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Huntington National Bank Corporate Office Address

Huntington National Bank
41 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43287

Contact Huntington National Bank

Phone Number: (614) 480-3278
Fax Number: (614) 480-4973
Email: Email Huntington National Bank

Huntington National Bank Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Huntington National Bank Executives

CEO: Stephen D. Steinour
CFO: Howell D. McCullough III
COO: Paul G. Heller

Huntington National Bank History

Huntington National Bank was founded in 1866 by P. W. Huntington as P.W. Huntington & Company. Huntington’s great-grandfather, Benjamin Huntington, helped to start the Revolutionary War, when he called the first revolutionary meeting in Norwich, CT in 1744.

P.W. Huntington & Company incorporated in 1905 as Huntington National Bank of Columbus. Huntington involved his sons in the business and four of his five sons became partners in the bank.

In the 1960’s Huntington had a robust trust division and diversified into international business. In 1972 the bank was the first in the United States to open a 24-hour fully-automated banking office, called “Handy Bank.”

Today Huntington National Bank has 700 branches in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Florida. The bank is operated by Huntington Bancshares, which has $72.6 billion in assets as of 2016, making it the 33rd largest bank holding company in the U.S.

Huntington Bancshares trades publicly on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol HBAN, is a member of the S&P 500, is #756 in the Fortune 1000, has 12,243 employees, and had $2.67 billion in revenue in 2013.




Huntington National Bank FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Huntington National Bank ?
Answer 1: The phone number for Huntington National Bank is (614) 480-3278.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Huntington National Bank ?
Answer 2: The CEO of Huntington National Bank is Stephen D. Steinour.

Question 3: Who founded Huntington National Bank ?
Answer 3: Huntington National Bank was founded by in .

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Kathy L mccarthy July 15, 2019 at 9:58 pm

In 2004 my husband and I got a business loan from sky bank which was later acquired by huntington bank. In 2012 after many problems and my husband’s health failing we decided to sell the business. We were way behind on payments but had never been contacted by the bank and had stopped getting statements and wondered why we weren’t foreclosed on. I contacted the bank asking for a payoff amount and was told they had sold the loan but I told them it was a different loan that had been sold. I said that if it had been sold I would have heard something from the party they sold it to. I even did a title search and it showed they had the loan but they kept insisted they didn’t. In April 2014 I closed the business and my husband passed away in December 2014. I kept contacting the bank and they kept telling me they didn’t have the loan. They never returned my calls either unless I had my branch manager contact the them directly. Finally out of desperation I quit paying taxes on the building figuring when it went up for sheriffs sale someone would decide who had the loan! Low and behold when the tax sale papers came they found out they DID have the loan! I’d been telling them that for 2years. The person handling my account a Rosetta Tayler never returned my calls either unless I had my branch manager contact her. I had several people interested in buying the building when the business was open but couldn’t because of the bank wouldn’t listen me. Well right when it was going for sheriff’s sale someone offered to buy it so I got the sheriff’s sale put on hold and we sold the building for half of what I was offered 2 years before. It was amazing once they realized they had the loan and I had a buyer they called me all the time to make sure the sale was going through. Before that they never returned calls. As a result I am now on the hook for the remainder of the loan. We came to a payment agreement and I’ve been making them faithfully every month. The problem now is I have no idea how my payments have been applied or how much I still owe. Tosha Strong is my banker now and suggested that she send me a printout so I know where I stand. Well that was in August 2018 and I’m still waiting for it. I ask for it every month when I make my payment but never get it and it does no good to call because I always get her voicemail and she rarely returns my call. No more loans from Huntington bank!


Ranita Howard July 10, 2019 at 10:47 am

By far the worse customer service and dispute departments I have dealt with in years!

Oh you can’t contact corporate and that’s really a shame! Corporate executives hide because they only care about investors and not individual account holders! Who cares about the little person that direct deposit in their bank! We don’t matter to them! Executives are rich and they just like every rich person only cares about themselves!


