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The Cheesecake Factory Corporate Office Address

The Cheesecake Factory
26901 Malibu Hills Road
Calabasas Hills, California 91301

Contact The Cheesecake Factory

Phone Number: (818) 871-3000
Fax Number: (818) 871-3001
Email: Email The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory Facts

Founder: Evelyn Overton
Date Founded: 1950
Founding Location: Detroit, Michigan
Number of Employees: 38800

The Cheesecake Factory Executives

CEO: David M. Overton
CFO: W. Douglas Benn
COO: David M. Gordon

The Cheesecake Factory History

The Cheesecake Factory started when Evelyn Overton opened a small cheesecake shop in Detroit, Michigan in the late 1950’s. She later closed the shop but continued to sell cheesecakes to local restaurants, baking them in her basement kitchen.

In 1972 The Overton’s moved to California and Evelyn Overton and her husband Oscar opened a wholesale bakery which supplied cheesecakes and other desserts to restaurants.

In 1978 Evelyn’s son David Overton opened a small sandwich shop in Beverly Hills. The one-page menu sold ten different varieties of Evelyn’s cheesecake.

In the 1980’s the Overton’s opened two new restaurants and expanded the original location to a 78-seat restaurant.

In 1993 The Cheesecake Factory went public, trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol CAKE.

Today The Cheesecake Factory has more than 175 restaurants in the United States, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Beirut, and Puerto Rico.

The Cheesecake Factory is a member of the S&P 400, is #1000 in the Fortune 1000, and had $2.276 billion in revenue in 2017.

The Cheesecake Factory FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for The Cheesecake Factory?
Answer 1: The phone number for The Cheesecake Factory is (818) 871-3000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of The Cheesecake Factory?
Answer 2: The CEO of The Cheesecake Factory is David M. Overton.

Question 3: Who founded The Cheesecake Factory?
Answer 3: The Cheesecake Factory was founded by Evelyn Overton in 1950.

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Jules August 24, 2019 at 3:49 am

I searched for your site at this hour to email you my complaint about your Dulles, Va location manger, Mark Amen, but in scrolling down and seeing everyone’s comments clearly shows that your lack of response, concern to customers well being is non existent! This is why your local managers know they can getaway with not doing their job, spewing out profanity in front of my daughter and take my money without giving me food I ordered.
It’s time someone did something about this. Assault is an assault, verbal attacks & discrimination will NOT be tolerated!
I’ll let my attorney handle this.


Jim Buchanan July 20, 2019 at 2:18 pm

Went to the cheesecake factory in Bellevue Washington and sat at the bar to eat & drain flies were flying everywhere attacking our Food. We told the bartender and they said simply said sorry. Obviously they understand they have that problem. Nobody try to fix the problem. We notified the manager and they said they will tell the general manager the following day. We left. Terrible service & unsanitary facility. Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue Washington has gone downhill in the last three years. Go to the Seattle location.


s'tiera matthews February 26, 2019 at 12:16 pm

My family and I went to the Cheesecake Factory in Pittsburgh, Pa (Ross Park Mall Location). We sat down and ate there at the restaurant. When we were leaving I ordered two meals to go. A Cheese Steak sandwich and some Chicken Alfredo. When I got home and opened the Chicken Alfredo there was 4 little cubes of Chicken throughout the whole Alfredo. I was very upset. So I called back to the restaurant and explained to them what I was given. A female named Dina (said she was the manager) took down my receipt number, my name and address. She told me not to worry she would send me out a gift card so my next meal would be free. I was okay with that, until 2 weeks later and never receiving anything. So I called back to the restaurant explained what had happen. The person on he phone asked me my name. She told me she was going to look in the book to see when it was mailed out. Well, she got back on the phone and told me Dina never mailed anything out. But don’t worry she would put it in the mail today. So once again, I gave my receipt number, name and address. Now it has been a month and I have still NEVER received anything in the mail. This is ridiculous !!! All they had to do was just refund me back my money. I NEVER asked for a gift card. But this was the manager SUPPOSE to do all this. This is the worst customer service ever. Make me think twice about spending my money there ever again.


M Turner December 10, 2018 at 8:52 pm

I took my twin granddaughters and their friend to Cheesecake Factory Metairie, La. Sunday 12/09/2018. After placing our order the waitress didn’t come back to the table for a long time. We needed some condiments, food was cold before we received them. I started noticing she looked sick, and wouldn’t see her for 10-15 minutes at a time. We waited along time for everything we needed. I was very upset that management was allowing this lady to serve food sick. She looked like she was about to vomit. When I talked to the manager about this. He told me that he would speck to her about it. I told him that if anyone got sick I was not going to be happy. Well when we left the lady was still serving people food. If this is allowed, what else is allowed???? Well my granddaughter is sick and has midterms this week. 😮 I will never go to any Cheesecake Factory and I plan on telling everyone I know about this place. This is unexceptible!!!!


the Wilson's November 9, 2018 at 1:56 pm

My wife and I heard them tell Young Veterans and Denver Colorado this company gives good enough prices and the company doesn’t give military discounts there Foods way overpriced and we are 20 year veteran family and I’m upset won’t eat there again and neither should any other American their cheesecakes overpriced


Mason August 25, 2018 at 12:32 pm

On August 24, 2018 at approximately 745 I placed an order for cheesecake factory through DoorDash. Five minutes upon time for the food to arrive I received a call from cheesecake factory saying they hadn’t received my order, but I got a phone call about said order that was forgotten. The gentleman on the phone asked if I wanted to receive my order or not and if so they will place it he said that it of course would have to take Tom to be made and so I had to wait an additional 45 minutes I agree upon agreeing I asked for compensation for having to wait almost an extra hour and that I just gotten off of work a 12 hour shift on my feet at American Eagle distribution center And that I had to be in bed because I get up at 3 AM the gentleman said to ask for compensation through DoorDash he then said you were out of the crab bite appetizers are asked to exchange it for the mushrooms my problem is the gentleman on the phone was rude I quickly agreed just to get my food and get him off the phone. I spent over $70 and with the food arrived I was honestly asleep I was unhappy with the carrot cake, crab and artichoke dip, and the stuffed tater tot‘s. The carrot cake tasted stale very thick and not moist. The crab dip had something fatty in it that I was scared to chew or swallow. I just didn’t like the tater tot’s at all. This was my fourth door Dash order I haven’t had any problems until now.


Julian Brown August 21, 2018 at 5:55 pm

You guys don’t respond to emails, do you? I sent one about your Woodlands, TX location seven day ago. I never heard back.


GRACE-LYNN BRONGE August 6, 2018 at 9:49 am

Me, my 2 daughters and my 4 month old granddaughter went to have lunch here (Schaumburg, IL) – and were turned away. The reason – we could not bring my SLEEPING granddaughter, who was in her stroller into the restaurant. They told us we would have to leave our $700.00 stroller on the side, unattended and basically hold the baby.

Does this rule apply to a person in a wheel chair? It is obvious that a 4 month old cannot sit be themselves and the only way they can sit by us is in a stroller. Yes she cannot eat your food but several wheel chair bound individuals cannot either. Do you turn them away? Or do you just apply this rule to strollers?

I have visited Cheesecake factory several times but if this is a rule that your corporation allows I will no longer eat at any Cheesecake Factory. I also feel that you need to let all parents know that their patronage is not allowed if you choose to bring your infant with you.

However they DID NOT ruin our day, we walk literally, across the way to Uncle Julio’s had a wonderful lunch with my Granddaughter in her stroller next to us and Cheesecake Factory lost out on our $100.00 bill.


sissi d September 3, 2018 at 3:10 am

that must be just that restaurant sort of thing because that isn’t the case for many others. The only time strollers aren’t allowed BY THE TABLE, is if your stroller takes up a good amount of space. There are a few reasons for this, it can be a fire hazard, if the fire marshall were to take a look at it and it blocked an exit or people’s ease of escaping, then your 100 bill would mean nothing compared to the fine the restaurant would get. Next, if it’s in the way for the servers and food runners to get by, they’re caring hot food in heavy plates, I don’t know if you’ve tried holding 2 to 4 of those plates with food and running around the restaurant, it’s not easy, and God forbid someone bumps into you, or a child is allowed to run around as if it was a playground bumps into you (which has happened many of times) and spills it over the baby in your stroller. That’s a lawsuit right there. These are reasons though of course, for having the stroller by the table, not in the restaurant, which ours allows in, and if they’re obtrusive then there is a corner for them. You might have misunderstood or your restaurant is just wierd and I’d call a manager to confirm.


SGT Berry May 17, 2018 at 10:52 am

I am outraged at not only the behavior of your Millennial employees at your Miami location, but the seemingly inherent company culture that strongly condones this blatant leftist / COMMUNIST anti Trump ideology which allows a modern day political lynching of a proud young black man who happens to love his country AND his President.
One prerequisite of almost every CEO and liberal fascist HR lieutenant is that they are weak, cowardly and vehementky Anti Trump. I doubt the cowardly and hopefully soon to be fired David Overton has ever served in a combat zone like myself and my fellow soldiers , but his allowing the atmosphere for these despicable (and possibly racist) employees and this type of management style is absolutely outrageous!
Not only did the employees not apologize but the manager had the nerve to start recording When a reporter had come into the restaurant. These employees and this company is what’s wrong with America and along with feeling companies like Target, Starbucks and now Dick’s Sporting Goods which will probably become bankrupt soon these leftist put their ideology over their shareholders interests and even shareholder value. They should all be fired and everybody should boycott this restaurant immediately.

I was privileged enough to work alongside Secret Service when President Trump visited Phoenix and personally got to escort two of his Cheesey cake factory employee like protesters at the same time. I would love to escort this criminal Hillary supporting CEO of this company out by his scrawny unstarched collar as well. What a coward! Your restaurant has created an awful environment and I feel bad for the many good and actually patriotic employees who will probably soon lose their jobs ( due to no fault of their own) .

Shame, shame shame on middle and upper management to allow and condone this outrageous Behavior !


SSG Berry, Retired Army and AF
OIF 03-04, 09-10
Operation Katrina
Border Mission Team Leader


Scott May 16, 2018 at 7:02 pm

I cannot believe a person wearing a MAGA hat was victimized in a Florida Cheesecake Factory by your employees and the CEO didn’t fly out and personally fire ALL the employees involved. You are going to lose a LARGE portion of your business. No I will never recommend or eat at your restaurant(s) again unless I see results. The company is scared of it’s own employees and sets an awful example of how not to handle a crises. Grow a spine!


Craig Drawn May 16, 2018 at 12:47 pm

Bruce Judy Senior General Manager Grand Lux Café – The Venetian Resort 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109
May 14th, 2018
As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous I have come to realize that for most normal people, drinking means entertainment, companionship and a colorful imagination. To some it means release from care, boredom and worry. I have seen over the years others experience joyous intimacy with friends and a feeling that life is good. Those type of pleasures were removed 5 years ago, when I committed my life, and became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous May 6th, 2013. This is my sobriety date.
My experience last night, I trust is not the way the Grand Lux Café or the Venetian wishes to conduct business with valued customers—I had never eaten at your restaurant, however a dear friend of mine with 10 years sobriety, suggested this would be a great restaurant to celebrate my 5 years of sobriety.
Upon me ordering my beverage I discussed with the waitress my non-alcoholic preference, (Passion Fruit Ginger Crush) which is a very popular drink I have from time to time at a local restaurant Cravings. The waitress returned with the drink several minutes later and I began drinking from the glass and initially I believed what I was tasting was the ginger – so I began sipping through the straw perhaps 5 or 6 sips into it, at that point I determined there was something wrong with the drink. I ask my friend what she thought – she immediately smelled the drink and said it didn’t smell like alcohol, so I called the waitress over and asked her if there was any alcohol in the drink, she seemed alarmed at the question and couldn’t be sure and walked over to the bar – when she returned she said that it had alcohol in it, at that point I explained to her I was a member of AA and that this was not going to be good for me, she apologized and immediately walked off. After several minutes passed the waitress didn’t return – I stopped another waiter – a young man and asked if the GM was in the building he stated no and then I requested a Manager. I was dumbfounded 10 minutes passed before Alexander Botelle, Manager approached the table, and I explained that I was celebrating 5 years sobriety, and how unhappy I was with being served alcohol after being reassured it was a non-alcoholic beverage. Alex stated that he was familiar with AA – he went on to say that he has a staff member in the kitchen who is a member of AA so he understands how serious this is. He went on to explain to me that if someone was allegeric to seafood, at that point I explained that I am allergic to alcohol. Alexander asked for a few minutes because he wanted to get someone else involved and would he return. (Alexander did not return until 35 minutes later).
After Alexander left our table the waitress came over with the correct drink and was very apologetic, she stated it was completely her fault and she is not sure why or how this happened, however she hoped that I would forgive her.
To my surprise I was in your restaurant for 55 minutes and 3 of your employees approached me and apologized, but not one employee asked me how I felt, if I would like to file an incident report, if I needed medical attention or showed any regards for my well-being.
Prior to me leaving the restaurant, Alexander returned and asked had anyone come over to speak with me, he mentioned there was an Asst GM that wanted to speak with me. The Asst GM came to the table and reassured me with an apology and that he was very sad this had occurred. He began explaining to me that the waitress was a new hire and it was completely her fault, he went on to say tomorrow they would take this situation an immediately implement a coaching & training curriculum to better prepare staff.
As I stood up to leave the restaurant I became very disoriented, shock had settled in I began realizing that I have not had drink in 5 years, and now I had just had my first one – it was a very horrifying experience, complete devastation, guilt and more importantly that feeling of being under the influence after 5 years. The shock I experienced lasted until I finally fell asleep about 11pm, was very overwhelming the thought of me slipping back into a state of desperation. This morning I woke up overwhelmed with the shame and guilt but more importantly the sense of failure.
As a member of AA, I have learned that once we take a drink and then the phenomenon of craving becomes paramount to all other interests will not be met. I am an individual that would drink to overcome a craving beyond my mental control, I would like to assure you that there are many situations which arise out of the phenomenon of craving which have caused men and women to make the supreme sacrifice rather than continue to fight. This phenomenon, I have suggested, may be the manifestation of an allergy which differentiates in people, and sets me apart as a distinct entity. The only relief I have is complete abstinence.
This experience, to be clear- could be life changing. What you consider perhaps to be one drink, is to me foundationally more. The choices I had made to rise up, and above were jeopardized by one sloppy mistake at your establishment. The process to avoid this was not in place, and the response to it, less than acceptable as well. I am going to use all available channels available to me to ensure that your establishment takes the true, necessary steps to avoid this happening ever again. I will reach out to all media outlets and professional contacts to share my experience as I desire to see this issue never happen again. My 5-year celebration is about living and living the life I deserve. No dining establishment has the right to compromise this.
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss matters further.


