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Dollar Rent a Car Corporate Office Address

Dollar Rent a Car,Inc.
5330 East 31st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135

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Phone Number: (918) 669-3000
Fax Number: (918) 669-3009
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Dollar Rent a Car Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Dollar Rent a Car Executives

CEO: Gary L. Paxton
CFO: H. Clifford Buster III
COO: Vicki J. Vaniman

Dollar Rent a Car History

Dollar Rent a Car was founded in 1965 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The business was originally named Dollar A Day Rent a Car, but changed the name when price increases made renting a car for one dollar impossible.

The company provides car rentals, specialty vehicle rentals, and hire services for small to mid-sized businesses, the U.S. Government, and governmental associates. The company also offers franchises of its car rental service.

Besides vehicle rentals, the company also offers business and vacation travel planning, airline and hotel reservations, as well as online services, including reservations for rental vehicles.

The company has locations in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and other countries. Today, Dollar Rent a Car operates as a subsidiary of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc.

Dollar Rent a Car FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Dollar Rent a Car?
Answer 1: The phone number for Dollar Rent a Car is (918) 669-3000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Dollar Rent a Car?
Answer 2: The CEO of Dollar Rent a Car is Gary L. Paxton.

Question 3: Who founded Dollar Rent a Car?
Answer 3: Dollar Rent a Car was founded by in .

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John Griggs June 18, 2018 at 11:26 am

What a surprise when I returned the car. I rented a car from Dollar as I went to Phoenix to be with my sister who was in intensive care in the hospital. Not knowing how long I would be there, I initially rented the car for a week. At the end of the week, I still didn’t know how long I would be there, so extended the car for another week. While the “Initial Charges” on my receipt when I returned the car were very reasonable ($171 for 10 days), the total bill was more than double that — $346. Some of that difference was taxes, but Dollar assessed $95 in fees: $25 “Early Return Fee”, $60 Customer Facility Charge (whatever that is), and $10 “Return Change Fee”. These undisclosed fees are exorbitant and unreasonable. Guess I’ll have to rent from a reputable company next time.


Mary Gastineau June 15, 2018 at 7:02 pm

I am in disgust because of the total misrepresentation your company/ employees have as far as your policies are.
I used your services August of last year with my VISA PREPAID CARD AT THE TIME OF RESERVATION AND AND RETURN OF RENTAL WITH ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES. I made a reservation last month for this past week and had over 1,000 dollars on card- called the 800 number to verify I could use this card 2 weeks ahead of time and they even checked twice and I was assured it would be fine . I get to JAX Airport and present all necessary documentation for return flight , second form of ID and the card on file for payment- the agent was extremely rude, even though I assured her that I had spoken to someone, she did not care. I then called the 800 number to get it straightened out, we got everything situated and was AGAIN assured to me that my card and credit were worthy of rental, I was given a lower rate for my “ inconvenience “ and a new confirmation number and told to go to counter and they would take this payment and how sorry they were. Well, guess what ?Your representatives Kim and her supervisor wouldn’t even try my card again and didn’t seem to care what I had to say with their awful derogatory demeanor, not even listening to me to explain I had just spoken to Escalation in order to rent my car.
So , when all is said and done I am out $425 in taxi fair and an emotionally ruined vacation per your company, and although you won’t care I am telling everyone via twitter, FB, and all outlets of social media how horrible my experience was with your company and their GHETTO FABULOUS un trained personnel.


Richard Bowden March 1, 2018 at 2:47 pm

I rented my car Sat 1/24. I couldn’t find the car because the key didn’t work. I went back to the desk and a guy went and pulled my car upfront. I asked where the keys were and he said in the console. I drove to Petersburg and once i tried getting back in the car it wouldn’t open and the actual key didn’t work either. 3 tow trucks and 9 hours later i finally got a ride back to the airport where dollar and all other rental places were closed. Now they had to send a uber to get me back to Petersburg where i had to buy another room because I was suppose to be on my way to Maryland where i already paid for a room. So I get a uber back to the airport Sunday to get a car with correct keys. I stated that if this rental wasn’t free and I don’t Get a voucher as well cancel my rental. They stated take my paperwork to bwi airport once I return the car to get a refund for total rental. They only gave me a credit for sat which I didn’t have a working car for anyway and gas which I was told not to worry about anyway also. I need a credit for my entire rental and a credit towards the next one. I was a frequent renter with dollar until this. Please respond so I can know what to do going forward because I will DISPUTE these charges with my bank since i was told it would be no charge.. THANKS


Tabitha navarro December 24, 2017 at 4:36 am

Re: Tabitha Navarro
My daughter was belittled put through stress from ur service worker
She made my daughter cry someone needs to have her look for a job where she can be happy I’m This worker must of had a bad day at 2am Tabitha just lost her brother and she is pregnant the stress this worker did as she was smacking her mouth eating chips was uncalled for

