Charter Communications Corporate Office

Charter Communications Corporate Office Address

Charter Communications, Inc.
400 Atlantic St 10th Floor
Stamford, CT 06901

Contact Charter Communications

Phone Number: (203) 905-7801
Fax Number: N/A
Email: Email Charter Communications


CEO: Thomas M. Rutledge
CFO: Christopher L. Winfrey
COO: John Bickham

Charter Communications History

Charter Communications was incorporated in Delaware in 1993.  The company initially grew mostly through acquisitions.

By 1998, Charter was serving over 1 million customers.  By 2002, that number grew to 6.8 million.

The company went public in 1999 after acquiring 10 companies in the previous year.

In 2005, four former executives were indicted for inflating subscriber base numbers.

In 2009, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The company emerged from bankruptcy late the same year after dropping $8 billion in debt from their books.

In 2010, Paul Allen resigned from his chairman position.  The company also signed an agreement to provide content via TiVo.

In 2012, the company headquarters were relocated from Town and Country, Missouri to Stamford, Connecticut.

Charter Communications currently provides cable television, high speed internet and phone service to over 5 million Americans in 25 states.  It is the 4th largest cable provider by revenue.

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Mark January 23, 2015 at 12:06 pm

I am highly frustrated with my current ISP for their frequent down times. But at least I can readily communicate with them, and their personnel are Americans who have a great command of English. However, the people I’ve spoken to at Charter, are not Americans and their language skills are very lacking. I cannot even contact your company through email to ask simple questions about your service. This seems to reflect very badly on your quality of service. Why would anyone want to deal with such a non-communicative company? I won’t!


Daniela Rodriguez January 13, 2015 at 11:12 pm

Set up an appointment to transfer services on Friday. Today is Tuesday and my current services have been shut off. I called charter they can not get someone out here until Thursday and if I accept that they can not guarantee my Friday appointment that was scheduled weeks ago.


Mark Ellenberger January 7, 2015 at 3:14 pm

WORST company ever to deal with. They have no idea what it means to provide customer service and beleive that the they are doing the customer a favor rather than the customer doing them a favor by chosing them. Based upon the number of times they have lied to me (blatent, recorded, and verifiable lies), it would seem that they coach their call personnel on how to successfully lie to a customer to get them off the phone. The real problem is that they are in (government supported) collusion with all the other “wired” providers so unless you want to be racked over the coals by Dish or Direct, you really don’t have a choice and if internet service is what you need, you don’t even have that to chose from.


Mike Schilling December 20, 2014 at 4:30 pm



LEA December 20, 2014 at 3:50 pm

The new charter e-mail system is simply horrible. Very undependable. A few examples of continuing problems;
1. During the transition, my group folders content was lost.
2. Existing group folders (empty ones) cannot be deleted.
3. Frequently unable to drag and drop an e-mail into a folder.
4. Can’t populate an e-mail for distribution to various individuals from the group folders.
5. Can’t scroll through current e-mails to select top priority ones.
6. When typing new e-mail’s, the current screen is often lost and reverts back to the home screen, requiring additional sign-in.
7. When typing new e-mails, typed letters will suddenly not appear in the text. Two or three such instances brings up a different window and the text disappears altogether. This then requires another sign-in process, finding the disappearing text in the “drafts file.”
8. The system is extremely slow and not dependable. Never certain if recipients receive their messages.

It’s evident that charter came on-line with this new system far too soon. I suggest they go back to the previous system, which had it’s own set of flaws, before the lack of performance of the new e-mail system becomes the quality standard by which charter products are viewed by the consumer.


Bettina Flowe December 15, 2014 at 10:19 am

Could you have screwed up and Charter e-mail any more ????? I hardly think so ! Your “New” website/e-mail is a NIGHTMARE !!!!
I FINALLY (after MANY conversations) with “customer service” was able to “access” my e-mail……..BUT, can NOT “scroll” down through all of them. I can see the ones only on my screen that loaded first. “Normally”, you can scroll on the right down through your e-mails. NOPE……….not with this TRAIN WRECK !!!!

It WASN’T BROKEN……………..WTH, were you THINKING ???????


Rick December 14, 2014 at 8:38 am

I have had charter services since February of 2014. The release of the spectrum services were announced around March. I have contacted customer service a half dozen times and had two technicians come to my house for internet issues. To no avail, my internet still cuts out at random times for various lengths off time (from 1 to 10minutes). We don’t don’t have the 60MB in my area yet, we are supposed to be getting 30MB’s for now. That is hilarious because the speed test congress back 6~16MB at peak our off peak hours. Not to mention picture depixelation and audio loss randomly on our cable and forget about pausing live tv, if you do and start playing again you can’t watch it without wanting to throw the remote through the tv. I hate having to pay these prices for services wet don’t receive. Yet the bills come every month… What can wet do about this. Bet the CEO had no issue at his home. He probably had satellite anyway…. Ya I am fed up with paying for services I am not getting.


Henry December 12, 2014 at 3:59 pm

Installed Charter Spectrum Triple Play with the Silver package on 11/15/2014 after leaving ATT U-verse, what a BIG mistake. The reason I left was that I answered a flyer in the mail; if you install the triple ply (TV, Internet & TV), pay 1st months bill (12/05/14) and send in previous providers bill (ATT) you will get a Kindle Fire HDX. But OH NO! I do not qualify for the Kindle Fire because I got 3 DVR’s and I receive free movies HBO….. That is part of the Silver package. DAH! I am paying extra for the silver and the 3 DVR’s that was not one of the requirements. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. DO NOT SWITCH TO CHARTER. Bad customer service. They do not care about there customers. I am going back to ATT U-Verse and staying. I told everyone of my neighbors and co-workers. They really SCREWED UP!!!!


Steven December 18, 2014 at 10:48 am

I also just switched back to Charter on 12/13/2014 to the Triple Play, Silver, and was told that I was eligible for the free Kindle Fire HD by two separate employees. After several attempts to log into the web site to complete the paperwork for the free Kindle, I kept getting “no information matching found”. I contacted costumer service and was told to keep trying. After about the sixth call I was told I was not eligible due to my location. The “kicker” for me to switch back was to save money and the Kindle Fire was surely a bonus. I have made contact with Corporate and I am awaiting the out-come. I will seek other actions if the issue is not resolved to my satisfaction, social media and the local news.


Dennis December 11, 2014 at 5:49 am

I am shocked at the level of incompetence with Charter customer service. I have made more than a dozen written and telephone calls to try and resolve issues. Each time I am promised action but there has been zero follow through.

It’s getting even more crazy as time goes on…


Brandy December 5, 2014 at 7:53 pm

I am beyond pissed right now! Charter came and installed new service for my neighbor, in the meantime, cut my wires! I have called Charter 4 times to get the technician back out here to fix this, then being told at 5:30 they don’t have anyone to come out! Well, let’s see, if they didn’t hire companies on a contract to install, then maybe they can hold them accountable! whatever happened to customer service? This is their mess up not mine, and no apology!!!!!


