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Cafe Enterprises, Inc. DBA Fatz
4324 Wade Hampton BoulevardSuite B
Taylors, South Carolina 29687

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Phone Number: (864) 322-1331
Fax Number: (864) 322-1332
Website: http://www.fatz.com/
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Fatz Facts

Date Founded:
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Number of Employees:

Fatz Executives

CEO: Chris Thomas
CFO: Don Camacho
COO: Richie Cannon

Fatz History

Fatz is a chain of casual dining restaurants, mainly in the Southeastern part of the US. The original location was a converted peach storage shed in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Today, the company has 48 locations in 5 states.

The company usually places their restaurants in small towns, avoiding the competition found in large cities. Food is the typical American cuisine, with hamburgers, chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta. A few locations also offer a salad bar. The company uses trans-fat free oils and specializes in baked, not fried, chicken. Fatz also offers a special menu for other dietary needs.

Fatz is a subsidiary of Cafe Enterprises, Inc., and has headquarters in Taylors, South Carolina.

Fatz FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Fatz?
Answer 1: The phone number for Fatz is (864) 322-1331.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Fatz?
Answer 2: The CEO of Fatz is Chris Thomas.

Question 3: Who founded Fatz?
Answer 3: Fatz was founded by in .

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Christina M December 5, 2019 at 10:10 pm

Went to eat dinner at the fatz in Rockingham, N.C. And the place was pretty much empty. After waiting for about 5 minutes for the hostess, she tells us the wait time will be 20 plus minutes because “the servers are very overwhelmed.” I looked around at a near empty restaurant and hear the servers are overwhelmed. This chain has went downhill so bad. They should just call it quits and close the doors….permanently.


david gwyn November 19, 2019 at 7:50 am

My wife and I had lunch at the Morganton Fatz this past Sunday. The people are nice and professional to everyone, but the food was very sad. I had jumbo wings that was as big as my thumb, and tasted as if they had been cooked several days in advance. After one wing and a nibble of the second one I surrendered and ate the celery sticks. Also the water tasted like it was drawn from bad plumbing. This is a far cry from the Fatz that was opened here.


Carolyn Miller November 12, 2019 at 2:43 pm

This email is in regard to Randy Love, at the Bristol, Tennessee store number 28. This young man is certainly an asset to your company. I have been dealing directly with him for at least a year. He is outstanding and goes above and beyond to make your visit a very pleasant experience. We have used the carry-out many,many times during this past year for our church to take a meal to our people who have been sick, hospitalized, or have a death in the family.I cannot say enough good things about him, he is kind, courteous and meticulous to see that your needs are met!! He deserves all the compliments and rewards that you can give him.


Brenda Kneece November 11, 2019 at 9:23 pm

My husband and I visited Fatz in Franklin NC on October 8th 2019. Terrible service. I sent a message to the CEO stating the problems we encountered. I received a phone call on Saturday Oct. 19Th. The man said he was calling about my complaint. He said he traveled from Tennessee to check with manager In franklin. He stated our treatment was I called for and he was going to “make things right”. He talked for a few minutes and said he was going to send us some gift cards. He said he would put them I. The mail on Monday Oct. 21 and,I should receive them by Wednesday or Thursday (Oct. 23) he continued to apologize. He told me his name but I do not remember but he sounded so sincere. Well Today is Nov. 11, and nothing…we have been lied to again. Fatz should just close their doors. We visited Fatz in Aiken SC today for Veterans Day and had some problems there. We are retired people and are not complainers but I think we have been treated very badly. If the CEO is doing his job then there would not be so many complaints against the restaurant. Why call me at all if you had no intentions of “making things right”.


Christine Howe November 4, 2019 at 3:01 pm

howe0704@ gmail.com
I sure wish fatz was good like when they first opened….
just gave it another try after not being there in 2 years (ours is in Rock Hill SC)
Please just pull the plug and bury this restaurant !!!!

We need a good place to go to there .


Shirley Goodson October 28, 2019 at 2:12 pm

I ordered a $100 gift card on 10/19 and I haven’t received it yet.


