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Harley Davidson Corporate Office Address

Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc.
3700 W. Juneau Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201

Contact Harley Davidson

Phone Number: (414) 342-4680
Fax Number: (414) 343-4621
Website: http://harley-davidson.com
Email: Email Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Facts

Founder: William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson
Date Founded: 1901
Founding Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Number of Employees: 5800

Harley Davidson Executives

CEO: Matthew S. Levatich
CFO: John A. Olin
COO: Lawrence G. Hund

Harley Davidson History

Harley Davidson logo

Harley Davidson was founded in 1901 by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when Harley designed a 116cc engine and attached it to a bicycle frame.

In 1903, the first real motorcycle was created with a 405cc engine.

In 1905, they began selling their engines to people via magazine advertisements.

In 1906, a factory was built on Chestnut Street.

Harley-Davidson provided about 15,000 motorcycles to the war effort in WWI.

Harley Davidson motorcycle

By 1920, Harley-Davidson was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Harley-Davidson was one of only 2 American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the great depression.

The company has undergone several sales and many changes since WWII. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol: HOG.  In 2013, the company reported revenue of $5.25 billion.Harley Davidson Ad

The company began producing and selling their motorcycles in India in 2010.

In June 2019, Harley announced it was teaming with a Chinese firm to produce small motorcycles for the Chinese market to be sold in 2020.

CEO Matthew Levatich stated in a June 2019 interview that it would be difficult to return manufacturing to the US and that Europe’s response to Trump’s tariffs has been detrimental to many American companies.

Harley Davidson name on gas tank Marcolin eyewear renewed their contract with Harley Davidson in 2019 to continue to manufacture their sunglasses. 

Today, the company produces over 150,000 motorcycles per year and enjoys a very high brand loyalty.  The Harley-Davidson corporate office is still located in Milwaukee.

Harley Davidson emblem

Harley Davidson FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Harley Davidson?
Answer 1: The phone number for Harley Davidson is (414) 342-4680.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Harley Davidson?
Answer 2: The CEO of Harley Davidson is Matthew S. Levatich.

Question 3: Who founded Harley Davidson?
Answer 3: Harley Davidson was founded by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in 1901.

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Pat June 30, 2019 at 7:11 pm

How do you think of Harley Davidson when you go by the HOUSE OF HARLEY in Greenfield,Wi and there is a Gay Pride flag flying with a American and a POW flag.. I am a Viet Nam Vet and also a Harley rider for 60 years and also a friend of Jerry Renner the First Owner of the House of Harley and he has to be flipping in his grave to think that the dealership he so prodly made turned out to be this. I WILL NEVER get any thing from that dearlership or the one in Racine or the airport everagin, I will go to after market. This is to let people know what is going on. Harley go overseas and count your money and stay there, you do not have any body in the company that is a TRUE Harley Rider any more, AMF and that does not mean American Machine Foundry


Belinda Strunk June 19, 2019 at 2:21 pm

I bought a Harley in 2014. Took my bike in to rubber city every time something went wrong, so you would think they would have everything in the computer about the bike parts sizes everything. I called for my special rims tire size that I bought from them when I bought the bike. One guy gave me a tire size that I thought was wrong after talking to someone I know so I called back to have them take another look the employee took my info and said he would call back never did so days later I called back and spoke to another employee that gave me the same size as the first. I ordered the size they gave me and had to wait a week for the tire to come in. Took it to the shop it was the wrong size… so I went to a different shop Lake Erie and took the rim with me they measured the tire and gave me a different size I gave them $341.00 cash to order the new tire had to wait then after 5 days I called they said it was not in to call back next week. Found out the size they told me after they measured was wrong to.. so 9 days later I went back for a refund of my cash because they told me the wrong size and the tire still was not in. The manager came to the register to take care of me. I told her what was wrong and she looked my order up and told me I’m lucky they didn’t even order the tire. Not I’m sorry we didn’t order it I’m lucky they didn’t then didn’t have cash to refund my the cash I gave them up from to order this tire. Had to wait another day for someone to get back tomorrow about my refund. To find out I can’t get cask back only a gift card or a check. They took my card number and refunded it that way now I’m waiting 3 to 5 more days for my money I gave them in cash. I will never buy anything else from Harley Davidson again. Very poor service from both Lake Erie and rubber city both in Ohio. Don’t think anyone should have to wait 3 weeks for product that was not ordered and money back they gave in cash and talked to the way I did. I gave you almost 30,000. For a bike and my business. This is not right.


Pete May 22, 2019 at 11:32 pm

I run the wash bay and detail motorcycles at Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson.

I really wanna talk to someone about our sales department.

I talked to my bank and wanted to trade my 2002 BMW R1150RT I ride (wearing my work shirt) for a 2003 Deuce, but the management in our sales department truly offended me; he wanted my bike PLUS the price listed on our website! I do not feel like I’m part of a team at all, I do not feel appreciated; these guys are greedy. I’m the lowest paid employee and I’m worked the hardest. I ONLY ride, my wife drives; I’m a walking advertisement for our store and our bikes!

I just wanted to feel proud and appreciated… I wanted to actually ride a Harley. If you’d get back to me about corporate policy and our discount, I’d have a better idea, moving forward, where to focus my efforts and purchasing decisions.



steven April 15, 2019 at 6:38 pm

Im very disappointed with Harley I buy a brand new 2019 road glide have the thing two days and ends up in the shop with transmission issues. That’s not the big issue the big issue is that it has taken them over a month to try and get it fixed at Tifton Harley Davidson in Georgia, mean having to call a real tech in to get it looked at not very happy


Robert F. Reavis March 21, 2019 at 3:09 pm

On Feb 4, 2019 I bought a used 2012 Heritage Softail from Falcons Fury in Conyers Ga. and trailered it home.The mileage was 29570, Because of the constant rain down here for over a month I didnt get to ride it for a solid month, 3/12/19, when I did I noticed a fuel leak comming from under the tank, called Falcons Fury and was told to bring it on in. As I was doing so a bad accident happened on I-20 about 50 miles from home and of coarse it started raining again. I turn around and brought the bike back home, putting another 50 miles on the speedometer, 100 miles all total.. Loaded it on the trailer the next day and took it to Falcons Fury. Some dude by the name of “Jeremy” met me at the door and said he was the only one there in the service department and checked the leak, i was told it would be ready by the next day, three days later, not hearing a word from Falcons Fury I stopped by to check on my bike and no one there new anything about it, much worse it took over 30 min. to even find it. Dear Jeremy had not filled out a work order at all, if you can believe it. any way to make a long story short the bike wasn’t repaired untill 3/22/19 and the mileage was 31546, When I called the service dept to complain I was told, and by a slip of the tongue, the bike had been ridden to Daytona for bike week.. Who in the Hell do you people think you are? I didn’t buy this bike for your little boys in the shop to play with and I resent it more than words can say. And Harley wonders why they stay on the edge of bankruptcy all the time. Go figure!


JAMES COFFEY February 25, 2019 at 4:55 pm

I have a 2011 Dyna Super Glide and the rear brake bolt sheers right off!! One more issue with my Harley! Called Customer service in corporate and they could care less… Looks like Indian is getting another customer!


Mike February 21, 2019 at 11:38 am

My wife is 64 years old and has had her MC license for over 40 of those. She hadn’t been riding one for over 30 years. I purchased a new RK which made my son want to take a riding course at the local Harley dealership so he could get his license. My wife wanted to take a refresher course so she could get a small bike too. After paying the local dealership a nice chunk of change for the course she was put on a bike (500 street) that was to heavy, to large and difficult for her to control because she was to short for it. When she tried to turn she could barely hold on to the handle bars making it difficult, on everything else she did great. Well the instructor failed her for that, which devastated her. So just letting you know, since I just saw your 50% discounts on riding classes, that the one thing she did learn from that class is she wants nothing to do with Harley Davidson ever again. Way to go.


Chris Fluellen February 16, 2019 at 10:37 am

I have a 2016 Roadking and been having nothing but headaches with bike, leaks, noices from motor. brake lines flushed out and not put back properly, I have been a Harley customer for many years and just don’t feel safe on this bike and it only has 9000 miles on it and have folder full of service repairs and want to get on a bike I am safe on and would like the cooperation from Harley Davidson motor corp. I what to feel safe and stop seeing oil spots on a new bike in my garage floor and know that I am paying for a bike that I am going be on and feel safe, what are you going to do to compensate me for all this trouble ??? IM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS SITUATIONAT ALL AND WANT SOME ACTION TAKEN.


John Warzybok February 8, 2019 at 5:39 am

Complaint Against BullRun Harley Davidson Dealership!

This is my complaint against Bull Run H-D’s Service Department! They kept my Harley for a month and over-billed me $1,300.00 and are the rudest, most incompetent service manager I have ever done business with. They lost my parts, sent me off on an empty tank of gas running on fumes, refused to sell or even give me a gallon of gasoline. They lied to me about wheel compatibility and it cost me $1,000. The owner is a total jerk. a used-car salesman parasite interested only in his bottom line and allows his staff to treat customers like crap!
I did not include the details of my complaint against this dealership but it is well documented. They cheated me out of $1,000. Avoid this service department whatever you do. They will scam you!


Judy and Richard Crain March 2, 2019 at 8:21 am

Hi, I had my 89 fxrp picked up and asked them to go them , at Gainesville Harley in fl, to check it out completely and do what they thought was needed . I trusted them. Many calls back and forth I finally got it back , more than a month, 1700. I am a woman , I was a bit fearful it was perfect, so asked my son to ride it to make sure before I tried it, sure enough my gut instinct was right, it cut out three time while he was riding it, oh, and by the way, when it was delivered back to our house which we paid for, the front tire was filled with 4and a half pounds, when we consulted the service mgr, we were told the tire was in bad shape, I cannot figure out why they did not tell us that before brought back here, so, we bought a new tire , from them, my husband put it on. Soon after we asked to have them come pick up the bike and fix it using warranty . They have had it a week, no results yet. I am very concerned about this place, we have been riding Harley’s since 1992, my husband longer than that , the service here is not what we expected. I cannot trust them any longer, hope you can speak to them. Thank you , hope you can help


John Warzybok February 8, 2019 at 5:31 am


Harley Davidson: I’ve been searching for the perfect men’s leather H-D jacket and came across a site called Mr. Styles. I was pleased to see they are selling Harley Davidson jackets at less than half the price. So I ordered one. Then I learned these so-called H-D jackets are clones of the real deal. I immediately canceled my order. Mr. Styles is located somewhere in Hollywood, Florida. Not sure if they are allowed by law to do this. It doesn’t seem legal or right to me.

Thank you!


Robin Farmer January 29, 2019 at 3:23 pm

You are missing a opportunity to sell more Harleys than ever before. Sell frames with motor and transmission’s and have your dealers customize bikes at the dealership. this reduces the costs of eliminating parts and accessories the customer did not want on existing models. You will instantly gain new customers and increase the amount of parts sold in your dealer ships and increase interest in a factory authorized complete custom Harley Davidsons and make your dealerships more productive. Think about it!


Larry Friberg January 26, 2019 at 2:50 pm

I just read where the sales of Harley’s have gone down, which does not surprise me. I have been riding Harley since my first Harley a 125 Harley Hummer. I have been riding Harley’s since. I went to purchase a newer Harley but was astounded by the prices of the new Harley’s. You have made Harley so high no one can afford them. Wanting to be the king of motorcycles is crazy. I wanted to buy a new one but my budget will not aallow me to spend that kind of money. It seems Harley is more interested in the profit than the customer service Harley has been known for in the past. good by parley hello Kawasaki. By the way many of my friends who have ridden Harleys for years have gone to other bikes beside the price gouging by Harley.


Bill April 11, 2019 at 2:57 pm

Company has gone way downhill. I worked as a full time employee for over 11 years. In 2011 they laid off over 1,000 of us and replaced us with low paid temps. Did the price of the bikes go down? Nope. But the quality sure did.


JAMES LEE WITHERS January 26, 2019 at 12:29 pm



Kevin L Decker December 30, 2018 at 12:23 am

To whom it may concern:
My issue is with offering blacked-out engines among other parts on the Road/Street Glide Specials as the only option. I want chrome on my bike. One would think that HD would have at least offered optional chrome? What was HD thinking? You lost a sale in 2019 do to this faulty thinking.
Furthermore, the paint offered in the past few years is garbage. I am sick to death of Black, red and blue. Why cannot HD offer better color schemes? (I bet the purple bike offered in 2016 was a huge seller) S/.
CVO paint schemes are horrible for 2019. I hate the two tone crappy colors. I despise the wide pin strip seperation of color. I cannot stand the huge “number 1” on the tank. The blue/black blended color is nice but that is about it. However, I would not pay 43K for a bike.
Now HD has released some newer styles that are appalling. I am not sure who in the USSA will buy those but it wont be us older folks.
If 2020 line up of Road Glide Specials does not offer better selection of colors and chromed out engines, I am movin on to Indian Chieftan.
Further, Harley offers to mechanic maintenance schools in the USSA that I am aware of. One is in Orlando FL the other Pheonix AZ. I looked into the program and it appeared to be a short certificate type of education program, 6 months or less. Ergo, one must already be a mechanic or at the very least posess a modicum of common sense to work in mechanics. This lack of mechanical inclination may explain a lot of the maintenance complaints I have reviewed on this site. Most of the mechanics I see at HD dealers are young kids.


Chris Tipton December 21, 2018 at 5:37 pm

Mancuso HD in Houston has done nothing but totally piss me off with sloppy work, delays and lies and still doesn’t have an air cleaner they have owed me for over a month. I will never buy another HD from any dealer you have since Mancuso screwed me so bad. My next bike and every one after that will be anything other than a Harley and probably and Indian. My next step is to sue them in court


R Villeneuve August 27, 2018 at 2:16 am

I am guessing that someone may just read this and do the right thing at HD Corporate.
While it may be too late to regain desired market share here in the states, its never too late to make a change. Its never too late to serve the AMERICANS that have served you.
Who has something to gain from the words you see here besides all of us? HD Stake Holders first, then your suppliers, then your employees, then your customers……..

I am guessing that HD would only act to change and right the ship if forced.
So lets get too it. I have been riding since I was four years old and I currently own a Paul Yaffe 2012 Custom Chopper ” Outshined”.


I made a huge mistake and took it to a place where I trusted the manager to replace a transmission seal and mount a set of new tires. $1k and 2 weeks was the quote.Owner takes no responsibility for what goes on there….see FB page,I think it’s ridiculous. The worst experience ever for me and many others.
See the real reviews on Google
Columbia Harley Davidson had my bike in their shop for 295 days.
They let a family friend, unqualified mechanic, disassemble my bike without any approvals instead of putting a qualified tech on it (only one out of six in the shop?) and getting it done. They tried to give the bike back in pieces several times and even tried to extort cash out of me over the course of 42 weeks. Just had it fixed in 10 days, stock HD Twin Cam and stock tranny. Experiences like this will continue to erode the foundation of your company and destroy dealerships that deserve it. So just keep doing what you always have and don’t learn, don’t update your product line to keep needed demographics happy. Don’t take care of an existing, long standing customer, dedicated customer base. Just keep taking their money. I bought an HD stock Twin Cam because that and tee shirts were all that I thought HD was good at. The Milwaukee Engine is plugged up with too much tech and lacks the classic Harley that I wanted as a kid.
Dealers usually don’t care because the folks at HD don’t care and it shows. Shame


Willie B Bowles August 25, 2018 at 3:47 pm

Seems to me HARLEY has got Customer Service problems and foreign parts installed on AMERICAN Bikes. Been an Active Harley Owner and Rider with my Wife for 10 years/ 90k miles and no Accidents. From age 61–71, it has been fFUN. I have never paid one off, but managed to Purchase 6 bikes over 10 years while paying High Interest. Now I’M going on 72, looking at my 4th Back Surgery plus having Neuropathy. Even made Road 4 years ago. Got into Financial Trouble with Harley Financial and can’t get any help. After spending Thousands of Dollars on Bikes and Add Ons, Shirts ect. No Help from Harley, Still a Member and my 2015 Ultra Classic Triglide will be taken away from me.


L.G. Britt August 16, 2018 at 7:26 pm

I’m a Harley rider for about 10 years. It saddens me to hear bikers on the You Tube site say this is “my last Harley” if you start building overseas. They don’t seem to grasp that HD is only building a site in Europe to keep costs down in America. At least that’s how I understand it due to tariffs set by opposing governments. But they haven’t asked themselves this simple question. What good would it do for Harley to stop making motor cycles here, make them in Europe, or wherever, then turn around and ship them to America and pay high tariffs to get them here? Does that make sense? I also would like to see HD making more commercials adds or what ever to let the biker community at large know that Harley Davidson is going to stay in America. Let bikers know for sure they can still by bikes here. Certain people are trying to indicate that Harley is shut down in America and I just don’t believe that’s true.
Finally I have slogans to use and all I ask, is if it is used and sales increase by 10% after it’s aired, I get a HD bike of my choosing and I can pass my bike along to someone else.
the slogan is “Harley Davidson, American born, American made!”
the other is, “Harley Davidson American Muscle on two wheels!” or “Harley Davidson, two wheeled American Muscle!”
See if that helps!


Jeffrey Brown July 5, 2018 at 8:08 am

This AMERICAN icon will die if manufactured overseas.


gman August 12, 2018 at 5:04 pm

this company has ben slowly fading part because they will not listen to the consumer they went from a American reliable bike to stepping back in time to the 70s were that’s all they care about is sales your parts are made cheaper and cheaper with garbage steel from china to Chinese parts and they charge you as much as a new car I loved Harleys for years since I was a little kid in the 70s bought my first Harley when I was 16 it turns my insides to think of buying any thing else but after working on my friends bikes and my own I am seeing more over priced parts made with poor quality I have to go to the after market parts just so they hold up I mean come on 10000 miles and you have to replace a compensator and I had one of my friends replace the compensator at 15000 upgraded to screaming eagle and that lasted to 45000 total miles then replaced it with a baker he now has 65000 and still holding I want a American made bike not assembled in the usa indian is making a come back why are they starting to over sell Harley people want reliability and a made in the usa bike they say o the younger generation don’t want to buy old guy bikes no Harley has the look but they change quality for quantity again and there right back in the 70s the boys that are getting out of the military would love to have a hd but there not gone to spend that amount of money on a hd if you are over priced and not reliable and the parts to fix a hd compaird to a jap bike is triple the cost if it was up to me I would fire the board of directors and get Harley back to its roots again hell I no of a company that has made offers to make parts for hd at the same cost there located out side port Washington wi less freight to no Harley wont do that come on stop blaming trump for your own actions Harley has ben in trouble with sales and quality for longer then trump stepped into office its not rocket science why Harley sales are down its greed and quality and not carring about your customers to many swollen heads around a round table you want to be the best then be the best be American and buy American


darren July 4, 2018 at 9:08 am

you guys do what you need to do and the people will do what we need to do. good luck with your new business strategy. i don’t think alienating half the country makes a lot of sense. never again, easy. decision made.


steve July 3, 2018 at 5:37 pm

I have been looking to buy a street Glide, however since you are moving your production overseas I think I’ll look for something else. I was already dissatisfied when I went into a shop recently to buy a jacket and it said Made in China:(


Joseph Clewell July 11, 2018 at 11:36 pm

They continue to make bikes in the US. The Kansas city factory is consolidating with the new factory york facility.

Bikes being sold in Europe will be made in Europe, and bikes sold in Asia are going to be made in Asia once the restructuring is complete. The company has been very upfront with that information. Don’t buy the media fear mongering on it.

The only reason the plants need to consolidate in the first place is due to export tariffs and declining domestic sales.


jim Ries June 28, 2018 at 4:13 am

I have many Harley davidson bikes . from a sportster for my wife to Heritage Classic & street glide for me. If you send any production to any other country but the USA. I will sell my Three HD bikes and purchase something else. The HD were more expensive than other bikes. (all of them) but I wanted the true American classic. I still do but not if you make them overseas.


Joe Manriquez June 27, 2018 at 3:32 pm

Leaving the country, take it all with you! I will not buy your product, EVER! I am american!


scott June 27, 2018 at 11:23 am

Harley Davidson pay attention to your customers. I personally own two a badboy and a cvo electra glide so I’ve spent a lot. ALL Harley riders in the states are proud Americans and will never stand for a foreign Harley. You bean counters are fixing to see the beginning of the end of Harley. Go back to your 90s strategy when it was impossible to buy one if your gonna do anything. Don’t shame your loyal customers by jumping ship.


Robert Hirtner June 27, 2018 at 10:16 am

I can’t believe in Harley Davidson anymore, I am ashamed of your decision to move to the EU. I. Will never buy Harley again. I have put my Ultra Classic for sale now. I am 55 year’s old, have owned many hogs through my life. Was buying a new one for my wife. Now it will be a new Indian chief.good bye Harley Davidson.


Doug Tolley June 26, 2018 at 7:57 pm

I recently sold my Ultra Classic to buy a new Harley. Upon hearing that you are moving overseas, I will be buying an Indian. I will NEVER buy a Harley again if you send work out of the United States!!!


Matt June 26, 2018 at 2:31 pm

Unbelievable that you are moving to Thailand ! This is totally political and I am very disappointed. I have been a lifelong supporter and member of the Harley Family. I will be switching to Indian with my next purchase.


Kenneth Parks June 26, 2018 at 10:28 am

Sorry to see Harley join the political arena. If you taking your factories to other countries is a business decision then so be it but dont blame the tarriffs. Harley is an American company, an icon of American freedom and you move jobs to other countries.


jack ritter June 26, 2018 at 10:18 am

you move your production off shore and Im cancelling my order AND BUYING AN INDIAN


Dave Hull June 26, 2018 at 8:23 pm

If Harley keeps up their crap (building bikes out of the USA and trying to cirXXXXvent Trumps tariffs (which are being put in place to help companies like Harley) and then letting the lame stream media pretend that Trump is behind Harley making bikes over seas, without issue a statement to oppose the lame streams fake message, then they will lose a lot of loyal customers, because the vast majority of bikers are Trump supporters. Harley needs to issue a statement immediately saying that their decision to move bikes overseas was one of greed and that Trump’s tariff policies are right on the money.


Mica June 8, 2018 at 8:39 pm

Watching as Harley prices fall like a sack of potatoes. My dad was a die hard harley man as was I until the 80’s when I couldn’t but a new harley because they became the cult bike of doctors, lawyers and the wealthy. Yes, those people saved Harleys a** but harley lost my dad’s loyalty and mine. I opted for a rice burner with some embarrassment but there was no inflated price or waiting period. I have never looked back either.
Much as I am still angry with Harley over the 80’s BS I still want harley to survive. Time you people look back, history repeats, time to cater to a crowd that enjoys retro. How about you start making street trackers that are attractive and call to women. Women are ever becoming the new wave of riders and they require a bike that is sporty, we’ll balanced and allows them to sit comfortably at the stop light. Come on Harley, get with it, is old geezer are dying off like your sales numbers.


Tommy Holmes April 28, 2018 at 1:25 pm

First thing, I have found that Harley Davidson is a GREAT product and I would give the motorcycle itself a six star review. Unfortunately Employees at the Macon dealership, I’d have to give a 1/3rd star. HD stocks have been falling every day for some time now and I’m guessing it’s due to A-holes working in the store so long that they feel they are too good to help or even talk to someone they believe is below them. I went in today, walked through the WHOLE store and the only interaction I had with an employee is him tripping on my foot and excusing himself; I didn’t get any welcomes, FU’s, we’ll be right with you in a moment, etc. I have been riding for about 22 years on other than Harleys and found that my Vulcan Nomad 1500 fi came closest to comparison with my FLHTCU. Before I step back in the Macon dealership, I will move back to rice burners to avoid the cold shoulder. Harley Davidson, if you want to get your stocks back in the right direction, send undercover people to franchises to see first hand customer relations and fix from the ground up. I felt like Macon employees have “taken a knee” to new customers.

One thing you may want to ponder……… It looks like you are trying to lure college students/younger riders in with the new electric motorcycle concept. Why don’t you get permission from colleges to take your riding course to them, take some higher mileage smaller bikes, even trikes and teach students on location how to ride. Would catch the ones that otherwise would not step foot in a Harley Davidson dealership.


Jackie elliott April 25, 2018 at 1:06 pm

I’ve been riding bikes most of my life but all of them have been something other than Harley ..in 2012 I purchased a used 2008 v rod from a Harley dealer ship soon as I got it home it had to be taken back because of oil leaking out the top of engine. After two are three times it was fixed and resolved. After that it had to be taken in for the fuel gauge to be fixed. Now I have taken it in to have a front tire replaced and now they say I need new wheel bearings Then I also was having the brake fluid recall done now I need another part to fix the abs system . What’s next. During all this Harley has great customer service and mechanics but the bike seems to end up in the shop a few more times than expected for only having 16000 miles. I’m really disappointed in that bike now I don’t know if I want to keep it. So dissatisfied


Dave Hull June 26, 2018 at 10:36 am

A V rod is not a real Harley. That ugly, water cooled POS should have never wore the Harley badge. As far as ABS on a bike, it’s dumb enough to have that crap on a car.


Robert mcrae April 21, 2018 at 8:54 pm

I’m a first time harley owner and took my bike in for service and the so called certified mechanic f-ed my bike up and put my girlfriend life in danger and mine for doing a sorry as job. Then harley said we will take care of it. Go to trade this f-ed up bike in today and I’ve never been so embarrassed by this company like I was today and then you treat me like dirt after all the money I’ve spent with this company somebody in this company needs to fix this. I’ve also been waiting on a supervisor to call me back for over a month and still haven’t gotten that call. This how you treat ur customers. Guess so. Maybe harley isn’t as good or do what they say cause I’m seeing it first hand. Thanks harley for screwing me over. I appreciate it


Vincent Vastola February 4, 2018 at 2:59 pm

Mr. Levatich,

I am approaching my 70’s and have been riding motorcycles since I was 12 years old, in particular, Harley’s since i was 40 years old. The Harley brand, in my opinion, stands out as the leader in the motorcycles. As we all know, sometimes leaders have weaknesses and Harley’s weakness is twofold; 1) it is pricing itself out of the market (you can purchase a car for the same price you can purchase a Harley), 2) Your network of “dealerships” need to be reviewed and closely scrutinized. There are dealerships which are simply disgraceful and do nothing to reinforce the Harley name, These dealerships have incompetent high pressure sales personnel with little or no knowledge about the product they are selling, making misleading statements to prospective purchaser. You have dealerships using (what i would consider dishonest) “bait and switch” tactics in their advertising for sales, parts and service. You have dealerships with dishonest and incompetent service personnel. I would like to believe when a complaint is made at your corporate office someone in a position of authority will investigate without bias as to the dealer. Should you or anyone in the company care to discuss my comments please e-mail me with a phone number and I will gladly discuss specifics. Thank you and best of luck in 2018 and beyond.


Nancy Steffes December 6, 2017 at 11:41 am

Does HD answer any of these complaints? Has anyone had their issue resolved?


