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Fingerhut Corporate Office Address

Fingerhut Companies, Inc.
7075 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344

Contact Fingerhut

Phone Number: (952) 656-3700
Fax Number: (320) 237-9160
Email: Email Fingerhut

Fingerhut Facts

Founder: Manny & William Fingerhut
Date Founded: 1948
Founding Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Number of Employees: 9500

Fingerhut Executives

CEO: Steven H. Nave
CFO: Mark P. Wagener
COO: Vince Jones

Fingerhut History

Fingerhut was founded in 1948 by brothers Manny and William Fingerhut. The brothers originally sold car seat covers, but soon expanded into catalog sales, which soon offered other items, such as tools, kitchen items, bedding, and towels.

The company has been sold several times over the years, including Federated Department Stores in 1999, Bain Capital Ventures in 2004, and currently to the Bluestem Group.

Fingerhut is an online retailer which offers a very wide variety of items, including iPads, curtains, Playstations, televisions, laptops, umbrellas, and more. The company differs from almost every other online company in that it has its own “Rent to Own” service, where customers can purchase items and make payments without using credit cards.

The company has come under fire recently for offering their merchandise at higher prices than most other stores, as well as for annoying “robocalls.”

Fingerhut FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Fingerhut?
Answer 1: The phone number for Fingerhut is (952) 656-3700.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Fingerhut?
Answer 2: The CEO of Fingerhut is Steven H. Nave.

Question 3: Who founded Fingerhut?
Answer 3: Fingerhut was founded by Manny & William Fingerhut in 1948.

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Steven Dillon May 16, 2019 at 4:53 pm

Went to get a house and 1 late payment from fingerhut has stop all of that Bill was not sent out should not have a late payment .Been customer for a long time . Payment was only 4 days late .


Dave E Hughes March 9, 2019 at 8:17 am

Hi Guys
My name is Dave E Hughes of Chatham, Illinois and me and my husband love Fingerhut for its selection and easy to apply credit. So y’all give them a try and you will find like me and Jock did that Fingerhut is awesome so y’all give them a try
Dave E Hughes 👨🏻‍🔧


carrie waters March 6, 2019 at 10:42 am



Killian January 22, 2019 at 1:06 pm

Took unauthorized money off my credit card after I told them i would send November payment to them,I canceled November payment,but I want justice,i will not stop until I get I ,can’t steal from people and get away with it


Brian Raines October 23, 2018 at 11:19 am



Michael Marino October 18, 2018 at 10:52 am

I’ve been with Fingerhut for 4 years. I went to place a order and it wouldn’t go through. I was told I now have to call their fraud line. First off, none of their service people could really speak English, and the fraud line is a joke. I tried to reach corporate and this is another farce. This company is a real joke, what happened to good service. I’m going to close my account. At the least you could hire Americans since this was a American company. Places like this who are so cheap are destroying our Nation by out-sourcing…


Michael Hendley July 12, 2018 at 8:27 pm

Called police to find out why I could not reach Fingerhut! Company has move to an undisclosed location!!!!!


Tammy Robinson July 13, 2018 at 12:32 pm

You can find their new address and phone number on our site, above the comments


Joyce May 15, 2018 at 12:50 pm



Joyce May 15, 2018 at 12:15 pm



Arthur Bartley April 26, 2018 at 10:05 am

Dear Mr. CEO
I would like to report to you that some of the practices of your company,s customer service is causing a negative view of your company which is not in my opinion a good thing for the future of a company founded by honest hard working entrepreneurs.Until recently I had been a good customer paying customer and was looking forward to making a 1000.00 purchase. My problem is that do to a mere 13.00 my credit score went from 716 to 668 up until that time we had an auto pay agreement which is disturbing to say the least . to make a long story short if you remove this blight on my credit I promise to make the 1000 00 purchase so I can resume with my good score and continue our relationship


Liz Sanders February 5, 2018 at 2:20 pm

To start with, customer service is the worse I have ever experienced. No one speaks fIuant English!. I had my acct pd. up….or so I thought. They called me and told me I owed $38. For what ????? I had an insurance policy that was coming out. One I do not remember asking for. So I called the ins. co, Fingerhut gave me the number, and I cancelled it. In the meantime it was so difficult trying to deal with Customer Service I went ahead and made a payment on the acct. to get it closed and I will NEVER order again. As soon as I made the payment, they turned me in to the Credit Bureau for less than $20 and the fact I didn’t know because they had not sent me any statements!!! Beware!!


