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City Furniture Corporate Office Address

City Furniture, Inc.
6701 North Hiatus Road
Tamarac, Florida 33321

Contact City Furniture

Phone Number: (954) 597-2200
Fax Number: (954) 718-3360
Email: Email City Furniture

City Furniture Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

City Furniture Executives

CEO: Keith Koenig
CFO: Kristina DiBartolomeo

City Furniture History

City Furniture was founded in 1971 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, by Kevin Koenig. Originally named Waterbed City, the company switched to selling furniture when the bottom fell out of the waterbed market. Kevin’s brother, Keith, renamed the company City Furniture.

Today, the company is the number 1 furniture retailer in Southern Florida. The original store is still in operation and there are now 15 City Furniture locations and 12 Ashley Furniture showrooms throughout the state. There are currently more than 1,300 persons employed full time. Estimated annual revenue in 2016 is $3.2 million.

Early in 2017, the company released a mobile phone app, which a company spokesperson says cuts shopping time in half and has increased sales by more than 5%. Customers can also apply for credit via the app. Company headquarters are located in Tamarac, Florida.

City Furniture FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for City Furniture?
Answer 1: The phone number for City Furniture is (954) 597-2200.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of City Furniture?
Answer 2: The CEO of City Furniture is Keith Koenig.

Question 3: Who founded City Furniture?
Answer 3: City Furniture was founded by in .

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Andy Morris January 23, 2019 at 3:32 pm

Purchased a chair and ottoman at the Pembroke Pines location over the weekend and had them delivered today. The whole experience, from the sales associate to the delivery guys, was excellent ! I was called the night before confirming, given a three hour window the day of delivery and got a call from the driver when he was 15 minutes out.
Very professional !!


Robin Miller December 28, 2018 at 8:31 pm

I have never had such poor current service. They have been delivering for 38 days !!! All damaged customer care then tells you all sales are final. Do not order from city furniture !!!!!


Micheline Larsen November 27, 2018 at 10:41 am

I purchased 2 chairs from City furniture at the Grand opening in Orlando last week, they were to be delivered Tuesday 11/20/18. Last week Tuesday 11/20/18 I called customer service to get an approximate delivery time and that’s when I was adviced they were not delivering that day. Customer service for City is horrible, they think that they offer you $75.00 and that makes it all well, I was so frustrated with the girl repeating the offer that I hung up , called back and asked for a supervisor, she was actually worse, customer service is anot a strenght of CF. I than asked for the general managers name, I called him and left a message , it is a week later still no call or chairs. I than called my sales rep. Sierra, who promised to look into it and get back to me , Not one word 1 week later, I am not impressed. Sierra, I have not heard from any of you, and it has been 7 days.

Not impressed with City Furniture Orlando.


Vern Tisdale November 19, 2018 at 11:32 am

I am so fed up with this company! City Furniture is the absolute worst! We spent over $10,000 furnishing our new home, in addition to what we spent at Rooms To Go. Well, I wish that we purchased ALL of it from Rooms To Go, because their delivery came without any problems! We ordered bedroom set, sectional, bar chairs, center table, dinning tables, and other pieces, most of which came piece mail, from City Furniture.
We were told that EVERYTHING was to be delivered on 11/09/18. It wasn’t. We had another delivery on 11/17/18, and we still do not have our complete order. Today I am told that we should have it by 12/11/18. We Shall see if they actually deliver on this as they have not done so thus far.
On top of dealing with this headache, their delivery personnel lack customer service, leaving a mess on the lawn and delivered chairs without the level pieces on some of them. When we addressed this with them, their response was “call customer service.” So I did. The supervisor was poor and rude, but will be sending the level support in the mail. Supposedly.
this whole affair has been a nightmare! this company has poor customer service all around. From the store personnel to the customer service representatives! I have purchased so many items from them over the years without incident, but this time I guess I wasn’t as fortunate. I do not plan to do business with City Furniture again. Just have to purchase from Haverty’s EL Dorado, and Rooms To Go in future!


