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H&R Block Corporate Office Address

H&R Block
One H&R Block Way
Kansas City, Missouri 64105

Contact H&R Block

Phone Number: (816) 854-3000
Fax Number: (816) 854-8500
Website: http://www.hrblock.com/
Email: Email H&R Block

H&R Block Facts

Founder: Henry and Leon Bloch
Date Founded: 1946
Founding Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Number of Employees: 2400

H&R Block Executives

CEO: Jeffrey Jones
CFO: Tony G. Bowen
COO: Thomas A. Gerke

H&R Block History


handr 1

Young Henry Bloch and his brother Leon wanted to open a family business when they got out of the army after WWII. Borrowing $5,000, the pair opened a small bookeeping shop in Kansas City, Missouri. Unfortunately, after just a few months, the business was not doing very well and Leon decided that he would rather go to law school. Henry wanted to keep trying, so he was about to place an ad for help in the local newspaper when his mother suggested that he hire his brother Richard instead since he knew about tax returns.

The pair began doing bookkeeping again, but this time around, also offering tax preparation services. handr 4

The new company was called the United Business Company.

In 1955, on the advice of a friend who worked for the local newspaper, the brothers ran an ad in The Kansas City Star for $5 tax services. The next day the office was full of tax clients, and H&R Block was born.

The company expanded by franchising to New York City in 1956, and the company grew quickly. The name was changed to Block, rather than Bloch, which the brothers thought was easier to remember and to spell. H&R Block went public in 1962, trading on the New York Stock exchange, under the symbol HRB. handr 5

Today H&R Block is a tax-preparation and and financial services company. The company has 25 million customers, which it serves through 11,000 company-owned and franchised locations in the United States and 1,600 locations in Canada and Australia.

The company competes for a share of the digital market with its online tax programs and software. Unlike other online companies, H&R Block has a program called the Best of Both, where clients enter their information and do their returns online and a Block tax professional reviews, edits, signs, and e-files the return for the client. Many clients claim they feel better about returns that an actual human, trained in tax return laws, has read and at least looked at. handr 2

H&R Block is a member of the S&P 500, is #665 in Fortune 1000, has 2,400 employees, and had $3 billion in revenue in 2016. Headquarters for the company are still located in Kansas City, Missouri.

handr 3


H&R Block FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for H&R Block?
Answer 1: The phone number for H&R Block is (816) 854-3000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of H&R Block?
Answer 2: The CEO of H&R Block is Jeffrey Jones.

Question 3: Who founded H&R Block?
Answer 3: H&R Block was founded by Henry and Leon Bloch in 1946.

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gary c. March 2, 2019 at 6:42 pm

The H & R block office in Pikeville Ky, is a joke, last year to do my taxes were $160, this year they were raised to $ 265, this is horrible, considering that the guy did’nt do them right the first time and when they were rejected, he scolded me and told me if they had to paper file, the money would have to be up front, so another lady re-did the returns and all was good. I will never go back to H 7 R nor will I recommend anyone else to go. I can do them myself online for less than $50….never again. You have lost a good customer, who has sent some friends of mine there also. I’m not gonna embarass myself by sending anyone else. The guy that did mine took all but 15 minutes to do them and DID THEM WRONG….To lose customers like myself, you should make it right. There must be others like me that are not sastified, because I went there 3 time and no one was ever in the lobby.


Andrew Dolfini February 26, 2019 at 5:27 pm

I went into one of your offices in Brownwood Texas I had just, had my return done on 2/1 was sent a letter that I needed a 1095A which I was never told by your employee when I tracked this form down by going to the market place your employee told me to bring it in and they will fix it she charged me 35.00 dollars hich she neglected to tell me about befor I drove the 45 minutes back to your office I aked about getting another cash advance a hich her response was your lucky you got what you did


Andrew Dolfini March 1, 2019 at 2:00 pm

Am waiting for a response from you and my refund in am shocked at your busness practises


Steffanie Montoya February 15, 2019 at 10:23 am

I am emailing you today because your HR Block office in west valley city Utah. The one on 3390 S 5600 W. Has a representative who is just completely a bad man. He charged me for organizing paperwork, when I brought in 3 pieces of paper, and he charged me 25 dollars for this !!!!! As well as he added on services I never asked for. I also noticed while I was at his desk he had other peoples returns sitting out, and I could see other socials and birthdays, now I’m a good person, but a bad person would steal that information. I am so glad I didn’t choose the drop off service, if that is how he treats peoples private personal information. Scott is the worst representative, and I tried calling to have the manager of the office call me back, and they still haven’t and I asked for this in January. That office is horrible I’m never going back. Scott and his manager should be fired for not caring about their clients.


