything about cars. I told him to go ahead and fix what ever needs to be done. Frankly, I was at his mercy because I am a widow and had to trust his judgement.After, I got home I went over all of the eight pages, just to see what was done because it cost me $2946.26 and I thought it was a lot of money even though he quoted the cost to be around $2800.00.After I reviewed all of the pages, I saw that he rotated my tires and had them balanced.He also had all of the wiper blades changed. I did not ask him to do that.Further more, I just got tires in September and the wipers are just one years old. Well, I called the dealership and asked to speak to the manger. Unknown to me I was talking to a sales manger and after I told him my problem he said I needed to talk to Larry the manger. So he put me on hold and I waited and waited and waited and before I knew it the line was disconnected. So I called back and low and behold the phone number that I had used to call them in the first place was no longer in service. With all of this going on I now question anything they did do on my car. I do expect a refund plus labor on those items I had mention. And now since they have ignored me I should not have to go back to the dealership to asked for this refund. I have another question- what is an environmental of $22.00.I hope you can do something about this.Things like this that happens-its no wonder I do not like to have things done at the dealership!! And I may call you!!


Savannah January 5, 2015 at 4:45 pm

I bought a Kia forte 2015 at the Napoleon Kia in Fl, and I will never return again.
It has been problem after problem since the second I applied for a credit check.
When I arrived I had the car, color, model and even the storage number so it was a in out process.
When I arrived that car that was online still was sold already. I said that I still want that type of car (2015 Kia forte)
He said that he could do it and let’s go see some. When he walked up with the keys to test drive it was not the car I wanted. He tried putting me into 3 other cars before putting me into the car that I came into the dealership wanting!!
The problems did not stop there.
We decided on a price over my budget that was decided do able. 308-312.
When I went into financing the said there was a bunch of other things that I needed to purchase as well!!!!! That brought my payments up to 338 a month!!!!!! Absolutely unacceptable to tell me half way through singing the paper work that I will not be paying the price I shook on but more which was way over my original budget.
The finance guy was very very very rude about the entire thing. At this point I was ready to just rip up the contract and walk out to go somewhere else.
After finally signing I was informed that my spare key on a brand new 2015 was lost so I would have to drive back to the dealership!!!! Not they would mail it to me but I would have to drive back to the dealership to pick it up 3 days later after I recived my phone call that it was ready because the key machine was broken. So today (3 days later) 330 comes around and still no phone call on a ready key so I stop in ad no one knows anything about the key and the salesman is not there. I had to wait to get my key a half hour. On top of that, I was missing my cargo hooks, cargo net, and cargo mat. I was also told my spoiler was on the car when it clearly was not!
I was missing things listed on the window sticker and than they were trying to get out of not giving it to me!!!
They refused to give me a new spoiler insisting it was on there
They gave me the net and hooks but have to ship the mat. How do you sell a car having it listed on the window sticker and not have it not only in the car but not even in the warehouse!!!!! I live in Orlando but went to this Kia because my mother living here insisted on having me go to this one due to her beyond wonderful experience with a ex employee there.
All in all I have never had such a horrible experience in my entire life nor has my mother who was with me at the time. I will not ever recomend a Kia to anyone again. As where before I told everyone to go. And I will never go back. My next car will not be from Kia and for sure! Never at the Napoleon area again.
Not a single apology the entire time I was there Friday when I bought the car and things were wrong and not today when the key was not made the car was not equipped with what was stated on the sticker not for the time I had to wait or anything about my terrible experience even when I explained to this manager that my experience was as bad as it was.


Ewar Lizzetti December 14, 2014 at 12:51 am

As a today 12/13/14, I received a call 4 days ago from KIA, a dealer asking me how is going with the KIA Sportage that I purchased on DEC 2013, I saId that the car is great and no complaints, the only thing I was not happy with is that I see that the interest rate is high close to 6% when I signed the papers, so the dealer asked me to stop in anytime to the store in Lincolnwood IL to fix this it would be easy he said, until this point I was impressed that they could resolve the problem.

I went to the store on 12/12/14, and the dealer started talking about trading my KIA SPORTAGE 2013 ( purchased on december 2013) for another KIA SPORTAGE 2014 “ SAME” but I have to pay the total of 33,000!!! with 460.00 monthly payments and how much I still owe for my current KIA? $25,000!!! and my current monthly payment is only $ 411.00. ( my car has no scratches and still in great condition and has only 4,500 miles)

I totally understand that cars devalue after time and more with Kia and Hyundai but I was deceptive.

The dealer as a dealer was trying to convince me in many ways, it was so stupid for someone to try to insult a LOYAL customer like that.

With $29,900 i can buy a brown new Mercedez Benz 2014 CLA250 Coupe and with $ 32,000 I can buy a brown new a Lexus CT Hybrid.

