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Harley-Davidson, Inc.
3700 W Juneau Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53208

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Phone Number: (414) 342-4680
Fax Number: (414) 343-4621
Website: http://harley-davidson.com
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CEO: Keith E. Wandell
CFO: John A. Olin
COO: Lawrence G. Hund

Harley Davidson History

Harley Davidson was founded in 1901 by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when Harley designed a 116cc engine and attached it to a bicycle frame.

In 1903, the first real motorcycle was created with a 405cc engine.

In 1905, they began selling their engines to people via magazine advertisements.

In 1906, a factory was built on Chestnut Street.

Harley-Davidson provided about 15,000 motorcycles to the war effort in WWI.

By 1920, Harley-Davidson was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Harley-Davidson was one of only 2 American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the great depression.

The company has undergone several sales and many changes since WWII.

Today, the company produces over 150,000 motorcycles per year and enjoys a very high brand loyalty.  The Harley-Davidson corporate office is still located in Milwaukee.

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Norm November 30, 2015 at 12:26 am

I purchased a 2015 Ultra Classic Low in June 2015 a great machine and about 4500 miles on it already but I have a problem with it.

When I take off from a stop at an intersection or traffic light the engine stumbles and knocks, sort of like when you try to take off in 2nd gear.

I have taken it to Adirondack Harley-Davidson 106 Bellen Rd, Broadalbin, NY 12025 and Joe’s Motorcycle Repair, Dyno Tuning, Dyno Performance, 124 N Central Ave, Mechanicville, NY 12118 to have this problem corrected. I was told by both places that the reason the Motorcycle does that is that the fuel programming is set too LEAN to meet Harley-Davidson’s requirement to meet Government EPA standards.

I was told by BOTH, Adirondack Harley-Davidson and Joe’s Motorcycle Repair, that they can fix the problem by installing Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle performance parts: 1.fuel tuner 2. high flow air cleaner and 3. flow through exhaust.

In order to do this they would remove ALL of the Harley-Davidson’s EPA required Environmental components, re-tune the engine, it will run perfect and no longer will the engine stumbles and knock like when you try to take off in 2nd gear. ALL of this for the around $2000.00 plus.

I already paid $25,000.00 for this motorcycle so I do not feel that I should have to pay another $2000.00 plus to have the motorcycle taken apart reassembled with parts that will VOID my warranty and invalidate the requirements of the Motorcycle to meet Government EPA standards.

So where do I go to get my ULTRA re-tuned a little richer under warranty at no charge, not voiding warranty and still meeting Government EPA standards.

2015 ULTRA Classic VIN: 1HD1KDM17FB653218
Norman W James


Todd Schill November 23, 2015 at 8:13 pm

Hi my name is Todd I bought a brand new Harley Dyna Fat Bob 2014 the bike was delivered to my home on November 1st the day after purchase, from that time I realized there was flaws in the paint job on a gas tank, also the gas gauge did not work, also there were flaws in the chrome on the exhaust. I had contacted A young lady by the name of Gretchen if I remember correctly from she told me she didn’t understand why I was getting upset about the gas gauge I shouldn’t depend on that I should pay attention to the mileage .century harley-davidson in Medina Ohio at that time she told me she didn’t feel it was worth giving me a warranty on the pipes since it wasn’t that noticeable then she advised me she doesn’t know why I was getting upset about the gas gauge I shouldn’t depend on that I should consider depending on my mileage to insult to injury she told me she’ll see what she can do it took me approximately 5-6 visits to century Harley to have them say they would take care of it they ordered the gas tank and the gauge it took approximately one year to get the gas tank in when I went there to have it installed with the gas gauge they advise me after sitting there for almost two hours that the tank that was delivered was damaged so they ordered another tank, within three days they called me to tell me the tank was delivered the boy was taken back to the dealership they installed the gas tank and claimed they put a new gas gauge on it also well that’s where they got caught in their lie the gas gauge was never replaced or even fixed the bike was brought back to me I went to put gas in it thanking the tank was on empty it took two point 7 gallons of gas only and still was reading only a hair over half a tank when I called them back extremely upset at this time they told me there’s no reason to get upset it wasn’t mechanical the bike still ran now I felt very insulted when the individual told me this because they sure are getting their payments monthly on time as promised they notified me the other day to tell me it would take 7 to 10 days to order the part. I will say now I will never deal with that dealership again did I get a good price on the bike when buying it absolutely but a warranty is only as good as the people that stand behind it for a minor thing like a gas tank and a gas gauge I should not be fighting with them for a year to get it taken care of and obviously I have. I guess we’ll see what happens in the next 7 to 10 days in the meantime I will contact corporate because if this is how one of their dealerships represents the name of Harley not a very good job at all its to the point where I’m not sure even if I want to keep dealing with Harley I love the bike but I sure would like to ride it more than having to take it back and forth to the dealership.