John & Donna Poletti January 30, 2019 at 3:54 pm

I am very frustrated. We visited your H&R Block office in Castlewood VA for the first time. Our 1st experience there was very good, people were nice and it was the largest tax refund we ever had due to me quitting my job and paying Cobra medical payments for 4 mths. We first went there in February 2018. In April we received a letter stating our tax return was being looked at by an examiner. In May we were notified that the tax credit that H&R Block used was not qualified. We went to the local office and they made a phone call. They said the examiner is re-looking over it. In June we heard nothing. July, another letter, asking to give IRS 30 days to look over. September, another letter from IRS, 30 days. We went back to our local office and Yvonne the manager called and spoke with someone. Same thing again. It is now almost February 2019 and we have heard nothing, our local office does not offer any assistance, tells me to just call IRS. I call and get nothing. WHAT DO I DO! I paid your local office, they claim still we are entitled to this refund. I will never go back to a H&R Block. I am active on Facebook and Instagram and belong to many organizations. Everyone wants to know the outcome. I hope someone from Corporate Headquarters can offer me assistance. We did pay your company and was only paid a fraction of the refund. Costed more to get my taxes done than the refund was. PRETTY SAD.


terry little January 2, 2019 at 4:20 pm

Just wanted to make sure corporate was aware of what is transpiring in your HR Block offices!!

—–Original Message—–
From: Terry Little
To: tiffany.fields ; fetewi.ghaim ; calvin.ricks ; clientclaims ; wayne.riddle
Sent: Tue, Jan 1, 2019 12:56 pm
Subject: Terry Little tax return

Dear Sirs/madam,

I am writing to all of you in hopes that this matter can be taken care of as soon as possible. I know that all of you are aware of this situation but it seems that everyone is passing the buck. I have been a client of HR Block for over 15 years and have always received good service up until 2017. Your employee at the time, Rebecca Stevens, had been doing my taxes for many years. She moved to the Michigan City office and told me that she was still able to do my taxes even though she was a couple hours away from Muncie where I live. I sent her my w-2 and was informed that I would be receiving a refund and therefore did not have to file my claim right away. I know you have all seen the copies of the text messages that transpired between her and I. I have always bought piece-of-mind insurance, (you can go back and look at every tax document done from the first time I used your services). Because Becky told me I would be receiving a refund and had up to 2 years to submit my taxes, I did not buy the peace of mind this time. When I finally did send the rest of my documents to Becky to file the 2016 and 2017 taxes, I had a bad feeling about the returns and that is when I called the Block office in Muncie and asked that my taxes be redone. This is when I met Christine Weida who has been an absolute life saver for me. She is professional and kind and helped me through my tears when I realized what a mess these returns were. She helped me get in touch with Wayne Riddle to whom I spoke in October 2018. He told me that this would be taken care of and because the return had been done at another office (Michigan City) he would have to get with that manager to figure out who would be responsible for this matter. I have not since heard from him. I get the feeling that he thinks I will just let this go and just go away. This entire matter was a HR Block employee who caused me to owe a lot of money in penalty and interest and now I’m asking that this matter be taken care of ASAP. I am asking that someone, ( who ever is the big boss in this group) get back to me ASAP. The penalty and interest continues to accumulate as we speak. Copies of all of the documents I have received from the IRS are at the Muncie office.

I appreciate all of your time and look forward to a quick response to this matter as what I owe the IRS continues to increase daily.


Terry Little.

Jan 2, 2019

I have received a reply from Fetewi Ghaim and I’m just letting you all know how angry I am. For the last months I had been told that I would receive a check to cover the mistake and misrepresentation by a HR Block employee. I was told that all of you were aware of this matter, that a claim was filed and that I would at least be receiving a check for penalty and interest. All of you have passed the buck and have cost me more money in interest and penalty with the IRS. Never would I have anticipated such a poor response from a company such as yours. Obviously you have lost a customer and I will make it my life mission to tell anyone who will listen about your poor service and failure to right a wrong. I will be seeking counsel to see if there is anything further I can do to right this wrong. I may not be successful but at least I will have tried and will do my best to make sure you never do this to another person. I am fully aware that I am not the only customer to be in this situation at the hands of Rebecca Stevens as your employee and that you were fully aware the entire time and let it go.


