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Dell Inc.
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682

Contact Dell

Phone Number: (512) 338-4400
Fax Number: (302) 636-5454
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CEO: Michael S. Dell
CFO: Brian T. Gladden
COO: Stephen J. Felice

Dell History

Dell began as PCs Limited in 1984 when Michael Dell was a student at the University of Texas.

In 1985, the Turbo PC was launched.

In 1988, the company changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation and went public with an IPO.

In 1996, the company began selling PCs from their website.

In 1999, Dell became the world’s largest PC manufacturer.

In 2003, the company was renamed to simply Dell Inc. to reflect their sales of not only computers but also TVs and other electronics.

In 2006, the company acquired AlienWare.  In 2009 the company acquired Perot Systems.

Dell is currently the third largest PC vendor in the world, behind HP and Lenovo.


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Doreen Harville November 26, 2015 at 8:33 am

I called Dell computers for help because a have a small business I talked to a sale rep named Amanda she told me about a computer that would help me in my small business I would have the desktop computer I’m thinking it’s a 2015 she sends me a email with everything that it comes with the tower monitor printer soft ware speakers and the amount that it cost which was $1,490.00 dollers I gave her a down payment everything was OK then my computer comes 9/19/2015 I open the box and all I have is the tower key board mouse and my invoice that has everything else that was posted to come with the computer So I call Dell trying to get a hold of Amanda Dell people told me that the rest of my computer was put on hold till they get the rest of there money so I played Dell in full after Bing on the phone for3 hours at a time But no Amanda I kept calling her left 100 s messages never called me back got a hold of two manager of hers but no help Now Dell has my money and no computer everyone is avoiding me from one hold to a mother for the last three month ibout the computer on 9/19/2015 now it’s Nov 26/2015 Dell send me my money back I did everything that my contract said but Dell broke the contract by never spending me my computer that I payed in full for I hope people see that Dell rips your money off Dell just found a way to still my money the computer parts that I have is not Worth $1,490.00 because I looked it up on Dell net work its not worth nothing without the rest of it I feel you stold my $1,490.00 Dollers I’m going to tell everyone what Dell Did to me by ripping me off


John Reynolds November 25, 2015 at 5:38 pm

After hours of trying to contact Dell to repair or replace my computer that is still under warranty no luck! Is this how they make their billions? Help….


Kim Carter November 20, 2015 at 9:49 pm

After reading more customer reviews it’s obvious. dell is not longer a reliable company.

JUST READ 5 REVIEWS, should sum up for you if you should go with a “dell”

hours on the phone, same tasks performed over and over by technicians, warranty problems, etc. etc.


Kim Carter November 20, 2015 at 9:41 pm

been through the dell nonsense once again. had an actual person respond to the last email I posted. attempted to call her (Susan Thomas) 3 or 4 times the next day (Friday, 20, Nov 2015) at the number she left with her extension. no answer, just phone prompts and left messages. the emails seemed to work with a 2 hour turn around time, lots of “glad you chose dell”, “we’re here to help”, “award winning customer support” blah, blah, blah……my computer stopped working on the 23rd of Oct 2015. called the next day, I have yet to have my problem resolved. 5 technicians, 2 supervisors, time off work, trips to the library to write and print letters and such, 4-5 wasted hours of my time not to mention the driving, gas and annoying staff incompetence. my laptop has been torn apart, with a mother board replaced along with a new (supposedly new) wireless card. the keypad has now separated from the computer makes it awkward to type. I can go on line for about a half an hour before the Wi-Fi stops working, my email stops working sporadically……BUYER BEWARE!
Not only was I out a computer for 8 days, now after wasting more time trying to communicate with the award winning customer support team they want me to send the computer in for 3-5 days to have it checked out by them. this company cannot handle phone or email correspondence, and now they assure me at the most it will be 3-5 business days to mail, repair, and remail my computer? seriously? WHAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT? THERE IS NONE! This has been going on since October 23rd! it’s now November 20th. This computer which cost over 500.00 did not make it 7 months! when I said to the representative, “what do I do in the mean time, while you are repairing my computer”, he was speechless? no response? could dell survive with no computers for 8 days? what if all they’re reps had to do their daily work on their phones?

this company has seriously gone down hill, so big they cannot service their mediocre product. outsourced their customer support to a country which does not seem to understand it’s customer base?
so again, BUYER BEWARE!


Sam Ghoubrial November 19, 2015 at 10:44 pm

On October 22 I have placed an order for Dell New XPS 15 and paid $1502.39 under order # 912921554 with a delivery date on 11/16/2015, I have told the order taker that I am traveling overseas on nov. 23 and I must have the laptop ASAP. then a week later my order was canceled for no reasons I was not even informed that my order was canceled, just I was following up with the order and I found out that someone canceled my order, I immediately called customer help and they told me they do not know why the order was canceled, and transferred me to a different department to re order this laptop, then they assure me that it should be delivered on Nov. 18, then again I was following up online and then I see that same order has never been shipped and has a new delivery date of Nov 30, 2015, I immediately called and was but on hold for 25 minutes, then some one answer with a very unclear english accent and could not understand what he was saying, I ask to speak with a supervisor again a lady came online and she said there is nothing she can do for me I told her that I am traveling overseas on Nov 23 but she kept saying I could not help you, after all that waiting I had to cancel my order. this was the worst ever experience I have encountered with any online order. I was trying to get in touch with the company COO. Stephen J. Felice but again could not get hold of anyone.
my name is Sam Ghoubrial
VP of international operation for Mega Business Group
I need the COO to call me ASAP at 949-887-****

