Charter Communications Corporate Office

Charter Communications Corporate Office Address

Charter Communications, Inc.
400 Atlantic St 10th Floor
Stamford, CT 06901

Contact Charter Communications

Phone Number: (203) 905-7801
Fax Number: N/A
Website: http://www.charter.com
Email: Email Charter Communications


CEO: Thomas M. Rutledge
CFO: Christopher L. Winfrey
COO: John Bickham

Charter Communications History

Charter Communications was incorporated in Delaware in 1993.  The company initially grew mostly through acquisitions.

By 1998, Charter was serving over 1 million customers.  By 2002, that number grew to 6.8 million.

The company went public in 1999 after acquiring 10 companies in the previous year.

In 2005, four former executives were indicted for inflating subscriber base numbers.

In 2009, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The company emerged from bankruptcy late the same year after dropping $8 billion in debt from their books.

In 2010, Paul Allen resigned from his chairman position.  The company also signed an agreement to provide content via TiVo.

In 2012, the company headquarters were relocated from Town and Country, Missouri to Stamford, Connecticut.

Charter Communications currently provides cable television, high speed internet and phone service to over 5 million Americans in 25 states.  It is the 4th largest cable provider by revenue.

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Diana Bihler January 9, 2016 at 10:34 am

I have several issues with charter. The first and most costly is the 6.99 charge for digital boxes that I now need to receive cable. The other issue is the rude customer service in the Ludlow Ma office. One of the woman said loudly that she should of called in sick . I assumed it was because there was a line of customers returning their digital boxes and this woman has to work a little harder. Its apparent to me that Charter corporate has a disconnect with the associates who take care of customers. Obviously communication is a problem between customer service and the technical crews that service homes. Just read your emails. I assume that customer service is not important because you have a monopoly on most communities, but don”t close your eyes . Customers are smart. It might take a while but they will leave in time. Just look at land lines.


Travis Tharp December 28, 2015 at 6:03 pm

Dear Charter -
My name is Travis Tharp.
I have been a cable customer since 2000. I have been through all of the buyouts from one cable company to the next. I cannot remember how many that has been.
For the last 15 years of having cable I have been very loyal. Obviously it has not been all through Charter but I feel for cable we get a horrible price for being loyal. I am tired of sky rocketing bills. Especially with no notice.
The last price increase was 8%. They say this was due to my internet promotion expiring. I did not even know I had an internet promotion. I called back in September when the 8% increase happened and they stated they could drop my price again.
This price would be about 2% more than what I was paying. I was ok with this. Charter was working with me! October Bill came in. Still the high price! I called and they stated I needed a new router and when I sent in my old router I would get that discount. This would have been nice to know on the first call. The previous discussion stated nothing about a new router. Charter sent me a new router. I hooked it up and sent the old router back. Low and behold, new bill comes and it is still the new high price. I called and received a third story. There are no promotions going on and this is the standard price. All three times I called in the customer service was very kind and professional BUT I received three different stories.

Charter should really do some research on their company. Look at social media. You guys are leaving a bad taste. Not just with high bills but the choppy cable is getting worse. Customers are leaving Charter for something better. People looking into cable or satellite do their research in our area before choosing. Hands down satellite customers are extremely happy they went with satellite or switched to satellite from cable.
I have no idea if anyone will get this email. Since no emails are provided to get to the front office I figured this would be worth a try. You can’t find anything on the internet for email contacts. It is not worth to call in anymore. I can not get anywhere.
Amazon has a TV service, there is Roku, Netflix, Satellite. I am really thinking about looking into a service that is better than Charter.

I am a loyal customer giving my money on time every time to a company that truly does not care about loyal customers.
I might of as well give my money to a company that cares.


Tara Froggatt December 6, 2015 at 2:12 pm

I decided to switch from ATT to Charter due to having free charter in an apartment that I was living in. A tree fell on my home and was a total loss, and loss of everything inside of the home on June 30th which is what led me to have Charter at my apartment. I enjoyed it for 6 months, I closed on my new home on Nov 30th and decided to end my contract with ATT and switch to charter for internet because as I said I enjoyed it.

Then reality set in once the technician came to install services on Dec. 1st. I set up my service through a “third party ” Duke Energy when I was transferring my electric service. They offered me Wifi for 39.99 free installation and free equipment. I then asked them “so I will not have to pay for a router,” they assured me that i wouldn’t.

They came to the install, Since I had to work a 12 hour shift that day I was not there. My boyfriend was. I left a note where I wanted the connection to be. They called my cell phone as instructed if they had any questions. They stated that I was NOT set up for wifi services, that if I wanted the wireless router I would have to pay 39.99 one time fee, as well as five dollars extra per month for the router, which I was told that I would not have to pay for through the “third party” where I set up the services. I told the technician to go head an install, but that I would be calling Customer service to clear up these “issues” that I am having, he advised the best thing that I should do is ask to speak to a supervisor.

The services were installed and set up. The technician left without knowing if my services were set up because the “system was down” got a phone call a little later saying that my wifi should be working but I was not home at that time, when I got home it was working. They didn’t clean up their mess of wood shavings on the floor, which I could deal with, but they also left a 20 foot long orange wire going through my back yard.

Well I called customer service to discuss my issues with the Wifi services and was made aware that I had an appt on Dec. 2nd for them to come out and put that long orange line under ground. I told the representative that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. They got me to one and I advised them of the issues I was having. They made me aware that I was ALSO charged 29.99 for installation. They waved the installation fee but told me that there was nothing they could do about the 39.99 one time fee and the 5 dollars that I am paying extra per month for the router that I could of just bought myself. The supervisor told me that I should speak with redemption team and see if there was anything they could do for me. Also I was informed by this supervisor that a different technician would be out on the following day (Dec 2nd) to put my wire into the ground. Then I spoke with redemption team which did nothing for me. I told them I would cancel my services. Because I still currently have ATT under suspension. Which I would rather have ATT’s slow internet then to deal with this crap from Charter.