james stateman December 9, 2018 at 3:28 pm

H&R Bloch Management, I have been a Bloch customer for many years. We had our 2016 taxes done by Block and the lady that prepared our taxes, failed to put over twenty some thousand dollars on our return. We clearly presented this person with the documents necessary to file our return. It was clearly a Block mistake. I July of 2018 we received a notice from the IRS stating that we owe a certain amount of money. We had a hard time getting an appointment with a Block office, finally we saw a Mrs. Susan Orr, out of the Radcliff Ky office. What we thought was resolved has again reared its ugly head. Every time I speak with someone out of the Central Florida call center, I am impeded for some reason, but when I talk to someone out of the Kansas City call center, I get help. I have since contacted Mrs, Orr, out of the Radcliff Ky office, she said she was going to have her supervisor call me, his name is Mr. Steve Maroquois, if I don’t hear from this person I will be contacting you back. If this is the kind of service that a life long customer gets, then Block is in deep trouble. My name is James D. Stateman, and can be contacted at 502-202-XXXX, please advise.


john snyder July 19, 2018 at 12:36 pm

good afternoon….. I did my taxes with what I thought was a reputable honest company, YOU
h and r block…at a charge of $190 bucks….the check was issued April 20th
and was sent to YOU h and r block instead of me and YOU have been holding it ever since, and will not send it to me, after the proverbial usual run around and lip service..
obviously this is a scam/crime of the highest magnitude. Holding refund checks to make interest on my money and i’m sure a lot of other innocent victims..
at first I thought YOU to be complete incompetents…YOUR not…
YOUR a den of thieves. common criminals, where’s your headquarters Mexico??
i’m sure i’m not the first or last that YOU crooks are going to charge
to rob them. I’m going to spread the word to anyone I can and put you in the WORST possible light I can..
.YOUR A DISGRACE and deserve to go out of business.. john snyder


Donald Moore July 5, 2018 at 8:24 am

Hello I have been a customer with your company for close to 30 years and this year I have had some hard times with another sick child and I’m trying to apply for a loan to assist with this issue I have a emerald card and was wondering if you bank issue’s personal loans.
Donald Moore
Parma hts Ohio


Sara Wettstein March 30, 2018 at 4:02 pm

HR Block is a joke!!!! I filed my 2017 taxes and they entered in the wrong routing number to my personal bank account. I have called customer service and they all tell me that I need to contact the IRS, I have contacted the IRS and they tell me to contact HR Block. If you guarantee your service then why won’t you help me!!!! You can’t even get a hold of a live person when you call the office that you filed at. I have reported you to the BBB and also my lawyer will be contacting you next week. I will never do my taxes with HR Block because when the say it’s guaranteed it’s not!!!! If it was then someone would at least help me.


David A. Weiss March 21, 2018 at 11:52 am

I’m writing this to let everyone know out there never to deal with this con artist company. Trying to get a hold of a district manager is like trying to get a hold of Donald Thump himself. My nightmare all started back in January of this year, when I went to file my taxes at the Campbell and Irvington office in Tucson, AZ. The so called tax pro first messed up on my rapid refund advance application to where i was denied. Second when he filed my taxes they were rejected and sat there until I called in to find out why my taxes weren’t showing on the IRS website as accepted yet. Third when they resubmitted my taxes they were rejected again and once again sat there unil I was on the phone with the IRS discussing another issues and was informed by the IRS that my taxes once again where rejected do to the so called tax pro not filing my 1095A. At this point i was pissed and went back to the office and spoke with the so called manager that was arguing with me that I must of misunderstood the IRS because they were showing them as being accepted. 2 weeks later I received a letter confirming what i already knew from the IRS that i needed to refile my 2017 return with the 1095 A attached to it. I finally had enough of all the incompetence and called the office asking to speak with the district manager, they at first told me they didn’t know who the district manager was. After calling another local office i was informed that it was someone named Gardner and that he works out of the office on 1st. and Prince, so I proceeded to call that office and was told Gardner wasn’t in, but to come to the office and they will assist me. I went into the office and worked with their office manager Pat, who did get everything fixed and submitted correctly. I have now been waiting for this ghost of a district manager since February to return my calls , because I feel that I shouldn’t have to pay for such horrible service and being given the run around, not to mention the delay in the refund from the IRS.


john snyder July 19, 2018 at 12:40 pm

@Dave your being generous…..their thieves and jailbirds..