Joe Logan December 2, 2014 at 3:14 pm

My story is eerily similar to the hundreds I’ve been reading over the past few days, I palced calls to numerous Charter offices including corporate locations in Connecticut, and St Louis to no avail, I’m finished attempting to resolve issues directly with Charter. I’ve contacted California PUC, next I will be contacting local consumer groups including T.V. stations who have consumer advocate programs that air throughout Southern California in an attempt to hit Charter where it hurts, forcing them to learn their TV ads are not only costly, but becoming useless because of all the ‘bad’ TV and press they’re going to be getting over the next year. Hopefully someone with a brain at corporate (or stockholders losing revenue) will finally take notice and install a management team that actually delivers positive results for clients/customers.
My suggestion to all is not to waste your time calling charter, writing these types of comments, contact your local news media, print, TV, and digital, national bad press for charter will be the your only solution, I know, I was a senior executive of a multinational corporation, bad press and resultant loss of market share will eventually force positive action at the corporate level.
Always follow the money…………


Tara November 19, 2014 at 1:11 pm

This is in the DFW area by the way! Get ATT if you can!!! Stay away from charter!!!


Tara November 19, 2014 at 1:10 pm

I am beyond disgusted with Charter, especially the reps they have working for them! Last year I was working for an apartment community and living onsite. We provided ATT UVerse for our residents, which I’m a firm believer in. Charter came in and we started offering them also. Since we were told to sell Charter, I figured I couldn’t sell something without having it myself. So I switched. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!! Which by the way, I am still dealing with and paying for! This time last year, November 2013, is when this whole thing started. I canceled my Charter less than 30 days and here it is Novemeber freaking 2014 and still can’t get anyone from Charter to help. I have called and text, texted and called the reps and their supervisor, and no one will respond and when they did it was oh someone else is going to call or “Candy told Mike to get in touch with you”. And it never happened. I was told they were going to buy out our att accounts. I had just made a payment of $186 including a bill and my cancellation to ATT and Mike said he would reimburse me with a check and that a check would be mailed to me. I reinstalled my att uverse and held onto my charter equipment because Mike said we could switch the check for the equipment and being that I canceled in less than 30 days that I wouldn’t have a bill. We’ll never heard back from him and when I tried calling again he said to go to a charter office. They were no help and said the could credit my account even though it was canceled it I was still out $186! I talked to Mike and Manny and Candy the supervisor and once they told me to reach out to Marshall… They all ended up being of no help. Manny I spoke with mostly and he seemed to try but then became useless just like Mike and the supervisor Candy. I have tried to find their office so I could make the effort to go in and give my equipment back and see about my check and they won’t give me their office address. Then to top it off they just send a random bill amount of over $400 to collections!! I am beyond pissed and am absolutely dumbfounded on how these people do business!! I have tried emailing corporate offices, and a couple other emailed I’ve found online but no response from anyone. Save your money! Charter does nothing but scam you!!! And their service is awful!!! Stick to UVerse!!! Worst experience of my life!!!! Business and personal!!!


Happy FIOS November 19, 2014 at 12:58 pm

I can only echo what others write and laugh. I don’t normally even bother positing things like this, but I had to laugh today. After 3 months of calling Charter Customer Service expressing that I was going to cancel if they couldn’t lower the bill, I finally switched to Verizon FIOS. What is so funny, today, in snail mail, I get a letter from Geoff Boytos, VP of Marketing, offering a NO CONTRACTS, Triple Play, 12 month bundle for $29.99 a month. Really? A wee bit late Geoff – you missed the boat 3 months ago. As I expressed repeatedly and kindly to Charter’s Customer Service, people want/need affordable and reliable cable/internet/telephone at consistent market prices. Here’s how they work, they sign you on at this incredible deal like Mr. Boytos offers and then when that ends, yearly, they continue to “up sell” you to the point you are forced to go to a competitor. It’s simply outrageous! And, as I say at this point – laughable. They send me “deals” almost every 2 weeks or call me, because they want me back as a customer? Really? Where were you when I tried to work with you? You are fleecing the American economy. All I can say, is if you are considering Charter – don’t. They dumped millions of debt a few years back and eventually, should you bring them into your home, your high bill will be assisting them to recover from that set back. Run, don’t walk, to any of their competitors. You will be much better off and happier in the long run.


Patty November 19, 2014 at 11:10 pm

I got the same letter from Geoff Boytos today and I went through precisely what you described. I mean all people want is affordable and reliable service – you are SO RIGHT! Geoff/Charter, do you understand this? To me, it is simply good business.


charles reed November 12, 2014 at 5:04 pm

The Worst ever, they suck. I bet Tom Rutledge wont help either. Joke


Dana Voigt November 8, 2014 at 10:24 am

I am beyond disgusted at this moment with Charter. I called customer service over an hour ago and spent 40 minutes with a woman on hold discussing an issue with our cable. I finally asked her to call me back when she had an answer on credits for On Demand movies we have purchased and they are not there, only start and then stop or most recently at 4:30 yesterday my son watched Planes Fire and Rescue and then it is gone from the rentals. I explained this at least 12 times to her while answering question after question over and over again. She finally calls back and I am told now I will only get a credit on one of the 2.99 movies and once for 5.99 for Planes Fire and Rescue even though I was told already by her that I was charged twice for it. I was very polite and courteous until now. I was told to call back AGAIN at 4:30 when it would be 24 hours from the original rental to see if it’s been billed again and to go ahead and watch it now. I explained it is not there…..what is she not understanding????? The movie is not in the rentals, for us to watch it now we need to reorder yet AGAIN. I finally asked for a supervisor and got Ray, apparently he has no last name even after I asked for it several times. He greets me with, “I was told you requested to speak with me.” Are you kidding me, I need to go over everything again after spending over an hour on this. I asked for a name and number above him to place a complaint as I didn’t want to spend more time right now on this. I explained to him as I did to the previous woman I have two autistic children with one being severe and don’t have this kind of time to sit on the phone with them repeating myself AND on top of the fact they will not give me full credit, they never addressed fixing the problem. After 10 minues going round and round with me yelling at this point nothing, absolutely nothing got resolved other than Ray repeating himself about there not being any information he can give me about who to place a complaint with and he would escalate to Jermaine. I finally just hung up on him, utterly disgusted. I refuse to sit another 1/2 hour on the phone with Jermaine to do this all again. I am trying to find a number for corporate headquaters to place a complaint with. I want a full credit for movies ordered and the situation fixed. I hate Charter. I hate that we have no other option but to use them as well.


Bonnie November 5, 2014 at 6:18 pm

After reading just a few of the many comments on this site it is clear that I am not the only disgruntled customer of Charter! My situation is that I have basic service at my vacation home. I opened my bill last night to find that I have been billed $277.82 by Charter ….then they listed pay per view movies totally a cost of $157.87 billed within eleven hours …..for a cable service in a property that has had no one in it during the month of October other then my husband and I being there a few hours on two different days!!! The house is a lake and not being used often during this time of year. I was told by their customer disservice department that my service had been “upgraded” to silver, then gold ….and that I would have to pay the charges! I didn’t authorize any change in service and no one has been in the house during the times we are being billed….I am now told that there are additional charges of approximately $400 for additional pay per view movies ….ordered apparently by a ghost!
We are scheduled to meet a “technician” at the house the coming Saturday …I don’t hold any faith that this will resolve the issue …as the ones they have sent up to now are clueless. The last one said he found some wire that was not connect and he didn’t know how we were getting any service at all….since “going digital” the picture freezes….the remote won’t turn on both the “box” and the television at the same time ….the service is awful ….and now this. If Charter does not sort this out immediately I am going to file a complain with whatever federal agency governs businesses such as this and I will take them to court if I have to. I absolutely am not going to pay for things we did not order and for service that was changed without my authorization. I would go to their competitor immediately ….if one were available. I will reluctantly deal with a “dish” operator if they don’t sort this out. Poor, poor customer service, tech support ….and far too expensive.