The next day when they were supposed to come put the line underground (Dec 2nd) no one showed up. So I called that evening and was told that someone would be out on the 3rd to put the line under ground. They apologized and told me that there was an order put in but the representative informed me that the initial order they put in had 10 days to be completed. I informed the representative that I had been told the wrong information and that I cannot have this line in my yard any longer. I informed them that I have a 2 year old pit bull who will chew up this line, and they need to get someone out here to fix it before something happens to my dog. And if something does happen, Charter WILL be responsible.

The representative put in an order for someone to come out the next day. So December 3rd comes, a charter tech came out and spray painted orange lines in my grass and that was it. No line put into the ground. I called back on the 4th and made them aware that still no one has come to my home to put this line in the ground. and that they needed to get someone out to my house that same day to put this line in the ground due to my dog and that this is a hazard. Again they expressed their concern, this representative told me that she put in an urgent order and that someone would be calling me within an hour to come out to my home. Once again, no one called me within that hour, no one even called that night. Now it is Dec. 6th and the line is still in my back yard and no one has contacted me or come out to my home regarding this issue. Customer service and satisfaction is absolutely ridiculous. That is not your number one priority at all. My hopes would be that all of this be fixed plus more after all that I have dealt with in the last 5 days and I have only had my services set up for 5 days. I haven’t even called them back to say that they haven’t come out yet again. I will be doing so after I post this and Im sure that I will be given the run around again. I have been in customer service for 15 years and this is by far the worst situation I have ever dealt with and I haven’t even gotten my first bill. Which in my opinon this is so bad I shouldn’t have to pay for services at all. Just ridiculous. As soon as I get this sorted out I will be disconnecting my services and going back to ATT uverse like I had before. I just thought I would make the company aware of the horrible job they have with their “communications” and customer service.

highly aggravated customer,
Tara F.


Paula December 4, 2015 at 7:18 pm

I echo the frustrations of the many disgruntled customers. The customer service rep just hung up on me. I hope there are internal audits. Charter management needs to re-train or take corrective action on the employees that are giving your company a black eye.


BAM Sports Grill December 1, 2015 at 6:13 pm

Charter Communications has been, without a doubt, the single most difficult vendor our restaurant has dealt with in the year and a half since we opened. Our business relies on a stable internet connection for a number of functions and systems, not the least of which is secure credit card processing.

Our internet drops every time there’s a hint of inclement weather, even though it’s supposedly a hard-wired connection into the building. We typically find ourselves forced to reboot the Charter modem multiple times a week, just in order to function. And, when there’s a more serious outage, it takes DAYS for the issue to be resolved. In fact, it takes DAYS for a technician to even show up. Every single call on these issues requires that we start from scratch in terms of detailing the problem, scheduling repair service, etc. Then, when a tech finally does arrive, he’s clueless as to what the issue is … we must start again from scratch with him.

However, the most egregious problem of late came when we reported that a truck had knocked out an overhead cable run that killed our internet service immediately. Despite being told on 3 separate days that techs were being dispatched to address and repair the outage, nothing was fixed. This morning, 2 techs FINALLY showed up. We watched as they worked inside a box atop the pole. Then, the “lead” tech waltzed into our kitchen, into the office, looked at the modem and exclaimed, “All your lights are blinking so nothing is wrong with your service. What exactly did you want me to check out?”

As it turns out, we suddenly had internet service back despite the tech telling us that there never had been a problem and that they had made no repairs or adjustments. Mind you, we actually WITNESSED them working in the cable box atop the pole … our internet service, which had been out for 4 days prior was suddenly and magically alive. Basically, the tech treated us like some sort of stupid idiots … according to him “there never was a problem, nothing had to be fixed, we had had service all along.” Several of us here are, in fact, quite tech savvy and, on this particular day, we had a network specialist in the house on some unrelated issues who happened to witness the same things we did. Not that we needed it, but he confirmed that the internet service was out prior to Charter’s arrival and was only restored once the tech came down off his ladder.

We don’t pretend to understand why this particular technician would behave in this manner, but suffice it to say this has left a horrible and lasting taste in our mouths as far as a continued relationship with Charter goes.


Marelyn Krueger November 3, 2015 at 3:02 pm

Dear Mr. Rutledge

I am emailing you to alert you with my serious dissatisfaction with Charter. I have been trying to reach someone at an appropriate level to discuss my challenges but either I am too small of a business account or not important enough. However, I thought I would send one final note to you with the assumption that you would want to know.

My husband and I sold part of our business earlier this year and moved the remaining portion we kept to a new location. With that move, I had to decide on continuing with the current phone provider (TDS) or finding a new solution. I started working with Eric Strack back in April. Although we had several hiccups; Eric did a good job of responding and helping create a final relationship.

We secured two new lines with Charter and ported over two existing lines from our old business since they represented our main advertised contact numbers.

They were ported over to me in May.

In the last month I have needed to call into your support several times with various issues. One day all my lines were mixed up and your service support person (whom I gave a nice survey for) spent over an hour rebuilding the lines appropriately on your end to ring in how we had arranged. later that week after still having issues, you guys came out and replaced the phone modem.