Yes as a loyal customer I have owned brand new cars from KIA Sportage 2007, Hyundai Tucson Limited, Hyundai Accent and again a Kia Sportage.

Plus my credit report was reduced 5 POINTS for this visit just a simple credit report check he said!!’

So I leave the Kia Store with my rate interest not fixed and minus 5 points on my credit report, WHAT A GREAT SOLUTION FROM THE KIA!!

As a loyal customer this will be my last time doing business with the Hyundai and KIA family, no more cars from them.

Your Disappointed loyal customer,

Ewar Lizzetti


private December 9, 2014 at 8:01 pm

I recently had an oil change and tire rotation and a multi inspection done at Mcdonald Kia in saginaw Mi. First time using them. I figured when you get “the works” they top off all fluids. Apparently they dont. You could also tell who ever did the oil change really didn’t care about keeping my car grease free…I had grease on my interior. Mind you my car is brand NEW! I’ve had better service down south. I really hope they changed the oil! Scared to go back! Head up*** if you use them make sure you check fluids before you leave to make sure they really did it. According to my paper work it was marked off as done but was never done.


Robert Gaffney December 3, 2014 at 3:50 pm

My girlfriend, Sharon Robb, bought a 2014 Kia Soul from Kia of Vero Beach last August. I had requested a quote using True Car services via my Consumer Reports Best Deals subscription. We received an email from the sales mgr., Dennis Lord….the prices looked good…when we arrived at the dealership, we spent over 6 hours in his office. Dennis mentioned that he did not want to go through True Car because he said it would cost him $300. He deliberately changed one letter of my street address (Sharon lives with me) to avoid paying True Car. Mr. Lord also made a few very unpleasant sexual remarks toward my girlfriend. Lord said “If I get you this deal you’ll have to show me your boobs”.
And apparently Lord has done this to other women as well. We are seeking legal action against Vero Bch. Kia for sexual harassment and we are making a formal complaint to Kia Corporate.. The car was never even detailed! IF YOU ARE A WOMAN, AVOID VERO BCH KIA LIKE THE PLAGUE


Jan Dangora December 1, 2014 at 12:23 pm

My purchase of a 2014 KIA Sedona from Rte 44 Metro KIA of Raynham has been nothing but a nightmare since the minute I purchased it. While in the showroom I liked the car, but I wanted a Navigation system, they told me they don;t install it till after the purchase, the GM even went as far to call to assure this and said it could be done as soon as tomorrow, if I wanted. Well the next day I called for an appointment and was told they wouldn’t have it for a week. After a week I called and was again stalled till after a month when I was told they didn’t manufacture in-dash Navigation systems and offered me a refund for the cost of it. This was’t satisfactory to me as a installed Nav sys was a must and they were told that from the minute I was in the showroom. They outright lied about this to make a sale, even though they couldn’t deliver on the System. I went to consumers advocates and eventually settled on a refund of the system that I wanted more than anything. It doesn’t end there, when working with the sales manager he told me that the vehicle had an expensive key and that replacement was very expensive and sold us a $199. Contract on key replacement. Well one of the kids lost the key and it was then when the wife told me about the contract, sounds good until I looked at the key and had one made for $6.00, this was no special key and again I was sold a bill of goods from Metro 44 Raynham. I went there and talked to Michael Budz, who told me I would hear from them, another lie, this dealership has a lot of issues with being honest with the customer and I believe KIA Corporate should look into this.


GARY CONNER September 25, 2014 at 9:07 pm



Taraya Fenn September 25, 2014 at 5:19 pm

I visited Kia of Union City on September 14th to look for a new car. We were meeting with Anthony Griffin and had a very unpleasant sales experience.

Anthony called me, very inviting call. We spoke about the Lord and what he can and will do. He made my car research refreshing. He followed up with text messages, phone calls and emails. However, once at the dealership, meeting him in person was all business, not inviting at all. Mr. Griffin was all about the sale, typical salesman. Before meeting with him I expressed my lack of good credit, non-down payment, and I was just looking to see what I would need in the future to purchase me a car. Upon leaving the dealership, my son stated “he acts as if he is putting you out”. His attitude spoke volumes.

Such kind of behavior is unpardonable, and your salesman convinced me/us in a way to never go shopping for a car in the future with Kia of Union City. I felt it will be right to let you know about this that how your potential customers are treated with pathetic service through poor salesmanship at your showroom, so that you can do something before things get worse than before and you run out of the business.


Angel M Rivera September 24, 2014 at 6:45 pm

i have a 2010 kia soul that the front seats are losing the black color and getting fainted and this car is park everyday in a garage and it only has 16,000 miles. i am very disappointed since the other car i have is a HONDA CRV and i don’t have any problems with it. hope you can helped.

