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Food 4 Less Corporate Office Address

Food 4 Less Holdings, Inc.
1100 W. Artesia Blvd
Compton, California 90220

Contact Food 4 Less

Phone Number: (800) 576-4377
Fax Number:
Email: Email Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Food 4 Less Executives

CEO: David B. Dillion
CFO: J. Michael Schlotman
COO: Paul W. Heldman

Food 4 Less History

Food 4 Less was founded in 19777 by Lou Falley. Falley’s stores were full service until they were purchased by Fleming Companies, Inc., and were mostly located in Kansas and Missouri. The company changed hands again and was purchased in 1997 by Ralph’s markets, which was then purchased by Kroger in 1998. In Northern California, the company uses the name Foods Company. Although Kroger’s still operates many of the Food 4 Less stores, there are some locations that have been franchised out to various other grocery chains.

Food 4 Less is based out of Compton, California. The company is a warehouse type of supermarket that has “no frills” such as decorative shelves or even box boys. Customers bag their own groceries at the checkout stand  and benefit by saving money on food.


Food 4 Less FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Food 4 Less?
Answer 1: The phone number for Food 4 Less is (800) 576-4377.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Food 4 Less?
Answer 2: The CEO of Food 4 Less is David B. Dillion.

Question 3: Who founded Food 4 Less?
Answer 3: Food 4 Less was founded by in .

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Yolanda Riley November 9, 2018 at 9:17 am

Go awareod Day to all I’m Miss> Riley on Wednesday morning I was at Food 4 Less 112 West 87th Street this store is the best but I have a complained about BAD smely Perch fish I pick up from the meat department I want you all be aware of what happening and do not want anyone sick I was getting ready to cook it yesterday evening for dinner I could not stand to smell I call the Kroger company yesterday evening I spoked to a lady can’t remember her name she said that she will contact Food 4 Less at 87th Street store I don’t want this to happen to anyone else I hope that the store manager call me offer something I lost my store slip receipt. Thank You Miss. Yolanda Riley Chicago,IL


Lynn Vasquez October 10, 2018 at 10:12 pm

The manager stopped me from brushing my teeth my hygiene was important to me and to the market that’s what a sink is for. MY PrIvacy. Then they asked me before I got in the bathroom are you going to brush your teeth that’s like asking are you going to flush your toilet are you going to wash your hands or brush your teeth you can’t because your a poverty USA citizen and we don’t like you we got a job and a bathroom but you don’t said the bully


Linda June 30, 2018 at 5:29 pm

I had shop to the food 4 less in Alvarado st in Los Angeles. It was my first time shopping there and I’m definitely not coming back. I spoke to the manager Edward about how I bought two items that were expired I had bought them thinking they were ok. When you go to the store you expect things to be updated. No wonder they have issues all the time. I should get a refund or some gift card or something.


Frances Rios June 14, 2018 at 8:36 am

A consumer has choices to shop at many a grocery store. Considering the closing of other chain stores you would think that they would value the costumers they do have, When a store has an item on sale and does not have it they issue a rain check. Would you consider it false advertisement to have an item on sale and then several months after looking for said item the manager says “they should not have offered a rain check, it was an in and out item. The item was Downey fabric softener advertised for $2.00 a bottle, I went out of my may to renew this rain check..The store is on North Larkin in Crest Hill Il. They value their customers so much they do not even have a service desk. Maybe it is time to find another place to do business.,


TOM SWAITE October 6, 2017 at 3:54 pm



TOM SWAITE October 6, 2017 at 3:50 pm



Ronald Broom September 13, 2017 at 12:03 pm

Don’t know if I have enough room in this space. I will call.


Jasmine Billegas August 7, 2017 at 2:01 am

I’m normally not a person to write a review but I think this should be heard and hopefully something done about it. August 7th 2017 about 12am I went to a food 4 less in Chicago Illinois 69th ashland. As I’m in line getting ready to pull the cart closer to the belt these 2 woman pull their cart in front of me and start unloading their cart. I decided not to say anything because I didn’t want to make a scene. Come on who wants to fight about a spot in line? Well as I started thinking about how rude it was that’s when I said to the woman, ” It would’ve been polite if you would’ve just asked” nothing rude about that right? Well all hell broke loose! This woman had the nerve to call me out of my name with her 1 year old daughter on her hip! The cashier starts laughing and tells me you need to be quiet so I can go home. Then she proceeds to tell me she was going to stop ringing me up! A police officer walks to us and tells me to just shut up before I walk out of the store with nothing! Now as I’m standing in line with about 50 people starring at me I start to get angry. How can you let this woman disrespect me and come at me as if I’m the problem?! Not not that this matters but I am a white woman and the whole store was filled with African Americans. Tell me this wasn’t discrimination. I would like my story to be heard and something done about this! The customer was wrong but the cashier and police officer was even more wrong for disrespecting me the way they did! They should’ve handled the situation different.