My # is 661)269-XXXX


Joanne Li October 12, 2017 at 6:17 pm

I am currently at Orlando airport waiting for a car. The person on the counter is called “Chay”

Having prebooked the car and paid in full I expected there to be a car. We were told that the car was being driven over from the other terminal and to wait until she called us. Half an hour later my husband went to query how long. Without looking up, Chay informed him it would be 5 or 10 minutes which he reported to me. I went up to he counter and asked Chay if she could confirm how long it would be as we had been waiting a while. She said 5 or 10 minutes and repeated a car was being driven over. I queried this as the company should have been prepared for our picking the car up. I asked if she could contact the person to find out exactly how long he would be. I was stunned to be threatened in response. Chay stated I “could wait inside or she could send me outside to wait in the heat.” I had spoken in a measured tone to her about a legitimate concern. She refused to answer my basic query or explain what the delay was. It has now been an hour. No sign of the car yet and we are going to miss our dinner reservation and be charged for it.

Update. A man started calling lots of names. We were supposed to be ‘first in the list’. Surprise surprise no car for us.


Ronna October 11, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Wow! Wish I would have read these comments before rental. I would think the company officers would realize there is a flaw in the rental process if this many customer are complaining about the same thing 🙁 This is a true example of deception! The rental representatives should explain exactly what you are agree to in the contract. Do you really want a customer to bring there attorney or stand there to read the fine print of 12 pages of contract fees or are you going to be a stand up company, confident in your service, and disclose the fees honestly and upfront! Rental agreement upon reservation was $73 thru Expedia. After returning home and in review of my credit card statement, I was charged an additional $76 in fees by Thrifty. Fees that are ridiculous: $27 for premium road service?? what are you doing? driving me around?? $40 loss damage waiver?? what is that??? smh and the best one – Concession fee recovery $3 (and tax of $6) – what concession fee did you recover?
Horrible! I am sure the 800 service reps. are not nice because they have to work there and deal with these complaints. After a while they become deaf to the actual reasons.
Corporate needs to make changes for the customers and for their employees.


David Mendrek October 9, 2017 at 1:10 pm

Dear Dollar,
I believe that I was inappropriately billed on a recent Dollar car rental.

I do not want to post the details here, because after speaking with your “Customer Service”, I believe that it’s going to be much easier to just put a hold on the credit card transaction and deal with it that way.

But, I do want to complain about your customer service which is, as bad as any I have ever dealt with. In my opinion, the system was intentially designed to pass the customer from employee to employee without any intent of ever listening to and understanding their problem. Add in a heavy dose of hostility from Dollar employees and you have a Customer Service Department which is as pleasant to deal with as rectal cancer.

Needless to say, Dollar has burned all bridges as far as I am concerned and I will never, ever do business with you again.


Ben October 6, 2017 at 11:25 pm

I’ll get straight to the point. Reserved a Premium a month ago. Showed up on 10/06/17 at 1800 HR at the SGF Airport to get the rental. Was denied due to “our policies just recently changed with debit cards and we cannot rent you a vehicle. If you have a flight ticket, you can use a debit card. If not, it has to be a credit card.”
I don’t carry a credit card, no flight and I’m local. AVIS and Enterprise rent to me just fine.
WTF!?!?! I made my reservation before your policy BS so I should be grandfathered in prior to your policy change. Now your f-ing me over on purpose.
Why wasn’t I notified of your policy change after the fact I made the reservation?
Now I have a royal cluster f**k on my hands! No rental at a budget I could afford, I’m screwed on making it to my destination on time, your staff at the airport wouldn’t work with me on it (basically screwing me over) and now I’m totally f**ked! I should’ve paid the higher premium and went with AVIS in the first place and avoided this “taking to the woodshed” BS.

My fellow Americans, bikers and jarheads… Going cheap isn’t always the best idea, especially with these yay-who’s at Dollar implementing these new policies “lets do this and don’t tell anyone”.

It’s FUBAR. Period.


John hammond October 5, 2017 at 12:26 pm

We have a rental from dollar picked up in san francisco on Tues 3rd Oct and when we reached our destination in monterey we went back to the car after twenty minutes and it wouldn’t start..this has happened three times now. We then spent our first night with no food or groceries, a man came out and jumped the battery for us. Since then after 8calls and going to a auto parts office to get the battery checked, we are no further to getting the car exchanged. There are no cars available ridiculous, so we now have to be worried that the car may or may not start every time we go out, how great for our vacation and the added stress of not knowing the area, thanks you really look after your customers. John


Robin Meinicke August 28, 2017 at 4:57 pm

Dear Mr. Paxton,

I apologize for having to contact you about this matter but I was unable to solve it dealing directly with your lower managers as I was unable to get contact information for Jeff Chance. His subordinate, Michael, refused to be of any help.

