Harley Davidson Corporate Office

Harley Davidson Corporate Office Address

Harley-Davidson, Inc.
3700 W Juneau Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Contact Harley Davidson

Phone Number: (414) 342-4680
Fax Number: (414) 343-4621
Website: http://harley-davidson.com
Email: Email Harley Davidson


CEO: Keith E. Wandell
CFO: John A. Olin
COO: Lawrence G. Hund

Harley Davidson History

Harley Davidson was founded in 1901 by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when Harley designed a 116cc engine and attached it to a bicycle frame.

In 1903, the first real motorcycle was created with a 405cc engine.

In 1905, they began selling their engines to people via magazine advertisements.

In 1906, a factory was built on Chestnut Street.

Harley-Davidson provided about 15,000 motorcycles to the war effort in WWI.

By 1920, Harley-Davidson was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Harley-Davidson was one of only 2 American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the great depression.

The company has undergone several sales and many changes since WWII.

Today, the company produces over 150,000 motorcycles per year and enjoys a very high brand loyalty.  The Harley-Davidson corporate office is still located in Milwaukee.

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Alisha Craven January 26, 2015 at 11:11 am

USMC Base 29 Palms, CA annual Auction


I’m hopping you can help us in any way you can. Marines are so into Harleys just like my husband you owns 4. Our Auction is going to be held the end of Feb and I was hoping maybe you could make donation that I know Marines will go crazy over. I know I’m writing you at such a short notice and it is a long shot, but if you can help in anyway it would be amazing!! Our theme for our BN is Beauties and Bikers. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Thank you,
Alisha Craven
wife of a Marine of 23 years and counting.
9103587540 cell


Marcus Sikes November 7, 2014 at 12:14 pm

I have 2013 Limited, great bike lots of up grades. On October 21/14 front brakes locked up running 60mph flat spotted tire. The ABS Control Module went out. This is a restricted part. Talk with H – D corporate office they helped me and called Pensacola H – D. The Harley shop seemed to be taking a lot of time saying my appointment was November 14 after one service man said it was going to be checked out on the October 28th. One would tell me one thing and another tell me something else, this why I called corporate office. I also have tire coverage and because it was a part failure I feel that H- D needs to replace my front tire. But other than the tire issue, they now say it will be November 14 in getting my bike back. I hated to call corporate but I wanted it stopped before months had passed by. If not they were not going to look at it before the 14th and it would have been some time in December.


Coleen Daniel October 23, 2014 at 10:51 pm

Who do we contact to make a major complaint in regards to a local Harley dealership?
We have been receiving calls and when we answer no one is there, then they hang up or we are then directed to another line and put on hold where we then listen to music. Remember this is the store calling us!!! After finally getting tired of this for the past month we decided to call the number back, finally spoke with the general manager Doug. After speaking with him for about 15 minutes, Doug tells my husband his store nor Harley needs his business. REALLY this is a Harley general manager. Well about 5 minutes later Doug calls back to apologize for saying that. Well damage done dude!!! We are not the first people to say Riverside Harley of Calif has gone down hill since the new owners bought it about a year ago. I would like someone to please contact me. WE have our West Coast Thunder ride leave from there every year plus many other functions and rides… well to tell you now, I will be contacting West Coast Thunder and many other functions. As this is not riversides first complaint! I belong to several groups / clubs and at least 3 times a month Riverside Harley is a major fail. So many of us prefer to ride 35 to 45 miles to another Harley store!! Is this the way Harley is now represented? I sure hope not!!!


Roy Foote October 6, 2014 at 12:23 pm

Hello I just bought a 2006 harley Electra glide classic and I’m having a safety issue with the bike a few times I almost went down with it because when I took off the bike would spit and sputter I was told I have 8degree injectors still in my Harley now the owner before be never had them changed and it always happens at cold start up’s even if the bike has sat for only a hr.would harley still honored the safety bulletin. Thanks Roy F


ed pavlovic October 3, 2014 at 6:46 pm

hello there, I,m a happy Harley owner and I just purchased a new enclosed trailer for it, I would really like to put some big decals of Harley Davidson on it to advertise it. just wondering if you can help me out by maybe sending some or how to get some ? thanks ed


kathleen payne September 30, 2014 at 7:50 pm

My husband bought a brand new HD in March, 2014. We have identified a flaw in the paint on his fairing. A piece of scotch tape is visible between the paint job and the clear coat. We took it to the dealer In June, 2014 who has seen the tape. At the time there was a district representative who said only that it was after the 30 day and it wasn’t able to be taken care of on warranty work. We called customer services and got a claim #. We sent pictures of the tape and finally on September 29th we were told that this went all the way up to the top in warranty and it was denied saying it looked like there was an impact on the fairing. My husband asked if he could bring the bike up to Milwaukee to have someone there at warranty work look at it. We were denied any address since we were told no one could look at it. We were told that if the dealer sent the fairing up to them, they would look at it at that time. We were also told we could wait until a district representative looked at it, but they were revamping this process and there is no district representatives anywhere in the United States at this time and not sure when there would be. Do they think we are stupid. I see an address for Corporate in Milwaukee. Why can’t we bring it up there in stead of taking the fairing off, sending it to them and having to wait until they actually see the tape. Don’t they trust their dealers? Why is customer service so crappy with Harley Davidson. We spent over $25,000 for this bike, we have it financed with them but yet we are treated as if we don’t know anything. It is so obvious that there is a piece of tape between the paint and clear coat. But they are only going by pictures which unfortunately don’t show the real problem clearly. I would like to talk to someone who thinks out of the box and not by rules. Let us bring the bike up so we can show you!!!!!!