Rita Smith-Clay September 26, 2018 at 2:14 pm

I having been waiting on a refund for 4 months now. City Furniture had me fill out paperwork twice and I still have not heard anything. Every time I call I always get a different answer. I wish I would not have not dealt with City Furniture at all from reading the reviews this store is something else. Customer Service is piss poor, no one will answer your questions, seems as if nobody cares. I have to take things into my own hands I see that now. I should have researched the store before I will research next time I buy from a furniture store but this is the first time I ever had any problems out of a furniture store. They are always telling me that the accounting department needs to cut a check, Ok if the accounting department needs to cut check who is stopping them because I have not received anything. This has been going for at least 4 months. I just want to be paid


sandra O September 20, 2018 at 9:52 am

I had the worst service, twice they have fail to deliver a couch..i try to escalate the call they refused,Their CEo does not take call, managers do not return calls..customer service has no power and they are poorly train.. they are horrendous in not order anything from them..the worst company i have deal with Knowledge of what the word responsibility means or accountability..typical Miami bad service..stay away from them


Daniel Rodriguez September 2, 2018 at 10:06 am

Daniel Rodriguez
Invoice 699615
Miami 33157
My problem is the couch was never installed correctly also the tech said he would get it fixed never did. One of the workers of citi furniture was on his phone the entire time which i find unprofessional. Also the tech used a hammer and used MY tools to fix the couch which they couldn’t do now the couch is not attached correctly. Also multiple spots where the couch is dented and never took form and the recliner has sunken down to where when I sit I feel the bottom of the couch. We are completely unsatisfied with this purchase and also the broken promises!


Ken Wood August 17, 2018 at 11:28 am

On our July 21st delivery of a Zephyr Light Tone Gentlemen’s Chest, while attempting to carry the item up our Town House stairs to the second floor, the deliverymen lost control of the item, which fell on our stairs, with a loud crack, and damaged and loosened (2) of the stair risers. I immediately began making comments to the deliverymen about the occurrence, and one of the deliverymen said that they still had other heavy items to move in, and asked if we wanted them to cease the delivery at that point, to which I replied something like “No, but I don’t want you to tear up our house either”. The delivery concluded, and after calling on August 13th to set up delivery of our remaining items, I also tried to get some resolution of the damage from the previous delivery, when I was told by both the customer service representative, and her supervisor Sasha that they would not be able to assist me with making a claim, because the deliverymen had called during the delivery to report that the stairs were damaged prior to delivery. This is a bold faced lie. There was no damage on the stairs prior to this delivery, as I, my wife, and her son can attest to, because we all witnessed the damage when it occurred. Did the deliverymen even admit to dropping the item on the stairs, or did they lie about that as well? First of all, I find it odd that your deliverymen called to report prior damage, when we are trying to report that they are the cause of that damage, and secondly I find it disconcerting that you take their word over ours, without even looking into this any further. Perhaps the one mistake I made is not reporting it immediately, but I didn’t know that it would be an issue, as we had made a large purchase from your store, and still had back-ordered items remaining to be delivered. At this point I’m a very disappointed at your customer service decisions, and am hoping that you will do the right thing, and reconsider your decision to dismiss our claim to repairing the damage that your deliverymen most definitely caused. I feel that for the few hundred dollars it might cost to have this damage repaired, it’s not worth losing a past and future customer, for something that I’m sure you’re insured for anyways. If not, this will be the last time you’ll ever see me in one of your stores, and I’ll make sure to spread my story to all my friends and family, and share it also on all available rating social media sites for your store as well.


