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Drury Hotels Corporate Office Address

Drury Hotels, LLC
721 Emerson Road, Suite 400
St. Louis, Missouri 63141

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Phone Number: (314) 429-2255
Fax Number: (314) 429-5166
Website: https://www.druryhotels.com/
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Drury Hotels Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Drury Hotels Executives

CEO: Chuck Drury
CFO: Carr Trovillion
COO: Robert S. Rhoads

Drury Hotels History

Drury Hotels was founded in 1959 by James Drury. The original hotel was in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This 108 room hotel was called Holiday Inn. The first hotel built to be called Drury was located in Sikeston, Missouri, in 1973. Today, the hotel chain has more than 120 locations in 21 states.

The hotel chain also goes by other names including Pear Tree Inns, Drury Inn and Suites, Drury Plaza Hotel, and Drury Suites. The company is still owned by the Drury family, with Chuck Drury currently working as CEO and President.

Drury Hotels which feature suites offer extensive amenities such as full restaurants, business centers, guest pantry, and laundry and fitness centers. The hotel chain is considered to be an upper midscale priced lodging service.

Drury Hotels FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Drury Hotels?
Answer 1: The phone number for Drury Hotels is (314) 429-2255.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Drury Hotels?
Answer 2: The CEO of Drury Hotels is Chuck Drury.

Question 3: Who founded Drury Hotels?
Answer 3: Drury Hotels was founded by in .

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Sally Mercer October 17, 2017 at 1:52 am

To the attention of Mr. Charles Drury , President of Drury Hotels I find very necessary to inform you of a problem that your Frankenmuth Michigan Location has when it come to dealing with people trying to use your (Free Night Certificate Voucher ) which are issued by you . I attempted to reserve a one night stay on a day that this location had vacancy and I was told by the desk help that she was unable to make a reservation unless I was willing to pay for it ? So I ask you Mr. Charles Drury what good are your ( Free Night Certificate Voucher ) and your desk help refuse’s to accept them ? . So in case you are unaware of this problem ? I believe it would be in your best of interest to look into this problem and straighten out your desk help at this or any other location that is refusing your (Free Night Certificate Voucher ) I would appreciate a response from you a.s.a p . I thank you for your valued time .


C Parks October 10, 2017 at 8:16 am

Horrible experience. My car was damaged in their garage and it doesn’t appear as anyone on duty at the San Antonio Riverwalk location gives a crap. I have reached out to their corporate office as instructed by the Asst. General Mgr on duty. We’ll see how this plays out, but I will never book another room in one of these “dumps”. One star would be overrated!!!


Gene Ruditch September 18, 2017 at 2:57 pm

I am writing to express my deep disappointment in your establishment after staying at your hotels mostly in Texas and the North Carolina areas, for a number of years, and after accumulating 10 days of free stay, today was advised that my accumulated days of free stay have been purged from the system.

If there is anyway your organization can restore the 10 days of free stay, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your understanding.

Gene Ruditch (Drury Inn – card number 0236154
514.627.XXXX cell


Angela rollings August 25, 2017 at 11:17 am

My family and I stayed st Birmingham southeast off hwy 280 in Birmingham Alabama we came all the way from Texas and when I arrived I was treated by a poor attitude red eyes and the strong body of of marijuana I then say her make someone else assist me while she she ran to her car as my 12 year old son was practicing soccer he witnessed her smoking marijuana and friends I was totally appolled and the next morning for breakfast I realize the next person with a stringer personal body prepared our food and the breakfast disgusting and the eggs were cold with large humps I kept hearing her in the back breakfast included yelling over the music and constantly using profanity a dog the music was very inappropriate I highly recommend that she be tested for drugs and given and given a clean uniform because my family along with our pets love staying there


Misty O'Hair August 23, 2017 at 4:24 pm

We stayed at Drury Inn and Convention Center in St Louis. I have stayed at several Drury’s. But will never stay at another. We had a gun stolen from our room. The .manager on duty was Jody Coleman. He acted like it was a bother to even take the time to speak to my husband.. We had the Do Not Disturb sign on the door so there shouldn’t of been anyone in our room. He doesn’t care that this was a felony. Just kept telling me that no one entered our room. Well someone had to cause the gun is gone.