K.Dickerson November 4, 2014 at 12:33 pm

I contacted Charter on 10/04/14 because my service had been interupted. I was told that I could not post a payment to have the service restored. I understood that and the call was disonnected. A supervisor by the name of Luke,called me back advising that he reviewed my account and explained that I was over charged. It was brought to my attentionon that I have been paying for HBO and one cable for over four years, and that is feature is also being billed $47.00 through my apartment complex. I assumed this issue was resolved because 11 months prior I was told that Charter could only staements from three months. Luke assured me that, the information was incorrect and that he would order the prior statements. In addition he restored my service and allowed me to make a payment on 10/10/14. Luke advised that it may take a few days to receive the statements but he would call me back on 10/08/14 with the correct balance and credit amount. 10/10/14 I called Charter for an update and was told again that a manager would call me back and I should pay the balance due. I made the payment on 10/10/14. . On my pay day 10/24/14, I contacted Charter again for the status and balance of the payment and was told that some one would call me back, because the account was still being reviewed. On 11/03/14 my service was interrupted. I called Charter and I was informed that Luke had indeed received the statements on 10/08/14, but no further documention was noted. I was assured that I would receive a call today, but in the meantime I wanting my serivce restored, because I contacted your office on 10/24/14. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General, Channel Five News and Consumer Finanical Protection Bureau, because your supervisor advised that there was a billing error on your part. It is so sad that we pay so much for this service and receive so little.


fedupwith cable October 25, 2014 at 2:36 pm

Unfortunately Recent Changes to your company will lead to its complete demise,since the change to all digital format,have incurred too many extra costs for customers who had already cut corners to get cable in the first place.First you have pay for extra boxes for each tv and also pay an extra fee for the remote,whose bright idea was that one?.People that have been with the company for 20 Years or longer are now leaving by the thousands,because of stupid decisions by a few.Lack of any real customer support or tech,some customers have 7 -8 calls a week and still their cable or internet is not fixed.Your company is the worst in the business and will lead to its complete demise.


Cyndi cornell October 16, 2014 at 10:41 am

Amazing that a company can have such bad reviews and not care to fix it. If you don’t know how to fix your customer service give me a call I have 35 yrs customer service and if this was my company they would all be fired your tech people are no better what’s wrong with you people if I had another choice for service I would be gone apparently that’s why you don’t care cause you lock areas in where people are stuck with you. You should be embarrassed at your ratings


aspentree October 9, 2014 at 5:14 pm

I pay a good fee for my service and your service stinks. My tv stands still, I lose my picture. We watch the same movies over and over. Walk the Iine willbe on for 3 months at least. Since this company has become Charter, it is the worst it has ever been. Whoever owns this company needs to do alittle soul searching. How can you do this to people who has been with this TV company for years. I would like to thank you but I don’t know what for?


Kelly October 9, 2014 at 8:45 am

Glad to see im not the only one dealing with crap service from charter. This company sucks! I cant even watch tv due to broken up picture and no sound. I have looked every where for an email address for them so i could send a pic of what the service looks like. This is stupid. Does anybody else have problems with their bill never staying the same amount? U would think for the price u pay for this u would at least be able to watch your tv. Seriously charter get with it or get out! Im so over charter and their shit ass service


Sandra M October 7, 2014 at 11:23 pm

Dare I say that Charter does not know the meaning of customer service! I can not fathom that this company lose of sense that we are the ones using the service and because of that very fact they are earning a salary. I can understand that being in customer service for over 25 years that there are times when the customer might not always be right but it is your job to at least knowledge their complaints.

We called and had service installed in mid August and ever upgraded to the Silver package. I requested at the time that they also setup a wireless router at an additional charge and an additional box for my mother bedroom. The wireless router was not brought on the day of installation and I had to wait until the first of September for it to be installed. The landlord did not want a hole in the wall but wanted for them to put to cable outlets in the two bedroom and that she would pay for it. The customer service rep told me to give her my information and that she had to call to have that work done so she did. They told her when she called that they could not take the order from her. So this Saturday she took the time and came to my home and we called together. We spoke to a gentleman name Tom that explain that the correct procedure was to request the appointment and that she needed to give me a letter granting permission. I setup the appointment which was for today between 5 & 7 pm. I arranged to pick up two digital receivers from the local office yesterday which I did and had the letter. Last night I got a confirmation called that they would be here today. I confirmed as requested. I saw a driver sit for over half and hour in his vehicle across the street. When I saw it was 5 pm I went to see if he was coming in and he was gone. At 6:30 I decided to call Charter to see where the tech was that was to do the job and end up going through several people and two supervisors and at 8:30 pm ended up pissed off and with a headache.
Tara: we have no record of and appointment. I will check with dispatch who finds it but tells her to switch me over to video repair so the can find out what happened and in the process get hung up on. I call right back
Justin: I explain again the issue. He tells me that he see in the notes that I canceled the appointment because I downgraded the service. Really! I am calling because you fair to keep an appointment and I confirm last night and picked up to digital receiver but I CANCELLED the service call. At this point, I request a supervisor who take over 20 minutes to get on the line.
Kate: Explain the issue again in details and at this point the tone is changing at my end after I proceed to tell her how lousy customer service has become in the last few years.No one can give a straight story. She goes to the notes to check and comes back and tells me that it was and error on their part and she will do her best to see about getting an appointment in the morning. She got to transfer me to Video Repair to set it up. I get transferred and mind you she did not even explain to the rep the issue. I once again have to explain what the issue is to her.
Leslie: The earliest appointment I can give you is for Thursday. That about sent me into a full on fit. You guys make the mistake and I have to wait a couple of more days. Does charter plan to pay me a salary?! I ask for her supervisor. I am on hold for a long period of time and best believe that I am not hanging up at this point. I get transfer to Chris Cook.
Chris: I explain the issue again and the best he can do is give me an appointment for Thursday between 10 and noon for now. He will try to get a hold of someone and see if maybe he can find something earlier and will call me back. He calls me a few minutes later and tells me he cannot get anyone at this moment but will email dispatch and see if someone can call me tomorrow to arrange an earlier appointment. I honestly do not see that happening so let’s see what happens on Thursday.

In the meantime, she can only sit in the living for short periods of time due to her condition. She is blind and 67 and her only enjoyment is to listen to TV which she still does not have in her room after ordering service over 6 weeks ago. So Charter, explain to me what the values and goals are for your company to continue to succeed because I can not see it right now.
Next stop the media and BBB.