Disregarded lied to and now cheated September 24, 2019 at 12:17 pm

Fatz of Rock hill,Sc.
Let me start by saying 8 years of off and on employment while waiting for the next robotic platforming contracts for amazon to come in, at this location. Throughout I have seen the disgusting habits, the shorting of the customers meals. i.e. 7oz burger patties are really 6oz, 7oz fillets are 6.5 at best, every high dollar item from theyre menu is shorted, from steaks to club sandwiches, the quality of the every item all the way down to the sauces ingredients being they choose cheapest products. I was the kitchen manager briefly, its a nasty place to eat at, nasty employee’s,selling and doing drugs freely by the garbage dumpsters,the regional manager and up the chain look only for bonus, not for the employee well being, not for the customers experience or food quality, its cheapest , fastest , and fill you up with sweet tea and bogus ingredients. Microwave everything so beware.
Now for the whistleblowers reasons and yes its this company and the immediate managment above me whom hired me in have decided to not pay him his last check to the single father of four children under 9 years old. I have the contacted regional manager Nick and apparently i now have become disregarded, ignored, how ever you look at it. Funny thing is its not a full pay period check its a 4 day check. To male theyre bonuses g. M. Of rock hill , the regional manager, have taken this route apparently to help the gain , and help there variance numbers to obtain a bonus..
At the exspense of a single father of four, without support. So if anyone that happens to read this, beware and be aware of this and the hundreds of others that have been taken advantage of, lied to stop funding this ugly unfriendly undeserving and most of all will obviuosly do what is NESSESARY to bonus there is no integrity, dignity, love in the fatz cafe acm specially now .falconholdings group has bought it . this company deserves its dimise or i should say the few in management for the region, area, and rock hill g.m. IF YOU JUST WANT SWEET TEA no ..go else where the tea urns have mildew on the pour spouts


Chris Raderstorf September 18, 2019 at 3:01 pm

We will not be going back to any of your Fatz cafes. Today was the final decision. Your food quality has changed, the service is despicable. Sorry people but my prediction is that your company is on the brink of folding.


Joy August 26, 2019 at 10:39 pm

Lunch at Fatz has been my favorite for a long time. However recently the food quality and hostess has been lacking. Your potatoe soup has always been very good. Today we had soup and half sandwich. We could not eat the soup. We asked the server why had they changed the recipe of the soup. She said it was directed by corporate. Well corporate you have messed up. Also you have cut back of the amount of meat in the clubs. Twice in the last four months there has been no hostess in the Florence s c restaurant and we have had to find a server to seat us. Want to continue going to Fatz but that may not happen because of the above reasons. Pls help with these problems


Hilary Gamble July 20, 2019 at 7:25 pm

July 16th my husband and I went to lunch at Fatz. We were first to arrive before the lunch crowd. Very nice waitress. We asked for water and a bloody mary. After 15 plus min she returned with our drinks, another 10 min she brings the rolls. The rolls were undercooked. I sent them back and told her we really didn’t want them anyway. She brought our salads and as I reached for the salt, I noticed food all over the top of the salt shaker. My husband got up went to the next table and got another salt shaker. I ordered the grilled chicken with noodles. The noodles were so over cooked that they were mushy instead of donte. My husband ordered the hamburger steak with mashed potatoes, gravey, onion and mushroom. He asked for it to be medium well. Upon getting his meal, he cut into it, and it was RARE and cold. He sent it back three times. Finally, when he did get the meat the way he wanted. He scooped up the mashed potatoes stuck them in his mouth, and instintley spite the out. He reached in side his mouth and pulled out a piece of plastic. I have to say this grossed us both out. My husband works for the ARS and is a chemist. We both understand about food safety and how bacteria can lead to outbreaks of ecoli, salmonella, and other nasty things. I have to say the people who are working in the Athens Ga Fatz resturant on Lexington are not being health conscientious. In fact, judging from the many complaints there are. They need to revamp and train there people better. It seems to me with the many different complaints that there are, Fatz corporate office should be doing some seriously changes. Some of the issues are seriousley enough for lawsuits. It’s bad enough when you work hard for you’re money and then you get the attitude of who cares!!


