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Friendly's Ice Cream, LLC
1855 Boston Road
Wilbraham, Massachusetts 01095

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Phone Number: (484) 766-1082
Fax Number: (413) 543-5844
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Friendly's Facts

Founder: Prestley and Curtis Blake
Date Founded: 1935
Founding Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Number of Employees: 12800

Friendly's Executives

CEO: John M. Maguire
CFO: Robert Sawyer
COO: Steven Weigel

Friendly's History

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Friendly’s was founded during the height of the Great Depression in 1935 by brothers Prestley and Curtis Blake in Springfield, Massachusetts. The ice cream shop began by selling double-dip cones for 5 cents.

In 1940 a second Friendly’s opened in West Springfield which included an expanded food menu. During WWII, the Blake’s closed the restaurant and reopened them in 1950.

By 1951, the company had 10 locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

By 1974, the company had more than 500 locations.

In 1979 Friendly’s was sold to Hershey Foods Corporation when the Blake brothers retired.

This purchase started a period of 30 years where the chain was bought and sold several times while trading publicly on the NASDAQ.


Friendly’s was aggressively franchised in the early 2000’s and now about 50% of the chain’s restaurants are franchised.

Harsh economic times caused Friendly’s to file for bankruptcy and close 63 of their locations in 2011. The company was sold to Sun Capital Partners, Inc. for $75 million. Restaurants are owned by Sun Capital and ice cream products sold in stores are now owned by Dean Foods, Inc. Friendly's 3

Today Friendly’s has 380 restaurants across the East Coast of the United States. Friendly’s also distributes ice cream and frozen deserts through 7,500 retail locations including supermarkets.

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Friendly's FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Friendly's?
Answer 1: The phone number for Friendly's is (484) 766-1082.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Friendly's?
Answer 2: The CEO of Friendly's is John M. Maguire.

Question 3: Who founded Friendly's?
Answer 3: Friendly's was founded by Prestley and Curtis Blake in 1935.

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Linda July 16, 2019 at 9:02 pm

Dear Sirs,
Today, July 16,2019, went to Friendley’s in Norwich, Ct So disappointed with our experience today. Got there about 4:00pm only two tables with very few people Our server was wonderful, took our order brought our drinks Then we waited and waited about 40 minutes We ordered only sandwiches with fries Told me they had to make French fries. Wait a few more minutes and ask to speak to manager She came out and said she was in back did not know it was busy It was not busy Only 3 Tables 8 people total . It turned out new cook,first day, no support. I told her she should of been with him and she should of been cooking if there was to many orders for him to handle Once she started, the food was coming out like it should She also said this was not where she usually worked She did comp me and then came back and apologized again I think maybe people need to be trained a little better and the people who are training need to be aware how to train Just to let you know the wait staff was wonderful I felt bad for them because they knew what was happening and there was nothing they could do They seemed very frustrated waiting for the food I have been going to your stores for many many years and will try again and Hopefully it will better then this time


Catherine Girard June 14, 2019 at 5:22 pm

This has recently appeared on FB concerning the Manchester, CT Friendly’s restaurant on Buckland Road. Really corporate?? I know you’re trying to get out from underneath this company, and that the ice cream division is currently for sale, but this is how you have your employees treat your customers?? Time to close for cultural snesitivity retraining, or close it down and sell it off.


Joanne Fessel June 3, 2019 at 8:53 pm

I live in Spring Hill, FL which is called “Little New York” – we desperately need a Friendly’s Restaurant in our area – please advise if you have plans to build a Friendly’s in our town – you would make a killing! I miss my Friendly’s and so do most of of our NY town – thanks, Joanne


Charles Collier May 23, 2019 at 7:47 am

In to the Elmira ,NY, Friendly’s for dinner last night,(5/22/19).Few people there at ~ 5:00 PM. waited to be seated for 10 -15 minutes !!! Ordered a diet coke and waited for the menu, placed my order for a hamburger and onion rings hoping that would be fast as I chose Friendly’s to order ice-cream after dinner , a treat ,and time was limited. Waited just shy of 1 HOUR for the hamburger to arrive. During this time I saw people leaving, not seated or not served. The waitress was serving a family at the end of the seating area but did not even look at any one else or at any other tables that she had for service. On a focused mission for sure. The door to the kitchen was open and the cook was eating , leaning against the bench. Family was in and out of the kitchen, one teenager came in, sat at a table by the kitchen door, the cook brought a hamburger to him . Just the burger and bun, took a bite of it and then gave the rest to him. He shortly left. Another person arrived at the kitchen door, went in and came out with a drink and left .These were family members , not paying customers.
My hamburger eventually arrived after ~ 1 HOUR wait, My time for dinner was gone as I had other duties needing attention. I payed for the coke, $1.95,and left , the cook can eat the burger and onion rings or give it to the next family member to arrive for a snack. Got no ice-cream which was my reason for going to this restaurant in the first place.
Clearly ,there was no effective management or supervision, it is clear this has been going on for a while for family to wander in and out for snacks regularly without concerns. Additionally, there may have been health code violations that I witnessed.
In any event ,Friendly’s is off my list, when it closes everyone will know why. You’ve got to care , supervise and keep the staff from running rampant and restrict it from becoming a family snack bar. Either be professional or get out.


Theresa Shaffsick May 6, 2019 at 9:57 am

I purchased your ice cream cones at shoppers and they were horrible..they were full of ice crystals and the cones were soggy. Very disappoint ed


Anne Benzacar October 29, 2018 at 10:05 pm

There was a friendly’s in fair lawn, NJ It was great clean and the service was ok..but the one in Elmwood Park, NJ Store # 7334 was just awful from beginning to end we had horrific service and the food came out one by one. The waitress was just terribly slow and awful. Not only that she added her own tip. That is just awful the tip should be upto the customer. I will definitely report this practice to bbb. Just horrific experience. Definitely not worth it.


Sheila Toby September 4, 2018 at 11:43 am

Please acknowledge you have received my email. I sent pics of the frozen Friendly’s treat I bought. It did not have the crumbled chocolate coating on the outside.
Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.


Thomas Morley July 31, 2018 at 12:27 pm

I recently visited your store in Clifton Park NY, Store # 0868, on 7/29/18. Now this store is in my community and I have generally had pleasant experiences with my family there, however, my most recent visit was horrific from beginning to end and has me questioning whether I want to go back there ever. I even took the time to call the Store Manager, Ashley, who seemed disinterested in my complaint and basically brushed me off stating, “I’ll talk to your server.”
Apparently the cooling system was broken so they had set-up large cooling untis inside which were loud. Now one would think you’d seat people away from them as possible, which on this evening, there was plenty of seats away from this unit but everyone, I noted, were all seated clustered around these units.
Our server seemed disinterested and when I accidentially knocked my drink into my meal almost as soon as it was put in front of me as I was dealing with my two year old. The waitress took my plate but I was left to clean up the mess myself with no napkins because she’d never given us any. When I asked for them as well as silerware, the response, “do you need knives too?”
It just continued along these lines the whole time and it got to the point I just wanted to get out of there before it got worse.
If the store had been crowded, I could understand the service being a little delayed but it wasn’t and the entire time I felt as though our pressents there was a problem.
Again, I usually have enjoyed your restaurants and this experience has me reconsidering my choice of restaurants that doesn’t include Friendly’s.


Thomas Morley Sr.


sandy July 3, 2018 at 11:39 am

I went to a friendly’s yesterday and I brought in a fan for they cook and for the co workers so they can cool down. The damn owner was told too many times to fix the air conditioner, so all friendly’s should be shut down. The owners should be a shame of themselves, how theses poor workers go threw. If they don’t fix it them I will be calling the state on them. And I hope they read this.


Lynn Lindenmuth April 17, 2018 at 3:34 pm

This was a second visit to the rutland store first one was not great food was cold and took a very long time. We gave a second chance today we waited a long time to be seated once order was given took 10 minutes get drinks several people waiting to be seated as they have no hostesses people walked out after waiting. It then took 45 minutes to get our food when it did come it was cold and not even complete took another 10 minutes to get it complete. We addressed the issue with manager as we were so disappointed. Tables were left unattended the whole time we were there and other customers complained as well . We will not go back again .You do not have enough help.


Sade April 14, 2018 at 8:34 pm

I ordered three ice creams in 7 months pregnant I had to have them remake two one ice cream looked like it was half eaten and I asked for extra peanut butter in one of the ice creams and extra candy in the other the lady couldn’t tell me which one was what and the manager said she didn’t have to remake it I said yes she does she doesn’t know what’s what and one looks half full they gave me attitude and I had to wait longer after ordering already over the phone I was stressed and very upset


joseph campanile March 29, 2018 at 9:52 pm

DEAR SIR; My name is Joseph Campanile I ordered online four times and waited for an hour then I called them up to see if they got my order and every time they said no they never received my order I told them the website said Thank You for your order and gave me a confirmation number, also when they delivered my food it was cold and there were only a few French Fries. I will never order from Friendlys ever again you should contact that Restaurant because I guess I’m not the only customers they disappointed. Thank You; JOSEPH CAMPANILE Toms River New Jersey 08757


Randall Tenor February 12, 2018 at 9:33 am

I bought a carton of Friendly’s ice cream at a local grocery store. I found a rivet in it. The grocery store gave me a $10 coupon. I called Friendly’s customer service number today but all I got was survey message. There was no way to speak to anyone directly or even to leave a message for a call back. To me this is terrible customer service. I did not want to do a survey and anyway the survey only related to customers at one of their restaurants, not someone buying their product elsewhere.


HARRY J ELBERTSON January 31, 2018 at 11:40 am





Hillary Calhoun November 27, 2017 at 5:28 pm

I would like someone to contact me asap. I was an employee of Friendlys and Im a little upset on the things they do. So if someone could get back to me I would really appreciate it.


Barbara Dove November 12, 2017 at 3:19 pm

barbdovekin@ the worst experience ever! Friendly’s at Gloucester Premium Outlets.
If ever a company deserves to go out of business it’s one that makes it so difficult for customers to give feedback.


Sandy Feddema November 11, 2017 at 12:15 pm

Tried to submit a comment/complaint about a damaged product and got nothing but a spinning wheel. I don’t think you really want to hear about it!


Ashley November 4, 2017 at 8:43 pm

I just went to the friendlys in east longmeadow, ma tonight and paid about 6 dollars for one scoop of ice cream and a bunch of whipped cream. It was not an extravagant sundae just jimmies and whipped cream for toppings. Figured if I’m ordering a large and paying $5.55 plus tax I’d get more than one scoop. I don’t need a refund I would appreciate a real ice cream sundae, since that’s what I paid for. Thank you.


Richard Parenteau November 1, 2017 at 4:33 pm

I don’t know what has happened to Friendlys, but in the past year I have noticed that their portion sizes have gotten smaller, prices higher. Most of the locations that we have been in, in the past year have had terrible service, long wait times.
I think if the original founders could see what has happened to the business they would be upset. Our most recent visit (10/30/17) the location had no one hardly and we waited about 10 minutes to be seated, not happy with Friendlys.


kim poirier November 1, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Visited the Milford CT location with my family on Sunday for some ice cream…..walked in and the place smelt like a toilet bowl. I immediately noticed the carpet was disgusting and the restaurant was filthy. We were sat a table near the restrooms and the smell was so unbearable, we immediately got up and left.
This location needs to be shut down or remodeled. The construction going on at the hotel behind it has made this location go down hill fast. You should have never closed the location in West Haven, CT. It was always busy and never smelt like a urinal.


paul October 30, 2017 at 9:23 am

why not close the friendlys in Voorhees ,,45 min no service ,simply walked out,.called the customer service and was sent a coupon for a free cone,didnt need that ,,no regional mgr and or headquarters even made an attempt to make contact with me..obviously no ones cares ..


Rockee October 24, 2017 at 6:04 pm

Today, October 24, 2017, the General Manager, Kerri Weisenreder displayed her white, racist trash behavior to me and my fiancee. She needs to be fired from Friendly’s Restaurant in Glen, Burnie, MD (store #7015). Her home address is Pasadena, MD 21122. I was playing a song on my cell phone. All the tables around us were empty and this nasty, 300 pound, poor, white trash cow came to table with hands on her hips talking to me like a dog, telling me to turn off the music because it was disturbing other customers. Then when I asked the waitress for the cow’s full name she pretended to only know her first name and said she is the GM. When my fiancee asked the waitress to send the store manager to our table….here comes the big fat cow back to our table being even more rude and nasty. She spelled her last name with no problem “weisenrader” then commented “next time bring headphones”….that fat nasty pig XXXXXX needs to be fired immediately. Clearly friendly’s does not care if a fat, uneducated, unwashed freak represents herself as the GM. Kerri Weisenrader is a real pig.


dave December 8, 2017 at 9:23 am

I think you are racist–nobody wants to listen to your s**t music while eating. Keep it to yourself and be considerate of others, get the chip off your shoulder


cheryl October 9, 2017 at 7:24 pm

Ripped off on a box of mini sundae cones. Said 6 in box, only 5. Tried to fill out complaint form on web site, will not allow submit. Tried on 3 different devices. Guess they don’t want to hear about quality control issues while ripping off the public.


Chuck Hundley September 22, 2017 at 10:06 am

My wife and I went to Friendly’s in Myrtle Beach on South Ocean Blvd and was very disappointed! After waiting to be seated for 15 minutes with tables open and no one else waiting I seated myself and requested a table to be cleaned by one of the waitresses. They finally cleaned the table and shortly after the manager(Crystal) informed me that I should not seat myself and it would be a big delay on me receiving my food! After 20 minutes we are still waiting with the restaurant less than 1/2 full! Very poor service and poorly run! They could take some lesson from Denny’s! Unhappy in Myrtle Beach!