Allan Pilger October 6, 2014 at 12:33 am

It appears that we are not alone in our feeling about Charter Communications and its reliability and service.
We live on the Long Beach, WA peninsula across the Columbia River from Astoria, OR. In the 4.5 years that we have had Charter for TV and Internet, it has been one headache after another. Because of very limited bandwidth, we don’t get many of the features Charter advertizes. Charter seems to have an over abundance of “Paid Programming” or “Leased Programming”. The latest episode was this weekend when audio on the TV kept going in and out. I wanted to relax and watch some college football but gave up in disgust. Top top it off the internet connection quit. Don’t know and don’t care if they were related or not. With the internet interruptions (a great many) it is a royal pain in the shorts to get it back up……power down the modem, power down the wireless router, disconnect the coax from the modem, wait 3-5 min then reconnect everything and hope it works. Sometimes I have to go through this cocka rocka 2 and 3 times to get back on line. “We’ll be glad to send a tech out, first available appointment would be 3-5 days out.” This last episodes has pushed me ever closer to going to DISH and bundle everything with them. My neighbor has had DISH for 12 years and has never had the problems I have encountered. Wish to God I had Comcast instead of Charter but the FCC in its infinite stupidity gave it to Charter. The techs for the most part are pretty good but every now and then you have the misfortune of getting a foreign speaking tech, female to boot, that doesn’t know sic ‘em about what they are doing. I will be checking with Coastal Communications to see what the cost of bundling every thing with DISH will be. Old Japanese saying “To climb Mt Fuji-san is once a fool, to do it twice is twice a fool” Not climbing the mountain a second time so it looks like its Sayonara Charter.


Laura Migliore October 3, 2014 at 6:23 pm

My husband and I had ordered charter phone and internet. It would have saved us about 15 – 20 $ a month. Someone came out from charter, stated they couldnt set it up that day, because they needed to have tap lines installed. He reminded my husband not to cancel our current phone service until the installation was done. The next day a truck came out, not sure what they did. The next morning our land line with verizon had been discontinued by charter. When I spoke to the first person at charter, he said they dont cancel your current service until the installation is done. I said “well, you did”. He kept arguing with me, so I asked to speak to someone over him. This lady was very nice, Kiara, but couldnt find out what had happened. She kept telling me to call verizon to have our land line reinstated, and I kept telling her I had already done that and they said charter had the number now. She investigated and called us back saying we had to call verizon and do a ‘win back’ on our old phone number and see if they would reinstate our land line. She couldnt tell us why our service had been switched before installation was done. The clincher was when she said, I have a note here saying we dont service your area. So why was our phone switched if they knew they couldnt provide any service.? Verizon is now charging us a new customer fee, our old plan is no longer available so we will be paying more each month and we have to renegotiate our long distance carrier. Our land line is important as we have very poor cell phone service in our area. My husband and I have prepay phones and had to put more money on them by the afternoon because each call to charter was lengthy. So we today have no land line, until verizon comes out next week and checks our lines. Charter not only did not provide service, they caused us a very frustrating day, About 40 dollars in fees WE have to pay, and a higher monthly phone bill than before. There were some very nice helpful people on charters end, but overall we really got the shaft. This is the poorest customer service we have ever received from any company. Our phone should never have been disconnected until the charter installation was done, especially if they decided they couldnt provide the service anyway. I feel like charter should at least pay our 32 dollar reconnect fee. This is a very poor way to treat a potential customer. Since our next door neighbor has charter I dont believe they dont service this are anyway.


Joan Scheer September 28, 2014 at 8:39 pm

A communication company that doesn’t offer an email address????? So perhaps you could forward this to the appropriate dept. Thank you.

After years, I am being threatened with disconnection on Tues if $90 is not paid. First it was $303.24. Now it is $90. I was assured in November of last year by a man I spoke with my payments would be $144.00 plus applicable charges. Hasn’t happened. Up and up and up.

I’m retired and obviously on a fixed income. I have $26 in the bank, a specialist/doctor apt. on Tuesday and that is $35. I can only hope they can and no doubt will bill me. They aren’t inconsiderate uncaring Charter. I’m not even sure I can wait until Tuesday. I need medical help now but the $50 ER charge if looming over me as is everything else. I am not well and handicapped and am now in my insurance “do-nut” hole. My legs are practically useless and painful all the time as is my back. I have recently developed a Martens Neuroma or have a broken toe on my right foot causing a lot a pain. I have a constantly recurring bladder infections. I took an early retirement thinking it might help not having to work shifts and have that stress. (I retired from the St. Louis County P.D./Criminal I.D. I loved my job and it was hard to leave but also becoming impossible with the pain.) I have needed a plumber for over a year in two baths and the kitchen. I have bills that are just not possible (yours being the largest), thus my phone rings all day. At least that won’t happen when you so charitably disconnect AFTER ALL THESE YEARS the charges, of course, going up and up and up. Right now Ameren Missouri (electric) is also threatening disconnection. My teeth are literally falling out. I recently lost what is almost a front tooth! My vision needs a lot of help also. The condo association I live in is suing me for $75 from 2012!!!!!! (the last one of six) which I apparently overlooked – $75, plus monthly late fees ever since, plus their atty fees. I have an atty offered by the state who is useless. I have a veterinary bill of $1,300 (I will take care of my two Shih Tzus, they are my obligation and didn’t ask to be here – they are my love, I will feed them before myself, they are the only smiles I get). I have car repairs that are needed on my 12 year old car for $1,200. etc. I had half of it done about three months ago, a $300 deposit from my past Social Security and so far am trying to come up with the rest next SS check. I tried to file bankruptcy but was told they would take my car. That makes totally no sense. In my case, how would I go to doctors, pick up meds, take the dogs to the vet, etc. I am going to inquire of another attorney. I was part of St. Louis County designated as a disaster area from Hurricane Ike by way of 6 inches of rain in an hour and 2-1/2 feet sewage in my finished/furnished lower level taking everything (to include furnace, water heater, washer, dryer, all furniture, memories, etc.). While working in this horrific mess, I cut my foot badly but didn’t get stitches (was tired, dirty and stupid and just wanted to shower and go to bed to start the next day). Because of this I became infected with Clostridium Difficile from which I have never fully recovered and continue to be weak as a kitten (this is so frustrating because I have always been so independent and a do-it- yourselfer and now I have no strength). Highway 141 (six lane highway)was built literally in my backyard so close it appears when looking out my kitchen window there is a hwy sign on my privacy fence reading “Ladue Road 1 mile.” Because of this and the sewage, I have lost thousands in equity. I can’t sell. The digging and hauling in of dirt has caused some critters to invade my house and live under my bed!!! with me and my two dogs on it (tearing up the underside and peeing in the box springs, up the stairs, down the hall, under my bed and in my bedroom. It won’t shampoo away. I have tried and tried to barricade my bed with boards, old doors which were stored in the garage, bricks, large concrete (6 X 10 or so) but to no avail. They have torn up the underside of my 44 year old bed but still in good shape (I think) but given what I hear on the TV, not healthy. It must be lethal now! That is where they sleep, of course, up in the box springs. I was considering hammering boards around the bed to the box springs down to the floor but am afraid I don’t have the strength or energy or money for boards (some days I have to just stay in bed). I looked at the cost of a platform bed that goes to the floor and a new, healthier mattress but don’t have the of money? As I said, the critters have ruined my carpeting up the stairs and upstairs with pee and I have no funds to replace the flooring. Because of my health and that of my older dog (14) who is not well, it is a concern. (Now if I am crazy, so are my two dogs. They have seen them, I watch their heads follow them. The younger one will bark at it/them. The dogs then get as close to me as they can. I can’t get up fast enough to see them). MoDot (Missouri Department of Transportation) has told every exterminator sent in not to put forth any effort, there are no critters. You see, the exterminators had to call and get a P.O. number before coming in. Just go in and look and “just look” (barely) is exactly what they were told by MoDot and is just what they did. They didn’t bend over, look under anything, or leave any measures at catching/killing the critters. They ARE NOT mice or rats. They are bigger than that. Their “Poop” is larger. The smell is nauseous. I could feel them moving around. MoDot will take NO responsibility going so far as having me committed to a psychiatric hosp. by way of the Chesterfield P.D. (after all, MoDot brings in more revenue than I) but only for two days. When the hospital psychiatrist came in to talk to me very briefly, he wasted NO time in saying there was nothing wrong with me, to call my daughter and tell her to come get me now. Two days and nights wasted crying, And a missed family reunion. As of Friday, my bed is gone. Two (lady) friends (bless their hearts) came and fought with my queen sized bed and box springs, lugged them down the stairs, into a truck and off to the dump. I took pictures of the demolished diseased box springs.

