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Charter Communications Corporate Office Address

Charter Communications, Inc.
400 Atlantic Street 10th Floor
Stamford, Connecticut 06901

Contact Charter Communications

Phone Number: (203) 905-7801
Fax Number: (775) 850-1279
Email: Email Charter Communications

Charter Communications Facts

Founder: Barry Babcock, Jerald Kent and Howard Wood
Date Founded: 1993
Founding Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Number of Employees: 95000

Charter Communications Executives

CEO: Thomas M. Rutledge
CFO: Christopher L. Winfrey
COO: John Bickham

Charter Communications History

charter communications logo 2

Charter Communications was incorporated in Delaware in 1993.  The company initially grew mostly through acquisitions.

By 1998, Charter was serving over 1 million customers.  By 2002, that number grew to 6.8 million.

The company went public in 1999 after acquiring 10 companies in the previous year.

In 2005, four former executives were indicted for inflating subscriber base numbers.

In 2009, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The company emerged from bankruptcy late the same year after dropping $8 billion in debt from their books.

In 2010, Paul Allen resigned from his chairman position.  The company also signed an agreement to provide content via TiVo.

charter communications truck

In 2012, the company headquarters were relocated from Town and Country, Missouri to Stamford, Connecticut.

The company purchased Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks in May of 2016 for $55 billion and $10.4 billion, respectively. Both the Time Warner and Bright House names will be eliminated over the next few years, with all services to take on the Charter and Spectrum name.

However, in July 2018, the New York State Public Service Commission revoked Charter’s ability to do business in the state and ordered them to find a replacement company.

After this latest acquisition, Charter Communications currently provides cable television, high-speed internet, and phone service to over 25 million Americans in 41 states.  The company is now the second largest provider of telecommunications in America, just slightly behind Comcast. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an A+ rating as of April of 2017, as well as listing as a complaint email address.

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Charter Communications FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Charter Communications?
Answer 1: The phone number for Charter Communications is (203) 905-7801.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Charter Communications?
Answer 2: The CEO of Charter Communications is Thomas M. Rutledge.

Question 3: Who founded Charter Communications?
Answer 3: Charter Communications was founded by Barry Babcock, Jerald Kent and Howard Wood in 1993.

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Gerald L Bristow October 5, 2019 at 11:55 am

To whom it may concern,

Spectrum has failed to live up to its high standards. I paid $153.33 on 9/5/19 via my credit card. We had some issues with equipment so we cancelled on 9/17/19 and returned equipment on the same date. Within the 30 day money back guarantee window. Below is the contact notes between myself & your Spectrum agents:
9/17/19-Michael filled out ticket #30214282 to refund $153.33 via my credit card. Said it would be returned w/I 3 to 5 business days.
9/21/19-Shareen said Michael filled out wrong ticket and submitted new ticket #30257357 for refund w/I 3 to 5 business days.
9/25/19-Sam & supervisor (unknown) redid/corrected other ticket. Ticket #30257344 for credit of $153.33 to my credit card w/I 3 to 5 business days.
10/5/19-Vinecia said request for approval of refund completed on 9/23/19 but no request put in for refund to put back on my credit card. Ticket #30391957 completed by Venicia. Will be credited to your credit card w/I 3 to 5 business days. Asked for supervisor. Spoke with Lashonetta (supervisor). Assured me that it was correct now. I have no faith in Spectrum employees to correctly complete my refund.

Why have I been given the run around with such a simple task by your employees. It took six days to approve refund. There was no request to pay back done according to Venicia. She filled out the request to refund my credit card. Now I have to wait another 3 to 5 business days. She said that I needed to call and request a refund to my credit card.

There are four business days from 9/17/19 to 9/23/19. There are nine business days from 9/23 to 10/5/19. It would seem to me that whoever approved the payment of the funds didn’t finish the ticket by processing the credit card refund to my account. Now I have to wait another 3 to 5 business days to receive my refund. There are five business days between 10/5/19 and 10/11/19. I have waited for 14 business days as of 10/5/19 and still have up to five more business days to get my refund. That’s a total of 19 business days as of 10/11/19. That is if the last agent & supervisor I talked to did it correctly.
It doesn’t instill much confidence.

I sense a training problem with the agents who answer and resolve customer problems via phone. Those calls should be recorded and supervisors should be required to listen to them when a problem comes up.

Gerald L Bristow, USA, Retired


Thomas Hartsfield September 5, 2019 at 4:19 am

I have been trying to correct a problem for months now and quite frankly I am fed up with calling and being told that is another departments problem. Your system is designed to prevent a customer from escalating a problem to a person in management who will/can address it. I have been a spectrum customer for years and to be completely honest your service is a disaster and I cleaned that up significantly. A simple address problem is preventing me from gaining access to my on line account and each time I try to address it they pass it off to someone else. Ultimately that waste my time and I do not get the service I am paying for.
If someone of authority in this organization is willing to try to address this problem My name is Thomas A. Hartsfield my service is in zip code 28805 or 28803 depending upon where you look it up. Please look up my account and call me for a detailed explanation. My next step is to write your corporate headquarters at 400 Atlantic St., Stamford Conn. 06901 (you do not want to know what it took to get that address) and copy the city and state regulators who approve your license(s) in this state. Since it involves phone service I will copy federal authorities as well.


Barbara Burnette August 29, 2019 at 2:38 pm

I have been blocked trying to reach you by phone. I have been with spectrum for years. I switched my home phone number to an iphonex that I purchased thru spectrum mobile. I was not given an option to pick it up locally, it was mailed from Colorado. ( I still have the box) it arrived with no information. No contract.. nothing. I have been having issues with the phone, privacy concerns. When I looked in google maps that’s is a name and number for some one else’s directions to and from work. My settings change. Spectrum only days go to apple and command a a warranty exchange. Apple will not replace the phone, said the problem is a 3rd application.. i have cancelled credit cards on line do to privacy concerns. I have tried to port my mobile number to my home phone… I was on the phone last wed 10 hours getting the run around, put on hold.. first it would be done by 4pm last Wed. Then 72 hours, then Aug. 28th. Them Aug 30th… please help!!!! I fell like a hostage!!!! I would love to be able to talk to a person that cares!! Please send me a contact person and phone number in corporate. It has been a nightmare I have tried to deal with for 2 months!!! Please help!!!


Anne August 26, 2019 at 1:10 pm

Why do we have to dial a 1 to call down the street? It isn’t even consistent! We live in a large area and one town rolls right into the other..We have had Verizon (years ago!) ATT, xfinity and we never had this problem in the last decade and a half. How old is the technology that Spectrum is using?
Many of us would like to know the answer to this. We are forced to use the prevailing supplier as there are “protected” territories within the cable industry. Would someone please respond with an answer and I will then forward it to the other 5K+ interested neighbors. Thank you.


Jennifer August 16, 2019 at 7:46 pm

The On-Demand options for News only gives us Democrat ONLY options like Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnel, etc. There is NO OPTIONS for The Ingraham Angle, Gutfeld, Watters World, The Five, etc. The Fox News channel is the #1 rated show for the 70th quarter as of July, 2019 yet they allow shows that aren’t on ANY list of popularity? WHY IS THIS?

Also, when I stream Live TV on my laptop, it’s very odd that I never can get SOUND on the Fox News channel, yet I switch down to CNN, MSNBC, etc and the sound works fine. This is a CONTINUAL problem, not just occasional. WHY IS THIS?

Anyone else noticing this?


Richard Boettger August 9, 2019 at 1:46 am

I live in the greater Tampa Bay area. Over the past two weeks, I have been without DVR service/television inside my home, despite the appearance of five (5) techs on different days. I have another appointment with yet another technician and a supervisor on Saturday morning at which time I will insist that they either fix the problem or remove every scrap of Spectrum equipment.

In the meantime, these techs have left damaged unsecure equipment that will become missiles during a windstorm. If I do not receive satisfaction by Saturday afternoon, I will torture Charter/Spectrum on social media. I will further mail certified letters to Thomas M. Rutledge, Christopher Winfrey and John Bickham, as well as informing the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs.

Being a nice guy up until not has nor worked.


Richard Boettger August 9, 2019 at 1:49 am

Typo: Final sentence should have read: “Being a nice guy up until now has not worked.”


Kevin Van Winkle June 26, 2019 at 1:38 am

I have contacted Spectrum about disconnecting all services on the 28th of June 2019. I have been Spectrum’s customer since 2002. In these last 17 years, I have not encountered anything like your handling of this matter of gross negligence.

The money I would have paid to Spectrum, as my Internet provider, will now stop in less than 48 hours. My auto-draft would be a mere $90.99 this month. I calculate that the next seventeen years of lost revenue amounts to roughly $18,561.00 dollars. I would have budgeted that expense gladly.

I am closing my long history of loyal patronage because of Tiffany Roller, her lead…Teon and Katie of Charter Communications in Kansas City.

I am issuing a formal ethics complaint with the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General; Division of Consumer Affairs and with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office as well as with the Federal Trade Commission. I do not accept that the phone image below is my phone nor do I think that you believe it to be either.

Sincerely and with regrets,

Kevin Andrew Van Winkle


patricia grabianowski June 25, 2019 at 6:38 pm

Husband passed away. In order to consolidate my bills as a widow I was told when Spectrum took over Time Warner that he would have to call or I had to set up the account to get a special promotional rate which included a new phone number or what you call bungling I mean bundling, a phone that I have never used given the fact that I have had a phone number for 50 years that has worked just fine. I was also told that excluding the Spectrum phone would bump the other services up significantly. Can you please explain this policy and how can you get away with this? I have been paying $20 a month for this. And of course the promotion ended and my rates have increased. I took away some things and will continue. Please explain.


Robert Eads June 4, 2019 at 2:15 pm

I can see from the previous post that you guy have the worst customer service in the world it has been my displeasure to have done business with you. I have filed several complaints with Ms. Mayo only for them to say we have acknowledge and received your recent correspondence and asked for address and account number which I gave with no further response this company is a joke I would not recommend your services to anyone. I know my bill is not in the hundreds of dollars so I guess I don’t matter. I have never been so disappointed in any business like I am with yours.


Carol Parisi May 22, 2019 at 3:45 pm

I have contacted the Marketing Division 6 times in the past year to ask, please take me off your mailing list. I don’t want cable and my internet/phone carrier is just fine. Low and behold today I received another piece of junk mail. What is wrong with you people? Save a tree!!


Terri Shaw May 15, 2019 at 10:34 am

Dear Mr. Thomas Rudtledge,
This is my second letter to you after writing to you yesterday, with response to my first letter.

This situation is just getting worse and wasting more of my time.
I received a phone call last night after writing this letter by the name of Shane.
He stated to me he would be out of the office until Friday but would have another representative call me back in the morning.
Deanna called me (614)481-5091.
She stated to me she would have to look into my problems and have several representatives call me back to address numerous concerns.
I stated to her that I just wanted to talk to one person. She was not able to do this and would call me back in several hours.

I tried to call the corporate office phone number (203)905-7801.
I was told I had to ask for any complaints ask to be escalated, and was transferred to someone in the Philippines.

Could we please have someone call me from the CEO office to address my issues?


Terri Shaw
Acct #10202-436403401-0001

Dear Mr. Thomas Rudtledge,

I have been having horrible service with my internet and tv. with error codes NW-010-10.
Every time I call technical support at Spectrum they transfer me from tv to internet and then back and forth to each division.
To the point I am on the phone at least for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
Trying to get Netflix, and come up with an error code NW-010-10.
Netflix tells me it is the cable company.
I talk to the television department, they tell me to rebot my cable box.

Then the internet tells me to unplug modem. Then transfer me back to tv or refer me to Netflix.
It always ends up being Spectrum.
Once huge circle.

Then I get a phone call from a live representative after I get off the phone at 10:28pm!
Who calls a customer at that hour of the night.

Then got 5 more phone automatic phone calls, next morning at 8am, etc.

Had a service technician come out last week on Tuesday May 7th. Took time off work.
He specifically said he was not able to fix the problem and said a maintenance person would follow up.
Maintenance person came out, and did not close out the ticket so we did not know what he repaired.
This is the story that I was told.

Then I was not able to get higher tv stations past like channels 35.
The regular tv station that I get had a message for me to contact customer service.
We tried trouble shooting that to no avail.
Wait for service tech to come out on May 14th.

We have here in Columbus the Blue Jackets play offs that were approx 10 days ago.
Have been watching it on tv. It was not avail the very last night of the last game!
So missed the play offs.

Still having problems with internet, and Netflix giving same error code.
Call Spectrum and get transferred again to tv, and internet. Back and forth.
We have to send out another technician for May 14th, had to take more time off work.

I have called Spectrum at least 10 times in the last 3 weeks.
Every phone call is at least 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours or longer by the time you are transferred back and forth from tv to internet.
So we have almost 15 hours or longer on the phone.

My son came out for Mother’s Day on Friday May 10th, we went to watch Netflix had the same NW-010-10 error code.
Spent another 1 hour 15 minutes on the phone. Was going to be a peaceful relaxing night.
Had to call Time Warner to have resolved, extremely stressful.
5 more automatic phone calls to my house after calling.