Brian November 28, 2017 at 12:57 pm

Hello Mr. Levatich,
My name is Brian Stone. I am a long time customer and a former Harley employee at Kosco Harley Davidson in New Jersey. Unfortunately the dealership did close but my time and experience was enjoyable. I am writing about a problem I am having with the Harley Davidson customer service department that has been needlessly dragging on for several months because not one person I have spoken with is willing to make a proper decision. I am sure once I explain the situation to you and everything I have done in good faith and at the request of Harley tech support you will agree that my request was not and is not unreasonable and there was no reason for this to reach your desk.
There is a significant amount information to put out but I will try to be as brief as possible without losing any necessary content. The Reference number for the case is 3184023. If you or a member of your executive team would like to contact me to discuss this in greater detail I can be reached anytime at 201-906-4490. I would welcome the opportunity to share a more detailed explanation with you and your staff so that we could prevent this situation from happening to anyone else and your customer care team can be enlightened as to how to handle situations on an individual basis. Not every situation is black and white, each has its own unique cirXXXXstances that may require thinking outside of any box or prescripted instruction manual. I mention that for 2 reasons. I am in customer care in a more serious way. I am law enforcement and deal with all kinds of complaints on a daily basis. Are there rules and laws? Absolutely, but sometimes an extenuating cirXXXXstance allows me to bend or break the rules and that is what should have been done here. Simple example, I stop someone for speeding only to discover a woman in distress about to give birth and her husband trying to get to the hospital. Do I write a speeding ticket? As long as I can articulate to my boss why I bent the rules its acceptable. Im sure you see my point. So let me begin with the reason for this letter.
Over the last several years I have spent over 200k on Harley motorcycles and accessories. In July of 2017, I purchased my 7th new Harley Davidson, a 2017 CVO Limited at the cost of $43,000. In August of 2017, I purchased the Sena 20S blue tooth headset and all necessary parts for the installation (Pn: 76000768, Pn 69201726,Pn 76000736A). I was told by the parts counter that once the module and harness were installed you had the option of using either the wired or wireless connection. That would have been perfect for me since I have 2 helmets for both myself and my wife. Though I could obviously have done the install myself I do not yet have a digital tech to activate the product so I let the dealer install it and activate the accessory. On the first road trip out with the HOG group I ride with I was able to hear everyone but nobody was able to hear me. I did have my second helmet in the tour pack with the wired connection and tried to go back to that helmet for the rest of the trip. The same problem. I could hear everyone but could not transmit out. I returned to the dealer and they checked everything with the digital tech to confirm everything was properly activated. They did find they had not correctly activated the blue tooth. Once properly activated I went out and tried the wireless connection again. Wireless was working. We then tried the wired connection but found it would not work. Since it was a Saturday they could not call tech support so I went home and returned on Tuesday because the dealer is closed on Mondays. The dealer called tech supt. and was told that both should work. They kept the bike for 3 days playing with both the wired and wireless head set. I had to take an uber home that day. After 3 days I was told to come get the bike and tech supt would do more research and get back to us. Time for an uber back to the dealer. It was at that time I started checking with other dealers to see if anyone could give me more information about the product. I finally spoke with a friend at Adirondack Harley who told me it was one way or the other but not both. I relayed that information to my dealer who had not yet been told that by tech supt. It was at that point I started my contact with your customer service department about this blue tooth product , the improper representation in the catalog, misinformation from the dealer and completely inaccurate information from tech supt. I also pointed out the lack of a parts breakdown to get replacement parts and the inability to move the unit from one helmet to another because it uses 2 sided tape to secure the base to the helmet. Normally with any accessories there is an instruction sheet and a parts breakdown for replacement parts. With this product there is nothing. You have no way to get a replacement speaker, base or microphone.
On 9/25/2017, I placed my first call to Harley Customer Service. I was connected with Dominique who transferred me to Debbie. It was a 20 minute conversation where I explained all of the issues I was experiencing with the product and everything that had been done to that point in time. Debbie explained to me that she would discuss my situation with her supervisor and get back to me.
On 10/2/2017 Debbie returned the call at 4pm. We again went over all the issues and discussed the trips to and from the dealer . Debbie then asked me “ what would it take to make me feel satisfied?” I explained I wanted another set of headsets since these can not be moved and there is no parts breakdown and I wanted reimbursement for my trips to the dealer. I was again told by Debbie she would take it to her supervisor and get back to me.
On 10/12/2017 at 325pm I called back to Customer Service. Debbie was not available so I was connected with Steve. After going through the entire explanation again I was asked by Steve to bring the bike back to the dealer for them to do additional diagnostics with tech support because they still believed that both wired and wireless should have worked. I did bring the bike bake and again had to take an uber home and back when it was completed to pick it up. I had asked Steve during our conversation if he felt my request was unreasonable or how he would feel if he were me and had this much time and money invested. Though he was professional in his response and tried not to throw the employer under the bus he did agree there were obvious errors in information provided to me concerning the product. He did however express it is not likely that I would be reimbursed for travel even though I was showing good faith in trying to help resolve the issue with the product. I did return the bike to the dealer and once again they had the bike for 3 days. The end result this time was that it was determined as expected that Tech support was initially wrong in saying the system works both ways. It will only work wireless once the unit is installed and activated. So after 4 trips and 8 days at the dealer, well over $2500 in parts, time and travel expenses at the request of your customer service department I am left with a product that is more trouble than its worth, has no parts breakdown available, is not safely transferable from one helmet to another and has no option for replacement parts. I waited for a return call from Steve after the bike was at the dealer.
On 10/20/2017 at 330pm I called Customer Care and spoke to Leslie. I was told both Steve and Debbie were out but someone would return my call within 48 hours.
On 10/27/2017 at 3 pm I called back because I had not received a call from anyone in customer care. I spoke to Jimmy, both Steve and Debbie still unavailable.
On 10/30/2017 at 530pm I called again. I spoke with Dave. A long conversation where we went over everything again. I was informed by Dave that an agreement was reached with the dealer for $300. I was livid to say the least. Nobody had contacted me to tell me about this and when I questioned if the $300 covers a pair of head sets I was told by Dave, he did not know. Dave then tried to bully me into accepting this offer. ABSOLUTELY THE WRONG WAY TO TREAT A CUSTOMER. I was quite clear I would not make any decision without knowing if this offer covered a pair of head sets and what about my travel costs at Harleys request? Dave simply said “Harley does not reimburse for travel, You can take the offer or leave it” So even after showing good faith and doing everything Harley asked me to do Customer Care refused to show me any good faith. I told Dave I wanted to speak to his supervisor because I was not satisfied with this offer or his lack of respectable conduct. Dave informed me I would receive a call from Jessica/
On 11/6/2017 at 310pm I called Customer Care again. I spoke with Debbie who informed me that Jessica was not available but should be available on 11/7/2017
On 11/9/2017 at 415pm I called again because as had been typical procedure, nobody returns calls from your customer care department when they say they will. Jessica was not available
On 11/13/2017 at 425pm I called again. Jessica was out of the office but I was connected with Matt. A lengthy conversation after he reviewed the notes. Matt openly admitted a lack of information and or mis information on Harleys part but he was not budging on the insulting offer of $300 nor was he budging on the travel expense I incured. When I asked Matt about the cost of the headsets his response made my blood boil. “I do not know the price of the pair, the dealer cannot give them to you at cost. They need to make profit” my response was polite, how much profit did they make for the 8 days they had a tech on the bike for nothing? So its all about the money not the customer satisfaction? Matt said nothing. I then ended the conversation with a simple explanation. There are 2 ways to go with this. I will take this to social media, face book and Harley forums…. You can be the hero or the goat. We are not talking thousands of dollars, were talking about a few hundred. How do you think the Harley family is going feel when they read this? That Harley put out a product with wrong information , That tech supports made costly mistakes , that customer care refused to help the customer and then tried to bully me? If it costs you 1 sale I will have made my point. I think it will cost much more than the few hundred dollars I was asking for. Or you can be the hero when I write how well you handled the situation and made me feel like my issue was important enough to resolve to my satisfaction. Matt simply said “you can do whatever you want, the money is at the dealer. “

A complete lack of concern or desire to do the right thing. Common sense? Courtesy? I’m sure if Matt or anyone prior to Matt had said, Ok give him $700 and they could articulate the reason to you or the person who needs to approve it, there would not have been any problem. The resolution was simple and obvious yet everyone in customer care missed it or just truly did not care. So I bring it to you Mr Levatich. How would you feel if you were me? What would you have expected? I would gladly make a trip to sit and talk face to face with you and your customer care team because that’s how strongly I feel about this. The product was mis represented, The parts counter was ill informed, Tech Support was erroneous in its information costing myself and the dealership significant time and I did everything that I was asked to do by Harley, in good faith and what did I get in return? Insulted, additional expenses and an attempt to bully me into accepting the insulting offer.

I want to thank you for your time and assistance with this matter. Though it may seem small and insignificant in the daily scheme of things within your company, it is neither to those of us who purchase and ride your product. We work hard just as you do. Time and money are equally as valuable to us as they are to you. We do expect the same courtesy and respect that you expect. You expect honesty and loyalty from your employees. We expect honesty and loyalty from Harley. I received neither. I look forward to hearing from you and reaching a satisfactory resolution to my problem.



James Scholljegerdes November 14, 2017 at 1:22 pm

To Whom it May Concern:

I’ve been riding Harleys since I had my first 883 Sportster in “72”. Had several shovelheads. Good motor, good bikes.

Was lookin to buy a trike. Decided to rent a trike first to see how I’d like it. Actually, I rented one for a Calif. trip. I took one for a test drive and I rented one for a day trip. I’ve decided not to get one.

Here’s why:
• Can’t get the damn thing to shift into neutral
• Clutch doesn’t grab till it’s all the way out
• Motor killed on me several times. Three times in an intersection.
• Rough ride for my wife. Also hops side to side and up and down from poor rear suspension. Terrible.

What a disappointment. What a disappointment. What a disappointment. I never thought I’d see the day when Harley would make such garbage.

It’s too bad. It hurts to see a great motorcycle company putting out junk. You’re giving your customers away.

What a disappointment.

James Scholljegerdes

scholljegerdesj@ msn.com


Chris November 9, 2017 at 3:46 pm

To whom it may concern,

On my 1st and last trip to Mobile-Bay Harley, i was shocked when i walked through the doors. I have never been to a dealership that had rap music blaring as loud as it would go. To the point of literally having to yell when approached by the sales team. Nothing against any type of music but when every other word is f*** or n*****or b**** and it is in a place of business that crosses the line. There were parents and grand parents in this location having children cover up ears and or simply leaving. No one there seemed to give a rats a** either. Its a dissapointment to see an american icon like HD being represented in that manner. Im all for freedom and the right to do what you choose in your own place of business but c’mon, absolutely no respect for kids or the hard working parents who spend a hard earned dollar on this brand. If i was associated with this brand on a professional level i would be ashamed to say so and whoever is in charge at this location is clearly not. If this falls on deaf ears, so be it. I have never been disgusted enough to even begin to write a complaint but this was rediculous. More like an after hours nightclub than a well respected (should be) HD dealership. Maybe put a sign on the door, 21 and over after 10 am. What a joke.


William Altman October 6, 2017 at 8:28 pm

So after a lengthy call to Harley Davidson customer service today to rework the bike to wired headsets they said it could be done but they would rather fix the issues I am experiencing rather than doing that, I said that would be nice but it appears you aren’t trying to make it happen by anyone parts $400. For the kit that I only need a few parts from and $350. for a new center console with the com plug hole looks like money well spent to fix what Harley-davidson screwed up trying to stay current maybe they should have tested the product OR maybe that was their whole idea to have the customer spend more money.


brian November 28, 2017 at 1:32 pm

I have the same problem with my blue tooth only when I first purchased it the parts guy and tech support were both clueless to the point they had the bike for 8 days telling me both wired and wire less should have worked…. Im sending an email directly to the CEO and if it doesnt get results I will take our issues to the media to prove how much harley doesnt care about the client base. A bit of poor publicity goes a long way…. Over the last few years harley has put out many products that were not ready or completely understood at the dealership level or even the tech support level. That just shows its all about the money and who cares about the consumer. Maybe a copy to consumer affairs and the attorney general might spark some conversation. I have herd they dont care about litigation but they dont like bad publicity.


Bruce May 22, 2018 at 11:23 am

Hi, does anyone have a direct e mail address to a ceo of HD, I had a lot of work that included the fitting of a new front tyre done by Plymouth HD (uk) the tyre deflated suddenly at 40mph, causing the bike to swerve all over the road, on removal of the tyre an aluminised bar code tag that was glued to the inside of the tyre had split and punctured the tube, HD Plymouth have been contacted 3 times and have ignored me, HD uk at oxford say its not their problem, YOU NEED TO TALK TO THEM as this could easily have killed me


William Altman October 6, 2017 at 3:41 pm

So let me give you an update on the New CVO I purchased it has been 5 weeks and still no further along today as I was the day I purchased it. Harley Davidson Bluethooth technology is terrible and absolutely no concern too Harley Davidson the old saying out of sight out of mind should be there moto. If anyone is considering any Harley Davidson with the Wireless technology for that reason don’t not worth the headache and lack of Corporate concern.


Al medlin September 20, 2017 at 4:15 pm

This week I was riding my 2011 ultra classic trike.backed it up no problems rode one mile tried to back up in my yard the motor would kick in gear but not enough power to back my bike up a new reverse motor is 1,600$$ any one have any cost saving ideas???


Michael gosnell August 26, 2017 at 3:16 pm

Sold my 2009 special edition to Harley Davidson of bowling green in Kentucky did this on the eighteenth of august it is now the twenty sixth of august and they still haven’t got me my check I called corporate and they called the dealer and they told me that the dealer had mailed my check guess what still hasn’t arrived when I called corporate back they told me that they had mailed the check on the twenty third and guess what today is twenty sixth and the XXXXXing check is still not here I’m gonna dance a jig when HD goes under cause there is no way they will stay in business by lying and trying to thieve from people


Steve King August 19, 2017 at 3:43 pm

Finally took the plunge and gave up my Kawasaki Nomad for a new 2016 Road Glide Ultra.
Clutch issue recall after two months and now the front wheel bearing has failed at 5000 miles. My bike has been at the dealer going on two months because HD has pulled these bearings off the shelf and hasn’t released a replacement bearing yet.
With all the bearing manufactures in the states, why do you have to wait for one made overseas ???
Other than no update on the status of a new bearing my dealership,
Falcon Fury (Conyers, Ga) has done all they can.
Can you tell me when a replacement bearing will be released ???


Thomas August 14, 2017 at 7:09 am

Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 tqdaq


Ronald O'Renick July 18, 2017 at 5:47 pm

Called Customer service to ask a few questions regarding the stage 1 addition to my new 2017 limited. Two customer Service reps that had no clue what I was asking, not familiar with the pro street tuner that Harley supports and suggest for there new bikes! Basic question regarding the auto tune functionality that was met by a customer service rep hanging up on me? Then when I called back, forced to wait 30 minutes on hold, the customer service rep I complained too insinuated that I was a liar by complaining about being hung up on! If this is the kind of support I should expect after spending roughly 90k on motor cycles and accessories than maybe I should consider a new brand loyalty!


charles anderson July 14, 2017 at 9:50 pm

i have always been a big motorcycle fan, with safe driving a must . On TV my wife and i just watched the new Harley sport bike commercial . We both turned to each other and thought , what aggressive swerving in between other cars and driving in construction area , to get to work . Bad Idea and wake up to smart safe riding ….


Jerry Birchdield July 9, 2017 at 8:08 pm

I recently sold a 1983 tour guide with a shovel head.It was a nice ride.I sold it to buy a newer bike.I went to Hunters Moon in Lafayette In.seen a 2002 Road King 2500 dollars down on the Road King.The day I bought it it died coming home got it started and rode it the rest of the way to my house which is 37 miles from the dealership.Its been in the shop 4 time since feb.of 2017.I bought this bike to ride not keep pouring money into it.They never did the 25 point check they claim to do on every trade in they get or they would have seen the oil hasn’t been changed or it wouldn’t have had after market plugs in it.They told me the reason it died is I didn’t know how to choke the bike to get it started.WHICH IS NO MORE THAN A INSULT to someone that’s rode for 30 years plus.I had to put new brakes on the bike and I bought it Feb of this year.
I went back they said they would trade it back so I waited about a month to see if the problem was taken care of,it still coughs now and then and now the back light start flashing for no reason at all going down the road. At this time I will never go back to Hunters Moon again.They wanted my bike plus another 2500 dollars down again.Thats not happening.This place is the worst dealership I have ever been in.If this problem can’t be fixed I’m thinking about selling it out right and never buying Harley products again and going to Indian and buying a good faithfull motorcycle.I really do like Harley but this place has really made me Think Harley is slipping by letting people have dealerships that say they want to take care of their customers and once the sale is do e they turn their backs on them.My name is Jerry Birchfield and my phone number is 765 376 XXXXX.I would really like to hear from someone to see if something can be done about the bike.If not I’ll go to another brand of bike totally.Thank You for your time.


maria beland July 4, 2017 at 9:59 am

Maria Beland
Exeter NH 03833
mbgbaz at gmail.com

Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc.
3700 W. Juneau Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201

Harley Davidson:
I have a 2012 special edition Pink and white, pink whitewall on tires, with diamond ice 1200 Sportster , everything has Diamond Ice covers. It has only 4000 miles on it. It has only been on the road for 2 years, is garaged daily, very well maintained.
All of a sudden all my diamond ice covers are missing a few diamonds, they just started falling out.
I can’t believe the quality of Harley Davidson on such an expensive bike can only last that short of a time?
Is there a warranty on this product, it seems they are defective at the very least.
There are photos but it won’t let me attach them.


William Crook June 29, 2017 at 7:10 pm

Im fed up with this, Thunder Tower West in Morrow,Ga…..first they had a femal working there for about 2 days that helped me buy my bike, sorry helped rob me of my money on crap. But if not to make matters worse im Active Duty Marine and they tried to tell me i cannot register my bike in Ga i had to register it in Mc where i was stationed and id was currently from i told them no youre dumb i can register it wherever the hell i want and did…or so i thought. Now its been almost 1 year and still do not have tags nor title because they registered it in Nc anyways, and been in contact with them the whole time and keep getting told were working on it. This is how you treat your customers and Veterans? Lawyer may be getting involved very soon… i want to be contacted about this matter before i get him involved. You email and i’ll respond thats how this should work lets see how long this takes now.


Jesus June 23, 2017 at 2:36 pm

I have just received a letter/notice “IMPORTANT BRAKE MAINTENANCE INFORMATION” for my 2011 Electra Glide Police Motorcycle. The notice says that “Harley Davidson has always included a two-year brake fluid replacement cycle in the maintenance schedule for vehicles using DOT 4 brake fluid”. I have done the 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 mile services, over the past 6 years and never has the brake fluid been changed. Changing the brake fluid is not on the 29 item service checklist that Barnett H-D uses to do the services. Either they have not been informed about this or it is not considered important. I think that BArnett H-D should be informed so that this is included in the service.
Thank you, Jesus


BILLY SMITH June 20, 2017 at 4:43 pm



Earl Voiles June 12, 2017 at 3:20 pm

Just got off the phone with Corporate Customer Service. My concern was Appreciation Value of Harley Davidson bikes. Apparently there is none. I wanted to trade my 2005 Ultra Classic 42,000 miles in for a new or near new Ultra. I paid back in the day over $30K for mine and I see 2017 Ultra’s are in the High $30Ks. My local dealer would only offer $4-6K for my Ultra!!! WTF! Talk about mark up and major devaluation of our so called Amercan Product! What the dealer and apparently Corporate dont get….Why should I EVER buy a New Harley if it will depreciate from $37,000 to $4,000 in ten years??? Why?


britto June 8, 2017 at 10:49 am

Dear Team,
I am Britto from INDIA.I have booked Street 750 on 10th Apr 2017 with Chennai Harley dealer LATHANGI CYCLE AND CARRIAGE PVT LTD. I did full payment by 11th May 2017. But the vehicle is not delivered still. I am trying to reach Chennai dealer “LATHANGI CYCLE AND CARRIAGE PVT LTD” . There is no response. I have escalated to India HD also. But no improvement. Need your help to get my Harley.



Steve D. June 7, 2017 at 4:10 am

Hello, I would like to speak to someone about a product that I have invented. I went to the patient form section of your sight and it was asking for a description and pictures. What I have made I am not doing that because I am in the process of another automotive patient now. That is the first thing one must learn is not to give up any info to anyone. I have made this product and cannot believe that Harley Davidson hasn’t already had it for years. So, I am willing to bet this will be one of the most sought after addon if not the number one sought after. I am willing to meet in person to present my demo. Thank you, Steve


Janice June 5, 2017 at 6:18 am

Worth Harley Davidson in Kansas City, Missouri sold me a motorcycle that I am unable to ride due to my height. I sat on the bike in the showroom and the salesman assured me that if I had a lowering kit installed and a handlebar adjustment done that my feet WOULD reach the pedals. So as part of my deal these two things along with a windshield were put on the bike prior to delivery. Since I only had experience on dirt bikes, my friend rode my bike to my house so I could practice riding it at a nearby school parking lot. I practiced for several days when it became apparent that if I went over 20ish mph, I slid back on the seat and my feet would not safely reach the pedals. I even went out and bought a seat with a back on it – still I was unable to reach the pedals safely. So I’ve been making payments on a bike I cannot ride for about a year now. I’ve tried to sell it with no luck. I thought that perhaps I could cancel the maintenance agreement that I purchased with the bike and use the pro-rated refund to put towards my loan but Worth refuses to allow me to cancel this even though it has never been used and the bike has 100 miles on it. Most of which are from my friend riding it to a upholstery place to get a quote for a seat that would stop me from sliding back and him riding it to his house to store it in his garage as there isn’t room in mine.
I’m extremely disappointed in Harley Davidson – I wanted a HD my entire life and cannot believe that they have not been more accommodating to me. I’m going to end up losing a few thousand dollars due to me taking their word that I would be able to reach the pedals of the bike once I did what they suggested. smh

Very bad show, Worth… very bad!


Brian January 1, 2018 at 8:12 pm

It sounds like you got taken advantage of by a shrewd salesman. You stated that you were assured that if you had a lowering kit installed and handlebar adjustment done your feet would reach the pedals (pegs). I am assuming that you have forward pegs because if you could touch the ground with your feet, you could reach mid-position pegs. If that is the case, that you do indeed have forward pegs, then lowering the bike would not help you reach the forward pegs; nor would adjusting the handlebars or adding a seat back rest because you could not reach them comfortably and safely to begin with. Besides, moving the handlebars forward, (really the only option for trying to reach your pegs), is notoriously unstable and difficult to control, even for experienced riders.

Please, what kind of bike did you get? Depending on the model, there may be some other options to consider that will not break the bank or your leg. For future reference, please take the time to do your research before walking in any dealer (motorcycle or otherwise). There are many articles, forums, and video’s on YouTube to help you make the right decision on your purchases; trust me, it will save you endless headaches and money.



William Casey orth June 4, 2017 at 4:14 pm

Hi HD big shots and good old willie g. Y’all are invited to my friends ranch. George W. BUSH a cuz of mine w. Being for walker aka big foot walker texas ranger our grandpa. Bobwire the new president for life of the o breen boyos mc that grandpa j breen started aka mr doner of doner pass is inviting all bike clubs world wide. Plus my good friend Putin as I’m director of field operations at CIA. My dep dir gina will be there as well. Bring your own meat. Casey, owner HD motorcycle


Christopher handy June 3, 2017 at 4:48 pm

During a vacation to Texas to visit my daughter I purchased a used 2010 Electra glide classic.I had a fork seals go on the way home and had to trailer it the rest of the way.when I got home I made an appt with Adirondack Harley of broadalbin ny to have it repaired.the appt was made on may 27th 2017, for the following Wednesday May 31st.i took the bike in and was told they probably wouldn’t be able to do it that day and said the following day I said ok.the following day at 6pm I called and was told no one had even looked at it yet and was told I probably would get it Friday June 2nd I called that evening and was told they didn’t have the seal and would not get them until Wednesday the 7th I said I would go to the next closest dealer and pick them up over an HR away if they would do it that Saturday June 3rd they said yes .I went and picked them up and dropped them off that evening I went to get my bike on sat and was told not I’ll Monday I have been to other shops and have never been n pushed aside and lied to like this ever all the while they were doing work that was scheduled after my appt.I really hope that this isn’t typical of Harley Davidson because at this point bike will never go there again, sincerly Chris handy


William Casey orth June 2, 2017 at 7:17 pm

Hi, so all you hot shot suit t**ds that think your so HARLY davidson. When did the pig belong to that did a victory lap after every race? My grandma mary rose bach. Her dad had bach boys band and her best friends was one of the harley so called boys. Agnis breen Keim who won every race Damn near. Changed her name up and wore leathers so no one knew she was a girl. Grandpa orth was the old man with the bike and the engine who came up to the davidson boys jack off shack. Why would he just give it all away? Rob an old man. Ya’ll are a**holes. He was the man who won the civil war for you pigs. F-you all.


judith m. zofnas June 1, 2017 at 1:05 pm



Ann Bush June 19, 2017 at 6:55 pm

Judith, it’s not just in NC or AL. There’s trouble here in MD, too. My son works for a local dealership. He and his co-workers are fed up. They have had 2 GM’s in the last year. Both poor managers who have failed as managers before. Long time employees have quit or threatened to quit. He has contacted HR within the company that owns this dealership (not HD corp) concerning some issues and now he seems to be a target. He wants to escalate it to human resources at Harley Davidson Corporate. Any suggestions on who to contact? Looking for a name, email, and phone number. Thanks!


Marty May 30, 2017 at 8:27 pm

Building a plant in Thailand will be the death of
HARLEY DAVIDSON. Is your management out
of touch that much?


Jbaconnewb May 30, 2017 at 10:39 am

I really wish I had taken a look at these reviews before I purchased my bike. I also hope my issue does not escalate to the point that I have to get call my lawyer. My issue, fortunately is not mechanical although it has not been resolved. I took a look at the quote they gave me. Harley is actually trying to have me pay 1200 dollars in “labor” to have a set of handlebars installed. The hours they put in labor was probably added not bc of chrome pieces as I was told but bc the guy in the shop told me I needed a “super clamp” put on that Harley does not sale. Being new to Harley & only thinking he wanted to help I said “ok”. Just a little added safety he tells me. Now they’re saying the quote was off by 450.00. Really. As I said in my previous complaint. Before I’ll pay this fee, they will take the apes off, put the original bars & accessories back on, redo my contract because fee was added, if they have this bike for an extended period out of spite we will have to extend the warranty a few weeks also since it’s not with me. I haven’t even made my 1st payment & already having these types of problems, my God. I really never thought I would have any issues like this with this store. Ivan, unless a great actor seemed like he wanted this to be a good working relationship but this has ruined it. If you ask for comment & I give one, please respond… I’d like to know how Harley as a company feels about this


R B Harbick May 29, 2017 at 6:48 pm

Open Letter To Harley Davidson:
This is an open letter to Harley Davidson based on my recent experience with the Dealership in Conyers, Georgia. I would imagine at this point you think you’re going to see something like “man, they did such a good job they actually gave me a new bike”, or “gee, it ran so well my old lady called and wants to know why I haven’t been home in two weeks”. Nope, not gonna be one of those letters folks, although I really wanted it to be and gave them every chance I could. I bought a 2016 TriGlide Ultra, and after only 860 miles I had a nasty accident. I had my trike towed to the closest Harley dealer from my house which was Falcon’s Fury in Conyers, Georgia. I have good insurance (although after this little exercise they will probably raise my rates to something I won’t be able to afford), but right from the beginning the people a Falcons Fury were not easy to deal with. First off they charge $125 an hour for labor, not the industry standard $99 labor, a point my insurance agent was quick to bring up. Then they spent two weeks refusing to accept the insurance companies requirement that the Fuel tank, which only had a small dent in the underside, be repaired and repainted. They demanded that it be replaced at three times the cost of a repair. Only after the insurance representative contacted the supervisor directly and made it clear that the trike would be moved before the tank would be replaced did they relent. Initial total estimate for the repair was $13324.00. But I was assured they were the best and I would get my Trike back in “like new” condition.
Then they sat on the trike without even starting the tear down or ordering parts for two more weeks. They didn’t do a single thing until the initial insurance check arrived and I paid them my deductible. During the next several weeks they “discovered” two more reasons to require supplemental payments bringing the total for the repair to $14352.00. One of the supplemental services was because the technician determined he had to remove the Primary from the engine to get it out of the frame (the trike required a new frame). I’m not a mechanic although I have done some work on Enduro bikes and old Chevy trucks, but I would think a Harley Davidson trained technician would know if he has to separate the Primary from the engine to move it all from frame to frame. Kind of a ‘big thing” you would think.
Ok, so I didn’t push them to fix it fast. I told them several times I wanted it done right, not fast. The first time they finally called me (after having my Trike for almost two months) and told me it was ready to pick up my wife dropped me off (we live 30 minutes from the dealership). But it turned out the trike wasn’t ready at all and my wife had to come back and get me. A week later they again said it was ready so I went to get it. This time they turned it over to me supposedly ready but said they still “owed” me a Parking Brake Switch Sensor and two Tank Emblems. They gave me my Trike back absolutely filthy, but at that point I didn’t care, I just wanted it back. They gave me no paperwork, ostensibly because they still owed me two items that were on order. I got the Trike home with no problem, and the next day went to put my stuff back in it and clean it. I started the trike and it ran for about two or three seconds then died and wouldn’t start. It took me almost an hour of trouble shooting before I found that the fuel line had become disconnected from the bottom of the tank. Apparently the snap connector had not been seated properly and it had vibrated loose (remember, I am not a mechanic and prefer to leave the trike repairs to the supposedly trained technicians). That’s a real stupid thing to not do properly when putting a bike back together. But it doesn’t end there. Several days go by of bad weather so I don’t get to ride at all for over a week, but today I finally get everything settled and was about to go for a ride (too The dealership to see why they hadn’t called me yet and why the parts hadn’t come in). I did a check of everything and found I had no tail lights or brake lights on the rear fenders. (You can imagine that now I’m really starting to rethink the whole Harley Davidson experience.) Off comes the seat and side panels. Checked fuses and anything obvious but nothing stands out to my untrained eye until I realize there is a wiring harness plug back by the Tour Pack that’s not mated to anything, and that doesn’t look normal. When I look down inside the rear wheel on that side I can see the wires for the lights hanging down from the rear fender against the rear axle and brakes. Took about 5 minutes to fish the wire out and plug it in, problem fixed. So the technician hadn’t connected my rear lights/brake lights either when he put the trike back together. Had it not been for the Tour Pack I would have rode home with no Brake Lights or Tail Lights. I will ride an hour through Atlanta to another dealership before I ever let the Conyer’s Dealership touch my trike again. That kind of absolutely lousy customer treatment and really poor technical attention to detail is unforgivable. Heck, my wife paid less for her brand new top of the line fully loaded Mini Cooper-S 4 Door Hard Top made by BMW then I did for the TriGlide, and when she goes in for service she’s treated like royalty. Believe me when I say I am doing my best to spread the word about the poor customer service and horrible mechanical service I received. I have a $35000.00 TriGlide Ultra with only 860 miles on the Odometer that just had over $14352.00 worth of repairs and rebuilds done by Harley Davidson trained technicians at a Harley Davidson dealership. But the work was so poorly done and so unreliable that now I’ll probably have to take it to a different dealership and pay money I really don’t have to get it checked and make sure it’s safe to operate and ride. I’m 62 years old, so this might be my last bike. This was my first Harley, and after this experience if I ever get the chance to buy another bike it will probably not be another Harley.

