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Dillard's, Inc.
1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR 72201

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Phone Number: (501) 376-5200
Fax Number: (501) 376-5917
Website: http://www.dillards.com
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Dillard's Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Dillard's Executives

CEO: William T. Dillard II
CFO: James I. Freeman
COO: Alex Dillard

Dillard's History

Dillards was founded in 1938 by William T. Dillard in Nashville, Arkansas.

In 1956, Dilliard led a group of investors that purchased a department store in Tyler, Texas.  The store became Dillard’s Mayer & Schmidt.

In 1960, a failing store was acquired in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 1969, the company went public as Dillard Department Stores, Inc.

The chain expanded rapidly in the 1970s mainly through locations in shopping malls.  In 1971, 5 Fedway stores were acquired.

The chain continued to expand through acquisitions in the 80s and 90s including Joske’s, Cain-Sloan and Higbee’s.

Today, Dilliard’s is a mid to upscale department store chain with over 300 locations in 29 US states.

Dillard's FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Dillard's?
Answer 1: The phone number for Dillard's is (501) 376-5200.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Dillard's?
Answer 2: The CEO of Dillard's is William T. Dillard II.

Question 3: Who founded Dillard's?
Answer 3: Dillard's was founded by in .

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Christine October 5, 2019 at 12:29 pm

It’s apparent from reading the termination and quitting stories of the retail specialists who were working for Dillard’s, that it is not my imagination that Dillard’s has lost its former elegance and classic shopping experience. Dillard’s is going to go bankrupt just like Sears and other ‘anchor’ mall stores because why would anyone want to shop at a place where workers are bullied, harassed, treated badly and not appreciated? Cliques, bullying, bad managers all lead to bad customer service and the desire to shop elsewhere. Dillard’s discontinued the best bra ever made – the Cabernet – and lost a lot of customers over that decision, which is a bad decision, and the stores are beginning to look like Walmart and Dollar Store with merchandise displayed haphazardly and stores not cleaned or well maintained. I can buy fragrance on Amazon if Dillard’s isn’t going to clean up the stores, fire the bullying managers, treat its employees like treasured assets instead of unwanted liabilities, and bring back Cabernet and other popular brands of clothing. Goodbye, Dillard’s – once great, now, not good at all.


Sussanne Small September 22, 2019 at 6:50 pm

I know that you MUST have a dress code for your employees…
you need to make a surprise appearance to see your women employees…
they dress like HOOKERS and I am not joking. Desiree is living up to her name as she wears plunging necklines that put the Red Carpet dresses to shame. She shows her whole chest barely above the nipple line…this is a common occurrence. She is not the only one wearing plunging necklines, but she is the worst…everything showing but the nipples. She and several others wear tights that show their BARE BUTT and/or panties that go up the crack of their butt. Hardly anyone wears a name tag, they wear jeans, hats, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL..at lunch time whole sections of the store are left without sales clerks. Only two or three sales people actually help the customers find what they are looking for…they just stand by the register and talk in groups of 2 to 4 people while the dressing rooms are FULL OF CLOTHES on the floor and piled on the benches. I have noticed this over several years…but the women employees LOOK LIKE THEY ARE SELLING SEX AFTER WORK. Other stores have a dressing room person who hands our numbers for the garments and require garments to be returned to them on hangers…I have NEVER SEEN ANOTHER STORE IN SUCH DISARRAY.


Sussanne Small September 22, 2019 at 6:53 pm



kenneth August 7, 2019 at 8:03 pm

I am military and found out after speaking with Ms. Jean A. Lyon, Store Manager today 8/7/2019 Dillards in Brownsville only supports Military a few days a year in December, sounds odd! Do we support our the American people a few days a year??? We are in harms way 365 days a year to keep America free and the best in the world, thanks for the respect Dillards, we will not shop at your stores again! Btw I’ll pass the word onto the rest of the armed forces, thanks again!


Donna Shields June 8, 2019 at 3:42 pm

My compliant is about the store in general (IT”S NOT GOOD). I live in Pine Bluff, AR. and the Dillard’s store is one of the first to become a clearance store. Dillard’s was the only high end department store in Pine Bluff. Contrary to what been said there are many people living in Pine Bluff who are require to dress professional. I seat with commissioners during Parole Board meetings and a pair of jean or a Burlington shirt is not appropriate. We are professional Secretary, parole officers who are require hearings, Institutional office who seat on parole board hearings, Social Security Agents, Department of Human Service Working, ADC worker who are not security, and sale representatives. You are forcing us and the surrounding communities to shop in Little Rock. The store in Pine Bluff is like a swap meet with no organization and nothing professional–We ALL HATE It! I also discovered you have a no return policy—-the only stores that do not have a return policy are thrift stores low end places. I do not plan to return to this low end store——-good luck I’m sure it want survive!!!!!


Pam March 20, 2019 at 7:34 pm

To Bill and Alex Dillard,
I have been employed with Dillard’s since 2008. I left for 8 months and returned. Zina Nazar was district manager at the time. She can vouch for my performance. Recently, 3/15/19 I was wrongfully discharged by the store manager, Crystal Hamilton. In all the years employed there my actions have been that of an exemplary associate. Never been disciplined. Management was good management. I was called to the office 2 hrs into my shift about a supposed customer complaint from 2 weeks prior. I asked why did it take her so long if I had done what she accused me of. I refuted the accusation because it wasn’t true. Then she, Crystal, brought up a presale event that was coming up. The time was not expired yet. I explained what was detaining me, I essentially run the jewelry dept., markdowns, stock opening and putting out, displays and display cases etc.. alone, while my coworkers stand around and socialize. Noticeably aggravated, she tried to throw my SPH in the equation and my Review isn’t until Dec 2019. I pulled my SPH up last year to get a raise, by myself with no help from management/ASM. Yet a coworker got her numbers “wiped out” and is being moved to MENS and everyone knows that’s what happened. The store is doing poorly as is the Mall but that’s no reason to treat your associates poorly or unjustly. These rules are not in the handbook any where. They’re being made up as she goes and no one is holding her accountable. This may not benefit me in any way but you should be aware of what is really going on in store 306 Fairview Heights. I could write a book on what goes on in that store that you probably have no clue about…
Thank you for your time


Kelly Lee January 3, 2019 at 12:08 pm

I attended the Dillard’s New Year’s Sale this year at the Cedar Hill location and bought over $500 worth of clothing and cosmetics. After waiting in line for over an hour, which is understandable during the sale, the employees did not put all the items I paid for into my bag. When I realized I was missing items, I went back into the store and asked to speak to a manager in both departments I was missing items from (Men’s and Dresses). The employees had left out 3 long dresses and 2 men’s tops from my bag. When speaking with the manager, she was extremely rude and disrespectful. When I personally went through the racks of dresses, I found all 3 dresses I had already purchased (they were stickered and everything). She let me have the dresses after looking them up. She never apologized for their mistakes, and blamed everything on the busyness of the store because of the sale. This also happened to several customers shopping the sale. I asked the management what would have happened if I hadn’t been able to find my items or if I had been and out of town shopper and she told me there was nothing she could do, blamed the mistakes on the busyness of the store, and walked away from me.


C Jones March 4, 2019 at 2:01 pm

I am not surprised. It seems to be an issue with their employees in several locations. They have lost the upscale class.


V Ote August 9, 2018 at 12:47 am

I have only been able to work at Dillard’s in Colorado for 3 months because of the constant bullying/ harassment I have received. I have brought this to the attention of one of my managers but nothing has changed. One of the managers for the dock has repeatedly made comments about me on a day to day basis. She has called my outfits “stupid, ugly, and retarded.” She has made comments about my body. She has also asked if I am wearing underwear before. She has come up to me and touched me to “fix” my outfit without asking because she thought it looked stupid, even though there was nothing wrong with it. There is another employee who will purposely send customers to me because she doesn’t want to check them out even when she isn’t doing anything. There is enough that goes on everyday to write a book, and honestly there is too much to type. I will not be returning to work here again or to give them my business.


starla k fitzjarrell July 21, 2018 at 9:40 am

I have been a Dillards shopper for many years and I have decided to stop shopping at your stores until you discontinue selling the Ivanka Trump line. I am just one person but I will be suggesting the same to others who detest what the Trump family is doing to our country.
I will miss you Dillards as you have always been my go to store for fashion and housewares.

The retail boycotts are just beginning for Trump donors and stores selling the Trump products.


Amy Franklin-Craft June 21, 2018 at 11:31 am

I have become aware through social media that you currently carry Trump brand product lines. I will not shop at Dillard’s until I hear from you that you have cut ties with the Trump organization. I have shared the link I received on social media as well as your contact information. I sincerely hope you will sever your ties with the Trump organization.


Ros P June 15, 2018 at 10:39 pm

I have worked at Dillard’s for 13 months and received two very good reviews. However, I was told that I could work there forever and will never get a raise. I had never called in, never late, never short when dealing with my cash draw. It amazes me that I was called in to be written up because I used the wrong code by mistake twice to ring an item. I feel that the first time it could have been brought to my attention about the mistake. Also, I was told that I gave an employee cash back on her return. Whereas, that was how the employee paid by cash. The situation was search to find out the exact truth. I was written up for something I had no control over. I think this is a form of bullying, stating that ” I will make note of this” I felt uncomfortable working in a place that I am constantly watched. I feel that there were double standards. I no longer work there. I decided to let them go before they let me go.


Margaret Sue Williams January 21, 2018 at 10:18 pm

Dillard’s is my favorite store in Cordova,Tn.
I am surprised at the poor reviews I saw ,with the disgruntled employees. I’t makes me sad. I have never had a bad experience with any employee ,and I have been shopping there almost every other Saturday ,since the mall opened.,many years ago. I will say this, it angers me for
Employees or patrons ,to try to dictate what merchandise a store chooses to sell.
I stopped shopping at Macy’s when I found out they no longer carried Trump Neckties. I had purchased one for my husband before he was elected president. I went back to Macy’s, to get one and was told they no longer sold them there. I no longer shop at Macy’s. I hope Dillard’s alway’s carries Trump brand, because I do like good quality. Thank you Dillard’s , and I do know ,there are two sides to every story.


JILL JONES November 4, 2017 at 1:23 am

Today I tendered my immediate resignation with Dillards Cielo Vista Mall El Paso,TX. The amount of hostility including humiliation, bullying was horrible to a point that I felt the pressure to just quit this thankless job. On my very first day alone, the store’s secretary named Liz that handles personnel was downright disrespectful. I didn’t bring a copy of my passport and she apparently needed 2 forms of identification. She told me to “get out” and go home because i wasn’t even supposed to be in that room without the complete forms of identification. My husband whose an active duty personnel at Fort Bliss US Army had to leave work so he can go home and bring me my passport. Immediately after that encounter, they decided to put me straight to the floor to my counter YSL, turning me over to an old time employee named Patty who handles Giorgio Armani. She briefly showed me her products and wine about her business. Day 2 was when i encountered another disrespectful employee named Mayra that unfortunately i had to work directly with. Mary didn’t appear happy to see me and look down on me when she learned that i didn’t have a retail experience at all. The cold shoulder treatment with demeaning addresses were very obvious that based on those two back to back episodes I felt that it wasn’t gonna be a pleasant ride.
I went ahead and showed up for work following my schedule but lost on a day to day basis due to lack/no training and poor management. Some information also wasn’t passed on accordingly regarding a change of schedule that resulted to a “tardy” even though it wasn’t my fault. The daily torture and manipulation from both my direct peers was getting into my nerves but I tried to endure it. There were many incidents wherein my suggestions in developing the brand and creating sales was ridiculed. The raising of brows, condescending words, cattiness didn’t stop from my counter. It was all over the cosmetics department and as a matter of fact the entire store. Employees end up in many disputes due to lack of boundaries. The senior associates were very territorial even though the new associates were trained to cross sell by no means to increase SPH. The endless gossiping, bad mouthing and discrimination about regular customers was just very hard to stomach. It’s a small city predominantly Latinos crossing the borders of Juarez, MX and Texas. Everybody knows each other. My peers also told me that walk-ins are basically taken and already an exclusive customer of an associate and that I have to rely on my family and friends to be my loyal customers which made me try to sell products to friends in other States and personally ended up paying for shipping just to enter some sale for the day. The third most aggravating experience was not getting the rate being offered to me when Liz called me to offer a job with them. She bluntly denied the rate she said in the phone call that my husband and mother heard. When I went to the Store Manager Michael Saldivar, he raised his voice stating that there is no way they will offer that amount to a beauty advisor. I asked him then why they put me into the lowest sales associates position when I have a strong corporate sales, marketing and advertising experience of 20 plus year backed up with an MBA. The only response was, because i don’t have a retail experience and that I have a lot to prove in numbers before i can progress to the next level. Fine, I decided to stick around despite the deceit and demeaning treatment i was getting left and right. From being called “sweetie” by Claudia/ cosmetics manager even though we are probably just a few years apart in age, humiliating remarks such as “I don’t know if you can read let alone understand the terms and conditions?” among other menial incidents that piled up and led to this resignation. Abrasive treatment from Mayra/YSL counter Manager which the AE from Loreal Paris USA based in Phoenix herself noticed first hand. The mere excuse of Mayra when she sort of apologized for her unprofessional behavior was her age (24) having too much responsibility and expectation given by the management, having a rough childhood in Juarez, her monthly period and how she’s very moody on those days, allergies etc… all very personal reasons in justifying her bad behavior, treating me like i was her punching bag and bottom feeder. So everyday is always something and I felt I was walking on an eggshell and measure her daily temper. Today was the final blow when 2 co-workers verbally attacked and confronted me for not passing on an information regarding a change in schedule. Patty blaming me for not letting her know re change without giving the benefit of the doubt and another worker from another counter for not escalating the right info he passed on to me when he said “Claudia asked me to tell you to check YOUR schedule because she made some changes” leading me into checking MY schedule. Both confrontations were made publicly without discretion and I was humiliated as customers were passing by as well as other associates being around. I went to lunch into my cry bursting and thought enough is enough, i will not put up with this constant emotional distress these people are putting me. They say you have to have a thick face to be in retail and its not a place to make friends. I say, if your job is about customer relations and about being helpful, accommodating, informative, pleasant and professional to customers why can’t that be applied to your fellow employees and subordinates? Im happy that my short but traumatic retail stint is over!


Caroline Mac Lelland August 29, 2017 at 12:47 pm

Was just listening to the news and was thinking what a great concept for a great store like Dillards. Hurricane Harvey victims need clothes. Where better to get them then Dillards. You have a retail store at the Fiesta Mall in Mesa, Arizona that is packed with clothes. Pack them up and send them to the people in Houston, Texas. It is also a 100 % tax write off. Great human relations for a great store. Good luck


Deaudra Thomas August 27, 2017 at 3:03 am

Good afternoon
I started working for dillards approximately 1 month ago. I feel I suffered from discrimination and also was a victim of wrongful termination. My manager Rebecca mentioned to me that I could promote our products (Edge Cosmetics Counter) to my social media given I had a great platform because of the amount of followings I had. She mentioned that I could use the makeup on me and apply it there to promote it. Next day I did just that and she picked on me about how I was wrong and to never do ot again. After again she gave me the go to do so. Also another time she mentioned to me to display and promote our products letting the ppl know that we offer comp services. I dis that and again the next day she totally reneged on her word. Another co worker by the name of Rachel mentioned to another employee that i annoyed her and talked down on me. I felt Rebecca and Rachel worked hand in hand when it came to discrimation. I begin feeling uncomfortable every time I worked with them, my manager gave everyone gratis including a guy that didnt even work at our counter gratis as well. She never gave me gratis even when I followed thru for a challenge she had me to do. I was challenged to bring in a client, complete a complimentary service, sell them merchandise and put them in CAD. I did just that. She was unfair to me and even a few workers there recognized it. I was so excited to begin work there and I felt they tried to to do everything to keep me from staying. The day I was fired, the excuse was due to not making sales performance goals. But get this no one, not even my manager made her goals neither. It was days I would have sales and on those same days my manager didnt sale not one product. I mentioned that and not one manager had a word to say. Only thing that was said was well you were the lowest. Also remind you my review date wasnt until 10/26/2017. The managers Heather and cosmetic manager Melissa wouldnt even release a copy of my termination papers that I wanted. I did everything in my power to work on my goals. How can you fire me of my sales goals when none of my co workers at the same counter wasnt making their goals as well. Co workers who were there before me. Something will be done about this.


P.C. Washington October 19, 2017 at 3:06 pm

Young lady call the ACLU HOTLINE or go online to their home page and file an official complaint for the office in your area. I’m sorry you’ve had such an unfortunate work experience. Good Luck!


Elisha May 3, 2018 at 4:59 pm

Bullying in a retail store, unacceptable, call the BBB or call your local news caster and they would love to tape this!!!!


Zelda June 2, 2018 at 8:38 am

Dillard’s is a terrible place to work. They don’t care if a department manager verbally abuses a coworker. It happened to a relative of mine. When he took the job he informed them that he needed off for a very religious holiday, they scheduled him to work anyway and he had to call out. He also told them that he needed off a weekend because of his daughter and son in law’s wedding celebration. Many out of towners were coming in town. They scheduled him to work. And last, at time of hire, he also informed them that he needed a week off, (6 months after his start date) to be out of the country for the sale of his parents property, they scheduled him to work every other day that way. They were reminded many times, in writing and the day he came back from out of the country, he went to work and was told he had been fired because he took unauthorized days off. They lied about everything when he tried to collect unemployment. This is not the only horror story I’ve heard about Dillard’s. They don’t care about their employees or verbal abuse. If you’re thinking of working there, reconsider! Find someplace else.


N/A July 3, 2017 at 10:52 pm

I recently was terminated from my position at Dillard’s. At first it was good and the associates were friendly enough, after a certain point it gets to be some what of cat fights over customers. I have never worked in a place that had this. The stipulation to make a sales quota of $1700. per associate a day is outrageous, especially in an area where the clients don’t have that kind of money to spend. Most of the customers would shop the clearance racks or wait until the end of the month for that big sale. The customers that did shop the end of the month, most of it would come back, because they did not need it or really want it. So, with that being said, the returns put your sales goals in a negative. There is no way you can make it in this company as far as being really successful. Sure there are some that have been there for ever, but then they have the clients that come in for just that associate. When I was terminate I was told it was due to my sales performance at the time of my review, well I was never given a review or talked to about it, and was told that I could not have a copy of my termination papers. The scheduling is another issue, we would get our schedule the day before it was to come out, which made it hard for the associates to plan anything. Sometimes the schedule would be blocked so you could not even see what you were to work or if it was changed. I can only hope that things change for this company.


Atoiya Carpenter June 26, 2017 at 4:00 pm

On 06/25 my mother, grandmother and I went to your Belden Village location in Canton, Ohio. We first went to the shoe department where the representative that helped us was kind, friendly and courteous…..she provided an excellent customer service experience. Then we transitioned to the clothing department. When we got there, there were two young ladies in the dressing room, coming in and out with no problem. My grandmother and my mother then took a pair of slacks, a blazer and a tank top into the dressing room for my grandmother to try on………almost the exact same type of items they other customers took in. With in a matter of moments, the sales representative was in the dressing room, asking if we needed assistance. My mother told her no, thanked her and continued helping my grandmother. That wasn’t the issue. The issue came when she wouldn’t leave the dressing room while my grandmother was trying on clothes. My mother was helping her put the shirts on and take them off and your rep stood there. She was told more than once that her assistance wasn’t needed, but still she stayed. Once my grandmother finished trying on clothes, we took what she was keeping and transitioned to another part of the store to continue shopping before making the items she had her final decision. The same rep called another sales associate from a different part of the store on the phone to come over. That rep then asked if we needed assistance. We told her no, just as we told the last representative and continued shopping. The then stood 20-25 feet away from where we were looking and watched us. At this time, there were several other people who had been in and out of the portion of the store we were in and not once did they ask if they needed help or attempt to walk away. Again, the second associate asked if we needed help. At that time I asked an elder white female if she had been asked if she needed help, she replied that she had not. I told the representatives they were spending too much time on us and they had other customers that could possibly use their assistance. We decided that we were done shopping because they were not going to let us shop in peace. We asked the representative if we could take the clothes that we were going to be purchasing and go to the shoe department because we had shoes waiting for us there……..she told us no. When I asked why, she didn’t have an answer. My mother then said she would prefer to make one purchase instead of 2 and the rep then replied, “fine, go ahead”. On the way over, I told my mother and grandmother that she was going to call to make sure we went to the shoe department, and sure enough she did. When we got there the phone was ringing. I asked the representative that answered the phone if the call had come from the rep in the clothing department to make sure we brought the clothes over instead of walking out, and she confirmed that it was. My mother being embarrassed and angry all at the same time asked for a manager. She went back to the clothing department to get the representatives name and the rep refused to give it to her. When my mother told her she was rude and shouldn’t be in customer service, her response was, “so, do you want a manager” to which my mother replied, no thank you, someone else is getting one for me. When the manager came down, we told her everything that happened in complete detail just as I have here. The representative in shoes then told the manager that she wanted to talk to her once we left so that she could tell her what had been said on the phone. So it’s clear that whatever she said on the phone was so rude and offensive that even her coworker didn’t want to repeat it outloud. I’m appalled. While my mother spent almost $400 in your store yesterday, we were treated as if we weren’t good enough to shop there. The sad part is that reading the comments and complaints here, it appears that this is more like the rule than the exception. These aren’t one off incidents, they happen quite frequently which would lead me to question the type of people you have in charge of handling your business. Would like to see some sort of resolution, one that showed that you do care about the safety, comfort and satisfaction of your customers. I will continue spreading my story until there is some resolve.

Thank you.


N/A June 23, 2017 at 12:54 am

I Love working for this company but with time that i have been here i have notice that they don’t street everyone as equals. They also don’t stick to their so call dillard’s policy I have never worked for a company that don’t know how to stick to things and be strict. I work for Dillard’s at Hulen mall 704 and managment just sucks they always say they are going to do something and all they do is turn the cheek around and act like nothing. Dillard’s store manager always talk about how if you hold any sale for the additional at the end of the month u will be terminated or if you hold anything for your self. Now thats a big Joke today a vendor went to go see her product and oh my the stock room was full of sale handbags that where on hold for customers. Im here extremely shock because the person holding it sold a brahmin wallet for $11 and yet no manager cared to say anything well this is why you have so much product that is not sold before the sale at the end of the month. I am loyal and follow the rules but find it very unfair for a person to do whatever they want and no one say anything like having so many tardies and yet get non on her review sheet. This person never opens and never close you say how we can’t share our AIN and she gives it to people to clock her in also leaves around 8 so she don’t have to close and has the nerve to not clock out and just sign a clock entry form like if your late shift how can you forget when they is a line of people to clock out. Im just so tired of how this one person gets away with everything and managers don’t say anything when you give them all the proof they need in their hands.You have a store manager wearing short dresses that if she bends down i can see everything but yet fired a person for the exact same thing like come on set in example. I love my job and love working for Dillard’s but not like this and if things don’t change I will press charges on this company for so many things.


Koree gilbert May 26, 2017 at 9:21 pm

I have been working at Dillards for over a year at Atlantic station, Atlanta Ga, hired full time initially as a sales special in shoes,but worked part-time for 3 months before getting full time after numerous plead for full time. Now I have taken leave of absence due to bullying, bad back and loss of family member. During my employment as a sales specialist, I have accomplished high sales and one of the top credit opener. I have endured bulling by one of the associate that has gone to managements for over a year but primarily having another associate allowed to take all the sales. He has privileges by the corporate team as he is a million dollars mark as a top salesman. Unfortunately for the rest of us, anyone willing to work hard has to to hustle harder due to him. While he is reaching an average of $5000 a day, I have to work harder and faster to get any customer to reach past my goals to make commission. Frankly, he has no regards to our need to pay bills and make a decent living and the management shows no remorse for the struggling staffs There were numerous complaint over him to the shoe manager, by both the top managers and yet nothing changed. This man nice and all is allowed to take money from the rest of us who is vexing to make a living. We have lost staffs on acccount of him in addition to poor management. There is constant turnovers in our department. I am contemplating wether to go back to working so hard that I come home crippled. I think the worst of it is that I found out that I could take legal complaint to the corporate, but am apprehensive that you follow the same decree.