Today another technician came out to house. More time off work.
Was told I had a splinter line they replaced the line in the rear of the house.
The tech was here from 1:40pm until after 5:00pm.

So we have two days off work.

Would like to be compensated for my time, and for the inconvenience.
For my job I had to find two trainers to teach at my job for my time loss.
One heck of a nightmare.

Then I was told my bill was going to be going up in rates!
Would like to speak to someone on the executive level regards to this.

Would like someone to contact me via phone to discuss this matter.
Very upset at this point!

Sincerely yours,

Terri Shaw
Acct #10202-436403401-0001


Archie Judd April 24, 2019 at 4:24 pm

I keep getting letters and advertisement at least 2 or 3 times a week telling the deal you have which isn’t a deal at all. Maybe if you stop spending so much on sending out all the advertisements you could lower the price and maybe you might get back some customers. I pulled the plug over a year ago because my rate went up $39.00 in 2 months then another increase the month after. But the service wasn’t any better it was worse plus you deleted some stations. Keep getting these from Geoff Boytos VP and also in my monthly internet bill which is still slow but you raised the price on that to. Your service isn’t very good at all half the Tech’s don’t do anything when they only make things worse.


Bruce stone April 23, 2019 at 12:56 am

while i do think spectrum and the mobil side the service is fairy good. very little downtime. My problem is with there tech support and supvrisors on the mobil side. They have very little knowledge at all, I believe they just put a person on the phone to get to the next call. over the last few weeks my cell phone when on the phone if a another call was coming in i would get no notifications and on the recent calls would not display. They originally referred to me samsung the manufure of the phone which makes no sense. when i talked to them they said mr stone you have to realize this is a network problem. I called spectrum and thank god he fixed the problem. this past week i asked to talk to a supvr 7 hours waiting for a callback. she insisted it was samsung problem. we got into a pissing match and she offerered no credit. Obviously she has no clue what she is doing what every happened to one call resolution. I will take it up with upper management to be honest she needs to be fired since she has people working under her


Helen Moody March 13, 2019 at 2:40 pm

I went down to the office yesterday Tuscaloosa to end, this with my records she said they could not go back that fore ,but she said 189.23 is still due .When it is 295.59 there was 155.67 was taken out in 2/20/18 and 1/16/18 150.10 was taken out . I showed the woman the paper showing the amount I paid for the pay out of the contra for 411.26 she said she made a note on it ,she did not make a copy and laughed about it I get a letter from South west credit showing I still oh 189.23 I had no tv in Jan.2018 or Feb.2018. The last time I had tv was Christmas Eve morning . All was trued in 2/20/2018 at 02:43PM cashier MDT
-155.67 =10.77 over


Monika M Fox March 8, 2019 at 1:48 pm

My husband and I have been loyal Charter customers since 2006. Both of us are retired now and find it harder and harder to deal with the rising costs for TV, Internet and phone, while being on a fixed retirement income. Our monthly bill is about $210 for the silver package. That’s a lot of money when you are on a budget. New Charter subscribers get all the discounts, long time customers get the raises! This just doesn’t seem right! If anything Charter should reward its loyal customers once in a while with either reduced fees or a small refund. I also think there should be an extra discount for seniors over 65 and for active duty and retired military families. I have a lot of friends in their 70 and 80s, who continuously have to consider if they can remain with Charter. We always have appreciated Charter’s great service, but the costs are becoming outrageous.


EndofTrack December 4, 2018 at 3:37 pm

Why is it that Charter has abandoned some customers who reside in Eldorado and Placer Counties in Lake Tahoe. For some reason Charter has dropped the NBC station from Sacramento which we all enjoyed for many years. Without warning it was gone. This year during the elections we were all lost having nothing but Nevada news. For some reason Charter seems to be avoiding the issue of good service. We are not all in Nevada and want Judge Judy rather than the noon news.
Most customer service reps when you can get them just say “oh well”.
Service is not the long suit at Charter..


Bonnie Livernois November 27, 2018 at 11:28 am

Will someone with know how from my local area, Asheville, NC, please contact me with regards to my internet frustration? Otherwise, I will find out if our local Better Business Bureau accepts complaints against Charter, forcing them to make things right.


Tom Pearson November 20, 2018 at 7:33 pm

One could suggest easily that Thomas M. Rutledge, CEO should be replaced, as he is lost. Having just received my statement for TV, Internet and Telephone service, year 2, I was aghast at the nearly 50% increase, from $107, to $150. In this era of cord cutting, well, guess what is going to happen. So the company keeps the overhead, less one more customer. Not real good math as far as I am concerned. Adios


Anthony Parsons October 15, 2018 at 2:04 pm

It is a shame that a company as big as you are can not fix the cable and keep the internet working out here plus the TV and phone service. I had made many calls and had many service people out and they hook-up their meter to the service and say they don’t see a problem and after they leave it is back out again. You call the back about the problem and all you get is a run around. I have ask to talk to the CEO and they will not let you talk with him. I have sent him emails and he does not reply to them. I will say that he is a yellow belly chicken s**t. You start up selling cell phone but they cant keep there service working right that they have how are they going to keep the cell phone service working right. It had got so bad out here that cut my TV service off with them cause I could not watch TV with out it going out all the time. We have been fighting with them for more than 2 years to get it fixed out but all we are getting is the RUN AROUND from them


Rob October 10, 2018 at 12:18 pm

Since it is impossible to contact the Corporate office in Stamford,CT. This will have to work.
I have been a customer for over 10 years. I have watched my bill increase yearly with some bogus taxes or rate increases.
My suggestion would be to stop advertising about how good Spectrum/Charter services are every 10 minutes and put that advertising money toward a reduction in the rates to your customers.
I have never seen a company advertise as much as Spectrum does. I believe they are trying more to convince themselves of how good they are. We as consumer know that is total BS! Direct TV is starting to look better and better, especially with all your chest beating telling us consumers about how good you are!!!


Christopher Ingram August 9, 2018 at 6:38 pm

I called about services was giving an offer at 157.00 a month that didn’t require a prepayment. Installation was done on August 4, 2018 and today August 9, 2018 my service was suspend due to an allege non payment of a prepayment that I was told wasn’t required. I had an old account with charter and they tried to submit a payment on an old bank account that is no longer active. The representative laughed and were very sarcastic after I voice my concerns as to why they did this I was told that there was nothing they could do about it, just return the equipment. I have never been treated so unfairly in my life. I should have chosen DirectTV maybe this wouldn’t have happened. I have been scammed by this company. I have contacted the BBB and I am contacting all news channels, I will get my story heard as a consumer.


MICHAEL BIECK June 22, 2018 at 12:29 pm



Rollins October 31, 2018 at 1:05 pm

Wondering if anyone else has the same problem with a bait and switch, I was offered the back to school promotional rate back in August and my first bill came with the retail price. I have spoken to 6 reps and 5 supervisors all have agreed that the price I was offered was the back to school at $150.48 after going through the above for two months every other week, with each telling me they agree and see the price quoted. However the last supervisor now advise that the special and the codes to input are not available in my area, and they will not honor the price, not only that all these other fees are kicking in which each supervisor said wouldn’t happen. I have tried calling the corporate office a number of time to work this out, however keep sending me back to the a basic representative. If this is happened to you please email me at hfttbills@ so we can discuss your options – thank you


Matt Schmitzer March 16, 2018 at 10:47 am

November 2016 a representative from Charter called and asked if I wanted to switch back to Charter and if I did they would reimburse my cancellation fees. So we switched back to Charter and they told me what to do. I sent the information in to a company out of state and they said that I didn’t send in the right information. They said that the top of the bill on page 3 it would say this is your final bill. I sent in the bill that said sorry to lose you as a customer you $331 as your final bill. I have sent in, emailed, got it to the Charter store, sent that representative A copy of the bill I had through email, and I still haven’t received my reimbursement for the $331. I’ve even called DirecTV who we used to have but canceled at that time for another copy of the last bill and each time they say they’re going to send me a copy and I never received it. I do have and have taken a photo of the bill that I had sent in which again says sorry to lose you as a customer you owe $331 . Your company keeps coming back and says you needed the bill that said this is your final bill. Either way a bill saying this is your final bill or sorry to lose you as a customer to me means the same thing. So I’m still waiting for my reimbursement have jump through many hoops and haven’t gotten anywhere. My next step is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because evidently I’m not getting anywhere with spectrum, I don’t see myself getting anywhere with spectrum so the next move is just to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Our Spectrum account is under my wife’s name and I wonder if that is where the problem is. We had direct tv in my name and our Spectrum account was in hers. My name is listed on the account as someone they can talk to and make decisions on the account. When we took TV off spectrum and had gotten DirecTV the DirecTV was in my name. But when spectrum called and asked us to come back to them the guy that came out to our house gave us the forms told us how to go about getting reimbursed it should only take no longer than three months to get our cancellation fee reimbursed. I don’t want updates on this complaint because that I still don’t believe it’s going to go any further than me typing it right here.


Mike March 5, 2018 at 12:52 pm

I just finished almost 2 weeks of Spectrum running around in circles pretending to address a problem that should have been solved in 5 minutes on the phone.
The problem: after exactly 4 hours 2 channels that I watch a lot send a message that the channel is unavailable and to try again later. This is followed by the screen saver.
The correct solution: Tell me that this is a deliberate programing feature that applies to some premium channels. Takes 5 minutes, I would not be happen but I would at least know why this happens.
Spectrum solution: Send me a new cable box to install that is defective and will not install. I spend 2 hours on the phone with support. This was followed by a trip to the local spectrum office to pick up a new box. Another hour making the trip and followed by an other hour on the phone with support finding out that the second box is also defective. Reinstalled my original box and scheduled a tech, Another new box installed and the problem still existed (see correct solution above). After rewiring my house from the street to the tv, spectrum finally admits that this is a design feature of the system. It only took 10 days, 3 techs, multiple support staff, and 1 very arrogant manager to come out and say what the problem is.
Speaking of arrogant managers. When the manager of the Indio, CA office finally came out to my home, he spent 5 minutes telling me how inconvenient it was for him to interrupt his busy day to meet with an irate customer. I am almost 70 years old and have met some arrogant managers in my time but this guy takes the cake.
The end result: I have new cable running outside my house and inside my hours that looks like c..p and no change in the problem.
Use Spectrum/Charter at your own risk. They are a bunch of amatures.


becky February 22, 2018 at 4:05 pm

I want to know why they raise their rates with no notice you call and get the total run around and even worse than that they do not honor vets or senior citizens they want to take away the channels my bill went from 27 to almost 160 if I could I qould go to direct tv but am not allowed to have a satellite dish where I live maybe we allsould go on the internet I have the name of the ceo but they will not connect you with him or the coo or ceo you are all a bunch of uncaring idiots just remember if wit was not for our vets youwould not be free when you are on a fixed income 20 dollars or 30 dollars is a lot that was part of our grocery money I bet all of you get 3 meals a day well we wont anymore hope that makes you happy


Laura January 12, 2018 at 11:11 am

I’ve been a customer since the 90’s ( started with bresnan) . In the last year we have a continuing problem of then cable box turning off.. several times DAILY! We have to wait several minutes for box to reset.. One would think ” not a big deal” BUT, we miss the big scene , who done it, the great sports play, or loose on demand show… I have made countess calls to spectrum/charter for help. They have scent out techs, even replaced box (with identical Pace brand box) Which I was told was the root of problem. The Pace box is not compatible with LACK OF UPGRADES in Montana, (my state) Wyoming and Colorado. AS you know we all pay for a service, yet do NOT receive a good product. What pushed me over the top was when I found out that CEO Thomas Rutledge makes $98 million per year. WHAT ARE THEY PAYING HIM FOR, TO KEEP THEIR CUSTOMERS UNHAPPY!! With that kind of money I would think they could update are boxes!!! Does anyone CARE???


Al Turner January 1, 2018 at 6:24 am

A simple item that regulates signal during temperature change is all we need. Been going through this for years,among other issues. Very old system the techs tell me. Days now when the temp. gets to around zero,sound breaks up,then the pic breaks up,then for the rest of the night till the sun warms things up to above zero,I get the off air please check back later screen. I put in my repair request,and was told 1-5-18,that would have been 8 days of waiting. Many people called because it’s not just me. They were there the next day. The message on my phone said it was fixed. Yeah,right up till zero came around the afternoon,then right back to nothing. I call and tell them this,and they say,you have a tech coming on the 5th. Gee thanks for fixing what you know is bad sometime in the future. Starting your great cable company with a bang this 2018 year! Thanks a bunch from us all!


Al Turner January 1, 2018 at 6:35 am

Years ago i filmed my scrambled up pic that I dealt with day after day,weeks,months,year after year. Someone saw this up on top,and my phone was a ringin’. They had guys all over the mountain fixing everything. Like magic I had reasonable cable for quite a while. I was told to call him directly with any issues,then the tech gave me his personal #. This really got them going . Now with Spectrum this has faded away. Let’s get this old system upgraded to todays standards. When will we all get the service that we should pay the $70.00 a month for? No internet or phone service here either,just the cable that won’t work under zero degrees!