To that end, I have received a phone call today Nov. 19 at 2:30pm PST from Someone in India or Pakistan his name was Farouk again very heavy accent, could not understand half of what he said, he seems that he doesn’t know anything about my order and what I have been through, he is just a social Media associate, i had to explain everything from the beginning, I ask him I need to speak with the COO of the company as he must be well informed about what is going on, but Farouk told me that is not possible as the COO do not have time for me, and I should speak to his boss then I told him ok let your boss call me then he said that is not possible and I should be the one to send him an email, then he might call me if he has the time. Farouk started to blame everything on Dell vendors and suppliers they are the one to blame not Dell, I respond, company such as Dell with their large infrastructures and organization level, did not have a plan in place to support the large demand in the marketplace? anyway after 35 minutes all he did is just blaming other for the lack of customer service as well as fulfilling their customers orders on timely manners.
At the end I must speak with the COO of the company as he must know what is going on, I do not need social media associate to call me this must be addressed at the higher level of operation support.


Kim Carter November 19, 2015 at 11:43 am

cannot believe how much the dell company has gone downhill. I wish I had read some of these reviews before I purchased this laptop. the service is incredibly poor. I have the same issues with these dell reps as i’m reading about. incompetent, time wasting, no knowledge or concern to solve the problem. I like how they bounce the responsibility from rep to rep, you can’t call them back or hold anyone responsible for their incompetence. spoke to 4 different reps, 2 supervisors…….what a joke. I won’t be buying dell products any longer.


Jenette Davis November 12, 2015 at 2:03 pm

Good morning,

I am a student worker in the Student Services department at Goodwin College located in East Hartford, CT. We are seeking assistance as we have students who are in need of a computer. After viewing your website, we would like to know if you consider providing new or refurbished computers or student discounts to assist our students as part of your corporate giving program?

Attached is a link that will give your some information about Goodwin

Thank you for any consideration you can give this request. I will be looking forward to your response.

Thank you,
Jenette Davis


Corneliu Gornescu November 5, 2015 at 6:03 pm



Lynn November 18, 2015 at 5:39 pm

I purchased a 2 year protection plan for my camera. I have been on the phone with them for 4 hours being put on hold and transferred to 7 or 8 different depts. Still nobody has asked even what is wrong with my camera. Just Tech support sending me to customer support and back and forth. I just keep getting more and more lies told to me. I think they think that eventually will get frustrated and hang up. I hope someone sues them or reports them to the BBB. They shouldnt be allowed to do business in the United States.


Dr. Bill Rohde October 29, 2015 at 2:58 pm

FRADULENT WARRANTIES: Dell sells extensive service contracts that they do not and will not honor. They only generate a maddening run around – which can go on for days. The only hope you have is to insult them viciously and relentlessly over and over and over. Keep using the worse language you know and you MAY eventually get help. But NEVER be polite with DELL – they are laughing at you all the way to the bank. AND, stop paying your Dell Preferred Accounts if you do not get prompt service. DELL will never sue you because they fear consumer protection laws. If they give a negative report to your credit bureau, you can get it removed by asking the credit bureau to verify the charges – which DELL will never do.


Bryan October 21, 2015 at 12:35 pm

I WAS about to purchase the 2015 NEW XPS 15″ laptop, I have it configured with the updates I wanted, the purchase price came to $2900. I tried over the weekend via text on the Dell site to understand the location of the speakers on this laptop. It is really UNBELIEVABLE that no one seems to understand or care that I want to know this before making this purchase. The call center is closed on Sunday, I called just now, waited for 41 minutes to get the first person to talk to who had no idea why I would even want this information, after about 9 minutes of him trying to find out, he came back and forwarded me to a sales team person, obviously in India who I could barely, and I mean barely (I travel to India in my job, I have a much better idea of what is being said than most) understand what she was asking. Once I got her to understand this simple question, she again told me laptop speakers are located where ever they can be placed. Still no answer. What this is telling me is a couple of things, don’t buy a DELL product, if I can’t even get simple information to spend $2900, what would the actual customer service be like if I needed service or had a question…

I’ll buy another Apple or look at HP, definitely not purchase this computer. I wonder… How many people don’t purchase DELL products due to really BAD service… Get people that speak English as a first language and can help with the SIMPLEST of questions…

Have a Great Day…


Kirk Leidemann October 13, 2015 at 8:09 pm

To the office of the CEO:

I purchased a Dell PC in April of 2014. Six months after the one year warranty, the PC will not turn on.

I contacted customer support which appears to be in India and was told that a technician will fix this for over $300.00. I only paid around $450.00 for the computer.

I currently own 7 Dell products. One monitor, two laptops, two PC’s, and two keyboards.

I will repair this computer on my own with the help of my son.

I want the staff at Dell to know that I believe that their products are junk.
I will NEVER purchase a Dell product ever again.
Also, I want them to know that I will tell every one that I know or meet that Dell is a horrible company with horrible products and horrible customer service.

One very disgusted former customer,

Kirk Leidemann


Josephine Dasilva October 7, 2015 at 6:22 am

I cant believe I didn’t receive my order for my printer. I called three time with a 45 min wait on the phone no responds. I also email them four time with no respond back. I need help. My order number is 892719739.Im so lived!!!

Josephine Dasilva


don p October 1, 2015 at 7:20 pm

I too have the pleasure of the professional (not) Prithwika Basak:
Dear Don,
This is with regards to your system service tag # 1129M52. I regret to inform you that we would be unable to offer you another replacement system and this will remain the final stance from Dell in this matter.