Annemarie Tiebor September 17, 2017 at 8:28 pm

Wow! My mother, daughter and myself went to the friendly’s resturaunt in Jamestown NY. We had the most vile experience! This company needs to investigate their stores! On 9/17 we went to eat there, we wanted 10 plus minutes before anyone come to great us. Spent another 15 at the table before the waitress came over. Then our appetizer came out before we even got our drinks. It was cold. When our food came out it was inedible. We complained to the manager. The manager argued with my mother over the check. My mother demanded to pay, the manager said “she was the manager…” and on it went. We will never not in this life time go back. Horrible!!!


Frank Glushefski September 17, 2017 at 11:51 am

Hello, I am writing in reference to your Friendly’s location in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. Our family attends swim class at the YMCA located just steps from this location. After class, Friendly’s is convenient for our family to meet. Routinely, the location is severely understaffed and very dirty to say the least. A few weeks ago, we neede4d a table for 8 and the hostess brought us to an unset dirty table to which she took a dirty wet rag for a mere few seconds. We then requested napkins and finished the job ourselves. When the high chair came, it had enough food stuck to it to construct one large meal accompanied by dirt, dust, and filth. Despite the poor restaurant condition, we returned yesterday, September 16. We waited for some time only to be told that we would have a very, very long wait despite the restaurant being VERY empty. I counted 18 empty booths with several tables being open as well. as numerous tables as well. In the 20 minutes we stood there waiting for a table for 6, I had counted 36 patrons who left without even being given the time of day. 36 times each average individual check- YOU DO THE MATH. The restaurant has additional rooms which are frozen in time never to be utilized despite the sheer need for tables. Unoccupied chairs do not lead to income. A proper Manager would have apologized for the wait perhaps asking if he or she could offer the guest something while they are waiting. You really need to clean this place up as it is not up to the guests to do so. Also, you need to evaluate the Management of this facility. A dirty restaurant coupled with revenue being turned away does not bode well for the franchise owner or the Friendly’s name. Please respond to my email. Many Thanks, Frank


AR Martin September 15, 2017 at 9:51 am

Went to Friendly’s on Rt. 132 in Hyannis today and will NEVER go bank. The waitress there who said her name was Andrea (I don’t even know if that was her real name, it would not surprise me if she lied to me) was not even our waitress but made rude comments about us.
Our waitress was great but because of the one who said her name was Andrea when I asked her and because of her rudeness and nasty looks we will NEVER go back.
Also, it is a shame there is not a number to call to report things like this. I surprised me there were so many unhappy customers who have posted here. Does Friendly’s care?
I wish I had gotten the name of our waitress, she was great and we have had her many times in the past. Because of Andrea we will no longer go to the Friendly’s in Hyannis.


Mary Benz September 11, 2017 at 8:41 pm

My husband and I visited your location #7472 Williamsville, New York for dinner after attending a 911 Memorial nearby at approximately 7pm. The location was not busy and we were seated immediately. Our waitress (Amy) took our beverage orders and we began to scan the menu. When our beverages came I stated we needed a bit more time before ordering and she left. I thought Amy would return with flatware & napkins, but none were brought. When she did come back to take our orders it was done yet again without flatware or napkins. My husband ordered the chowder and clam platter while I had the apple chicken salad which should have come with a sundae. We waited quite a while before the soup came out and it was cold, still no napkins or flatware other than his spoon. We sent the soup back and it returned hot. When our entrees came out the clam platter was barely warm and my salad was missing the chicken. When I mentioned the missing chicken to our waitress she brought out a small plate with diced chicken on it that was also barely warm explaining she took the salad before it was finished which means the other food had been sitting out. My husband and I are seniors and have never experienced such bad service at a Friendly’s even when I was a secret shopper. We asked for take out containers for our meals, paid the full bill and went home to properly heat the meals and eat. Our drink glasses were full and containers for them were not supplied. Also I did not receive my sundae and the subject was never mentioned by the cashier. We paid the full price for a dine-in dinner and the 44 minutes we were there was a great disappointed.


Linda c. September 8, 2017 at 10:46 am

After going to friendlys in south Weymouth mass .. After being seated NOONE EVERY CAME OVER TO TAKE OUR ORDER.. They just kept walking by. Wasn’t busy ( now I see why). After 20 minutes we got up and left.. Called manager at first didn’t believe me till she reviewed cameras.. Apologized and asked us to come back.. I did not return and still haven’t.. That was 2 months ago.. So I visited the friendlys at the cape cod rotary on a Sunday morning and had the best service… The one in raynham mass is great too… SO NEED TO RANT AGAIN.. Last night went to the one in Quincy mass and omg they were quiet and waited on us in a timely matter .. As we were sitting there there were 3 kids being trained by one employee.. So 4 people approached each table which seemed inappropriate. There was a manager sitting eating ice cream and never approached any customer to see if everything was ok… There were other waitresses there that could have split up the trainees.. It seemed like a party there.. So my waitress decided that my husband was done with his food (without even asking) and took his plate away!!!!!. We were in shock that she did that and we couldn’t find her. Must of been in kitchen… But the best part was when my husband approached the manager who seemed concerned UNTIL SHE ASKED HIM WHAT SHOULD SHE DO THEN ASKED HIM IF HE ASKED FOR HIS FOOD BACK!!!! Like we would after they had put their hands on it… I CANT BELIEVE HOW BAD FRIENDLYS HAS BECOME.. So after last night I give up… I no I will not get a response so I don’t recommend going to those 2 FRIENDLYS…


Danielle September 1, 2017 at 8:09 am

Visited with my family including 2 little ones. Terrible experience! Courteous waitress brought our food, then went on lunch break, claimed someone else would look after our needs–nope!
Food was terrible, and my little ones couldn’t even eat it because it was too brittle and cut their mouths. Well, ice cream is coming…wrong again!
After 45 minutes with no refills, no checking in, we paid at the register and left.
Somehow they could manage to charge us without our tab in hand, but we didn’t even get all our food!
To boot…when I called and left 3 messages on the phone I never heard back! Finally reaching a human I was given a forced half apology along with a “you’ve got to understand that we have to let her go on break by a certain time” explanation and an offer for MAYBE he could send a couple coupons for an ice cream!


Danielle September 1, 2017 at 8:13 am

Oh, and btw, the link to email friendlys from this site doesn’t work. And I also contacted “Friendlyslistens” phone number multiple times to request a call back and haven’t gotten one.
Really bad arrangement for customer service all the was around!


Danielle September 1, 2017 at 8:17 am

Oh yes! Guy on the phone says they have an excellent track record with 0 complaints in months–easy to do if you leave no way for complaints to come in.
As for the messages on the phone, he said they just don’t check that ever. Well then why does it say to leave a message? Just asking!


Lesley Ameres September 16, 2017 at 6:42 pm

My visit to the Middle Island Friendlys was fine food good service good as long as I stand up for myself. The problem is NO Senior Sunday if you get a special. Ridiculous


Tammy Robinson September 1, 2017 at 1:36 pm

It appears to be working fine on our end. Try again.


Joanne August 23, 2017 at 12:18 pm

My husband and I went to our local Friendly’s (Cherry Hill, NJ) on Saturday, 8/19/17. The restaurant was unusually warm; did not feel like air-conditioning was working. We were seated quickly, but waited, and waited and waited for someone to take our order. I even asked another waitress walking by to send over our waitress. No one ever came to our table to even ask if we wanted a beverage. After about 15 minutes, we got up and left. This restaurant is dirty and the seats are ripped, stuffing coming out, in several of the booths. We left the Cherry Hill Friendly’s and went to the Westmont, NJ Friendly’s where we got the greatest service from “Suzanne” and left a happy customer. Needless to say, we will not be going back to the Cherry Hill, NJ location.


David dunlap August 19, 2017 at 9:56 pm

Today I was at friendly restaurant on reidville dr Waterbury ct . When I noticed the cook preparing food with a beard mask being worn around his neck not covering His beard . The beard was long and wouldn’t want his beard hair in my food


Nikkole August 15, 2017 at 3:54 pm

My family and I visit your location in raynham ma. Today was hit with a smell of wet dog!! We were in a rush so we stayed . Out server said it was something with the rugs and being washed or replaced!!! Absolutely disgraceful so gross to sit and eat food and have to smell that disgusting smell!! Sat for 10 because the manager that sat us never told the server we were there!! Food was gross!!! Very bad experience sad that there are not many good friendly s around anymore!! Food used to be so good my kids would always pick there to eat!!!!!


Angela August 15, 2017 at 2:54 pm

I come to this location all of the time. There’s a new manager who is extremely RUDE and has zero customer service skills! We sat down tonight and waited for our food for over 45 minutes when the food came out it was extremely cold and over cooked. I’m disappointed because I’ve always came to this location but with this new management I have to say I won’t be visiting this location again oh and to top it off my 5 year old cousin fell off of the seat because the entire seating fell to the ground when she scooted up to eat. Please get new management and hire more staff😒


colleen Bent August 14, 2017 at 3:38 pm

Your peppermint candy ice cream is the best in the nation. I have tried many but Friendly’s remains a family favorite. Only disappointment is that I can only purchase during the winter holidays.

Keep up the good taste.


Tawnya Walls August 10, 2017 at 8:08 pm

I am writing to let you know about the horrendous experience that my family and I had endured at your restaurant, in Fairhaven MA, last night. I am not even quite sure where to begin. On my reciept, our servers name was Alison (the numbers by her name are 667120). My husband’s order was: Turkey Club Melt with fries and a glass of water. My order was: Bacon Cheeseburger Combo. I substituted my fries for mini mozzarella sticks and had a raspberry iced tea to drink. My sons was: Mac and Cheese with hot dogs and a blue shirley temple from the kids menu. We waited a ridiculously long time for our food. When we finally got served and started eating, we could not believe the food we had recieved. My husbands turkey club melt had one slice of turkey, absolutely NO bacon and a overly thick piece of tomato. We are guessing the tomato was intentional to make the sandwhich look way bigger than it was. We were confused about the bacon, or lack thereof, and brought up the menu, on line, after we had already left the establishment. When it was time to order our ice cream she never offered my sundae which I thought was included in my combo. After my husband and I were finished with our suppers, our son was eating and playing games on tbe Ziosk when the server made my 5 year old give her it so she can “borrow it”. For what, is beyond me but I find it a bit unsettling how she pretty much yanked it out of his hands. Can’t they use a regular register to update, or whatever she thought was such an emergency where she absolutely had to take it from him..with no explanation (besides that she had to “borrow it”) at that. We had ordered a crowd pleaser for my husband (he really loves your ice cream!), a Build your own Sundae with chocolate ice cream for my son and I ended up ordering a Banana Split with Mint chocolate and chocolate chip cookie dough minus the marshmallow and strawberries. When she brought them to the table, she had my husbands in a to go container even though we were still planning on dining in. My son was given vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate and mine was missing the mint chocolate chip and was given regular chocolate chip instead. When we finally got her attention she gave an attitude that i wanted her to replace my sons for the flavor that he wanted and I was soo upset that told her that I didnt want the banana split, at all, and we wanted a to go container for my sons ice cream and sides. She very rudely told us that our check was on the Ziosk and we can pay on that. When my husband asked if we were still being charged for the banana split that I no longer had, due to her messing up the flavors, and that we wanted to pay in cash..she definitely did not hide her disgust as she took off the ice cream. When we got to our car and I looked at our reciept, I couldn’t believe it. Our total was $44.41. We were charged $2.69 for my raspberry iced tea and an extra $1.49 for my substitution of mini mozzarella sticks. Does the combos no longer come with a drink and a free sundae? If not, I am appalled that a single bacon cheeseburger is $10.99! We were charged an extra $0.69 for my sons shirley temple. We were confused as the picture of the different colored shirley temples were right on the kids meal menu. It is not the prices that we have a problem with, it’s the misrepresentation of what the meals come with that I am having a problem with.
While waiting for our meal, the server spilt coffee all over the customer sitting in the booth across from us and shrugged it off saying, “Well everyone has accidents so..” While paying and getting ready to leave we witnessed customers leaving the establishment because of lack of service and no one to seat them. Mind you, it was definitely not overly busy and many open booths for customers to sit. We absolutely love your ice cream and frequently dine at your restaurants but can say with confidence that we will never ever give our business to that store and it will be a long time before we go to any of your restaurants. I have never had more of a disaster of a time than i experienced last night. I understand that everyone has an “off” day but everything from the service to the food to the bill was unacceptable. I rarely complain to a restaurant, let alone to their corporate office, but I cannot help it this time. I am confused about my bill and am hoping to help other customers, in the future, not have to experience the things we have endured at your restaurant.
Thank you for your time. Any insight on the matter will be greatly appreciated! I would love to submit a picture of my reciept but do not see an option to do so. I have included my e-mail and telephone number if you have any questions.
Sincerely, Tawnya Walls

relichuntersusa at


jesse October 21, 2017 at 12:43 am

first of all has it ever occurred to you these are human beings ? maybe she never hear the “mint” when u said mint chocolate chip clearly that’s why u got chocolate chip in stead. and it literally states on menu that the combo comes with the listed meals and a small sundae. it is also listed very clearly on the kids menu what is included with the kids meals and what costs extra. did u really think u could substitute mozzerella sticks without an added charge? oh by the way that is also stated on the menu. i am so sorry that illiterate people like u even go out to eat and have the nerve to complain about something that is 100% your fault. you are probably those customers that everyone hates to have.