Michael Staed December 22, 2017 at 11:02 am

Dear Mr. Rutledge:

I am writing you this correspondence to explain why I opted not to switch to Brighthouse/Spectrum cable tv. I have been considering switching back to cable from Direct TV for several months now. Spectrum does currently provide our phone and internet service.

This past Tuesday (12/9) I called the Customer Service number at 5:20 pm. I spoke to an agent by the name of Heather who came up with the following package:

Four boxes, of which one would be a DVR ( which is far more limited that the one I have with Direct and the one I previously had with Brighthouse);
250 channels;
100 mbp download speed on internet;
bundle TV, internet and phone; and,
a 12 month rate at $124. and change which would be raised to $150.94 at the end of the 12 month period (based on current rates) (order number 304440112).

I thanked Heather for her time and told her that I would discuss with my wife and get back to her. She did tell me that Spectrum was working on a ‘whole house dvr’ option that, hopefully, would be rolled out soon.

Yesterday, I called back to confirm installation and switching TV service. I was first connected to Billing who then transferred me to Sales (Vanessa) who then eventually transferred me back to Billing to a gentlemen who did not identify himself. Over the next 15 minutes or so he proceeded to inform me, having access to the notes left on my account by Heather, that:

He could only give me the $150.94 rate; and,
he had no knowledge of a ‘whole house dvr’ option being offered.

At this point having been on the call for 40 minutes to execute an order that was established and doXXXXented I informed HIM that if this was type of customer service offered by Spectrum Cable that it would a mistake to go forward. I requested that the order be cancelled.

I live a retirement community here in Central Florida and unfortunately this experience seems to be the norm based on comments I have read on our local internet forum. I will now seek other options and look forward to sharing my experience with the 4500 + residents of my community.


Fran M December 4, 2017 at 4:54 pm

I contacted Sprectrum in late October to find out when my special would expire. The rep told me in January and she said that it proably wouldn’t go up any higher than $20 plus dollar but to check back in late November or early December. I checked back after Thanksgiving and the rep I spoke with said that my bill would go up $30 but I would get a $15 discount, but to check back in early December. So I checked this morning and now my bill will go up to $164plus a month. Now both prior reps said that I could lower my bill if I take off the phone and some add-ons like Showtime, the phone etc. But today it’s something completely different. I was told by a “supervisor” that there was NOTHING I could do to lower my bill and that I was stuck with the increase. I was lied to multiple times and this is unacceptable. How on earth can you tell someone they can’t lower their bill if they remove something? These supervisors kept going on with the “bundle” pressure. I asked about basic cable and Internet, they then said it would be $154 plus. That’s with no premium channels. Then I mentioned I saw other combinations that were and they said NO, I couldn’t do that. ONLY the bundles would be cheaper. I asked to speak with a manager or takae this to corporate and the last “supervisor” said she was a part of corporate and she wasn’t. SHe may not have been a supervisor. Nothing I suggested would lovwer my bill according to Spectrum. They have this attitude of take it or leave it. I’m leaving it.


Marv Keller November 3, 2017 at 4:00 pm

I have been a customer of Time Warner Cable/ Spectrum Cable/Charter Communications since 1984 and lately I have never had any POORER Customer Service from any corporation as I have been receiving from this one. It seems that Spectrum has one policy, and it is that the customer is never right and we won’t do anything for them to keep our pricing to a level that they can afford. My bill has increased to a level that I can no longer afford since my retirement a few years ago. I’m now on a fixed monthly income from Social Security and a small annuity. 10% of my monthly stipend from Social Security is currently going toward paying my cable bill. I have seen an offer on the SPECTRUM Web Site, and by giving up some of my current services the cost per month showed at $100.96 (Spectrum TV Select).

When I called the 800 number for Spectrum and requested a change in my service to the one mentioned above, I was told by the representative named “Sydney” that this was only available via the internet, and that the best offer she was able to quote me was $182.47 for the same program. REALLY?? She then became quite upset and rude with me. This I thought was absolutely wrong from someone who told me she was a “Manager.” She then asked me if I wanted to hang up. When I replied yes, she again sarcastically & rudely disconnected the call. This is by far and away the worst so called customer service I have ever had. And by the way I , before retiring I was a 25 year customer service manager, and if anyone under my supervision ever spoke with a customer in the manner I was spoken to that person would have been schooled on proper customer service etiquette.


Tracy Trautman November 1, 2017 at 10:15 pm

I moved into my new home the end of July, which is only across the street from where I use to live. I transferred my services to the new house, but the problems start here. I was not only charged for two months at my old house but also charged for two months at the new place for the same period of time. So my bill was almost 700.00 Well my service at the new home I had to have whole house wired for service due to the people who use to live here only had satellite and hook up for one tv in entire house. So yes the tech came and wired up the entire home for me. Well figured being all new wiring in house I would have no issues WRONG. My service cuts in and out continuously not just tv but my phone and internet as well. I must reboot the modem several times a day just to get service back. I had several techs to my house already. One of the tech charged me a $45.00 in home wiring fee for work he never did. I found this out when I had a Charter Manager tech come out to house and asked to see the work the last tech did inside the house and I asked what they were talking about and showed them the grey box outside that he replaced something in saying it was hot. To be then told of the fee I was charged and to call in to have it removed. The Manager Tech said my lines outside coming from pole were chewed up and full of water and wires were black in color not the copper color it should look like. I was then told a Line tech needed to come in to fix main lines due to he could not reach them with only a ladder. This is already into early Oct this is all going on. Well order was put in for a line tech no one comes, Call back Talk to a dispatcher order put in for a line tech again no one comes, Call again talk to an escalation expert told it will take 7-10 days for line tech to come again no show but I do have a regular tech come to house but all service was down that day for entire town I live in so they could do noting at all. Was told they will be back another day. Well now I am into beginning of Nov and still no one came to house to fix problem. I call this morning around 10 am and was told they will have a tech at my house tomorrow between 4-5 and noting a line tech is needed, I was also told due to all my issues and problems I have been having they are offering me the triple play package for the 29.99 each service to make up for all Ive been threw but I had to pay the 58.00 still owed on my account first. In which would bring my bill from 170.00 a month down to around 147.00 a month and that they hoped this would help to make up for all the problems. I told them I would pay it today and call back to have package put on my account. Well I paid the money called back in to speak to Amanda to be told yes she see’s the offer in the notes but No she will not offer that to me and she can’t what she can do is offer me just my tv for 39.99 but I would loose my HBO, but I must still pay 59.99 for my internet and my regular phone bill plus dvr would still have the additional fee so my bill would still increase and I would loose my premium tv channel. I asked to speak to a manager in which I was told there were none there and she would send out an email in which I would receive a call back with in 2 hours. Well that was at 4:30. I called back at 6:15 due to no call back yet spoke to a person named Ericka she said I am so sorry for what your going threw let me connect you to a supervisor right away hold on and i will transfer you in which I was connected to some phone which did nothing but ring and ring I hung on for almost 20 min of listening to a phone ring but no one ever answered. No answering machine nothing. By now I am beyond pissed off, I call in again this time talking to Stephanie she said let me get you a supervisor I will be back with you. Put on hold for about 10 min she comes back again I ask where is the supervisor and she said she is still waiting on one to come to phone. Puts me on hold again, this time for about 15 min she comes on again saying she is checking if I am still there I said yes I am and will be until I talk to a supervisor, Put on hold again this time for only about 5 min then told a supervisor is ready to talk to me and a lady by the name of Karissa comes on and is talking to me, To find out she is a supervisor for tech support not what I am needing with the offer I was given and now being refused, she tells me to please hold and she will get me to a supervisor in the correct dept. Then after a brief hold she comes on saying I have a manager by name of Ben to talk to you he will help fix this for you. Well Ben comes on and proceeds to tell me he will not honor the offer I was given earlier in the day that he can only offer me what Stephnie offered me, I explained my offer was put in the notes so that they knew in advance what I was to receive. He said he see’s this but must deny it due to he is not authorized to offer this to me it is only for new customers not existing ones. So I replied oh you only care about new customers and the hell with the long term customers being I have been with charter even if at different addresses for over 8 years. I then asked what I would receive for this offer which would raise the price of my bill for something I am not even receiving now. I was told I would receive more channels but would loose my HBO premium channel. I then asked ok and how many of these extra channels are junk channels like the shopping channels, the music channels and the spanish speaking channels in which he replied well I couldn’t give you an exact number but you would be getting mush more to watch then now and it will cost you only around 20.00 more a month. Or he could offer me the silver package for an additional 20.00 on top of the other 20.00 if I want even more channels and my HBO I wanted to keep. So rather then offering me something for all the issues I have had since I moved in they just tried to charge me an additional 40.00 a month for services I have been paying for since july and have not received to this day for a full day with out issues yet. I told him I have had enough and will be contacting Corporate offices in the morning and he said oh you don’t need to do that I will put in a report for you to talk to my supervisor she will call you back tonight her name is Brandi. Well it is now 9:15 pm and no call back yet. This company only cares about you paying them each and every month, but if you have a problem don’t expect it to be fixed anytime soon. I’ve been waiting since the end of July and to this point Its still not fixed and I am still given every excuse of why not, and offered to get more services for higher prices that I won’t be able to use anyways. But they say oh don’t worry you will get credit back once all is fixed we keep records and it will escalate to a higher credit for you in the long run for all the time it is taking. Yea RIGHT after all this you expect me to believe that as well.


Done with Spectrum October 22, 2017 at 5:14 pm

Took over timewarner and the service went down but then they raised our rates.
We cancelled the cable service and got a quote for internet only. After researching our options we called back to make the change and they would not honor the original quote that they gave us.
They are terrible.


loretta miller October 11, 2017 at 2:18 pm

they raised my bill after the told me that a lower rate was good for 1 year.I got less for what I had with Brighthouse When they did this I called them and got over 4 people who told me too bad until I reached a manager who added on HBO, Max and Showtime for that raise in cost… Yesterdays they did an update which surge my tv and caused it to turn off and not turn on again I have called them 5 times for their insurance company and they low people in the corporation claims my claim will be denied. I asked for a letter that my filed claim would be denied They read me a notice from their insurance/attorney stating it would be denied.They refused and then I said file it and if it is denied then I will go to Federal Court and have the judge determine the verdict not them. I want to know if anyone had the same problem and we can do a class action lawsuit.


Janette October 8, 2017 at 12:15 pm

On 9/26/17 I paid my Spectrum bill online, on 9/28/17 I received an alert from my bank stating my account fell below a certain balance, when I checked my account I saw that Spectrum debited my account twice for the same payment. I contacted Spectrum and was told it would take three business days to correct and that the issue occurred because their (Spectrum) was a problem with their system. On 10/3/17 I called again to get an update and was told it takes three to five business days. Meanwhile, I live on a fixed income and their are other bills waiting to be paid which I am now being charged a late fee. On 10/6/17 I called again to get an update since I was not refunded and was told I should file a dispute with my bank. I told them my bank did not cause the error and I think some effort should me made on their part to expedite a refund since this was causing me a hardship and was told that was their policy as to the way refunds are done. I don’t think if I owe money to Spectrum they would be as patient. I am very frustrated and angry. I have been a customer since 2008 in Florida.


loretta miller October 11, 2017 at 2:20 pm

Always send them a check Never give them a credit crad


Cindy Baracco September 13, 2017 at 5:23 pm

I am sure that this will receive the same level of horrible service that I have now received so far I have no choice but to try at this point. This started on 8-11-17 when I called to find out if I had a contract of some type as I was looking to possibly change service providers. Your CSR inquired as to why which I explained that I wanted to get rid of my home phone as we do not use it and I was receiving offers from other company’s for internet and cable. Your CSR first asked if I had looked into any of your recent offers to which I had to chuckle as the only offers you ever send us only pertain to new customers. He asked if he could get me a better deal would I stay with you. After discussion regarding my wanting the same upgraded internet and TV we currently had with no home phone he offered me a deal of $135 and change to which I agreed. He indicated my home phone would be disconnected and by bill adjusted. Around 8-22 I attempted to use your chat feature to determine why it is that my phone had not been disconnected and my bill not yet adjusted and I was told that there were still steps that needed to be completed and I needed to call as I could not do that through chat. On 8-23 I called and spoke to Shawn who looked into the situation and told me that he was sorry for the confusion but my new rate was not $135 as I was told but it was $155ish. After some time and far too many apologies he said that he would rush the ticket to get this taken care of and have my bill adjusted back to 8-11-17, my original request date. Move forward to 9-12-17 when I once again called because I still have my phone and I received my bill with no rate adjustment. This time I spoke to Tiara who indicated that Shawn did place the ticket in however the process keeps getting canceled because I do not have the correct compatible modem that goes with my new service. After 3 different conversations prior to this one did ANYONE ever mention we needed a new modem.. Again way too many apologies and a lot of typing on her part she then informed me that the package that I was quoted by the two previous CSR’s included a change to my existing line up and the reduction of numerous channels. None of this of course was disclosed to me as that is not what I wanted. Tiara then transferred me to Jazz in another department who after much conversation told me that to have the same channel line-up that I have now which is what I wanted all along my new rate is now $162ish. Quite a difference from the original quote of $135ish. So I was on the phone with Tiara and Jazz combined for almost 27 minutes. After much typing by Jazz she finally indicated that she has everything ready to put though to get this changed however, you were have technical system issues that were preventing her from submitting everything that would then allow me to go get my new modem. Wow really – so Jazz promised me she would call me within the next couple of hours to let me know that this was finalized. Now – wait for it – surprise I NEVER received a call back. So here we are today 9-13-17 and I am calling again. I immediately asked to speak to a Customer Service Manager as I was not starting this process once again with a CSR. Of course there was no one available so I waited around until someone was available to assist me. I then spoke to someone by the name of Jasmine I believe who indicated they were a Supervisor. I explained this entire story to her to which she could verify in your system. She then went on to tell me that my phone was shut off yesterday – which it was not and then did more research and then said that she was going to have to transfer me to someone else to finalize the shut off and put a ticket in for the modem. I asked what about the erroneous quotes and lack of disclosure of my reduced channels is she going to help me with this she said the person that I am going to transfer you to can help with that. All of a sudden I am transferred to someone who answers “how can I help you”? I asked do you mean I was just transferred to you and you have no idea why – she said I understand you want to cancel a service. I asked did you not get any background on this at all and you mean I have to explain all this again! Keep in mind I have already been on the phone for 40 minutes. She of apologized but said she would be happy to help me. At this point I was just a tad pissed off and said look I have been on the phone for over 40 minutes with you people to day let alone all the other calls and now I have to start over again – I can not stay on the phone this long again are you kidding me.. Again sorry sorry sorry (you have your staff trained well with that word). I had to hang up at that point as my time invested is already off the charts. In a nutshell after over one month, 5 employee engagements who all have promised this would be taken care of and not to mention false information regarding rates provided I am right where I started back on August 11th!