Deborah Finch April 2, 2019 at 10:13 am

On Friday March 29 I went to my bank which is Wright Patt credit union and withdrew 1100 dollars. I went straight to Huntington bank and deposited 1,000 into the ATM machine, due to having car repairs and my husband who I have a shared account with at Huntington wanted all the money on one card in case something went wrong with repairs. I deposited the money and received a message stating something was wrong with the deposit and that they encountered a problem with returning my cash. I went around to the door, parked and went in. I was the only one there at the time and that’s when the rudeness started. The clerk shrugged her shoulders and stated that there was nothing she could do since they don’t service the ATM’s. I asked for a supervisor due to me feeling like the clerk could have cared less. After the clerk waited on 4 people I asked if she notified anyone that I was waiting and she replied “she is in the bathroom you will just have to wait.” I told her there was no reason to be rude and that this was the reason I wanted to speak to a supervisor! The supervisor came, didn’t say hello, just said how can I help you. I told her what happened and all she could muster up was “you will have to lower your voice!” By then I am done. I called the 800 number and filed a complaint. Today is Tuesday 4/2. I called the 800 number only to be told to call the branch and that I could have MY money back in my account by 4/4! What kind of foolery is this. It was your mistake or a machine at your bank. And you decide that it’s ok to take your time giving me MY MONEY BACK! That is not fair and it’s no wonder you get a rating on 1 1/2!


Mary Linehan January 10, 2019 at 3:43 pm

I am a retired employee. I need to speak to someone in the retirement benefits department. I have called about 7 different numbers and have yet to get to the correct department. I need someone to help me get a telephone number.

I am extremely frustrated. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Mary Linehan


Marcial caceres October 30, 2018 at 12:50 am

To Sandra Pierce
On 09|04|2018 my mother sold her house in Owosso Michigan and recieved a check from ATA National Title for $77,048.79. My mother is 86 yrs old and I had always considered Huntington bank to be a safe place for my mother to do a great deal of her banking in which I accompany her to help her. After receiving the check I drove her to the Huntington Bank in Owosso where she deposited a third of the amount of the check into one Huntington account she has had for numerous years, The other two thirds of the check she deposited into a new and different account with Huntington Bank.
On 10|27|2018 while taking my mother shopping she asked to stop at the Huntington Bank location on Crooks rd in Royal Oak Mi. I went in the bank with her to help her into the bank. Once inside she asked the teller if she could withdraw $40,000.00 from her one account. The teller asked who I was and she told him that I was her son. I showed him my Michigan drivers license so there would be no confusion. He looked at the licence and told my mother that he would have to set up a date in the future for her to withdraw that amount. He asked for a phone number to call her Monday morning on 10|28\2018, My mother agreed and I gave him her phone number.
Monday 10\29\2018 we waited all morning for the phone call and didn’t receive one. At noon my mother decided she wanted to go the Waterford Michigan Huntington Bank location on 4396 Highland rd, 3 miles from her home in Pontiac Mi. I helped inside the bank and explained to the teller she had been to the Royal Oak on Saturday and hadn’t received a phone call back and decided that she wanted to set a date to withdraw money. I We showed the teller my mothers licence, Huntington ATM card and my drivers licence. She told the teller that I was her son. I am her son and have the same last name as hers because she is my mother! The teller called the Huntington Bank in Royal Oak to confirm what she had told them. When speaking to the teller in Royal Oak they hand me the phone receiver to me from behind the front desk. The teller remembered my name and my mothers name. I explained to him that we had been waiting on his call and decided to set up the date at the Waterford location. He agreed and said we would have to set it up with the bank there. We then waited a half an hour to speak with the bank officer there. She directed for us to be seated in her cubicle in the office. We then had to wait another 10 minutes because she had forgotten to give the client before us 6 important documents of his transaction with the bank.
After that my mother showed her her licence and ATM card and explained to the bank officer that she wanted to withdraw $40,000.00 from her 2nd Huntington account. I at that time showed her my drivers licence and put it on her desk in front of her and she did not once look at it. She informed my mother that the bank didn’t have the money. My mother reminded her that she was just trying to set up a date to withdraw the money. The bank officer then told her that no one has ever withdrawn that large amount of cash money from the bank. She then said had to contact the management of the bank to get authorization to set the date and left the cubicle. When she returned she told my mother that she couldn’t get a hold of management. She then asked me to leave the cubicle which I politely did and during this berated my mother that I was not her son with my driver licence sitting in front of her on her desk. My mother informed her that I was her son and that I helped her. The bank officer scolded her. When I came back into the bank and to the cubicle the officer informed my mother that my mother couldn’t set the date and she no longer could use her own ATM. I began to record with my phone what she was saying to my mother and she became infuriated and went to the back office of the bank and called the Waterford Police. An officer came and told us that we had to leave the bank.
My mother is 86 yrs old and I had to take her to a doctor because she became so upset with how she and I were both treated by the Bank and the officer. The doctor had to call an ambulance for her to be taken to a hospital, where she is at this moment. My mother almost had a heart attack this afternoon from how she was treated by Huntington bank. I called numerous calls to numerous numbers listed of Huntington Bank and. was given no explanation or reason. All of what happened is on video tape at the bank and a great deal of it is recorded on my phone. I hoping and praying that my mother doesn’t die tonight. I’m sending this email trying to get some sort of response from the Bank. I can be reached at the email listed. I’m hoping for a response if Huntington bank has any decency and or counsicious.