Joey fregia July 30, 2017 at 2:18 pm

Joey Fregia
6 points
in the last week
We have come to this motel 4 yrs. it use to be a tradition. Needless to say I will never go back!!! We had a problem several yrs ago with them losing our keys to our car. They said they would reimburse one night, well instead of reimbursing they charged us another night. Finally they gave everything for free. Great! Now this year we go down there and have two rooms for several days around 1700.00. We cancel one night on one room. Well, the room never got canceled yet and they have charged us an additional 221.00 we talked to the manager Eliseo Perez. He don’t know what happened and can’t fix. So needless to say rite now we our out of around 600.00. I WILL NEVER GO BACK!! Be careful. Apparently they stay in business by robbing people. !!!


Sandy May 28, 2017 at 12:10 am

I wish that I could have had a chance at a different hotel on doing my house keeping work I would have like to have been move somewhere else with maybe a boss who would have like my work. From day one to almost 3 years I been feeling like I was frame no matter how hard I try. Made me feel out of place I really try to clean and the customer give me a good job on my clean rooms when the boss and other employees didn’t want me to work with them. So last week she fired me to where I can’t get another job at a Drury hotel all because she didn’t like my work didn’t mean someone else wouldn’t have. Why can there be a chance to show that you are a good worker this is the first job I had I couldn’t make happy at my work.


Ramona Kalia May 6, 2017 at 9:47 pm

I’m back from Brie’s birthday bash with her four little friends. I’m okay now but earlier this afternoon I was extremely upset with Paducah’s Drury Inn and Suites. We only had a reservation there for a month and when my daughter and two little girls arrived they were met by a extremely unpleasant hotel employee who told them they could not have a party. Now we are talking supervised little girls who wanted to swim and have a sleepover. We could have lied though they were holding a Moauna cake, and told my granddaughter not to mention it was her birthday, but we try to tell the truth and teach the kids to do the same. My granddaughter was devastated. After a phone call to Hampton Inn and Suites across the street we were welcomed with open arms, fresh baked cookies, milk, tea and coffee and a nice clear clean pool. They were extremely nice and professional. I went back to Drury and spoke to Mr. Christopher Volpe, Manager, who said they did have a no party policy. It’s Not posted anywhere at the hotel and it is not on their website. He produced a small piece of paper with hotel rules. You can say small print! I in turn admonished this young man asking if he had children and would he appreciate them being treated like this. I also expressed I am sure his mother as the children’s grandmother would like it about as much as I did. I have booked Drury hotels since the mid 1980’s for dancers, ball players, weddings, bachelorette parties etc. in Paducah, St. Louis, Nashville, Bowling Green, Louisville and other cities. Never once have I had a problem with them. Leave it to Paducah!!! Mr. Volpe gave me the general manager’s card, Nicole Ryan. I think she should put signs up if they have made this type of change. The website too. I will speak with corporate next week. I want Nothing from them but I know who will Not have my business anymore in Paducah. Thank you again to the Hampton Inn Suites. You will definitely have our local business from now on.


PHYLLIS SKELLEY April 13, 2017 at 9:53 am



Roger Bellavance March 14, 2017 at 1:36 am

I just want to say we have always loved staying at the Drury inn. We were loyal customers​ at Drury inn in Troy Michigan and in Frankinmuth Michigan. On March 11th 2017 we had a reservation as my daughter had a Broadway singing competition just down the Rd. So as we check in, I realized I left my wallet back home in Canada. Although I did have my passport and my Visa debit card and plenty of cash on me. Being we are from Canada, our debit cards don’t have our names on them. The clerk at the desk said he can’t honor our reservation. So I ask to speak to the manager and explain my situation. Again he says the same thing. So I offer to pay cash for the room and give a 300 security deposit, also asked if they could call my bank so they could verify that indeed it was my debit card. Again they refused to help us out. By this time my daughter and family start to panic. We have to stay over cause she has another competition in the morning. We were pretty much treated like homeless bums on the street. Although we have stayed here countless times before, we actually almost had a free room with the Drury points. So fortunately​ the Marriott across the street had some rooms available. And all I needed was a form of ID and 20 dollar security deposit. We always loved staying at the Drury, but this experience has really made us think twice about where to book again. I’d appreciate a response and how to make this situation right.