Ward K. Woolley June 18, 2019 at 6:55 pm

I have eaten in your Fatz in Blairsville, GA some in the past so my wife and I decided totake out tonight which was a real big mistake. I order the chicken and shrimp along with the loaded smashed potatoes and a salad with honey mustard dressing (the only thing good about the whole meal). Taking the place of one of the pieces of chicken was the fried breeding that was left over. The salad was one of the worst I have ever had The croutons were stale and tasteless. There was very little variety in it. The potatoes were tasteless even though I paid extra for the loading. I am 6 ft. 2 inches and weigh 240 so I usually clean my plate but this is the only time that I can remember that I did not eat but only about half of my meal (and feel as though I should not have eaten that). My wife order the chicken and ribs as in the past they have been outstanding but not this time. The portion of ribs was small (thankfully) and they were dried out so that she could not even chew them much less get them off of the bone. The brocolli casserole had so much salt in it that she could not eat it either. It has been a long time since we have had such a lousy uneatable meal but this one was it now. Also, the male waiters were dressed in jeans with a pull over tee shirt hanging out and they looked like they had just come out of the nearest field after doing fa full days work. Your staff used to very professionally dressed but it looks like that time has come and gone. There was a banner hanging on the front of the building saying under new management and asking for help. If this new manager is any example of what to expect, you might as well close the doors now as it will not be long before the word gets around and the people will stop coming all together except for those who were there for the first time and they will not be back.


Chelsey Edwards May 1, 2019 at 8:59 am

cedwards921@ yahoo.com I am server at fatz in Aiken, Sc. when I applied there everyone made it clear even the application on indeed made it clear that i would be getting paid $8. I’ve gotten paid for training my check was $110, they give us a pay card until we get our card and either a direct deposit. I’ve given my job my direct deposit slip over a month ago, since I’ve been working there my check is never below 100 or less it’s always 193 or 260 way more than what I’ve got paid yesterday basically.We got paid yesterday and I’ve worked over 37 hrs, I only got paid $11.29. I talk to my manager and she said that because I’m not making any tips I’m making below minimum wage, this is the 1st time since I’ve been here that I’ve gotten paid that much. I’m used to $150 to $270 checks. My dad has called and asked for my pay stud, my manager said he would print it out. he never did and it was early in the morning before we got busy i then asked my other manger she acted as if she didn’t want to give it to me either so it was time for me to go home and i just told them i need it tmrw because i feel like my last pay check wasn’t right at all, I’ve been wanting to leave this job for a minute the pay was okay until yesterday, the managers are unorganized, I’m barely making any tips and my tips have nothing to do with my check, i applied because I’m getting paid $8 so why was my check only $11.59 and any other time it is 200 plus. I don’t have insurance with them or anything so where is my money going if I’ve worked over 30 hrs and i only got paid $11.59. I’ve told them i wanted to quit multiple times and they’ve made me host, I’m not happy & I’m not making money anymore. I’m missing my class because of work so I’m stuck as of now. I only have $92 in my bank account & $16.59 on the card. Something isn’t right.


larry mathews April 30, 2019 at 6:54 am

Visited the Fatz in Orangeburg SC. 3575 St Matthews Rd. with friends for dinner on 4-28-19. Worse service EVER! No drinks after 40 minutes, had to get ourselves from the bar. Took an hour and half to get meal, after going to the kitchen to complain. Took another 45 minutes to get the check! Absolutely the worse service I have ever received! Was outside smoking while waiting on the checks, friendly employee was smoking also. Asked him why service was so bad. His reply, ” BECAUSE YOU ARE WHITE” Considering a racial suite!


sabrina moore June 4, 2019 at 3:09 pm

FATZ SENECA SC ..My husband and I had Lunch on June 1st 2019. right off the bat we were moved THREE times because the booth seats were all broken. the booth we were finally sat at, the window was broken out. It took well over 45 mins to get our food because our waitress told us they had a $1500 order in the back that needed all the waitstaff assistance.(not blaming the waitress she was awesome and very sweet) I ordered a rare Hamburger and got a RAW hamburger.(45 mins for a raw burger) and seriously both our plates had about 7 fries. my husbands plate was broken and chipped. we were also sat by the most obnoxious people in oconee county. they were loud and rude as crap to their waitress. in the end we were given a drink discount because 1st my husband got the wrong drink and 2nd the waitress had zero time to refill (due to $1,500 back order) Fatz used to be our go to place. now its a broken down shack. save a few $$ go to Mcdonalds and get more fries.


