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Fiat USA
1000 Chrysler Dr
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

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Phone Number: (248) 576-5741
Fax Number: (248) 512-1762
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Fiat Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Fiat Executives

CEO: Sergio Marchionne
CFO: Richard Palmer
COO: Stefan Ketter

Fiat History

Fiat was founded by Giovanni Agnelli in 1899 in Turin, Italy.  It’s first model was the 3 1/2 CV.

In 1903, the company produced their first truck.  In 1908, they exported to the USA for the first time.  They also began producing aircraft engines this same year.

By 1910, Fiat was the largest automobile producer in Italy.  They still maintain this position today.  A Fiat factory was opened in NY at this time and owning a Fiat was a sign of distinction.

In 2009, Fiat acquired Chrysler.

Fiat is currently the 9th largest auto maker in the world.  Their worldwide headquarters is located at:

Via Nizza, 250
Torino, 10126 Italy




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ALICE WILLIAMS February 21, 2018 at 11:43 am

I bought 2014 500L Trekker. the Engine light keeps coming on. I have spent nearly $800.00 at Fiat Palm Springs. Each time, I pay for “The Part”, that will fix it…the longest the engine light has been off is 5 days. Poor and below average service, I hate my car. Never Buy FIAT.


Hugh Barbanell November 10, 2017 at 5:01 pm

Don’t do it!
I purchased a Spyder 124 Abarth and the seat cover was and remains defective because FIAT will not repair it. It has a crease from the time of purchase. It needs to be replaced, I have been to the Fiat service dealer and fiat customer service(which I believe is an out-sourced unit) rejected the repair. Warranty states, all defective items are covered. Denying a repair for a defective item is a breech of contract.

Not sure why this is not being resolved. If the seat was not defective, the last thing I would want to do is waste time at a service shop. Nobody likes to do that.

If they won’t fix something so simple, imagine if you had a more complicated issue.


Kathleen Cochrun October 2, 2017 at 1:22 pm

I want to take my car to Fiat, Milwaukie (Portland, OR area) at no cost to me, to diagnose a followup issue to something originated at Fiat Portland. The reason I don’t want to take my car back to Fiat, Portland is I have had 4 years of below average service and customer service from this dealership, starting with the Service Department rarely answers the phone/never returns messages to schedule service. I’ve circumvented the Service Department by calling the Service Manager…. which is not that much better of an option since it takes him on average 2+ weeks to respond to the request, and another 2+ weeks to commit to a time to get my car in. Beyond this, he lacks basic knowledge about Fiats, as do the techs. I’ve had to show both how to replicate intermittent problems. The Service Manager gives incorrect information about Fiat service issues (that I’ve confirmed was wrong with other dealers). At one point, I waited 6 weeks for a part; no explanation. The Fiat Milwaukie dealership said they could’ve received the part within a week. Then there was the time I picked my car up from service at Fiat Portland and there was a new dent on one of the doors. Another time, after I dropped my car off for service, I stopped by the dealership to retrieve something from my car, and it was unlocked, on their parking lot. Twice, I had to wait 2 hours longer for my car to be ready from service from the time I was told it would be ready. I realize dealerships have their own budgets, and I’m asking the Fiat Milwaukie dealership to dip into their budget on an issue that originated at Fiat Portland, but this, quite frankly, is not my problem. Nor are the problems related to the Fiat Portland dealership having no sense of what it takes to run a business that approaches even average customer service. There may be a distinct difference between corporate responsibilities and the dealerships, but from a customer perspective, all of it has to do with brand management. A failure to provide good mechanical service or good customer service at the dealership level hurts the brand, and future sales, as does the failure of Fiat Corporate to back customers on these issues; to take customer complaints about poor service, nevermind, poor manufacturing quality, seriously. Beyond this, vehicle warranties have increasingly less value to customers since manufacturers increasingly fail to uphold warranty protection, forcing dealers to produce source codes before replacement parts and service are approved – even in cases where customers provide proof (photographs), of the (intermittent) problem. Bottom line, I need someone with the authority to approve taking my car to Fiat Milwaukie to diagnose, at no expense to me, the rear camera and Bluetooth intermittent malfunction (as documented by photos), four months after the radio/nav unit was replaced by Fiat, Portland. This is part of brand management.