JO January 16, 2015 at 9:16 am

I went through the same hell on a poor quality seat on our 2013 Anniversary issue softail, our dealer told us that Harley would not warrantee because they determined the seat had normal wear and tear after 15months of use splitting at the seam when I called Harley direct they agreed to look at pictures I took that would prove it was in fact poor workmanship as the stitches did not catch enough leather and gave way – NOT normal wear (we had traded in our 10 year old softail w/90K on it and no normal wear and tear on the seat!) I sent in the pictures as directed waited several weeks then resent asking for an update, then in Jan sent a 3rd request all ignored, I called again yesterday to speak to someone who would only apologize that that was the conclusion their “committee” had come up with and there was nothing I could do! He refused to direct me to a manager or anyone else (In the committee)who could make a decision – Harley doesn’t have any regard for the end user as long as they sell the crappy quality they are now calling bikes! I went back to the dealer expressing my frustration and was lucky my dealer is taking care of this (out of his pocket I’m sure) perhaps you could try the same??
so sad such a once reputable company had gone down the drain…


Bob September 25, 2014 at 2:49 pm

I have a Screamin Eagle Ultra Classic with only 12,000 miles and had the oil pump inner workings shatter doing damage to the lower end of the engine. Too low of mileage to have this happen and cannot find anyone in corporate for assistance. It is a shame that there is not even an email address for customer service/support.


Kevin L Strand September 25, 2014 at 12:05 am

I tried to send my idea or invention by submission but was unable to because of some computer problems. I am disabled and a former motorcycle rider. Thinking about riding again, but probably wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. Maybe for short rides around town. I am college educated that went to school to be a marketing researcher. I think I can help your company and dealers out tremendously. The railroad business made a big mistake by just saying they were in the train business and that’s it. That’s a big mistake because the shipping industry is now mainly trucking or by plane. They lost out by not expanding and limiting themselves to just the railroad business. They have almost went out or just survived by merging with another railroad company. Harley Davidson has a lot going for it. Motorcycles, apparel, accessories, customers, and rising company in the stock market. I know how you can make it better and help out your dealers through the winter months and pick up another niche in the market. Harley Davidson has a strong following and your customers are loyal and love the brand name. I know how you can expand in the market and help northern climate dealers especially in the winter months and every where. Start a Harley Davidson ATV four wheeler division spinoff and sell them to dealers if they wish to purchase them with the motorcycles or have just ATV Harley Davidson stores. Like I said you have a strong following and most bikers are outdoor people that like to hunt and fish. Recreational use for the whole family too. I know if you did this, Harley Davidson lovers like myself would buy one. Harley Davidson would take a lot of business from other ATV manufactures. The best part is they are American made and it would create more jobs. Harley would have another venture to fall back on if need be and you would have a strong sales, which means more profit!!! Give it the Harley touch and they will be beating on the doors to get one!!!! Like I said I am disabled and live on disability checks. I know it says in the submission that you cant give any money out for this but I sure would appreciate some if you like this idea. Thanks for your time and consideration Kevin L Strand


Arturo Dimas September 21, 2014 at 8:21 pm

Please respond 740-xxxx how can i buy a Harley Davidson black denim slim it seems like u guys don’t even care cause for the past two years ive been waiting for one,and you guys made only the ultra street glide


scott September 18, 2014 at 4:38 pm

I was involved in an motorcycle accident and my motorcycle is in being repaired I am ashamed at how long it takes to get parts for a motorcycle when I can car fixed by now shame on you guys for taking so long when she got her money you don’t seem to care and I find that very sad


Don Nugent September 9, 2014 at 2:44 pm

I own a 2003 Harley-Davidson Road King 100th Anniversary Screamin Eagle and would like to purchase a diecast replica of same, but am wondering if any were made and where I can go to purchase one?


Conrad September 8, 2014 at 7:44 pm

Please ensure that your CEO/President of Harley reads this, because thousands of others are being ripped off with these high interest rates that are even been given to people with good interest rates. How can Harley be the American dream.

I am a active duty soldier. I purchased the bike at the end of 2012 from
I had requested that my interest rate be reduced to 6% based on my transfer
orders that were effective 18 Feb 2014. Your response is that I do not meet
the criteria. After speaking with one of your representatives beginning of
last week, my orders is all that was needed showing that I have been
transferred or
going to be transferred. This I find is not in accordance with Soldiers Relief
act, declining it.

Your company is suppose to support military, but instead give out high
interest rates and state that you
Have to have bought the bike before going to active duty. Well you are the
first company to do this,
Because I have had other companies change my interest rate, but your company
tries to find a way around

When I purchased the bike my credit was great and should never had been
given such a ridiculous rate. I have
Paid on this bike for over a year and the balance has not gone down.

The way I feel is that I would not recommend any body to purchase a bike
from Harley. It is a rip off.


Arturo Dimas September 5, 2014 at 11:30 pm

Please please make the Harley Davidson black denim Slim i’ll buy it cash Please call me 1(956)740****PLEASE call


Darnell Frye September 4, 2014 at 11:58 am

Sorry forgot about something,what are the length,width and weight of the bikes?


Darnell Frye September 4, 2014 at 7:59 am

I am looking into putting a display trailer together to honor those who died in the line of duty.Using two Electra glide bikes one for law atnd one for fire rescuerescue.With that said,how much the the bikes ?