My brother died a couple of months ago. I looked down upon him and saw peace and Heaven. No, I am not suicidal, that is not within my faith. I have no family. There are two women that come in to help me two days a week. I don’t know what I would do without them. They give me two days of smiles and help. No, I don’t pay them. They are compensated by the county.

I need help, not these harassments and threats. Because of everything that has happened and applying for a home loan modification which took Bank of America five years to accomplish, every cent I had put aside for retirement (IRAs, CDs, etc.) is gone. When I started in 2009 with Bank of America for the modification, my credit score was 766 (I have a letter so indicating.) The modification closed the first of this year (2014). My credit score is now horrible and I cannot get a loan or credit card to help me. Why are you, Charter, doing this after all these years? Your service is not working and you apparently do not know how to fix. You then indicate that it is “MY” equipment failure. No, it isn’t. It is lack of knowledge and the only excuse they can come up with. I am still experiencing the problems with both my TV and phone so I guess Charter’s easy way out is to be super ugly and say it is my fault and disconnect. I have been trying to find someone who would help me and would not rob me blind and loan me $20-25,000. I AM good credit but now have to juggle to see who I can pay now. My mortgage is always paid.

When I am able to be up, I try to hold off lying down until Dr. Phil is on. I love it and respect his observations. But that pleasure is also going. My only entertainment is my TV.

Sorry for the length. There is more but I think this is enough. Can you or someone help me. I have found NO gold in these retirement years. Bank of America won’t help me even though this is their fault. My credit score immediately keeps me from getting a loan. I am so very sad and worried. Crying all the time doesn’t help and talking with your uncaring people like Charter’s representatives makes it worse. Their attitude is “oh well.” It is funny to take their after conversation questionnaire. When it is a constant “1″, it becomes “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. I am going to disconnect now.” A lot of good that does.

Is there help out there? I WISH I had money to invest and that I had not needed to use the funds I had set aside for retirement. So it goes …

Or not. I couldn’t even get an email address to send this to after all this. And so it goes … on and on and on. What a sad joke!


Ray Chambers September 23, 2014 at 10:20 am

Well it look like I am not the only one who has poor service. It’s out as much as it is on. I have had four tech come to my house and tell me it’s line trouble. Line crew came out three times and said they could not fine any trouble, Then on the fourth time I was told that there a line that has seven patches on it, but it would be to expensive to repair the line and I would have to Live with it. If this is service than I am a duck. It is the only cable service in our area so its rather poor service or no service and they know it.


Diane December 10, 2014 at 1:35 pm

Hi Ray

If charter supplies you with phone service I would e-mail FCC and tell them your story
I do believe you will get that line fixed……..(Smiling)


Elizabeth Reilly September 14, 2014 at 10:43 am

A long time customer of Charter, I am ready to drop the cable coverage because the service interruptions occur far too often and I am now into the 5th day of a dozen or so channels breaking up, freezing, losing sound. Contacting a live person at Charter is a nightmare and the recorded phone responder is more intent on selling me new service than sending me directly to a live person.
This am I got a call back saying the outage in my area was fixed. No, it wasn’t! Now I have to have a technician come out (in April one came out and I was charged $50.00. He did not fix the problem. I was fortunate enough to have a rare employee fix the problem over the phone. I told the tech who made my coming appointment that I would not pay the $50. for another visit. He ‘had no control’ over that.
Programming is a nightmare, with over 50 channels in Spanish, probably the same number involve sports, and there is little left for me to watch. I like the PBS stations until they do their incessant fund raisers and pummel the viewer with 50′s over the hill music, the ‘Celtic women’ drivel. The classical music stations on Music Choice have been reduced to one, Light Classical, where they repeat the same music, most of which is light weight many times.
I’m ready to leave Charter, but want to make sure there’s not another Charter lurking out there under the guise of offering something better if it’s going to be more of the same.
Mad? You bet!


Elizabeth Reilly September 14, 2014 at 10:51 am

My comment is ‘awaiting moderation’??? Is Charter now in the word censorship business?
Charter’s actions are pushing me toward canceling my service. I will not be censored.


Dale LaBohn September 11, 2014 at 7:39 am

I have used various cable companies over the past 20+ years, and I have to say, Charter is the worst. I frequently lose internet or cable service. Customer service is usually okay, but there has been many times when the reps talk so excessively fast that they can not be understood. They become annoyed when asked to speak more slowly, and last night was particularly disturbing. I had to repeatedly asked “Aquarius” to slow down so that he would stop slurring his words and I could stop asking, “What?” It happened so often I became angry and yelled at him. Five minutes after my cable was working again, it stopped working. My first thought is – sabotage, and I truly believe that’s exactly what happened. Aquarius had access to my “lines,” and I’m quite sure he went back and screwed with it so I would have to go through the aggravation again of lost service. The reps also frequently give ridiculous names – a sign of disrespecting the customer, in my opinion, and it’s a way of not being accountable. If they do not use their right name, then they can’t be tracked. I had to call customer service again, and then I got someone named “Sufi.” I asked to speak with a supervisor several times. That is no exaggeration. After several requests, I was very angry. I could not believe how he repeatedly ignored my requests. I finally resorted to, “Quit the b___ s__, and put a supervisor on the phone.” With that, Sufi replied, “Well, you’re going to have to wait a while. That’s not just an easy thing to do. It’s going to take some time.” Again, “Put a supervisor on the phone.” Twelve minutes later someone named Peter picked up the phone. Are they told to give the customer a cool-down period? I can’t wait to move so I don’t have to deal with this freakin’ company any more.