Norman August 17, 2017 at 2:43 am

I have talked to 6 Fiat dealers….spent hours on the internet looking for a simple answer to this apparent ‘top secret’ at Fiat . Drum roll….tat….tat….tat…tat…tat…..tat
“When are you going to release the 2018 Spider 124…..not the 2017 being sold right now, but the NEW 2018 model.?” Do your dealers a favor and let them in on the information.


Hugh Barbanell November 10, 2017 at 4:38 pm

Don’t do it!
I purchased a Spyder 124 Abarth and the seat cover was and remains defective because FIAT will not repair it. It has a crease from the time of purchase. It needs to be replaced, I have been to the Fiat service dealer and fiat customer service(which I believe is an out-sourced unit) rejected the repair. Warranty states, all defective items are covered. Denying a repair for a defective item is a breech of contract.

Not sure why this is not being resolved. If the seat was not defective, the last thing I would want to do is waste time at a service shop. Nobody likes to do that.


Damon M January 30, 2016 at 1:04 pm

I received a event flyer an scratched off to match a car as one of the prizes. I called to make sure the event was going on; so three buses and a 3.41 mile walk I arrived to receive NOTHING. They claimed that it didn’t match and I received some lottery tickets! Just another SCAM!!!!!!!!


Renee August 4, 2015 at 9:15 am

Now FIAT “cares” says if I wanted a reliable car I should have bought a new one.

Dec 18 Transmission replaced. Shifter knob replaced. Fell apart while driving the vehicle. Asked to check on “squeal” in the back end. Was told they did not hear anything and it was safe to drive. No visual inspection of the noise was performed.

Feb 16 – Key stopped working. would not unlock doors until 2 feet from the vehicle. I replaced the battery which brought the range to 6 feet. Was initially told the key would not be covered since technically it still opened the door and started the car. 2 days after replacing the battery range dropped to 2 feet then would not operate at all. Went back to dealer. Finally agreed to replace key.

Feb 17 – Discovered rotors had rotted to the point that they “ate” the break pads. An overwhelming amount of heat was applied to the rotor and wheel bearing. Breaks and rotors were changed. Third party mechanic told me to listen for wheel bearing noises due to the fact that I drove the car in that condition since Dec. The break noise was brought up at Dec. 18 service.

May 8 invoice states “condition not present.” In the notes however, It clearly states the vehicle would not start when it arrived. When they worked on the vehicle on Monday, it was starting. Checked wiring and performed software update. Also mentioned intermittent radio issue as well as issue with AUX port. Problems cannot be reliably duplicated.

May 15 -Mileage 23,603 Invoice states the vehicle would not start. Repairs were completed (master cylinder was leaking, ABS module) Was called May 18 to pick up the vehicle. Arrived 1 hour after they called that it was ready. The vehicle would not start. Dave Fusicone came out and attempted to start the vehicle and it would not start for him. Was given the closed work order, however, I left in the loaner vehicle.

May 20 – continuation from May 15 service. Odometer reading of 23,603 shows that the vehicle did not move since I was contacted to pick up the vehicle on May 18. By the time a mechanic was available to work on the vehicle, it was starting on it’s own. Dave Rood stated they changed the starter bolts “for good measure.” Picked the vehicle up June 2

June 2- Vehicle drove from dealership to store then to my home (about 5 miles.) Went out 2 hours later and the vehicle would not start. Towed back to dealer. No repairs were preformed other that road testing the vehicle. Vehicle was returned to me as “repaired.” After this service I noticed the front end shaking. I took the car to an outside mechanic who informed me of the below rotor issue. This issue was not mentioned to me upon picking up the car.