Lorraine Liles February 8, 2018 at 11:51 pm

After you built a business of people like me who depend on your 24 hr. grace you have NOW decided you no longer will provide 24 hr. grace. This has just happened to me at your Middleburg Hts. location at Southland and after speaking to a banker they as much as said so. So many people have switched their accounts to your bank on that promise and and now that you have them you pull a stunt like this. Shameful!


teresa odell March 20, 2018 at 7:35 pm

what is going on with your 24 hour grace? 2 times in a row my card was declined! I have half a notion to sue Huntington for false advertising! I have never had a problem until recently and I’ve been a customer for nearly 2 decades. Now that you dont hold up to your advertisement, i will take my business elsewhere!


byron February 4, 2018 at 5:39 am

Huntington bank steals social security checks and VA checks from someone and their child BECAUSE their debit card was dropped in public and stolen, the person cant even walk and they said they went to 8 different gas stations and such to buy s**t with only a $1.50 in the bank just so they can add up horse s**t late fee’s,they never bothered to look at camera footage nor did they do a damn thing excepet say it wasn’t reported soon enough so they did it, I KNOW FOR A FACT THIS PERSON WAS IN BED FOR 10 DAYS THAT WEEK UNABLE TO GET OUT OF BED BECAUSE THEIR BONES ARE INFUSING TOGETHER.


Charles Valentine November 10, 2017 at 11:24 am

The bank is not disclosing the Dodd Frank stress test. The official report was made public by the regulators in the early part of the week. Huntington has elected to make it difficult for shareholders to get a copy. They give you some double talk about Investor relations but the report is not availble that is why the stock fell by at least 6% this week.


Charles Valentine November 8, 2017 at 4:36 pm

Why have they hidden the Dodd Frank Stress Report. Report came out on Tuesday but the Corporate Officers have hidden the report. They make it very difficult to read. Must be bad because the stok has tanked


Cassandra Smelser October 2, 2017 at 6:19 pm

My husband and I went to the Huntington Branch in Fostoria, OH towards the end of June 2017 to apply for a mortgage loan. Everything went smoothly the day we were there. There was a promotion going on that upon opening a bank account, he would receive $150 on top of a discount on closing costs and did not need to deposit money into his account or anything. He still has not received that bonus. After calling Linda Martinez later on that same day (because we were told we would know the same day if approved) Linda still had not gotten to our application. Gave it a couple days and called Linda back, to find out that my husband’s score was 7 points below the required score and needed to pay something off. Mid July 2017 we had something paid off and had been updated on our end. Upon calling Linda she had explained it still was not updated on her end. Called Linda back a couple of weeks later, to give things time to update, it was still not updated on Linda’s end and she recommended us to call Capital One. The next day not only had my husband and I called Capital One, the even sent a fax to Linda showing he had a $0 balance on his credit card. The last time I spoke with Linda Martinez, which was 9-28-17 to inform her my husband’s score had went up 46 points (39 more than her requirement), she had somehow repulled his credit wrong and would get back to me by the end of the day. We are now going through Wells Fargo and they have done more in less than a week than she did in 3 months time.

The most crucial of this situation is the fact that we are on a time frame to getting this house from within the family. They want it sold before winter hits and are ready to tell us no and just auction it off. Out of all the times that Linda was rechecking his credit and it was not updated on her end, the ONLY time she pulled and checked my husband’s credit, was June 2017. She lied to us and failed to help us. I have never encountered such poor customer service and somebody who acts as unprofessionally as she has. We are extremely upset and disappointed in how unimportant we came to be to have our time wasted and to string us along in a loan process that wasn’t even happening.


