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General Motors Corporate Office Address

General Motors Company
300 Renaissance Center P.O. Box 431301
Detroit, Michigan 48265

Contact General Motors

Phone Number: (313) 667-1500
Fax Number: (517) 272-3709
Email: Email General Motors

General Motors Facts

Founder: William C. Durant
Date Founded: 1908
Founding Location: Flint, Michigan
Number of Employees: 225000

General Motors Executives

CEO: Mary T. Barra
CFO: Charles K. Stevens III
COO: Daniel L. Ammann

General Motors History

General Motors or GM for short was founded in 1908 in Flint, Michigan by William C. Durant as a holding company the Buick and Oldsmobile brands.

In 1909, Cadillac and Oakland, which eventually becomes Pontiac, join GM.

In 1910, Durant lost control of GM after acquiring too much debt.

In 1912, GM introduces the first electric starter in a Cadillac.

In 1918, Chevrolet becomes part of GM.

In 1925, the company acquires Vauxhall Motors.

In 1931, Opel is acquired.

By 1950, all US models are available with an automatic transmission.

In 1971, the company acquires a 34% stake in Isuzu Motors.

In 1984, the company acquires Electronic Data Systems.  That company is spun off in 1996.

In 1986, the company acquires Hughes Aircraft.

In 1990, the company acquires 50% of Saab and launches the Saturn brand.

In 1999, the company acquires a 20% interest in Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru.

In 2000, the company takes full control of Saab and acquires 20% of Fiat.

In 2009, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  This resulting in a government bailout and closing the Pontiac, Saab, Hummer and Saturn brands.

In 2010, the company filed an IPO and returned to profitability.

Today, General Motors is one of the largest automakers in the world.  The company produces vehicles in 37 countries under 11 brands.




General Motors FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for General Motors?
Answer 1: The phone number for General Motors is (313) 667-1500.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of General Motors?
Answer 2: The CEO of General Motors is Mary T. Barra.

Question 3: Who founded General Motors?
Answer 3: General Motors was founded by William C. Durant in 1908.

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Reynaldo Hernandez November 22, 2019 at 7:10 am

In 2016, I bought a 2013 Cadillac XTS Premium Luxury from Auto Nation dealership in Corpus Christi, Tx. One week later, I heard a knocking noise like coming from the trunk area. I took it in & when the mechanic comes to tell me it was a truck hitch rolling in the trunk. I left thinking it was fixed. As soon as I left the lot, I heard it again every time I went over a bump. Needless to say, I had it a year & started looking for another one. I found a 2017 XTS in Houston, over 200 miles away. I bought it & a few weeks later, the same noise again. It still had warranty, so I took it to Auto Nation in Corpus Christi, Tx. After being checked, the service advisor ( Mr. Flores) told me that the car had been in an accident & wouldn’t fix it bcuz warranty wouldn’t cover it. To take the car where I bought it. I took it to Houston (200 miles away) & the service advisor came back with my car in about 20 minutes & told me that it was 3 loose screws on the back bumper. The Houston dealership showed me the car fax that it had never been in an accident. I drove 400 miles round trip for 3 loose screws & 20 minutes of work. How cruel is that? Auto Nation in Corpus Christi, Tx, you have some mean, heartless people working there. The mechanic, heartless Flores, & Gen. Mgr. who never replied to my emails, or return my calls. I have bought 5 vehicles there, but I will never buy from them again. They are full of deception & caca. I guess if I don’t buy from you, you will not honor the warranty. You have a nice scam going on. Someone upstairs is watching y’all. It’s not nice to cheat people out of their hard earn money. So the cheaters at Auto Nation, you know who you are. AMEN


aNTONIO lOPEZ November 21, 2019 at 12:46 pm

To all costume service from general motor corporation include all CEO, CFO ,COO they are a piece SH*T because hey sale vehicle with problem and never respond they hide and said company have no adress only po. box my car is 2015 traverse and the headlights and tail lights are condensation and they said it is normal


Brandie November 19, 2019 at 12:43 pm

i just need to recover a key code on a bcm we purchased for my sons 2000 buick century. vehicle has only 25,000 and is in mint condition, i would hate to scap this car due to me not being able to get a freakin key code. helllllp!!!!


PATRICIO LOPEZ November 13, 2019 at 7:32 pm

Hi I have a bad experience with general motor corporation vehicle 2015 Chevrolet traverse with head lights and tail lights condensation and nobody want to give me a right answer every body hide saying that this situation is normal all model of Traverse from 2013 thru 2017 all them have this problem, but many owner they don’t know to who complaint same like me many other people have same headache and they no find any pill to relaxer this cane pain


gregg kennedy November 22, 2019 at 11:30 am

I have a 2014 impala lt. it has been ar dwayne lanes chevrolet, arlington,waa for the last 3 weeks trying to get a rocker actuator, prt number 126336113. but they are until to find one. y know of a couply of dealers that has one but they won’t give it up. they’ve contacted gm for assistance but know help. they blame it on the strike , it’s not fun making payments on a car that can’nt be fixed or nobody wanting to help. especially when there are dealers that hev the. help help help help help


Kirk fossler November 6, 2019 at 10:48 pm

All the features that get put on the steering wheel why is it that the dimmer switch can’t be put on the steering wheel for you don’t have to take you’re hands off the steering wheel to dim lights


Shelia Gaines October 27, 2019 at 7:49 pm

My brother Chester Robinson along with 3 small children were killed in a car accident on November 16, 2018. There is currently a lawsuit pending with Attorney Courtney French of Birmingham Alabama. I have a question to ask on behalf of his mother. I would greatly appreciate it if someone from your staff would contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you


Shelia Gaines October 27, 2019 at 7:45 pm

My brother along with 3 small children were killed in a car accident on 11/16/2018 while driving a 2008 Chevy Impala. There is a current lawsuit pending with Attorney Courtney French of Birmingham Alabama. I have a question to ask about this matter. I would appreciate if someone could respond to my email so that I make ask a question on behalf of his mother.

Thank you


Roberto Rangel September 24, 2019 at 7:14 pm

I have tried to get a small problem fixed with my 2018 GMC Denali, I took my truck in to Gunn Buick GMC ink San Antonio, They stated they would need to take pics of the Drivers Seat (leather wearing) and send them for approval to GMC, and that they would call me and advise me of what could be done. I waited for about 6-7 days and had not heard from the dealer, I called GMC for customer support and was put in contact with “CJ” a senior adviser, she called me and stated that the dealership told her that they have never heard of me, I went back to the dealer and was told that they would put me on a wait list for a loaner car and that they would call me, sometime around sept. 13 they called and I took my truck back in, I was given a loaner and as of today 24 Sept. I have not heard from the dealer. I called GMC customer support and was told by your staff person that they would get in touch with the dealer for resolution, we were disconnected while on hold and have not received a call back. I called GMC again and spoke to “Chin” ext. 5916066 and was unable to understand her, I asked for a supervisor, was kept on hold about 50 minutes before “Mario” ext. 5915122 came on and stated he would forward this a Senior Adviser, (back to square one) not to sure how or what GM trains their employee to do when they are dealing with Customers, but both of the above mentioned personnel were none informative and rude. either way GMC is not getting anything done for me. Not sure what to do next???????????


Edward Greer November 19, 2019 at 3:45 pm

You may know this but we need to say it anyway.

1. Having a Chevy Volt is like having two vehicles.

a. We have a 5,000 mile round trip scheduled.

b. Ninety Five percent of my day to day driving is on battery power alone, but we could not take this trip using an all electric vehicle.

c. We would not buy an electric vehicle that would take an hour or two to recharge when we take even a short trip of several hundred miles.

2. The performance and handling of a Volt is better than my Porsche primarily because of the weight distribution provided by a low slung and centered battery.

3. We are a large family. We have two Volts. (2017 LT and 2018 Premiere) We would buy another one if we had enough garage space.

4. Many automobile manufacturers are copying the Volt concept this year, while at the same time you are cancelling this concept after almost ten years of testing, developing and marketing.

My suggestion:

a. Give everyone in marketing a Volt
b. Simplify any questionable features
c. Find a person in the group who is aware of what you are throwing away
d. Let them tell development what to tweek and
e. Let them take charge of developing the message you should be sending

You are developing electric cars that, for most people will require that they have a second vehicle to be functional.

Be smart.

Nissan, Hondao, BMW and others are copying your concept. Take the Volt power train and drop it in any one of your vehicles and you will win this battle. If not, you are likely to be left way behind, and quickly.

One more thing –

How Long can we count on our Volts being serviced by GM?

Thanks for your time

The Greer Family


bob September 18, 2019 at 11:38 am

Why my next car will NOT be a GM…


GM Manages To Find $22 Million To Pay CEO As It Closes 5 Plants And Lays Off 15,000 Workers


Patti September 5, 2019 at 7:27 pm

I brought my 2015 chevy spark into service because the car is jerking and not getting power when you drive. They said they felt something when they drove it and gave me a rental. The next day they told me to come get my car. They told me that there was a software update that is causing the problem and there is no way to fix the issue. I called and complained and they opened a case. I got a call after playing phone tag from a girl named Michelle who was extremely rude. She kept saying the same thing over and over that they are not seeing a problem. I told her I could email the paperwork where they said it was a software issue causing the car to run that way. It does not sound logical and when she kept repeating everything I asked for a manager and she said someone will get back to me but guess what no call back. I was such a fan of chevy and loved my little spark til this issue occured and now I am very upset with them and the care of their customers.


David Black sr July 25, 2019 at 12:58 pm

Ask for a customer care manager and everyone l talked to refused to transfer me to one.
Wants me to keep working with the advisor l have and not report him to his manager. Guys a lier and can’t do anything that l can’t do myself.
Lot of sorry people working in the customer care department


Michael Alt July 17, 2019 at 8:39 am

I have an idea that would assist law enforcement, cut down on speeding and make GM vehicles safer.


Lloyd Mcmullen May 15, 2019 at 6:19 pm

I took my car to the gm dealer in Lewiston Idaho I had two tires put on in the front I have a 93 olds achieve s Now when they washed my car there was nothing wrong with the paint job on the roof and the trunk and on the side of the car on the passenger side and on the hood on passenger side after they put the tires on and they washed the car there was some paint missing the mechanic took pictures of the missing paint I talked to there manager he was rude and would do nothing to make it right when it was there car wash that took the paint off in spots I am very upset I know the car had its issues when I bought the car but I know those areas was not missing paint tell they washed it they lost my business my boss even said he will not take any of our work cars to the gm company very very upset with your gm company in Lewiston Idaho in North Lewiston i am upset to the point that i well not buy another GM product again


Ernie Sittig May 2, 2019 at 9:01 am

I bought a new 2017 GMC Canyon (Diesel) in Feb 2018. Everything was fine until a few months ago when the “Trailer Brake System” alarm started going off. First, the mechanic at the dealership said he had nothing to go on if it wasn’t sounding the alarm when I brought it in. I contacted GMC and apparently, they got ahold of the dealership and in turn, the dealership kept the truck for almost 3 weeks. They replaced a “module” and said it was fixed. After 2 days the alarm came on 21 TIMES and has been coming on infrequently ever since. They can’t seem to fix the problem so I requested they buy it back so their engineers would have the opportunity to find the root cause. As an alternative, I asked for a decent trade-in allowance. They denied the buy-back and closed the case. So I’m stuck with a vehicle that annoys the crap out of me with the “ding, ding, ding alarm”. It had just a little over 15k miles when the problem first occurred. In summary, they can’t fix it and they won’t take it back. Is that “Customer Service” or a lack thereof. I’m screwed by GMC. Never again. No GMC vehicles in the future.


marie May 6, 2019 at 4:12 pm

if you have not done so already you need to make a complaint to the NHTSA. GM more than likely will not help their customers even with knowing the problems with there equipment….very sad but true


Ms. Judith M. Cancelliere April 11, 2019 at 2:41 pm

On 2/12/2019 I took my 2013 Chevy Volt to the dealership for its routine maintenance. I have been taking it to the dealer since I got the car and have never had any problems.
The rotated the tires, changed the oil, put on new wiper blades, filled the ww solvent and performed a multi-point vehicle inspection. Then “Tech removed and replaced oil drain plug”. They said it was cracked. My car is parked in my garage and there was never any leak, but they said it needed to be replaced so okay. The total cost was $94.56.
I drove home and parked the car in the garage where it remained for 2 weeks because we were having our roof replaced and then I had a very bad cold.
That’s when we found a huge puddle under my car. I called the dealer and they had me bring the car in, which I did. That was 2/28/2019. My car has been at the dealership since then. It seems when the tech replaced the “cracked oil drain plug” he stripped the oil pan and it needs to be replaced. The problem is there aren’t any oil pans available. The dealer offered me a loaner, which I turned down, they did say it could be weeks but it has been well over a month now. The dealership is waiting for GM to go into production and let them know when they can get a new oil pan. GM has not gotten back to the dealership.
I emailed GM to see if I could get some answers. It took several days to get a response, Amber called me. She obviously had NOT read my email. I had to explain everything to her. She said she’d call the dealership to find out when they will get the part. I explained to her the dealership is waiting to hear from GM .Amber said she’d investigate it and call me back on Tuesday, 4/9/2019. She told me she contacted the dealer and they said they are waiting to hear from GM when the part will be available. I told her I already knew that. I’d told her that last week. I contacted GM to find out WHEN they will be making the part and sending it to the dealer. She told me she has no way of knowing or finding out that information. The dealer speaks to manufacturing and no one else. She said WHENEVER they make the parts they will be sent out to those who requested it first and go down the list. I asked for her supervisor. She said she is the highest person I could speak with.
I am so disappointed. I bought my VOLT so I wouldn’t have to buy gasoline. I’ve been using my sister’s Subaru and I’ve already spent more in gas than I did in all of 2018!
I’m going to contact my dealer and say I’ve changed my mind I want a loaner, a Volt because I can’t afford this.
What really has me upset is Amber and her lack of understanding. She is in the wrong line of work. She did NOT provide customer service nor did she resolve my issue. I am going to send a letter to the CEO and let her know what a huge disappointment this has been.


marie May 6, 2019 at 4:13 pm

if you have not done so already you need to make a complaint to the NHTSA. GM more than likely will not help their customers even with knowing the problems with there equipment….very sad but true


August Pimentel March 2, 2019 at 8:12 pm

Problem: fuel tank on my 2018 with 6332 mils Chevy Colorado, At a 1/4 tank and lower start feeling shouts off at 12 gal only can put a cup of gas at a time and that well do that for another 4 to 6 gallon, Dealer said thats normal , No way is this normal, still trying to get help


Beverly Harris February 28, 2019 at 6:35 am

My name is Beverly Harris Daughter of John Joseph Harris who was Kill in a 2008 Cobalt on September 17/2010 Case no.10 Dkt.294 06990 who G.M. Dismissed I would like to why you why you send a ignition switch Recall paper to Dad that I got on September 20/2010 after his Horrible Accident I call the number on that Recall paper and talk to some woman and said it’s a bit to late my Father is die from his car accident then is 2012/2013 I hear about the ignition switch he’ll my I got in a hold if the MDL Lawyers in Canada and send that September 20/2010 Recall paper to them there is me my Husband/nephew/nicen and friend that seemed was the house when a got mail and in it was that September 20/ 2010 ignition switch Recall paper so I would to know why did that MDL Lawyers kept my Fathers Ignition Switch paper would give it back to me I need answers something is not right and know will help me fight for my Father he can’t and on that Recall paper there was a Date that said April 7/2010 but we got September 20/2010 so why did the Lawyers kept it I wish so one would help me and my Dad


Betty Welch February 16, 2019 at 1:00 pm

I purchased my 2012 Chevy Traverse brand new with a 5 years payment and had it paid off in 21/2 years. Therefore they would not grant the warranty of 100,000. miles for the engine. My 2012 Chevrolet Traverse While operating the vehicle, “reduce engine power” and “stabilitrak” suddenly appeared on the instrument panel. Next, the vehicle decelerated and failed to accelerate properly. The failure was diagnosed as being the Timing Chain and they would have to replace the whole motor. Serra Chevrolet of Southfield, MI (Telegraph Rd.) and the manufacturer were notified of the failure, but no assistance was offered. The failure mileage was 85,000. The dealership wants $4,500. to fix the problem. I don’t mind paying to have the car fixed but that is way to much money, and I don’t understand why the motor is still not covered under the warranty. This is unacceptable and unexplainable of the situation. I know GM has had recalls on the 3.6 motors and I can’t get any help to fix the problem.


Shay February 18, 2019 at 11:14 am

I also have paid almost $10,000 out of pocket money to repair my timing chain 3 times this vehicle is a LEMON!!!!!!! I had it repaired a used engine pit in and STILL no reimbursement or replacement for this tin piece of crap!! I’m paying a loan payment AND full insurance for a vehicle I’m not even driving, I have called GM and get voicemail with zero response and emailed them with zero response wrote numerous letters with zero response I even sent certified finally received the same letter twice “they hope the issue was resolved”……..REALLY!!!! I couldn’t afford rent or other bills because that vehicle sucked me dry in fact my vehicle was repossessed and taken out of the state I live in which I found out was illegal….my countless attempts to contact GM is horrible and Mary Barra CEO should take a better look at us little people who actually give her a paycheck!!!!!!!!!! VERY ANGY CONSUMER


Eliseo Zapata January 28, 2019 at 11:03 pm

Purchased a 2019 Colorado from a San Antonio dealer on December 31. The vehicle was already in transit. A week later, search said it was in Illinois. The next week, I was told it was somewhere between Illinois and Arkansas. The next week it was in Missouri, being loaded that week end for transit to San Antonio. Now it has been four weeks since I purchased the truck and am being told it is somewhere between Ohio and Missouri. No way to track it. It could be 2-3 weeks or maybe 2-3 days.
I just can’t believe GM has no track of its inventory. This is my inventory now since I have already paid for the truck in full.
To add insult to injury, I keep getting surveys about hw am I enjoying my new purchase, how am I enjoying the in-cab features.
When will I get my truck???
I purchased from North Park Chevrolet Castroville


Peter M. Richards January 24, 2019 at 2:15 pm

I wonder if you could help me. I use to own a 1959 Chevrolet Impala SS convertible. It was black, red interior and a white top. It was manual shift, 3 carburetors, V8. My Father purchase the car in 1958 from Stoleman (sp)Chevrolet in Washington, D.C. Two questions : Do you perhaps have a 1958/1959 catalogue and can I get a copy of the 1958/1959 catalogue also do you know where I could find one – the actual car? I have looked at Mecum. Thanks, Peter


Beverly Harris December 10, 2018 at 10:56 pm

Beverly Harris for my Father John Joesph Harris No.10 Dkt.294 case 06990 was kill because of ignition switch from Hell September 17/2010 3days after his Horrible Accident I going to get the mail and there is a Recall paper for John Joseph Harris for the ignition switch from Hell but I send to MDL Lawyers and they kept it I would like to know what they would gave my Father 2010 Ignition Switch Recall Paper back that F-ing Funny why I interest the Lawyers and all they was Slap me in the F-ing Face this Bulls**t what G.M. The Lawyers and Courts are doing if it was not a ignition switch that Kill my Father why did you kept his 2010 Recall paper you tell me


John November 28, 2018 at 8:24 am

Poor management leads to all theses plant roll backs and layoffs. Start laying off management who have poor foresight. Start shutting down plants oversea’s instead. Their workers pay no taxes to our cities, states or nation. It is just that simple. Now more people will not be working and be a drain on the government systems. Fire the GM president who must be like Billy Durant, and get someone like Charles Nash to straighten out GM like he did in the teens.