Phillip Haun April 21, 2019 at 3:59 am

You guys should be ashamed of yourself letting tammie go and take her bonus away from her she worked her a** off so hard and you guys don’t appreciate all the hard work that she done for that restaurant I know alot of people in greeneville that eats there I will not eat there again and I will not tell people to eat there again that was so tarnished


Alicia Lee March 17, 2019 at 2:41 pm

Visited the Fatz Cade in Aiken, SC for lunch on 3/17/19. We were seated and waitress took our drink orders. About 15 mins went by and she returned explaining she slipped in kitchen bringing our drinks out. This was obvious because she was soaked. We waited, the table across from us sent back a chopped steak and was informed by the manager would take meal off her bill. It wasn’t until this time we overheard manager saying waitress had left to get herself cleaned up. Hostess returns to bring check to other table and chopped steak is still on bill. 45 mins has gone by and we were not even acknowledged….no food and empty cups while others around us were being waited on. There was a section nearby that was having a party and 3 servers were waiting on them. The manager herself was waiting in this group because they appeared to be friends of hers. There was prob 15 to 20 people who arrived 15 to 20 mins after our group and our little party of 4 waited for over an hour and still did not get our food. After arriving at 12: 45 and still waiting at 2, my husband walked to the kitchen our waitess had returned and she informed my husband she had slipped on butter. The ice and beverage from the cups she had originally prepared was still all over kitchen floor after an 1 1/2 hrs. We left$10 on table and left. I will not ever step foot in this resteraunt again. This was the worst manager I have ever seen, she has no business managing a resteraunt.


Cheryl Mullins December 30, 2018 at 6:46 am

So for a short time I worked at Fatz on pottery Rd in Spartanburg. That wasn’t a good experience and they took over a month to pay me. Well the Fatz in boiling springs called me to come in for an interview on Friday at 4:30. Well when I got there Ms. Ann and the general manager Mel who was real nasty and rude by the way came to the table and informed me I couldn’t work for any fatz because I left them a bad review. The one I worked at. She said first thing she wasnt gonna waste my time and told me I couldn’t work. Well she did waste my time having me even come there to turn me down bThis is ridiculous and what happened to freedom of speech? SMH


Tyler Canfield November 27, 2018 at 4:48 pm

On Sunday November 25, went to Greenwood Fatz, at 730 in the evening for dinner. After placing the order the waitress returned to the table stating that they did not have wings which I had ordered for a meal. I changed my order to the Rueben sandwich with loaded potato soup instead of fries. Thirty minutes after ordering my wife and her sister had not got salads that were originally ordered. They ask the waitress about the salads and were told the kitchen was making the lettuce for the salads was causing the delay. Finally I received my sandwich with no soup. Half way through my sandwich the other meals were brought to the table with no salad. then after the meals arrived the salads were brought one of which had the wrong dressing. After receiving further excuses from the waitress and others who said the delay was due to Sunday cleaning duties, the manager came to the table offering the excuse of the kitchen manager had left early. The manager stated she would comp my wife’s sisters meal and give us a discount. Our waitress became so frustrated due to her only other table having the same issues as us we were never offered drink refills or other help. We finally finished our about 9 pm. The manager returned to the table and presented the bill for my wife and I, she had discounted the meal for 10 dollars. At this time I ask the manager for the number to corporate headquarters because with the issues we had did not seem a good fix with the discount. The manager then took the bill back stating it would be on her. She explained again that the kitchen manager had left and 3 new employees were staffing the kitchen and not able to handle the orders. I told the manager that we had been given different excuses through out our visit and if all were combined the restaurant should have been closed. Since this visit I have told as many people as possible about the poor service and issues during the visit and numerous ones have stated that they have had similar experiences at this location. Corporate headquarters please help the management of this location or close it down, it makes they Fatz chain look really bad.