Anonymous May 11, 2017 at 11:02 am

Dillard’s Corporate,
I am complaining about store 317 in Saint Joseph, Mo.
I was recently fired on 5/8/2017 during my shift. About an hour in, the assistant store manager Jessi came out to the Clinique counter where I worked and told me to follow her. A couple weeks ago, dillards hired a girl named Lauren to be the counter manager for Clinique. This girl told me she has no prior knowledge of the brand and has never even used it. She has also made small comments that imply she doesn’t really care about her new position already. She put our new stock away in packages and in the wrong drawers. So when Jessi came out to get me, I was in the process of fixing Lauren’s mistakes and calling customers who asked for stock we had just gotten in, something else she hadn’t done in her eight hour shift. As Jessi walked me back to the office, she didn’t say a word to me which was when I started thinking I was in trouble. Lauren had told me previously that the department manager Misty Cook was going to write us up if we hadn’t met our sales goals for an event dillards had. I didn’t meet mine, partially because I did not understand the event until the day before. Any time I asked misty, she gave me vague answers, never fully explaining it to me. The day before the event, she raised my sales goal by $300 and didn’t tell me until I came in that night for my shift. She told me I needed to be on phones all night calling people.
So I was preparing myself to sign a write up form over this stupid thing.
However, as we got into the office, misty was sitting behind Jessi’s desk. After a couple minutes, she slid me two pieces of paper she had printed out of a couple of tweets (on twitter) I had made and someone had screenshot and given her. In these tweets, I never once mentioned any employees names, I didn’t mention dillards, I didn’t even mention the name of an eyeshadow palette I talked about in one of them. All I talked about was how I was tired of my managers telling me to BS customers and lie to them about products so that they spent more money. I also said I was tired of my manager (referring to misty) telling me to lie to customers about the quality of products and how I was upset that Lauren had interupted me while talking to a customer about self tanners we had. Lauren stepped BETWEEN me and the customer and started telling her about a self tanner she used that Ulta and Sephora carried. Misty asked me if I wanted to explain the tweets, and I said no. After I said no, she handed me a termination paper to sign. I said that was fine because I had planned on quitting soon anyways. Misty then said I could finish out my shift that evening, but it would be my last. All I said was “okay” and she said “never mind then, we will walk you out after we are done here.”
During this nice little chit chat, I was asked two more times to explain my tweets, to which I said no both times. After that, misty chewed me out about social medias and the work place, none of which I listened to. They also walked me back to the counter to get my bag and then through the store to the back to clock out. Now I would like to break some things down for you, Dillards;
1. How was it right of misty to terminate me over my feelings? Shouldn’t she have been more concerned with her counter manager advocating for our competitors?
2. Why was it necessary for her AND Jessi to walk me through the store and then out? The entire time they were talking about other employees they were going to pull into the office to get on to. It’s not only unprofessional, but it’s just a little ridiculous that Dillard’s wants to embarrass people like that by parading them through the store.
3. Misty never ONCE explained WHY I was being terminated. She literally just showed me a piece of paper and then handed me a termination form. I think she was mad that an employee was finally calling her out.
4. Misty is the comestics department manager at store 317. Two days before firing me, she was telling the department girls about how she took a picture of a woman in town she doesn’t like and posted a picture of her to social media calling her the “town’s biggest wh*re.” This is acceptable behavior for a MANAGER, but an employee cannot express job concerns?
5. Misty would frequently shop on the clock, she would send employees out of Dillard’s into the rest of the mall to go buy things for her, she would send people into the rest of the mall trying to get customers to come to Dillard’s (this is NOT allowed at all and could have gotten the employees in trouble but they have to do it because their manager told them to). She also has her children come in a lot, and I have seen multiple times where she yells or threatens them in front of customers o a point where they cry. If you don’t want your kids in there, don’t have someone bring them in!
6. Misty only picked on me if I was not in uniform. Other girls could come in wearing completely wrong outfits or their hair and makeup not done and she said nothing but if I did it, she yelled at me and told me I had to fix it on lunch.
7. Even though it’s not allowed, she lets her favorites spend the first half of their shifts doing their makeup and never says a word to them.
8. Misty would tell us to give away free fragrance testers if we got customers to sign up for a credit app. This is also not allowed.
9. Misty is frequently on her phone in front of customers and she constantly uses inappropriate language in front of customers as well.
10. Working in cosmetics, we sometimes write people’s credit card numbers down. We are told to blatantly lie to customer’s faces and tell them after we have their card info in the computers, we shred their info. THIS IS FALSE. Those papers are held on to for years to come, no matter if the employee who took the card number is no longer there.
11. We are constantly forced to make outbound phone calls to customers to tell them about sales promotions going on in the store. Several girls including myself have been cussed out over the phones because people are tired of being called, but the next day you come in for your shift and are expected to do the exact same thing again.
12. Misty hides items we are no longer supposed to have to give them away as an insintive if a customer signs up for a credit app.
13. Misty also lets her employees take free fragrances or bags or whatever she can bribe you with so that you try harder to get credit apps.
14. When I was called and told I was hired, it was supposed to be for full time. I was told I would be part time for a couple months until I learned my job. After three months, I asked misty if I could move to full time. She told me no on the spot without talking to any other managers first.

This is all I have to say for now, and it was clearly a lot. I hope that Dillard’s takes a moment to read this and seriously think about the kind of people they’ve put in charge of their stores. There are so many double standards in this store that it is almost impossible for anyone to survive longer than five months here. A friend of mine was fired for wearing a belt before he paid for it because his had broke. While in the process of paying for it, Jessi came out and fired him for “stealing.”
I think this Dillard’s needs a good look at by corporate because again, a lot of double standards and you have managers firing good, hard working employees for minor things when the managers themselves are doing so much worse. I will keep trying to contact someone from Dillard’s about this matter, as I think it was a petty move on misty’s part and a wrongful termination.


William Lewis July 25, 2017 at 10:25 pm

Take it to twc get results


P.C. Washington October 19, 2017 at 3:28 pm

Contact the ACLU HOTLINE or go directly to their website and look for the office in your area to file an official complaint and the store and wrongful termination. Good Luck!


Staci Taylor May 3, 2017 at 8:49 am

I was BLATANTLY DISCRIMINATED AGAINST 5/3/17 at Dillard’s Stone Crest Mall, Lithonia GA Women’s Shoe Dept by employee 357138992 or 0263035 and the Women’s Manager, Noc. I called to see if Dillard’s does price adjustments, the young man replied yes, you can bring your receipt for the shoes you ordered at $149.99 because they are on sale for $89.99 now. 3 days after the initial purchase, I bought 2 pair. The lady sales assistant asked could she help me, when I replied I am here for a price adjustment, she said we don’t do those. I replied, I called first and asked, I traveled a long way. I then explained I had just ordered the shoes, and they hadn’t been delivered yet. She then replied, Oh, we can see, let me call the manager. Then she replied, If I returned the shoes, I would have to wait 24 hours before she could resell them to me! Huh, why? She replied, that is their store policy. She then looked me up and down like I was a thief. I had offered her my correct phone number and GA ID. I replied ok, Noc came down and tried to assist me. Noc replied, it would be to hard to call and cancel the order, she would have to go upstairs and get the number to cancel the order in the system.

Nevertheless, the shoes came while I was walking out the store. I came back an hour and a half later. Noc said bring the shoes, she will do the price adjustment, no problem, they gave me a card with their names on it. The sales assistant not only refused to give me cash back, having the shoes, and the receipt of the purchase, she returned the purchases to my debit card knowing it would not post for 3 days. She said it was easier for her. She didn’t want to call Noc. So not only did I not get my cash back, I was unable to purchase the shoes, and I have to wait 3 or 4 business days to receive my funds in my account. Now seeing as the sales assistant was EVER knowledgeable about Everything else, why did she neglect to tell me about the 3 day hold when I was fully prepared with ID, receipts and merchandise unworn? Stonecrest has a discrimination problem. No other mall has this policy. They both need to be fired for profiling and discrimination. I am almost 50 I am in the system, my Id matched my address in the system, why was I treated this way. No shoes, No funds, Horrible Service, I need to write the BBB as well as contact my lawyer, I know there are other complaints of this nature as people in the area complain of how they have changed in the Lithonia GA area Dillard’s on how they treat black people.


Kay D. May 1, 2017 at 2:56 pm

I worked for Dillards for less than 3 mo. I liked it however what led to me leaving shouldn’t happen to anyone. I had requested to fall back part-time because my family/children were suffering from me not being home especially my son who has an autism disorder which I shared with the managers. Well I got pulled into the office only for them to tell me they didn’t care what was going on and that if I couldn’t work full time I had no place there. So as I sit there in shock and not able to talk their rudeness continued. I felt discriminated against because I had a son who needed more attention and they didn’t care. Now realize I worked in the RTW dept and there were about 14 associates downstairs and about 11 of us were full time and the store is slow most of the time. I was also a good employee I never missed one day of work and I was always on time. I was someone that I felt was a no brainer to work with me because after all they both have children themselves. To them I was an ungrateful person who didn’t appreciate my full time position. The truth is I am a full time mom first and that is my priority so I finished my shift and left and never came back. Also the sales manager for RTW was going to every associate asking if I had been talking about her. Realize this woman is in her 60’s and clearly not the woman that hired me as I must have been deceived this whole time. I will obviously never work for the company or ever shop there again.


Barb Jordan April 27, 2017 at 12:37 pm

I am very concerned by the deceptive advertising by Dilliards in Strongsville, OH. We selected a variety of tall size Tommy Bahama t shirts and button shirts off a rack labelled as all items at 50% original prices plus an extra 30% off for Dilliard card holders. We went to check out our purchases and a number of the t shirts rang at 30% not the advertised 50% off. We requested the advertised price and store management refused. This is not the case of one or two shirts put away improperly as 19 of the 25 t shirts on the rack were at the 30% discount not the advertised 50% discount. I escalated issue and requested that the manager honor the advertised price and she refused. There was no store manager available to further escalate matter. We revisited the same store 2 hours later and the rack was still improperly labelled as 50% off and all the t shirts were still in place. I have photos of rack labeling and clothing as proof of this situation of false advertising. Every other reputable store honors their advertised prices but Dilliards refused. I will be alerting Better Business Bureau of this practice and sharing my photos substantiating this situation. Please alert me to how this will be addressed. The delta from $40 per shirt at 30% off versus $29 per shirt at the advertized 50% off for the 3 shirts I wanted to purchase represents a $33 impact for the store. For $33, you have a very dissatisfied customer due to the lack of integrity of the Strongsville management team and their willingness to deceptively advertise sales in their store. The floor worker in the mens big and tall department was very courteous and helpful. The manager however exhibited regretful customer service skills and a total lack of integrity.


Cindy Johnson April 26, 2017 at 5:50 pm

I have been a longtime customer of the Dillard’s. It was one of my most favorite stores to shop in, excellent sales. I am writing to make sure people are aware of the boycott against many companies, Dillard’s being one of them. As well as to urge Dillard’s to promptly remove anything from their stores & website with the tRump logo on it, or in any way benefits that family.

I recently learned that Dillard’s carries products with the tRump family name on them. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to be a customer of Dillard’s, until they are no longer selling any tRump products. I will drive further & pay more, but I can not support any business that supports a family and/or government who has created the Divided States of America, in which we now live.

A large volume of businesses began removing tRump inventory from their websites & brick & mortar stores, & more are continuing to follow suit. I urge you to join Saks OFF FIFTH, Sears, Kmart, Jet, HSN, Gilt, ShopStyle, Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack, HSN, ShopStyler, Shoes.com, Jenny Craig, Zulily, Kawasaki USA, Uber, Tyra Beauty, the Carnival Corporation, the LA Clippers, QVC, Neiman Marcus, BuyBuyBaby.com, RueLaLa, Wayfair & the many others who have removed senior tRump supporting executives and/or eliminated all products with the tRump name on them. Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus endorsed tRump but has since left the company, plus they discontinued all tRump home furnishings, so Home Depot made it off the boycott list. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is an official tRump campaign surrogate, but he conveniently no longer sits on the board of PayPal. All these companies found that having their name on a tRump boycott list was bad for businesses. I urge you to follow suit. Please.

I know I am only one person, but I have a job where I speak to 60 to 90 people a day, go to a gym, go to church, belong to a couple art classes. And believe me, politics rears its ugly head everywhere. I’m also on Facebook, Instagram, Google & Tumblr & I urge everyone to boycott any company that puts any more money in the tRump family pockets. I also advise you to check out wwww.grabyourwallet.org for a full list of businesses still selling tRump items & boycott them until they remove tRump items. You can also see a full list of the businesses that have already terminated business with the tRump name. They are to be commended & shopped at. If Dillard’s would discontinue selling any products with the tRump name on it, I know my family, friends, co-workers, customers & myself, would enthusiastically return as loyal customers.


Jolene April 20, 2017 at 2:11 pm

I am absolutely appalled at how the tenured employees at the Lancôme counter have treated my daughter. She was hired to work for Lancôme through Dillard’s and because she is much younger than the other ladies that work there they bully here. One lady specifically is rude and hateful to her and takes advantage of her being new and young and steals sales from her and makes her do all the grunt work that she doesn’t want to do. The management in Dillard’s is doing nothing about it and really seem to care less. She was very excited to begin working for Lancôme and is excellent with helping customers but because she wants to follow the rules and her tenured peers don’t, she gets talked down to and comes home crying from her job. I am ready to stand at their counter all day and continually tell customers how terrible these ladies act to their younger peer. A company should be investing in and molding these younger employees as they are the ones that will be driving sales once the older ones retire. They have so much creativity and positive outlook since the job is fresh and new and it’s being shut down and wasted because of bullying in the workplace. She can’t stand up for herself because they will only make it worse and give her terrible hours when they make the schedule. There MUST be something that can be done. Until then, I will be using social media, reviews, local papers and news stations, and every other resource that is available to me to make sure customers are made aware of the terrible treatment of this employee. Working for a telecommunications company for over 17 years, I have a LOT of connections and ability to spread the word on this matter.


Elizabeth Hecker April 20, 2017 at 1:25 pm

I will not give this matter up, I was wronged by your customer service. I want to return the dress and get my money back. Why should I pay for a dress that I can not wear and returned it in the same condition I received it and then have it sent back to me stuffed in a small plastic bag? You are a company that makes millions every year, what is the problem in sending me back my $380? That is nothing to you but it is almost as much as I make in a month being on social security. Please


Karen July 19, 2017 at 11:05 pm

Oh my goodness!! The same exact thing happened to me! I bought two dresses, both didn’t fit so i promptly returned them. I sent them back for a refund. Four weeks later I find a package on my doorstep. The dresses were sent back with a note saying they “were used and not in original condition”. I was shocked by this since I had only briefly tried them on and the tags were still attached. I called a customer service rep who told me that there were pictures of the dress with stains on it. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor who told me the same thing. I told her the pictures could not be accurate since I carefully inspected the dresses and found no marks or stains. I asked the supervisor if I could send them back to be re-evaluated. She said I could do whatever I wanted but it wouldn’t change anything. I sent them back any way and within one week they were back on my doorstep. The turn around time was so quick I know that they could not have looked into this problem with any accuracy. I’m sure once they got the returned dresses, they just stuck them back in the plastic bag and returned them to me. I am now stuck with $800 worth of dresses that I will never wear. Please, is there anything I can do about this. I certainly will never shop at Dillard’s again.


Linda E April 14, 2017 at 2:19 pm

I was very dismayed to find the Ivanka line in the Oklahoma City Penn Square store. I would never buy this line for obvious reasons. Dillard’s should drop the line because it has such political ramifications. Also, a word to the wise: the short woman who works in the Ellen Tracy area is very off putting. Seems like she is always there in your face talking a mile a minute like we are best friends. I sigh to myself in resignation and keep looking but it would be a much more pleasant experience if she weren’t there. She latches onto you and won’t let go.


monica john April 20, 2017 at 2:19 pm

This is a free market. Just because YOU don’t want to buy Ivanka Trump does not mean the other 99.9% of Dillard’s customers share your opinion. As a matter of fact a lot of women buy Ivanka Trump, now even more so and they are pleased and happy to find her merchandise at their local Dillard’s stores. I am very proud that Dillard’s does not bow to opinions based on political agendas. Dillard’s keeps politics out of their retail business and remain neutral. Go Dillard’s!


Loretta J Noronha April 12, 2017 at 7:12 pm

I am upset at the treatment I received from your staff. At the Volusia Mall in Daytona Beach, after trying on several evening gowns, I found one outfit that was on the clearance rack. The sales attendant was very attentive and assisted me with compliments and genuine caring.

Two days later I had to return the outfit as my friend made a comment about my arms looking a bit unflattering. When I told the salesperson on the counter, two managers had to be bought to the scene to inspect the outfit which had a dirty stain on it. Since the outfit is a very dark navy blue, I had not noticed the stain when I purchased it and neither did anyone else when I tried it.

Your store embarrassed me, insinuating that I had worn it and dirtied it. I reminded them that it was not worn and that I had picked it up from clearance and also that I may have not seen the stain as I do not wear my glasses all the time. Your personnel made me feel like I was stealing and I left feeling that my reputation as a professional was tainted by the treatment rendered.

I was so happy the day I purchased the outfit and also brought shoes and other cosmetics from Dillards. I had decided to make Dillards my special store. I am sad that this had to happen over $88.80. I left without further scrutiny and decided to cut my losses.

I believe that every association has some bad apples, but when the situation is related, the corporate office needs to investigate and make things right. I am sorry that your company did not make things right.


Cara Padden March 23, 2017 at 9:56 pm

I’ve always been a loyal dillarda customer.I worked for company about.yrago.I previously worked at your Beachwood Ohio 2001-200,also made too ten sales twice .When went to reapply I didn’t think due to studying fashion at ursuline ba in business .I would treated like gum bottom 92nsomone. shoe.I put my application in few weeks later.My mom received a voice mail on her cellphone.First of all the phone number I left was my. Home phone secondly.The voicemail said it was Ericka Margolisis a manager my mom any I meet after a rude encounter w an associate .I have good instinct had the feeling. She looking for information ,have no idea about what about.I certainly wasn’t going to tell a stranger had boyfriend . or not.Not. her concern .Get the opinion she didn’t. think my mom was my mom.So what if a my mother .Also the opinion former associate disgruntled x guy I like her Name is Roni mastronni Artale.The. thing totally completely illegal.allowing people. associates that. I have Cancer.I’m straight healthy women hopes bring up this issue again. I don’t know people havecvindctive and nasty .Not how you get anywhere in life


No Longer A Customer March 21, 2017 at 3:57 pm

We were at the Oklahoma City Penn Square Mall location (March 2017) and as we were checking out, the lady cashier told we could wait as we probably didn’t have the money for the items anyways. This that is beyond unacceptable. We spoke with the store manager but I don’t have faith that anything will be done to her. No one in my family will ever shop at any Dillards’ stores again. DO NOT SHOP HERE!


Shenaire March 9, 2017 at 11:13 am

On Saturday March 4th2017, I visited the Dillards’ store at Arbor place mall in Douglasville Georgia. I went to the Michael Kors counter to get a watch I purchased at T. J Maxx adjusted and to pay my aunt’s Dillard’s bill. I was not able to get the watch adjusted because it was not purchased at Dillard’s. I did not have cash to pay the bill so the lady at the watch counter told me to use the ATM in the front of the store. On my way to the ATM I stopped at the cosmetic counter to ask a question. Aisha was the person at the counter. While walking away from the counter Aisha said to me, where did you get that watch from, did you buy it and she began following me walk out the store. I was so shocked she said that to me. I said to her excuse me! I pulled the watch from out of the box and showed her my T.J Maxx receipt. I went and used the ATM, on my way back to the watch counter I stopped. I said to Aisha that was very rude what you did, how dear you accuse me of stealing. I told her I work hard and I’m not a thief I don’t steal! I also said to her first of all if I stole this watch I would not come and talk to you I would be trying to get out the store. Secondly I said to Aisha this watch is NOT sold in Dillard’s stores, the color of my box the watch was in is an old box. I also said if I stole this watch how would I have the cover for the watch box. If I ask to see a watch you only get the bottom part of the box to see the watch in. I could have just purchased the watch from the watch counter and just didn’t want a bag, Aisha works at the cosmetic counter not the watch counter! I have never been treated this way before. I do not shop at Dillard’s I only came to pay a bill for my aunt and decided to get my watch adjusted. After this I would never shop at Dillard’s. My aunt and stepmother are Dillard’s shoppers and Dillard’s Amex store card holder. After this they are rethinking being a Dillard’s card holder or shopper . I spoke with the manager Pat regarding what happened, he apologized and stated that was not suppose to happen. I’m extremely upset because what if the store security was called, I would have been embarrassed and then questions would have been asked after the embarrassment to find that the watch is not from Dillard’s. This should not happen to anyone again, It is just wrong to treat people that way. I also think she stopped me and treat me the way she did because I’m African American.


Sergio Martinez February 24, 2017 at 9:49 am

I had the worst experience with a sales person (Karen Blanchet – Sunland Park Mall El Paso,TX) As soon as we walked in the door, Karen swooped down on us. We said, again, we’re just looking around, and we’ll certainly come find you if we need help. Later in another part of the store, we find her behind us again. She apologized and said “I’m really sorry, but the manager keeps asking me where my customer is, and I’m not allowed to leave you alone.” We asked to talk to said manager, and told her that thanks to her aggressive policy, we would not be buying anything. We had been almost ready to buy something for $2000.
I understand that retailers want to and need to make money. But aggressive selling, in my opinion, does not increase sales.


Chris Barbeau February 23, 2017 at 11:56 am

I am sorry to say I will not shop at Dillard’s due to your continued business relationship with the Trump family. This is not about politics it is about basic human decency. The hate rhetoric coming from the white house is exhausting.


monica john April 20, 2017 at 2:29 pm

you must be joking – of course this is POLITICAL what you are saying. Dillard’s is a retailer and conducts their business obviously without a political agenda and so therefore of course they will carry the Ivanka Trump line – why not??!! After all, there are many women wanting to buy Ivanka Trump and they are happy to find it at Dillard’s. Stop whining!


Julian Davis December 6, 2017 at 6:37 pm

Hi Chris, I would offer you a hankie to dry your little snowflake tears with, but to be honest, no one cares what you think.


Emily Johnston February 23, 2017 at 10:19 am

I was in the Dillards Eastern Shore Centre in Spanish Fort AL looking for a specific item in women’s lingerie. The sales associate, Aprica Bradley, offered to help me and she was FANTASTIC!!!

She was very knowledgeable in the merchandise I was looking to purchase and showed me all different options with great information about each to go along.

I want you to know it was a pleasure shopping in this store because of Ms. Bradley and I hope you will give her recognition for her customer service, lingerie knowledge, and outlook.

Thank you.


Greg tunney February 9, 2017 at 4:29 pm

I love dillards, Large assortments, Beautiful clean stores and their is someone that is willing to wait on you and serve you. Is Dillards perfect no! But they are better than most.


susan B February 9, 2017 at 3:34 pm

I am writing to tell you how disappointed I am with your corporation to see you cave to political pressure and attach yourself to the #grab your wallet boycott of the Ivanka Trump line. How about letting the consumer decide what they would like to purchase? Shopping has no place in the political arena. Placing yourself on one side of a polarized nation instead of remaining respectfully neutral will undoubtedly harm your sales. In a day when department stores are closing at an all time high, I am saddened to see you lead by fear. We should be empowering the very independent and successful nature of this young woman, not penalizing her for…what exactly? If you are proud of this decision you should inform your customers with a statement on your website and on your department store doors.
I have shopped at Dillard’s since 1984. I shopped there every few weeks and was well known by your staff at the Arrowhead store. Sadly, I won’t be back, since you have removed all Ivanka Trump merchandise.
You can bet I will #grab my wallet and take my money elsewhere.


monica john April 20, 2017 at 2:32 pm

you have it all wrong – Dillard’s has carried and still carries Ivanka Trump clothing. Know the facts before you rant!


susan May 3, 2018 at 4:38 pm

They have Trump disgusting clothes back in the store but it’s Ivanka this time. If there is a will there is a way!


Margot August 20, 2018 at 9:48 pm

I went to Dillard’s here in Augusta,Ga. to pay my Bill with a Bank Card.The would not take that Card only Cash or a Check.I could not believe that.The payment would come out of my Account that Day.I left in Shock and still can’t believe that.I will no longer pay with a dillard’s Card.


CHERYL MASSEY February 6, 2017 at 6:50 am

I have been a loyal customer at the Dillard’s at the Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale for YEARS. I purchased a Coach Crossbody Hologram wristlet type approx. 21 days ago. The return time is 30 days. I immediately decided it was tooooo small as when I went to use it the first time, I left the house to go to the grocery store & when I got out of the car to go inside, I went to put my keys in my purchase and they wouldn’t fit (as I had a small wallet and my cell phone already inside of it). I said to myself, well this won’t work. I don’t want to have to carry my keys around. So when I got home, I switched back to my Kate Spade crossbody, put this purse back into a bag with the receipt (I couldn’t find the tag I removed) and let it sit on the table a couple of weeks before making it back over to Dillard’s/the mall. I go in the store and the first thing the rep says is I’ve NEVER seen this bag in our store. I said, well check the receipt for the #’s etc. & you will see it is from this store, and I told her what my clerk looked like – she said, oh that’s so-&-so. I then reminded that she was working jewelry when I bought a couple of rings at the store, and then she’s like, I remember that day. Anyways, she said she didn’t know how to handle the return so she had the store manager (Shannon, I believe her name was) come down. BUT, before coming down, she gave Shannon all the #’s off the receipt over the phone & she told me that Shannon could look it up in her office, but she couldn’t do that from the floor. Anyways, down/up comes Shannon, who walks up, asks me about the tags, which I say I can’t find, and she says, well, I can’t take it back. I said why not, you have all the info there and your clerk told you I shop her all the time and she knows me. She said, well you don’t have the tags – I said, well I’ve worked retail, you can make another tag. She then says, did you ever use it. I said, for about an hour (as I explained above), and she said, we can’t take it back because you used it. I stated, well I get that if it where under-garments or whatever, but I simply tried it and it’s too small – I didn’t use it for a couple of weeks. She then starts well you used it, doesn’t matter how long, our receipt says you can’t return it if you used it – I said, no your receipt says it cannot be returned in USED “CONDITION”, and this is exactly as it was when purchased – BRAND NEW. She then looked over the bag, and said, look in there – it looks used. I said, where? She didn’t have an answer – just kept saying it looked use. I state, well I had a wallet & a cell phone in there for no more than an hour so you’re not making sense. It was obvious at that point that she was not going to honor Dillard’s policies and just was making sure the store didn’t honor a return within the 30 day time period. Heck, say I used it 3 weeks (which was definitely not the case because it was just too small) even then there is no way a $200 purchase by Coach would look all worn out inside with there only being a wallet and phone (with a cover) in there. Anyway, as I stated, at that point I said to myself, just forget it – this woman is not taking ANYTHING back. After reading review online, I see this is what Dillard’s does ALL THE TIME. I purchased this purse on sale for $97.50, and I’d like to have my money back or a store credit (at the very least). Please contact me @ Chermassey at gmail.com to discuss. I have also taken the time to write to Coach to explain how Dillard’s told me they are selling old, worn out looking items (which I am telling you & I did then, is not worn or used looking in the slightest).


John February 5, 2017 at 4:21 pm

This is kind of more a complaint in regards to the management staff for a Dillard’s. I was shopping in the store and witnessed a young woman slip on the escalator and cut her foot. I watched as the security officer rushed over to check on the young woman and ask if she needed paramedics the young woman stated “no” the officer then asked if he could he at which she said “yes”
The officer then got on the radio and requested a manager and a first aid kit be brought to his location. The officer informed the young lady that he was first aid certified, about less then 2 min a tall man arrived holding a first aid kid and the officer went to work, cleaning the wound as well as keeping pressure on it about five minutes later a manager arrives and starts taking down the young lady’s information with very little regard did the fact the young lady was injured. After the security officer got the bleeding under control he then applied a bandage to the one helping young girl up. I would like to say that this officer went above and beyond to assist this young lady and remain very cheerful in the fact keeping her calm so she didn’t go into shock.
About two weeks later I found the security guard at Publix and explained I saw him assisting the young lady and wanted to say good job the security officer then inform me that he was removed from the post for assisting the young lady at which I immediately felt disgusted by Dillards management for removing this officer for doing his job. I recently found out that the State of Florida has what is called the Good Samaritan act which protects people who renders Aid to someone. Dillards remove the officer for rendering Aid at which the security officer in for me he was first aid CPR and AED certified. I no longer feel safe shopping in a Dillards knowing that they would remove an experienced officer for an inexperienced officer as well as Dillards not allowing them if capable to help.


Judy February 3, 2017 at 5:30 pm

I have been a Dillard’s customer for decades. Until ALL ties to ANY Trump business is loudly severed I will boycott. I am telling everyone I know to do the same.