Casper W Maier June 20, 2018 at 7:07 pm

My wife and I purchased a sofa and a love seat. We were told the love seat (the set that was front and center on display in the store and on line, was on back order and we COULD NOT buy the floor sample. We ordered anyway because it’s what she really wanted, and after all it “would be in within 6 weeks”. We went home and decided to cancel the order and not take a chance on different color die lots when the love seat came in, because we were taking the sofa now. Well its been 4 weeks and I’ve been told by “Customer Care”(REALLY, CUSTOMER CARE?) that the “check was in the mail” (where have we heard that before) and should arrive 7-10 business days. Today was day 10, (but day 28 since they have had my money) and NO check. I called customer care and spoke to Sasha and she said the check would take 10 days to 2 weeks, what happened to the 7-10 days that I was told by customer care? I also mentioned how about if I show up with a few of my friends and hold up signs in front of the store, Sasha said she would have me arrested. I WONT BE BACK!



katija Ali June 12, 2018 at 6:13 pm

I purchased dining room set, living room and coffee table on 04/02/2018 not only I’m still waiting on a part for the dining table that is still missing I’ve had my sofa replace twice and waiting on a third replacement at the moment when I call to complain about this I was told that they can give me a $200 credit to get something at the store I’ll keep the broken furniture now we are in June not only that I have a broken sofa my dining table leaf cannot close because it’s missing a part when I did my first initial review I was contacted and saying that I need to email Kate at which I did and this was two days after I posted my initial review on the 2nd of April we are in June and I have not heard from City Furniture nor have I heard from Kate after spending over $4,000 and Furniture this is not what I expected a broken sofa twice waiting on the third replacement a part for my dining table that I haven’t got the first delivery guy said to me oh no that’s the way it’s supposed to be….. I’m disgusted I ask to have the living room set remove and I choose something else, that’s not an option. I will never buy anything at CITY FURNITURE AND I WILL POST MY REVIEW ON EVERY SITE.


huiqiong su May 28, 2018 at 12:42 am

I supposed have 120.00 in home service certificate for purchase. Because I did not use the three years warranty to repair the sofa I bought. I did not receive the certificate and I called the customer service last Friday. The representative could not do anything, I requested to talk to the manager who named Ariadne. She was also not professional at all. My answer from her was can not help. She said the system showed they already mailed out in March. I think it does not make sense. She said she mailed out , but I didn’t receive it. The first I didn’t know she really mailed out or not because no prove. The second even it really mailed out, if the customer did not receive it, and she has to write something to me to prove I have the certificate at least. I feel she does not care at all. She is not going to anything. I did not receive it was not her business. What kind of customer service is this? I tried to call the corporation office to complain but they transferred me back to customer service. It was so frustrated and bad experience. Bad customer service and unprofessional manager.


Dam Cahn May 11, 2018 at 11:19 pm

Having sent three emails to Keith Koenig, President to no avail, I followed my issues by US Mail directly to the president. It has been three plus months without a response from Mr. Koenig nor any member of the firm. Either a reply from him or a responsible individual who can make decisions, I will pursue this situation in another direction. We deserve results.


Phil Grose May 24, 2018 at 12:08 pm

Dam please send me Keith’s email address


M Torres May 8, 2018 at 6:56 pm

Mr. Koenig, I purchased an entire leather living room set, and a dining room set. Paid cash in full and paid for the extended in-home delivery service and have had the worst treatment for warranty on the living room set, it has been exchanged for another which came bent as well. Just like the original set. Now they ordered a mechanism part, had to wait for it to be shipped and installed, then find out that the other side is bent as well, due to the carelessness of YOUR delivery drivers who strap the furniture too tight and cause the bend in the mechanisms. NOW the tech states we need to wait ANOTHER 8-12 weeks for the other mechanism to ship and be installed. I have had this set for a little over a year and have had nothing but issues with the set. The warranty will be over and I will still be having issues with it. YOUR customer service SUCKS. THAT IS NOT “CUSTOMER SERVICE” WHAT YOU OFFER, IT IS CALLED SARCASM AND NOT GIVING A SHOT ABOUT SOMEONE ELSES PROBLEM OR MONEY SPENT AT YOUR STORES. I will be in touch with help me Howard from Chanel 7 news and any other news team who will air your services for all of South Florida customers to see how City Furniture treats their loyal customers whom pay your salary.