Ron Taraz August 27, 2014 at 10:23 pm

I been riding Harleys all my life, love them, i just bought a new utra. but im affraid i wont be able to keep it long, im a out of work ARMY VET. but i do have a newer 24 ft. box truck and i like to know if Harley like to advertising on the sides. i drive back and forth from northern Cal to Tucson az. i be proud to advertise for Harley, would even talk to people how great the bikes are, and they should go buy one.


Vicki gultice August 27, 2014 at 7:27 am

I registered to win a free harley, they keep sending me a message stating that I won. They say go to this address http:// bit.do/HarleyClaimerStep to claim. Have went here several times, and still do not know what I have won. I think this WOW HARLEY is running a fraud and using the Harley name to get people to go to there Web site. Anyway I would really appreciate if you would look into this for me. The message that came to me said I won a new motorcycle, and I would love to be able to give my husband that beautiful dresser they have pictured there. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.


thomas kehoe August 25, 2014 at 10:43 pm

I was with a couple on there 2014 limited Harley Davidson. The brakes went out and the clutch went bad, they ended up in the bean field. In Wisconsin. 25 miles north of sauk parie Harley Davidson. The dealer also owns Harley Davidson in Dubuque. The bike has 1700 miles. Dave had his wife on the back. called the dealer they wanted us to call the towing company. Bikes under warranty. Dave had the bike towed to Sauk Harley. Signed release paper for them to work on the bike. Tech said the brakes don’t feel right. Told general manager. Sauk said they would find the problem and call Dave. They never called Dave. 5 days later Dave called to find out about his bike. They shipped the bike to Dubuque Iowa without his permission. Then Dubuque told Dave that the clutch was out and he has to pay for the towing and the new clutch. There are all kinds of recalls for this bike. Dave was never informed or kept in the loop about any of this. You can call Dave at 563-690-8424 This dealer is covering something and they are making Harley Davidson Look bad. Cant believe they would be so dishonest. Dave is thinking about buying a Honda. His lawyer Will get to the bottom of this. Good Luck Dubuque Harley Davidson


linda mcgarry August 22, 2014 at 3:03 pm

The tin can pipes on my 2013 flstfb are full of ugly rust. I thought my $25000.00 bike had a 2 year warranty. Deeley in Canada told me to spray paint the inside black so it would look better. Not covered by warranty. Let’s get real here. What part of warranty isn’t understood here. I was told “it’s just surface rust” . Well it’s not! It shows the level that HD has stooped to in order to increase profit. Cheap crap parts. I hate to think about the corrosion I can’t see! Wish I had option to insert photo here. At least I got a photo and story on Facebook. Signed, Going Japanese.


Dennis Trager August 21, 2014 at 2:17 pm

To whom it may concern:
I am a 63 year old man who has never rode a bike or owned one. I just recently received my motorcycle endorsement. I have known about Harley Davidson motorcycles my whole life. I plan to purchase my first Harley Davidson motorcycle the Low Rider, but I was wondering about the paint colors. There are only three choices of paint to choose from for the Low Rider and of course none of those colors are what I am looking for. Is it possible to get the Low Ryder painted in mysterious red sunglow. Please advise. Thank you.


EH August 17, 2014 at 1:22 am

Making ANOTHER item appointment. Intercom at Gas Tank shorting out. Lost Comms – intermittant. Radio cutting out off and on. Orginial prob after NEW within Warranty – Spot Light bulb exploded. Last problem with 3 weeks+ waiting Air Shock part – which still leaks AIR. had input 45LBS last week. Single riding last week – air today down to 31Lbs. Now Comms problem. This bike has one defect after another, barely a Year old. I want HD Corp informed of these issues. With less than 1300 Miles on it.


Ric Whisenant August 16, 2014 at 4:59 am

I was wondering if you could help a OIF Veteran out? I promised myself when I got back from Iraq that I would get a Harley Davidson, that was cut short I got injured and sent home so the money I had saved had to be used on other things. Someone I knew had a custom screaming t. It was his dads bike and his dad gave it to his brother so the guy called his brother and asked him if he wanted the bike he said “NO” he didn’t want anything from his dad so the guy said that I could have it just make payments on it to total 1200. I got the bike put back together and running got everything polished up and looking nice. Well the guy’s brother decided he wanted it then it had be sitting out for a year and a half. It looked real good anyways he took it back gave me 80$ and said he’d bring me more money later that’s been 6 months ago can’t find him so I lost out. Lost my pride lost my trust.I fought for the American people to get stuck in the back by one. Anyways I’d never do that to anyone.But my question is you wouldn’t be able to help a OIF Veteran out.I don’t know if you got one that needs some work done to it or not I don’t have a lot of money but riding one of the best bikes on earth gives me a since of pride again.I hurt everyday but when im on a Harley Davidson it takes my pain away gives me a reason to keep living life.I’m not looking for a had out but like I said don’t have alot of money just hoping for.once my luck will change with the help from you. I’m tired of hurting and not feeling like anyone. Please find it in your heart to help me out and get me riding I will do anything to be pain free and to feel like I belong again.Thank you if your reading this hopefully I will hear back from you with some good news and thanks for making the GREATEST BIKE ON EARTH.