Julian Davis December 6, 2017 at 6:33 pm

OK Judy. I’m sure everyone at Dillard’s will miss you. (Not really)


Patty February 3, 2017 at 2:16 pm

Going to Jamaica. Thought I would go buy some nice resort wear. Was surprised Dillards doesnt have a resort wear section in our store here in Charleston, SC. Couldny buy anything. Now i have to wear what i have and thats no fun!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Stacey Broughman February 2, 2017 at 7:28 pm

Dillards is the only store in my area that sells decent brand clothing. I have shopped there since 1990. Due to national politics and our current president’s total lack of morality I am unable to support any retailer that sells the Trump brand. I urge you to stop selling brands that come from unethical sources. I know the loss of my small amount of business most likely will not hurt you, but from the dwindling numbers is shoppers I see, you might need all the business you can get.


Julian Davis December 6, 2017 at 6:31 pm

I suggest you go to Target. They are “open minded”, if you know what I mean. And from what I understand with their transgender bathrooms a great place to take your family.
No one will miss you or your money at Dillards little snowflake. MAGA!


Sharon Chernoff February 1, 2017 at 8:14 pm

Dear William T. Dillard II:

Thank you for a long shopping relationship with Dillard’s who has delivered quality products and top customer service. That is why I am writing you today. I urge you to drop all Trump family merchandise. Their political brand is not in line with the integrity and American values I have long respected about such a great company as Dillard’s. Thank you for your time.


Margot August 20, 2018 at 9:59 pm

I went to Dillard’s today in our Augusta Mall (Ga)to pay my bill with my Bank Card ,the would not except that.The take only payments in Cash or Check.I could not believe what the where telling me . A Bank card not excepted only the other payments . A Check can bounce and the Check Card the payment comes out of the Bank that Day.I will no longer either Shop there or Pay with my other Card.

And to some of the other Shoppers complaining about Dillard’s selling Trump Goods.All of you need to get a Life.The Election is over


Kevin Stuart January 18, 2017 at 4:49 am

Hello….I live in High Point N.C. where Dillard’s has a turned their retail store into a clearance center. The store has been the only bright spot at Oak Hollow Mall. The mall was purchased by High Point University in 2011. The mall only has a handful of stores left. A few weeks ago it was announced the mall will close. Dillard’s would remain open. From what I understand the university would like to purchase the Dillard’s property but has not been able to come to an agreement to purchase the Dillard’s building. The mall is a black eye to an area that is otherwise a busy retail corridor. I am asking the management of Dillard’s to work with High Point University to figure out what would be best for the mall. I personally think that Dillard’s would benefit if stores were operating in the mall. I have always thought that the mall would prosper if it was operating as an outlet or clearance mall. Perhaps the agreement could be a joint venture between Dillard’s and HPU to benefit both parties and ultimately benefit High Point and it’s citizens.

Thank you for your time.


Mel January 16, 2017 at 10:03 pm


Jan 13, 2017 (closing time security problem)
Sheriff Deputy security comes around 15 to 20 minutes before closing and tells everyone
its closing time – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – G E T O U T.

My 6 year old Grandaughter started crying. This Deputy treated us very bad. This Deputy
Gonzales has a history of treating everyone like they are criminals, and using street tactics
language and warnings in everyday dealings and conversations with all people.

Dillards has been the favorite store of my Grandaughter and me for years, and I have spent
thousands of dollars there.
If you hire security personel to speak to customers, then you better train them to be
kind and respectful. Because you see, these customers have choices no to shop in
your store.

Its a shame, my Grandaughter and I loved this store (it was a big big thing for her to
ride the escalator also.

Melanie &


bridget c January 15, 2017 at 9:19 pm

To whom it may concern at Dillards:

I have just closed my Dillards account due to privacy concerns. Although I had opted out on receiving unsolicited information from Dillards, I was shocked to realize that not only was my information shared with American Express, but also Wells Fargo, who was then dependent on the opt out service (who I can only assume also has my information), basically three tiers away from the store I wanted to do business with -Dillards. And, hello Arkansas, Dillards is the only statement I receive from a company that still prints the customer’s entire account number on the statement.

And all of those outsourced services (to which I can only assume inadequately secure customer personal data), greedily trade my personal information with other “affiliates”, as casually as though they are playing a board game.

This came to light when I received an email from Wells Fargo advertising HULU and before I reported it as spam, I noted it stated, “Please add Wells Fargo for your Dillards Card…… Connect to a World of Special Benefits brought to you by American Express” with an image of my Dillards card beneath. Really? Hulu? Travel Services? Four pages of advertisement? Just because email is free to send, doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost me time and my money. Why should I be subjected to this invasion of my privacy? It is not a right of any business to use my personal email address for commercial purposes and maintain it for those to hack or as a commodity to trade for the monetary benefit. But that is only my opinion, obviously not Dillards, American Express, Wells Fargo, Hulu, and every other deal one of these corporations puts together.

Well, it will be without my dollars, because I will never do business with Dillards or your “greed consortium” again. I am only one small data point in your vast collection of “profiles” or “demographic” groups, but I am here to say I took the time to put it in writing what many of my fellow Americans think, “you are the pond sXXXX” of capitalism. You would have to be an attorney specializing in privacy loopholes to understand your privacy policy, but I live in California where we protect our citizenry. I will be following up this correspondence with a letter to my congressional representative.


Mark Jackson January 4, 2017 at 4:04 pm

What kind of place allows its store managers to harass its employees—-Dillards in Denton Texas—–you have a store manager that hasn’t got the first idea of how to lead or deal with employees—my daughter had enough of her managers bullying and harassment and quit—–I spoke with some of your employees at another location and they said the same thing—— Dillards IS A HORRIBLE PLACE TO WORK ——is this your management policy—make everyone miserable?


Mark Jackson January 4, 2017 at 4:35 pm

How many days can you legally schedule someone to work ?
How many hours in one shift?


Shannon giest January 4, 2017 at 2:19 am

This employee katoree crumbling works at the Dillard’s in Newport news VA Patrick Henry mall this is what she does how lazy putting it on social media also she gives her discount to a Paul jackson who was fired from the same store for stealing


Loyal customers got offended horribly January 3, 2017 at 8:46 pm

The Hispanic lady from watch department on the second floor at the Dillard’s North Park Center in Dallas, TX and her two other colleagues were the worst sales clerks ever I’ve met in my life. I went there on the New Year day with my husband and the line to buy the watches was long and I had waited for over an hour there to get to my turn. They were in bad mood since at the beginning I got there. They were arrogant and didn’t have any respect on the customers at all. Since that day was the huge sales day of the year, they were taking that opportunity to treat the customers like their employees with an attitude the whole time we’re there. When it’s almost your turn after a long wait, they let you choose the product that you want from the display counter and let them know. They kept the products that you chose behind the counter and asked you step aside for another wait. When it’s your turn, they were just eager to charge you without giving you an opportunity to try it on or check the product.
Once I got there, the lady was ready to charge me and asked for my zip code of my credit card and I told her that I haven’t even got a chance to try it on. She wasn’t happy since then, but, brought the stuffs to me and asked me which one I want. She wanted me to tell her right away without giving me a minute to decide like I was trying to buy a can of soda. When I asked her to switch the watch that I chose with another watch from the display counter, she told me that I can’t do that and if I want to switch, I have to start the line again. The watch that I want to switch was in the display counter just right besides me. It’s just ridiculous! She was quite pushy and with an attitude since I got there and wanted me to pay for it right away after letting me to wait for over an hour long of queue. All she wanted was to charge me and go on with another customer. She’s treated me with no manner and didn’t give me an opportunity to think for a minute and just kept given me pressure to tell her what I want. My husband got mad at her on her attitude on me and thus, told her to give me a chance and listen to me for a while instead of being quite pushy. She got mad at my husband for argue with her. And then, she refused to sell us the watches that we chose. When we asked her why she refused to sell us, she said that we disrespected her and asked us to leave the area. What kind of sales clerk is that?
When I asked for a Manager to talk to, she was quite arrogant and looked into my eyes with an attitude and told me that she was the Manager and asked us to leave or she’ll call the security. What kind of Manager was that? I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t be a Manager with that kind of attitude. When we refused to leave, she called the security guy (also happened to be a Hispanic guy) and the security guy showed up and shouted us to leave immediately with a very bad manner or he will take us out. He didn’t even know the whole situation. Just because he was called for assist the sales clerk, he showed up and handled the situation with very bad and rude manner. Both of them were so RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL and should not be working in the retail especially, in the upscale neighborhood mall like North Park Center. Later, police showed up and escorted us out from the STORE!!! What a humiliation? We just got humiliated by the sales clerk and the security guy in front of hundreds of people in the store in the busiest shopping day of the year. We were quite embarrassed and humiliated. We didn’t want more humiliation and thus, just left the store. The police officer was polite and treated us nicely and he gave us an advice to talk to the mall security as there’s nothing he could do besides take us out when we explained him about the incident.
We have never ever experience that kind of horrible thing in our whole life. We didn’t go there to steal nor destroy their stuffs. We went there to give business to them and we’ve got kicked out from the store like a dog! What an experience on the New Year day??? We didn’t want to start our New Year day like this for sure and I’m sure no one would want it either. They just totally ruined our whole day and literally till now. We are regular customers of Dillard’s (I’m the Dillard’s Elite Member) and we shop there quite often and basically, we are paying for their foods. But, they treated us like a sh*t. I wonder is it because of we are Asian? The couple ahead of us was black people and she gave them plenty of time and has assisted them with all their needs. I think we just got racially bias and discriminated because of our race. The horrible customer service people ever! I intend on taking this matter all the way to the top. Dillard’s seriously needs to train their personnel in customer service. When I called to complain the store Manager later, she apologized for the incident and took side of her people saying that because of the madness crowd that caused the frustration to her staffs. It’s just unacceptable and inexcusable! No matter how frustrated you were, you still need to pay respect to your customer. We are outraged that they would in fact treat loyal customers like us with such kind of manner. We will never shop there again and also considering to cancel our Dillard’s credit cards and take legal action if needed! We will see how the management handles this matter and if we don’t get any satisfaction on the way they handle our issue, they will lose our business forever and we’ll make sure to let others know. Our experience is unforgettable and unforgivable to the point that “I’m sorry” from the Store Manager would suffice. We hope no one would ever experience the same thing like us.


Clarence January 3, 2017 at 11:56 am

On Monday 2 December 2017 @ approximately 5:20 p.m., I returned merchandise to store associate “Cindi” in the men department. Cindi took my proof of purchase receipt, and laid it on the counter, after which she made a transaction in the computer system, as if her day was not going well. Cindi left me standing at the register, and went around the corner to retrieve hangers from a box without saying hold on, wait, or anything that would have lead me to believe our transaction was complete. I asked Cindi if we were finished? She replied in a condescending, negative, disrespectful disposition, “I AM DOING MY JOB”. There was no question of doing the job, however, as a customer I had no knowledge of what the procedures were. After the negative attitude she gave me two receipts and said “GO DOWN STAIRS TO CUSTOMER SERSVICE”. I was totally disrespected. I understand that customers are not always right, however, I believe everyone should be respected.


Yin December 29, 2016 at 12:19 am

Dillard is the worst retailer store I have ever been. The Dillard I am complaining about is in Houston Texas located in memorial city mall. I bought perfume for the holiday and returned it according to the return policy. To my shock they took the returned item from me and refused to give my money back that I used to purchase the item. Dillard is holding unto my money and item. The store Manager Steve refuse to speak with me and his assistance Vanessa was shouting at me saying the manager had left for the day. As of today the 12/28/2016 the item that was returned, my receipt the prove of purchase and cash payment for the item a Dillard store manager Steve and his assistance Vanessa have refuse return or issue a refund.


KAREN WHITE December 27, 2016 at 4:06 pm

I love Dillards at Gulf View Square mall in Port Richey Florida. I have never had anyone at that store be rude or unprofessional to me they have always been very helpful. I however would like to know why they have decided not to carry the Nuture brand of clothing anymore I love this brand and I’m very disappointed that it will not be available anymore at this store, no one could tell me if this is corporate wide or just the Port Richey store.any information would be great. Thank You Karen White


Michael December 16, 2016 at 9:41 am

I visited your store at the Wolfchase Mall in Cordova TN (Memphis, Tn) the floor Manager could not solve my problem and had an attitude of no concern. Dillard’s advertised online a dress for 45.50 (sale) o I went to the store to purchase the dress. The dress was not at the store, I asked could they order the dress and have it delivered to my residence, sure the saleperson stated! The problem started when they would not give me the sale price for the article (dress), they wanted me to pay full price for the dress, clearly the dress was on sale because I had a printed copy from your (Dillards) website. The floor manager told me that it would be a 8.95 shipping charge for them to ship the dress to me for the sales price. If I wanted to pay the 8.95 shipping charge I would have order the dress from home and would not have wasted my time driving to Cordova in heavy traffic to purchase the article (dress). The floor manager attitude was not to help but an attitude of WHATEVER BYE!! I floor manager did not have his name on his badge therefore I could not give a name for this incompetence person.


Karina Solis November 30, 2016 at 4:17 pm

I was at the Dillard’s in Carolina Place Mall in Pineville, NC this afternoon. I had been there about 2 months before and purchased many items in the Men’s department with a sales associate that I’very known for years and began working there a few months ago. So I went today again and I obviously want to make sure she gets her commission. After about 20 minutes of talking to her, the manager came and in a rude manner told her she needs to start somewhere scanning Nautical items and it better be done in an hour. About five minutes later he approached me and told me to leave the store because I had been there 25 minutes just talking and I have not bought anything so therefore I am not a client. I will not be buying at Dillard’s ever again


E. Clayton November 13, 2016 at 11:37 pm

Dillards took my money off my giftcard and can’t give me a resonance why. There’s no experation date on the card. I’ve called several times to see when it will get corrected but management always sat we’ll check in and call you back. I want my money.


paulette October 25, 2016 at 11:43 am

dullards charged my card for item never received and won’t pay up. do not do business with these rudos. they do not care about their customers . the last rep. wouldn’t give me her name and was laughing. saying ” i told you..don’t you remember”? a real b itch!. she called me a liar. dullards can suck eggs. won’t ever shop there.


Anonymous October 24, 2016 at 1:02 am

To whom it may concern:
I have noticed that several different area managers in Dillard’s at the Hulen Mall in Fort Worth, TX talking about employees in a very rude manner. The cosmetics manager and women’s managers continously shop while working. The cosmetics manager gets onto her employees for not wearing makeup or for touching up their makeup while on the sales floor, yet she sits down in the chair and will let her friends(managers in Clinique, Estee Lauder and Chanel) do her hair and makeup all the time while she is “on the clock”. It is completely unprofessional. The women’s manager I have seen verbally reprimanding employees on the floor in cosmetics for “not being in their area” when the whole cosmetics area IS their area. These women are completely unprofessional and as rude as can be.


Anonymous October 24, 2016 at 12:56 am

To whom it may concern:
I have noticed that several different area managers in Dillard’s at the Hulen Mall in Fort Worth, TX talking about employees in a very rude manner. The cosmetics manager and women’s managers continously shop while working. The cosmetics manager gets onto her employees for not wearing makeup or for touching up their makeup while on the sales floor, yet she sits down in the chair and will let her friends(managers in Clinique, Estee Lauder and Chanel) do her hair and makeup all the time while she is “on the clock”. I’m sorry but just b/c you are on salary that doesn’t make you any better than the people who are working under you trying to make a living.


Tired of unproffesionalism September 9, 2016 at 4:43 pm

I have had enough,im tired and if I don’t stand for something I will for for anything and I usually stand up for myself,my well being,mental and spiritual health and life that I have worked hard and long for,it has been literaly blood,sweat and tears and my intelligence,my personality,my charisma,character,far from weak,intelligent persona has made me who I am today and no one can take credit for who or what I am but me!I will finally give what is well deserved and long over due and with no fear attached!I will call out Julian Sansom who works at Dillard’s in Edgewater Mall in Biloxi Ms and would hope this would be taken seriously as an official complaint but just the beginning,not a rant or venting or babble!He is on the Dating site P.O.F. and his username is Kustom Express and if you look it up you will clearly see a picture of him sitting at his desk in his office AT WORK WITH HIS NAME TAG ON and I know for a fact that is completely against company policy and rules,as a matter of fact the company rules clearly states you can not even wear your name tag on your lunch break or for any other reason other than working!he even went as far as to post a picture of his private area on the dating site and took it off a week ago but.Julian Sansom is mad at me because he can’t have me sexually and I don’t want to get in his pant’s and wants to interfere with my life on all levels because of it and I will not stand for it!He needs to grow up and leave me alone and quit stalking me and bothering me and put me out of his mind and accept that I may be a beautiful,very attractive,highly pursued and loved and to a lot of men may be their dream girl but there is a line and he has crossed it,he has gotten an attitude with me,has followed me,whistled at me walking away and down right through a temper tantrum because I outshine him by far and he can’t get a piece of the lime light.I will let this be my first attempt on this pathetic nonsense to stop and if things are not better and the B.S. doesn’t stop then on to the next attempt,this matter has no reflection on Dillard’s as a company or franchise,they are one of the greatest loves of my life,as far as Julian Sansom,I wish he would just get a life,a woman,and some sense because he lacks all the above.


Diane August 2, 2016 at 2:28 pm

I just heard the most horrifying experience from my sister that I feel should be brought to someone’s attention in the corporate office. She and my niece were shopping for a dress and the sales lady told my niece that they do not make dresses at Dillard’s in her bigger size that she would have to order them online – she was rude, very unprofessional and should not be in retail. This is no way to be to the public – my poor niece was devastated. I am very disappointed because I was the one that told her to go there because there was always a nice selection – NEVER again will I shop at this store – I really hope that one day that lady has Karma come back and bite her .. Dillard’s – maybe you should have someone go undercover – I’ve read several negative comments about your stores – for a high end store, you certainly do not compete with the others. You have lost my business forever – and I will make sure to let others know.


Debbie Simmons July 31, 2016 at 5:21 pm

Today at the Aurora Mall Dillards, in Aurora Co. My daughter was accused, by an associate named Tanna of being “suspicious” and only allowed to take one garment at a time into the dressing room. She is 38 years old and had a sleeping baby with her so she was strolling him around while he slept. She was exchanging a dress I had purchased for her less than 24 hrs earlier, so she was looking around while the baby slept. Tanna told her the dress (which had never been out of the bag) had an “odd” odor and tried her best not to return it for that reason. If the dress had an odd odor it had it when I bought it….I spend about $3,000 to 4,000 a year at Dillards (5 grands, 2 daughters and myself) not hard to do…It is not all that much but you have lost my business for good and I intend on taking this matter all the way to the top.


Natasha July 31, 2016 at 12:36 pm

My name is Natasha Saint-Cyr, my daughter and I were at dillards north point mall in Alpharetta, GA on 07/30 getting some shoes for school. My daughter went to women’s shoes and got a Steve Madden sandals for $59.99 in a size 7.5 while I was at Lancome counter for cosmetic. Once we reached the sales associate had given my daughter the wrong size (10) and no receipt or the yellow tag. I had made numerous attempts to speak to a manager but with no success. I called corporate and no one was able but advised me to go back to the store. I called the store and finally a manager told me, he will have to find my receipt before they can do anything. I’m still waiting for a phone call back and no resolution. It is a very stressful situation, and cannot understand why no one at Dillard’s cares enough for customer service. MAKE SURE YOU GET A RECEIPT! !


Carmela Raspa July 25, 2016 at 1:40 pm

July 22st, 2016

To whom it may concern:

My name is Carmela Raspa, I was a Dillard´s employee for over nine years, working at Broward Mall (store #252) in the Ladies’ shoe department until July 21st, 2016. I was forced to leave my job which I was very fond of because ever since Ms. Moe Jacques became the shoe sales manager, I became a victim of constant harassment, with unfair directives, unjustified verbal warnings, more work than the rest of my coworkers, among other things which limit my functions as a sales associate. I was not able to work efficiently nor in a peaceful environment.

Ms. Jacques is not prepared to manage an area like the shoe department. She lacks proper staff managment skills and sales standards. Every time there is an issue with an employee she immediately sends them to the store manager instead of her dealing with it and attempting to solve it like a true sales manager. She constantly gives me written warnings, which I never ever had in my nine years working at Dillard´s, without even letting me explain my actions. Days prior to me quitting another associate, who had bad intentions, told Moe that I had not seen the monthly department video for the month of July. Without even asking if this was true, she reprimanded me and started asking what the video was about, after I told her what the video was about she made me go upstairs to watch it again “just to be sure”. Such actions make me think… What if tomorrow an associate tells her I am stealing? Knowing her she would probably take the employee´s side and accuse me of stealing without even asking me for an explanation.

The following incident happened on next days, While I was working my obligatory Stockroom hour, My coworker, Mary, called me because my client, who I´ve been helping for over 5 years, came in asking for me. I was very happy to come out and help her because I love when my clients come asking for me, they are very happy because they know I provide them with impecable 5 star service. Once Moe saw I was out on the floor and not in the stockroom she immediately took me to the back and started reprimanding me, once again without letting me explain myself. She then proceeded to tell me it didn´t matter if she was my client I had to be in the stockroom and next time call someone from Men or Kids shoes.

I have been working with Dillard´s for 9 years, 8 of them being in ladies´ shoes and I HAVE NEVER ever had any type of issues, verbal/written warnings or problems with any managers or coworkers. Ever since Ms. Jacques became a manager I had been called to the office over 5 times, the last time which was on thursday, when she treated me like I was a criminal simply because I had forgotten I had two pairs of shoes for another associate on hold. Even before I could tell her I had forgotten to put them back on the rack she already had a written warning ready for me to sign and told me the next time I did that was immediate termination .

I dont understant what kind of policy Dillard´s has for a loyal employee, who never stole anything, who never did anything wrong, who always gave 110% to all clients with impecable customer service, who opened the most credit cards in the department and who loved her job. Unfortunately we all have limits, on thursday July 21st I decided to leave a place I called my home for the past 9 years. I am a human and I have feelings and I am sure any of you reading this wouldn´t had been able to put up for as long as I did. As a sales associate I have obligations but also rights and tirany was abolished a long time ago.

Even after everything that happened I thank Dillard´s for giving me the opportunity to work in such distinguished corporation for all these years, thanks for the good experiences but thank you as well for the bad experiences which taught me how to grow as a person.


Carmela Raspa.


Idrissa Boube June 22, 2016 at 9:32 am

To whom it might concern,
I’m writing this heart felt complain to voice to abusive nature of Dillard’ security guards and manager at the store In MOBILE ALABAMA. Ruining someone integrity and honor seems to be the ultimate goal of these employees of Dillard Mobile AL. On Monday 6/20/16, my sister in law and her 3 kids (11,9 and 1 year old ) went to the store for the last shopping errands before leaving for Africa for a well deserve vacation and meet finally for the first time. This joy and enthusiasm from my brother family came to halt on this day due to overzealous security guards and managers. My sister in law finished her shopping and was about to go to the counter to make her purchase when the incident happens. With my little niece of one year started to cry like any little baby do sometime, my sister was more attending to her and inadvertently carry a shirt mind you she intended to buy on the diaper bag(the shirt was on top of the bag), she was proceeding to go to the cashier when these people stopped her and accused her of wanting to leave the store without paying. That Assertion is completely baseless and inaccurate. The shirt in question was only $8 and My sister have in her possession her Dillards Charge card and cash of $200. How can a law abiding citizen with no even a traffic ticket will want to jack $8 of merchandise while having your store card and cash on hand? This an affront to her dignity, honor and affront to our entire family. In all trouble event my sister was held and escorted to the METRO Jail in THE WATCH OF HER 3 YOUNG’S CHILDREN: what an HUMILIATION.
She even bailed herself out in record time because again she have money to do so, and while at there the sheriffs deputies were complaining about similar situation from the same Dillard store.
We have a legal representation and i want to assure you that my family will use all legal mean to innocent my sister in law and will use the full force of legal rights we have a dutiful, honest, trustworthy citizen that my family is.
I also would like to let you know we will never patronize your stores even though they are our favorites one. Just the give an example my same sister in law spend on father day $85 Ray Band, $65 of cologne for her husband, $80 sandals under armor for the boys reading to their big travel and that within last week. Our Mother, aunt and sister were here last summer and we spend up worth of $5000 in your store.
We will see in court,
Respectfully people with dignity and honor.


Cheryl Miears June 14, 2016 at 8:44 pm

Dear Mr. Dillard,

Dillard’s in College Station and Houston have always been main stores on my shopping list. It makes me so sad to tell you that I will not be shopping in Dillard’s locally any longer. I also will not be shopping in the Houston locations.

Over the last 2-4 years our local Dillard’s has been the forgotten child. No improvements to the store, bathrooms, dressing rooms are dirty, you can never find a salesperson and there is such a lack of knowledge in management and sales personal about all products. It seems that the sales staff are very sad and frankly not interested in their jobs. It use to be fun to shop in our Dillard’s, but it has lost all appeal.

Today, June 14th, you were in the Post Oak Mall store when I was shopping. I hope you did not just pay a friendly visit, give a pep talk, or complain that the staff are the one’s that are failing. The staff of any company reflect the attitude of the owners. If the owners do not care, then displays will look like the one’s in Post Oak Mall. If they are worked to death, with no rewards or the goals are unreasonable from headquarters, then you will not have the best people working for you.

There is a lot of money in College Station, but the women that I know are not shopping your store. Chico’s and Talbots are the stores that supply us for our needs on a daily bases. I realize that there are all types of shoppers in every town. The problem is there are so many stores that cater to the college kids, many that cater to families with small children, but only three that have cater to women on the move or retired women that want their clothes to be stylish. Now, three stores have become two and Dillard’s is not one of the choices.

I spend more time than ever, going to Houston for my clothes and I shop Dillard’s there. But today when I walked in to find my own Dillard’s has dropped the R. Lauren clothes, I decided that I am finished with Dillard’s. If I am forced to drive to Houston or Woodlands to shop, then there are so many other store that can meet my needs, without going into Dillard’s. I will not shop a store that has deserted the women locally and forced them to spend their money and time driving to the same store an hour and one half away, with 4 lane traffic everywhere.

My husband was with Conoco Oil Company in management for 27 years and Houston is where Headquarters is located. Dillard’s has been one of the stores for nice casual wear for me for many years. Other stores filled my needs for after five and formal clothing.

It truly makes me sad that at one time Dillard’s stood out as a company that really cared and now they have become just another Macy’s. I feel I have lost a really good friend.

It’s really too bad that a new shopping center has not come into this town, we really need one badly. I personally feel right now, we have and outlet mall appeal in every way. Someone needs to come in and shake up this place, so that everyone benefits.

