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El Pollo Loco Corporate Office Address

El Pollo Loco
3535 Harbor Boulevard, Suite 100
Costa Mesa, California 92626

Contact El Pollo Loco

Phone Number: (714) 599-5000
Fax Number: (714) 599-5650
Website: http://www.elpolloloco.com/
Email: Email El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

El Pollo Loco Executives

CEO: Steve Sather
CFO: Larry Roberts
COO: Kay Bogeajis

El Pollo Loco History

El Pollo Loco was founded in 1975 by Juan Francisco Ochoa in Guasuave, Sinaloa, Mexico. The restaurant chain added new locations throughout northern Mexico and in 1980, the first U.S. location opened on Alvarado Street in Los Angeles, California. In the early 1980’s, all American locations were purchased by Denny’s restaurants.

Today, the company has more than 400 locations and franchises throughout North America. The company went public in July of 2014 on the NASDAQ, where it is publicly traded under the ticker symbol: LOCO.

El Pollo Loco features Mexican style chicken and chicken based meals such as salads, burritos, and tacos, as well as citrus marinaded, fire grills chicken pieces. In 2012, all El Pollo Loco restaurants were remodeled and restyled to update their interior designs.

El Pollo Loco FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for El Pollo Loco?
Answer 1: The phone number for El Pollo Loco is (714) 599-5000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of El Pollo Loco?
Answer 2: The CEO of El Pollo Loco is Steve Sather .

Question 3: Who founded El Pollo Loco?
Answer 3: El Pollo Loco was founded by in .

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Lorena September 1, 2019 at 11:11 pm

The store I visited was in Whittier store# 5909


Lorena September 1, 2019 at 11:05 pm

I tried using a coupon from the reward app
For some reason the coupon was not going through and the manager of the restaurant is the one who was taking my order her name is Neysi she started yelling and being extremely rude.
Neysi does not work good under pressure it’s unbelievable that I would get that type of service from the Manager.


Andrew Flores August 21, 2019 at 3:04 pm

tried placing and order over the phone and was told by the manager that they are busy and said they cant take my order and hung up. Anaheim store off Tustin 92807.


pamela kaveh January 7, 2019 at 6:00 pm

dear corporate office,
this is general inquiry to you on behalf of me and most likely majority people they visit your restaurants in different location. always chicken pieces are so small which is good for may be 3 year old child and also sides are sometimes so small which may be only 2 table spoon rice or beans. several time I mentioned them please no refried beans but they put it anyway and then I had to wait again for my meal.
I like to hear from you and want make sure if you read my e.mail.
pamela Kaveh


Ms Elizabeth October 9, 2018 at 5:00 pm

I visited the EL POLLO LOCO Store 3798 on 10/8/18. I placed an order through the drive through for 1 Chk Faj Platter, $7.09. Prior to placing the order with the employee I confirmed that my order would contain the products as they are advertised on the sign, to include refried beans.
After receiving the order I noticed that it was not on the plastic platter as shown on the photo in the drive thru. Instead the food was placed in small individual containers and two other items were wrapped in foil. Thus far I’m O.K., thinking the restaurant ran out of the platters.
I arrived home to find the beans are not refried, the rice looks eatable, however to my surprise the items in the foil contained some type of meat that looked like it had been minced, not sliced, or even chopped with soggy onions, lettuce and a slice of avocado. I was not pleased. It looked worse than the food I feed my dogs. I took pictures of the food and attempted to call the restaurant the same night using the number provided on the receipt, 210-709-7451. There was no answer, the voice mail was full and I was asked if I wanted to leave a SMS message, which I did. No return call as of yet. I then completed the online survey and was asked if I would like a call from corporate which I choose to have. No return call as of yet. I attempted to call the location again today 10/9/2018, and there was no answer therefore I followed all the same steps as above, when yesterday there was not answer.
Before posting pictures on social media of the quality of food I received at this location I am attempting to wait a reasonable amount of time to hear how the company would like to resolve this matter. I find it very unprofessional for a business not to be able to be contacted by the number listed on the receipt and/or someone in Management does not return call in a timely manner. As a consumer this is unacceptable.