While I do not have great expectations I do believe that you owe my the service that you originally quoted of $135ish for upgraded Internet and the channel line-up I have not the one you decided I should get which is how you came up with the lower rate and the disconnect of my home phone. That is the least you can do after this HELL you have put me through and the hours I have spent on the phone with your reps who are great at promises and sorry, but horrible at follow through!

While I do expect an answer from you I expect it will not come from anyone of authority as trying to find someone like that in your company is next to impossible.


Mamacitaclaude September 18, 2017 at 8:19 pm

I’ve read through many of these complaints. I think we have a case for a class action lawsuit for deceptive business practices. I’ve had TWC for 17 yrs and my son switched us to Spectrum based on a promised lower rate with more channels. Mind you he was not authorized account holder. I called to get the supervisor to listen to the call in which the Spectrum representative promised a lower rate and more channels. I was told the supervisor will research the call but they could not honor the price I was quoted. Charter has an A+ rating on BBB. We all need to help them get the failing customer service grade they deserve. I’m going to start my complaint with Michael Henry. Then on to the BBB. We cannot allow them to do this to the consumer. This is only the beginning because many of the TWC customers have not switched over to Spectrums equipment. They are using deceptive business practices to get people to switch. We must expose this to Spectrums corporate leadership and the BBB.


Rollins October 31, 2018 at 1:10 pm

HI we are having the same problem with what to seems a bait in switch, looking to form a group to take action, because all we get is the same sorry and no action.


William Robinson August 30, 2017 at 8:11 pm

I am really getting a raw deal out here in Banning, California.
I started with TWC in 2014 and have had constant problems with the outside line with a bad connection. Finally, I switched to Spectrum last year, but they finally after six months ran me a new line to different connection. Then in March, a neighbor moved into the apartment next door (a duplex) at that time, the techs just put a splitter on my line so we were both using 1 line for 2 households. I have 1 13″ laptop that I stream on. I am disabled & retired on Social Security but I never stopped paying my bill. I’ve had techs come out and do absolutely nothing, saying it’s fine, then reminding me when leaving (after doing nothing), to press 9 when I get a call to ask how the tech did. Now, a tech came out last Friday and did an arial drop but hooked it up to the bad connection again. My neighbors told me they don’t have an active account so I requested that they put my line on the new good connection back on my connection to the house. I really wish there was someone higher up at Spectrum like a Corporate Office so that I can get this fixed once and for all. However, there is not, so I am writing to you, the parent Company to see if anything can be done about this as these tech guys are not interested in actually fixing the problem. I hope you can review my account from phone number 951-442-XXXXX, Banning, Ca. 92220 since 2014. Now when the tech did the arial drop last Friday, I received an email Friday night that my promo period is up and my bill which was originally $44.99 mo. to $49.99 mo. (during the promo period) now it’s $69.99 mo. for basic internet only service. My actual phone number is: 951-426-XXXXX. Please do something.I am told a tech will be out here between 6pm & 9pm tonight,
If it’s the same guys, they’ll do nothing 1 more time. Sincerely, William Robinson


Chris Goodwin August 29, 2017 at 1:41 pm

I want you (or Spectrum executives) to know how disappointed I am with the new digital converters Spectrum has installed in my buildings. While the install went pretty well, it has completely confused my elderly residents. Most are unable to comprehend the use of the different remote (if they can even see the small print) for their tv experience. I asked the installation contractor about a larger remote and he knew of none. Does anyone at Spectrum know of one? I am spending a large portion of my already limited time correcting their mistakes, or retraining them on the use of the new remotes. In many cases they forget to use the new remote and use their old one and change the inputs which blows their minds. I have to reset the boxes, I have had to have 3 or so have a new signal sent. I have over 120 boxes in our two buildings and they are wearing me out. Is there a single box converter that can be used (one in each building) and go back to connecting cable directly from the wall to the tv? This whole conversion is a complete pain in my neck. This change did not consider the electronically challenged residents that live here, or anywhere. I can imagine other retirement communities are having similar issues with this new system. Spectrum made this change, yet I have to carry the load. I should give every resident Spectrum’s support number, let them call and complain, and have a technician come out help them 10 or 12 times a week. My residents are not able to reset, check cables, plug and unplug devices and my patience is running thin with your cable service. Please help me with a solution that does not take hours a week from my schedule. Please forward this to someone that can help with this if you cannot. Thanks…


MOULAY EL JAAFARI August 27, 2017 at 4:25 am














Account Number




Email Address

mjaafari at

Your Input 10.
Connected To
Spectrum Service Rep: Kyrissa W
A representative will be with you shortly…

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 0.
Hi, my name is Kyrissa W. How may I help you?

Your Live Chat Input 1.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 2.
I am sorry you are having problems with your Internet. You’ve reached the right person to help you moulay!

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 3.
As a reminder moulay, there will be a brief survey after this chat on my performance. I’d greatly appreciate you taking the time afterwards. One moment please while I access your account.

Your Live Chat Input 4.

Your Live Chat Input 5.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 6.
Okay so you are just wanting your credit?

Your Live Chat Input 7.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 8.
Okay let me check into seeing what credit I can give to you about your internet not working right until now.

Your Live Chat Input 9.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 10.
Okay. Thank you.

Your Live Chat Input 11.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 12.
I am yes.

Your Live Chat Input 13.
AND WHY $109

Your Live Chat Input 14.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 15.
I show that you had a tech fee of $45.00 but I see you do not have your own router you have ours. So I am going to refund that for you.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 16.
One moment while I do that.

Your Live Chat Input 17.
MOULAY EL JAAFARI Username jaafarXXXX Account Number ################ Address #### M LONG BEACH, CA 90813 Email Address Total Balance $103.17 Auto Pay: Enrolled Your next Auto Pay payment will process on September 12, ####. Manage Auto Pay | Make

Your Live Chat Input 18.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 19.
Actually it shows that fee will have to stand, he replaced your router, so you had your own it was not working and he gave you one of ours.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 20.
I’m sorry about that the fee is to not be waived for it was your equipment. I can put in an credit for the time the internet was not working right.

Your Live Chat Input 21.

Your Live Chat Input 22.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 23.

Your Live Chat Input 24.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 25.
I do show that yes, but you had your own router and when the technician came out he then replaced the router with ours.

Your Live Chat Input 26.

Your Live Chat Input 27.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 28.
If your have your own equipment you will get charged for our tech coming out.

Your Live Chat Input 29.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 30.
I can get you a credit for the time the internet was out.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 31.
But the fee of $45.00 will stand due to you having your own equipment before he swapped it out.

Your Live Chat Input 32.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 33.
Would you like for me to put on a credit for the time the internet was out?

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 34.
The internet you said was working right now?

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 35.
I am going to look in the logs of the internet one moment.

Your Live Chat Input 36.

Your Live Chat Input 37.
what are u talking about

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 38.
I’m sorry I do not show notes stating no charge.

Your Live Chat Input 39.
he had to change it

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 40.
You had your own equipment so you will have the tech fee charge.

Your Live Chat Input 41.
ok then

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 42.
Okay, one moment please.

Your Live Chat Input 43.
check before you jump

Your Live Chat Input 44.
and try to charge

Your Live Chat Input 45.

Your Live Chat Input 46.
you think im lying

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 47.
I show you had your own equipment, so the charge will stand, I’m sorry about that.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 48.
For future reference you can go to for additional internet troubleshooting tips.

Your Live Chat Input 49.
your not sorry

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 50.
Yes we are open right now.

Your Live Chat Input 51.
if you realy wanted to help yu would

Your Live Chat Input 52.
dont give me that

Your Live Chat Input 53.
ive bben a customerfor a while and al;wasys paid on time

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 54.
I do apologize but when you have your own equipment and the internet is not working right, when our technician comes out and sees that its your own equipment we charge a tech fee. He also did the right thing by giving you one of our routers to make sure it does not happen again.

Your Live Chat Input 55.
but it did

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 56.
One moment please. to see If I can waive it for this one time, but it would be as a courtesy .

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 57.
One moment please. to see If I can waive it for this one time, but it would be as a courtesy .

Your Live Chat Input 58.
and i tried w a tech from you guys again

Your Live Chat Input 59.
and nothing

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 60.
One moment please. to see If I can waive it for this one time, but it would be as a courtesy .

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 61.
I’m sorry about that.

Your Live Chat Input 62.
i mean yesterday

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 63.

Your Live Chat Input 64.
sorry about what

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 65.
One moment please.

Your Live Chat Input 66.
he said that there would be no charge

Your Live Chat Input 67.
you stted that to

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 68.
I am going to waive the fee as this one time for you.

Your Live Chat Input 69.
state that too

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 70.
I am going to waive the fee as this one time for you.

Your Live Chat Input 71.
the ffe of what ?

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 72.
I will get you an updated billing one moment.

Your Live Chat Input 73.
of the visit

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 74.
Prorated Estimated Next Bill with partial Month $103.17 Estimated New Regular Bill Amount $69.99

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 75.
Yes your visit has now been waived.

Your Live Chat Input 76.
ok. thank you

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 77.
Wonderful moulay, I was happy to answer your billing questions! For future reference you can go to for additional information on ways to pay your bill. Do you have any further questions or is there anything else I can help you with today moulay?

Your Live Chat Input 78.
i was not told therre was going to be a charge in the beginning

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 79.
I’m very sorry about that.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 80.
I have now gotten it waived for you today. Do you have any further questions or is there anything else I can help you with today moulay?

Your Live Chat Input 81.
wat about the time the internet did not work

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 82.
I am looking into that now.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 83.
One moment please.

Your Live Chat Input 84.
thank you

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 85.
You’re welcome.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 86.
The credit will be applied you can check your billing online in 24-48 hours for your credits. Do you have any further questions or is there anything else I can help you with today moulay?

Your Live Chat Input 87.
any idea ?

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 88.
I’m sorry?

Your Live Chat Input 89.
how much?

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 90.
One moment please.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 91.
This will be a credit of $14.18.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 92.
Do you have any further questions or is there anything else I can help you with today moulay?

Your Live Chat Input 93.
for so the bill will be ?

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 94.
One moment please.

Your Live Chat Input 95.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 96.
You’re wlecome.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 97.
Prorated Estimated Next Bill with partial Month $40.81 Estimated New Regular Bill Amount $69.99

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 98.
Do you have any further questions or is there anything else I can help you with today moulay?

Your Live Chat Input 99.

Your Live Chat Input 100.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 101.
moulay, I was happy to answer your billing questions! “Please take a moment to participate in a short 5 question survey. There is a note field if you’d like to leave notes about the company but the score is based on my performance. I’d greatly appreciate it. The survey will appear after clicking “ End Chat ”. Thank you so much and have a Great day moulay ”

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 102.
moulay, I was happy to answer your billing questions! “Please take a moment to participate in a short 5 question survey. There is a note field if you’d like to leave notes about the company but the score is based on my performance. I’d greatly appreciate it. The survey will appear after clicking “ End Chat ”. Thank you so much and have a Great day moulay ”

Your Live Chat Input 103.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 104.
I’m sorry I cannot, you are able to copy and paste it and print it.

Your Live Chat Input 105.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 106.
Thank you.

Ask Spectrum Live Chat Response 107.
The survey will appear after clicking “ End Chat ”.