Martha Shapiro May 3, 2018 at 10:22 am

Looks like a lot of people have issues with city furniture
I wish i would have read them before i ever put my foot in that place
Purchased sectional which came 2 different times and they don’t match
For all that money i expect a better product
I called several times to no avail
I was promised 100$ for being late, i didnt evn get that.the truth is that the store is lying all the time, they don’t stand behind their product because they know they won’t take it back.
The worst of the worst and you can complain till doomsday and they woild not care
Most important the almighty dollar
Sectional came 2 separate times and don’t match, pillows are flimsy, the couch itself is 2 different materials and even the hooks don’t come together
City furniture, high end junk and the public should be informed that they don’t take furniture back


Karen cagno April 25, 2018 at 4:20 pm

On 3/20/18 I purchased a sectional in the city furniture Wellington store. The couch was backordered and hoped to be in by 3/29. The right sectional piece was in but I didn’t want to have it delivered since it was incomplete. Backstory- in 2003 we purchased a sectional from city furniture Lantana store. After months of delays we cancelled the order. On this present order The salesperson, Elizabeth, told me to accept partial delivery or my order will go to the bottom of the list. So I accept right sectional on 4 /14/18 and was told the left piece would be in probably in a week. On 4/21 Elizabeth called and said the manufacture discontinued the sectional she offered the light gray sectional instead of the dark gray. She would call me back Monday when the one person she needed to speak with would be in. I stated I would accept the floor model. By 4 pm Monday I hadn’t received a call so I called Elizabeth. She said the one person wouldn’t be in until Tuesday. I asked to speak to a manager and was told she was in a meeting. In 1/2 hr Jordan (mgr) called back and said she would look into it and Either she or Elizabeth would call me back Tuesday. By 3 pm Tuesday I hadn’t received a call so I called and spoke to Chris ( gen mgr) and he stated Jordan gone for the day. I explained my problem as well as I had gotten rid of my old couch after partial delivery 4/14 and I had company coming may 1. I would like the floor model. He said he would call me back. Within the hour he did call back and said they couldn’t sell the light grey sectional floor model as it had not been discontinued but a new shipment was due in may 10. That is 9 days after guests coming. I asked him why I should believe I would get a light grey sectional 5/10 when I have been told for weeks the dark grey sectional was coming. Bottom line he offered may 10, come on and pick out a new couch or return my money. His hands were tied on floor model. I wonder if Keith Koenig hands would be tied. My big mistake was giving city furniture a second chance. I am not confident of may 10. Why should I be. And since I got rid of my old couch I will be couchless in a week before guests coming. And no one seems to care. Elizabeth also called last night to tell me the same info Chris did and said “she Is also so upset by all of this. Terrible it happened to me twice”. Fortunately she has a couch I don’t. I can’t believe they won’t make an exception and sell me the floor model. After all if the delivery is truly coming in may 10 they could get a new floor model then. Guess they aren’t confident about delivery either.


Laura Rafecs April 18, 2018 at 2:09 pm

In the Store the service was great, after you leave their delivery services is the worst.
Never Again!!!!! and I’m still waiting

My building is very strict and they keep scheduling after the time allowed! You would think they would try to be more accommodating after they never showed, horrible customer service!!
Today on the 2nd attempt the driver said he won’t make it and he does not understand why they would schedule again at the later time slot.
Not happy at all!!!!!


