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GasBuddy Corporate Office Address

GasBuddy/OpenStore, LLC
99 Chuncy Street #400
Boston, Massachusetts 02111

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Phone Number: (301) 943-4743
Fax Number:
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GasBuddy Facts

Founder: Dustin Coupal & Jason Toews
Date Founded: 2000
Founding Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Number of Employees: 276

GasBuddy Executives

CEO: Sarah McCrary
CFO: Charlie Booth
COO: Dave Banks

GasBuddy History

GasBuddy Logo


Childhood friends Dustin Coupal and Jason Toews founded GasBuddy in April 2000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originally designed as a free website where consumers could share information about gas prices and availability, the pair filed as a for-profit company in April 2004.

GasBuddy app on cell phonesThe GasBuddy app is a GPS-based program for smartphones and tablets, providing prices of nearby gas stations from user-submitted data, as well as through partnerships with other companies and directly from station operators.

While the company still operates a website where consumers report gas prices and availability, registered GasBuddy members are encouraged to input gas price data, with the incentive to earn points that allow them to obtain electronic tickets for entry towards a daily drawing for a $100 prepaid gas card. The website offers additional features such as a fuel logbook, which allows users to record fuel purchases, odometer miles, and fuel usage.gasbuddy card


In March 2013, UCG acquired GasBuddy for an undisclosed amount. Initially available only in the US and Canada, the company expanded to include Australia in 2016.

GasBuddy also noted which gas station brands tended to have the cleanest restrooms in each state, as reported by consumers in May 2019.

gasbuddy adDuring hurricane Dorian in September 2019, the GasBuddy app helped customers find gas stations that were still open and had gas available.

Headquarters for GasBuddy are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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GasBuddy FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for GasBuddy?
Answer 1: The phone number for GasBuddy is (301) 943-4743.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of GasBuddy?
Answer 2: The CEO of GasBuddy is Sarah McCrary.

Question 3: Who founded GasBuddy?
Answer 3: GasBuddy was founded by Dustin Coupal & Jason Toews in 2000.

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