lorenzo kelly November 22, 2018 at 4:30 pm

Went to the Lenoir NC restaurant,today for thanksgiving dinner. Arrived around two pm. Told that the turkey was still cooking,when it finally arrived we were served hard,dry,balls of turkey. there was no stuffing,yams or cranberries available.they gravy arrived half way thru the meal,and cranberries when desert was served. The server was great under the conditions,but the kitchen and supervision needs vast training.There was no manager to speak to,if one was even on the property .This used to be one my favorite places to dine,but not anymore !!!! What the hell happen to you folks ??????


Bob Frost November 8, 2018 at 7:57 am

The Fatz’s family was the most wonderful people in town until they sold this place to a new organization. I live in Greeneville, TN where the manager has been wonderful. Food quality of the corporation has gone down, restaurant is now a third to a half filled. Service is very slow. Some of the waiters are excellent. Fish is of poor quality. Soups are the same crap for
years. Suggestions do not help. Corporate decisions. Everything is deep fried or greasy oil.
Many items taken off the menus of the past. Vegetarian offers are greasy, cheezy, and good
items removed from the menu. Turkey was removed and only one day a week. It use to be
vey good tasting, but last time was stiff, dry, and rubbery chewy. Nasty! Used to be good. Told that the corporate is responsible for these decisions. Manager does her best! Lovely lady! Many are going to the 2 newer restaurants coming up in Greeneville. Family style and good steak joint. Others needed for competition ! I think Tammy still runs the Fatz’s here. What a lovely lady and manager. Corporate office stinks with it bad managers, sexual assaults claims, etc. Fatz’s will close it doors with its management team at corporate office which doesn’t give a rip about quality, or customer care. Customers complaint page is not available, no responses from corporate to complaints, zero care
about staff and customers. Corporate is in for profit only. It needs to shut down and sell out.


CommCo Inc October 30, 2018 at 4:30 pm

Fatz employees from Greenwood and Clinton has purchased aprons, ice cream scoops, thermometers, mop buckets, spoons bus tubs etc and used us for service and had always paid us, that is until February of this year. All of a sudden they have stopped and the employees continued to place on account items until May. We let them do this as Fatz was late paying us but always paid us until March 2018. I have contacted the account departments and they are not returning my calls or emails. I have emailed the CEO Jim Mazany and he i not responding. How can you purchase items from my store and refuse to pay me? Please contact me so this can be taken care of. The balance owed is $752.62. Is this the way Fatz does business? Everyone is working hard to make ends meet and when someone does a favor and let your employees purchase items for your restaurant on credit and you refuse to pay, isnt that stealing?
I appreciate an email as soon as possible.
Thank you
Cheryl Lavallee
CommCo Inc


Jackie Kirby October 5, 2018 at 2:17 pm

I am writing concerning the Fatz location in Lincolnton NC. I frequent this restaurant quite often as it is the only nice sit down restaurant in our rural community. I am pleased with the service inside the restaurant most of the time. with the exception of the bar area and the To Go Services. When you go in the restaurant to be seated they ask if you would mind sitting in the bar and i don’t like this at all. If I wanted to sit at the bar or in the bar area I would ask for it myself. The service is horrible in the bar area and this area should only be used if the person ask for it or all else is filled. I went to Fatz on Wednesday of this week and was never waited on in the To Go area with at least 6 employees walking by and looking straight at me! I called the manager and told him and he said he would correct it. I went again on Thursday of this week and I placed an order and was told it would be ready in 15 minutes so I ran an errand and came back. The food was not ready and I had to wait at least another 20 minutes to get the food and then they had no biscuits to go with it so I had to wait at least 10 more minutes for that which is supposed to come with each meal. The confusion and slackness was absolutely ridiculous for the price of the food being ordered. They didn’t have my receipt that I had signed when I paid when I ordered so I had to sign another one and am hoping I am not charged for it twice! By the time I got my food it was cold from waiting on the bread and I got wings and they were all tiny and I ask for the dry rub and there was no dry rub on them at all after I got home. Also my husband got one of the sauces on his and it was just dumped on top of his wings like an afterthought. All of this is unacceptable to me and I hope to see some improvements in the near future or I will be going to Gastonia or Hickory for other nice restaurants. I was not the only waiting on my food and the bread because there were at least 4 other people doing the same thing I was doing and the restaurant was not busy as it was around 4 in the afternoon. I mean they really need to get it together before they are shut down due to know business!