I had ordered a new laptop for my daughter for school. Immediately had blue screen issues which tech support could not resolve in hours of trying. Sent an exchange which had same issue which once again hours of tech support could not fix. I asked for a reasonable substitute model in exchange. Prithwika said in her charming way to go F— myself and that I am required to send both back and Dell will simply refund my purchase. I have bought many machines from Dell in the last 15 years and was noth expecting such a response. I was not asking for a huge upgrade just a comparable machine. The problem is now that The refund process will take at least a week and my daughter needs this now. This problem has already disrupted her school work. Dell does not seem to care at all about customer service and that Prithwika Basak is in the wrong department. She should be in collections not customer service.


Frank Gimbl September 28, 2015 at 6:13 pm

Just an new update on the damage done to my computer done by DELL Corporation and their sales department…Just got off the phone with their mouthpiece, PRITHWIKA BASAK, who again wasted my time , the 4 th time she called mind you,, to first, rehash that DELL CORPORATION WILL NOT MAKE RESTITUTION , REPAIR OR COMPENSATION FOR THE DAMAGE THAT WAS DONE to my property [computer ] with their assuredly correct hard drives [2 sent---both were wrong ] Add to that she is in need of a few lessons of how to end conversations with people without cutting them off and hanging up on them abruptly……Guess no manners is a job requirement here also.. After sending in a formal complaint with documentation to the ATTORNEY -GENERAL of TEXAS, Mr.Ken Paxton , in addition to the BBB of AUSTIN TEXAS ,she now calls me AGAIN to give me a tracking number for UPS to pickup the 500GB WESTERN DIGITAL HARD DRIVE THAT DID THE DAMAGE…….NOTE —THIS IS A GOOD 3 WEEKS OR MORE I WAS PROMISED A REFUND, AND NOW and she states it takes up 14 days to refund a customers money..They take it fast though! –THEY ONLY CALL YOU WHEN YOU START LIGHTING FIRES under the butts WITH THE LOCAL LAW AND CONSUMER [BBB OF AUSTIN ] ..The FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION [FTC ] will be notified next…As well as local courts….Perhaps a class action lawsuit by everyone being screwed here from these people is in order and if one already is progress please let me know so I may sign on ..Please notify all the above agencies if you wish to get a chance to get a reaction from them and to speak to their programmed ” yes men or women in this case”


Viktoria September 23, 2015 at 4:42 pm

I contacted technical support today and advised Jay that after purchasing a used Dell computer, I am through buying computers that have no anti-hacking devices installed. That does not include anti-virus and firewall protection. Those programs do not safeguard against any hacking. There are certain individuals that are allowed to have this technology at their disposal in the meantime, I am not allowed to have the anti-hacking technology at MY disposal. Until anti-hacking devices are installed accordingly and is 100% proven to safeguard against sensitive information being disclosed and protects against data breaches-This will be the last computer I purchase-Period.


Christina Ricci September 16, 2015 at 2:33 pm

Laptop is 2 months old and DOES NOT WORK. Windows updates push out each time I open it and after a half an hour I still can use it because it won’t boot. When the screen does randomly decided to come up I can’t access anything because the start menu will not open. Dell has asked that I “restore” my computer. Um, I think not. It’s only two months old. They are denying a return. I don’t see how this is good business policy. Is Dell going to provide me with my software to reinstall as well? I will not only be contacting my credit card company to dispute this but I will be contacting the BBB. You give me the same answers as anyone of your scripted readers over the phone….after an hour on hold. BUYER BEWARE. Oh yeah, did I mention I had to get a power cord replacement as well because my other one was too hot to touch. Yeah, thanks for stiffing me.


Cassandra September 11, 2015 at 4:48 pm

I would just like to know why a 949 dollar computer doesn’t work after a year and a half? I purchased a Dell 15″ Laptop with MS Office Intel Core 17 8GBRam 1 TB HD Red on October 6, 2013 as a Christmas present for my daughter. It was first used in December of 2013 and now today September 11, 2015 the motherboard is gone. I had a computer company look at the computer and was told I got taken because the computer is junk and isn’t worth the money I spent. I WILL NEVER BUY A DELL EVER AGAIN!! There is no one to physically speak to about any problem you have. Dell has no problem taking your money but won’t do anything once you have a problem. This is the most expensive computer I ever bought and it doesn’t work. WHAT A JOKE!


Frank Gimbl September 11, 2015 at 11:02 am

Just a quick update to my previous 2 comments…Been called by DELL CORPORATE employee Prithwika Basak, twice ,most recently late yesterday afternoon, 09/10/15 , who again offered nothing new,same rehash just as before , to resolve the complaint made to DELL and complaint lodged with the BBB OF AUSTIN ,TEXAS , on the selling of wrong parts [ 2 hard drives were sent ] , to be used as a secondary hard drive in my computer assuring they were the ” correct parts both times ,and yet not knowing that said hard drives were not compatible with this computer , with the damage caused by the second hard drive.Having nothing in black and white in their possession in front of them ,alerting them of the grave error that would result.. She only repeated again and again “We are sorry, BUT we will NOT MAKE ANY restitution, in any manner shape or form to compensate ” for DELLS SHEER LACK of Care and Concern for the dilemma and trouble they have caused..I am a senior citizen and disabled and to go through this with the absolute ” don’t give a damn “attitude they project is unbelievable..I would strongly advise anyone with similar complaints register with the BBB of Austin Texas,your local BBB,Consumer Affairs and Attorney General in Texas and locally .This ” sell them something ,take the money and run regardless of what gets damaged and who gets hurt” must be stopped and those who are involved be held accountable for their actions….