joshua v August 4, 2017 at 5:29 pm

August 4 22017 I was paying for my food when I noticed that the total didn’t match the amount or items I had after asking twice for her to re run the items through again it total a lower amount. I have noticed this before but never asked them to recauculate I asked if I could cash back I was told by 2 different cashier that they did have sufficient funds to GI e me 200 in cash when I was speaking with the mangers named Mary she was extremely rudeon combative at the 8035 wWebb ave location. I have had problem with management before o er my service animal this place six it allways dirty by far the worst store in the area. Gonna have to go Ralph’s or viartass instead .. Also I been on hold for 40 mins with corporate and I was disconnected had to start over I will be calling the BBB next and filling a consumer report


Frank Fahey July 16, 2017 at 11:43 pm

I got a good one for you my neighbor works for you, about three weeks ago he had a foot support on, will he had a limp that I thought my CCTV camera system caught my edging his yard, walking around, taking out the trash with no limp, today he took out the trash with no limp until he seen me talking with anther neighbor and started the fake limp will three weeks before this I caught th mother of the son fakeing the injury taking photos of my camera system maybe it’s real true that the food for less employee is faking his injury and you guys are paying for him to sit at home to have a sweet life I know it piss’s you off a little my phone is 909-610-XXXXX name frank fahey I have video


Marlene barboza July 4, 2017 at 5:40 pm

Today was probably the worst experience I have dealt with at food for less (04july17) the cashier Richard was rude to me just some eye rolling but i brushed of when my mom was paying she told him thanks for your help but he completely ignored her, my mom then went back to see his name and he started to scream at her and telling the other cashier she had still gone to get more stuff and expects me to be nice to her. I’m sorry but I worked in retail i know its annoying when customers do that but my mom apologized for this inconviniance but yes I expect them to atleast say hi or at least say thanks after my mom thanked him for his help even if he was rude. And on top of that I went to speak to the manager Jason about how rude the cashier was he told me he was going to get cigarettes and said okay ill wait, 5 minutes passed and no manager when I looked up he was on a register. The worst experience I’ve had at the pacoima food 4 less


Oscar Campos June 7, 2017 at 8:27 pm

To hum it may concern.

On June 4th; 2017 at: 10:30am I went to food for less located at:
6901 Eastern ave Bell Gardens, CA 90201 / 323.771.2003

when I went to the meat department and after wait 20 minutes
I ask the attendant for this many pounds of beef (diesmillo)
He said to me sorry we only sale don’t sale by pounds only the hole piece, I answer
I just need this many pounds . according the pictures I took
The advertising doesn’t mention to the customers that you need to purchases what the meat department wants to sale not what the customer
Wants to purchases . I request to see the meat manager department
He refuse to come to give me an answer at lease he should came out and give me an explanation to me what I didn’t see on the advertising because what I see it was something different then what the employee told me
To me, he is a very unprofessional manager employee!

Before I left the store I see the manager in charge (Vicky)
Vicky do you sale items by customer request? Her answer was yes!
I respond to her why the meat department wants to sale me what they what?
Not what is ask for
She didn’t give any answer!
She only move her shoulders

This kind of customers service is really bad, because today (Sunday June 4th) we have a big BBQ reunion like about 30 members.
After me waiting for 20 min and not be able to get the meat I needed I was obligate to go to another store and leave the members wait for it longer
And this big family noes about how bad customer service is at the meat department
They say, that they Will not purchase at any other food 4 less store again because they have bad customer service.

There other supermarkets nearby us in our area with a better customer service and I’m very sure we are welcome.

I have a business to, my customer service is very professional and polite!