About a week after that (through just sheer luck) I discovered that my line was down which is our main advertised number. I called your support team thinking it was an extension to the issues we had recently resolved. After much confusion your support person told me that 269-385-5912 was not my number. Of course you can imagine my shock because it most certainly is my number and I have been paying for that line since we ported it to my account in May.

What we discovered was that the company that purchased our old business mistakenly requested it to be ported to them.

This I get and I can see how they were confused with an old list of numbers and made the request….what I don’t get is how the number was released to them.

When I was working through this discovery, your team continued to tell me that the request was authorized. Authorized by who? I am the only person that has my account number and the only person listed on the account.

I find it funny that I have to jump through hoops with Charter every time I call for service issues providing numerous pieces of information just to get to the point of having you work on my issue but TDS can request MY number to be ported to them without any of that information.

I have spent days apologizing to angry customers who were not able to get a hold of me. Then to add insult to injury it was up to me to request this to be ported back to me. Fortunately the company we sold our business to jumped in to help by providing pertinent information to create the port request back since after 4 hours last Monday on the phone with numerous contact people at Charter (especially one women whom I failed to get a name from who was absolutely rude) I can only imagine how much longer it would have taken had I not had that info.

I reached out to Eric Strack during this time but received his voicemail directing me to Mike (Fredmore I believe but could be wrong) whom I spoke to a couple times. He was very sympathetic but had to direct me back out to support.

I have since tried to reach Eric but assume he is no longer with Charter and continued to reach out to Mike since I have repeatedly requested a copy of the authorization request that allowed my number to be ported out. Since I have been unable to reach anyone who is willing to help or respond…I have decided to send this note to you.

I realize you are very busy and working on much more important business than this but after searching the website I failed to find another person that I could reach.

I feel that Charter should compensate me for this in some way. As a business owner, when we frustrate one of our clients and cause them challenges it is my job to evaluate and compensate if appropriate.

I would hope you feel the same way.



Marelyn Krueger

Rentalex Events
*** E Vine
Kalamazoo, MI 49001


Barry November 1, 2015 at 10:44 pm

Set up new dvr box the old one w as 2006 the tech could not get picture said he could send someone over in 4 days. I went to my other dvr tonight the tech had shut it off so all taped shows never taped called charter lady said someone shut the box down no note No one is responsible for anything but they sure collet my 200 ever month. This service is verry poor


Jennifer Becker October 21, 2015 at 12:05 pm

we would like to see if its possible to bring Charter Service to our community. Not sure who to contact. Please let us know!!


Kevin Chalk October 7, 2015 at 11:32 pm

Is it possible to even contact Charter via email? I’ve tried working with customer service, but can’t get anywhere with them, so I wanted to go “up the ladder” but so far I can’t seem to find any way to communicate with Charter’s execs via email.


Robert Hickey October 11, 2015 at 11:58 am

e-mail was impossible so I sent a letter. I received a letter reply stating they tried to contact me by phone. I think they make up a story. Neither my home phone or cell phone had any messages from Charter. The letter had a contact phone number and a name of a person to contact. I tried several times and all i got was a voice mail. I left several messages and never received a call back. Charter is too busy figuring out how the next way they can screw the public. We live in a rural area and there is no competition other then satellite so they can do just about anything they want.


Office Manager September 8, 2015 at 3:55 pm

We were forced into Charter Spectrum, and since then our email accounts have not worked.We have subsequently documented and sent the 27 problems we are having to Charter tech support, they created a trouble ticket, then called and said everything was fixed, it was not. We have escalated to Thomas Rutledge who sent us to Michael Henry, 864 297 2248, who was pleasant, called back, and said the engineers were working on it. The engineer called and said they had known problems, and to use a third party email appliance (rather than their webmail). We indicated that we already had a third party email appliance, and neither it nor webmail worked after switching to Spectrum. These problems have been unresolved since July 30th. We told them the email was not working, they said it was a “free service” and basically, “take a hike”. We asked for Charter’s chief legal counsel, they gave us a non working number. We filed a complaint with the Public Service Commission and will be turning this over to our attorneys.


randy vibbert September 3, 2015 at 6:12 pm

In july recieved notice that my bill was going up. Not only have i lost channels but i am not getting any new ones either. Was promised hd 2 years ago ,still no hd upgrade like they promised!!!! Talked to 2 different people Jennifer got disconnected some way…..called back talked with Rachel , niether one really seemed to care or willing to work with me …..nothing they could do for a 20 year customer… Also called Corporate office, talked with Tiffany ,,,,nothing she could do ,suggested cutting some service to lower bill……there all ready cutting channels ,and charging more. What a way to do a senior citizen, who has been a Loyal customer for 20 yrs. Round about way ,was told they dont care. I told her i could satelite with more channels and less money…Round about way was told to go for it ( satelite ) .. What a sad company treating people like you and me. I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND (((( CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS )))) I REALLY DONT EXPECT FOR CHARTER TO EVER RESPOND TO ME !!!!! BUT I WANT EVER ONE HOW THEY DO BUSINESS CAUSE THEY GIVE YOU THE BUSINESS !!!!! SEE YOU CHARTER


Mark August 29, 2015 at 5:59 pm

I am not going to add to the comments already mention because I have also had terrible service with Charter. The comment I would like to convey is that the problems we are having with our service is a direct reflection on the incompetence of Thomas Rutledge as the CEO. If I owned this company or was an investor I would start asking some serious questions about how he is running my company. Hey Tom ever thought about a career change? This one doesn’t seem to be working out.