Christopher Matthews September 10, 2014 at 8:42 pm

I wanted to let everyone out there know about my experience over the last year with charter. I opened my acct in OCT of 2013. At that time charter was giving up to 200 dollars to any customer that would switch over to charter. That money is supposed to help cover any early termination/cancellation fees with the cable or satellite company you are choosing to switch from. You have to send charter some info….fill out their buyout form and a copy of your last bill from your old cable or satellite company. I have done this 5 times now. The first 2 times by mail, which the first time they did contact me to let me know I didn’t send them the correct info. I sent it the 2nd time by mail again, with the correct info, and of course never heard anything back. Had to call in and speak with an idiot that says I need to fax the info to her and she assured me she would take care of it. I did exactly as she asked and of course never heard anything back….AGAIN… after calling in again to complain, the next idiot tells me that I need to scan the info and send it through e-mail. I do just as he has asked me to do and it takes 2 weeks for a response in my e-mail( from the charter buyout team) that says I haven’t given them all the info they need and to re-send it again. At this point I am about to explode because this has been on-going for 11 and a half months now and no resolution. I called in once again to let them know that I would not be sending any info again and that someone, anyone, with a brain needs to send the check that charter owes me. I even told them on several occasions how about doing a 3 way call…, charter and dish network 3 way…..I’ll tell the dish network rep my SSN and they can hear exactly how much my early termination fee was. Of course none of the idiot charter reps want to do that. I had charter before I switched to dish and never had a problem. I found out quickly that I didn’t like satellite after only 3 to 4 months so called charter back. I really wish that I had just kept dish now and if this isn’t resolved in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be telling charter to cut it off and I’ll call century link or maybe direct TV…..The package I have with charter is about 170 dollars a month. It’s not about the money….it’s about a company doing what they tell you they will do. If you do the math we pay charter just over 2000 dollars a year to watch TV. I promise if this isn’t resolved in the next 2 weeks I will cut charter off and someone else, or maybe no one else will get my money for TV. 2 grand a year is a lot of money to pay to watch TV. I just called in tonight and spoke with a rep named Hannah…..told her the situation and she tells me that she has contacted the last supervisor I spoke with and he will call me back within 72 hours. Really??? 3 days for a call back??? She said this guy’s name is Bryan….he is out of Florida…..his operator ID is CEV…..not sure if that is correct or just a lie from her as far as his operator ID. I am writing this here hoping someone will see this and take this seriously. Only time will tell and if enough time goes by without resolution, like I said…..I PROMISE YOU THAT THIS COMPANY WILL NO LONGER GET ANY MONEY FROM ME EVER AGAIN……..I have left my e-mail address so we’ll see…….


Mathew Berens September 8, 2014 at 9:47 pm

In response to Brian Bice (above). Brian, if you can get the class action suit started, I’d be glad to sign up.
This is a company with so many deeply rooted problems and such a lack of customer service orientation that I’m pretty sure they’ll be out of business soon enough. I’ve read the other contributors below and my story is as bad as any. Charter has sent me a bill for equipment I returned to them (I have the receipts).
My father and mother had Charter service at their home. It was very problematic. They both passed away a couple months ago and I mailed a letter to them to inform them that they needed to discontinue service due to death, but they didn’t and now they claim I owe them money (I am the executor of their estate) for equipment that was not returned.
Frankly, it’s amazing to me that they are still in business. I have Comcast at my home and the service provided by Comcast really illuminates all the bad points of Charter. One of the other commenters mentioned that if the customer service representatives at his office treated customers the way Charter treats their customers, that those customer service reps would be fired. That is my companies policy as well. Charter puts no value on their customer service relationships – indeed, they use every method possible to AVOID being in contact with the customers. Starting with the 29 level “Robot Voice” and the customer service representatives who claim to be a supervisor but are in reality just another phone center employee.
The problem is, they hire outside call center companies to intercept your call, but the employees are told to follow the script handed to them and to avoid offering any service for any reason. There is no incentive for the call center operators to intercede on your behalf to resolve your problems. They get paid no matter what the outcome of your call.
Their efforts to avoid contact with the customers are really a step above other non responsive companies that provide poor or non-existent “customer service”. The lengths they’ve gone to to refuse to resolve problems and avoid contact with the customer are legendary and really very impressive.
For anyone who is interested, you might want to contact Mr Bice (above) regarding the class action law suit. Personally, I support it 100%. Also, even though your letters probably get filed in the round file immediately upon receipt, it is still a good idea to send their company president (Thomas Rutledge) and the VP of customer operations – Kathleen Mayo a letter to let them know how displeased you are with their (lack of) service.
Charter Communications
400 Atlantic St
10th floor
Stamford, CT 06901
No phone number – of course.
Best of luck to you all.


Brian Brice September 8, 2014 at 9:00 am

I have been a Charter customer since February 2014, this is the healthiest company I have ever dealt with their customer support have no idea what’s going on they read from a script and do not listen to their customers. We got cable TV, Internet, and phone we had DirecTV for over seven years customer service was great they came out and installed all wiring and their boxes in every room we asked them to with no charge and barely had outages even in rain and snow whether cannot say that about charter communications if we get just a little bit arraign our Internet, phone and cable goes out when charter first came out and installed our cable it worked pretty good no complaints. Charter then had a group come out and bury the cable and every since that time we have not had consistent Internet or phone service we try to call customer service at first but after spending an hour on the phone and then blaming our equipment when they could not even get into their equipment to their computers for a while we quit calling and just dealt with the problem but here in the last three weeks we call every time our Internet goes out which is about 30 other day and all customer service does is read from a script you’re lucky if you can get one that can understand or speak English you have to cost the asked for a supervisor. I’m seriously thinking about getting in touch with some friends and putting ads in every newspaper in the state of Alabama and the surrounding states that charter communications are in asking people if they have the same problems. Since my wife is a lawyer we are seriously thinking about a class action lawsuit for charter communications maybe if we can get enough people involved to get this lawsuit filed charter communications will finally step up and give all of us the service that we pay for, I know I get very sick and upset every time I see one of charter communications commercials let stand up together and force charter communications to give us what we pay for. I would love to have the opportunity to talk to the corporate office and the CEO of charter communication


Brian Brice September 8, 2014 at 9:05 am

I meant to say worst company I have ever dealt with


Jacque Kasselman September 3, 2014 at 2:43 pm

I added cable tv to my service, and had my modem moved. The installer that came out here complained about the work the entire time. Then he removed ALL of my cable connections except the two I was using, saying it would degrade my service even though it NEVER had before and now if I want to put a tv in one of the rooms I had previously had cable wires in, I will have to call and be charged to get it added not to mention the time that it will take to even get someone out here. The cable guy that came out also unhooked ALL of my phone wires…said to just use cordless. Corded phones were dated and nobody else uses them. He was rude, made changes I did not want changed and complained about the changes I requested and was on his work order.


Celene September 3, 2014 at 10:19 am

Just moved my cable over to Charter and boy was that a BIG mistake. After the sales person sells me the service at NO point was it told to me that I would be charged an install fee. When the installer comes out, he makes a huge mess, was at the house for over 3 hrs and couldn’t even figure out how to install a new phone line. My husband had to help him, then I see the install fee on my bill. I call up their and speak with a supervisor Jerry, he tells me he will give me a 1 time courtesy adjustment for a portion of the Install fee…WHAT? The guy leaves a huge mess, tracked dirt all over my floors that were just installed a week before and you expect me to pay for the install plus the cost for the clean up? You guys have some balls! I will never recommend Charter and who know’s if I’ll even continue service!! Now I understand why people told me that CHARTER SUCKS!!