EDWINA WALTON November 26, 2018 at 10:56 am

We have a 2015 one ton 4X4 that has less thank 25,000 miles on it and can not keep rear breaks on it. There have been 4 or 5 sets on it with a major brake job done on it last year. In your recall on the braking system, would this truck go under some type of recall. I am a cattle rancher and it is used everyday 7 days a week. We could use some help on this matter.


Tim McMahon November 13, 2018 at 1:26 pm

I just got a letter in the mail letting me know of a $83 a month increase on my Optional Life Insurance and Dependent Life insurance. I have been paying for this Insurance for over 40 years and now that I get to age that I’m living off my Pension, you throw this at me. Do you know there are many of us that live solely on our Pension and $83 is almost 2 weeks of groceries for my wife and I.
I worked my butt off for your Company for 30 yrs, ending up chasing my retirement through 3 different States. Uprooting my Family for all this. For it to come to this and the premiums will keep going up every 5 yrs at least $75 each time. When I was working at GM I guarantee you that in any of the four year Contract Talks. If anything was mentioned that hurt our retirees in any way the UAW would of Struck every plant in the Country.
Now that you played the Bankruptcy card 10 yrs back and had the Government bail GM out was just a move by the Company to get the Health Insurance off your books and give it to the UAW which you knew would screw that all up. You hid all your money somewhere to get this done and there are many of us that know the ploy you where after and you got it done. Shame on you scamming the Federal Government for one thing. But you know who took the biggest hit from your Financial Ploy? It was us the retiree’s. Our Heath Insurance went by the wast side’s. The cheapest way for me to get Medical help was to go to the ER. I have not been to a Doctor in 7 yrs because of your Ploy.
Now that you got the Health Care off your books, you want to collect 41 yrs of premiums and then when we reach a certain age when Life Insurance becomes more important you raise Premiums so a lot of us can’t afford it anymore. SHAM ON ALL OF YOU!!! I truly regret giving GM the best job I could give them every day I was working. I had a impeccable attendance record and gave you the best I had every day. My Work was 100% done right the first time and my work record speaks for itself! I’m don’t know who will read this but I do know whomever it is really does not care about those of us who gave a lot of our life to you. You got the Money now that the Health care is off your Books so why are you trying to run us out of a Life Insurance Policy that I was counting on.

Thanks for nothing

Tim McMahon hired in at GM in 1978


Ronald Casale October 6, 2018 at 9:58 am

Can you tell me when GM will start producing the 2019 Silverado 1500 single cab 8 foot bed. I’ve been asking dealers in my area and no one can give me an answer. Currently I own a 2011 Silverado and prior to that I owed a 1999 Silverado. I don’t want to have to go to another manufacturer to purchase a truck. I’ve always owned GM vehicles and would like to stay with GM. Thank you.


Beverly Harris September 14, 2018 at 8:27 am

Beverly Harris for My Father John Joseph Harris Case Number 1:15-cv-06990 I guess you win G.M. I can’t fight you but I know it was the ignition switch from Hell that kill my Father yes his airbag came out but he hit right head out any airbag south if come out his Steering wheel was Rid right out if my Father did not what to Die something went wrong with that Cobalt car and you just don’t care Beverly Harris Daughter


Beverly Harris July 20, 2018 at 10:45 am

Beverly Harris my Fathers John Joseph Harris because my Dads airbag come out hitting a flatbed at 130km’s head on. You said it is a Non ignition switch but I said of course the airbag would his hole steering wheel was Rid right out. He’s case is ignition switch from Hell he told me he’s when he put his key it was lose and hie steering as lose to he was just Driving 80km how doses a car go from 80km to hitting that flatbed at 130km on a Beautiful Day /Beautiful Road that 2008 Cobalt that was make in 2007 so you tell me how my Father had a Accident like that if there was nothing wrong we his car at 10:30 in the morning something was wrong with that 2008 Cobalt Just fighting for my Father Death any buddy looking at that Accident would know that it was a ignition switch from Hell I think G.M. Should take responsibility for Killing my Father and did G.M. Detroit M. Send a Ignition switch Recall Paper in the that I got three day after he Accident that he Death in September 2010 on that recall Paper it had a date on when Me and my Husband was reading it April 7/2010 on it but we got in September 21/2010 that the Lawyers kept my My Dads ignition switch recall Paper why did they kept it Just Fighting For My Father John Joseph Harris Case 1:15-cv-06990 G.M. Dismissed My Father I don’t Understand it is not about the Money it is about my Fathers 2008 Cobalt Accident that kill Him so can G.M. Tell me Please Beverly Harris Daughter of John Joseph Harris


Donald Incontro July 12, 2018 at 1:33 pm

I have three gm products.One is a 2007 gmc half ton double cab with 35000 far it has been a good truck. The next is a 2015 gmc pick up half ton slt this pick up has 37000 miles on it.When it start this 2015 up it has a knock in it and when you drive it there is a knock in it. Took it to the dealer and they said they could not do nothing about it because it was the fuel injection so how could you put a truck like this out on the street with this problem? and GM knew about it. JUNK!!!!!! I have a 2018 GMC Terrain that the interior of the vehicle is very loud and doesn’t ride smooth and it rattles and I paid close to $40,000 for this denali. So guess what GM this will be the LAST JUNK vehicle I will buy from will be a toyota or a ford. ( I have been a GM customer all my life…have purchased NEW over 20 vehicles…GMC…Chevolets…Pontiacs…Buicks….NO MORE!!!


Beverly Harris June 12, 2018 at 10:22 am

Beverly Harris I know that I’m not a Lawyer G.M. Or a Expert but I know when a steering wheel is Rid right out to right side any airbag would come out would think so I think there is responsible doubt how that airbag came out and how could my Fathers 2008 Cobalt go from 80km that he was driving to 130km when he hit that truck with that Flatbed and why did you send my Father a recall Paper three day after he had his Accident in September 17/2010 the recall had a date on it April 7/2010 but we get it till September 2010 and ther were 5 of us that was for that seen that Recall paper but I send that recall Paper to lawyers with all the information about My Fathers Accident that weren’t to New York Court that you Dismiss G.M. Again you still haven’t told me how He couldn’t had a Accident like that on Beautiful Day and Beautiful Roads he should be a live today his Name was John Joseph Harris case number 06990 I’m just fighting for his Death from his Cobalt 2008 Accident in September 17/2010 the lawyers said they don’t have my Dads recall Paper But me and my Husband know better that they are Lying to and would like to know why that 2008 Cobalt kill my Father that how we see it I know G.M. You care but I’m allowed to but my Writen my feeling down you dismiss me


Faith E Sharkey June 8, 2018 at 8:54 pm

Sent to McElveens in Summerville, SC
Dear Ms. Johns-
Your voicemail was appreciated since I saw you last on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. I am sending an email, because not only did I expect to hear from you prior to today, but I was expecting some more promising news. I realize I have a 2005 Buick LaCrosse and that it has it’s issues. However, I just need it to start and run. I have other mechanics that I feel more comfortable replacing the headlights, rims etc. I felt I had no choice to bring my car there as it had an electrical issue. It is the second time I have brought my car to you to be fixed. The first time your technician(s) told me that I needed a new PCM/ECM when I brought my car there to replace the two recalls on my car. At that time, I did not have the $900+ that I would need for that repair, but I asked for the ground wires to be replaced as I had many recommendations to do so. When I towed it home, I realized that this had not been done. I began to save money for both of these items and found the PCM for less than half of that. I replaced it….this did not fix my car. ( I guess the diagnostic was wrong) When I sent my car to you it had been seen by 3+ automotive repair people. In the past year, I have replaced the following parts prior to that first visit to your business :
1. the battery
2. the temperature gauge
3. the fan system to the motor and the cooling system
4. the starter
5. the rotors and brakes on the back two tires
Since that first visit, I have, as already stated, replaced my PCM/ECM….which did not fix it. I then took it to JK Automotive which was recommended, and they recommended that it was the security system. I found out that I did not have the original key to my car and therefore I could not . However, when asked they did replace the ground wire which they had to order from your dealership. They moved their business, so I had to tow it elsewhere. I thought let’s try McElveen again…. I was once again told that it needed another diagnostic….even though it was wrong last time, and it had a newer PCM. (This car has had 4+ diagnostics in the last 8 months. I was told by you that this is the only way your technicians can be paid.) That brings us to the results of this diagnostic at McElveen’s …. I needed a new fuse box to the tune of $1,082, so I waited for the car to be fixed. I was told the part would be ordered and replaced. I let You, Danielle Johns, know I would pick it up on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. When I showed up, not only did I have a $1,082 bill. but it did not fix my car. My bill was not paid at that time, because I guess McElveen’s was not done adding to my bill. At no time did I think that this was a GUESS, but I thought I would see what would happen next. Cut to TODAY, Friday, June 8, 2018. I finally receive a message to call You, Danielle Johns to discuss options…meaning….you still don’t know. The diagnostics are not helping. I am a little upset to call at this time. I will get back to you tomorrow or Monday once I am ready.
HOWEVER, When I call, I want to know the following information:

1. Does your Automotive repair center own a Haynes Repair Manual or other Buick Manuals that help with diagnostics?.. I have copied the electronics section and would be happy to scan it to your email. The computer diagnostics is not working and actually the Haynes Repair Manual never mentions hooking the car up for diagnostics… Something I mentioned in one of our conversations prior to the diagnosis of a new fuse box.

2. Can you put the old fuse box back in….it didn’t change the status of my car….or can I have the old part?

3. All the other mechanics believed that my starter was fine, but your technician stated that it was burned out. Since it never sounded like it was going or was becoming ever increasingly harder to start, I am unsure that I agree. If this is so, there is a warranty on this part which I purchased from Autozone brand new and this can easily be exchanged.

As you can clearly see, I am very disappointed with the customer service. I really enjoy my car, but no longer trust the dealership.


Beverly Harris May 22, 2018 at 12:42 pm

My father had 2008 Cobalt the Built in 2007 that kill him because the air came out they throw him away out of Court Dismiss why I don’t understand his hole steering wheel was Rid right out any airbag would of come out he was just 80km on Beautiful Day Beautiful Roads go east the truck with the Flatbed on was come west my Dad car kept go to left over the line the truck was trying to move out of the way but Dad end hitting the flatbed that a 130km how did the Accident like that Happen something was wrong with that 2008 Cobalt how go from 80km to 130km in sec he Accident happen at 10:30 in the Morning he just went to store for Dog food/Toilet paper and on the Home with his Dog Rocky that Die to and my Dog Buddy was in the back passages side he lived lBuddy Luck the Accident was Horrible that was September 17/2010 two or three Days after my Dad Accident he get a Recall for the ignition switch I call they and said it’s to late he’s already Dead She said I’m sorry to hear that but don’t know about the ignition switch From Hell if my Father could of use he’s Steel Wheel or Brakes he would offer anybody would He did not want to Die that Day he want to Die that all know boby can tell anythink how that Accident Happen because of a Stupid airbag when his hole Steering Wheel was Rid Rid right Out guess the air would come G.M. Kill my Father and they do not want to take responsibility for my Father Death can someone tell how Any could have a Accident like that they should of pass reach nether with No prol man my Dad Life Matters He got two more Recalls in 2014 so that 3 Recall but he was before any came in first was on e was in 2010 but the Lawyers kept my Fathers Recall Paper for 2010 it had a date on it for April 17/2010 but I only got it September 2010 after my got Kill in his 2008 Cobalt I’m a Broken Heart Daughter Beverly Harris and My Dads in was John Joseph Harris they said that I just want Money But I said My Fathers life Matter just like anybody that lose a Love One in G.M. Ignition switch from Hell or a defeat in any off G.M Car’s shame on you G.M.


James mcgregor May 14, 2018 at 8:13 am

My 2011 gmc 3500hd which I bought in Florida 18 months ago still cannot be licenced in Ontario Canada…. The airbag recall issue that hasn’t been addressed by gm is the reason.. how can you let this drag on for so long…


Robert Templeton April 17, 2018 at 11:27 am

Ordered a new 3500 serria 8+ weeks ago put a deposit on it at time of ordering Was just informed yesterday that it isn’t being built. My old truck the frame is in bad shape basically I’ve been truckless for this time someone owes an explanation and help with rectifying this situation.
Nice way to treat a loyal GM owner of 35 years


linda manrow March 12, 2018 at 5:24 pm

On March 12, 2018, I spoke with District Specialist Jujuan from California Customer Engagement Center, regarding my 2015 GMC Yukon. I have purchased six SUV’s from GMC going back 30 years. The problem is my right rear taillight is out. Why is that a problem you ask? Well the problem is you can no longer replace a “burnt out bulb”, you must replace the whole Taillight Assembly (part number 88408860). Again, what’s the problem? It costs over $700.00! I believe that a new car warranty and extended warranty (bumper to bumper) should meet the current criteria for these technologically advanced vehicles for coverage. A burnt out taillight no longer meets that criteria. I asked Jujuan how long GM had been in business. He didn’t know. I asked when GM offered the first extended warranty for it’s vehicles. He didn’t know. I asked when was the last time the extended warranty had been upgraded and revised. He didn’t know. I found out that GM offers their own extended warranty. Every vehicle I purchased at a GM dealership, for a GM vehicle, I purchased an extended warranty never knowing that the dealership does not have to offer the GM Extended Warranty. The dealership gives you whatever they want. Why? I don’t know and neither does Jujuan. What he does know is that my concerns with the dealership not offering to sell a GM Extended Warranty should be taken up with the dealership. Boulevard Buick/GMC, 2800 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90755, 562-492-1000. I asked if all of my concerns would be investigated and the answer was it would be noted in my complaint number 8-3971982760. I asked to speak with someone with more authority. He put me on hold and then advised me he spoke to his boss Dave, Team Leader of his (Jujuan’s ) unit and Dave said I couldn’t find out when GM first offered an extended warranty or what it covered citing “Privacy”, and he didn’t know if or when a GM Extended Warranty had ever had the coverage revised. I asked for Boss Dave’s last name and again it’s private and cannot be given to the public. Oh, and Boss Dave wouldn’t talk to me. Let’s just add one more thing for another kick in the gut. If you go online to General Motors Corporate Office, as I did, you will be provided with contact information including address and phone number. Unfortunately the phone number 313-556-5000 no longer provides information for anyone or anything. It does however provide you with these fun facts: Founder-William C. Durant, Date Founded-1908, Founding Location- Flint, Michigan, Number of Employees:225,000. I will be providing this information to Los Angeles CBS Channel 2 News Investigative Reporter David Goldstein. Linda Manrow


Tammy Robinson March 13, 2018 at 2:42 pm

Thanks for letting us know that number was discontinued this year. We have updated the contact info.


James Turnage February 20, 2018 at 1:02 am


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Vernon DeLung January 22, 2018 at 6:33 pm

I have an issue with my airbag warning light on my 2016 Colorado. I feel this is a safety issue that should be addressed by GM at no cost to me. My vehicle has 62000 miles and is out of warranty, but shouldn’t the safety systems of the vehicle remain operative for the life of the vehicle? I called GM customer service and opened a case (8-3809266879) , but was told that I would have to pay the cost of diagnostics and repair. I have been a loyal GM customer for years and have directed many people toward GM vehicles. I plan to do the same with issue, based on how GM handles this. I feel on an issue this that GM should gladly pay for diagnoses and repair of a safety feature that could mean life or death to the driver.


Rose December 21, 2017 at 6:25 pm

I purchased a GMC Terrain Denali in January 2017. I always had a Ford and never had any issues with my Ford’s but I decided that I needed a change. BIG mistake!! I am so disappointed in GM. I purchased my car be from Jay Buick in The Bedford Ohio Automile.

I am in my car quite a bit and have always relied on the hands free feature on my vehicles. The entire hands free unit hardly ever works. This is so dangerous as I end up answering the phone manually. I paid for this feature and it doesn’t work. If I am on the phone when I get in my car and I start it the call is disconnected instead of forwarding to the car. It is just awful. I am so unhappy with my cat and am actually thinking about selling it and going back to Ford.

I have brought the car in at least 6 times and they tell me that the issue is with The software in which GM has not updated. This makes no sense as when I have used their loaner cars, the hands free works.

I am so frustrated right now and just wanted you to know. I am truly unhappy with my car.

Rose Ursetti.


Eric Deitchler December 8, 2017 at 3:11 pm

Why is the special warranty on the A/C condensor for Yukons 60,000 miles and for the Cadillac Escalades the special warranty goes to 72,000 miles. Thanks in advance for your reply.


Roger Handley November 27, 2017 at 4:17 pm

I have a 2017 Buick Encore (KL4CJASB2HB080359). One of the seat belts is defective (won’t retract). I carried it to Mike Freeman Chevrolet-GMC in Fayette, AL, to have the belt replaced. That was over three months ago. They have been trying to get a replacement belt but cannot get one. I called a Buick dealer in Tuscaloosa and was informed that they could not get a replacement belt any quicker than the Chevrolet-GMC dealer. They both indicated that getting replacement parts is sometimes a protracted process.

I drive a lot around home and take several long trips a year. The next long trip will be on December 12. Will I have to keep risking the lives of my family members because of a defective seat belt, or can you arrange to get a replacement belt to Mike Freeman Chevrolet-GMC ASAP?

Thanks for your attention to this request.


craig whyte November 6, 2017 at 10:21 am

I just bought a 2017 gmc van it ha leak from the day I bought it, and the tire looses air and you all won’t fix it ,I live in the mountains an it don’t drive very good with a low tire ,I hope I don’t wreck,,,maybe i’ll start looking for a lawyer because I feel it’s just of matter of time before it happens,,,


Matt howell September 21, 2017 at 5:22 pm

I recently leased a 2017 Silverado and since day one I been having problems w shuttering and vibrations due to the 4v system not working properly and been I service noumurous times. Called customer relations about this asking about a buy back because GM told the service department there is nothing else to try. After dealing w customer relations for 2 weeks and everyone giving me the run around and they come back and say it’s at a dealer level and the dealer says it’s a corporate level because the warranties. So now customer relations states that there is nothing they can do and the dealer basically don’t know what to do. If u warrinatie ur vehicles why doesn’t GM back up there warrrianties. Columbus, Ohio


steve haggard August 21, 2017 at 12:42 pm



tom July 25, 2017 at 4:14 pm

to the Mary T. Barra and general motors. cbs anchor woman Cindy Hsu recently got involved in dirty coraption business with infamous cbs anchor Otis Livingston to steal money from general motors company employees bank accounts. never trust Cindy Hsu and Otis Livingston they are dangerous for business and need to be put in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


debra harris July 22, 2017 at 4:18 am



William Bissell July 13, 2017 at 2:28 pm

2011 GMC Terrain, bought Brandi New(Wife), LOVE IT!! 55,000 miles Transmission & Transfer Case Catastrophic Manufacture Breakdown. GMC Goldstein, Albany, NY said they would, “Locate Manufacture Defect and Get New Transmission & Transfer Case, Warrantee.” HA! They put a USED TM & TC in with “More” Miles then we had??? Charged us OUTRAGEOUSLY. GMC’s Wendy Mitchell did NOTHING to help out. Even told me there was, “No Recalls with this vehicle.” I looked up 12 myself. The Transmission Control Module was Recalled, NO Paperwork. My Wife went there 3 times to complain about the TransM, “they didn’t find the prob.” Taking them to Small Claims Court to get my Money Back. I think I have a Good Case. Do this yourself.