Done!!! August 8, 2015 at 1:12 am

I have never been so frustrated in all my life. I have talked to customer service over and over again about being overcharged for 3 boxes when I only have 2! (These would be the boxes that bring cable into my boys bedrooms that used to be included in the total price)! I finally had a representative admit that they screwed up and she was putting in a “ticket” and I would get a call back the next day regarding a refund. I heard nothing, so I called back a few days later..only to have another rep say, “No, you’re wrong, and so was the person you spoke with.” I called back again after reading over the details of their pricing policy and reached a couple reps who chose to talk over me and argue and insist that I should pay even more now that I have been a customer for 20+ years. Yet if I were a “new” customer…well I would get a hell of a deal! No Charter, you can now stick your cable boxes where the sun don’t shine!!! I’m done!


Ed July 30, 2015 at 8:02 pm

All I can say is get dish, they leave the cable drop on the ground and takes a act of congress to get it buried, I have talked to people 5 different times to get a 75′ cable put underground and it has been almost a month now. I urge anyone get anything bit charter


Lewis Green July 30, 2015 at 1:33 pm

We subscribed to Charter Communications upon moving to North Carolina and were pleased with the service, price and reliability. However, lately we are losing our service at least once a week. As independent businesses, we cannot afford to lose phone and Internet service. Why is this happening and what is Charter doing about it.


Avi July 24, 2015 at 4:18 pm

I was a satisfied customer with Charter for 10+ years now, and they told me they are happy to lose my business over a $7.95 fee that their system applied despite my being signed up for autopay!

What a stupid company that would lose a paying customer – on autopay no less – for 10+ years because their system takes two months to update and my CC was closed due to fraud and even though I updated it, their system didn’t update it, so I’m responsible for their 7.95!

I predict charter losing a huge customer base if they don’t improve their customer service stat!


Marvell Rice July 16, 2015 at 6:25 pm

Charter you are HORRIBLE!!! How dare you put RESTRICTIONS on my account, due to an Error on your very own Customer service??? You understand, its not my fault and you waive the fees, but the Restrictions must stay, and you think that’s fair??? I will be calling Corporate Office in the morning!!!! Charter you SUCK!!!!!!!!


Kristin July 11, 2015 at 11:44 pm

You are the most unprofessional unaccomodating company I have ever delt with. I will be more than happy to use another provider. Your staff are rude at best and your service is nothing short of substandard. For more than 2 weeks I tried to have the same problem rectified. You lie and say someone “local” will call and come out sooner than your ridciulous date. And then nothing. I am currently on hold for 16 minutes cuz I show as a previous complainer….your automated system told me so…AGAIN YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!! You from the top down should all be fired. The last phone call I was on I could hear the “supervisor;” used loosely, telling the phone person what to say…shame on you from the CEO down. You SUCK at customer service and should be audtied…I was just hung up on by your last employee because she didn’t like the furstration in my voice. I was not using vularity or anyting….totally inappropriate on her part. I will be cancelling your service and would never recommend you…..quite frankly you are less than substandard and should replace management….CIAO


jim June 16, 2015 at 6:17 pm

My email has been screwed up for 5 months now, and all I get from phone calls is we are sending up to the engineers. Well in my opinion Charter must have the dumbest engineers in the Industry, because it has not been fixed, I have a grandson in 4th grade that could match their IQ.


Rita Days June 8, 2015 at 2:00 pm

I have been a customer for a long time and lately have been very disappointed with your product. Without fail, there is an interruption of service at critical junctures, i.e morning news and weather when I am preparing to go to work, documentaries and especially on Saturday mornings when I decide to relax, there is no cable.
I have often recorded programs and when I sit down to enjoy the recordings – there is no picture. When I call, I am requested to unplug and try again. Sunrays were offered as a reason for the “One moment please, this station should be available” message. 20-25 minutes later, the picture appears. I recognize that investments and acquiring

additional companies is important, however, the emphasis should be on customer
satisfaction and service. My bill is paid in full every month and there is no excuse for
the unreliability of Charter. Unfortunately I am looking for alternatives because the
aggravation is not worth it.
I recognize that investments in infrastructure and acquiring


Kathy Harrison June 7, 2015 at 12:43 pm

I have h,ad charter since 2009, when I first got it down here in Missouri I had troubles non stop with my internet. It took months to get it fixed and to find out it was in their old lines. Now we are having multiple outages every weekend with the on Demand, it has been going on for over a month now. I am getting frustrated to No end with the poor service that Charter has..and the service call center isn’t worth the money you are paying them for all they can do is run through the steps of rebooting the system (something every person has already done prior to calling the service call center) and in order for a ticket to be activated they are required to send out a technician just for that technician to run through the same steps and then tell you it is an outage with the service not your equipment. I pay good money for a service and I expect it to work and when on Demand is advertised as being part of the package I expect it to work as well per charters guarantee :

(Quality Services

Unleashing the unique power of our superior two-way, interactive digital cable plant, Charter provides a full range of advanced broadband services. Residential services include:

Advanced Charter TV® video entertainment programming includes hundreds of HD channels, DVR service and a choice of more than 10,000 video-on-demand movies and shows 24/7. Customers can take video throughout the house – and even outside the home – with on the go content on laptops and mobile devices.Charter Internet®, with speed 10 times faster than DSL, offers download speeds up to 30 Mbps to simultaneously stream videos, download music, upload photos, and more without sacrificing Internet performance. Charter WiFi assures superior speed ranges to do more on more devices.With more than two-million telephone customers, Charter is the ninth largest provider of residential phone service in the nation)

It would be nice if they lived up to this guarantee and actually fixed the problem instead of putting band aids on it. When the department of transportation does this with roads (filling potholes) we get all sorts of flack when it doesn’t work causing us to do something different. I think it is time that Charter looks at the problem and does something different with fixing it for you sure won’t be crediting our accounts for the days that all of the services that are part of our packages do not work..