frank May 16, 2018 at 10:21 am

fmazzarese@ icloud.comYour Florida employees should be fired. You should;d take a tip from Starbucks and close your stores for a day. You need to impress upon the people you hire that customers should not be assaulted because your idiot employees don’t like the principle of free elections. You need to tell your employees that in the USA everyone has a right to free speech, and independent thought; NOT JUST THOSE IN THE ANTI – AMERICAN COMMUNIST FRONT ANTIFA BLACK MASK DEMOCRATIC PARTY! You won’t ever catch me in any of your stores.


SGT Berry May 17, 2018 at 10:54 am

Bravo. Right on!


I think the CEO Overton should go. He has created the leftist and anti Trump culture that seems to be totally acceptable at this restaurant chain


Bert B. May 15, 2018 at 4:12 pm

In regard to your rude employees attacking and discriminating a paying customer merely for the fact they wore a political hat, I am cancelling my future plans for several business and personal brunches I had planned. Nice job!


SGT Berry May 17, 2018 at 11:11 am

I think millions of patriotic Americans will join you, Bert. No amount of PR spin doctors can put the toothpaste back in this dismal tube.

It’s time for major action by the board including replacing the CEO Overton and his Leftist HR XXXX lieutenants and Operations managers .


Mr & Mrs James Dickie May 15, 2018 at 2:33 pm

To the CEO of Cheesecake Factory;

We just read an article on Political Insider that we are appalled & disgusted about. “According to multiple witnesses, restaurant employees verbally attacked and made threatening gestures toward 22-year-old Eugene Joseph as he dined with his girlfriend’s family simply because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Several witnesses and Joseph himself told The Daily Wire that a woman who worked at the restaurant approached him and started pointing at his hat while waving for her coworkers to come over. “Her finger was literally on top of his head, we were all looking at her like ‘what is happening?’” one witness said. “She was pointing at him, calling her other coworkers, telling them to look at this guy wearing a Make America Great Again hat.”

“Approximately a dozen other employees joined the woman in harassing Joseph. Several threatened physical violence, while others referred to him as a “n***er.” Another witness described the employees as a “lynch mob.” According to the article your Alethea Rowe responded by saying you have ‘opened an investigation’ and said, “No guest should ever feel unwelcomed in one of our restaurants and we are taking this matter very seriously. Upon learning of this incident, we immediately apologized to the guests in person. We are conducting an investigation and will take the appropriate corrective action.” However, contrary to Rowe’s statement, Joseph says that The Cheesecake Factory has not reached out him and did not apologize to him in person immediately afterward. An apology is unacceptable to most Americans & if you do not terminate all of these employees immediately & train your employees at all your restaurants that this kind of behavior will not be allowed, we will NEVER eat at another Cheescake Factory AGAIN! While there isn’t a Cheesecake Factory in our city, we frequently travel to Albuquerque, NM & Scottsdale, AZ & eat at both of those.


Mr & Mrs James Dickie


Andy Seber January 17, 2018 at 2:08 pm

My wife and I ordered take out from the Greenwood Indiana location. The time line was 20 minutes. We arrived on time. The lobby was very caotic and uncoordinated. I paid for our food and waited another 20 / 30 minutes only to find that my food had been up on a shelf the entire time but the attendant did not even look into it. The overall attitude of everyone was very rude. We contacted the manager and did get a call back from a Very rude and condescending woman. She did not clearly care in the least to hear our version and sent a “laughable” 10 dollar gift card as “compensation”. Yes, 10 which is clearly not even the cost of half of their cheesecakes. Thanks but no thanks… We will never be back.


MA October 18, 2017 at 2:01 pm

I just learned that Cheesecake Factory does not follow their own rules and regulations. This company is very poor in a business sense. According to the employee handbook Cheesecake Factory does not take kindly to manager and server relations. I know of a manager dating a server at a local location and have reported it. I reported how this in turn resulted in the manager leaving his family and children for this 26 year old server. This action should have resulted in immediate termination on both parties, however nothing has happened. They just do not care. I called the GM, a 28 year kid, who said that the individual is not a manager and has stepped down. I know he lied to me, because the employee wears a shirt and tie to work. Oh, but I was told by Guest Relations that servers where shirt and tie too. Yeah, they do, all white clothing. This employee does not wear all white. He dresses like he is about to sit behind a cubicle. I know the difference. This companies lies to me is infuriating. They also seem not to care that the manager is missing a lot of time off of work due to court cases over a custody battle from his girlfriend in which he has had 3 children with. This inappropriate action between manager and server needs to be dealt with. This is a poor reflection upon the local location and the business as whole if they cannot stand up to their own regulations. I am not happy with how they do business. I have also found out that this employee is a criminal, had a DUI and was not allowed to drive. Yet he drove to work everyday for the 8 years he was not allowed to drive. He should be put behind bars. He drinks on the job as well. That is a great reflection on Cheesecake Factory. Drunk managers. Wow. So, all in all, I have lost faith in the restaurant as a business and really want to reach out to David Overton, their CEO. He needs to ensure that his business is being run appropriately. After a quick Google search on Whitepages, I am pretty sure I found his address. The house I saw on Google Maps is pretty big, looks like a CEO’s home for sure. I just may send a letter for verification. This business practice needs to be fixed immediately and this manager needs to be terminated for not following their regulations.


Shante G July 31, 2017 at 11:39 am

On Thursday July 27th I traveled to California from Las Vegas NV to celebrate my birthday with some friends. I decided to have my group which consist of 10 guest meet at your Grove Location in Los Angeles to have dinner. I decided to go to your restaurant because it is absolutely my favorite, although no one could understand why I choose Cheesecake factory to host my birthday dinner, and said I should have choose somewhere I have never been. But I didn’t care, I always enjoy my service and meal, plus it was My birthday, and in the past I was given the option to choose any slice of cheesecake. This time was completely different and embarrassing. When my group and I were seated, I than asked the waitress if they still offered a free slice of cheesecake for your birthday, she said no but you will get a small little sundae. I was a bit bummed, My husband knew I really wanted cheesecake so he said never mind we will just buy 1 slice after dinner. After she took our drink and food orders, Our waitress Amanda, returned with 3 glasses of ice water. When Amanda placed the last glass down, the table we were sitting at had different heights and it created a small ledge to where 1 table was slightly taller that then other and caused the glass to tip over and cold ice water spilled all over myself and 1 other guest. The waitress began grabbing our dinner napkins to stop the water and tried to wipe up everything as quick as possible. Now both me and my friend are at dinner with wet laps, soaked feet and wet cell phones. Everyone at the table was concern because the waitress never acknowledged what she did or what had happened, and they all asked if she said sorry, I said no she didn’t.
By the time we received our food, everyone’s glass was about empty, barely had anything to wash the food down with. It took sometime for us to actually receive our dinner, though it was a group of 10 I could somewhat understand, however the fact that everyone’s food was cold as if it had been sitting awhile was a bit disappointing . Since everyone was so hungry we all agreed to just eat it the food and no one wanted to make a big deal because it was my birthday. At the end of our dinner, it was time for the waitress to bring our check, But before she came with a small ice cream sundae and sung Happy Birthday. I appreciate that, But was still down because my birthday outfit was ruined and I felt she was not apologetic. When the waitress return to pick up everyone’s check I asked if my friend and I could be compensated for the spill of water, and would we be able to get a slice of cheesecake due to the fact. Amanda became very defensive and said but I didn’t spill the water. I than said to Amanda, I understand that you personally feel you didn’t spill the water , I know it was not done on purpose, but you sat the water right where two tables met, one table is higher than the other and I point to show her that is the cause the water to tipping. She than said ill go get me manager for you if you will like, I than said yes please. I see her walk over to her manager to explain to her that situation that occurred. Amanda’s manager comes over to the table, I didn’t get her name however she was an African American women with dreads or braids I believe and she was completely rude. Still no apology, she decides to argue with me, and claims that she asked someone else what happened and that Amanda didn’t spill the water. After I and some of my group try to explained to her what happened and showed her the uneven table, she stood there and shook her head and said there was nothing she could do for us. So I ended my birthday night upset and embarrassed, clothes wet and poor customer service. My group all receive their receipts and left regretting even coming to that place. I still cant believe the way I was treated, maybe it would have been different it I had choose a different location, better yet had listen to my friends and went somewhere else. I just know I will never go back to that location ever again and will think twice before making Cheesecake factory my first choice.


SGT Berry May 17, 2018 at 11:15 am

I’m sorry that they didn’t allow you to have a nice and dry birthday.

Sounds like they are rapidly going downhill. If they don’t get bought out I think they may be heading towards bankruptcy. Their brand is very, very tarnished right about now!


Gill July 16, 2017 at 4:53 pm

July 16th, 2017

Yesterday I went to the Santa Monica Mall location and ordered the Santa Fe (large size)
salad to go. I specifically asked that they leave off the tomatoes (horrible food allergy),
black beans and purple cabbage. I also ended up ordering a Chicken Mango Avocado salad for a friend, who wanted all onions, carrots (also food allergy) and red peppers.
When I picked up the salads, I checked mine and noticed what looked like tomatoes, and
Jessica, the gal at the to go counter, said it was “salsa”, which of course would have tomatoes, but never has been put on the salad. I asked to have it remade. She returned with one that had been remade, but it now had purple cabbage on it. I asked her if she could please have them remake it. She took it back to the kitchen to have it remade. I saw a manager and spoke to him. He was pleasant, said he would check on it and asked if I would like something. I asked for an iced decaf coffee, which he gave me. When Jessica returned,
the salad looked fine and offered to give me s slice of cheesecake. I was pleased, as they never offer free cheesecake, and asked for a slice of the banana cream. She said that she
had a terrible food allergy to avocados, so she knew how important it was, to make sure that those items that you are allergic to, are not on an order.
When I returned home and opened up the salad to eat, I found tomatoes. It was supposed to be dressed in the cilantro dressing, but it wasn’t. It tasted as if it had been tossed in an oil and vinegar combination, but more watery. The tortilla chips were soggy, along with the 3 very small pieces of chicken and cheese, as if they had been rinsed off with water. It tasted like the kitchen had removed the salad, hand picked out the tomatoes, but missed a lot of them, then tried to wipe out the plastic container with a wet cloth/rag, and return the lettuce, cheese, and corn to the container. They added some fresh tortilla chips and cilantro to the top of it.
It is very unfortunate that the consistency of the food at The Cheesecake Factory has deteriorated to the point, where loyal and long time customers will no longer spend their money or time, to be inconvenienced and made sick, by inadequate kitchen service.
I also go to the Grand Lux Cafe in Las Vegas quite a lot, and the consistency of the food there is what Cheesecake Factory’s use to be many years ago.


Betty S Davis July 5, 2017 at 7:56 am

Good Morning,
I am writing to you because I am not satisfied with the response I received from one of your managers regarding a complaint I had about another manager. i have visited your restaurants for over 20 years in three states…Marina Del Rey in California, Austin Texas, and now in Illinois. This complaint is regarding my second visit to the Illinois location.

I went there to purchase two slices of cheesecake on Friday, 6/30 at 8: 54pm, and I was assisted by Claudia M, [according to the receipt]. I asked for a strawberry and a chocolate individual slices. When I chose the strawberry she wanted to give me a “pre-packaged” slice and I requested one freshly made. For some reason this offended her and she became rude and begin to talk about me to her co-workers, [who turned to stare at me as though I committed some crime]. I said at $8.00 a slice I should be able to get what I request and left. What kind of customer service is this? How could an employee take offense at a request to the point that she solicits co-workers into her attitude against a paying customer?

When I got outside I noticed the chocolate cheesecake was in a different package and when I pulled it out I noticed it was “cake” and not cheesecake. I walked all the way back over to the restaurant, [escalator was broken so I had to run up a long flight of stairs], and asked to speak to a manager. When the manager came, [he did not give me his name, [but it was at 9:05pm on Friday night on 6/30, and he was one of two managers, the other being a woman]. I explained the situation to him, and he said he would fix it and went in the back with my receipt. This is when things really got crazy.