GARY LINDSEY August 17, 2017 at 3:12 am

I have only been a customer for 3 days and this is how I got treated. I get approached in Walmart every time I go in there. I always tell the Spectrum Sales person “Im not Interested”. This time The Sales guy followed me. I explained that I have FIOS now for 10 years and am completely happy. And that im on a 150meg up and 150meg down. He told me that he could better my speed and save me money. So I explained how complicated my home was set up. He made a call then he said he could absolutely make it work. So I decided to go ahead and switch. When the service tech showed up (he could barely speak English) I met him in the drive way. I told him not to even bother getting his tools out of his truck until I showed him how complicated my home is. After I showed him I told him that it must all work EXACTLY the same or better or do not waste my time. He told me no problem. I had to go to work and he completed the install (partially). I get home and there is no internet. And the HD quality is terrible. So I call Charter 6 times. Each time I get told someone will call me back. The only call back I ever got was from their robo dialer. So now on day 2 I have made 14 calls to Customer service and the biggest game of hide the chicken I have ever seen. Day 3 I finally get them to send a SR Tech and he eventually tells me that I need to get FIOS reinstalled and there is nothing he can do. So I make yet another 4 Calls to customer service and after being on the phone with a supervisor for an hour she tries to up sell me a Business plan for my home at more than 5 time the amount. I laugh. So now I am stuck with no nternet and crapppy service or pay FIOS $250 to come out and reinstall my service. How is this even right? Next step is filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I told them I just want what you sold me or I want my old service back. i was told “Sorry Sir this is all I can do.” Really? This is legal/Right?


Michael August 15, 2017 at 1:18 pm

I have been a customer of Charter Communications in Burbank for 31 years with an exemplary record of paying my bill on time. I pay part of my bill out of my personal checking account and small amount out of my business account. Last month I evidently forgot to go into my business account and pay my usual amount but I didn’t even know that until I received my new bill on 8/12/2017. I noticed that I failed to pay the amount out of my business account and I used my bill pay and paid the whole bill. On Monday morning I received a call and I couldn’t understand a thing she was saying except that she was calling from charter. Finally after saying “what” to this woman like 6 times I realized that she was calling me for $55 past due for a month. I paid the majority of the bill out of my personal account so it wasn’t like I was in default for the whole amount. I told her that I sent the payment and she told me to calm down so I hung up on her. I received 4 more calls from that same number throughout the day and now I got another one this morning at 8:30. Yesterday I was so pissed that Charter was doing this to me that I called customer service and in a fairly calm manner let the guy have it. He looked up my account and he admitted that I had a clean payment record. I told him that they should investigate things like this before they allow the attack dog out. Evidently they cannot stop the attack dogs so he told me ignore the call if I recognize the same number calling. Sure enough the first thing this morning I see the same number calling. Have any of you had experiences like this with Charter Cable or can anybody enlighten me on how to fight back or how I can escalate my response?


Frances F Snyder/ Chad Weeks August 3, 2017 at 7:28 pm

I received a letter in the mail stating that the account has been “REVIEWED” and I am able to get my bundles for 29.99 a month (within certain guidelines). I call into the customer service center on 8/3/2017 at 6:59pm and speak with a representative by the name of Lexis. I advised her of what I received in the mail and the VERY FIRST statement was “That is for NEW customers only. The only thing I can do for you is take you of the mailing list so you do not receive that stuff anymore, because the Spectrum SALES side does NOT verify if you are an existing customer or not.” When I asked how that was possible as the letter stated that the account was reviewed. She said that all she could do was give me a quote if I want the bundle of 3 and remove me from the list. What I am failing to see is where the resolution is and how is that customer service. I did how ever get the quote from her so that she could say she did her job and my Spectrum Triple Play bundle that should cost me anywhere from $88.00 to $130.00 (before taxes, equipment fees and WIFI charge- according to Lexis) is actually $146.56. Where in this is the Free internet modem and DVR service that the letter sent out states? Where is the $29.99/month that was stated because of an account review? I do understand everything is subject to change and that the pricing of $29.99 is only for 12 months. What I don’t understand is the half way answered questions and the repeating of information like it is not being comprehended when you are asked how it is only for NEW when the letter clearly stated REVIEWED.


Lori D August 2, 2017 at 12:09 am

Boy, you REALLY don’t want to hear from your customers or get any new customers! I’ve spent a very long time searching in vain for an email address to contact you. We are not a customer, but were considering it… But you don’t even want to hear from us! I clicked on chat, but it’s only for questions you want to answer. Very annoying and a waste of my time. My question is when are you going to add OAN to your line up? We want to see the unbiased One America New Network. Or do you only support Liberal non-News Stations?


Droupadi Budhu July 20, 2017 at 9:48 pm

So I had a promotional rates for about $145 and change that includes taxes and fees, I am already being billed in advance for a different rate $168 and change, call spectrum for an explanation got 4 different responses that didn’t add up, so I ask about new rates got 4 different responses way above what I can afford, was told spectrum really don’t care about current customers, so I decided to put in a request to cancel services, however I called back a few hours later to take them up on one of the the offers that was made was rudely told the agent misquoted so they can’t offer what she told me earlier so I’ll have to take a drastic cut in my tv channels line up.


Julie Ye July 18, 2017 at 6:47 pm

I am a consumer of Spectrum and have to pay the high speed internet with $47/mon to get 60.mb. But the problem is that my internet speed is hard to meet the 60.mb and has never been stable……always up and down around 10.mb, 20.mb, 30mb or 40mb. I called Spectrum customer service many times for the problem. Their technician came to check it for 3 times. But the problem still exists. If the company couldn’t meet the internet speed standard as I paid for 60.mb, the company should give me refund and reduce the price. Otherwise, I have to change a company.


Joe T July 4, 2017 at 4:47 pm

I am moving into a new home, so I called Charter to discuss the services and plans offered by the company. I provided the customer service rep the zip code (01535), which she read back as North Brookfield MA and asked that I am looking for service in Missouri. I explained to her that the two letter state designation system has MA as Massachusetts. At this point I realized this conversation would be interesting. There were few other indications that poor young lady was struggling. One being, after she gave me the monthly cost, I asked what was the term of the promotion. She didn’t get the question so I reworded it. Her response was I don’t see it. Then she found it. Although I had further questions and if I was speaking with someone who actually knew the plans, I would have probably continued the discussion and perhaps subscripted to your service. However, having no confidence, I thank her and ended the call. I strongly suggest, that the sales team be better trained before interfacing with customers.


Elizabeth S June 29, 2017 at 1:48 pm

We had Time Warner until we built our new house in 2015. Unfortunately the only internet/cable provider that serviced our house was a satellite company and we were forced to us that company. As soon as our two year contract was up, I called Spectrum to come out and install the services we needed. I explained that our builder put the cable access outlet on the wrong wall and told them I would need it moved, in addition to everything else. The wait time for the initial installation appointment was only a few days so no complaint there. The rest of our installation experience is downhill and highly disappointing. This company has also created a liability issue for us as home owners and a hazard for our dogs. The first installer (I’ll call Fred – not his real name) arrived and I explained everything that we needed done. He was scheduled to be here approximately five hours. When Fred realized part of his appointment at out house was going to involve relocating a new cable outlet jack, he seemed pretty reluctant. I was told he didn’t have the proper tool in his truck. I asked him if he could call his supervisor and ask for one or any of the other installers. He told me most of the other installers were across town. I explained I was paying for installation since this is still considered a new build and he was having to run lines and I was pretty insistent that he get the cable outlet jack installed one way or another. Fred then explained the process necessary to drop a line down the interior part of a wall to install/relocate a new cable outlet jack. He also told a fellow employee via telephone that he didn’t have the proper tool and risked knocking unnecessary holes in our sheetrock. The tool was called a “Magna Pull” according to Fred and goodness knows we didn’t want any unnecessary holes, so I bought his story. That is my first complaint with Fred. The second complaint is, he didn’t bother to look at how our previous provider attached their cable(s) to our home, just in case he ran into any problems and couldn’t complete the job. So when he DID HAVE PROBLEMS, he didn’t know how restore our original service and had to explain it to his supervisor. Fred NEVER should have disconnected our original service until he completed the necessary steps to make it work properly in the correct location. Fred left our house after being here little more than two hours. As it was left on day one, the service was working but the cable outlet jack was not installed. A second appointment had to be scheduled to complete the installation. I set it up for the following day for the installation tech to arrive between 1 pm – 2 pm. Later in the evening on Day 1, I called into reschedule the appointment for the next day due to a personal conflict. Imagine my surprise when I found out there was NO APPOINTMENT scheduled to complete the installation the next day. Its a good thing I called in or we would have waited and waited for the call telling us the installation tech was on the way and it never would have happened. I was told that “sometimes appointments get kicked out of the system” for an unknown reason. I rescheduled for a installation tech to arrive the next morning between 1 am – 12 pm. Chris (again not his real name) showed up and I explained that Fred did not have the necessary Magna Pull tool to complete the original job. Chris was polite and didn’t laugh in my face and asked me what the tool was used for. I explained and Chris told me he had never heard of one. I immediately felt that Fred either didn’t know what the heck he was talking about and just very inexperienced OR unqualified OR lazy and didn’t want to do the job. I personally hope it is the former. Anyway, Chris accessed our attic and took some measurements and decided where he was going to place the cable outlet. He then went out and hauled in all sorts of tools and several long, thin rods. He cut a piece out of the sheetrock, turned on a flashlight and placed the light in the hole. (By the way, the sheetrock cutout is not squared off and is at an approximately 30 degree angle. I’m not happy about it and my husband who is in the construction business, is even less so.) For the better part of the next hour hour Chris climbed up and down the ladder to our attic and back down to our living room. Finally he told me he couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t see the light. I asked him if it was because of the fire break. He replied, “Oh.” The light went on in Chris’ head. I felt doomed. I knew the cable outlet was NOT going to be installed during that appointment. Chris was most apologetic and had to call his supervisor/team leader. Apparently Chris didn’t have the necessary tools either. I had to explain that our builder used firebreaks in the construction of our home because of the building code. So when Chris left yesterday, the original installation job that he was supposed to complete, wasn’t AND we have an open hole in our living room wall. Before Chris left a THIRD installation appointment was set up to try and complete what the first two installers wouldn’t and couldn’t. About an hours after Chris left, my husband looked out into our back yard and called me to look out the window. Remember Fred? He is the reason for my next phone call to Spectrum. When Fred ran the cable from the outside box in the yard to our home, he didn’t bury the cable NOR did he bother to tell us that a contractor would be out at a later date to finish that part of the job. We only found out about the additional cable burying contractor when I called into Spectrum yet again to find out what was going on. I was given a ticket number and told that a supervisor would call me back within the hour. That was at 1:44 pm. I called Spectrum at approximately 4 pm since no one contacted me and was assured someone would call me, even if it was late. I did receive a call at 8:53 pm yesterday telling me someone would be out on July 3rd. As almost an after thought, the young woman told me I also had to give the contractor 5 days grace period because they are really busy. In the meantime, I hope our dogs don’t chew the cable line, no one is injured on our property and I’ll wait to mow the backyard. We are greatly disappointed in Spectrum to this point.


David Hockemeier June 13, 2017 at 11:31 pm

To whom it may concern:

On 4/27/17 I paid for services to be installed at my apartment. I originally got the idea to get spectrum from my sister on how great the service is. With that said I TRIED! 7 to 10 days later and two installation crews come to find out the pole to get service is located 327 ft. From the apt. Construction needed they said. Have to wait another 7 to 10 business days. I immediately responded to get a refund and they promised me I would get in 4 to 6 weeks. Hard to swallow but accepted that patiently. 8 tech installers, one supervisor and a field tech named Bryon later was told to give up because the communications between installers and construction wasn’t happening correctly. Keep in mind I’ve talked to so many spectrum associates that I had pages of notes. Was called by Amanda in SRC that they was doing everything they could to get me service. By the way Amanda in SRC is and was the best associate they got. I gave praise to her supervisor. Because I don’t just complain about things I act on true kindness and great customer service. Approximately 4.5 weeks later I still DONT have service and DONT have refund. A man named Joe B. Upton comes to my apartment and I find out he is with construction and tells me this case just fell in his lap to resolve. Keep in mind I’ve still told all my neighbors how good spectrum is and I’m getting it. So when I talked to Mr Upton he explains what he has to do. Run the lines, bury the cable and had to get all the permits associated with it. I was upset but respectively I told him my situation. So I wait another couple weeks……..thinking I’m waiting on a check or service to be installed either would be fine. It is currently 6/13/17 @ 1120 pm and yet to have service or money back! I was called by SRC department TODAY by Micheal (803) 705-4194 and I’m sure by all my accounts notes and my name that it was odious but still was called “huckleberry” which is not my name and doesn’t look like my name and was picked on as a kid for the same thing! I immediately talked to his supervisor KIA and she told me that is not tolerated but nothing she could do! Was informed that after all I had been thru that I get no credit to my account even though they have and continuously had my money since April 2017 and still won’t give it back! Please please can somebody HELP me as I’ve tried everybody as well as Joe B Upton that told me there is nothing I can do! So now because of ME spectrum will get 6 units of business and plus my almost 200$ plus guarantees that they would give me service and yet nothing is done! As far as I’m concerned they stole my money and even probably made money with mine. Again just someone take the time to help me!


JILL AUERBACH June 6, 2017 at 12:21 pm

wow…all your comments are negative!!!!