On July 24, 2017 I rented a car on your website, prepaying for the car and getting a prepaid rate of less than $300. It was billed through etrawler, at $198.35 with the remainder, the taxes, due upon pick up. An email was sent through Dollar with the voucher included. Since I locked in this rate I cancelled my other reservation. When I arrived at Fort Lauderdale airport with my four children I went to the car rental counter to pick up my car. I showed the counter person the email and requested the car. He looked it up and said that the car would be small but he insisted that the tiny car they put us in would seat 5 (every other rental agency lists it as seating 4) and that they could give me nothing larger as this was the car I rented. I stated that the agreement was economy or larger hoping to get something larger. No luck, we went with the tiny car. I signed the agreement knowing the total bill should be close to $300 but also knowing I only owed the balance.
We returned the car on 8/2/2017 and came home. I assumed the bill would be corrected as I had already paid for most of the rental. No luck again. Dollar charged me $373.68 on a rental agreement that I had previously canceled and NOT on the agreement I had already paid for. When I called customer service today to try to correct this error they said “Too bad. You might be able to contact etrawler and get your money back from them.” That is not who owes me the money. Your counter person should know their job well enough to not fill a cancelled rental and to check the email shown to them to ensure that they have the correct rental. I take some
responsibility in that I should have not assumed that your employees know how to do their jobs. I should not have assumed that it would be balanced out at the end and I should have found the energy to question everything. All I want is the money that was owed to me – the just under $300 your company overcharged me. The balance owed was $94.08 in taxes. I would like a refund of $279.60 – the difference between what your company charged me and the amount I owed.
I travel to Florida about four times per year to see my granddaughter. I always travel on a tight budget as I am a teacher and a single mother. Sometimes I travel by myself and sometimes I travel with several younger children. In the past I have preferred to use Dollar rental as you have reasonable prices and are on location at the airport (do not require a separate shuttle van). I would like to continue to do business with Dollar rental for my future car rental needs.
I look forward to hearing from your company with a solution to this problem promptly.
Robin Meinicke


Kaya Simm August 17, 2017 at 4:34 pm

1.The counter agent was a bit short in tone, I presented an international license then she requested additional information by giving me a small piece of paper. I gave her my local address, email address & phone number by writing it one the paper. She quickly returned the paper, in a tone that was less than friendly. She then stated, she needed an address that matched my driver’s license. Often time, while traveling a local address is requested. I didn’t understand her original intent in asking for additional information nor did she do anything to make her original request clear. After she gave me the paper back, I turned the paper over completed it with her request (this is my 2nd attempt to comply with her request, as a paying customer who is tired from traveling). Now, the transaction was off to a negative tone. She rushed me through the process handing me the rental agreement, as if I was taking up, too much of her time. There were only two people in line. I didn’t feel welcome at her counter, she lacked professionalism. 2. The older man that showed me to the car, after receiving the rental agreement was quite pleasant. 3.Upon, exiting the airport, while on the freeway driving, I noticed that the USB port had something stuck in it & it did not work. I took a time stamped picture. I was tired from traveling & later I called the office # on the contract paperwork, it was closed. I called again several days later, asking for compensation for the broken USB port, I was offered a rental exchange. I did not request nor desire a rental exchange because driving to and from the airport is inconvenient. I requested compensation & not a change in vehicle. 4.Paying for a toll fee with unlimited use per day rather, you use it or not. That is an excessive and unnecessary charge. 5. I also told one agent on the phone Eli, I was disappointed with the overall service & wanted to bring the car back early. She offered nothing in attempt at customer retention. I returned the car on Friday, August 11, 2017 & I am renting with a company that has more professional counter agents. My original estimated cost was $810.97 the pick up time says 8:48 am and the return time says 8:00 am why wouldn’t the return time be the same? With spending over $800.00 or $80.00, I expect excellent customer service. Your counter agent’s behavior was unacceptable. Your toll fees are excessive. I am a member of a travel group of more than 50,000; I intend to share this experience with my travel group. If you are going to have expensive prices; at least have excellent customer service. Don’t lack in customer service and be expensive.


Christopher Conley August 17, 2017 at 3:48 pm

Dollar Rent a Car, Inc.
Gary L. Paxton, CEO
5330 East 31st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135

Re: Rental

Dear Mr. Paxton:

The CEO only has what his people tell him, so here I go. I rented a car from Logan Airport Boston, MA, contract #589196926. The agent automatically put loss damage waiver and charged me. I have USAA insurance – I don’t need the waiver, much less initial I wanted it.