Sincerly, Kathy Harrison


ZMontez June 5, 2015 at 7:00 pm

I’ve been with charter for less than two months, which has turned out to be not a nightmare but a horror story. I was told that in a month of signing with Charter I would be able to have 1 DVR for 2 TV’s as I had with Direct TV. The new account agent said we just had a meeting where it was said Charter was going to have the same capability with the new DVRs. as Dish Network. Well needless to say, is not true, and the ONLY DVR I currently have through Charter for a month or so Broke Down! Yes it was replaced, at a cost to me. When it was replaced by a technician, he found noise in the line where the DVR is being used, now the cable line needs to be replaced , so he put a filter in the line that now does NOT let me have access to my ON DEMAND programming. I was told yesterday that is going to cost me $50 to get it fixed. When I called customer service I was told I would be charge $50, I let her know that the technician that came originally to setup the lines should have noticed immediately the noise on the line and that I should not be penalized for this. I requested to speak to a supervisor that never had the courtesy to get on the phone even asking to speak to her in various occasions, she would only pass a message to the agent, refusing to speak to me. I explained to them that I had never had in 5 years of service with Dish Networks a problem. Me second TV does not have DVR if I request a second one I was told yesterday by the same agent that I would be charge $19.99 and the 12 month credit I have been getting for the only DVR that I have would disappear! I could not believe what I was hearing! On top of that If you loose power in the house your phone service will stop working if you don’t buy a $40 back up battery. I let them know I did not want their service, and the agent very efficiently explained how to return their equipment. The not express any interest in keeping a brand new customer. What possible interest would Charter’s CEO, CFO and COO would have in new customers if not even their supervisors are willing to step up to the plate!!!!


Doris June 2, 2015 at 2:41 pm

I have to agree with 100% of the comments. Charter Communications needs a VP of Customer Service. The 12 VPs they have on payroll is a bunch of “I am here to get a pay check not help the customer type “. It is unfortunate that the only reason they had to buy Warner Corp was to get customers because we have seen the light thanks to the incompetency and extreme poor customer service and many will be leaving Charter!!!


Carolyn odom June 2, 2015 at 12:41 pm

I cannot believe the nightmare that I experienced with Charter!!!!! I only wanted to bundle my services with Charter and I thought Charter was a good upstanding and reliable company, but was I really fooled!!! The Tech came out to install the cable line and I asked him to run the cable line under the lower part of the siding which could be done and was previously done before . Another Tech was there with him which l explained to him . Well the Tech left the other person there to do job. This person ran the cable line about five feet off the ground through the center of my siding, can you imagine, black cable line five feet up on white siding going all the way around the house??? I spoke to several customer service reps to no avail! Finally I got hold of claim Dept. Claim was filed and denied by claim dept said Charter was not responsible! What kind of company is this that would let Teck come out and put forty two holes in siding and not be responsible! I guess legal action next, and complaint with BBB. Mably a picket line in front of Charter to protest on Brannen Rd. In McDonough. Ga Nothing seems to get their attention, I have tried to contact CEO Tom Rutledge. Sec. Will not let you speak to him or take message or give out Email. Its time that the public stands up for their rights!!!!!!! What else can you do???


matt May 20, 2015 at 7:27 pm

They do not care.Customer service from a different third world country everytime!When you get America it is dodge and move on-dodge and move on.They are very reluctant to let you speak to a supervisor and once you do they are not very willing to help you.The answer is thats how it works.Also nobody else is going to talk to you.He would not give the corp phone number and told me it is unlisted.They advertise on the radio that they know that their past history of bad customer service has all been fixed.THAT IS NOT TRUE.VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY DO NOT CARE. CORP DOES NOT WANT THE CALLS BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARE!


OVER IT!! May 20, 2015 at 5:46 pm

I called and made a payment with Charter that covered the total balance that was reflected on my account. Three days later, my services were interrupted. I called to inquire about the interruptions, only to be told that it is because of my bill for April 27th~May 26th. Today is only the 20th of May. This amount was due on May 15th. This is ridiculous. I will never understand how there is a past due balance owed on a bill in which the billing cycle covers future dates. I have spoken with at least 9 different representatives and I have yet to get one to admit the company is at fault. I have attempted to contact corporate headquarters, but they just refer customers back to incompetent representatives in customer service. This is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I am COMPLETELY over Charter!


Shonda Jenkins May 17, 2015 at 3:03 pm

Charter is a joke. They profess customer service and equality, WRONG! I’ve been trying to get their CEO’s to listen to me for 8 years. My neighbors and I have been petitioning th get charter to us since 2007, they’re literally less than 1/4 of a mile from us on the same road at both ends of it so were literally a dead spot in the center of their service area, come on and just connect the center of the dang service! So earlier this spring I thought I made progress in getting them to pay attention and get us service so our children can keep up in school since the internet is the number one tool schools use, they did nothing more than tell me to get my neighbors to agree to pay $76,000 and they’ll gladly install service. More than 100 people have expressed interest in getting service and they want to extort money from us that they’ll more than make up in the first year!! They don’t care about helping you, our the 118 children in the area that they don’t service, I guess our children aren’t important here on Sandy Church Rd in Hillsboro.