He came back with my receipts after 15 minutes and he wanted me to sign the receipt with the new amount. I noticed that there was no receipt where the previous amount had been refunded. When I questioned this he tried to tell me that the receipt which had “copy” on the bottom was my proof. That he had went in the system and refunded the money this way because the amount had not posted yet.

Obviously, he thought I was stupid and did not know that the amount was charged to my card when it was “swiped”, or what a “refund” on a receipt looked like.

We “debated” this issue for about 10 minutes until I said i was not leaving the store until I received proof of the original amount being refunded to my card. Finally he REACHED IN HIS POCKET AND TOOK OUT A CRUMBLED UP RECEIPT WITH THE REFUNDED AMOUNT ON IT, [-$18.42]. I was shocked! If I would have believed him, TWO amounts for one order would have been CHARGED to my card and I would have had no proof that one was erroneous!

When I got home I sent a complaint, [thinking it was to corporate]. I received a call the next day, [Saturday at 9:05am], from “Sarah” who wanted to go over what happen. She began to make excuses and I asked if I was talking to the restaurant, or corporate. She said she was from the restaurant and I asked why was she trying to “excuse his trickery”??? She said she wasn’t just attempting to get details however she kept trying to justify what he did. The end result was that she would send me a gift card, [her attitude seemed to be “and be done with the situation”-which I have not received by the way]. I told her “great” however I wanted that manager dealt with. She said she would but I doubt it.

He is a “crook”, and tried to defraud me out of $18. Is that how your managers do business? Has he done this before? What is going on at your restaurant? I have never had occasion to request a refund from any other restaurants everything has always been so nice so I do not know what to make of this. Please get back to me.

It was your location in Schaumburg, Illinois, at the Woodfield Mall. I will never go there again although I live right by there.


Lois Collins July 5, 2017 at 1:24 am

My husband and I flew into Baltimore to take our son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter out for their wedding anniversary and chose the Cheesecake factory in Towson Mall to celebrate. Big mistake!!!! None of us had been to one of their restaurants and none of us will ever go back. We waited 30 minutes for a table, not really a big deal for a Saturday night, but waited 2 hours for our food. We had two managers come by to tell us they were having problems in the kitchen, but kept assuring us that our food would be out shortly. When our food finally arrived it was undercooked!!!! I ordered steak well done and got steak raw!! Even the final manager admitted in was RAW inside. The others orders were okay, but honestly I think their food is more compatible to Applebee’s. I found nothing special about it. The final manager just kept saying he was sorry to hear about our dissatisfaction. Big deal!!!! Do not waste your money or time! Looks like they put money into the decor instead a decent quality of food. I repeat DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR OR YOUR TIME!!!!!!


Ria June 30, 2017 at 5:38 pm

We found blonde hair on our wings and NO MANAGER came to our table to apologize. We spent over $100 with 3small kids and granted our server did a good job serving us, I feel we deserved a manager visit to explain why there was hair on my food.


Phyllis Clarner June 13, 2017 at 9:12 pm

On 6-8-17 at 4pm I placed a $40.oo to go order
When I got Hm the mashed potatoes of a meatloaf order was watery without flavor of butter or milk,
AND the cake lemon the jellies part tasted rancid like taste of lemon rinds gone bad, the cake was so bad I wanted to puke!!! And the order of fish the fries, potatoes were cold and hard….It was my birthday and it was ruined by your staff s inattentive
mess especially the chefs….this took place at north star mall in San Antonio Texas.
When I called to complain mgr Kim gave me 3rd degree when I told her I needed to talk to Gen Mgr Ken who she sd was out of town. She only gave me credit for the side orders and cake instead of inviting me back to experience a better experience since my bday dinner was ruined…what’s Worse she did the credit without my permission…How rude and inconsiderate of her. It is today 6-13-17 and I have yet to hear from Ken,gmgr.


Phyllis Clarner June 13, 2017 at 9:16 pm

210 287-XXXXX


Rick April 2, 2017 at 9:00 am

Your location in Greenville, SC is the worsted restaurant I’ve ever seen in my sixty year lifetime. Where did you get these idiot managers from? Open 9 months and the wait time for food are still forty + minutes wait time for food to be delivered to the table. I have eaten there for the third and last time. The servers I had on each occasion were great but the management staff there really sucks. I have eaten at several of your locations and the rest of them are great. You need to straighten this location up asap because it may sour people from eating there. I have a large circle of friends in this area and thinking about sending a mass email to all of them about the mismanagement at this location and discourage them from eating there and being as disappointed as I was. In turn they will notify their friends that I don’t know enabling a snowball effect. Please replace the management staff there with managers that care about their staff and customers and can get the food to the tables in 20 or less minutes. This location is going to ruin the reputation of all your locations.


Andre Fontenot March 21, 2017 at 3:13 pm

On Friday, March 17th, my family and I ate at The Cheesecake Factory in San Mateo. We placed our order and after a short wait our food arrived. We began eating when our 8 year old son complained that he did like his pizza. Upon looking at this flatbread pizza we didn’t see any sausages on the pizza which is what we ordered for him. We told the waitress and she brought us a small plate of pizza. We then asked he what this “cube” item was on the pizza, she told us “pear.” We knew we didn’t order a pizza with “pear” because our son wouldn’t eat cooked pear. My 18 year old daughter checked the Cheesecake Factory menu from her iPhone and saw that flatbread pizza with pears contained pecans. We again called the waitress over and asked if this pizza contained pecans and she casually said, “I don’t know let me check.” I now stressed the importance of my question by saying, “This is VERY important, my son has a nut allergy and if he ate nuts it could be fatal!”
Once the waitress left, to go check, my son said, “I feel sick,” and needed to get to the bathroom. I quickly got directions to the bathroom and started walking there with my son when I saw him wobble, I grabbed him just as he passed out. I carried him back to our booth and laid him down. Within a few seconds of laying down he vomited all over himself, the table and floor. We were within seconds of giving him an epipen shot when he said, “I feel a little better now.” After cleaning our son off I asked to speak with a manager. I explain how unhappy I was and the seriousness of his employees error.
We are very lucky of the outcome the next customer may not be so lucky. Mistakes are made, I get that, but this is one that can not be made, especially since results can be fatal! Someone needs to be held accountable for this egregious error.
To add to our pain I called yesterday (03/20/17) to file a complaint and was told there were several calls ahead of me to leave a message and someone will get back to me, well I’m still waiting, no one has reached out to me.
Thank you,
-Andre Fontenot
650-866-XXXXX home
415-307-XXXXX cell


Jodi March 21, 2017 at 2:10 pm

March 15, 2017 I contacted the Chesterfield Missouri Cheesecake Factory at 4:30 pm, (located in the Manchester Mall). I spoke with a female supervisor to make arrangements for my son’s 14th birthday dinner that everyone would be arriving in an hour. She stated they do not take reservation nor to they take call ahead’s. I asked if she could make an exception because I have 4 family member driving in from an hour away to meet there. The manager stated that she will prepare a table for 10 people in 1 hour. We arrived at 5:30, Spoke with Lexi, the hostess, explaining that I had called ahead and made an arrangement with the manager. Lexi stated that they do not take call ahead’s or reservations. I then explained again, that I spoke with a female manager who told me they would have everything ready for us. I then asked to speak with the manager. There was a lovely waitress who came up at that time who I was discussing the arrangement with. She said they will get the manager but there was no female manager there today. I waited, with an infant and 9 other family members for an additional 30 minutes until they seated us. In that time I asked Lexi 2 other times where the manager is and why it was taking so long to get the manager and to seat us. Lexi was incredibly rude with her responses! A man, not dressed in uniform (he had a sweater on) approached the hostess counter, interrupted the conversation and stated that we’ve already informed the manager and she will be up he when she’s available. The person, was even ruder than Lexi! I asked him who he is and what his name is, he then told me that he is just someone who works there and refused to give me his name.


Jodi March 21, 2017 at 2:21 pm

I walked to the women’s restroom with my infant who was then very upset and hungry only to find 7 tables in a row completely empty. I snapped a picture of the empty tables with my cellular phone after returning form the restroom. Mind you the restaurant was not busy. There were customers but there were plenty of empty tables. In fact, enough empty tables to seat 4 other parties while we were waiting that had arrived after us. I part consisted of 6, i other 5 and two of 4. We were finally seated. The food came out at 3 different time. the first 45 minutes after we placed the order. We watched multiple tables seated after us be served their food while waiting. The second 3 plates were serve 15 minutes after the 1st . and the final two plates arrived 20 minutes after the second. Our family will not eat until everyone has their food, with the exception of the baby. The waitress Julie was struggling and did not put forth effort to make sure everyone was satisfied. We even ordered water to make it easier on her. Our glasses still ran empty on multiple occasions. After getting the bill and paying for the meal and cheesecake, I walked away with the baby because he was fussy,Casey, (the out of uniform waiter) approached another waitress who was at the service counter right beside our table. I seen Casey speaking with the other waitress, upon walking up I hear Casey telling the other waitress about the even and was speaking very rudely about me.

I am incredibly disgusted with the behavior of these employees and demand they be fired for their inappropriate behavior. Especially Casey. I am a loyal customer to this restaurant and have never been treated like this at this location before.

Also, the manager Diana, made two passes by our table during our dinner, never stopped to speak with us and even made it a point not to make eye contact with anyone at out table. Please email me so that I may provide you with a phone of the empty table and provide further details.


Leslie March 13, 2017 at 11:57 am

Went to the Cheese Cake Factory at the Lenox Mall, Georgia over the weekend and was greatly disappointed with the service and the food. We order Cobb salads and my daughter’s salad looked great with nicely sliced chicken and my chicken looked like a tablespoon of leftover chicken scraps and no salad dressing. When I talked to our server, she didn’t seem to understand or want to even looking at our salads how different mine was with no chicken and salad dressing. She said she would need to talk with the manager. The manager came out and also couldn’t or wouldn’t understand and started talking about how I wanted the bacon on the side which didn’t have anything to do with the lack of chicken and salad dressing. Instead of arguing with her, I told her to never mind but being a manager and trying to be unaware of what is missing from someone order is totally wrong. I wouldn’t have said anything if I received the salad correctly and for 15.00 for a salad, I do want what should come on it.
She then said she would bring me chicken and salad dressing.
I went to the Cheese Cake Factory for a great meal and service which I didn’t get. For a server and manager to argue with a customer over something that isn’t right doesn’t make one want to return.
Won’t be going back!!


Dellandra Adams March 10, 2017 at 1:51 pm

Last night, I decided to do a to go order instead of dining in. I ordered chicken tenders, fried zucchini, and a little Caesar salad. When I told him the salad I wanted, I pointed at the little house salad and told him that I wanted it as a Caesar salad. He replied ok and when he ran the total, he said that my order was $35.46, I said, that doesn’t sound right and he changed the order to $29.27 and only when I came home did I find that not only was I chargered for a $10 appetizer salad, but that he had put on the receipt for the cooks ‘small salad’ instead of fixing the price. When I called it in, the manager was accusative, saying that it was my mistake that the order was wrong even though I told Patrick that I wanted the small salad and even pointed to the salad I wanted as I always do. I will not return to this location.


Dellandra Adams March 10, 2017 at 1:53 pm

The Cheesecake Factory restaurant was the south lake, Tx location.