Stephanie Ulmer July 5, 2017 at 4:21 pm

Shame on you gmc, I leased a Yukon Denali xl not even 2 years ago and I’ve been having so many problems with it, the most recent problem which gm knows about is a faulty condenser for the air conditioning. Not only can I not drive my car bc it’s unsafe to be in a car that hot but no one has called me back regarding this matter. I have already found other people with the same car and same problem and I can promise you we plan to take action. This is unacceptable and irresponsible but above all a health hazard for myself and my 4 small children. No letter was ever sent out warning customers of this problem that been going on for months and the best you can do is say you may or may not have a part for my car in 3 months, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I have been leasing cars for over 15 years and I can promise you myself or anyone I know will not be leasing a car from you ever again. My car is under two years old and has 11,000 miles, I’ve had an engine fire, and faulty condensor with all the recalls there have been on my car, really upsetting and ridiculous.


Pavel Karasik June 30, 2017 at 6:13 pm

2013 Chevrolet Suburban Vin # 1GNSKJE77DR333576 have a Transmission problem for the past 2 years, and GMC don’t want to do anything about it. Krystal Dealership in Brooklyn, NY and Manfredi Dealership in Staten Island, NY, have no Customer Service what’s so ever


Debbie June 25, 2017 at 10:42 pm

Captiva 2011 to 2013 with the engine 2.4 L engine Lea should all be covered under the same warranty.yet because mine is a sport it isn’t covered…!!! Yet I have tje same engine as the rest..!!! Will ne talking with a lemon law attorney. Won’t buy another one of ypur vechiel. .!!!


Gene June 13, 2017 at 10:24 am

We purchased our 2017 XTS,AWD about one month ago. Have had problems with the tires. It appears GM puts GOODYEAR on these vehicles and they ride like you are constantly on a gravel road. Sent a letter to the President of Cadillac Motor Division and NO RESPONSE. Sent and email today, really do not expect any action from them either.
It is upsetting you purchase a vehicle at $53,000.00 and have this kind of problem. The dealership electronically balanced the tires TWICE. NO THE PROBELM. iT APPEARS THTE PROBLEM IS THE TIRES.


Desera Allen June 7, 2017 at 4:10 pm

I purchased a 2011 Cadillac CTS Wagon in March of 2016.. On June 13, 2016 while I went to put my groceries in the vehicle the hatchback slammed me inside without warning. I spoke w/ GM Motors to find out if there had been any recalls or reports on these in particular vehicles the claims department stated no. Well I’ve done my research & found that someone reported the same thing on July 13, 2015. I encountered severe injuries which I’m still going to therapy, my doctors & I sent over all medical records including Acadian Ambulance also MRI records. This has been a nightmare thus far., the representative who is handling my claim continuously stated she had never received any of my doXXXXentations until last week ironically. Even the dealership said they have never seen anything like that happen w/ out warning, what if that was my grandkids that lift gated could have killed him. They have the diagnostics evident because GM paid for it, which they tried to sweep it under the rug because their investigator team never showed up. My attorney & Walmart have the video of exactly how it happened, but my life has to live w/ the pain. It’s close to the one year anniversary of this incident & im still waiting on answers from GM Motors claims department. Now they having bigger issues due to the ignition. GM Motors please resolve these issues in a timely manner. -Suffered


Evola Jackson May 16, 2017 at 5:12 pm

Purchased a Chevy Malibu almost 2 years ago.
It went into the shop for repairs two weeks after having it. This vehicle has been in the shop at least 7-10 times including right now. It has gotten to the point that GM contacted me to offer a warranty. This has got to be the worst car I’ve ever owned and I regret even buying it. On top of that I called to complain and the supervisor Kenneth (ref# 8-2963763584) had the nerves to tell me the car should not be referred to as a lemon and if I’m calling for compensation it will not be honored. I never asked for ANYTHING BUT A WORKING, RELIABLE VEHICLE. I was also told my complaint has reached it’s finally destination with him and will not be escalated because he doesn’t have a boss and he makes all the decisions. Little do he know I am going to continue to complain until I hear from an executive (CEO, President, VP )or someone else that can help me.


linda June 20, 2017 at 1:12 pm

do you have any email addresses for GM’s CEO Mary Barra, CFO Charles Stevens,
I also am getting nowhere with them and would like to email the officers of the company but can’t seem to find the email addresses. thanks


William Bissell May 16, 2017 at 8:47 am

2011 Terrain, 55.000 Transmission & Transfer Case BOTH seized due to Mechanical Failure, clutch failure. Now they Refuse Admission to Manufacture Defect/Mechanical Breakdown. Goldstein Buick GMC, Albany NY charged $1812 for a Used Tran & $860 Used Transfer case and $1965 for Labor. At 10 hrs, that’s $196 Per Hr??? No Wonder GM Raked in $9.43 Bill 2016. But Now will(with other Co’s) lay-off tens of Thousands of workers this summer. When they treat The Customers like beaten dogs, we will no longer purchase their product. Perhaps we can get that profit down to $5 Bill so the Taxpayer can Bail them out, again…… Write Letters to the editor; Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Hemming’s, AARP, Consumer Reports, and to GM’s CEO mary.barra at


Joe Turner April 28, 2017 at 10:01 am

Purchased new cascade convertible from key Buick in Jacksonville Florida and battery kept dying. Dealer researched and rear lights were discharging the battery. Replaced rear lights. Fixed problem. Rattle in rear replaced roller removing top mechanism and put an undercoating to buffer the sound. While driving after a rain shower the fender wells filled up with water sloshing from one side of vehicle to the other. Gps and radio was fading in and out. Now replacing gps and radio and ready to lemon law. They asked us not too because they would have to disclose all the problems with this vehicle if resold. They submitted paperwork to GM corporate to buy back vehicle less mileage. We are still waiting for corporate to issue our refund. 4 weeks without the car. Frustrated with GM corporate not the dealership. Help Help


Alicia April 20, 2017 at 2:11 pm

On March 23, 2017 our 2013 Chevrolet Malibu suffered a dead battery event. The battery, installed by a Chevrolet dealership was still in warranty, so there was no cost to me. I had the auto towed to the closest Chevrolet dealership in Orlando. The car was NOT jump started by the tow truck driver as I had the key so he could not. After this service department installs a new battery and turns the car on, suddenly the Air Bag Sensor light goes on. I am left a voice mail indicating this was caused by a surge in the system. I contact 2 companies in Georgia that specialize in Air Bags and issues dealing with sensor light and they indicated that trying to jump start the car can “fry” that sensor. In order to get my car back I approved the air bag sensor light replacement. That cost was $820.05. The part alone was $500.00. I immediately contacted GM complaint department and was told “the battery going dead is what caused the problem.” This directly contradicts what the service department told me. The dealer specifically said as quoted, “…a spike in voltage is what causes that module to go bad.” Your “resolution” indicates the battery going dead is what caused the module to fail. Having had a dead battery previously my question is why that battery going dead did not cause the module to fail two years ago?
I WOULD LIKE THAT QUESTION ANSWERED. That question was not answered, of course.
Additionally, had the battery which went bad in March not failed (as per what AJ at GM is indicating then a dying battery caused the failure of the air bag module) then the module would not have been ruined by a battery going bad. So if we were to accept AJ’s theory, since the battery which was installed by the dealer and provided by the dealer was therefore defective and not able to last it’s warranty life, we can contend that if their defective product, i.e. the battery, caused the module to fail, GM should be responsible for the secondary damage.
The reality, somebody at Starling improperly tried jump starting the car, causing the damage to the module while it was under their care.
The entire defensive tale is conjecture and theory but it directly contradicts the text message I saved from the dealership service department.
Again, GM installed a defective battery in the first place that did not live to its warranty coverage period.
The damage, which was caused by the jump start to the Malibu, was according to you caused by the defective battery. The complaint department and the dealership are both telling different stories as though I am an idiot.
GM needs to stop defending a service department that clearly made a mistake.
It is not only unbecoming of the GM name, but a shame when $820 in damage caused by either the defective battery installed by the dealership as AJ claims, or the “surge” the service department called it caused by jump starting the car to move it.
Either way it was NOT damaged prior to taking my car in for repair.


Lynzee February 20, 2017 at 5:12 am

I wish gm still made Pontiac. They’re my favorite car and they always will be, well Muscle cars anyways. I own a 1979 transam T-top.


Shelby Harris Gentry December 16, 2016 at 8:19 pm

I have not purchased an American made vehicle in many years. I’ve driven an Acura and a Mini. In the later days of July of 2016, I decided on taking a chance on the 2017 Acadia to tote my new grandson around. BIG MISTAKE. I really wish the salesman had told us to NOT let anything happen to the “precious” car because there will not be spare parts for 6 months or so. I had an accident…they happen… the first week of September. The airbags deployed and beat me up. I’ve recovered but it is December 16th and our repair guys still can’t get parts. This might not be a problem for you wealthy people in flyover country, but it has been a strain on my family. I understand you think we are all uneducated rubes. No, we know our next move. We have begged and got close…tease…but we need a wiring harness to finish the job. i don’t remember what the vehicle looks like since I’ve not seen it since the first of September. I do know IF I see it again, I will be telling it goodbye. By the way, we are still making payments on our phantom car. After reading all the other posts, I think it’s time to get disgruntled.


Sophia September 28, 2017 at 4:48 pm

Hi. I have the same situation. At this point the car has been in the shop since 5/20/2017 still waiting for a part with no communication from GM. Did you get your car back finally?


Stephen Pappalardo November 30, 2016 at 4:50 pm

I purchased a brand new 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 6 months ago and it has been back 4 times to the dealership for a vibration when the vehicle hits 65 miles per hour and over. Each time they change tires, rims, struts, shocks, and balance the tires. It lasts for a month and then goes right back to vibrating. When i say vibrating everything in vehicle shakes at this speed 65 and over, the arm rest the seat belts hanging and my gps on the windshield I am afraid to drive the vehicle it may fall apart on the highway.. Each time vehicle goes in to shop its a mimium of 10 days. I am not blaming the dealership, I am blaming chevy for making a vehicle leave the production line like this. I am not alone here I have been reading the forums and there is alot more trucks in this condition.


Gary Lupo November 21, 2016 at 8:54 pm

I purchased a new 2017 Volt Premier in September and since that time it has been in Chevy Service frequesntly with an array of problems. One is very serious and each and every time the engine light comes on I rush to dealer where they pull up same code and call Volt. Volt technicians say they are aware a few autos have this problem but they do not have a way to repair and none coming soon. Dealer gave me numberto customer service for replacement Volt or repurchase. Today customer service call me to deny doing anything even though thye know there is no fix. After that I called dealer General Manager who told me they have never called dealership for problem. So each time I leave home I never know if I will get home or if car is going to blow up. Volt technical personnel were surprised at this as they say there is enough doXXXXentation to support replacement of car to which they have no way to repair. The lady who called me basically told me she did not care. Gary Lupo 619855XXXXX


Allen Schmidt November 19, 2016 at 8:58 pm

I took my 2015 Camaro into the Greenacres, Fl. Dealership to have an oil change, wipers replaced and frontend alingment. After waiting 2 hours and a 5 mile road test later I was givin my car back with the bottom panel under the drivers door all scrapped up, the seat and mirror all rearanged and told that the rear end was spraying fluid and that it wasn’t a big deal and ar 10am they had no time to fix it. So now I am stuck with no way to and from work and I have a disablied wife who is on oxygen 24/7 and no way to get her to doctor appointments or to puck up her perscriptions. I was told by Autonation that sometime next week they would call to schedule repairs, with next week being Thanksgiving I doubt I will have it back in time for work on Monday 11/21/16.


Chealse Carson November 11, 2016 at 11:33 am

Valley Chevy service center and dealership is the worst.. Bad salesmanship. .i brought a new 2014 impala in January 2014 nothing but electric problem with radio and onstar.. The desk clerks in service are demeaning and not respectful. Worst decision i made so far in my car buying experience. . Waited hours for a scheduled inspection and light bulb change couldnt even get a effing ride home from a service car…


yalanda November 2, 2016 at 2:04 pm

I bought a brand new verano just the end of September for gmc beachwood, and that was an awful deal I made they did nothing to help me when they found out my friends and family discount was less than they thought on top of that I had the car I wanted for over a week with dealer plates, then I came back and had to give that car back because of a 1,000 difference so I couldn’t get my sunroof and the car they picked out I took home and it was damage the side door had a mark like it was painted from damage and then the bumper was off line on the passenger side and on top of the roof the pieces were flapping on the freeway. they had my car now for over a week and im very unhappy the gm manager did not speak with me when I went he was to busy and my sales person was the worse. I feel like I do not want this car any more they have not even contacted me yet an im very unhappy


Christine Bryant October 5, 2016 at 6:02 pm

All I can say is GMC does not stand behind their product. I bought a 2011 GMC Terrain. Transmission went out in 5yrs. Start having transmission problems after first year. I requested reimbursement of service fees due to transmission was defective from the factory and no resolution. Went to Customer Assistance Center for resolution, but no resolution. I will NEVER buy another GM product and will advise family and whoever asks not to purchase the faulty product. They lie. Total customer satisfaction is NOT important to GMC.


William Bissell April 26, 2017 at 10:28 am

Christine, Same Exact situation. Please e-mail me as I have your solution. Not kidding.


Barbara McDaniel August 18, 2016 at 4:35 pm

2 Years ago I bought at 2010 Chevy Traverse. I had not bought a car since 2001 which was a 2001 Blazer. The car was a money pit. Major work had to be done to the engine at 50,000 miles, rebuilt transmission, seatbelts, oil lines, air conditioning system 2 times, all the basic items. I have a folder full of receipts and swore I would never buy another Chevy car and since I had so much money into it I decided to keep driving it even though the service engine soon light came on once a month and nobody could find anything wrong with it. I went for an inspection and couldn’t complete it due to something on the dash that didn’t light up when I started the car. $400.00 later I got car inspected. At that time I made about $25.000 a year and had a child with health problems. Well I finally felt I needed to look into getting another vehicle because the service engine soon light never went off and wasn’t going to put any more money into it. In 2014 I was approved for the loan but had no idea what kind of car I wanted since I had not looked at any in about 13 years. I went everywhere except the Chevy dealership. After 2 days of looking I couldn’t seem to find anything I liked, I broke down and went to the Chevy dealer and instantly fell in love with a 2010 Chevy Traverse. After driving it I just knew I had to have it and it had the TV in there for my new granddaughter. Due to my high Fico score I was able to get a good interest rate. I had mentioned the problems with the Blazer while there and they said there had been many problems with that year Blazer. While closing the deal, of course they tried to get me to take out an extended warranty which my husband and I don’t believe in for anything we buy because they always seem to find ways not to pay for anything that happens like a home warranty. Well, after feeling pressured I gave in and accepted against my husband’s better judgment. That is the background.

I drive daily to work on the Dallas North Tollway and George Bush freeway. After about a month I notice that when I accelerated to merge on to highway it would jump and felt like it skipped a gear or two. Needless to say I was thinking “not again, another Chevy with problems”. I decided not to mention this to my husband and hoped it was the way I accelerated and would have to just gradually put on the gas but not too fast. It would happen once in a while after that. After 1 ½ years, at night, on Tollway in the rain, I was unfortunate and a Coyote ran out in front of us and we hit and killed it. So there went $500.00 out of pocket to get fixed. Shortly after that I started hearing a sound like someone pulled up alongside of me and turned the base on their radio up. It was very strange and in the spring. As it got warmer out (being in Texas, very warm) it started happening more and more. It was louder inside the car than outside of the car. This went on for 6-8 months and got to the point of it doing it most of the time I was driving it. I was holding off taking it in to have it looked at until I could save some money (my husband is disabled and I support most of the household). I did notice about 3 weeks ago that the temperature gauge starting looking like it was starting to overheat. My thought was that maybe the place that fixed the car did something wrong (maybe fan not cooling new radiator) and would be able to take it back to them. Friday 8/12 while driving to work it stayed hot most of the day in the morning and the other sound loud and continuous. I called my husband and asked him to call our mechanic that I would have to bring it after work if it made it there. I asked my husband if he thought it would be covered under our warranty and he said probably not since it was a wear item. When driving it home, I was so upset being in rush hour traffic and car was getting hot that I was crying and praying to get me there as quick as possible. My next thought was that if it was related to the accident I would take it back to the collision place. Well, the dreaded phone call came in Sat morning and was told it was the water pump and it would cost $1020.00 to fix. After crying and praying about it we cancelled our vacation and used our vacation money to pay for it. We had even asked the mechanic if he thought that might be something that was covered and they said probably not. I have learned my lesson but it was an expensive one. While driving it the next day I was relieved to see it was not overheating but on the way home the noise started again. I called my husband to meet me at the car shop that fixed it. I spoke with the front counter, part owner, and explained what was going on. He said when the mechanic did a test drive after replacing water pump he mentioned that there was some suspension noise that he heard and that we had not mentioned it. I told him that I sure did mention it and thought it was all related. At this point now knowing what I was going to do if it was something very expensive, I had my husband call the Chevy dealership and I was shocked and happy to learn that the water pump was covered under the warranty and was told to bring car there the following week (next week) and will give us a loaner car and will find out what else is going on. Taking a closer look at the warranty we learned that you had to get approval before having anything fixed. I know stupidity is no excuse but in the heat of the moment wasn’t thinking about that and just needed to get the car to the people who had been servicing the blazer for 13 years that I trusted. My husband was given a number to call about getting reimbursed for the water pump. We did find out it what we paid was a bit cheaper than the dealership would have charged.

Today my husband called the number and spoke with a girl named Ranisha. Not only were her customer service skills less than desirable, she was very rude to my husband and then said our mechanic was not an authorized place to get the car fixed. Needless to say, I was devastated, had to leave work and went home and am writing this letter. As a Chevy owner for many years and the amount of money paid for this Traverse (20.000) I just feel there has to be a way to resolve this issue. I was planning on renewing my warranty in Feb 2017 seeing how it helped, but then I wasn’t helped. I do know that I made a mistake but everyone should be entitled to one and I think an exception could and should be made. I feel like I have purchased another money pit and would like help with this.
I am hoping for a response and to talk to someone soon.


George Cook July 21, 2016 at 1:21 am












With utmost regret, and extremely unfortunate distrust,
George M. Cook

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Connie July 19, 2016 at 4:12 pm

I have a 2013 Buick Encore which has been a lemon from day one and Buick and GM refuse to do anything. After spending over $400.00 on brakes at 40k miles they keep locking up on me and then I have no brakes…but GM tells me it is normal wear and tear! Same with transmission, A/C, paint and interior! Have spent over $2,000.00 this year alone on repairs and still the problems remain, they cannot fix it. SO DO WHAT I HAVE DONE! I PURCHASED 2 BEAUTIFUL MAGNETS ONE FOR EACH SIDE, THEY ARE BIG YELLOW LEMONS AND THEY SAY “HUGE LEMON”, THEN BELOW WHO I PURCHASED IT FROM BEING AS I TRIED TO TRADE IT AT THE DEALERSHIP WHERE I PURCHASED IT AND THEY TOLD ME THEY DID NOT WANT “THAT PIECE OF CRAP”. I AM NOW FORWARDING PICTURES TO THE DEALERSHIP AND GM AND ALL OF JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA WILL KNOW NOT TO PURCHASE ABUICK ENCORE AS GM REFUSES TO STAND BEHIND IT!