Thank You
Angel M Rivera


nancy September 19, 2014 at 2:46 pm

Kia has quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Never buy a car from them because once they get your money you will never get any customer service again. They have owed us a refund for over 3 months now and they refuse to give us our money.


G September 10, 2014 at 10:54 pm



Very Upset August 28, 2014 at 5:19 pm








Karalynne Battista August 20, 2014 at 8:58 am

I recently purchased a Used 2011 Kia Forte from Airport Kia back Thanksgiving weekend of last year. My car has been nothing but problems. I was driving down an interstate doing 75mph and my car out of nowhere locked up on me, I almost totaled the vehicle due to this. I did make it to the side of the road without any harm done to me or the small children I had in the backseat. However, I did end up hitting a little pole thing that they have sticking out of the ground on the highway. I then had my car towed to Kia of course they couldn’t give me a rental because it was after 5:15pm and their rental car place closes at 5. I picked up my Kia the next day they said that a hose was made larger than it was supposed to be and cause it to break off the transmission. Only a few weeks after this I am driving again with young children and my car starts shifting really hard and down shifting out of nowhere. I take the car into Kia and get told I need to drive the car until and engine light comes on or until it breaks. Are you kidding me? So I can be stuck on the side of the road again? .. I told them look I’ve had this car less than a year I owe 13,000 on my loan just take the car back and call it even… Nope they won’t give me that amount for my car unless I trade it in for a new Kia, the best they can do is $10,000 for it. First of all I don’t ever want to step foot in another Kia again. Second after asking Mr. Parrish Clark the sales Manager for his bosses contact information I was told that he’s only available by fax or Mail and to just mail my complaint to their dealership. He also told me that the problem with my car is minor and they needed to clean the fuel injectors but it would cost me $130 out of pocket I told him absolutely not he then went on and raised his voice at me in the middle of the dealership telling me he will cover the charge to show good faith and that I should be happy that only 1 major thing went wrong at 50,000 miles. Now I don’t know what kind of cars he drives but that’s ridiculous. He then proceeded to tell me that the car is not a liability because no one got hurt and that if I hated Kia so much I can go down the street to ford and trade it in. I was really upset at this point I mean he’s a sales manager and he’s raising his voice at me. I get in my car after about 45mins of this guy and drive home my car seemed fine but again this morning now the problem seems a lot worse. After work I will be taking it back into Airport Kia however again I want out of this car. I am not asking for what I paid for it I am only asking for what I owe on my loan I think after all the time I had to take off of work, for all the hours I had to sit on the side of the road with children that it’s fair. It’s not like Kia won’t make their money back taking it the Kelley blue book is at $15,863 if the dealership was to sell it again.

I would definitely like to hear something back from someone soon.


Karalynne Battista


Cathy Mullen August 18, 2014 at 3:43 pm

We have a 2011 Kia Sorento that we bought used and have owned for 1 year. Since we have owned it, the car has been in the shop 9 times and so far this last time it has been there going on 2 months with a brake issue. Each 9 times that we have taken our vehicle in for service, we have complained about this brake issue. The dealership in Independence, MO has put over $3,000.00 worth of parts and has spent $1,000.00 in rentals to keep us in a car. They have had the engineering specialist fly into town from Kia to look at the car to see if he could figure it out. He of course had them order more parts, the parts were installed and still have the issue. The regional manager has reviewed the case and recommended parts and still no fix. Where does this end? We are paying for car and it’s insurance for it to sit on the lot at a Kia dealership. We have been around and around with Kia Consumer Affairs. Never get returned calls. They have promised to escalate our case – still NOTHING. We have been calling today to get the name of SOMEONE that can do SOMETHING. We are done, done and done with this mess. Will I get a response from this? Probably not……………….


Tariesa Reine July 23, 2014 at 3:41 pm

I got a 2014 Kia Sorrento back in August of 2013, as of today it is in the shop for something that “went”. First I was told it would take a couple days to fix, then I was told a week, now I am told TWO more weeks since the part isn’t even in the country. I have contacted customer service and have an analyst looking into it….that was two days ago and I still haven’t heard anything. I feel like I am not important and I feel I am getting stuck with a defected vehicle. People don’t get Kia’s because of the reputation of it constantly being in the shop……I am now regretting getting a Kia. I did have a 2007 for several years and Never had an issue with it. People have asked how I liked it and I praised it, since then they all drive Kia’s. Now……I will be saying stuff a lot different.


Susan Heywood July 11, 2014 at 2:22 am

I wish I had known about this site before I returned to KIA as a loyal customer. On Cinco de Mayo, 2010, I purchased my first KIA, which was a Forte Ex. We purchased it new. There was a big sign hung over the service bay that said: Lifetime Warranty. We purchased the vehicle at Gwinnett KIA in Gwinnett County outside of Atlanta, GA. Another dealer purchsed our dealership so we could no longer go to our dealership. A service representative named Don did not give us very good service and he was unfriendly at the Gwinnet KIA location now owned by Rick Case. I think he did not like us because he had lived near us in an apartment complex prior to our house purchase.