GySgt Robert Harbick USMC(Ret)


Jbaconnewb May 28, 2017 at 1:25 pm

I recently purchased a bike from the dealership in Alachua, Florida. Buying this bike I THOUGHT in dealing with Harley Davidson it would be different, that everything would be handled professionally & in a timely manner. Not so much. Don’t get me wrong the purchase went smooth & I was very impressed until I started dealing with the service side. I purchased 17 inch ape hangers when I bought the bike. A rep whom stated he had installed hundreds of these handlebars went out on the showroom floor to see what size I would need while sitting on the bike. We then went back to thaw parts department where I was given a quote for “EVERYTHING” done there from there right, just bring the bike back when they arrive they’ll put them on & I’m ready to ride, right. Well, not so fast. Upon arrival I was once again advised that the kit I had did not come with certain features that would cause the handlebars to be unsafe. Ok, I’ll have wife with me, want to be safe, run it, $80 bucks, I know, nothing to complain about, right, and I didn’t at that point. My complaint came when the service department called and told me my bike was done BUUUUUTTTTT there was a charge “missed” by sales.There is now a $450.00 labor charge for chrome plates that had to be taken off the bike to put the apes on, REALLY. Before I’ll pay $1 thru can take the apes off, put the originals along with all accessories back on, refund me the $80 & pull the $1500.00 charge off the balance of the bike, re-do the contract with new figure at the same interest rate & watch me leave there store for the last time. First Harley & I never thought my 1st experience with this company would be like this. Hopefully the other dealers in the area are NOTHING like this one or I’ll be going to another brand PERIOD.


James gauntt May 25, 2017 at 7:50 am

Adam Smith Texoma Harley-Davidson in Sherman Texas tell me that for 2 years they will replace my tires if I had road hazard I took my bike up there they told me I was below tread depth by2/32 I told them i wasn’t told about no tread depth and they responded I should have read the fine print wasn’t given any fine print Then THEYBTOLD ME IBWASNT GETTING MY BIKE UNLESS I BOUGHT TIRE AND IT WILL BE 230 DOLLERS THEY HELD THE ONLT FORM OF TRANSPORTSTION A DISABLED MANBWITH PTSD HAS HOSTSGE UNTILL I GAVE THEM LAST MONEY I HAD AFTER PSYING BIG BUCKS FOR ROAD HAZARD I wasn’t giving option of trailoring my bike home or even pushing it also I paid $1,600 for pitbpass and was told at the time I purchase it that certain things were going down to my bike such as breater spark plugs and all that turned out to be a total lie I put a piece of paper inside the breather cover and it wasn’t even touch how do you do a service on a bike and not touch the Breather I thought I can play with Better Business Bureau also certified letters and going to small claims court I will never ever buy another Harley Adam Smith Harley-Davidson is a bunch of crooks liers andthieve and u allow them to represent harleynno wonder your going down the tubes I don’t know why I’m filing a complaint cuz you’re going to do s*** about it


Thomas vohringer April 17, 2017 at 10:30 pm

First let me start off the I love the Harley Davidson motorcycle. I am the proud owner of my eighth. Now for the downside of this post. HD will eventually fail. Not because of the motorcycle, but by the greedy empty suits that apparently run the company. It took me a half hour on the phone to make a simple automated payment. Secondly, they charged me $12 dollars to use their automated system, and it was impossible to copy the confirmation number even after three attempts. NO other company charges for the use of an automated system. Empty suits, you know where you can stick that 12 bucks…….


Cesare April 14, 2017 at 1:50 am

I bought a motorcycle from one of you Dealers. Sheldon’s Auburn Mass.
I have dealt with many Harley Davidson dealers but Sheldon’s is a shoddy outfit. I traded my 2003 Anniversary addition Electra glide Classic 11,000 miles on it for $7000 I bought a 2011 Softail Deluxe they said was $14,000. Rode it, had a bit of a shimmer, they said it was the windshield and it would be taken care of. I got home and I was surfing their site and low and behold I see my bike for $12,999. I called them and they wouldn’t give me back the $1000 bucks.They ended up putting on saddle bags to make up for the $1000. One won’t stay closed and the other one won’t lock. Here we go.
The shimmer never went away. I brought it to them 4 times. Never fixed. I finally did a few reviews and got a call from Mike Korvorkian (Manager) he said just take down the reviews and bring the bike here and we will make good. Well, I guess they tried a few things and no go. They replaced the tire, now it pulls to the left, severely. The mechanic, the service manager Lou, the General manager took it for a ride. They all agreed there is a problem. They took me in the office. Double teemed me, wouldn’t let my brother come in the office. Finally I decided not to take their lies that they would make good of it even though I took my reviews down. Don’t ever take reviews down until things are fixed. I just took my bike to my mechanic and they are going to take the forks off and check them. They seem to think it was in some kind of accident. General manager Mike Korvorkian at Sheldon’s told me if I put up bad reviews I am not allowed back there and cannot even redeem my 1000 miles I have. Don’t let these guys do you wrong.
Cesare C. Comolli


Alex Diedhiou April 20, 2017 at 11:12 pm

I bought a 2017 HD road glide special from Patriot HD in Fairfax Va . I bought the bike brand new , it had 7 miles on it in the showroom. In the process of buying the motorcycle I added a boom 2 audio , a rinehart muffler , a screaming eagle breather , a new handle bar .. etc .. I spent about 5500$ extra on the bike . After I made the payment with my own financing , the bike was left somewhere in the dealership and no one called me for 2 weeks . I called to check in the progress of the work ,just to hear stories that they were waiting for parts , they fired a bunch of technicians.. Basically, no one cared at this point because everything was paid ( bike , parts , labor )
I then called the manager I dealt with and he told me he will follow up on the progress and keep me updated . Told me it was a big job and that they would do it right so to be patient . 48 hours after that conversation they called me and told me the bike was ready for pick up . I stopped by the dealership to check on the bike and found some issue with it , told the dealer and they adjusted it .
I picked up the bike that day and that’s when my issues started . Before I could even leave the dealership , the check engine light came on .. backed up the bike and Blake the service manager came and cleared the codes and told me I should not be concerned . I , then left and rode the bike for couple of hours and sure enough it was riding very rough , the idle was at 2000 rpm and the check engine light came back on again . Called the dealership the next day and have them pick up the bike from my home .
Today 04/ 20 I received a phone call from Blake again telling me that they did some tests and called HD center and they came to the conclusion that the abs system was defective from the factory and HD is sending them a new one . He then told me that their technician was able to duplicate the issue I had and yes the engine is running rough and not the way it’s suppose to run .. but they can’t do anything until they fix the abs .
At this point I need answers and need to know what will the dealership do to compensate me soebding 30k on a bike and getting the run around about why the motorcycle is not running properly.
I am willing to also return the motorcycle and still want to be compensated for the time I wasted .
I have zero trust for a company that tells me that a brand new motorcycle have multiple issues .
It’s my first Harley and the worst experience ever .
How can a motorcycle be dipped to a dealership with a defective abs and a defective engine ?
How can a dealership tell me that they missed it during their pre inspection?
How can a dealership or Harley corporate expect me to trust either ?
I never imagined such an iconic brand have such a poor customer service and such a poor quality control and allowing this type of issues to happen .
I am expecting calls from the general manager of this dealership or someone at the HD headquarters.


cmuik55@gmail.com April 4, 2017 at 4:30 pm

Christian Muik SF, CA

I have recently bought my fourth HD motorcycle since 2003. All of them were touring models. Three of them I bought brand new one used. A few month ago my son join the HD riders and purchased a new HD himself. I am originally from Austria and it was always my dream to own a HD. I immigrated to the USA in 1984 and finally in 2003 I was able to purchase a 2003 Road King anniversary edition. I went on many long trips and went on to purchase a used pumped up 2001 Road Glide. From this moment on I was hooked on Road Glides. In 2011 I bought a new Road Glide with the new frame design and 103 motor. I went on many trips with it. Now there was only one thing missing. My ultimate dream bike a “Road Glide CVO”, which I purchased at the end of 2015 during a visit to the local dealer for service on my 2011 RG. A 2016 CVO Road Glide Ultra at a cost of $42,000.00 dollars. I was so proud and happy only to find out, that model just isn’t me. I am not ready for always having the trunk on. Haven’t used heated seat or grips yet. So I went to a few dealers to trade it in. What followed next was a complete shock to me. My dream motorcycle has dropped in value by $20,000. dollars in just 16 month. My other HD cycles have always held their value at a fair and acceptable level. The dealers answers were, that this is because of the new 107 engine. When I traded in my 2011 Road Glide I got a 75% value from what I paid for it new and I owned it for almost 5 years. Harley Davidson Executives please help me understand how you can devalue one of your most iconic motorcycle by 50% after just 16 month and in the process loose a strong and loyal Harley Davidson rider and supporter to another brand.


Lee Pepe March 20, 2017 at 3:47 pm

I am in the market for a trike and wish HD would consider making a Tri Glide Ultra Trike blacked out like they did with the Road King Special… They could call this the Tri Glide Ultra Special.


Randy Snowden May 2, 2017 at 7:08 pm

If anyone buys a Harley Davidson trike with the electric reverse, do yourself a favor and run. I bought my trike brand new in 2015 and have had a couple of issues with it. The trunk lock would not stay locked or closed and my shifter stripped out. My trike just turned 9k miles and now my electric reverse has gone out. I’ve used reverse very little because of the way it drains the battery. Now that my reverse doesn’t work I have to push this high dollar tricycle if I need to back out. You would think as much as they cost that Harley would put a quality part on it. To replace the piece with labor is $1,300-1400 dollars. The reason for the failure??? Moisture or it got wet, no one said anything about that issue when I bought it. My warranty expired in November 2016 but everything has been done at a Harley dealership. One of the last times I was in there I made a comment about the reverse not working correctly but when I left there was nothing noted about it and nothing was checked. When the dealer contacted Harley this week, Harley had to stand behind their warranty program. Harley didn’t offer to help in any way, this is a poor design for this part and they don’t seem to care about the customer after you sign on the dotted line. If anyone deals with Harley and there’s a issue make sure to have everything doXXXXented because they get amnesia after the sale.


Joe LaGesse March 7, 2017 at 2:47 am

I was an avid rider, I would just like to thank you for the trike. I’ll never be able to afford one but if I could it is the answer. Due to a couple surgeries I can no longer hold up a bike safely for my wife and I. But since I’m disabled and live on SSI now, the trikes are beautiful. Some day maybe I’ll get one but doubt it. Just wanted to say you always and still make a number one product.


John Harris March 18, 2018 at 4:43 am

Don’t waist your money Joe. I just bought one and it was the biggest disappointment of my life. Really. Harley Davidson customer service is not helpful in resolving an issue I paid for and accusitory it was my fault and because I paid for the repair and took the old parts I may have tampered with the chain of evidence. 636 miles. Nice bike. Needed the three wheels at 71. But unless your spend all your money on it and expect to pay for repair as well.
I too always wanted one.


John Harris March 18, 2018 at 4:45 am

Waste I believe. Sorry its early in the morning and I haven’t had any coffee yet.


Melvin Wilhite February 15, 2017 at 8:22 pm

I’ve been Harley-Davidson motorcycle owner for 17 years my biggest disappointment in Harley Davidson came yesterday February 14th 2017 I went to the Henderson Nevada Harley-Davidson looking for a wiring harness for my tail light unfortunately a blown tire ripped the harness off the fender. Pleasant enough the service or part person found part relay that it was $51 and some change I was a little short so I said I’d be back in a couple of days heart needed to be ordered. Later that night I ended up on Las Vegas Boulevard at the Las Vegas Harley-Davidson where the parts desk service person helped me related that it would have to be ordered from them also and the cost of the part was $53 and some change however he did relay that Red Rock Harley Davidson here in Las Vegas had one in stock he called over to put the part on hold as they did have it I asked him at that time to ask the person on the other end of the phone how much the part was that gentleman never asked hung up the phone relaying that the part was $53 and some change the morning of February 15th 2017 I went to Red Rock Harley Davidson up on Rainbow and Sahara ask for the part it was brought out and was charged $59 and $0.95 plus tax total cost 6484 I asked why there was a little bit more than a $6 price difference between Henderson Harley-Davidson and them and I was given nothing but excuses I went back to the Las Vegas Harley-Davidson to talk to the parts manager there we apologize for the mistake related that you could call Harley-Davidson at Red Rock and talk to the manager after doing so I was told that Red Rock Harley Davidson was not a Harley-Davidson store but franchised and basically I was told they can charge whatever they want with Las Vegas Harley-Davidson causing the $6 error he felt no need to help me out in the area of it costing me an extra $6 and some change for the part that I needed very disturbing 3 Harley-Davidson shops in Las Vegas Nevada and all three have a price difference for a wiring harness from 51 to $59 it’s sad day.


Kate crossman February 5, 2017 at 4:45 pm

Please check out our website woukd love to have Harley Davidson involved!!!!


paul February 1, 2017 at 8:27 pm

If you dont let trump there because of protesters some dumb a** people should be fired.Maybe i wont be buying another bike after all.


Howard Levine February 1, 2017 at 2:19 pm

I want to commend and congratulate Harley Davidson for canceling the trip of Donald J Trump to the factory.
It is a good day when you stand up to a hate filled fascist like Trump. I am a proud Harley owner for over 40 years.
I am a HOG member and buy Harley products in a big way. Harley riders were getting a bad rap from the actions of a few riders who endorsed Trump.
I am in a club of 5 chapters and over 100 members that did not support his hate and division.
Thank you so much for your decision. Great job.


Gary Todd February 4, 2017 at 9:47 am

Mr. Levine, I could not get my comment together but found yours to be exactly what I wanted to say to

Thank you,
Gary Todd


Jeff H August 24, 2018 at 8:22 pm

Are you talking about your HD Bike or are you talking about the Best President ever? MORON


Javier Toup January 9, 2017 at 10:11 am

One of the owners Coyote Harley Davidson Pointed a gun to the other owner to sign for agency Rights.
Please contact

CEO: Matthew S. Levatich
CFO: John A. Olin
COO: Lawrence G. Hund

Appreciate all the support

Coyote HD Monterrey México has been the #1 Agency in sales the last past 2 years in all South America, these is tanks to the vision of Erick de la Cruz , one of the owners, Javier ( The other owner) is now forcing Erick to sign in favor of Javier the business by pointing a gun in his head. Erick managed to escape. He´s no longer in Coyote but he still has the 52% of the share . please Advice


Johnathan Hays January 23, 2017 at 11:28 pm

I had a xadint on my bike it’s my fault and Im getting the run around with hardly and my inc company so I don’t think it is loss so I’m writing u so u can maybe help I don’t know what to do and it’s my first bike first incident I have nashoinwide inc there are telling me that it is a loss well my mom was a loss when I lost her back in October 17 right after my birthday I got the bike for my birthday it is a 2008 dyna low rider I love my bike I love my mom God bless her sol so if u can help me please I don’t know what else to do so I’m asking here is my number 360 213 XXXXX thanks john Hays


Jim Gegelman November 23, 2016 at 9:29 am

Please I am in desperate need of help.

I am presently in Saudi Arabia and have bought a 2014 Breakout while here. My assignment is finished and I am needing the EPA and DOT paperwork from Harley Davidson to ship the bike to the USA.

I have been going back and forth with customer service for 2 weeks and have received 2 papers from Harley Davidson that the USA importers are saying are worthless. One is paperwork to import bike to UK.

Please, who do I need to speak with to get the correct paperwork?
I cannot get out of Saudi Arabia until I get this paperwork. I am a hostage in a 3rd world country waiting on a piece of paper from Harley Davidson.


Marc November 18, 2016 at 7:04 am

I bought a 2012 ultra limited in July of 2015, the day I test rode it I said something about the ticking in the engine the service department told me it was from the stage 4 that they had put in. The sales guy assured me that the extended warranty would cover the entire bike because I had heard horror stories about stage 4 voiding the warranty. It seemed like I was in there every month for the ticking sound because it kept getting worst, they made me feel like an idiot. I have been riding for years and this was my first Harley to ever buy from a dealership. The service department kept telling me that the sounds I was hearing were normal for the kit that they had put in. I asked repeatedly for the build sheet to my bike so I could see just what all they had actually put in the bike because some of what they were saying they had put in made no sense to me. I was always told I couldnt have the build sheet because it had someones personal information on it. I did my first oil change and noticed a little brass I said something to them and they told me it was normal, I got frustrated and left. A few months ago I did another oil change and was cleaning the air filter and the whole filter was covered in brass. I took it back and again they said this was normal. This time when I asked to speak to the lead mechanic he was actually there and said that no that wasnt normal and that he would have to tear down the entire engine to find out the problem and that I would be without the bike for a couple of months. So I ask if this is covered under the warranty since I bout this bike with the stage 4 kit already installed by the same dealer and was assured that the warranty would cover anything on the bike. I was informed that because there was performance parts added to the bike that no the warranty would not cover the repair. Mad as hell and feeling cheated I took the bike to someone else since the same people that have been telling for a year that nothing is wrong with my bike finally agreed that there was indeed something wrong. I had my ol lady go in there in a very low cut shirt and flirt with the service guy and tell him that she knew that there had already been some work done to my bike and that she would like to get the build sheet so she could see what she could get me for my bday. They gave her my build sheet and after a year of them telling me that they had put rolling rockers in the bike apparently that never made it to the build sheet or the bike for that matter. I took it to another mechanic with a very respected reputation around here and was informed that instead of putting adjustable push rods in they put a heavier loaded spring push rod in that over time cascaded into multiple issues. Here I am a year later with this $28k bike and had to replace the push rods, rocker plate because it was cracked, rockers, cam plate because the push rods warped it down onto the cams, cams because they were hitting each other, piston because the cams were shoved into the piston, a new oil pump, new oil retaining wall, bushings, bearings and some other things that I cant even remember right now. $6k worth of damage from the dealership that sold me the bike and insisted for a year that nothing was wrong with it and I was crazy. I had to pay out $6k for Harleys neglect and fraudulent sales tactics. Oh and on top of this all they left a stock tune and stock clutch on a stage 4 built bike. way to go harley. I would like to hear from someone in the corporate office please my email is attached and I will provide a phone number from there.


Dennis November 17, 2016 at 11:57 am

We bought a 2011 harley blackline couple years back we were payment down but paid it. Computer said to take my bike
Found out it was wrong. Bike went to Washington then someplce from there.been paying on it still an have no bike. Telling us we have to pay storage fees. Its harleys mess up an im not paying anymore so keep the dam bike. Send money back to me.


Jennifer November 11, 2016 at 7:03 pm

My husband purchased a used 2012 Fat bob from Chattahoochee Harley in Columbus Ga. On December 26th 2014. A few months after purchasing the bike the front master cylinder went bad. We took the bike to the service department at the same dealer. They charged his extended warranty for the repair. Then a few months later one of the headlights went out so we took the bike to Great South Harley in Newnan Ga to have that fixed and when they ran the vin on the bike they told us there was an active recall on the bike. Guess what the recall was? The front master cylinder. Guess when the recall came out? 3 days before he purchased the bike. So they sold is a bike with an active recall charged our warranty to fix it and less than six months it’s doing the same thing. The cable that goes from the shifter to inside the transmission also broke so we had that fixed at Great South as well. As well as the back break pedal sticking. Well now we are not paying for this bike anymore because of the problems. The first problem is it should have never been sold with a recall on it with out the problem being fixed before the sale. We let the bike go back and if anyone is considering buying a harley I would beg uou jot to go yo Chattahoochee in columbus ga.


Shannon Feurt November 8, 2016 at 7:01 pm

I bought a used Harley. Was told it had a new engine and was in perfect shape.
With in a week the horn bracket broke and the horn fell off. I was told it was my issue. 2 weeks later I found all the welds on the saddle bags were broken. Again I bought used and my issue. It had a bad ECM and they took care of that after 5 months of calling and asking about it. Now I made a fast stop and the handle bars broke in half. I was told by the mechanic that in 30 years he never has seen that happen. Several others have said the same thing. The last one audio it had to be in a good accident to cause that to happen.
Oil city harley wants me to pay 970.00 for just the new handle bars and more for other welds. I paid 17000.00 for a used bike and was told this is in perfect condition. This is a piece of XXXXX and should never have been able to be sold. No one wants to make it right and now I have to pay an attorney to keep my credit from being trashed. This is very poor sales and I thought Harley was a reputable company. I guess I was very wrong. Next time I think I will.buy honda


Terry October 12, 2016 at 1:47 pm

I have bought 4 Harleys in 2 years. (all from Dubuque Harley in Iowa) 1 of them was a new 2015 ultra limited and in aug this year I purchased a new 2016 ultra limited. with a final total cost of over $ 30,000.00 would be nice to see Harley change its warranty on the motor , clutch and trans to 3 years or 30.000 miles. also, whe I traded the 2015 with 5000 miles on it I lost 8000 dollars for owning it for 1 full year, depreciation is a unbelievable loss. disappointed,
I took my 2015 in for 5000 mile service and the head gasket in rear was out, and my 2016 with 1400 miles has had a ticking in the engine since I bought it, i’m 60 years old. I KNOW that is not normal because me 2015 didn’t have that noise, i’m tired of hearing “that’s just normal: have had bike my whole life.

would be nice to hear back from you


Terry 608-732-XXXXX


Rick Finney July 31, 2016 at 12:03 pm

I have owned Harley Davidson motorcycles and the owners manual always states to check the engine oil on the jiffy stand. My cousin recently purchased a Street 750 and we checked the oil withe the bike on the kick stand and there was no oil on the dip stick. We got the owners manual out and it states check with bike in upright position. My question is, how is a small woman supposed to hold the bike upright and check the oil by herself. For a bike that is targeted for smaller people, the motor company didn’t think this one through. If the oil mutual be checked with the bike completely upright, then there should be a center stand on every one of them.


Samuel Masslock July 30, 2016 at 6:54 am

I am truly dissatisfied with southside harley Davidson in Virginia Beach so I traded my 2006 softail deluxe for a 2009 street glide I fell in love with this style of bike so I see another one on line thinking hey I’ll trade my bike in for a newer bike because these things hold value well need less to say they won’t give me sh*t for a trade in because my bike was in an accident which no one told me at southside talk about Pisses off so I contact them and they try to help but they can’t I told them if I would have known this was a,wrecked bike I would have never bought the damn thing talk about getting screwed my softail was a bad a** bike I fill like I got taking to the bank oh when I went in to see what they could do that was a joke offered me 10000 for my bike at which they just sold to me for almost 15000 because the tires are worn to many miles on it I’ve only had the bike 6 months and drive the damn thing only when I’m home I work 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off so I’ve only really ridden the bike for 3 months talk about getting screwed thanks this is how your dealerships f*ck people because they sure did f*ck me and I’m not happy at all


Martin apodaca July 26, 2016 at 10:37 pm

Hello my name is Martin apodaca and I I’m very frustrated with the Duke city dealership in Albuquerque New Mexico. Back in February I had an upgrade done on the engine to my harley. I spent around 5,000 dollars to have this done. The upgrade consisted of a stage 3 103 cc big bore kit. As soon as this project was completed in went to pick up my bike and as soon as it was started for me I heard engine noise and when I asked the technician about it I was told that this was normal and was told to break it in slow and the noise would go away. Two weeks later I was headed to my parents house and it seemed as if the noise was louder. I took it back to the dealership and the tech that had done the work on the bike asked if he could test ride it. I agreed and when he got back he handed the bike over and said it’s normal break in noise from The new parts and I should give it a little longer for the noise to quiet down. I didn’t argue and I took the bike with me. I broke it in for around two months and still no change. In addition to the noise came a choking feeling that almost caused an accident in Which I could have been killed. I took the bike back June 2 2016 and they finally agreed to look at it. I’ve been told that they were positive it was one certain thing three separate times. It’s been in the shop now for two months and I receive a call saying it’s one of the cylender heads which had nothing to do with what they told me the first few times. I feel that the cylender head was damaged because I was ignored for months before it was looked at. I got tired and talked to a general manager and was told after all the trouble he would pay half for one of the cylender heads. They special order the parts and two weeks later they call me and tell me that I have a bent valve and that I would have to pay for these also. Now I’m here without a clue and waiting for the valves to come in. I feel I’m having to pay for a mistake made in the service department that I feel would have been avoided if they checked my bike the first time I asked them about it. I asked more than once about the noise that only occurred after the mods were done and was dismissed. Now they want me to pay over 1100 dollars after two months of them giving me the run around . I have been more than patient with them I tried handling the matter with them and I keep getting dismissed. Im paying 300 dollars a month for something i dont have. Please contact me about what is going to be done involving this matter. I can go into greater detail over the phone! I shouldn’t have to pay for this mistake. They are the mechanics not me. So why am I supposed to pay? And to top it off I just purchased a 2016 softail for my dad two weeks after I took my bike to the shop in June. Is this the kind of service we can expect in the future?


Teressa Petersen June 26, 2016 at 6:13 pm

I was traveling from Sioux Falls, SD, to Duluth, MN, and finishing up a gas stop in Granite Falls, MN, when my motorcycle refused to start. Dead as dead could be…no lights, no camera, no action. This would be 3:38 pm Friday….almost beer 30 in the world of most. After talking to the clerk at Casey’s in Granite Falls, MN (who was wonderful by the way), I called the nearest Harley Davidson Dearlership… Apol’s Harley-Davidson in Raymond, MN. I had to leave a voice mail message for the shop (thinking I’m so screwed) but received a return call from Clint Vanderiet in just a few minutes. He wasn’t sure if he could get someone to get me from Granite Falls, MN, about 30 miles from the shop but said he would try. Again within minutes, I received a call from Bill Jurgenson, who stated he was on the way to tow the motorcycle into the shop. It is now about 4:10 pm (remember this is a Friday afternoon and this is an hour round trip for the shop guys). Derek Baker and Bill Jurgenson loaded up my motorcycle, and we were off to Raymond, MN. When we arrived, Clint was waiting with the parts necessary to make the repairs to what appeared to be an electrical issue. Within a couple of minutes, they found the problem (loose battery cables) and by 5:30 pm, I was back on the road and heading North to Duluth, MN. Now remember, these guys dropped what they were doing, drove 30 miles to pick me up, drove 30 miles back to the shop, unloaded the bike, and went to work to put me back on the road, and when they found out the problem, they put me back on the road without CHARGING ME A PENNY!!!!!! And this was a FRIDAY AFTERNOON!!!!! Told me to pay it forward (which I will remember for the rest of my life). So this is my shout out to the world of Facebook….these are the BEST GUYS EVER!!!. Apol’s Harley Davidson has the best employees ever….Clint Vanderiet, Bill Jurgenson, and Derek Baker!!!! In a world where all we hear about are the bad things people are doing to each other, I wanted to make sure my Facebook World knows there are good people still around and willing to help a stranded motorcyclist! If/when I buy another motorcycle, I will make the trip to Raymond, MN, for the purchase!!!! These guys are lifesavers!!!!!!!


Cheryl Rogers June 20, 2016 at 2:01 pm

I bought a 2000 HD Fatboy from Black Hills Harley a couple years ago and purchased the pre-paid service contract at a substantial cost that would have saved me money in the long-run if I had to pay for the services every 5K miles. The contract was for 5 services. I used the 5K service and the 10K service but still had 3 services remaining on the contract. A month or so ago, I decided to trade the Fatboy off for something a little bigger and was thinking I would get a Streetglide. After test-riding one, however, I was very disappointed with how it handled. The same day, after I test-rode the Streetglide, I went to the Indian dealer in Sturgis and test-rode the new Springfield and fell in love with how well it handled. Needless to say, I traded my Fatboy for the Springfield. I called Black Hills Harley today to see what I needed to do to get a refund for the 3 unused services remaining on my contract and was told it is non-refundable. Really? Wow? What happened to the days that people actually had to perform a service to earn the money. Even if he contract specifies that, I am not so sure a court would uphold that provision. So, a word of warning to potential HD buyers, don’t buy the service contract unless you are absolutely certain you are going to use all the services you paid for!!!


Ronald Tucker June 17, 2016 at 6:17 pm

I visited one of your dealership and was very upset that the parking lot was blocked off due to an event to include handicap parking. I am a disabled veteran and had to park a long distance away from the doors. I made a complaint to the manager and all I got was “yah we’ve received that complaint before when we have these events.” Which tells me that they break the right to access for disability all the time. I’m very upset about this matter and want them to learn a lesson and not do this ever again. This is a federal offense and I’m considering contacting an attorney, for violating not only a cival right but the Federal Disability Act. I decided to contacting you first in attempt to avoid a lengthy and embarrassing public court process. This situation is totally unacceptable.Denying access to these parking spaces is denying other handicap people access not only to your business, but to an enjoyable pastime, and passion for some. Not to mention potential business, as blocking these spaces can make visiting your store impossible for more severely handicapped individuals.


greg williams June 17, 2016 at 4:09 pm

I recently purchased a 2016 freewheeler and been experiencing a high gas fume smell after riding, I park in garage let cool down and still fill garage with fumes, took to dealer and was told it was caused by the new way your venting tank in this year model, no matter how long its sets it still fumes up garage I feel this should be looked in to, to prevent a house fire or worse. thanks greg williams


JOHN June 15, 2016 at 6:24 pm

Tifton (Georgia) Harley Davidson picked up my bike for a fuel pump replacement. When delivering it back there was a dent in the tank and the fairing. Damage was done while they had custody of it. Delivery guy called his service manager and was told to bring the bike back and told me that Tifton HD would “make it right”.
Two weeks later physical damage still is not repaired.
Another week or so passes then I find out that the paint is not the same type nor color.
A couple of weeks pass and I am now told that Tifton HD has done all that they will do to fix my bike and for me to come get it. I filed a Better Business Complaint and have called The Creek (Corporate office for Tifton, Ridge Runner, Thunder Creek, Mountain Creek and Natchez Trace Harley-Davidson). No return call from their corporate headquarters.
Tifton HD damaged it, they need to fix it, and fix it to my satisfaction.