Star Joiner February 27, 2017 at 7:30 pm

To whom it may concern,

My family and I checked into the Drury I & S in Birmingham on Friday night 2/24/17 it was me, my spouse and our children who are 8,8,1 and 2moths. The guy at the front desk was Corey, he was really nice, gave me the room key and I asked if a crib had been put in the room as I requested when I made the reservation. He stated that if it was not already in our suit to call back and he would make sure one was provided. When we got to the room there was no crib, I called the front desk to notify Corey and he stated he would have one sent up. As we stated to unpack I brought my daughters medicine that had to be refrigerated and to my surprise the refrigerator had not been cleaned out from the last guest that stayed in the suit. There was a togo box with smelly food and a bottle of water that “WE THE GUESS” had to clean out ourselves. On top of that the refrigerator was warm, we left to go have dinner and when we returned to put our left overs in the refrigerator I noticed that it was still warm and since it was so late I waited to the next morning to call the front desk to notify them and we never got the crib we requested nor did anyone call us to say if there was one available or not so my 2 month old baby had to sleep in the bed with me which made for a very restless night being that infants sleeping in the bed with adults can be very dangerous.

The next morning my family and I got to eat breakfast and it was really busy it seemed like they were short staffed because the manager and front desk clerk were both helping the Yammie (the lady who worked in the food area. Yammie was extremely upset and she was not quite about her frustration , as I am trying to fox a waffle she is restocking the breakfast food and stating outload “ This is ridiculous” “this is a shame” as I walked by her I asked if she was ok she state “ No! I am not my help called out of work and they expect me to do all this by myself” she had a horrible attitude and made it very uncomfortable to ask her for any assistance after the was so open about her frustration with her job and co-worker calling out. After breakfast I stopped by the front desk and Jamie was there, I told her we had requested a crib and no one ever called us back or sent one up, she stated there was not one available and as soon as it was she would have one sent to my room (that would have been nice to know being that no one ever followed up with us) she also said to make sure we do not have the do not disturb sign on the outside of the door so that when they come up they could put the crib in our room. On our way back up to the room our house keeper Ana was cleaning the room directly in front of us and I stopped and asked her to please leave extra tiles and face clothes in our room when she comes in to clean it, she stated that she would. We had plans for the day so we left the room around 10am and didn’t return until about 330pm or so, when we returned our room was untouched, the garbage cans still had dirty diapers in them, the beds were not made no tiles or face clothes…It was HORRILE! And on top of that the refrigerator had destroyed our leftovers from the night before and my daughter medicine was now hot. I spoke with Jamie the manager and told her the refrigerator was not working and her response to me was “ did you plug it in?” Excuse me! I was not aware that it was the guess job to make sure the refrigerator is plugged in, I told her I believed it was and she stated that she would have someone come and look at it. A few minutes later Jamie called back and asked if she and the house keeping manager Laura could come up and take a look at the refrigerator and I told her yes. They came and saw for themselves that it was not working (as if I was lying) they then replaced the fridgerator. Jamie apologized for the refrigerator and noticed that the room didn’t look attended to, she asked me did housekeeping come by I told her I asked the lady for tiles and face clothes when she came in to clean up but she didn’t speak good English so I wasn’t sure what happened. Jamie apologized and stated she would discount our stay by giving us a refund for one night I thanked her and she left.