Sally August 30, 2014 at 6:59 am

I’ve been waiting 3 months for a for a refund after I changed cable companies. Every time I call (about 8 times) I still get the same answer (checks in the mail) you will get it in 4 to 6 weeks!!!!!. REALLY is this coming on the slow boat from China?????


Blanca August 28, 2014 at 3:22 am



David M. August 27, 2014 at 1:20 am

Just read an article in an online business magazine that the CEO was “surprised” that such a huge customer base only wants internet and not TV.
It should not be surprising, because if the ever increasing cost they keep passing on to customers for nothing in return.
It is ridiculous to force customers to pay an additional $6 per TV that they want to watch for a digital box. Normal people who work hard for a everything they have cannot afford to keep playin more and more for TV.
I am about to cancel my Charter phone and TV because I can’t afford to keep paying it. Internet is the only thing we need these days.
Maybe if the CEO and all the other people sitting in these headquarters buildings made low salaries like all the rest of us, they would understand.


Abby September 5, 2014 at 9:17 am



raggmopp August 26, 2014 at 10:41 am

I’ve been trying to port my telephone number from Windstream to Charter since July 14, 2014.
Windstream has put one obstacle after another to prevent porting of my telephone number.

The first reject was a account name mismatch, which I immediately fixed. After the next port request, they disconnected my telephone. It took me hours on the phone to get it reconnected the next day. When they reconnected my phone, they didn’t reactivate the long distance service that they had also cancelled so I have to use another phone to call my husband’s doctor in the next town. Then they rejected the porting stating it wasn’t an active number.

Then they assigned a new account # and PIN # (I never had a PIN # before) that they suddenly required, but they didn’t have the new numbers available for a week.

Then Windstream rejected porting because they needed the Pass CAPP code. In a conference call with Windstream and Charter, they were told that 4 years ago the FCC had told them to stop requiring the Pass Capp code, so they decided they didn’t need it, but needed a PON code.

After everything was supposedly straightened out, a week later they rejected porting my number again saying the telephone number was not found. Both Charter & Windstream performed a test call on the number to prove to themselves that the number is indeed active. I’ve never stopped paying Windstream for it.

Then they said they had no request from Charter to port the number. I asked how they could come up with rejection excuses if they had no record of porting requests.

The port has been rejected three time on the basis that it wasn’t an active number. I would call Windstream each time and they would confirm it was an active number and there was no reason the number shouldn’t be ported.

Again on 8/14/14, porting was rejected because “telephone number was not found.” Again Charter performed a test call to my number and I answered the phone. I called Windstream and they confirmed there was no hold on the number, there was no outstanding bill for the number and there was no reason the number wouldn’t port immediately. However each time the port is tried, they block the process..

On one call yesterday, I was told again that they had no record of a port ever being requested and that it must have been routed to a third party who was rejecting the port before it was reaching Windstream.I gave her the PON number which is generated by the system during the porting process. Charter porting department states that they are making the request through the system that goes directly to Windstream and there’s no way of it being routed to a third party . . . they are just making that up.

Windstream has disconnected my telephone again. On a conference call with Charter, they said they would get it “repaired” either today or tomorrow, further delaying any hope of getting my number ported. They did get it reconnected the afternoon of the same day, which was Friday 8/15. The next Monday, Charter called again to verify that my phone was active and said they would initiate the port process again which they did.

That port was rejected because they put the “company code” as “NE” for Nebraska, rather than “NC” for North Carolina. Charter caught that mistake and corrected it on 8/19, but Windstream is still using this error as an excuse for not porting my number on 8/25. Windstream insists that all the information is now correct, other than the “NE” rather than “NC” issue, so they can no longer claim they’ve never received a port request for me.

Windstream states that if a port request is “expedited” it can be done in one day. I’ve asked Charter four times in the last week to let me speak to a supervisor. None is ever available and they claim they’ll have them call me back, which never happens. It’d be easier to get an audience with the Pope. There’s no reason someone in authority at Charter can’t get together with someone in authority at Windstream and get this straightened out and, at this point, that’s what I expect them to do.

It’s now been over six weeks and I still don’t have my number ported from Windstream. I’ve filed complaints with the State Attorney General who wrote them a letter but no response as yet, the FCC, the State Utilities Commission, Comsumer Reports, the Better Business Bureau, the ABC TV station troubleshooter, and wrote a letter to the President of the Company. But I still sit here with no long distance service, no caller ID, etc. nothing is happening.


charter sucks August 25, 2014 at 10:26 pm
Barbara Johnson August 25, 2014 at 7:51 pm

I have been without cable for 6 days!!!! Cannot get this problem resolved but you can bet your sweet patootie if my bill was late I would lose service and be turned into collections. Maybe it is time for people to seek legal action against Charter. You charge a month in advance with the promise of quality service which you do not provide. False advertisement???!!!


Harv August 25, 2014 at 2:14 pm

I have been in business for many years; even conduct Customer Service seminars. Charter has the WORST customer service set up of any major company. When you finally get a live rep, the odds are it will be complete dimwit. Don’t expect a call back. Never happens! Want a laugh…ask for a “supervisor”. When I finally got through to Corporate, I was advised that a Mr. Darrell Buckholter would be calling the next morning, that he was in a “meeting”…the callback never came. Charter’s Customer Service program is “to wear you down”. They ask so many questions, as though they’re logging all the details. Then with each switch to another rep, we go back to square one…phone number, name, what is the issue. Typed this while waiting 20 minutes to find out how to access my pass code.


Keith August 23, 2014 at 10:57 pm

Alright where to begin… I should have known right off the bat that charter is a bigoted company that is out for nothing but to grab money when I called and told the employee that I explicitly only wanted Internet service but they continued to hound on me and my choice to choose Internet and how they saw it as impractical and did not make any sense to them. Well then came today… At about 4:30pm the Internet went out soo I try for trouble shooting myself and then after I call (and fail multiple times due to shotty recordings and bad websites with no real contact info for customers with service errors) finally I get through because I call the new customers line and have the operator there finally explain the problem how there is a nationwide outtage! How ridiculous! I expect a company that “prides themselves on customer care” to have atleast created a message on their hotline to inform everyone of the outtage and maybe an estimated time it will be corrected.. But heck I’m just a payin’ customer what do I know!


Keith August 24, 2014 at 12:08 am

Oh and now to add on I just got an over charge from them of 50 bucks! What is wrong with you people!