rita mendiola April 14, 2018 at 11:16 pm

need a Refund on an on line order made perchesd with cardit card


linda pollard December 13, 2017 at 3:21 pm



Jean O'Rourke September 26, 2017 at 7:16 pm

On 9/11/2017 of all days? I went to the Drive-thru on my way from taking my 88yr old Mother to her Drs. appt. when I had the MOST DISRESPECTFUL incident with the person who greeted us at the Menu Board. It was a simple inquiry about the use of coupons. I asked if they accepted expired coupons. The person went round and round about not accepting expired coupons after I told them I would just like to order. I explained I have a stack of coupons expired and current and would like to just order from the non-expired coupon, gave her the coupon number and attempted to place an order for the $10 meal for two. She proceeded to lecture me non-stop about not using an expired coupon, and even went on the say they don’t have that deal on their menu but could do it off menu, and again went on and on and on about expired coupons. I asked her, “if I could just place an order with the coupon that is NOT EXPIRED”. I again, explained I had a coupon that was not expired and want to just place my order. She was beyond disrespectful by cutting me off and telling me to come to the window. I drove around to the window and she proceeded to make a HUGE SCENE with two other employees craning their necks to see what was happening. To my surprise she then announced, “she was going to call the police”, We were stunned and said, “what are you talking about”, to which she said, “You threatened me and said you were going to kick my a##, I heard you say that and if you don’t leave my Drive-thru I am going to call the Police”. We were kind of in shock as to how she arrived at that assumption? She never stopped talking or lecturing me at the Menu Board to hear hardly anything I had said or asked”. We asked for her name and the manager to come to the window. She said, “her name was Amy and she was the Manager”. My Mother and I, looked at each other and I turned to this person at the Drive-thru and told her that was NOT what was said and I have a witness! My Mother then repeated the same to her “that I never said anything like that!” . This was absolutely the most impossible of situations! We had no recourse other than her telling us her name? She was Hispanic Mid-to late 20s, short and quite possibly the most disrespectful representative for your establishment. How embarrassing was it for us to be sitting in our vehicle being verbally harassed by this person making such accusations? We then in our huff and anger told her we were going to report her to the Corporate office and we did not want any of their food ever again, and tried to find paper and or take a photo of some sort to doXXXXent we were there. We ended up gathering our thoughts and composure, taking a piece of paper and pen and writing down the information to time stamp the details before we drove off. There were no cars before or behind us in the Drive-thru at 12:52pm on Monday, September 11th, 2017.
I eat at almost every El Pollo in the San Diego Metro area at least once, twice or even three times a week. I am familiar with the excellent customer service of the Manager at the Baltimore Drive/Fletcher Parkway location who is now over in the Santee, Ca location. Never have I ever been so insulted or confused by any interaction or miscommunication of an employee let alone a supposed manager of any restaurant. This is a Franchise location that I have had several other poor customer service issues with such as a cash register being offline once and no one posted a sign on the door knowing is was CASH ONLY TRANSACTIONS for 3 days. They only posted something on the Drive-thru sign. I walked in and asked during my order if they accept my card or if it was cash only because the front door did not mention it, only the Drive-thru. I thought maybe the Drive-thru register was down. No, they knew it was cash only for 3 days and I suggested they post a sign on the entry doors as well. I had only a few dollars cash on me and had to cancel the order. I again, wasted my time choosing El Pollo Loco at this location. They are incompetent and lack any level of managerial skill. Please know I drive-by this location often and know have to avoid it and chose another place to meet for business of with friends. I am a REWARD member and hope that this never happens to anyone else. Please contact me at my email address and I will respond with my cell number for contact.


Jean O’Rourke


Deborah Robinson March 12, 2018 at 9:47 pm

That’s a da** shame, on 9/11 and your grandmother, tired, hungry and you had to go through ALL that nonsense! I just had a bad experience at the store and on the phone now with a very incomplete shift leader name Denia Melara in Los Angeles on Vermont Ave. When the corp office opens in the morning, I can’t wait to tell them all she said and how unprofessional and rude she was to me, a paying customer, who is almost deaf, disabled and just had knee surgery. I will not let this issue go because El Pollo Corp. will have to start listening to these reviews and start a training on “Respect and Politeness” Too many people are on edge and on their last leg of holding it all together. Some customer will decide they have finally had it and God knows what that means with the State of America is in right now. You can not keep on disrespecting your customers (Paying) and think your business will keep on surviving, in spite of how badly the customers are treated. Corp. office, it is “YOUR” responsibility to acknowledge these complaints and make some “REAL” changes in the Staff’s behavior to your public (paying) I will be contacting them in the morning with my story and perhaps write it in here as well.


Deborah Robinson March 12, 2018 at 9:48 pm

Your Mother Jean, not Grandmother, so sorry….


Nina Hernandez March 8, 2017 at 11:47 am

Hi I just want to say that I formally was an employee at pollo loco at 2403 BabXXXX Rd San Antonio, Tx. I was fired because I wear a skirt due to my religious beliefs and way of living we believe to dress modest , but a lady by the name of Stephanie walked in to Pollo Loco didn’t even say hi just approach by saying what the hell are you wearing ? She then called me to the office and said I needed to wear pants I told her due to my religious belief I don’t wear pants she then stated if I didn’t wear pants I could no longer work for pollo loco, I then told her I was not going to change my beliefs for her or anyone else that I had rights she then started trying to take pictures of me with her cell phone and scream at me in front of the employees and customers , I am very upset she was very unprofessional , no morals, no ethics to be a director of pollo loco , she and the owner are very set in there ways making statements like I pay you and you do as you are told , this is a very sad place to work for they don’t have benefits, under pay and to top it all off treat the employees very bad, discriminate, and say bad words to the employees , I am very disappointed been writing to everyone and no one has done nothing also she even fired a manager because they robbed that pollo loco and even yelled at her calling her an illegal , this video because viral in Facebook , someone do something before you get lawsuit


Alfredo S. Contreras January 11, 2017 at 7:27 pm

Hello. I just want to report a formal complaint about the Manager at Pollo Loco in Manteca store. My wife and i do commuting every day from Manteca to San Leandro and yesterday as soon we got to Manteca with a heavy rain and wendy we felt like having some CORN CHICKEN/TORTILLA SOUPS. Well we paid asked for large sizes and the IGNORANT MANAGER in charge short and heavy charged me over $14.00 dollars and i soon i got home she gave us two small pie trays filled w/soup and my wife asked me to go back and we did. I am not sure the MANAGER name is Maria but she was so stupid and sarcastic the way she treated my wife. She got her plastic bag with the SOUPS and DUMPED in the garbage container very, very up/set. Money is not easy to make and we like to get what we pay for. She raised her voice to my wife asking if she wants her money back to the bank or something else and my told her not and she rather get some CHINESE soup instead. The manager responded to my wife not with a sorry but she told her they made a mistake which i did not believe her. POLO LOCO. You are my favors but to HIRED ESTUPID MANAGERS LIKE THE INDIA INGNORANT MANAGER aAT MANTECA STORE. I know the gentalment that cook the chicken and he is a really nice person but the MANAGER needs some TRAINING PLEASE or HIRE someone else. It happened about 8:00pm and before 9:00pm ===Manteca store is the BEST POLLO LOCO FLAVOR FORM ALL YOUR STORES. Thanks.


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