Sunday morning around 4am, I was up feeding our infant and I received an emails, it was a receipt from Drury Hotels with a list of my charges for the weekend, it did not have any discount on there it was the full chargers for the weekend. So Jamie did not take off one night. I called the front desk and spoke with Robert and told him that I was changed for both nights but was supposed to get a refund, he pulled up my account and stated that it had not been done but he would take care of it now and I could come to the front desk to get a new copy of my receipt. What upsets me about that is if I had of not checked my emails and just packed up and left my room we would have been charged full price. This was our first and last time staying here the experience was horrible and unprofessional and Jamie should have refunded both nights. I would like to receive a full refund for my family and I time spent here it was not worth the amount that was charged.

Also what I found a littler alarming is that on both receipts it shows that for both nights the charge is $317.22 but they charged my card for $318.00 and it is on my back ledger (I can send it to you if you’s like) although that is only $0.78 they took from me that is stealing from the guess, to take out more than what the receipt actually states is unethical of them and I am not please at all with the Hotel I can only image how many guess this has been done to and how much extra in revenue they have made off of overcharging by the cent. Again thanks for helping me in this matter and if you need any other information please let me know.



Barry Hall February 22, 2017 at 5:51 am

I came back to Ohio for a family matter after driving 13 hours with my pregnant girl friend the lady at the desk was going to charge us for 3 nights since it was a hour before 6 am so we are sitting in the car for a hour to wait to check in today date February 22nd we are staying at the Drury inn vandalia Ohio from today until Friday can’t believe would charge someone full price for a hour don’t think I will be staying here again when I come back


Rev. Tracey Johnson November 14, 2016 at 9:21 am

Good morning, Mr. Drury,

I called down to the desk this morning and was told Mr. Patel would be in meetings all morning. Fortunately, instead of being added over to Joshua, Mr. Patel took the call. He has offered me 3 nights off my bill and 2500 points to my Gold member card. While I am grateful for his efforts, I am not satisfied. I was bitten from Monday to Friday (5 days) and ended up in Urgent Care last night. I am so grateful for Joshua who made the suggestion, took care of everything. I did have to go through my own insurance but I was care for to deal with this serious matter. I have suffered everyday last week of my stay here, now, including today. I shouldn’t even have to deal with this today. I should not have had to call at all. The rest and room were beautiful last night but I am thoroughly disappointed with Mr. Patel’s attempted resolution.
Right now, instead of attending the funeral for the Chairman of our General Assembly of the Church of God in Christ, I am here dealing with this. Please tell me you are concerned about this serious matter. I have been coming here to the Pear Tree Inn for at least four years. I have always paid my bill. I was told I was a valuable customer that is not how I feel right now. How I will get my clothes back in time to bring them home.

There are truly not enough words to express how bad I feel at this moment. I have been through enough. I pray that you will resolve this matter by removing the full cost of my stay because today has now added to the discomfort.


Rev. Tracey Johnson November 14, 2016 at 8:46 am

CEO: Chuck Drury
CFO: Carr Trovillion
COO: Robert S. Rhoads
Dear Mr. Drury,

I was waiting to see what would happen on yesterday before I proceeded forward. As I have been told repeatedly by your staff, Joshua and Brenden here at the Pear Tree Inn by Drury; I have been more than gracious with your establishment despite all the trouble I have endured. I have suffered nights of being bitten by bed bug all over my arms my arms, the rude reception on Saturday by your employee, Susan, the smelling of gas in the new room I was transferred to, maintenance having to be called to reset the system so that I could have heat, a roach in the bathroom of the 2nd floor suite I was transferred to, (Yes) having to move a second time because of the gas smell, having to have some of my clothes separated for cleaning and now having them be shipped to my home. On top of all of this ending up in Urgent care. For this I want the I have endured this taken off my stay. I have not contacted the endorser of my training, my spiritual leaders, Kmov News or my lawyer concerning this serious matter.
I am still a fan of Drury Hotels and last night’s stay proved that why I will always be. I expect my card not to be charged for those days and the point added to my Gold member status.
This has been was a horrible ordeal and a nightmare. I will have to be on additional medication for five days. On my return to New York, I will also have to check with my Cardiologist, Lung Specialist, and Primary doctor, to make certain that this new medication will not interact with the 12 medications I am already on. I do not fear any long recovery from scaring from the bites; they just look and feel bad right now. I think what I am asking (the cost for 6 days taken off my card and the points added to my Gold member status) is more than fair. I am certain there are people who would have gone far beyond what I am asking. As I have still not heard from your manager, Allen Patel, I will look forward to hearing from others who have so professionally and efficiently represented your company. I am very grateful for those (Brenden, Joshua, Ryan, and house keeper-Pluck) who have reached out to me with such kindness and courtesy to deal with this serious matter. They are the representatives who have made this last night’s stay of the standard I have been accustomed to here at the Pear Tree Inn.