Tim Scherrer August 9, 2014 at 2:23 am

I have an 09 v-rod muscle with 3000 miles on it. I had to take my ride in to be worked on because after falling over in the driveway the bike wasn’t shifting correctly and stuck in second gear. I am very disappointed in the service and time it is taking to fix my bike, it has been 2 months and still no bike. The dealer told me they can’t get Harley to ship them the part they need to fix my bike, is this normal? I hope NOT. The dealer has treated me like I’m stupid and asked me when I called about it why I think they can fix my bike without the new parts Harley isn’t sending them. I understand very much it can’t be fixed without the parts but my issue I tryed to get an answer about was how come I was told 3 different dates my part would be there and it wasn’t and why has it been 2 months and their still isn’t new parts. I love my v-rod and can’t wait to get it back, I just hope it isn’t next spring before the parts come. I agree with some other complaints about how rude people are at some of the dealerships especially when I was told not to call and harass them about my bike when in 2 months I had called 6 times and 3 of those times I was told I would be called back and only this last call was I called back and i think it was just to try and down grade me as a person, the other 2 times I got no call back. I can’t believe that anyone else in this situation wouldn’t be furious too. I also believe in american made and after reading the tag on my helmet, gloves, jacket and accessories I wonder if maybe the little man with my part in his canoe took a wrong turn while crossing the pond coming from China. Thank you for the awesome performance and the killer bike the muscle is, I cant wait to cruise it again but I’m not sure if Harley Davidson is really what i thought is was and what it makes itself out to be anymore. Not sure if I will buy another Harley again depending on how this deal with my bike ends. Ultimately it is my fault that the bike needs fixed and there was nothing wrong with the quality of your bikes that I have noticed but the service is nothing to brag about and is quite discouraging in staying with you on the next bike.


Chris Groom July 28, 2014 at 11:54 pm

I bought a 2012 CVO Street Glide Brand new!!! In the last 3years it has been in the shop for various problems. I think it was in the shop for about a year collectively. I dont understand what the hell is the problem is. I thought when you buy a CVO you were getting the “TOP OF THE LINE” Harley. I paid huge amount of money for this Motorcycle, I should have any problems at all! I have a LEMON! I should have bought a regular Street Glide. I want to sup up my CVO but I am afraid that I will have to pay for some other thing that might go wrong with it!


If I had the money I would buy me a regular Street Glide and toss the CVO one in the trash. I wouldnt want anyone having the same problems that I have.


Robert L. Goode July 26, 2014 at 5:19 pm

THIS IS TO MUCH! On May 3, 2014 I purchased a 2011, Ultra Glide Limited (FLHTK) bike. On May 5, 2014 I was hit by a driver making an illegal turn which resulted in my bike being damaged. I had my bike towed to Harley Davidson of Baltimore, located at 8845 Pulaski Highway the same day of the accident. On Monday, May 6, 2014 I went into the repair shop to sign papers in order to begin the repairing process. I was told by the Service Manager Kevin, that my bike would be ready by Mid July. When I inquired as to why it would take so long for the repairment Kevin stated they would have to wait on the parts to come in; I ask him why so long? when infact this is an American built bike, he stated it just takes that long for all the parts to come. On July 14th I stop in to check on the progress on my bike and was told by Kevin that work had not began yet, because Harley Daavidson of Baltimore was STILL waiting on the parts to repair my bike. I was told my bike should be ready in two weeks, and all the parts should be in by then. On Friday, July 25th I stop in to see if all the parts for my bike had been received, and Kevin informed me that my bike would not be ready until AUGUST THE 18th…. Upon hearing thiis news I was so frustrated and angry with the lack of customer service let alone professionism I left the establishment for fear I would retillate in unbecoming manner. Once I returned home I called Harley Davidson of Baltimore and asked to speak to the Service Manager’s Supervisor. Donnie Myers, the Service Manager’s supervisor informed me that there was nothing he could do about the length of time it takes parts to arrived, he went on to tell me that when the parts arrive it will take a mechanic 30 hours to repair my bike, and my bike could be repair sooner , but he doubted it. I am a seasoned bike rider of 8 years and this is my first American made bike and I can truly say I am totally disappointed, and frustrated with the lack of customer service render to me of an American built bike. I can say things would have been different if I only new prior to purchasing this bike, what I know now. So much for an American built bike, if this is the best customer service HARLEY DAVIDSON can offer an American citizen after being in business since the early 1900′s? Perhaps they need to talk to Japan…. STILL WAITING, ON AUGUST


Jeremy Kirkman July 26, 2014 at 1:39 pm

A lot of us ” Your ” costumers are VARY VARY UNHAPPY about the way you and your ” MINIONS ” the local harley shops treat us your Loyal and most of the time Die Hard CUSTOMERS !!!! We are your BREAD AND BUTTER !!! So you need to not treat us like NOTHING OVER WARRANTY WORK !!!! Is it all about the MONEY NOW ????? If so just say it and I bet you won’t even read this !!!! Thanks for almost turning me and as many people I can tell about this away form the bikes WE LOVE SO MUCH !!!!!


Gerald N. Unger June 30, 2014 at 3:25 pm

As an “Old Marine Vet,” who has owned Harley’s since 1966, It has come to my attention that Harley has surreptitiously gone about denying warranty claims, both for Dealer installed handicapped modifications violating equal protection laws, and contending that Veterans flying the American, POW, or Service Flag on their bikes, and trikes are an unauthorized modification voiding any warranty. Any correspondence sent to HD ends up at Customer Service, does not matter who its addressed too. Correspondence received from HD is always ‘unsigned,’ corporate social responsibility is a joke. HD donates money to the DAV, than fails to honor the warranty when a disabled Vet has to have a modification to ride the bike, Than to contend that the symbol of American Values, flown on the back of a trike/bike creates damaging drag on the clutch and transmission, is right up there with “Bullwinkle’s Fractured Fairy Tales.”

