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Federal National Mortgage Association
3900 Wisconsin Ave
Washington, DC 20016

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Phone Number: (202) 752-7000
Fax Number: (202) 752-3868
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CEO: Timothy J. Mayopoulos
CFO: David C. Benson
COO: Pascal Boillat

Fannie Mae History

The Federal National Mortgage Association, known as Fannie Mae, was created in 1938 as part of FDR’s New Deal.

In 1954, an amendment was passed that allowed Fannie Mae stock to be purchased by private investors.

In 1968, the company was completely privatized in order to remove its debt from the federal budget.

In 1981, the company issued its first Mortgage Backed Security or MBS.

In 1999, the company began to offer mortgages to low and moderate income families due to political pressure from President Clinton.

In 2003, the subprime mortgage crisis began and the company was thrown into turmoil.

In 2008, the company was placed under control of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).

In 2010, the company was removed from the NYSE.

Today, Fannie Mae is the largest player in the US secondary mortgage market.

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Denise Caraher December 27, 2014 at 9:48 am

Hello, If a person buy a house in the state of Illinois ,are they responsible for a percent of the last owner debits? Please explain this to me. think you for your time Denise


Pamela Threatt December 10, 2014 at 1:59 pm

To CEO Timothy; My name is Pamela Threatt, I have situation that I know has never come across your desk. I was told that you hold the loan on my property at 620-624 Maryland St., in Gary Indiana. My house was torn down by the city of Gary. I am still paying the mortgage since 2010 when the house was torn down can someone help me.I am retired on disablity.


michael oppmann October 19, 2014 at 10:45 pm

I’m not sure if this is going to be read by those I need to have read it but I have to try. I have worked so hard in my life to be able to buy a home. I have three beautiful children and a lovEly wife. To keep this short, we found a home we love and want our 4 year old to grow up there. We Saw it, we put an offer in to buy it, it was accepted by the homeowner and sent to bank of america to accept. Well, by the time the next day came around the home wasset in motion to be foreclosed. We were sad and we’re told by many agents that we have to wait until it returns to the market. I didn’t want to lose it so I found 10 emails for higher execs for Bank of America. I told them the story and I guess the right people heard it. I dealt with a man in the highest position for my quest. An offer again was made and basically an issue of my mortgage company had to have admittance to property for a mortgage. I worked so hard to get to that point and it all started with just a few lose hours late to only one issue to buy our dream home. I offered a sheriff to be with me, i offered to sign a waiver of liability, i offered whatever they want so I can get this one thing, an appraisal. I’m reaching out to the top execs of fannie mae for their help. Most stories end with people losing their home. I just need your help buying our home. Our mortgage has been approved and all our ducks in a line but we need your help in letting us into this home to appraise. The nights are getting cold and tonight is not an exception. It’s 30 degrees and that dangerous to a home with pipes full of water and no heat. We want this home but need an email or contact of some execs. I’m only doing this because I love my family and I want my 4 year old to grow up in a peaceful neighborhood and in a house we call home…help!