Jerry Mucha September 20, 2017 at 7:45 pm

Absolutely the very worst bank and bank customer service I have ever had the misfortune to do any business with. My first mistake was financing a travel trailer with them that I purchased at JEFF COUCHES CAMPERS, Hamilton, OH, on 7/1/2017. And with being from FL, they cannot understand or take the time to process title and registration to allow me to register the RV at my local office. My first contact with their so-called “custome disservice” occured on 8/9/2017 with a faxed request for papers to be sent (faxed) to my local Tax Collector (DMV) office. On 8/16/2017, I contacted ‘customer disservice” by phone to inquire about the status of the title/registration information. They (Ryan) stated it was “in process” and would be sent overnight asap. 8/23/17, I received a letter from Huntington (Ryan Meyers) that it had been sent, to the wrong address, but had been sent. Fortunately. the Fed Ex driver realized that Huntington had screwed up and delivered it to the correct address on 8/24/17 at 1:28pm. Very unfortunately, Ryan Meyers did not include and directions or instructions on what the Title was to be used for my benefit. The Tax Collectors office waited for several days and then sent it back certified mail to Huntington on 8/29/17 and arriving there at 8:58 am on 9/1/17. I had been assured by supervisor Michelle who I had the misfortune of speaking to who assured me that when the papers were received back at Huntington, that they would be immediately returned to me by overnight mail on the day it was received, which should have been 9/1/17. Michelle also assured me that she would call me immediately with the tracking numbers so that I would know where it was. Sad to say it was another LIE by Huntington customer disservice. So then I had to try to track it again, but the trouble is the incompetent fools Huntington has working in customer disservice. Among the people I talked to, who ALL promised to return my call with further information (NONE OF THEM RETURNED CALLS AS PROMISED) are Jeffrey, Jody, Michelle, Ryan, Adam (who actually returned information that was almost one month old and was a useless tracking #) Sarah S is supposed to call 9/21/17 am, but I will not believe that until it happens. In the meantime, I am sitting with a worthless RV that cannot be moved without registration, something Huntington seems incompetent to provide for some reason they have not explained to me.


Bill September 16, 2017 at 12:56 pm

The worst bank ever!


Angela Mansperger September 5, 2017 at 6:32 pm

Huntington has the WORST customer service EVER. I called in on August 16th to request a duplicate debit card with the SAME card number be sent to me because the numbers cannot be read on my current card. I was on hold for over 20 minutes before a human answered. NOTE – The card is NOT lost or stolen. I called in again on September 1st because I still have not received my card and it took me over 30 minutes to get to a human. I told her that I had not received my card from my request over two weeks ago and stated I wanted a new card with the SAME number sent to me via Fed Ex. I was put on hold for over 10 minutes and when she got back on the phone she informed me that she closed my current debit card number WHICH IS NOT AT ALL WHAT I ASKED. I demanded at this point to speak with a supervisor and Allison got on the phone after 15 minutes on hold. She stated that it could not be opened back up and that I would have the new card with the new number NO LATER THAN September 5th. I did not receive my card today so I again had to call back in and it took 45 minutes to finally reach a supervisor named, Tosha. She stated the card had not even gone out yet via fex ex and that it took “two to three business days” which is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what Allison told me on September 1st. This has caused nothing but problems. I had to go into a branch to get a temporary ATM card which is useless at the gas station, the grocery store, or to pay any bills online. There are several monthly bills that are automatically deducted by using that debit card number that will now NOT be paid and will LIKELY cause fees and cancellations. Tosha said Huntington WOULD NOT refund any fees that I was charged because of HUNTINGTON’s SCREW UP. This is by far the absolute worst and most unprofessional customer service I have ever dealt with and it is BEYOND STUPID that the customer is told that “sorry there is nothing else we can do”. Not to mention the astronomical hold times that a customer has to experience when the only option is to call in because this disaster that your company has created cannot be solved “online” which I was also told was an option if I didn’t like the hold time. Telling a customer that “we are just really busy” and expecting them to hold for over the stated “15 – 20 minute” wait time that was quoted at the beginning of the call is ASININE. I have 7 accounts there and clearly Huntington DOES NOT CARE AT ALL about their customers. She could not even tell me when to expect my card from Fed Ex. I AM ONE ANGRY CUSTOMER and will continue to tell anyone I can how HORRIBLE Huntington Bank is to their customers!!