The perception is; HD contends the Flag is an unauthorized modification, modifications for disabled veterans voidthe warranty, poor customer service, little or no response on the corporate level. In addition HD’s new VP of Engineering is a former GM Engineer. Is he one of those fired because of the ignition switch deaths, or is this just another poor decision by HD, either way the perception does not instill confidence in HD’s brand. I guess their 1.5 million dollar a year General Counsel, has forgotten that “perception leads to presumption,” or that by ignoring these issues HD’s stock is going to go the way of GM. As the saying goes, “you can’t fix stupid.”
Semper Fi


Otto Amerseder June 30, 2014 at 5:49 am

Have Harley Davidson ever though of having a automatic gearbox on there Ultra Glide as an option?
I think that would be a first for motorcycles and who better than Harley Davidson to do it!
Could even be extended to other bikes in the rang. Ideal for someone who has no experience with a manual gearbox!


jewrsw June 26, 2014 at 7:42 pm

Most of the post on the issues with a Harley seems to be just crying to me. It is time you handle your issues with your bike. How long do you expect Harley to be on the hook for issues with the bikes they sell. They give a warranty for X number of miles and X number of months. I do not recall but I believe it is 36,000 mile and/or 12 months. So if it does not have a problem in that time frame or a recall has not be issued on the problem then it is yours to deal with. You agreed to the terms of the warranty when you purchased your new or used bike from the Harley Dealer. Harley has never stated they would be responsible for any issues with anyone’s bike for more than the time period and conditions as stated in the warranty. Would it be good PR to deal with some of these things and just fix the bike? Yes, however Harley could then be put in the position that you fixed it X number of times in the past why not now? Also it then be asked when would Harley stop being responsible for these repairs if they fixed some of them out of warranty. This is a business to make money for the Company and its Shareholders. It is not a Company to continually fix issues with bikes that are not covered by warranty. It so cases it may take some time and testing to determine if an issue should be fixed by Harley or should not be fixed by Harley. Like paint coming of was it because a metal issue, a paint issue which Harley would possibly take as an issue they need to fix. Or could be due to age, treatment of the bike or use of an agent on the paint that caused it to “fall” off? In my history of riding I have never seen a paint job just fall off of a bike. Not saying it could not happen just have never seen or heard of it before. I have owned two Harley’s one purchased used and one purchased new. I had a problem with the fuel filter on the used one took it to Harley where I purchased it and come to find out there was a lot of sand in the filter. Bad gas is another way of putting it. Harley fixed it no costs to me. I had a new 95 Soft tail custom and rode it for five years. Six months after purchasing it an old lady pulled out In front of me. Harley went through the bike and found a small dimple on the neck caused by the crash and went to bat to have the insurance cover it as it was not that way before the crash. Harley felt it should be made as it was new since it was only six months old. When I say Harley on these repairs and fix it things I mean the local Dealer. The Local Dealer has room to accept or reject and some things need to go to Harley. So lets say if it is with in warranty or a recall or a new issue that Harley should fix they should stand up and do the right thing. If it is not then you as an owner has the responsibility to handle things yourself. It is like after owning my ride for 5 years I had to sell it because of the downfall in the economy. Like I had a choice sell the bike and pay my house payment and buy food or do not sell the bike and lose the house and not feed my family. Is Harley responsible for replacing my bike? Oh by the way I am a disable Vietnam veteran (for real) so is that more reason that Harley should replace me bike? A very big NO WAY to both questions. Sound stupid to ask? Look at some of the post on this site and then ask me that question again!!


Danny June 22, 2014 at 12:02 am

Would like to participate in a trial of your new electric motorcycle in alaska. The cold weather on the time your bike will preform, mabe a two person side said car for the family crusing year long in alaska. You have nont lived intil you have seen alaska!


Arturo Dimas June 7, 2014 at 6:14 pm

I want to buy a NEW Harley Davidson black DENIM slim i’m very surprised a professional company like Harley Davidson does not make it….Arturo Dimas; Laredo,Texas;XXX Allen Drive (956)740-XXXX


Joseph A Saracino June 5, 2014 at 2:29 am

Hi last year I got a 2013 new Harley fat bob fxdf 10,000 miles on it or so I was cleaning it this year 2014 on one of the front shocks looked up under the tripel tree on the bottom of it had a crake it on left of the center bolt and crake to the right side this shock mount could have took my life or some outher persons life last year or the start of this year. this was a new bike never ben in a reck brand new. Harley is fixing it now for free if I did not see this I could have ben killed aiderrondack Harley up state new York is fixing the bike for free. yes I am happy Harley is fixing it but what about the rest of the 2013 fat bobs out their could thay have the same problem ? I am not to happy about this I have had 7 motorcycles and never had one do this. what I like to see done on inspection check them all so this will make it safe for all riders. O I ben looking to get a back rest for my bike could harly help me out now with that then I will be happy thank you won more thing wear I got my bike was Adirondack Harley-Davidson 106 Bellen Road – Broadalbin, ny 12025 Phone 518-883-1128 Sales Associate B-JAY Belanger he was my sales Man my home phone is 518-557-XXXX Joseph A Saracino XX West Main St Canajoharie n.y. 13317 APT X thank you all at Harley Davidson for you time.