Bronwyn Ramsey July 11, 2016 at 7:13 pm

After several attempts with Coggin Chevrolet and General Motors to fix my 2015 Chevy Malibu purchased from Coggins Chevrolet at the Avenues they have decided nothing is wrong with my car. This is horrible customer service and I wouldn’t recommend purchasing any GM vehicle if this is the way you get treated. They sell you a brand new defective car and do not back Their product. This has been the worst car buying experience I have ever had. I will discourage anyone to purchase a vehicle from Coggins OR GM. Buyers beware!!!


Connie July 19, 2016 at 4:22 pm

You are correct! I purchased a Buick Encore from Coggin Buick and received the same treatment!


Robert Hawkins June 22, 2016 at 10:23 pm

I can not buy a air bag wiring connector, I have ask over and over who makes your wiring harness? I knew most of you were too lazy to ask them for it. If you ask the people that make your wiring harness they will send you a bag full and you can keep them in your desk and be a hero the next time some one wrecks a 2016 Camaro. Does GM think no one will ever wreck a 2016 Camaro ? If you think about it you give 900 dollars for the wiring harness and 2500$ to get it put in, that is almost 3500 dollars going towards totaling out a Camaro just because of a 25 cent wire connector. This is the dumbest thing I ever heard of. I swore in 2006 I would never buy another GM product after I bought a 2006 Canyon , the dealer ship wanted to charge be about 10,000 dollars after the Warranty went out fixing all the cam sensor exhaust sensors and others when all it was was a little water in the gas. After I put a few cans of gas treatment in it the gas the light went off and I traded it for a Toyota truck , never been happier. I would not have bought this piece of XXXXX but my wife did, so I am stuck again with a GM with no support. GM is keeping up with the non support of its product as it always has, no wonder GM is not doing as good as it was in the 1960’s or 70’s. Thanks for your non support


Guam Gurl 671 June 3, 2016 at 2:32 am

I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze that im currently still paying for from ATKINS KROLL/CHEVY Motors in Guam. I have taken my car in for multiple problems since I purchased it brandnew. Every visit I take my car in, my trunk light has always been involved in 1 of the problems. If opened Manually or by Key, both the DRIVERS side front and back lights stay on & both the PASSENGERS side stay off…On 1 of my reports, they said they cannot Duplicate/Find the problem, so my husband & I called them out to the car to show them EXACTLY what we are talking about, & guess what?…THEY WERE IN SHOCK WHEN I SHOWED THEM WHAT THEY SAID THEY COULDN’T DUPLICATE/FIND…Then it shows on the next Report that they “BLACK TAPED IT” thinking it would FIX the problem…WTF!!!
NOW, I recently turned it in because my 3 yr old car is OVER HEATING !!!!…Had it Towed to the Dealership because it was over heating after every 2 power poles, this was a Wednesday. It is now FRIDAY and I still dont have a word from Chevy…I AM FRUSTRATED because they have NO “LOANERS” or any Rent-a-cars for me.. They said they dont have Loaners for their Service and that I would have to pay “Out of my pocket” for a Rent-a-car and that they probably might just pay a 1 day rental or reimburse me for 1 day ONLY…So that means, IM STRANDED WITH NO HELP FROM A COMPANY THAT IM PAYING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR ???…I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT NO CUSTOMER THAT HAS THEIR VEHICLE TURNED IN FOR SERVICE AND HELD FOR MORE THAN A DAY, SHOULD BE STRANDED OR CARLESS…THIS IS AFFECTING BOTH MINE AND MY HUSBANDS WORK BECAUSE WE HAVE TO BE LOOKING FOR A RIDE AND PAYING FOR THEIR TIME AND GAS, ESPECIALLY THAT WE BOTH HAVE DIFFERENT TIME SCHEDULES, HIM AT 6:00AM & MYSELF AT 1:00AM…THEIR SHUTTLE VAN DOES NOT EVEN OPEN AT THOSE HOURS…THIS BETTER NOT MAKE US LOSE OUR JOBS BECAUSE ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE!!!


Jimmy Counts June 2, 2016 at 4:27 pm

Dave Sinclair GMC in South County DROPPED my NEW 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE crew cab off the lift while fully extended.
$21,577.00 in damages and counting….
47 total estimated days in repair @ Redfield Collison Center
Bent Frame..
Body Damages from top to bottom, front to back..
Dan Sinclair has NOT replaced my truck at no cost to me like he originally TOLD me he would do. Only offered for me to trade my truck in and spend more money at his POS stealership. He has turned this into his insurance and thinks that repairing $21,577 in damages makes things right. WRONG, my equity is lost. Nearly $10,000. He expects that a few hundred dollars offered to me by his insurance company after the repairs are made for the diminution of my vehicles value is sufficient enough. I’m not a fool!! Please, don’t be the fool he expects you to be. Only my advice, it’s your choice. Dan Sinclair is NOTHING like his father, Dave. He WAS a man of his word, and would of made this right. Un-like “DONT CARE-Dan Sinclair”
Dans Response to the total in damages to my truck
6/1/2016 (copied and pasted text between him and I below)
(My text)-$21,577 in damages. From Redfield Collision Center.
Now what?
(His Text)-Since your most recent social media post, I have referred your case to the insurance company. Please contact the adjuster with your information.


Chester C. May 29, 2016 at 7:48 pm

Bought a NEW 2016 Diesel Canyon from Conley GMC in Bradenton Florida. (Worse Dealer Ever!) Took it back to the dealer three times for tire troubles. They had it for three weeks total and still have tire trouble. Now they say a GM engineer has to look at it. That was three weeks ago. Called dealership and no return calls. Call GM complain line and only excuses that they are trying to help me? Do what? They can’t get the dealer Service Manager to return their call. Now having to go the lemon law route. I am a disabled Veterans who saved for years to get this truck and do you think GMC cares? I have owned GM vehicles for 50 years, now going to have to switch brands. Since GM got the Federal Bailout they don’t care about customers, they JUST WANT TO GET CUSTOMERS MONEY!


Randy REE April 22, 2016 at 12:55 pm

I have a 2001 monte carlo pace car “limited edition”. Yesterday I brought my car in for a recall for an engine compartment fire. The garage took my beauty cover off, which goes with the motor to make this car special. I asked for it back and they told me NO!. This is like theft. I paid for this to go with my car and give it the “pace car” look. I want it back and GM told me NO! I had a part of my car stolen by GM and I want it back!!. These people think it is no big deal to take this from owners of these cars and then tell them so sorry, you will never get this part back even though you have paid for it in full. What a bunch of crooks!!!!!!


Theresa Sanders April 13, 2016 at 5:55 pm

I purchased a 2013 Malibu LT new in 2013. Now at 34000+ miles and warranty to expire, the car almost killed me, and my son’s pregnant girlfriend. Power steering locks, radio and dash lights go out. Took to my dealer to fix and 4 days later same issue,but worse, Almost hit semi and drove off road. Car back to dealer for 5 days so far and say they are waiting to hear from GM. Contacted GM MULTIPLE times (after told GM would call me in 2 business days with update) and have told they sent GM tech to look at it. Talked to dealer they have done what GM recommended with no fix, and they have been waiting 2 days for GM to call them back! No “tech” has shown up and GM did not tell dealer this. VERY POOR customer service! I have also filed complaint with NHTSA. GM, would you like to put your family in my car and while driving down highway have steering lock up and it startles you and you overcorrect wheel? I see a class action lawsuit regarding this has been filed. I’m sure I will either be dead from wreck, or long before lawsuit is settled car will be traded for a non GM vehicle.


Alicia Kline April 21, 2016 at 6:24 pm

I have experienced the same treatment. I have a 2015 convertible Camaro that decided to just shut off as my husband,son and I were turning into a 45mph street with power assist breaks and steering and they don’t see this as a major enough problem to give me a different car. This is only ONE of the almost 20 reasons my car has been in the shop. Wishing I could feel safe in my car but I don’t. I am sorry to hear that this is apparently a common occurrence with GM.


Rebecca April 7, 2016 at 7:25 pm

On March 18th we purchased a brand new GMC Canyon 4×4 from McKenzie Motors in Milton, FL. I can’t put into words how bad of an experience this has been for us. A few things that needed to be addressed has turned into the dealership having the truck two weeks now, a great deal of inconvenience, and some of the worst customer service ever; even from the general manager who told me he regrets us purchasing from him because I called to escalate the issue. And we still don’t have out truck! Needless to say we will be contacting corporate directly and if not addressed, will contact the BBB and hit every social media site in existence. Honestly, we want to say give us our money back and keep your truck.


Romon Finklea March 25, 2016 at 11:34 am

I am a 100% Disabled Veteran, who just ordered a C7 about two weeks ago to be built in Bowling Green, KY. I just came to realize you exclude Veterans like me that have served our country honorable from receiving GM’s Military Discount. I will assume GM doesn’t understand what a 100% disable veteran is and I will not bother to explain either since it doesn’t matter. GM please revisit your policy and include hard working veterans who are willing to shell out 60K for an American- made corvette. We support GM and GM should support Veterans! If GM non-veterans and their friends and families get a discount, then VETERANS should be on the top of the list also. I don’t expect a response but it would be the right thing to do one way or another. I supplied you with my email and I will look forward to hearing back from General Motors Corvette Division. God Bless


Romon Finklea April 1, 2016 at 9:56 am

I must give GM credit where credit is due. As of today April 1, 2016, GM opened the military discount to Veterans of this great nation. I am a true believer now that GM listened to veterans and we are truly great full for there act of kindness to all honorable U.S. service men and women.

Thanks again GM

U.S. Disabled Veteran


Erik Czarnatowicz January 27, 2016 at 7:13 pm

I would like to know who hired a designer from Toyota. The New Colorado looks an awful lot like a Toyota Tacoma. Run out of ideas or is Tacoma outselling Colorado?


hossein January 18, 2016 at 2:43 pm

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John HanXXXX April 21, 2016 at 9:55 pm

Are you on drugs?


Lula Watters January 12, 2016 at 12:18 pm

I bought a 2006 Chevy impala from a car dealer with in months went to getting recall on d powersteerin and switch… Everything was replace but it started all over again so still no good results n how dang car caught fire under d hood Thank God I got out in time it totally burn now I’m without a car…I’m bout to try n call dem n c wat results I get!!!!


David March 11, 2016 at 12:40 pm

I purchased a new Buick Encore in September of 2016 and have had problems since we bought it. Long story short, the dealer wouldn’t do anything about it. I am waiting to get a call back from G.M. I wouldn’t purchase another Encore or reccomend one to anyone.


Connie July 19, 2016 at 4:20 pm

The Buick Encore’s have been nothing but problems it seems since mine is a 2013 and is the worst car I have ever owned and both Buick and GM refuse to do anything and have from day one! Read my message as I purchased 2 magnets with big yellow lemons on them, one for each side of the car, but think I will see if I can fit another on the hood and maybe one on the back! Best $20.00 (ea.) I have ever spent! Wish all the repairs on this piece of sh__ could cost so little!


Mark Stoll November 24, 2015 at 4:01 pm

I own a 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD Diesel (Vin 1GCHC23DX6F238836). My driveshaft on this truck fell out on 9/25/2015 and disintegrated on the freeway. Since then my mechanical has been trying to order one from Parkway Chevrolet in Tomball, TX only to be told they don’t have one in stock anywhere in the country and they cannot find out when they will be able to get one. I cannot believe that Chevy doesn’t still have parts for this truck. You didn’t have a problem selling it to me new so why do I have a problem getting parts for it now 2 months after my driveshaft fell out going down the freeway? Should I buy another Chevy truck or look at another brand? I am seriously wondering now. I need a driveshaft. Please help.


Ray Richard November 22, 2015 at 10:43 am

I find it hard to believe that you offer an amplifier and speaker for the trunk of vehicles so that people can be even more annoying with their loud noise! If nothing else you should be concerned with the safety factor. With a radio blasting away so loud that the sheet metal is vibrating there is no way to hear an approaching emergency vehicle! This is a very poor decision on your part!


Myron Lewellen November 18, 2015 at 1:09 pm

I never got a response from my previous post. Will someone please send me an email and set up a phone call. I would like to talk on the phone to someone from the Corvette management team at Corporate.


Lori November 16, 2015 at 1:22 pm

We planned to purchase a new Terrain this weekend and found out we had lost over 900 GM points on our card. We have been cardholders since 2005, had more points than we could ever use, and then found out we are on an old program where points expire. I called customer service and the agent said we should have been aware of the program rules and that only card members on the new plan have points that don’t expire. We were unaware of the change and not notified our points were expiring. Our dealer told us of a gentleman who got his points reinstated, but the agent said that was not true; no exceptions are made. Not good customer service to tell a customer they are lying. Later she admitted there must have been extenuating cirXXXXstances if that person received points back… yes there were, he called and demanded to be pushed up to manager, then their manager, etc., did a lot of swearing, threatened with posting on Facebook and Twitter. I’d like assistance without having to be ‘that person’. I looked at my reward site and in the breakdown there is a line item that reads ‘earnings expired or customer service-initiated adjustments to your earnings balance’… csi adjustments would lead me to believe that some customers have received points back or why would that line exist? I asked for the President’s name to write a letter and she stated she has no idea who the president is. Saying you are unable to give that information would have been more professional than stating you don’t know who you work for. I know they don’t want to share that information, but obviously, this information is not difficult to find, and how sad is it that you are telling customers you aren’t aware of who runs your company? I know the president and board of the company I work for. We have a customer experience program in our company so that we ‘step in to the feet of our customers’…to view ourselves in the place of our customers and their experience with us. I have also dealt with other companies who try to support the customer, and other cards and reward programs that make sure you are aware of the program and get to use your points. We work with one credit card company that allows you a gift card if you are about to lose the points, so that you are able to use them later. We only needed 300 of our expired points back in order to put towards the vehicle which would have been a big amount to us (and which were points we had earned) and would have helped out one of their GM dealerships, but I understand that GM Company could not afford that type of customer service. This is so disappointing when you try to support an American company, when my father-in-law worked his whole life for a GM dealership, and my family has always purchased GM.


Erin Bunnell November 11, 2015 at 6:55 pm

I am having the worst experience with GM right now. Back in February I leased a brand new 2015 Equinox from Herb Chambers Chevrolet in Danvers MA and it has been having issues with the radio where it freezes up and causes the back light to stay on therefore draining my battery. I have had it in the shop twice for this issue missing hours at work and they were not able to fix the problem just reset the radio but the problem still occurs. Now they tell me to press the onstar button and this Will reset my radio because as of right now there is no permenant fix for my problem. Now I have two problems with the answer I was given first of all the first time It happened it was overnight and I was not in the car to press the “onstar” button so my car battery did die causing my son to miss a soccer game. I can’t chance this happening again and rely on a temporary fix next time I could be trying to get to work. Secondly this is a brand new vehicle they expect my payment each month well I expect to own a car that I can depend on to get to work and appointments and anywhere else I may need to get to. I am the sole provider for my children and depend on a reliable vehicle. If this problem has no solution then I should be given other alternatives but I am not getting anywhere. I have spoken to the service department, the info system (which I am assuming makes the radio, and have called GM more then once and I keep getting the same answer “there is no fix to your problem mamn but as soon as there is one you will receive a bulletin”. They don’t have a time frame of when they think there could be a solution and for all I know it could be the whole length of my lease. Where do I go from here it’s ridiculous. I will be making more phone calls until I get an answer I am satisfied with. I have owned chevy’s for ever and love them and even purchased my last two vehicles from Herb Chambers so this experience is disappointing.


Myron Lewellen October 29, 2015 at 6:19 pm

Oct 3, 2015 I bought a 2015 Corvette Z51 3LT. I have an issue with what is shown on the sticker versus what was delivered on the car. After unsuccessful discussions with the dealer, I contacted GM customer service case Number 8-1626546529, I had several discussions with a senior service person and after being unable to resolve the issue with this individual, I was told a District Manager would contact me and that has been a week and no one has contacted me. I left messages with the senior service 2 days in arrow and have still not heard from him or the District manager. This is the third Corvette I have owned and I am disappointed with the lack of concern from GM. Will someone from GM please contact me at the email above and set up a phone conversation.


Sanford Cohen August 20, 2015 at 11:29 am

I represent the Dinah Shore Palm Springs estate. The purpose of this correspondence is to see if there is any interest in using the estate for an ad layout or commercial. I am 60 years old and have always loved the jingle that Ms. Shore sang as well as the commercial featuring the cast of Glee singing “See the USA in your Chevrolet”. Please visit us at to view the property.

Sanford Cohen


Ed August 5, 2015 at 6:28 pm

I bought a 2014 Silverado DRAC unit from a dealership in Scottsdale about 10 months ago. It had only 2k miles on it when I purchased it and now has about 13k. So far, the window motor has been replaced, the air conditioner works intermittently (in 110 degree heat), the radio had to be re-programmed due to updates, the front tire makes such a loud noise when going over speed bumps that I had to bring it into a tire dealership because I was afraid that something was going to fall off the bottom of the truck. The Chevrolet dealership told me that 2 bolts were loose and a flap was missing. This was sold as a new vehicle! Do you mean to tell me that GM does NOT inspect their vehicles prior to selling them to the public? In addition, the rear differential bars are being shipped from CA and replaced (apparently due to dust that “gets in there” (hello, I live in the desert)) as well as the rear body mount springs (amazingly a BULLETIN went out to the dealerships about the loud popping issue 14 days prior to me bringing it in the second time). Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? Well, it’s a big deal when I brought the truck in a couple of weeks ago for 8 days with the same issues and was told the loud popping sounds were normal because the truck is now broken in. Excuse me? I was also told that the humming noise with the A/C was normal, but they could replace it with an even louder A/C unit with no guarantees. Nice, right? I’ve been buying Chevy’s since 1993. I had an S-10, a piece of junk Blazer that was so bad the dealership gave me a free extended warranty, a Silverado that I had for 12 years with no issues, then the 2014 Silverado which I can tell is going to be a problem already. All the service department keeps telling me is that it’s covered under the warranty so don’t worry! I’m worried! If GM was selling a quality vehicle I shouldn’t have to be farting around with issues already!!!!! I bought a truck from them so that I could drive it, not have it sit in the service department’s bay and drive loaners. Interestingly enough, the “number 1 guy” at the dealership had given me his business card and told me to call him if I had any issues and now I can’t reach him. He’s always out of town or in meetings. Now that’s what I call top notch customer service, don’t you Ms. Barra?