Bill Whitesides June 5, 2017 at 2:48 pm

With the thousands of complaints lodged about Charter Communications each year there is not much more I can add. I had an appointment, they didn’t show up and I wasted an entire day making phone calls and getting the complete runaround. Typical story with Charter. What really seems to be their downfall is the huge number of poor performing contract companies they use. They are poorly monitored and often hire bottom of the barrel type workers that could never get a real job with Charter. These people are overworked, underpaid and the managers are usually also bottom of the barrel. Charter will eventually fail but in the meantime we all suffer.


Kristy Demas June 2, 2017 at 10:27 am

I am outraged!!! Several months ago I had an issue and my service was cut off. After I paid and was told service was restored it was not. So I had a technician come out to the house on May 27th to install the new modem. Of course I am charged the service fee because of the screw up by this horrible company. So a couple of days later the technician comes banging on my door and he was there looking in the window and was in my driveway for over 30 minutes. He left a note saying he left a tool in my house-guess what no tool. Since then the man has continued to harass me and has left a note saying that his supervisor said the police were going to get involved if I do not give him the tool back. Well I hope he calls the police because I am getting ready to file harassment charges on this technician. This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with and no one in my home should have to be subjected to this man continuously banging on the door and sitting in the driveway along with calling continuously!!!


Rich Gion May 25, 2017 at 7:03 am

Upset !
Lost service 5-18-17 , everyone has been nice to have a talk to on the phone . But still now power.
My problem was dispatch even after verbally telling them what the two service people like come out they keep sending tell me they don’t need a service tech in the house the problem is on the line .
You keep telling me they’re escalating the problem well I’m going to escalate because I want some and dispatch to be responsible .


Gary Denham May 23, 2017 at 10:15 am


Hi, I am putting together a group to initiate a class action law suit against Charter/SPECTRUM. I am looking for ANYONE who had Spectrum give them incorrect payment amounts and then terminated service due to “non payment” even though you paid what was asked. Spectrum appears to have been giving incorrect dollar amounts to former Time Warner clients and then, after putting clients behind on their payment (without the client even knowing), calling a demanding an immediate large payment under threat of disconnection and unwilling to give any extension. If after your service was terminated you encountered a medical crisis and were unable to get the help you needed as a result of not having internet, you may be entitled to financial compensation. If you suffered stress or mental anguish, you may be entitled to compensation. If you missed a viewing of a live event , you may be entitled to compensation. If there is ANYTHING that will send a message to this company that you are a human, they are a utilities company, and that you have rights, please email me your story, your contact information, and be willing to testify in open court if necessary.

Email me at: thebigwager at

After receiving your Email, you will be contacted for further discussion.


Denise May 18, 2017 at 5:27 pm

Customer service help is good. Charter t.v. Is the worst. Numerous issues since boxes were installed. Price went up and quality declined. Never had problems before boxes were installed.


R. CHESKO May 12, 2017 at 7:31 am

You are a useless bag of horse s**t !!!


R. CHESKO May 11, 2017 at 9:57 am

Recently I called Spectrum to find out how I can hook up with the low income internet only offer of $14.99 @ 30meg connect speed, and the person told me I have to have NO INTERNET for 30 days before I can get this offer. I want to know WHY, and how the hell am I supposed to be cut off from the world here for a damn month ??? Why does that make a difference to you, and I’ll offer you a deal, if YOU can cut off ALL of YOUR internet connections for a month, then I’ll do it too. Would YOU do that ??? I sincerely DOUBT it !!! I am currently near the end of my TWC 12 month promotion of $34.99 and I just want to take advantage of your low income senior internet only offer. I want to know WHY i’m expected to go without ANY internet here in order to qualify for this>>????? I’m not going to be cut off from the world here for you or anybody else. I have to communicate with doctors, health care providers, drugstore for prescription refills, and many other necessary things. I expect you to reply to my email and NOT TO SHARE MY EMAIL ADDRESS WITH ANYONE AT ALL !!!!!


Brad Wimsatt May 8, 2017 at 8:44 pm

Mr. Rutledge,
I really hope this email goes directly to you. I recently was convinced to switch from my DIRECTV service to Charter/Spectrum. My service was installed on April 25th. I didn’t notice initially, however more than half of my channels don’t work. I spent the majority of my weekend on the phone with your technical support staff trying to get the problem resolved. After not being able to get it fixed, they scheduled a tech to come to my home to fix the issue. That tech call was scheduled for today 5/8/17 between 6-7pm. I left work early to make sure I was here for the call. I received a call from the tech stating that he was going to try and resolve over the phone. He was not successful. I told him that I need him here to get this fixed because every other person I spoke to couldn’t make it work. He called me again at 6:55 and said he would be out after his current call. 5 minutes later I received a call from a supervisor and she said that I had a bad DVR box and it wasn’t compatible with my service. I asked her to send the tech to replace it and she said that she couldn’t and an ETA wasn’t known. She directed me to customer service to have my bill credited since I didn’t have service. I then called to speak to Isabel. Isabel explained that it was too late for a tech to come out, and it was necessary to correct the problem. I told her that I travel for work and my wife would have to take off to be here. I told her that I didn’t feel like I should have to pay for something I don’t have. She offered me 25.00. I explained that this is not enough and I shouldn’t have to pay for something I don’t have. She puts me on hold to speak to a supervisor. She comes back and says that 25.00 is really too much and the supervisor couldn’t do anything. I asked to be transferred to the supervisor. She transfers me to Justin who basically says oh well that all he was able to do.
I fee like I’m on a candid camera show and someone is playing a joke on me. Why should I pay for something I don’t have? On top of the whole situation, I spent a good potion of my weekend and two hours this evening on this with no resolution. I don’t understand how someone doesn’t understand what’s going on. I am extremely regretful for switching and will most definitely be going back to DIRECTV as soon as I have the time to switch back. I’m hoping since your are the CEO, you can make the call to correct this?

Brad Wimsatt

Walton, KY 41094


JO May 3, 2017 at 5:14 pm

This is for the CEO of Charter. There numerous calls coming into our home. The wife is ill and your hired sales people are rude and disrespectful.

In tracing where the calls were coming from, West Des Moines, Iowa a placed called TMone. Ya all, does not work nor is it proper English. Someone named Breann was so rude, there was another named Kaylee, another named Kari each person gave different prices about the packages..

Sounded as if there was a party going on, one person in the background asked another how much for the bag of weed?

Then I went to an office in person and found people friendly. No one was swearing and knew what they were taking about.


Michell May 2, 2017 at 4:23 pm

Very Very bad customer service!!!! We recently moved and decided to give Spectrum a try. WORST mistake EVER! The letter we received from the the VP Geoff Boytos stated that we would receive free DVR for 12 months, when I called to accept the offer and received my equipment; there was no dvr service. When I called Spectrum to find out why I did not have the free dvr, I received the run around and was switched to 3 different people-all telling me that they could not add on the dvr service without charging me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to another representative. Of course on the 3rd rep I was transferred to told me that the supervisor in a meeting I would have to leave a voicemail.


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Penny Sikorski April 19, 2017 at 12:54 pm

I am certainly hoping that the CEO Mr. Rutledge will read this email and address the horrible CSR’s at Spectrum. Presently, I have internet and a fax line with Time Warner/Spectrum. I also am a Direct TV customer. On 4/10 I went into the Spectrum Office, received a price for having our Direct TV switched over so we would be bundling all services. I received the cost, a date of 4/18 and a time for installation between 9-10am. No one called and no one came. I called on 4/18 at 10:30 in the morning to find out what was going on…I spoke with a CSR named Josh, who down right lied to me. He told me that there was not a work order in for my address, I explained the situation and he scheduled an installation appointment for 4/19 between the same hours of 9-10am. Gave me the following Confirmation #202984189. Again on 4/ phone calls or technician, making this the 2nd morning of being inconvenienced. Once again, I called..Spectrum again tells me they have no installation appointment set-up for my address and equipment has been mailed. How does a rep (Josh) mail out equipment, not tell the client and tells me that a tech will be here between 9-10. The rep I spoke with was no help at all, so I had to go to the Spectrum Office again and was there for an hour while they tried to figure out what the heck was going on. Supposedly a tech came on 4/18 to turn on power…never installing lines or anything else and never came to the door. Thank God that you have a few knowledgeable people from previous Adelphia and Time Warner that are trying to rectify this situation as the first day they could have some one here would be 4/24 which is ludicrous..finally I have a tech coming 4/20 between 3-6, adding another day of being inconvenienced. I have been in Sales and Customer Service for years and would never think of treating a client the way Spectrum does.


T. Owens April 17, 2017 at 9:11 pm

I thought Bright house was bad some times. Spectrum is a joke, sales people don’t know what can and cant be done. I wanted my service transferred including phone number and was told no problem. I move and the installer only hooked up box and told me he didn’t have to connect it to the TV. He wouldn’t put the cable where I wanted it. He didn’t transfer my home phone number that I had for almost 15 years. He didn’t make sure I had the channels (which I didn’t because the channels changed and no one told me since I moved I was all spectrum and they don’t honor bright houses packages. I finally got my phone number back (wasn’t easy) and today I got my bill dated 4/13/17 with my home phone and it was news to me that my home phone number was changed and I had no notifications. No one can do anything and supervisors are worthless and they said they have no managers. Now maybe that is part of the problem. There is more to my story that I need this number and is now costing me money and will keep me from having contact with a child. so much more to the story and this company is a joke


Kelli Henderson April 17, 2017 at 5:53 pm

This has to be the worse company I have ever dealt with. I just needed to do a simple transfer of my internet (business class) service due to me moving. First of all, the never contacted me confirming the actual date they would come out to do the transfer, when I called them to follow up they told me they don’t offer service in my new area. (mind you I moved within the same zip code, not even 2 mins from my old address), then once I told 3 diff reps that they do offer service here they finally figured it out and had someone come out. Instead of placing it as a transfer they put it in as a new installation. Now the issue I am having is that my name is no longer on the bill they have INDIVIDUAL LIABITLY WORK on the bill which the company I work for has to see my name on the bill to approve me to continue to work from home. No ones seems to know why or how this name got on my bill, and so far no one has been able to correct it. Another issue is that when I tried to create an account on your website and enter my zip code it keeps saying you don’t offer service in my zip code, well apparently you do bc I have the service now. In fact, I tried to put in about 6 diff zip codes in FL where I know you offer service and it is saying the same thing. This company is all over the place and need to fix my issue ASAP bc if this causes me to lose my job I will be def be opening up a lawsuit.


Dan April 12, 2017 at 12:12 am

Geoff Boytos is VP of Marketing and I received an offer that states that I am (my name) and account # (my account #) is eligible to receive a $10 reduction in monthly charges with 3X internet speed and more channels than my current services. It says, after they reviewed my account, that I am eligible to receive an offer they defined. But when I called they said sorry you are not eligible. It is for new customers of Specrum (which I am) since they took over my TWC account. Geoff Boytos “signed” the letter that states all the above, but they are not honoring Geoff’s offer. Instead, my rate went up $30/ month (promo came off) which is news to me since I did not realize I had a promo for such a terrible service with limited speed and about 15 channels. I’m not one to complain or express my displeasure on forums like this, but Specrum and their marketing under Geoff’s leadership simply sucks. “Redefining cable” is complete bs…just came on tv in their commercial, on one of my 15 channels that I get for a $100 a month. Step up Geoff and earn your million dollar salary, and honor an offer you “signed”.


Sonia April 28, 2017 at 12:44 pm

Hi Dan, I have been complaining about stupid adds like this one that arrive at my address MASSIVELY! I receive it for myself, my husband, current residents and sometimes for underage kids. We all use the same account and we are the current resident. These adds are a piece of additional garbage for your recycling bin in they are worst than anything unstoppable. I have been calling Time Warner and now Spectrum at least monthly for the last 3 years, and they are all a group of untrained and uninterested people who will always “escalate” your case and then go home laughing because they will do nothing about putting and end to this annoying and old fashioned way of marketing.
In my opinion this guy Geoff Boytos either doesn’t exist or is always on vacation. He gets paid to use his name as a signature. I googled his email to send him a note directly and he appears to be on LinkedIN, so if you really are out there, contact me right away. I have YEARS!!!! of complaints of useless massive adds clogging my mailbox. All offers not being honored, and sent to 4 different persons that use the same account! Good grief!! You are the worst marketers ever.


guy April 11, 2017 at 11:56 am

I have problem as everyone else, promised a price on the phone billed a lot higher, been going for a month now, 3 supervisors 3 different times were suppose to look into an call me back with 24-48 hours all failled to do for days on end. I would advise if you signing up for new service you record phone conversation the final price they give you. there customer service is not customer service, it is we got you have a good day.


Greg F. April 7, 2017 at 7:59 am

I too am a former Time -Warner customer. Up to now, I considered Time-Warner as having poor customer service. Charter/Spectrum has set a new low!. They do not return calls, their technical support does not know their products, they actually lie when asked for information, they cannot be relied upon to accurately doXXXXent calls and their stores are staffed/understaffed by poorly informed and poorly motivated employees. Wait times of over an hour to be given poor service are common.

We have Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics available in our area and unless Charter/Spectrum can correct this alarming trend, I will be moving my service.