Jen B August 9, 2017 at 5:45 am

We will not be visiting this Holden Ma restaurant again. They claimed to be too busy to acknowledge my sons Birthday (we have pics of a nearly empty restaurant ). The manager was rude and unwilling to listen. She just kept muttering they were too busy. No one, not one staff member after hearing our complaint, even offered my son a verbal acknowledgment of his birthday. As if they would lose their job if they spoke to him.
Silly us for thinking a family restaurant would be a fun place to celebrate his special day.
Next time we will go to a Texas Roadhouse, they are always busy, but never too busy to say happy birthday.
Food was cold and tasteless.
The manager was kind enough to pick up our bill, but honestly the damage to my 10 year old is done. He couldn’t understand why no-one was wishing him a happy day.
Lousy food lousy management. Our waitress was pleasant, but could’ve fought for her customers a little harder.
Anyway my little mans day will still be special, we got him an ice cream cake from DQ. We will sing to him ourselves and he will forget all about this UNfriendly restaurant.


Judy August 4, 2017 at 2:43 pm

I have now bought 2 gallons of mint chocolate chip ice cream. The first gallon I bought there little to no chocolate chips. I figured maybe it was the end of a batch. I proceeded to buy another gallon, once again there was little to no chips. Is this the new Mint chocolate chip ice cream? Thank You for your time.



James July 20, 2017 at 12:09 am

I was eating dinner at my local friendlys in Johnson City New York, only to have my entire meal ruined by a con artist/customer. I was shocked to see this Woman able to treat our server ( Rachel) with such disrespect and using curse words on the girl, just to have their meals and desserts for free. Which was clearly the goal. The woman claimed there was hair in her sundae but every time the staff would walk away she would eat more of the ice cream. We saw her laugh and smile about it after she had humiliated the server . Then when she demanded the manager she turned on the water works and viola ! Free food! She called our server a F@&$&@ Bit&@ and also told her she wouldn’t give a tip and hoped the girl loses her job. She clearly has done this in the past as it seemed far too natural and as I said she had her smile back as soon as the staff turned away. I watched this woman request a corporate phone number and also leave a long
Damning survey . I felt so guilty that we even tipped 40 % . I plan to go next week on the same evening and hope she hasn’t lost her job. She tried so hard to please this woman and all the children within earshot had to hear the cursing of this woman to the girl. Why can’t your staff remove people like that??? The customer is not always right! This woman was a scam artist !


Ashleigh c July 11, 2017 at 3:29 pm

I recently moved to Meredith NH and went the friendlys located at: 1160 Union Ave, Laconia, NH 03246. I got the soup and salad, since i wasnt feeling well and usually your soups are filling enough without giving that ” heavy ” feeling afterwards. As i was eating my soup i had sturred it and noticed something had float up to the top and sank back down.. as i scooped it out and put it on my plate, I realized it was a moth or something similar in shape, which had clearly been in the soup long enough to loose its color and become a soggy brown blob. I requested our waiter to come over, ( i dont remember his name since his services were also poor ) me and my boyfriend sat waiting for about 5 to 10 minutes, and no one had come over to assist us, which was mildly surprising since there was only one, *ONE* other man in the restraunt and a family in the outdoor seating ( which we were indoors so that shouldnt have affected our wait time ). I got annoyed and requested that another waitress to get the restraunt manager for me. He came to our table, i had explained what had happened, and that i didnt want my soup do to the fact i had already felt sick to my stomach, which finding a bug in my soup had made me lose my apetite. He apologized to us, telling us that they recieve their soups from someone and just heat, then serve the soups. He told us that he would remove my soup and salad as well as my boyfriends soup and grilled cheese off our check and we would only have to pay for the mini mozz app and sodas we had gotten. He also offered to give us icecream as an ” sorry for that happening to you ” but i cant have dairy, so i had to kindly decline his offer, and instead just requested our check so we could leave. He said no problem, cleared our table and went back into ( i assume) the kitchen & didnt see him again. We then had to wait for another 10 minutes, & as we were waiting we had spot not 1 but multiple little black ants crawling on our table as well as the wall next to our booth, at this point i was just so grossed out i wanted to pay for our meal and leave. Since no one was coming to us at our table, we went up front where MULTIPLE employees were, in the 5 to 10 minutes of standing there NOT A SINGLE EMPLOYEE had asked if we needed assistance, which i was amazed by since i had made eye contact with multiple people. We had wasted about 25 minutes just waiting for a check, and after seeing how clearly no one cares about the customers there, we left. Im more then disappointed in the services at this location and im just asking who ever reads this, that has authority in your corp, that you do something so no one else has to find a brown blob, deal with awful employees and dont waste half the night at this location.


jesse October 21, 2017 at 12:50 am

to comment on this: it’s not that easy clearly a good off a check. we need manager swipes. if a manager is no around we have to wait for the them to come to us. that is why people who have problems with their checks take so long to get them back bc the managers have to go thru them all. AND if servers know you are someone else’s table they are not going to ask if u need help bc they literally cannot help u bc you are not their table. only that server can help u when clearly he was working on fixing ur check. which takes time. sorry you’re so unpleasant and so impatient


Cass July 11, 2017 at 2:03 pm

I scheduled a fundraiser at the Friendly’s in Haverhill, MA in May. The fundraiser was for the American Cancer Society. We earned about $60 altogether since we get 20% of the bills that had vouchers. The problem is that we were never given this money. I contacted the manager, who kept telling me to come down to Friendly’s, sign a paper, and receive the money. I would go down on the days she said to, but she wouldn’t be there. This happened a few times, so eventually she told me she would give it to someone who would be working there at that time. When I arrived, no one knew what I was talking about. Once it got closer to our deadline for fundraising money, I called a few more times. This didn’t help since we still ended up without the money. We still haven’t received the money, which is sad considering it was only $60 and for such an important cause. I know $60 isn’t a lot to some people, but to a cancer patient, it could mean rides to the hospital for surgery and chemotherapy or a night’s stay for their family to stay close to the hospital. I ended up emailing the Friendly’s corporation because it’s been 3 months since the fundraiser, but sadly, there was no response from them either.


Kate July 8, 2017 at 9:42 pm

The location in Holyoke, MA leaves their phone purposely off the hook even when there are no customers in the entire restaurant. This has happened both at busy dinner times and at night when no one is there. My husband had tried more than once to place a carry out order and the phone will ring and ring until it goes to voice mail…multiple times in a row. Then he would go to the location immediately after and the place is a dead zone and the restaurant is filthy. A huge mess on the counter can be seen from the register. Gross. Just tonight he went in, after receiving only a busy signal, went to the restaurant and found the manager on the phone blocking the line with just normal chatting– nothing work related. Terrible location. Service iffy. Food very unimpressive. One of the worst locations in the area. PLEASE DO SOMETHING. You have loyal customers that have grown up with Friendly’s and find it very nostalgic and want to take their children here as well. Don’t lose these people for incompetent staff and low standards.


Tony July 3, 2017 at 10:25 pm

I love going to Friendly’s. Since I was a kid, it has been the most stable and consistent “fast food” type restaurant I’ve known, and it’s a great place for a good meal. But recently, my opinion has been soured. I’ve been going to the Friendly’s in Sturbridge since I live in the town, and that place is a disaster. My last few meals have been burnt or overcooked, or had little to no meat in the sandwiches, ice cream melted when I got it; I watched the MANAGER, while working on the line, use a broom and dustpan to pick up crud from the floor, then resume cooking WITHOUT CHANGING HIS GLOVES. One time, I took my son to the restroom only to walk back out because someone had defecated in the middle of the floor, then put pennies in it. I informed the manager, and he chuckled, and went back to working. He couldn’t even be bothered to put an “Out of Order” sign on the door. I felt bad, so I asked s waitress for a marker, paper, and some tape and did it myself. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It saddens me to say I will not be returning, especially because I wanted my son to grow up with the same great experience I had. The worst part is, I know Friendly’s will not do anything about it because they most likely don’t read these comments. I don’t want freebies from Friendly’s, I want to see them do the right thing and fix what’s broken.


Aeriall June 22, 2017 at 10:05 am

I took my kids and family to the friendlys in Cherry Hill New Jersey on June 20th, 2017, the sever was great and treated my kids good, she took our orders and got everything right and always checked on us to make sure we didn’t need anything, my complaint is the Place it’s self, it was so nasty inside with the cleaning, the windows were so nasty looking like they haven’t been cleaned in months, the Ceiling fan on top of us was so filled with dust and we could hardly eat our food because their was so many Nats flying everything near our food , I couldn’t even finish my food because I felt like I was getting dust or even Nats in my food , I love taking my kids there because they always have a good time and love their ice cream. But I feel like the workers need to clean or even take time after their shift . The whole time I was thinking telling my husband I could only imagine what the kitchen looks like .


Alana M. June 18, 2017 at 10:44 am

I want to start off by saying that I’ve been going to Friendlys since I was a child. I’ve even passed on the tradition of going by taking my nieces there. I’ve never had an issue prior to yesterday. I decided to treat my mom to dinner and ice cream around 6:30pm at the wilbraham location on Boston road. It wasn’t busy at all. We walked in and were seated right away. We sat there for about 15 minutes and no one even acknowledged us. No one said they’d come in a minute or took our drink orders. Waiters were even sweeping the floors around our table. Every waiter looked in our direction without saying a word. Me and my mom was appalled. I can see waiting 15 minutes if it was busy but it wasn’t busy at all. There’s no excuse for that. As we left, we spoke to a manger to let her know why we were leaving and she asked where we were sitting and said she can get someone to take our order right away. By this time sitting back down and having a bitter waiter was not an option. We told her we didn’t want to wait any longer. The manager(I assume) apologized and we left. This was not a pleasant experience at all.


Florence Rawle June 21, 2017 at 4:25 pm

So we visited the Friendlys today on rt 70 cherry hill new jersey , as we were greated with a very rude and over whelmed manager, which right off made us feel unwanted., but it was my grandsons graduation , and thats the restaurant. where he wanted to go .. After being seated I must say our waitress also seemed very stressed and it had not been busy yet , however we are all human and have our days , Now we start to order our food to be told over and over again , we dont have that , so they had no apples for the salad , when the food was delivered , we were told they didnt have any ketchup , service was extremely slow while our salads were brought , we were told the kids meals would be out soon , so after a long 15 min I finially see our watress and she says I bring it right out , I said ok fine , but in the mean time can we have utensils for our salad , she says I have to get plastic forks because all our dishes are not washed , us the waitresses are trying to wash them , I mean I felt horrible for this staff .. Not only did they have to tell the customers more than once but they were trying to be dish washers and waitresses so sad … I can go on , its sad for these employees the way this store is managed , because they are gonna suffer because of a horribly managed restaurant! ! Please help this store . I go to Friendlys atleast 3 times a month and this location is the worse I have ever seen … If I had to rate this store on 1- 10 I would say O and its in a great location. .. So sad


Diane June 11, 2017 at 9:29 am

I was standing at carryout at the Friendly’s in Raynham and noticed that there was a fight going on. A young man named Chayde was in the back follow a waitress yelling at her to the point where a manager needed to physically push him away from her and into what looked like a dishwashing room. The girl was visibly upset, and almost looked like she was going to cry. The thing that has been annyoing me the most is that not once did I hear the manager on duty tell Chayde to leave. I will never go to this so called “Family restaurant” again. It’s hard to see the staff being treated so poorly.


Sharon Fortin June 7, 2017 at 3:12 pm

i want to tell you how you have a great employees named errin at you mystic friends right next to mystic aquarium. i have a three year old with sensory disorder and he can have anything touch each other on his plate and he was having a freak out cause his ketup was touching his cheeseburger and she walk a way and came back with a new plate and he stop crying and gave her a high five no one else realize how hard it is for these kids and she did and was so sweet about it .
thank you very much errin you are the best


Melissa June 3, 2017 at 1:42 am

Today I went and visited the north Dartmouth location. VERY disappointing visit my order came out three times all three times INCORRECT. I took it the way it came out the very last time, mind you it was a simple order of chicken tenders with mac&cheese. We also were given plastic Utensils because everything was to wash. Beside us was an elderly couple that needed help to pay on the tablet and they did not help them. Very disappointing visit. Do not and will not go back for a long time.


Erica May 23, 2017 at 8:21 pm

Centerville rd pa manager ox treats people and employee’s like there garbage not friendly at all my kids are scared to go near him he really shouldn’t be allowed to be around people. Treats some employees horrible he sends home ones he doesn’t like an makes other stay who work all day an suffer. I know that it’s hard to find a good employee but that doesn’t mean treat them like s**t an favorite the ones who don’t care about the job. Please get rid of this guy asap he’s not a good person an he’s always on his phone an deffeintly doesn’t treat people with respect.