Been so big of a company I never thought you didn’t have professional managers or employees.


e-mail: info at

NOTE: please, don’t send me money an stated trainee your employees more professional!


Katherine Simola June 6, 2017 at 6:34 pm

I was shopping at Food 4 Less 1717 S Western Ave, June 5 2017, 9:06 pm. I only purchased 4 items so I did not need a bag. The cashier was pleasant and professional. I was her last customer so when we were done she locked up and walked away. I stayed at the cash to rearrange my purchase into the 2 bags I had brought along (throwing the receipt into one). As I was leaving the store an elderly security guard stopped me and asked to see my receipt. I was a bit frustrated because I knew I would have to search through my rearranged bags to find it, The guard then told me he had watched me walk into the store and was sure that I could not find my receipt because I didn’t have one. I asked if he was accusing me of stealing and he said it was obvious that my bags would need to be searched and that I was not leaving the store until I could prove that I hadn’t. No one else leaving the store was asked to produce a receipt and the guard did make it plain that I was the only one under suspicion. I did finally find my receipt and showed it to his partner. The partner confirmed that the receipt was valid. The accusing guard was less than impressed and acted as if I somehow had “faked” it. His tone and manner was rude but also somewhat threatening. I returned to the store later that evening with a friend who has lived in West Adams all of his life to discuss this situation with the store manager. The manager said it was unfortunate but there was nothing he could do since the security is hired from an outside source. The guard was still on shift and he then was able to influence another young guard on duty with him to also be threatening and vulgar towards me. I do feel that this was a racially motivated hostile action towards me by the guard. This is not a situation that should continue in the West Adams neighborhood considering the issues that already exist here. Food 4 Less does have some responsibility that the employees they hire (even from an outside source) are able to conduct themselves professionally and leave their personal issues out of their interactions with customers. My friend and I will not be returning to this store again.


Janette Latham May 12, 2017 at 10:08 am

To Whom It May Concern

I visited your location in Victorville, California on the corner of Bear Valley and 7th on Saturday May 6, 2017. I walked up to Christines line there was no line, just 1 transaction she was finishing. The belt was sprayed and she was in a conversation with that guest and another team member. I waited about 10 minutes she was chomping on gum and did not acknowledge me. I walked back around to the other fastlane east of her the girl finished, i needed a gift card and questioned if the “Food 4 Less” gift card allowed full purchase; food, paper, condiment and alcohol. The young lady told me they did and i had to walk over to a end display to retrieve it, they dont keep they companys gift cards at the registers with the few others i saw. There was a line with her so i went back the Christine who was still chomping on gum and talking loud. There was a male team member that she said would be helping me and she stepped out. I handed the young man a the gift card and asked for $125 to be placed on it. He was not able to complete my transaction and involved Christine..who could not either. They involved the other young lady and she could not either. Christine ran over and grabbed another card from the end rack and proceeded again…by now a long line had formed and the inappropriate comments had me and the next guest upset. I gave her a negative look and she asked “How is your day”? I replied “It was better until I walked in here and had to wait to get basic information and watch you chomp gum with no form of customer service”. Christine then replied sarcastic “are you sure I am just chomping gum or was I helping someone also and chomping gum”. I told the young man get me a Manager now.

Louise came upand I explained the situation, I also made her aware that is why I dont shop their. A church sister lives in the private homes behind her store. The card is for her because she only shops there with her handicap child. Louise apologized and Loiuse the Manager set the card up. I drove directly to the home of Mrs Mundy and gave her the card.

I received a text Monday May 8th from Mrs Mundy while I was at work that the white Manager with a goatee/beard stated the card and slip dont match. The card had to be stolen she only had $80 odd dollars in her vehicle glove box and she took her handicap son and 5 year old to the car. There was an older white woman that paid for $40 on her EBT because of the hostile way Mrs Mundy was being treated. Comments from the male manager a shame for her to go to jail with her kid being handicap of some sort. He was acting like she stole the card and told her call the 800 number.

I was levid. I called into the store and Louise answered the phone i made her aware her and her team were incompetent, rude and i wanted the corporate and regional manager phone number. I also told her she made that card. Right then the whole perception of thief changed but it was to late. I made her aware that i should have called Saturday but i gave it the benefit of the doubt.

Amazing NOW she can help with the card situation. The cash was refunded and the card setup with another $125 and the $80 removed. The guest with the food stamp card was gone.