Kathy Rector July 7, 2018 at 10:20 pm

We ate at Fatz in Asheville on 7/7/2018… Our food was fantastic. Our server was Kat who was awesome. We felt good that she was our server. Some of the other servers were no as desirable. Some of them had dirty hair and they were running their hands through their hair while serving. We notice that the servers weren’t as clean and neat as usual. However, the big issue was the women’s bathroom. No toilet paper, two out of the three sinks did not work. There was paper all over the floor, the trash can was full and running over. That restroom is ruining your business. It is in need of a huge overhaul.


Casey pressley May 4, 2018 at 12:56 am

Hi tonya, I’ve been having issues with getting my check every Friday, Erin, my GM of fatz cafe of Asheville NC. Has been having to contact you everytime, but yet everyone else gets paid on time, so I’m not sure the issue that’s occurring but I would greatly appreciate if you would direct deposit my money right now since its after 12:00, I’ll be refreshing my wells Fargo online banking page very frequently to make sure I got paid. So if you can go ahead and deposit my money that would be great, and please deposit my next check after 12:00 next friday, it’s not fair to me that everyone gets paid right after 12:00 but me. Thank you. I’ll be checking my account all night.


Wade Watts April 23, 2018 at 10:25 pm

Dear Sir/Madam, today April 23, 2018 my wife and I were on the way back home in Elgin SC 29045 and stopped in at Fatz on 179 East Corporate Center, Clinton SC 29325. It had been a long day for us and my wife and myself were tired. I ordered the jumbo wings and my wife ordered fried chicken. The waitress was very sweet to us an bought our food in a timely manner. When I started to eat my wings the first piece was the drum stick and it was raw in the middle. The waitress came back to check on us and I told her about it and them one of the managers came out and asked if I wanted them to take it back and recook it but I said no, it probably was because the drumstick thick so them I ate part of one of the flat pieces and it also was raw in the middle. I didn’t give up I tried another drumstick and sure enough it also was raw in the middle so I gave up. The waitress came back to check on us and I showed it to her and she went and got the manager, a different guy. He asked me if I wanted him to cook some more but my wife has finished eating and I told him no we had to get back on the road so we could be home before night, I am disabled and blind in one eye so my wife has to do all of the driving. The manager never one time told me that I wouldn’t have to pay for something so raw that a human couldn’t eat it.
At this point I don’t know what to do, should I report it to the Health Department or to whom? I have read a lot of complaints from other customers and we ate at a Fatz in Columbia some time ago and the food was good and you had more of a selection, what is going on, is it that you are hiring cooks with only overnight experience or are you slowly becoming a fast food place. My bill was $36.11 for which part of the food would have made me sick.
Do you by any chance have the Health Department’s phone number in the county that this store is in?
Thank you,
Wade Watts


Ethan McKinney manager March 16, 2018 at 11:16 pm

Ethan (gm) dosent have the balls to tell Brain (kitchen manager) what to do so he goes through Mel (service manager). What happened to the corporate policy that family can’t manger each other. Brain and Mel are married; she is even tell customers it is creating a marriage problem. oh yeah, Brain or Mel have to be over David. Can noone figure out David Troutman, Brain Troutman, Mel Troutman