Erica May 23, 2017 at 9:22 pm

So now ox has taking to being on Facebook on company time an computer keeps making rude gestures to employees trying to get them to hit him he is such a disgrace I suggest if you don’t want to lose business then you really need to get rid of him he plays favoritism so badly an all cuz he was the best man for 2 employees who work in the same building an same hours he lets them leave early when they haven’t worked in over 2 weeks please get rid of him or maybe I’ll just I don’t know tell people to stop going to the centerville location I’ve done it before an shut down places I don’t think you want that to happen. GET RID OF THIS DISGRACE OF A HUMAN BEING BEFORE YOU LOSE MORE THEN JUST BUSINESS you’ll also lose good employees who bust there asses off to make YOUR corporation stand out. I’ll keep sending emails til he’s gone an never seen at a friendlys location again. Your supposed to be about family’s well what happens when family’s don’t feel comfortable being in your establishments around ignorant bastards


melissa campese May 23, 2017 at 5:12 pm

I am highly dissatisfied of the service in every location of Friendlys i have attended! Where should i begin?? Well lets start with the Port St Lucie, Florida location… I went there about 2 months ago and i waited at the front for over 10 minutes before anyone acknowledged that my boyfriend and i were waiting.. I looked into the dining room and noticed there were maybe 5 tables total.. I saw that there were 3 servers working. . the servers were walking by and nobody said that they would be right with us… They just kept on walking by. Finally after 15 minutes… Someone said they will be right with us.. We finally got sat.. I heard the table behind me complain that they never got their drinks refilled, and the server never came back to check them.. We waited several minutes and nobody came to the table..finally i said i needed to go to the bathroom and to order me a diet coke.. I proceeded to go to the most disgusting bathroom i have ever seen in a restaurant. So dirty i did not want to touch the bathroom stall door to open the door. Sink was dirty, the floor was dirty, toilets were dirty, it smelled horrible.. So i spent about 5 minutes in the bathroom to find out when i came back that no server ever went to the table to take drink orders. So now we are up to over 20 minutes of waiting.. I noticed the booth where i was sitting was dirty… The menus were dirty… The table was sticky. The place was disgusting.. I waited 5 more minutes before i finally decided to walk out because it was not busy and nobody every came to the table.. I went next door to spend my money somewhere where i will be acknowledged… I decided not to go back to that Friendlys because maybe that was a bad location where the workers were not trained well and were lazy..
This last week…. I flew up to Massachusetts for a week to visit family. I decided i wanted a vanilla coke and a reeses sunday.. The first visit was great.. I ate inside the friendlys at windsor locks located next to the bradley airport in Hartford Connecticut.. The food was great..the sundays were incredible.. With plenty of reeses pieces and peanut butter syrup.. Was a wonderful experience.. Service was great..
The food was so good i decided to go back to the Westfied Massachusetts turnpike location.. They didnt put peanut butter syrup in sunday and instead put chocolate.. Not too bad.. But not what i really wanted..
The 3 friendlys visit got bad again… We stopped along the way from Salem Massachusetts to Sudbury off i95.. A girl named tattiana waited on us.. Horrible.. I ordered a breakfast entree.. A fribble and i vanilla coke.. The sodas never came out.. I saw the server walking around and doing nothing… Again dead in the restaurant with 3 total tables.. Finally the food came out and the food runner asked if there was anything else they could get for us.. I said please make sure my sodas were coming.. Then the fribble i ordered came in the sundae glass instead of the fribble cup.. It was a baby fribble. 1/2 the size of the normal.. I did not ask for a kids size.. That order i did have emailed to me with the receipt . my soda ran out and again no refill for like 20 minutes.. That was just annoying..
So now the reason why i wrote this… I had to fly out of the Bradley hartford airport and decided to stop by the location of friendlys nearest to the airport… I stopped by friendlys and ordered to go.. 2 vanilla cokes and a small reeses sundae with extra reeses pieces added to it.. I paid extra.. I waited 25 minutes for 2 sodas and 1 small sundae while i watched the girl filling up waffle cones and condiments.. Finally a waitress who walked by a couple times noticed we were there for a while and asked what we were waiting for.. She told the girl filling up the waffle cones and the person scrambled to make the order fast.. I also tipped the person who took the order.. Im done with friendlys … 25 minutes for 2 sodas and a small sundae.. Then it did not have any syrup or extra reeses pieces that i paid for…. I work as a server for a living.. I have waited tables for 20 years .. I understand the business.. Everytime i go to friendlys … It is the worst possible customer service ever.. Are people trained correctly?? Their laziness and lack of a caring attitude has made me never want to waste another minute of my life waiting there for incompetence.


jesse October 21, 2017 at 12:58 am

so u work as a server yet u don’t know that when u order something extra or costs extra ? so obsrud.


Justin May 21, 2017 at 6:34 pm

You have a disgrace of a human being named Felix working as manager in the Milford, MA location. Get rid of him asap. He has threatened the life of one of his employees along with name calling and harassment. When this was brought to the attention of the proper channels nothing changed. Contact me about what will happen and when. It’s already a terrible location but his behavior with no reprimand is over the line. Handle it.


K. Nichols May 21, 2017 at 5:18 pm

Didn’t honor the coupon without being printed. No disclaimer on website. Food not edible!!! Our children wouldn’t eat it. Then the manager states he can offer no assistance with the bill, didn’t care, wasn’t sorry. Horrible experience. Corporate, the franchise owner and my bank will be hearing from me. Mangers name: Tony Rafee
Glen Burnie- Ritchie Highway


Kayleigh May 17, 2017 at 7:22 pm

Today I called and placed a to go order with the friendlys in Fairhaven Ma on 6 Sarah’s way. Nobody on the phone knew how to take a take out order. After someone finally took my order and told me a total I left to go pick it up 20 minutes later. I arrived and asked to pick up. The guy at the register seemed lost and tried to find my order and asked what it was. I told him my order again and he said that he would check on it. After he came back he told me that they are working in it now. I asked if they JUST started my order? His reply was “yes, you need to realized that take out doesn’t take priority over our customers here. Your order goes it after. There are orders ahead of you that are seated here.” I told him to forget my order and I left. A woman that was in line behind me (also picking up) walked out a few minutes after me. She looked upset as well and said she called in her order 30 minutes ago and the same guy told her they would just be starting the order now. They lost two customers within 3 minutes.


Heather May 10, 2017 at 3:46 pm

I need to speak to some one asap I am having an issue . I am going to the department of labor as with a matter of discrimination against an under age employee!!!


Jennifer April 22, 2017 at 3:02 pm

My family visits the Fairhaven MA location each week for the past several years. Recently, a new manager started and the quality has deteriorated in the short time she had been there. She is rude, has a very unprofessional appearance and has started limiting condiments. I asked for butter for my pancakes and she rudely told my waitress that there was already butter on them. I wish you would bring back the fruit cup and yogurt to provide more healthy options. Sadly, my family will be finding a new weekly breakfast spot.


marisol alvarez March 22, 2017 at 7:03 pm

dear corporate managers and CEO
My name is Marisol Alvarez and i was an employee at friendly’s in Hartford ct at 85 Seymour street. I am sending you this complaint to let you know that you have a very rude and disrespectful head manager that you have in charge there his name is Charles. I went in to work and i was talking to him about me moving on a day that i had to work and could not work past my work schedule for that day and he starts yelling at me and told me that if it is going to be that way and i come in with excuses that we are going to have to part ways and if i leave that i will never be allowed to work for friendly’s again and he even called me a liar in my face i can not work with managers that is going to be disrespectful like he did to me i loved my job there and did not want to lose it because i was in need of the job. i am going to end with this you need to do something about this and i want to be allowed to work for friendly’s again because i did nothing wrong . When i was working i worked my butt off to keep my customers happy so they can come back. I am a very hard worker and I even went to work sick when i wasn’t supposed to would like to hear back from you soon thank you very much

Marisol Alvarez


Bill S April 12, 2017 at 3:45 pm

Shame on you for blasting someone without giving them the chance to defend the situation.
You are unprofessional and probably shuld be out of the food service industry.


Jody Chu March 20, 2017 at 8:23 am

HanXXXX st, Wollaston, Ma. My family got there at the same time as another customer. We were seated at the same time and they got to order 30 mins earlier than us. There weren’t even a lot of customers there and all the other customers already got their food. The server was rude to us; I believe on purpose because she treated the other customers more friendly than us. We were Chinese and the other customers there were all white and black.The server, 695197 Jennifer, had a really bad attitude toward us. Made to repeat my order 3 times and didn’t even get the order right in the end. We spoke with the manager about this situation and she was ignoring me the whole time. When I was talking to her, she was looking at my husband while answering. WTF!!!?! No respect at all! We still had to pay for our meal even though they got our orders wrong. Never go to this location. WARNING!!! Customer service here sucks! They get our orders wrong and blame that it was miscommunication. We repeated 3 times on our order. Why would they give such an absurd reason ‘miscommunication’. The server kept coming back to ask what the order was…The customers that came in with us at the same time finished eating before we even got our food. They don’t deserve to be open for business here. At least replace all the staff for better quality and service. Bad experience. Never going to another friendlys again. Please tell all the residents around quincy mass never come here again.


EDGAR VENNELL March 9, 2017 at 8:13 pm

This store should close Vineland, NJ Rt 47. It is awful. Food portions were cut in half. Servers lookEd and acted unprofessional. Store was dirty. They could not give us a bill because their machine was “down”. We had no way to see what they were charging us. Just came to the table and said it was $60.00. No kids cups. Wasn’t offered boxes to take our food home. Finally gave kids cups to stuff our food in at the very end only after yelling across the store to get a container. Do your company a favor and close this dump.


sal nicastro March 2, 2017 at 7:32 pm

I have to wright a review on the friendly’s in Gloucester mass the food was really bad cold fries burger was burned no silverware very dirty table bathroom was a mess toilets were filthy service sucked just really bad its to bad to I have always like friendly’s just don’t know how a great place that’s been around so long to come to this and after reading all these reviews on this site I am not the only one so sad


Amanda March 1, 2017 at 9:43 am

We recently attended the Friends and Family Day in Merrimack, NH. We kept coming back! Our family returned last week for breakfast (Saturday), lunch on Monday, dinner on Thursday, and lunch on Sunday at the new Merrimack, NH location. I want to share that my relative/family member is a server and is very happy with her choice to take a part time job at Friendly’s while she continues her education. She has told us about how supportive and committed the “trainers” and the management are. She has also been very impressed with the onsite support of regional management, franchise owners, and high level corporate management, since their orientation 2/12-2/17, Friends and Family Day on 2/18, and on the opening day, 2/20/2017 and every day since then ( today is 3/1/2017). My mother-in-law is a a Registered Nurse who worked for Friendly’s for 5 years while she was in college from 1988-1993. She returned after deciding to pursue a higher education in Nursing at 48 years old.
I grew up going to Friendly’s and was very excited to see that the old McDonald’s (across from Pennichuck Square) in Merrimack was going to become a new Friendly’s!!!! I have waited with many locals for months!!!
As a customer( planning to be a regular) and an ” insider by family member of employee” I have a few important observations and suggestions .

1) Keep your trainers and corporate support as long as possible!!! Not only are the majority of new “team members” very grateful for you (or so I have heard :)), but as a customer it sends the message that you are really committed to making this store “the new face of Friendly’s in NH” and that is what “we” young families are so happy about!

2) Not sure what the plan is for seating but I see and friends have also commented that there are no “table busters” and it appears that Waiters and waitresses are bussing their tables, sometimes seating people, and also trying (in our opinion) very hard to get to their tables and take the order! However, they are also bringing food, ice cream, drinks, bussing, cleaning, and attending to any other tables that need attention. I felt like they were smiling on the outside but crying on the inside because I witnessed that “my server” had customers waiting but he had been told two different things by ? Trainers or managers to do something else first!!! My mother-in-law insists it is supportive and will get “smoother” as time goes on. I am not as confident that without more support staff in the future that she will feel that way. I have seen some waitresses and 2 waiters with watery/ teary eyes as they try to please customers who are angry about waiting for food(breakfast) or waiting to be seated for 30 minutes with no knowledge that this was the “Opening Week”.

3) I think that if I were not bias that I may have felt frustrated too! Why not tell your new customers that they are a part of the first phase of “live training” and offer ? a small “reward” for being “a part of this exciting time” and letting Friendly’s in Merrimack learn to meet the needs of this community through their feedback which could be focused on solutions rather than “complaints”! A coupon to come back if they do participate in a training period and fill out a written survey similar to the one we did on F&F Day?

4) Just be honest with the customers! We need to know it could be a wait as you all work to “fine tune” a brand new store! Especially if people have young children!

5) I hope my mother-in-law will still baby sit after I share a few of her ideas….
* Traffic in the “service area”. Not sure what that means but it is a major problem for 99%
of the employees according to our private family conversations.
*. More dishwashers and bussing help
*. What is side work? Whatever it is it is taking hours of server, ice cream/Drive thru, and
kitchen/cook area time especially at night. Why does my mother-in-law only have 1
hour prep at 6 am but they( not only her) have 2-3 hours after a 10 hour shift?

6) I may be wrong in sharing this but I see how exhausted she is and she has been a
Friendly’s waitress for 5 years in the past and a Pediatric RN at Boston Children’s
Hospital for 24 years prior to going back to Friendly’s as a part time job while she is
in school again! She has never had feet that are deformed and painful, cried at home
over feeling that she will not excel at her job due to the obstacles, (space, multi-tasking,
***We all know that multitasking is proven scientifically to be bad for you, causing stress,
Health issues, accidents, and inefficiency****, hours of wasted time waiting on space
to do “prep or side work” because there is no space and you can not see your
Customers from anywhere but the Dining Room. She would love the ? Table tablets”
to vibrate a pager on them if the customer presses for help.

PLEASE help them succeed! We want Friendly’s!!!!!!!