Charlene Knight August 1, 2015 at 8:34 pm

In 2004 I bought a Saturn Ion….I am very petite and was 60 years old. My drive to work was 6 miles. I have kept the car up to perfection with oil changes every 3000 miles, tires rotated as instructed by Belle Tires. Regular check up’s as well. Since I retired in 2008 the car had less than 40,000 miles on it. Since retirement I do a lot of volunteer work with meals on wheels and for shut in’s who may need help with shopping or chores. I now have 80,000 miles and again the power steering unit, shafts, and motor have been replaced in July 2004 the power steering motors were on recall. Its was supposedly fixed…on 12/11 it was replaced again (2nd time 61,359 miles) now it is the same problem shaft & gears gone in the power steering. In 2012 I got a letter extending the warranty on the power steering till 150,000 miles. Now they have decided they will not cover anything. In 2014 they called a recall on the gas lines corroding, as the cadilytic converter. So guess what I got a gas leak they quoted over $1,000 dollars repair that was just the gas leak. I underneath of this car is a sad state of affairs…..Now I am turning 69 I have a car that I bought and maintained, me being the only driver, and no trips other than a couple 250 mile trips to go up north. Now social security isn’t going to help I am not making that much; my daughter passed and a big chunk went to her funeral and my brother follow shortly after. I am too old to even think of a 5 year car payment commitment which is out of the question. Now tell yourself my can has been taken care of excellently, my mileage is 80,065 and it has been repaired 3 times for the same thing over and over. The dealership let me leave the facility with a gas leak since I didn’t have $1,000,00 at my finger tips. I filed a complain 6/14 to the FTC and General Motors and never got a response from either. The day after I took my can in this past week I got call that said absolutely nothing. Just acknowledged the complaint (a year later) this time I called the FTC back they have my complain and told me to call the National Traffic & Safety Commission. The this nice man at the FTC advised me to file the complaint give them a few weeks to respond; if I don’t get any assistance to call for legal help. In the meantime, my seniors that get meals on wheels don’t have food delivery, nor does any senior who may need a ride to the doctor, etc. I just want to vomit it is so disgusting the way people are treated and the number of complaints you must file over and over while not having a vehicle. My grandfather was a Chevy man; always said don’t by anything but a Chevy; so i owned a 1955, 1957, 1959, 1963, 1975, 1980 and in the end of good experiences I get treated like moron!! They need to be held responsible period! Just think 80,000 miles and the bottom is corroded the steering column & gears just break looks like about every 25,000 miles. If I had the nerve I be like the lady on TV who throws the tire through the window except it would be this piece of junk going through the front window. In fact, what if we all get picket signs and really show GM what they are up against. I’m in are you??????


Thomas Sweeney July 29, 2015 at 1:39 pm

I purchased a 2014 Chevy Cruze in January 2014. In addition to some other problems, the air bag system alarm has gone off countless times, “Service Airbag System warning light has come on, and the passenger airbag turns off when an adult is sitting in it. I have taken it to the dealership and had it serviced nine (9) times for this problem, and they have failed to repair it. The vehicle did it two days after receiving it back just recently. The GM representative, Clarice, ext 592137 told me GM will not buy back the vehicle and allow me to purchase a newer model with some consideration of the loss I would incur. She keeps saying they will fix my vehicle, but I think if is now evident they cannot. Pleases help me.


vickie July 29, 2015 at 8:00 am

After reading some of the comments, GMC and CHEVROLET, really don’t care about customers being satisfied! Maybe since they don’t care about us! We buy a different brand, boycott them, they go under! To bad, we are the people that keeps the company going! No sales! No profit, no assembly of vehicles, down the drain they go!


vickie July 29, 2015 at 7:51 am

The Allison transmission! That your d o so proud of! I’m having trouble with mine! Gets hot and doesn’t want to shift! I’ve only pulled a few items with my truck! Love the Duramax! Transmission needs improved! Yes im out of warranty! So repairs are on me!
Find out why it’s getting hot and not shifting and let me know! Upset GMC owner!


V.T.Durshimer July 28, 2015 at 4:45 pm

I can not believe I am unable to get an answer to a simple question concerning an odor coming from the air conditioning unit in my 2015 CTS Cadillac. The dealership is having to install a kit, rewire something or another after taking the dash board off and then having to use some chemical to dispel the odor I guess. The smell is like a used vacuum cleaner bag contents. It is taking two days to resolve the issue, and granted, I have a loaner car, but I am wondering what is going to be the long term effect on a car with 1800 miles on it, being torn apart. The headquarters deny having ever issuing a notice about this and yet the dealership knew to order a kit. I am so tired of incompetent people who will not listen to you and tell the truth. I am not mad at the dealership. It is the big dogs that treat customers like dirt. If you call the 800 number you automatically have filed a case……why not just talk and solve the problems???


meredith July 31, 2015 at 4:46 pm

I too am having a terrible ammonia type smell through my ac. They could careless. Mine also has a beautiful SHAKE in the front end. That BUICK states is a characteistic if the car. Hahaha hahaha. 30 thousand dollars for a new car that shakes. nICE job!!!!!!!!! F***ing morons. I have tried lemon law with NO satisfaction. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate these bastards


carol July 15, 2015 at 5:00 pm

I guess you are still supporting Kid Rock because, like you, he comes from Michigan. However, WHAT RIGHT DOES HE HAVE TO CONTINUE TO USE THE CONFEDERATE FLAG WHEN HE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO TIES TO THE SOUTH? You just lost 2 about to be customers in my family.


Kara Freeman June 22, 2015 at 2:58 pm

I am at my wits-end with my Chevy Tahoe! It is in the shop just about every 3 months! Not only the inconvenience of not having a vehicle, yall wait until my extended warranty is expired to FINALLY find the issue to the SAME PROBLEM I’ve been having each time it’s taken/towed into Chuck Nash Auto Group in San Marcos, TX. I don’t even TRUST that the issue has been found considering it’s been in there numerous times for the SAME issue & this time I was told, “we feel confident that it’s the starter”, but last week they were adimant that it was a wire that was “grounding out that was causing the battery to drain”!?!? We replaced our battery (that still read 98% cell life at autozone but they insisted that we get a brand new one with 100% cell life, therefore voiding our warranty on the battery), we’ve had the electrical system replaced, and the list continues, but they’re STILL finding different wires that are “grounding out”!? How thorough are yall when yall are making repairs, replacing parts, and (obviously) TROUBLESHOOTING what the issue(s) COULD be!? We don’t have $400-$650 just laying around to spend on a new starter that they “feel confident” is the issue… Is this the first time they looked at the starter!? Don’t yall have a check list to go by!? Not to mention, my vehicle is still under 100,000 miles!? I’m sickened by the run-around yall give honest, hard-working families like ourselves…yall are just a money-hungry corporate company that doesn’t give a rats-ass about the lives yall impact! I can’t even go forward with the spinal surgery I’m desperately needing because we’re too busy paying for parts for this piece of crap vehicle that yall “feel confident” will fix the issue! The issue is: it doesn’t start – leaving myself & 3 year old daughter stranded in the Texas heat while most are trying to recover from the recent floods! My husband nearly lost his job bc he had to leave work and come to our rescue, AGAIN (and we’re a single income family)! I’m absolutely disgusted & feel so helpless! Thanks for NOTHING GM, American Company – MY ASS!!


Cheryl Moore June 10, 2015 at 8:15 pm

I purchased a 2014 GMC Terrain new off of the lot at Davenport Auto park in May 2014. It has been nothing but trouble! The collision feature will go off without warning or merit! I can be out in the middle of nowhere driving down the road at 70 and Bam! The collision light goes off…the breaks engage hard throwing me forward on my seatbelt. I ve taken it in several times, they tell me they cannot get it to replicate and send me on my way.
I asked them is it going to take be getting g kilked on ice or heavey rain to have someone take this serious?
It is so unreliable that if it sat for two days the battery would be stone dead. I took it in the second time it did it (first time I thought it was me. ) all they could do was say it was a defective battery. So here I am again, stuck in the middle of NO where with no power on a brand new vehicle.
Can it just be lemoned? I need help!!!!!


charles polaski May 13, 2015 at 7:49 pm



Timothy Ragland April 20, 2015 at 3:19 pm

Y’all make cars but don’t take the time to make sure the recalls are fixed I wrecked my Saturn ion 2 an my airbags didn’t come out now I’m stuck without a car cause y’all want get me a rental car


fred April 20, 2015 at 8:07 am

THANK You GM for having incompetent representatives that know nothing about cars or their parts . purchased a remanufactured transmission from Bobby layman Columbus Ohio (3 year 36,000) lasted less than 4 months and only 4 thousand miles. would not cover unless they pull transmission out .when they took it out they cracked the top of the casing General Motors or Bobby layman would not cover the transmission even though damage was internal .A GM representative named Byers. that knows absolutely nothing about parts and how they work would not cover it.


Doris Kirkwood April 17, 2015 at 3:43 pm

Purchased a 2015 Canyon GMC truck on Feb, 7 with 1 mile on it and took possession on Feb. 9. Six days later the front left wheel fell off while making a left turn causing the truck to hit a car at the same intersection. GM has denied any claim saying that hitting the car made the wheel fall off but I can prove otherwise. We have pictures showing the wheel on the ground in front of the car. Three sets of pictures were forwarded to GM. They deny saying hitting the car made the wheel fall off. However there was very little damage to the car fender and the wheel was in front of the fender. I would advise no person to purchase a General Motors product. It is inconceivable to me that they have denied this claim.


mark chase April 2, 2015 at 8:55 am

2004 trailblazer biggest peace of junk I have ever had in my life, replaced all front end parts twice, frame is rotten, replaced seat belts 3times been a Chevy man all my life but not no more, will never buy another GM product, hate to say it but time to buy foreign


Shawnna March 23, 2015 at 9:37 am

We have been GMC/Chevy owners for many years and we bought a 2011 acadia in 2013 and from about 6/8 months after we purchased it has been nothing but a nightmare with problems needing to be fixed. I can’t even trade in the damn thing from being upside down in it because they know the car ain’t worth XXXXX and won’t give you anything for it on a trade in. We take very good care of our vehicles and I’m just fed up with this. I simply wrote on here to warn people to never but an acadia. Not worth your time and money.


mike borruso April 24, 2015 at 7:10 am

christen swanson robed me with my x wife he is a genral motors emploie and im not going away call me 1315982****


Shelly Helton March 16, 2015 at 11:57 pm

I bought a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ brand new off the lot, I have since put 2 fuel pumps, 2 transmissions, throttle body, my air compressor is out ( which they wanted 1400 to replace cause the warranty didn’t cover) my sunroof is tore up, and now my car is completely undriveable. The rear main seal went out and there is metal shavings in my motor oil! I still owe on the piece of junk!! I am at my wits end, I don’t know what to do, I can’t afford to put a new engine, I can’t afford to run out and buy a new car and still pay on this car!! I have called GM and they could care less about the people that support their pay!! What do I need to do???


Thomas James March 12, 2015 at 12:20 pm

I purchased a used 2001 GMC 3500 truck for my personal and business use in 2012. I bought from a reputable GMC/Chevy dealer in Pittsburgh, PA.The truck had 98,000 miles on it at time of purchase and now has 145,000. Recently, fluids began leaking from the truck. After much money spent on trying to locate the source of leak, it was found- a pinhole in the front portion of the rear differential pumpkin caused by erosion from the inside out. Not only did 2 different mechanics (one of which works at aforementioned dealership) confirm this, they both claim that it was a manufacturing defect and that the pumpkin should be basically indestructible. I can’t get anyone at GMC to help remedy this problem, which appears will cost several thousand dollars, and my truck, which I mostly use for my construction business, has been sitting at the dealership for over a month. I don’t think I should have to shell out one more cent to fix a problem that shouldn’t exist. The problem was with manufacturing, not from usage. Anytime I try to speak with someone in the organization, I’m told there is no one to handle my problem.


stanley Jones March 11, 2015 at 7:23 pm

Having problems with my 2006 GMC ENVOY – the problem is the gas cap. The engine light keeps coming on – had it service by GMC more than once and it still isn’t fix – Please advise.


Charity March 11, 2015 at 2:22 am

I want you to know that I have filed a complaint against GM on concerning my 2008 Impala. I have nearly had several wrecks due my car losing power and stalling. Each time the service engine light comes on along with reduce engine speed. My car is shutting itself off while im driving it and apparently my impala is not the only one doing. There were hundreds on the site doXXXXenting them. There are several other site addressing the same issue. I have spoke with a GM customer service and it seems like no one cares. I guess GM doesnt value peoples lives like they claim. I have replaced the gas pedal and throttle body and still not better. These are codes that the diagnostic machine is picking up. My next step is to talk to a lawyer since GM doesnt want to do a recall on these cars. My life and the lives of my children may not matter to GM but they matter to me


Lee March 8, 2015 at 12:18 am

This is the only section I can find to hopefully get my problem heard by someone in GM that can help. I ordered a 2015 Corvette Stingray built to my specs. I was promised the car in 4-6 weeks average and 6-8 weeks maximum. It’s well past 8 weeks and neither GM or my dealership can provide me with a build date. That is completely ridiculous. My dealership is now ignoring me. I have talked to people at both GM and my dealership and no one seems to care if I cancel my order and either go to another dealership or most likely to a completely different car manufacturer. I know me not buying GM anymore won’t make a difference, but like I told my dealership, I buy new cars like kids buy candy. If GM and my dealership are willing to treat a customer that buys like I do like garbage, they will do it to anyone. I simple want to know what the hold up is and when is my car going to be built. I see tons of vette’s being delivered to local dealerships just to sit on their lot. Why is my car not being built when you know you have a buyer??? If anyone at GM with some clout reads this please contact me. I’m a simple guy, treat me right, I’m a customer for life, but treat me like garbage and I’ll walk in a heartbeat.



Lee March 19, 2015 at 7:08 pm

Of course here we are weeks later and still no info and no Corvette. This is the most absurd thing I have ever seen. No one has bothered to contact me to tell me the heck is going on. GM does not care about their customers. I found out about GM’s pathetic allocation system. That is a huuuge joke. You got a sold car waiting to be built but it is no more important than the one your gonna have sitting on a dealership lot for months before its sold. Special orders should not count toward the allocations and should have build priority. I was told 6-8 weeks max until delivery. Its now been nearly 12 weeks and still in status 1100 and no one can tell me anything. I am extremely mad and no one will even bother to try to help me. GM, your the worst to deal with, plain and simple.


Ruth April 16, 2016 at 11:48 pm

We recently putchased a truck special build 6to8 weeks we r going on 11 weeks and no answers


Buddy February 23, 2015 at 5:35 pm

My Son, a single parent, purchased his Grandfathers 2002 Impala from his estate sale “knowing” he was getting a GREAT, RELIABLE Auto with very low mileage which made it even better.
Well, that was until the TRANSMISSION went out at ONLY 52,000 miles.
At only 52,000 Miles the car sits. My son has had to resort to taking the children to school this winter in a SUV with no heater, Until I loaned him my FORD.
You guys at GM are very much able to put out decent cars and trucks, I don’t know why you don’t do it!
Things like this causes real problems on the working class, and I think you know that.
I think you, at GM should REPLACE THE TRANSMISSION in his car at no cost to him at all.
Thank for your time.


Yvonne February 4, 2015 at 8:05 pm

I’m quite unsettled with the bonus your people get while I have to lose wages to get recalls on my Buick fixed on a recall they didn’t get right the first time. Are you paying the consumer that made you all the money..or your employees costing the consumer?


Tiara January 9, 2015 at 4:17 pm

I am making a complaint and will be contacting a lawyer and consumer affairs if i get no results. My vehicle 2003 Saturn Ion has now 2 recalls on it. I am due to have a baby and am very nervous about putting my child in this vehicle. I will not stop until everybody hears me out. Im tired of customer service going down the drain. I will not be spoken to nor disrespected like i have been by John Zimmerman from the central buick in norwood mass. I have this recall i have been dealing with now for almost a year with no results. he rudely told me i pulled my car out and refused to do the work-THAT IS A LIE.- i had problems renting from enterprise so i decided to pick up my vehicle because i do have to get back and forth to work like everybody does and asked buick to contact me to set up and appt for the 2nd time once my parts arrived seeing that the first time they lost my parts. I want this resolved. i want an apology from the company and i have contacted the better business nureau and will go to the media as well as i will like i said contact cosumer affairs and the safer vehicle hotline to make sure everyone knows how rude this place is. i will also be contacting a lawyer.


Charlene Knight August 1, 2015 at 8:38 pm

please read my email above with my 2004 Saturn….if you want to lawyer up let me know I will probably being doing the same thing.


Vaddie James January 2, 2015 at 7:13 pm

My complaint is I purchased a 2009 G6 Pontiac brand new. I have had to have several repairs on the car. My car has 76,000 miles on it and the transmission has gone out on it. I call and spoke to their customer rep, to see if the could help with some of the cost to have my car repaired. The first person I spoke with said they should able to give some assistance with the cost. Two days later Serra Chevrolet call me and said they would give me some assistance but I would have to pay approximately 2500.00 dollars out of pocket money. Now here is the issue Serra Chevrolet said they would put me a use transmission for 1900.00 dollars, but General motor wouldn’t help on the use one. Serra .
Chevrolet would not give me a loaner car to drive until they get my car repaired. I had to rent a car. I am very disappointed in General motor and their customer service. One of the rep told me to call her on 1/2/15, I call her they wasn’t at work. I then talked with someone named Sandra we got disconnected, I try calling her back, no answer. I appreciate if someone would help me to pay some of cost to getting my car repaired. I believe the transmission was a company defeat. A transmission should last a least 100,000 miles before it goes out. Please response


James Hopkins January 1, 2015 at 6:38 pm

I assure you, this is NOT the only site on the internet to get results from GM ! I’ll do whatever it takes to get the word out via social networking, if GM doesn’t make good on the EQUINOX I bought and am having trouble with ! ! !
However I haven’t put it out there YET ! ! ! ! !


Lee Young December 20, 2014 at 12:59 am

After purchasing a 2011 Cruze NIGHTMARE, I think the new motto should be:

“What’s good for General Motors, is only good for General Motors”

byebye GM, Hello Toyota


Tim Wysong December 17, 2014 at 1:50 am


Understand that it takes the hiring of a person from Audi, to give his overall performance review about Cadillac Dealerships in The United States, and his ways to increase Sales are not going to do any good, from now until the time that General Motors recognizes that their prices need to be reduced.

Reduced? … Yes, reduced.

Did you happen to read that Daimler Benz has cut the price of the new Maybach in half?

Competition in today’s economy between any auto manufacturer, is to see “who has got the better mouse-trap”, and GM, with your prices where they are at presently, says you will not budge and in the books for the end of the fiscal year will say that for all the money you spent in hiring one person from Audi, Johan de Nysschen, you really need to pay attention more, to what the Economy is telling you.

Hey GM, are you really and truly serious about not listening? Here is the answer that no one believes is not found within your circle.

Okay GM, effective immediately, “reduce new Cadillac vehicle prices across the board”.

In the Economy here in The United States, you must make a statement for success to prevail.

Cadillac vehicles must be reduced in price, with the Escalade, being reduced by $20k.
We all know it did not cost GM $75k to build the Escalade, so why gouge the buyers market and give it the boot, when all you need is common sense.

Lower prices on all new Cadillac vehicles will increase sales, which after all is why you hired ‘ol what’s his face from Audi to do.

Cadillac dealerships are not in the wrong place …. Johan de Nysschen is.