Debbie April 4, 2017 at 5:19 pm

Please contact me asap. I have tried all other resources. If no resolution, I will call local tv and get a response to this awful scam you guyd have.


Ryan April 4, 2017 at 12:20 pm

Mr. Rutledge,

As a former Time Warner and now Spectrum customer I would like to share a recent experience which has led to my scheduled cancelation of service.
I contacted the retention team (714.903.4000) on March 25 around 2:40pm and spoke with Curtis. I explained my intent to reduce services in an attempt to meet my decreasing budget. He was very pleasant and offered some good options. The option I was most interest in was removing the house phone, reducing the internet speed to 100, and several channel removals. (I’m sorry but I do not remember the Spectrum term for this package, but it’s in the notes.) This would reduce my bill so to $132.94/month prior to taxes. I told him my wife was out of town and I would discuss with her when she returned. Upon her return, we decided this was a great option and wished to proceed.
On April 3 at 12:25pm I contacted the same phone number and spoke with Kim who also verified the notes on my account and explained several channel changes per my inquiry. She too was professional and didn’t offer any new input regarding the changes. She sent me to David in the cancelation department to process the change. David seemed confused on the new package and tried to research my internet speed needs. I had to remind him the package that interested me was already determined and the information he had was incorrect. We finally got to a point where he understood the request and began the process. Near the very end of the discussion and after he began the remove services, David came back on the line and stated that with these changes my DVR with no longer communicate with the second unit in the bedroom with this new package. If I wish to continue that option, it would be an additional $7 per month. I was upset to hear this because neither Curtis nor Kim had mentioned this in our previous conversations. Nowhere in their notes did they include this additional fee. I feel it was unethical and a “bait and switch” method to add the additional $7 immediately prior to our modifications. This is an important feature to my family and if I would have known this earlier, we would not have considered this option. I told David I was tired of the back and forth, therefore wish to cancel my service completely on Sunday, April 9.
Around 5:45pm of April 3 I attempted to contact Curtis for clarification, but the representative (Kevin) was not sure who Curtis was and mentioned there is nothing he can do about the $7 monthly fee because the “system” does not allow him or any supervisor to override the system or make a manual input. I reiterated if Spectrum was willing to lose a customer for a $7 monthly fee ($84 annually) based on Spectrum’s failure to communicate an accurate service plan, I no longer wish to work with such cable providers. With the new plan I would pay roughly $1,595.28 per year, yet losing a customer for an additional $84 is financially prudent to Spectrum.
While I understand the “system” needs to be programed to include this DVR service, I struggle to believe such a large organization cannot find a way to remedy this situation. With the numerous cable, streaming, and satellite options out there I am surprised that Spectrum cannot make a simple adjustment to right this wrong. I realize representatives make simple mistakes, but the fact I was verbally promised something different than what is now offered is unacceptable. You have the benefit to review the audio tapes to confirm and I would appreciate speaking with a supervisor or manager interested in keeping my business. I have an appointment with Direct TV this Friday morning and will no longer be a Spectrum customer beginning April 9 unless there is a reasonable resolution.
I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with a qualified Spectrum representative. Feel free to contact me at phone number listed on the account.

Ryan Wright
Account # 8448300130297150


Melissa M April 3, 2017 at 8:11 pm

I have wasted so many hours of my life with SPECTRUM formely BRIGHTHOUSE who seem to be competing for who sucks the most….well…it’s a tie!!!
Awful customer service ✅
Not resolving the issue✅
Charging me for equipment you removed ✅
Months & months of phone calls wasting my time✅
Giving me the wrong modem✅
Swapping it out with 3rd party company then charging me for it✅
Equipment that is NEVER found✅
Everyone passing the buck✅
No resolutions✅
My router stopped working after tech swapped my modem✅
Tech says…”well, you have internet, now you need to get a new router” “bye” ✅ (even though my router worked when he got there)
Terrible, terrible, in every area terrible, all around terrible, terrible, terrible ✅


MP April 3, 2017 at 7:35 pm

We have been a TWC customer for over 20 years .My experience with Shay the manager of Customer Solutions indicates to me that Spectrum is not interested in customer appreciation or respect. What a poor representative of a corporation that is being challenged in the current marketplace. Wake up Spectrum and send the folks you inherited in the merger back to training. If they don’t adapt to the new Spectrum policies cut them loose. Based on my experience Shay should train for a very extended period of time.


Margie Schuyler April 1, 2017 at 1:48 pm

Please assure us that you will NEVER sell our browsing history.


Melissa March 28, 2017 at 7:56 am

Since Spectrum has taken over Timewarner, I have had nothing but problems. They have since taken away the PROMISE TO PAY which is soo stupid. People are on budgets and they won’t even work with you. I never received a notice stating that they were discontinuing this service, they just stopped it at the end of Jan 2017. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! RUDE, WON’T EVEN WORK WITH YOU. I am working on getting rid of this cable, way too expensive!


Valerie Bakos April 4, 2017 at 11:28 am

I could not agree with you more! I am legally disabled and on a fixed income and recently was made to move which set back my expenses and Spectrum will not budge on allowing any assistance with my billing issues. I wish it was still Time Warner Cable.


Xinpng March 27, 2017 at 9:16 pm

Dear CEO Mr. Thomas Rutledge,

My name is Xinping Zheng with account number 8448410590154690. I’d like you to honor your Customer Retention representative’s commitment made to me on 3/18/2017 after you listen to the recording of the conversation between me and the representative. The representative’s name is Ryan with operator ID OQ0. The reason for that conversation was that I planned to move to AT&T due to the fact that Spectrum suddenly increased the charges from $158.92/mon to $214.92/mon, and when I called Spectrum Custom Service your lady could not give me an answer for the increase when I asked her to itemize the new charge of $214.92/mon. As such she transferred me to Ryan (OQ0) of Customer Retention. In my conversation with Ryan, more than once, I said I wanted to confirm that for his net-net price of $126/mon plus $6.73 fees, I would keep the Spectrum hardware of 3 boxes including a DVR, and I would have all Triple Play Silver channels for $114/mon, plus the Military channel for an additional $12/mon, for a total $126/mon (plus $6.73 fees). Ryan confirmed to me his price of $126/mon plus fees more than once too. He also said the new total charge of $126/mon plus $6.73 fees would show on my Spectrum account the following Tuesday 3/21/2017.

Ryan’s new price of $126/mon plus fees is good for Spectrum, as I did not want “Voice” (i.e. the landline telephone service). Your shows that each of TV, Internet, and Voice costs $29.99/mon for the “Select” package for a new customer, and adding $20/mon moves the customer to “Triple Play Silver” package. As I do not want Voice, it should be $29.99 + $29.99 + $20 for a total of $79.98/mon for Triple Play Silver. Adding 2 boxes of $5 each, and a DVR of $11.99, the total would be less than $102/mon. Unless Spectrum refuses to award me, a loyal customer for the price for new customers, it is still less than $114/mon for Triple Play Silver price Ryan had quoted me. The above calculation does not include $12/mon for the additional Military channel, so by using this calculation I am comparing apple with apple.

When on Thursday 3/23/2017 I looked at the current $156.26/mon charge on my Spectrum account, I felt Spectrum made a mistake so I called Customer Retention again, waited for a very long time, and finally had a chance to talk to manager Michelle Williams. I asked her to listen to the recording of my conversation with Ryan (OQ0) on 3/18/2017 and honor the new price offered by him. Ms. Michelle Williams said she would listen to the recording and would call me back the following day Friday 3/24/2017 at 4:00pm. She and I confirmed my telephone number. But she did not call as I was waiting for her call from 3:30pm-5:00pm on Friday. She did not call me today Monday 3/27/2017 either. And she never left me a voice mail as to why she would not call me as she had promised.

Before I take steps to move to AT&T I am asking you to listen to the 3/18/2018 recording between me and your Custom Retention representative Ryan (OQ0), and honor his offer made to me for $126/mon plus $6.73 fees.

Xinping Zheng


Ralph Newman March 20, 2017 at 3:40 pm

Ralph Newman
Jamaica, New York 11432
(718) 969-XXXXX

So- Spectrum has taken over Time Warner Cable- all is right with the world…just listen to their advertising.
I have my own recording equipment a VCR – DVD combination. With Time Warner it worked properly – on all channels I subscribe to and receive. Now with Spectrum, I am unable to record on many cable channels, which I pay for. I can record “broadcasted” channels (CBS, NBC and such ) but not HBO, AMC and “cable access” channels.
Spectrum’s solution is that I pay for a cable box with recorder included. ?yes – pay more for a service reduction.
With neither notice or price adjustment, Spectrum has cut my services. I understand that Spectrum wants greater profits- the same as the Robber Barons of the past.


Cindy Penza March 14, 2017 at 6:38 pm

I switched to Spectrum hardware about a month ago and since there I have had nothing but disappointment. I have experienced numerious issues and this last one has put me over the edge. I called tech support to discuss the fact that I no longer have the ability to record more than 2 shows at a time. (I could records/view 6 at a time with Time Warner) It took 1 1/2 hours for the person on the other end (obviously not a US call center) to understand what I was talking about. He told me everyone in the office was confused because it should allow for recording/view of more than 2 (we even confirmed the serial number of the box). He set up a time for a technician to come to my home and fix the box. I received a call today stating that Spectrum does not have the ability to record/view more than 2 channels at a time. (I won’t go into how many phone calls it took after asking and asking to speak with someone in the US to actually get a call center with someone that understood and spoke English). She was very polite and explained that Spectrum indeed does not have that capability. Holly Cow, I am steeping backwards by accepting your hardware! If I had any clue, I would have kept my Time Warner box and continued recording and viewing the shows I am interested in!!!!! In the short time I have been with Spectrum I have experienced numerious issues and I can not stress enought the downgrade in customer service and hardware since I made this switch!!!!!!! If there were anyway to go back I would! I will be looking into other options for phone/internet/tv, in my mind this is unacceptable! I have no idea if your company is aware of or cares about customer satisfaction but I can tell you that I am one very unsatisfied customer that plans on using social media to spead my displeasure, writing to the Better Business Burea about feeling mislead and looking for options!


Angela February 21, 2017 at 5:09 pm

To whom it may concern:

This is a follow-up complaint letter to my letter dated January 31, 2017. I am beyond frustrated in attempting to resolve this issue. I attached a copy of my original letter for reference.

February 16, 2017 @ 1:04PM CST
Sue (636.220.2180) contacted me to confirm the details of my complaint even though she had a copy of my original detailed complaint letter. Sue stated that management would review and contact me within 24-48 hours.

February 20, 2017 @ 8:54AM CST
Dan (618.977.2806) contacted me. He stated that his research showed the serial number (40C729478448) is currently in use at the address in question. I explained to Dan that Karen (Charter Customer Service Representative) provided me this number on November 9, 2017. In turn, I repeatedly provided this serial number to every Charter Customer Service Representative since November 2016. And every time my daughter or I followed-up, we received similar replies along the line of “Charter is still researching”.

I expressed that the Charter employee who removed my personal property should have been able to readily identify that the wireless NetGear router did not belong to Charter as it did not have a Charter label.

Dan further suggested I file a police report. Again, this is an outrageous retort. It also shows that Charter refuses to address the fact that a Charter employee removed customer owned equipment from a residence and have been severely neglectful in attempts to locate my property or make restitution.

How do I know that Charter only recently “researched” my complaint/claim? When Karen initially provided the aforementioned serial number to me on November 9, 2017, I immediately checked the Charter-owned equipment and found the serial numbers matched. However, I did not mention this to Charter. I wanted to see if Charter would truly search for my equipment or continue with this charade of customer service. Unfortunately, this example shows that Charter made NO attempt to locate my equipment. If Charter employees had truly used the information that I provided them, they would have immediately known the serial number was from a Charter asset. Instead, Charter employees continually provided me with false reassurance and blatant lies. For example, Dan stated this issue was not reported until January. I refuted this and informed Dan that I reported this to Charter as soon as I discovered my property had been removed from my property. and I have dates, times, and names to disprove his accusation.

Here is the list of the dates, times, and representatives:

• November 9, 2016 @ 11:01AM CST ~~ spoke with Karen
• November 22, 2016 @ 8:00AM CST ~~ spoke with Andrea
• December 3, 2016 @ 11:23AM CST ~~ spoke with Laura
• January 24, 2017 @ 11:13AM CST ~~ spoke with Jody, Tim, and Thomas
• January 27, 2017 @ 10:06AM CST ~~ spoke with Robert
• January 27, 2017 @ 3:15PM CST ~~ spoke with Thomas

Dan also suggested I provide a receipt for my NetGear wireless router. This is an insult! Again, I view this as deliberately questioning my integrity when it has been Charter who has continuously displayed nothing but disdain and disregard of this issue. As I explained to Dan, the original account (8345 78 195 05911307) would have shown I was only issued one piece of Charter equipment when the account was established in August 2015. Furthermore, the records show that I contacted Charter in October 2016 to discuss the balance of the closed account. During this conversation, the customer service representative explained that I would need to return the Charter equipment. I again informed the representative that the NetGear wireless router was my personal property and I would only return the Charter asset. However, before I could return the Charter asset, my daughter opted to re-establish the service in her name thus leading to this situation.