Ricardo Comfort December 14, 2017 at 10:54 am

On 12/07/2017 I ordered four items totaling $284.00. One one of the items was a 25 ounce can of Figi’s pistachio lovers mix priced at $29.99. I received an 8 ounce can so I called customer service and explained to the customer service rep that they made an error. I was told by the representative that it is advertised as 8 ounces. At that time I informed her that in their “FINGERHUT Holiday 2017 Big Book catalog on page 300, item QQ583 its advertised at 25 ounces. At that point the customer service rep informed me that it is 8 ounces on line. I asked to speak with her supervisor and was put on hold. The customer service rep checked back with me about every 10 minutes. After 30 minutes of being on hold it probably became apparent to her that I wasn’t going to end the call without speaking with her supervisor so the rep told me that her supervisor would call me back in an hour. Of course the call never came. That was yesterday, today I called back and I was told by a customer service rep to give them 48 hours to sort it out. I responded there’s nothing to sort out and directed her to page 300 item QQ583. Again I requested a supervisor and again I was placed on hold, she checked back with me about every 10 minutes for about 30 minutes so I informed her that I was going to call the Fingerhut Corporate Office, and I terminated the call.

Needless to say Fingerhut customer service is awful. This could have easily been resolved by Fingerhut either offering to send me the advertised product or something comparable. Since that didn’t happen I believe the item was falsely advertised. If this is not resolved by end of business today to my satisfaction I am closing my account.


Edward Tang November 17, 2017 at 11:49 am

I was referred by Credit Karma to use Fingerhut to build my credit. I applied and was approved for a credit account. Not knowing this was going to take a hit on my credit report of a minor -3 points I was fine with it as I was going to purchase Christmas gifts. I called because I will never receive packages at my PO Box and they said they could not change it. I could hardly understand the woman representative and as I was under the impression she was getting to the screen she needed to change the shipping address. She then asks if there was anything else she could do for me? Turns out she CLOSED MY ACCOUNT in under 24 hours of it being opened. So all I ended up with was a hit on my credit and an account closed and was told the only way they would re-open an account is if I apply for a new one…. So that means ANOTHER HIT TO MY CREDIT!!!! So after a 40 minute call being placed on hold over and over I never got to enter my survey. So hopefully this gets passed on so this doesn’t happen to many others. So now for Christmas gifts another company will be receiving my large orders! Thanks for the credit reduction Fingerhut! Word of mouth travels fast!


ms. turner June 29, 2017 at 4:47 am

does anyone know if an attorney is currently persueing a class action lawsuit against this company? I returned broken items, missing diamonds in one ring, dropped other diamond ring on floor christmas day and diamond pops out.and never received one item over Christmas. they tried to get me to make payments on merchandise that i never received and on items I was returning, waited for return labels… never came. ordered more labels finally came after several weeks maybe a month. customer service can’t understand what they are saying and they don’t don’t comprehend what you’re explaining. you have to repeat yourself, ask for more help or call back.its ridiculous. I recently had to ask to speak to someone in the states because of gauge barrier. they leave price tags on there items and over charge you by large profit margins that have to be illegal somewhere. customer then tells me they can’t reverse charges, it’s been more then 90 days when I have repeatedly told them in prior months that I didn’t receive one item. now it’s hitting my credit, but because they are so lousy I’ll take it..they said I owed them $199.00 now it’s over $300 on my credit. will be calling better business in MN and corporate. your company should be ashamed of exploiting people like you do let’s not talk about the insane amount of phone calls all day into the night. had to tell them to stop calling me. first horrible experience and last. I will be trying to reach the CEO and tell him to read his ,complaints. since I live in California and we lovd.a good lawsuit I will explore those avenues as well