I called your hideous 800 # to have it corrected; they told me I had to do it in person. I tried to do it in person, but the guy at Logan airport wasn’t in (most convenient). So, I get stiffed for some extra charges, nice company – hang up a few more “customer is king” posters (kidding); that should fix everything.

I want to say, for the record, Bill, a retired Albanian Army officer, is a great ambassador for your company. You need to get him promoted.


Christopher E. Conley

PS I doubt if this goes anywhere, but what the heck.


George Runacus August 10, 2017 at 9:29 am

Sent this to CEO but it just bounced back:
Dear Mr Paxton,

Reference : Rental Agreement – 570345742 (George Runacus) and Rental Agreement – 570340175 (Marc Roberts)

I write following a recent visit to Florida and the hire of a car from Dollar. I’ve rented from Dollar before – some years ago at Sanford – ‘excellent service’ and other times at MCO. This time it was less than good.

We booked and paid for two cars – a 7 seater People Carrier and a Compact – through USrentacar using their voucher system. Though we registered with Dollar online beforehand after being told it would make collection quicker we still had to go through the rigmarole at the desk in Orlando International Airport. The guy at the desk was great. He offered us extra road assistance which we declined and upgrades etc. All the things we were used to being offered but he accepted with good grace that we, as seasoned Orlando’ers, knew what we wanted. In the garage to pick the cars up there was some choice of People Carrier but only one Compact available, so, no choice. We picked up the cars and were on our way.

Half way through the holiday the engine warning light started to show on the Compact and we phoned Dollar for advice. The agent on the phone said that I should not worry about it and that if the car broke down it would be replaced. The other alternative given was to return the car to MCO for a replacement. Having lost confidence in the Compact car we spent the rest of the holiday with family in the People Carrier.

On the day we were to return the cars it was with some trepidation that I drove the Compact back to the airport. We arrived back together just after 1600, completing the return form with Mileage, fuel amount, and time in (1605). My son in law in the People Carrier was quickly dealt with and given a receipt and immediately afterwards my Compact was dealt with. I did not receive a receipt as the guy said I did not need one. I insisted in getting something and he gave me a piece of the agreement form.

Within hours my Son in Law received his invoice with a return time of 1617 and a bill for tolls on his SunPass. I was not able to get my invoice until I returned home. I was horrified to see that I had been charged an extra day for ‘Late return’. The time on my invoice for the return of the Compact was 1651 – 34 minutes after my son in law. I sent an email to Dollar querying the invoice suggesting that the time difference between the previous car, my son in law was completely wrong. This means either it took 34 minutes to check over my car or the person who checked over my car had a watch that was not working. There is another possibility which I am sure might have been considered. I also mentioned that the general rules state a grace period of 30 minutes. None of this was referred to by your Customer Services.

Although $44.95, a days hire, has been credited to me by your Customer Services – for which I thank you – the Customer Services person, Donna Lantz says that there is not a grace period, even though this is in section A. of your General Policies, and she makes no reference to the fact that I didn’t have the full use of the Compact for the second half of my holiday.

It is not about the money particularly but rather the experience where I think that Dollar fell short on this occasion. I have holidayed in the USA on many occasions since 1990 – sixteen including 9 in Florida – and this is only the second time I have had problems with Car Hire so you could say it’s not a bad average, however, to have a good part of a vacation spoiled due to car problems is not nice. Especially for an ‘Oldie’ like me.

Because I’m retired I have time to reflect and just thought you’d like to know how a customer feels directly.

Thanks for reading this missive.

Best regards


Deborah Spencer July 18, 2017 at 2:09 pm

I wants to complain about my mini IPad being left in the car, call the 1800 but they would not give us the Birmingham, Al airport local number. My reference number is 2911804746 for my IPad which they claim was not in the car and the had not be rented out since returned July 3, 2017. The people who are cleaning out the cars are ripping off people, the customer service was horrible. I know I left my ipad in back seat pocket behind the drivers side, it has my name on the in a pink and green case. I would like for someone to contact via email in reference to my belongs.


Cherrie Feacher July 18, 2017 at 4:35 am

After I complete this trip ending 7-22-17; I will never rent from dollar rental car,I have never been so disappointed with a company in my life.I spoke to someone at 1-800-397-3342,I’m speechless.


Rick Stonebranch July 10, 2017 at 5:42 pm

Yes, these people are awful. I arrived at 6:50 p.m. to a 7:00 p.m. pickup and they tried to charge me for an additional hour because I picked the car up early. So I had to sit and wait there for 10 minutes to pick up the car at “exactly” 7:00 p.m. The rental period was for 4 days and one hour, and that was the amount charged. When I returned the car, I was an hour late, so the charges should have been for four days and two hours. However, the agent kept insisting that the hours totaled three hours over. I explained to him that yes, it was three hours over the 4 DAYS, but I HAD ALREADY PAID for one extra hour, leaving only one additional hour. He could not understand it, barely spoke passable English, and could not do the math. I just gave up. These people are impossible idiots or deliberate crooks–it’s kind of hard to tell which.