Bridgette starling February 17, 2018 at 4:33 pm

I just want to start off by saying iam truly hurt an upset that i had to walk out of Fatz after 10 yrs of working with such a great company . I started the day they open the doors on the Fatz in Cheraw sc an i hacome to know some of my guest as family . I was hired as a togo person an after 3 yrs i moved to server over the course of yrs i got a raise to be the trainer on the floor . I pretty much learned every position except how to make all the bar drinks. Anyways for the last 7 to 8 yrs i have had the same sch. See not many servers will work the whole weekend but hey i loved it i work friday sat an sunday closing shifts now correct me if iam wrong but closer come in at 4 right. Ok well i showed up for my weekend shift starting Feb 16 2018 i got there a few min early an before i even come on the clock i was sat ok deff not complaining about that i just asked one of the servers to greet them while i walked to my car. Like any other weekend i was prepared to work my closing shifts like i have for the last 7 to 8 yrs well one of the servers asked Bb (Thats my nickname they gave me ) u do realize Jamie who i know u guys no is Gm now in Cheraw is putting u on the whole u are not closing ok by now iam wondering what i did bc i do my job like i always have even when Nang was there. Ok so i go to her office an nicely ask her Jamie why iam at here at 4 an not closing i always close did i do something wrong she like kbow i asked Birdie to come in ok but she is not even sch an why would i not close i have done so for years. She looks me stright in my face an says bc i told yall at meeting know one has a set sch umm correction u said know one will loose closing shift or anything unless they dont show me they can do there job. I have done what i have done for the last 10 yrs an thats do my job an take care of my guest as if they were Family thats what Fatz is all about right an i have never ever been told or sch an 4 an a manager brings in someone who has only been there 3 weeks to work in my place honestly i felt like it was a low blow to my gut. I have busted my tail for Fatz for years an yes even when Nang was there he was a tough manager but if u did your job u were shown respect. When Mrs. Jamie looked me in my face an couldnt tell me why after i asked her 3 days after she joined are team she told me iam not here to change sch i also told her that i did the training as far as servers at Fatz i bet u i trained more than half the staff to work the floor she told me that wouldnt change well guess what it did she basically pushed me dwn i deff do not think iam better than anyone at Fatz but i was the last orginally server left there from the day they opened an she just pushed me down from my shifts an postions i had an what bothers me even more is she couldnt even tell me why. So bascally i had to walk out of a company i truly loved my Fatz family an my reg guest who i waited on an i job i loved bc of Managment letting ppl who just started close calling ppl in to work over me. I had tables waiting to sit with me on Valentine an everything but in her mind either she thought i was a horrible server if thats the case then i should of been gone an i wouldnt have ppl wanting to sit with me or come in to see me. Like i said iam very dissopointed an upset that i had to leave a great job.Also i have had serveral tables say they have never meet her prob bc she is always on her phone txting talking an laughing . i watched her your manager sit dwn at table 11 while ppl sat at table 21 she was talking on her phone rolling silverware right across from them an then instead of leaving the silverware in the tray she layed it right on the table . Oh an i pretty sure i was there the day cooperate came an stayed all day an plainly told her to use gloves an hair pulled up yea right Valentine she expo food an did it with know gloves an of course was stressed out so bad she didnt remember to put sauces on plates an then basically told me i didnt ring something in when i did. Serveral tables food went out am then 10 min later the rest went out in all my yrs therei never seen this. Iam sorry i understand she is yall Gm but iam a mother of 3 kids who worked for this company like i said from the days the doors open just to have to walk away froma job a loved bc of the Gm wanting to push me down badically like nothing i did matter. I use ti think so highly about this company now i dont know anymore


cliff December 6, 2017 at 8:02 pm

I have given your place in Franklin NC 4 chances and I can honestly say that it has the worst food I have ever been served in any Fatz ! I can go to Asheville and get GREAT food. The fall off the bone ribs in Franklin I had to try and cut them off with a knife they ended up in the floor. The famous chicken the last time I was there tasted like a grease pit. I don’t know how the place stays in business. You really need to look into getting some management in your Franklin store. I complained about it and your mgr went to the table behind me she didn’t even know where the problem was . Pitiful excuse for a restaurant. I’ll never be back.


bonnie palat October 27, 2017 at 2:52 pm

I visit Fatz every week in Warner Robins Ga and love the people, the service and the food. Our Fatz was decorated for Halloween in a very very professional way and everyone came to see it. It had outstanding reviews. However, it offended a few people so they had to take their decorations down and not decorate for holidays any longer. Well this policy offends me, so I and many of my friends will not be going back to Fatz again. If cooperate wants to cater to 1% of the people then they will have to face the consequences. The rest of us can find another place to eat. I hope you will consider changing your policy to please the other 99% of the people who enjoy the holiday decorations.