Marty Grizzle June 26, 2017 at 9:48 pm

I ordered a mans blue lapis sterling silver ring last week. The ring was listed for 199.00 dollars. The ring arived I opened the ring and upon inspection of the label that is attached to the ring the price on the ring had a retail price of 69.00 dollars. Same sku# on ring that was list on finger huts web site and same sku# on ring with the 69.00 price on the ring. I was furious. I called customer service and could not get no where with them. I have been a loyal customer , but this has really left me furious . I am going to make photo copies of all of this and send it to the attorney general in their state because this is fraud. I will no longer be a customer any more. I’m sure every thing I’ve ordered has been over inflated. I have several pieces of jewelry I’m going to go get appraised and see how much I was charged over the actual price. Such a shame.


Dawn Cree April 26, 2017 at 1:22 pm

I am FURIOUS! In your FALL catalog, you isted an outdoor set on clearance. I ordered 2 sets, and was sent only 2 chairs. I called about how to return them, as I wanted 2 full sets. I was told I was being sent return labels. They never showed up. Now I am being told too bad, you are over 90 days.
And can not return them for credit. I have REPEATEDLY asked for a resolution, and told too bad. I even said I ill close my $3,000 account if i get no satisfaction. I was told that was fine.
What ever happened to customer service?? Or keeping customers happy o keep their business???
Well Fingerhut, you made my choice easy, goodbye!!


Danny Carrillo March 14, 2017 at 6:33 pm

I started the fresh step program I’ve paid it down to thirty and change and called customer service to let them know that I’d be paying it off on the first of the month I talked with a women I could barely understand and asked if when I payed this off if I gave them my card no, if I could put one of there electric scooters on hold and just take my payments out of the card every month I spoke with another supervisor no 154 who would not give me his name and I explained to him that I wanted the scooter as a present and supervisor told me that even when I pay off what I owe that I would not be able to get anything from Fingerhut for two weeks after they again approved another credit line is this why Fingerhut is not like it used to be in touch with the people of the united States and Carter’s to the people that helped build your massive empire mabey if you took a little time and stop counting your millions and hitting cheap labor as supervisors and call help you could be the company that we the people trusted and even today still support


Linda Kaahea February 26, 2017 at 9:59 pm

Why do you show items in your catalog that you do not have. This is tantamount to false advertising and the government has agencies that deal with consumer fraud. I also think that the news media might be interested in your practices (CNN, FOX, BLOOMBERG) to name a few. I intend to find out if they are.


Samantha February 13, 2017 at 5:32 pm

Shady customer service, and even shadier procedures. Their website never registers your promocodes, catalog numbers, or address changes. They don’t let anyone become an authorized user so you make calls on the account and their hours are our hours so never anyway to call them. Fingerhut should be ashamed for the outsourced customer service, what ever happened to caring about quality, its what make a person loyal to the company. I will definitely be contacting corporate and obtaining an attorney if need be. This is peoples credit which affects your quality of life. I will also take the hit and close the account FINGERHUT has lost my business for good. When bafoons run companies jump ship and let them sink.


Dawn Cree April 26, 2017 at 1:08 pm

Did ever get anywhere? I am havimg issues also and am thinking about an attorney.