Leo May 29, 2014 at 11:34 am

Just opened up the news article on David Zien and I am ashamed of you HD! Sometimes you have to do what is right and for the best interest of the company overall versus a warranty complaint. Here is a veteran who drives your brand for over a million miles and you give him the middle finger over some flag mounts? If your transmissions and clutches can t handle two sticks and materials without going out its time to buy elsewhere ! Ive seen 700 pounds of people on one bike with no problems and two flags did this ……bullshit! I expect better from one of the last American business around and personally ill help pass the word around about what you did to a veteran who believed in your brand until HD does what’s right-WARRANTY this gentleman’s bike!


Manuel Montellano May 20, 2014 at 6:22 pm

Hey there fellas, my name is Manuel, I´m from Monterrey Mexico I am a HOG member and I´d like to speak to someone of your staff regarding some kind of problems that have been happening in HARLEY DAVIDSON COYOTE (MONTERREY)…..the owner Ricardo Sanchez has turned the HD franchaise into some kind of gang, to the point that Ricardo went crazy b/c a customer decided to buy his harley in other HD dealer but when he went to COYOTE HARLEY, Ricardo beat him with a stick on his head, the guy received 27 stiches and he´s in bad conditions….and all this b/c Ricardo says that he onws Harley Davidson…..he goes crazy when people buy stuff in other harley dealer….it happened to me as well….I´d appreciate if someone of your staff can get in touch with me.
thanks a lot


Deb Williams May 13, 2014 at 12:52 pm

I received boots as a gift. Only wearing them on special occasions. The heel fell off one. I paid $20 to have it repaired. A month later the entire sole of the boot came off. I looked at the “good one” and noticed it falling apart too. I’m physically disabled and cannot afford the $75 – $100 charge to repair both boots. I’m hoping the company can repair the boots for me. In my opinion boots should not fall apart when sitting n a closet 97% of the time i’ve owned them. I’ve always worn Harley boots on a regular basis due to the durability. I’ve always had a special occasion pair also. This is the first time I’ve ever had a pair fall apart. The most embarrassing part was walking around a wedding bare footed.


Crenna Myers May 11, 2014 at 10:01 am

Good morning my name is Crenna Myers and I belong to In the Wind Ministries. We are a motorcycle ministry and every year we do an event every December called ” Nite of Angels”.
This event is for special needs children/adults, we have a full meal, Christmas program for them and gifts. This year I am making a Harley Davidson quilt with all the different location tshirts, to raise money for this event will need 25 different location and i was wondering if Harley Davidson would like to donate the tshirts for this quilt to be rated off.
If you are interested in this you can call me at 225-615-XXXX.
Address is 1XXXX hwy 444 Livingston, La.70754.
Will need the as soon as possible since this will be a king size quilt.

May God bless you.

Crenna Myers


Chris Carroll May 10, 2014 at 9:04 am

I recently contacted the customer service department to share my views on the tc88b motor that is on my Night train. Those of you who own a Harley production models from 1999 -2005 have this engine. THIS ENGINE HAS A VERY SERRIOUS ISSUE!!!! The cam chain tensioners can wear prematurely causing catastrophic failure…… I have seen the open cases sitting on the counters at ma and pa shopl to show us the consumers. Oh but wait……Harley sells the upgrade kit for a mere $500 and you can have it installed today for the very low cost of out of your pocket. What a bunch of B.S.!!!!! Why don’t they just manufacture them with the fix in it??? My guess is that they already have them made and on the shelf and it would cost THEM too much to do it for us the consumer. I have found class action lawsuits online where this has been brought to their attention back in 2002, but they just keep putting them out like this….my guess is that they are willing to roll the dice on the liability. Heres a valid point I make….for one, they sell the better oil pump and hydraulic tensioners to aid their poor design (which just goes to show that they KNOW this is a problem. And secondly, if you buy a re-man or new tc88/tc88b motor, it comes with the hydraulic tensioners and higher pressure oil pump. I can again only guess but THEY SEEM TO BE NOW COVERING THEIR SALE AND NOW NEW WARRANTY ON THIS MOTOR. I was treated like a child by the customer service representative as I was told that my bike is 9 years old and out of warranty……never mind the fact that I gave him the mileage…..22,000 some miles. The factory calls for inspection at 30,000. I shared with him the fact that it was always my dream to have and ride a Harley since I was a kid, and how much I wanted this American made dream and to be a part of it…..he just defended the company’s name and insured me how things are man made and nothing is guaranteed. Well I GURANTEE THAT HARLEY DID AND DOES KNOW ABOUT THIS PROBLEM AND I AM STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH A NIGHTMARE. So much for my dream and my freedom to ride. I have since left a message with the CEO’s secretary jenny/Jennifer, and hope that Keith E. Wandell will have a more civilized and realistic conversation with me, it would be a turning point with my attitude towards Harley Davidson Motor Company. Maybe I am just dreaming AGAIN !


David Stuckey May 17, 2014 at 11:36 am

I have a 2003 Roadglide that I bought used with 43,000 miles the bike now has 52,000
miles since I have owned this bike the compensator nut came loose 2 stators have failed 1 left me on the side of the road, a relay failed left me stranded also, the primary chain tensioner failed, the brake lights quit working and now the bike has no oil pressure. This bike was supposed to have been checked out by the dealer I purchased it from.