Christy Thomas July 31, 2014 at 10:09 pm

I know how all of you feel and my prayers are with you all. It has come to the point where Bank of America has gained control over our own government. Our case is currently in investigation with Fannie Mae. I am waiting to see if there truly is justice somewhere in the line of authority over there. Our family has gone all the way to help them see the clear picture with 10 years of evidence handed to them. I had to research, read and teach myself to get our family to where we needed to be and hand this over to our government officials. Our family went through every government organization set up that supposedly was to help oversee banking. Went through every one and had documented proof and they all failed. Once you can prove they all failed then the Government is the one that needs to answer to these claims. We actually have a recording of a gentleman who was sent over by one of Fannie Mae/ Realtors/client to show our house because they were trying to sell it quickly because we were fighting. The person the realtor was showing the house to was a family member of ours. There was a big sign in the front yard because the property line runs along side with our in laws so it cuts the front yard in half and if Fannie Mae saw how there were poles put up and what the front view looks like, I think they would realize there was a problem. Anyhow, this huge sign which was also printed in our local newspaper, stated that Bank of America took our home and there was current legal action. When this family member questioned the realtor about the sign and legal action, the realtor told him, oh that, the previous owners put that up and this is Fannie Mae you are talking about, this is government. You can’t sue the government. The realtor then laughed. Realtor also told family member that the house had been foreclosed from over a year ago. We had just been evicted 2 months earlier. As I pursued everything I knew to show them the errors Fannie Mae and Bank of America pushed even harder. I went onto Fannie Mae website and submitted complaint about Bank of america and Fannie Mae and fradulent actions between them both. After about 3rd conversation they got really aggravated. On last conversation, I informed Fannie Mae representative that I was going a different route this time. Our family was going as far as pursuing this with our government officials and I was bringing documentation to Washington DC myself. Fannie Mae representative informed me that if I pursued this route that we would more than likely not get our house back. So question was do I go to government officials and risk not getting house back because of this ?threat,
?intimidation by Fannie Mae? You bet I went to Washington DC. At that moment I became more determined. Who gives them the right to tell me of what they could do if I complain to our government officials? I requested the recording of this conversation from the gentleman i talked to at Fannie Mae and he refused and stated I would have to get my attorney to do this. This is not just about our home, this is about our rights, our freedom and what America is suppose to stand for and that is, “We the People”. God Bless America.


Shelia Hall July 1, 2014 at 12:47 pm

CEO: Timothy J. Mayopoulos. I have been trying to get a resolution for almost a year to a deed of easement on a property that Fannie Mae owns. I had this easement put in 10 years ago when I owned the property. I have contacted the Realtor, and the Attorney assigned to the property and Chanel a representative with Fannie Mae. Still, no resolution. When you call to speak with someone, you always have to leave a message and you may get a call back in several days or you may not until you call again and leave a message for someone to call you. This is so unprofessional. I tried to fax a letter to you, Mr. Mayopoulos and it was not going through. When I called headquarters and was transferred, the gentleman I spoke to was very RUDE.


Nader May 9, 2014 at 8:34 pm

Fannie Mae is screwing everyone, from home owner to realtors, closer, asset managers, vendors, tax payers and government, they are special persons who are appointed as a officer for special interest group.


laura April 27, 2014 at 11:19 am

Fannie mae is screwing us right now, we are trying to buy a house from them but they cant get their paperwork done ( all of which should have been done before they listed it) WE just want to close and move in, not pay more fees they refuse to pay because of their incompetence.


Deb Seitz March 28, 2014 at 11:13 am

Mr. Maypoulos,
As a real estate Broker, I am offended at how your REO’s are handled. They are handled without ethics or concern for buyer’s who are trying to buy your properties. If I handled my real estate business as you handle yours, I’d be in jail and facing additional ethics charges.


Elaine Longfellow March 25, 2014 at 2:34 pm

a Fannie Mae property leaked water into our condo unit and did $14,000 worth of damage to our unit. Fannie Mae has not dealt with us in a transparent manner. We have not been assigned a contact person at Fannie Mae, no claim number, no phone numbers, no updates on the status of our claim–only rudeness and NO ANSWERS TO OUR QUESTIONS! Our condo is full of mold causing a hazmat situation. We cannot live in our own place because it is unsafe due to Fannie Mae negligence!


kimberly kinseth March 15, 2014 at 7:14 am

I have to add all the housing fraud that took place was done by fraud the fact is no lawyer will go against another lawyer or judge due to they have to work in and with them in courts. I was physically moved out by force march 15, 1994, purchased house as husband and wife loan together but back then ya I was self employed had the better credit, Due to being self employed decided to have mortgage be applied in only my husbands name ya In Iowa even though mortgage and attorneys allowed all loan company apple mortgage sold out to fleet mortgage ya didn’t even know who I was abstract all sent directly to me, I was given warrentee deed as husband and wife with full rights of survivorship . Oh ya funny even though legally I got a deed deeded to me as owner but I was never responsible to pay loan,