At KIA Mall of Georgia at first we were informed that our warranty was not lifetime, now it changed to 100,000 miles. I am a certified educator and I live near the school where I work so that still did not overly concern me, short of discovering sales had been dishonest with me. Also I did discover that I had a paper (I save ALL papers) that stated we had a lifetime warranty on the drive train.

The airconditioner developed a noise so I took it to KIA Mall of GA. They said it had to be replaced, but was covered under the warranty. However, at 63,000 miles the airconditioner started not efficiently cooling on hot days so I returned to KIA Mall of GA. Don from Rick Case (who purchased Gwinnett KIA) was now service manager. He greeted me with, “I know who Y0U are.” Because we were about to go on a trip, we asked to please service and check all fluid levels. Also we enquired about the AC. Don told us that would not be covered because we were past the 60,000 mile warranty. I told him it was a new unit because the original one had a factory defect. He responded that it would not be covered because we were out of the 60k warranty! I went to Sales to talk with a sales manager about that. I was told by a sales rep that I would have to wait because the sales manager was in a meeting. They were all sitting around meeting, but I felt as though customers are less important than sales managers and reps! I left and decided it must be time for a new car.

We decided to go to Gainesville, GA to look at another KIA. We had planned to see Courtney there but we were told by Kasey in Sales that she had left for the day. He asked what we wished to purchase. I told him we wanted another Forte EX just like the one we had. Kasey asked about colors and those were limited so he had us test drive a desert sand (creme white) KIA Forte. Kasey offered me a key and I asked where was the remote/key fob. Kasey said they are very expensive and he would try to get one for us at cost or at least a discount. I told him I have never in more than 15 years ever purchased a car for which the customer had to buy remotes. He said he would work toward a lesser price. I thought this must be something new. We traded our car and that is all we were given was the trade-in value. We drove the new car home and it started to get dark. That is when we discovered there were no map lights and no visor extensions. There were no lights on the side mirrors. There was no case for sunglasses. There were no pinstripes, either. When we registered our insurance we discovered that we had been defrauded and that we did not have an EX; we had an LX! We telephoned and talked to Don who said we were to see the store manager. We had to wait one day because we were having remodeling in our home. The following day we drove to Gainesville and were told neither Kasey nor the store manager were there! Chris talked with us and eventually wrote a paper that stated we could have two remotes for $180. Since then I have checked with other dealerships and none of them charge for remotes, much less on a new car. Since then we are told the car is not wired for a remote. However, we talked with Ed Voyles KIA and they assured us the car can be adapted to remotes – they do it all the time – Carriage KIA just didn’t want to be bothered.

We were SO excited when we purchased our first KIA – my first new car. With this purchase we are heartbroken. Two very nice gentlemen showed us about the features on this KIA and they said they would do what they could to try to help about the remotes. We have not heard from them. When I was hanging up after talked with Chris, he stated how awful I am. It may not do any good but I have posted this on Facebook and my mother will also post it on hers. Also I will report it to BBB and put out the word to the educators in our school. I may seek legal assistance. I have repeatedly pointed out that without remotes, we have a safety issue since we no longer have the alarm.

Eventually we purchsed a home closer to KIA Mall of Georgia. We had an excellent experience with their service until recently – in June of 2014.


Vernice Lobosco July 1, 2014 at 11:38 am

330 West Passaic Avenue
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

July 1, 2014
Kia Corporate Office Headquarters
11 Peters Canyon Road
Irvine, CA 92606

ATTN: Byung Mo Ahn, CEO


I purchased in May 2008 a Kia 2008 Sportage from Maroon Kia in Pompton Lakes, NJ. In November 2013, I decided to lease a 2014 Kia Optima from Nutley Auto Kia in Nutley, NJ. I used the Sportage on and off in the winter. On Father’s Day, June 15, 2014, my son used the truck and when he left the driveway of my home, he tried to apply the brakes but the pedal went to the floor. The truck had no brakes.

I called Nutley NJ Kia and the service manager, Vinnie said have it towed in. It was towed on June 17, 2014. Ann Russomano, owner called me to tell me the truck was not under warranty. She offered to have diagnostics performed at the cost of $112.00 which I agreed to. After a couple of days, Vinnie called to inform me the right wheel brake sensor was not working. The cost for the work would be a flush at $139.99 and brake sensor at $333.00. I asked to have the right side mirror replaced at a cost of $317.00. He mentioned the brake would be considered a baby step because he wasn’t sure it would fix the problem. June 24, 2014, Vinnie called and told me the repair did not work. I was then told he would file a Tech Case. Results were the ABS communication was not working, the hydraulic module was not working and a new harness assembly was required. Total for this repair would be near $5,000.