Come on Harley Davidson. I would expect this type of service from and independent shop, but not a franchise dealer. Ford, Cheverolet, Dodge, Toyota and Honda dont treat their customers this way.


Lyndsey June 13, 2016 at 9:34 am

I have a concern with my CVO 2013 and my dealership not know the issue and I’m sick and and service time and time again on different bikes. I want the head office email to take my concern further


Tim Buckallew June 11, 2016 at 10:31 am

awful service at a Harley Davidsons dealership we arrived at 10 am on june4 did two test rides took about 30 min we informed them we would take what we were told was a 2013 tri glide it turned out to be a 2011 they started to work with us on a price at 11:30 am they gave a price I could not do they then asked what I could do told them I had two bikes to trade and my credit was in the 800s I would like my payments at 300 a month this was at 12:45 at 1:30 they come back with a payment of 358 dollars a month I then told them that I could not do that. they said they would try again I waited 30 more min nothing.my friend ask for a out the door price on a bike and was ready to pay for it right there and nothing happened. after 4 hours of this being like we did not matter I was done.told my wife to pay for her clothes and we were leaving that’s when they come running after me to say they would 302 a month to shake his hand I felt like this was a ploy to wear me down well it did not work. I am 56 years old and would love to own a Harley trike but feel that someone that is selling your product would be a little more appreciative of the costumers time and needs they are still trying to make a deal with me I feel that I am done with it at least them I am still looking for a tri glide and will find one at a dealer that well do business with me quickly and fairly thank you for your time Tim Buckallew


Raymond Silva May 23, 2016 at 5:49 pm

I’ve had 3 Harley’s 02 wide guide 06 road King and now a piece of sh*t street guide . The two other bikes had good shocks this 14 street guide has bullsh*t air shocks !!!! It bottoms out no matter the air pressure my road King had great air shocks! I will NEVER buy another sh*t Harley again ! So now in order to have a decite ride I have to spend MORE money on air shocks , f*ck Harley Davidson ! Next bike a goldwing


bill May 9, 2016 at 11:44 am

Bought a road Zeppelin seat off craigslist. The switches on it leak air. Called the local dealer, they say I have to bring them the seat. They mail it to the company that made it. They fix and send it back to the dealer. I’d have to pay shipping both ways. Plus the cost of them fixing it. I have the switches out already. They won’t sell the switches and Harley can’t get them either. What kinda crap is that? Harley sells these seats and you can’t buy replacement parts. You have to pay a rediculus cost to do something, that you can do yourself. Lady at harley headquarters, sounded like she gave two sh*ts. Harley needs to quit selling these. Bad business in my book.


Shawn Mays AKA Monster April 29, 2016 at 2:01 pm

I’m ridin my new 2015 Streetbob and I’m certain
That the wheels have severe defects with the hubs. Ice taken bike into my local dealer and the
Dealer has also picked up bike with a trailer from my home upon my request for it to b repaired under warranty .the first visit the rear wheel came at the axle and destroyed the bearings and rear brakes ,not to mention I had to save my own ass out there in a Brand New Harley .It is not EZ to control a bike when this type of failed occurs ,I promise that.so my local dealership puts on new brake pass and slaps in a Chinese wheel bearing
Into my Taiwan wheel guns and off i go ,with in As
Worry about future failed of faulty parts b n used in this bike.So I send it in again at about 1000 miles on bike with a problem in the wheels maybe swing arm ,or possible front and problem maybe motor mounts ,but I’m told nothing is found to b failing mechanical on this bike .I continue to ride with much concerns for safety of myself on faulty
Bike made with foriedn parts,mind boggling that someone thinks this is ok .The bike is now sitting
Awiating someone with Harley Davidson who Cares about Motorcycles And there riders who but only Harley 4Life ,it’s brand new with maybe 2500
Miles on her and the wheel bearings are bad the front end seats and the front wheel hub makes a clunk and the rotor moves at the mounting point on hub.The swing arm has side to side play at bushings,the engine has a dead miss,the ignition switch cuts power of anything touches it while running ,the engine rocks side to side and this new bike is very difficult to ride,while my dealer tells me his best tech side my bike and found no faults ,I’m blown away by my situation I pay sticker price for a nearly useable Frankenstein bike scanned together with Taiwan ,Chinese and other assorted parts that are unacceptable for use ,Please care about This bike Built by Harly Davidson And sold to This American Loyal Customer,and the situation at hand .Live To Ride ,over and out Monster


monster May 2, 2016 at 1:10 pm

No-one gives a XXXXXe at Harley
And just want money
Sell outs can’t even stand up for the brand
Here I sit wanting to ride my new bike but it’s not rideable ,even tho it’s a 6 month old bike!now I’m pissed and I people at corporate just have your lunceons and lead jets on the customers dime, so I best do somthing about this problem or ten thousand people will b
Told daily by me that Harley is no longer a brand of heritage but only one of greed ,so hear me now ,fix or replace this in ride able bike I’m paying too dollar to u for ! I greedy sell outs hear me yet


Bryan Aiken April 22, 2016 at 7:18 pm

will anyone out there let me know if you are having problems with your street 750. I posted a comment on the corperate website on October 15, 2015 about my street 750. now it has 3800 miles on it, they have done everything they can to it and it is sitting at the Harley dealer right now. still just shuts off in the middle of traffic. they change the plugs not two weeks ago. ran good for 3 days and starts cutting off again. I talked to a guy yesterday that has a street 750. he told me that he would be sitting at a red light and it would just die that he would have to duck walk it to the side of the road. he also said that it too shear the timeing key at 500 miles after he got it.,… I was almost hit by a car coming out of work one day last Monday when the bike just cut off on me…. the saterday before that it cut off on me at a light when I was turning, got it started back then shut off again within about 20 yards. called Harley then and was told to bring it up there where it has been sence Tuesday. have contacted Harley support over and over about this. they tell me that if I trade it in I would take a 3800.00 hit and if you add the money I put down 1300.00 and the payments I have made through hd financial towhich is 2088.00 it comes to 7155.00…. the bike only cost 7900.00 new so in order for me to get off this bike that is messed up from day one and is a danger to get me killed by shutting off, I have to buy this bike to get on another bike. this is crazy…. right now Harley is investigating the issue but they said it could be aweek before anything is done. the bike has been in and out of the shop sence day one and even the techs say it is messed up. all I am trying to do is for Harley to make this right sence it has been a lemon from the get go plus they have done everything they can to fix the issue. they have been in the motor twice, changed out the brain, done the recall on the fuel pump ect. it even has oil coming up through the fuel injection into the breather. I took pictures of it. all I have asked is for Harley to make this right but now I am sitting here making payments on a bike I can’t ride. so if anyone at Harley can help me with this problem or anyone with the same problem with there street please reply and let me know.
thank you baiken1216 at gmail.com


Jb April 18, 2016 at 11:29 am

Keith, okay nothing negative, I have a 2013 cvo road glide and love it ! I have a request, please put The new 120ci motor in a stripped down road King. No stereo, just a killer bike with a killer engine. A cvo maybe even a limited ? You guys rock and thanks for making the best investment I have ever made !


linda March 15, 2016 at 9:58 am

I had a late payment for may and harley reports a month later so the reported i was late in June which was incorrect. We were in the process of buying a home and they would not fix this issue which has cost us to lose the house we had under contract. We are responsible for our late in may but if its late in may then report may not June because thats when you reported our late payment.


Hj Wan Shuhaimi March 13, 2016 at 12:02 am

Wanted to complain that i bought softail slim fr HD Malaysia n did not received owner’s manual n service book but after reading so many complained up there, i guess HD couldn’t be bother wt all the feedback…n one more thing, the attitude of the dealers i guess all the same..


Op. Dr. Soner Buyukkinaci February 15, 2016 at 9:59 am

I bought a new FLTRUSE – 2015 CVO RoadGlide Ultra on may 2015 from the Harley Davidson Istanbul Turkey Dealer. That was my 4th Harley. If it goes like that it will be the last one.

8 months old my 2015 FLTRUSE is always in my garage(My garage is on ground floor, good ventilated just for bikes and cars, no chemicals or ferts. I live 15km away from the coast of blacksea). I made 2 ironbutt this year with my FLTRUSE. And a big european tour. including the FaakerSee meeting of Harley Davidson. I love my harley too much. Always the dealer cleans out my harley while on maintenance period.
The problem is:
I have CORROSION on some parts like front fork, mirror, highway peg… I told this issue to the dealer in Istanbul. They took the bike from my garage. They try to clean the corrosion, but they totally remove the chrome coat from my mirrors and because of that demolution they didn’t try to clean the highway pegs more. They said that there is a PROBLEM ABOUT CHROME COATING. They wrote it to europen warranty center.
There are photos of my bike in my garage. The photos of corrosions on mirrors and highway pegs before and after dealers cleaning. I can send all.
This is the first problem about corrosion on my bikes. And this is a brand new bike and just 14.000km on it.
The European warranty service is rejected the dealer’s application about the exchange of both mirros and higway pegs and their connections.
But this is not my problem, this should be the Harley Davidson ‘s problem. I want you to solve the issue and change your mirrors and highway pegs with their connections. Or I will send the bike back.

I have 2014 SeaHunt Ultra 211 boat from US. My boat is always on the salt water but No Corrosion…


Nancy Bogner January 12, 2016 at 11:17 pm

I am an avid rider and while I have quite an HD wardrobe I also like Victoria’s Secret and PINk. Is it possible the 2 companies can come together for a special one time line of clothing for the gal who loves to ride and also “Loves Pink” And VS? I believe it would be quite a hit.


Holmes April 5, 2016 at 12:38 pm

Great Idea!


Nick Roman January 8, 2016 at 3:23 pm

I don’t own a harley davidson but I’ve heard that the bikes are haven’t been living up to there name from a lot of people after they built the 103 engine, anyway please bring back the 96ci Night Train I always wanted to own one thanks


john doelle December 27, 2015 at 12:58 am

I have been riding for over 40 years and it was not until 2008 that i actually bought my first Harley Roadglide, loved it, not so much the power it was adequate but the bike was nice. I traded for a 2013 Roadglide and fell in love with it. The first roadglide i had about 7 thousand in chrome parts and pieces the second i went nuts and had about 19 thousand in extras. Then came 2016, i read the reviews drove one and was on the fence, didn’t like the handlebars wasen’t thrilled with the new fairing not for the new 23 thousand pricetag. I bought it anyway because i was told the handlbars could be moved and the things i didn’t like could be fixed. OK Yes i have sucker written on my forehead. So i buy it and then really ride it, on the expressway my 13 Roadglide was like a bullet this new and improved fairing was suppose to cut through the wind better, not a chance it bounced around like a pinball and in most cases whistles while you ride. The infotainment center which is suppose to be the almighty is flat out junk for playing music. The speakers sound like my close and play record player from the 70″s. Ad all the dealer would tell me is yep like crap sorry, but if you would like to upgrade 1000 dollars to a speaker and amplifier that you can actually here we would be happy to sell it to you. I get the aftermarket part thing but if your going to jack up your bike to that price level you should at least be able to here and understand the radio. thats pathetic and again the dealer was more than willing to tell me what a piece of crap it was and they will probably fix it next year. Oh the joy!!! and the handlebars, oh they never got moved as it seems that Harley put some kind of pin in their so you can’t move them. Again a oversight i’m sure when the salesman said they could be moved. All in all we own 3 Harleys, soon to be 2 as the 16 is up for sale as i have looked at the new Indians and sorry Harley the quality is better and the price is a ittle cheaper.Oh and the worst part my wife is pissed as now she doesn’t know what to do with her Harley clothing.


rick howard December 2, 2015 at 3:31 pm

I have owned many new & old harley davidsons, I always do my own maintenance and repairs, but I have to say that I am appalled at the warranty horror stories that I’ve heard from many people. I would hope that the company would do everything in their power to correct these complaints, to be honest, I don’t think that I’ll ever buy a new bike again for these reasons.


Norm November 30, 2015 at 12:26 am

I purchased a 2015 Ultra Classic Low in June 2015 a great machine and about 4500 miles on it already but I have a problem with it.

When I take off from a stop at an intersection or traffic light the engine stumbles and knocks, sort of like when you try to take off in 2nd gear.

I have taken it to Adirondack Harley-Davidson 106 Bellen Rd, Broadalbin, NY 12025 and Joe’s Motorcycle Repair, Dyno Tuning, Dyno Performance, 124 N Central Ave, Mechanicville, NY 12118 to have this problem corrected. I was told by both places that the reason the Motorcycle does that is that the fuel programming is set too LEAN to meet Harley-Davidson’s requirement to meet Government EPA standards.

I was told by BOTH, Adirondack Harley-Davidson and Joe’s Motorcycle Repair, that they can fix the problem by installing Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle performance parts: 1.fuel tuner 2. high flow air cleaner and 3. flow through exhaust.

In order to do this they would remove ALL of the Harley-Davidson’s EPA required Environmental components, re-tune the engine, it will run perfect and no longer will the engine stumbles and knock like when you try to take off in 2nd gear. ALL of this for the around $2000.00 plus.

I already paid $25,000.00 for this motorcycle so I do not feel that I should have to pay another $2000.00 plus to have the motorcycle taken apart reassembled with parts that will VOID my warranty and invalidate the requirements of the Motorcycle to meet Government EPA standards.

So where do I go to get my ULTRA re-tuned a little richer under warranty at no charge, not voiding warranty and still meeting Government EPA standards.

2015 ULTRA Classic VIN: 1HD1KDM17FB653218
Norman W James


Todd Schill November 23, 2015 at 8:13 pm

Hi my name is Todd I bought a brand new Harley Dyna Fat Bob 2014 the bike was delivered to my home on November 1st the day after purchase, from that time I realized there was flaws in the paint job on a gas tank, also the gas gauge did not work, also there were flaws in the chrome on the exhaust. I had contacted A young lady by the name of Gretchen if I remember correctly from she told me she didn’t understand why I was getting upset about the gas gauge I shouldn’t depend on that I should pay attention to the mileage .century harley-davidson in Medina Ohio at that time she told me she didn’t feel it was worth giving me a warranty on the pipes since it wasn’t that noticeable then she advised me she doesn’t know why I was getting upset about the gas gauge I shouldn’t depend on that I should consider depending on my mileage to insult to injury she told me she’ll see what she can do it took me approximately 5-6 visits to century Harley to have them say they would take care of it they ordered the gas tank and the gauge it took approximately one year to get the gas tank in when I went there to have it installed with the gas gauge they advise me after sitting there for almost two hours that the tank that was delivered was damaged so they ordered another tank, within three days they called me to tell me the tank was delivered the boy was taken back to the dealership they installed the gas tank and claimed they put a new gas gauge on it also well that’s where they got caught in their lie the gas gauge was never replaced or even fixed the bike was brought back to me I went to put gas in it thanking the tank was on empty it took two point 7 gallons of gas only and still was reading only a hair over half a tank when I called them back extremely upset at this time they told me there’s no reason to get upset it wasn’t mechanical the bike still ran now I felt very insulted when the individual told me this because they sure are getting their payments monthly on time as promised they notified me the other day to tell me it would take 7 to 10 days to order the part. I will say now I will never deal with that dealership again did I get a good price on the bike when buying it absolutely but a warranty is only as good as the people that stand behind it for a minor thing like a gas tank and a gas gauge I should not be fighting with them for a year to get it taken care of and obviously I have. I guess we’ll see what happens in the next 7 to 10 days in the meantime I will contact corporate because if this is how one of their dealerships represents the name of Harley not a very good job at all its to the point where I’m not sure even if I want to keep dealing with Harley I love the bike but I sure would like to ride it more than having to take it back and forth to the dealership.


Daryl Huber November 18, 2015 at 9:16 pm

I have an 02 Harley Ultra Classic that I bought an extended warranty on when I bought the bike in December 2013. Since I’ve bought this bike it’s been in the shop about 6 months of the whole time I’ve owned it. Had several different problems with the bike shutting down lights going out. 3 days after I bought the bike the motor had a knocking sound in it I took it back at first oil change and told them about it. They said that’s what a Harley sounds like. Harley been in my family for years. Took it to Treasure Coast Harley in Florida they tried several different things to fix motor not problem. Couldn’t figure out what it was. Then I was having problem with just completely shutting off on me in the middle of intersections had at their 5 times for this replaced wiring harness replaced a bunch of the stuff on the bike. Had their rental by on the last time they brought my bike to me and said take it to the dealer you bought it from that we going to fix it. Took at the Space Coast Harley they fix one of the problems. Then I tried to get them to fix the motor problem. They said it was the juggs. Harley extended warranty did not cover this the money had to come out of my pocket. Did not fix the problem constantly taking it to dealers that tell you there’s no problem. Took it to a professional shop V Twin Don Vero Beach Florida and he found out the cam plate was bad and the bearings were bad on the crank. I had a problem this weekend with coil on the bike and I was at Treasure Coast Harley in Florida they told me why do I have this bike here they’re not going to work on it get the bike out of there. I don’t think this is the way dealership should be handling the customers. I think my next alternative is to contact a lawyer insu Harley Davidson . Has called customer service they said it was a used bike what do you want us to do about it. I don’t understand why Harley is given me so much problem about this bike. If somebody could contact me before I contact an attorney I give one week. Thanks for your time


Brian Simmerman November 9, 2015 at 8:19 pm

Have owned 6 Harleys now. Currently have a 2014 Streetglide Special. Love the bike but the Speedometer is off 4 mph. Speedo reads 64……actually doing 60. Wouldn’t bother me so much but after 50,000 miles I should only have about 47,000 actual miles showing on the odometer. Unacceptable to have the speedo off this far. Additionally, Dealer says it’s within “10%” and the MOCO says it’s acceptable. Well, it’s not……dealer says nothing they can do to fix/repair the wrong speed reading. Just not right. The GPS shows my speed exactly as the speedometer. Now, the GPS runs off a satellite to provide the maps. Doesn’t the speed run off the satellite also? It does on every GPS I’ve owned……not this one……..runs off the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). Who’s idea was it to do that??? Love my ride……just the little things that should be given attention. Hopefully HD will respond to me as they don’t accept emails “at this time”……..and calling the HQ to talk to someone who’s actually breathing oxygen is an impossible task.


steve braybrook November 3, 2015 at 8:26 pm

The situation has been resolved after I visited them once again.


steve braybrook November 2, 2015 at 5:46 pm

Attn: Keith Wandell; This seems to be the only means of contacting HD directly. You make it extremely difficult for your customers to talk to a person, in Customer Service! All other options are automated and are not applicable to my situation. We purchased ESP for our 2009 Street Bob. Took it into a dealer for assessment (the shift linkage came off the transmission). Contrary to ESP policy, ($50. deductible) I was charged an additional $250. The dealer said ESP wouldn’t authorize the additional labor & primary oil. I contacted ESP and was advised they don’t police the dealer and I should speak to them. I told them I spoke to the dealer at length and they still refused to adjust the repair order. I did not ask for any additional or costlier parts above what ESP originally approved. To get our bike back, we had no option but to pay what they demanded! Now, for some reason, its up to me to enforce ESP’s rules.


Attention; Kieth Wandell, CEO ,HD October 23, 2015 at 9:41 am

Attention Mr.Waddell, sir; I bought a 2002 Road King Police Special! After a couple months my stater went out I than took it to Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson in Loveland, Co. After approx.8-10 weeks later the 1-time use bolts , 2 backed out and 2 sheared off causing the wiring to my voltage regulator to be sucked in th primary case as the stater spun off due to poor installation of the stater?!! Thunder Min.Harley insist that it’s not there fault that the stater bolts not properly torque backed ou and sheared of in the cases! Now they won’t fix my bike after $3500. In damage was caused by this poor installation of their mechanic! My bike is at Bruce Rossmyers sitting because General Mgr will not authorize the repairs to be done!! Please note that Thunder Mtn has the WORST MECHANICS AS WELL AS POOR CUSTOMERS RELATIONS AND THEY DONT BACK UP THE HARLEY DAVIDSON NAME WITH GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICES! I was rd by the GM that if I’d been to his store a100 times as apposed to the 5 times is been there that I’d get preferential treatmeby?? So I guess because I trusted them to work on my bike and have only been other a few Times I can’t get my warranty honored??! Is this how you do bussiness??! Help me. CEO Keith Wanndell. Contact info. 941713XXXXX. Ben


stephen davis October 22, 2015 at 5:08 pm

I just spent an enormous amount of cash for a Ultra Limited. The very next day I attempted to play the radio. I found the speed control did not work and the volume can not be controlled. Up and down, never steady. I returned to the dealer and he checked for the latest update. It has the latest update, and he told me this is a problem with the new boom box system. I called the company and was informed it was indeed a problem and they were working on it. My thought is why has it taken over two years of work without any results. I bought the bike because of the cooling system and the sound system. SOLUTION: If you can’t fix the problem, replace the system. I WANT MUSIC. Or at least what I paid for. pls reply two years is way to long for a problem to go unsolved.


Bill Kouis October 21, 2015 at 12:48 pm


I had problems with my sportster. The clutch wasn’t engaging properly. I took it in to a dealer to have it fixed. After paying a considerable amount of money I quickly discovered that it wasn’t working properly. I brought it back and again, it was not working. I decided to fix it myself. I took the clutch off and discovered the clutch was never looked at even though there was a new gasket. There was metal everywhere from the rivets that were grounded. Some of the friction plates were completely gone. I replaced clutch plates and bike is working fine. I need to know the proper protocol for dealing with this issue. I no longer trust the service department.


Rod Smith October 19, 2015 at 2:50 pm

I have been disabled veteran for years and have never asked anyone for anything before. But I need help with my home and can not get the v.a. to help. I am always denied the grant to fix my home. I am an amputee and have some other serious problems. I digress, pardon? I was wondering if there is anyone out there that will help a veteran that needs heat and air and other problems I am having here at home that I can not afford or do myself due to the problems that I suffer. I do not have the money to fix this and it is my home. I want to stay here! Thank you for your time and have a great day! Rod R. Smith U.S.A.F. Disabled !972-1976


Bryan Aiken October 15, 2015 at 10:44 pm

i am writing this due to the facts about a bike i purchased in july 2015. i got a street 750 and sence i purchased this bike it has been in the shop more then i have had it. the bike would just shut off sitting at red lights and while i was driving it. the techs worked on it for 5 hours changed out the fuel packs modulars , ext and still could not get it to start. the bike while driving it would act like it was staring for gas and start jerking. they tore the motor apart on a brand new bike with 1000 miles on it and come to find out the point key was sheared off on the crankshaft to which has to due with the timing , was like this from day one. it was jumping in and out of timing. i got the bike back and 1 week later it is leaking oil from the crankcase and started jerking and cutting off again. it is now in the shop. i try to trade it in and hd finacial says that i will take a 3100.00 hit on the bike plus i am out the 1300.00 i put down on the bike… yes the f-ed up bike they sold me from the get go… then come to find out there are recalls on the bike that no one told me about when i was buying the bike. i think this is pretty sh***y the way they are doing me. when i tried to trade it in. they tell me that i was pay the roll over equity and come up with 3100.00 to 4000.00 to get another bike…. i am real upset and even the place i got the bike in alabama said that it’s messed up. the bike is not safe period. when i called harley about it they told me that i need to get the dealer ship to talk to the underwritters at hd finaical and as of today not one thing has been done about the situation and the bike is still sitting in the shop. so i am going to talk to a lawyer and file suit against them sence they don’t want to approve me for another bike and make this right. there is alaw that states if they sell you something that is defected that it most be taking care of. i got all the paperwork and it is called service contract agreement… it is just like the lemon law.. all i have asked is for hd to make this right. approve me for another bike with no down payment and i would take the hit but the still refuse to do it. does not make no sence at all. thanks for your time….


Tara September 30, 2015 at 3:41 pm

Went to a Tampa area store and bought my boyfriend a few skull caps & some other things. I spent quite a bit of cash, well for me it was.
In less than a week the logo on both skull caps have come off and the stitching undone, the store refused to exchange or return the items, I had the receipt. ….
The “person in charge” told me if i didn’t like the decision to “call corporate”
This is the closest I’ve gotten to even getting a complaint in, no return email, and when i called the corporate # it was “play pass the buck”
Needless to say,I’m disappointed and I can’t see spending my hard earned $$ on anything purchased at a Harley store again.


danny robertson September 17, 2015 at 9:11 pm

I need help.I put my 2013 su ppe r gl ad in Cy cle world of Athens, Ga. On September 8. Nothing has been done to it as of today. 9 17 15. Its under your ESP Warranty. I talked to a company rep of HD. My reference number is 2579315 ok her name is Ann she told me that she talked to the service manager where my bike is. They told her that my bike isn’t there. Beleave me it’s there. I need someone to get someone to get to work on it. And fix it my name is danny robertson, my phone number is 770369****. Thank you


Scott Ramen September 17, 2015 at 5:41 pm

I bought a 2006 Harley Street Glide back in April. It is my first Harley and my first dealings with your company. I am financing the Bike through Harley and making automatic payments. I am in the Military and have come down on order to PCS (Permanent Change of Station) overseas to Italy. I contacted your finance department and informed them I will be needing a release letter to be able ship the bike to Italy. I called the finance department today and was informed that my request was denied, due to the fact that my orders are dated July and I bought the bike in April and they need something before April. This makes no sense, why would I purchase a motorcycle knowing that I will be PCSing. I will be stationed in Italy for 3yrs, so if I am not able to bring the bike to Italy I have to make my monthly payments, pay my insurance and pay for storage of the bike for three years. Now this makes no sense. Please contact me so we can fix this issue and I can enjoy riding an American bike in Italy. 253-459-3296


chris klinger September 16, 2015 at 11:43 am










danny robertson September 18, 2015 at 9:29 am

And i thought I had problems.


Robert Price September 12, 2015 at 8:20 pm

I am contacting your company because I want too do business with your company am the inventor of glow in the dark clothing that I would like too present too your company designed too save lives when light is shined upon it very unique a must see please contact me at email or 912-323-6082 looking forward too doing business with you must see how this idea will help your company thanks ROBERT PRICE


Amy Marriott September 8, 2015 at 4:35 pm

Sold my 2008 Harley Davidson to harley of Las Vegas on Friday Sept.4th, they took my bike and title, gave me a copy of a request for check, [for payment ] told me to pick up the check tues. sept 8th,now today im supposed to receive my check, no one can tell me where my check is , all they can tell me is “Harley isnt going anywhere” they’ll call me when they have a check, it probably wont be today, theyve sent an email to corporate and havent heard back yet, no one can call on the good old fashioned phone, have been on hold at customer care for 90 mins. no answer, corporate says they dont know who to call, customer care choices have no options even close to my situation, and any human that answers has no clue who i need to deal with!!! dont do busy with harley davidson!!!


Randall Stephens USN Retired September 6, 2015 at 8:42 pm

I am retired from the US Navy and an owner of two Harley Davidson motorcycles. I find what the Washington dealer did is totally appalling willing to sponsor a terrorist/ HATE group that advocates the killing of police and white people. IT IS TIME to get rid of this motorcycle dealership. They do not believe in the Values of the American people nor Harley Davidson’s core values unless you endorse it and if that is the case I will sale my Harley’s and purchase a Victory motorcycle.


Diana Sirks September 5, 2015 at 6:51 am

Due to your non action to the Fort Washington hosting a bike rally that supports the the killing 9f police officers and whites we have now put our motorcycles up for sale as well as all related gear and Ironhorse trailer. I am on my 4th bike 2014 CVO Deluxe and each one had over 40k when I traded and my husband is on 3rd bike most his bikes had 70plus bikes all since 2004. He just bought a 2015 CVO Street glide which is only 3 months old with now 8k on it. So we love our Harleys but I be damn if I sit my ass on a brand that allows the destruction of America. Willy G you should be ashamed and you haven’t learned a thing . Hope you and Harley Davidson goes down the toilet


Diana Sirks September 5, 2015 at 6:49 am

Due to your non action to the Fort Washington hosting a bike rally that supports the the killing 9f police officers and whites we have now put our motorcycles up for sale as well as all related gear and Ironhorse trailer. I am on my 4th bike 2014 CVO Deluxe and each one had over 40k when I traded and my husband is on 3rd bike most his bikes had 70plus Mikes all since 2004. He just bought a 2015 CVO Street glide which is only 3 months old with now 8k on it. So we love our Harleys but I be damn if I sit my ass on a brand that allows the destruction of America. Willy G you should be ashamed and you haven’t learned a thing . Hope you and Harley Davidson goes down the toilet


Tim September 4, 2015 at 10:27 am

I bought a used 2012 V-Rod Muscle from Renegade Harley and have had some issues. Now I know buying used usually has issues but… they had to change the battery out the day I came to pick it up because it was dead. On my ride home a fuse blew due to the battery being changed. I took it to my local dealership which confirmed it and after a couple of phone calls it was taken care of including the bill. I was told at Renegade all the fluids were checked and everything was good to go. When I got home, the temp gauge came on. When I checked the coolant level, it was empty. The grips on the bike were aftermarket from the previous owner so I decided to change them. Upon taking off the right one I found the throttle cable only had one thread left out of the whole braid. To add to that, both the throttle and return cables are nearly rusted and need replacing making it hard to simply adjust. And lastly, for now, I still do not have the keys to the bike. I bought it off their ebay sales. I didn’t check to see if there was a security system on there or not. This is my 5th Harley and besides my first one and this one, they have all had security. They didn’t let me know one way or another. In the picture of the bike in the ad you can clearly see the keys hanging from the nut holding the upside down mirrors on. When my wife and I picked the bike up on July 16th, they could not find the keys. I have been told many times since then that the keys have been ordered and I should get them in the mail. Nearly 2 months later now and still no keys with the same story. I had problems with them signing the title correctly and nearly missed getting it properly titled for Florida in time of the expiration date of the temp tag. I own the bike outright and should have the keys. I’m a bit frustrated and feel most, if not all of these issues should have been resolved well before anyone bought this bike. I should not be responsible for getting the keys and should not be responsible for paying for and installing the throttle and return cables. I’m a TSgt in the Air Force stationed at Keesler AFB and am extremely loyal to Harley but this experience has definitely left a sour taste in my mouth.