Frank Gimbl September 11, 2015 at 10:08 am

Just a quick update to my previous 2 comments…Been called by DELL CORPORATE


Frank Gimbl August 31, 2015 at 9:19 pm

After receiving the so called “correct WESTERN DIGITAL 500 GB HARD DRIVE” as my secondary hard drive, I was finally able to install it yesterday into my DIMENSION E 520..It was all wired in easily and correctly with no problems on the computer until I turned it on and instantly crashed and now it won’t start or function at all……I called DELL YESTERDAY AND SPOKE TO Three tech support employees of which one, SUPERVISOR of Tech Support , all telling me I was once again sent the wrong hard drive . One tech support,abruptly hung up on me when I asked for a case or complaint number and his name to send in a formal complaint to DELL CORPORATE OFFICES……Today I spoke to 2 more tech service people of which one was another supervisor in that department, who was very attentive and was a pleasure to speak to and both he and the regular tech support stated I could NOT USE A 500 GB HARD DRIVE in my old E 520, ONLY A 320 GB max. could be used ! ! ! These sales people don’t even know what the correct part or accessory to sell you !!!! And to top that, I receive a call from some woman named SUSAN in the early afternoon , who claims to be from DELL CORPORATE OFFICES who STATES the DELL COMPANY has no provisions to reimburse a consumer for repair of their computer and/or pay to have it checked by a reputable local repair shop …..SHE EMPHATICALLY goes on to say the problem is that I installed THEIR “CORRECT HARD DRIVE ” into my computer, and it’s pretty much MY FAULT !!!!. This woman a joke and out of touch with reality !!! Here you call the company that makes the computer for help on an upgrade and they can’t even get their act together and send the correct parts!!! .This woman WAS VERY OBNOXIOUS, INCONSIDERATE, CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTING and TALKING DOWN ME AS IF I WAS HER INSUBORDINATE AS I TRIED TO GET MY POINT ACROSS… LIKE A BROKEN RECORD SHE KEPT REPEATING TO ME , TELLING ME IT’S AN OLD COMPUTER, NOTHING ABOUT HOW HER COMPANY EMPLOYEES SCREWED UP AND NOW DID CONSIDERABLE DAMAGE TO MY EQUIPMENT . No apology , no resolution ,no compensation at all…Pure ignorance at it’s best for sure ! Just her constant reminder “it’s an old computer ,there is no provisions financial reimbursement for repair or have checked out , where are not getting anywhere with this conversation”…Absolutely no consideration nor care for customers with major complaints or problems…. SHE THEN STATES ” I’ll SEND A RETURN AUTHORIZATION SLIP AND GIVE YOU A REFUND” What the hell is that! I already opened a dispute with my C/C company on that issue . A REFRESHER COURSE IN CONSUMER RELATIONS is a definite necessity here with this employee ..Better yet ,give the Tech Support Supervisor I spoke with today a promotion and a raise to this woman’s position as he was a much more interested party and very cooperative and far more deserving of the position than this actress…This issue is far from finished for sure.. I have all the names of those who were kind enough to give and for the most part they were quite professional [all TECH SERVICE PERSONAL] except the one dead beat..All will be named in the immediate future for sure..


Wendy Burgess August 28, 2015 at 12:53 pm

The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series 7537 is a lemon of a PC. Purchased in Jan 2015 I have made numerous calls to so called Tech support and needless to say I know more about PCs than they do. I want someone from the United States Of America to contact me. I’m tired of the unresolved issues with this PC. The PC had 97 viruses which the dates of install was way before I was the owner.

This was my first purchase of a Dell product and I can guarantee it will be the last.


Wendy Burgess September 2, 2015 at 7:09 pm

I now know who sets the examples for Customer Service at DELL.

Still no word from anyone. I’ll get my local troubleshooter involved because obviously the consumer them self’s complaining does not mean anything your “Brand” unless it’s NO CUSTOMER SERVICE and NOT STANDING BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT is your “Brand”.

From reading all these other complaints I’m sure it would take very many people to file a class action lawsuit. If anyone is interested look out on Twitter & Facebook to get involved.


Linda Waycie August 28, 2015 at 12:00 pm

Dear Dell,
Please take the following names off your mailing list.
David Waycie
* N. Windsor Dr.
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-2147
Key code-65097 128124161

Waycie Business
* N. Windsor Dr.
Mt.Prospect, IL 60056-2147
Key code- 65097 139217969

Linda Waycie
Waycie Business
* N. Windsor Dr,.
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-2147
key code-65097 139217969


Frank Gimbl August 24, 2015 at 12:49 pm

This outfit has gone from bad to intolerable…Called about 3 weeks ago for a secondary hard drive for my DIMENSION E520 only to be told by another sales rep after numerous attempts to get it to function I was sent the wrong hard drive…Number 2 sales rep. told me he would send the correct hard drive but it was $99.00 instead of the original $65.00 For the 1st. hard drive and the data connection wire wold be included with this second replacement. After complaining and tell them no way am I paying more they sent me hard drive #2….Comes Friday ,it arrives and there’s no damn data cable with it !!!Here I asked this guy that he guaranteed it would be in with hard drive 3x ! ! ! Now I call this morning ,all you get at the only number to call DELL, is recording trying to rip you off for TEC. SERVICE HELP for a fee.This company is sells garbage with a totally fraudulent customer service assistance .DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS UNLESS YOU HAVE A 55 GALLON DRUM OF VASELINE for your buttocks after they con you into buying their merchandise.The number they show above is a fraud and only redirects you to their “round robin” automated system repeating what you get on their regular sales line…..THIEVERY ON A GRAND SCALE ! ! !