Brad Kling May 22, 2014 at 9:10 am

I just bout a 2008 Rocker with 6900 miles on it, replaced front and rear tires and @ 7800 miles rear wheel bearings went out and felt like the back tire was ready to come off. I called my local Harley shop to check on warranty or recall and told me they can’t do anything , but also told me that the bearings where not made to spec. Harley changed part numbers so that the new bearings will last longer. Called customer care and filed a complaint and told me my bike was basically to old that they probably won’t cover it. THERES NO WAY MY BEARINGS SHOULD BE OUT AT 7800 MILES. IM STUCK WITH A BIKE I CANT RIDE AND MONEY OUT OF MY POCKET THAT HARLEY NEW THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH. Its sad they won’t stand behind their bikes when they know they have a issue.


Jessie Northwood May 7, 2014 at 6:49 pm

Long story short: my HD custom paint fell off my fender. I opened my garage and the paint was laying under my bike. I dropped my bike off at the dealer they mailed the fender to Harley & I was told it would be 2 to 3 weeks before I had my bike back. Now 6 weeks later I still don’t have my bike back and they just called yesterday to let me know that they aren’t even fixing it so when I do eventually get it back it still has no paint on the front & sides of the rear fender! 1st of all I’d like to know why it took 6 weeks just to say NO ??? Secondly I’d like to inform you that I AM NOT GOING TO GO AWAY come hell or high water I’m not shutting up until someone answers me and is willing to negotiate a repainted fender!


Ricky Napier May 4, 2014 at 7:59 pm

If you live in ohio don’t go to powder keg iv bought like five bikes there in two years and now it’s ran by a bunch of crooks now all there employees that’s was there for a long time has now moved on that couldn’t see them doing people the way they do. They have one sales person named Darrell that they keep promising the world to, to keep him from leaving. The place needs help bad they have the worse Rating around here and if one of there head bosses or superintendents calls me I can prove how crooked they are I ask that someone please call me 513-473-XXXX


brian May 4, 2014 at 1:14 am

Ive been riding harleys all my life. Two years ago I was rearended and was hospitalized for about three months and when I woke up out of the coma I realized that I had lost my leg. Now through all of this my mother-in-law had set up a benefit because I was out of work for so long and she contacted harley at the corpeate level not a local dealer to see if they would donate a door prize. So about a week later she gets a letter I. The mail from you guys saying in so many words or less that you are beat and had enough never to put a 20cent pin in the envolope. Now it was the most rudest letter that you could get. Now with that being said I didnt give up on harley at all till I went into the local dealer who ive brought a lot of people into over the years to buy new bikes because they where hiring and was told that they wont hire disabled people. Ive never been so insulted in my life. Bad enough I have to with the loss of my leg.I will not ride a harley ever again and will not bring anyone in either. Ive never felt so useless in my life. Bad enough I can not find a job because of what happen to me. I thought turning to the one thing that has always made me happy and then getting spit in the face from you guys. Was a great consumer till 2012. Spent over 100k in your stores over the years between new bike and parts.


frank thompson II May 1, 2014 at 9:43 pm

A man is rideing a 1903 harley beside him is a 2014 harley .
whether you’re writing a 1903 or a 2014 there is no substitute Harley Davidson


Denise May 1, 2014 at 8:16 pm

I went to QPS Staffing agency and they said you were looking to take resumes for assembly jobs at the downtown Milwaukee plant. they said you stopped it but they also told me that you have 6 other temp agencies you go through I was wondering if I could get the names of the agencies. They said you were looking for all 3 shifts. Please Help every time QPS has your job opening on their website I apply and call them and they tell me that you closed the account. I would love to work for Harley Davidson PLEASE HELP


Pasquale April 29, 2014 at 8:32 am

Dear Sirs,
I bought my Breakout two month ago. Last week I was going to ride out when I saw smoke caming out and a strange burning small than I checked I saw wire clutch on the exaust.
I tried to do something but was too late the wire clutch was burned.
Now I’m asking: “Is it possible in a 21.900 Euro motorcycle to see sample plastic cable ties wrapping the wire clutch to the frame ?” , “Is it possible I have to wait more than 20 days to have my brandnew motorcyle back because the official HD workshop doesn’t have spare parts in stock ?” ” where is after sale HD service ?”
I’m still waiting for my ” new” motorcycle !
Best regards
Pasquale from Italy


Chuck Perry April 25, 2014 at 10:46 am

I’m not sure how to file a complaint, as your website makes it difficult, so I’ll try here. I am part of a group called “Wounded Heroes of Texas”. Every year, we hold a motorcycle rally in North Texas to benefit disabled veterans. Myself, and several other members ride, and most have Harleys. We have been trying to get a Harleys dealership involved each year, and in most cases, have always gotten at least 2 or 3 items donated for door prizes. This year, we got the dealership to commit to a vendor space by providing the space, wifi service, and electric, free of charge. After setting up all this, and advertising that they would be there, with “jump start”, they never showed. No phone call, nothing, they just didn’t show. I ride a Harvey myself, and love the bike as well as the experience, but have a very difficult time promoting the Harvey brand at next year’s rally. We are not a big rally, this year we only had about 2500 bikes, but we were very disappointed, as we’re the attendees, that Harvey Davidson was not represented.


brian May 4, 2014 at 1:18 am

They no longer care for there customer base. Your lucky if they will even reply. Alls they care about is the dollar and they dont seem to care where they get it from. Plus they say american made and when you look at all the parts you will see made in china.