Brent Hylton July 10, 2017 at 2:45 pm

I travel all the time in my job and for my trip to Panama City, Florida I chose dollar rental car for a change….renting a car is usually a breeze. I arrived at the Panama City Beach Airport and went to the rental counter to get my car. The attendant said we don’t have any cars available for your request but we do have an upgrade SUV….I said OK for the same price correct? She said no it will be an additional $97.00….I said you’re kidding. I told her the I just wanted my original reservation filled….she said you might be here for awhile. I went to several of the other rental companies down the counter and could get any of the rental cars cheaper that what she had told me. So I went back and communicated that to the desk clerk…a second desk clerk came over and said she would handle it. She said sorry for your wait but I do have one available and she gave me the keys and I told her I would be returning Saturday and she said no problem it is not due back till Sunday. So after a 1.5 hour delay to get a rental all was taken care of. I returned the car on Saturday morning and no one was at the counter and it said to leave keys in the drop box, which I did. On my way back to Ohio I got my receipt with a $25.00 early return fee…..I tried calling but nothing was open until Monday. I called Monday morning and talked to the customer rep…..she said she could do nothing about the charge and passed me off to another representative. I was going through the details and my call got dropped. I called in again, waited the 30 minutes to finally get a customer rep. and she said the charge had been removed and I thanked her. I then asked her to send me something stating that this conversation had taken place…she said she couldn’t do that..she said to wait until it showed up on my account and call in for another receipt. I asked again to just send me something stating it will take place and asked to speak to her manager…..I waited about 20 minutes on the phone to hear from her that the manager was busy and would call me back in 24-48 hours. I said all I want is some sort of confirmation and she said she couldn’t provided that and then proceeded to hang up on me.
So my first rental with Dollar will probably be my last! If I would have had 1/2 the issues I have had with a simple rental with most rental car companies they would have compted by rental in hopes of future rentals. All I got was a “customer representative” hang up on me.

You Need to take a look at your customer service department because that have a problem of identifying the “customer”.

Brent Hylton


Thomas June 21, 2017 at 7:03 pm

I made a reservation online AFTER speaking with customer service about the situation. My wife is with her daughter and grandson who were medically evacuated from Okinawa to Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. I explained that my wife has an open ended return ticket since they do not know when her daughter and grandson will be released from care to travel. I paid for the reservation online and was told that as long as my wife’s last name matched the name on the card used, she would have NO issues picking up a car. My wife is currently at the Honolulu Airport office and they WILL NOT give her a car because she does not have a confirmed return flight. Customer service supervisor contacted the Jerry (return agent) at the Honolulu office and told them that a $50.00 cash deposit will be sufficient for the rental. Now, after customer service contacting the office, they STILL CAN’T GET A CAR. This is the last time I will ever utilize Dollar FOR ANYTHING!!!


angelina Cimarelli June 8, 2017 at 1:26 pm

My experience with Dollar Car Rental was terrible!! Customer services is less than a dollar value! You have to be careful with hidden fees and “tax” fees. I rented a car from this company I was quoted $158.00 dollars and they end up billing my credit card for $403.00
I called Dollar at 1-800-800-5252 and got me nowhere! The”agent” was argumentative with poor training telling me “LEARN TO READ A CONTRACT” Agent I.D or employee number is 2294 and he wasn’t the only one
I asked to speak with the “Supervisor” and she was just as bad
STAY AWAY from this company its not worth it!


Shar May 22, 2017 at 11:40 am

I booked a car online and paid for it online, when I picked up the car ,they tried to charge me 325.00 dollars more, they were very rude to me and when I said something to them they were calling g the police, then I looked at my husband and and said I will never rent a car from them again, the woman behind the dollar counter said I wasn’t allowed to talk about Dollar, Yeah right. Never again oh yeah I was on vacation, hundreds miles away from my home, Nice people to leave me stranded in no airport thank God National Rentnals rented a car to me on the spot


Sharon Smith June 13, 2017 at 4:59 pm

I HAVE rented a car from dollar for the past 15 years this time I paid for it online and when I went to pick up the car they tried to charge me another $300 I had an argument with her and told her I already paid for it online and she gave me some story and then she’s screaming that she’s going to call the police on me and that not to Rent-A-Car to Sharon Smith so everybody in the rental place could hear that was at Orlando Airport do not Rent-A-Car from these people they are Crooks I paid for the past the sun pass and then I got charged another $25 for not paying for it yeah there’s no phone number that anyone can help you stay away from this place stay away


Robin October 7, 2017 at 7:11 pm

This sounds exactly like what happened to me. I paid online then they charged me an additional $390 at the airport. I have yet to hear from the company and every time I send Mr. Paxton a letter it gets returned. I think this company is purposely ripping people off …. Class action lawsuit anyone????