David Scott Smith September 4, 2015 at 7:57 am

Dear corporate office,
I just purchased my 3rd Harley Davidson the other day.
I received a call from Harley asking about the experience.
They told me “congratulations” on buying the bike.
Thank you very much for your business!! is the correct answer..
This is rude and arrogant behavior..
My next purchase will be from a company that appreciates the fact that I spend my money with them.
You may want to consider hiring people with better manners.


Doug September 4, 2015 at 12:15 am

Just tried to email, but their system said it wasn’t taking emails at this time, so I guess I’m gonna have to call tomorrow and very politely ask if they’re aware that the Harley dealer in Fort Washington, Maryland is sponsoring a Nation of Islam rally.


Scott September 3, 2015 at 6:55 pm

I’m sure that you have heard your Washington, D.C. Dealership is hosting a noi Nation of Islam rally. HD is a great American organization or at least it use to be. This is a huge insult to your heritage and if this is the direction your dealers and company is heading in I look forward to your demise.


David Pegram September 3, 2015 at 5:36 pm

Brand violation in DC. 9407 Livingston Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744
Phone:(301) 248-1200

Harley Davidson should denounce this shop immediately. They should never receive another bike, parts, accessories and be striped of the Logo PERIOD. Brand protection has been VIOLATED.!! Milwaukee had better make a stand.! This shop disgust me. I’m quite sure hundreds of thousands of other loyal Harley riders agree. What will you do.???


David Pegram September 3, 2015 at 5:41 pm

This is a terrorist organization and this shop supports their actions.


John Robinson September 3, 2015 at 12:33 pm

Stop the Oct. 10 “Justice or Else” hate rally at Washington Harley. The speaker at this rally/ event supports and condones the killing of American Police Officers.


james boone September 1, 2015 at 12:55 am

Tell your retail department selling vests with Harley Davidson 3 piece patches INCLUDING the mc on it will cause a huge issue with your loyal customers. You are opening up your target customers of upper middle class with expendable dollars that spend tens of thousands on bikes and apparel to bitter disappointment when they get their asses handed to them for wearing an MC patch. You are pissing on 70 years of protocol and brand loyalty of every single mc club in this country by selling this in your stores. Indian is making headway with improved quality that is slowly eating at HD dominance. Dont help them by alienating the hundreds of thousands of real MC members that are loyal to HD. This is a total slap in the face and disrespectful to the people that kept your company in business even when you produced inferior products in the AMF days. Stop selling this!


john August 24, 2015 at 11:46 am

I have a 2015 fat bob. I have had nothing but problems with the bike. I have taken it in now for the 4th time for the front brake and I just hit 5k miles. I dont know what to do now because it seems that nothing they do fixes the problem. I also work tomorrow and was never contacted to come pick the bike up so now it’s Monday and they are not open so now I have to miss work to go get my bike. Worst service ever..


william carberry August 22, 2015 at 11:11 am

I have a 2013 road king classic. the voltage reg. went bad on a road trip the dealer I ended up in was out of stock ones they sold me a after market one that my service contract would not cover but I was stuck, so I paid after getting home and fighting with the service contract rep. they paid me for it…but now I have a after market voltage reg on my bike and it still wont be covered or worse if it causes any other problems I am not covered…one why is a Harley dealer selling after market and why wont they change it out for me I have spoke with my dealer and the dealer that put it in and neither will help what is the use of a service contract. I should have let them put me up in a hotel for a week while they found one and give me a loner bike please help I did the right thing now I exspect Harley to back me thank you bill


Jeffrey marchisio August 20, 2015 at 4:21 pm

I have a2013 road glide having its third stator installed in less than 20000 miles when I asked he dealer where I bought it(crystal Harley) if we could work something out I was told since I have extended warranty I should ride it into salt water. Way to back your product


jeffrey marchisio August 20, 2015 at 12:00 pm

I have a 2013 big blue roadglide it has less than 20000 miles and is having the stator replaced again. This has been an issue since one month after purchasing it used with about 6000 miles. When I asked the dealer where I bought it if we could work something out since there is obviously a problem with bike I was told I have extended warranty so drive it into the salt water. Way to back your product Harley.


Mike Lucas August 10, 2015 at 10:13 pm

I am a Harley owner having a 2009 Ultra-Classic and previously had a 2007 Road King and each has been a GREAT RIDE! I do however am disappointed with the color scheme on the new Ultra’s for the past 3 years. Some of my friends are also disappointed with the colors and like myself, have not pulled the trigger on a new bike for that specific reason. The two-tone colors are awful and keeps me from buying a new bike. My 2007 Road King was Pewter-Pearl and my Ultra is blue, both which I really like. The two-tone colors that are offered are not what we are looking for and it is my hope that perhaps the 2017 colors will have something for me. Hopefully your listening to your customers, I know of many riders who would upgrade if you would only give us better colors. Maybe 2017, maybe??
Mike Lucas


Don Jarratt August 1, 2015 at 9:48 pm

Dear Motor Company, I own a 2004 HD 1200R Sportster that the rear brake light switch will not work. I have replaced the switch twice, to no avail. The motorcycle in question has DOT 5 brake fluid reservoirs front and rear. There is no problem with the front brake system, just the rear. Any advice?


Tim K July 29, 2015 at 2:50 pm

Tim Kendzlic I just spoke to a customer care lady at Harley and I can not believe that when a person spends $26,000 on a motorcycle that you can not even talk to a Manufacture Technician. I have had my bike back to the shop 3 times for the same problem and all the say is we can not duplicate the problem. The dealer tells me that Harley will not pay there technician to chase a problem they can not duplicate. All I know is I am not the only person in this world that is having this problem. When I ride my 2014 Street Glide for a constant 60 or 70 miles then turn the bike of it will start again (Hard start) I will not have any throttle. I will have to try it sometimes 10 times before I hear a little click down by the air cleaner then I will have throttle. Has anyone out there had this problem? Harley has BAD customer service!


robert perry July 27, 2015 at 8:04 pm

Keith E Wandell are you aware that Chucks Harley Davidson in Bloomington Minn. is allowing Union Busting Scott Walker to hold rallies at his Harley Davidson shop. Also Walker is planning to have more rallies at other Harley Stores across the Midwest? I for one was and even retired still a Union Member and will be till i die be a union man. I also have owned a Harley Davidson for over 20 years. I am appalled that this is being allowed at one of the most upstanding union corporations in the US. This is a kick in the face of every union employee at Harley Davidson. Please consider letting you dealerships of your dissatisfaction in their allowing this to go on. There is already talk of a boycott of these dealerships and perhaps this can be quelled before it goes to far.


santiago montoya July 23, 2015 at 12:35 pm

i recently bought a 2008 dyna street glide. i was very excited to buy my first harley from the dealer. at the time i was working 16 hr days so i was unable to ride like i wanted. i ended up in the hospital after everything was clear (healthwise) i was ready to ride again. i noticed a problem with my back break. i took it to the dealer they said it was to late i waited to long to let them know. it was past 30 days. i told them why i had waited so long and this was a problem from the time i bought the bike. all the said was that they could fix it or 600 dollars. if they had inspected the bike like they were suppose to they would have noticed that everything was bent up and wasnt working properly. ill never buy another bike from san jacinto harley again. they re customer service was not good at all. and they obviously didnt check the bike like they were suppose to. so now im having to pay to fix something was messed up before i got the bike.


Jamie July 20, 2015 at 12:08 am

Hi I have purchased two different pair of Harley Davidson boots within the past year and the first pair the sole has come apart within wearing a handful of times.so I purchased a second pair two weeks ago a different style and wore them three times and the heel has come unglued from leather boot part.I think it sucks because Harley Davidson is pretty pricey to end up like this.


Liz Guaresi July 18, 2015 at 4:20 pm

To the management of Harley Davidson, USA

I have recently been informed that the Kingaroy (Qld, Australia) Harley Davidson outlet is being forced to close with the franchise agreement not being renewed as Harley Davidson Australia are of the view that this outlet is not ‘viable’. The definition of viable according to the Oxford Dictionary is “capable of working successfully; feasible” and by the Miriam Webster dictionary “capable of being done or used: capable of succeeding”.

This business has been very successful in selling many Harley Davidsons to the Kingaroy community for over 30 years and shows no signs of slowing down. This is one of the few businesses in Kingaroy that has remained for over 30 years, many businesses have opened and closed in this time, however this business still remains. How can you possibly question the ‘viability’ of this business?

The owner of this business Mr Steve Hood is born and bred in Kingaroy, and not only has he had a successful business, his money earnt has been returned to the community, through his, and his family’s local patronage. If this business is to close, this money also stops flowing through the local community. And what happens to the current Harley Davidson owners? Where do they go now for the servicing
of their motorcycles? Has anyone really even considered the needs and requirements of these loyal supporters who are now being totally ignored by your company, one who prides themselves as being formed as a ‘family’?

In regards to the renovations that have been requested by Harley Davidson, Mr Hood can organise and complete the renovations required for under half of the cost quoted by Harley Davidson, however your company will not allow this. If Mr Hood is to organise his own renovations, this will not only keep this well supported business open and continuing to sell Harleys, but the money for the renovations will stay here in the local region. U.S.A. is a big country, Harley Davidson is world-wide, but surely this legendary business was founded on loyalty, dedicated supporters, lovers of Harley, not by forcing businesses to shut their doors and turn their backs on these dedicated riders?

Our closest regional dealership now, Toowoomba, Qld is 2.5 hours away, and if this outlet closes, our closest dealership is then well over three hours away. Who is going to drive three hours to get a motorbike serviced? Yes, I understand that if people want a ‘Harley’ they may well drive three hours to buy one, but what about spare parts and servicing? In these days where convenience is the number one lifestyle neccessity, riding three hours to get a bike serviced is going to be a major consideration in their decision to purchase, and excess travel will wear thin very quickly. So less Harleys will be sold in the regional areas, and does Harley really care?

I am of the understanding that the franchise in Kingaroy is still in the top market share for Queenslandband is apparently in the the eyes of Harley Davidson one of the top franchises for customer service. Mr Steve Hood has been a loyal Harley Davidson franchise owner and has his own dedicated customer base and following such as my husband and myself, here in Kingaroy.

My husband and I have owned Harley Davidsons for decades, and like many others, have bought a Harley through the wish to support local business. If Mr Hood decides to now sell Indian Motorcycles then I am of the belief that Indians will be sold to motorcycle enthusiasts here in Kingaroy, not Harley Davidsons. I am of the opinion that your ‘view’ is extremely short sighted. The people making these decisions have obviously never lived in a rural community, or have the slightest idea of how these ‘proud locals’ support one another. It truly is a loss for Harly Davidson, and to achieve what exactly?

Perhaps they are of the belief that ‘one does not require every customer’, but in this time of world-wide economic downturn how can you honestly have this opinion? If it was their livelyhood being decided in this manner, how would they feel? Do they really consider themselves to be ‘Australian’? It is clear that they are obviously not of Australian origin, due to their ‘views’ on ‘viability’. I challenge them to spend time here, and speak to the loyal customers that Mr Steve Hood has accrued over his lifetime, to truly listen to these customers and then make the same decision on the ‘viability’ of this successful regional business.

I have chosen a few quotes from the Harley Davidson USA website to simply remind you of your companies vision.
“Fulfilling dreams of personal freedom is more than a phrase. It’s our
purpose and our passion. We bring a commitment of exceptional customer
experiences to everything we do – from the innovation of our products to
the precision of our manufacturing – culminating with our strong
supplier and dealer networks. We are Harley-Davidson”.

Exceptional customer experiences, strong supplier and dealer networks, obviously this is not how Harley Davidson truly sees commitment to its customers and dealers here in regional Qld, Australia.

“We believe in revving-up opportunity every chance we get. That’s why
working with minority and female-owned companies is part of our business

What part of your business strategy is turning away business? What part of your business strategy is closing down small or minority businesses? This statement is very untrue of Harley Davidson Australia. Is Harley Davidson Australia not part of the USA company? Are we under different beliefs and strategies here? But somehow you want all the Harley Davidson shops to look the same world-wide, that is so unbelieveably contradictory.

“Our family of Harley-Davidson dealers are the keepers of a unique
culture and the heart of a diverse customer base united by a love for
Harley-Davidson motorcycles”.

‘Family’, so this is how you treat your ‘family’? I question the ‘unique culture’ and ‘diverse customer base’. By keeping all the dealerships in the cities and along the coast, how is that ‘diverse’, and it is certainly not ‘unique’.

“Without a network of enthusiastic dealers, Harley-Davidson would not
have survived the Great Depression, and possibly would have
foundered in the challenging days of the late 1960’s on through the
early 1980’s. It’s a relationship that didn’t merely stand the test of
time, but defined a shared heritage. Without the existence of a network
of dealers, Harley-Davidson may well have ended up a footnote to
motorcycle history”.

So it was ok for these regional dealerships to support you and sell your motorcycles in tough times, but now you are not only not supporting them, but you have decided to turn your back on these dedicated business owners whom you class as your ‘family’?.

“Australia is home to the oldest continuously operating Harley-
Davidson dealership outside of the United States, established in

Unfortunately it now appears that even though you have had so much support, you are now picking and choosing who you want to support as your dealerships here in Australia

“2014 was a year of relentless commitment. Together, we
broadened our horizons through a strong customer-led focus
while expanding the reach of our brand to bring dreams of
personal freedom to more people everywhere”.

You now have many very unhappy Harley Davidson customers, which does not show your ‘relentless comitment’, or ‘strong customer-led focus’ and you are certainly not ‘expanding the reach’ by closing down ‘viable’ businesses.

I know that this email will fall on deaf ears, but you need to know how people feel. As I have previously stated, my husband and I are not ‘lone rangers’ in the impact of this decision, it has impacted a couple of thousand Harley Davidson owners here in the South Burnett region. Your morals and ethics leave alot to be desired, very un-Australian, very un-Harley Davidson like.


Don Jarratt August 1, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Dear fellow rider, The Motor Company is only there to make money. They do not care about you and I. To expect any more of them would be obtuse. To expect the kind of action you have received from them only makes them Harley-Davidson.


jerry hughes July 12, 2015 at 1:43 am

Just a note to share the details of my experience dealing with my New Harley Davidson Motorcycle and Huntington Beach Harley Davidson.

I went in for the 1000 mile service, thinking that it would be covered under the warranty, since it is advertised on the front of Harley Davidson’s webpage. I was completely shocked to find out that it would be 350.00 to change the oil! Ok I like the bike and I plan on keeping it in the family after I’m done with it, I elected to get the full service. One of the concerns I had is the front forks bottom out if you hit a pebble on the 405 freeway so I ask for it to be checked and tighten up the suspension. I was told that they could adjust the rear shocks, but it would be 275.00 to replace the oil in the front forks. They had indeed, checked the forks and they are within factory specification.
Then today I’m planning a ride to La Celina Mexico and I notice oil gushing out of the front fork and the rubber boot has eroded from the fork oil and heat. So I take it back to Huntington Beach Harley. The service manager tells me it is covered under my extended warranty with a 50.00 deductible, I asked if he remembered me from 2 weeks ago and this is the very same problem? He tells me that if I want the stiffer suspension, I would have to buy the heavier oil and it would be an extra charge to do both forks. I walk around the store to kill a little time, I think hum I need to ask if I’m getting a new rubber boot for the front fork? I go back up and ask the service manager did I get a new boot with the service.
This is what this clown said to me word for word! NO it was not covered under extended warrantee and I would have to pay for it? I proceeded to ask how much is it? 12.00 The service manager replied. Ok I would like it replaced I replied? I then asked him if he had any idea, how PISSED-OFF I would have been if the bike was returned, repaired with a XXXXXed up looking boot? Hum in the back of my mind I’m asking myself if this guy gets it and to be a service manager, please tell me that the service manager’s brother-in-law owns the dealership. So I can understand how someone so horribly stupid can become a service manager at a Harley Davidson dealer ship.
While I’m waiting the store manager comes up to say hello, talking to him I explained, even though it is a 2013 bike it only had 160 miles on it when I bought it, Orange County Harley Davidson and I, considered it to be new, besides the fact that the front forks had been week and spongy since I bought in April? I posed the question to him, for a 10,000.00 purchase the bike should have been tuned for the rider’s style with the heavier oil? His response was ” I would have done it ” pretty chicken XXXXX to roll Orange County Harley under the buss like that !! To make matters completely worse, he tells me to go talk to the service manager.
Who proceeds to completely insult me? Belittles my intelligence, to the point that I needed to walk away, before his safety became an Issue!! After my walk, I returned to the store to speak to the manager about my concerns, if the service department was so incompetent not to notice a failing front fork seal. Even after the fact that I had reported my dissatisfaction with the performance of the suspension, then the overall performance of Huntington Beach’s service department acerbated by the behavior or there Service Manager, lead me to believe that they were too incompetent for me to do business with.
I will be taking the motorcycle to Orange County Harley Davidson, some 30 miles further and completely in convent. Then 10 minutes later the service manager tells me the bike is done and I need to pay 126.70, which is clearly not what I asked!!! I was crystal clear about wanting my motorcycle returned unrepaired, so I could take it to Orange County Harley Davidson. This behavior is tantamount to theft by deception and I firmly believe I should be reporting this to the state of California, due to the fact I asked for the old parts and was refused them. This is simply NOT how you treat customers.
I paid but, I well call bank of America and reverse the charge. I left Huntington beach Harley, went strait to Orange County Harley, told them of my horror story encounter with Huntington beach, they made an appointment for me the following Saturday to examine the service performed, simply because I can’t help but think that Huntington Beach Harley Davidson Completely F***ED ME, besides the fact how could I even remotely trust service work from people, Who are completely unprofessional and deceptive in their business practices.
It leads me to ask, is this what should expect if I have a problem while traveling with this Motorcycle. Is it even safe to take this motorcycle more than 50 miles from the dealership I bought it from? I also have to ask myself, the question hum a machine with 1400 miles on it and the seal fails.
“then to compound matters this motorcycle, to me is not even 90 days old” the component fails and Huntington Beach Harley Davidson only concern is finding cleaver ways to screw me out of my hard earned cash.
Is this the caliber of people who resent and support the sales and service of Harley Davidson Products, this little pissing contest between the dealerships really puts a black eye on a company that at one time represented the freedom of being a proud American and supporting American culture, reducing you to being another Asian company selling disposable products made by Chinese children like Apple and Hewitt Packard did.
I did not get my money’s worth with any of the service performed at Huntington Beach Harley Davidson, they need to do the honorable thing and refund all the money I spent at their dealership. Plus compensate me for wasting my time, insulting my intelligence and missing a wonderful vacation La Celina Mexico.
This is what really Kills it, they don’t get that I’m a CUSTOMER I expect they will perform their job with courtesy, professionalism and integrity. Not act like a bunch of charm school rejects running a clown college. you know when I was 11 my Mama bought us a 250 Yamaha enduro that oddly enough I used to attend San Diego State University and right after I graduated it was stolen one night. You know I do not ever remember replacing the oil or seals in the front forks. Hum I would expect similar performance from Harley Davidson and that is just not happening.
My back ground is, BSEE with a Masters in Mathematics with 30 years in the manufacturing sector, I completely understand that XXXXX happens when you mass produce any product! This whole issue could have been resolved by a service manager that had the basic understanding of a concept called diplomacy. With some common since integrity, from a person who believes in and stands behind the products they sell and service.
All this service manager needed to say was your right let me look into it for you and I would have been f***ing ecstatic, please take some advice. Don’t put a dumb ass in a management role. It makes the whole company look stupid.


Robert Cope August 21, 2015 at 1:42 pm

Jerry. I know exactly how you feel!, I have been living in a nightmare,for the last year with the dealership in ST. Joseph Missouri it has ended up me losing the bike I had because they could not fulfill the promise to me to do what they said they could and would do! the end result they got me to trade for another bike and told me that it was a solid Bike,and this bike has been nothing but a major pain, my story goes on with to much detail, to list here, the fact is I have been lied to and deceived and it has cost me thousands of dollars, and I am worse off now then I was then, I am 66 years old and wanted some thing I could depend on this summer DIDNT HAPPEN! I have lost presious riding time and still am, its back in the shop!
thinking about calling corporate and seeing if I can get any help from them


David August 31, 2015 at 11:19 am

The sad part about all of this lousy service from a Harley dealership is not isolated. I live in Orlando, Florida and we have two dealerships in the adjacent county, one decent, the other not so much. The one in Orlando is terrible. So, I am beginning to believe that the service departments for Harley dealerships all over the country suck. I have a 1995 Dyna Wide Glide that has been garage kept and custom painted and completely chromed out and I have had 3 clutches in the last 3 years. My factory clutch lasted 17 years. I am afraid to take it on a day trip anywhere as I have been stranded 3 times in three years.


Jeff July 6, 2015 at 9:54 pm

I spent almost $800 THIS TIME at BOSTON HARLEY. Not only was the bike FILTHY when I picked it up…but someone left ANTI-SEIZE on my NEW EBC front brake DISC, it contaminated my pads…SO THE ONLY WAY THE BIKE WILL STOP IS TO LAY ON THE REAR HARD!! The service guy “BIG BOB” polluted the GM’s MIND while I was on hold, so except that he will have it looked at tomorrow, I feel as though my MVP status means NOTHING!!! After speaking to anyone of importance in that store, I feel like dirt!! I could NOT GET THROUGH TO THEM “MY NIGHT TRAIN STOPPED WHEN I BROUGHT IT IN, SHOULDN’T IT STOP WHEN I LEFT??” I supplied a high end set of pads and a rotor…and the new rim and bearing kit were HARLEY! All I got out of BOB was “THIS IS THE PARTS FAULT, GET READY TO SPEND MORE”!! The funny part is that my MVP gives me 1 year parts and labor!! I guess not in this case!! EVERY QUOTE BOB HAS GIVEN ME HAS WOUND UP BEING FROM $79-$300 HIGHER in the end!! The bike is there till days end tomorrow, and I am taking it out brakes working or not!! I have spent over $35,000 at HARLEY DEALERS!! Now because they contaminated my BRAKE pads with ANTI-SEIZE, AND ARE LYING TO EACH OTHER INTERNALLY IN THAT STORE TO COVER THEIR ASSES, They lost my and ANYONE else I know’s future business!!! I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO SEACOAST HARLEY, THEY ARE GREAT!! Can you IMAGINE THE LAWSUITS THAT WILL FLY IF I LEAVE THE DEALER TOMORROW, PUT ON THE BRAKES, GET HURT….OR KILLED WHEN THEY FAIL????? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!! NO ONE WILL LISTEN!!!


mark safley July 5, 2015 at 4:40 pm

just one out riding on my Harley second day from the shop after they put the stage for on it’s really starting to knock a lot worse today the top and its not sounding good I guess I’m out $4000 I took a back when I picked it up I drove in a mile away took her back to him they took it out for a ride and said nothing wrong with it and start and not more and more and more and more can somebody help me they told me they’d stand behind their work but with all this knocking I know there’s damage done to it now these parts need to be replaced I’m not very happy I’m highly upset


mark safley July 5, 2015 at 4:32 pm

I just picked up my by Friday July 3rd from Metro Suzuki Harley Davidson Cedar Rapids Iowa hadn’t put the stage 4 kit I got a call from the Harley shop in the top and I can hear it knocking they took it out for a ride I told him to ease in on at the top and knock it until you pick up speed they told me they couldn’t hear nothing they put it on the dyno put your headphones on and wrap that out and said they couldn’t hear anything I know you and I going to hear anything when your appetite with headphones at the lower rpm and you ease into it you can hear that knockin knockin bad well Saturday today is Sunday I’ve been riding around town and everytime you ease into it you can hear knocking I’m so upset I spent over $4000 and I’m not very happy the bike originally only had eleven or twelve hundred miles on it when I have them put this in I don’t know what to do now I’m not happy I’m afraid to write it I was out riding and earlier when you take off on the lower rpms on you even to it you can hear it knockin what am I supposed to do I’m out over $4000 and I got an engine problem


Terry Gehrig July 3, 2015 at 2:44 pm

I live in Olympia Washington and Northwest Harley Davidson store did some work on my 97 roadking and replaced the headlight switch for me. They charged me for 1 1/2 hr labor then they called me and said that they had to replace the the wires going down to the headlight and charged me for another 4 hr’s for that , I could of did it in 1 hr. Im very unsatified with them and I have talked to quite a few more friend’s that have went to them for service and are very dissatisfied with them and we are thinking of letting the attorney general and the better business know about them and what they are doing. I think they were letting a new tech work on mine and I had to pay a high price for his learning experience.


William hamler June 20, 2015 at 2:17 pm

My name is William hamler
In febuary of 2011 I purchased a new triglide, after taking it back for the first service, I have had a oil leak, had it repaired several times at chunky river Harley Davidson in meridian,Ms, once in Denton tx at the harley dealership, twice in laurel ms at hell fighters motorcycle shop, what gives, I am not asking for anything free, just a solution in getting the leak fixed,the leak appears to be coming from the oil cooler mounting bracket or the oil filter mounting area, please help

William hamler


patty kennedy June 2, 2015 at 11:08 pm

My husband and I love our Harley-Davidson’s. But we do not love our local Carson City Harley-Davidson store. My husband and I spent over 65,000 dollars there within 18 months, on new bikes, parts, and service. We wanted to be loyal customers and shop locally, but what a mistake. The owner does not care about service. The sales men are not professional and do not follow up. The service department is a joke. My husband just bought a 2015 Road Glide and had some custom parts put on. We had to pay up front for the bike, parts, and service. It took a week to get the bike to the store, and then it sat on their floor for 3 weeks. When they finally got it on a lift it took two weeks to get 20 hours of book time completed. They did not return all of his stock take off parts. He asked for them twice. When he had less than 100 miles on it the hand grip fell off when he made a turn. The heats shields are loose and they did not put the injectors from the stage 4 kit in that we paid for. They tried to double charge him on some of the parts and on parts that were exchanged. We will never walk in the store again. We did not even get our free tee shirt. We hope someone will look into this store. We have many more complaints about them, but to many to list. Thank you for time. Sincerely, Patty Kennedy


jeff winland June 1, 2015 at 9:25 am

I’m a very satisfied customer of HD. I would like to let you know that I deal with Tallahassee HD, and that the staff are at the top of the mountain when it comes to being professional, friendly, and caring.

I wrecked my first bike on Memorial Day, and it was totaled. I went to the dealer several days later, and was able to buy another bike which, through the effort of John Sands, finance mgr., fit right into my price range.

I’ve dealt with several other employees there as well. All of them are of the same caliber, friendly, caring, and they listen to what you say.

I dearly want to make sure that they are recognized for all of the above.

I’m a proud vet of Viet Nam, and Desert Storm. I’m a proud retired LEO. I suffer from PTSD, and my counselor at the VA said that buying a motorcycle was the best therapy I could ever get.

Please make sure the staff are recognized. Thank you.


Alfredo Fuentes May 25, 2015 at 12:22 am

* Abel Stearns ave.
Riverside, CA, 92509

3700 W Juneau Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Dear CEO Keith E. Wandell, CFO John A. Olin and COO Lawrence G. Hund.

On 4/19/2015, I bought a 2015 Harley Davidson, Road king (VIN #3299) at 7688 Indiana Ave, Riverside, CA 92504

Unfortunately, your product has not performed well and the service I received was inadequate. The first week of having the motorcycle, there was an oil leak due to issues from the manufacturer. Hot motor oil spilled all over my wife and I, burning her leg and we were unable to enjoy our day out due to the issue with the motorcycle. Upon calling the dealership to report the issue and have it fixed, I was troubled from the start. I called the dealership and was originally told I would have to wait 4 days for the motorcycle to be picked up. I told them I refused to wait 4 days and I was told to call a certain number for a tow truck. I had to call 4 different numbers to get the proper tow truck needed to tow the motorcycle back to the dealership. Upon the dealership receiving the motorcycle and inspecting it, I was told I would get a new motorcycle, this did not happen. I had to wait 6 days to get my motorcycle back after nonstop calling the dealership for updates. When I did receive my motorcycle back, I was disappointed and frustrated to see that there were oil stains that do not come off of the chrome parts of the engine. In addition to these stains, the worker at the dealership that took my motorcycle after I checked it in laughed and told me, “Oh it’s a Harley, they always leak oil and break down”. I am disappointed because from the start, there were issues with the oil leak and the service technicians at the dealership. In addition to the issues with the motorcycle itself, when I purchased the motorcycle, I purchased an extended 5-year protection plan. They filled out a card and even gave me the extended protection card with a plan number, my name and an expiration date. After dealing with the oil issue and receiving my first payment, I noticed the payment amount did not match what I signed during the contract signing. The amount was off and upon further investigation with the dealership; my 5-year extended protection was in fact not added to my purchase. When I called the dealership on 5/22/15 and asked them why my 5 year protection was not on file with the service center they told me that “I never purchased it”. He later call me back and said that he had made a mistake and did not add my 5 protection plan. To make matters even worse, they failed to properly inform me that the first 2 years of the extended protection I purchased is covered by the manufacturer and then the remaining 3 years is covered by the dealership. Here I am thinking my 5-year extended protection is convenient and all I have to do is go to the dealership, I was very misinformed. Everything I was told and shown at the dealership was misrepresented and I feel as though the terms and conditions were not properly explained. In addition, I was never offered the Gap insurance for my motorcycle and I always buy Gap insurance on all my vehicles. I purchased this motorcycle to enjoy my time off work and forget about my troubles. I’m a disabled Iraq Veteran and did really believe that Harley Davison was a great company to buy a motorcycle from. I’m really bothered that I spent over $25,000 on your product and it was already had given me so many issues. There is no way I expected this much trouble with a brand new motorcycle, which is why I chose to purchase a new model not used. Part of Harley Davidson’s mission statement is “fulfilling dreams of personal freedom is more than a phase. It’s our purpose and our passion. We bring a commitment of exceptional customer experiences to everything we do”. There is no dream here, only a nightmare. The choice I made in purchasing a Harley Davidson was because of the history and reputation of the brand, this dealership and their customer service representatives have not shown any commitment to the brand Harley Davidson.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate either a replacement motorcycle for the same one I purchased or further service to my current motorcycle ensuring there are no other mechanical issues as well as replacement parts for my chrome parts that were stained during service. I would also like the 5-year extended protection I assumed I purchased, given I received the card and everything, Gap Insurance and all the stipulations and terms and conditions in writing and gone over with me with no misrepresentation. Enclosed are copies of my records Service Contract Number (22566969)

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until May 29, 2015 before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at 626-297-****.