Angela Albertson August 29, 2017 at 12:16 pm

Huntington Bank is the absolute WORST bank I have ever dealt with in my life!!!!! The customer service is a joke as is the branch manager at Bridgewater Falls in Hamilton Ohio. Paulette I think is her name she can’t even explain to me the overdraft policy and the other person working is Regina who is never available to help anyone. I deposit checks through the ATM all of the time. From the same person. For whatever reason they decided that they would just randomly put a hold on some of this money that was used to pay bills. In this ten days they put a hold on my money I was assessed 5 overdraft fees. However they will only refund me four of them. You mean you are going to make me pay for something you did and all you can say is I am sorry there is nothing I can do? I have been a customer for over 6 years and every time I have to call customer service they can’t even tell me what the overdraft policy states. They tell me something completely different every time I call. This bank is definitely not about the customer! As many complaints as I have found online I am really surprised they haven’t been shut down yet. Train you customer service people and the people you put in a role as manager. I have worked for a bank for 15 years and there is always a way to help the customer. I don’t even know how they continue to operate!!!


Blazso August 16, 2017 at 3:52 pm

Huntington Bank is the worse.

$2,625.02 worth of forged check fraud without ever notifying the customer, even though they caught and rejected the first check attempt! The bank stated it will be 10 days twice now, before any money can be refunded. Current day count is 28 days and now the bank is saying maybe, it could be, by the end of this week.

Why the delay? Because the the branch office in Canal Winchester filled the paper work with the fraud department wrong, twice!

Oh but the real kicker, getting called three times a day by the bank to bring the negative, closed account, that’s under a fraud investigation up to date…



Donna Perron July 12, 2017 at 10:19 am

To: Stephen D. Steinour, Howell D. McCullough III, Paul G. Heller,
I have been a customer of Firstmerit now Huntington for some time. I am trying to get a loan from this institution and from the Lagrange Ohio Office. Least to say the first person I dealt with Lee Ann was pleasant and very informative about many things. Then she was going to give the information over to whomever, I’m thinking the loan officer. Well, Mary Beth Reed
from this site is either with a customer, on the phone or just does not want to talk a call from me. I have not called daily nor hourly it was more like weekly and it took an email from Tina M Foxx after my conversation with her and the possible loan in process,that this Mary Beth Reed contacted me and that was 3 days after my call with Tina M Foxx.
Ms Mary Beth Reed didn’t sound happy at all when talking with me and it almost seemed like the call was such a bother and there is something she would rather do than talk to me about the loan it seemed to me she was annoyed.
So I wait for over another week in hopes to hear something from Ms. Reed, well guess what here’s a surprise. NOTHING. So I called the branch and again Lee Ann stepped in and told why and what was going on and what could be the next step. Then I said that Ms Reed has avoided any contact with me and Lee Ann said she would call me to let me what the out come would be.
Look I have been more than professional with this Ms. Mary Beth Reed and gave her the respect. I have not met this person and yet she is being so disrespectful towards me. I know that the loan I was inquiring about may not have been a $30,000-$80,000.00 or more and yet being treated like this is beyond my thought process.
I work with the public every day and I give people the respect and time regardless. I do that because if we have no customers, I would not have a job!!!!!
Respectfully and Thank you,
Donna Perron


David February 28, 2017 at 10:41 am

I had a very unsatisfactory conversation with representatives today of Huntington Bank. In fact, a supervisor in Customer Service hung up on me because she was unable to assist me. Let me explain.

I have not received my 1099-Int Form so I can file my income tax. I called Huntington Bank and they were unable to provide the necessary information. I was transferred to Customer Service and given a mailing address where I might be able to get the information. No phone number. Since this is a matter of some urgency I requested my Customer Service representative to find a phone number and provide me with the information. He was unable to do so.

I asked for his Supervisor. After a very unfruitful 10 minutes on the phone she offered to make a request to their Tax Reporting Support office. I asked that she phone them and was told they do not have published phone numbers. I suggested they all have phones on their desks and someone in Huntington Bank knew how to get hold of them. Since this is a matter of some urgency I’d wait on the line while she accomplished this seemingly small, but customer oriented task. She hung up on me.

I sit here now with zero information despite the fact that HB is required by law to provide this information to me. I’m not sure at this point of my next step, but I will providing this information to my attorney and accountant in case the IRS has a problem with my taxes this year.