Christina Ricci September 16, 2015 at 2:37 pm

Total scam…….I’m making it my mission to keep posting until I get a response from someone other than a script reader.


Lynn November 18, 2015 at 5:41 pm

Good for you Christina. I am going to be calling every day about the 2 year protection plan I have for my camera. I want them to fix my camera. I have yet a Dell rep even ask me what is wrong with my camera. They just keep transferring me to different depts. and putting me on hold.


ana August 24, 2015 at 11:01 am

I have been receiving phone calls from dell technical support for two days now and they have been calling me every 10 minutes telling me that they want to ******* me, they are asking for sexual things, I tried to call back and they of course don’t have a number that is in working order because they reroute them from another country. after I called and made the complaint calling a dell tech support number the man called me back and asked me why I put in the complaint and proceed to says that he wants to do bad things to me and my kids. I called again and this morning and of course they are telling me that they would never do that. and of course the man on the phone tells me to call a number which he lied, and said that it was the complaint department. lies, upon lies.

I am now in the mist of putting my complaints on social media and sending Michael dell on facebook, twitter etc. I am going to blast him. there is nothing that the police department can do because the umber is form another country. good old USA

I put my trust in a company that does not see this as an issue, that is why they make it so hard for anyone to call and complain, or voice any thing negative about them. I am on a mission, you can say anything you want to me but when you bring my kids into it its all over.

I am ashamed of dell, and I am just awaiting a response form Mr. Michael Dell himself to let me know what he is going to do to resolve this.


Miranda August 21, 2015 at 2:07 am

Is there any way to contact Dell’s CEO or someone in corporate office..
Not customer support but someone who cares about the fraud cause I reported to your support…I purchased a computer from eBay that was suppose to be a brand new Dell Computer on 6-18-15 when I went to register it 1-2-3-4-5- times
only to find out that it can’t be registered to me because it BELONGS to DELL. Person who sold it said it was new he got as a replacement but then decided to get something smaller for school. So he sold it to me…Turns out Dell paid him back for the computer almost 900.00 and he sold to me for over 500 . but refunded 125, because he wasn’t sure about the warranty… Any way computer not new a 2013 & refurbished as well and it isn’t his to sell. I been working with Dell people ( support ) since 6-20-15… Everyone just keeps going in circles but I was told they were bringing the fraud team into it. Now I recently ordered a new computer and told Dell that if they could credit what I paid for the one I purchased I would return this bad dell to them …they said no…need to send back to seller and get eBay to refund…Now to me I am the sure way for them to get their computer back if it goes to the seller more then likely it will be sold and never seen again…Why they are not going after the person who sold it and why they would not want this one back because they told me it is theirs makes no since …I spent about 1600 for new Dell … to credit me for this computer is just a bit under 500. they are still making money off me and could get their property back…This is a big pain not to say my stress level way out there. I even have been helping them with info. So if someone can get this to Michael Dell or someone in the corporate office PLEASE ! Forward this to him or someone who can help / cares …. PLEASE !


Thomas Daniewicz Sr August 7, 2015 at 8:23 am

I will never buy a dell again Or support them The support Team is bad don’t understand English The only thing they know is $ for support to everyone DON”T BUT ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITHJ DELL Your be sorry in the end they don’t stand behind what they sell


Jessica Menell July 27, 2015 at 6:34 pm

Hi! Before I explain my issue, am I speaking with the corporate office or is this customer care?



Dirk Howard July 1, 2015 at 8:59 pm

If you don’t think you should be getting my emails please notify you management. If you are a business partner, contact Dell Executive Office.

I guess you remember when I got the computer. It sat on the shelf until there were 127 updates waiting to be installed. The update process failed on a number of the updates. The computer was sent to Dell for repairs. It has never worked right since then. There were numerous update failures, re-installs, and cleanup and re-installations. Now I know what the cause was.

The operating system was built using old outdated drivers that were never updated. I found that out when I went to the Dell Support website. I logged on, entered the service tag number, and scanned the computer for updates. There was 15 updates found and some of them were optional. I downloaded the recommended ones and installed them. Then I lost my internet connection. I could not enable the WIFI and troubleshooting software did not show anything.

After doing some research I found that I needed to try a Windows Repair. That did not work. Then I needed to do a Windows Install (preserving data) that would replace any missing items. That did not work. The next option was to rebuild the system from scratch.

I bought a new disk drive and formatted it. I started the Windows Install and it built a new system. I still did not have an internet connection. I used the WIFI on/off button on the keyboard without success. I went into the Control Panel Network and Internet panel. I ran the troubleshoot problems and tried to build a new connection. Then I went into the Hardware manager and found there was no network card or Witless card defined. After doing some more research I found that I needed the drivers for those devices. Since I had downloaded the drivers from the Dell Support page I could not figure out why they did not work.

I called the support number and got a big runaround. I was told because my computer was out of warranty and that I would have to pay for service. I told the support person that I lost the internet connection after downloading update from the Dell Support site that that caused the problem. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to a department that did not know what I was talking about. I called again and told the support person what happened and they said they would transfer me to the Out Of Warranty Department. I was on hold for about 10 minutes and got a dial tune. I called again said I had called and was disconnected and asked to speak with a supervisor. I was put on hold and someone answered the phone after 5 minutes. This person said they could only trouble shoot the problem and I would have to pay because my computer was out of warranty. I said I would not pay to have a problem fixed that was caused by updates I downloaded from a Dell Website.