June 22- Took car to 3rd party mechanic. Felt vibration in the front end which was not noted during previous service. Also asked mechanic to check previous work performed. The vibration is caused rust on front rotors. They are falling apart in the same manner as the rear rotors.

July 28 – Drove vehicle to a park a few miles from my home. After finishing my lunch I attempted to start the vehicle. It would not start. Attempted to call FIAT several times over the next hour and was disconnected each time due to “high call volume” after 1 hour reached roadside. Tow truck came another hour later. Drove husband’s car to dealer and asked service expert to attempt to start the car. Vehicle would not start. Called July 30 to pick up car. The vehicle is running and “shorted wiring” was replaced.

August 3- Am now being told by FIAT that since I am the second owner there is no way to tell how the previous owner maintained the vehicle and that this could be a reason the car has needed so many repairs. Picked up vehicle from dealer. Invoice stated that wiring was “corroded” near starter. However, starter and wiring were “checked” at prior services.


Lauren Hamilton March 2, 2015 at 7:00 pm

I bought a 2013 Fiat 500 sport manual two years and two months ago and the clutch line completely failed while I was in the middle of a busy road!

Now, I’m reading all kinds of reviews that say the car was built with a defective, low quality, pressure plate! The dealer and Fiat Information center want me to pay for at least half of the fix. Of course, the pressure plate is a modular piece of the clutch line so the whole line has to be replaced. I don’t exactly have a lot of money sitting in the bank as I’m a college student with a genetic disease and I give my parents some money for the medical bills.

The information center hasn’t been very helpful in assisting me in contacting a corporate office so now I’m writing a formal complaint letter and just hoping someone at the corporate Chrysler/Fiat office actually reads it.

I think this is just ridiculous, the car has 20,000 miles on it. I have driven stick for over five years, I’m 23, and even have my motorcycle license, I know how to drive a manual vehicle. Fiat used a defective piece, this is a manufactorer defect! I should not have to pay for this, the company is trying to pull more money out of its customers.

Such a shame because I did like the car a lot before this problem!


sukkajet December 10, 2014 at 4:48 pm

i live in chicago and i bought a car from fait of chicago How can I bought a new car from Fiat but got a piece of crap and fait of chicago didn’t take care of it
I bought a new car from fiat of Chicago since 28 April 2014 . I didn’t thing when I buy a new car with fiat brand got me too much problem . I went to service 5 time to fix the problem in 7 month how your thing this is a good car to drive. First time I got panic coz the car was shaking very loud but the dealer had a company car to use I feel happy for service , Second time it better coz I knew what I should do but Third time shouldn’t happen again right coz this is a new car .The dealer just change the policy, they said no company car for rent but they rented from enterprise to me . When Forth time I got very mad coz they said I fixed everything but still coming and I can’t did anything except wait the sell manager said if happen again Fifth time I will talk to fiat USA to change the new car to me . Fifth time coming so fast I went back to dealer and sell manager said I should brought your car to service to find out what happened first and the bad thing is my sell person said to me no more rented car from us.( I paid the rented car by myself )3day later I called to fiat service for ask about the car ,fiat service said this time had the same mean my car had 4 time same code and 1 time different code and I went back again to ask sell manager about the rented car he said that sell person didn’t know anything and I told him about what I talked with the fiat service,he said same code .Sell manager said ok I will talk to fiat USA ,it take about a week . After 1week I asked for it and sell manager said I didn’t hear anything back from fiat USA ,second week I asked again he said I can’t speak for fiat USA .Since the day my car went to fiat service it 3 weeks the dealer call me tell me you will not have a new car and they said it should be 5 time if it happen again they will change the new car .I don’t get it how dump they count the number ,5 time mean I brought the car to you 5 time if happen again it mean 6 time right. i want a new car