Daryl Huber November 18, 2015 at 9:16 pm

I have an 02 Harley Ultra Classic that I bought an extended warranty on when I bought the bike in December 2013. Since I’ve bought this bike it’s been in the shop about 6 months of the whole time I’ve owned it. Had several different problems with the bike shutting down lights going out. 3 days after I bought the bike the motor had a knocking sound in it I took it back at first oil change and told them about it. They said that’s what a Harley sounds like. Harley been in my family for years. Took it to Treasure Coast Harley in Florida they tried several different things to fix motor not problem. Couldn’t figure out what it was. Then I was having problem with just completely shutting off on me in the middle of intersections had at their 5 times for this replaced wiring harness replaced a bunch of the stuff on the bike. Had their rental by on the last time they brought my bike to me and said take it to the dealer you bought it from that we going to fix it. Took at the Space Coast Harley they fix one of the problems. Then I tried to get them to fix the motor problem. They said it was the juggs. Harley extended warranty did not cover this the money had to come out of my pocket. Did not fix the problem constantly taking it to dealers that tell you there’s no problem. Took it to a professional shop V Twin Don Vero Beach Florida and he found out the cam plate was bad and the bearings were bad on the crank. I had a problem this weekend with coil on the bike and I was at Treasure Coast Harley in Florida they told me why do I have this bike here they’re not going to work on it get the bike out of there. I don’t think this is the way dealership should be handling the customers. I think my next alternative is to contact a lawyer insu Harley Davidson . Has called customer service they said it was a used bike what do you want us to do about it. I don’t understand why Harley is given me so much problem about this bike. If somebody could contact me before I contact an attorney I give one week. Thanks for your time


Brian Simmerman November 9, 2015 at 8:19 pm

Have owned 6 Harleys now. Currently have a 2014 Streetglide Special. Love the bike but the Speedometer is off 4 mph. Speedo reads 64……actually doing 60. Wouldn’t bother me so much but after 50,000 miles I should only have about 47,000 actual miles showing on the odometer. Unacceptable to have the speedo off this far. Additionally, Dealer says it’s within “10%” and the MOCO says it’s acceptable. Well, it’s not……dealer says nothing they can do to fix/repair the wrong speed reading. Just not right. The GPS shows my speed exactly as the speedometer. Now, the GPS runs off a satellite to provide the maps. Doesn’t the speed run off the satellite also? It does on every GPS I’ve owned……not this one……..runs off the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). Who’s idea was it to do that??? Love my ride……just the little things that should be given attention. Hopefully HD will respond to me as they don’t accept emails “at this time”……..and calling the HQ to talk to someone who’s actually breathing oxygen is an impossible task.


steve braybrook November 3, 2015 at 8:26 pm

The situation has been resolved after I visited them once again.


steve braybrook November 2, 2015 at 5:46 pm

Attn: Keith Wandell; This seems to be the only means of contacting HD directly. You make it extremely difficult for your customers to talk to a person, in Customer Service! All other options are automated and are not applicable to my situation. We purchased ESP for our 2009 Street Bob. Took it into a dealer for assessment (the shift linkage came off the transmission). Contrary to ESP policy, ($50. deductible) I was charged an additional $250. The dealer said ESP wouldn’t authorize the additional labor & primary oil. I contacted ESP and was advised they don’t police the dealer and I should speak to them. I told them I spoke to the dealer at length and they still refused to adjust the repair order. I did not ask for any additional or costlier parts above what ESP originally approved. To get our bike back, we had no option but to pay what they demanded! Now, for some reason, its up to me to enforce ESP’s rules.