BMW May 7, 2017 at 10:12 pm

I would like to give a shout out and thank you to ANNE MARIE and CANDACE at the Jacksonville International Airport in Jacksonville, FL. My husband and I arrived on 04/23/17 and upon opening the door to our rental car, it reeked of cigarette smoke. We went over to Anne Marie and Candace and explained the situation and our concern. Both ladies were so understanding and kind. We were given a different car in no time. I’m telling you, their friendliness should not go unnoticed. As we drove away, both ladies waved to us with a warm smile! Thank you Anne Marie and Candace! You were our warm and friendly welcome to Florida!


Daniel Herman May 2, 2017 at 9:23 pm

I was charged for unwanted insurance. When I saw the error I called Dollar and they refused to refund the money for unwanted insurance. I explained to the rep I rented a car in Sacramento 2 weeks earlier with another agency and declined the insurance. It would make no sense why I would want dollars insurance. The rep refuses to refund my money. I would like my money back for an option I did not want or need.


sharaughn April 24, 2017 at 3:29 pm

My experience with Dollar Rental was TERRIBLE! I completed a reservation for 4/19/17 for Pick- up from the airport in Atlanta the customer service Rep who stated her name was Jennifer was extremely rude. My first reservation was for 9:30am(which she saw in her system) then I modified my reservation and I didn’t realize the time switched to 1pm so when I arrived at the counter Jennifer was nasty stating your you will only get the car if your credit is good then she proceed to say your reservation is for 1pm so you have to come back! With hesitation I look at her and she says “YOUR RESERVATION IS AT 1PM AND HANDS ME BACK MY I. D. & C. C.” I walk away pissed and seek out another rental company and a Hertz rep who was extremely nice not knowing of my encounter with Dollar and she asked a few questions and after speaking with her she informs me that Hertz and Dollar are sister companies and she suggest that I use the kiosk to complete my car rental so I oblige to only be confronted by Dana the Ops manager who was also rude and disrespectful stating in a very demeaning tone “THE KIOSK IS NOT WORKING” I was already speaking to live rep and attempted to explain to the rep the kiosk wasn’t working and I was thanking her for her time when the manager Dana came back and yelled “I SAID THE KIOSK ISNT WORKING ” AT this point I’m furious and let Dana know that as a manager she should learn how to speak to people professiionly and the live rep Kathy asked to speak to Dana to also let her know that it wasn’t my fault for not knowing the kiosk wasn’t working there were no signs and one of the company employees instructed me to use the machine. I then explained to Dana the manager of my first encounter with Jennifer and she dismissed it but allowed me to go directly to the counter and speak with another rep named Brandy who was very nice and explained to me that my rate may change due to renting earlier then my reservation time I said okay what’s the new rate she told me but at this point I declined to patronize Dollar and my family and I went to Alamo and their process was seamless I got a better rental , no credit check no deposit and drove off within 15-20 minutes! My friend and family member had reservations with Dollar for their upcoming trips and I shared my experience and they cancelled and reserved their future rentals with Alamo! I’ve tried calling corporate since 4;29/17 through today 4/24/17 to no avail. I will continue to share my poor experience with Dollar and encourage people to rent from Alamo!