Lou Miller May 17, 2014 at 8:08 pm

Please create a retractible roof 4 PASSENGER so I can go to the golf course with my golf clubs. My Crossfire won’t do.
We are watching.
Let us know


jason gettle March 25, 2014 at 9:48 pm

I purchased my 500 pop on November 29 2013 the drive home I noticed a noise coming from the front wheel called the dealer (towbin fiat)after leaving multiple messages as they never answer the phone they tell me the bearings need to break in the car had 1500 miles on it when I purchased it plus never heard of a wheel bearing breaking in ..a week later the side mirror fell off after two days the dealer finally called me back they had me drop it off a week later it was ready for pick up ..paint barely matches and didn’t function so I took it back and they fixed it another week later !!!!had it two weeks after that its the middle of January and the speedo quits reading so I call them say bring it in keep in mind I live 90 miles from the dealer so I bring it to towbin again say they need to keep it till the speedo comes in so there goes another week rental only covers three days btw I pick it up only to have the window regulator to break window falls breaks damages the door they will only fix the window well they damage it more and tell me whats the big deal its already got a dent from the window falling great customer service !!!!!!now it just dies on me its been a week they wont tell me what happened everyone that answers the phone says something different no answer when I get it back or nothing I call they don’t answer ever they call back maybe the next day !!!I need a car im sick of paying on this car and the dealer has it more than I do plz help you can call me directly 702 354XXXX any time but I suppose you are as good as the dealer on that haha im so done with this car about to get a lawyer


Dominick afriyie March 5, 2014 at 4:45 pm

I bought the 500L. Loved everything about it. Took possession ofthe car on 10/09/2013. It was the Lounge 2014. On January 10th it stopped on me while driving. Could not start.. It was towed to Fiat dealership and up to now They have not been able to tell me when I can get the car back. They are always telling me the engineers are coming to fix the car for the past 7weeks. IWANT THE SAME CAR BUT I HAVE HAD it
I like the car and they should either give to me a new one or calling to stop the contract with the bank. I cannot be paying for a car since 10/09/2013 to the 1st week of January when it was drivable and still paying on it and is undrivable. THIS IS A SHAME. I want my car or take your car and give me all the payments right away. I will be better off staying with Made in Usa GMC or Ford car


Tikka Bimbrahw January 22, 2014 at 1:56 am

Bought Fiat linea diesel in 2010. Had massive problem with the suspension. It was like a bucking horse. Fiat India cudnt understand the problem or didn’t want to. The car started improving after 35000 kms and slowly became as good as it should have been. Sold at 90000 kms.
Bought a Linea T jet in Feb 2013. It has the same problem. The funniest part is , the car starts behaving normally when temperatures dip below 16 degrees . I m from north of India where night temp dips between 0-15 deg. Day temp is usually between 20-30. It’s amazing to note that during daytime the car bucks a lot. The steering becomes difficult, brakes become jerky and screechy. The car keeps steering according to the road undulations. At night it’s a different car altogether. Suspension improves tremendously and so do steering , braking and turning.very serious complaint. Do look into it.

Tikka Bimbrahw
Anant Enterprises
Bassi Road
Punjab ( India )
Phone:- 981402XXXX


PRANJAL K SARMA December 4, 2013 at 3:01 am

You have cheated Indian customers.
By withdrawing your outlets and tying up with Tata you cheated the people most…now you have opened your own servicing and sales counters but they say don’t give services to Fiat Palio,they can only change the oil,coolant and not more than that,why?
Do you think you can revive people’s confidence in you?
I called your Guwahati (Assam,India) dealer at 9864025599 and they gave me a such a reply.
Moreover your Toll Free number 18002095556 does not work here in Guwahati (Assam,India)


Patricia Pavlocak July 2, 2013 at 2:25 pm

Please keep going with all your new commercials. The star is the car. Paying someone to drive the car, thinking they can sell the car is ludicrous. JLo couldn’t bring it neither did Charlie Sheen. I have had more men ask me about my car than I can count. Please keep going with present advertising the car is selling itself. I bought my car in 2010. The dealership is Fulerton in N.J. I will always want a Fiat, love, love, live.


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