In case you did not read the article, here it is …

Why General Motors Thinks Cadillac’s Dealers Need Help

The revival of General Motors’ (NYSE: GM ) luxury Cadillac brand was one of the big stories in the auto business last year. The old brand’s U.S. sales rose 21.9% last year, thanks to strong new models that drew big praise from critics.

But this year has been a very different story. Through November, Cadillac’s U.S. sales are down 5.9% — even as other luxury brands have set new sales records.

What’s the deal? The deal is that Cadillac’s problems run much deeper than last year’s sales success would suggest. The good news is that Cadillac has a strong new leader, longtime Audi executive Johan de Nysschen, who understands those problems and knows what to do about them.

De Nysschen reports to GM President Dan Ammann, and Ammann and CEO Mary Barra have promised de Nysschen something nearly unprecedented in GM’s history: the budget, the leeway, and the patience needed to do everything necessary to turn Cadillac into a top global luxury brand.

And one of the things de Nysschen is determined to work on is Cadillac’s dealer network.

Why dealers are a problem and an opportunity for Cadillac
What’s the problem with Cadillac’s U.S. dealer network? There are several problems, de Nysschen said in a presentation to Wall Street analysts last month.

First, there are a lot of Cadillac dealers in the United States: 925, almost three times as many as rival BMW (NASDAQOTH: BAMXF ) has here. That arguably makes Cadillac seem like a less exclusive brand than BMW, and it definitely hurts the profitability of each of those dealerships relative to BMW’s.

Why? Because each store ends up selling fewer cars. Consider: Last year, Cadillac sold 182,540 vehicles in the U.S. That works out to an average of 197 per store. Meanwhile, BMW’s 339 U.S. dealers sold 309,280 vehicles last year, or about 912 per dealership — or put another way, over four times as many.

That’s a huge difference in average profitability per store.

But dealers are franchise-holders, not part of GM or Cadillac itself. Why does Cadillac care? There are lots of reasons that GM (or any automaker) should care a great deal about the health of its dealers, but here’s a big one that’s especially important in the luxury market: A dealer selling fewer cars is less likely to be willing or able to invest in the services and amenities that luxury-car customers demand.

De Nysschen feels that Cadillac dealers are far behind Toyota’s Lexus and the big three German luxury brands in terms of overall customer experience. That relates to everything from the dealerships’ decor to their level of customer-service technology — but in particular, he feels that Cadillac dealers have trouble attracting top-notch sales and service talent.

That’s a big issue. In the ATS and CTS, Cadillac finally has two models that are credible, appealing alternatives to the German-brand stalwarts. That should be enough to entice some BMW or Audi owners to switch. But so far, those buyers haven’t materialized in significant numbers.

As de Nysschen sees it, the German-brand loyalists might be tempted to check out a Cadillac, but they lose interest once they encounter the current reality of (many) Cadillac dealerships, where the sales representatives may not have the experience or talent to successfully represent Cadillac’s latest products in the way that BMW or Mercedes-Benz owners have come to expect.

GM itself is part of the problem here, too
Having too many dealers is part of the problem, but de Nysschen says that another big factor is that many of those dealers are in the wrong places:

It is a policy at General Motors that when you have common ownership of stores of the various brands of the corporation that we want them to cohabitate. So it’s against the company’s policy to let a Cadillac store, for example, be positioned next door to a BMW store owned by the same dealer. We want the family to be together.

Now there are, I’m sure, very good merits for that if you are running Chevrolet, GMC, or Buick. But what you do when you execute that policy for Cadillac is that you put the brand in an environment where luxury shoppers don’t want to go. And if you want to exercise synergies and back-office shared services and whatever, it trickles down and you end up selling Cadillac out of the back door of the Chevy store.

And I will tell you, no BMW owner would want to go look for a Cadillac there.

Ouch. So how will de Nysschen address this problem?

Will GM start closing Cadillac dealers?
Cutting the number of dealerships would be one obvious solution to all of these problems. Reducing the number of Cadillac dealerships would instantly make most of the survivors more profitable — and even the threat of elimination might motivate dealers to spend money on the upgrades de Nysschen wants to see.

But as GM discovered when it eliminated the Oldsmobile brand, closing dealerships is an expensive hassle. New-car dealers are independent businesses protected by a myriad of state laws. Many have been locally owned family businesses for generations, and they’ve amassed considerable political clout. GM would likely have to buy out several hundred dealers, a project that could cost billions and take a year or more — a year in which a lot of hard feelings might be generated.

It’s possible that GM will eventually decide it needs to trim Cadillac’s dealer ranks despite the cost and hassle. But even if that’s what de Nysschen and GM are planning, I wouldn’t expect them to announce it until it’s actually happening, and de Nysschen gave no hints that such a project was in the works. On the contrary, he laid out several ideas for making the most of the brand’s existing network.

He argued, for instance, that Cadillac’s large number of dealers gives it representation in smaller markets that its competitors might miss. Some of those smaller-market dealerships could be transformed into “boutique” stores that could operate profitably while still representing the brand well, he said.

But GM can help its dealers raise their games in other ways. De Nysschen hinted at a new dealer-bonus system that would provide incentives for activities that helped support the brand. And the ongoing effort to raise Cadillac’s average transaction prices will help dealers make more money per sale, and that in turn can boost their enthusiasm for the brand and spur investment.

Cadillac’s average transaction prices are already up about $5,000 this year, even as its U.S. sales have fallen. Audi’s recent experience suggests that could help boost dealer investment: Trade publication Ward’s Auto recently noted that Audi’s average transaction prices have risen roughly $9,600 per unit over the last five years, and its U.S. dealer body has collectively invested about $1 billion in upgrades over the same period. Audi has about 280 U.S. dealers. And some investments have already been made: Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell said via email that about half of the brand’s U.S. dealers have already upgraded their facilities to GM’s latest standard, including many in key metropolitan markets.

Nysschen thinks that GM can also help its Cadillac dealers boost their revenues from used-car sales — in a way that helps the brand. Cadillac, like most automakers, has a “certified pre-owned” program for used cars. Not all dealers have a significant used-Cadillac operation, but de Nysschen thinks they should: It can be a significant source of profits for a dealer — the average profit per sale can exceed that of new-vehicle sales.

The upshot: Big changes are coming to the way Cadillac sells cars
GM has been talking about raising Cadillac’s game for years. But in de Nysschen, it finally has a leader who knows what to do, along with the power to get it done.

For a while now, Cadillac’s challenge has been that its cars have improved to the point where they can compete with the Germans, but the brand itself hasn’t made the same progress.

Improving Cadillac’s U.S. dealer network has the potential to do a lot of good for the way the brand is perceived by luxury-minded customers.

It’s just one step in many that de Nysschen has planned for Cadillac. But it’s an important and very visible one. GM shareholders will be watching this one closely


Tim Wysong November 20, 2014 at 2:58 pm

What GM-Detroit does not comprehend is you need a stable-economy to enable a buyers-market to even exist … All the concept vehicles that GM has unveiled yet failed to supply a buyers market says that GM is barking up the wrong tree … Now, in their latest adventures, ‘ol GM has decided they need to chase down Bavarian Engineering, trying to no avail to become a super power in today’s economy does not work … GM, your prices are stupid ‘n when ya keep raising them to provide you with yet another set of failures, where’s it going to end? … Sales and Dealership Revenues are not what they used to be, and with that GM, stop trying to out do your competitors, because you will not win at anything … When the population of Detroit has been laid-off and moved out of the state in search of employment, ‘ol GM announced they are going to invest $300 Million in the Detroit area … Okay everyone, would you really pay upwards of $60-75K for a Camaro? … I have challenged GM to build “a Working Man’s Pickup”, yet even Stuart Pierce, their Marketing Engineer failed miserably when he announced that his better idea for the Carbon Pickup Truck was to “add stick-on tape” to the engine hood and call it a carbon series pickup … Suggest that GM go back to the boardroom and sort out what is necessary and what to kick to the curb !


norman snowberger October 23, 2014 at 9:47 pm

my 2006 envoy was recalled for faulty door module because it can catch fire took it in they sprayed it now nothing works contacted gmc dealer after getting second recall that the the door moduler has to be replaced we were informed to not park the envoy in the garage that the vehicle can catch fire we have been trying for months to get second recall replaced have gotten nowhere my stress level is through the roof cant open windows cant lock vehicle my wife works for the school district stresses everyday this vehicle could catch fire and hurt someone cant and wont take grandchildren in this vehicle whitch we bought so we had room to take them please help us with this issue gmc getting to the end of my rope please contact me as soon asposible very stressed in Altoona pa. 8145150021


Gregory Simpson October 19, 2014 at 11:26 am

Dear sirs, I have a 2003 Deville, I MUST SAY IT IS THJE BIGGEST {PEICE OF SH*T} I ever owned, the A**HOLE WHO designd it must have his head up his *ss, I have fixed this car once a week for 2.5 years and EVERY F**KIND DAY, its something else goes caput, I will…..{ NEVER} I REPEATE {NEVER} BUY A GM AGAIN. YOU MAKE ONE SH*T AUTOMOBILE………………


randy chamberlain October 10, 2014 at 10:00 am

What is marry barre doing all these recalls not good for cust relations sure some but to recall company into. Bankruptcy how ludicrous sure safety has to be a major concern but to recall cars for things overboard is crazy the public doesn’t understand what u are trying to do u would be well advised to spend more time showing public in 30 sec commercials safety job 1 at gm not all these stupid inconsseXXXXial recalls not showing public anything except u have no good products being sold do commercials talking to satisfied customers who have came to gm since bankruptcy if u need a public rel person I would help for free because the idiots who are advise don’t have finger on the pulse of Joe public they see all of these recalls as. U are losing control. Please no more recalls for now unless orderrded by govt just let dust settle quit stirring the pot it is. Not working when something doesn’t work try something different don’t take the ship down!!!!!


Tim Wysong October 7, 2014 at 8:45 pm

The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 272.52 points, or 1.6 percent, to 16,719.39.
US stocks slide on evidence of a global slowdown; General Motors drops on earnings worries.

The Nasdaq composite fell 69.60 points, or 1.6 percent, to 4,385.20.

General Motors was among the biggest decliners in the S&P 500 after analysts at Morgan Stanley cut their price target for the stock. The analysts predict that the automaker’s earnings will suffer as it invests heavily in production. GM’s stock dropped $1.98, or 5.9 percent, to $31.77.

NEW YORK (AP) — Worries about weakening global growth drove the stock market lower Tuesday.

The U.S. economy may be strengthening, but the outlook elsewhere is far less encouraging. On Tuesday the International Monetary Fund trimmed its forecast for global growth. A surprisingly weak report on industrial production in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, added to the concerns.

Industrial companies, whose fortunes are closely tied those of the global economy, led the sell-off. Government bonds rallied as investors snapped up safe assets, pushing the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note close to its lowest level of the year.

After a weak September, the slump in stocks is showing no signs of abating in October. The Standard & Poor’s index has now dropped almost 4 percent since closing at a record Sept. 18.

“Investors are starting to get worried that Europe is going to dent growth,” said Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at BMO Private Bank.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 29.72 points, or 1.5 percent, to 1,935.10. The index closed at a record 2,011.36 on Sept. 18.

Here’s a thought …. Why is it and yes forward this to “all GM Exec’s”, that when I offered my idea and business to GM that instead of “taking the ball and running with it, turning the economy over by hiring for this specific reason”, that they not only have failed to contact me, apparently they have run the other way.

We do find it rather odd that Stuart Pierce and his laughable idea of adding stick on tape to the Silverado/Sierra line created more interest than spurring the economy.

Guess the need for GM to bail on Detroit and run to New York, trying to reinvent themselves in a market place that’s been doomed by “everything the Old GM managed to pull out of it’s hat”, must have gotten everyone to think, even if for a moment that “why should GM have all the fun and become the only auto manufacturer to create jobs and spur the economy here in the U.S.”?

Wow, the refusal of taking the lead doesn’t surprise anyone anymore, even though it seems that GM and American Airlines have stepped up to the big boys table, only to be reminded that Cadillac is a product of GM, which by the way needs to be advised that since the direct hit on recalls has impacted your consumer base in ways that will not be mentioned, you would think that the Exec’s that sit on The Board of Directors which includes Mary Barra, that they would agree to turn everything around for the better, beginning with the need to reconnect with those who have over the decades, built the reputation for Chevrolet/GM. Guess coffee and doughnuts were the seller at the table, with China being the main course of action, which only leaves several unanswered questions beginning with, since China’s economy is on the down side, meaning their credit market is in peril, and failing fast why would GM rush to its aid in manufacturing more vehicles then will be sold in their market place? That says loud and clear that business abroad is upside down, which is not good by any means. So what if GM has invested a lot of time and dollars in to making China it’s golden child, the facts are in black and white and knowing what it means to have the economy of the country you have invested in, outside of the country where you call home, hit the skids, you bet the big bosses are standing to lose, big time.

Here in the U.S., we know to well what it means for the credit industry to take a direct hit. Financial Institutes stop lending and people stop buying. Welcome to China 2014

We have offered this to Ford, and seeing as how they have what they call their “exterior finish protection, which by the way only lasts maybe for 1 year and is sold to their consumers for a measly $2,000.00 per vehicle and get this, it is a spray-on, and fully removable”. Being “fully removable, where is the protection”?

So, for all of the “Family Owned Auto Dealerships” that buy new GM Vehicles, yet are classified by Chevrolet/GM “to be not affiliated”, GM is taking a huge financial loss on every vehicle that is sold. In Miami, Florida the new GM Vehicles, Cadillac Buick GMC, are bought from the GM Plant in Mexico.

Me, being born in Saginaw Michigan, January 23, 1954 and my dad was an Engineer for The Saginaw Steering Plant of General Motors, my affiliation with GM has been 60 years. Can you sit there reading this, asking yourself exactly how many years you have been affiliated with GM?
My first car, given to me by my dad was a 1969 Impala Custom Coupe 2 dr hardtop, antique white, black vinyl top, bucket seats, shifter on the console, 15 inch corvette 3 piece rally wheels, 350 cid, 350 turbo-hydromatic, day one sticker taped to the inside of the trunk. Can you remember your first vehicle?

Innovations – Describe out loud the definition in its entirety and contact me when you have the answer. Here’s a hint – Innovations is described on GM’s Home Page.

Tim Wysong
** South Lincoln Street
Russell, Kansas 67665
(785) 483-****

PS – We are still waiting for “you to come ‘n get me”, for everything that I have said from my very first posting which explains exactly why GM should say yes, instead of hmmmm, maybe. Maybe doesn’t sell anything. Instead of saying you’re going to come ‘n get me, just show up. Need driving instructions? Closest airport is in Hays Kansas, which is 30 miles west/southwest from Russell Kansas, and to land there, you will need to rent a vehicle. Two options to arrive in Russell from Hays is – Old 40 east or jump on I-70 east.


BRETT DEROUEN September 30, 2014 at 5:57 pm

Ms. Jan,

After having already talked to Mr. Rick on Friday and also taking the time to confirm with Courtesy on Monday, I was still called a few minutes ago by Ms. Tori letting me know, that other people were waiting for a vehicle and I needed to bring the loaner back. Upon calling back to let her know of the lack of communication on her end and that I had more than done my share to assure that we were all on the same page, I have to waste a good 10 minutes waiting for her to not answer the phone. As previously discussed, I am trying to finish up so I can make it back to town in time to return the vehicle tomorrow, which is already cutting my work time here short.

By all means, I cannot wait to get my vehicle back and be on my way. It has been two months of unnecessary events since my car’s recall nearly caused me to be hit by an 18 wheeler on hwy 90. I promise, I want nothing more than to return the rental, get my car, find a new car that won’t potentially endanger my daughter and me to the point of death, and be done with this headache.

So, as previously and numerously stated, I will be by tomorrow afternoon to return the vehicle. Until then, please have them e-mail me as requested.

I apologize for the bluntness, but with the exception of perhaps, you and Kayla, I have been continuously offended or shut-out by everyone, not only at Courtesy, but at GM from the top to the bottom. And at this point, when I do have the time, I will be relaying my story to any and everyone who has the time to listen. No one, no matter how old their vehicle is or how much they paid for it, should be treated and have to waste the time and jump through hurtles to get something done, like I have. I have been told by one of your service men, that he wouldn’t give me a set of keys he had so that I would have to pay to have the car towed, I’ve wasted two months of paying for XM radio and the one in the rental was turned off (not because I spoke up, but coincidently just the day after, because it ran out of time), had to spend more on gas than usual, been insulted by Mr. Erwin at the GM “Corporate” office at 1-855-880-1500 ext. 21571 case# 71-1348916105, who told me I didn’t really have a reason to complain or ask for compensation until someone had died or been seriously injured due to this recall, not given the heads up when my part did finally come in (allowing me to get my affairs in order with the rental), and most recently having to waste time to explain myself (when I had already done what I needed to do ahead of time).

Trust me, I have given up on the hopes of GM making this situation right in any way, but as a single mother I have come not to expect much of anything from anyone, especially the “big, important guys”. Perhaps, an honest approach in the future would suit GM. Claiming to care and be making things right with the lies and cover-ups of this recall is about as honest and believable as BP claiming to do everything they could after the 2010 oil spill (comical and amusing, but not necessary or true).


Brett Elizabeth DeRouen
CELL# 337-552-XXXXX
OFFICE # (337) 856-XXXXX
FAX # (337) 857-XXXXX


Paulette Boyd September 25, 2014 at 6:30 pm

I read Mary Barra article and other Web articles etc. I would like to say to Mary Barra Hold Your Head High! The cars ATS XTS CTS ELR ESCALADE ARE ABSOLUTELY VERY CLASSY VEHICLES AND THEY ARE NUMBER 1. These vehicles are selling like hot cakes. General Motors are showing people that they’re standing behind their cars and trying everything possible to make things right. I HAVE A ATS I LOVE IT. Before I had Cts and have bought General Motors Cars for years. As long as General Motors makes it possible for people to purchase their Vehicles they will Sell. Again Mary Barra you have a lot to be proud of. The Designs of these Vehicles are just Wonderful. They are NUMBER 1 next to your higher costing Vehicles like Bentley etc. Along these lines. I Love the XTS CTS ATS. YOU MARY BARRA AND ALL THE OTHER CEO’S- ALL THE WORKERS, HAVE MADE BEAUTIFUL VEHICLES. THANK YOU


Tim Wysong September 21, 2014 at 7:22 pm

This is directed to Stuart Pierce & GM Corporate Executives

Your so called “new Carbon Pickups” are a waste of time and money to be spent by the consumers. “There is nothing new” that sets your vehicles apart from the previous model.

We all know “peel and stick” appliques are stupid, and to think that’s the best you can come up with, enables us to understand why your vehicle line up is lacking when it comes to “new Innovations”.

Yes, peel and stick applications are possibly the worst you can add to any vehicle, especially on “the engine hood”, where temperatures exceed the minimum of 300 plus degrees just from the engine compartment alone, then add to that “the temperature from direct sunlight”.