I have not wanted to offend you, but rather be honest with you, because I care. It would be better to close the store here, than to lose you good name, because things are done halfway.

Cheryl Miears


Pman December 6, 2016 at 10:33 pm

Hunny Dillards only dreams of being another Macy’s!!!!


Tia Brown May 10, 2016 at 1:19 pm

Similar situation happened to my daughter on 5/7/16- she works for BCBG (inside of Dillard’s @ Memorial City Mall, Houston TX) after 9pm a lady made a purchase (Dillard’s merchandise) she had to override the price due to the price not coming up. After asking a Dillard’s associate who told her to just override it and charge what was on the red ticket, she was terminated and told she could never work or enter another Dillard’s store. Terminated for ringing up Dillard’s merchandise, are they not in the same store. He accused her of defrauding Dillard’s, because she couldn’t tell him (Steve) how long the lady stayed in the store or where she parked. He (Steve) spoke to her so harsh that the assistant manager for BCBG who was present became offended.

They have never been in-served nor told not to ring-up Dillard’s merchandise and she has rung up Dillard’s merchandise since 2014…this manger is a racist. He terminate Blacks and intimidate Hispanics. One of my daughter’s friends said he pulled her in the office and asked “ where do you get so much money to load your discount card with.

My attorney is currently in the process of serving the store manager and Dillard’s Inc an “Intent to Sue Letter” . This is a college graduate who works this 2nd job just because, been there since 2014, and have never been investigated or anything that has to do with stealing. He even went as low as calling the associate telling her to say she told her to call a manager or send her back down stairs after 9pm—right??? I had my daughter to record her telling her what he said and my cell phone records to prove it.

He has picked the wrong kid to mess with—


Robin Day May 2, 2016 at 1:09 pm

Working for Dillards store 0262, Arbor Mall, Douglasville, GA has been the absolute worst place I have ever worked. I recently was let go due to sales but that is not the issue here. I am fortunate that I really don’t have to work – I just like to work. So this is not about being let go. There is so much unethical and lack of integrity in this particular store. The store manager, John McDuffie, though a nice person, has no business being a store manager. He simply turns a blind eye to what goes on in his store. He is infamous within the store for not solving employee issues and promising to “look into it” and NOTHING gets fixed. Case in point: We had a salesperson in the accessory department who was pregnant. During her pregnancy, she took naps, ON THE CLOCK, in the lingerie dept. dressing rooms, and John knew directly this was going on as he was told, in his office by two other employees because they had to work her taskings and take up her slack. This same employee was also taking numerous breaks, before and after her pregnancy, to go into the ladies lounge and talk on her cell 20+ minutes at a time. Yet she was never counseled or reprimanded at any time. She was also caught not clocking out for lunch at times and yet continued to be employed. She was hired as the Coach specialist, got two paycuts, and refused to work her area, refused to do stock and markdowns, yet was allowed to continue to work while the rest of the employees had to pick up her slack. She finally quit last week. Case in point: Store 0262 needed a Michael Kors specialist. John McDuffie mentioned the position to me and I told him I would like to take the position. A few days later as he did not get back with me as promised, I went to him about the position. He stated my numbers were low so I could not have it. During that meeting, it is then I told him how EMPTY this store is and you cannot sell to an empty store. (This store has been opened for about 14 years. 2015 is the first year this store made a profit!) He agreed I was one of the hardest workers but my numbers were down and suggested and I quote: “DON’T DO ANY SIDE WORK SO YOU CAN GET YOUR NUMBERS UP! When I asked him as to whom was going to do all the side work that needed to be done, he had no answer. As a matter of fact, he said this to another employee, but denied he ever said this statement when questioned about it. So then we get a new OPS Manager, Trenda. She is a horror story all her own. Where is it written that an OPS manager can use foul language, talk down to employees, tell employees that there measly $12-13.00/hr is way to much of a pay rate, that SHE likes her new car and likes to eat, so SHE is going to make sure SHE keeps HER job? Word has it Trenda was brought in as a “cleaner”. So far she as fired numerous people, over 50 years of age, and has brought in very young people, mostly females. One of the women she let go recently was in her 70s, and Trenda told this women “we can no longer afford to pay you because you have been here too long”. A women whom worked with this store since it opened was fired for sales. 14 years she was loyal to this store! Another women in my dept. was fired for numbers but was well-known for being the hardest worker in the dept. Really?? When you have the same people week after week, month after month, doing the markdowns, ticketing them, doing all the stockwork, etc. and selling, but get fired for their numbers is a shame. Yet the people that work only at night and all they due is sell, is a shame. So Dillards policy is this: If you make us money, you can stay. However, if you do all the work that needs to be done in a retail job and miss your numbers, you get fired. If your too old for us, we will let you go to. Really Dillards??? When I was fired this week, I was number 3 in the store. Trenda clearly told me I was one of the hardest workers they had AND have great leaderships skills. But, your numbers are down and Dillards is all about numbers. So we have to let you go. I did NOT


Robin Day May 2, 2016 at 1:14 pm

Continuation on Store 0262. I am no a disgruntled employee. As a matter of fact, I am glad to be out of there. But having dinner with some of the people I worked with last night, asked me to be a voice for them. Even the full-time pacesetters are cringing. Everyone is afraid to speak for fear they will lose their job. The new “policy” of Dillards not cutting your pay if you don’t make your numbers is obsolete now, changed with the one – two week notice that if you don’t get your numbers up or you will be fired is in fact, the new policy, I didn’t even get that. I was just let go. However, I do know of a couple ladies that DID


Robin Day May 2, 2016 at 1:30 pm

So, what, is this a discrimination? What ever it is, The Dillards family, CEO, whomever, need to review the way they due business. It is really sad that this company cares ONLY about money, and forget the human side of business. When you have managers that literally lie to your face, swear at their employees, care only about $$, and review only what the dollar figure is during an employees review, there is a major problem. Store 0262 as lost a lot of good, hardworking people. There is no reason for the revolving door it has. When a business sells its integrity, moral code, and simply ethics to care only about “how much money can you make me”, then they have sold their soul to the devil. People like to know that when they come into work, its going to be a good day. A happy day because they knowtheyI am appreciated for the company they work for. Not at Dillards. Not at Store 0262. Why this store is even still open baffles a lot of people. When you are treated with such disrespect, told you get paid too much ($12.00/hr—really??), does Dillards really think this is OK?? And to the people that have been in the work force for most of their lives, and to have managers that think they can walk all over you, guess again. Once you stand up for yourself in this store, 0262, you get fired. So lets hire younger people who we can mold. They are scared to speak up. Fire those that do. Congratulations, Dillards. Keep up the good work on maintaining your place of #2 WORST COMPANY TO WORK FOR, and #1 WORST DEPARTMENT STORE TO WORK FOR IN THE UNITED STATES! Please see Glassdoor and just google all the comments from over the years about this company. It could be so much more than what it is, but sadly, it must like the place it holds.

Thank you. Somehow I am sure all I have written will fall on deaf ears.


Bobbie Ann May 1, 2016 at 3:15 pm

I am so up set I shop at the Paducha My Kentucky Oaks Mall and I love the store. But I really hate to see employees treated bad by a manager when you have a great employee. A lady named Jenna came to our store to get the Elizabeth Arden counter up. She has worked for Arden for over 20years! Before Jenna came EA was on the mane walk through now she is stuck in a counter that you have to look for!When that had the gift with purchase Jenna was not scheduled. to work. I’m an older woman I don’t. think a twenty something is the best person. to wait on me ! This cosmetic s manager must be very. jealous. and does not want what is best for the store! I. Have heard. The way she. talks to Ms Jenna it is awful and I have just been shopping EA since Christmas.Please don’t. let this person run off a wonderful employee.Dispute the manager Arden in this store has gone to the top in sales in cosmetics!


concerned shopper April 26, 2016 at 8:33 pm

To whom it may or may not concern,

I was shopping at your store in Lakeland Florida today with my husband.I witnessed
what I think was an assistant store manager talking down to some employees.This
man does not know one thing about motivating employees….mainly doing it in front
of customers.Any how incase someone in dillards actually cares about anything but
making money ,you should look into this individual.I think someone referred to him as


James McDonald April 16, 2016 at 6:47 pm

Hello, I went to the Dillards store located in Collierville Tennessee on April 16, 2016. And I have to say I was appalled I had my family with me which consisted of two younger children and one of the employees there a black lady that worked in the James Avery department was using profanity in a very loud voice. You would think they would have a better class of employee at the store. My family nor I will ever shop at Dillards again and i’m going make sure I tell all my Friends and church members of the low class employee located at this particular store .


Your mother March 21, 2016 at 3:28 pm

I was just spoken very rudly by some employee as if I was trying to go into the change room, I was going to sit as my wife was trying on clothes , this sh*t department store needs to reconsider how they hire as I’m someone who can easily cause lots of issues for your brand and your image , I will be issuing the employees name and store location and I expect some type of compensation for her inability to speak and show class to customers, remember I’m shopping your working you slave.


Candace March 14, 2016 at 8:36 am

I am seriously considering filing a civil suit against the company as my constitutional rights in this store have been badly violated. The workers and the manager is very racist! They were only assisting the whites and when it was my turn the associates was very bland, unconcerned, and would not even look at me. I requested a manager, and of course he said whatever he needed to say to him in the back before coming up front. When the manager came up front, he just stood there and looked at me. Most managers would ask if there is a problem or something they could help you with; but not this one. He just looked at me and I said, wow, you are just as racist as the employee that was just treating me the same way you are. He did not like what I said because his customers heard me and started paying attention. Then he called security, refused to serve me and had me escorted from the store. I did nothing wrong, but state the obvious and he went over the top, then asked the officer could he escalate it to trespassing. I did not even purchase the items from there, they were a gift ONLINE and I was trying to exchange the size only! This is just a comment, but I plan to take this MUCH further!


Maria March 9, 2016 at 10:49 pm

My wife is complaining that she makes so many wasted trips to this store for Dark side lipstick. They are always out of it and today she went with her empty containers, there are six (6), back here in Ohio you get a free lipstick or eye shadow with this empty containers. She needed both, they are always out of lipstick but the eye shadow they did have but the clerk would not redeem the exchange for free. She was told to go to a free standing store, not a mall to receive it. What a waste of time, this store is not customer focused and accommodating to the customer. Not shopping there again, I’m through. She spends so much money on Mac makeup and they can make worth her time and effort, that’s down right terrible!!!!!!!!!!


julie wallin March 3, 2016 at 7:47 pm

Way to go Dillard’s! I just fell in your store in West Town Mall. I tried over boxes of sale shoes in a sale shoe aisle. I laid in the floor for at least 20 minutes. Customers offered to help. A customer even tried to find what was taking a manager so long. One of your employees told me it was my fault, as I was lying in your floor. Another one of your employees walked past me several times and ignored me. Not one employee asked me if I was hurt. When a nameless manager finally arrived, he was only interested in paperwork, which I was not allowed to see. He said it was Dillard’s property. I did refuse to give my social security number. What is the purpose of my social security number? My glasses are broken, my knees are bloody, my elbows are bloody. I asked about my glasses and the nameless manager told me I had to call Dillard’s corporate risk management and gave me a phone number. Does anyone who works for Dillard’s not care about anything or anyone? I was so humiliated lying in your floor with only customers offering assistance. I asked the nameless manager about my broken prescription glasses and he said that was up to corporate risk management. Then your nameless manager had the audacity to tell me to have a good day and to come back.


cS March 14, 2016 at 8:28 am

sounds like a GREAT lawsuit to me!!!


Kimberly February 28, 2016 at 9:14 am

I use to be an employee for the Dillards in Norman Oklahoma,I thought they were a good company to work for. I worked for them for two years,the assistant store manager at the time new I had health issues and prior commitments and worked with me on my schedule,he made it clear to keep it to myself cause I may not be able to keep my job as well as the fact that my friend helped me get the job,everything going well. About 10 months ago I started have some major problems with kidney stones,had doctors notes to back everything up they cut my hours from 23-29 hours a week to 6-10 hours a week,I was expecting some of my hours to get cut back but this was awful,I emailed my bosses and expressed how I felt,they new of my health problems,when I emailed them letting them know my schedule would be changing the first of February,I could no longer work Saturdays or Sunday. I called and talked to the new assistant store manager on Monday about the schedule,he said he got my email about the schedule and that they could no longer accommodate my schedule and let me go over the phone,they had accommodated the schedule before. I was really upset and hurt I liked my job and was good at it! But this hurts me more,I get assistance on housing and food,I have four kids and we need the help at times,I needed them to fill out paper work to keep my housing assistance,I go up there and the operation secretary said that the store manager says “we owe you nothing after you leave here” the operation secretary after basically begging filled it out and lied on the paperwork about when my last day of work was,she knew it to she said but had to go by what was in the computer,why is the computer saying I worked two weeks I didn’t? Very very upset but I had my surgery and I am doing better and found a way better company to work for. I will never shop at another Dillards again


joyce February 22, 2016 at 10:58 pm

dillards worst store ever especially the store in northpark in dallas nobody is interested in helping customers. they just work the hours its awful


Maria February 17, 2016 at 9:34 am

On February 14, 2016 I went to Dillard’s in Montgomery, Al the EastChase location. I was shopping for my son and the store was getting ready to close. The young man closed down I register #27 to be exact and move the register in the sporting goods area. He proceeded to check me out and placed all the items that I purchased in my bag. Later on that night when I got home I took the items out of my box and notice a receipt in the bag with the beginning register balance and the ending register balance. As I continued to take the items out my bad I noticed a goldish color Dillard’s bag with the # 27 on it. The bag was not zipped up when I opened the bag I noticed there was cash inside and gift cards. I looked at the clock and it was about 8:30 p.m. the store closed at 6:00 p.m. I knew the young man that rung me up made a mistake when he put his register bag inside my bag. The weather was terrible on next day so Tuesday , February 16, 2016 I took the bag back into the store. I went back to register 27 and asked the young lady who was the manager over that department. She immediately told me his name and started looking for him. She picked up the phone and asked someone to page him and they did. The manager came over and I told him exactly what happened. I asked him not to fire the young man because it was a mistake and there would not be a lose to Dillard’s since all the money and gift cards were being returned. The manager looked at me and I asked him why he was looking at me like that. He said it is good to know that we still have honest people in this world. He advised that I just saved that associates job. He also stated they rolled the cameras back trying to determine what happened. I would like for someone from the corporate office to reach out to me.


Laney Henslee January 31, 2016 at 3:58 pm

Jeers to Dillards security. I was in Dillards today and was accused of shoplifting bc the man watching the cameras ‘saw me shoplift a hoodie’ and couldn’t find it when he traced my steps. I was chased down in the mall by the security guard and taken to the dock area- and my daughter! He waited for a manager then said ‘you can leave as soon as you give us the hoodie’. I never stole this hoodie and told them where they could find it, and of course they found it exactly where I said it was. Dillards might want to work on their security department and customer service!


Frances Lewter January 25, 2016 at 12:19 pm

I seen this post on Facebook 2 days ago from a friend of mine….I really bothers me because I have a daughter that is about the same age & build as Megan.

Megan Naramore Harris
January 20 at 10:51pm ·

Dear sales lady at Dillard’s Towne East Mall, KS
This is my teenage daughter who wanted to try on dresses for an upcoming formal. I found this dress and asked her to try it on. She told me this was not her style, but tried it on for me. I told her how grown up it made her look and she smiled, and told me this made her look too old but still, she let me take a picture. Right after that, you entered and told my daughter she needed to wear SPANX if she wanted to wear this dress. I told my daughter to go change. I told you that she was just fine without SPANX. You continued to argue with me. We left soon after. I wish I had told you how many girls suffer from poor self image and telling them they need something to make them perfect can be very damaging. Girls of all ages, shapes and sizes are perfect because that is how God made them. If they feel good in a dress, that is all that should matter. My daughter is tall, she swims, runs, dances and does yoga. She’s fit. She’s beautiful. She did not need you telling her that she is not perfect. I hope this is shared and gets back to you so that you should not say something like that to a girl ever again. You never know what negative or positive thoughts they are thinking about themselves.
Mother of a beautiful girl


Pamela January 20, 2016 at 3:52 pm

I went to Dillard’s in Sugar Land, TX and it was awful I never in my life seen managers talk to staff this way. They have no respect for employees’s It so happened to be the store manager that was being rude her name was Amber the associate told me her dad works for the company to and she says and does what she wants to them.


Keri January 20, 2016 at 12:08 pm

I was fortunate enough to get to work for this company for a very brief time this past year. I must tell I never expected such a wonderful experience from a small store in Odessa Tx. These people, from the workers to the upper management, were nothing but warm, friendly and very professional. What a great company to work for. I’m so sorry I couldn’t stay longer but I wanted to leave the area. Every time I see a Dillard’s, I HAVE to run in and check out what’s on sale. Keep up the good work.


Ronald Phillips January 13, 2016 at 2:09 pm

The service I recently received from The Sanford Fl office Store Number 224 was above and beyond in my opinion. I purchased and lost a gift card during Christmas. The online policy clearly stated if I did not have the gift card number I could not be helped so when I went into the store I expected, “Sorry Sir, but you need the card number”. Much to my amazement the lady’s, Julie and Miram in customer service, told me that since they only keep records for three days they would not be able to help me but also told me not to worry their office manager had abilities which were not available to them. In my mind I just know my $100.00 was lost but with a short wait I was given the good news. My purchase ticket had been located at the corporate office and the old card was zero’d and a new one issued. I can’t thank your employees enough for taking the time out of their hectic day to help me.


LaToya Grant January 12, 2016 at 11:55 am

The service I received from this company sucks. The customer service needs work, the staff need adequate training and the managers need to know that customer should be left satisfied. I have gone through 4 people just to find out that the sales on Jan. 1st only applied to already reduced items. I spoke to a clerk, a floor manager and a store manger and it took 2 weeks for a VP to say hey sorry it’s noting we can do but the sale was for already reduced merchandise. Me personally I would have rather save the sale with offering 10% instead of nothing and losing the sale. Mark Souter should not run 20 stores because he can’t provide training to staff that will equip them with knowledge about the sales Dillard’s run. He has one store that does not identify the location when answering or receiving the recording. to make matters worse he doesn’t have a Voicemail setup in his office in order to leave messages to be returned. I am very displeased and I plan on expressing this to every site I can think of.


Former Dillard's Employee January 11, 2016 at 9:38 pm

January 1, 2016 my wife and I went shopping at Dillard’s Store 0419 Northpark Mall in Ridgeland, MS for the New Years Day Sale. She made a few purchases and I thought I would see if I could find a good deal on a new dress watch, so I found one that I liked and paid for it on a Visa gift card and paid the balance on my debit card. Well as it turned out as I was trying to adjust the time & date on the watch and them stem wouldn’t loosen up to adjust the either, so I decided to return it right then while I was still at the counter. The cost was $115.00 and 50 percent off nevertheless it was the principal of the issue that upset me because the sale associate returned the item on the Visa gift card instead of my debit card. I didn’t notice on the receipt what had happened until we returned home. The next day, I called customer service but was informed the previous day’s sales had not been reconciled and I would receive a call back. No call was received and I went back to store. Informed again the previous day sales had not been reconciled. Each time I spoke to Doris. Finally on Sunday after another trip to Dillard’s,the sales had been reconciled but the Visa gift card was no where to be found. Doris said a Dillard’s gift card could be issued but I could not have it put back on my debit card. It was not the amount in question but the principle of the issue. Doris told me not to do anything until she calls back. After a week and no call back, I called again and Doris indicated the amount would need to stay on the Dillard’s gift card and could not be exchanged for cash. Again, I made another trip to Dillard’s, the customer service rep was not helpful but called an ASM who finally refunded the amount. As I said before, it was not the amount but the principle of the issue. In my opinion, this was very poor customer service and I will not shop at Dillard’s any more.
I would appreciate a response by email.
Thank you


Shawn Martin January 7, 2016 at 6:12 pm


My name is Shawn Martin, founder of a 501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting cancer patients gain access to medication, travel, and living expenses. I wanted to see if your organization supported 501(c)(3) organizations through charitable giving.

Thanks for your time and assistance in this matter.

Best Regards,
Shawn Martin


Linda January 6, 2016 at 6:26 pm

Terrible shopping experience today at Woodlands Tx store. No ink at woman dept cash register so clerk Nancy argued constantly with me, refused to provide proper computer receipt and wrote total on illegible computer paper. No tax inf provided. She argued and refused to display her name tag until I insisted. I then looked for manager on floor who also did not wear a name tag but said she was Lauren. I guess she worked there? Then I went to customer service, operator, gift wrap desk staffed by 1 person. She could not provide store manager card so she ran to the back to get card and was very flustered and confused. Cheap unprofessional. Looks like Walmart. Customer service terrible. Just wanted Dillards HQs to know that store manager not managing his staff. Terrible


Unknow April 20, 2016 at 2:16 pm

Operations manager is Melissa jeblonski


Patty Hale January 5, 2016 at 3:24 pm

i went to y’all boot sale on January 1 2016. The table had a 50 0/0 sign with a number 9 which meaning that the boots was on sale for 50 0/0 off. i got to the cash register and they would not let me have them i live in Etta ms which is about 1 and 1/2 drive for me. i was so disappointed in the store so i don’t no i if i ever be back. Very heart broken.


Scotty drake November 1, 2016 at 5:50 pm

Daughter bought a couch in Little Rock bout 1st of june,before moving to Ky.move it to new house and has already broken.she call dillards there and they send rep out and he says ” clearly a faulty piece of funiture,we will bring u another one.few days later a lady calls and ask if she got the parts to fix the couch! REALLY!!! Daughter told her what Rep had said she said” no u will have to return it to Little Rock!!! WTF!? Even “if” she had a way to bring it back,we would probably get the same poor CUSTOMER SERVICE back there! But i “PROMISE” this one over by a long shot! She has ask me to stay out of it,hoping Dillards will do the right thing.Waitin a few days and i’m going to the BBB and AG’s office???????


Jennifer January 3, 2016 at 1:33 pm

Everyone has a bad day: especially if they find themselves facing there companies biggest shopping day of the year. I get it. Now, the particular problem I experienced is unforgivable, unforgivable to the point that an “I’m sorry” would not suffice. I have sat on my thoughts for two days now because I didn’t want to make a snap response. My reason for coming forward is very simple: I will not tolerate being called names, and I will not tolerate racism of any kind.
I was a guest in your store located in the Westfield Mall, Clearwater, Florida on Jan 1, 2016. I received a beautiful Coach bag for Christmas, and this lovely bag was setting of store alarms. Now, I checked the bag and didn’t find a magnetic strip or sensor. Let me add I don’t know which store this bag was purchased from, I did know that my favorite store—Dillards—had a Coach counter. So, I decided to approach the ladies working the counter and asked ‘Ma’am my bag seems to be setting off alarms in other stores, and I’ve looked inside the bag for a magnetic strip or something…didn’t see one. Do you know if the strip is in a particular place in the bag?’ Your Sales woman responded: ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?’ She rolled her eyes at me, sucked her teeth, and slung her head back. I replied: ‘I’m sorry, did I offend you?’ At that point I decided to disengage the conversation, and I politely said: ‘You know what, have a nice day…Your customer service is just intolerable.’ And with that I walked off.
One minute later Dillards security runs up to me, with the same argumentative sales lady in tow who said ‘that’s the white XXXXXX, right there.’ Security—and the man was very polite—asked me to walk up to management with him (I was thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated. The whole time I’m thinking, what if one of MY clients witnessed this awful event?) Just be glad it was about 15 of your other customers who hear the elder black woman utter those unforgivable words. After explaining my situation to a team of ladies who were no doubt busy. They suggest I go over to the Coach store inside the mall. (No problem, those girls found and fixed the issue within two minutes …kudos to them.)
Now I realize nobody will read this… or care. Just know the power of Social Media will have an impact. False accusations and calling a customer derogatory…racially belittling names is downright inexcusable. Making the decision to retaliate against a customer for pointing out a very condescending attitude, by humiliating and embarrassing them in front of a store full of people is simply ignorant. At this point I do not feel comfortable, nor do I trust handing my credit card over to a sales staff who act like low class trash. Allow me to add, I purchased my first business suit, and everyone thereafter at Dillards. Today I don’t trust Dillards employees…

Incident: Jan 1, 2016 around 11am @ the Coach counter.


Tina Pate January 2, 2016 at 1:11 pm

Why would you start a 50% off sale at Midnight CST when you have customers shopping on EASTERN STANDARD TIME? Employees of Dillard’s on the east coast haven’t told customers to shop on CST. Yes, I did have a problem. Hopefully, it will be resolved shortly. A young lady named Debbie is helping me. She actually seems concerned about customer satisfaction.


Disgusted December 31, 2015 at 2:27 pm

The Dillard’s in Wilmington, NC is a horrible place for great employees to work. The store manager Kathryn M. Tillett, is a horrible person, unethical, rude, disrespectful, no integrity, and unprofessional. This manager has allowed for bad employees to run the store and get good, hard working, ethical, polite, customer oriented employees fired with lies and bullying methods. Brought this to the District manager’s attention and he did not respond either. Apparently, they are okay with bringing down employees that benefit the organization and its clientele, that deserves to work and will bring happy customer returns and boost sales. I thought that’s what corporation looks for in their employees.


Unknow April 20, 2016 at 2:26 pm

If a Dillard’s employee brings charges such as retaliation, bulling and Hostile work environment against a manager. That employee will be given impossible task to complete by a division manager and then terminated. Dillard’s is not a place to be an associate at.


Lucretius Hamilton December 24, 2015 at 11:11 am

Approx. 6:41 p.m. yesterday, (Dec. 23, 2015), I attended Dillards Ingram Mall to return a Alex Marie (809140849643 665, B POP 111333780125) shoes my wife from Dillards La Cantera. Upon telling her I bought it from another located and upon doing so, in an abrupt tone said, Excuse me, as if she is cutting me off. Right there, I began to feel her negative energy. I had already removed the cover from the shoe box and had it in my hand. This said employee then grabbed it from my right hand without saying a word, as if she is bothered by something (or someone). She could have said something like, Let me get that for you, sir or something. As she continued the transaction, her female colleague suddenly appeared and just dashed her upper body on the counter where I was and without even saying excuse me, proceeded to ask her about something. Even this womans answer to her own colleague sounded rude. Its as if she is neatly telling her, why are you bothering me. Neither of them even had the audacity to say excuse me upon interrupting, since there dealing with a customer. It is as if they were conversing in their backyard and I was somewhat invisible. As a matter of courtesy, this employee could have waited until she was finished dealing with me. And the employee dealing with me never had the decency to at least say excuse me or tell her colleague to hold on until she is done. BOTH FEMALES CAME OFF LIKE TYPICAL ANIMALS (WITH NO APPROACH OR WARNING WHATSOEVER). There was no even an ounce of professionalism, much less courtesy or respect. IF THESE ARE THE ANIMALS WHO YOU CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES, IT IS INDEED SAD. Whether or not they are trained in Customer Service relations, at least have have some level of courtesy and professionalism. I do remember their faces and I am definitely turned off by them. The next time I attend the store, I will deal with anyone else, except these two animals. The receipt details are as follows: 711788992 RETURN 0054 0723007) (RECEIPT #0723007005412231840).