JOSEPHINE SIMPSON April 10, 2018 at 10:24 am

Yesterday, April 9, my couch was delivered. While trying to get the couch through my screen door the latch to the door was broken. The delivery guys who are referred to as “techs” by Ashley/City Furniture tried to tell me the latch was loose and they did not break it even though the pieces were on the floor. Ashley will do nothing to fix my door because they interviewed their techs and they said they did not break it. Also because I did not call Ashley while they were here they will not do anything even though I called immediately after I realized that they left. Their techs left and never put my couch where I wanted it. I have spoken to five different people all say exactly the same, they wont do anything. So much for customer service. It is apparent by other comments on this site, this is how they normally deal with issues. Will not be doing business with them again. Will be filing a complaint with BBB. I was not aware of their bad customer service before this, was shocked at their responses.


helen gregorek April 7, 2018 at 9:41 am

received delivery of my bedroom set the first week of febuary one of the lamps was damaged. called city furniture the next day to report the problem and was told than that new lamp would be delivered the next week. well guess what its april 7th and no lamp yet. now they say maybe on april 19. horrible service


Dawn Franzel January 3, 2018 at 12:18 pm

My order came incorrect and when trying to resolve it, the customer service representative was very unprofessional and rude, laughed at my husband and dismissed him. My husband went in and complained, requesting to cancel the order and get a refund. We were refunded the portion that was paid from the credit card but still have not received the check reimbursing us for the $1000.00 cash that we gave them when we placed our order and have had nothing but the run around when trying to resolve this. It has been over a month and still have not received a check. They stated they sent a check out in November but we informed them we never received anything. Numerous calls and still no resolution. This has been the most frustrating experience and the worst customer service I have ever received.


Jeff Carlson December 18, 2017 at 6:06 pm

Good Evening,

I received a delivery on 12/18 for 2 accent chairs I bought from you at City Furniture. When I sat in one of the chairs at home for over 20 minutes I found the chair to be very uncomfortable to sit in. When I was at the store with my daughter we both sat in the chairs for a of couple minutes and thought they were comfortable. I am now regretting that I bought these chairs. I did not know I was going to feel this way once I sat in the chairs for a longer period of time once I had the chairs at home.

Is there anything we can do? I will return them myself, pay a stocking fee, purchase other chairs at your store. I really do not want to get stuck with chairs I am not happy with. Please let me know if anything can be done.

Thank you

Jeff Carlson


Delecia Hinson December 9, 2017 at 10:07 pm

I ordered a bed on November 24. I received the slats to the bed through US mail. On December 5 someone from City Furniture called to say that the bed would be delivered on Saturday December 9, 2017. When the driver came he brought three pieces of furniture into the house, i then asked him where is the bed, he delivered the ladder, and 2 dressers, He stated that the bed must be on another truck. I called until the PM trying to find out what truck the bed was on. On the last call in the evening customer service said to me that the bed is on back order or discontinued. however no one expressed this to me prior to the delivery the bed is for my daughter for Christmas. But who cares at City Furniture, your kids will get what they expected and or what you want them to have. This is poor customer service.


John Cooper October 16, 2017 at 9:59 am

To cut to the chase:
Purchased a piece of furniture on line on 8/25. Out of stock, ETA October 1. Purchased anyway.
Set up delivery for 10/16.
Left several messages to customer care over last month and a half. Never received a return call. I always had to call back to verify delivery date was on schedule.
Called 10/13 to verify 10/16 delivery. Customer care stated that yes, still on schedule and that I would receive a call day before for an ETA and also the morning of as well as 20-30 minutes prior to delivery. Today is 10/16 and never received a call. I called Customer Care this morning and I was told that the piece I ordered was discontinued after I took a vacation day from work to be home for this. Customer Care Dwight said I had to call Internet sales and that he couldn’t do anything, only sorry. I pleaded for a manager and he started that I will have to call and he will send an email for internet sales to call as well. I can go on how important the piece was but does it really matter at this point. City Furniture needs to take a hard look at their customer service and get back to basics. Computers are giving you a bad reputation because no one knows how to speak to humans anymore. To feel the pain of the person involved. Its very sad. So I gave up my money for 2 months only to hear I am sorry it the computers fault.


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