Alfredo Fuentes


Horn July 6, 2015 at 4:55 pm

Just wondered it posting here has helped you at all. Has anyone contacted you?


scott springer May 24, 2015 at 7:32 am

I own a 2006 flht with under 18k miles. this spring I noticed the fairing shaking hard. at first I thought it was just me.. last week I heard something metal fail out of the fairing. when I took the outer fairing off I found 3 of the 4 main brackets broken. the thickness of the metal is way to thin. this could be a real safety problem. I hope that you have a recall to fix this. if so how can I get the parts to fix this problem?

thank you for your time



Wendy bolyard May 18, 2015 at 7:49 pm

My husband has a 2007 ultra classic. The radio in it quit working we found out later that all the brackets were broken which cause a lot of vibration to the radio. We called our hometown Harley Davidson and they said they’ve had a lot of bikes come in where the brackets had to be replaced. I feel that if this was known and happening a lot there should have been a recall on these brackets. In my opinion if the bracket would have been good we wouldn’t be replacing our radio.


Warren May 14, 2015 at 7:54 pm

It is so sad: Harley Davidson the icon of an American Dream. I am A Vietnam Era Veteran with 4 honorable discharges and my greatest dream WAS (past) to ride/own a Harley since I was a child starting at 6 on a mini-bike I called my Harley even when all laughed at the little 6 year old kid dreaming/pretending. Now at 59 my dreams is squashed/no more. Harley wanted to finance a 5 year old FXDWG for 12,500 but afterwards it would be 26,954.00. Wow it is sad: I still buy raffle tickets as I am an A.B.A.T.E. member, just got my motorcycle license (legally ride now) abiding by laws, but not a Harley. A Honda Shadow Spirit as these are within grasp financially. If I sold drugs (as past) or a high income I could afford my dream, but Honda has won, not Harley Davidson. I still believe in the country I served and fought for for freedom and I live to ride but not with an American Dream of Harley. Maybe one day Harley will see others want to buy the American made iron true motorcycle and lower. I love American served America but dream faded:


ANN NICKLAS May 9, 2015 at 2:21 pm



Jack Gall April 25, 2015 at 3:03 pm

I just did the test drive and want to find out what you do with the bikes after the test ride tour is over. I am interested in the ulta classic low that I rode licence# 4151


Doug Gallinger April 7, 2015 at 10:08 am

I would like to know Harley Davidson’s opinion on gun control and the religious freedom situation


tammie March 16, 2015 at 6:19 pm

i find it funny that when you post a complaint about the company or the lies, they delete your comment like they did mine… You lost a permanent customer and i will never buy a harley again. Sad how you treat people.


Anthony meadows March 11, 2015 at 9:30 am

I have a 2013 ultra classic and the black powder coat is coming off my rear head by the spark plug I never seen this happen before this is my 3 bike is there a recall or anything that I could do about this thanks


Dennis Coltson March 10, 2015 at 12:47 pm

I am having oil pressure issues with a 2014 ultra limited purchased new 9/27/14. I had 30 psi from new at a cold idle or hot at highway speeds. Over night it has dropped to a hot idle of 8psi and a highway hit of 14_18 psi Cold idle is 20 psi and cold highway is the same. The dealer told me to contact H D and infirm you of the problem. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

My cell number is 586 292 ****


Dan Kartchner March 8, 2015 at 12:50 pm

I received notice of NHTSA Recall Campaign Number 14V-537 in September of 2014. I immediately contacted my local Harley Davidson Dealership in Redding, California, who advised me that they were waiting for parts and they put my name on a list with other customers who were waiting to have this recall item repaired. I have periodically checked with the dealer once a month now since September and each time I am advised by this dealership that they are waiting for parts and they have many customers on the list in front of me. I once again checked on March 4th, 2015 and once again this dealer told me that they are waiting on parts and there are other customers ahead of me. On March 5th, 2015 I contacted Hall’s Harley Davidson in Chico, California, who advised me that they could get me scheduled as they had parts on hand and repair it right away. Even though I am less than excited to travel 75 miles to another dealership, I will take the trip and get this recall item repaired as it appears to be a real safety concern. I am appalled at the dealership in Redding. Even though I have spent thousands of dollars in this store, I did not purchase my new bike through them and I suspect that this the reason for poor service. In spite of the poor attitude I receive when I utilize the Redding dealership, I grudgingly do business as they are the nearest dealership. If there was another dealership in our area, I would take all my business to them. I have spoken to numerous Harley Owners in my area and my opinion of this dealership is shared with many of them.


Jim pratt March 7, 2015 at 3:46 am

I ride a 2009 FXD & live south of St Louis Missouri my problem is these people at SURDYKE HD they don’t have any motorcycles sitting of front all they have is 4 wheelers and off road utility vehicles in front of a store that says it’s a Harley Davidson dealership!!! I have a really nice photo just taken yesterday (March 6th) not a one motorcycle out front as being a long time rider I really DO NOT APPRECIATE these practices it’s a H – D dealership


mike austin March 6, 2015 at 10:09 am

Our first Harley 2010 ultra classic (Peace Officer)Special Addition, we are very happy with it. But due to medical issues we are looking at purchasing a Trike 2015. We are really disappointed in the colors that are available. The colors that were available for 2013 and 2014,, really showed the beauty of the Trike. Would like to know what the colors will be for 2016. Please advice would be deeply appreciated. My HOG card number is US 3978713 full. Our home address is 6111 Holley Oak Dr. Fort Wayne In. 46818 , our cell ph (260) 416-7559. My wife Robin and I thank you in advance in this matter, looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you again.


Patrick J Coyle Sr. February 27, 2015 at 8:07 pm

2/27/15 1650 Hrs.
My name is Patrick.J Coyle Sr., and I have owned and ridden Harleys since 1961. Today, I had to dial the HOG Membership 1-800 number and at the above time, automatically put
on hold that included a very loud and disturbing, annoying on a countinuing sound tract on a recording loop that would make the most Harden Coustomers want to puke or just hang up.
Several times between the recorded musical loop, a digital automated voice would come on
and tell me that the HOG lines are busy, and a Costomer Representative would be with me
shortly. This flaw in your company structure, that I described here within, over, an over again. This continued above as described for over a half an hour. If your going to run a multi
billion dollar industry, it’s fixing these things, and not producing these hurdles for for any
customer, new or old for trying to buy any of your products.
Your probably wondering what service or purchase that I was requesting?
I was just trying to up my 2016 HOG Membership Card. SIMPLE — Right, No! It was –
I have invested, time and time again over the years in The Harley Davidson Co. Spent-
thousands. Please,please fix this PROBLEM,
Respectfully submitted,
** Lexington Ave.
Maplewood, New Jersey
Tel# 973-761-****
Blue Knight Member Chapter III, New Jersey,
United States of America


Mary Ann February 7, 2015 at 10:11 pm

I’m Am a proud owner of a 2014 Harley Davidson V-rod musle,I bought it in August 2014 and have enjoyed every moment until recently. The first episode happen while accelerating on the a major interstate during rush hour, at 60 to 65 mph my bike engine cut off I had to navigate over 3 lanes without power to make it to the emergency Lane, needless to say NOT cool, it took a week and phone call to the manufacturers technical department to find out that the wiring for the oxygen sensor had melted to the exhaust blowing the fuses for the fuel, now the manufacturer will route the wiring a different way on assemble of the v-rod. Great right. Got my bike ran well for maybe 50 miles then again it happened not as dramatic as the first time, but more frustrating, my dealership came and picked it up and said they would let me know. But now I’m not feeling the trust you need for the long ride. We are wanting to take the long trip coming this spring and summer but can I trust my bike.will Harley even read this? I’m Not so sure,


Alisha Craven January 26, 2015 at 11:11 am

USMC Base 29 Palms, CA annual Auction


I’m hopping you can help us in any way you can. Marines are so into Harleys just like my husband you owns 4. Our Auction is going to be held the end of Feb and I was hoping maybe you could make donation that I know Marines will go crazy over. I know I’m writing you at such a short notice and it is a long shot, but if you can help in anyway it would be amazing!! Our theme for our BN is Beauties and Bikers. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Thank you,
Alisha Craven
wife of a Marine of 23 years and counting.
9103587540 cell


Marcus Sikes November 7, 2014 at 12:14 pm

I have 2013 Limited, great bike lots of up grades. On October 21/14 front brakes locked up running 60mph flat spotted tire. The ABS Control Module went out. This is a restricted part. Talk with H – D corporate office they helped me and called Pensacola H – D. The Harley shop seemed to be taking a lot of time saying my appointment was November 14 after one service man said it was going to be checked out on the October 28th. One would tell me one thing and another tell me something else, this why I called corporate office. I also have tire coverage and because it was a part failure I feel that H- D needs to replace my front tire. But other than the tire issue, they now say it will be November 14 in getting my bike back. I hated to call corporate but I wanted it stopped before months had passed by. If not they were not going to look at it before the 14th and it would have been some time in December.


Coleen Daniel October 23, 2014 at 10:51 pm

Who do we contact to make a major complaint in regards to a local Harley dealership?
We have been receiving calls and when we answer no one is there, then they hang up or we are then directed to another line and put on hold where we then listen to music. Remember this is the store calling us!!! After finally getting tired of this for the past month we decided to call the number back, finally spoke with the general manager Doug. After speaking with him for about 15 minutes, Doug tells my husband his store nor Harley needs his business. REALLY this is a Harley general manager. Well about 5 minutes later Doug calls back to apologize for saying that. Well damage done dude!!! We are not the first people to say Riverside Harley of Calif has gone down hill since the new owners bought it about a year ago. I would like someone to please contact me. WE have our West Coast Thunder ride leave from there every year plus many other functions and rides… well to tell you now, I will be contacting West Coast Thunder and many other functions. As this is not riversides first complaint! I belong to several groups / clubs and at least 3 times a month Riverside Harley is a major fail. So many of us prefer to ride 35 to 45 miles to another Harley store!! Is this the way Harley is now represented? I sure hope not!!!


Roy Foote October 6, 2014 at 12:23 pm

Hello I just bought a 2006 harley Electra glide classic and I’m having a safety issue with the bike a few times I almost went down with it because when I took off the bike would spit and sputter I was told I have 8degree injectors still in my Harley now the owner before be never had them changed and it always happens at cold start up’s even if the bike has sat for only a hr.would harley still honored the safety bulletin. Thanks Roy F


ed pavlovic October 3, 2014 at 6:46 pm

hello there, I,m a happy Harley owner and I just purchased a new enclosed trailer for it, I would really like to put some big decals of Harley Davidson on it to advertise it. just wondering if you can help me out by maybe sending some or how to get some ? thanks ed


kathleen payne September 30, 2014 at 7:50 pm

My husband bought a brand new HD in March, 2014. We have identified a flaw in the paint on his fairing. A piece of scotch tape is visible between the paint job and the clear coat. We took it to the dealer In June, 2014 who has seen the tape. At the time there was a district representative who said only that it was after the 30 day and it wasn’t able to be taken care of on warranty work. We called customer services and got a claim #. We sent pictures of the tape and finally on September 29th we were told that this went all the way up to the top in warranty and it was denied saying it looked like there was an impact on the fairing. My husband asked if he could bring the bike up to Milwaukee to have someone there at warranty work look at it. We were denied any address since we were told no one could look at it. We were told that if the dealer sent the fairing up to them, they would look at it at that time. We were also told we could wait until a district representative looked at it, but they were revamping this process and there is no district representatives anywhere in the United States at this time and not sure when there would be. Do they think we are stupid. I see an address for Corporate in Milwaukee. Why can’t we bring it up there in stead of taking the fairing off, sending it to them and having to wait until they actually see the tape. Don’t they trust their dealers? Why is customer service so crappy with Harley Davidson. We spent over $25,000 for this bike, we have it financed with them but yet we are treated as if we don’t know anything. It is so obvious that there is a piece of tape between the paint and clear coat. But they are only going by pictures which unfortunately don’t show the real problem clearly. I would like to talk to someone who thinks out of the box and not by rules. Let us bring the bike up so we can show you!!!!!!


JO January 16, 2015 at 9:16 am

I went through the same hell on a poor quality seat on our 2013 Anniversary issue softail, our dealer told us that Harley would not warrantee because they determined the seat had normal wear and tear after 15months of use splitting at the seam when I called Harley direct they agreed to look at pictures I took that would prove it was in fact poor workmanship as the stitches did not catch enough leather and gave way – NOT normal wear (we had traded in our 10 year old softail w/90K on it and no normal wear and tear on the seat!) I sent in the pictures as directed waited several weeks then resent asking for an update, then in Jan sent a 3rd request all ignored, I called again yesterday to speak to someone who would only apologize that that was the conclusion their “committee” had come up with and there was nothing I could do! He refused to direct me to a manager or anyone else (In the committee)who could make a decision – Harley doesn’t have any regard for the end user as long as they sell the crappy quality they are now calling bikes! I went back to the dealer expressing my frustration and was lucky my dealer is taking care of this (out of his pocket I’m sure) perhaps you could try the same??
so sad such a once reputable company had gone down the drain…


Bob September 25, 2014 at 2:49 pm

I have a Screamin Eagle Ultra Classic with only 12,000 miles and had the oil pump inner workings shatter doing damage to the lower end of the engine. Too low of mileage to have this happen and cannot find anyone in corporate for assistance. It is a shame that there is not even an email address for customer service/support.


Kevin L Strand September 25, 2014 at 12:05 am

I tried to send my idea or invention by submission but was unable to because of some computer problems. I am disabled and a former motorcycle rider. Thinking about riding again, but probably wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. Maybe for short rides around town. I am college educated that went to school to be a marketing researcher. I think I can help your company and dealers out tremendously. The railroad business made a big mistake by just saying they were in the train business and that’s it. That’s a big mistake because the shipping industry is now mainly trucking or by plane. They lost out by not expanding and limiting themselves to just the railroad business. They have almost went out or just survived by merging with another railroad company. Harley Davidson has a lot going for it. Motorcycles, apparel, accessories, customers, and rising company in the stock market. I know how you can make it better and help out your dealers through the winter months and pick up another niche in the market. Harley Davidson has a strong following and your customers are loyal and love the brand name. I know how you can expand in the market and help northern climate dealers especially in the winter months and every where. Start a Harley Davidson ATV four wheeler division spinoff and sell them to dealers if they wish to purchase them with the motorcycles or have just ATV Harley Davidson stores. Like I said you have a strong following and most bikers are outdoor people that like to hunt and fish. Recreational use for the whole family too. I know if you did this, Harley Davidson lovers like myself would buy one. Harley Davidson would take a lot of business from other ATV manufactures. The best part is they are American made and it would create more jobs. Harley would have another venture to fall back on if need be and you would have a strong sales, which means more profit!!! Give it the Harley touch and they will be beating on the doors to get one!!!! Like I said I am disabled and live on disability checks. I know it says in the submission that you cant give any money out for this but I sure would appreciate some if you like this idea. Thanks for your time and consideration Kevin L Strand


Arturo Dimas September 21, 2014 at 8:21 pm

Please respond 740-XXXXx how can i buy a Harley Davidson black denim slim it seems like u guys don’t even care cause for the past two years ive been waiting for one,and you guys made only the ultra street glide


scott September 18, 2014 at 4:38 pm

I was involved in an motorcycle accident and my motorcycle is in being repaired I am ashamed at how long it takes to get parts for a motorcycle when I can car fixed by now shame on you guys for taking so long when she got her money you don’t seem to care and I find that very sad


Don Nugent September 9, 2014 at 2:44 pm

I own a 2003 Harley-Davidson Road King 100th Anniversary Screamin Eagle and would like to purchase a diecast replica of same, but am wondering if any were made and where I can go to purchase one?


Conrad September 8, 2014 at 7:44 pm

Please ensure that your CEO/President of Harley reads this, because thousands of others are being ripped off with these high interest rates that are even been given to people with good interest rates. How can Harley be the American dream.

I am a active duty soldier. I purchased the bike at the end of 2012 from
I had requested that my interest rate be reduced to 6% based on my transfer
orders that were effective 18 Feb 2014. Your response is that I do not meet
the criteria. After speaking with one of your representatives beginning of
last week, my orders is all that was needed showing that I have been
transferred or
going to be transferred. This I find is not in accordance with Soldiers Relief
act, declining it.

Your company is suppose to support military, but instead give out high
interest rates and state that you
Have to have bought the bike before going to active duty. Well you are the
first company to do this,
Because I have had other companies change my interest rate, but your company
tries to find a way around

When I purchased the bike my credit was great and should never had been
given such a ridiculous rate. I have
Paid on this bike for over a year and the balance has not gone down.

The way I feel is that I would not recommend any body to purchase a bike
from Harley. It is a rip off.


Arturo Dimas September 5, 2014 at 11:30 pm

Please please make the Harley Davidson black denim Slim i’ll buy it cash Please call me 1(956)740****PLEASE call


Darnell Frye September 4, 2014 at 11:58 am

Sorry forgot about something,what are the length,width and weight of the bikes?


Darnell Frye September 4, 2014 at 7:59 am

I am looking into putting a display trailer together to honor those who died in the line of duty.Using two Electra glide bikes one for law atnd one for fire rescuerescue.With that said,how much the the bikes ?


Ron Taraz August 27, 2014 at 10:23 pm

I been riding Harleys all my life, love them, i just bought a new utra. but im affraid i wont be able to keep it long, im a out of work ARMY VET. but i do have a newer 24 ft. box truck and i like to know if Harley like to advertising on the sides. i drive back and forth from northern Cal to Tucson az. i be proud to advertise for Harley, would even talk to people how great the bikes are, and they should go buy one.


Vicki gultice August 27, 2014 at 7:27 am

I registered to win a free harley, they keep sending me a message stating that I won. They say go to this address http:// bit.do/HarleyClaimerStep to claim. Have went here several times, and still do not know what I have won. I think this WOW HARLEY is running a fraud and using the Harley name to get people to go to there Web site. Anyway I would really appreciate if you would look into this for me. The message that came to me said I won a new motorcycle, and I would love to be able to give my husband that beautiful dresser they have pictured there. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.


thomas kehoe August 25, 2014 at 10:43 pm

I was with a couple on there 2014 limited Harley Davidson. The brakes went out and the clutch went bad, they ended up in the bean field. In Wisconsin. 25 miles north of sauk parie Harley Davidson. The dealer also owns Harley Davidson in Dubuque. The bike has 1700 miles. Dave had his wife on the back. called the dealer they wanted us to call the towing company. Bikes under warranty. Dave had the bike towed to Sauk Harley. Signed release paper for them to work on the bike. Tech said the brakes don’t feel right. Told general manager. Sauk said they would find the problem and call Dave. They never called Dave. 5 days later Dave called to find out about his bike. They shipped the bike to Dubuque Iowa without his permission. Then Dubuque told Dave that the clutch was out and he has to pay for the towing and the new clutch. There are all kinds of recalls for this bike. Dave was never informed or kept in the loop about any of this. You can call Dave at 563-690-8424 This dealer is covering something and they are making Harley Davidson Look bad. Cant believe they would be so dishonest. Dave is thinking about buying a Honda. His lawyer Will get to the bottom of this. Good Luck Dubuque Harley Davidson


linda mcgarry August 22, 2014 at 3:03 pm

The tin can pipes on my 2013 flstfb are full of ugly rust. I thought my $25000.00 bike had a 2 year warranty. Deeley in Canada told me to spray paint the inside black so it would look better. Not covered by warranty. Let’s get real here. What part of warranty isn’t understood here. I was told “it’s just surface rust” . Well it’s not! It shows the level that HD has stooped to in order to increase profit. Cheap crap parts. I hate to think about the corrosion I can’t see! Wish I had option to insert photo here. At least I got a photo and story on Facebook. Signed, Going Japanese.


Dennis Trager August 21, 2014 at 2:17 pm

To whom it may concern:
I am a 63 year old man who has never rode a bike or owned one. I just recently received my motorcycle endorsement. I have known about Harley Davidson motorcycles my whole life. I plan to purchase my first Harley Davidson motorcycle the Low Rider, but I was wondering about the paint colors. There are only three choices of paint to choose from for the Low Rider and of course none of those colors are what I am looking for. Is it possible to get the Low Ryder painted in mysterious red sunglow. Please advise. Thank you.


EH August 17, 2014 at 1:22 am

Making ANOTHER item appointment. Intercom at Gas Tank shorting out. Lost Comms – intermittant. Radio cutting out off and on. Orginial prob after NEW within Warranty – Spot Light bulb exploded. Last problem with 3 weeks+ waiting Air Shock part – which still leaks AIR. had input 45LBS last week. Single riding last week – air today down to 31Lbs. Now Comms problem. This bike has one defect after another, barely a Year old. I want HD Corp informed of these issues. With less than 1300 Miles on it.


Ric Whisenant August 16, 2014 at 4:59 am

I was wondering if you could help a OIF Veteran out? I promised myself when I got back from Iraq that I would get a Harley Davidson, that was cut short I got injured and sent home so the money I had saved had to be used on other things. Someone I knew had a custom screaming t. It was his dads bike and his dad gave it to his brother so the guy called his brother and asked him if he wanted the bike he said “NO” he didn’t want anything from his dad so the guy said that I could have it just make payments on it to total 1200. I got the bike put back together and running got everything polished up and looking nice. Well the guy’s brother decided he wanted it then it had be sitting out for a year and a half. It looked real good anyways he took it back gave me 80$ and said he’d bring me more money later that’s been 6 months ago can’t find him so I lost out. Lost my pride lost my trust.I fought for the American people to get stuck in the back by one. Anyways I’d never do that to anyone.But my question is you wouldn’t be able to help a OIF Veteran out.I don’t know if you got one that needs some work done to it or not I don’t have a lot of money but riding one of the best bikes on earth gives me a since of pride again.I hurt everyday but when im on a Harley Davidson it takes my pain away gives me a reason to keep living life.I’m not looking for a had out but like I said don’t have alot of money just hoping for.once my luck will change with the help from you. I’m tired of hurting and not feeling like anyone. Please find it in your heart to help me out and get me riding I will do anything to be pain free and to feel like I belong again.Thank you if your reading this hopefully I will hear back from you with some good news and thanks for making the GREATEST BIKE ON EARTH.


Tim Scherrer August 9, 2014 at 2:23 am

I have an 09 v-rod muscle with 3000 miles on it. I had to take my ride in to be worked on because after falling over in the driveway the bike wasn’t shifting correctly and stuck in second gear. I am very disappointed in the service and time it is taking to fix my bike, it has been 2 months and still no bike. The dealer told me they can’t get Harley to ship them the part they need to fix my bike, is this normal? I hope NOT. The dealer has treated me like I’m stupid and asked me when I called about it why I think they can fix my bike without the new parts Harley isn’t sending them. I understand very much it can’t be fixed without the parts but my issue I tryed to get an answer about was how come I was told 3 different dates my part would be there and it wasn’t and why has it been 2 months and their still isn’t new parts. I love my v-rod and can’t wait to get it back, I just hope it isn’t next spring before the parts come. I agree with some other complaints about how rude people are at some of the dealerships especially when I was told not to call and harass them about my bike when in 2 months I had called 6 times and 3 of those times I was told I would be called back and only this last call was I called back and i think it was just to try and down grade me as a person, the other 2 times I got no call back. I can’t believe that anyone else in this situation wouldn’t be furious too. I also believe in american made and after reading the tag on my helmet, gloves, jacket and accessories I wonder if maybe the little man with my part in his canoe took a wrong turn while crossing the pond coming from China. Thank you for the awesome performance and the killer bike the muscle is, I cant wait to cruise it again but I’m not sure if Harley Davidson is really what i thought is was and what it makes itself out to be anymore. Not sure if I will buy another Harley again depending on how this deal with my bike ends. Ultimately it is my fault that the bike needs fixed and there was nothing wrong with the quality of your bikes that I have noticed but the service is nothing to brag about and is quite discouraging in staying with you on the next bike.


Chris Groom July 28, 2014 at 11:54 pm

I bought a 2012 CVO Street Glide Brand new!!! In the last 3years it has been in the shop for various problems. I think it was in the shop for about a year collectively. I dont understand what the hell is the problem is. I thought when you buy a CVO you were getting the “TOP OF THE LINE” Harley. I paid huge amount of money for this Motorcycle, I should have any problems at all! I have a LEMON! I should have bought a regular Street Glide. I want to sup up my CVO but I am afraid that I will have to pay for some other thing that might go wrong with it!


If I had the money I would buy me a regular Street Glide and toss the CVO one in the trash. I wouldnt want anyone having the same problems that I have.


Robert L. Goode July 26, 2014 at 5:19 pm

THIS IS TO MUCH! On May 3, 2014 I purchased a 2011, Ultra Glide Limited (FLHTK) bike. On May 5, 2014 I was hit by a driver making an illegal turn which resulted in my bike being damaged. I had my bike towed to Harley Davidson of Baltimore, located at 8845 Pulaski Highway the same day of the accident. On Monday, May 6, 2014 I went into the repair shop to sign papers in order to begin the repairing process. I was told by the Service Manager Kevin, that my bike would be ready by Mid July. When I inquired as to why it would take so long for the repairment Kevin stated they would have to wait on the parts to come in; I ask him why so long? when infact this is an American built bike, he stated it just takes that long for all the parts to come. On July 14th I stop in to check on the progress on my bike and was told by Kevin that work had not began yet, because Harley Daavidson of Baltimore was STILL waiting on the parts to repair my bike. I was told my bike should be ready in two weeks, and all the parts should be in by then. On Friday, July 25th I stop in to see if all the parts for my bike had been received, and Kevin informed me that my bike would not be ready until AUGUST THE 18th…. Upon hearing thiis news I was so frustrated and angry with the lack of customer service let alone professionism I left the establishment for fear I would retillate in unbecoming manner. Once I returned home I called Harley Davidson of Baltimore and asked to speak to the Service Manager’s Supervisor. Donnie Myers, the Service Manager’s supervisor informed me that there was nothing he could do about the length of time it takes parts to arrived, he went on to tell me that when the parts arrive it will take a mechanic 30 hours to repair my bike, and my bike could be repair sooner , but he doubted it. I am a seasoned bike rider of 8 years and this is my first American made bike and I can truly say I am totally disappointed, and frustrated with the lack of customer service render to me of an American built bike. I can say things would have been different if I only new prior to purchasing this bike, what I know now. So much for an American built bike, if this is the best customer service HARLEY DAVIDSON can offer an American citizen after being in business since the early 1900’s? Perhaps they need to talk to Japan…. STILL WAITING, ON AUGUST


Jeremy Kirkman July 26, 2014 at 1:39 pm

A lot of us ” Your ” costumers are VARY VARY UNHAPPY about the way you and your ” MINIONS ” the local harley shops treat us your Loyal and most of the time Die Hard CUSTOMERS !!!! We are your BREAD AND BUTTER !!! So you need to not treat us like NOTHING OVER WARRANTY WORK !!!! Is it all about the MONEY NOW ????? If so just say it and I bet you won’t even read this !!!! Thanks for almost turning me and as many people I can tell about this away form the bikes WE LOVE SO MUCH !!!!!


Gerald N. Unger June 30, 2014 at 3:25 pm

As an “Old Marine Vet,” who has owned Harley’s since 1966, It has come to my attention that Harley has surreptitiously gone about denying warranty claims, both for Dealer installed handicapped modifications violating equal protection laws, and contending that Veterans flying the American, POW, or Service Flag on their bikes, and trikes are an unauthorized modification voiding any warranty. Any correspondence sent to HD ends up at Customer Service, does not matter who its addressed too. Correspondence received from HD is always ‘unsigned,’ corporate social responsibility is a joke. HD donates money to the DAV, than fails to honor the warranty when a disabled Vet has to have a modification to ride the bike, Than to contend that the symbol of American Values, flown on the back of a trike/bike creates damaging drag on the clutch and transmission, is right up there with “Bullwinkle’s Fractured Fairy Tales.”