Sonia ortiz & Andreas Jaklitsch April 4, 2017 at 7:34 pm

We have booked a flight to arrive in Agudilla airport in Puerto Rico to meet with our wedding planners we get to Puerto Rico prior to the fact that our flight from JFK was delete we were calling the Rent-A-Center shuttle bus for over 30 minutes he didn’t show up until 45 minutes later we also were charged twice and for a GPS that was never provided to use in the vehicle prior to that we get to the facility after the fact we waited 45 minutes for the shuttle bus to pick us up there was no one at the counter in the office besides us there were two other gentlemen’s and the young lady decided to take a nap in the back of the office we waited over another 45 minutes we started calling the office in order to try to wake her up we seen her through the video cameras as she was sleeping in the back room of this facility we get our vehicles we tell them that we have to be back on this plane and we must return this car on April 1st or flight was at 8 am. she told us to will be there ..on april 1at 6 am we are there at 6 am she’s nowhere to be found 6:30 came she was nowhere to be found the shuttle bus was nowhere to be found 7 o’clock came she’s nowhere to be found a time in 7:30 she shows up with the shuttle bus driver we tell them that our flight is to leave at 8 a.m. which they were aware of that she tells me that we will not lose our flight we get to the airport cuz she states that she had to get breakfast not being considerate about our flight we get to the airport she turns around drop this off with the shuttle bus the driver we wind up missing our flight because of this rental car center it’s terrible I call her back I tell her this was her fault I will not have to miss a flight because her too late because she decided to get breakfast not being considerate she was very aware of what time our flight was leaving she showed up at the facility at 7:30 a.m. knowing that our flights leave at 8 a.m. I miss my flight I call her back I got into a little conflict verbally with her cuz this was her fault she tells me there’s nothing she could do there’s no cars available but if there was a car available I will have to pay her $48 and they have to hold another $200 in case of anything happens to the vehicle I will never recommend this place to anyone we had no other choice than to stay in Puerto Rico until 2 a.m. the following day I had to run the place all over again the villa which is $300 a night and then I have to give this bimbo another $48 plus she held a $200 to secure that nothing will happen to to the little vehicle that we went the from herall ovrr sgin.. I advised no one who ever is traveling to Puerto Rico and landing in Agua Viva to never under no circumstances rent a car from that place Dollar Rental is no good the workers are corrupted they’re not very well-trained and they have no consideration for anyone that steps of foot in their facility they take naps in the office they rather eat breakfast and forget about the customers that need to arrive on the airport at a certain time and they just don’t care shuttle bus is never available


JoeManser/JanetEmbree February 9, 2017 at 7:03 pm

Just received a bill for $48.96 for $3.96 unpaid toll charges in Florida. After 1 hour and 4 phone calls, one of your people reduced it to $18.96. I now understand that Florida has both roads which are toll charged to your license plates (the rental car) and toll roads which I paid cash at the booths. I feel that this appears to be a scam to get more money out of us using the unknown toll roads, since no one informed us of this problem when the car was rented. I have reluctantly agreed to pay the $18.96 but am very disappointed and feel that this is a poor business practice, taking advantage of out of state visitors.


Don June 5, 2017 at 12:58 pm

I also received a bill for $64.75 for unpaid toll charges after eating in Florida. It was $4.75 for unpaid tolls plus $60.00 for “administrative” fees, which is outrageous and usury. Fact is, we paid one toll in cash and then did not come across any others to pay it. I realize now they bill you by license plate and I’m willing to pay the fee…but $60.00 fee, almost 15 times to toll amount!!! I tried to call the corporate office of Dollar in Tulsa which was listed on a Google search, but that number is not valid. Who do we contact to help reduce this absurd business practice.


Lisa Kinnear January 30, 2017 at 11:48 am

I picked up a car at the McCarren Airport in Las Vegas. The man behind the counter kept pushing the insurance. I declined the coverage after he asked how much my deductible was. I have rented for years with corporations and now with my own company. I have NEVER taken the coverage. I know that my credit card covers these up charges. He was quite rude and condescending and I thought about stopping to chat with the manager.

When I returned the car, I was charged for the full coverage. Just as much as my full rental bringing my total in at twice as much as was quoted. I was directed to a 800 number for customer service. I told the woman what had happened and she too was rude. She never said so sorry that this happened. Finally said she would credit the fee in 5-7 days and tried to hang up. I got her name this time. Nica.

Dollar, it appears you are training your people to be deceitful and engage in criminal activity. Then your train your customer service to not provide any customer service. I will never rent from Dollar again and will share my story with other corporate employees, friends and family as well as posting this all over social media.

Shame on you!


Sarah Beyne December 27, 2016 at 2:09 pm

COO: Vicki J. Vaniman
Dollar Rent a Car,Inc.
5330 East 31st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135