I am the sole driver of this truck, which I own and it is paid for. I drove it most of the winter. Once in a while I lend it to my son. The truck has only a little over 54,000 miles. How could this very costly brake problem happen without any warning? I have been reading online brake problems from other Kia owners. Kia salesman, James Vrindten, told me the truck is worth nothing. When I was at Nutley Kia in November, they were willing to give me $10,000 trade in for a new car. I am a return loyal Kia owner and I believe something can be done to defray some of the repair cost. I would like to remain a loyal customer and hope we could meet some kind of middle ground with the cost of repair.

Hope to hear from you soon. Nutley Kia wants to know what I’m going to do with the Sportage.


Vernice Lobosco
Cell: 973-432-XXXX


Deborah Freeman June 26, 2014 at 6:19 pm

I am wanting to buy a Kia vehicle for my retirement. The problem is you haven’t made any type of truck. My question is will you ever in the near future have a Kia truck. Hopefully you will have one before my retirement in 2017. Some type of medium size truck with 4 doors PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Thank you


Shirlee Douglass June 24, 2014 at 2:30 pm

I recently purchased a 2011 Kia Sorento from the Cherry Hill Kia in Cherry Hill NJ. When I locked my vehicle I assumed all the doors were locking. However, I recently discovered that the rear door never locked. I have taken this car back to the dealership several times. The explanation that I am given is that the rear door does not lock if you are standing near the car with the push button locking key.device. What kind of explanation is this!!! The vehicle should lock when you ask it to whether you are near it or not. This is a faulty lock situation which has left me feeling unsafe knowing that this SUV is not locking as it should. The dealership has refused to correct this defect.


Dianne Higgenbottom June 10, 2014 at 4:24 pm

My daughter was on the expressway in Georgia she has a 2013 Forte Coupe, Something hit her tire and cause a flat. She not formally with the city of Georgia yet, she only be there less then a year. So, someone told her there a dealership in Smyrna, GA. So she took it to them, and that did a little more damage. This was on April 19, 2014 and her car is still there as of today June 10, 2014 and the part is a Wire Harness want be in again until June 22nd. THIS IS UNREAL!!! What it the problem and don’t understand!!!

Dianne Higgenbottom


Regina June 2, 2014 at 6:21 am

I own a 2013 kia Sorento which I purchased from a kia dealer in E Hartford Ct. In August 2013. Went To Virginia To Visit Family The End Of August AND While We Were Driving On THEIR Major Highway The Car Shut down. Lost all power. Thank God we were able to coast over to the side of the road without getting into an accident. We were able to start the car and take it to the nearest kia dealer which they replaced a piece To do with the throttle. In April 2014 I lost all Powe again the car shut down. This past Friday while I was traveling on the parkway my car again lost all power. Let me tell you how scary that was while traveling in the passing lane I had to coast over to the other side of the highway trying to steer my car when there’s no power and trying to stop my car as I am coming up to the on ramp to another highway. I finally came to a stop and was able to start the car again and got home safely. I called the dealer where I purchased my car and spoke to the manager who was a total jerk. He told me to take it back to where I first got my car fixed. I said to him I told you it was fixed in Virginia we are here in CT what a jerk. He had no care or compassion as to the fact that I could have been in a very bad accident or possibly hurt someone else or worse. I did tell that this was the third time this has happened which he really couldn’t care less. They made their sale. That’s all they care about. I will try to call corporate but what I am reading it doesn’t sound good at all. Maybe the media should get involved as well as the motor or vehicle dept.


Victor Yustman May 26, 2014 at 7:35 pm

I own a 2006 Kia Rio manual transmission, I am the original owner, is less than 10 years old and is under the 100,000 miles that the power train is still protected under the warranty. I have been dealing with Kia consumers for over 9 months and no resolution yet. The problem in my vehicle is that while I am driving it slips (pops) out of 4th.gear to neutral, some times 4 to seven times in a day; unfortunately after at least three visits to the dealer, the dealer could not duplicate the problem. I have recorded with my video camera and it shows clearly the problem 4 different times in under one hour; I told the service manager about it, but he did not care to see the video, I also told the service write up person but he told me to take it to the manager, as you can see I got no where with proof of my problem. I am dealing with Riverside Kia in California, the manager’s name is Ron Akhlaghi and the service consultant is Luis Nuno. After dealing with at least 8 customer service agents, my case is now handled by Dawn Calderon, the Western Regional Office Consumers Affair Dept. of Kia Motors Representative; Unfortunately for myself,Dawn has been no help, I have to call her at an average of 6 to 8 times before she returns my calls and only to ask me to call her back, we are going no where, I need Dawn totell me if Kia will repair the problem which is the Gear Synchronizer,(I was told by a reputable transmission shop, and also by an automobile repair shop in the city that I live in, I still have the estimates from this 2 shops who agree that the problem is in the gear synchronizer, a power train problem. I am tired of dealing with personnel that is only trying to get me discouraged so I can give up and walk away, is this how Kia trains their employee’s? I sure hope not; Kia is a corporation that earns millions of dollars, so why not do the right thing and keep their customers satisfied like your manual says, specially a customer that has proof by recording the problem in a dvd. Three of my co workers are driving a Kia because of my recommendation; I have been a good customer. I just hope that Kia reads my concern and contacts me in this matter to resolve it.