Earlanne Brown December 17, 2015 at 6:32 am

To whom it may concern,
My shopping experience at Dillard’s ( Mall of Louisiana which is located in Baton Rouge) was not pleasant. After looking around an almost vacant department, I found some pillows that matched what I needed. There was only one of each left so I decided to ask the young lady ( Loren Mulmore ) to place them on hold until I did the rest of my shopping for the evening. While doing so, Ms. Donna ( claiming to be the store manager ) was very rude in that she was rushing a potential transaction with me to tend to a customer behind me. I understand what it means to be busy but I find it necessary to point out that the line only consisted of me and the gentleman behind me. Ms. Donna walked up and started fussing at her associates, which is very unprofessional, by throwing things around and stating “he’s been waiting”. My initial thoughts were…”well hell, so have I”. I found this to be very rude and unprofessional because as I said before, I was still at the register. I don’t believe that’s good customer service. I don’t believe that the customer behind me was any more important than me but that seemed to have been the message conveyed on that evening. Get this, I decided to talk to Ms. Donna in regards to what took place and truthfully, she showed no remorse and was not concerned. After what took place today, my thoughts are now to close out the card and continue my shopping elsewhere. It’s never fun being disrespected or feeling unappreciated. The very LEAST that could have been done was for Ms. Donna to pretend she cared. The customers are what keeps the store running.


Dillards employees December 10, 2015 at 11:34 am

October 30, 2015

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to inform you of the things that go on at Dillard’s Lakeside. First I would like to talk about Mr. Jones, We are all well aware that his daughter Elizabeth should not be working for Dillard’s, So he had her hired with Fossel in which she is the new Michael Kors Rep in watches. All we here from Melanie Barfield is to watch what we say and do because she is Mr. Jones’s daughter and she will go back and tell him everything. (which she has done already) So if she does not work for Dillard’s why is she reporting back to her father? (Mr. Jones) She has to know everything about everything and Melanie Barfield has her doing things that only Dillard’s employees should be doing. THIS IS A BIG BIG CONFLICT OF INTREST…….
Melanie Barfield is over the Accessories department. She is very unfair to her employees, I have seen people that has worked in other departments come to hers and quit because of the way she speaks to people. She speaks to people like dogs and it is a shame. She will ask you for you days for the schedule and then when she makes the schedule it has nothing to do with what you gave her, when you ask her that you need that day off she will not give it to you, she will say switch with someone that the schedule is written in stone and I can not change it. She will change the schedule without asking you or informing you and expect you to be there and work. When ever you go to her and talk to her about a problem she will over talk you and will not let you say what you need to say. She also writes these passive aggressive notes to everyone. Melanie has made threats to her employees when Dillard’s has the Watch and Handbag trade in stating that if we do not get at least 10-15 presales that we can no longer work in other accessory departments all because she wants to beat the other stores. When ever they have things going on like in Sun glasses or watches and the customers sign up to win things after the event is over and the name is pulled the customer is never called to come pick up their gift, it is brought back into the back office and either her or the other managers take it, Ray Ban came in and was giving away free $5 gift cards to all customers that bought Ray Bans, when the event was over they said that they wanted the sales associates to have the remaining gift cards for the hard work we did, Well that never happened Melanie Barfield kept them for herself and the other managers. We work hard to make Dillard’s a awesome place to shop, but we are all tired of the way we are treated.

When Melanie Barfield is discussing a problem with an associate A PRIVATE CONVERSATION she does not care who else is in the office but she will still reprimands them with an audience for all to hear. She will come out on the sales floor and speak to other sales associates about other sales associates and that is not professional. She has spoken to her employees like they are beneath her while others get royal treatment. Melanie will also say condescending remarks to her employees on the sales floor within an ear shot of customers. The turn around in her department alone is unbelievable.
From Mr. Jones to Steven and Melanie Barfield the was they treat the employees is somewhat shameful.


Dillard’s Employees


Unknow April 20, 2016 at 2:36 pm

Sounds just like the same mentality that Melissa Jeblonski at the woodlands store in Texas has. Dillard’s is getting to be know for this kind of mentality.


anonymous November 22, 2015 at 9:22 am

I recently was employed at the Lakeland square mall Dillards.I could no longer continue
to work for a company who does not care about their employees one bit….The store manager Nicole is the nastiest manager I have ever encountered at any place of employment!(That is with customers and employees).This store must have the biggest
employee turn around in the industry.Other employees and customers have reached out
to corporate and nothing is done.As a matter of fact corporate will tell the store manager who called them.There is no human resource employee at this store you can go to with a
problem.Their so called H.R person is the managers secretary!So much for anonymity…
Well I am on to a good job now,and so will many more of the employees I worked with
if Dillards doesn’t get a handle on this train wreck of a store.Well if the store was making money I am sure this would be swept under the rug by corporate as always…but guess what?It is not…..
Thank you for your time,


Veronica November 16, 2015 at 8:15 am

I was at the Florida mall location yesterday and the escalator to go upstairs was broken. The store manager told me it was safe to walk up but I was not comfortable with that. While I was there someone actually tripped on the steps. I felt the need to say something because I take safety seriously and think that the situation was not handled properly. I am aware that this store has an elevator, and yet no salesperson was at the bottom of the escalator to direct people to it. They just allowed anyone- including people with strollers- to climb the stairs. This seems unsafe to me. I tried emailing their customer service but the Web page kept saying it was unable to send it. This is not what I expect when I think of dillard’s.


Jamie October 21, 2015 at 5:37 pm

Wow…I just went to your Mesa, AZ store. Looked for 10 minutes and 3 checkouts before I found help. Thought I was in Target! Oh, THAT couldn’t have happened…I spent 134.00 on one pair of jeans….and just got TARGET service…silly me.


Terry Henderson October 9, 2015 at 1:41 am

Hello, I went to Dillard’s at the superstition springs mall. Justin in the shoe department took care of a problem I had with a pair of Romika boots. I don’t know how you train your employees, you deserve a A+++++ in customer service. I love this store because of how I am treated. I go to the mall just to go to Dillard’s. No other store has come close to the class and professional service you get at this store in Mesa….Thank You!….Terry Henderson


Terry Henderson October 9, 2015 at 1:39 am

Hello, I went to Dillard’s at the superstition springs mall. Justin in the shoe department took care of a problem I had with a pair of Romika boots. I don’t know how you train your employees, you deserve a A+++++ in customer service. I love this store because of how I am treated. I go to the mall just to go to Dillard’s. No other store has come close to the class and professional service you get at this store in Mesa….Thank You!….Terryu Henderson


Amanda solesbee October 4, 2015 at 5:46 pm

So I went to Dillard’s today to see if I could exchange a suit my future husband was going to wear in our wedding. The thing is I didn’t have the receipt because the wedding was canceled a week before the date due to a family member getting very sick. He ended up passing the week of so I had to cancel. Anyway I get to Dillard’s to exchange the suit and tell the ladies everything about what happened and they understood and told me they couldn’t give me my money but would do an exchange at the same price I got it. So I told them thank you and then went and spent an hour and a half looking for the perfect suit. Finally I found something a lot more then the other suit but bc this day is the most important it would be fine. So I get back to the lady and she’s had a change of heart. She decides to tell me she will only give me 20 dollars for the paints 20 for the shirt and 20 for the vest…..are you KIDDING me. Nothing in your mens suitshoes is 20 dollars not even a damn tie. I asked what happened and she said I could have pulled off the sales sticker WHAT!!!! ALL tags were still on and still in the bag. I CAN NOT believe I was told to find something then told I basically was lying about the price I spent. I will TELL EVERY ONE how your fort walton beach store treated me and made a HORRIBLE situation even worse.


Private September 24, 2015 at 8:46 pm

Dillards in port Arthur Texas ! I refuse to shop there when management in the junior department bar grades her employees and cusses out customers you need to find new management for this department and as far as her supervisor they are in this together ! Won’t be back there and will go to the bn and make a report and made it a point to talk to the young lady who was the sales clerk to tell her I recorded everything and to get an attorney a sue the XXXXX out of the store for hiring disrespectful management! I also stopped the customer and told her to do the same and I would be her witness never have I ever in my days of shopping in a department store heard such foul language and bitterness from a manager in my life!


Private September 24, 2015 at 8:48 pm

This took place wedensday 9/23/15 in the day time!


Gregory Kohr September 8, 2015 at 1:11 pm

I worked for dillards, as off to day I Was let go, The store asst. mgr. said I said something using her name , this was said by the dock mgr. when I was brought to her office, and I DISAGREED , I wAS Told not to argue with the dock mgr. because her is my boss.. If so my answer met nothing ,I was guilty before I EVER W


Private September 3, 2015 at 4:40 pm

I am currently working for a Dillard’s in Louisiana and was involved in a sexual relationship with the female assistant manager. I broke things off and now she is going out of her way to make things uncomfortable at work, even after I asked her twice not to contact me unless it was Dillard’s related. I’m afraid of retaliation. What should I d


Private September 3, 2015 at 5:38 pm

I still have copies of texts phone calls as well as other employees seeing what she is doing and asking me about it.


Dillard's Shopper August 31, 2015 at 2:18 pm

The store at MacArthur Center use to be my favorite, not now. The carpet in ladies fitting room is nasty. You can barely get a hello, may I help you and that is ridiculous. Where are the managers in these stores? While trying things on recently I couldn’t get assistance, but could listen to the laughter of two clerks talking about themselves and laughing like high school children.

Why is this permitted?


Victoria August 25, 2015 at 11:32 am

I HAD been a Dillards credit card holder and customer for probably 20 years until 2 days ago. I was informed my account had been Closed. You’ll never believe why THEY closed my account.
I never missed payments when I had a balance since it has ALWAYS been on AUTO PAY since they 1st offered the option.
I was informed that “1 year”‘ago I was to enroll in Auto Pay. Since I was ALREADY Auto Pay status I saw no reason to Unenroll and Re-enroll.
I was informed yesterday that apparently they had a 60 day period to Reenroll and it was day 62. The account was Closed could NOT BE REOPOENED and the ONLY Option I have is to apply for ANOTHER account to be opened.
Please note that at NO TIME WAS I CALLED NOR CONTACTED in ANYWAY way that they were Closing my Account. The gentleman I spoke to researched notes and CONFIRMED that Dillards indeed DID NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTACT ME regarding my account.

Not only am I OUTRAGED that they would in fact treat a loyal customer with such blatant disregard but, this will now show on my Credit Rating!

I am going to Post to Facebook to Alert all my friends and am contacting the BBB and local News to expose such devious business Practices.

Customers/Public BEWARE you have been forewarned!


David August 31, 2015 at 2:01 pm

Customer’s should know that once a notice is sent in the mail, rather or not you feel a reason to do something or not you received the paper for a reason. Act on your mail and don’t blame someone else for your error. If you had completed the paperwork process you wouldn’t need to be hostile and send such needless alert’s!


Alison Davis August 9, 2015 at 2:30 pm

I live in Mesquite, Texas and shop at the Town East mall. I cannot tell you how frustrating it to shop there and I have decided until they change their ways I am no longer a Dillard’s customer. The store looks horrible, loss tiles on the floors, hooks in the dressing rooms may hang by one loose screw, if you are even lucky to get a hook. There are very few associates working so, to find an unlocked dressing room is almost impossible. I am thinking they keep the dressing rooms locked because of theft but maybe if they had associates working they might sell something. Why you can’t hire associates to work is beyond me, charging almost $80.00 for a shirt should cover the price to hire someone. Plus the quality of clothing has dropped so much through the years. Dillard’s was always know for good quality, not any more!


Marilyn martinez August 8, 2015 at 12:46 am

Why is your Fayetteville store hosting a “wedding shower” for Amy Duggar? Why would you associate yourself with a family that covered up child molestation?


Evan Brockington July 8, 2015 at 1:03 pm

I am a 48 year old black man. A 28 year Navy Vet. This summer, Thursday June 25th, 2015 my aunt and her friend were visiting from Philadelphia for her birthday. My aunt likes shopping so I decided to take her to Dillard’s Lynnhaven Parkway. She went her way in the store and I decided to go look for a comforter. I stood in the bedding section for nearly twenty minutes contemplating what comforter would look good in my bedroom. I finally decided on one and thought let me show it to my aunt to get her opinion. As I pass the sales clerk who had observed me picking out comforters says would you like me to hold that behind the counter. I specifically say to her, “No Thanks I am going to show it to my aunt.” I search the level that I am on looking for my aunt. I do not see her so I proceed to the lower level via the escalator. Still standing by the escalator I look around and still do not see her. I decide to pull out my cell phone to call her to find out where she is in the store. While I have the phone to my ear I continue to look for her. As I turn to look over my shoulder I see that the sales clerk has followed me to the lower level. As I watch further I notice that security has approached her and they are looking and pointing in my direction. My aunt and her friend finally spot me and I point out to her what is taking place. She agrees with the comforter color and price so we head back up the escalator and the sales clerk follows shortly thereafter. Well I proceed to another counter to make my purchase and ask to speak to the manager. I said toTamara Paul the Manager on duty that I did not know it was standard practice at Dillard’s for the salesclerks to act as security and to follow customers around. The manager stated that there was a lot of theft going on and that she would reprimand the clerk. I did not see any other clerks following the other shoppers around and why would she assume that I was a thief. Needless to say the managers answer did not suffice and I will not be shopping at Dillard’s any longer.


Mevette July 22, 2015 at 4:42 pm


I hate that happened to you. I’m sure you are aware when she said “theft” the manager meant theft by African-Americans. Sadly that’s how some people see our race.


Michael August 4, 2015 at 1:10 pm

Sadly you’re so racist and that’s the problem. We we we. Us us us. Stop it….


Michael August 4, 2015 at 1:07 pm

It’s really sad you probably always use race when it comes to things like this. Try not to confuse it with customer service, dillards employees work off a sales per hour. You left that particular persons department with their merchandise they wanted the sale you moron. It’s not Walmart. Oh and PS during my 10 years at dillards I saw more black people steal then white. So strange….


DJ August 16, 2015 at 3:45 pm

i was the sales associate Evan. I offered at least 3 times to assist you. Tried to figure out what you were looking for. You did not reply. If it makes you feel better, yes, i am being fired for low sales. People dont realize the pressure we are under to maintain a high sales per hour goal. Your skin color doesnt make a hill of beans to me. I am not racist. When your aunt accused me of it i was floored. As was my mixed race manager. If you act suspicious and ignore the salesperson, you will be suspect. You walked out with my sale. End of story.


Anonymous July 6, 2015 at 8:25 pm

I was a top performing employee and pacesetter each year at Dillard’s in Beachwood Place Mall for almost three years. For the past five months I have been targeted and severely harassed by my direct manager Annette Marra, the assistant store manager Crystal Hamilton, and the store manager Mike Adams.
In February 2015, after five months without a manager, without notice or formal introduction, we received a new contemporary floor manager. The new ASM, Annette Marra, was unaware of what merchandise on the floor she was responsible for and whether or not she had to sell; just a few of her unanswered questions.
On her first day, I answered questions that seemed inappropriate for a manager to ask her new sales associates, showed her around our floor and discussed some of her new responsibilities as contemporary ASM due to her lack of understanding of her new title. On her second day we had markdowns to complete. She asked me to sticker after her and rolled a z bar of scanned merchandise to the Antonio Melani counter. After I pieced through and placed mark down stickers on the un-organized merchandise we discussed the markdown process I was taught and followed for almost three years. For a few days after I noticed tension between us. I then pulled Annette aside and asked that we speak privately. She went on to make inappropriate accusations such as: I “hurt her feelings”, “offended her”, and “made her feel like XXXXX”, on her second day while completing markdowns. I apologized for making her feel that way and let her know that those were not my intentions. Due to all of her questions the day before, I felt it was not out of the ordinary to explain to her our normal markdown process. After our discussion Annette stopped speaking to me on the floor. She discussed department business with other associates in front of me without my inclusion. She rang up sales in front of me for herself and would then walk to the other side of the floor and call other associates to ring. Since the day of our discussion I was treated differently than the rest of the sales associates on the floor.
Within the next few months I was written up for “eating peanuts” and talking to another associate’s children that just happened to come into the store. During a meeting with the assistant store manager Crystal Hamilton and my direct manager Annette Marra, Crystal Hamilton told me that I was being followed by the cameras. I felt very uncomfortable coming to work every day after that. I do not understand my unfair treatment due to my having no security issues whatsoever. There was no reason for me to be constantly watched like a criminal.
The assistant store manager Crystal Hamilton and my direct manager Annette Marra have both discussed their personal feelings about me with other associates and managers. I have been referred to as a “XXXXXX”, directly to a co-worker, by my direct manager Annette Marra and other managers and associates were told by my direct manager Annette Marra that she wanted to get rid of me.
I made a call to corporate to report my harassment and then had a meeting with all three managers in which I was not taken seriously. I was laughed at and asked if I was on medication by the store manager Mike Adams. My direct manager Annette Marra commented after, that I had been blowing my nose a lot. Both comments were irrelevant, inappropriate and extremely unprofessional. I was very upset and uncomfortable knowing that I came to the store manager Mike Adams to resolve concerns about Annette Marra and I was being taken for a joke by all of them.
I was recently let go for tardiness and take full responsibility. I would however like to point out the unfairness in that decision. There are other associates, worse offenders than me, who are still currently employed.
After the situation occurred with my direct manager Annette Marra on her second day I was treated unfairly. My direct manager Annette Marra treated me differently than other associates on the floor and verbalized to fellow associates and managers that she wanted to get rid of me. I was targeted and harassed by my direct manager Annette Marra, the assistant store manager Crystal Hamilton, and the store manager Mike Adams.
It is clear that the management staff at Dillard’s Beachwood Place Mall chooses which employees to keep based on biased personal opinions; proving the level of unfairness and unprofessionalism within the store. My termination was due to retaliation after events occurred between my direct manager Annette Marra and me.


Private June 18, 2015 at 4:25 pm

The nerve of this company to hire some of these people as “managers!” I was in towns east mall at Dillard’s and what I witnessed was HORRENDOUS!! I can’t see how this company would even hire these so called managers! I was in the accessories department shopping for an upcoming event and was distracted by hearing the manager talk to her employee on the floor in the MK handbag area with such disrespect, to the point another employee had to intervene and tell them to take it off the floor! The poor girl was in tears! I was so appalled that I took my business elsewhere!! I don’t understand why such a business would even hire someone with such authority, and why another employee would have to intervene with another manager! I WILL NEVER return to this store for this matter! Shame on you Dillards! Hire better management!


kylie james June 8, 2015 at 3:33 pm

Hi my name is Kylie James. I worked for dillards in Amarillo tx over a year ago. I loved my job, my coworkers, and getting noticed for my hardwork. I even was chosen to model clothes for our local news station, made my daily quotas, and received all my raises. However, the management system is horrid. After all my hardworking my floor manager was having a bad day and accused you me of being on my phone, which on other days she allowed and laughed about, I was with a costumer at the time and told her no. She then replied she was going to go look and I said ok. She came back by waving my phone in the air. I then followed her upstairs because she had went thru my bag and got my phone out when I know I put it up. We started to argue and I asked her if you’re gonna bring my stuff up here put it how you found because I know it’s illegal for her to get into my personal things. She then said I was filing separation papers to which I corrected her no I’m filing unemployment. We resolved the issue and she put it back up and I finished my shift. The next day an hour before my shift ended I was called into our assistant managers office with my floor manager and was fired for taking too long of a break which they showed no proof. I could have taken action with the situation but I didn’t and left quietly. My floor manager said she would give me a good reference. I now live in sherman and applied for the dillards here. They were very interested in hiring me until she said I was wrote down as not rehirable. I contacted my floor manager and asked her why she said because of theft of time. I told her that wasn’t the real reason it was cause of that argument to which she replied I can’t get you fired over an argument, Hense the “theft of time”. I told her I wanted no issues just to work here in sherman. I contacted my store manager today who didn’t remember me or have any idea about my situation or how I was let go. I explained to him I just wanted to change my hire status. He said he cannot change it. Why would Sherman dillards ask me to contact them and change it so I can work for them if not possible? This company really needs to get a handle on it’s “managers” I worked so hard for them. inconvenienced myself and showed up when others missed shifts, which was cut out of my hours of next week’s pay. Now I’m in a new city trying to do what I love and I can’t even have a chance. I should have filed unemployment. I told them I was contacting Bob Dillard myself then which surprise, no luck. So now I’m here where it’s probably not going to be reviewed either. I was an honest employee and caught co workers shop lifting and provided a report for the company. I really hope someone can review my situation and change my underserved status. Cause I know if I got fired for my hard work and unjust treatment then all the floor managers who just sit in their offices eating sonic and laughing the day away while we are making you money should be fired as well. I’m not sure if corporate knows dillards is ran like this and doesn’t care or just simply unaware but something needs to be done. Ill be contacting the bbb about the situation. If any one knows of who I should contact about the issue please let me know. It’s a great company to work for depending on the kind of people running the Dillard store.


Susan June 9, 2015 at 1:13 pm

I worked for the Sherman Dillard’s for 2 yrs loved it never had an issue with anything other than Mr Carrs management he makes it a hell hole
It didn’t pay to give 110 percent daily got fired because social security said I needed 20hrs not my 28 he said he needed a body at 28 hrs this from the same guy who didn’t hire a young man because of a scar on his chin nor did he hire a young lady because she came in with a black person both scored 4 stars and very qualified
He is the Sherman stores problem!


Private June 18, 2015 at 4:27 pm



John June 4, 2015 at 7:37 pm

I am the contracted loss prevention for the Clovis New Mexico Dillard’s. I’m utterly disgusted by how the store is run. Gossip and slander are the lifeblood, employees are just plain mean and by virtue of their quotas they are pitted against each other. I am a highly qualified LPO, and the corporate policy will not allow me to initiate a stop on a known shoplifter. I’m actually not allowed to take any action in the event of theft or inappropriate behavior. There are employees who are routinely disrespectful, and Dillard’s will not reprimand them. There is a nepotism present in that store that makes accountability very biased. I have contacted my corporate structure and informed them I refuse to return to the hostile work environment of Dillard’s. Come on corporate, can you not see that there are almost no positive experiences in your stores? Fire people on site for gossip, and stop your ridiculous quota system. Crack down on nepotism and harden up on your managers. Provide recording devices for all loss prevention. That will stop false accusations in their tracks and keep accountability of all personnel. If your going to have an LPO, let them do their job. You will never have the business of my family, or any of my acquaintances again. I’ve been personally attacked and had malignant false accusations spread about me by your employees and there is no accountability. If you allow this level of corruption in your stores, your company is sickening.


Susan June 6, 2015 at 10:02 am

sad to read that all Dillards seem to be run the same
The Sherman Tx located is despicable


Susan Brady June 1, 2015 at 7:25 pm

I have worked for the sherman location for over a year and have called corporate several times and complained of the bulling and games that go on there
Today I was bullied to the point I had to quit all because ssi says I can’t work more than 20hrs a week he needs a body for 28hrs….
He got what he wanted manager has been allowed to get away with everything from sleeping with the employee to being the biggest two faced bully in the place
Corporate needs to stop letting him now when a visit is see the place as it really is or better yet tap into the camera room and watch live feed it’s a joke
Don’t you ever wonder why the turn over
Can’t wait to ask my lawyer if he can get away with this and keep my 2eeeks paid vacation I built up


Susan Brady June 1, 2015 at 9:26 pm

Oh and Randall you didn’t get the dock job because you have a scar on your chin he didn’t like
And Ashley you came in with a black person he doesn’t like them so even thou you both had 4 stars mr c judged you


Raymond Wells May 24, 2015 at 9:16 am

Over the Memorial Day week end I realized what a poor business model that Dillard’s utilizes. It is something out of the early last century. I was trying to use my so called Elite card which apparently is a function of Wells Fargo and not Amex and it was refused. When I called the tel number printed on the card I learned that the answering agent could not tell me anything and the department ‘holding’ the acct was only open on week days (except holidays). Apparently that was a question of maybe fraudulent use but no attempt had been made to notify
Me or to check the cirXXXXstances. They had closed and gone for the next three days. This is 3rd rate. I think potential customers should know, I will help spread the word. This must be the business policy of an old poorly managed business.


Mya May 14, 2015 at 5:06 pm

I have tried to contact the store manager, John Mcduffie located at the Douglasville, Ga store, on several occasions concerning this matter. I purchased a dress last week and wore the dress once. Two stones came off the dress. I only had the dress on for no more than three hours. I attempted to return the dress due to it being defective. I was told by a sales associate (Tiffany)that she would need to contact a manager (Kila Roffler), which she did. The manager who was called was very unprofessional , as she clearly ignored the defectiveness, and stated that she could not return the dress due to a stain being on the dress, and that she will not be able to resell the dress, she quickly walked away with out giving me a chance to say anything. I am very aware of Dillards return policy due to defective items. Dillard’s customer service has always been bad, but I have never experienced this sort of bad service. I will never shop at Dillard’s again, neither will I recommend this company.