I have been a Dollar Express member for years. After my experience with LAX Dollar, I am not only NOT going to rent from Dollar but I am encouraging all my Company employees to switch as well. I rented on December 21. The flight was late getting into LAX; the luggage was late coming in, the shuttle was only about a 7 minute wait (a really RARE occurrence at LAX), but the shuttle ride took at least 40 minutes…traffic, rain, construction, and a stop at Thrifty. We get to Dollar. My car is to be in “slot 38”. No car. the “Kiosk” lady (KL for short as no one wears name tags), told me that they gave my car to someone else along with all my paperwork which was in the car. Because she didn’t have my paperwork, she would have to create a manual booking. Mind you I booked this weeks ago. They put us in a car to keep dry, (remember it’ was raining) and we waited…and waited…and waited…I go to the Kiosk and tell KL that we have been waiting for about 35 minutes. I’m told “just wait in the car, I’ll bring the paperwork”. I wait and wait and wait…15 more minutes. I go back to KL and say “I have appointments north of here and we have just missed the appointment, I want to see the manager, who is the manager?” I’m told “Dion” and you can see the manager when I have this paperwork…5 more minutes…KL and I walk into the empty Dollar building. There are Four Dollar employees at their terminals. KL says hello to all of them (important point) and then says “I have to go to the back to the get the manager.” KL comes out…and says “the manager is at the counter” (remember she already has said “hi” to this “non manager pretending to be the manager” person. I ask “are you the manager.” I get “what’s the issue.” Well first you tell me that you let someone drive off with my car and my paperwork, She says “no we voided your paperwork and car because you were late.” I say “this isn’t what I was told.” Pretender says “well that’s what happening”. So I say, if you voided it, why did you have to create manual paperwork. She says “that’s how it works”. Back to me: “I have been here ONE HOUR, I have Missed ALL my appointments and I want to know what you are going to do for a credit?” The “non manager pretending to be manager” says “Your plane was late. You should have called us.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! From the airplane or where from. Should I have had the pilot call you!!!??? So I ask this and note that my plane number was on the agreement, “all you had to do was look”. And I get from her “we NEVER check numbers” That’s your job to let us know. So I say, is it also my job to make sure you don’t take 45 minutes to drive from LAX here? Is it my job to make sure it doesn’t take ONE HOUR to get me a car.” and Ms Non Manager pretending to be the Manager says (are you ready for this) YES IT IS. So, I realize she is worthless even as a pretender, so I say what about a credit? Then she says, I’ll give you a credit for $36. That’s all I’m doing. She printed out the agreement handed it to and said “you were in a hurry you should leave.” I grabbed it, and left and realized AFTER THE FACT that all she did was reprint the identical paperwork. You got it, NO CREDIT. I’m sure she and the three idle employees at the counters are still laughing about this. I left. I missed my appointment. I didn’t get the credit. I was treated like crap. BTW, I will insist that all my employees look anywhere but Dollar when renting. Your SERVICE IS DEPLORABLE.


Latoya Henley December 21, 2016 at 8:56 am

I am missing express member Points after going in to rent a vehicle and the location not having the right size..the reservation was cancelled and my points were not credited back..I have tried numerous times to have this correct..and nothing..your representatives don’t wait on hold for long periods of time..I will be contacting the baby in regards to are not giving me anything
.I earned the points by spending my hard earned money..please put much points back..thank you


Andrea Brooke November 14, 2016 at 6:51 pm

DOLLAR your car rental at Orlando airport should be ashamed of themselves! Dishonest thieves that do not give you the correct information and tell lies in order to earn commission! After a 9 hour flight, an hour and a half and a half clearing immigration plus a five hour time difference you just want to collect your car keys and get to your destination. We had already paid in advance for our car hire but when we got to the desk to ollect our keys we were told that we had a further $250 to pay and when we questioned this, we were told that it was for taxed and fuel. We advised them that we would bring the car back with a full tank but were charged for it anyway! My Sisters also had a car booked and they were charged an extra $180 and were also told when questioning the charge that it was for taxes and we had to pay it. As visitors to the country we thought that we had no choice but to pay however the following day when we had a chance to look through our paperwork we found to our horror that we had been charged for breakdown cover at $7.99 per day plus a tank of fuel at double the price of what it costs to fill up. We neither wanted or needed this cover as we were on a 6 day cruise and the car was parked up for the whole of that time! We were also not told that we were signing up for it. The way it was done is dishonest and illegal and we would like to know how we go about getting a refund?


Claudia October 12, 2016 at 10:19 pm

I tried to rent a car in Missoula Mt today about 4:00pm the address on W Broadway I will never rent from you again the guy at the counter was the rudest person I have encountered in a long time. I had called earlier to reserve a car so when I went in there he said I don’t have a reservation and I don’t have that size car available so I told him I was very upset and he got even ruder, for some reason my card would not go through so I called my bank they told me he was running it for 500.00 dollars I asked him why 500.00 he said 350.00 deposit and then another 150.00 I asked why the 150.00 when the car was only 48.00 he said thats the way it is so I said when I bring the car back what do I get back he said 350.00 I said no I will get it all back except the charge for the day he said no I could go somewhere else I did.


Libu Varkey August 30, 2016 at 7:20 pm

I had rented a Malibu car (GA CDH7335) at Atlanta Airport from 08/29/16 09:16 PM to 08/29/16 06:44 PM. I find that the total miles entered on the statement of charges is incorrect (791 miles!). I had hardly driven 100 miles on this car, and had just paid around $8 for filling up the fuel tank. When I try to take a survey on today using access code 00582, it says that the survey has already been completed! Please send me a corrected statement of charges with the actual miles I had driven as I need to account for these elsewhere. Thank you.


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