Rodney Gilson February 20, 2018 at 10:19 am

I filed 2016 Federal Taxes w/H&R on line. I paid $31.79, and have a debit card transaction, Since I owed money from before I just figured they kept my 2016 refund. To find out H&R never submitted my 2016 return, I call your Toll free number and they could no find my 2016 return. Stated I last file in 2012 with H&R, They said they would send this in for a review. I paid them and was able to print my 2016 return, (Thank goodness) If H&R didn’t file my return I should at least get my money back.


brent collins December 5, 2017 at 1:46 pm

…hello…I’m the artist who created the large bronze sculpture ,Pax Mundi, located outside the south entrance to your KC world headquarters…I would like to email or speak personally to the administrator who deals with issues relating to your corporate art collection…there are several helpful suggestions I have relating to the maintenance of the work on the presumption that H&R Block and I have a shared interest in enhancing the presentation of it for the benefit of both the corporation’s employees who see it on workdays and the general KC viewing public for whom it is a public landmark and source of pride (referred to once in the KC Symphony’s promotional literature as community masterpiece)…thank you…Brent Collins


Jennifer James November 27, 2017 at 3:40 pm

I sent this email to some executives… hopefully something can be done:

I am emailing you to tell you about my horrible experience with HR Block. I went to an office last week and was treated poorly. I was there to file for an Emerald Advance. I have sat and prayed on this for a week. I didnt want to email out of anger so I waited. I was turned down for the advance. I think I would be more understanding because honestly I dont have the best credit but I am a working mom and working hard for my family. My denial was based on a bankruptcy that was on my credit report. I have never filed bankruptcy in my life. I am 35 years old and own up to my bills. During the application process the gentleman had to restart the app 3 times because of computer issues. He had to do that to the 2 customers before me that were denied as well. Which i am now wondering if its operator error. I explained to this gentleman that i have never once filed bankruptcy that something must have been entered wrong. He handed me my paperwork and basically showed me the door saying he did nothing wrong that its out of his hand that he cant help people like me. Ok so is it because i am a woman or because i am low income? People like me just keeps ringing in my head. So i left the office fighting tears. I work in customer service, I am an office manager at State Farm and even if it wasnt the best outcome I would never want someone walking away feeling worthless. I have used HR Block since i got my first W2 when i was 16. I would have recommended you to anyone. Even when I worked for Quicken and got Turbo Tax for free I still used HR Block. I called the office to talk to a manager twice. The first time I called i was told to call the phone number on the declanation letter. The 2nd time I called and specifically asked to speak to a manager I was put on hold for 17 minutes and was hung up on. All i wanted to do was pay off my electric bill, buy a stove so I can cook for my kids and be able to give them something for christmas. I dont live beyond my means and I work hard for what little I have. I didnt feel like a good mom to begin with and after leaving there I feel 100 times worse. I have never done the advance before and thought that this was a silver lining. This just crushed me. I am sure this email will fall on some deaf ears but I had to say something. I prayed and prayed that no matter the outcome that it was gods will but still this hurt.


Brandy Thompson August 20, 2017 at 8:24 am


I am writing to see if I can get our IRS issue resolved. We have contacted the IRS for an extension that has now run out on the 19th of August. We have been in contact, somewhat with Peggy, our tax preparer. It has been 7 weeks and we still have no resolution to the issue. When we contacted the IRS they told us that Peggy neglected to file an 8606 form? We had on our tax return paperwork for closing out a 401k and a Roth 401k. We supplied all paperwork to Peggy.

Peggy came back with… she said we owe the IRS and that she didn’t show that she had both 1099r forms. To which we provided out of the packet she gave to us upon the completion of our taxes. We also scanned and emailed her both the 1099r forms and the copy of the form she completed that included numbers from both 1099r forms. She was going to try to get HR Block to pay penalties. We did purchase the peace of mind insurance.

Peggy has kept the contact to an extreme minimum. We have emailed her at her personal email that she gave us due to the fact that she is not in the office during off season. We understand that she does work another job, but, this should be a priority for her in our opinion.

We need to contact the IRS again to try to get another extension, however we are not sure where we stand and don’t know how to explain to the IRS why we need another extension as we were told that what was needed was simply for Peggy to file the proper form.