Rev. Tracey Johnson November 13, 2016 at 2:24 am

CEO: Chuck Drury
CFO: Carr Trovillion
COO: Robert S. Rhoads

Dear Mr. Drury,
I have always had to best time staying here at the Pear Tree Inn by Drury in St. Louis but tonight was the last straw of this week of troubles. My husband Joseph and I checked in on Monday, Nov. 7, 2016, room 522 as always. Tuesday, I rested and stayed in. On Wednesday, everything seemed to be going well. As a matter of fact, we were asked by Mr. Allen Patel, who was going from table to table asking how everything was. I told him I had been coming for several years and I have had a wonderful stay each time. I informed him that I was a heart patient and had special needs while. here The Pear Tree Inn with it’s house keeper named Pluck has always been a blessing to me; especially with the pool. He was so happy and told me he knew what it felt like to have a heart condition and if I needed anything to let him know. I told him I was doing well and planned to attend the COGIC Training and meetings.
Thursday, I noticed I was itching very bad. I felt bumps on my arm and thought I had gotten bitten by a mosquito. Friday there was an alarm. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. I relaxed and I was finally able to go upstairs. I keep itching. As we were getting dressed my husband noticed a bug crawling along the side of the bed I had been sleeping in. He killed it and it was filled with blood. My blood. I looked it up on the internet and it was a bed bug. My husband spoke with Allen and got our room changed. The staff was wonderful; Brenden and Pluck. Pluck got me moved to another room; room 205. I felt very at eased in the new which was a suite. The view is terrible but I assumed it was all they had. I woke up today with five more bumps. I itched so bad I did not go out to my meetings. Josh, brought me ointment and pads that stopped the itching. I was able to go to the service were I was being honored as a chaplain.
I am writing because I have been through enough and the manager on the floor, Susan, was just not respectful or sensitive to what was going on. I realized I had the wrong key from 522 and not 205 so I went to the desk. She informed me that I was not on the room. I explained that I was supposed to be. She was very abrupt, loud, and unprofessional. This is 11:30 pm. I told I was moved because there were bedbugs in 522. She put her finger to her lips and told me Shhhh. It was a blessing Ryan, the man who checked us in was standing there. She snapped at him and told him to make better notes.
I finally got in the room and smelled what I believe is gas. I called downstairs and they sent up the security guard, Tracey Henderson, who also thought it was gas until they told him the hotel does not have gas. Ok. My head is swimming from the odor. Then I was told the maintenance man was coming. I have waited an hour with the door open to let air in. Ryan came by the door and asked if everything was alright? No. I told him. He checked and then sprayed some spray for the odor. Ryan was doing what he thought to do. At least he came by and tried.
I feel bad; Mr Patel never did call and check to see if I was alright from the bed bug bites. I don’t think he will check on us now. We cannot turn the heat on and now it is getting cold. I am so very disappointed and unhappy with my stay.
This is all I know to do is make a record of my complaint. I hope you will hear me complaint and talk to someone here. This is not what I have become accustom to here at your hotel. I have nowhere else to go.

Rev. Tracey Johnson

1:22 AM
November 13, 2016


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