Kim February 7, 2017 at 12:02 am

Hello All,

Unfortunately, this is a long letter however, it is a reflection of the level of service that me and my family experienced when patronizing your business on 1/28/2017. It took me a week to write it as I was out of town on business in addition I wanted to be sure I capture all the facts and less emotion. I have copied several people, businesses as well as federal agencies so everyone I can think of is aware of my experience. We are still looking for answers regarding if your Corporation feels it is acceptable practice for patrons to spend five hours at your restaurant for a night out. We were in your Richmond, Virginia location.
My family and I were celebrating my youngest child’s birthday as she wanted to invite some friends along with family. We arrived at 5:30 pm and was told it would be up to a two to two and a half hour wait. We decided to wait believing that it may or may not be that long but it could be worse case scenario as we were a party of 13. During the wait, we lost a member at the two hour and 15-minute mark who could no longer wait and it was changed to a party of 12.
The hostess was Ashley who was simply GREAT!!!! She allowed me to check in with her periodically for a status and she was always gracious and accommodating and informing. At the two-and-a-half-hour mark, Ashley and I began to speak more frequently and she told me what area she had been trying to seat me and my family in which helped me to gauge how much longer the wait would be. While speaking to Ashley, LaToya arrived and they began discussing our seating area. I asked LaToya was she a Manager and she said yes. I said great can I chat with you a few and she accommodated my request. We had a very good lighthearted conversation about our seating, potentially best practices, sharing suggestions with corporate and I asked her for the corporate number to share my suggestions. She became defensive but not unprofessional about me asking for the number. She began to tell me about the place where they had “mapped” my party to and that they were taking longer than they anticipated. She advised that some parties sit a while after they eat and sometimes after they pay and they cannot make them leave. I understood that because it would be rude on behalf of the restaurant. She began to say, I can forward your suggestions as if she didn’t want me to call. I found that odd but I said okay. While still standing beside her I identified a table of 10 people exiting the restaurant and I pointed out that there were ten people leaving and my husband added and there is an empty booth beside it so that will accommodate our entire party. I said yes can we sit there since this party is taking longer than you expected and we are at the two and a half hour mark? I further stated that I was okay with us not being at the same table because we would be close in proximity, and I have family who came in town earlier today from New Jersey and two hours away from the Northern Neck and Maryland. LaToya responded saying, “no because we have this section mapped for you all and when these people get up you all can sit there.” I responded to her saying you told me earlier in our conversation the large party was taking longer than you anticipated. My response was since it was taking longer than you anticipated at this point can you split us all up and seat us throughout the restaurant so we can be seated and it is okay if we are not together. Some of our party are going back to the Northern Neck (2 hours away) tonight and back to Maryland (3 hours away). LaToya said, “well that will take a while because we have to seat other people in the restaurant that arrived before you who have not been seated. I said I seriously doubt there’s anyone in this restaurant that have been here longer than 2 1/2 hours because I have been here talked to and met many people during my wait and there are no old faces. I continued to state that I could not understand how anyone coming in after me and my family would be seated before us at this point if we are willing to be split up all across the restaurant since it appears that she was waiting to clear out the restaurant versus trying to seat us as soon as possible. She said, well you we will still be the same. I could not understand. It was at that very moment I believed the restaurant never intended to seat us earlier than three hours and they were working in the best interest of their mapping process and not customer service. I asked for the number to the corporate office and said I don’t believe there is anyone in the restaurant longer than me and my family. LaToya said yes, it is and as insulting as it was, she began reciting wait times of people to me that were still waiting in the restaurant longer than me. She did this in front of customers while standing behind the counter looking at the screen. I said, “okay I will poll the guests that were (minimal) left to see if any were here prior to 5:30 pm since it was 8:40 pm to confirm.” LaToya said, okay fine. We were going to leave but we feared to leave now we would have to start the wait all over somewhere else and my daughter only wanted to eat there. I polled the guests and the oldest had been waiting since 7:30 pm. I came back and advised LaToya and I asked for the corporate number yet again. She still did not have the corporate number ready. I asked again if she had the number ready for me and at this point the conversation was interrupted by Joey Paravati who I now come to know as the District manager. I said hi I would like the number to your corporate office. Joey’s response was, “I am corporate.” Being a business professional myself in Senior Leadership, I knew that response was neither correct or appropriate. I asked yet again for the number to corporate and he stated the complaint will come back to him anyway. I stated I was well aware that is how it works typically however, I still wanted them to get my complaint. I invited him from behind the hostess desk to speak to him about my experience. He spent our entire interaction defending LaToya’s conversation to me, defending behaviors of the restaurant, defending the timetable, he was very dismissive and patronizing cutting me off asking what would you like me to do versus what he would do to fix the situation? Not one time in the conversation did he show or express empathy or sympathy for the inconvenience for the experience we had. He addressed the wait time by saying we told you 3 hours and you are at 3 hours. I expressed to him the point was It was not necessary for us to wait 3 hours if you can accommodate sooner and additionally the verbiage was “UP TO 2.5 hours.” I explained again that we had people come from 4 states away, 2 and 3 hours away today and some of which who were traveling back. I said I am not looking for anything extra or favoritism just what is fair and what makes sense. He asked me why did LaToya not try to seat us after we wanted to split up and I quoted what she said to me and advised that he needs to speak to her. I told him the table of 10 could not have been assigned because she was talking to me when they left and that was a great opportunity to tell the hostess let’s get this party in there and the booth beside it.

Joey asked me if I still wanted to be split up? I said at this point no because no one is left hardly in the restaurant and the original table seems to be leaving. He stated, “let me go back to doing my job.” He walked away.
Once my conversation with Joey was complete, two innocent bystanders called me over to tell me that they heard LaToya say to a customer that I was rude. They thought it was untrue, unprofessional and wanted to provide me with their contact information in case I wanted to file a complaint with upper management. They said the man put her in her place so discreetly and they didn’t know if they would have been. I was offended, embarrassed and I asked them what customer did she say it to. They pointed to the person and funny thing is, it was my son. How ironic! I walked over to my family to ask what happened and they confirmed what the guests stated. This took place while I was talking to Joey. My son said to her that I was not rude, I spoke to her professionally and that he overheard the conversation and the analogy she used to describe what took place was not applicable. That’s the chemical engineer intelligence in him. He added, since she stated it was people here before us and it was the truth, the poll will reflect that otherwise, she could have omitted that from the conversation. Ensuring that I govern myself appropriately, I found Joey. He was overseeing the set-up of our table. LaToya was beside him and I addressed him solely regarding LaToya’s behavior based on what I had been informed. While speaking to him, LaToya began to interrupt and address me. I continued to speak to Joey and I advised him that even though I am not in food service rather a non-food service corporate business setting, once one of my Directors, Managers or Supervisors bring me a complaint such with a client and I am present they would not communicate with the client. Especially if it was a situation such as this. I asked Joey to ask her to refrain from addressing me and allow him to handle. He looked at her and advised her she could leave and he would handle. I began to tell him what was told to me regarding her interaction with a customer and the fact that she was not aware it was my son. She thought it was a stranger which is even worse. He once again began to defend LaToya and had the audacity to tell me an untruth, that he was called over because there was a disturbance that he may have to get security for. The nerve to insinuate we needed the authorities. He said he caught some of the conversation and my son was loud. I looked at him realizing that he struggled with the truth and said, you were not present for the conversation because you were speaking to me when it took place. He looked at me like he was caught in the cookie jar. I then said, sir what you don’t realize is this information initially came to me via innocent bystanders and later confirmed by my family. I told Joey the root cause of this issue is that LaToya was speaking ill of a customer to another customer unaware it was their family member. This is a big problem! Secondly, I said to him if he was with his mother and an employee spoke ill of his mother to him whether she was aware or not this would and should be unacceptable to him as well. His reply was yet again inappropriate stating, “I was not there.” In true Joey fashion, he was dismissive saying he was trying to set up our table. I said while I appreciate that, he has been very uninterested in being customer focused. Then he said even though we have not agreed this evening you have been nothing but professional with me. It’s insulting that he thought this was a compliment instead of what is required of people. I was not impressed by that.

By 8:50pm we were all seated. Our waiters were Jason C. and Will. I told both waiters it was my daughter’s birthday and they both said we will take care of it. Will was simply AWESOME!! Jason was not a good waiter. He was not very helpful, unfriendly and just plain rude. Let me explain.
1. My adult sister had weight loss surgery last year in November and wanted to order from the kids’ menu due to her medical condition. Will said it was okay and he would accommodate. Jason arrived shortly afterwards to take the orders and when he took my sister’s order from the kids’ menu he said, “Where your kid at?” She reiterated her condition to him as well and Jason said she could not order from the kids’ menu. At this point my sister was frustrated and decided not to eat. It was the last straw since we had endured alot already. She excused herself from the table and exited the restaurant to walk outside in the cold. I called Jason over as I dissatisfied with his service and told him my husband and I are paying and will order something else from the menu for my sister. By the way when the food came what I ordered for my sister, she still did not eat. The bigger issue is there was no consistency amongst your wait staff.

2. My 70 something year old mother asked Jason how many crab cakes came in the crab cake dinner. She was trying to decide between that and another dinner choice. Jason stated six. My mother ordered the crab cake dinner. When her order came, she immediately identified there were only five. My mother asked Jason about the quantity and he said, “Oh I thought it was six” and he failed to apologize for the error. She said okay since you made the mistake and I placed my order based on you telling me six, can you get me the one additional? He looked at her and said, “you haven’t eaten all of your food that you have there now and you may be full later and may not eat it anyway.” UNBELIEVABLE!!! My mother requested a Manager. A Manager, Donelle Meekins came over and was so apologetic for the incident and stated he will get her another one. GREAT SERVICE!!! At this point I hope you have realized that Joey has abandoned us. It appears that he does not care to check to see how we are progressing since we started with a bad taste in our mouth. Perception is reality and this was my reality.

3. Next was our food. A few of us received our food and it was ice cold. We ate it because we were starving? It was 10:00 pm, some of us left our homes at 5:00 pm to come to the restaurant and others travels all day to be on time to make it by 5:30 pm, we were mistreated, and we were over the experience. I told Jason and Will and they both said they pulled the orders from the window immediately. My response was some meals were not ready at the same time by your kitchen. Some meals waited for other meals and once completed they placed all of them in the window for pick up at the same time. This explains why some were cold.
Lastly the waiters failed to acknowledge the birthday with a song. The bill was presented, signed and paid in full.

The overall consensus is this was the worse experience and based on the experience no one enjoyed their food. They ate out of necessity and not because they wanted to. I have never spent hours in a restaurant nor do I intend to in the future. There should be some changes made to your franchise policies and procedures as well as some management changes. I want everyone who receives this letter to walk a mile in my shoes and tell me is this indicative of great customer service or an experience you and your family would like to endure.

My suggestions are:
o to retrain the staff beginning with Joey and LaToya. Joey as the District Manager should be demoted until he proves himself worthy of that position. While he may be good at something his people skills are questionable at best. Both he and LaToya should be leading by example and it is evident they are but, it is not for the good as a reflection of Jason.
o Change your large party process to accept them on the weekend as well and not just during the week.
o Stop placing silverware directly on the table. I watched your cleaning crews use a cleaning towel to wipe down the table, use the same towel to wipe the chair seats and then re-wipe the table. While this is probably not being trained, it is happening. It is unsanitary and I ordered a tall glass of hot water to sterilize our silverware. Invest in placing them on the napkin at least.


Kim E.

cc: Cheesecake Factory Executive Board Members
cc: Better Business Bureau
cc: FDA/Consumer Complaint Coordinator
cc: Good Morning America
cc: ACLU


Cyrus R. January 28, 2017 at 2:09 am

On December 29th, 2016, at approximately 9:20pm, my friend and I visited the Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach, CA for dinner, like we have countless times before. We were promptly seated in a booth, and we were told that Antoinette would be our waitress. She had never before been our waitress. She took much longer than usual to take our orders, and then we waited for our food to be brought out. As we waited for nearly an hour, Antoinette must have passed our table nearly 10 times without saying a word. After we sat down, an African American family sat behind us and Antoinette stopped at their table 4 or more times, and they received their food before we did. By the time we began eating, the African American family had already left, and I made an effort to check by looking behind me. I watched Antoinette, and she was waiting on 4 different tables near us, but never once stopped to ask us if we needed water, NOR did she tell us “your food will be out shortly, sorry for the wait, etc.” She also was not knowledgeable, and wanted to charge me extra for a turkey burger patty. She told me that if I wanted the turkey burger patty wrapped in lettuce, that it would be considered protein style, and that it would be an additional charge. However, in previous times that I have asked for a side of a turkey burger patty, they have brought it with a lettuce wrap, at no additional charge, and with barbeque sauce.
I told my friend that I was going to wait till 10:25pm, more than an hour after we arrived at the Cheesecake Factory, to inquire about the whereabouts of our food. At 10:25pm, I walked up to the hostess and told her that we had been here for more than an hour, and we did not have our food yet. I then saw our “waitress” Antoinette, and asked her “where is our food, it’s been an hour” and she rudely said “I DON’T MAKE THE FOOD, WHY DON’T YOU GO BACK INTO THE KITCHEN AND ASK WHERE YOUR FOOD IS.” I was shocked and speechless, and then I told her “isn’t that your job?” and she rudely responded “YOU DON’T TALK TO ME THAT WAY.” I told her that I had the right to ask where my food was and she stormed off and once again said “YOU DON’T TALK TO ME THAT WAY.”
It became crystal clear that my friend and I were being directly targeted, and this was a clear case of discrimination. I spoke to the manager, Aurelia, who was polite and professional, and she immediately brought out our food. It turns out that our food was just sitting on the counter, and ANTOINETTE WAS AWARE OF THIS, BUT SHE PURPOSELY DID NOT WANT TO BRING OUR FOOD OUT. Antoinette never apologized, she just walked by and gave me nasty looks.
I will remind all of you that Antoinette is an employee of The Cheesecake Factory, and represents the company, and according to Respondent Superior, a company is liable for the wrongful actions of their employees. Antoinette failed to conduct herself according to the code of conduct of Cheesecake Factory, and failed to perform her duties, and went as far as telling me to perform her duties for her, when she told me to “go back into the kitchen and ask where my food was.” In addition, she used insulting language when she raised her voice and told me that “she doesn’t cook the food.” I am well aware that she doesn’t cook the food.
I will not stop until Antoinette is fired, and Cheesecake Factory is once again a welcoming place where customers are not sized up and treated subpar. I will NEVER allow Antoinette’s unsophisticated, and hostile conduct to go unnoticed. While employees sometimes make mistakes, this was a CLEAR CASE of malicious, hateful, and purposeful conduct that Antoinette carried out with the specific intent of ruining our dinner experience; therefore, I will NOT show an OUNCE of leniency throughout this process. I am 100% convinced that Antoinette was completely aware of the fact that our food was ready, and was purposely neglecting us, and she was just waiting for me to inquire about my food so she could lash out.
I emailed the district manager, Mr. DeMoro, on Dec. 29th, 2016, and he never responded. I had to call him, and he said “Oh I forgot.” Guest services sent me an insulting $40 gift card, which I will NOT accept. I called Mr. DeMoro again, and he told me that Antoinette offered NO reason or explanation as to why she acted the way she did, and that disciplinary action had been taken against her, but refused to tell me what it was. This case is overwhelmingly in my favor. I’m also boycotting Cheesecake Factory until they fire Antoinette, enforce their own policies & codes of conduct.