Bill Andrews April 24, 2014 at 12:41 pm

Let start by saying I have wanted a harley for 20 years. Drove a hour to a dealer to go find my harley, went in and looked around for 20 to 30 mins and not 1 employee asked if I needed help. So I figured at this point I will go to the dealer 10 mins away…that I have heard alot of bad things about….went in was greeted and found my bike. Thats as far as I have made it. Been waiting for days for some kind of phone call. Put my money down also. Been waiting for 4 days now. Where can I find a dealer that wants to sell me my first harley?


brian May 4, 2014 at 1:22 am

They no longer care about there customers. You can go buy a victory and get a better bike. They have great motors on them and run great. Get some pipes on them and they sound great as well. Plus they are all amde in america and they are priced great.


Paul Werkmeister June 25, 2014 at 8:50 pm

Not sure where you are from but I got my 1st Harley this past December from space coast Harley Davidson in Palm bay Florida the gentleman’s name is Lee and will be glad to give you his number he is awesome as is all the staff on site.


Mr. D. G. Taylor, Sr. April 24, 2014 at 9:55 am

HD, Inc.

After my York, PA Steele Toe Tour, I recently bought a “New” 2014 Ultra Limited in Daytona Blue. Subsequently I’ve been adding accessories and purchased speaker lids (color-match) and speakers for the “New” 2014 Ultra Limited in Daytona Blue. As of April 23rd, 2014 your product specialist (out-sourced provider – CPV), CPV has sent two sets of unacceptable painted (color-matched) lids to All-American Harley Davidson, Hughesville, Maryland and they look awful!

The Service Manager (Jeff Gray) is trying his best to give account and understand why both sets did not match, and appear Purple. They are not even close to being the Daytona Blue they are suppose to be??? I have declined to accept unacceptable products for the amount of money spent on these items; and the two and three separate trips I’ve had to make down to the dealership which is some distance away from my home (Does not make for a pleasant ride to arrive and be disappointed due to the paint issues). As a temporary fix; I had to purchase lid covers (should have been offered for free…) in order to “HIDE” the awful color-match paint imperfections.

To that end; he’s going to be finding out a way to order yet a (third) pair of speaker lids with the “CORRECT COLOR-MATCH” PAINT — DAYTONA BLUE! I’m praying for the correct result this time; or please just refund all my monies I spent on the lids and the speakers.

QUESTION: How does a color-matched Inner Fairing come out almost flawlessly; and the speaker lids look like “s***”, if they came from the same place? Hence, I’m thinking they came from two different sources; therefore, imperfections are evident and unacceptable…

SUGGESTION: Please contact Jeff Gray, All-American Harley Davidson (301-274-5000) to remedy this unsatisfactory ordeal by sending him the appropriate Harley Davidson Factory (York, PA) Daytona Blue painted speaker lids ASAP. It’s been way too long and I’m starting to feel I may have made a mistake… If you send me a reply, I can forward you photos of the lids…

Thank you for your attention in this matter; and I hope for a speedy and successful resolution.


Mr. D. G. Taylor, Sr. (currently A Pissed Off – New 2014 & “First” Harley Davidson Owner”


Perry Paul April 21, 2014 at 9:20 pm

Dear Harley Davidson, Let me start by saying that I was told that I would never ride again after a cage accident and wanted you to know that I recently purchased a 2009 Street Glide(12/31/2013) and traded in my 2004 Road King Custom both were one owner with the glide having only 4088 miles. I discovered that the front tire was in a safety notice awhile back and took it to Adirondack Harley. First thing they explained the procedure to me then between the general manager (Robert Klein) and the service manager whose name escaped me took the bull by the horn and took care of me, my appointment was timely, my bike was taken care of fast, and when things were done I was surprised at how well things came out. While waiting I was able to buy some clothing and was well received by Laurie Nethaway (I think that’s her last name) who was very helpful with my questions. Lastly this dealership has the makings of being a top shelf operation most notable in the customer service area and felt you should know the quality of your staff who are serving the public at this location! Thank You Adirondack Harley Davidson


Ann Reynolds April 21, 2014 at 9:11 pm

my husband purchase a pair of your bootS less than 3 months ago and they have a hole in heal the soul has a hole in it. I can send pictures to you we paid 175 for the and I would expect them to last longer thank you AnnReynolds


Greg Willis April 14, 2014 at 2:31 pm

I would like to speak to someone about how we were talked to by the management at one of your locations. The attitude and language was unprovoked, rude, and obnoxious, with alot of vulgarity. We were shocked. If we could correspond concerning the state of the shop in question, and this incident, it would be appreciated.

Thank You in advance for your time


Ligny christophe April 11, 2014 at 4:49 am


I’m a fan of the brand and the history of harley.
I have no harley lack of means: 4 children, a house and two cars for work.
My wife works in the opposite of me plein.je time working at Jsp Arpro you may know?
I bought a 900 vn occasion but my dream is a harley Davidson has always been but I can not for now .. I hope one day to Route 66 and also come in Milwaukee ..
One question: How to open a store harley Davidson? I live in France, in Picardy in the department of the Somme, country potato terre.Montdidier.
There are currently no harley store less than 100 km to the round and none in this department?
How to realize a dream, for when to open doors or get help .. dare to ask, good luck .. I hope one day also have this chance.une harley Davidson fat boy .. or touring ..
I can be your representative in France and show your kindness on a gift that you could give me .. life is short and dreams can come true ..

Christophe Ligny
5 rue Frelon
80500 Montdidier


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