P.S. She hopes that there will be a “Staff Meeting” to focus on (in her words) SOLUTIONS
vs. problems before the support teams leave! She says it is amazing how committed
the company is BUT… there is never time to communicate with them as a group
or one on one interviews post Opening Week! She also loves her GM??? Amanda
(my name too so I remember), and feels like the staff/team can not share their praise
with “Upper Management” of the Trainers and their Managers due to lack of time.
Lastly, she has worked every day but 2 from Day 1 of orientation through today, 3/1,
and this may be TMI but she has NEVER used the Ladies Room at the store because
there is no time! ****. She does not claim to be the only employee who reports this
Pretty serious issue! They have a lot to say but no time to say it! Please talk to
them. As a mother and a woman who grew up with Friendly’s, I want Merrimack to
be around forever!!!!


Amanda and family, Milford, NH


Richard DeVilliers February 28, 2017 at 1:27 pm

I am incredibly disappointed with the service received from the staff at the Friendly’s on 140 Universal Dr N, North Haven, CT 06473 yesterday. We attempted to place an order on-line and it would not go through so we phoned it in. It was an order for 3 adults and a child. When we went to pick it up, they didn’t have it. Apparently, they sold our food to someone else. We went approximately 45 after the food was ordered. So we waited while they remade our entire order. Once it was ready, we asked them if they had everything and they assured us the order was present in its entirety. Once we got home there were several items missing. We called to let them know items were missing and the staff didn’t care. We asked to speak to a manager who was rude regarding the whole issue. We weren’t rude or disrespectful in any way that would warrant their attitude. They not only sold our order to the wrong people; they messed up the second order and weren’t concerned in the slightest. Clearly the staff and managers need additional training or to seek employment elsewhere. Their poor service and attitude make the entire company look bad. I wish I could say this was an isolated incident but they frequently mess up orders and leave items out. I hope that someone from the corporate office sees this and can address the issues at that particular store.


Thomas Buckholt February 26, 2017 at 7:14 pm

Hello, I am writing this to inform you about 2 separate incidences that had happened to me and my family during this past week. It started on Thursday when my daughter and her family went to the Friendly’s restaurant in Mystic Connecticut for dinner. They were seated and after 20 minutes their waitress came to take their drink order, when they got their drinks my son in law ordered lemonade and the waitress brought him Coke, my daughter ordered a root beer float and the waitress brought her only root beer. Then they ordered appetizers and they never showed up until my daughter asked about them 25 minutes later. After they finished eating they were waiting for their waitress and could not find her, they inquired about the waitress bringing the check and they were told that their original waitress left and gave the table to another waitress and waited for the check. They paid the check with a credit card and after going home and checking the receipt with the bank on line they found out the they were double charged for the meal. My son in law called the restaurant about it the person he talked to said that it was out of his control and that if he brought his receipt in they would give him coupons for food and ice cream for the amount they paid.

Tonight my wife and I decided to drive to the Mystic restaurant for ice cream because there was a special on mint chocolate chip ice cream and we were informed that they were out of that flavor of ice cream. My wife being disappointed changed her order to a sundae with another flavor and we were told that they were out of whipped cream. I order a Jim Dandy to go and I was informed that they were all out of bananas, now this was on a Sunday night at 6PM in February, not even during a summer month when this place is usually crowded. Please check into this because this is poor management and ordering for a business of this kind.
Thank you
Thomas Buckholt


Kaitlin santilli February 20, 2017 at 7:57 pm

Good evening my kids my friends and myself all decided to have a late lunch at your Miller Place NY restaurant and I want to say our visit wasn’t very pleasant. We all waited between 15-20 minutes before our waitress even made her way over to our table to take our drink orders and may I add at this point it wasn’t very busy. Then after we placed our drink orders we waited another 20 minutes before receiving them in which three of them were incorrect. She did correct them for us and then took our order which we did ask for three separate checks as we were all paying in different ways. She did do this for us but then as the food was coming out we received two meals then one meal then two more meal then the extra sides then one more when I let her know we were still waiting on two more meals which was for myself and for my four year daughter she said they are coming it goes by ticket order but my son recieved his meal with one of the first orders coming out to us. By the time we got our food the first of my party was already done eating. We also only recieved silverware for two people and 4 napkins and we were a party of 9. We did ask for more napkins which we only recieved because I got up and asked once again for them. When we all finished eating the waitress made her way over to us again to take Ice cream orders and during all this time our dirty plates remained on the table along with two of her old order papers off of her pad. She took some of the plates with her at this time. When she came out with the ice cream there was still dirty plates on the table in front of all the children. The table next to us noticed we were waiting as long as they were and we did have a conversation with them as well and they recieved burned burgers and poor service as well. I can say as we sat there more and more people did come in and it did seem like they were under staffed but on a school break you would think it would be better prepared. I can say this has deterred me from wanting to visit your restaurants again which will upset my children as they do enjoy your food as do I.


Liz February 20, 2017 at 7:10 pm

We went to the Friendlys in Miller Place, Long Island, NY today for a late lunch. Party of 9. We waited at least 15 minutes before our server came to our table. I do not recall her name, quite honestly I do not think she introduced herself (I DO pay attention to things like that having been in the food service industry for many years). We received our drinks 20 minutes later – 3 of them incorrect. Food began to arrive sometime after that but literally 2 meals, 2 more meals, one meal, another meal – by the time the last of our party was being served the first had already eaten. Not to mention that one of the last served ordered a burger with no cheese but also did not receive the lettuce and tomato. We were given 4 napkins, 2 forks and 2 knives for the 9 of us and when we requested more napkins we had to ask twice and still wait for them! As we were ordering dessert the waitress actually took pages off of her order pad and dropped them on the dirty plates that we at the table had piled up! Dirty plates remained on the other table even once the ice cream was delivered. I will say the waitress was pleasant. The food was OK – it was messy on the plate and looked like it had been rushed in its preparation. We had a nice conversation with the family at the next table who also waited a long time and received poor service and burnt food. Overall it was just not a good dining experience. People work hard (as do Friendlys employees) to earn their income. I do like to go out with my children and our friends but the $40 I spent today for lunch I have to say was NOT money well spent. And that is a shame. Friendlys is a great place to go with good food and great ice cream but a visit like today makes me less inclined to choose Friendlys on another occasion. Perhaps today this location was understaffed or maybe the waitress was one with less experience but it is Presidents’ Day and children and parents are off from work and school and restaurants, etc should expect a higher volume of guests. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Jessica February 10, 2017 at 9:53 am


Someone needs to contact me ASAP!!

My Name is Jessica Levin. Today´s date is February 9th 2017, today we are experiencing our first actual snow storm here in New England, as we are supposed to receive nearly a foot of snow. It is 11:33 A.M as of right now. My reason for writing today is to inform Cooperate of the horrible decision to think it was appropriate to choose being open ( money making ) over the safety of their employees. My Mother, is an opener at Friendly’s in Enfield. The decision for Friendly´s to not close for this storm and put her life and others in danger ( as she is a dedicated worker who has been working for this corp. for almost 20 years, wouldn’t refuse to say no ) … is absolutely selfish!!!!! I work in a restaurant that made a decision to close for at least the lunch shift, and will discuss between management whether or not they will open for the night ( the night before, when we all were receiving phone calls that schools would be shut down!!!!! ) When I found out that my Mother would be driving in this I was extremely concerned, as I am home and can hardly even see out of my kitchen window into my street! They opened at a normal time, with no snow on the ground, and around 9:40 A.M made the decision to close the restaurant… I told my Mom to call me when she got home, and to drive safe! At that point, there was already enough snow on the ground and throughout her drive home to not visibly see in front of her, get stuck, have to call someone to come get her UNSTUCK, have a panic attack in the meantime, make me worry because she normally would be home by now, with even a few given extra time, almost get hit by someone else, the roads were awful as she was sliding unsafely… Next time, I hope you make a better decision and think about the dedicated people who work for your company, luckily she made it home safe. Thankfully she took it slow and made it home in an hour, rather than normal time which would have been less than 15 min.


Jessica February 9, 2017 at 11:58 am

My Name is Jessica Levin. Today´s date is February 9th 2017, today we are experiencing our first actual snow storm here in New England, as we are supposed to receive nearly a foot of snow. It is 11:33 A.M as of right now. My reason for writing today is to inform Cooperate of the horrible decision to think it was appropriate to choose being open ( money making ) over the safety of their employees. My Mother, MaryAnne is an opener at Friendly´s in Enfield. The decision for Friendly´s to not close for this storm and put her life and others in danger ( as she is a dedicated worker who has been working for this corp. for almost 20 years, wouldnt refuse to say no ) … is absolutely selfish!!!!! I work in a restaurant that made a decision to close for at least the lunch shift, and will discuss between management wether or not they will open for the night ( the night before, when we all were receiving phone calls that schools would be shut down!!!!! ) When I found out that my Mother would be driving in this I was extremely concerned, as I am home and can hardly even see out of my kitchen window into my street! They opened at a normal time, with no snow on the ground, and around 9:40 A.M made the decision to close the restaurant… I told my Mom to call me when she got home, and to drive safe! At that point, there was already enough snow on the ground and throughout her drive home to not visibly see in front of her, get stuck, have to call someone to come get her UNSTUCK, have a panic attack in the mean time, make me worry because she normally would be home by now, with even a few given extra time, almost get hit by someone else, the roads were awful as she was sliding unsafely… Next time, I hope you make a better decision and think about the dedicated people who work for your company, luckily she made it home safe. Thank-fully she took it slow and made it home in an hour, rather than normal time which would have been less than 15 min.


Christine Elie February 6, 2017 at 3:34 pm

chriselie at

It took me 15 min to get theough the phone line to place an order to go. I ordered two entrees and they messed up on both! One was a honey BBQ supermelt w no veggies and no ranch. Other one was plain cheeseburger on grilled sourdough bread. I got the honey BBQ on grilled sourdough and the burger had 2 parties, onion, lettuce tomato and mayo! They had no customers in the store when I arrived. Receipt is for $22.02 plus I tipped the server! Very disappointed when I order all the time from there. Wasn’t an enjoyable experience at all! I’d like a gift card please. I tried calling the store to report and phone went to voice mail!


Unknown February 4, 2017 at 3:47 pm

Good afternoon.I have been working for the company for 10 plus years.I have stayed this long because of our devoted customers.I work in a store that I see such unprofessional managers, negative action around staff,(insubordination )it should be expressed behind close doors.I was so discussed when I heard a manager threaten to write a employee up for expressing her feeling about the manager making inappropriate comments about the staff.I thought Friendlys was better than that.Store Wilton #1255


Heidi March 1, 2017 at 9:49 am

I just started at the new Merrimack, NH store. I worked at Friendly’s for 5 years over 25 years ago. My advice…. come visit! Our managers ROCK!!!!


Stephanie January 29, 2017 at 8:33 pm

I went to the Friendly’s on William Penn Hwy in Easton PA. It took 10 mins to have someone ask how they can help me. I ordered 3 ice creams to go. One of the ice creams I ordered was a Banana Split. When I got home and looked at the banana split the banana was rotten!!!!!!!!!! I called out there and asked for the manager and low and behold the woman who made my ice cream was the one who answered. Her name was Brooke and she said that she was the manager. Her name plate did not say that when I ordered at the store. I asked her how can she serve a rotten banana to a customer and think that it is ok? She said that the banana was not rotten!!! She then processed to tell me that they get 3 shipments of banana’s in a week. I told her I did not care how many shipments of bananas they receive in a week. What I want to know is how can you can serve a rotten banana!!!!! To me that was not an ok answer. So I drove back to the store and showed Brooke the banana that she did not see as rotten. When she saw it she was shocked. So I asked for my money back and a 2 scoop choc ice cream in a cup to go. That is what I received and I was happy with that.
I think that this store needs more training how to serve the food. The question that all servers should ask themselves is “would I eat that” if you say no then don’t serve it. I have worked in the restaurant business to know this much. Please send them some needed help and training that they need.


David Beauchamp January 19, 2017 at 11:47 am

Dear Sir/Madam:
There are about 20 members of the Beauchamp Family that visits Friendly’s in Smithtown, New York on a weekly basis for one main reason; the watermelon sherbet.
We’re now being told that Friendly’s decided not to serve the watermelon sherbet any longer. This is disappointing news as this is something our children look forward to doing; family time along with our favorite dessert. We used to eat dinner often as well, but haven’t since you stopped serving the watermelon sherbet.
We would like to know if you intend on bringing this sherbet back as my family has decided that we may consider our family time elsewhere if not.
Please send your response to my secretary’s email: denise at

David Beauchamp


Jessika Turner January 8, 2017 at 10:20 am

I have been going to the friendlys in Manchester NH for about 3 yrs. They know me by name and every time I have gone in the past few months there has been onions or mushrooms in my food, if I send it back the cook replies ” I don’t give a f**k what they want” I have been a customer to long to be treated this way something needs to be done.. so if anyone knows how to get an E-mail to someone up high I would be very great full…


Dorothy Blair January 3, 2017 at 8:11 pm

I have tried for an hour to find the coupon for 25%off my next visit and a free sunday, and have not been able to find how to receive Is this just a come-on????. We just had a nice dinner there,but this is spoiling that good feeling! What can be done about this??????


Dawn October 8, 2016 at 5:58 pm

Me my father stopped at the D.W. Highway location in Nashua N.H. He ordered a hamburger and wanted a extra hamburger ( not hard to figure out that’s 2 burgers with 2 buns) when we got our food our food he got 1 all American burger and a extra burger patty! My fries were stone cold. I will never again go to friendly’s again. I had to walk up front and ask for napkins when they should be at the table. Not only were we not happy customers the people behind us were complaining and the table beside us walked out. All I have to say is Friendly’s has gone down hill!


charles clark October 7, 2016 at 9:16 pm

Friendly at 9551 Belair rd.