Connie January 9, 2017 at 3:19 pm

Great customer service for manager, Rob, in the Albuquerque,NM, take care of his Sr. Citizen customer give him a raise😍


Nicole Smith January 4, 2017 at 2:33 pm

My recent experience trying to make a 16 person takeout order at the Cheesecake Factory in the Arboretum in Austin, Texas was less than successful. I wanted to make it as easy as possible and help prevent mistakes by emailing the order to the manager. I called ahead of time to confirm that emailing the order was even something that could be done. I spoke to the Manager on Duty, Sandy, she gave me her email address and just told me to be sure to leave a working phone number in case they had any questions. When I came to pick up the order at the time that was mutually agreed upon by Sandy and myself, I was shocked to find out that the order had not even been started. Sandy said she was just about to call me with some questions she had about the order, mind you, this was an hour after the order was emailed. Our order was not completed until an hour and 15 mins after the time we had originally agreed upon and there was not even an apology acknowledging their mistake of forgetting about the order, which is obviously what happened. I am extremely disappointed in The Cheesecake factory and their management with how they handled the situation. I’ve worked in the Hospitality industry for 20 years and I understand that mistakes happen, but your customers and guests want honesty and sincerity when those mistakes do happen, that is what good hospitality is.


Diana December 19, 2016 at 5:18 am

I honestly want to make this review because I felt disrespected and humiliated as a customer at Cheesecake Factory queens center mall…i am making this review becoz as a a loyal customer of cheesecake for many years, I never experienced such a bad customer service in any of cheesecake restaurants…unfortunately, I did experienced it today at this location…i came to order a cake for our moms 65th bday party today..I specifically ordered a Godiva cheesecake since it’s our moms most favorite cake..I went to the counter and asked the lady if they have the 7′ inch Godiva cake..she said they don’t have in I said, how about the 10′ inch..she said clearly, yes we have it..I was so glad and relieved..coz that’s the only cake our mom wants…I waited a long time for the cake since it was a lot of people ahead of me and they were so busy..I didn’t mind waiting..they finally gave me the cake..put it in a plastic and I husband and I drove all the way to Yonkers, close to the Bronx to hurry for our moms party..we opened the cake infront of find out it’s a red velvet cake…I was so embarrassed coz we know she doesn’t like red velvet cake first and foremost..we were apologizing to her coz we know it was a mistake, which ofcourse mom doesn’t mind coz it’s the thought that I called the restaurant and told them about it..they transferred me to speak to the manager named Kaitlin…I told her how disappointed I was in a nice manner..then she hold me on the phone for few mins to ask the lady and guy who made a mistake..the manager comes back on the phone..not very accommodating and seems to be in rush..she clearly said..” I spoke to my staffs and they said u changed ur mind and they showed u the cake and u agreed to switch from Godiva to red velvet cake”..I was stunned…first and foremost, they did not show me the cake before putting it inside the without hesitation, I told her to pls review ur camera to see who is making up stories…she said, I will call u back and see what I can do..for the meantime, I passed the phone to my husband to speak to the husband wants to know when is she calling back..the manager (whose name is Kaitlin) was in a rush coz she said it’s a busy Sunday for them..didn’t give any importance to our complaint..she said she won’t know what time she is calling us back..not very friendly and clearly doesn’t listen to our sentiments…we decided to drive back to queens from Yonkers just to personally speak to her..she put us on hold for another 20 mins and she got back saying..”ur wife was right, we reviewed the camera and they didn’t show the cake to her” was fine with us, we were ready to pick up the soon as we enter the restaurant, we looked for her..we were already calm..she walked towards us, with a very unfriendly sincere apology..she just said, “I got ur Godiva cheesecake”..her apology was not sincere at all..she said, “it was miscommunication”..I told her, “look, there is no miscommunication in the first know that your employee lied and you trying to cover them up and made ur customer become a liar”..She was holding the cake while we were talking..I told her, “I’m sorry I will still call the corporate about this coz I felt disrespected as a loyal customer of cheesEcake factory”..she suddenly said, “oh, ur still going to call corporate???” With her raised voice..I told her, I want to speak to ur staffs who made up stories that I was liar and they owe me an apology..she said, “sorry, I dont want my staffs to talk to the customer”..that answer didn’t feel right to me..the next thing we know, she left the cake on the table and turned her back on us..she said, she is very busy and she needs to leave. While we are standing there in the corner left behind..another guy staff was staring bad at my husband and gave us a bad looking face…my husband asked him, do u have a problem? Why are u staring at us badly? The guy aggressively approached my husband and said, “excuse me, do u have a problem on me????” He said, he was waiting for the coffee being done my his co worker..another liar, coz he was standing there staring at us esp my husband..My husband who was already upset got instigated by another staff who should have not been a part of the problem after all…but he was looking at us aggressively and approached my husband aggressively (which they can check the camera again)…I have never felt humiliated in a restaurant, first time in my entire life…very disrespectful staffs and manager..Kaitlin does not know how to handle upset customers and does not know how to handle pressure at all…another manager came up to us named Eric..he was great..he listened to us and gave his time…i told Eric the same thing that I am going to call corporate..and his response was great..he said, I respect ur decision and u have the right as a customer…I wished I would have spoken To Eric earlier, than the useless manager named Kaitlin..I will make
Sure I am going to file my formal complaint to the corporate for disrespect, humiliation and stress they have caused us…and I want to make sure that actions will be done..this kind of manager and staffs should never be hired in a great company like Cheesecake Factory..the manager does not deserve the position…and the two staffs who lied should also be reprimanded…and the guy staff who was being nosy staring at us..My husband and I works for patient care and We make sure We respect each individual…coz everybody deserves time and respect at all times… I don’t want to give any star on this review..but I’m giving it becoz of Eric manager who was very nice to us..I hope they hire more managers like him 😇I know people would think, damn, it’s just a cheesecake…but for me, it’s more than just a cheesecake…it’s really the respect, service and importance we should give to each person when it’s due..thank you


Laura January 1, 2017 at 3:45 am

Its funny that i found another complaint about the Queens Center Location. I was at the Queens Center Cheese Cake Factory in New York today. It was my nieces birthday. We had a party of 12. I was told at 2:40pm by a nice manager and staff member at check in that it would be an hour and a half wait. Fast forward almost 3 hours later By the time we were waiting to be seated our feet were killing us. There is only one small bench to sit at by the doors. Standing for 2.5 hours is crazy. That is disgraceful. And no one should have to wait almost 3 hours to get a table. My step sisters 87 year old mother practically passed out from hunger. and someone was nice enough to give her their seat. If Texas Road House can implement a system where people call in ahead of time to shorten their waiting time you should do something similar. @and a half hours to wait for a table is insanity. It’s ridiculous to wait that long. When the tables were finally vacant we waited another 10 minutes until it was cleared and set for us to sit. At this point the staff shifts had changed and the kind people helping us earlier, left for the day, leaving us with staff members who didn’t seem to give a crap that the tables we were waiting on were not being cleared in a timely manner or that we had been waiting so long.
Finally, we were seated and had to wait about 15 minutes before anyone even came over to take our order. I asked to speak to a manager and this nasty woman came over not really caring to hear our frustration about waiting almost double the amount of time we were told.
We were told by the waitress that there was no bread it was being baked. The service was not great but they were busy and it was new years eve so i get it she did her best. no complaints there. It was busy and we understood.
As if it couldn’t get any worse. My Chicken Maderia came out uncooked. And my husbands supposed to be rare ribeye came out well done and so dried out it stuck to the plate. They were good about recooking our food, however, It took so long, our other family members food was finished, so by the time our food came out, everyone else was done eating. Therefore, my husband and i had our food wrapped up and moved onto desert like everyone else in our family.
A nice asian manager came over apologized and gave us a free desert that we also ate a bite or two of and wrapped up.
Don’t think it could get any worse? It did. Eating the uncooked chicken got me so sick that it gave me massive diarrhea. I pooped 3 times before i left your restaurant and on the hour ride home i crapped in my pants from being so sick from the food there. My niece also got sick. Luckily she made it to the bathroom on time. To say that this was the worst restaurant experience in my life is a HUGE understatement. I spend thousands of dollars a year in your restaurants and to be honest, I don’t care how tasty your food is. there are plenty of good restaurants where i wont wait almost 3 hours to be seated, wont get raw food sent to my table and wont make me so sick that i sh*t myself on the way home. I had diarrhea 13 times in a 3 hour period to the point i got dehydrated from it. It was a nightmare. You people should not only be ashamed. As a business owner myself for many years, the customer service from that female night manager was a shameful representation of you.
The fact that you don’t take reservations for large parties is a serious problem that you need to address. Texas Road House doesn’t take reservations either but they have a more streamlined seating system in place where people can call ahead when they are on their way and are given a number that places them in the line so when they arrive their wait time is significantly lessened. They are given an aproximate time of seating on the phone.
You might want to take note of that. As for the sitting in that location, get some more seats for crying out loud, for people waiting excessive amounts of time to sit in. This is a disgrace!
Lastly, make sure the food you bring to your patrons is cooked thoroughly. My family spent hundreds of dollars by the time we were done eating and i should not have gotten sick from my meal.
My advice to anyone thinking of eating there. Run in the other direction. There are plenty of places close by where you can eat, get seated quicker, get treated more respectfully by the management and not get violently ill at the end of your meal and on the way home. Mind you. i leave near the Huntington location and am there regularly. They on the most part have been friendly and efficient so this is not all about complaining.
Thanks for your ear, Sincerely, Laura Caracciolo


MAV November 7, 2016 at 6:35 pm

I had a horrible experience today in Pittsford, NY. The establishment used to be top notch. It has gone down so much, it is sad. Horrible – from the food to the service. If this is the way that this place chooses to do business, then lower the prices!!! . . . way too expensive for what I experienced today which is highly upsetting. I hate wasting money and the server didn’t seem to care that I was disappointed. I work at Carrabba’s Italian Grill as a server and I know what good food and customer service is. Today was no where near that. My meal should have been comped. At the establishment where I work, this would have been taken care of immediately. Please start having your manager come to tables where even the smallest thing isn’t right! It shows you at least care!!


Cami Masters November 4, 2016 at 6:43 pm

Went to Cheesecake Factory in San Jose, CA on October 30 for my adult son’s birthday dinner. Less than satisfied. I have tried to make a formal complaint twice with no response. Party of 10 paid near $500 for dinner. appetizers arrive before drinks, waiters changed shifts during our visit, fellow waiters were counting monies and receipts at table next to us as a huge distraction to our party. My son, who raves about your pasta Davinci received half portion size of pasta with no spoon and no parmesean cheese (the little details are important). But the kicker was my b=husband received his pasta dish with the pasta not cooked, Not aldente, but not cooked. I asked the waitress to speak to the kitchen, she did not bring another plate nor credit our bill. Unacceptable. This is a family tradition and it was the worst experience we have ever had at your restaurant.


SHANE COOK November 3, 2016 at 11:27 am

$37.00 for 2 cups of coffee, 1 slice of Key Lime pie, and 1 Cobb salad. Keep it up Cheesecake Factory and before you know it, you’re company will be a memory!


Kaila green August 1, 2016 at 1:12 pm

I’m sorry to bother anyone about this matter but I have all of my family dinners and events at Cheesecake Factory until recently, i had a horrible experience with my friends we had a wonderful dinner until it was time to pay out bill, we always count the money several times to make sure we are completely covered to tip the waiter but this time the waiter brought back the tab and stated he was $100 short, there is no way out tab was that short after 4 different people friends of mine counted it first, the waiter did nothing to resolve then issue and the manager I believe his name was Henry was no help. He defended the waiter which is no way to resolve an issue, his Problem solving skills were horrible and me or anyone I know will ever go back there again.


Vivian July 25, 2016 at 9:57 am

Hi last night I went to the store located at Ridge Hill Yonkers NY .The store says its open on Sundays till 10pm.we got there at 940 pm and we were told that we can only order cake and something to drink because the kitchen is closed ! When i ask one of the workers why if it says open till 10 he told me all restaurants close their kitchens 15 -20 minutes early. .Thats not true !!! Its sad how this store is run by the employees that are rude and have attitude they seem to forget that without us costumers they would not have a JOB..But its ok thanks to their lazy a… I try a delicious place called Yard House were the food is delicious and our server was very nice ! Is sad how some people don’t appreciate their job and they are ruining a business shame on The Cheesecake Factory At Ridge Hill…..


Betty Alexander July 16, 2016 at 3:09 pm

Friends took me out for my birthday yesterday afternoon
to your restaurant at Ridgehill, Yonkers, NY. Air conditioning was minimal (over 90 degrees outside); my napkin when opened was streaked with dirty marks; my Aisian Chicken Salad came, incredibly, with no trace of chicken. These situations were corrected. Very disappointing way for a birthday luncheon!


Bill July 7, 2016 at 8:00 pm

Horrible experience trying to place an order to go — was placed on a “short hold” of 5 mins, hung up and called back, only to be told that they were busy, and I asked the guy answering the phone if he couldn’t take my order. Spoke to one of the managers, after waiting another 5 mins, and he tried to tell me the person answering the phone wasn’t trained to take an order (really? Its not rocket science and doesnt require a master’s degree). You can do better.