Jenn May 12, 2015 at 10:54 pm

HORRIBLE customer service. new customer as of a month or so ago. bills being sent to service address not billing address. account is already past due, but charter will not update billing address. they are willing to take my money without providing me a copy of the invoice but are not willing to update the billing address without me going into a local store (which is at least 45 mins away). Cancelling service. would rather go without internet service than have it from a company with shitty customer service that I’d have to deal with when issues come up. Really in this day and age, there are no other ways to get a billing address updated for a customer who wants to pay!!! CRAP


allen townley May 11, 2015 at 5:26 pm

charter has very poor customer service and no one cares i had appointment for 100 to 300 i called at 230 and was told he just finished jobandtold me im next and at 305 im told my appointment was canceled and now i must wait to 500 to 700 to see if they come out charter doesnt care one thing someone should do a hostile takeover and kick all of them out of a job– asked for ceo office and would not give me his namewhich i found online


paul May 3, 2015 at 4:27 pm

my friend went in to pay his bill. he has been a charter customer for over three years. he usually pays at the local office. a couple of months ago he went in with his debit card to pay and the usual ladies we not there to accept his payment instead it was two people he didnt recognize. he gave them his debit card to pay the bill, his debit card has the same name on it as the bill. the employee there then wanted to see his drivers license. he flipped his wallet open , then the employee wanted him to remove it from the clear plastic holder in the wallet. he refuse and asked for the employees name and employee number. the employee held his name badge on a lanyard up a little. my friend went around the counter and took the name badge on the lanyard off the employees neck so he could read it and started calling charter customer service. the employee called the cops on him. the cops iniatally charged him with”rudley removing a city employees name badge” charter employees are not city employees. he has been going to court over this for awhile now they got him going for simple assualt charges. the charter here is claiming that their security system does not record. so he has no video to prove what happened… fix this shit charter and have these charges dropped my friends name is rodney kibbizoff laramie wyoming


Bob Cantor May 1, 2015 at 9:14 am

This is the worst service by a company I have ever experienced in my short life of 68 years. I cancelled my TV service last year after several calls regarding pixilating chanels no help from Charter just excuses.

Last week I had the occasion to call Charter about the internet service that barely worked or did not work for 4 days. Charter sent a Service Tech who after 5 hours in my house and tried real hard to restore my full servic was not able to do so. About 3 days later the service started to function properly. I guess no one in your back office is competent enough to realize you probably have internet switching and routinf of site problems.

All we get from Charter is a big run around.

I am so tied of dealing with this inefficiency I decided ot cancel my phone service with Charter and port my number to AT&T they actually care about their customers. Another total frustrating Charter experience this has been going on for a week now and Charter denied the Port twice already. After makinf several phone calls to Charter and having AT&T on the line as well I have run into a brick wall.

The only reason I keep your internet is there is no choice where I live. That soon will change and your company will loose lots of customers I promise.


pissed-off April 28, 2015 at 11:20 pm

You give me your “corporate” phone number in St. Louis & i’ll give you my e-mail address. Expect your next bill to come back “paid in full” with no check. You can take it or leave ,—–Or put where the sun don’t shine,which is slightly to the west of you in Kansas—look to the left & behind you(use a mirror) & you’ll find it.


michelle mosley April 21, 2015 at 5:41 pm

I would like to speak with Thomas Rutledge about my service. If he is interested enough, he can send me his phone number or email address.


Karen Kohr Blinn April 20, 2015 at 7:31 pm

For some reason your billing has not been able to assimilate the information I provided to use auto pay for my internet account with you. I got a notice, computer generated, to help in resolving the matter, and did so by 4/4/15 according to your records. I have received an exact duplicate of the letter, computer generated, telling me that auto pay is not working. I am sending my payment in check form and reporting to you the dissatisfaction I have for the way I am treated. I have done nothing to warrant the condescending demeanor by a supervisor in your employ this day. I have been unable to correct the issue using the online services because the information there is not accurate. I also am using my own equipment a router/modem therefore am unable to access the account online in my name. I regret this. I shall, send you a check for the amount each month along with a letter to Facebook to discuss the issues there and my family and friends will post to their accounts as well. I hope you and I can solve this problem before the cost is equal to the money in wages paid to staff I have tried to work with to get your house in order to be able to receive my payments in the auto pay you advertise as being a special feature… spectrum? dont think so…. Please advise. Thank you Karen Kohr Blinn


marlene collins April 16, 2015 at 12:54 pm

charter is a joke nothing but lies and broken promises,been waiting over a month to get installed nothing but lies can’t speak with anyone in the corporate office just really frustrated this is no way to run a business of this magnitude.now i understand why people are switching to At&t,dish,and direct tv charter is based on lies and misrepresentation why are there all these corporate sites but yet you can get to anyone are these people not seeing the drop in sells? i’m just too upset to write any more.


Ronald Feld April 14, 2015 at 11:45 am

Video on demand has not updated for one MONTH. It is egregious that a problem that affects so many subscribers can go on for this long. How can a tech company that derives its earnings from providing a customer service allow a problem to fester for so long?


Mary April 11, 2015 at 3:14 pm

I have to agree with all the complaints about charter. I have had their service for some 8 yrs. Lately it has gotten worse and worser. I have decided to disconnect, but they won’t port my no to a cell phone. It has been a week now and still the same excuses. In the meantime, I must stay connected with them in the event they actually give me my old no.
You do get the same promises and lies each time, and are shifted from person to person and need to repeat and repeat the same story.