We do have copies of all communication and all paperwork included in our packet for our taxes for the 2015 tax year. I can scan and send this at anytime. Please help us get this resolved quickly.


Brandy Thompson
Christopher Thompson


B.T. Linder August 7, 2017 at 8:49 pm

Please see the e-mails below. I have made repeated requests to have my e-mail removed from your e-mail lists yet MS.Ganey at the Wrightsboro RD Office in Augusta, GA refuses to do it. Tomorrow I am going to seek legal counsel so that I can sue you over this. I quit Block in December, I haven’t filed a return for Block sdince 2003 or 4. Do you think I will ever work for Block again? NO. I won’t. Any wonder why there are so many complaints against Block.

Why can’t you take my name off your list?
I have made repeated requests to stop your e-mails.
I will never work for, visit or use HRBlock for anything.
What’s more none of my friends will either.

I have asked you three or four times now to stop sending me e-mails.

Haven’t I warned you I was going to take legal action if your didn’t?

Tomorrow I will seek counsel to sue you and HRBlock over this!

From: “bt linder”
To: “Regina Ganey”
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2017 11:10:16 AM
Subject: Why can’t you take my name off your list?

Why can’t you take my name off your list?

—– Original Message —–
From: Regina Ganey
To: Linda Carter , Thomas Lee Combs , Eugene Davis , Ladarius Jamel Green , Kay ryan, Bonnie Sue , Louie Scott Lowe , ‘Lucy Keefer’ , Dawn Denise Milliken , Daniel D Moore , James J Murray , Reed torres, Barbara Ann , James T Schroeder , Delma D Seckinger , James Alan Sell , Cynthia Renee Smith , Susan C Tee
Sent: Fri, 10 Feb 2017 14:34:29 -0000 (UTC)
Subject: ACTION NEEDED, Don’t Forget- End of Pay Period is Friday – Approve Timecard!

Good Morning Savannah River District!


Tracie Parker March 30, 2017 at 6:41 pm

I will no longer be using H&R Block…every year I go back and every year it costs me more and more money for the same paperwork to be filed…I paid well over $300.00 for a $300 dollar return…it cost me more money to do my taxes with them than my return…


Jacqueline Facey February 9, 2017 at 11:01 am

Re: H & R Block
8154 Ogontz Avenue, Phila., Pa. 19095

Arrived at the captioned location at 1:55 p.m. for a 2:00 p.m. appointment only to be told by the receptionist that she had given my appointment time to someone else. According to the receptionist she made the decision to give it to someone else because she had been unable to reach me, by phone, the day before to confirm my appointment. This seems to be an on going practice in this office, one that is just wrong and needs to be stopped. To say that I am livid is to put it mildly…for one whole additional hour I had to wait until the other person was finished. To make matters worst, there was not even a apology rather an attitude of indifference. I have filed my taxes at this location for over ten year but am so anger I’m considering going somewhere else in the future. Had I not been able to keep my appointment I would have Called to cancel. Had I not needed to filing my taxes yesterday I would have left. If this is a policy of H & R Block then if should be clearly displayed.

Jacqueline Facey


stephen mungo February 8, 2017 at 5:11 pm

I was charged $450 for my long form filing, and received a $850 refund from state but owed IRS $4350, I was taken aback buy such a high fee, but paid. I will never use this company again. MY wife”s filling was a lot more complicated and she only paid $150 to her CPA.I will be sure to use them next year as well!


Yvonne Wolf August 20, 2016 at 9:30 am

Ending my H&R Block services after 20 years, just want you to know why…
For Tax year 2015, had taxes prepared and paid over $700. (Friends with similar situations, moved to a new state, purchased home, paid $300). When requested a second look since the preparer said I could not take deductions which I had taken in the past resulting in me paying additional taxes, could not get through all the conflicting information…customer service set me up for a second look, when I arrived that tax preparer said H&R Block didn’t perform second look on H&R Block work. For 2016 I’m using TurboTax since I’ve been told many of your preparers are simply doing data entry. Please consider adjusting your prices to reflect data entry as the service or provide value when a customer is paying CPA rates.


