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Frederick’s of Hollywood Corporate Office

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Frederick's of Hollywood Corporate Office Address

Frederick's of Hollywood Group, Inc.
1411 Broadway4th Floor
New York, New York 10018

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Phone Number: (212) 760-2410
Fax Number:
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Date Founded:
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CEO: James J. Salter
CFO: Thomas Rende
COO: Nicholas John Woodhouse

Frederick's of Hollywood History

Frederick’s of Hollywood was founded in Hollywood, California, by Frederick Mellinger in 1947. Mellinger was the inventor of the push up bra and sold racy lingerie at his stores in large cities and shopping malls across the country. The iconic store in Hollywood even had a “Lingerie Museum” where the underwear of movie stars was put on display.

The company was the leading seller of lingerie until Victoria’s Secret became prominent. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2001, but regrouped with Movie Star sleepwear and moved headquarters to New York. The company again had to file for bankruptcy in 2015 and close all the remaining stores. The name and brand was purchased by Authentic Brands Group, who also has headquarters in New York.

Today, the company operates as an eCommerce, online store only at this time. Authentic Brands has stated that they are considering selling their products in other retail outlets, but no release date has been set at this time.


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