georgeanne January 2, 2017 at 12:21 pm

This is what is what is going to happen. 1st: you Fingerhut are going to send me in writing what exactly happened and why it happen starting with the day i Payed my balance in full. I will NOT, WILL NOT be bullied into paying anything to fingerhut due to their incompetence and ingnorance and not paying attention. someone there is responsible for this. that person should be paying not me. I was an on time every month customer. I want to know why I am being sent a bill (how dare you) with interest and charges. I purchased NOtHING, i PURCHASED NOTHING…NOTHING AFTER BALANCE WAS PAID IN FULL. I WANT THE EXPLANATION IN WRITING.
Not a letter of any kind was sent to me after i payed MY FINGERHUT BALANCE IN FULL AND TURNED OFF AUTO PAY. Nothing, NOT A WORD. you act as though i PAYED MY BALANCE THE DAY BEFORE THE MIN. PAYMENT WAS DUE, WHICH I DID NOT, I INSURED THAT THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN AND PAYED WELL IN ADVANCE. What did i get for being an outstanding customer…I got it right in the a** by fingerhut, not only did you take an unauthorized payment but you took the amount that i payed the balance with…WHICH WAS ALL OF MY MONEY, INTO MINUS, AND YOU DID NOTHING FOR A WEEK…GIVE OR TAKE A DAY….SO I WAS IN OVERDRAFT AND COULD NOT USE MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE FINGERHUT WAS STUPID. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO MAKE MISTAKES WITH YOUR CUSTOMER’S ACCOUNTS…PERIOD!!
so while i am stressing and sending you dumn a**es emails you didn’t have the decency or respect for me. I received no apology, no nothing from fingerhut. for a i said give or take a day. so while i was stressing and going through hardship, Fingerhut was going about their business and would take care of me when they felt like it.
and that is exactly what you did. there was nothing to investigate. account was paid in full. Fingerhut payment/billing department made the mistake and should be liable for it. Not me as your former customer.
When fingerhut finally decided to take of their mistake I was a mess, drained and stressed out. Sorry you do not understand this..i dont have a million dollars in my account. I have to worry every damn month how i will get to the end of the month with finances. When fingerhut credited my account …it was a done deal and finally over. what ever was credited was compensation. I was not thinking OMG, i have to pay fingerhut, I was thinking REALLY, fingerhut doesn’t know how to add and subtract and is fingerhut that damn stupid. I left the credits in my account for a month. Again, no letters, no emails, no calls for either an apology or oops we f-ed you again, Miss Petro.
Fingerhut is crooked and deceitful. I do not trust you. In writing in detail why fingerhut employee/s are not properly trained or fingerhut has outdated software that cannot sustain the amount of customers and transactions. why is this happening to me.
AGAIN, THIS IS FINGERHUT’S FAULT. IF YOU DID YOUR JOBS WE WOULD NOT BE HAVING THIS DISCUSSION. I payed my fingerhut account balance, turned off auto pay and that should have been the end of our dealings with each other.


Ruby HanXXXX December 12, 2016 at 3:26 pm

I am going to close my account I had $552.00 credit on my account and went to place a order and then was told to call your credit department so I did just to find out you lowered my credit to $150.00 only leaving me $2.00 available that’s bull because my account is and has been paid in full I will be tell everyone I know not to use Fingerhut because they will screw you over unless you can fix my credit balance I’m not wanting a increase just what I had back


Reginald Matthews November 29, 2016 at 11:45 am

Im in your freshstart and paid off in 2 payments…my last payment was due nov 15th i called a week ahead and explained my pay was on 17th they told me they notate waive late fee and would b excepted in revolving .. On 15th received message and called again told them pay 17th was noted would not affect me getting revolving account because was paid off in 2 payments…they tell me today i was denied cause late payment …why would they assure me then denie me im so upset i dont know if i want to give any more of my money to u …and ur corparate. Number gives me nothing plz call me im so upset i feel i was scammed…call this number plz i want to speak to manager 210878XXXXX


Anthony Annarino November 17, 2016 at 2:24 pm

This is regarding purchasing three 20 pce comforter sets in your Christmas book. I wanted to buy three queen comforter 20 pce sets and with the sheet set switch to full size . The material for full size is just going over the bed which queen is more attractive. We all have a full size bed but like to have the queen size comforter .,but your customer service is telling my mother whom has been calling today for me that they can not do that. One customer service person told my mother if you walked into a department store and bought a bed n bag would you take out the queen size and put a full size in there. come on. You are fingerhut . You have been around for a long time. My grandmother shopped there and my mother gave me great reviews. Not anymore. I get people that just don’t treat customer service like they should. Make the customer happy not angry. If I was your customer service agent, I would ask a manager or get advice and see if we can do this or give the customer three full size sheet sets. You just made me mad and my family. Anthony Annarino


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