Jay grohman June 21, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Had taxes done 1/26/16 the person doing them. Heather Bell did not include state form CA-6 a Sr circuit breaker which gives me an additional &1040.00 on state refund
Letter rcvd from state audit 5 weeks later asking why there was a big difference in my return over the last 5 uyesrs. Heather. Called I had to send in the adjustments press mail. 5 weeks later I rcvd another letter from the state. They wanted proof of my rent and payments to my management company. It cost me $10.00 to get it and again I expressed mailed it to the state
I called H&R block 3/18/16 expressing displeasure and asked for a fee refund
On the 4 thrall I was told I would receive a refund of fees. 6 more calls no refund each person I talked with from 4/20 said they would call me back. Never did I called again today 6/21/16 was told I would get a call back. Why is there no response and where is my refund. Over 20 years of doing business with u and this is how I’m treated
Jay grohman


joe louis December 30, 2015 at 11:35 am

Why does Julie Coleman bring her 34 year old son with her to HR Block? Why is she the only one who is allowed to bring their child to H R Block? Justin sits in the back on a computer, while Julie Coleman is working. Julie Coleman is always texting on her cell phone, under the desk. Why does she work so many hours, when she is always texting on her cell phone, under her desk. Fix this now, or I will have to go to the higher powers.
Do not allow Julie Coleman to bring her 34 year old son to H R Block, any more.


NUNO February 22, 2015 at 12:21 pm



Florance Williams December 9, 2014 at 10:47 pm

I want to file a complaint, my fiancé applied for HR Block in Quincy Illinois and got denied the position because of a felon that happened years ago but yet Marlissa Douglas is working for that office and she is a felon as well. How come some can work and some can not, isn’t that discrimination ? I guess it just depends on who you know huh. I will be speaking to our lawyer about this. I understand if you have a felon on your record why you can not work for a company like this but then there shouldn’t be others that can work there when they have a felon on there record as well. If you turn your head for one you should for all. Florance Williams


Giff Piampanichwat May 31, 2014 at 1:53 am

Dear H&R Block,

I used your services and paid one of your Tax Specialists for services totaling $342.25 to both calculate and file my self employment taxes for the 2012.

Throughout the appointment the Specialist appeared very knowledgeable and completed my interview in a matter of minutes once I had provided him with the necessary doXXXXentation.

At the end of my appointment, we had determined that I would be responsible to pay back a $4984.00 which was an unexpected large amount. Although taken back by the amount that I now owed the IRS, I was calmed by the fact that the situation was what it was and that there was no other option but to pay my dues and move on.

Here is where lies my frustration. In your nationwide commercials, you advertise that H&R Block honors their human error and will pay for any penalties, taxes, and fees including additional taxes resulting from human error but not to exceed a certain amount I am sure…

This past Monday I received a notice in the mail indicating that the “Specialist” that completed my taxes for me, had made a mistake and reported my taxable income incorrectly. Your employee’s costly mistake has resulted in me owing an additional $2,399.00 in taxes that I am in no position to pay for at the moment. I was told that I had to pay $4984.00 and thus that is what I had made arrangements to do back at that time.

Remembering your company’s commercial in my head, I did not overreact and simply made an appointment to see one your specialists yet again and get the matter taken care of…

This was your specialists AND your specialists solution……..:
How terrible that the Specialist made such a costly and simple mistake, but I would need to pay for it because I failed to purchase some “product” or rather “insurance” package for an additional $35.00….. Two issues here, I was never explained fully what the product/insurance was nor was I properly educated by the worker in the value of purchasing it… The manager and specialist then showed me some paper that I initialed saying that I declined to purchase the product/insurance AS IF THIS WOULD MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!

In the end they told me that the bottom line was that they were only required to pay the 82.00 in penalties and taxes and that HAD I BOUGHT THE PRODUCT/INSURANCE that they would have paid everything AS IF THAT WAS GOING TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. If the solution was so easy (had I bought the product/insurance), why could they not make an exception to rule and explain to Corporate that H&R Block had made a costly mistake that they felt compelled to fix it????

I kindly ask that you stay true to your word and advertisement and help someone whom has been made a victim of one of your “human errors” and pay my $2399.00 IRS bill. Times are hard enough as it is and to have to financially pay for someone else’s mistake when I could have made proper arrangements to begin with last year, is frustrating, disheartening, and makes me lose my faith in your companies ability to stay true to their word and not just be another two-faced corporate monster.

Kind Regards,

PS I am going to post this on every H&R Block Facebook page as well as email info@hrblock.com in hopes to receive both a response and help in my time of need.


deb April 3, 2014 at 11:00 am

I will not be returning to H&R Block as I feel being charged over $350 to file what I consider a simple tax return was way out of line.


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