C. Abney June 22, 2016 at 10:14 am

My family and I visited this location last night to celebrate my neices high school graduation. It by far was one of the worst restaurant experiences I have ever had. We waited 45 min to be seated (was told 20-30 min), after we ordered our beverages and viewed the menu for another 20 minutes only than were we told that they DID NOT have over 25 items on the menu. We were immediately disappointed and wish someone would have told us this when we requested to be seated (16 person dinner party), because the guest of honor requested-to eat here for a certain item that they did not have. We immediately ask to speak to the manager. Mr. James W. Major was the manger at this location and which he clearly lacks experience and managerial skills of a restaurant. We have had dinning experiences all over the world including my children. I say this to give you a reference that by far this was one of the worst dinning experience we have ever had. Dinning at a restaurant is not all about eating good, but important. It is also about the experience of fellowship with whomever your dinning with, the overall atmosphere, and eating awesome food. We have all visited a restaurant or two that may have run out of an item or two, but 25 items that includes common items like french fries and buffalo wings. I say that to say not having that amount of items was very dissatisfying, not being told when we walked in, ruin our experience because we couldn’t eat what we wanted and had hungry children and teens with us.
Mr. Major offered nothing but words of apologies, he never offered a solutions to redeem himself for the lack of communication to his guests. After I clear explained my grievances he had no solution to try and make our experience better, he actually stood at the table in silence after I stated to him that his apology was not satisfying enough. He then swiftly left the table to say he was going to converse with the our waiter to never return again. Our dinning experience was now at an all-time high of disappointment and frankly disgust. The experience ended as we requested for the bill, the waiter walks up to me whispers in my ear and says “yours calamari was taken off don’t worry about that.” So ultimately the managerial staff thought they could appease one single person( who was not even the guest of honor) by taking off an items that cost $9-10. This again was not about getting something for free, this was about communicating effectively to your customers and when you fail to do so you should atleast attempt to go above and beyond to make the rest of their experience satisfying and ensure that they will return to your business. We will never dine there again!


C. Abney June 22, 2016 at 10:19 am

After all of that the food was horrible, just to add that note! (Willow Grove location in PA)


Shalrese J May 17, 2016 at 7:07 pm

Never have I ever been so disappointed in the level of service and quality of food. My coworker and Boss and I patronized the Grove location,We rev’d the poorest quality one can imagine our food took 45 mins and it was cold.


SHYREE ROBINSON May 17, 2016 at 6:46 pm

Dear Sir/Madam:

I took my staff to The Cheesecake Factory located 189 The Grove Dr. on May 17th. We arrived at 12:30pm and were seated immediately. Our waiter Jamel K. greeted us and asked us if we wanted anything to drink and if we would like to have some bread. The 3 of us ordered water and said yes to the bread. The waiter brought us two pieces of bread that was cold and hard. It looked like it was left over from someone table that had eaten already. We asked the waiter to bring us some fresh bread. The waiter took our orders and it took over 45 minutes to receive our food. There were people in a booth in front of us complaining about the long wait for their food and they were there already when we arrived. The waiter told them that he would have the manager to deliver their food. We asked the waiter where was our food, and he gave us the same response, “that the manager would deliver our food”.

The manager delivered our food and all of our food was cold when we received it. The manager was not courteous at all and did not even offer an apology. The food tasted horrible and none of us enjoyed our lunch.

I am writing this letter because I fell that the manager Carlos Williams could have given more customer service and at least come and meet with us after complaining to the waiter and requesting to see the manager.

It was a special occasion to celebrate with my staff that was spoiled by bad service and bad food.

As an overall rating, our experience at your establishment was not near what we had come to expect from The Cheesecake Factory.
Hopefully you will be able to return to your previous level of excellence.


Sharonda Newby May 8, 2016 at 8:27 pm

Good evening,
I just wanted take the time to let you know about my experience today at Cheesecake Factory. My family and I visited today at the Virginia Beach Va. Restaurant. My daughter got sick today after eating a cheeseburger. I asked for the burger well done. After eating the burger maybe 20 minutes my daughter wasn’t feeling well. She was feeling very nauseous and her lips turned white. She couldn’t even stand straight. Maybe 10 minutes after that she vomit everything back up. And still wasn’t feeling well. We asked her if she wanted to go to Urgent Care by the time we got there. She brung the rest of the food up. I’m very disappointed. I couldn’t send the food back because we had already waited 45 minutes for our food to arrive. So we decide to leave the restaurant and couldn’t enjoy Mothers Day dinner. I just wanted to write you to let you know about my experience. And maybe there’s something that can be done as a whole so the next person won’t get sick. I don’t know if it’s unsanitary in the kitchen. Workers not washing their hands. It can be lots of reasons but I’m trying to help the next customer. Please feel free to contact me at (757) 597-XXXXX if you have any questions or you can email me. Thanks for your time.


She Hooks April 25, 2016 at 2:24 pm

I should have read the reviews before ruining my birthday dinner on April 22 2016 had I read them I would not have waisted my time nor my friends and family time. My nightmare of customer service took place at the cheesecake factory in Jacksonville Florida Town Center. It started on April 18,2016 when I called an attempted to place a reservation. The representative that took my call stated to me that I needed to call Saturday morning at 8. Nobody never told me at that point there is no reservations on weekends. So I called Saturday morning and placed a reservation for 6pm party of 15. I arrived at 6 with about 8 of my guests one of my guest was my ekderly mother with a disability. The representative at the front check in counter was very rude. She stated to me unless all of my guests was there we couldn’t be seated
Noone explained to me the rules. So after waiting 1 hour and 40 minutes my mother begin to get tired I ask could we be seated so that my mother could sit down the Girl at the Front counter said to me she could get her a chair but we couldn’t be seate unless all of the guest was there. Now I’m mad and it took everything in me not to get irate. The employees including management is the worst they are very prejudice. No quality customer Service all of them should have to go back through training. I am taking this complaint to a higher level because after 2 hours of humiliation I asked the manager for corporate number and he intentionally gave me the wrong number I had to look it up myself. My 1st and last experience with the Cheesecake Factory is a memory because I will never patronized their business in Jacksonville Florida after reading the reviews it seems as though the CEO AND.CFO is only about money not quality services because people are spending a lot of time and money with this business and nothing is being done. I will take my complaint to the BBB and to the owners so that this will not continue to happen to anyone else. I also plan to contact my local news to investigate the humiliation that the staff is displaying toward customers so that the Cheesecake Factory in Jacksonville Florida can be exposed or possibly shut down.


Ernesto April 20, 2016 at 12:15 am

Total claim and disagree in our experience today at Cheesecake Factory in Albuquerque NM, the worst meal we’ve had in a long time, today to celebrate our 25 years of marriage and decided to particularly celebrate it at this restaurant. the prices are very high in comparison to the quality and service of the food, the service, depersonalized, very bad, very long wait, the food give it you cold and to complain, the waiter did nothing to fix it, also I had to found someone to refill my soda, we talked with the Manager his name is John, talk you our frustration of having done to lose our food talking all what happened to us and only justified by new restaurant already with more than 1 month, the lack of capacity, planning, business, and operation as well as processes and procedures were evident, we pay the total count of the consumed, we feel very disappointed is a very expensive restaurant, I am not recommend at all it to anyone not spend their money there, please read the reviews first in the internet, we know these places in Mexico and Denver and they are completely different.


Linda Bolas February 6, 2016 at 9:06 pm

I can not believe I’m at the 3hr and 10 min mark in waiting for a table @ this MI 12 Osks Mall location- especially after being told it was gonna be a 2hr wait! We are not the only party this TOTAL mismanagement and miss”guesstimation” of time has happened to! We literally could have driven to Cleavland and got a table sooner! Had my family not driven across town to eat here for a dual birthday celebration (one being my daughter in for the weekend from college) I would have suggested we went to a different place! So incredibly disappointed with this incredible miss management! Its now the 3 HR and 20 min mark! Just got seated- with NO NO apologies! (REDUCULOUS!)


Renata Davis January 30, 2016 at 7:07 am

Never have I ever been so disappointed in the level of service and quality of food. My boyfriend and I patronized the Fort Worth, TX location downtown and rev’d the poorest quality one can imagine. When escalated to shift manager Ulo Pena we were mocked in our complaint. When asked if he was a manager like an infant he responded, “Yep” as if his vernacular was a reflection of him living and operating on the streets. He continued to insult and condesend us by acting as though he did not hear us on the telephone and hung up in our face. His response to our complaint was, “hello, hello I can’t hear you. I am losing you.” And then we heard dial tone. Between my business associates and I we spend on average $1000 annually at Cheesecake Factory. I will be certain myself, staff clients and the three organizations I sit on the board on comprising of roughly 300 members here’s our grievances since corporate remains silent on this grave concern. I will go as far as rewarding my direct staff to overlook your establishment across America. I have never been so humilated at an estasblishment in my life. I treat all with the up most respect and expect a fraction of this in return. I felt I was experiecing a teen comedy film with Ulo Penas behavior.


Catherine burrell January 25, 2016 at 2:02 pm

I have to say very disappointed in service at the Santa Monica resturant, 1st i made a phone in 4:30pm when i got there there was a line 5 people ahead. My order was to be ready in 15-20 min i gave them 30 min, by the time i got to the counter they couldnt find my order in computer, then the girl found it written on a piece of paper, which ment it hadnt been entered!! She said she could put it in now but id have to wait another 15 min, mind you im now late for work with nothing to eat!! So i asked to speak with a manager, told him what happened he wrote my name and number address down said they would send me a compension. The next day i decided to call corporate to make the complaint, spoke with a gentleman explained he took my email and said i would get an email the next day!!! Im still waitting!!!
The service all the way around has been totally horrible, bad thing is i like the food !!


That's what you get May 4, 2016 at 5:29 am

If the service is sooooo bad. Stop going. Jesus couldn’t make it any more simpler. It’s like complaining about your burger at McDonald’s you fatty


Donna Bach January 22, 2016 at 7:34 pm

Hi my name is Donna Bach and just want you to know that I had the worst service at the Cheesecake Factory in Oakbrook Terrace I had ordered my pasta believes called Evelyn pasta I got it the noodles were the wrong noodles it was dry and my son ordered the smothered chicken and it was absolutely gross they proceeded to get me a new pasta by the time they brought it to me to the table my party was already done eating and I had to get my entree to go had to wait 2 hours for this poor service also had to sit and wait for beverages to be refilled just thought I would bring this to your attention the Cheesecake Factory in Oakbrook Terrace was the one that I was at just three days ago I had told the manager and he did nothing for us or my party so I am contacting you hopefully something can be done and Cheesecake Factory can get better service thank you just thought I would bring this to your attention the Cheesecake Factory in Oakbrook terrace was the one that I was at just a few days ago I had told the manager and he did nothing for us or my party so I am contacting you hopefully something can be done


Gina Cox January 22, 2016 at 1:17 pm

I cannot believe you are putting people in danger by not having a decision on closing your DC store. The regional was sent a clip of the mayor that said “shelter in place by 3pm” it took us 4 hours to get home two days ago when it was 1″. I don’t not work for you, I never have. This is not how you show you care about your people. Your managers are trying to get answers and your regonal in Florida is not responding. This is awful, and unreasonable. If anyone in your store gets hurt I will help them with a law suit.


Emily W January 15, 2016 at 5:16 pm

Terrible service at the Trumbull Mall in CT. Calamari was way to salty(and greasy and not hot). Waitress, Jennifer C. was never in sight and my friend and I kept grabbing the server next door to bring this fried calamari back. Next calamari was also salty and even MORE greasy. I asked for marinara, thinking that it would disguise the salt, after she made another trip to get the marinara, it didn’t disguise the salt and the grease. Manager did nothing but make excuses (Jonathan) didn’t even offer us a slice of cheesecake. He said that because we only had an hour, they couldn’t “shake the grease” out. Really? That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Also, my friend’s coffee was served cold and without sugar. I got up and got sugar from the bus station. Our server no where to be found.

Horrible experience. I had a $10.00 coupon but in the end, it was like I didn’t use it because I didn’t even eat either plate of calamari. So many complaints about the Cheesecake Factory around the country. Surprised they are still around. Terrible management, terrible staff, terrible service, and the food is not that great. Should have stuck to my original plan of cheesecake.


matt November 25, 2015 at 12:14 am

I’m sorry but if you go to the Cheesecake Factory and order a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake I feel like you should expect to get a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake Not a chocolate chip cookie dough and walnut cheesecake I bit into the cheesecake and had to shoot myself with my EpiPen thank god i was home when this happen and that my girlfriend was there i could be DEAD right now if it wasnt for her why wpuld you not inform a Customer that the cheese cake contains walnuts


Rachel November 10, 2015 at 5:33 pm

The Cheesecake Factory has been my favorite restaurant for more than 15 years. It has been my birthday tradition to dine at The Cheesecake Factory and order my favorite entree, Chicken Marsala, for over 15 years. This year was no exception. It was my birthday yesterday and my boyfriend and I were anxious for our dinner date to complete the night. I was looking forward to the delicious taste I get with every bite of my Chicken Marsala. Service was great as always, but my order of Chicken Marsala with extra sauce on the side was not. Never in my 15+ years of dining at The Cheesecake Factory has my meal been unsatisfactory. My expectation (as this is how it has always been served to me) for my entree is to receive a plate full of bowtie pasta, 3 WHOLE pieces of chicken, and an ample amount of mushrooms and marsala wine sauce that coats each piece of pasta. On this particular night, I was given two pieces of chicken and what appeared to be the corner ends of a piece of chicken, and the sauce was barely detected. The extra sauce I asked for on the side was a small butter dish with a few mushrooms and a drizzle of sauce. When I asked our server about the chicken, she told me that the entree consists of 3 “portions of chicken” and not necessarily 3 “whole pieces of chicken”. That was news to me because each and every time I have ordered Chicken Marsala I have always, always received a dish with 3 WHOLE pieces of chicken. That is what I thought was The Cheesecake Factory standard. I was also underwhelmed by the sauce. It didn’t have the same mouthwatering and delectable taste with every bite that I have grown accustomed to enjoying. To say I was very disappointed is an understatement. (Un)happy birthday to me. I was left feeling like I don’t want to go back there again.
Thank you for listening.