I am requesting serious action be taken. Mrs Mundy is a full-time business representative for a major company in Cerritos. She had to take leave from work that week because her sons condition and medication for seiezures changed. I drove from my home 20 minutes away to get this gift card. Mrs Mundy has to still shop there for the convenience of the disabled 14 year old young man and her 5 year old daughter. Her income has dropped for her to stay home for the next few weeks while she prepares for a surgery. Her son was shaken when he was an infant by a caregiver. I cant believe she was treated this way and i want a resolution.

Janette Latham
Lynette Mundy

I want a call back


M.Hernandez April 24, 2017 at 6:31 pm

I strongly suggest that the manager stick to her job managing the store instead of insulting and disrespecting me as a loyal customer of my role as a mother. As she stated aggressively “Myself as a good mother would not let my child go to the restroom alone. You should not send her (referring to my daughter) alone to the restroom.” she suggested i was not being a good mother and offered me a parenting tip i had knowledge on already as i have accomplished a parenting certificate, and i am perusing two certificates in child development. Once i responded to the manager to inform her that my daughter had ran away and i did not send my daughter to the restroom she rudely walked back to her office instead of apologizing. The situation that led to the moment was my daughter (toddler)had ran away from her father’s side and ended up in the men’s restroom, ran out then to the next restroom being the women’s which was the moment at witch i arrived to find my daughter pushing on the women’s restroom door. There was another male employee who informed me that my daughter had ran to the males restroom and before i could thank him for asking my daughter where her mommy was and trying to better the situation. Ultimately after a simple mistake that led to my daughter’s accident i had to tolerate unnecessary and rude comments and suggestions from the manager. This occurred at Food For Less in Visalia, CA on Dinuba Blvd.


foo4lesscustomer April 3, 2017 at 11:33 pm

I recently went to la puente food4less .hacienda blvd . the restroom seems to be in health code violations. one of the stall was flooded. FEECES on the floor. no soap to wash hands. WATER FAUCET BROKEN!! .imagine all the customer who use restroom walking around touching food with dirty hands. NO TOILET PAPER, the floor was wet and dirty with footprints. about to call the county to file a complaint


Michael Carter March 23, 2017 at 10:10 pm

I just left the Food 4 Less in Long Beach there were people in the store with their dogs one lady had her dog in the shopping cart for we put our food I brought it to the attention of the manager I went and put back all my groceries and I walked out of the store I’m not buying anything there your pet is your pet not my pet not the Community Pet keep your pet in your car or at home it does not belong in the store where I buy my food


Carmen S Taylor February 20, 2017 at 7:13 am

I am sending this email about an incident that took place yesterday in your store manager
Michell very rude very uncompassionate to the young cashier that just had lost her grandfather. ask her if she leaves in tears she told her no and if she leaves she will be spend. it is the law you requires that you get three grieving day if a For child siblings and grandparent. your manager was very rude and uncompassionate. she lost her Love one why would you want her to stay in the store crying in front of customers? NOT GO MANAGER. I am so sorry that young lady her job and her grandfather. she was very distraught. at the store location 7030 S. Ashland Ave.


Raven February 1, 2017 at 8:33 pm

Im highly upset at the mission/fashion valley food 4 less. 2 days ago around 6 pm i was carrying my 2 month old in his carseat my 13 year old had my 2 year old and while i was trying to pull a cart down the cart return i tripped on the curb my ankle popped and my baby hit the ground and was screaming. Not one employee came to help or even to check and see if my son or i were ok.. ONLY the shoppers came to help. Once i got up i tried to continue on to do my shopping but my ankle hurt so bad and the swelling wouldn’t allow for me to continue on. 1 employee watched as 2 customers helped my family and i back to the car. Disappointed customer!!


james mayo January 14, 2017 at 2:23 pm

my wife went to get a cake for my daughters birthday. The cake she picked out had moldy strawberry’s. The bakery clerk was extremely rude and insisted it was wife took a photo and its definitely mold. This clerk was so rude my wife is still upset as I write this. We shop at food for less a lot, but if this is the way food 4 less treats its customers ill shop at state bros. for now on!!!!!