George Strebel May 12, 2014 at 11:34 am

Bought a 2014 Sorento 6 months ago. The NAV system doesn’t work. The brakes didn’t work properly and made noises. The passenger heated seat doesn’t work. I’ve made 67 phone calls to the N.E reg office and after 6 months and multiple trips to the local KIA dealer/service dept my problems are still not fixed. Now it’s radio silence on KIA’s end. This is after I purchased 3 Sorento’s and 2 Optima’s over the last 8 years. How do you treat/lose a loyal Kia customer like this ? I’m amazed!


johnny legg May 7, 2014 at 10:06 am

2013 Kia Optima, Driving down the road my dome light just come on & 30 to40 second they just cut off. it does this off & on the whole time I am driving its hard to drive at night with dome light coming on & off. the door open light stay off when this is happen VIN # 5XXGM4A75DG146114


t massie May 2, 2014 at 12:04 pm

I bought a 2013 kia forte last year. About two weeks ago my keys started not coming out of my iginition. I went to kia they said they changed something in the ignition and had to send it out to get aligned. I got it back it worked ok for a few days and started doing it again. They said they had to talk to tech support that was yesterday, so I had to call them again to see what was going on because I rec’d no call. I talked to them today and they made it sound like it was something I wasn’t doing right. I had this car for a year and no problem until now. I do everything the same as I did when I first got the car. I told them that I think it’s something with the gear shift because if I work with it, the keys come out eventuallly. I should be able just to take my keys out of my ignition. Due to this experience I will never buy a kia again.


Abdullah Askar May 1, 2014 at 3:49 pm

I leased a 2011 Kia optima full option, I haven’t been satisfied with it since day one, the gave me the wrong color and the one I got has less options than what they promised and what they have in the catalog, I have been having technical problems since day one with it, it almost killed me three times, it shut down while I’m driving and the steering wheel along with breaks lock and i can’t control the car, I toed it to the maintenance and it took them 6 months to fix it and they didn’t give me an alternative car, after a while the Same problem happened again, I took it back to maintenance and it them longer than the first time to fix it, after the fixed it the second time the battery exploded and luckily no body was in the car it was parked when it happened, I really had the worst experience with Kia, I will never ever buy anything from Kia specially in Saudi Arabia because the have worst customer service and he worst prices comparing to all branches in the whole world they only have one electrician in the capital city which has thousand of customers.

i really hope to be answered about my problem with the car.

Abdullah Askar


Jennifer Odegard April 15, 2014 at 8:56 am



Wanda Dominguez April 1, 2014 at 7:03 pm

I have a 2004 Kia Sorrento with only 93,000 miles. Most of the time my Kia is park in the garage and I only use it on my days off. We keep it in going condition, always clean inside and outside. I had almost all the troubles that other costumers had; antifreeze reservoir leaked, a/c not working, gas sensor not working, etc. My disappointment and blessing at the same time, came recently when I had a minor fender bender and while at the body shop they discovered that the main frame of the car is very rusty causing the brake line( which passes between the frame and the gas tank) to break. Even the part of the gas tank that comes in contact with the frame is rusty. My car right now is very unsafe to drive because the rear tension rod is hanging in a tread of metal. The body shop contacted the dealer where I bought the car and send them pictures, I contacted the dealer myself and Kia costumer service as well. All I have heard from them is that the warranty expired. If I want them to take a look at the car I will have to pay. It is to my amaze that Kia do not guarantee the quality of their product. I am not expecting to have a life warranty on my Kia, I understand that rust eventually will happened, but we are not talking about rust under a door, a fender etc. We are talking about a 10 year car that have the main frame badly corrosive. The main frame should be build with good quality products. It is a liability and safety issue. We always brought the Kia to the dealer for service and maintenance to keep the 100,000/10 yrs. warranty as they requested and they never notice that. Suspicious! My son have a 1995 beat up Ford and the undercarriage looks ten thousand better than my 2004 Kia. Until know and even with all the recalls and problems in the past, I always thought that Kia was my number one, but with the lack of support and care I am experiencing there is no way I will by another Kia again. I encourage all Kia owners to keep a close eye of the undercarriage of your Kia if you want to keep yourself and your family safe. “Kia. The Power to Surprise Make every mile count .The Car that Cares !
Yes every mile count on the safety of myself and my family. Kia if you really care, please do something about it. A car that have a good engine, and is good inside/out is not worth it if is not safe under. Hoping to hear from you soon!!