Pollyanna Rogers August 22, 2014 at 5:24 am

I don’t even know where to start. We have lived in our home for four years and of course went with Charter because my husband did not want any type of dish. We had a local cable company when we lived near Dothan Alabama and never ever had the problems we have with Charter. We have had what Charter calls tiling from the time we moved into our home till now (which has been as I said four years). We have called and called and Charter does send people out but either they don’t know what they are doing or just don’t know how to fix it or Charter is just so big they could care less about their customers. We had one of the tech’s give us his cell phone number and his supervisors number, told us if the problem keep happening to call, no matter if it was that evening. Well, the young man was not gone an hour and it started going out again. Well, my husband called the supervisor and he was so ugly to my husband. My husband works in the corporate office of a huge company and is the corporate specialize in a certain department. He said if anyone that worked with his company talked to a customer like this man that worked with Charter talked to a customer the way he talked to him, the man would be fired. People just don’t talk to customers the way he talked to my husband. But that just shows you that Charter does not care about their customers. They are so big if they have one persons business or not they just don’t care. My husband said if he could get the phone number for Charter CEO, he would call. But there is not way. We have wrote him a letter ( CEO: Thomas M. Rutledge – Charter Communications) but of course no responds. What were we thinking. He (Mr. Rutledge) is to big for his pants to bring himself to call a customer or see that something is done about the terrible service that customer is getting. If the picture is going out every other minute so we don’t know what the people are saying and the channel has gone out completely and a screen comes up saying Check back later channel is temporarily off the air. That is really great specially when we are right in the middle of a show that we are enjoying. These tech’s have run all new wire underground to our home and in our home, from the neighbors home three house up to our equipment that services our cable box’s. Has any of that helped, NO!!!!!!! The tech’s have even put what they call a buster on the equipment in the garage and still have problems. I told one of there customer service people one time, ” until you can get my service fix I’ll pay all but 1/4 of my bill”. She told me that my cable would be cut off if I did not pay them. Again, prove Charter does not care. They have people over a barrel. We either use Charter because they are the only cable company in the town or go with a dish. Well having a dish the cable may go out when it rains but NOW I think if that is they only time I may have to worry about the problems that is better then the problems we have all hours of the day every day. We pay over $200.00 a month for our cable, which we have the net and phone also. I just feel if I pay that much a month I should get better service. We have had more then one of Charter’s tech’s and more then one of the contractors that Charter has hired to tell us that the signal that comes to our neighborhood is weak. When I said something to one of the Customer Service people what they said, they remarks were. Quote ” they don’t know what they are talking about and Charter was not going to replace the equipment because of the cost”. Well, that is just not good enough. I thought I would never want a dish but now I am so tried of this happening, I’m ready to give up and get a dish, It’s my husband that doesn’t want a dish but I am going to keep on trying to get him to change services. I talked to a couple of neighbors that have either Dish or Direct TV and they said even when it goes out when it rains it comes back on in just a minute. But it also has to be raining really hard for it to even go out. Not only that I can get as much by going with a dish getting the local telephone service that has the net for less then what I pay Charter. Of course they said the net is a little slower but I don’t have to have the speed that I may have to have as if I was at work. Face it, it would be just for home, no big deal. Bottom line is CEO: Thomas M. Rutledge does not care about his customers nor does his employees and specially the guy my husband talked to just could care less. You pay the price and get XXXXXXXXX service or they will cut you off. Also, by the way the man that my husband talked with has had a promotion. Well, TV is on now and has gone out 10 times. Watching FOX news and was able to get maybe ever other word they said. So Mr. Thomas M. Rutledge what do you intend on doing about this problems we are having and all the other customers that your company is taking advantage of? No answerer, well what was I thinking!!!!!!! A man like you has such an important job that he doesn’t have time for the lower people that pay his bills every month. Am I mad, you better believe it. I would not expect anything more then your company cutting my cable off, just because I have spoke my mine. When the cable works it’s great but it is an everyday problem. From the time we get up and try and watch the news and weather till in the evening while we are trying to realize and watching some programs we TRY to enjoy.


Vicky M August 25, 2014 at 10:56 am

I more than ever agree with you (Pollyanna), and more. I am experiencing everything that you have wrote in your complaint. Something has to be done….Maybe if they start leaving Charter they might….just might, DO SOMETHING. I am on a fixed income, and this is the kind of service I get. SHAME ON YOU CHARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sandy Veenendall November 17, 2014 at 5:56 pm

We agree with you as well, Pollyanna and Vicky. My husband and I own a small resort and campground in northern Wisconsin. In July, Charter forced us to install set top boxes in each and every cabin and campsite-63 of the terrible things. No set top box…no TV reception, period. Prior to this, service was not great, but we could live with it. So now we have the boxes, very unhappy clientele and headaches galore, not to mention huge bills month after month, as well as 6 months when our TV service is suspended for 6 months in the winter. For those 6 months of no service, we pay nearly $400.00 each month, for NOTHING!

Have contacted Charter numerous times asking to discuss our problems with someone who has some clout and has answers, asking for a return call from a supervisor since everyone we talk with gives us a different answer. If Charter really wanted our business and the revenue it brings in every month, they would work with their customers to keep them happy. We will look elsewhere


Mark August 10, 2014 at 2:07 pm

A charter employee came to my house when they didn’t have an appointment and broke into my basement. When my girlfriend realized that the charter guy was in the house she ran out the back door because she heard him shuffling around through my storage boxes in the basement. Right away she called me at work, and I flew home and called the police (the charter guy had left already). The police didn’t do much about it besides file a report. Other than that, charter didn’t do anything as well. Charter basically told me that there was nothing that could be done about it. Now when I call charter for all the issues with my internet, they won’t send anyone to my home to fix the peoblem (they say that they are sending someone, but they never show up). Unfortunately where I live, charter is the only cable provider. So, if you have a charter employee in your home, make sure you follow them around, and make them take their shoes off because they always seem to be out of boot covers. I hope the guy who has my box of baseball cards, along with a Ted Williams autographed ball is happy. Charter is the worst company that I have ever dealt with, hopefully you have comcast in your area.


Pat M August 7, 2014 at 11:53 pm

Every evening around 9 pm my picture breaks up just as if I had a satellite dish. Also some channels bring up an error message that says ‘This channel will be available shortly’ but it never is until a few hours later. On Saturday July 26th two technicians came to my home and stayed for almost 3 hours. They did some work outside and some work inside. They installed a new modem, a new HDMI cord on one television, reprogrammed my remotes and said they could not find the problem with the picture. I had told Charter reps every time I spoke with them that the picture reception only happens at night. The two techs that came said they would have a technician who lives in my area come by after 9 pm and check the signal. They also said some of my neighbors are having the same problem. Well, no one came by that night or any night since then but at 9:30 that same night I lost my cable service, my phone service and my internet. I called Charter and was told there was no one available to come to my house until Tuesday afternoon. I would consider being without telephone service for 3 days an emergency, especially since I am a widow and live alone. I asked for the request to be escalated and gave my cell phone number.
Fortunately, the next morning everything was working fine but that changes every night. Later in the day I received a recorded message on my home telephone number that Tuesday afternoon was the earliest I could expect a technician. I told them I would not be home on Tuesday afternoon because I work. I was told there were no evening appointments available for several days. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After being on hold for 17 minutes I hung up.
The technicians that came to my home and most of the representatives I spoke with on the telephone were very courteous and I have no complaints about them. The only complaint I had with Customer Service was that there are no records of some of the calls that I made. I don’t know how that could happen but that is what I was told.
Every night now I lose my picture reception and internet for an hour or longer. I have given up trying to get this resolved. If I had another choice I would gladly switch to something else but I have too many too tall trees for satellite and VIOS is not available without Direct TV. It’s criminal that we have to pay so much and we get so little.


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