I sent an email to Lynette Simmons and a number of other people. I explained what had happened with support and the downloads from the Dell Support site. I was told that my computer was out of warranty and I would have to pay for service and to call support. She also said there was no record of me calling support or having been on the support site. Nothing like calling someone a liar without proof!

I sent another email and told her I called and I can get phone records to prove that I call support. I also told her that the Dell servers have a record of me being logged on and downloading updates. I also told her that this is not the first time I have had this problem because it happened when I first got the computer and was having problems. She replied that she could not find any record that I had been on the support site and to call the support number.

The offshore support people will not log into a call unless they know they can fix your problem. If they don’t think they can fix the problem you will get a dial tone or be transferred to SOMEWHERE ELSE! That is because they only get credit for completed calls. The bean counters at corporate have cost the company millions and made a mess of support. This is also true with the Contact Us links all over the Dell Website. They have been changed to send you back to a previous page or back to another Contact Us page. The people that own those links never get contacted.

I called the support number again and told the support person I wanted to speak or a supervisor. She transferred me to some other department. The person who answered said they would take care of the problem. I was asked to go to the Dell site. Then Enter my Service Tag ID. I was told to select the Driver Download option. Then I was told to download the update for the Network Driver. Sound Familiar, it is, because it is the same site I went to that started this whole mess. I told the support person about this and told her I would not pay for anything and hung up the phone.

I called a person in Illinois that I used to work with. He gave me the link to a site that had a Freeware program that would scan for driver updates and provide the links to download and install them. I copied the program onto the computer and ran it. It listed several drivers including the one from the Dell site. It was outdated and need to be updated. I went to another computer and put the new driver on a flash drive and then loaded it onto my computer. I ran the install and I now had an internet contention.

I sent this information to Linette Simmons and said several things including the fact that Support sent me to the same site to download the same driver and want to charge me for it. During this whole process I get the impression that everyone I have dealt with like Linette Simmons does not care at all. I get the feeling that they think I am just a chronic complainer and don’t want to deal with me. I’m sorry I interrupted these people’s free time on the job and they had take a work break.

My computer was built with outdated software and drivers. The software can be corrected when Windows Update downloads the updates. Drivers are no longer supplied with the operating system starting with windows 7. They must be manually updated. Not one person at Dell for the past year ever told me that. Not one person at Dell could answer my questions or fix the problem I have had for a year.

Now that I had built a new operating system, updated the drivers,and was ready to start download the updates. The first screen print shows “Updates Were Installed: Never” shows that this was the first ever update for this system. There were 193 updates downloaded and installed without a single problem. The computer was restarted so the updates could finish. Then Windows update showed there were 25 more updates to install. Those updates also ran without a problem. Then I installed 9 optional updates that were also successful.

This proves that the operating system on the computer I purchased over a year ago was defective when I got it and the support people did not get it fixed. When I got the computer back from being repaired a lot of the software was missing. After complaining I was given a list of software I could download and install myself. Even with that I never had all the software that was advertised on the system and the system had continuous problems the whole time. Now I have a Dell computer that is working but does not have most of the software that was supposed to come installed on the computer. Looks Like I paid abut $400.00 to much for the computer. How much would a Dell Support Technician get paid for doing about 40 hours of work on a computer they don’t know how to fix? How much should a customer get paid if they do it themselves?

It is very sad that a customer has to go to extreme lengths to fix their own computer because there is nobody at Dell that knows how to fix it. They have made guesses and even tried to patch things to make it look like it was working. In the past I have sent emails to the Dell Executive Office down to employees that have nothing to do with Dell products. Not one person showed any sign of caring or even make an effort to make it right. Every time I contacted Dell I got a runaround and an I don’t care attitude because I had a complaint.

I still cannot believe I am sending an email from a system that could not do that for the past year because the operating system had problems and old or missing drivers, and support people that do not care. Now I don’t have to logon to my email on the internet, I can have it downloaded to my computer and look at my emails anytime without logging on.

Now I want to be put in contact with a Dell Executive Officer for a phone conference. I don’t care how many people sit in on it. I would prefer the people that were supposed to be helping me get the computer fixed all this time. If this does not happen this email and all the others I have will be printed and sent to several board members at their home address. If this does not get a response I will be in contact with a good friend in the media.

I think it is about time Dell finds out how the company is really being run, how their support isn’t, and how support people teat customers with problems that don’t want to or know how to repair. If this trend continues Dell will be in the same boat HP was in a few years ago. Soon you will have no repeat customers and long time customers will be switching brands.


Dirk Howard.