Friendly at 9551 Belair rd. Manager Benton on 10 7 2016 at 6 0clock.My wife went into the restaurant to get a table while * hunt for a handicap parking. mr Benton would not seat my wife because
Friendly restaurant at 9551 Belair rd, Manager Mr Bentonon 10 6 16 at 6 0clock.My wife went into the restaurant to get a table while I park the car. Mr Benton would not seat my wife until I came in. Two people at a table. Now I come in and we have to wait for third table to be seated. I complainted to mr. Benton and he showed me the sign. I understood the intend of the sign but we have 2 people here and not 2 hear waiting for 2 4 or 6 more coming holding a table up. I think he could use common sense on how to run a buss. There was lots of empty tables. Rules are apply when they are needy. I am a suppervisor and I would neither make my custom anger over behavior like this.


George Buckbee August 30, 2016 at 2:16 pm

August 30, 2016 is when we visited the Danbury, Ct store and waited on by a young man who was lee than optimum in his appearance and attitude. When we had finished our dessert I had to ask for a check at which point he went to another table to retrieve the little kiask. I informed him that I refused to pay that way but simple check would be adequate. He insisted that I must pay that way. I said then I refuse to leave a tip. At that point he went to another table then turn to say “see my manager”. Several minutes later as I waited at the register when a young lady asked to help me. While waiting a customer bought ice cream with cash and no kiask. Simple discrimination of age to me. The young lady asked why I refused and I told her I did not believe in them, did not think that was legal with no notice, and his attitude. I paid via credit card including my version of a tip, a left. So much for afree country.


Lisa July 26, 2016 at 9:00 am

I visited the Langhorne PA restaurant number 0727, on Tuesday evening July 12, 2016 for ice cream take out. The manager (Ronald 671215) waited on me. He was not only inappropriate, his interaction with the employee’s was ridiculous. Apparently the employee’s in the back were arguing about something, which didn’t even catch my attention, what did catch my attention was the way the manager (Ronald) yelled at them and told them to SHUT UP, I have customers out here. I was completely stunned…. more by him yelling at them, the way he did… Then he said, you think this is easy.. you want my job, you can have it… I don’t know if he was talking to the employees or to myself and the other customers in the take-out area. Pretty inappropriate behavior for a manger. Should this man be representing your company???? If you ask me, he needs to be re-trained or let go. Oh, and I had ordered a Reese’s Pieces Sundae, he never asked me what flavor ice cream I wanted. After I paid for it, I told him I wanted Cookies and Cream ice cream, he told me he was out of that flavor. If I had known THAT before I paid, I would’ve just left, instead I had to stand there for 10 minutes listening him talk so inappropriately to the employee’s. Totally UNACCEPTABLE…

I actually felt bad for the employee’s. I wouldn’t want to work for somebody so ignorant.. I would’ve walked out and quit if a manager EVER talked to me like that in front of customers….. I will NOT be going back to this Friendly’s location again. Sorry.
Get your acts together….


Ron koehnlein July 25, 2016 at 2:04 pm

I was on vacation on 07-24-2016 I picked up my friend went there to Windham Maine location on route 302 my friend is a disabled veteran the young lady ask if we wanted a booth or table we asked for a table was told there is a 10 min wait when it was cleare there was 5 empty tables when we said that the host said she was told there is a 10 min wait. Being disabled is not fun he served our country and to be discriminated because of his crutches is wrong. You should be ashamed of your self and we has 3 whiteness how we were treated and I also had it recorded.


janet July 21, 2016 at 1:52 pm

I go to restuarant in Lee during the summer and waltham during the year. very disappointed at you eliminating coffee pot from table during breakfast and removing napkin holder from table. these may seem like small things but the’re picking away at what makes friendly’s friendly.
Service and food I have no complaints about at these two locations. Thank you


Hannah LeClerc July 18, 2016 at 10:54 am

Wallaston Location, HanXXXX St.Quincy MA

I had the worst restaurant experience of my life in this location last night. My boyfriend and I along with another couple stopped in here after a car meet to grab food. As soon as we got seated I knew our waitress was going to be inattentive. She didn’t great us or even tell us her name. We put our food, drink and appetizer order in all at once. It took about an hour to get our food. Meanwhile, we heard a male from the kitchen screaming at another employee and the waitresses loitering and socializing around the restaurant. Once we finally got our food (our appetizer came out an hour later along with our meals), my order was wrong. The waitress took it back and someone drenched the entire thing in buffalo as to compensate on not putting it on beforehand. They didn’t even make my friend’s meal. He had to wait another 25 minutes to get his food. While we were eating, the manager went into the kitchen and began screaming about how she didn’t want to be here just as much as all the other employees. I had never seen something so unprofessional in my entire life. All of the 15 people in the restaurant heard her, and were clearly as uncomfortable as we were. On top of our food being room temp, not very good and extremely late, it took another half hour for our ice cream to come and they were a mess. We all got friend-z’s and our waitress, Stephanie, made them so sloppily. The cups were covered in stick ice cream and frosting. So we ended up paying $80 for probably the worst meal I’ve ever had and a customer service experience that should be on one of those prank television shows. None of the staff showed any interest in being there, which I don’t blame them considering the manager’s thoroughly unprofessional and negative attitude towards the restaurant and her staff. Will never come here again.


Paul July 15, 2016 at 10:02 am

Hello, This is in regards to asking for information about my horrible experience at the Watertown Friendly’s.

We went there at around 630/7 pm on on 7/13. It did not look too bad from the outside but apon entering the ice cream pick up window was disorganized and a mess. One woman had her husband and 2 kids waiting outside for ice cream for over 20+ minutes (i can verify that) While others got to pick up their items. Finally after she asked 5+ times the clerk who seemed overwhelmed said she was not sure where the order went and maybe it was lost, also added “I am the only one on the window tonight!!”… The woman then asked for a manager for a refund, (this is also while I am stuck waiting in line with no effort of service or acknowledgement) The manager came over also looking apathetic to the restaurants needs at the time. The manager also admitted they prob lost the order.. After waiting EVEN LONGER for service, we also left hungry and angry at the weak, disorganized, and unprofessional staff, and management. At least 10+ people also got out of line and went home, I even heard MANY people in the parking lot telling other people how bad the service was.

My questions are.

Why was there only 1 person on the ice cream window during a 80+ degree night at prime time? Keep in mind you had TWO staff members outside doing frivolous tasks while people are angry inside.

Why WOULD YOU EVER HAVE A MANAGER ADMIT they lost control of the restaurant/window/orders and NOT IMMEDIATELY refund and PERSONALLY make the order in a expedited fashion? (I would give my personal business card and invite them back and promise them you will personally make sure it will be their best meal ever) “here is your refund” is amateur hour.

Why are you having restaurant staff clean outside windows at 7pm vs providing guest service inside the restaurant?

Why when the kitchen is overwhelmed and the windows are overwhelmed are you doing preventive maintenance by power washing the dumpster area? (when i worked in a resturant from 5p-8p it was all hands on deck inside the restaurant to provide to customers, not side work or etc.

Why did the staff just seem to no not care? or acknowledge a long wait? “welcome to friendlys????”

Paul ‏@bostonconcierge Jul 13 Boston, MA
@Friendlys Angry customers 45min wait,1 person on the ice cream counter on a 90 degree day Plz help your Watertown location provide service

Friendly’s‏ at Friendlys 22h22 hours ago
@bostonconcierge That doesn’t sound very friendly! Tell us more details please at teamfriendlys at & we’ll right the ship.

10:33 AM – 14 Jul 2016


Melchie July 9, 2016 at 7:44 pm

I was with my grandmother who uses a walker who has a handicapped parking permit but when we got to the parking area, there were crates placed on the handicapped spaces indicating we can’t parked there. When we got in the restaurant, I asked the server why there were crates on the handicapped parking spaces. She said, because the delivery truck was on its way. I understand it’s a big truck that needs a bigger space to park but under the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, you as a restaurant is required to provide that parking space. It shouldn’t matter if your delivery truck was coming. The driver of the truck should look for a better spot to park instead of blocking the only 2 handicapped parking spaces you have. This store is #7618 in Baldwin, New York.


Ed July 5, 2016 at 9:08 pm

On July 4th 2016 I visited the friendly a on temple st In Framingham ma., the purpose was to buy a celebration roll, which I found in the fully stocked display freezer, however when I went to the counter to pay I waited for almost 10 minutes and no one came to cash me out, in fact one employee walked right past me twice, not only was I not acknowledge, but when I asked if he could ring me up he kept walking as if he did not hear me, finally I went around the counter and asked the manager if someone could ring me up, that I have been waiting and I was told it would be a minute. If this is what your slogan about making memories is, I can tell you it was not a good memory.


carol silvernail July 4, 2016 at 12:48 am

I just bought a half gallon of Friendly’s cookie and cream ice cream from Shop Rite in Chester, N.Y. I dished some out for my grandchildren and they all commented that there is no cookie in the ice cream. They were right. It sure did not even slightly compare with the picture on the carton. Deeply disappointed.


Jessica Savage June 24, 2016 at 10:06 pm

6/24/2016 I ate the store #7774 with my husband my in laws and my 3 children. This was the worst friendly’s I have ever been too. The waitress was good but very frazzled because of all the things wrong with the restaurant. The was trying her best but due to lack of training she did not handle herself as she should. The waitress was at the table taking our orders, and another waitress walked over and smacked her butt so loud she screamed. I have worked in the restaurant for a very long time, that is completely unacceptable. I know what goes on in the back in the kitchens, but it should not be in front of my 3 small children. The food was thrown together, missing things and just not cared about. We got our ice cream it was Ice Cream soup. I asked to speak to the Manager and some guy came over to the table and told us, that the stores refrigeration has been down for 2 days. The soda machine didnt work, so we couldnt get refills and the ice machine didnt work either so we had ice from a bag they bought at shoprite, and soda from a 2ltr bottle from shoprite. You CANNOT run a restaurant that has no refrigeration. That is completely 100% against health code. The guy then told us, the front of the house was just redone, but when you walk into the back, it is “landmine of leaks” and “hood rigged” ways of trying to fix them because they couldn’t get a hold of anyone to fix their problems. My bill was $89.87. The manager gave me $5 off coupons instead of working with my bill. I then asked for the GM she came over gave me a few more $5 coupons, and said “Here you go, I’m giving you these to make sure you come back” They had no regard for mine or my families happiness. They gave me coupons, that came in my mail today just to shut me up. I love Friendly’s have been coming since I was kid. THIS STORE NEEDS HELP. The GM then told me after I asked why are they still open with all of these issues?”we are biggest friendly’s around, with working equipment or not, we still bring in the most money, the company would lose to much money if we closed. I then asked .. well didnt you tell anyone this as they came in her response was “would you have sat down, and ordered food if you knew the truth”
I am at at loss, but please I’m not asking for free stuff, money back or any of that. I am asking you train proper employees and teach them table side manor, and they need to know that the customers happiness especially when your wrong is IMPERATIVE to running a restaurant. AND FOR GODS SAKE TEACH THEM HEALTH CODES. If someone would came in there and checked your temperatures, you would have been shut down.


emilio June 16, 2016 at 10:42 am

Hai my name is emilio i work next tow friendly i wen ther for some server and i see three people talking in the phone wen they wat working and she gote mad for me asking for some service and the manager call the police on me becus i want services. Noue hue look bad me or her.well me becus i want service. Tanks friendlys in rayham.


Nicholas July 21, 2016 at 11:26 pm

Was it the grammer police? Oh Cha bam


Harry June 8, 2016 at 12:19 am

Visited the Phillipsburg, New Jersey (08865) restaurant on Saturday, June 4, 2016, with a party of 6 and a bill totaling over $80.00. Most of us got the “all you can eat shrimp,” including me. I immediately noticed that the shrimp tasted funny. My son, and grandson also had the shrimp and became sick, after eating same, while we were still in the restaurant. I didn’t feel well after getting home. Anyway, when my son and grandson became ill, we notified the waitress, who reportedly told the manager, who “took off” one of the shrimp dinners. I find this unacceptable, since, not only did the food taste strange, but three members of our party got SICK! If I am sending this complaint to the wrong place, please let me know where to send it because I’m not happy paying over $80.00 just for three of us to get sick.


Linda June 6, 2016 at 3:44 pm

I am very disappointed in the Danville PA store. We were going there for some ice cream after a graduation celebration on June 5. Low and behold, the store said 11 they close well it was 10:45. It seems as if Friendly’s could care less by some of the responses here. If this is the case, then they lost my business forever. I have lots of friends in central PA as well as those traveling 80 from New York and New Jersey, I make sure I tell them that not to stop at Friendlys. This is the second time, I ran into this. So guess what, I went down the Road and gave Perkins my business.


Debbi Fonseca May 11, 2016 at 9:15 pm

I drove from where I was today 20 minutes to get to your store in Chelmsford because I loved Friendly’s so much but I will never go out of my way again.
1). Your fryer was broken
2). The counter was disgusting it had food all over it.
3). The key holder/front manager was standing there texting ignoring customers that needed to be seated
3). They gave me my ice cream before my order was even done so by the time I left it was all melted.
5). Non employees were in where the food was being prepared.
6). Key holder / manager was throw food at the staff to get their attention.

I’m sorry I really do / did love Friendly’s but I will never go to that location again. If you allow the store to be run like that you will lose a lose lol your customers and if the board of health saw what I saw tonight they would shut you down.