Tonya Scott February 6, 2017 at 3:30 pm

Hello I just want to say that I am extremely upset the Huntington!!!! I have been trying to get a problem resolved for 3 weeks now!!!! I have money that I have no access to all due to an error that Huntington keeps making!! This is the second time this has happened and nobody can tell me why it keeps happening!!!!! Your bank has some serious issues that need to be investigated. I do not appreciate this at all!!! I need my money. I have been in the bank twice and I have done my part. Only to be told, there is nothing more I can do. when really they have not done anything!!!!! The bad part is, Huntington can screw you around and all you can do it like it!! There is no type of compensation offered for the inconvenience!!!! I need this to be taken care of and I want my money in my account that should be there A.S.A.P!!!!!!!! Also, I want every fee waived! I certainly hope someone gets this message and does something about it. I am strongly contemplating going with another bank because I cannot trust Huntington. How can I be sure this is not going to happen again????


kayla webb December 30, 2016 at 7:03 pm

i pulled out $360 out of ur guyes atm on north third street in newark ohio and it didnt give me my money or recet i dont have an account with u guys so what am i going to do cause i want my money….


latricia walker October 21, 2016 at 7:55 pm

I had the worst experience today 10/21/2016 about 5pm with huntington here in indianapolis at 10531 e washington st indiananpolis, in 46229. I went to the atm machine and deposit $340.00 (all 20’s) in to the machine. I waited for a receipt in which it never came out. So i waited and waited while there was a long line of cars behind me. Then the machine spit my card back out without an reciept. I put my card back in just to check my balance it didnt give me the balance with the deposit of 340.00. SO im sitting there like what the hell just happened to my money i just put in there. My daughter was in the car with me i told her to go in side the branch and tell someone that i am not being accounted for the money i just fed there machine. Because I was not getting out of line until i find out where the hell is my money. In the mean time I calls inside the branch Al Wolfe advised me to come inside. I was really not feeling that. Once I got inside i explained to him I fed the machine 340.00 (20’s) but no receipt. He looked up my information and proceeded to tell me well i see where you did an inquiry. Yes i did after the fact i fed the machine my 340.00 and no receipt, He was veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy snotting and rude. He then tells me he has to break the machine done and it could be awhile and did i want to wait. hell yes i want to wait thats my money in there. He took so long to get back with me. Once he did its almost 6pm closing time. For him to tell me well i checked and all the funds is accounted for. I said well it cant be because i just fed that machine 340.00 and it didnt come back out so. Someone needs to find my funds up in here. He was so rude to the point in said well this does happen from time to time if that makes you feel better. HELL naw it dont make me feel better this is a banking insititution and you are tell me if it makes me feel better this do happen. Its the weekend and i just paid bill today is why I am here putting money in your atm. He then proceeded to rush me off telling me there is nothing more he can do. Really???????????????????? he said i will do a dispute and i have to wait until monday. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. rude and nasty. SO needless to say he didnt do the dispute because once i got home i called 1800 number and was told no disputed has been filed. so now im realllllllllllllly pissed off so i had to do the dispute over the phone and was giving a confirmation number. Huntington better find my funds. I have already contacted my attorney the next step will be the media. not very happy about this situation at all.


Michelle A Simonetta June 9, 2016 at 8:16 pm

iwanna know why i have been a member of your bank for 3 years now and had no major problems and now i have somebody trying to steal my identity and you give a another account and a explanation like go to the police station and file a police report go to the branch and file fraud reports i showed you all the pics of the check this person has used to over draft my account $1000.00 and you told me it was fraud and an out of state check now im getting my paycheck self deposited and you say you cant refuse the check when i know you could my boss at corporate told me to tell you this and you still say you cant thats pretty messed up because know you telling me a different story by telling me i deposited the check in Wickliffe when clearly you told me it was deposited in Indiana yesterday how can i deposit a check when i was at work at the time it was deposited so now there telling me they cant put my account to zero and let the check be deposited like they said they would and i have overdraft protection so whats up with that im 23 worked my butt off for my money and your just going to take it i feel people should know about this i feel tv8 and a lawyer should be getting involved i hate threatening people but i work hard for my money and your not even trying to help me one bit


suliman eid ahmad January 20, 2016 at 2:50 am

*** note : I received this email is from you and thank you

To esuliman50XXXXxx Jan 14 at 1:49 PM


We, Huntington National Bank are here to assure you that any financial transaction that occurs between our company and the customers are kept confidential in other to avoid governmental inspection by interfering in the customers account or savings treasure.

We are here to inform you that one of our customer named: Mrs Mariam Ondilo who serves as the next of kins, for her late husband Said Mohammad Ondilo an account owner in our company send us your information. She order us to transfer the sum of Ten Million Five Hundred U S dollar ($10 .5 Million USD) to you for an investment project.

Urgently get back to us, if you are SULIMAN EID AHMAD ALGHRAYNAT so that we can proceed with the transaction.

James Collin

Office Address:
Al Fahad Bldg #4, Flat No. 421 Janlius, 4th Floor
Damascus street Near Eluios Road
P.O.Box 231241
London, United Kingdom


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