Attention; Kieth Wandell, CEO ,HD October 23, 2015 at 9:41 am

Attention Mr.Waddell, sir; I bought a 2002 Road King Police Special! After a couple months my stater went out I than took it to Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson in Loveland, Co. After approx.8-10 weeks later the 1-time use bolts , 2 backed out and 2 sheared off causing the wiring to my voltage regulator to be sucked in th primary case as the stater spun off due to poor installation of the stater?!! Thunder Min.Harley insist that it’s not there fault that the stater bolts not properly torque backed ou and sheared of in the cases! Now they won’t fix my bike after $3500. In damage was caused by this poor installation of their mechanic! My bike is at Bruce Rossmyers sitting because General Mgr will not authorize the repairs to be done!! Please note that Thunder Mtn has the WORST MECHANICS AS WELL AS POOR CUSTOMERS RELATIONS AND THEY DONT BACK UP THE HARLEY DAVIDSON NAME WITH GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICES! I was rd by the GM that if I’d been to his store a100 times as apposed to the 5 times is been there that I’d get preferential treatmeby?? So I guess because I trusted them to work on my bike and have only been other a few Times I can’t get my warranty honored??! Is this how you do bussiness??! Help me. CEO Keith Wanndell. Contact info. 941713XXXX. Ben


stephen davis October 22, 2015 at 5:08 pm

I just spent an enormous amount of cash for a Ultra Limited. The very next day I attempted to play the radio. I found the speed control did not work and the volume can not be controlled. Up and down, never steady. I returned to the dealer and he checked for the latest update. It has the latest update, and he told me this is a problem with the new boom box system. I called the company and was informed it was indeed a problem and they were working on it. My thought is why has it taken over two years of work without any results. I bought the bike because of the cooling system and the sound system. SOLUTION: If you can’t fix the problem, replace the system. I WANT MUSIC. Or at least what I paid for. pls reply two years is way to long for a problem to go unsolved.


Bill Kouis October 21, 2015 at 12:48 pm


I had problems with my sportster. The clutch wasn’t engaging properly. I took it in to a dealer to have it fixed. After paying a considerable amount of money I quickly discovered that it wasn’t working properly. I brought it back and again, it was not working. I decided to fix it myself. I took the clutch off and discovered the clutch was never looked at even though there was a new gasket. There was metal everywhere from the rivets that were grounded. Some of the friction plates were completely gone. I replaced clutch plates and bike is working fine. I need to know the proper protocol for dealing with this issue. I no longer trust the service department.


Rod Smith October 19, 2015 at 2:50 pm

I have been disabled veteran for years and have never asked anyone for anything before. But I need help with my home and can not get the v.a. to help. I am always denied the grant to fix my home. I am an amputee and have some other serious problems. I digress, pardon? I was wondering if there is anyone out there that will help a veteran that needs heat and air and other problems I am having here at home that I can not afford or do myself due to the problems that I suffer. I do not have the money to fix this and it is my home. I want to stay here! Thank you for your time and have a great day! Rod R. Smith U.S.A.F. Disabled !972-1976


Bryan Aiken October 15, 2015 at 10:44 pm

i am writing this due to the facts about a bike i purchased in july 2015. i got a street 750 and sence i purchased this bike it has been in the shop more then i have had it. the bike would just shut off sitting at red lights and while i was driving it. the techs worked on it for 5 hours changed out the fuel packs modulars , ext and still could not get it to start. the bike while driving it would act like it was staring for gas and start jerking. they tore the motor apart on a brand new bike with 1000 miles on it and come to find out the point key was sheared off on the crankshaft to which has to due with the timing , was like this from day one. it was jumping in and out of timing. i got the bike back and 1 week later it is leaking oil from the crankcase and started jerking and cutting off again. it is now in the shop. i try to trade it in and hd finacial says that i will take a 3100.00 hit on the bike plus i am out the 1300.00 i put down on the bike… yes the fucked up bike they sold me from the get go… then come to find out there are recalls on the bike that no one told me about when i was buying the bike. i think this is pretty shitty the way they are doing me. when i tried to trade it in. they tell me that i was pay the roll over equity and come up with 3100.00 to 4000.00 to get another bike…. i am real upset and even the place i got the bike in alabama said that it’s messed up. the bike is not safe period. when i called harley about it they told me that i need to get the dealer ship to talk to the underwritters at hd finaical and as of today not one thing has been done about the situation and the bike is still sitting in the shop. so i am going to talk to a lawyer and file suit against them sence they don’t want to approve me for another bike and make this right. there is alaw that states if they sell you something that is defected that it most be taking care of. i got all the paperwork and it is called service contract agreement… it is just like the lemon law.. all i have asked is for hd to make this right. approve me for another bike with no down payment and i would take the hit but the still refuse to do it. does not make no sence at all. thanks for your time….


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