Barry A. Reeves January 6, 2017 at 1:50 pm

I sent the following response about a month ago with no feedback and this is the 3rd followup with no call received:

Attention: Food 4 Less,

My wife (Yawen) visited the Food 4 Less in Lancaster, California on the 10th of December 2016 at 11:19 am looking for the special on Kroger brand unbleached flour. She looked but did not see any on the shelves. Patty (cashier) had just finished talking with the customer in front of my wife for an extended amount of time (about 2 to 3 minutes) with no since of urgency to take care of the next customer in line. When my wife got to the checked out she notified the Patty of the problem with the following conversation:
Wife: Is there any Kroger brand unbleached flour, I can’t seem to find it in the store.
Patty: (In a rude and impatient manner she indicated) The Flour is all on the shelf.
Wife: Can I get a rain check for the flour, there is no Kroger brand unbleached flour on the shelf?
Patty: No I can’t do that.
Wife: Why can’t you write me a rain check for the item?
Patty: The flour is a special item and you can’t have a rain check for the item.
Wife: There’s nothing on the advertisement indicating no rain checks.
Patty: There’s a limit on the Kroger brand unbleached flour.
Wife: You can write the limit on the rain check.
Patty: No.
Wife: Can I talk to your manager?
Patty then walked to the front desk without saying anything—looking angry— made a phone call and then came back.
Patty: There still some on the shelf.
Wife: I did not see any Kroger brand unbleached flour on the shelf.
Patty then walked again to the front desk without saying anything, made a phone call and then came back.
Patty: The Kroger brand unbleached flour is in front of the bread.

So my wife had to get out of line get the flour and stand back in line again to purchase it.
The conversation took about 10 minutes and Patty was impatient, unhappy, rude and unprofessional. My wife never got to talk to a manager either Patty failed to contact the manager, failed to help the customer in a courteous manager and failed showed a since of urgency to help the next customer in line. I have never heard of flour being a special item and denied a rain-check for it.

Hopefully, this is not the way Food-4-Less intends to conduct its business. I’m pretty sure that Patty is not conveying customer policy in her actions. Please elevate this issue to the highest level.


Michelle Foley December 6, 2016 at 6:04 pm

Good afternoon

I work for Kalifornia Distilleries and I would appreciate if you could give me the contact information for the person in charge of purchasing spirits.

We are a small craft distillery located in Temecula. We produce vodka, bourbon, unaged corn whiskey, 2 flavored moonshines ( lemonade and peach pie). We would be interested in selling our products at your stores. I hope you can point me in the right direction.

Thank you


Vianna logan November 11, 2016 at 11:28 am

Walmart price matches.


Jeannie Skala November 4, 2016 at 3:24 pm

I have written to you & you said you would write back, it’s been 2 weeks. I have called 4 times & on hold over 10 mins each before hanging up. I would like a savings card & our store has been out of them for over a month. They keep saying they don’t know where the shipment is. If you are not going to have the cards, why advertise the savings?? It’s like a bait & switch. You almost make me miss Chicago. This Crest Hill, IL. store needs help really bad. I worked in retail for 40 years & never treated customers they way they treat them.


JC August 1, 2016 at 1:24 pm

To whom it may concern,

Food 4 Less used to be a good place but now is changing for the worse. Long lines that i get fustrated to wait and I just leave my products and buy on another store. If you can not affor to have cashiers lease the machine to scan your items like any other store only one person to assist while you have 6 registers open and a regular person for the ones who dont feel comfortable using the scanner machine and pay and go. The Food 4 Less in Cathedral City, CA 92234 It was a good place but they hired kids to mananage the store. There are so many well educated managers with experience. I understant that you want to safe a dollar but you are loosing thousand and thousands on sales. You used to have an Organic section and now not much there. No organics eggs, no organic salads, no organic apples and so on…. You used to have nice quiality shrimp and no more shrimp so sad because I like that store. Hopefully someone will read this email and make some changes since is very sad to see a bussiness providing a bad service.


Nikki July 20, 2016 at 2:37 pm

I am currently in store of 558 and I came to cash and check and shop on my lunch break there is no line no wait but because your staff member working in the customer service area did not properly know there job my isussed through my insurance account was miss handled no customer service rep was knowledgable on how to cash a check and left me standing around for 20 min not to service me this is sad and poor way to hire people not fit for a job 847 492 XXXXX very poor


CS Johnson July 5, 2016 at 7:25 am

Good morning. As a guest in your store in Chicago and Melrose Park Illinois. I noticed that you carry some of Moo & Oink products. I was wondering if you could also try there barbecue seasoning. I know that they still make it because the store that carry it, I care not to shop there.