Ryan April 30, 2015 at 7:13 pm

Dear Dillards Corp. There is ALOT of workplace bullying going on in one of your stores. The so called (managers) will not do anything about it. I personally think it’s a race issue. If it is not resolved soon it will go much further to a higher authority than you. IF Diallrds is the great almighty dept store you claim it to be then we shall see what lies ahead. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this matter personally. Thanks..Have a nice day:)


cindy z April 30, 2015 at 2:09 pm

I feel a need to inform you of a friends recent experience at the Mall St. Matthews Dillards, She and her granddaughter were shopping after the granddaughter was let out of school and she had just gotten off work, they encountered a group of Dillards executives as they exited the escalator one identified as William Dillard asked then how they liked shopping at Dillards, before they could even respond another party in their group id’ed as Brant Musgrave said “Don’t ask Them”, I find this type of behavior beyond rude. She was left to wonder was it because she was dressed in work clothes or because her granddaughter is biracial. Whatever the reason it was extremely rude and uncalled for and needless to say has left her, her family and friends with a very unfavorable opinion of Dillards and the executives who run it. I hope you pass this along to them because without the working community shopping at your store it wouldn’t be open long,


Howard Clarke April 20, 2015 at 7:19 pm

Wanted to highly commend two very nice and kind employees who went far beyond the typical customer service when we needed their help, expertise, and advice in the furniture department of Dillards at Hulen Mall in Fort Worth, Texas. Miss Rhonda Tompkins and her supervisor, Business Manager, Wim Huyten have extended their service much further than we’ve experienced before among competitors of theirs or in other departments. While having some difficulty with a furniture piece, their advice and service helped us to a very agreeable resolution and in finding the exact selection to meet our needs. While customers supposedly are always right, you and I know that is hardly the truth. However, these two Dillards employees showed considerable professionalism and patience in this situation and showed us how to find a brilliant solution. Again, thanks to Rhonda and to Wim and to Hulen Dillards. By the way, Dillards at Hulen has the nicest furniture department in town, very well lit and comfortable.


Ann April 19, 2015 at 12:12 pm

It is really sad to know that a customer service manager could not go an extra mile to help a customer. I placed an online order totaling $84.00; however, five additional items were not included in this order. I sent an e-mail, as well as contacted the customer service representative to include the additional items to my order, and the representative was unable to grant my request. I decided to place an additional order which totaled $103.00. Because of the cirXXXXstances, a request was made for one of the shipping charge to be waived as a one time courtesy. However, the Customer Service Manager by the name of Christina refused to waive one of the shipping charge.

I am a customer who recently started shopping with Dillards Store and requested the shipping charge to be waive as a one time courtesy, and this request could not be accommodate by the Manager. My guess is that $8.50 would break the bank for Dillards Store owners.

Christina I have a simple message for you– Going the extra mile to help a new customer would be excellent customer service on your parts, In this case your customer service skills were unsatisfactory or very poor. This is a minimal example which could cause the store to loose its customers. Please remember, if the customers do not purchase, you would not be given a pay check.


Sharon Ware March 28, 2015 at 6:22 pm

I would like to comment on an employee that you have at the Superstition Springs Mall in Mesa AZ. Her name is Elaine. I was at the store looking for a shoes and Elaine offered to help me. We talked about the trouble I was having with shoes and she told me about the brand Ecco. I tried on a shoe and it fit fantastic. However, the price was a bit steep for my wallet. She told me to give her my phone number and she would call me when they were to go on sale. I just happened to walk thru Dillards this morning and saw Elaine and she recognized me (wow, was I amazed with all the people she sees). She asked if I was checking when the sale was coming up and I said that I was. She gave me the date of the sale and I even purchased 2 pair of sandles. The store will hold my card info and charge my credit card the day of the sale and I can go pick them up. I was just planning on purchasing one pair, but because of Elaine’s caring spirit I bought 2 pair. I will buy another pair (or 2) during your the next sale. Kudos to your store for the fine employee you have. It even made my shopping with Dillards personal.


Bea June 11, 2015 at 5:18 pm

the sales ppl in the shoe dept. work on commission only. It’s a hard job. You probably made her day.
Bless you


Randa B March 17, 2015 at 11:02 pm

Dillard’s has the worst customer service. I’m from Toledo Ohio and went there on January 1st on there big sale. I bought over $500 worth of clothes and shoes. I left and went back in the evening with my husband and he purchased more. I had couple of shirts and on lounge shirt that I bought in lingerie dept. I went to return due to wrong size. when I went to the sales clerk I told her I would like to return couple shirts. she started huffing from the beginning but I didn’t say anything. then she started saying well this one shirt has to go back to lingerie dept. I told her to just return at the same time so I don’t have to go to another clerk. so she started wasting time and huffing again and said it again, you need to go to lingerie dept. then at that point another customer came up to register to make a purchase so instead of taking care of me first she proceeded to move my stuff that needs to be returned and said this is going to long i’m going to take care of next customer first. that’s when I got angry and told her you are not going to help next customer you are going to help me first and if you can’t you can call your supervisor maybe her or she will help me. so after all that the other customer left and she proceeded to return my shirts. she had the nerve to tell me you just made me loose a sale. I told her you lost your own sale and i’m a customer like the other person and the only reason she didn’t want to help me is because I was returning and not purchasing because all dillard’s want for their clerk is to sell. they know nothing else but sell sell sell. what they don’t understand if it wasn’t for customers they can’t sell. so they better treat their customers with respect if their returning or purchasing. I will never purchase anything from dillards again. I was treated like nothing just because I was returning but what that clerk don’t understand I returned $30.00 worth of stuff and my purchase was over $500 not including my husbands purchases. they are lucky that I didn’t have all my purchases because I would have returned right there. the next day I had work so I could not make it to the mall. So to Mr. Dillard stop being so cheap and care about your customers because we make you and break you! so next time your clerk don’t sell don’t fire them or lower their pay because I know that’s what happens at dillard’s. clerks are treated like robots. I NEED TO SELL OR I WILL LOSE MY JOB AND DONE CARE WHO IS HURT IN THE PROCESS. they don’t even care about there co-workers because they want to keep their jobs. From now on I will take my Business to Macy’s, Jcpenny, etc, anywhere else but Dillard’s.


Bea June 11, 2015 at 5:22 pm

Dillards has very STRICT RULES
Sales ppl have to reach a quota each day.
My daughter worked there for 14yrs
Some days her quota was $3000.00
When it’s raining flooding or 20* outside customers don’t come in And you do dont reach your quota
And when you have a return it’s taken from you.


Dora Owens February 14, 2015 at 4:15 pm

I just started a new business that is a transition from what my career has been.
I would like to share my skills in I.T. to help improve or retain positive trajectory for Dillard’s
I was hoping in exchange in the link below if you would see if there were any additional peaks
in sales due to the sharing your items on this link. Please see post dates for verification of sales growth
or no change. I’d like to if you would forward this link to Your Marketing Executive for a stipend or some
other cash flow should there be any sight of change these post days.
I currently have not been re-employed, nor do I get unemployment benefits, but I am on a search for my children whom are missing.
But I was able to share your generosity to others might be homeless. I want to say that your compassion at both the Westport and Chesterfield locations were a blessing and still appreciated today. But I did share both locations in the link below to say thank you!


Yep February 8, 2015 at 3:22 pm

Dillard’s sucks. It’s a terrible company!


Ann April 19, 2015 at 11:07 am

I agree with this comment!!! The employees are unprofessional and they definitely needs customer service training.


De Leon February 7, 2015 at 7:27 pm

I would like to give an opinion towards Dillards in Laredo Texas; it is sad to see that some people with a job opportunity don’t really value their opportunity and respect themselves enough to give a good view of themselves towards customers by paying attention to help customers in a professional way. I know that retail is very hard and challenging but is never impossible to be appropriate to customers so they can get the value they deserve. As employees we are the face of the company that gave them an opportunity to get some money in order to pay whatever they need and can. Therefore they should pay attention to work their best. So they won’t have bad experiences through out their working hours and maybe be able to approach better opportunities as well a nice respect towards them. Yes life is hard and very challenging but they should realize the importance of focusing for their well being as also to customers. I already had too many bad experiences at Dillards in Laredo Tx. The majority of the people who work here don’t realize the competitive side between businesses since there’s only one mall but should realize to serve people as they would like to be served. Remember mystery shoppers do visit as well as business customers who if they are served great a better future can be given to them. We never know our future therefore they should improve more because is very sad to have bad issues with employees. I would like to speak with the District Manager. Training is not impossible and can help a lot.


DARRELL MATNEY February 5, 2015 at 2:54 pm



Malcolm Gillard January 13, 2015 at 6:18 pm

It’s amazing to see how many people take the time to make formal complaints, for whatever reason, but fail to take the time to make a formal compliment on a customer service experience. Recognizing outstanding customer service is just as important (if not more important) than making a formal complaint about bad customer service. I could not in good conscious dismiss the opportunity to share my shopping experience.

Approximately one week ago a friend visiting from California and I were shopping at the Downtown Summerlin Las Vegas Dillard’s. My friend was shopping for some professional attire when we encountered Selling Specialists Gavin R. Gavin was not only professional, personable, attentive, and had a friendly smile, he exceeded friend’s shopping needs; he went above and beyond. He made great suggestions and gave alternative means of finding items that were not in the store. As Gavin directed my friend to the dressing room, he began to assist two elderly gentlemen that needed attire suggestions for themselves. One of the men looked a little discombobulated stated to Gavin, “is there a vending machine somewhere nearby, my blood sugar is getting low.” Without missing a beat Gavin offered the gentleman a piece of chocolate, in which the man was very grateful. Not only did Gavin help stabilize the customer’s blood sugar, he brought him a bottle of water and a chair to sit down in; as well as prevented a disastrous event from happening. I was amazed and touched to witness such compassion and care from such a young man. As former customer service personnel, I know that many retail companies, fine-dining restaurants, and financial institutions provide training on how to be polite and attentive, as well as handle customer service issues, but what Gavin possesses can not be taught or mimicked. Gavin has restored my faith in that customer service does extend much farther than just meeting the shopping needs of customers. On behalf of my friend and I, we thank you Gavin for being an inspiration for humankind and the example of EXTRAORDINARY customer service.


Stephanie Jordan December 7, 2014 at 11:48 pm

I want a written apology and a gift card if I don’t get these request I’m getting a lawyer for me being disabled and MADE fun of by Fortmyers Florida Dillard employees while i used Dillard bathroom.I have crohns disease issues of 7 years with arthritis and paralysis issues with pain….it was wrong of those female employees maybe if they bleed from their rectums and suffer severe crohns disease flare up…it wouldn’t be a joke…I’m on strong meds for controlling the crohns disease and my moods;plus I just got out if a domestic abuse situation 3 weeks ago.Answer me,or answer a law suit.guaranteed.


Stephanie Jordan December 7, 2014 at 11:34 pm

To whom it may concern…I was using The Edison mall Dillards store restroom on December 6th 2014 and some Dillard employees were making comments as I use the Dillard bathroom..I have crohns disease issues with arthritis and paralysis pain…I just recently got my humira shot which has a strong chemical odor for 3 to 4 days after injection.I can’t help that I have crohns disease of 7 years.I was hurt and embrassed I spoke to a Mr.Tony Engar I believe he’s a heavy caucasian man in management he carried a radio…they closed for a Christmas Party today some party I went home sad.lm due a apology; those female employees hurt my feelings and made fun of farting sounds.rude.


Anon November 29, 2014 at 3:36 pm

Horrible company…


Anecia November 7, 2014 at 6:51 pm

I recently applied to Dilliards located in Haywood mall, greenville, south carolina. I had my interview three weeks ago, and was informed that we only had to wait for my background check. The following week I called, and was extended an offer before the store manager realized he was still waiting on my background check. This continued on for another full week. After not receiving a call back, at all, I kept in contact with the manager on my own time. Yesterday morning I called to speak with the assistant manager and she informed me everything looked good with my application and that she’d speak with the store manager the next day. After leaving work at 3:00pm I called to speak with her once again, after not receiving a call. She then informed me that all of their positions were filled and that they no longer had openings. However, they were continuing to interview today and hire on more employees. I am unimpressed with the lack of communication and unprofessionalism in this location. A fellow classmate of mine applied, got an interview, and got hired on within a weeks time. After three weeks of being told I’d get a call back, I am very disappointed. I’ve been working in retail for four years, so I have the experience and good references. All in all, the process was difficult and unorganized.


Taylor November 5, 2014 at 3:12 pm

Hello, I previously was an employee of your company from April 2013 to March 2014. I worked at the store in Paducah, KY. I would like to make a complaint on the store manger. If proper and appropriate action does not take place by corporate then I will take legal matters into my own hands. I loved my job at first, I saw it as the perfect fit for me due to my love and passion for fashion. My sales were pretty great at first, but working in the department that I did it was not only beyond competitive, but IMPOSSIBLE to achieve some of their sales goals. I tried my hardest at my job and at first loved going to work. I was currently and presently still am in the nursing program at my local college and was working at Dillards to survive and be able to afford a residence as well as tuition. Anyways, after several months I noticed that the store manager (E.W.) was not only a total womanizer, but down graded and disrespected his employees. Everyone in the store claimed he was sleeping with a female that worked on the men’s side. They claimed they had seen them out together, not to mention she was a married woman. He used unprofessional and beyond foul language and most of the morning meetings. There were two different occassions this man had me in complete tears. The first time, my sales werent at their greatest and he called me into his office supposedly because I had come back from lunch twice ONE minute late… when i got into his office he proceeded to tell me word for word, “I was not XXXXX.” “My dreams would always just be dreams and i would never be a nurse because i loved my cell phone too much.” “He would never let me take care of him even if I was a licensed nurse.” I had a complete breakdown. I already suffer from complete anxiety where having a panic attack once a month isnt uncommon. The second time, we had a department meeting, and he completely singled me out and told me in front of 12 other employees that, “He should have never hired me.” “I was a waste of his time and I would never succeed in the company.” It took everything in me to not walk out then and quit. Instead I called my mother hysterically crying afterwards and I called and complained to corporate and nothing was done. This is my second time reaching out. I will make sure to make a print screen copy of what I am presently writing and going to submit and I will be contacting a lawyer. This man is ABUSIVE. I eneded up quitting about two weeks later when finding a new job. The store manager told me to “not worry about putting in my two weeks notice, they didnt need me”. Since quitting, my anxiety has gotten much worse, some of it turning into depression. For the last eight months I have spent countless dollars as well as several trips to the doctor trying to find medicine to help me cope with some of the new insecurities I now have of myself thanks to the store manager at the Dillard’s in Paducah, KY. I want his job!!


Eric December 6, 2014 at 6:14 pm

I am having a similar situation wit management at Dillards; it seems like I have no one to turn to and all the higher up have each others back and I’m left to get tormented and get punished if I say anything then I get in trouble and my manger gets off scot-free.


schinova Cory October 17, 2014 at 4:01 pm

On 14Oct 2014, I returned a pair of shoes (with a valid cash register receipt) that I purchased on 8/31/2014. The shoes had not been worn. Thecashier contacted a supervisor and was told that she could provide me with a gift card in accordance with Dillards’ refund policy. Now, I’m mandated to shop at Dillards because I took to long too bring the shoes back. As a senior citizen, I don’t move as fast as I did ten years ago. Up to this day I enjoyed shopping at Dillards.Thank you.. According to Ben that was the only decision inaccordance with the policy. I’m aware that there is always an exception to the rule. This is business. Take care of the customer. Thank you


schinova Cory October 20, 2014 at 8:55 am

Will I get a response to my comment?


Karen February 9, 2015 at 1:28 pm

The same thing happened to me. I returend a pair of MK boots and had the receipt and the rep stated that she had to place the funds on a gift card. I feel as though that is very poor customer service especially when there’s a receipt. Very bad business.


Private October 15, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Hello I’m a former Dillard’s employee and I want to address an issue that happen to me and I want some type of action to take place. I was accused of a wrongful crime and my store manager didn’t take this action professional as I thought she would. I Worked at the Dillard’s in Ft. Worth TX and from my understanding that is the home store. Me and other fellow employees began to notice change in the store so I began to see mangers verbally harassing us and talking to us very wrongfully. Through that three people quit and many more have said that they where looking for another job because how they treated us. A customer witnessed first hand of how other fellow co workers of kine where treated. I believe that the store manager Rikki, did racially discriminated against me and my faith on top of that she accused me of crime that I did not do, so if I didn’t your attention by posting this I will make it my buisness to go the News with my story I was wrongfully terminated and I want my job back. If this means me exposing all what goes in that store I will do it and boycott the store with hundreds of people who agreed to help me do that also.


Mackenzie October 13, 2014 at 4:25 pm

I joined the Dillard’s team in August of 2013. At first, I absolutely adored my job. My manager was amazing, my coworkers helped me out when I needed them. With the exception of a few “bad apples”, we were one big family. I was so happy to be working at Dillard’s and took great pride in my work.

If you’re familiar with the Dillard’s policy, everything is based on sales. You have an SPH goal that you are supposed to make each review period. You have a 30-day training period, then a 1 month “review” and then a 3 month” review. After that, you go to 6 months reviews if you are part time. Well for whatever reason, when my 3 month review came around, I passed it within 10% (thats the rule) and I was supposed to go to a 6 month review.I believe my SPH was at 158 and it needed to be at 164. After about two weeks, I was put at another 3 month review and my SPH went down to 68 and they told me I needed to get up to 194 in less than 3 months. That is impossible. It was a Dillard’s death sentence. I did everything I was supposed to do and no one could explain why this happened or fix it.

My managers and I worked EXTREMELY hard to figure out why this happened and how we could fix it. I worked my behind off for this company and they didn’t want to lose me. We tried to get our store manager to help, and she refused. So, on June 1, the news came in that I was going to be “let go”. Now, I’ve never been fired from a job but I would sat you shouldn’t be getting fired if your managers are begging for the store manager to keep you. My manager even cried when she called me into the office.

Because of Dillard’s policies, I am never allowed to work at a Dillard’s again. Nevermind that I was an incredibly hard worker. Nevermind that they kept people who refuse to do what their asked, steal from the company, give out their employee discounts, and are blatantly disrespectful to management and coworkers. Our store manager was recently involved in a scandal because she was sleeping with the security guards! And you fired me????

I am so very sad that I lost my job. I miss my work family and I miss having a job where I was able to support myself and pay for my college tuition. The whole situation is truly devastating. I just want some answers.


Jane January 18, 2015 at 7:02 pm

Same thing happened to me. Constant calls from customers to praise my performance always completing tasks ahead of schedule, I was an excellent employee! I did not snort cocaine in the parking lot and return to work incoherent and incapable of performing as it was revealed to management that about a quarter of their sales team did on a daily basis. I don’t know if a single manager who wasn’t sleeping with their employees. All of those people still have their jobs, I was fired after seven months. Dillard does not care about your complaint. They do not care about customer service, job safety, or any typical regulations. As long as you are making money for them, you can do whatever you want as an employee whether it be theft, drug use, disgusting levels of fraternization, harassment of co-workers etc. Trashy disorganized mismanaged company selling overpriced garbage disguised as a high class establishment.


joshua October 11, 2014 at 3:35 am

This is sad to say, but my wife use to work at the Cheyenne WY store and quit because I am in the military and we had to move. Since then the store manager has been saying bad thing about her. It seems to me they do not support the military and family. They only care for themselves.


Barbara Benson October 2, 2014 at 1:16 am

Today I attempted to return an item to your Tucson store.
It was from last May (5months ago!)
But, I had the original sales tag, the receipt and it was certainly unused.
The store refused to do anything for me. The clothing item was out of season.
Even so, I think most stores these days would have made this work for me.
Store credit would have been the best compromise.
Return credits seem to be the order of the day with so many businesses.
Is this one reason internet sales are so popular$$


Debbie Grooms September 26, 2014 at 10:33 am

I am a loyal patron of Dillard’s and love shopping at the McCain Mall and Park Plaza stores. I encountered a situation yesterday that was unbelievable! I had a jacket to exchange at the Antonio Melani counter at McCain Mall and Wendy Kleine was the associate working the area. There was a customer at the counter when I walked up that became very irate because she was trying to return what looked like a worn pair of panty hose and a blouse that was purchased way past the 30 day return policy. This customer was absolutely the rudest person I have ever heard in my life! Wendy offered her a store credit for the return and she immediately became ever more irate because she wanted cash. Wendy got on the phone to get assistance from a floor manager, who never showed up by the way. The irate woman got on her cell phone and called customer service upstairs and began giving them an ear full as well. In the meantime, while she was on her cell phone Wendy asked if she could help me and I quietly said I didn’t think she was being rude at all and just trying to follow store policy. The irate woman heard my comment and totally went beserk. She asked if I wanted to take this outside! Can you believe that!!! She continued to threaten me, the clerk and another customer who happened to walk up. The even worse part of this story is, Brant Musgrave, VP of something at Dillard’s headquarters was visiting the store and walked by the department as all this was going down. He came over and berated Wendy in front of everyone, dismissed the customer who witnessed everything and gave this irate woman her cash back!!!! He told Wendy she did not handle the situation properly, which is totally wrong!
Not only did she handle it properly, she did not receive any backup from a store manager or security who was called for assistance. I am appalled to think that Dillards cannot support clerks who are in this type of situation trying to do the work they are trained to do and handle customers who are totally out of line. For the record, I left my business card with Wendy and called customer service when I got to my car and told them what happened and how well the clerk handled it. Wendy…you deserve credit for what you had to endure yesterday. All the VP did was enable this jerk of a woman to do the same thing to some other poor clerk in the future.


Annie September 30, 2014 at 11:00 am

Wendy, is that you?


S.Stenson September 21, 2014 at 7:46 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
I want to start by saying me and my family spend lots of money with Dillard’s however after today, I am not sure I will return.

ON 9/14/2014 I made two separate purchases from BCBG, one in the amount of $643.28 and another purchase for $286.76. Unfortunately one of the dresses did not workout ($286.76). I went to Dillard’s PERIMETER MALL Store#264 in Atlanta, GA 30346 to attempt an return, when your store Rep “Lauren” advised me she could not accept my return because it did not look like it’s original state???? I then asked her, exactly what was she trying to say? She advised me again, its not in its original state…….I then asked: what do you mean? Tags were attached and this item has not been worn, my daughter had ONLY tried this dress on…..Lauren stated: it looks worn…I said where?? She then called her Co-Worker over by the name of “IDA”….who said, why don’t you just come back tomorrow when the manager is here. I then replied: WHY…..YOU ALL SHOULD BE ABLE TO ASSIST ME WITH A SIMPLE RETURN. IT IS NOT FAIR NOR GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR YOU TO INCONVENIENCE ME BY REQUIRING ME TO COME BACK TO THIS STORE TOMORROW. I then requested that they get me a manager, I was advised that a manager was not available. I then said: ARE YOU TELLING ME THERE IS NOBODY HERE TO HELP ME? They again advised me to come back tomorrow. I asked to be pointed to Customer service which was on the 3rd level. Upon arriving at Customer Service I was introduced to Brandi Scott ( I think that was her name) I advised her my concerns and how upset I was with being accused of returning a worn item. I also advised her that I have not been so humiliated in a store before prior to coming to Dillard’s. Per Brandi Scott…it was not nothing she could do to help me because BCBG only lease/rent a section in Dillard’s and they have their own Supervisor’s etc…..I then asked: So are you telling, ANYONE CAN COME TO DILLARD’S LEASE/RENT A SPACE AND TREAT DILLARD’S CUSTOMER’S LIKE TRASH??? She then also recommended that I return to the store tomorrow to voice my concerns to the BCBG Manager Jessica.

I have several issues here:
1. I was falsely accused of wearing a item trying to return it
2. The Rep could not fully explain her reasoning on “why” she thought I had worn the item
3.Their was NOT any management in the store that could actually assist me
4.WHY are these designers/brands allowed to lease/rent areas but treat customer’s like crap
5. WHY couldn’t the Store Manager resolve this issue?

I am very upset over this matter, I will also be contacting BCBG to advise them the HORRIBLE experience I had with someone who represents their brand. Clearly this dress had not been worn and maybe REP’s needs to be trained on how to determine the difference between someone wearing an item and someone possibly ONLY trying it on. I was very embarrassed/humiliated. I look forward to someone resolving this matter….



carol huitt September 20, 2014 at 9:21 am



Laura August 29, 2014 at 11:36 am

First I would like to say that I enjoy working for this company and everyone is always friendly and helpful and I believe we truly provide the best customer service.

I would like to ask what is the standard policy for the release of employee schedules? I am asking because it is a regular procedure for my store manager to not release schedules until the day before or even the day of. For example, If Sunday is the first of the month the new schedule will be released on Saturday or even on Sunday the 1st.

Would Dillards consider putting a policy into place to give employees at least a week notice for the new schedule? It puts your employees and the company as a whole at a disadvantage when the staff cannot plan for their work schedule.

I have also seen alot of great employees leave the company because they feel they dont have adequate time to plan for family etc. because of this issue.

This seems such a minor and simple problem to solve but at the same time would increase employee satisfaction and decrease employee turnover rates. For these reasons I respectfully ask that you consider my request for a scheduling policy for managers to follow.

Thank you,


SLR October 1, 2014 at 2:56 pm

I agree 100%. It is crazy that you don’t get your next month schedule til one day before. I have NOT made plans with friends/family because of it, and have missed out on taking a trip to Seattle. Had to have reservations made a month in advance, so I couldn’t do it!


jennifer stutson August 22, 2014 at 10:17 pm

I hope this is solved because if not I’m never shopping at villages again. I was looking for a handbag that was in the wall at thedillards in Shreveport louisiana. Went to get it off the shelf and there was wire holding them and a lock. The whole dam wire and bags started to tumble down, it all could have came down on my head. I just want to know why are the bags wired and tied down, and lock down as to where you can not put one on your shoulder to try it on.why are these handbags all rope up with wire and locks. This is the most insane thing I have ever seen. Now I could have gotten hit in the head with all the bags that fell down, do you wants law suit or what????? Because that is what could have happen. You take them a loose or I’m not shopping there any more and I spend good money there. And I’ll tell my family and friends not to come there any more, so fix these lock down handbags that looks a dam mess all over the place.


Susy August 15, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Hi, I worked at Firewheel Town Center, 301 Horseshoe Dr, Garland, TX 75040l for over two years. I have read every comment and everything is very true, i have to say that i have never worked for a company like Dillard’s. Every manager is possess by a horrible spirit. I don’t’ know what the sore manager does to them, but they are nasty, they have no manager skills, they have a bad attitude, they really hate working for Dillard’s. The store manager Jennifer is very inhuman, does not care for any employee, people like her need to stay away from retail. Firewheel is very discriminatory when it come to hiring for any management position, they don’t like Hispanics or any other race. Dillard’s is the number one worst place to work for.


