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Discount Tire Corporate Office Address

Discount Tire, Inc.
5310 E. Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

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Phone Number: (602) 996-0201
Fax Number: (480) 443-5513
Email: Email Discount Tire

Discount Tire Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Discount Tire Executives

CEO: Michael Zuieback
CFO: Christian Rowe
COO: Ed Kaminski

Discount Tire History

Bruce Halle founded Discount Tire in 1960 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company began in an old plumbing supply store and had only 4 retread tires for sale. Today, the company has 900 stores in 28 states and continues to expand. Stores in California go under the name of “America’s Tire Store”.

The company now has headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is the largest independent tire and wheel retailer in America. Discount Tire has a unique business model as they focus on making their employees happy first. Halle believes that an employee who is happy to be at work will naturally do a better job, which makes for happy customers. The company has a strict “promotion from within” policy.

In 2005, Discount Tire made the Guiness Book of World Records by having the longest continuously running television commercial ever. Their commercial with a small, elderly woman hurling a tire through a window has been running daily since 1975.

Discount Tire FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Discount Tire?
Answer 1: The phone number for Discount Tire is (602) 996-0201.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Discount Tire?
Answer 2: The CEO of Discount Tire is Michael Zuieback.

Question 3: Who founded Discount Tire?
Answer 3: Discount Tire was founded by in .

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Richelle Gray March 22, 2018 at 8:58 am

i have been buying tires from Discount Tire for 20 years or more. I am a 71 year old senior citizen and I have not been treated “with respect and fairness” as you policy states. I have had unpleasant experiences at 2 different of your locations in Katy, TX. Not about your products or services directly involving my tires. This is about how I was treated staff members & particularly both managers at each location.
1. when i picked my car up, after leaving it for 2 new tires. When i returned for my car, there was a large stain on the inside of my car door on the drivers side. The manager actually called me “liar” . He claimed that it didn’t happen at Discount Tire. I will never go back to that location!
2. at the other location, while picking my car up from having new tires installed, my son, who is 49 years old, was cursed at. When I called the manager, he didn’t come out and call me a liar, but all he would say was, “that’s impossible, I don’t employ anyone who would say that.”

Why on earth would I lie about either of these things. Why would I buy 2 tires just to get a stain removed? And why would I say someone cursed if they didn’t? My son & I are just not like that. My son is a single dad and a 7 year veteran of Desert Storm. I am just a 71 year old widow trying to buy tires without being disrespected.

I have been calling for the Regional Manger in my area, but he has yet to return my calls.

I would very much appreciate someone contacting me from your Corporate Offices.
Thank You


sarah November 17, 2017 at 4:41 pm

Hi I change it tire a November 9th all the four tires at discount tire in Granville Michigan and I also paid $900 Dollars at the discount tires.. When they changing a tire and mess my sensors svc tire monitor light is and I told them svc tire monitor light is on, they said after 15 miles that light will be gone if it’s not bring back or call us we will fix it. I called them and I took my car back there… They didn’t even look at my car they said My sensor is broken and I are pay for $200 I don’t know they’re trying to rob me or trying to make money out of me because I’m a girl!!!!


Elizabeth Thompson August 5, 2017 at 3:44 pm

Recently I purchased a set of Michelin tires for my car. I also purchased a set a couple of months ago for my SUV . When told there was cracking on the tires (I was told that on other car also) I got pricing from the manager Todd Marlow in Tucson. The next day I took the car to another Discount tire store to see if I would be told the same and I was. I also got pricing and (after ASKING ) I was told that there was a rebate and they also lowered a labor charge to make it even more acceptable) the quote was adjusted so I made an appt.
I never mentioned the first store I visited.
When I returned home I saw that Todd’s quote was better AND he had
been upfront about honoring a rebate (I also called Todd to confirm that the price was what I thought it to be) He confirmed that it was.
I cancelled the appt at the Broadway store. I was asked why so I told him. He immediately called Todd and accused him of undercutting him. Todd knew nothing about my trip to the Broadway store and was totally blindsided by the call. Todd told me he would not be there the day I came in so I took the paperwork Todd gave me quoting the pricing. The tires were put on and when I went to pay I had to ASK to see the invoice before I signed to pay. It was quite a bit higher than Todd’s quote. I said so and without hesitation they redid my invoice without the need for me to tell them the original quote so they knew what it was supposed to be! This is deeply disappointing to me in the way Discount Tire handled my transaction.
I have used Discount for over 30 yrs and in the past trusted them to be upfront. However in today’s environment being an older female I have become accustomed to double checking to protect myself from being taken advantage of. The people (there were 2 employees) were reading the notes Todd made on my acct and decided for some reason to try to charge me over $100 more than my quote. This is below the Discount Tire
standards as I once knew them to be.
Todd Marlow gave me an acceptable price w/rebate on my tires. He did not try to undercut
the other store. However the fellows who checked me out did try to overcharge me.
The employees of today’s Discount Tire stores need to get back to the standards that the owner of Discount Tire has expected in the past.


Andrew Zamora July 17, 2017 at 2:31 pm

As a current customer, I purchased a warranty for my tires, I have been a customer for well over 20 years. last purchase was May 2017. at this time all transactions were listed, today my entire account was removed. My information was removed and my account was replaced by my stepson, diffent name and city. Austin, I patron the Universal City location.


Carrie Wilson November 2, 2016 at 1:00 pm

I am very upset. I purchased 4 tires, lifetime rotate and balance, road hazard etc. This was over 600 dollars. Today My husband takes my car in to have tires rotated and balanced. To find out that the front tires have worn so bad that they can’t be rotated and it needs a front end alignment. There should be no way that my car needs 2 front tires and an alignment less than a year after purchase. My husband was told that the car needed to be brought in every 5,000 miles for rotation and balance. I had no idea about this. All the guy was worried about telling me was a LIFETIME front end alignment for $116.00. I didn’t have the extra money at that time because I thought it to be more important to purchase road hazard etc. Then I was told he would drop the price to $30.00…. Kind of sounded strange to me. Anyways I declined because I had just spent over $600.00.

The gentleman that spoke with my husband was very rude in explaining that we needed 2 new tires and an alignment when my husband asked why. Stating that its not the tires fault that it was neglected…. I called to speak with the supervisor… Only to find out that road hazard does not cover any of this damage, and I was supposed to have be told about the rotate and balance every 5,000 miles. THIS SHOULD BE TOLD TO EVERYONE!!!!! If I had purchased the “LIFETIME” alignment….. Turns out that it is only for 1 year and not lifetime of the tires Per Supervisor that I spoke with. The supervisor spoke to me like I was an idiot and tried to cover everything up by stating that his guys have been there since day 1 and would have told me all of this up front. Well…. Newsflash. I wasn’t told all of this. This is very upsetting to know that a person can spend that much money for less than 1 year of tire life. This is completely WRONG!!!!!
Thank you for your time!


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