The perception is; HD contends the Flag is an unauthorized modification, modifications for disabled veterans voidthe warranty, poor customer service, little or no response on the corporate level. In addition HD’s new VP of Engineering is a former GM Engineer. Is he one of those fired because of the ignition switch deaths, or is this just another poor decision by HD, either way the perception does not instill confidence in HD’s brand. I guess their 1.5 million dollar a year General Counsel, has forgotten that “perception leads to presumption,” or that by ignoring these issues HD’s stock is going to go the way of GM. As the saying goes, “you can’t fix stupid.”
Semper Fi


Otto Amerseder June 30, 2014 at 5:49 am

Have Harley Davidson ever though of having a automatic gearbox on there Ultra Glide as an option?
I think that would be a first for motorcycles and who better than Harley Davidson to do it!
Could even be extended to other bikes in the rang. Ideal for someone who has no experience with a manual gearbox!


jewrsw June 26, 2014 at 7:42 pm

Most of the post on the issues with a Harley seems to be just crying to me. It is time you handle your issues with your bike. How long do you expect Harley to be on the hook for issues with the bikes they sell. They give a warranty for X number of miles and X number of months. I do not recall but I believe it is 36,000 mile and/or 12 months. So if it does not have a problem in that time frame or a recall has not be issued on the problem then it is yours to deal with. You agreed to the terms of the warranty when you purchased your new or used bike from the Harley Dealer. Harley has never stated they would be responsible for any issues with anyone’s bike for more than the time period and conditions as stated in the warranty. Would it be good PR to deal with some of these things and just fix the bike? Yes, however Harley could then be put in the position that you fixed it X number of times in the past why not now? Also it then be asked when would Harley stop being responsible for these repairs if they fixed some of them out of warranty. This is a business to make money for the Company and its Shareholders. It is not a Company to continually fix issues with bikes that are not covered by warranty. It so cases it may take some time and testing to determine if an issue should be fixed by Harley or should not be fixed by Harley. Like paint coming of was it because a metal issue, a paint issue which Harley would possibly take as an issue they need to fix. Or could be due to age, treatment of the bike or use of an agent on the paint that caused it to “fall” off? In my history of riding I have never seen a paint job just fall off of a bike. Not saying it could not happen just have never seen or heard of it before. I have owned two Harley’s one purchased used and one purchased new. I had a problem with the fuel filter on the used one took it to Harley where I purchased it and come to find out there was a lot of sand in the filter. Bad gas is another way of putting it. Harley fixed it no costs to me. I had a new 95 Soft tail custom and rode it for five years. Six months after purchasing it an old lady pulled out In front of me. Harley went through the bike and found a small dimple on the neck caused by the crash and went to bat to have the insurance cover it as it was not that way before the crash. Harley felt it should be made as it was new since it was only six months old. When I say Harley on these repairs and fix it things I mean the local Dealer. The Local Dealer has room to accept or reject and some things need to go to Harley. So lets say if it is with in warranty or a recall or a new issue that Harley should fix they should stand up and do the right thing. If it is not then you as an owner has the responsibility to handle things yourself. It is like after owning my ride for 5 years I had to sell it because of the downfall in the economy. Like I had a choice sell the bike and pay my house payment and buy food or do not sell the bike and lose the house and not feed my family. Is Harley responsible for replacing my bike? Oh by the way I am a disable Vietnam veteran (for real) so is that more reason that Harley should replace me bike? A very big NO WAY to both questions. Sound stupid to ask? Look at some of the post on this site and then ask me that question again!!


Danny June 22, 2014 at 12:02 am

Would like to participate in a trial of your new electric motorcycle in alaska. The cold weather on the time your bike will preform, mabe a two person side said car for the family crusing year long in alaska. You have nont lived intil you have seen alaska!


Arturo Dimas June 7, 2014 at 6:14 pm

I want to buy a NEW Harley Davidson black DENIM slim i’m very surprised a professional company like Harley Davidson does not make it….Arturo Dimas; Laredo,Texas;XXXX Allen Drive (956)740-XXXXX


Joseph A Saracino June 5, 2014 at 2:29 am

Hi last year I got a 2013 new Harley fat bob fxdf 10,000 miles on it or so I was cleaning it this year 2014 on one of the front shocks looked up under the tripel tree on the bottom of it had a crake it on left of the center bolt and crake to the right side this shock mount could have took my life or some outher persons life last year or the start of this year. this was a new bike never ben in a reck brand new. Harley is fixing it now for free if I did not see this I could have ben killed aiderrondack Harley up state new York is fixing the bike for free. yes I am happy Harley is fixing it but what about the rest of the 2013 fat bobs out their could thay have the same problem ? I am not to happy about this I have had 7 motorcycles and never had one do this. what I like to see done on inspection check them all so this will make it safe for all riders. O I ben looking to get a back rest for my bike could harly help me out now with that then I will be happy thank you won more thing wear I got my bike was Adirondack Harley-Davidson 106 Bellen Road – Broadalbin, ny 12025 Phone 518-883-1128 Sales Associate B-JAY Belanger he was my sales Man my home phone is 518-557-XXXXX Joseph A Saracino XX West Main St Canajoharie n.y. 13317 APT X thank you all at Harley Davidson for you time.


Leo May 29, 2014 at 11:34 am

Just opened up the news article on David Zien and I am ashamed of you HD! Sometimes you have to do what is right and for the best interest of the company overall versus a warranty complaint. Here is a veteran who drives your brand for over a million miles and you give him the middle finger over some flag mounts? If your transmissions and clutches can t handle two sticks and materials without going out its time to buy elsewhere ! Ive seen 700 pounds of people on one bike with no problems and two flags did this ……bullXXXXX! I expect better from one of the last American business around and personally ill help pass the word around about what you did to a veteran who believed in your brand until HD does what’s right-WARRANTY this gentleman’s bike!


Manuel Montellano May 20, 2014 at 6:22 pm

Hey there fellas, my name is Manuel, I´m from Monterrey Mexico I am a HOG member and I´d like to speak to someone of your staff regarding some kind of problems that have been happening in HARLEY DAVIDSON COYOTE (MONTERREY)…..the owner Ricardo Sanchez has turned the HD franchaise into some kind of gang, to the point that Ricardo went crazy b/c a customer decided to buy his harley in other HD dealer but when he went to COYOTE HARLEY, Ricardo beat him with a stick on his head, the guy received 27 stiches and he´s in bad conditions….and all this b/c Ricardo says that he onws Harley Davidson…..he goes crazy when people buy stuff in other harley dealer….it happened to me as well….I´d appreciate if someone of your staff can get in touch with me.
thanks a lot


Deb Williams May 13, 2014 at 12:52 pm

I received boots as a gift. Only wearing them on special occasions. The heel fell off one. I paid $20 to have it repaired. A month later the entire sole of the boot came off. I looked at the “good one” and noticed it falling apart too. I’m physically disabled and cannot afford the $75 – $100 charge to repair both boots. I’m hoping the company can repair the boots for me. In my opinion boots should not fall apart when sitting n a closet 97% of the time i’ve owned them. I’ve always worn Harley boots on a regular basis due to the durability. I’ve always had a special occasion pair also. This is the first time I’ve ever had a pair fall apart. The most embarrassing part was walking around a wedding bare footed.


Crenna Myers May 11, 2014 at 10:01 am

Good morning my name is Crenna Myers and I belong to In the Wind Ministries. We are a motorcycle ministry and every year we do an event every December called ” Nite of Angels”.
This event is for special needs children/adults, we have a full meal, Christmas program for them and gifts. This year I am making a Harley Davidson quilt with all the different location tshirts, to raise money for this event will need 25 different location and i was wondering if Harley Davidson would like to donate the tshirts for this quilt to be rated off.
If you are interested in this you can call me at 225-615-XXXXX.
Address is 1XXXXX hwy 444 Livingston, La.70754.
Will need the as soon as possible since this will be a king size quilt.

May God bless you.

Crenna Myers


Chris Carroll May 10, 2014 at 9:04 am

I recently contacted the customer service department to share my views on the tc88b motor that is on my Night train. Those of you who own a Harley production models from 1999 -2005 have this engine. THIS ENGINE HAS A VERY SERRIOUS ISSUE!!!! The cam chain tensioners can wear prematurely causing catastrophic failure…… I have seen the open cases sitting on the counters at ma and pa shopl to show us the consumers. Oh but wait……Harley sells the upgrade kit for a mere $500 and you can have it installed today for the very low cost of out of your pocket. What a bunch of B.S.!!!!! Why don’t they just manufacture them with the fix in it??? My guess is that they already have them made and on the shelf and it would cost THEM too much to do it for us the consumer. I have found class action lawsuits online where this has been brought to their attention back in 2002, but they just keep putting them out like this….my guess is that they are willing to roll the dice on the liability. Heres a valid point I make….for one, they sell the better oil pump and hydraulic tensioners to aid their poor design (which just goes to show that they KNOW this is a problem. And secondly, if you buy a re-man or new tc88/tc88b motor, it comes with the hydraulic tensioners and higher pressure oil pump. I can again only guess but THEY SEEM TO BE NOW COVERING THEIR SALE AND NOW NEW WARRANTY ON THIS MOTOR. I was treated like a child by the customer service representative as I was told that my bike is 9 years old and out of warranty……never mind the fact that I gave him the mileage…..22,000 some miles. The factory calls for inspection at 30,000. I shared with him the fact that it was always my dream to have and ride a Harley since I was a kid, and how much I wanted this American made dream and to be a part of it…..he just defended the company’s name and insured me how things are man made and nothing is guaranteed. Well I GURANTEE THAT HARLEY DID AND DOES KNOW ABOUT THIS PROBLEM AND I AM STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH A NIGHTMARE. So much for my dream and my freedom to ride. I have since left a message with the CEO’s secretary jenny/Jennifer, and hope that Keith E. Wandell will have a more civilized and realistic conversation with me, it would be a turning point with my attitude towards Harley Davidson Motor Company. Maybe I am just dreaming AGAIN !


David Stuckey May 17, 2014 at 11:36 am

I have a 2003 Roadglide that I bought used with 43,000 miles the bike now has 52,000
miles since I have owned this bike the compensator nut came loose 2 stators have failed 1 left me on the side of the road, a relay failed left me stranded also, the primary chain tensioner failed, the brake lights quit working and now the bike has no oil pressure. This bike was supposed to have been checked out by the dealer I purchased it from.


Brad Kling May 22, 2014 at 9:10 am

I just bout a 2008 Rocker with 6900 miles on it, replaced front and rear tires and @ 7800 miles rear wheel bearings went out and felt like the back tire was ready to come off. I called my local Harley shop to check on warranty or recall and told me they can’t do anything , but also told me that the bearings where not made to spec. Harley changed part numbers so that the new bearings will last longer. Called customer care and filed a complaint and told me my bike was basically to old that they probably won’t cover it. THERES NO WAY MY BEARINGS SHOULD BE OUT AT 7800 MILES. IM STUCK WITH A BIKE I CANT RIDE AND MONEY OUT OF MY POCKET THAT HARLEY NEW THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH. Its sad they won’t stand behind their bikes when they know they have a issue.


Jessie Northwood May 7, 2014 at 6:49 pm

Long story short: my HD custom paint fell off my fender. I opened my garage and the paint was laying under my bike. I dropped my bike off at the dealer they mailed the fender to Harley & I was told it would be 2 to 3 weeks before I had my bike back. Now 6 weeks later I still don’t have my bike back and they just called yesterday to let me know that they aren’t even fixing it so when I do eventually get it back it still has no paint on the front & sides of the rear fender! 1st of all I’d like to know why it took 6 weeks just to say NO ??? Secondly I’d like to inform you that I AM NOT GOING TO GO AWAY come hell or high water I’m not shutting up until someone answers me and is willing to negotiate a repainted fender!


Ricky Napier May 4, 2014 at 7:59 pm

If you live in ohio don’t go to powder keg iv bought like five bikes there in two years and now it’s ran by a bunch of crooks now all there employees that’s was there for a long time has now moved on that couldn’t see them doing people the way they do. They have one sales person named Darrell that they keep promising the world to, to keep him from leaving. The place needs help bad they have the worse Rating around here and if one of there head bosses or superintendents calls me I can prove how crooked they are I ask that someone please call me 513-473-XXXXX


brian May 4, 2014 at 1:14 am

Ive been riding harleys all my life. Two years ago I was rearended and was hospitalized for about three months and when I woke up out of the coma I realized that I had lost my leg. Now through all of this my mother-in-law had set up a benefit because I was out of work for so long and she contacted harley at the corpeate level not a local dealer to see if they would donate a door prize. So about a week later she gets a letter I. The mail from you guys saying in so many words or less that you are beat and had enough never to put a 20cent pin in the envolope. Now it was the most rudest letter that you could get. Now with that being said I didnt give up on harley at all till I went into the local dealer who ive brought a lot of people into over the years to buy new bikes because they where hiring and was told that they wont hire disabled people. Ive never been so insulted in my life. Bad enough I have to with the loss of my leg.I will not ride a harley ever again and will not bring anyone in either. Ive never felt so useless in my life. Bad enough I can not find a job because of what happen to me. I thought turning to the one thing that has always made me happy and then getting spit in the face from you guys. Was a great consumer till 2012. Spent over 100k in your stores over the years between new bike and parts.


frank thompson II May 1, 2014 at 9:43 pm

A man is rideing a 1903 harley beside him is a 2014 harley .
whether you’re writing a 1903 or a 2014 there is no substitute Harley Davidson


Denise May 1, 2014 at 8:16 pm

I went to QPS Staffing agency and they said you were looking to take resumes for assembly jobs at the downtown Milwaukee plant. they said you stopped it but they also told me that you have 6 other temp agencies you go through I was wondering if I could get the names of the agencies. They said you were looking for all 3 shifts. Please Help every time QPS has your job opening on their website I apply and call them and they tell me that you closed the account. I would love to work for Harley Davidson PLEASE HELP


Pasquale April 29, 2014 at 8:32 am

Dear Sirs,
I bought my Breakout two month ago. Last week I was going to ride out when I saw smoke caming out and a strange burning small than I checked I saw wire clutch on the exaust.
I tried to do something but was too late the wire clutch was burned.
Now I’m asking: “Is it possible in a 21.900 Euro motorcycle to see sample plastic cable ties wrapping the wire clutch to the frame ?” , “Is it possible I have to wait more than 20 days to have my brandnew motorcyle back because the official HD workshop doesn’t have spare parts in stock ?” ” where is after sale HD service ?”
I’m still waiting for my ” new” motorcycle !
Best regards
Pasquale from Italy


Chuck Perry April 25, 2014 at 10:46 am

I’m not sure how to file a complaint, as your website makes it difficult, so I’ll try here. I am part of a group called “Wounded Heroes of Texas”. Every year, we hold a motorcycle rally in North Texas to benefit disabled veterans. Myself, and several other members ride, and most have Harleys. We have been trying to get a Harleys dealership involved each year, and in most cases, have always gotten at least 2 or 3 items donated for door prizes. This year, we got the dealership to commit to a vendor space by providing the space, wifi service, and electric, free of charge. After setting up all this, and advertising that they would be there, with “jump start”, they never showed. No phone call, nothing, they just didn’t show. I ride a Harvey myself, and love the bike as well as the experience, but have a very difficult time promoting the Harvey brand at next year’s rally. We are not a big rally, this year we only had about 2500 bikes, but we were very disappointed, as we’re the attendees, that Harvey Davidson was not represented.


brian May 4, 2014 at 1:18 am

They no longer care for there customer base. Your lucky if they will even reply. Alls they care about is the dollar and they dont seem to care where they get it from. Plus they say american made and when you look at all the parts you will see made in china.


Bill Andrews April 24, 2014 at 12:41 pm

Let start by saying I have wanted a harley for 20 years. Drove a hour to a dealer to go find my harley, went in and looked around for 20 to 30 mins and not 1 employee asked if I needed help. So I figured at this point I will go to the dealer 10 mins away…that I have heard alot of bad things about….went in was greeted and found my bike. Thats as far as I have made it. Been waiting for days for some kind of phone call. Put my money down also. Been waiting for 4 days now. Where can I find a dealer that wants to sell me my first harley?


brian May 4, 2014 at 1:22 am

They no longer care about there customers. You can go buy a victory and get a better bike. They have great motors on them and run great. Get some pipes on them and they sound great as well. Plus they are all amde in america and they are priced great.


Paul Werkmeister June 25, 2014 at 8:50 pm

Not sure where you are from but I got my 1st Harley this past December from space coast Harley Davidson in Palm bay Florida the gentleman’s name is Lee and will be glad to give you his number he is awesome as is all the staff on site.


Mr. D. G. Taylor, Sr. April 24, 2014 at 9:55 am

HD, Inc.

After my York, PA Steele Toe Tour, I recently bought a “New” 2014 Ultra Limited in Daytona Blue. Subsequently I’ve been adding accessories and purchased speaker lids (color-match) and speakers for the “New” 2014 Ultra Limited in Daytona Blue. As of April 23rd, 2014 your product specialist (out-sourced provider – CPV), CPV has sent two sets of unacceptable painted (color-matched) lids to All-American Harley Davidson, Hughesville, Maryland and they look awful!

The Service Manager (Jeff Gray) is trying his best to give account and understand why both sets did not match, and appear Purple. They are not even close to being the Daytona Blue they are suppose to be??? I have declined to accept unacceptable products for the amount of money spent on these items; and the two and three separate trips I’ve had to make down to the dealership which is some distance away from my home (Does not make for a pleasant ride to arrive and be disappointed due to the paint issues). As a temporary fix; I had to purchase lid covers (should have been offered for free…) in order to “HIDE” the awful color-match paint imperfections.

To that end; he’s going to be finding out a way to order yet a (third) pair of speaker lids with the “CORRECT COLOR-MATCH” PAINT — DAYTONA BLUE! I’m praying for the correct result this time; or please just refund all my monies I spent on the lids and the speakers.

QUESTION: How does a color-matched Inner Fairing come out almost flawlessly; and the speaker lids look like “s***”, if they came from the same place? Hence, I’m thinking they came from two different sources; therefore, imperfections are evident and unacceptable…

SUGGESTION: Please contact Jeff Gray, All-American Harley Davidson (301-274-5000) to remedy this unsatisfactory ordeal by sending him the appropriate Harley Davidson Factory (York, PA) Daytona Blue painted speaker lids ASAP. It’s been way too long and I’m starting to feel I may have made a mistake… If you send me a reply, I can forward you photos of the lids…

Thank you for your attention in this matter; and I hope for a speedy and successful resolution.


Mr. D. G. Taylor, Sr. (currently A Pissed Off – New 2014 & “First” Harley Davidson Owner”


Perry Paul April 21, 2014 at 9:20 pm

Dear Harley Davidson, Let me start by saying that I was told that I would never ride again after a cage accident and wanted you to know that I recently purchased a 2009 Street Glide(12/31/2013) and traded in my 2004 Road King Custom both were one owner with the glide having only 4088 miles. I discovered that the front tire was in a safety notice awhile back and took it to Adirondack Harley. First thing they explained the procedure to me then between the general manager (Robert Klein) and the service manager whose name escaped me took the bull by the horn and took care of me, my appointment was timely, my bike was taken care of fast, and when things were done I was surprised at how well things came out. While waiting I was able to buy some clothing and was well received by Laurie Nethaway (I think that’s her last name) who was very helpful with my questions. Lastly this dealership has the makings of being a top shelf operation most notable in the customer service area and felt you should know the quality of your staff who are serving the public at this location! Thank You Adirondack Harley Davidson


Ann Reynolds April 21, 2014 at 9:11 pm

my husband purchase a pair of your bootS less than 3 months ago and they have a hole in heal the soul has a hole in it. I can send pictures to you we paid 175 for the and I would expect them to last longer thank you AnnReynolds


Greg Willis April 14, 2014 at 2:31 pm

I would like to speak to someone about how we were talked to by the management at one of your locations. The attitude and language was unprovoked, rude, and obnoxious, with alot of vulgarity. We were shocked. If we could correspond concerning the state of the shop in question, and this incident, it would be appreciated.

Thank You in advance for your time


Ligny christophe April 11, 2014 at 4:49 am


I’m a fan of the brand and the history of harley.
I have no harley lack of means: 4 children, a house and two cars for work.
My wife works in the opposite of me plein.je time working at Jsp Arpro you may know?
I bought a 900 vn occasion but my dream is a harley Davidson has always been but I can not for now .. I hope one day to Route 66 and also come in Milwaukee ..
One question: How to open a store harley Davidson? I live in France, in Picardy in the department of the Somme, country potato terre.Montdidier.
There are currently no harley store less than 100 km to the round and none in this department?
How to realize a dream, for when to open doors or get help .. dare to ask, good luck .. I hope one day also have this chance.une harley Davidson fat boy .. or touring ..
I can be your representative in France and show your kindness on a gift that you could give me .. life is short and dreams can come true ..

Christophe Ligny
5 rue Frelon
80500 Montdidier


Justin Sommer April 2, 2014 at 1:16 pm

Hi my name is Justin Sommer and I’m a Harley Guy. I have the ink to back that statement up. I wear the name because it means so much to me. This is not my first new Harley I also own a 2008 FXDSE and love it. After much thought and sacrifice I purchased a brand new 2014 ultra limited from a new dealer in town, because of their excellent reputation.Currently to date have less than 300 miles on the motorcycle, only due to a terrible winter. I purchased my new ride in December 2013, a great Birthday present for me. The motortorcyle has spent more time in the shop than on the road and this is not acceptable for a new Harley Davidson. It would be ok if it was my ShovelHead, but that is not the case. I am good with small issues that arise from new bikes, but this bike’s multiple problems leave me extremely let down and unable to ride with my trips coming up. I have three major issues with the bike in less than 300 miles and i do not feel that this bike can be salvaged nor would most people who love to ride. I do not want to keep this bike and was told that all can be fixed, however this bike most likely will continue to have major issues. I just bought this ride and it seems like its going to be a rough ride. Here are the current issues; cracked frame, engine noise=needs new lifters, coolant leak most likely all from the factory. If I had made this bike I would want it back to do a Quality control seminar and display it at the factory as what can not happen anymore. My opinion only. I respectfully ask for a replacement new FLHTK in my original color and option package. This will make me satisfied, and get the Honda guys off my back. I actively promote and represent Harley Davidson proudly, it’s who I am and my passion, please help me out on this.

Kind Regards


curt figurel April 26, 2014 at 11:16 pm

Good luck they don’t want to help with the little things let alone the major things have had my 2013 cvo road glide back several times for issues the dealers lie Erie Harley Gatto Harley took to a third dealer with no better results so on Monday I see my attorney about a class action law suit if anybody would like more info on this please email me at curtfigXXXXX@yahoo.com


john gilley March 30, 2014 at 8:24 pm

I’ve have own Harleys since I was 15(all 1993 and earlier),I have purchased HD BOOTS since I was 16(I’m 32 now),and everyone knows you will spend a good $180+ on them.But these boots don’t last over a year!!!!I have work boots”red wings” I use for 12hrs a day”…..I really like the style and comfort of thes boots,but I have apair that is * months old I just had to use shoe glue to kep the bottom attached.Theirs no way to contact anyone through email and you cant get no answer through the phone.It seems like a company like HD would value there customers more.I’m just very disappointed in HD ……


john gilley March 30, 2014 at 8:25 pm

8 months old *


Anthony Romayo March 29, 2014 at 4:50 pm

I have a great campaign to really bring a lot more sales to harley davidson! It will reach the younger rider also..i have had this incredible idea for the past 4 years. Can you please direct me on where i can present my proposal..you really have to listen to what i have to offer ..contact me at 732-581-XXXXX..thank you for your time..sincerely, anthony romayo


Lester H. Tupper March 17, 2014 at 6:22 pm

I am 55, owned Harleys all my life. Jamie at Harley corporate customer service refused to let me talk to a supervisor or give me his last name. He said supervisors do not talk to the public. I own a 2012 FLSTSE3. A Screaming Eagle Sofetail convertible. $30,000.00. It has a faring with a Garmin that sets on a cradle. It has worked for 2 years without being plugged into a wire coming out of the consol. Now it doesn’t. A year ago it quit and the tech put some dielectric grease on it to make it work. Harley corporate (Jamie) refuses to do anything to fix it. If you call Harley Customer care their automated system asks you to press 2 for customer care, then you listen to 6 other options such as plant tours online stores and credit cards before you get to other issues. I feel this shows how little they actually care about customers. I have been a VP of Sales for a multinational company. Customer care should be first.
If anyone has this type of bike and can help please contact me.
My next bike will be an Indian.


Steve March 6, 2014 at 7:43 am

I am trying to find out how many 2006 road king classic motorcycles were made in the dragonfly green color . Can’t find the correct web site at HD


cindy t March 4, 2014 at 6:33 pm

I’m so proud to say I no longer work for a company
That believes they are above the law and IRS and don’t furnish copies of
W-2 forms to their workers. Besides the way they treat employees this is one
Made in the USA company I’m not proud of. It is now March 4 and no W-2 even after several
Phone calls.


MIKE BAILEY February 23, 2014 at 11:50 pm



Pete Gianni February 19, 2014 at 2:40 pm

I just purchased a 2014 Street Glide and I’m coming off of Heritage.. Is it me or does the fuel door open in the wrong direction … Shouldn’t it open towards the front ? it just seems safer not to spill gas if you can see the hole in the tank..


Tom Lolwing February 18, 2014 at 12:08 pm

To MR. W. Davidson
I have owned, road, and worked on Harley Davidson Motorcycles for many many years. I own from 1937 to 2013 H.D.s I’m in the market for a 2014 Bike, but since Harley Davidson stopped selling products to independent shops I stopped buying from Harley Davidson. So looks like Victory or Indian Is the new Bike for me. And I hope all independent shop owners do the same. very disappointed customer Tom [Gopher] Lolwing


Paul February 13, 2014 at 6:05 pm

I have a Harley road king ,But the clothing is all made in China really?
After reading all the bad. I think it’s time for a change. Hello victory !
Wake up corporate Harley you have lost touch.
Remember AMF


kim w. February 2, 2014 at 8:52 pm

I am appauld at the way Harley Davidson has handled a motorcycle that was financed by my children’s father. When there father SUDDENLY died on January 8, 2014 I was trying to find out how to make the monthly payment that was due January 4, 2014. Harley Davidson Financial choose to pick up the motorcycle WITHOUT seeing a death certificate and WITHOUT trying to contact the heirs to his assets. I spoke with the shop it was in on January 13, 2014 and was trying to find out information such as: the account number; where to send the payment and how much the loan balance was. Harley Davidson Financial called where Anthony White had worked January 14, 2014 and spoke with a coworker at ECO construction who told Harley Davidson Financial that no one wanted the bike, told them where the bike was and so HD financial ordered the bike picked up. My children were in the midst of finding a loan to refinance the bike so they could keep it.

The next move after picking up the bike in Orlando Florida was to have it moved to Atlanta GA. His heirs were NEVER notified, until AFTER the bike was out of state. I want to know if this is the type business that HD regularly does? Stealing from a grieving family before the ashes of their father were even delivered back to them. Harley Davidson Financial has added over a $1,000.00 in fees for basically stealing from the family. We had financing all set up on January 16, 2014 to get the bike in Florida. But to our surprise the bike has been taken and moved.

I would like to settle this without a big court/media battle. We are willing to pay the original loan off but since it is in Atlanta, we feel HD should pay to return it to Orlando Florida as that is where the bike was originally.


Ricky L King February 1, 2014 at 12:37 pm

I have a 2013 CVO Breakout with 2400 miles, took the seat off to trickle charge battery and discoverd rust on rear fender around back seat screw fastener. Most likely I will find more defects of poor quailty workmanship on this bike considering the age,mileage,never been has exposed to the weather and being garaged. Request a prorated refund on this $30,000 bike.

Ricky King


curt figurel April 26, 2014 at 11:04 pm

Hi Ricky sorry to hear about your rust issues but its only gonna get worse bought a new street glide in Oct 08 didn’t ride in the elements either bike rusted and wiring harness corroded apart no one from Harley wanted to help good luk


curt figurel January 18, 2014 at 8:01 am

I have to agree that Harley service and warranty SUCKS I own several the newest being a piece of s*** 2009 street glide and a 2013 cvo roadglide The 09 bike started rusting apart at 6 month old no help from dealer or Harley the 13 bike started having issues with under 100 miles purchased new June of 13 has been back to dealer told bike works as should I’ve been in the auto and motorcycle repair business for 40 yes they treat u like your a dumb a** when you have trouble if I did that to my customers I wouldn’t have any . The motor co. should take note before they know it Victory and Indian will be the standard for the industry. My 13 roadglide vibrates so bad when leaning in a corner I don’t even like to ride it no help from Harley Here either I’ll never buy another


nash January 10, 2014 at 9:41 pm

I have a Harley but I am not happy with the clothing the Americans have no pride I bought clothes at a Harley dealer and I saw that it was made in china I’m not buying any more cloths at Harley I’m going to buy knock offs it is made in china anyways we pay crazy prices at Harley for what to get screwed. By the way I’m not American I live in Canada Harley should give jobs to Americans the rich are getting richer I hate this system I do not like china .


ron greer December 19, 2013 at 12:09 pm

I have a 2011 Softail Deluxe with all the problems from engine shutting down on highways to numerous electrical problems. My bike has 5600 miles on it and the customer service for Harley is as bad as it gets. I asked to talk to upper management the customer reps tell me that I’m not allowed to speak to them and will not transfer my calls to them. I have filed a complaint with NHTSA over my problem with the body control module problem. I hope Harley has to recall evry 2011 Softail Deluxe for being such A- – H- – – – – when it comes to taking care of their customers. All they want is your money and forget you when it comes to customer service. I will keep this bike until NHTSA forces a recall and shoves it down H-D throat. I am going to purchase a new Indian so I can start riding again without fear of being killed on this H-D of mine. I understand that my local H-D is on financial hold because H-Ds business overall is going down the tube. I am the president of a local H-D group and belong to many other groups and hear nothing but complaints about the way H-D has been having so many problems. I will talk everyone of my fellow biking brothers into buying a new Indian before its over. Hats off to what was once an American Legend but now is a major problem with their old time loyal customers like myself.