Stephen Szewczyk August 21, 2014 at 4:41 pm

Please send me the email addresses for the following managers

*regional manager for Plano Tx Dillards

*2 store managers for willow bend store in plano

the email addresses I was given verbally do not work


Frank campos August 21, 2014 at 3:40 pm

Dear whom it may concern

On August 21,2014 I had a horrible shopping experience today at one of your locations in Palmdale CA. I walked in the store was shopping in my gym wear, asked for assistance in the gentlemen’s fitting room is when I noticed the male worker calling security. I thought it was nothing serious until I walked out of the fitting room and felt security staring me down while I was waiting in line to pay. Security came behind me and walked into my fitting room that I walked out of only and started searching around.I asked your cashier that was a female now if their was a problem and security litterer ran out of the fitting room were he was searching shouted out “who’s accusing you of something men ” he was assuming I was probably stealing. I felt harassed and discriminated by the security at that point I asked your cashier to handle the situation and she said I can’t do nothing it’s a routine for security to go in there.I personally worked retail many years and that’s not how u handle a situation that was very unprofessional never expected that from Dillard’s I thought you were supposed to be running a elite team. At this point I was upset and walked out to not cause more attention on myself from what the security had brought. My shopping ticket went down a lot after I left a lot of merchandise I wanted to purchase was put back because I was embarrassed after I calmed down in the parking lot I dint want to go back in the store n contacted a. Manager named Claire in charged of the shift. And she apologized…but I steal don’t feel that was enough for that shopping experience in your location….ll

Thank you

Francisco Campos


Irma Gallant August 21, 2014 at 12:53 pm

I am very hard to fit with bras,so when Dillard’s still had them I had purchased several of your Cabernet bras style R229 size 38B. (The RN number is 63944). Lo and behold I am down to my last wearable one. I contacted the Florida store and was advised they are no longer available, could you please check warehouse inventory or ask the manufacturer where I may obtain at least one of these bras?
Thank you


Nicole H August 20, 2014 at 5:56 pm

August 17, 2014. My sister (Samantha Nash) & I were stopping by dress department to get a dress to attend my grandma’s funeral. After searching the missy dept, we headed to the juniors dept. A young associate made small talk with my sister as we shopped for approx 20 minutes. I found a blue ombre Roxy strapless dress….I took a Medium and Large to dressing room. My sister sat outside. I tried to a dress on. After decided the fit wasn’t what I was looking for I hung it on the hanger, placed the dress on the “return rack” outside dressing room. I still had one dress in my hand. We searched the Jr’s dept again, with dress in hand. I was still contemplating the dress. After more searching, I placed the dress on a rack within dept. My sister checked out and I told her to meet me in the Missy dept. I was not ready to give up looking for a dress. We then decided to go into the mall and look at another store. We headed to [Romancing the Stone]. After shopping in that store for over 20 minutes, my sister and I were cornered in the back of the store by a TWO Dillard’s sales associates and 2 mall security guards. She begins by hello were shopping in Dillards? I reply yes I was. She then shows me an example of the dress and says the young sales associate could not find the second dress within the dept, she is new and unfamiliar with all her responsibilities. (Totally irrelevant) she further states, if I could just tell her exactly what I did with the dresses, they could return and look for them. My sister asked if they would like to check our purses and her Dillard’s shopping bag which of course we did not need to do. She replied that wouldn’t be necessary, then she asked security to keep on eye on us as she goes to look for the dress. A large public scene was made without justification of any type. The situation was taken as racial profiling and before tracking us down, the proper channels of reviewing video should have been done.The inappropriate and unprofessional manner in which it was handled was unforgivable. In addition, following the scenario I called and left a message with Frankie for the store manager Patrick Johnson to call and speak with me to discuss the situation. I did not receive a call August 18th and the message was not passed. On August 19th, I stopped by the store with my sister to speak with manager Patrick and said I would like to file a complaint immediately and want this to be rectified. He took my number and said he would call soon after he does the research of the allegations. The way my sister and I were treated was completely inappropriately and unjustified.


Michele bell August 16, 2014 at 11:44 pm

Yes I was hired at dillards and started
Training tues I was told I would be trained for two weeks and then they would tell me what department I would be working in.they did know I had 7 years experience in cosmetics with macys.ok the first two days I spent folding and hanging cloths in the men’s dept.i was always told dillards is very customer friendly to the point which I agree that you stop what ever you are doing and help a customer.which I did while in the men’s dept on top of working hard we it the task at
Hand even one department manager told the store manager I was a very hard worker. That was yesterday.today I go in and was told to work in cosmetics which I’m very experienced in so when customers came it was very easy to help them and make sales for the other girls.also the carins girl new nothing about the product so I gladly went over a lot of them .she thanked me and I went to lunch.i arrived back from lunch and the store manager asked to speak to me so we went to his office where I was told I was not to help customers just follow someone and for that reason he said I was not the right fit for dillards and fired me.i was shocked.
I have been in management most of my life and I would never fire someone for jumping in and helping customers.
Shame on you.


Jane January 18, 2015 at 7:16 pm

You outshined their pet Cosmetics girls. You threatened the professional clowns with your knowledge. Thats why they fired you.


geneva dezarn August 15, 2014 at 9:25 pm

I worked for Dillards in 2009. I was employed there for three months and then my nephew was killed in a automobile accident in LA. I had to go toLA and help my brother and sister arrange the services and for support. I stay for three weeks. I had to fill out a paper before going as I could not find anyone to take my place.They told me I could not come back.

In 2013 I filled aout a application for the Dillard’s Clearance Center in Western Hills Cincinnati Ohio. I was hired. After a week they told me I was unhireable as I filled out the paper and was gone for three weeks without some one taking my place. I had to go to
La. I just wanted to work part time.I think this is unfair. geneva dezarn 513-662-XXXXX


christy Fowler August 10, 2014 at 11:46 pm

Well today I took back my and Erik ARnold help get taken off my card was very with the customer service along with TIm WEston sure hope they get a good letter along with ansentive like $10.oo card please let know have great they are thank you christy Fowler 816 587 3191 5713 n w flintridge ct Kansas City mo 64151


christy Fowler August 9, 2014 at 5:40 pm

Dear Dillard corp. I bought a pair of shoes at dillards where I love to shop. Bought shoes gianni bini black and gold. Bought them on the sale rack.
Gave them as a gift when my friend Lisa put them on to brag it was broken. I was so embarrassed. I have my receipt and called Dillards in Zona Rosa in Kansas City Missouri 816 741 0707 talk with young lady then she gave me the manager of shoe department. HIs name Mr Tim Weston. Mr. Weston assisted me in trying to find the same shoe im the Kansas City area
to see if they had any left. Thank goodness they’re 8 left Mr Tim Weston whet beyond and above asking for my number and called me back and gave me the number of store in Atlanta Linda got my charge card and mailed them to me. Please thank them fot great customer service. Thank Tim for going out of his way to help me . I promise to keep shoppng at Dilliards. Having Tim Weston what a great empe. My name is Christy Fowler. 816 587 XXXXx Kansas City Missouri 64151. Today I will take back the broken shoes to the store to be put back on my charge card .


Becky Butson August 4, 2014 at 10:42 pm

Unfortunately I have to post a complaint about customer service at the Dillard’s at Brandon Westfield Mall. My daughter had just bought 2 size 3T Polo Shirts and asked if she could return and receive the discount since they were on sale. The very rude clerk said no. Meanwhile she is inspecting an outfit that she was returning for her 2 year old daughter that did not fit. It had the tags on it and she had her recent receipt. The rude clerk called over the manager to inspect the outfit. They refused to return the outfit and accused her of letting our granddaughter wear it with the tags tucked in and that she had drooled on it. First of all our granddaughter is two and does not drool. These women had my daughter in tears for the accusation of doing such a thing. So, we went upstairs to talk to the store manager Jill Nicholson and she agreed that they could not return the item. She did not apologize for making such an accusation against a customer. We tried to contact her district manager Gene Heil and he never returned our call. He just passed it back to Jill Nicholson, who already had been unwilling to give us any customer service at all.
We are Dillard’s Elite credit card customers and after this experience we are not going to be returning to the Brandon Dillard’s ever again. They do not care about the customer at all.


carleen XXXXberbatch August 2, 2014 at 6:31 pm

It is obvious that I am not the only customer with a complaint about the customer service. I live in the Atlanta Metropolitan area and have two Dillard’s store at my disposal and each one has a very discourteous customer service department. It appears the requirement to work in the customer service department. I would alo like to voice a complaint about the increasing number of salesclerks that have been “fired” thus causing a lack of service and long wait in the women’s department in Arlantic Station and in Stonecrest in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I am writing to your Board of Directors for results.


marla Jennings August 1, 2014 at 1:59 am

I was in Dillard’s last weekend..There was a argument in the ladies dressing room.The manager Linda Criswell came over and started yelling at the black lady–who was in the right,-before asking what happened.Manager Linda is a nasty woman
Linda also farted out loud in front of customers and workers.Linda Criswell farted very loud by the dressing room door,and it stunk so bad.This is a terrible behavior of Mrs. Criswell.Im trying to find out who to report this too.
She is a sorry example of a store manager.


estelle August 15, 2014 at 3:42 pm

I’ve seen her fart in front of customers,or around customers before..Sad at times..She never apologies.And
they smell really bad.Oh well.Mabe some one should tell her that they smell.She would probably get mad.


Natalie July 28, 2014 at 9:30 pm

The Dillard’s in Altamonte Springs STINKS! Your clothes WILL STINK. When factoring in the price of the garment factor in the dry cleaning that will be required to make it smell normal. I was attached to the items purchased and did not want to return them, but was shocked when the store manager, Nancy, was in such denial about the sad state of the garment storage as a result of the smell in the store. The clothes selection is wonderful and our sales lady, Fiona, was really great, also. This Dillard’s has stunk like an old book for at least a decade. I have never done any shopping in this particular store for this reason. But when passing, I noticed cute stuff and thought that there is no way their garments carry the smell of the store home with you or there is no way they would still be in business. Bad news for Dillard’s great buyers and sales staff – the smell WILL COME HOME WITH YOU. We purchased pieces all over – from each ladies garment depts. and every one of them will require dry cleaning, or some of them were returned and picked up from other stores. The manager was perfectly happy to see us wasting our time to resolve this issue because she clearly knows the clothes stink and when she realized now WE know the clothes stink, we are no longer Dillard’s customers. She wasn’t worried about losing us as customers because she was sure she already did. Very poor customer service Dillard’s shame on you. There are a million other stores that I can shop in. I was raised in dept stores all over the country and this was the worst. Fix your mold problem before a class action law suit from the ill employees forces you to fix it. Although it is not the law, here in Florida, to provide clean air for your employees, if they can attribute an illness to your environment you will still be found culpable I the eyes of the law.


Kathy July 26, 2014 at 8:25 pm

To Dillards Executive, I was shopping in the Amarillo, TX store today and gathered what I wanted to purchase. All items were on sale but when I got to check out they said they were not. I took the salesperson to the area I got my items and even with the sign she started pulling merchandise and said this is not on sale. She called the manager many times but got no response, tried a different manager still no response, after 20 minutes of waiting I went to customer service. The girl at the counter said the sales person did not know what she was talking about and went to find a manager. When the manager showed up I explained I had gotten the items on the sale rack and the clerk had removed all the items but the manager said sorry these are not on sale so come back in a couple of weeks when they might be. Why would you have all the items on the sale racks then say sorry they are not, and how about my time waiting for a manager who never showed or called. While waiting another sales person said they had tried earlier to get managers without success. I can tell you this is very poor customer service and attitudes toward your customers. The bad part is the sales peoples hands are tied because they can do nothing without manager approvel. Don’t think I will be shopping here again would rather drive to 5 hours and shop the DFW area than a store that doesn’t care about it’s customers.


Linda July 26, 2014 at 6:18 pm

Altamonte Springs Mall in Florida is the Dillard’s closest to my home and where I decided to take my grown daughters for a shopping day and lunch. It was a wonderful selection and the sales people were very helpful and pleasant. Now the bad part. The minute you walk in the store the horrible odor of mildew hits you like a brick wall. I did not think the merchandise would also smell like that, but when we took the plastic bags off our 7 dresses at home that evening the smell was in the fabric and emitted from each one. Now the worst part. The only thing Dillards store manager would do after having us drag the dresses back to her store for her “inspection” was refund our money. We wanted the dresses we took hours to pick out. Nancy said she did not smell the odor and asked where we had been storing them as if we somehow infused the dresses with the mildew odor over the past day. She said “the store has no mold in it.” Kaitlin, the ladies wear manager, called other stores and found 4 of our items in Sanford. Nancy would not have them shipped to me so I drove there to picked them up. The other 3 we are incurring the cost of dry cleaning ourselves before we can even wear them once or put them in our closets.
Nancy said we are the first and only people that have complained. Really?
Employees must be getting slowly sick not realizing it is their workplace causing it.
Dillard’s corporate office just referred us to a Florida store manager in Oviedo.
That person just relayed our message to Nancy who already knew of our issue.
Dillards corporate said they have no “customer service dept.” That’s brilliant, so then they have no complaints.
I won’t buy a thing at that Dillard’s and if you buy anything there and don’t wash it or dry clean it first people will know from 2 feet away where you bought it because they will smell you coming.


Patricia July 21, 2014 at 5:13 pm

Just got off the phone with a 3rd person I had to call.
I was in FL on vacation, shopped at Naples store, purchased 6 items, just washed 1 and it shrunk from a 1X to about a child size 10! just in the washer in permpress cycle. NO washing instructions on shirt!
called 2 numbers finally had to call the store where I purchased it.
she said it had a 30 day limit on it…I JUST WORE IT!, I said it’s defective!!!!
she said well I had to send it back at my own expense (carla mgr) and she will look at it and see if she wants to give me a refund…crazy…it’s defective of course i want a refund.
and I asked to take it back locally (70 miles) and she said they are under NO OBLIGATION to take it back since it will be more than 30 days!..well hell’s bells I just wore it and washed it now..and they won’t take back defective mdse they sell????
and give a refund???? questionable??..
ok…so I am now putting a hold on my credit card until I get a refund!!


SUSAN July 15, 2014 at 10:39 am



Norma July 23, 2014 at 7:11 am

That Dillard’s isn’t the only one that has air conditioning problems. It seems to me that the Dillard son’s don’t care to continue to have as many stores in the future since they don’t want to spend the money to buy new equipment. The stores in San Antonio, Texas are struggling due to the same thing plus low morale due to rude management. Many employees just leave since the pay isn’t worth staying. This will turn out to be another J C Penny.


Donna July 12, 2014 at 12:55 pm

Dear Dillards Executives,
I was shopping at the Dillard in Scottsdale, Arizona in the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall when the assistant store manager Rafael Garzon told me I was too fat to be shopping in that department. I broke down and started crying as he nonchalantly walked away.
Two women in the dept tried their best to console me and said they had no way to have this manager terminated.
I left the store after I calmed down, but did not purchase anything. I will probably never shop there again if they are going to discriminate against heavy-set people.


Heidi July 11, 2014 at 11:52 am

I was fire by dillards few weeks ago, reason unsatisfactory in my sph, the store manager Sheila store 221 call me and give 48 hrs to reach my goal, but they fired me before I finish my shift?????
They have Michael business manager at the Edge cosmetic he been discriminating me and the people from my country, so Sheila call him and all what they did to him was verbal warning .
How that come and we know the law in USA about discrimination


Heidi July 11, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Sheila the store manager for 24 yrs
Victor assistant store manager so rude to the employees, it’s feel like the sleeves time with him, nobody can stand him
Michael the Edge cosmetic business manager kissing managers back and discriminating employees
Mr Dillard please
I think it’s a time to make some change in store #221 orlando fl


Melinda July 8, 2014 at 1:58 pm

I’ve been want a Michael Kors purse for ever, so for my bday and xmas i told everyone to buy me a dillard’s gift card. Once i had acXXXXulate 3/4 of the monies, I went and bought a MK purse from the Dillard at Baybrook mall. I have always shopped at Dillards and never had a problem until now. About a month after my purchased i notice the seam of the liner in my purse was coming apart, you could actually see it was a malfunction error. I took my receipt back with the MK purse, mind you, i didn’t want my money back i just wanted another purse, which they had it stock. They refuse immediately so i asked for a manager, they said they do not give refunds on name brand purses. I asked them why don’t you let people know that when they purchase them? I don’t have $ 398.00 + taxes to throw away. They told me that i could send it back to MK and that they were real good about customer service, they would fix it or replace it. So i did, they came back and said it could not be repaired and they don’t have it in stock and i need to go to the MK website and pick a purse. So i finally found a purse i like because i REFUSE to settle. Well they came back and said it’s not in stock. Then i found another purse, but it was more than my credit was so i told them i would pay the difference, well come to find out they don’t handle any money but they did give me an increase for a purse. Well guess what??? When i finally found another purse they said they didn’t have it in stock, which is hard to believe since it just came out that day. I have been going back and forth with MK since 03/03/2014. I asked them to just send my original purse back and I’ll get it fixed myself, it really wasn’t that hard but now they don’t have it. I’m just very UPSET that Dillard’s sells all these name brand purses and don’t let you know that they won’t take them back. I know it doesn’t mean nothing to Dillards, but as for me it does, I don’t have that kind of money to throw away. As of today 07/08/2014 i have no purse or my money back. It makes me sick that every time i walk into Dillards i see my purse!!!


Thomas L. Hogan July 7, 2014 at 3:48 pm

I went to the Mall of Georgia on Saturday of last week. I have in the past tried to do business with Dillard’s as I have liked most of their products. I bought 2 shirts in March of this year and the drive from my house takes over and hour and I have been extremely busy lately as I am the CEO of my company and haven’t had the chance to get down there. As I said I bought 2 dress shirts and they were both made by Roundtree and I loved the shirts but bent over to pick a pen up I dropped one of the shirts ripped down the seam on the left side. I had worn this shirt 4 times and I have not worn this shirt since April I was going to throw it away but my wife said Dillard’s will make this right. The other shirt I have worn once a week since March not a problem.
The department manager said no problem we will swap the shirt for another Roundtree shirt of equal value so we were in the process of doing that and she wanted to see a receipt so my wife started looking it up on her phone and I told her to finish as I was going to buy my grandson his school clothes. I went to the children’s department with him and started trying on clothes and my wife called and said get down here quick. I started downstairs with an arm load of boys clothes and the store Manager was there and said we are not going to do the exchange. I ask him why and he said its obvious that you tore this shirt. I would like to say why would I try to beat Dillard’s out of a shirt that I gave $49.00 for and you all gave probably $15.00 for. I want you all to know that I own this company that I sale to businesses in the 13 counties surrounding me and I have had to take things back but I always make them right. So my question to you guys is this that same day I left your store and went to Belks and Macy’s and purchased over $400.00 in clothes for my grandson for school. I happened to know that you all lost more than the $15.00 that you would have lost if you had made it right with me. Please look up my name on your credit card as you will know I am not a dead beat that you treated me like.



Dawn June 29, 2014 at 5:30 pm

I went to the Dillard’s store at Cottonwood Mall in Albuquerque because my daughter told me there were having A thirty percent sales on some items so I thought I would see what they had to offer.For the record I’m not a Dillard’s shopper and I prefer to go to Macy’s to purchase my clothing. I bought a pair of slacks, blouse and a pair of shoes which I was very happy with the items and the price, but unexpected expenses occurred and I had to return the items I purchased just hours before. First I was told by the sales clerk that it was out of the return policy and I started to her I just purchased it the day before, then she said because the yellow tag number( this is a little tag that is placed on each one of your purchase items stating it has been paid for) was not on my sales receipt and because of this I couldn’t return it,. I showed her that the SKU number on the tag was also on my sales receipt.She called her manger and she said finally I can refund your money back to you on your debit card.I asked her why she couldn’t refund me in cash, since Dillard’s has already debited my checking account immediately. Then I asked her how long will it take for my refund to be credit back and the manger had to call someone else and then she said 3 to 5 business days………To make a long story short, I WILL NEVER SHOP AT DILLARD’S AGAIN . THERE IS REASON NO ONE IS EVER IN DILLARD’S STORE WHEN I WALK PASS AND NOW I KNOW WHY.GOING BACK TO MACY’S!!!!!!!!!


JYP June 28, 2014 at 6:00 pm

Dillards in Palmdale, California has told me I spend TOO much and buy TOO MUCH merchandise has restricted me. When I made a stink they then placed placards claiming that only 2 Coach handbags can be purchased at a time or 6 total of other kinds of bags. They claim that when I buy a lot from their store, it makes it unfair to other customers who MAY come later and want to buy it. So to make peace, I now only buy the last day of their sale and get the “left overs”. Today I went at noon to buy over $5000 worth of merchandise, and Sara M. and store manager, says I need to wait until 5 in case others want to buy what I am wanting to buy now. NO ONE was in the store at 11:58am, and no one was buying anything. You would think that they would be loyal to a customer that spends 6 figures in their store each year. From now on, I will take my business to other department stores that SMILE when I walk in and thanks me with compassion when I spend a lot and will take any purchases for Dillards ONLINE only.


Former employee June 27, 2014 at 11:29 pm

This company is a piece of s***. Everyone from managers to employees are extremely rude! No one cares about your complaints. I’ve spoken to the SM, RM and VP and they all are sarcastic and rude. I will never shop at this store again and I will be spreading the word. If you have a complaint, don’t bother calling or writing because they will ask for your name and number and give it straight to the employee you complained about. No confidentiality. I do not trust Dillard’s, they will never see me again.


Kathleen August 1, 2014 at 2:09 am

I agree.I left Dillard’s five months’ ago because the store manager Linda Criswell is a Racist against black girls.She made a poor black store employee cry.She treats all the black employees so bad and with such disrespect,it’s a horrible situation.Linda also treats black customers really bad.She rides around in her wheelchair all day while at work.The assistant manager is a nice guy.He can run the store much better than Linda can.


Kevin Ferguson June 27, 2014 at 12:02 pm

Recently I bought a blazer from Dillard’s in Memorial City Mall. It was late in the evening and I needed a black blazer. I purchased the blazer and put it in my closet. A few weeks later I had an event come up and came to find out that the blazer was blue and not black. Needless to say I was not happy. I had to purchase another blazer that was black. I went back to return the blazer. Of course Diallrd’s policy of returning merchandise is terrible. For people who make a habit of wearing something once and returning it, its great for them. I called the store manager and though they still sold the blazer and they could resell it, which I went to check recently, and they did he refused to give me a return of my money. Recently, a friend returned an item to Nordstrom they bought SEVEN YEARS AGO and they gave her, her money back. I am from Tyler and have been shopping at Dillard’s since I was a child. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT DILLARDS AGAIN. THEY CAN TAKE THEIR STORE MANAGER AND STORE CREDIT AND SHOVE IT. Dillards has terrible customer service and does not care about the customer whatsoever. Its childish not to return my money and their store manager is an idiot. He admitted he could still sell the blazer and told me that because its been off the shelf since I bought it, it cost them money. Thats a load of BS. You never know when you will have to return something but I encourage anyone reading this not to shop at Dillard’s. Stores like Nordstrom offer higher quality and understand that the customer is everything. The store director at Memorial City is the worst person I have ever dealt with in all of my years and shopping and its a sad refelction on the company that he is in management.


Katherine June 24, 2014 at 1:20 am

My name is Katherine shaughnessy.I was shopping in Dillards last week at the Boynton beach mall.This dillards is a outlet.Let me tell you,the store was very dirty.Food,a cup,hangers,clothing on the floor.The bathroom was filthy.I complained to the store manager Linda Criswell,who basically shrugged me off.She was not professional at all.The workers were nice.I felt bad for a worker,because the manager Linda was giving her a hard time at the register.
I really think that the manager Linda should have the store kept cleaner.Someone could slip and fall on the hangers on the floor.


jennifer arredondo June 24, 2014 at 1:16 am

dillards,i know I messed up by not putting my two weeks in I wanted to try to sell cars for a career change they said they needed me to start right away so I did not put my two weeks in and that was the biggest mistake of my life car selling is was not the business for me I have really messed things up for that I am very sorry I loved working for dillards it was the best job I have had and the longest I would love the opportunity to go back to dillards as a watch specialist again if you’ll have me back I promise you I will not leave again I really love it there. I miss my customers my co workers miss my bosses great bosses to work for. From employee of store 744 desperately wanting her job back. 325455XXXXX is cell.


Heidi July 11, 2014 at 11:28 am

I will never miss that place


jennifer arredondo July 16, 2014 at 6:38 pm

i miss it dearly. i miss my customers. i miss being able to get them what they want and need. i miss my boss deborah longino she was a great boss. if they would give me a second chance i would go back in a heartbeat.


Mackenzie October 13, 2014 at 4:33 pm

Jennifer, I feel the same way! I would do ANYTHING to have my job back!! My manager (Ladies RTW) was absolutely AMAZING!


John June 23, 2014 at 10:04 pm

Dillard’s was recently ranked as one of the 11 worst employers in the US to work for; thus I imagine their employees are not happy and this is why many of you experience problems with them. Below you can read what I pasted about Dillards from this article online (via Huffington Post): 247wallst.com/special-report/2014/06/21/americas-worst-companies-to-work-for-3/3/

6. Dillard’s
> Rating: 2.3
> Number of reviews: 913
> CEO approval rating: 24% (Bill Dillard II)
> Employees: 40,000
> Industry: Department stores

Founded in 1938, Dillard’s Inc. (NYSE: DDS) is currently among the largest clothing and home furnishings retailers in the nation. The company owned and operated nearly 300 stores nationwide as of the beginning of this year, and employed roughly 40,000 workers, just less than half of which were part-time workers. Like many other entry-level retail positions, sales jobs at Dillard’s tend to involve penalties for unmet sales goals. While these pay structures offer higher wages for high achievers, employees reported poor job security and unreliable work schedules.

While employees appear unhappy, customers are relatively satisfied with Dillard’s. Americans are more satisfied with Dillard’s than with most department stores. Customer satisfaction, as measured by its American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score, rose 2.5% last year. Investors, too, are likely happy with Dillard’s. Shares have risen by more than 1,100% in the past five years.


John June 23, 2014 at 10:07 pm

Oh, I forgot to mention that I shop at the Dillard’s in Huntsville, AL at Parkway Place Mall. I buy almost exclusively from them. I know many of the employees now, as I’m a familiar face, etc. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences over the years at this location. Perhaps it’s because they know I’m a regular customer, or maybe they’re just better employees than average? I’m not certain, but I’ve always received stellar service from associates there; they have great personalities, too. (I guess that’s a part of good service, too).


jennifer arredondo June 25, 2014 at 7:29 pm

dillards is actually a great place to work for i should never have left its not dillards its the people that work for them so you got a person who is not very friendly or sales smart thats notcdillards fault.


lerverne johnson June 5, 2014 at 12:42 pm

I went shopping in the dillards in the Boynton beach mall last Friday,May 2014.
This is a clearance center.I purchased shoes,upon getting to my car,I noticed gum in the shoe.I went back into dillards,the register girl said no Returns.I requested the store manager,who came over twenty minutes later.The store manager’s name was Linda Criswell,she was in a wheel chair.
Linda said to me No returns no exchanges.Linda said this four times in a row.She was so obnoxious to me and my daughters.Linda said,Learn to look next time before buying shoes.
Linda Criswell is so rude and mean.I will never shop in dillards again.