Karen CAsey June 30, 2015 at 1:26 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
Recently I purchased a Dell laptop through your web site. The process was so difficult that I began to doubt my decision to purchase an item from Dell. In particular the Customer Service Representatives may “speak” English but they do not understand English well enough to communicate with a customer. Nor do they speak English clearly enough to be understood by the vast majority of people seeking assistance.
The issues with this particular purchase were such that not only would I never purchase from Dell again, I will also do anything within reason to insure that anyone considering purchasing from Dell is cautioned. Why?
1. Customer Service: It is an oxymoron with Dell. Your customer service representatives’ accents were so bad that understanding what they said was next to impossible. Even when I could manage to figure out what was said, the representative failed to understand what I was saying. Inevitably the person would repeat my statement to make sure they had it correctly and rarely was it even close. Without exception when unable to either understand or take action the person transferred me to another “department” with whom I had to start all over in attempting to explain the question. The worst was 8 transfers and on the 9th they disconnected the call. I repeatedly requested a transfer to a representative in the United States but that resquest was refused.
2. Web site: Your web site is useless when it is not updated to reflect changes. My laptop per your web site was estimated to be delivered on June 15th 2015. Even after more than a week past June 15 the site continued to list that as the expected delivery date. The “chat” feature is likewise of little value. Any customer service system is only as good as the persons whom operate it.
3. Design of Inspiron keyboard is poor. The keys are grey with a lighter color alpha numeric character color. In a brightly lit room it is impossible to see what is printed on the keys without putting your nose about 5 inches over the keyboard. In direct sunlight they became invisible. The backlight feature doesn’t help obviously as it is intended to provide light in low light conditions. Your video of this model shows a black keyboard with white lettering, high contrast which is easily readable. I looked into purchasing either replacement keys but the cost was $4.95 a key or a silicone colored cover which had the characters imprinted, but did not pursue that course because of the next issue.
4. Most importantly, the laptop I received was not the laptop I ordered and the items changed were ones important to me and of inferior quality in addition to being a less expensive substitutions. They included the following:
a. Change in graphic card: I ordered the NVIDIA FeForce 845M 2GB GDDR5, I received Intel HD Graphics
b. WiFi change: I ordered Intel Dual Band Wireless – AC 7262 2X2 + Bluetooth 4.0. I received Single Band Wifi: 1 X 1 bgn w/Miracast (no mention of Bluetooth). The last was repeated on two lines but whether that equates to what I ordered is unknown and questionable given how the original invoice summary listed items.
c. Incorrect CPU: I ordered 5th Generation Intel Core 17 Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.00 GHz) but received Intel Atom processor Z3735G (2M Cache, up to 1.83Hz Quad Core) 32 GB
d. Incorrect Display Screen: I ordered 17.3 FHD (1920 X 1080) Truelife LED-Backlit Touch Display. I received 8.0 1280 X 800 16:10 IPS display with HD (WXGA) touch. (While an IPS display is superior, the resolution was significantly less than ordered.)
e. Incorrect battery: I ordered 58 Whr, 4 Cell Battery (Integrated) but received 16Whr, 1-Cell Battery (8 hrs+)
5. There may be more errors in constructing the laptop, I had only the itemized list sent with the laptop to compare with the original line item order details copied from the web order document. If it was of sufficient importance to be listed on the original online summary, I would think it should be of sufficient importance to verify on the second document which arrived with the laptop.
One mistake would be looked upon as accidental, five mistakes particularly of this magnitude seems far more likely to be intentional.
Prior to discovering that the laptop had been constructed differently than what was ordered, I had thought I might have an option to the keyboard issue which was at that point the sole reason I was returning the lap top. I reluctantly called customer service but by the time I was finally connected to an actual human I had found all the alterations which had been made. When I told the representative that I had found these issues in addition to the laptop key problem, I was told: “Your problem has been resolved, so what does it matter. Just send it back.” Impolite, disrespectful and as they failed to listen to why I was calling this was a complete failure to explain why inferior items were substituted in the laptop ordered. Perhaps there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for the changes made or perhaps the invoice received was erroneous. I will never know because the customer service representatives choose not to discuss the issue.
At one point Dell was a brand I would have trusted, having had several Dell products in the past. You also had the option of paying extra to speak to US customer service representative. I would have gladly paid for such a surcharge. At what point companies selling in the US will recognize that having US customer service representatives would be a huge boost to further sells is unknown. What I do know that more and more of my contemporaries are asking at the onset about where customer service is located and choosing to opt out of transactions where it is overseas. Everyone’s experience is that it is a complete waste of time in almost all cases where “customer service” is handled out country. If you want to increase your sells, move customer service back within the United States and run an advertising campaign to let the consumer know. Outsourcing customer service to over sea’s locations is so universally despised by every person I come into contact with, that I have been shocked that no company has yet to see the enormous benefit that would be derived from discontinuing this practice.
It is doubtful that this letter will have any effect at all. I will however take the time to make it known in all Dell product reviews of my recent experience. If enough people speak out eventually it may have an impact.
It was extremely difficult to locate an address for Dell on the web or off. In all likelihood the difficulty in finding an actual physical address for Dell to receive customer correspondence is indicative of the quality of customer service as well as the quality of the product itself. As an attorney I know the importance of not only being fair in my dealings but also avoiding the appearance of impropriety or unfairness. It is a message that I think Dell should take to heart. If it appears that you care little or not at all about customer satisfaction, that will become accepted fact by consumers. If it appears that you have intentionally substituted an inferior and less expensive product than what was ordered, it will soon become the customer’s opinion that Dell cannot be trusted.


walter July 31, 2015 at 1:19 pm

Dell please listen to this request. Americans want to deal with Americans. Take a look at for customer service examples.


Karen Hunter-Thomas June 25, 2015 at 7:17 pm

I recently brought a Dell computer, in March. I went on vacation in April, and because I was on a cruise ship, had no need to use my computer. When I returned home, I turned my computer on and it started making this wired noise. I contacted Dell Tech Support and they had me perform all kinds of steps. In the end, I sent me a box to return the computer for repair. I received the computer and it paperwork stated that the fan and hard drive was replaced, it wasn’t. When I turned my computer on again, the same thing but this time, could not do anything with the computer. Contacted Dell Tech Support again. They again had me perform all kinds of thing with the computer to repair and nothing worked. I received another box to return my computer. Received it back, it worked for one day and then it would not boot up. Contacted Dell Tech Support and they said I needed to have my Operating System replaced so they would send me a USB drive and to follow the instructions to replace the Operating System. I inserted the USB drive and followed all directions, it ran all night long and most of the next day and at the end, the message, your computer is broken. I contact Dell Tech Support again stating that I need to have my computer replaced because they sold me a lemon. I have been purchasing computers from Dell for the past 10 years and Dell tells me because I had the computer for 30 days, they could not give me a new one. I have been reading several blogs on people purchasing computers and the problems they have been having with Dell and something needs to be done. I had no problem giving my money to Dell for a computer and I was sold a lemon. If there is anyone out there reading these emails, I want a new computer or my money back. From this point on, I will never purchase a Dell computer and I am going to post all over social media and have my friends do the same about the customer service and crappy level of service that Dell has been providing.