jean July 31, 2017 at 10:58 pm

Fatz Greeneville Tn.
The last two times I have eaten at our Fatz it has taken us over one hour to get our food and it was not that they were over crowded. I do not know what the problem is but when I first started eating at Fatz I became to know most of the waiters and waitresses now about every time I go I see new faces and it must be the same in the kitchen or the food would be getting out faster. I have friends that say they are just not going back.
Something needs to change here.


John Rice July 29, 2017 at 7:06 pm

We just returned from our local Fatz (Clinton, SC) very disappointed. We have dined at this Fatz from the time it was opened and never experienced anything like tonight.
1. Asked twice for rolls but finally had to ask someone else to get them.
2. Three plates were brought to the table finally with one missing (4 people). The 4th finally got to the table after asking and everyone else at the table finished. One of the other three meals was cold.
3. Asked to see the manager 2 times but she never came to our table. Also asked on the way out but still no manager.
Our bill was adjusted which I expected but very displeased that the manager never came to our table. Two of the people were our guest and we had no idea what to say. I’m not sure we’ll go back.
Thanks for listening
J Rice


cassie April 24, 2017 at 10:37 am

I had worked for fatz in Cheraw for two years. Seven days a week. i bar tended, made the FOH schedule, inventory and order. I was fired for drinking one beer on my day off.. (keep in mind a few days prior on sunday the co operator (nang) was drinking beer with employees for the super bowl. It started when he found out my boyfriend and I split up. He began to act inappropriately. (also keep in mind this has happened with several female employees. Girls have quit and left because of him. So when i declined and wanted nothing to do with his offers i was all of a sudden treated differently and criticized often for the same hard work I always put in, Eventually it got worse until the day I was sent home and suspended for a week for drinking that beer on my day off. (i had never been in trouble before.) So when I came in Monday after suspension, he terminated me.

My friend who is also a bartender was recently pushed to quit because of personal issues she had going on at home which never effected her job. Nangs girlfriend, another young girl he met at fatz got involved and I assume began telling nang stuff that in turn made him treat her poorly as well. She has been there five years and never been in trouble either. Nang pushed her to quit because that is what he does. I have managed and worked for several different company’s and I have never seen this level of management being so unprofessional.

My situation happened about two months ago and I was not going to say a word even though he was on camera when he tried to grope me. But I changed my mind because I am tired of seeing innocent hard working girls get mistreated. The best workers are the ones who gets his “special treatment” i guess because he respects them the most.

He does a lot of messed of stuff that I should have reported long ago. I should call SLED and I should press chargers and demand all the pay he caused me to loose when I have three children I support on my own. But i wont because I hope that whoever is in charge will handle this situation appropriately. Thanks for your time.


Leona Schell January 23, 2017 at 4:34 pm

I found out this past Sunday that the Fatz Sunday Special menu has been changed and I do not like that at all and neither do a lot of other Fatz customers in Lenoir, NC – Why no green beans, why no steak meals – no cranberry sauce. The fried white meat turkey is fine but that is not all that we got this past Sunday – there was some dark meat mixed with the white meat. If this is the way it is going to be we will have to find another restaurant for our Sunday lunch – the employees at Fatz in Lenoir are wonderful and hopefully you will go back to your original Sunday Lunch special menu.


Linda Knight January 18, 2017 at 6:55 pm

Since we live in Florida and our children and grandchildren live in the northeast, we make many trips to visit our family. Unfortunately, the most convenient place for us to stop is in Florence SC. I say unfortunately because we foolishly take out from Fatz which is very convenient to the Sleep Inn in Florence. We have NEVER received our complete order. Every time we are forced to return to get what is missing from our order. Either these people are not trained properly or they just don’t care. Cold food happens since we ALWAYS have to return to get what forgot to add what we requested. This just happened again tonight and I guess we have no choice but to give up on Fatz.


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