Amanda Carter April 29, 2014 at 2:26 pm

Really Dillard’s get rid of your old fashioned policies from back in the day. I am not a happy camper as I went with my product that I purchased on April 5 and today is April 29. I was wanting a refund and they put the majority of the transaction on a gift card and the remaining on my debit card that will take 7 days to credit back to my account. No customer satisfaction at all because both the gift card and remaining amount wad paid for with cash. They have definitely list me as a customer.


Mindy June 13, 2014 at 10:57 pm

I am appalled at this Dillards in Daytona Beach, FL. I am used to dealing with Saks, Neiman’s and what used to be Burdines, now Macys. In my entire life never had this happen

I buy a DKNY top and matching pant. 2 weeks later I go back and the top was on sale from 38.00 down to 22.00 I went back with the 2 I bought at sale price and the one I did not buy at sale price including RECEIPTS IN HAND they would not match it. I AM A CONSUMER ADVOCATE AND VERY OFTEN BECAUSE OF MY WORK, I DO A LOT OF SPYING ON STORES. WELL THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE. NOT ONLY DO YOU GET CRAP WHEN YOU RETURN SOMETHING WITH RECEIPT AND PACKAGING BUT THEY ALL TALK ABOUT YOU WHEN YOU DO.






CIndy Cossen April 22, 2014 at 6:49 pm

item#04017019 SKU#7764933 Nike Women size 9 1/2 medium. I have a question regarding this sneaker


Latoya April 21, 2014 at 10:04 pm

Today was by far the worst customer service I have received. I returned a pair of Sperry’s for my husband and was completely appalled at Genes attitude. She’s the manager in shoes at the Hammond Dillards. She has the worst attitude and is very unprofessional. I’m not sure why she had the terrible attitude but I know I won’t be shopping in her department for years to come. She wanted me to pay to exchange the shoes because the previous sales rep gave me a 10% discount!!! ” I can’t honor that because I didn’t authorize it” ” Who gave him permission, I’m the manager and I didn’t authorize it?” How am I supposed to know? I don’t work there. When the store manager arrived and asked her to give me the discount she was even more upset. She sat my shoes on the counter after asking if I still had my bag and walked off!! Didn’t tell me the receipt was in the bag or anything. I did speak to the general manager who said he would address it but who knows. I pray that God helps with her attitude.


Shannon Kay April 18, 2014 at 7:13 pm

I’m submitting this email as a follow-up to the letter I’ve written to Dillard’s personnel. Several weeks ago I initiated a wedding registry at Dillard’s in Hamilton Place mall in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My fiancee and I went to the store a couple of days later to choose the items for our gift registry. We had difficulty finding any associates in the store, but when I did find a young woman and told her our need to complete our registry, she said, “Oh yes, I’ll find someone for you.” She went to a different department and found an older female associate who was waiting on another customer and was facing away from us. When the younger associate informed the older associate that we needed to work on the wedding registry, the older woman said, “Sure, just let me finish…” And when she turned around and saw that I was in a wheelchair she completed her statement by saying, “Oh, I can’t do that. The women who does that isn’t here.” I asked when the bridal consultant would return and was told it would be two weeks. I asked if there might not be someone available who is cross-trained for the wedding registry, since I had already completed most of the work online and just needed to choose my gift items. She said, “Well, maybe you can just come back tomorrow.” I knew she was discriminating against me because of my disability and told her I would find another department store that would appreciate my business. We went to Belk and had a wonderful experience. We established our wedding registry at Belk rather than Dillard’s. Dillard’s discriminates against disabled persons and I will never shop there again.


Marsha Taylor April 11, 2014 at 9:45 am

Nothing better than standing at a makeup counter while the clerk finishes her personal phone call only to then be greeted by someone who doesn’t know anything about the products and is obviously drunk! Never shopping at the St. Clair Dillards again!


Victoria April 9, 2014 at 11:05 am

I had one of the worse experiences today, by just calling in and asking for a product. I will definitely be going else where for now on.


Vanessa Wickersham April 1, 2014 at 9:32 pm

I purchased 3 tops at Dillard’s on February 11, 2114, at the Coastal Mall in Naples, FL. Regretfully, one of the tops when I tried on in the store I was hesitate in buying but the clerk told me she thought it looked ok. So I went ahead and bought it. When I went to wear it I decided I really didn’t like it. So I planned to return it. I did not realize that Dillard’s has a 30 day return policy. I had my receipt and tags still on the item. I guess I understand the policy, but I don’t understand the rudeness of the clerk and the manager. I was asked if I wanted to see a manager and I said yes I do. So she called and told the manager the situation and the clerk said, ” no this is not an April fools.” I told the clerk to give my receipt and top back and I will NEVER shop Dillard’s again and will encourage others to do so too.


Jackie March 31, 2014 at 2:44 pm

I am so over shopping at Dillards. You have the most old fashioned idea of what a Customer’s needs are. If you want to keep your customers you need to update your policies. Your poor employees have to stand by and take abuse from unhappy customers since they have no authority to assist a customer that is not pleased with there services. I have had enough. You should really take a clue from Kohl’s and Nordstroms, they have the absolute best customer satisfaction practices. It is always a pleasure to shop at either one of these stores.


susan hunt March 26, 2014 at 4:11 pm

have been going to dillards for several months to get my hair done…I had to take medicine for a skin condition…as a result my hair was falling out…dillards stylist suggested hair extensions($600) and $55/every 6wks put extensions back in…. w/color the total was ususally $135……today I had extensions put back in…..one row each side….45minutes……..$100….no one mentioned the cost……my hair was not washed ,cut or colored……I am really sorry for our community that dillards is not able to discuss cost up front w/customer…………maybe it could be included in dillards training sessions for new stylist ……..not when their checking out


Chion March 21, 2014 at 2:16 pm

I called customer service today for 4 reasons: 1.) Name and Address change 2.) Report lost card 3) request credit increase 4.) Find out why my card was reported negatively although I’ve never been late with payments. I thought this process would be a quick 10-15 minute phone tops. These issues appeared to be simple and routine. Instead, I was on the phone with a total of 4 customer service representatives and 1 supervisor for more than an hour. The first rep was very helpful as was the third and fourth. Bertha, the second csr appeared very incompetent, unprofessional and useless. She kept me on hold without apologies and continuously informed me of her note taking, however never helping me. At minute 58 when I finally spoke with a supervisor, she appeared very short. I know Dillards is a highly respected company which takes pride in the brand name merchandise and products it has to offer, but the customer service department is not up to par. If this didn’t have any bearing on my credit report, I would have closed my account today. The consumer is the ONLY reason anyone has a job. Truly disappointed!


Jo Lee March 16, 2014 at 6:04 pm

Praise for Mr. James Mann in the men’s department in YUMA. He was helpful and
courteous and knew his stock very well; quickly found the right suit for my partner,
also trousers; took care of the alterations to be made, and did it all with humour and
politeness. Excellent employee to be valued.


Patrice February 27, 2014 at 8:54 am

I recently placed an order 2/26/14. It was maybe close to noon or a couple of houses before. Later that night, a little after midnight, after work. I checked my email an received my order confirmation. I decided to do a little more shopping. When I went back online I seen the two pair of shoes I ordered were now on sale for $42 each and I originally paid $70 each. I felt very cheated due to the fact it had not even been a full 24hrs and the price was reduced. I emailed the customer service department about the situation, an wen called first thing this morning, around 7:05 am. I first spoke with a Josie who did her best to get a price adjustment but she said unfortunately she couldn’t do it because of the policy. She then let me speak to her manager (Deloris, from Fort Worth,TX call center) She informed me she was a manager and she can’t do anything about it. I told her I would like it cancelled and she said she can’t do it because it has been completed. I asked her several times of the order has shipped, and about the fourth time I asked she then said it had actually shipped. I informed her that I never received a confirmation saying it shipped and she said “well you will eventually get it”. She couldn’t give me any other info and she was very rude as I politely spoke with her. So, I then viewed the policy and seen that dillards doesn’t do price adjustments. I feel this is terrible customer service, especially since it had not been a full 24hrs that the price ended up being reduced. I’m a new customer trying to give new companies a try, but that just totally turned me off and I doubt I will shop again. Very disappointed in the policy and poor customer service!


Rosie Maldonado February 20, 2014 at 9:42 pm

Good Evening!
The reason I am writing to you is because I have a bad experiance I must share with you. Earlier today, I was enjoying a shopping trip with my dad and my step mom. Until we had a unfortunate situation happen to us at the Dillard’s inside Triangle Town Center. My dad NEVER buys things for himself, however he had wanted a pair of Raybands for a while. We convinced him to buy a pair and he did. However what he had bought, was not what he had in mind nor tried on. When we walked out of Dillard’s to another store in the mall, he opened the case because he wanted to wear them on his head, but sadly (again) the product was not the same as he had tried on in the department store. Yes they were Raybands, but the product was the one displayed and not only that they were damaged (scratched up lenses). Of course like anyone who would like they’re money’s worth; we went back to Dillard’s and try to return them or even exchange them. All my dad wanted were the pair of sunglasses. We spoke with the Store manager (Bob Kayda) and he said to reuturn within 2 hours [to give him time to check camera footage], we did as he requested however he had not completed wtih his statement. I asked for his number to call him later on in the evening [to give him more time, because I do understand he has enough work on his hands]. I called 7pm this evening and he had left for the night. I called corporate and was given the District manager’s number. I called and I could not get an answer nor a voicemail.
My father is quite upset. He is an honest man, hard worker and would NEVER do anything of this sort of nature.
All we want is a pair of sunglasses, like the ones he tried on and was excited to own, but never got.
We don’t want to hire an attorney or cause any commotion [there is no need for that].
All we are asking for is for someone to tell us what can be done, someone to help resolve this issue. Please. I just want to see a smile on my old man’s face. I hope to hear from anyone in the near future.
Until then thank you for your time.

Rosie Maldonado


Rosie Maldonado February 20, 2014 at 9:43 pm

Never got and still payed for at FULL RETAIL PRICE


Rick February 15, 2014 at 12:32 pm

The Dillard’s at Valley Hills Mall in Hickory, NC is out of control. My daughter was shopping there late November with her two sons, one 7 and the other 5 months. The 7 year old was feeling bad and had to go to the bathroom twice. She had picked out some clothes to purchase. She had laid them in the basket at the bottom of the stroller. When she came out of the bathroom the second time, an employee confronted her and said she was trying to steal the items. The bathroom was inside the store. she had not left the store and was going to purchase them. The store employee and supervisor were both very ugly and embarrassing to her in front of her son. The items were not concealed. She got charged with shoplifting and banned from the mall for one year. Then she got a letter from Dillard’s legal services demanding a payment of $150 plus she still had to hire a lawyer to get it settled. She did not have the money for a lawyer, having just had another child. She and her husband shop Dillard’s regularly. Now, after making an agreement with the Dillard’s legal firm to pay the money in payments, are saying a payment did not get there during Christmas week and are trying to make her pay an additional $385. If she had the money, she would sue the pants off Dillard’s. Dillard’s will lose big time over this. She is going to file a complaint with the Consumer Complaint Agency and also with the Better Business Bureau. She and our entire family and friends will be told not to shop at Dillard’s ever again. It used to be that you had to physically leave the store with an item to be charged with shoplifting.


hurt employee February 9, 2014 at 12:27 am

I work at the Florida mall Dillards and I see the store change,they have a new asst store manager Victor Stewart he is the worst asst.the men manager are all gay and they hire alot of young boys and treat them like prince.Tim Low and Fred Olsen 1V are the two worst manager they are best friend and lovers. never work for these two they look for young boys to hire. stay away if you are str8 if you are gay they will hire you and try to get in your pants. PS Shelia the store manager should step down, stay away from Fred and Tim Low they don’t like str8 man.


Anoop April 24, 2014 at 10:32 am

why hasn’t a formal complaint been lodged? are you a straight man?


Michelle Wolfe February 6, 2014 at 1:29 pm

I will never shop at Dillard’s again. I will also make sure everyone I know never shops here. I experienced the worst customer service today at the Atlantic Station location in Atlanta GA. I wanted to return a $350 suit and since it was past 90 days they wanted to give me the sales price of $99. NO WAY. I will stick with Nordstrom as they never question me and do not care if it was bought a year ago. Dillard’s you will not make it long term with the people who “work” for you and all of the rules you have.


Heather Hall April 23, 2014 at 6:43 pm

I brought a Michael Kors leather bag on Wednesday 4/16/14 original price $ 428.00 on sale for
$ 299.00
I did not start to use the bag until Monday 4/21/14. the bag started having light spots on it so I took it back to the store in Wellington Florida because I was concerned this could spread. Took the bag with my receipt & the tag that was on the bag. . The manger was so nasty she looked at me & said the bag looks worn & the tag is not on the bag .Even though
I had the tag with the receipt. You would not expect this type of bag to look worn in 3 days. It obviously defective & with the cost of these bags you would not expect that either. You would think they would be concerned about a product that they are selling. They gave me the number to call Michael Kors.I was shocked I would think that was their responsibility to take the merchandise back & return the merchandise to the manufacturer . Either provide me with a refund or an exchange the bag not for me to go to the maufacturer after having a bag for 1 week to be exact. I had opened a Dillards card but i will be calling to cancel it. No way would I even want to deal with a store that treats customers this way & do not honor a return policy & expecially knowing there is a problem. This is appalling when folks work hard for there money they expect to have products that last & just the fact that they were so rude to me & did not acknowledge there was a problem shows lack of accountability on Dillards. they should be able to stand behind a product that they sell


Helen Graves February 3, 2014 at 11:37 am

Good Morning,
This is to Mr William Dillard. I am an employee at the MacArthur Center Norfolk VA. I work in the Salon/Spa and I really love my job/ However I feel our business would do better if Dillards would improve the appearance and offer the services that our competition offers. The salon equipment is embarrassing, most pieces are broken or dated and do not work properly.The pedicure chairs should be removed because of their age and getting them cleaned fully is not possible., which can be a problem should a client get an infection.
Because of todays economy, people are looking for deals. Our prices are not competitive with the area.We charge far too much for simple waxing services that others charge in the mall at least $10. less. People are going to other places for the same services at a fraction of what Dillards charges.
This salon has great potential, its sad to see it so run down and not current with todays demands and technology. We have a great manager who tries everything to boost business. Thank you for your time
Helen Graves
Dillards Salon/Spa


Tiffany January 21, 2014 at 9:55 am

At the Dillards in the Avenues Mall in Jacksonville, FL., I recieved the worst customer service I have ever experienced in a nice department store from the female manager (of home goods) on duty no less.
I was there for a return and she was most upset that is was such a large return meaning more work for her which I think is so lazy and lack of anykind of work ethic. No matter what the situation if a customer has a reciepts and is returning with in 30 days there shouldnt be anyhassle or attitude given to the customer. It was unprofessional and inappropriate for her to give me the 3rd degree about my return. I am a grown woman and this lady is talking to me like she is my mother and implying the reason for my return is not true. NUMBER one thing NOT to do. Really, I am a customer and someone is basically telling me I am lying. I said is there a problem and she said with an order this big you are supposed to take it back to the original store (St. Johns Towncenter) for a return and again giving me the 3rd degree about the location I am bringing my return. I explained that her store was a lot closer to me. She was unpleasent and rude. She was also rude to other people making sure she verbilzes how LONG the current return is going to take. She made me feel horrible. Thanks to her, Dillards will no longer get my business.


A. Arceneaux December 23, 2013 at 3:30 pm

I am writing an offical complaint against Dillards Corporation, Claims adjuster Laura Gomez, and her supervisor Kathy Copas. I was injured in Dillard’s store on December 18, 2013 when an elderly woman tripped over boxes that Dillard’s is vicariously liable for the negligent acts of their employees failure to provide a safe and secure walkway for their customers. The elderly woman’s body weight fell on me, injuring my shoulder and neck as she tripped over boxes on the floor. Dillard’s claim adjuster Laura Gomez stated to me that they are not liable for my inuries but yet they are liable for the elderly woman’s injuries. Its awfully sad that the elderly woman tripped over boxes and had to lean on me for support. This makes no sense to me as I was injured before the woman fell to the floor, due to their negligence of not putting away the boxes.I have pictures of the unopened boxes that were placed in the walking area to support my claim. It is unfair that they pay for one claimant and not the other. I will publicly display their negligence with the pictures I took of this incident, to warn customers to be careful upon entering their store.


Haley December 8, 2013 at 10:44 pm

On Saturday December 7th I decided to visit the Dillard’s store located in the Collin Creek Mall. Little did I know I would be experiencing the ABSOLUTE WORST customer service I have ever encountered in my life.
After I gathered my clothing I came to the front of the store to get a price-check. The store was closing within 15 minutes so I GUESS it was understandable that all three sales associates did not even look up to acknowledge me. I walked up to one of the ladies and asked if she was able to check the prices of the clothing I had chose. She told me that she did not have the ability to check the price and that if I wanted to check the price that I should take my phone out and use my calculator. At this point I was incredibly irritated because of the way she rudely and impolitely made this statement! She could have communicated this to me in a more pleasant manner, you know, the way that most customer service personals should act. She then took her calculator out and proceeded to tell me that if I wanted her to check the prices that I better read the prices to her, she refused to simply take my clothing and do the price check herself. The way she communicated to me was embarrassing for not only me but I am sure for the company as well. She furiously raised her voice and threw a fit in front of several customers just because of a simple task! I have to admit, I did proceed to tell her that she needed to act in a more professional manner in front of customers. I was appalled that I was actually being spoken to in this manner in a public setting, especially someone who was a store associate. I thought I had seen the worse so I asked this lady who her manager was and she replied by pointing her finger to her right and told me, “IF YOU WANT TO FIND MY MANAGER THEN YOU CAN FIND HER YOURSELF!”
After this experience I am not sure if I will ever see Dillards the same again. What a shame that such a prestige company would have sales associates that represent the company in such a manner. I regret any purchases I have made from this company after this experience.


Cierra King December 5, 2013 at 3:44 pm

I currently worked at Dillards in clarksville Tn. The management was not organized what so ever,they made continuous mistakes to my schedule. Being new to the company there was no training they throw you on the register and expect you to know how things are done, after numerous attempts to get my schedule fixed, I was told it was fixed. My schedule was blank for 2 weeks and I addressed a manager that was present and she simply told me they didnt have the hours and they dont mess up schedules. I did not understand because I was just hired. Today I get a rude call from one of the managers asking me why I havent been to work. I did let her know my schedule wasblank and I spoke with another manager who told me the schedule would remain the same . So I want this to be made aware that I did nothing wrong and I no longer work for your company because of your unorganized staff.And they change your schedule every week. How do you make a monthly schedule and change it every week, all it does is confuse the staff.


Cierra King November 30, 2013 at 3:12 pm

I currently worked at Dillards in clarksville Tn. The management was not organized what so ever,they made continuous mistakes to my schedule. Being new to the company there was no training they throw you on the register and expect you to know how things are done, after numerous attempts to get my schedule fixed, I was told it was fixed. My schedule was blank for 2 weeks and I addressed a manager that was present and she simply told me they didnt have the hours and they dont mess up schedules. I did not understand because I was just hired. Today I get a rude call from one of the managers asking me why I havent been to work. I did let her know my schedule wasblank and I spoke with another manager who told me the schedule would remain the same . So I want this to be made aware that I did nothing wrong and I no longer work for your company because of your unorganized staff


Cierra King November 30, 2013 at 3:19 pm

And they change your schedule every week. How do you make a monthly schedule and change it every week, all it does is confuse the staff.


Judy October 22, 2013 at 10:17 pm

I worked at the Dillard’s store in Hutchinson, KS for nine years. I absolutely loved my job and especially my customers. It was devastating when the store closed at the Hutchinson Mall in May of 2012. The customers I run into always ask me if Dillard’s would ever come back to Hutchinson and I tell them I hope they would consider the idea. Another location would be much better than where we were in the Mall. The Mall is getting run down and not many stores are left. So many of my customers were elderly ladies and they do not like to drive to Wichita. Hutchinson has a large population of elderly people and I think it’s a shame we can’t service them. Kohl’s came to Hutchinson, but non of my previous customers like their store, or the quality of the merchandise. I don’t either. If Dillard’s ever came back to Hutchinson, I would more than gladly come back to work. It was so rewarding!


Ashley Pace October 5, 2013 at 8:37 pm

I was in your St. Joesph, Missouri store on 10/2/13 and had one of the worst experiences I have ever had in a store. I was looking for a dress for a marine ball and had found a dress that I liked in the homecoming/juniors area. I had tried on the dress and decided that I was going to get it but wanted to continue to look around the womens and juniors area. The sales associate named Mary Jane came over to me and took the dress out of my hand saying that I couldn’t take it out of the department because people steal. She didn’t come right out and say that I was but it made me feel like it. I walked over to the customer service area and talked to a wonderful woman I believe her name was Morgan. I asked if we were allowed to take clothing from area to area and she informed me that I was. I still wanted the dress but I didn’t want to buy it from Mary Jane. I have worked in retail and am one of the managers in a clothing store and know that you can’t treat your customers that way. Morgan was great and told me that I could take the dress to a different department to purchase it if I wanted to and if Mary Jane had any issue with it to tell her that Morgan said I could. Morgan is one of reasons I went ahead and bought the dress but Im not sure if I will return to any Dillards because it was a horrible experience.


Amy Nonamous December 29, 2016 at 5:57 am

This is actually a deeper fault of the employer. After i tell you this, i assure you you’ll know she wasnt accusing you of thieving.

You see employees have sales quotas to sell anywhere from 50-250 dollars an hour depending on the time of year and department. (big algorithms based on previous years) Anyhow if morgan in customer service sells you the $120 dress and her quota is 0, she gets 0 for it. If Mary Jane sells you the $120 dress from juniors, and works in juniors she gets $120 to her quota for it. If Billy Bob in mens shoes whose quota is half of mary janes, sells you the $120 dress, he gets $60 to his quota for it.

Lets say Mary Janes sales goal is $150 sph (sales per hour) and she works 38-40 hours a week all year (they have to average 38 before the end of their 1 year review or else they are fired) then her sales goal for the 52 week year is $296,400-312,000. (We’ll say 300,000 for a decent even number.)

If Mary Jane sells less than 270,000 (90% of quota) that year she loses her job OR loses her most recent raise.

Mary Jane works 260 days a year if you dont remove vacations and what not. If each of those days she lets a $120 dollar sale travel over to someone elses department. Thats $31,200. There goes Mary Janes job. All because instead of lowering quotas, Dillards management tells employees to tell customers that items cant leave their area. Not to mention they need to discourage returning because returns deduct from the employee who sold its’ quota. Even if they arent at work that day to help the person find something else.

Yet they encourage 5 star selling. Which a concept of I helped you in womens clothing, let me help you go pick out a strapless bra, let me help you go get shoes, let me help you go get jewelry… Stealing the sales from the employees who truely know the area and can help better and deserve a sale and also have mouths to feed at home.

Has nothing to do with theft usually.

It has to do with the fact that the employees are all instilled with a fear of impending unemployment. And new people are barely taught about sph so they usually catch them off guard and terrify them with a 1 month warning when its too late. Now they do “Touch Bases” where you can see how far behind you are but for most managers its a chore and they want you to just sign it as fast as possible so they dont say flat out “You will be fired if you dont hit this amount by the end of your 3 month review.”

The employees come off as a**holes when in reality they are puppets of a crappy system that encourages them to be sharks and liars. Why tell a lady that a 200 dollar dress looks crappy on her, if shes for sure gonna buy it and wear it that night and for sure wont bring it back? Why tell a man the 70 dollar polo shirt is a size too small when hes got a plane to catch in the morning and for sure wont bring it back?

If dillards customers would understand this and bring attention to it for the sake of having better employees when they go to shop, maybe Bill Dillard would care a bit more. Sadly I dont think the 10-worst companies to work for article back in august effected anything… who knows if it will ever change.


John Divis September 24, 2013 at 11:02 am

I would like to know how to reach the Dillards purchasing group.


Gary Achord August 19, 2013 at 3:08 pm

I would like to find out whom to talk to about placing a bid on pressure washing the entrance to the department stores. Please e-mail me with an address that I could forward some pictures of past jobs. (NOTE: we have a machine that will remove bubble gum,oil stains etc.) Please reply Also we offer volume discounts with additional locations ALSO We like to work at the convenience of the local store manager, any special hours etc. ALSO; Please forward this e-mail to the correct dept with Dillards..Sincerely Thanks Gary
PS my wife and I only shop at Dillards the old saying you get what you pay for and that’s what you get at Dillards you get top of the line QUALITY.


Lynette Rau August 17, 2013 at 4:36 pm

Please, please consider putting a Dillards store in Sacramento. I found a location for you at 2310 Watt Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95864. The property is a vacant Gotschalks store in the County Club Plaza Mall telephone number 916-481-6716. There is only one small Macy’s store in this area. A Dillards would reach all of greater Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Auburn and more — All we have in Sacramento is Macy’s — we need other stores — we need a Dillards — I have to travel 45 miles to get to the nearest Dillards — please look into this. I would appreciate a reply to this e-mail.


Abla August 17, 2013 at 11:19 am

The worst managers ever in Dillard’s bossier mall. Unprofessional behavior


Melinda Jones August 14, 2013 at 1:00 pm

To Whom It May Concern: I had an instance to shop in your Dillards store at Treasure Coast Mall in Jensen Beach, FL last night. It was a situation where I was in a bit of a crunch as I needed to buy a blazer for my son for attendance at a funeral service and I did not have my son with me. I came across Mr. Rick Bussell in your Men’s Department. The purpose of this comment is to let you know what a pleasure it was meeting Mr. Bussell and how helpful he was in aiding me in this purchase. If it wasn’t for his expertise and lovely manner, I would have come home with the wrong sized jacket. He worked me through the process and I absolutely credit him with aiding me in making a decision at a very emotional time in my life. I want to bring Mr. Bussell to your attention as a fine example of the kind of sales associates you always want to find in a store when you are shopping for pleasure or in a crisis situation. I am a loyal Dillard’s customer and rewards member.


Mildred July 16, 2013 at 10:15 pm

Dillards at the Mall of Louisiana is the worse place to work. The management
Staff is unprofessional, they are unethical and the treat their employees like animals.
They are uncaring and nothing is confidential. The mens store manager tells other associates your business and discuss your sales status before he discuss it with you. L Tommy Briggs shows favortism to certain employees and sit other up
For failure. You cant talk to him and he belittle some associates. He openly shows his dislike and tells you it want do you any good to talk to Donna the store manager
Because she will believe him. He never answer a paige, even when customers need


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