So now, my issue has been escalated because the person I spoke with today has told me that they can give me a refurbished computer. I have only had my computer for 3 months and it has only worked 1 month and they want to give me a refurbished one. In what universe does that make sense. I paid for a new computer and had no problems giving Dell my money but I seem to be having all sorts of problems getting them to do what is right.


Robert DeBord June 24, 2015 at 3:13 pm

recently had a problem with my computer, and it has been over a month now that
I’m trying to get this resolved. I Recently found out my computer just expired
this may and I am in need of the operating system disk.. I never received it
when I Purchased the computer. Dell tech support is giving me the run around
about buying a warranty to get a disk for a operating system that I have already
purchased. I was told to try to contact you to get this resolved. My computer
ID is 2WPLPS1 DELL OptiPlex. I also purchased extra 3 years of the Trend Micro
warranty and I did not receive a disk for. Can you please assist me on this
matter? I currently own 3 Dell Computers and I’m not sure what has happened top your customer service.. this has been a very bad experience

Phone – 315-409-****

Robert DeBord


Filippo Salamone May 22, 2015 at 5:16 am

Good morning Sirs,

my name is Filippo Salamone, I’m R&D manager in ReggianiMacchine (Italy).
We develope printing machines using servers from other manifacturers.
We need to have a commercial contact with Dell. It’s a couple of months we’re trying to contact you but unsuccessfully. Nobody answer to our requests.

I look forward for your answer.

Kind regards.

Filippo Salamone


Diana Chapdelaine May 8, 2015 at 11:01 am

To whom it may concern. This is day two of my attempt to reach someone besides Support Staff. I have had issues with my Alienware computer since the day the first packing slip arrived via mail. Please keep in mind I am going to go through this step by step.
On 2/14/2011 I ordered my Alienware computer, the packing slip that came in the mail before comp arrived started I had a 525 watt power supply. This was a mistake It should have had to 875 watt. I called tech support and was told I had to pay for the 875 watt which I did. I think I paid either 175.00 or 250.00 for this upgrade. The Alienware computer arrived and it was set up. I noticed 3 of the chips sets were not showing when I looked at the computer properties. So i called support. The set out a tech to replace the bad chip sets and to add the new 875 watt power supply. All seeemed good except the Alienware command center on the computer did not work. The reason why it did work is because the thierd party tecj did not connect all the wires. This was the first computer S.T. number HRHRBP1 Then there was another problem after another service call to fix the problem and for what ever reason support had me reinstall the utilies, Well this resulted in a computer that would not boot up. It wouldn’t accept drivers and just would not work. Yes I worked with an online tech. Alienware sent a replacement. I shipped back the dead in the water computer. So now on to Computer number two.
Date of this replacemt 5/17/11. S.T. number 3YK3GQ1 I was very pleased to see the small upgrades Alienware gave me for the problems with the fist computer. All was running greatr until graphic card problems.
It was the first of many to come. Besides the their party tech ( who started he hated working on Alienware the first time he came out – the one who missed connecting all the wires) The graphic card was replaced. Thank you. Opps a month or two later maybe three months. Another graphic card another tech. This Tech did not know how to remove the side panel so he broke the front bezzel. Card was replaced and I called Alienware on what transpired. Sadly the same Third party tech is set back out to fix the broken part. A part he is clueless about replacing. Took him over 4 hours to replace the one part. In his time he managed to remove all the hard drives, the graphic card the dvd drive and actually managed to rip out the front bezzel, When he put things back he managed to shove the main drive in crooked. The results of that was I had no operation system. On line techs which were on the phone walked me through reinstallling everything. How ever this took 3 days! I kept telling the tech at Alienware something was till wrong. I said I had three hard drives he kept telling me no it just a mirror. Not sure what he meant but my computer has two ss hybrids and a 1 tb hard drive. It wasn’
t until my husband opened it up and looked. He took pictures and we sent the pictures to the Tech at support. The main drive was forced into the computer and it broke the glide pin which is the reason I had a blank comp. There was pieces of plastic and small bits of wire floating around in the comp from when the front bezzel was rippped out literally.
Alienware decided it was easier to replace the computer then to under all the damage done. This leads to computer number 3. date 7/16/11.
S.T. 1Y1RXQ1. This is great all works. Except this comp eats or burns through graphic cards. I think I am working on #7 and the reason for this lengthy post. Therre is a large communication barrier between myself and the lastest techs at Alienware. I can not seem to get them to understand its not a blue screen error it a black screen. I get this message nvidia driver has lost connection with windows then the screen goes black. The Tech replaced the video drive all was well for short time. This last session is from april 7 th 2015 to today 5/8/15 I sent emails to the tech support and have yet to get a reply.
The laster conflict os over the graphic card in the comp that the third party tech installed. Its a 980 GTX The On line Tech says no its a 780 GTX. I took a screen shot and set that to the tech via email and since that time have not heard a word back. I was told it could be the mother board and processors. Ok fine but when I call I get told no its the graphic card and mother board. All I want is my machine working as intended. I spent 5 K on this computer and waited a long time to afford one that at one time was top of the line. I have a year left on my warenty. So please look into this matter.


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