Pamela R.T Woods March 19, 2014 at 8:51 pm

My wife and I purchased a 2014 KIA CADENZA from the KIA dealer in Hutsville Alabama we have had the car for about 2months and the Disk for the map system was not in the car at the time we pick it up. The dealer told us that they would get one for us but this has not been the case. The S/N KNALN4D70E513XXXX the s/n number tell you about what we are paying for this car I would think a car for this kind of money we could get an SD CARD for the map system. My questionis is how and when can we get an SD Card with an updated map system? Your help with this would be greately appreciated.

Michael Woods


Kassandra March 17, 2014 at 12:30 pm

Hello, my name is Kassandra. I bought a 2012 Kia soul in February 2012. Since then i have had nothing but problems. I have had my back up camera come on many times and stay on while I am driving, not backing up. My radio has had to be reset numerous times and now the entire until must be replaced. I have kept up on regular service like I am supposed to. This time i have gone without a radio, for 2 months. I took my car to Larry Miller Kia Lakewood, CO as i usually do for oil changes etc. They told me they would order the part and then didn’t I waited a week to find out the part was never ordered and then another week to figure out it was a back ordered part. I was told after waiting two weeks I would have to wait another month before the part would come in. I went to another Kia Dealership Grand Kia ( thornton) and they actually took the time to to test everything and find out the part needing to be replaced. They told me 3- 5 days and i was able to schedule that in 5 days way before Larry Miller ever called to say my part had arrived. The only issue i had is the inconvenience of having to leave my car for a day and they would not offer a rental car because it was not severe enough to provide that. I was also never told until a week ago about the mileage reimbursement program and feel i should have been notified sooner. I am very unhappy with my service and my vehicle.

I am very frustrated and I will never buy another Kia.

Thank you. 03/17/2014


juan carlos martinez February 18, 2014 at 1:15 am

Hi my name is juan carlos martinez in December 22 2013 I bought a new 2014 kia optima after about three weeks the engine went out. It took to the dealer for them to take a look at it they said that it was a rod bearing and a wristpin. They said that they were going to put a new block. Well from the beginning told them that I didn’t wanted the car, so the dealer told me to call kia consumer relations. That’s when my other ordeal started because kia consumer relations don’t take care of their consumers the way we are suppose to. The person who is handling my case don’t returns my calls she only returns my calls if I emails her. I been calling consumer relations sense last Tuesday trying to talk to someone besides the person that’s handling my case like her supervisor because I’m not ok with what she has offer me, and still no one has return any calls I call today ask to talk to a manager she has left a massage like the others have been and as a good example like before no one calls me. This has been a really a bad experience with kia, I hope someone from kia gets back to me so this bad ordeal will be over.


karen August 18, 2015 at 2:50 pm

I have s 2011 op and my motor went out for the second time and i still owe on my car


Neil Rispler February 10, 2014 at 2:47 pm

I leased my KIA Optima from New York. I recently moved to New Jersey and in order to register my car I need a transfer of title sent to Lakwood Motor Vehicle Office. I called 1(866) 331-5632 and was told to fax the form. I faxed the required form on January 3, 2014, when I called I was told it was not received. I faxed it again on January 17, 2014 and when I called on January 22, I was told it was not received. I faxed it a third time on January 22 and mailed a copy to 2975 Breckinridge Blvd, Duluth, GA. When I called again on January 27 I was told they did not receive the mailed copy or the faxed copy. On January 27 I faxed it again and was told that they received it. I was told it would be mailed out, but when I called on January 28, and spoke to Tamara, again there was confusion as to receiving the form. Tamara said she would investigate and call back, I left her three messages, but she never called back with a follow-up. Another phone call on February 7 and I was assured that the letter would be Fed-Ex Overnight to New Jersey Motor Vehicles and they should receive it by Tuesday, February 11. On Monday, February 10, I called again to get the tracking number and was told, by Isaac #53355, that it could not be sent out over-night and would be sent regular mail on Tuesday. That would mean the Motor Vehicles would receive it maybe on Friday, another week delay!!! I then called the Customer Care 1-800-333-4542 and spoke to Sydney #45027. I gave her all the information and she told me she would call Customer Service and call me back in a half hour. Well, NO SURPRISE, she never called me back, so I called again and of course she wasn’t there so I left a message. WOW what kind of business are you operating.