Diana Laxdal March 13, 2014 at 6:36 pm

Our house was foreclosed upon in 2009. I have written letters,sent emails regarding our situation from day one. The majority was sent to BOFA but some were sent to Fannie Mae. To be honest I never was quite sure who to talk to. Was it FM or Bofa? I don’t really know because I was referred to by both. I know that FM is the investor and Bofa is the lender. Atlas reo was part of the equation. Inquiries sent to FM were forwarded to Bofa. So I did not ever receive a response directly from FM. Why is this significant? Sept 6,2012 there was a third party who made an offer to buy the property. At this time I then exercised our right of first refusal. Minnesota Statute 500.245. On Sept.10,2012 I received a call from FM lawyer. He tried several times during this conversation to get me to name a monetary amount to waive our rights. Sounds like a bribe to me. In all honesty I believe I knew something they did not(the statute). After this phone call nothing was done to follow the statute. We did not receive a good faith letter. Nothing to follow the statute. I finally called the lawyer on Oct. 25,2012. I was told that price was no longer valid. I knew that was false. He also told me we should feel lucky we were getting a letter from FM (attorneys)? We received a letter dated Oct. 21,2012 from the lawyers stating they were putting the place back on the market. There was never an attempt to follow the statute. And I ask is FM not held accountable for such statutes. Then months went by and I’m still believing that FM was honest and follow the statute. What a fool I was. Feb.2013 it was put back on the market and the price was $166,000 (the price was $57,900 when we exercised our right) Now the lawyers send us a good faith letter. Knowing perfectly well we would not be able to get a loan. It was insulting,cruel and mean. We had complete legal right to purchase our place back in Sept. Why was our legal right ignored? Was it because the price was less than we owed? By chance I found on line the price? How petty and vindictive is that. We are not talking about a million dollar home
Why were we ignored and denied our legal right to purchase the property back?
Again I refer to the question who should we have contacted Fm or Bofa because it seems Fm would say Bofa. And Bofa would say Fm is who we talk to. It’s like both agencies passed it over to the other agency. I have been directing everything regarding our blatant disregard for this law to Bofa. But Bofa tells me I should be talking to FM. Why is it so difficult to state who I really should be speaking to.
We have over two years to file a lawsuit. I am not giving up. First of all our home should never been foreclosed upon. I tried many many times to resolve this and pay our debt. I was sent on wild goose chases as to who I spoke to. We had been reinstated but were never sent or called to confirm this action on Feb. 4,2010. None of what happened to us should never have transpired. We should be living in our home now.
And I ask why can not FM be honest and uphold our right of first refusal.
And honestly who do I speak to FM or Bofa?
I can not let this go. What was done to us was wrong. Make it right. Invalidate the other purchase and validate our right of first refusal. We even had talked to the bank .
FM has the power to make this right. Please make it right? I beg of you please make this right? We have suffered greatly from this injustice. To the point I quit my job.
Please don’t treat us like a piece of trash? Make this right


R. Reed & Family February 10, 2014 at 3:17 pm

I have been in this home for 8 years now. The previous owner lost this house and continued to collect rent for over a year knowing that they were letting it fall to the wayside.

I became aware of the foreclosure only upon having a locksmith (From Keys Made Rite LLC) banging on my door and yelling at us about being squatters (His exact words were: “YOU PEOPLE ARE STILL F****** HERE? YOU ARE F***** SQUATTERS!”) He went on to threaten to change the locks if we ever left the house. I had to call the police to have him removed from the property. When he saw that the local police was on his side and refused to remove him he laughed hysterically. To top it off, he went to the upstairs unit to change the locks and my children, who were in the yard playing, heard him using profanity and using the “N WORD.”