April Deprey Gonzalez May 3, 2016 at 9:24 pm

This is about the 5th time I have emailed, writtin, let a message done whatever I could to get a response out of zomeone, anyone. I am directing this twards the Plainville, CT store#01251. The manager Heather on this store is the worst human being put on this earth. Wether it’s aimed twards her employees or her customers. She is very rude and disrespectful and I honestly can’t believe the way sh treats her employees and is able to get away with it. You should all be ashamed of yourself. If I did not have a full-time job I would make my job too sta MN nnd in front of that store aand make sure another person never steps foot there those doors. And it’s all because of this on person. How pathetic.. W


Lynne May 2, 2016 at 9:32 am

By reading all the comments here, seems it is the normal pattern for this company
however Sunday May 1st 2016 I went to Friendly’s on Fredrick Road Catonsville, MD
with my granddaughter who is working, we walked in and got shown to a table, walking thru we both noticed all the empty dirty tables, still with left over food and dirty cups etc
we sit and get asked what we wanted to drink, hot tea, 10 minutes later the tea arrived just tea not the hot water and a tea bag, she slams it down to the point I thought we were going to have tea over us both. we asked for milk waitress told us ok, we waited
she asked for our order and left, we waited, meanwhile we looked around noticed lots of “staff” doing nothing, I went over to the waitress who was suppose to get us milk and asked her for milk please I interrupted her texting and checking messages, she got the milk, then we waited. looking around I noticed all the dirty napkins on the floor by the waitress area, and into the kitchen, one guy came out to clean the tables but got interrupted by the chit chat around him, one waitress decided the she need to brush and rearrange her hair, she did at the waitress station, my first impression walking in was to walk out, which after 20 mins we did, I have been to this location various times over the last few years and It is never clean, poor service, my granddaughter asked me why I do
I said I like to think it can change, which I think it can my 18yr granddaughter in collage said they need strong management and they all need to be fired, scary part of it all was after we placed the order, we both was uneasy about eating it due to the fact the staff knew I was not a happy customer, so we left before the order arrived, and when somewhere else which outshone friendly’s and it was a block away, same age group of wait staff, manager visible clean and most enjoyable, so what is friendly’s going to do?
I think reading all this nothing, which is sad this Catonsville location is on prime site
could be the heart and soul of the community, but reading the review for the location it will not happen with out a major shake up. hopefully they will, however I will not return and word of mount is the best advertisement for any business and I am talking about the negative experience I and my granddaughter received,


Patricia Schor April 21, 2016 at 7:43 pm

Being a loyal Friendlys customer for many years, also a member of vfw post 4927 Centereach, NY and the Centereach Fire Dept, I was elated when my 16 year old daughter Kimberly Schor was hired. It ended up to be the worst nightmare of my life and we will never set foot in another Friendlys. Her first day of work was Friday April 15, 2016. Her shift was 5 to 11. Let me start by saying no break was offered during the whole shift, and she got out a hour later while I sat in the parking lot waiting for her, but that was okay being her first night working, but still no break offered? No one took the time to train her. It was train as you go, and criticisms and mocking was how the veteran employees treated my daughter. I watched them point at her behind her back, laugh at her while the take out window was packed with customers. I had plenty of time sitting in the car for an hour each night tonwitness this immature and cruel behavior. She reluctantly returned for a second and final shift on Sunday April 17. Her shift was 4 to 9 again no break got out at 10:30 a school night, while I again sat in the parking lot. Again, no training, same situation and at the end of the shift my daughter came to my car crying of humiliation and embarrassment at the manor in which she was treated, once again with customers waiting and witnessing this. Where was a manager? Why was this allowed? Why no training? The employees at this location are miserable, rude and very unprofessional and I just think you guys should know just what goes on in this particular store. The location is 201 Hallock Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790. I returned my daughters uniform and picked up her working papers this evening and was treated rudely by the workers who made me wait for a manager. Jon ( a manager ha ha ) finally came out and handed me the papers I requested and glared at me so nasty and miserable I had all I could do to maintain my composure and walk out. What kind of people are these? I worked in food service for many years and we always treated our new team members politely and gave them adequate training to be right on point when working. I would have gotten fired had I treated employees the way my daughter was treated. I am so angry, and professionalism, and kindness should be of utmost importance in dealing with customers and employees. When I asked a girl named Jordan who works there what happened she said yes we all yell at each other when it gets busy. Not acceptable, and not professional. And should never be allowed. Thank you for your time.
Patricia Schor
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY. 11779


brian clancy March 27, 2016 at 8:51 am

very disappointed …went to Friendly’s last week with some friends we went for ice cream at the Ocean County Mall Friendly’s in Toms River NJ our server was not good at all, the seating area was not very clean and when we ordered our ice cream it was a joke..were talking about an ice cream restaurant here and for the money i paid for mine id rather just go to shop rite an get me a gallon of ice cream an some syrup an make my own..this friendly’s is clearly very cheap in the servings they give..i got a large sundae an all they gave was 2 scoops of ice cream an when i got it it was already half melted an the damn thing tasted like a syrup sundae..i mean really it was all syrup …unreal..I was very shocked after complaining to our server that she said I’m sorry there is nothing i can do we give only 2 scoops an thats it..well when i left i told her I’m sorry but i only tip when i get good then i giggled an left…..i doubt ill be going back there…this place was a joke….and friendly’s seem very cheap…for the money you dish out…


Dave March 26, 2016 at 4:39 pm

To Friendlys management.

I own my own business and know from experience that in a small town like mine, customer service is number one in keeping customers coming.
I visited again after a month your Plattsburgh, NY Friendlys location. My visit a month ago was bad enough and this visit was no better. My family and I went for late lunch today around 3:30 pm We stood in the entryway waiting to be seated for 8 minutes before even seeing a waitress or hostess. All you could hear was laughing and comments from the kitchen about personal issues.
Finally a person came and sat is and said our waitress would be right along. Keep in mind I have a 2 year old who wants ice cream.
We waiting 10 more minutes in the back room and never saw a waitress again. We waited 3 more minutes and then proceeded to gather our kid and walked out, still not seeing a waitress. We walked across the road to Applebee’s, sat down immediately and within 3 minutes had our order taken.

Embarrassing for a local Northeast company at the least. I grew up on Friendlys but looks like they have outgrown me.


Dan Spine March 17, 2016 at 11:33 am

Hi this is in regards to Beth White, the general manager of Friendly’s Perry Hall, store number 7012. Yesterday on March 16th 2016, one of the employees wanted to take her break. She was refused a break, which you legally receive after 5 hours. The waitress was screamed at along with another boy waiter. The girl tried to finish her job, but was thrown off the clock and told to leave. Beth continued to scream and yell and say “No, its fine you need a break. We’ll all just stay late so I can finish your job.” This is extremely rude. All the girl needed to be told was a simple no. And later I learned the girl has never even taken a break since she started months ago! Then an altercation started between the boy server and Beth. He was being yelled at for knowing better then to have someone take their break an hour before close. This is no way to speak to any employee. These are your workers, but you treat them like this? I want something done about this. I’m not asking for anyone’s job but this is unacceptable. Beth White needs a talking too. If nothing happens with this situation it will get worse. I will be forced to report this matter. Thank you.


Mike Stober March 1, 2016 at 5:45 pm

I was at the Weymouth MA location and I ordered claim chowder. When it came out, it was really watery. I took my spoon and lifted it and it was coagulated. I brought the waitress over and told her. She said “our owner is cheap and he waters down all the clam chowder so he can make more money.” She went on to say “I would never eat anything at this location.” That was great to know.

I tried contacting Friendly’s on their homepage site and the messaging functionality doesn’t work. How ironic.


Mike &jacki Lamphire February 27, 2016 at 1:56 am

Dear sir or Madam
My husband who is a retired Navy Vet and a pastor sccompsnird me to Friendless where we frequent for breakfast. This store is in Chester Via 24831.
We’ve bee going more often since you began your 50% special.
Lately we have had a waitress that appears to dislike get job very much.
She does not treat the customrts with respect. Or a cheerful attitude.
Palely a handicapped friend of ours accompanied us. When he asked for a salt shaker eitnout the twister top she got annoyed. We went back by ourselves and my husband explained to her about Him and his degotmed hand. She took it well. However the nest time we returned today she was worse than ever….quickly rushing away from the table and if she forgot something and wfm reminded her shevwould snap the answer to us, we all felt very unvomgortable. I didn’t even remind her she forgot my jelly for fear she might get snippy with me….as she was leaving the table my husband said MMS? And she flopped her arms down and turned around and snapped what? He told her please. We would like some more coffee. That went well. (Right) I can get her name for you my husband still has the receipt. But he is asleep now. He is partially handicapped with a broken foot.
We are very good polite people and good tippets. We never tip under 5.00 but today was an exception.


Mike &jacki Lamphire February 27, 2016 at 1:58 am

In sorry about the spelling in old and typing on a tablet
It is very hard to see the letters on your psge


R ROMAN February 4, 2016 at 11:22 pm

Me and my family eat at the friendlys in Sicklerville nj store #7776 about once a week since we live with in walking distance my main complaint which has happened more than once is with the take out We usually order sundaes to go after having dinner and with out fail they are always screwing up the order either with what ever ice cream THEY feel like putting in or with the toppings for instance I stopped in today on my home from work (Thursday feb 4 2016) and spent $13 on two sundaes one for me and one for my wife got home had dinner and later in the evening looking forward to my sundae sat in front of the tv opened the ice cream and to my disappointment AGAIN our order was wrong I had ordered a large 3 scoop sundae all chocolate ice cream it comes with 3 toppings so I ordered 2 toppings of strawberries and one of marshmallow I guess they thought I said 2 strawberries because that’s what I got I also got a drop of marshmallow I mind a lot paying $7 bucks for a sundae since you can get a gallon of ice cream from the supermarket for $2 bucks but I pay it anyway as long as I get what I pay for and how I order it there are too many teenagers working there and all they do is talk instead of working and they don’t seem to be into it I’m tired of spending our hard earned money at some restaurant that the workers don’t care in what they are doing or just giving the customer what THEY feel like giving there are other restaurants that opened up in a few new shopping center around us mybe the workers there take pride in their jobs and also gives the customers what they ask and pay for. We are thinking twice of going back there even if it’s for ice cream


Doris Chilton January 28, 2016 at 8:07 pm

I eat at Friendly’s on Route 45 in West Deptford, NJ. Each time we are seated in the back service area, there is a smell of gas. A friend and I ate breakfast there on 1/27/16. The faint smell of gas started at the front door and was so overpowering in the back section that we asked to be move to the front section. We noted the gas smell to the staff who said something has been checked, but nothing was found. This gas smell has been going on for quite sometime. I like the food and the restaurant is within walking distance, but the smell of gas has got to be corrected.


Michael Keefer January 20, 2016 at 5:40 pm

Worst food experience. Stopped for breakfast at the rt#37 restaurant in Toms River New Jersey. My wife became violently sick and hour later and was rushed to the hospital.Three days of morphine and anti nausea medication she was released and was told that it was food poisoning. Spoke to Rick the manager there and he apologized and said well no one else complained. Corporate you will be hearing from us.


Nolan January 17, 2016 at 9:54 pm

I visited friendlys in South Hadley Ma and I went to the take out counter and my total was $5.34 and I gave $6 I never got my change of 66 cents and then I asked for a cup a water as well he said sure then I never got it.


kia mitchell November 9, 2015 at 10:29 am

i visited friendly’s on international drive in orlando fl. this had to be the worst visit to a resturant in my life. I stood outside by the ice cream machine and seen threw the window a cook drop a burger on the floor pick it up put it back on the bun and watched a server take it to the table. i immeditely told the guy at the ice cream window i no longer wanted the ice cream. know one in this place had on gloves back there cooking food. How can a manager allow this to happen with the amount of germs.


Abby October 24, 2015 at 9:20 am

Went to Friendly’s Wilmington Delaware in Kirkwood highway terrible experience had to weigh more than an hour to be seated the food was terrible tomato soup was nasty and a grilled cheese was burnt how can they serve that we was there for my son’s birthday dinner another thing happen when our family members order ice cream and had a piece a Band-Aid in her ice cream too many young people working there they don’t take prior what they do and never again will be going there there were no hairnets no gloves The service sucks do you need to hire more people that would like to work and like what they do they need to be better manager there and my bill was $86 I should not pay for anything after this shame.


Deb September 17, 2015 at 8:24 am

My husband and I go to your establishment regularly. We particularly love the NE clam chowder and the ice cream sundaes (although he is upset that there is no more butter crunch and we have not gotten sundaes since). I recently went to the Cherry Hill (Rt 70) NJ location and was disturbed to find the following.

The employee who was to get my soup, picked up the cup and lids without gloves. I addressed the issue and requested that she place gloves on. She made a smart remark and proceeded to complain about me to the rest of the employees. While observing this behavior I noticed that everyone on the front and behind the line who were working on other orders WERE NOT WEARING GLOVES! I spoke to the Manager and he said, I’m sorry. He further asked if I wanted him to serve my soup.

In today’s current climate and with HACCP systems in place in – how can this be? And out in front where the customers can plainly see! It is a disgrace and I was so sickened by the time I drove home that I threw away both soups I had purchased. Someone should make a surprise visit to this place!!! It is a disgrace!


gina August 28, 2015 at 8:43 pm



Mary July 21, 2015 at 11:02 pm

Restaurant in Enfield looked closed at 955pm parking lot pitch black Tues night, guess its open landlord needs to fix lights???