This entire situation is very upsetting. Why should it take over five weeks to complete
this process? I cannot register my car without this documentation, and therefore I am unable to drive my car. Not that you care!! I am totally disgusted with KIA’s Customer Service and will definitely go further with this complaint to let others know how unreliable KIA is how unhelpful your entire staff is. Sure, everyone talks polite over the telephone, but what does polite mean if the problem never gets solved?

Now, lets see if you’re going to answer, or just ignore it like everyone else.


Cheryl Young February 4, 2014 at 1:19 pm

Dear KIA Corporation,
My name is Cheryl Young and in 2012 I purchased a used KIA Sedona for my family. My families consist of Me, my daughter, and 4 grandchildren. We loved the van for the space and the 2 older grandchildren who were in high school at the time really like the space cause their friends come along for some family time. Our KIA Sedona was the second KIA in our family we also had a KIA Sportage and my oldest daughter was the owner of the exact same KIA SPORATGE. Our problem is THEY JUST DON’T SEEM TO RUN RIGHT! Sure we loved the brand whether any one else did, but when they went down for some strange reason they stayed down. I bought my vehicle in Missouri and moved to COLORADO. My KIA was register in Missouri with license plate that had 2 years before they expired. My vehicle has been down for 20 months and the license plate are soon due to expiring. The vehicle had sat in a shop for over a year 18 months due to the mechanic could not figure out the problem. When he finally released the vehicle in November 2013 after Thanksgiving The vehicle broke down in less than a week {4days} I paid the mechanic over $1200.00 to fix it. It is SNOWING and my vehicle has been sitting for months on the complex property. During the time our vehicle was in the shop we became homeless and our funds had become less and less with two teenagers going to school. The worst thing they had to go to prom on the bus. “I JUST WANT THE VAN FIXED!!!” When it was purchase it had transmission problems was told it was fixed then it ran hot and the air didn’t work. Got that fix. I had saved up the money to pay cash for the vehicle which took 2years. I purchased it for $2700.00. I have the title, but what good is the paper if I can’t drive the vehicle. I’m sooooo FRUSTRATED. One of the grandchildren has gone off to college. Yes, I’m still supporting him, I’m all he got. He’d attending college at Dillard University in New Orleans and we live in transitional housing for homeless people. When I saved to purchase the vehicle was living just a little bit better, but ran into hard times. I remain in Colorado my daughter moved back to Missouri. What I’m saying is I like your product regardless what others say I just want some kind of results. It hurts me daily to look outside to see it on 2 flats and won’t START. Oh yes, every since I bought it I had to continuously put AIR into the TIRES… “What’s Up With THAT?” Now that the oldest grandchild is off to college our income has drop down, way low. Now the licenses are almost due and I have to pay taxes. Since I have the vehicle it has been driven for about 30 day’s total. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
Cheryl Young 720-299-XXXX
XXXX Kendall St 2226
Lakewood, Colorado 80214
P.S Honestly I’ve been trying to get it fixed. {It’s not in my budget} Mechanic tells me it’s a piece of JUNK you need to get another vehicle. {This hurt my feelings} because I know how well the KIA products are. If I wanted something else I would have bought something else. But this I like. WE LOVE OUR GOLD KIA! We just want her back it has about 141,200 miles on her about 10,000 I put on it. The VIN number is KNDUP13182634XXXX PLEASE HELP!


DONNA January 30, 2014 at 5:57 pm

I have a 2006 KIA Optima and have been very happy with it till the airbag light came on. Shortly after I received a recall on the airbag light. Took it to the dealership, they did what they did and now a short time later the light came back on. Before leaving they casually said if it comes back on it may not be the recall. That sounded very fishy to me. I have never had a car with an airbag problem, let alone a recall on this issue. Let alone having it fixed and its back on! This is not an everyday issue on the same part. Why is this happening. The car has been fine up to now. What else can be wrong? I don’t want to be paying for something that had a recall. I don’t want to be taken over the coals cause Im a senior and a woman. Please advise
Thank you


Larry Douglas Rosemarie Yuhasz November 16, 2013 at 9:16 pm

My husband and I leased a 2014 Kia Sorento back in May of this year. We have been satisfied up until now. For the last 3 months we have had the truck in and out of the shop due to the fact that the radio has not worked since we leased the truck. No one in the service department seems to know what the problem is and they just keep ordering radios and putting them in and we keep taking the truck back because they do not work. I am a little fed up with this and so is my husband we have not had a good radio since we leased the truck.
I need someone to look into this matter and see what the problem seems to be and why they can not seem to find out why all these radios are NOT working. The service department needs have someone look into the matter to see if they are doing their job the way it should be done because apparently they are not if they can’t figure out what the problem is.

I hope to hear from someone on this matter soon.

Rosemarie Yuhasz and Larry Douglas


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