I was informed about the Tenant Foreclosure Act and invoked that right. Since then, I can’t get any repairs done (the last repair was half done and still resulted in a leaking roof). Now that the house is up for sale I’m being ignored by the management company. I’m not sure who is responsible for maintenance or the collection of rent. The listing agent turned on the heat to the upstairs unit (which is connected to my gas line) and my heat is much much higher. There are huge chunks of ice hanging on the side of the house that melts when in direct sun light. Well, that water is leaking into the house now directly into the children’s bedroom.

Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for a home loan of any sort despite the fact that I’m $600 (far less than a mortgage would be for a 25k$ house) per month and could collect another $600 for the upstairs unit. I should have applied for a loan a few years ago when the loans were being thrown away to anyone, everyone, including illegal immigrants. I simply don’t have the credit worthiness despite having paid rent and utilities for 8 years.

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program doesn’t help in this situation. There are no programs available to someone like me, my disabled wife, and children who have never known another home or school. I have been a good tenant! I’m the kind of renter that should be rewarded and not dealt a death blow.

Just last month a cleaning company (called SAFE GUARD whose not known for being anything but crooks) showed up unannounced and proceeded to open a closed gate and let themselves into the upstairs and the basement unit (connected to my unit.) When I came out to inquire of them the woman gave me a nasty attitude as if I wasn’t suppose to be here. She argued with me about her orders despite my insisting that I was a rent paying tenant. She even came back a couple of weeks later when I left the house on an errand. She claimed to have left smoke detectors. Well, upon inspection when showing the house to potential buyers I noticed that there were no smoke detectors other than the old cruddy ones that had been there for years and barely worked half the time. They were instructed to call first.

I have cared for this property as much as I could under these circumstances. I shoveled the tons of snow in the common areas, raked the leaves and cut the grass in the common areas, I paid to have the heating fixed, and I have even dealt with home seekers who showed up without a Realtor!

I’m not saying Fannie Mae should just right this home off. However, with an asking price of 25k and me having already paid almost 14k in rent then there has to be a way to RENT TO OWN this place to me and my family. Right now we are on a month to month and it is just as hard to rent as it is to purchase. We could be tossed out at any moment because the law isn’t on our side once someone buys.

It’s nice that Fannie Mae is recreating it’s image. But so far it seems like just an image and the little guy…the renter…is still being shafted.



Hughlett c. November 1, 2014 at 3:20 pm

im in the same boat, im the renters.. The owner lost house. im glad he gourmet properites never took care of house slumblords. I can’t get security deposit back and FM well no one knows about the property. I was at confirmation hearing. I ask lawyers of FM they said if interest in buying they will contact FM. I got nothing. .so how does this work if long time tenants not given a chance to buy. To me its bad business.still waiting for a call or letter.


steve cape October 28, 2013 at 6:03 pm

Dear Sir,

Please have Timothy J. Mayopoulos David C. Benson or Pascal Boillat contact me as soon as possible. My number is 251-554-XXXX or 251-414-XXXX.

Many thanks,



Kenneth M. Cox September 25, 2013 at 4:55 pm

CEO: Timothy J. Mayopoulos sir my name is Kenneth Cox. BofA is servicing our loan for you. I have made many phone calls and have been on hold for many minutes trying to find someone that has a clue about payoff. It is a simple concept to me,. I have read about what the government has done and what you all have done with the people that quit paying on their loans and the ones that buy these over priced homes then ask for a bail out. Sir we are one of the good guys and have ALWAYS paid our own way. I have made many calls to BofA and they do not have a clue. All I am asking to do is to make an reasonable offer to pay off our loan which you have and BofA services. I want to make an offer to pay off our loan on or before the 15th of NOV this year. The payoff is 59,994 and some change I want to make an offer to pay our loan off for the amount of 55,000 on or before the 15th of Nov this years. You and the government have helped out the freeloaders that try and think they deserve help how about helping out one of the good ones this time. I want to pay off the loan, I do not want to refi, or borrow anything I just want to pay off the loan for the amount I stated. Being since you have the loan (do not know how you all got it in the first place) I figure you are the ones to make this decision. Kenneth M. Cox Santa Fe Texas 409-925-XXXX


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