Annetta Smith June 27, 2015 at 11:34 am

First of all my family has been eating at Friendly’s for years. We really liked the kids day on Wednesdays as we take the grandchildren and the greats. I personally take my great nephew on Weds for our day. The last 2 times we went to the Raynham Friendly’s we were extremely disappointed as they claim the things we complained about came from Corporate. First of all I was willing to pay the 99 cents extra on the kids meal for the Raspberry drink in the tall mug (kids meal) and they bring a juice glass and when I questioned it they said that was the size and they no longer had the mugs, so my reply was then why pay the additional money if I am not getting product and they said it was a corporate thing. I refused to pay the extra. Then we get our food. A few weeks before your fried chicken sandwich was real chicken and excellent and what I got last week was a processed chicken frozen sandwich (HORRIBLE) and about 7 french fries. My mother got the grilled cheese sandwich and fries and received cheese all over outside and a few fries. The child meal was ok with the exception of him having an abundance of fries. REALLY and then the last straw was when I asked for a large vanilla milk and they brought me a juice glass of milk and when I questioned the drink again I was told that was the large (4oz really) and they no longer had large glasses yet when I asked for water they brought it in a big glass. So either your Manager at Raynham Friendly’s is trying to make a bigger profit by downsizing and using sub standard frozen food product or you as a Corporation are just trying to fill your pockets more at the expense of families and the elderly which is it. I will not go to Raynham Friendly’s again and will take the drive to Middleboro and check out the experience there. In the past they have been excellent and for a family and more of a children’s place shame on Raynham and you as a Company if this is your policy to rip people off.


Diane Somers June 22, 2015 at 10:12 pm

Why would you get rid of Butter Crunch ice cream? This is a unique flavor and the reason I go to Friendly’s. You have also discontinued other tasty flavors on your menu. Now your menu is like many other places serving ice cream and you are eliminating the reasons for visiting Friendly restaurants. Too bad! Bad marketing decisions. 🙁
Diane Somers
Ice Cream Lover


Aileen June 18, 2015 at 3:10 pm

Why is Butter crunch being discontinued??


Chris June 21, 2015 at 11:38 am

Corporate policy to get rid of things customers like. Sorry.


porter a. wells May 26, 2015 at 8:13 pm

CEO, l was at the Greenfield, Mass .shop today 5/26/2015 to have dinner. Ordered a 4 cheese with bacon sandwich. lt was terrible. lt tasted funny, you couldn’t taste the tcheese, had some stuff dripping out of it, all you could taste was the bacon. l believe the waiters name was Matt. l told him about it and he apologized. The least he could have done was was take the price of the sandwich off the bill. Also got a sundae. You had to go halfway down the glass to get to the ice cream, the top half was just whipped cream. Had chocolate sprinkles on it which i didn’t ask for. My wife had problems with her order as well. Thank You


Bill May 10, 2015 at 10:33 am

You cannot email Friendly’s from a smart phone from the link provided. .it opens a form with an error message stating the screen is not wide enough. likely this is on purpose to make sure people can’t complain while they wait and wait and wait in the restaurant


Chris June 21, 2015 at 11:35 am

Shocking. Their website works as well as their employees. Neither care about customer feedback.


John Wells January 25, 2015 at 8:25 pm

Do you have a Friendlys’ in Florida


Chris June 21, 2015 at 11:37 am

You don’t want one. We are trying to get them out of the northeast.


Jason August 12, 2015 at 5:34 pm

I’ll admit that on occasion I’ve had a bad experience at friendlys but Chris you’ve posted on three different peoples post, if you don’t like friendlys then don’t go, the other people don’t need your negativity on top of their bad experience and what they are trying to accomplish by telling friendlys about it


stephanie January 10, 2015 at 9:11 pm

I have a gluten and dairy allergy. For many years I was able to eat the watermelon sherbet. My dad and I made special trips to go to friendly’s to get the water melon sherbet, we would drive 3 hours just to get this. Recently I’ve discovered that the original recipe has been changed and now contains milk. Not only did I get sick from eating the sherbet but I also lost something that I enjoined deeply . Please change the recipe so I can eat the sherbet again. My dad is also I the same situation as me. Please make this gluten and dairy free again for my dad, me and the many others that suffer from the same issues we do.


Julie McGuire January 7, 2015 at 7:40 pm

Oh boy, where do I start… my husband, daughter and myself went to the Friendly’s in St Lucie West Florida tonight for dinner. Now we typically frequent this restaurant 2x a month at least… tonight it wasn’t very busy, but for some reason it took at least 10 minutes to get our drinks, then another 5 for her to bring my lemon and splenda. Once we ordered, my husband and daughter had dinner,I was just having dessert, it took 30 min for our food, my husband’s bbc chicken melt was cold and daughters tenders were fine. She came back in ample time and took our dessert order. This is why I came… husband had a 5 scoop Reese pieces sundae, daughter had worms in the dirt, and I had lava cake. She came back 10 min later and said two were ready but she was leaving them in the window until all were ready… 5 min later, she brings mine and my husband’s…. first… my husband’s was so melted it was one big scoop… mine was not a lava cake at all, but a brownie, and my daughter had vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate…. sooo, She took the brownie back and said she would correct it. I am not exaggerating when I tell you we did not see our server for 25 min then she came to say they were backed up but they were making it… at which time I said cancel the order. 10 min later she came back with the check and stood there while we counted out cash. I have NEVER had such bad service. Never once did someone come apologize. My husband works for two restaurants so this is not something we have low tolerance for, we understand things happen, but things were handled so poorly and we wasted $40 in the process. I never even got my lava cake… the sole reason I went!! Very disappointed….


Penny Alrich November 23, 2014 at 11:32 am

This Friendly restaurant in Cortland, NY is dirty, we went there at 10:10 and waited an hour and half still no food their excuse was there was a hockey team there so all the rest of your customers don’t get served, we walked out without eating, This restaurant needs to be looked at, our shut down. They need to tell you at the door that there is going to be a long wait. Very disappointed!!!


S. Winchester November 19, 2014 at 3:18 pm

I was at the Friendly’s restaurant located at 2670 Kirkwood Highway, in DE and had one of the most horrific experiences. My daughter ordered sliders, that were under cooked, I ordered a bacon cheeseburger that did not come with bacon, along with other issues. I initially chalked it up to the waitress being yound and in experienced. So when I go to check out I tell the manager of the issues as the waitress instructed and her response is “Did you eat the burger” Really???? Decided to let that slide, so while paying we requested to split the bill, so the young lady who must have also been new, asked the manager to help, after waiting 5 minutes for her to stop texting on her cell phone she comes over again with a snarky attitude. At that point I had decided I had enough, I requested the phone number to complain, initially she said she didnt know it, went into the back and sent another male employee out with a bad attitude. I am now fuming because this is outrageous. They finally give me the number to call the store manager, so the next day I call leave a message and never heard from her. To top it all off not only did they charge my sister who I was splitting the bill with they charged me the full amount, I then had to dispute it with my credit card company!!!!! I will never eat at this location again!! It’s sad because my family really enjoys Friendlys. Horrible experience!!


jessica September 28, 2014 at 7:31 pm

I just went to friendly in Bennington vt and ordered 2 sundaes and I get home after paying $6 a sundea and open them to find them not even half full not impressed an I will never return,


kathleen September 4, 2014 at 1:58 pm

I live in Waterbury Ct and i visit the friendly’s on Reidville Dr in Waterbury Ct every 3 days to get marshmallow and peanut butter topping. They have been serving peanut butter sauce that is full of oil and is water consistence, with is not right. Ive spoke to 2 different managers and they told me the person prepping it was doing it wrong and they’d fix it but it won’t be fix for 2 days. So i went back to get more peanut butter topping two days later and again its not right and they still have not fix it. the manager told me it was safe to eat like it was so i did and ended up in the ER and i’m 5 months pregnant. i’m now going to be sending the health department in to the Waterbury ct friendly’s. Also I’m looking in to further legal actions since i brought the problem up to the attention of 2 different managers and they didn’t fix the problem and proceeded to tell me it was safe to eat, when indeed it wasn’t. Also they have been serving it to other customers that have been ordering it.


David schoen August 27, 2014 at 9:03 pm

I walk into friendlys in miller place order a Sunday and all you get is enough for a small cup of ice cream. The manager tells me it is corporate orders. I run a big business in the the are and order from.friendly at least 3 times per week for my entire staff. Your business is horrible arena we will no longer deal with friendlys due to the fact they rip off the consumer and give you nothing. Time to change your polices gentlmen.


Bobbi Womack August 2, 2014 at 10:00 pm

I went to the Horseheads NY store last week with my daughter for lunch, however I over heard a blond manager (Dawn) speaking to her employees in a way no manager should I was not impressed! I HIGHLY recommend she undergo additional training and brush up on her people skills. Furthermore she is the first manager that does not interact with customers in have ate there many times and not one time she even agnolaged me.
Thank you for listening
Bobbi womack


Mr.& Mrs Filobokov July 31, 2014 at 2:52 pm

On July 30th 2014 at around 5:30pm my husband and I visited the store in Greenfield, MA store # 0790. Ryan and is employee ID # 664802 was our cashier we ordered 2 strawberry shortcakes and it was very busy and the cashier rang up our total and asked for the money I handed him a 20.00 dollar bill and at the same time he was completing a large families order to go it took 20 min to get our order to go and when he handed them to me and my husband I asked for my change as the store was very busy so I thought he forgot so I asked for it which would have been $10.39 cents he didn’t remember what he did with the twenty I gave him so he called the manager over and I explained the situation the manager was fustrated and was very rude and DISRESPECTFUL to me and my husband and instead of giving me back the proper change she gave me the entire $20.00 dollars back and basically called us a liar in front of everyone it was so embarrassing that I showed her we have more then enough money and we didn’t want anything free just our proper change back well she got even more rude and DISRESPECTFUL and gave us the entire 20.00 dollars and said your never allowed in my store again mind you me and my husband stayed polite and out of embarrassment left me and my husband have ate at that restaurant on occasions but never had a problem other then long wait times for food and we have a large family that eat there about once a week of course none of us will ever visit that store again and our church will never visit to eat there again either I think something needs to be done about how the manager handles customers and customer service or I don’t think that store will be in business oops much longer! Just thought the executives CEO- John M. Maguire and Ceo- Patrick Hickey and CEO- Steven Weisel should have this brought to there attention! That manager cost an entire church group family from ever visiting that restaurant again not good for business.


Betty Mentillo June 29, 2014 at 1:07 pm

I had lunch with my daughter on June 27, 2014 at the Friendly’s restaurant on West Town Street in Norwich, CT. I want to let you know that the entire experience was awful. We waited for one hour from the time we sat down until the time our lunch was served. Your waitresses were doing the best they could, but there were only two waitresses covering the entire restaurant. Your kitchen staff was deplorable. It seems they had only two speeds – slow and slower. The woman sitting behind us told us she had waited 45 minutes for her sandwich. Our waitress kept apologizing to us for the long wait and said that they were seriously understaffed, which was obvious to anyone who was in the restaurant. We actually saw a table of 6 get up and walk out. While admittedly Friendly’s food is excellent, I feel that I must tell you that an hour wait for a sandwich is TOTALLY unacceptable. It woud behoove Friendly’s headquarters to start looking into the many complaints I see posted on this website and make some serious and positive changes or this restaurant is going to go belly-up like so many others. This is not the first time we’ve been in this reataurant and the service has always been awful. We keep going back thinking that it was just a “bad day”, but unfortunately poor service and extended wait times are the norm. We will not be eating at a Friendly’s restaurant anymore.
Betty Mentillo


David G. Webster June 17, 2014 at 1:40 pm

Personally to John McGuire, CEO, Friendly’s June 17, 2014
I moved to Wilmington Mass in 1968 and started eating at Friendly’s with Manager Carl Chaffee great mgr. great service. Ate there until 1974. Usually once a week. Married and moved to North Andover. Met Carl again at the Museum of Science in Boston. Again great guy and service. Over the years wife and I and child would eat at your restaurants in Mass and NH. Have grandchildren and intoduced them to Friendly’s and always ate there as they loved it. Until…one Saturday I had rec’d a page of coupons in the mail. We went and I noticed a woman with three children alone and I gave her a coupon. The (female) manager yelled at me and retrieved the coupon stating we don’t do that here. I’ve never been treated that way in any restaurant. Where is Carl Chaffee when you need him? I filed a complaint with corporate 2 years ago. Never any response. We haven’t been back since. My grandchildren as well as I don’t care to have been treated in such a manner. This was the North Andover restaurant. So, when I rec’d your sheet of coupons I threw them out and contemplated as to write again. Your TV ad show a different dimension than we experienced. I will admit I miss Friendly’s but I’ve been in sales and know for every one person wronged ten hear about it. More than ten have heard it. You send out coupons without restrictions and as far as I’m concerned they are mine to do with as I please not your manager.


Brooke May 27, 2016 at 8:25 pm

Horrible dining experience tonight at the Mariano Blvd Friendlys in Fall River Ma. Was not busy and took forever for someone to initially come to our table. Waitress didn’t check on us once we finally received our food, which was presented terribly. I couldn’t tell you her name though because she didn’t bother to introduce herself. I had to flag her down after seeing her just hanging around the kitchen. All while having a tired toddler….which made trying to have a quick dinner even more stressful. Friendlys is a kid friendly restaurant right?? I work in the service industry which makes it fustrating knowing how hard I work and someone doesn’t give me the same experience going out.


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