Rachel October 22, 2015 at 12:53 am

My family and I ate at the Cheescake Factory on 10/17/15, a location we frequent often. We had a good dinner until I decided to order cheesecakes to go for us to eat later on in the day. I was disgusted to see an employee touching the cheesecakes with her bare hands. Her bare hands!! I watched her for a good 10 minutes since it took 20+ minutes to wait for my 4 cheesecakes and 2 coffees. She was touching different cheesecakes, some that contained nuts, no hand washing in between, no thought of putting gloves on. Working in the healthcare field along with having a child with severe food allergies, I was appalled. So many children have severe peanut allergies such as throat swelling in my kids’ school and The Cheesecake Factory has so many different cheesecakes with peanuts in them such as the Reese’s peanut butter or Snickers cheesecake. How do these employees not wear gloves?!! When I watched another employee go in the glass casing to get a cheesecake also without gloves, my conscience felt obligated to talk to one of the managers about this. I spoke with Andrea, who told me she was one of the managers…what a disgrace..the way she handled the situation with no apology and just complaints of how busy the restaurant was..guess somebody was not paying attention when she was taught how to deal with customer complaints. This was not your usual “my food came out cold” complaint, this was a “you’re violating code” complaint that she should have not brushed off like she did. In this day and age where peanut allergies are so severe and this restaurant chain being known as a ‘family friendly’ restaurant, you would think management would be apologetic. Not the case here. I asked for her district manager’s number and tried to reach him that’s now three days later and still waiting for Mr. Raymond Day to call me back. Guess there’s defects in management all around with this company. Needless to say, I will never go back to any Cheesecake Factory restaurant again. If somebody should sue your company for their child getting an anaphylactic reaction because some of your employees are too lazy to put gloves on, hope your ready to fork up big bucks!


mona October 15, 2015 at 8:17 pm

My son works at the Cheesecake Factory in Orland Illinois. He found $100 in a booth while he was cleaning up after customers left. Instead of keeping that money and putting it in his pocket, he turned it in to the restaurant management. They told him they were surprised he didn’t keep it, and that if no one came looking for the $ that they would give it back to him. 3 weeks later and they still haven’t given him the money he found. Finally today his manager said that someone came in and claimed it? Ok? So someone didn’t realize that they lost 100 dollars until 3 weeks later, and when they did they knew they lost it at the Cheesecake Factory? The Managers there are liars and thieves. I always taught my children to do the right thing and in one swoop the Cheesecake Factory showed him what happens when you do.


lorraine September 20, 2015 at 7:27 pm

my husband and I have been loyal customers to the chessecake factory today we went to the one in Menlo park nj totally disappointed first we waited for our drinks ( lemonade an ice tea) 11 minutes had to ask for bread waiter never came over to see if everything was OK ordered coffee never got it but was on the bill macaroni and cheese balls where cold spent $93 with out tip watched managers goof off with waitresses hostess walking around texting seemed to be a big party going on with some of the staff no one talk anything serious will not be going back for awhile very disappointed


Robert USMC retired September 8, 2015 at 12:59 am

Why leave comments if they aren’t read by corporate and fixed. Fix the tea making process at the Anaheim location (The Shops at Anaheim GardenWalk 321 W Katella Avenue Anaheim, CA 92802 714-533-7500.) I had the waiter taste the tea and he literally gagged. It tasted how Lysol smells. He brought me a fresh cup and it had mustard, yes, lot’s of mustard caked inside the cup meaning the cups aren’t being washed. Third cup was fresh BUT WAIT!, there were unidentified floating objects in it. LMFAO! This place is a joke. This is the first I’ve ever commented in a negative way about….anything. I mean, I’m used to MRE’s and have never complained. We’ll end here. Hopefully I don’t get sick.


Alina August 29, 2015 at 7:17 pm

I have loved going to Cheesecake Factory since college days. In 15 years of being a patron, I have received the worst service at lunch time (around 2:00 p.m.) of any location. I have been to many locations throughout the years including Washington, D.C. during my internship days to Maryland where my family lives.
Today, I was taking my co-worker, Mona (that is the name I gave to the person at the front area) for her birthday lunch. It was supposed to be a fun day eating at her favorite place and a day of shopping at Irvine Spectrum. Our lunch experience ruined our day.
Firstly, we were seated with no problems. Then, it went downhill from there. Our server (I didn’t catch his name; he was a young, Asian man in his 20’s) took our order of 2 waters, Jambalaya, and Thai lettuce cups. As he was taking our order, we asked him for a cloth napkin (since there was only 1 cloth napkin from a table of 2), 2 straws, and a paper napkin. He did not come back to our table after that. We saw the young man helping everyone around us (a family of 3, 2 cute girls, and 2 women) except us. We were starting to feel annoyed. After waiting 10 minutes, I approached a gentleman setting up a nearby table for a napkin and a straw. He handed me a straw and a napkin. I was still short one straw, so I asked another server if I could have a straw. At this point, we were disgusted with our whole Cheesecake experience.
As we were about to leave, a server (pleasant, young lady) was bringing out our food. We informed her that we were about to leave because it was the worst Cheesecake experience. We let her know that we weren’t interested in notifying the manger; we just wanted to leave. She convinced us to stay, so we stayed and ate our meal. However, we regretted that decision because our original server looked at us in an upset manner every time he passed our table. It was very, very uncomfortable. Also, we already told the woman that brought out our food that we did not want to talk to the manager. Yet, he came by and said, “I am sorry our service was slow today.” We weren’t upset that the service was slow; we were upset because no one checked up on us since the time we ordered to the time we received our food. We felt invisible and ignored at your restaurant. Furthermore, we were embarrassed to have management come sit next to us in front of many people to “apologize.” To add insult to injury, we were offered a bill for $34.45 for our Jambalaya and Thai Lettuce Wrap. It’s not like I was expecting anything, but a simple, “Would you like a cheesecake comped? or a percentage taken off would have shown that Cheesecake was really sorry for the type of service we received. By the way, we weren’t planning on getting cheesecake (just even the thought would have been nice). To date, Cheesecake Factory has not contacted me back since I made the initial complaint.


S. blackman August 21, 2015 at 6:01 pm

Dear Cheesecake Factory,
Re: Restaurant inside Caesar’s Palace
This restaurant ruined my daughters reception dinner! We called ahead (three weeks) and were assured by management they would accommodate the party of 20 on Friday August 7th. Knowing this is a busy place during this time we wanted to be sure there wouldn’t be a two hour wait. We get there and of course it was OVER a 2 wait and to make matters THE WORST they wouldn’t seat us all together. We had to split the party in 3 different areas. I wasn’t able to sit and enjoy dinner with my daughter on one of the biggest days of my life. The icing on the cake? There were 2 empty tables in her section that were never used. When my daughter enquiried to mgt he said the party for those tables never showed. REALLY?! Management ended up comping her ticket, however I was made to pay for the ticket at my table with 5 of her guests, where I sat and cried and couldn’t even eat. My heart is still broken that I will never recapture that special time with my only child. I hope corporate will read this so others in our situation aren’t promised something they can’t fulfill.


Delia August 12, 2015 at 4:57 pm

On August 7th 2015 I was denied a server position with the Cheesecake Factory. This would have been well and fine had not just a few weeks prior I was not extended the promise of a position. Approximately the second week of July I was called in for an interview with the company. Everything went great and I was asked to come back for a second interview. After interviewing with 4 different managers on two separate occasions, I finally interviewed with the general manager Dave. He asked several questions and in the end stated, and I quote, ” I’m going to hire you, I just need to speak with the training manager Lisa about setting you up for training classes. I’ll be contacting you within 24 hours.” Well he never called. So a week later I contacted him and he informed me that Lisa was on vacation and that training wouldn’t start until the first or second week in August and that he would call me then. We’ll on August 5th I contacted them and spoke with Lisa who informed me that he had no recollection of me even applying. She asked me to come in two days later (which I did), only for Dave to refuse to come out and speak with me. Lisa approached me at that time and stated that Dave remembered me and said he didn’t want to go forward with the interview. Mind you just weeks prior I was waiting to hear back from him about training classes. When I asked her why she said he wouldn’t tell her. At that point I gathered my things and thanked her for her time. I find this to be extremely unprofessional and the GM needs to be fired. I don’t know why this happened but the fact remains that it did. I hope this reaches whomever need be and I wouldn’t want anyone to work for a company with Dave as its General Manager.


Jose carlos Magana August 12, 2015 at 2:19 pm

Dear Cheesecake factory Headquarters & Corporate office,
First of all things I would like to begin with my experience as an ex employer and commenting that it was a good experience to learn as a dishwasher,prep-cook,Cleaner and so on with the entire grand lux café. Other than the usual I just needed to inform corporate that I’m coming for my salary and pay stub print outs so that’s about it. Thank you before your cooperation and time.
Yours Truly,
Jose Carlos Magana


Zurelys Esquijerosa July 31, 2015 at 12:16 am

Hello, I am sending this e-mail because I have had the WORST experience ever today at the cheesecake factory located in Dolphin Mall. First of all the girl at the front desk named Nicole was the worst employee ever, not mention her attitude was very nasty and unprofessional. After being told by her that my family and I would not be able to be seated since it was 7pm and we were a party of 11. Fin ally the manager approved for us to get on a waiting list which was pretty ridicoulous to me. We waiting over an hour, when I go to the front desk I told the same girl Nicole how much longer because it had been an hour. She responded “No ma’am ill confirm with you because you are wrong my system says 45min” That was extremely rude and she had the worst attitude and ran off to tell other employees about what I told her. As we were FINALLY seated, the service was terrible my food tasted and smelled bad, the waited asked if we wanted our check but yet my niece and nephew had not yet received there food or my brother. According to the waited his wings were sent to another table and they ran out. Please contact me back because I am super upset and had the worst experience. It was my mothers birthday dinner and the majority of us left home without having dinner. I will never ever visit this cheesecake factory again!


Mary Goode July 28, 2015 at 12:17 pm

I came in to lunch with one of my business friends that had been dying to come to the Cheese Cake Factory; she had never been there before! We set in the high tables near the bar. Our waitress was great! But then our food came we were talking and eating. We asked for togo trays and I put the food on my fork and almost put it in my mouth and looked down, low and behold it was a COOKED ROACH in my food!!!!!!! I almost ate it. We asked for a manager! My work friends ran to the restroom throwing up!!! When he came to my table he asked how was my food today! Already knowing what had happen! Very unprofessional!!!!! Then I showed him my plate that’s when he gave me some story about they get vegetables in that come from the ground and it probably came in on them!!!!! Then he asked me did I want something else!!!! No not from back there!!!!! So he just wanted to take it off my bill! I was not happy with that! The waitress came back and told us she talked to him and said he needed to take the whole bill off!! She apologized for it!!!! The MANAGER never did once again unprofessional!!!!! I got his name Dennis Nocks this all happen around 3:30pm today July 27,2015. I have never been treat like this in my life. I can’t believe this has happen and to have a manager not apologize for his companies wrong doing!!!!! I love the Cheese Cake Factory but I will never come back here again! Then for my friend to die to come there and this to happen! It was just RIDICULOUS!!!!!! Very disappointing experience today!


Linda Perry July 27, 2015 at 10:39 am

My family and I ate at a cheesecake factory in Delaware. We are actually from the Washington metropolitan area. After returning home, I notice there was an overcharge on my bill. Who can I contact to resolve the discrepancy?

I look forward to hearing from you soon, I left a voice message along with my cell phone number. You can also reach me by email address. I would like to hear from you soon, so I can get this discrepancy resolved.

Thank you

Linda Perry
703-719-**** – home #
703-650-**** – cell #


Syreeta June 30, 2015 at 3:59 pm

This past weekend we spent 6 hours at your restaurant. Which is the longest I have ever spent at a restaurant my entire life.
First we waited an hour for our table, which we were fine with. However, the table was not big enough and we asked to wait for another table. After waiting another hour we were told by the manager that our table was given away to workers that had started their paperwork. She was unsure how long they would take but she will look for another table in the meantime. After, three hours we were finally seated. We only waited because it was a special occasion and had guest from out of town.
Next, after we had received our food some of the meals were burned. She made another meal for those individuals. However, it was another hour wait.
Then when the bill arrived it was over $700 for twenty people which we were not surprised. However, we were told she was unable to split the bill. We spent the next hour getting the cash together to cover the bill since she refused to split it up.
I have visited other establishments and I expect the wait. However, I have never had to wait three hours, received burned food and never have I ever been told the checks are unable to split up.
This establishment is a central location for my family to gather and we will never return ever again.


