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Hot Dog on a Stick Corporate Office Address

HDOS Enterprises
5942 Priestly Drive
Carlsbad, California 92008

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Phone Number: (770) 514-4500
Fax Number: (770) 514-4903
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CEO: Dan Smith
CFO: Daniel Bylund

Hot Dog on a Stick History

Hot Dog on a Stick was founded in Venice, California, in 1946 by Dave Barham. He began by selling hot dogs on a stick and lemonade to those working out or watching Muscle Beach. The company operates a chain of hot dog fast food restaurants.

Over the years, the company expanded and offered franchises. The company sells a food item they refer to as a hot dog on a stick, but most people know them as corn dogs, as well as fresh lemonade. Lemonade is replaced every two hours and the company offers many flavors such as raspberry or strawberry lemonade.

In Feburary of 2014, the company filed for bankruptcy stating that they had high lease rentals on their locations, most of which are in large city shopping malls. Global Franchise Group acquired the company in August of 2014 for $12.2 million.

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R Ortiz January 16, 2018 at 12:50 pm

ATTN Dan Smith & Daniel Bylund
Date/Time: 01/15/2018 @ 7:40PM
Employees: Michelle & Lily
Location: 24201 West Valencia Blvd Suite 10 Valencia CA 91355

Upon approaching the counter to place an order Michelle appeared to be in a very bad mood. The other young lady, Lily, was socializing with another young woman and boy instead of working. Michelle asked Lilly to stop speaking with the other individuals as there were customers waiting. When we placed our order Michelle’s tone sounded very irritated. There was obvious ongoing tension between Michelle and Lily which carried over into the customer experience at no fault of our own. As we waited patiently, we noticed that the cook time for our food was taking longer than expected. My husband is a Chef and noticed Lily appeared upset. In an attempt to help, he made a suggestion to cook the dogs and fries at the same time to expedite the orders. Lily was not welcoming of his suggestion and she was very snippy/rude and condescending in her response. At this point, we no longer wanted our order as we felt mistreated from the beginning. We requested a refund. Lily took it upon herself to throw our food into the trash and inform us that there are NO refunds. We demanded to speak to a manager and Michelle informed us that the manager is on vacation and we will have to wait a week to speak with her. There was no attempt to provide us with the manager name or direct contact phone number. We were denied a refund, received no food and were told that we would have to wait a week to address this issue. This response is unacceptable. Mind you this has nothing to do with the value of our purchase, it was only $10.01. It was a matter of principle and lack of professionalism on the part of these young ladies. It is evident that this situation would be a great opportunity for training. After demanding a refund multiple times, Michelle finally offered a general phone number to file a complaint. With given very little options and being embarrassed from all of the attention we were receiving from surrounding patrons, we requested that they give us our food and the phone number to file a complaint. We never received an apology and Lily felt compelled to continue to argue with us to justify her actions. We were completely taken back by this whole experience and the lack of training these young ladies have. This was our last stop in the mall before heading home and we could not believe how we were treated and the lack of empathy shown by these young ladies. It should not matter what personal issues are going on amongst the workers, the customers should never be mistreated in this manner. We were disrespected and embarrassed by this entire situation. We request that your company retain the video surveillance as evidence. This is a great opportunity for training at this location. In addition, the reviews on Yelp support that this location is in desperate need of either new staff or serious customer service training. We will never return to HTOS and we will make sure that anyone we encounter does not go there either.


Gabrielle June 28, 2017 at 2:57 am

I have been To HOS at The Blvd Mall in Vegas for years and always received excellent fast and friendly service up until last year my 3 most frequent visits with in a 12 month period were unprofessional experiences the 2 young ladies who waited on me ( 1 girl I had twice) where acting as if I were at there home .
Call I’ll explain 702 327 XXXX


Alyx Fratto March 29, 2017 at 7:35 pm

I still haven’t received my w2. Can someone mail me a copy asap or call me?

Alyx Fratto
West Jordan, UT 84081


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