I understand your need for “wanting to come get me”, and I invite you to do exactly that. Here is my home address – 88 South Lincoln Street, Russell Kansas 67665

Seems like “me, getting your attention” had to come to this. In the Spring of 2003, I designed and created “a Carbon Exterior Protective Finish”, that “No Auto Manufacturer offers nor owns in this entire country”, yet GM Corporate sits on their hands, waiting for something new to come along, and when it hits you in the face because I have offered this to Chevrolet/GM – Mary T Barra, now all of a sudden I’m the bad guy.

GM Auto Dealerships reference – Williamson Cadillac Buick GMC – Miami, Florida
– Vera Cadillac Buick GMC – Miami, Florida
The above mentioned dealerships have a packet that I sent to them – Suggest you give them a call

“My process will not only sell your vehicles to the point to where your consumer base will be asking and buying more vehicles, this will also create jobs, which will spur the Economy”.

Bring it on Chevrolet/GM Corporate and lets get with the program. This process I designed and created is not found in any book. It is solely “hands on training”. While you are at it, drive several new vehicles down to my location, and come prepared “to learn something new”.

Vacation is over – Schooling is about to begin and you are the students of the corporate world that have the need to learn.


Tim Wysong September 18, 2014 at 7:25 pm

This is directed towards Stuart Pierce – Sierra Marketing Manager

We had a good laugh while reading the article , “New Carbon Edition adds style and substance to the 2015 GMC Sierra lineup”.

Adds style? Adds substance? Nah, don’t think so Stuart. It’s the same truck. Granted, when you slap on some makeup and add tires and wheels, oh and lets not forget that you call them 4 inch tubular side assist steps, instead of just saying what they are, really does not change anything nor does it make this a new, stand apart from the ordinary Sierra.

We know, Marketing for this generation is all about using the most unnecessary words you can think of, to describe the same old stuff that has been around for ages, yet you think that big words retooled will sell? Think again.

GM really has no clue nor concept of what sells in the Pickup Truck Market. In the Midwest, pickups are the normal way of life, and they’re not all dolled up for show, they’re strictly for work in the Oil Fields/Farmers.

When the Designers for Chevrolet/GM introduced the “Double-Cab”, we got a good laugh knowing this truck was the “Extended-Cab”, which now has door handles and opens like any ordinary door. How does it look? Stupid.

The turn-offs include “all those 90 degree angles, which by the way are not aerodynamic”, including the hideous fender-wells, which used to be contoured with the style. The 6 Cylinder Motor is gutless, and why Chevrolet/GM still offers this on the pickup line tells everyone that the Designers and Engineers are not looking to market this vehicle to the working-class, they’re trying to market this to anyone who thinks you will get better gas mileage even at $4 dollars per gallon and sitting in traffic for hours on end.

Marketing is not sitting behind a desk, thinking of, dreaming of, it is about going in the field and in this case, anything outside of Michigan, “to observe and listen”. Talk with owners of pickups in states like Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas. They’re the working class that depend on their pickup trucks to do their business/work on a moment to moment basis, everyday.

For the majority of those who buy the pickup trucks, you can bet your next paycheck that they will opt to buy a new/used pickup that does not have all of the dolled up garbage that the manufacturer offers, which by the way is over-priced and useless like “a black-painted grille”, “carbon fiber graphics”, “led cargo-box lighting”.

The GMC Sierra and The Chevrolet Silverado are not new by any means, and to say they are is a lie. These vehicles like many of the vehicles that are offered by Chevrolet/GM are “letter vehicles” – parts interchangeable, and have been around for a very long time.


colleen ADAMS September 18, 2014 at 3:15 pm

I had an issue with a tire for a 2008 chevy uplander.i contacted Bob Bell Chevrolet and was advised that The Wheel ,Tire and sensor had to be ordered.I got a ride over and paid for the parts.because I was in an emergency situation I paid for the tire on a charge card.once through the emergency I realised i did not need the tire.My father went to Bob Bell and canceled the order I was advised by my father I woyld be charged a $52.00 restock fee.i decided to keep the rim.i have left messges in order to make those arrangements and i am unable to get through to living person to assist me with my problem I am on the phone with GM customer Service @ 1 800 222 1020 and they are not able to get through Either.All i want and need Is to P/U the rim that ordered and make sure that my CARD IS CREDITED FOR THE TIRE AND SENSOR,i HAVE BEEN PUT ON HOLD AND HUNG UP ON i HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR AT LEAST 3 HRS TO ACCOMPLISH THIS ANY ASSITANCE IN REGARD TO HELPING TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER AND GET THE RIM ON MY CAR SO I CAN MOVE FORWARD IN A SAFE VEHICAL IS GREATLY APPRECIATED !!! rEGARDS Colleen Adams


Scott Dunn September 1, 2014 at 4:03 pm

I have a 2012 equinox and all of the control buttons for the radio and the lights for the buttons have stopped working I have contacted you and got a specialist and she was very rude to me and so was the dealer now I want it fixed and the CEO of GM I think it’s you turn to make this right because I’m not the only one that has this problem


Roger Benjamin August 22, 2014 at 5:01 am

Please forward my comment to a rep or a CEO so we know that we have been seen and have them get back to us because we take short runs we are elderly and we put up with this ALL day. Thanks


Roger Benjamin August 22, 2014 at 4:58 am

I have a rattle when you first start up my 2014 Impala and I have to wait almost a full minute to back out of garage till rpms die down and they say the rattle is normal. It is NOT! I had an 07 for five years and never had an issue! The answer I got at Hurd Auto Mall where I bought the car is that tell the customer to wait longer before backing up. Excuse me! The rattle is very bad and this is a new car and since when do you buy a new car and then have a rattle in it. We have been getting the runaround from this dealer and nobody seems to want to hear it or help us out.We demanded to see a Chevy Rep from GM but got no answers from General manager at Hurd so far . This has been going on now for over a month. Hurd is not being cooperative at all for being one of your dealers. This was never disclosed when we bought it . I have been buying Chevys all my life. If this is a quality product why do we have a rattle, if you can’t correct this, it is not fair for me to ride around with a car with a defect. Third generation in our family buying Chevy s and 7 alone at Hurd. Please respond to this because they said they were going to contact a rep to look at this. We just want this fixed or give us a car that compares to mine with no rattle.


Frank August 16, 2014 at 4:09 am

After hearing Mary Barra address the new GMC approach to safety issues and taking action, I am encourage to bring up a safety issue that affected me. Many may be skeptical as to how sewrious this may be but I was hospitalized and certainly would have died without treatmant. Many other GM customers may to have been affected, hospitalized or died. My intent is to help others avoid similar experiences and for GM to be a great corporate citizen and take action. The situation involves the Cheverolet Siverado venting system. The problem may have been resolved in newer models but these are great vehicles that last decades. Mine is a 1997 but I have read complaints through 2011 models. Water gets trapped in the vents becoming stagnent and creating mold. This is well doXXXXented as GMC sells a special product to clean the problem and kill the mold, Many people experience respratory illnesses as a result of mold. homes and commercial buildings can be condemned for mold. In my case I believe the mold allowed the growth of liegionella bacteria which was then vented into the cab where I breathed it. After four days in the hospital some in the intensive care unit I was released and spent the next 60 days recovering. It was not until after the illness my wife and I recognized the intense smell in the cab was caused from mold in the vents and connected the dots. The cold weather shortly after would have killed off the bacteria and the smell has subsided, Many complaints and probably sales of your cleaner have been noted. This is a potentially deadly defect. Anyone who has owned a Silverado and contracted respatory ilness, including pnuemonia and legionella or died from those problems could have been a result of your product. For anyone suffering through this it expensive and debilitating. Please take action. I hope Mary Barra will be advised of this potentially hazardous situation,. I believe she wants to make GM again the pride of American industry, profitable and ethical.


Tim Wysong August 12, 2014 at 5:40 am


Here’s an interesting thought. Did you know that of the 21,000 Chevrolet Dealerships that are GM affiliated that the number of dealerships that are not is unheard of. My question to you is why are they not considered to be affiliated, yet sell your vehicles?
Those dealerships who are not affiliated yet sell your product are “a valuable financial affiliation”.
For example, Williamson Cadillac Buick GMC, Miami Florida took First Place for “Buick Dealer of the Year 2013”, yet they’re a family owned dealership.
Vera Cadillac, Pembroke Pines Florida, sells your vehicles but they too are a family owned dealership. Nowhere on their websites says they are Chevrolet.
I had a text conversation with Kayte Bianca Weiss, General Motors Web Chat Agent at Morley Companies, Inc., Saginaw Michigan today, Aug 11, 2014. This is when I learned of the “not affiliated”.
GM’s History: In 1918, Chevrolet becomes part of GM. Looks like affiliation began way back then.
On the subject of Carbon Exterior Protective Finishes, are you and GM ready to “corner the market”?
There are many reasons why I chose for GM to be the only auto manufacturer to have this process, not only taught to “all GM Auto Detailers”, but to offer this to all of the clients who purchase/lease GM vehicles, and yes this would include all GM dealerships as well. GM’s reputation was built from your clients who have purchased/leased over the years. Don’t make this an option for them to say no thanks. Every Chevrolet/GM vehicle will have this Carbon Exterior Protective Finish.
“Rolling advertisement is priceless”.
Vera Cadillac says it best “if you’re going to make a statement, don’t mumble”
Businesses I have worked out of, their revenues have increased rapidly. This happens everywhere I go.
For “a training facility”, I’d suggest for the initial “forget an off site location” and “choose one dealership in Miami Beach Florida as a platform”, where their inventory does not leave the property, eliminating risk, insurance, overhead.
Why Miami Beach Florida?
“Miami is below the winter-zone”, meaning year round stability.
All Chevrolet/GM dealerships will provide transportation/accommodations to and from Miami Beach Florida for their Auto Detailer’s. It’s those detailer’s who are going to be making their employers, not to mention Chevrolet/GM’s revenues increase, and with that this will create more jobs. Prior to training, all detail persons will sign “a disclosure form”.

I look forward to speaking with you


jill August 7, 2014 at 7:08 pm

i have a 2004 gmc envoy xuv slt. i was very pleased with it for the first few months. i have not had the vehicle a year yet and i am on my second expensive repair in 3months. i understand it is used but these problems that i will mention seem to be hazardous. first the dashboard went. at 87800 the oil pressure went sending me into a panic thinking something major was wrong. i took it in thinking maybe i could find something out and was told this is an ongoing issue with this type of vehicle. then a few days later i’m driving and i look down and i’m going 120mph. no way so i end up having to use a gps so i could tell how fast i was going. then the volt gauge went. then the gas gauge. so it was parked and 2 1/2 months later i finally get it back. i had to come up with the high cost to fix it. so i’m driving a few days later and every bump i hit i felt like i was in a low rider. parked it and what do you know. the air shocks took a crap. so now it has been sitting for 2 weeks again cause the cost is out of this world. both these problems could have caused a major accident and possibly death. the backend now sits on the rear wheel well and i was told that i could have flipped the truck or slammed into something due to the wheel jamming into the wheel well. these should be recalls cause the air shocks should not be sitting that low when they go bad. very upset with the cost of these problems. i have only owned chevys but thought i would like gmc better like my dad. this will be the only gmc i will ever get. someone needs to look into these older vehicles instead of focusing on the new ones. not everyone can afford NEW!!


Jeanne Benser August 7, 2014 at 1:20 pm

I have a 2006 Chevy Cobalt with no problems until the ignition recall, after replacing this my car radio died and both of the high beams burned out. I had a mechanic find me a used radio to install, GM charged them $100.00 to get the new software code. I feel this should not have been a charge to the customer. This should have been taking care of by GM with no charge to me. This is something that is a problem that GM should have taken care of to keep the customers happy and wanting to purchase another GM car. I would really appreciate an explanation for this.

Thank you,


Felicia July 29, 2014 at 10:28 pm

Please forward to: CEO: Daniel F. Akerson, CFO: Daniel Ammann, COO: Timothy E. Lee

My 2003 Saturn Ion was apart of the ignition recall. After the parts were replaced, I started experiencing issues with my dashboard lights flickering, going out and my car slowing/shutting off. Once again, this only started happening AFTER the “service” provided to me at AutoNation Chevrolet Security. When I explained my situation, they were quick to dismiss me and say that the recall had nothing to do with my situation even though it sounds exactly like it. I got it serviced/inspected for $105, after holding it all day, they tell me because it is not acting up even though I described the problem, they can not fix it. I am upset that I have now had to spend $230 to replace a battery that was originally though to be the issue, $105 dollars to have someone look at it and not fix anything, and however much else I’m going to have to shell out to fix a problem that was caused by faulty engineering . You are wasting time and money that I don’t have. I NEED someone’s urgent assistance and final resolution.


janet wright July 25, 2014 at 4:49 am

I would like to know why you don’t make the HHR’s any more? It was really a cuite vehicle. Are you going to have another vehicle like that?


LaDonia Carroll July 24, 2014 at 9:17 pm

2009 Traverse LT maintenance,
Hello my name is LaDonia Carroll; I brought my Chevy Traverse at Reedman Toll a little over three years ago. All of my maintenance on my truck has been done at the Reedman Toll Chevy auto repair shop. The first two years that I had any maintenance completed on my SUV, the work and customer service I received was excellent. About a year ago there was a change in management, customer services and mechanics. When the changes occurred the service went from excellent to fair.
On May 20th I took my SUV in for an oil change, a week later May 27th I took it back because my check engine light came on and for the ignition coil recall. I asked them to service the above vehicle 2009 Chevrolet Traverse LT.
My SUV have been at the shop since May 27th. I was told that the Chevy mechanics at Reedman Toll had carried out a “full service”, regarding the diagnosed of a misfire. I was told it was a misfire and the ignition coil(s) and spark plugs would be replaced. Once that was completed, they realized that wasn’t the issue.
On May 30th I was told it wasn’t an issue with the ignition recoil and that they would need to do a diagnostic test on the engine days after the first service on the vehicle. After speaking to my representative for the extended warranty Zurich, I gave permission for the engine to be diagnosed to get to the bottom of the issue.
At the time of the first incorrect diagnoses of the vehicle, I was informed that the original mechanic, wasn’t able to complete the job, but this wasn’t told to me until I called to check the status of my SUV. It took all but a week to get another mechanic to check out the issue, and again, I had to be the one who reached out to inquire about the progress on my vehicle was.
I did receive at least three calls from Bradley or the mechanic within the last month that my car has been in the shop being worked on. All other contacts to Reedman Tolls representative was initiated by me or my husband. I waited weeks at a time to get a response or an update by your establishment, which to no avail was minimal or none at all. On June 23rd I received a call from Bradley regarding the issue of the car and the mechanic. After a month of frustration, On June 27th, I finally called the GM corporation office and spoke with Maxine, who assured me I would get a call back from Reedman Toll within forty-eight regarding this matter. She also stated she would call Reedman Toll and have someone speak with the mechanics to see what was going on. I was excited to know I would finally get some re-assurance that this issue would be taken care of.
Forty-eight hours came and went; I did not receive a call. On July 5th I spoke to Bradley in person. I also asked if he have his manager contact me, and I informed him that I would be contacting the General Manager of Reedman Toll. I was told that Dave Rovny was no longer his manager. I was told that they had a new manager, who I haven’t spoken with yet.
I finally left a message on Mr. Hughes (General Manager) voicemail, from which I received a return call within 24 – 28 hours; after speaking to Mr. Hughes I starting receiving follow up and updates.
Due to the uncertainty of your customer services as well as your mechanics have shown, and the time it took to find out the issue I do not have confident in your mechanics. I don’t feel safe in using my SUV. Due to the nature of my job I feel this SUV will be unreliable to drive.
You were under a legal obligation to carry out the work on my traverse with reasonable skills and care, using parts of satisfactory quality and fit for their purpose, as laid down by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.
The above faults indicate that you failed to do so, and I believe that the diagnostic fee should be waived to compensate for all that I have endured with being without my vehicle. I truly believe it should not have taken two months to repair my vehicle.

LaDonia Carroll


Ruby Wiederhoeft July 23, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Hello I have a 2005 Yukon Denali XL and I have a recall the ignition trouble. I had the power steering pump replaced and a few weeks later I was leaking fluid and troubles with wiring and lower part of power steering pump had to be replaced. My address: XXXX S. Prairie St PO Box XXXX Sherburn MN 56171. Thank you


Heather Remington July 17, 2014 at 6:05 pm

This letter is to complain about an ongoing SAFTEY issue (14 months) that I am having with my 2008 GMC Acadia. I recently received a safety recall letter from you concerning this issue with the SERVICE AIR BAG indicator and what you thought might be causing it to come on. I called and scheduled an appointment with my local service department on July 9, 2014, to have the repair done to my car. I was impressed with the fast service and care for my care from my local dealer and I do not have an issue with them at all. I was not happy with the result, which was the replacement of the affected harness connections with soldered connections did not make my SAFTEY issue go away. I was then presented with a $765.00 quote to fix the problem by replacing the passenger presence module, which is to blame.

I did some reading on this part (passenger presence module ) and have found in the database of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that since 2005, there have been 14 separate recalls pertaining to more than 20 different vehicles in the United States, all because of failures or interferences with the passenger side air bag sensors, also known as “passenger presence modules”. General Motors seems to be the only company that is not willing to acknowledge that there is an issue or put out a recall like the one everyone else has. Your recent quick fix attempt has failed so let us get it together and replace the part that has always been the problem all along.

Last year when this issue started, I took my car in for service because I was concerned about the safety of my family that rides in this car 99% of the time and now I have a teenager that has started to drive as well with his friends and I want them to be safe too. All I keep hearing is that it is a safety issue but your car’s warranty just ran out and you should not drive the car and please sign this saying we told you so if you get in an accident. As a young man, I would buy a car based on how it looked. Now that I have a family, I am always looking for the best safety features to keep them safe.

Remember when seatbelts were advertised with a lifetime guarantee to always work for the life of the vehicle no matter what because it was an important to keep you safe while driving your car.

I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. I hope to hear from you soon.


Tina July 12, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Awful car buying expierence the salesman ruined my credit made me double pay one month went back to the dealership made me wait an hr to speak to a manager who didn’t care called corporate was on hold for three hours where I was told they didn’t care to help. I requested that the Gm of the dealership I purchased my vehicle from to call me but he was “too busy” I’m beyond disgusted with this company I’ve never had issues with my credit until my idiot salesman failed to tell me fine details of my purchase… Thanks a lot for an awful expierence.


Janelle July 4, 2014 at 9:17 pm

I bought my 2013 chey cruz @ the end of 2013. I have had a few problems with is and not even a year of me having is a recall was put on it. I had my honda for 5 year and never had a recall. The problem im having with my car the service center can’t figure out were rhe problem is comeing from. My car surges at time, the gas pedal has a metal scrapping noise when you first start out on a freash start. The service department lubed the gas pedal, could not feel the surge. They had my car for 2 weeks for the recall, when i got my car back my alignment was off it pulls to the right the same side that my axle shaft recall is on. Now im out of my car again for them to fix a problem that should of never of happen. Im not blaming the service guys for the mistakes, Gm just made a crappy car. Ive had more problems with this car the last 6 months that ive had it then ive had with my honda and i had it 5 years only repacing a battery that i drained down. My cruz only have 10149 mile and is crappy. My honda had 36000 and i traded it in for the cruz what a big mistake i made. Never again.