When I call corporate office, the number is always busy. Can’t imagine such a company can stay in business!!!!


allen townley May 11, 2015 at 5:33 pm

corporate office refers you to the office your fighting with


shelley hall April 3, 2015 at 9:35 am

I have had an ongoing issue with charter for the past 2wks where I am watching tv and all of a sudden all the 3 services goes out for anywhere from 15mins to 6-7hours at a time. When I call the techs on the phones have sent signals to the boxes and it doesn’t fix the issue and in some cases made the issue worse. The screen is either frozen or scrambled. I have called them about 7-8 times while this has happened and there has been a total of 5 technicians that have come out so far including a supervisor. the first one came out and came in my house with his dirty shoes on my carpet in and out of my home and told me that he could not find anything, the next one came a few days later after it happened again and he said the line outside was rotting and he wasn’t sure why the first tech didn’t see that , he changed it and it worked flawlessly for about 3days, then it happened again for about 7hours this time and I called again, this time they sent someone named Anthony out again and he came out rude telling me he was gonna have to charge me for this visit if he comes out and doesn’t find anything like the other techs did, he came out and changed out 3 splitters and advised me that this will fix the issue. a day later it happened again for 30 mins and I called again, this time I got the tech that changed the rotted line outside and his supervisor coming out and they came and informed me that they cant find the issue and tells me that they are almost certain that it is not an issue in my home and he is almost positive that it may be an issue in the line up the street and he has seen this issue before so he is almost positive that that is where the issue is, unfortunately I am the only customer this is happening to so now I have to sit and wait for the 6th tech to come out and check the lines up the block. I have lost an entire day off from work and I have been late to work waiting for these techs to come out. I have been rude to on numerous occasions and have to speak to a manager on the issue. I am tired of charter apologizing to me for the issue, reassuring me that they are going to fix the issue. I have recordings of the issue actually happening.
I finally got tired of talking to the local office so I called the corporate office and spoke to Melissa who listened to my complaint, looked up my account and basically told me to just sit and wait till the 6th tech comes out nothing that she can do. Which tells me that just like the other people that I spoke to she really doesn’t care either just apologize and past me off to the next person to deal with. Pardon me if I do not have any faith in him resolving this issue….
No one is addressing my loss time at work, credit on my account or any type of compensation on my account for having these issues all they are doing is making me feel like I am being a pest for calling and informing them of the issues that I am having with the service. I have had charter since 2009 and it has been pure hell as far as the service and dealing with these rude agents. I had one person decided that she was going to sit on the phone and calculate how much I pay per month divided by the length of time that my service was out for to determine how much credit to give me which was less than $15 credit by the way.


cheryl rawson April 2, 2015 at 11:58 pm

charter is a disgrace and the support that supposed to be is a joke. i was very happy with optimum and bresnan. charter doesn’t come close to the professional standard of an honest and respectable business, and the assistance i received when i needed help? they were everything charter isn’t, professional, eager to assist. charter has done nothing but left me frustrated at the lack of assistance, and there was even laughter when i was upset after all the useless calls. i never in my left experienced such rudeness from a business. compentency, to say the least doesn’t apply at charter. no one should be treated so badly. since the switch, i have not been able to use the internet, what am i paying for? i hope the calls are recorded, i have my doubts.
I plan to change from charter so i can enjoy and use my computer again.


Mary Richards March 26, 2015 at 11:59 am

Need to speak to someone from corporate, not from a call center. Please advise


carolyn March 18, 2015 at 10:19 pm

charter tv went out today. Called 3 times. Last time they called back said it would be 6 day to get someone here. Live in small town and have never had this problem before. I bet if i didn’t pay my bill on time i would hear from them.


Bill March 16, 2015 at 10:08 pm

After reading all the blogs, seems as nothing has changed with Charter. The Executive Staff should be reading the posts instead of just looking at the Financials as to how much of a BONUS they will receive. I manage a multi-million company and could not sleep at night with all the negative posts. Increasing service costs is ridiculous, perhaps they should increase their customer service and retention of Valued Customers. I have tried to negotiate my Internet bill that went from $30.00 a month to $60.00. They could not offer me anything even though I have been a customer since 2011. Tried their Bundle in 2012 and it was nothing but a Bundle of Problems, bad receivers, wrong TV package, ETC. Guess I will shop and go somewhere else even if I pay more. Thanks Corporate Executives for Caring!!!!! Will NEVER EVER use Charter for life!!!!


Johnnie Alston March 14, 2015 at 9:45 am

I switched to charter because my WOW bill was getting higher and higher. We loved WOW. At first everything seemed fine with Charter. But the cable as it has done in the past with Charter kept cutting in and out. Now the one channel we watch a lot, Disney junior, has been “upgraded” to a new package. While I find that shady since I already had the channel and can no longer watch it, I find this move particularly ridiculous since i now have to get all the porn movie channels like cinemax and hbo to watch my 3 year olds cartoons. On Demand works but I can not leave her alone since it plays one episode at a time. I do not want to bring that filth in my home so my little kids can watch cartoons. If you change plans around who were already paying for these channels should be able to keep them. Your customer service says that it was noted on our bill. It says nothing about Disney junior. It talks about all the Nick channels and sprout. Rest assured charter will soon lose another customer.


Donna Wade March 13, 2015 at 10:27 am

I hate to complain, but I am going to. We have had Charter TV since Jan 24, 2015. It has been nothing but trouble since we got it. I spend most of my time on the phone with Charter or waiting for a service person to come to my home. I am about to give up!