Janice Petrey June 18, 2016 at 12:52 am

I went to Manteca Food 4 Less today saw some nestle flavored water on sale for .99 a 12 pk when I got to the counter they preceded to tell me it was for a six pack, I told them the whole pallet was packaged that way. The manager I talked to had no authority to authorize the .99 for the twelve pack, I told him it was false advertising and he should honor it. I did call the district manager but have not received a call back. I shop here all the time and they rather displease a customer than do the correct thing, it’s not my fault someone did not complete the job and unpackaged them. What is better taking care of a customer or losing more customers? The register operator and manager were not helpful instead were defensive. The so called manager did not know that shelf price must be correct or it has to be sold for the shelf price. Good Training.


Michelle R G May 12, 2016 at 6:59 pm

Hello I would like to say I have raised my children with Food 4 Less being their store and I know times change but why lose the customer service and family based service that we customers use to have. I started off with Food 4 Less in Fontana and then started using Food 4 Less in Rancho Cucamonga and I must say the staff is very rude and very unprofessional. You see when I go anywhere that deals with the public I look at name tags and I can point out a hand full of the staff that need a class on customer service skills and I can also point a few names of great staff.
How is it that the supervisors allow the staff to read a book while cashiering, you can make a mistake in doing so. Faith was my cashier and she was literally reading while she completed her transaction and made no eye contact, no smile, no greet nothing. Celia was my cashier once and was so caught up in gossiping with the customer in front of me that as she rang me up I had to actual grab her attention so she could see just how much money I was giving her. Monica she has been my cashier many times and she is GREAT!! Jessie has been my cashier he is GREAT!! I found it very rude of ARIES to be cashering and call for the floor help Jason to come get go backs and ARIES began to pile the item’s on this child as the items fell out of Jason’s hand ARIES kept pilling the items and the other cashers (Tish) being one of the ones I could read her tag from a far began to laugh they then realized I was staring at them with a look like “what are you doing and why” Jason didn’t say or do anything he just allowed himself to be bullied!! by ARIES!! not nice. This took place on the same day that FAITH was reading her book at her register. I have had my encounter with ADAM no problem, with Shawn Very humble young man who greeted me the morning I came into the store, mind you I had passed about 6 employees that morning and know one greeted me but Shawn, sad part is Lisa was pulling two baskets and I looked at her name tag immediately because I smiled and she was cold in her demeanor and then I ran into Jennifer she didn’t greet me and if memory service me right they are supervisors. I’ve also observed a few new younger kids Michael, Abel, Jason and I have encountered all three young men. Michael I encountered him by him standing buy the office door telling his co-workers how he didn’t want to stay over time and he wished the supervisor would hurry and come over to him so he could leave, I heard him because I was grabbing a Gatorade with my son before football practice, Jason is the sweetest quiet young man, Abel I have encountered a few times and he has always been very helpful always smiling and uses manners when speaking as in thank you your welcome and so on. There is David now that I have come across a few times and I will say that he isn’t people friendly at least his demeanor isn’t, I hesitated to approach him. I feel the corporate needs to step in and actually check what staff is going through because in reality its not a friendly place anymore. Odezza was GREAT so was Sila!! and many others that are now gone. I have thought about just taking my business to another store, I have even talked about this situation to many friends and family members and they have agreed that your store is not the same.


Debbie Williams March 16, 2016 at 6:24 pm

Everyone needs to go see Josie in Redlands Ca Food For Less on Redlands Blvd. Show your support she is a great worker great woman her manager on the other hand is a smug full of himself leave you hanging even at the hands of customers poor ratings to show this woman he is in contol. Well people we are in contol we are the consumers. Go see Josie then write a review on how great she is and about what her boss thinks he can do. Support her. I intend to try to get her to go all the way. Take pictures. Ask to speak to her boss. Fair employment rules and regulations apply to all including her boss. Josie needs her job as we all do but not at the cost of being placed in an enviorment with twenty or more customers in line made at her because of the line STRESS FACTOR! No more Gabriel!!We the customets want more for Josie !


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