Janice Faurot November 28, 2013 at 9:40 am

This note is for Keith Wandell. He might remember me from highschool. Jan Faurot. Just wanted to say hello and let him know my niece Sheri Ridenour has been with troy Lee in Corona Calif for many years and has been involved in motorcycles and racing, day in the dirt, and even was fortunate to do an epic ride in California. She is a strong and brave cancer survivor and her life is her bike. Great to see all your success and if you are ever in the Corona area stop and say hello to my niece. She is someone everybody should get to meet and be touched by her brave heart and dedication to riding with the wind in her hair. Be well..Janice Faurot Miami Beach Florida


Dave Church November 21, 2013 at 6:30 pm

Just finished test riding the new Limited Ultra w/liquid cooled heads. Here are my impressions as a die hard Harley owner that continued to purchase them even through ’70s & ’80s when quality was an issue & currently own a 2013 Ultra. Less zip than my 103 – in fact my neighbors Honda GW Touring bike has more “git up & go”! Comfort is same no better no worse. Digital display sucks & the LED head lights might look OK on the Mars rover but not on this motorcycle! Could live with just about all of the above but the liq cooled heads! It’s a deal killer for this long time Harley owner & a deal killer on my next scooter purchase unless this liq cooling gizmo is only going to be optional! For what it’s worth did not notice any appreciable difference in heat given off of heads during operation and I live in NM – so it’s kinda hot down here! You might want to consider firing some the designers of this duck & the marketers who are pushing a lie! Dave Church, Ruidoso, NM


Vern Barlow November 10, 2013 at 3:01 pm

I can see that from the reviews that I have read that Harleys reputation is vastly going down hill. I can say that I am a not impressed with how the dealership that my wife and I bought two Harley Fat Boy Lo 2012. After walking around the dealership for twenty minutes before we had to finally ask for help. Customer service is seriously lacking. Once they found that we were looking at buying new bikes they were going out of their way to help us. We left the Chandler Harley happy, until we scheduled our first oil change. We called in advanced and set up appointment to have both bikes done. When we took the bikes in at 8am they did not have our bikes done till 4pm. Here we thought that by setting up the appointments it would shorten our wait time. What is the purpose of setting it up if they are not going to go by it. We notice that when a group of bikers came in that they were taken care of right away while we had to wait. We complained but it goes unheard and they continue to doing the same thing. I have had a problem with my clutch and I informed them about the issue. They continue to tell me that the bike is fine that their tech did not find anything wrong. The issue still exist and I have asked them to fix the problem and still to this day nothing has been done. Just recently on my way to work my back tire blew out I called Chandler Harley service dept and informed them of what happened and they said that they would send their driver over to pick up the bike and bring it to the shop for a $15.oo charge. After their tech looked at the tire he informed the service manager that it was due to being underinflated and that warranty on the tire would not cover replacement. I asked them how they came to that decision and I was informed that they did not see in debris that would be considered road hazard. I ended up having to purchase and new tire, costing me $197.00 dollars and they thought they were giving me a deal by waiving the $15.00 towing charge. I got on line and found the exact tire for $163.00 free shipping. It has gotten so bad that I do not want to take my bike in for service due to the way that we treated. The way I see if Harley is not making any money then they do not want to help you. We bought the extend warranty, but again they will drag their feet till the warranty runs out and then you end up having to pay for any issues that come up. Harley is all HYPE. If you are looking to get a bike go to Victory were they treat their customers better and go out of their way to fix the issue. HARLEY DAVIDSON HAS GOTTEN SO BIG THAT IT DOES NOT CARE IF THEY LOSE CUSTOMERS DUE TO BAD SERVICE. IN FACT I DOUBT THAT THEY SEND ME A REPLY ABOUT THE ISSUES THAT I AM HAVING. We are looking at trading in our Harleys and getting Victorys so that we do not have to deal with company that does not care about their customers……………………………………………. The dealership is Chandler Harley in Arizona………………….. I recommend not going there for any thing


Angela Barlow November 9, 2013 at 9:05 pm

My husband and I bought 2012 Fat Boys on the same day and we have had nothing but trouble from the dealership. We bought the extended warranty and have been religious about servicing these bikes. When we took it in for the first two services, you know oil change, we made our appointment for 0830. We were waiting outside when they opened. They said it wouldn’t take long both times, but when I called back to see if the bikes were finished, they said it would not be until closer to 3p.m. The reason for this was never explained. They were busy is what I got. When I complained that my bike was leaking fluid, I was told this was normal during the summer and not to worry about it. When my husband complained that his breaks were not right, that they groaned and jerked when making a sudden stop in rush hour traffic, he was told that it is not a problem with the breaks, but with the fact that he needs to shift faster and better. So this last week he had a back tire blow out on the freeway. Less than 9000 miles on the tire, and he was told that it wasn’t covered by the extended warranty or the manufacturers warranty because they can’t prove that he ran over something in the road, and the tire was worn. We would have to wait at least two days for someone from the tire company to decide if it was warrantied through them, but they will use the information provided by Harley to decide this. I am so done. We spend thousands of dollars and because we are not one of their clique that attends their rides and meetings, we are not important. Well, excuse me, $297 later, I am thinking I need to work even more hours to pay for having this bike.


carol November 7, 2013 at 8:42 pm

I don’t know where else to put this…….Harley leather jackets……how about something different in the ladies line….a leather jacket in a nice rich brown would be a welcome change…..blacks..pinks….white are getting old……………..


Karen Burns November 6, 2013 at 3:48 am

I’m very concerned about a few things going on at Harley Davison of Wausau. I know for a fact some of the employees are doing drugs on a regular basis and come into work with drugs still in their system. This especially worries me when the mechanics are doing it because they work on my bike. They essentially have me life in their hands and I would prefer someone who does not have drugs in their systems working on my bike. I don’t know if your company has a drug policy or if they are randomly being drug tested. It would be in Harley’s best interest to fix this problem before someone gets hurt or even worse, dies.


Jose Morales October 23, 2013 at 7:53 pm

I am a retired US Army veteran who has bought five brand new touring models and a 2013 triglide. The trike now sits in my garage not wanting to start. It is brand New with less than 600 miles and still under warranty. However when I called harley for help the customer service rep told me that they could not and would not help me. Can you believe that? They don’t stand behind their product even with the two year warranty. The bike is a 2013 cost over $35,000 and does not run and harley reps told me to fend for myself. So now I am stuck with having to pay out of my own pocket to get it fixed. I am so disappointed in harley and the dealership that I will never buy a harley again and if I were you stay clear away from harley they will not back their warranty.


curt figurel January 21, 2014 at 7:50 pm

I’m also having trouble with my 13 cvo roadglide and not getting any help from Harley so I’ve decided to start the legal process to get my issues fixed I would suggest the same being the owner of seven harleys I’m very disappointed with their producand service the sad part is they don’t care about us and the support we’ve give them over the years


james September 28, 2013 at 8:32 pm

I am trying to find out how many of my color bike were made in that year.
please advise


michele marino September 28, 2013 at 12:51 am

After buying a 1998 Road King’ 95 Anniversary Edition’ I remember my Husband being so happy. He was so excited I had to take pictures of him leaving with his brand new
^^^Harley Davidson.^^^.He treated that Bike like a Diamond. He really babied her , onlything is he didn’t ride enough , he didn’t want to put miles on , so we rode the Fatboy. Which after alot of money and time we were able to salvage .
Hurricane Sandy hit us pretty bad . Taking everything we owned with it. Both the Road King and the Fatboy went under. We have the Fatboy, but the 98 RoadKing…..they say the parts to get her going were obsolete.. Harley Davidson??? I found it very hard to believe. With only 4,000 miles on it , he desperatly wanted to get her going again. He’s a great mechanic and had faith in Harley that he would be able to obtain all the necessary parts he needed. As he was not insured for the bike he was going to have to pay for everything out of his pocket.Which after losing his work truck and all his tools in the Storm, his pocket was kind of empty..In 35 years I’ve never seen him so down.Someone suggested I write Harley Davidson and maybe they could help in some way ..


Saud September 15, 2013 at 7:34 am

I purchased my first Harley Davidson Night Rod Special (VRSCDX) 2013 from Kuwait’s Harley Davidson dealer. From the first day that I made my payment to my new bike there were delays from the dealer. I made a payment and I was told that the bike would be ready and in my house three days later after the payment was made. Three days later the bike was delievered to my house three hours late and without a license plate. That was the first bad experince with the dealer here in Kuwait. I was told that my bike would be the first delievery and soon found out that it was the last delivery of the day. Next my bike was scheculed to be picked up from my house for the first service (1,600Km / 1,000 miles) at 2pm Kuwait time and when i called the dealer to follow up on the pick-up, I was told that the pick-up was postponed to 6 pm and I was not notified by anyone from the dealer not my phone nor SMS or e-mail. Do to the poor actions on some employees my complaints never reach anyone above those employees. That is why I am sending this e-mail to you hoping that I would reach a resolution.


Don Hanson September 12, 2013 at 2:31 pm

Hey! My husband is a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran, he got some back pay for serious health troubles and bought a brand new Harley ultra classic 2014 and has had nothing but trouble with it. First it made a horrible noise when shifting and then would not go in to neutural. Now he has chugging and is very disappointed and upset. We was under the assumption Harley made the best but i have read the other comments and exteremly worried. Since his purchase of this we have been told by his heart surgeon he should get a trike.I am asking your company to take this bike back for a full down payment on a 2014 trike. Sharon


joe September 18, 2013 at 1:44 pm

May want to check out a guy calling himself Bike Works Unilimitted in Mo. on Facebook looks like he maybe selling some stuff with the bar and shield and Harley name.


Jeff September 10, 2013 at 9:26 am

Wow! After reading all this bad experiences, I’m glad Colonial Harley of Prince George, VA would not work with me. My story, I will be 50 this year and every since I was 18, I wanted a Gold Wing. However, many of my friends have Harleys and like them so Harleys grown on me. This past Saturday (7 Sep 13) I went to Colonial Harley to ride in a poker run. After looking around, I saw a 2013 Harley Ultra Classic Limited. The salesman came to me with all smiles and asked if he could help. I told him my story and I may be interested in Harley depending on what he can do. I told him I had a 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic that looks brand new with less than 8,500 miles on it. I would like to trade it for the Harley. The salesman walked out and looked at my bike. He agreed it was very nice and still looks new and told since we were leaving for the poker run soon, he would work it up and call me later. That afternoon he called me and said there was nothing he could do. He talked to his people and they already have three bikes just like mine and cannot sell them. He told me to put mine up for sale and when I sell it, call him. REALLY!!! WOW!!, I guess turning away customers means nothing to this dealership. Yes, I still owe a little on my Kawasaki but they were not even willing to work with me. Therefore, I will keep to my original plan and go buy a Gold Wing. With all the breakdowns and problems I’ve read in this thread, it’s probably a blessing in disguise that they would not work with me and turned me against Harleys once again.


michele marino September 28, 2013 at 12:53 am

I see alot of people are losing their faith in Harley Davidson.So sad.


curt figurel January 21, 2014 at 7:58 pm

Its not sad its way past that it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see the advid Harley riders switch brand loyalty I know I’ll never buy a not get


Bob September 4, 2013 at 5:06 pm

Don’t bother putting a complaint to Harley Corporate, I just did and they say it just goes on file without any action taken. Guess your complaints just become stats and that’s it.


Shane Anthony D'Mello September 1, 2013 at 4:38 am

I had booked my Harley-Davidson Fat Boy on June 1st, 2013 at the Seven Islands Harley-Davidson, Bandra West, Mumbai, India showroom.

There has been absolutely no correspondence from anyone from Harley-Davidson ever since. It’s been a month since I went there in person to enquire regarding the delivery of my Harley-Davidson Fat Boy but they could not give me any assurances or even venture a date / month. They have still not tried to get in touch with me with updates of any kind. I’d like to add here that at the time of booking the Fat Boy, I had requested the Harley-Davidson sales executive “Ajay Yeram” to deliver the Fat Boy by October, 2013. It is now September 1st, 2013 and there are absolutely no updates either over the phone or via email from Harley-Davidson regarding the delivery of my Fat Boy.

If this is the kind of unbelievably poor customer service and care I am to receive from Harley-Davidson before the delivery of my Fat Boy, I dare not hazard a guess as to how bad the after sales service could be and this might just irk me to change my opinion about Harley-Davidson and cancel the booking of my Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.

I associate Harley-Davidson to be a brand of reputation and if this is kind of lax customer service and attitude I am to expect even before the delivery of my Fat Boy by your team in Mumbai, I would consider this damaging to a reputed brand like yours.

It would be appreciated if someone from Harley-Davidson could update me.

Regards Shane A D’Mello


Bob Newman August 22, 2013 at 5:16 pm

I do not understand your decision to not produce the Road Glide for 2014. I had plan to purchase one possible this year or for sure next year. As for this year I have not been able to find one still available. There is nothing like the Road Glide on the road today! Nothing says “Check this out” like a Road Glide!!! What’s the deal? I have had a Harley Davidson motorcycle of one model or the other since 1999 the Road Glide was next on my list for 2014???????


curt figurel February 20, 2014 at 8:57 pm

Be thank full they don’t make it anymore I have a 2013 cvo roadglide piece of junk buy a victory or Indian anything but a Harley you’ll thank yourself in the long run


joe watson August 10, 2013 at 9:13 pm

I went to the Triple S Harley Dear in Morgantown WV on the 4 th of this month. They were busy at the time I was there so I waited for about 30 to 40 mins. One salesman in chrome of the three that were working ask me how he could help. I told him the year and make of my Harley and told him I wanted to buy the chrome visors for all the lights in the front and rear of my bike And the left and right covers for the motor. And Also needed a price on a sissy bar for my Road King. He told me first I needed to buy the light rings I told him I already had those he said well you`ll need them again I told him I have those and if he would I would bring my bike to the front door and he could look and then help find the ones that match my bike. At that time he told me they close in ten mins and walded away !!! WTH !!!!! I Know I wasn’t spending as much as to buy a new bike but there were still a lot of people in there and still others walking into the store. I went home got on the net and there page info@tripleshd.com and told them what happened. They said they wanted to send me pics so I could tell them which guy it was I sent them the guys name and have not gotten an e-mail or anything back form them. Something needs to be done . I like my Road King and try to keep it nice as I can . But the dealers with people like this working for them its hard to do. Thanks for taking the time to have a page like this to hear from all the Harley owners !!! Joe


charles sanders August 9, 2013 at 6:22 pm

I just changed gear oil 30,000 mikes yahoo anyway when I loosened the bolts one side the case broke off a chunk of mag so the bolt no longer worked went to dealer for help but they offer none at all saying that dosent happen but it did to me so trying to fix myself so thanks Harley for nothing at all but a XXXXXty piece of machinery in all I wish I would have bought a different bikr maybe bmw at least the stand behind there work another disappointed rider


william slusser August 8, 2013 at 5:08 pm

dear mr.davidson,,,terribly upset with my 2011 Harley trike,,has 3200 miles on it and the reverse starter went out,,,called your main office and all you get ,is talk to your dealer ,,,well XXXXX,,,the dealer just as bad as Harley is.The reverse brushes were rusted from water getting in around the casing,,,bad design on Harleys part,,,next time call Honda and get a good design ,before putting one together..Harley wouldn’t stand behind there work and no wonder why people are turning away from American made .The service from Harley sucks and so does getting ripped off ,,on a 1400.00 dollar reverse starter assembly……Hope Harley Goes out …………………………..sincerely William.


Castillo July 11, 2013 at 12:47 pm

To whom it may concern or even give a rats a** about hard workin customers buyin Harley bikes and gear! How is it when you walk into the door at a dealership your greater with a great smile and like family yet when u talk to Harley reps on the phone ur treated like trash? Is it because they’ve already got your cash n all ur info n they no longer care who u are or how life’s been treatin you? Seems like all Harley cares for Is your hard earned money n will do anything to take ur last dollar like for example even adding more intrest cuz u missed ur last pmt after paying a 60k dollar bike to them n one doesn’t even get an I’m sorry all u get I’d pay the dam pending amount or ill just send da Repo guy! Is there any attys out there that can get on this cuz the same way they can record conversations so can I and after replaying them it sounds more like threatening call than Customer service!! What happened to givin hard earned Americans the same old time legendary bikes instead of junky bikes and not even a good answer or much less a understanding conversation cuz it’s ur fault for buying Harley n not reading fine print n so on!! I just think we shud start boycotting Harley after doin research n findin they’ve become from
An American legend to an American SCAMM N RIPPOFF!! I’d like to hear Back from anyone who gives a care fo the hard workin American n Harley lover who’s just so disgusted with the overall American Legend concept!! Anyone else who’s got anythin to add to this please do so or contact me for ill keep doin research n talkin to all kinds of people about this hopefully one of those CEOs or someone caring to explain or ask where they went wrong might care to contact me!! Disappointed and disillusioned CARLOS. 956-744-5511


Claude Pettus June 28, 2013 at 9:25 am

I havejust purchase a 2013 road glide from Motorcity Harley Davidson and I havent put 300 miles on it and the exhaust guard turned blue. I called the service department about the issue and they had the service manager call me back. He talked to me like I was dump and didnt know anything about my bike. This is my second Harley and i ended up taking it to another Harley dealer and they said that the turning was wrong and that the clutches were the wrong ones. I dont know what to do the bike is only two weeks old. Can anyone help me?


curt figurel February 20, 2014 at 8:41 pm

I also have a 2013 roadglide cvo seem to be a bike with a lot of issues wish I would have bought a different brand of bike.Harley treats u like a dumb a** when their product isn’t up to par.I’m thinking a class action suit would get their attention if I don’t get my bike issues resolved by spring I’ll be the guy that gets the ball rolling I make a 550.00 monthly payment on a bike I don’t feel safe to ride around the block.The dealership I purchased my junker from told me they would have a factory rep ride my bike that was a lie thanks GATTO Harley Davidson Tarentum Pa so I took my bike to ERIE Haarley Davidson to get my issues resolved they also said a rep would ride my bike another lie so where do I go ttoget my bike fixed maybe iI could take it to a HONDA dealer would probably have better luck with honest answers


Kevin Grimes June 26, 2013 at 3:07 pm

It’s probably a long shot, but would anyone at Harley Davidson like to try a new product that myself and a young friend of mine designed to protect and preserve nice motorcycles? They’re called Bar Cuffs.

We’ve sold almost a thousand and never had 1 return. Even some writers have written some articles on their own raving about them.

barcuffs.com if you’d like to check them out first.

Thanks everyone for your time,

Kevin Grimes


Antonio Echegoyen June 6, 2013 at 5:12 pm

CEO: Keith E. Wandell
CFO: John A. Olin
COO: Lawrence G. Hund
I paid $ 20 000 USD cash for a brand new 2013 V-Rod Muscle, two weeks Iatter had the opportunity to ride it, before 20 minutes ridding, the red alarm light turned on, stopped running, turned down the bike engine, waited it to cool and return home, was the very first ride after purchase…by the way the HD dealer in Toluca refused to provide a test ride, as well as the Bolivar HD dealer, at Mexico City.
Called for the warranty and Service Manager to take care of this failure, by the way it’s impossible for me to understand why HD HAS NOT road assistance at any location in Mexico, the bike returned to me after one week with the same problem.
I ride the bike on a trip for almost 420 miles, only at low speed appeared the high temp alarm, reported the problem again, ride this weekend and before one and a half mile engine temperature sky rocketed, there’s no way to use this unit in such condition, wrote again and asked for service… and since two weeks ago have not yet received reply at all.
It was my first HD purchase, and for sure will be my last, the price is too high for what you get.
Totally agree with many other riders…. Victory offers much more for your money. I had been a BMW fan for over 20 yrs., just for fun decided this year to try HD vs Victory, there´s no compare point among names. I owned a Ball 8, superb bike.
What do I want?…..my full money back.
I’ve written to just about everyone I can to at the store…my complaint is totally null…is this the way your dealers respect warranty, is this the way they honor your brand?
Spoke to the service manager Oscar Blancas, Carol Erich, sales, copied Jose Gual Fernandez, marketing director, waiting for-the General Manager name and mail address.
What will it take to get my money back….be white US citizen or what???
Come on, this are the guys representing HD at Mexico….it’s pathetic!!!!
How much complaining can I do, guess if ever I’ll get my bike repaired or my money back?, definitively prefer my money back, so I can buy a nice bike: Victory, or a Suzuki, a Kawa, Triumph, Yamaha, Ducatti, or BMW, you name it, any one shall be a better option than HD.
Thanks for your kind and prompt reply.
Sincerely Yours,
Antonio Echegoyén
Dissatisfied Customer


william slusser August 8, 2013 at 5:15 pm

go public with it ,,get on the news ,hell advertise for victory or Honda against Harley,,,theres enuf unsatisfied customers in the united states,that have been stuck and shoved by Harley Davidson


Carlos Jimenez April 23, 2013 at 11:25 pm

Re: Alamo City Harley

Dear Sir/Madame:

On my initial purchase of my V-Rod (5/10/2005), I received a helmet and four in-store gift certificates for T-Shirts plus a goody bag. I also received several calls from my sales rep thanking me for my purchase. I recently purchased a 2013 Street Glide with additional accessories amounting to $2184 plus labor. As a second time loyal customer, I’m very disappointed with the minimal gratitude I received from your staff. I purchased the motorcycle on 27th Mar and was not ready for delivery until April 2nd. Upon picking it up, I noticed that the air filter (p/n 29490-09) was missing the rain sock as part of the kit. I informed my sales rep about it, and his reply was he would get me one. They ordered me one but the wrong item was received. I’ve yet to receive it (it’s been 21 days). I received some Cowboy Harley- Davidson T-shirts as their gratitude for the purchase of my new Street Glide. A friend of mine purchased a 2013 Street Glide the same week as me, at Caliente and he took his home that same day. The sales rep at Caliente gave him a $250 in-store gift certificate plus various other gifts which included a $25 poker chip and a free Vega brand helmet. He also received a custom made personalized plaque which has the image of his motorcycle with the store’s logo. He received a personalized “Thank You” letter from the owners, Mr. & Mrs. Bosshardt, of Caliente. It is with sincere regret that I write this letter, but find it necessary to make you aware of your customer service!


Carlos Jimenez


william slusser August 8, 2013 at 5:10 pm

yeh ,,there service sucks,,,buy a Honda or Yamaha ,,,


Mike Yarborough March 22, 2013 at 9:31 am

i wanted to drop you a line to tell you about a great Harley Dealer. Independence harley-davidson in college sation, Texas Jim booth, and Blake lipscomb went the extra mile to gain a new customer. there was a slight misunderstanding on a service deal. instead of brushing me off, they made sure that they took this misunderstanding and righted it way beyond what any other dealer would have done. Their comunication with me was unmatched, and they righted the wrong at their own expense. I have always been treted like Royalty in their store, and cant say enough about how they go the extra mile at every opportunity they have. Please share this with all involved. I have been a Loyal Harley Rider, with the last 31 years, and 16 Harley later. Harley Only.


Jay Petin March 14, 2013 at 4:43 pm

I’d like to be a sale distribution in Thailand. What’s the process I have to go thru?
Thank you


Jesse March 12, 2013 at 7:13 pm

I paid cash for a 2013 fatboy, now three weeks ago, still dont’t have it. I ordered over $6,000 dollars in accesories came out to about $24,400. I’ve spoken to just about everyone I can speak to at the store…Mancuso HD crossroads in Houston, Tx
Spoke to the service manager Dave Watkinson, Shannon Mayfield, marketing director, and Paul Wilkinson- General Manager. All very condenscending, rude and very unprofessional, and guess what? still don’t have my bike. What will it take to get my bike….be white or what???
Come on, this are the guys representing HD….pathetic!!!! How much complaining can I do, guess I’ll get my bike whenever I’m white enough for them….UNSAT!!!!! Shame on you corporate. I have an appointment with fox news consumer report on friday, if I’m dramatic enough they will put me on the air and make sure people know about how Mancuso HD crossroads in Houston, Tx does business.
Please call me, open for suggestions…Jesse 281-509-1864


Tina March 1, 2014 at 4:58 am

I only wish I had done my homework before my husband purchased his first Harley last year, a 2013 Trike. He wasn’t sold on Harley he had always owned Yamaha or Honda’s, However, this was his first new purchase and he was going to have to go to a Trike due to some knee issues. We looked at Honda but they looked too much like spaceships with all the controls and buttons he wanted simplicity. So we chose the Harley, nothing but a nightmare. Purchased the motorcycle on 4/2/13 and it has been in the shop at least once a month for something. He spends at least 5 hours a month in service. We will never recommend a Harley purchase nor will we recommend Ocala Harley Davidson in Florida. Fortunately for us we did purchase and extended warranty which wasn’t typical for him. I haven’t written my letter to corporate as of yet. I plan to but I suspect like most of you here it won’t do any good. The only thing Harley will understand is failure. When they go under and have to look up for help they may get the picture. Good Luck Everyone!


Chase Ford March 6, 2013 at 1:40 pm

I was mislead by a Cowboy Harley salesman in Beaumont, Texas while purchasing a 2013 Street Bob. I was told that I could use my panhead as a trade-in..and now that my new bike has been ordered..I am told that it is up to me to sell it and use the money from the sale as a downpayment. Another dealership in Houston offered to accept the bike..and Cowboy Harley was aware of that fact..when it made its deal with me. Now I either sell the bike on my own or face an extremely high monthly payment. Is that how veterans are treated by Harley Davidson? Deceiving veterans to make a buck?


william slusser August 8, 2013 at 5:12 pm

they don’t care ,,all they want is the money and you out the door….I can tell you all about it,,,They don’t stand behind their product or their work,,,,,buy a Honda


Michael J. McCutcheon March 4, 2013 at 7:21 pm

Looking for some help … I have a 2009 XL883L … I want to put a Sportster 2 up seat on it … I am not intersted in aftermarket products (including Badlander or Sundowner). I like things “simply stated” and want the seat that comes on the 1200 Custom (only it needs to fit the 3.3 tank). My local sources are struggling to find. I have seen pics on line of this situation (and not the ribbed version as came in 2007 on 50th and Roadster). I want to smooth seat. I know the 1200 seat would leave a gap, Can you please provide me with part #. Cell phone 304 206-6308 … please help!!!


David Masters January 13, 2013 at 9:35 pm

I just got a 2009 FLHX . From Arrowhead Harley Davidson in Peora ,AZ I was treated so bad i will never st foot in that store again!…


paul c. December 25, 2012 at 5:29 pm

All I wanted for the wife was a trike for her Christmas so I can get her off the Honda rebel she rides as she already has broken her arm once with this bike even though it was just and accident she is special in my life as that would be quite a gift to her as a mechanic I always try to make sure she is taken care of an being that she has never had a honeymoon since we got married before the first gulf war in 1990 as I am a vet and she is very special in my life as any other woman would of left there husband for not having any honeymoon in all the years we have been together thank you for listening . Paul Carleton s.c.


Kevyn Kilgore December 19, 2012 at 8:06 pm

I was a Harley owner for 20 years, plus . Just for the record they have a great product, but their service sucks, both with customer service & the quality of the repair work. Oh let’s see I’m in Connecticut, the dealer in Stamford closed, the dealer in Bridgeport closed & Branford now has the monopoly , so they can ripe you off with No Repercussions From Harley Headquathers . So now I owner a 2012 Victory, more bang for your buck, handling , , ,motor & price all are far superior . Like they say , ride 1 & you will own 1. Merry Christmas.


Bob Glenn December 16, 2012 at 2:46 pm

All I wont for Christmas is a Harley Davidson Sporstster . any year from a 1977 up to todays model .


Bill Clowers Jr. December 10, 2012 at 5:08 pm

I have two grandsons who love harley davidson. All they wanted for christmas was harley boots.I live in Tennessee and I called every local harley shop through half of the state. No one even carried kids harley boots.Other boot stores that did carry them told me that they would only be available at harley stores.Seems like you can’t find them there either!I would like you to know that I did find them at Barnett H-D in Texas and bought them.I just think it’s a damn shame no stores in Tenn. carry kids stuff especially around christmas.


gary teeter December 5, 2012 at 3:59 pm

Willie G. Davidson
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
3700 W. Juneau Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Mr. Davidson:

Please make a bike to compete with the Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic. Make the following additions to a base Sportster:
•the front-end of a Heritage Softail Classic
•a rear fender like that of a Heritage Softail Classic
•a fat bob gas tank
•a speedometer and dash mounted on the gas tank
•a heel toe shifter
•leather saddlebags

A picture of this bike can be found at the following Internet address:

Yours truly
gary teeter


Lou Curti November 26, 2012 at 12:13 pm

When is my bike going to ship from factory ?
Dealer location is Maroneys harley in new Windsor n. y.
( Orange County ) New York.
Please send reply A. S. A. P.
thank you.
Lou Curti.


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