Deb Hall March 10, 2015 at 5:12 pm

Dear Charter Business,
When you contacted me last August and convinced me to switch from AT&T to Charter, I was really excited about the savings I would be getting along with the extremely reliable service you promised me. Seriously. The reduction in our phone bill was going to be tremendous! And according to you, I would no longer have the incredibly long wait times while waiting for an internet page to load on my computer. I looked forward to those glorious days.
Unfortunately, Charter has failed us spectacularly. Since our account finally went active in mid-December, we have been without phone service for a considerable amount of time on 3 different occasions, one of which is happening as I type this to you. Keep in mind that this was after we had huge problems with the install and generally bad service since.
During install we were down for several hours instead of the 5 to 15 minutes we were told to expect. We later found out that this was because you and your company failed to let us know that we would have to have the company that installed our phone system come out and switch our internal lines over to your equipment. This was not a free service, by the way, so thanks for that extra expense. We finally got back up and running the next afternoon! Of course then we started getting a slew of hang-ups and garbage calls on the extra line you gave us. Again, thanks for that. Also, the internet speed is crap. I didn’t think the page load time could get any slower than what we had with AT&T, but congratulations on proving me wrong. Excellent work.
On the first instance of complete and utter failure after the install was complete, we thoroughly enjoyed having a quiet peaceful day when the phones didn’t ring at all, as did the rest of the country; at least the ones using Charter. You guys really outdid yourselves on that one. Crashing your system nationwide was impressive. Naturally I only discovered that this was a nationwide problem after spending an unsuccessful two and a half hours on hold with your customer service, never once actually getting to talk to anyone at Charter. (By the way, it was our IT guy that informed us that it was the whole country suffering your idiocy, not just us. I felt so much better after hearing that.) Of course when the system finally came back up, all that peace went out the window as we received multiple calls from irate customers that had not been able to get in touch with us. Thank you. Really. That was fun. Truly.
For the second instance, your failure, while localized to our neighborhood, was no less enjoyable to us. I again got to spend a lengthy period of time on my cell phone trying to get through to your customer service only to find out that you had employees in the area working on the service lines. Great job warning us. Unexpectedly having important phone conversations with our customers cut off mid-sentence is always a joy.
Now on to the third instance. Right now. We once again are without phone service. While we do enjoy the peacefulness of a quiet office, we also enjoy being able to do what we came here for. Our job. It would be nice if you would do yours as well.
So, from our customers, my co-workers and myself, I say thank you! Thank you for costing us time, money and reliability in the eyes of our customers. Thank you for making it even harder for small businesses to survive in this horrible economy. But mostly, thank you for proving that AT&T is the right company for us. We are in the process of switching back to them. At even lower rates, might I add.
Ever heard the saying “Third time’s the charm”? I like that one. Unfortunately, that one doesn’t apply here. Another saying does though. “Three strikes and you’re out.” Yeah. That fits much better.


Getting Tired of Waiting March 9, 2015 at 10:05 am

Third week now and no service, what would happen if I waited 3 weeks to pay the bill? That’s right, it wouldn’t take them 3 weeks to disconnect me, would it? What in the world has happened to this ONCE great company? All you get when you call, after going through many automated steps, is a person telling you lies just to get you off the phone! There has been 1 lady (and I have her name) that has called me back several times to update me so I vote to put her in charge of this company!!! Come on Charter, do you not need the business? Then quit spending money on those triple play ads and spend it on technicians, customer service, and other things that could benefit your existing customers!


Frustrated March 8, 2015 at 2:39 pm

Lies, lies and more lies! Sick and tired of not having service and all the lies told and promises made just to get you off the phone. High price billing with below cost service.


Dawn February 27, 2015 at 12:49 am

Charter has never been great in customer service. However, due to their barrage of “triple Play ” commercials that they seemingly believe if they drown the public in, we will somehow be brainwashed into only thinking of their company. They are correct. I have now discontinued all Charter services. I was a customer at home and my business, Tv and internet. Funny, I am not alone and have got several friends who feel the same dropping Charter and changing to dish tv. Great service and cheaper too. The endless stalking, harassment and fucking annoyance factor of replaying that fucking stupid commercial worked. I hate your company. I just got a charter mailer and a phone solicitor this week. My restaurant had a drop in salesmen trying to get me to switch back. NO FUCKING WAY< rhymes with triple play! I told the saleman he worked for a horrible company and get out of my store. Buh Bye. Great job Charter! I hate you. I Love Dish TV. Make the switch and get Dish folks. The hopper is great!


Jack Rose February 21, 2015 at 3:18 pm

Charter is the most unprofessional, out of touch company ever!!!! I almost took the plunge with Charter a couple days ago,but due to multiple lies by Charter personnel I decided I will stick with DirecTv. First I was sent an email from Charter informing me that since I use their internet service, I qualify for TV and Internet for $79.98 a month with free DVR service. I called Charter and the sales agent told me that yes, Charter will pay off my DirecTv contract if I sign up with Charter (TV and Internet) only. I found out the next day that Charter will only pay-off if your purchase the Triple Play. Lie #1. Next the agent told me that their DVR records 4 channels at a time. I found out the next day that their DVR records only 2 channels (but you must watch one of the channels!!!!). Lie #2. Next the agent told me that you can watch recorded shows in another room as long as you have a HD/SD box on that TV. I found out that no, Charters DVR does not have that capability. Lie #3. Lastly, I found out that when I called the first time that the agent wrote up a work order for an install the next day. I only found out when I had called Charter back (to confirm services) when another Charter agent informed me of such. I immediately cancelled (but in order to cancel, I had to call another number since sales doesn’t deal with installation orders!!! So during this second call, I wanted to speak with a supervisor to inform Charter of my displeasure. Well after being on hold for 5-10 minutes, I got disconnected (hung up on). What a nightmare this whole ordeal was and all I wanted to do was sign up for tv service. Unbelievable. Charter is a joke of a company (and should go under). Plus there is no way to contact corporate (no email addresses). Charter – please go away.


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