Rodolfo Gonzalez June 10, 2015 at 7:08 pm

So I was hired at the Cheesecake Factory Summerlin in Las Vegas Nevada in May. i was still in high school. I was hired for my experience in culinary and for my references. About a month later I was unable to work 1 shift because I had school related mandated activity to do. My manager said yes it’s ok I’ll cover for you. The next day after that was my high school graduation. That Saturday i try logging in to my hot schedules account to see when my next shift was. Turns out I was “terminated” for not showing up to work that day asked off. They said I was very uhh professional . By they didn’t even give me a chance to explain my situation. Now I don’t have a job and ok m a recent high school graduate. These people claim to be the best but they sure don’t act like it.


Shannie Mpaka May 30, 2015 at 6:24 am

On the 29 May 2015 at 9pm my family and I walked into Cheesecake Factory Peabody to celebrate my daughters second birthday. Over the last 6 years we have made it tradition to go there and have birthday dinners in honor of whomever is celebrating. There are better restaurants to go to but it’s a tradition I chose to follow.

I have gone to this specific restaurant every birthday of mine on the 31 December, my husbands and my sons and they have never sung to us the way we here them singing for the rest and it’s always been okay. But on this specific birthday, my 2 year old wanted it…every time they sang happy birthday for someone she sang along and cheered and said my turn my turn. I kept explaining that her turn would come once she was done with dinner and I was excited for her. When we finished our dinner, the waitress Kendra asked if we wanted the birthday sundae and I excitedly said of course.i cleared everything in front of me on the table, organized everyone and I told my daughter it was finally her turn. She sat there waiting patiently but I could tell the excitement through her beautiful brown eyes. Her smile literally lit up our hearts. I turned and watched Kendra the waitress walk from one colleague to another and I told my husband she is asking them yay…I reassured my daughter they were coming to just wait a little bit more. It took forever and finally Kendra the waitress arrived with a sundae by herself. She lit it and stood there .my heart sunk and tears welled up in my eyes coz I could see the disappointment on my daughters face and the could feel all the four of us disappointed. I started to sing together with my son and husband …as we sang happy birthday to her,we heard another person being sang to so I turned and asked…how come no one came over to sing for her? Kendra the waitress answered awkwardly..everyone has left. At that moment it sunk in…they had all chosen not to come over BUT WHY?????? We heard them sing for someone else and I broke down and cried like a little child because my 2 year old asked mummy they are singing happy birthday mama???and I could not turn and spread hate in her pure heart that they were not coming over to sing to her and they were not singing in her honor because…CHEESECAKE FACTORY CHOSE TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST A 2 YEAR OLD!!! We are a decent family, professionals and we were well dressed and carry ourselves well. Question is why did they choose not to sing to her? So excuse was everyone had left…a big group sang to two people and while I was crying they sang for the third person…..I have never felt so humiliated, hurt ,and discriminated against…I will NEVER RETURN TO CHEESECAKE FACTORY BECAUSE YOU DISCRIMINATED AGAINST MY 2 YEAR OLD BECAUSE SHE IS BLACK! And for those that did that may God cleanse your hateful,racist hearts and begin to see people for who they are Or simply do your job!!!


Angry worker May 4, 2015 at 3:10 pm

I have never in my life felt as violated, mistreated and hateful or a work place. The management plays favorites, the workers trash talk one another, everyone jumps to conclusions and it makes to be such an uncomfortable and toxic environment. I have been judged on my background; educations, socioeconomic, and ethnicity. I feel depression and when I walk through the doors of The Cheesecake Factory Legacy Village Cleveland. It is not a place of work. It is not a professional place, it is one where only those favorited by the management earn money, respect, or a good days work. I understand that this company is considered an incredible place to work but you should check all locations before jumping to conclusions. At our location we have management who do not even respect their employees.


Unacceptable May 2, 2015 at 7:15 pm

Before my experience today I never had anything negative to say about Cheesecake Factory. I placed a curbside order for the soup of the the day (potato soup) 3 bowls and a slice of cheesecake. Arrived there only to find that they can’t locate the ticket or my order. The waitress Alicia was extremely rude!!! I plan on informing my family and coworkers about my experience at the Cheesecake Factory in Boca Raton. Social media and word of mouth is powerful. Cheesecake Factory needs to revamp and retrain their employees on quality customer service!


Michelle February 25, 2015 at 10:07 am

On 02/21/2015 I went in to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my daughters 11th birthday since that’s where she really wanted to go. I called 3 days before my visit to attempt to reserve a table for 30 but was told that on the weekends they do not reserve it’s on a first come bases, I was also advised to arrive at least an hour early so that my name would be on the list and there would not be a long wait for tables. I arrived at 6p.m hoping to at least have an area for 7:30 or 8p.m so my guest would not be waiting for very long. In the end I waited 3 1/2 hours for a table during my wait I spoke to a manager by the name of Brent and explained to him that I had been waiting and seen people that came in after me be served but I’m just sitting here and now my guess are arriving, he really didn’t seem concerned and was rude as well. After waiting for the 3 1/2 hour my guest and I were seated but not together, we had a table that fit 12 and 4 individual booths. I am so disappointed and if it wasn’t got my daughter and guest I would have left, the food was crap and not made properly, my guest returned about 4 plates. The manager Bret never came over to apologize are say anything. The waitress and waiter we had were the only positive part of our experience, I have always been a huge fan of the Cheesecake Factory and have been to everyone in the Houston area but with service like the one we received on Saturday I will never be returning. I spent over $400.00 dollars to be treated like an undervalued customer and had to wait over 3 ½ hours just to be seated then ended up with crappy food and never even heard an apology from the manager about how I was treated.


Neal Beitman February 21, 2015 at 7:56 am

My wife and I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Sunrise, Florida 2 weeks ago and had a great meal. I ordered the Salmon and Steak Combo. It was ample and cooked just perfect. The service was also great.
We had dinner last night at Cheesecake Factory in Willow Grove, Pa #3225 Christine was our waitress. I ordered the same Salmon and Steak Combo. The portions were smaller for the Salmon and the Steak, however, the steak was very small not cut into medallions. It was cut like stew meat, 3 very small pieces of stew meat. I was very disappointed and told the waitress. The manager on shift came by and I told him about it. He had no idea what the portion size was supposed to be or how the slices were to look.
The manager had a new portion of meat sent to me and it looked exactly the same, three cuts of stew meat. The manager never came back to the table to find out if the meatwas acceptable to me. I was not going to complain in the establishment. I am doing it now! I was still very disappointed with the portion and the meet was not tender also. I would like to be compensated for my meal at cheesecake factory. The waitress service was okay, it was Friday night and busy. The shift manager blew me off.
Poor portion control, manager does not know what the meat portion looks like and how it is cut and prepared, but blow off the customer to find out if he or she is satisfied? There is trouble in this establishment!
Neal Beitman 215-801-****
* EdgewoodLane
Langhorne PA 19053


RONALD HENDERSON February 14, 2015 at 4:45 pm



Sonja February 12, 2015 at 2:20 pm

I visited your restaurant yesterday evening at 7pm. We had a table of 8 for my birthday. I was very disappointed in my shrimp scampi, but I kept quiet because of the positive energy around me. The shrimp scampi was horrible and very bland. It did not have any flavor, seasoning or taste to it like it normally does. I am positive something was left out. I’m not for sure if the way you cooked the shrimp scampi changed from 3 months ago when I last ordered it. I did not want to complain in front of my company since we were having such a great time, and my waitress was great. I knew it wasn’t her fault. I feel like when I spend my money going out to eat my food should be right. I have been dining at Cheesecake and Grand Luxe for years. We ordered several appetizers, several entrees and 2 desserts. I waited all day for my birthday shrimp scampi and was very disappointed. Can you please let me know if this is an isolated incident, or the cook has changed the process of making the shrimp scampi. I would like to know so I will not waste my money the next time I order shrimp scampi. I felt cheated when I payed $20 for the scampi and a 18% tip! I believe you would too if you spent money expecting the same taste as your hundred other experiences.


Erika November 8, 2014 at 10:14 pm

Had the worst experience this evening at the Metairie, Louisina location. The service was horrible! The waiter screwed up the bill since we had separate tickets at our table, so I just went ahead and gave him my debit card because he would have taken forever to get it corrected. He was taking forever to come back for me to sign for my bill then he shows up questioning if I gave him the card because he can’t find it! Needless to say he lost my card! He returned after looking for it some more and to get the manager. I literally got sick to my stomach and upon returning to the table he tried to explain. I told him don’t and find my card and that he has literally made me sick to my stomach and he laughed! He did NOT seem real upset or concerned! Manager came out and asked how things were and explained to him the problem! Well all he could do was to take a little off my bill! Not happy at all when I shouldn’t have had to pay a penny for the MAJOR mess up! I then go to the store after leaving restaurant and machine is not wanting to read my card when I have NEVER had a problem before! Won’t be back and will aware of others who chose to go there!


PATTI CURETON November 2, 2014 at 6:56 pm



withheld August 25, 2014 at 10:25 am

The comments above are not positive about Cheesecake Factory. I am not surprised at all. The employees they claim to treat “so well” are not treated well at all. I am withholding my name because my daughter is an employee there. She has unfortunately had an accident and cannot work until she has healed. She has doctors recommendations and orders to stay out of work until she has healed. Cheesecake factory has been presented with this. She has worked very hard and very diligently for them for over a year. Even with doctors orders to not work, they have chosen to terminate her. I am in shock. She is not able to work, struggling to pay bills, and they terminate her. Wow. It appears to me they do not appreciate the time she has worked for them. We even have letters concerning her performance from them, all positive. But being out, even with doctors orders to do so, doesn’t mean a thing to them. If and when she is able to go back, she has lost that entire year with them. Which builds up vacation time. pto, insurance availability, etc. I am extremely disappointed in their action and hopefully she can go to work somewhere else when she is able. I don’t feel this is a company she needs to waste her time trying to grow with. They have not reached out to help her, instead terminated her. Poor judgment. I personally will never go to the local one here, and will share with everyone I know to do the same Being in the business I am, I come in contact with a lot of people. I will not recommend them..


josh July 19, 2014 at 7:33 pm

i would like to say that your Buffalo restraunt is A+ worthy keep going!!!!!!


Melissa Johnson May 18, 2014 at 2:37 pm

I visited the Raleigh location on May 17th. I asked for a gluten free menu and told the server we had an allergy. My little boy ordered a kids gluten free pasta dish. After eating about half of it, I noticed bow tie flour noddles. A manager came over and told us that all the pasta was cooked together regardless if it was GF. I asked how that could be when there is an allergy. He said “I don’t make the recipes”. I have never been so disappointed in the last of knowledge and professionalism in my life. We do not choose to be GF for a fad, I am celiac and we take this extremely seriously. If the Cheesecake Factory is going to offer a GF menu, the staff needs to take it seriously. This is no different than a shellfish allergy or a peanut allergy. After being sick from the dish , I know that if this happened to one if the staff members, they would have a better understanding.


BC March 18, 2014 at 10:54 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express my feelings and thought of my most recent experience in one of your restaurants. I have never felt more humiliated, insulted, belittled and uncomfortable in my life! I have prior experience in waitressing/server, and also as a customer service representative. I learned that in order for a customer to come back one must welcome them and make them feel at home. I felt neither of the above.

On March 15, 2014, a group of friends, family members and myself visited The Cheesecake Factory (0108), Huntington Beach CA to celebrate a birthday dinner for my youngest sister. While we waited for a table to accommodate our party, I decided to have a drink since, one, it was cold outside and I had the flu and two, waiting for a table took a long time. Once at the bar, as usual we were all asked for IDs, and this is where you should consider educating your staff. Not everyone in California was born here, it’s sad that RACISM till this day still exist!!!!

I have never felt so discriminated in my 24years living here as a permanent resident. I travel constantly to and from the international border for business matters.

I usually only carry my Permanent Resident Card (green card), as it’s a legitimate identification card, which provides my full name, date of birth and expiration date. Not to mention it fits perfectly in my wallet and I don’t have to worry about misplacing it or losing it.

As the corporate office of a major restaurant, I suggest you take into consideration and educate your staff on the different forms of IDs specifically Mr. Jeff Gray, not only was he racist, he was rude and insulting, with his comment “you look like you’re under 21” I understand the concern with under age drinking, but when you are looking at an ID that states the person in front of you is 27 years of age, it’s not a compliment it’s an insult!!!!!

And once we finally got a table, WE, not just me but my guest were treated with lack of respect!!!! The waitress was rude and felt the need to correct our English!!!! The manager Mr. Jeff Gray, felt that it was necessary to circle our table constantly while we were having dinner making all of us feel uncomfortable. YOU DON’T DO THAT TO YOUR GUEST!!! YOU DON’T BELITTLE OTHER PEOPLE!!!


If necessary I will go to a higher authority, I will take time out of my busy life to make it known of such discrimination coming from your store! I will research and contact support groups to help me, I will take time to contact whom I have to in order to get the news around. I REFUSE TO BE TREATED THIS AWAY AGAIN!!!!


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