Ursula July 2, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Today we brought a 2012 Traverse in for an oil change. We were then informed that there were TWO recalls on the vehicle. Then we were told it was time to have the engine cleaned. YES THE ENGINE CLEANED. I have owned multiple cars and never told that was a necessity. So is this how you make up for all the recalls. $150.00 to clean an engine on a 2012 and its 2014. We have an extended family of over 50 drivers now and will never buy a GM again. The younger generation warned us about GM. They own Nissans, Vw and Fords and just laughed at the engine has to be cleaned. I guess that is $150 down the drain. We plan to spread the word that GM is not the company they claim to be. They are money hungry and trying to have us pay for their mistakes. NO MORE GM NO MORE GM. NO MORE GM.


Tim Wysong June 28, 2014 at 1:10 am


After reading GM’s Goals, Innovations, Visions trying to locate how to contact you made me jump through the hoops.

In the Spring of 2003 I designed and created a Carbon Exterior Finish Process that not only protects the automotive finishes, this eliminates the use of Silicone.

Silicone is a man made lubricant “that dissipates when Heat is introduced”. All wax manufacturers put this in to their products, “making them spreadable for all consumers”, yet failed to inform that repeated applications of their wax products will over time destroy a painted finish.

Everything that The Department of Highways throws on the roads during Winter, will not scathe this finish. Bird droppings will not stain the paint.

Silicone is the key component in all wax products yet Body Shops do not use wax products because they will over time destroy a vehicle’s finish. Even on freshly painted vehicles, wax products will turn the finish dull, giving it a haze.

Having contacted several of the dealerships in Miami Florida, Williamson Cadillac, Buick, GMC, and Vera Cadillac, knowing “the salt air” is a corrosive to the vehicle’s exterior finishes, I would like to train “all GM Auto Detailer’s” how to do this Carbon Exterior Finish Process. A process done completely by the human hand.

A training facility located below “the Winter zone” means year round stability. On average the time frame for training a group is five days. Being hands-on learning is the only way this is achieved. There is no manual or book teaching the lessons of common sense.

The last five years this Carbon Exterior Finish Process has been marketed in Russell Kansas. The cost which is based on “where we live, the economy, I can give my clients the world, charge them just a little, making friends for life”.
“From a Volkswagen to a Crew Cab dually the cost is the same” – $125.00 per vehicle.

Auto Manufacturers put a clear coat on the vehicles for a couple of reasons. One was to spruce it up or to add beauty to it, the other was to protect the paint. If you didn’t have the clear coat, you would have 1930′s Enamel, which is straight color, period.

Why does the CEO need to know of this? You need to be aware of everything that is GM.

What benefit does this Carbon Exterior Finish Process provide? A permanent finish that never needs to be waxed, eliminating the cost to your clients for what wax products do not provide.

You are asking just how permanent this is? To remove a Carbon Finish, “just use sand paper”.

I invite you at the convenience of your schedule to: Precision Collision Body Shop, 703 E. Wichita Ave, Russell Kansas 67665 – (785) 483-3200 / Mark Zorn – Owner

I am based out of Precision Collision Body Shop. Here, you will witness and be taught this Carbon Exterior Finish Process, done completely by the human hand. Yes, the only machine involved is the human kind.

Under the heading of Innovations, this process “redefines the surface of the clear coat”, removing all impurities including that of Iron Ore Dust, which is from the train tracks.

Synthetic Carbon is the top coat that literally melds into the clear coat, becoming a part of the painted surface.

Who is Tim Wysong? – Born January 23, 1954 in Saginaw Michigan to the parents Paul V. Wysong and Julia M. Wysong.

Paul V. Wysong was an Engineer for GM’s Division – Saginaw Steering Gear Plant.

I look forward to speaking with you


Tim Wysong June 24, 2014 at 6:32 am


After reading GM’s Goals, Innovations, Visions trying to locate how to contact you made me jump through the hoops.

In the Spring of 2003 I designed and created a Carbon Exterior Finish Process that not only protects the automotive finishes, this eliminates the use of Silicone.

Silicone is a man made lubricant “that dissipates when Heat is introduced”. All wax manufacturers put this in to their products, “making them spreadable for all consumers”, yet failed to inform that repeated applications of their wax products will over time destroy a painted finish.

Everything that The Department of Highways throws on the roads during Winter, will not scathe this finish. Bird droppings will not stain the paint.

Silicone is the key component in all wax products yet Body Shops do not use wax products because they will over time destroy a vehicle’s finish. Even on freshly painted vehicles, wax products will turn the finish dull, giving it a haze.

Having contacted several of the dealerships in Miami Florida, Williamson Cadillac, Buick, GMC, and Vera Cadillac, knowing “the salt air” is a corrosive to the vehicle’s exterior finishes, I would like to train “all GM Auto Detailer’s” how to do this Carbon Exterior Finish Process. A process done completely by the human hand.

A training facility located below “the Winter zone” means year round stability. On average the time frame for training a group is five days. Being hands-on learning is the only way this is achieved. There is no manual or book teaching the lessons of common sense.

The last five years this Carbon Exterior Finish Process has been marketed in Russell Kansas. The cost which is based on “where we live, the economy, I can give my clients the world, charge them just a little, making friends for life”.
“From a Volkswagen to a Crew Cab dually the cost is the same” – $125.00 per vehicle.

Auto Manufacturers put a clear coat on the vehicles for a couple of reasons. One was to spruce it up or to add beauty to it, the other was to protect the paint. If you didn’t have the clear coat, you would have 1930’s Enamel, which is straight color, period.

Why does the CEO need to know of this? You need to be aware of everything that is GM.

What benefit does this Carbon Exterior Finish Process provide? A permanent finish that never needs to be waxed, eliminating the cost to your clients for what wax products do not provide.

You are asking just how permanent this is? To remove a Carbon Finish, “just use sand paper”.

I invite you at the convenience of your schedule to: Precision Collision Body Shop, 703 E. Wichita Ave, Russell Kansas 67665 – (785) 483-3200 / Mark Zorn – Owner

I am based out of Precision Collision Body Shop. Here, you will witness and be taught this Carbon Exterior Finish Process, done completely by the human hand. Yes, the only machine involved is the human kind.

Under the heading of Innovations, this process “redefines the surface of the clear coat”, removing all impurities including that of Iron Ore Dust, which is from the train tracks.

Synthetic Carbon is the top coat that literally melds into the clear coat, becoming a part of the painted surface.

I look forward to speaking with you


ricky hudson June 22, 2014 at 1:43 pm

Like to thank gm for building a great 1992 1500 sierra 2 wheel drive with a 305 motor. It just turned over 500000 miles. Never had one problem with the engine. Still runs great. Bought it brand new


Toby June 8, 2014 at 7:58 pm

I bought a brand-new 2009 Gmc silverado 1500, now 41000 miles and its using oil. And all the dealer wants to do is change the oil and watch it . But also said they would see what they could do but would not pay for all of it. First off with what I paid for this truck which was to much any way , but to have low mileage and now using oil. Is pathetic, you all knew about this problem and never recalled them. Thinking I may need an attorney, if it’s not fixed , and paid for in full by GMC. I will never buy Gmc again.


marlin harris June 4, 2014 at 2:43 pm

last June I purchase a 2008 Saturn Outlook for the first stepin owning a new Arcadia since June of last year I’ve had two recalls on this 2008 Saturn outlook when I bought the outlook it was appraised at 16,800 now a year later all I can get for it is about half of that even at the GMC dealership because I’m so upside down because of the recalls can’t refinance because of the recalls so now I’m stuck paying for this 2008 Saturn Outlook the outlook that GMC is recalling the banks won’t refinance itI’m paying enough to own two vehicles only because it is being recalled 2 to 3 times in a year since I’ve had it so there goes my wifes dreams of owning the Arcadia she always wanted I’ve told her look at it from the bright side of things even the Arcadia is being recalled it sure will be nice if GMC would bail me out of this situation like we the taxpayers bailed GMC out of there situation


Gary Miller May 26, 2014 at 8:34 pm

I will NEVER buy a GM product. All of your domestic, overseas and environmental problems, ripping off the tax payers for $10B and finally your ad ref May celebrations. Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Graduation. Only mention of Memorial Day is at the end about a sale on that weekend. Cinco de Mayo but not Memorial Day? Are you serious?


Kenneth rhoades May 23, 2014 at 9:56 pm

I purchase a chev Malibu in 2005 from terry Cullen in jonesboro ga i have put a batt.and alt. in it that is all and it has almost 400,000 miles on it and drive it five day a week 96 miles a day would not have nothing but a Chev and I have a 2011 silverado


terry meaux May 19, 2014 at 3:20 pm

good afternoon, i have a fellow co-worker that purchased a new 2014 gmc truck 2-3 months ago , he told me that he contacted GMC customer service , reason he contacted service center for help buying a New truck , he told me he received BOTH GMC discount and the company ( Woodgroup PSN ) fleet discount , but he had to call or e-mail the gmc service center to receive Both the gmc incentive discount and the company wgpsn employee Fleet discount , can you help me , i already HAVE the fleet discount number , now i need to know Who i need to contact with GMC service center for them to call the dealership i choose to purchase a new 2014 truck to receive Both discounts
thank you for your time , and hope i can purchase a new truck with GMC


Brenda nadal May 1, 2014 at 4:28 pm

Will nevvvvvvver everrrrrrrrrrr buy a gm car again bad cust service don’t care about your compliant or any it only about them gm look up what do you see the sky no It god looking down seeing all the bad thing your company is doing to all the people that believed in your company with out us you are know body do t buy a gmc car /SUV/anything from this company I emailed you CEO nothing happen sent a letter nothing happen 2 mos now the car is sitting in ala at gm dealer and the car broke down when I was on vacation your sv711280364551 read this case


Monika F. Smith April 5, 2014 at 4:03 pm

Monika Friedemann Smith

I have always owned Chevy cars and I had my share of problems over the years but to not fix problems and sell vehicles with defects is right out breach of contract and bad faith business and trade practices..the worst thing is that I feel sorry for all the dealerships and their employees that have to deal with this mess..I own a Chevy Cobalt 2010 and I have two recalls on my vehicle GM told me about yesterday ..yet my dealer says only one shows on their system…GM tells me that they are sendind letters out on the 21st and 28th of this month..HUH!!!????..REALLY???…that is really lame and irresponsible and I do not feel safe to drive my car with a Electronic Power Steering Assist and Ignition Swicth Recall..oh and then I am told that all the time I have to spend going back and forth to the dealer… taking off from work and gas used…..will not be compensated…sorry GM..TIME IS MONEY..and MY TIME is just as valuable as yours…this is aggravating at the least …but most of all I feel it is a betrayal of the customers trust in GM and its products…how can I trust that the BIG FIX will reallly fix the problem????….my Electronic Power Steering Assist was replaced in 2010 and yet will be replaced again due to the same it was really never fixed and the dealer could never figure out what the problem was..and it always stated that problem could not be duplicated….and what about other electical problems that these Cobalts are having???…if your power goes out on the car and you have a crash the airbags will not matter if both or one of the two recall issues my vehicles has fail…how about GM taking back all these lemons and give their customers a new car that has none of those problems…I drive a 114 mile round trip to work everyday..I do not feel safe in my vehicle and other vehicles like mine being out on the road….GM..for their deceptive business practices and breach of contract should replace all those cars with a new that do not have any recalls…that would be the right thing to do…to keep their reputation and their customers…and all cars need to be pulled of the roads imediately….


Richard Cardenas April 2, 2014 at 10:25 pm

I will not buy another Chevrolet


keith April 1, 2014 at 10:30 pm

Hi your new ceo is doing a great job.For Daniel f.Last night I went online at gm at chat.I talk to Melesa at 7.00 pacific time.I told her that I had a 2004 Pontiac grand am,i ask if I had any recall parts.said no.I told her back in 2009,2007,recall on parts.I asked if I was on recall,said no.i told her I looked it up on line-found,june30,2004.apr07,2009,potential units affected 16270,recall number-45623,45623,56409.exterior lights,fuel system,storage tank assembly,persure relief..said I need to contact recall information email my number831-334-XXXXX.santa cruz ca.


Jack Barnes April 1, 2014 at 5:11 pm

I have been on hold for over 20 minutes and waiting. Maybe I am not as important as a Share holder lets see Share holder/ former customer who’s more important??? I finaly got a man From overseas who doXXXXented my complaint. I am sure your going to say too bad and I am screwed. Just like I will to GM next time I buy a truck!


dlk April 1, 2014 at 2:27 pm

The new recall for the Pontiac G6 includes 2006, 2008 and 2009. What about my 2007 that I just spent $700.00 on to get the power steering fixed?? Why not include that??


Bruce March 23, 2014 at 8:33 pm

We bought our first GMC Acadia 2008 in 2013 a few mths after we took a read trip to North Carolina and had to rush to the nearest GMC dealer there because the sun roof was leaking so bad we had to take cover. Its a beautiful vehicle but what sense is it all the up grades are there and you have to worry when it rains. I still have a mortgage on this vehicle of $21,000, plus repairs that’s not easy for middle class and I don’t think this is fair to the customers who is not getting any satisfaction form anyone when it comes to this kind of problems, no one wants to take responsibility when it comes to the customers. And this is what the problem is today. I will really appreciate if someone can take time to look into this matter and help us resolve this issue asap. If we are going to keep our jobs here home, then we need to a better job. Thanks for your consideration into this matter.
Disappointed Customer


beth March 19, 2014 at 2:12 pm

I have a.2004 Oldsmobile Alero that has over 200k. Still runs like a dream. It my first car.


Sherlvon Brooks March 19, 2014 at 11:05 am

It is taking a long time for GM to investigate and respond or keep my daughter updated about the car fire that happened on 2/25/2014. The 2007 Chevy Cobalt goes up in flames in Nashville, TN. Thanking my Jesus she was able to get out of the car before it blew up in flames. Our concern is whether it’s a manufactured default, or repair fault to cause an electrical fire with the car. If we could be kept up to date with the process would be helpful.
One thing we do know, somebody is at fault. My concern is finding the origin of the fire.
GM, get busy and do what is right.


Michael Schmitz March 7, 2014 at 8:50 pm

I have instructions of how to build a GENERATOR that make’s vehicle’s run without plugging in. If your interested, send me a letter of what its worth to you and what your willing to pay for my Generator. My reason for contacting you is because TESLA MOTORS is getting ready to implement a new factory in silicon valley in California to build their little cars and sell for $35,000. each, whereas their generator is some what like mine, NO PLUGINS. Would you be interested and I’m contacting Fords and Dodge, since I already contacted the aircraft industry. A THOUGHT for you= my last Solution implemented by another Nation TURNED OFF Global Warming, confirmed by our Satelite reports 11/28/2012. If interested send me a letter to p.o. box 128, South Bend, Wa. 98586. MIKE


N. Arnold March 5, 2014 at 8:03 pm

I just wanted to thank GM for putting out the flawed 2014 Silverado. Mine currently has 4200 miles and has been back to the dealer at least 6 times in 5 months of ownership. GM refuses to accept the fact that they produced a vehicle with HORRIBLE FM/HD radio quality, vibration issues and a 4wd system that has a high pitched whining noise when its engaged. According to GM all of my problems are “normal” characteristics of this vehicle. If you are car shopping and looking to purchase the 2014 Silverado visit before you make a purchase. This site is very informative and will point out just how many problems there are with these trucks. Sure all vehicles will have problems, but if your search other forums for other vehicle brands, none compare to the complaints on the GM forums…

GM only wants to stick their heads in the sand long enough for you to go away. The customer service line is a total joke and they only act like they care. I want GM to repurchase this vehicle in the worst way so I can cut ties with GM altogether and get back into a Dodge Ram. I had a 7 year old Ram that went into the shop once for a TSB repair. I am totally disguted with this greedy company putting cheap parts on these high priced trucks. Then when the parts fail or do not work as designed, they hide behind the everything is “normal” saying!


PENNY BROOKS February 28, 2014 at 6:16 pm



J. Catalfo February 16, 2014 at 6:36 pm

I tried emailing GM. I tried faxing GM. Nothing worked.

I am forced to mail my letters to persons authorized to take action and resolve my issue.



Joanne Catalfo February 16, 2014 at 6:31 pm

Joanne Catalfo
XX Shieldmark Cres.
Thornhill, Ontario
L3T 3T6

February 16, 2014

General Motors of Canada Limited
Customer Care Centre #163-005
1908 Colonel Sam Drive
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7
Attention: Jamie Dewhurst, District Manager Customer Care and Aftersales, GMC Toronto, Canada
Dear Sir/Madam:
Further to my letter of September 3, 2013 regarding a transmission issue that has since been communicated with Devin Houston, Executive Review, whereby the 2007 GMC Acadia had $71,000 klms when it broke down in Picton, Ontario. The truck was towed to Napanee dealership on July 25, 2013. A new transmission was coming from United States and shipped to Sudbury, Ontario by mistake. A further delay was caused by the dealership when a bolt was been broken during installation and charged us for it. It took 3 weeks for the truck to be ready for pick up at a cost of $4,332.39.
We accepted Devin’s compensation to us for $1,310.74 on September 23, 2013. To date, we have not received the $1,310.74. We have been in contact with Devin once a week for the past 3 months in order to follow up as to why we have not received the funds. It is now almost 5 months that we have been trying to get compensation. We have not been getting our calls returned for the past month so we contacted customer service last week and confirmed the amount is on record. At this time, I would like to request an additional 35% to be added to $1,310.74 and to be received no later than Feb. 28 2014. Otherwise, my experience and history with GM will no longer remain confidential.

Joanne Catalfo
Cc: Alicia Boler-Davis, Senior Vice President, Global Quality & Customer Experience
Cc: Corp. Office, Detroit, MI 48265


Laura January 6, 2014 at 5:11 pm

Very disappointed by the advertisement I saw in a magazine today. The all new 2014 Sierra on top of a glacier. Next to it is a submarine that has broken through the ice but the submarine has fair water planes. There is no way a submarine with fair water planes could brake through the ice. Someone messed up. Oops


Qiana Wilson November 19, 2013 at 6:13 pm

I bought a 2008 Buick Enclave in May 2012. Within days had to get rotors replaced. Shortly later had to buy tires.Months later had to replace battery. AC broke, had to get that repaired as well.Replace bulbs twice. Now at 48,XXXX miles my transmission needs replaced. Thank God I bought a extended warranty. However there is a $100 deductible and they are recommending a transmission flush and alignment that is not covered by warranty which I feel should be part of the transmission replacement. I had had several forms and reviews and apparently there seems to be several compliants about the 08-09 transmission issues and GM is aware but won’t do a recall. I am high disappointed that I have put $10,000 down on this truck, $1000 on tires, $200 on a battery, $25 on bulbs. Now cause of your faulty transmission I have to pay $310. Which should be waived didn’t even own this truck for 2years. I had a envoy before this for 7yrs. Never nothing major needed repaired. After this Enclave I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM again. And will advise everyone I know not to do so. Money down the drain! Close to the holidays and I have to take away from my kids Christmas because I have to pay for this piece of junk to get fix. Truck is nice on the eyes but nothing but a BIG A** HEADACHE. It would be nice if you cared about your customers. Qiana Wilson


lindsay September 17, 2013 at 2:41 pm

this number is a joke. dont use it. It will get you to their “corporate customer service” who then refuses to give ANY information of how to contact the actual corporate office.


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