I have been more than patient with this calculated charade. I work hard to make a living and no law-abiding tax paying American should have to endure this type of disparaging treatment. I have provided a timeline with all the facts. In turn, Charter has continually cirXXXXvented these facts and deflected blame. It is deplorable that a customer has to suffer through unnecessary stress because Charter refuses to hold themselves and/or an employee (or former employee) accountable.


Frank Gould February 13, 2017 at 1:29 pm

The Spectrum marketing materials are a waste of money as many people on this thread have said. Geoff Boytos should be fired for driving the costs up on services while he spends money on wasted marketing materials. Stop sending this trash to your customers and lower the monthly cost of your service. The price should be dropping over the years but instead they just keep finding ways to raise it.


Nick February 13, 2017 at 11:43 am

I spent a month cancelling our cable and phone service and had three different representatives tell me that my account would be credited. You can imagine my shock when I got the bill for service the next month despite this. When I called to ask why I was being billed since I had a credit they told me because the Auto Pay option does not recognize the credit and that they would mail me a check right away. Two weeks later, still waiting for the check. Call again and guess what? All those people were wrong and I was not being credited and my bill has been right all along. What a load of crap! I am supposed to believe that the fourth person I talked to is correct and the other three that stated I had money coming are wrong? WTF? 3 hours of my life on the phone and I get an apology and the right to keep paying them my money. What a load of bulls**t.


Debbie Chatenever February 10, 2017 at 10:14 am



Elizabeth Morales February 3, 2017 at 4:32 pm

Worst customer service EVER!!! UNPROFESSIONAL and Dishonest!!! I’ve had spectrum for over a month. I ordered the phone and Internet package, I guess it’s an order what you want and we will give you what we want kinda deal. I’ve paid for the service but the phone service hasn’t worked. I’ve logged into the chat 2x and called in 3x to zero avail. Apparently my account is locked because the person who rented before me owed an amount on his account and they want me to produce this person so that he can pay them! What?!!!! They take my money upfront and say nothing about some “roommate policy” and now they won’t make changes to my account and are making me pay for a service I don’t have and are threatening to cancel my service!!! Moreover, they won’t cancel the service at MY request, NO I have to pay until THEY decide to cancel it! What?!!! DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY, IT IS SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!!


Mukesh G Desai January 31, 2017 at 9:09 pm

I was paying $49.99 for my internet for 50 mbs. Since last two months it was increased to $59.99. On inquiry I was informed that I had one year special from Time Warner which has ended. That I am still Time Warner customer and will continue paying $59.99 or more for 50 mbs. I can move to Spectrum for $59.99 for 100 mbs. Nowhere was I informed by the company and had I not inquired I would have continued paying $59.99 for 50 mbs And most interesting HIGHLIGHT is that Spectrum website is offering 100 mbs for 1 year for $44.99. So you the customer and slaves of big corporation have to beg boss for discount
Charter Communication have promised that they will not raise the price after merger
I am going to write to the CEO and FCC and let me see what is the response


Chris Purcell January 25, 2017 at 10:39 am

I am stuck paying this ridiculous bill for internet and phone, meanwhile i continuously get flyers in the mail for new customers; great deals on bundles that are considerably less then what i pay now. When I call they are unwilling to work with me on my account and retain me as a customer.
Today I got a flyer in the mail stating my home “is ready to get more advanced services for less from Spectrum”. “I have great news! Charter Communications has completed the transaction with Time Warner Cable, and your home now has access to Spectrums advanced TV, Internet, and Voice services………..Our 90,000+ employees are committed to delivering best-in-class products and customer service, all at a better price.” Signed Sincerely, Geoff Boytos. I call to take advantage of this offer for “more advanced services for less” communicated to me from this so called communication company and am told after an extensive chat that this is not available to me despite the flyer stating it is. I guess that’s what they call “alternative facts” these days.
I find it ironic that this great communications company is unable to better communicate their flyers to the households in which actually are able to receive the deals advertised.
Not one person was willing to make this right and retain me as a “valued” customer. Even the solutions department offered no solution. You know the so called “best-in-class customer service” communicated to me in the flyer.
Not happy with this so called communications company will be seeking services from elsewhere.


Louis January 24, 2017 at 2:38 pm

ever since spectrum, aka charter, bought time warner, customer service has gone to hell in a hand basket. I have had a problem with my “on-demand” service for a month; had 7 technicians come out – all worthless couldn’t fix it although they told me it was fixed. can’t get a number for corporate office – claim they don’t have it – bull shxx, federal law requires them to furnish upon request. DROP THEM AS QUICK AS YOU CAN OR SUFFER!!!!!!!


Bill January 12, 2017 at 3:18 pm

Senior Citizens in the Florida area beware. Spectrum customer service is HORRIBLE. I waited 14 hours for a service technician to come by my house to pick up equipment. They never showed up. I spent over 2 hours on hold waiting for a supervisor. They continued to lie about someone coming to my home. Please if you have problems if you happen to get Celeste on the phone hang up immediately. She acts like she is in charge and is very rude. They have no sympathy for your problems. All they want is you money. If you have a choice for another company beg them to take you. You will not be sorry


DAVID RAMIREZ January 4, 2017 at 11:24 pm



Brian Haick January 3, 2017 at 10:50 pm

Please do not sell a service you are unable to provide. I purchased the NHL Center Ice package and since the beginning of the season I have been unable to watch a game without the service dropping for 1-5 minutes at a time. Tonight it went out as the Toronto / Washington game was entering overtime. It did not return until after the game was over. I am cancelling this package and looking for another provider for internet, phone and TV


Dean Hensel December 18, 2016 at 12:54 am

I will not be requesting one more time for your bullsh*t solicitations to stop being sent to my home! I was not interested in Brighthouse, and I am not interested in Spectrum! I was assured with my last contact that this sh*t would stop, yet I get another solicitation today! One more time, -and I file a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General! I no longer feel I need to be nice about this imposing on my life, -as it was my “ex” who has an account with Brighthouse, and he has been out of my life for 10 years! I’m no longer interested in being remind of his f-ing name. Understood? Now, figure out my address, because I will not be posting it here, you greedy bastards!


jeanette maska December 7, 2016 at 3:19 pm

Spectrum sent a letter signed by Geoff Boytos. It stated that there were no hidden charges and that we would receive Spectrum T.V. with free DVR for $29.99. Internet for $29.99 and unlimited phone for 29.99. When I called inquiring about keeping my phone up there was no mention of any installation fee. She reviewed the plans with me and said I had the Television silver plan, internet and phone as stated on the flyer. After I agreed to the terms I had the equipment installed to the tune of $195.22. No one mentioned any set up fee and part of the $195.00 fee was towards the first months fee and equipment.. Since we have Spectrum we’ve had daily problems with our internet. The tech said that Time Warner was using old equipment and was causing lots of problems .Our DVD did not record so it was replaced. Now comes the bill! The great deal offered with NO HIDDEN CHARGES and discount for Bundling did not exist. We were charged for a Tech fee (I was told it had been removed I suppose I will know when the next bill comes.My bill was for $216.60. When I called Spectrum they insisted that I upgraded (which I didn’t) My future bills will be $166.61. Where did my $29.99 go? Disappeared? What happened to my free DVD Poof! My free receivers? Poof My Silver plan I was promised? Poof. Or perhaps I got ripped off.? P.S. Charter is Spectrum and Spectrum is Time Warner SCARY.


Charles December 1, 2016 at 12:18 pm

On Oct 31, I was “had” my one of your reps when I called to order a basic cable internet service. To get to the point: after all was said and done, she informed that the “special” that she had seduced me with was only valid for 12 months, at which point the monthly rate would increase by $20.00!!! I was shocked, and speechless. Until now, that is…
She SHOULD have stated at the outset that the so-called “special” was for a 12-month duration. This practice is misleading, deceptive, and for my betting dollar, ILLEGAL!
After 11 months, I will be calling to cancel my service. I am willing to find a more reputable company for my internet, and willing to pay another installation fee. Shame on you!!!!


Charles December 1, 2016 at 12:21 pm

Ah yes, the FCC. I’ll inform them as well.


Angela Pressley November 30, 2016 at 10:14 pm

Attention: John Bickham and/or Thomas M. Rutledge – or perhaps anyone concerned about the type of service customers are receiving from employees at Charter. I have had my service since 11/07/16. I have been overbilled since day one. I have spoken to Charter Representatives on three occasions for nearly an hour each time to no avail.
I have a bill for 278.00 and I began service just 23 days ago. I was promised the service I currently have less the home phone for 86.00 but that never happened! I was told by Melissa and sent a message through the same representative by a supervisor named Mark that I needed to pay the bill then get credit for services I did not need/request and was overbilled for.This reminds me of Wells Fargo and the lack of integrity and untruthful sales practices. I need this matter resolved…..I have been told I can just disconnect ……really!!# each call has yielded a representative that has been unprofessional, unconcerned and lacking concern for the consumer. Perhaps Consumer Affairs will care!
What has happened to business integrity and customer service?? Disgruntled and Overcharged!


JoAnn Xiques January 27, 2017 at 8:09 am

Ditto with us. Every month a different amt. every month a call to them explaining same thing. No notations on my acct. supervisors worse then genius’ working there.
I want Brighthouse back!
Looks like only thing to do is look into Verizon.


Jim Metcalfe November 23, 2016 at 9:17 pm

Yesterday a Spectrum telephone sales rep told me the cheapest internet available to me is $59 per month. Today 11/23/16, I received a letter in the mail from VP Marketing,Geoff Boytos, offering internet at 29.99, voiceat 19.99. OK, maybe the deal is you have to take both, though the letter is a million miles from being clear on this. Even so, I would consider that requirement
This letter is to my USPS mail address,not some imprecise bulk mailing. It claims my home now has access to Spectrum’s advanced services, so this guy knows that Spectrum has cable into my unit. Not surprising since they deliver TV to my unit, through a bulk supply agreement with the condo associations in our communities, this is also the reason they have my precise address. So I call the number Geoff supplied. A pleasant enough customer ‘service’ rep tells me I am not eligible for the deal,because I am already an unfortunate customer of this company.
I guess the best you could say about Spectrum and their VP of Marketing is that they are incompetent,
A company to avoid I think..


michele santangelo November 8, 2016 at 11:59 am

It’s no wonder their telephone # to call the Conn company does not work………..just rings and rings!
I just want to get off all your mailing lists.

I called the 1=800 # after receiving ANOTHER flyer in the mail…this time advertising “Spectrum” as the new Time Warner.
When I called the 1=800 # they said they have no control over the mailings.
It’s a waste of paper, I said.

Anyway, I would like to get off any advertising mailing list that your company is sending.
Thank you.


Barry Gabrielson November 4, 2016 at 11:11 am

I negotiated a price for the triple play, with a customer sales representative 2 weeks ago. This conversation was sent to my e-mail address, rates, terms included. They scheduled a time to come over to change services, the following week. A few days before this change of service, I called to confirm. They increased the negotiated monthly rates by 30%, not what was negotiated. So I called a Manager, requested that she read the agreement. She told me that they would not honor this agreement, they will charge me this new rate, nothing she could do. That is not the truth. This is not only unethical, its illegal. She would not explain as to why they would not honor their Sales Representative negotiated rates, in writing. I wrote a letter to Charter Communications Corporate Office 8 days ago, waiting for a response. This is not how you conduct business, negotiate a rate, then change it, when services are ready to start.


Ray Shaw August 31, 2016 at 7:52 pm

Why did Charter decide to put XXXXXXXXs in their TV ads, then shove them down our throats?
Maybe Charter’s customers are now XXXXXXXXs and lesbians, huh?



Julie September 15, 2016 at 9:42 am

Most networks are required now to have a percentage of diversity on the air to avoid discrimination. They don’t have a choice unfortunately.


Michael Wesley August 24, 2016 at 4:51 pm

I called to advise Charter their cable had fallen across Cedar Creek in Duncanville Tx 75137. The lowest point of the cable was approximately 4′ above the roadway. Also, I believe, due to your cable falling, at the point where your cable enters my house the siding has been pulled away. Until I made it clear I was calling about a roadway navigation hazard the response was less than enthusiastic. However, once I was able to make clear I was not calling primarily about a concern regarding me personally there was an immediate response. Within a half hour there was a service tech on site to alleviate the issue of the hanging cable hazard. I brought to his attention the stress on my personal structure. he said he could fix that but the roadway took precedence. This made since and I retired to my abode. When I noted he had departed I presumed to see what he had done. I noted the cable had been raised sufficiently to no longer present a hazard to vehicular navigation. However, it had been raised tight against the underside of a tree limb. So much so there is an obvious deformation of the cable line. Furthermore, the secondary issue of the stress upon my house was not addressed at all. I then made another call with regard to my concerns. At the point of initial contact. approximately 1:11 pm CDT I was advised a response would require an “outside call” and no one would be available to put right the current conditions until 25August, and even then, there would be not time frame other than all day. I was totally dissatisfied by this response. Therefore, I requested to speak to a supervisor who reiterated the same response. Having worked in customer service for over a quarter century this is not unexpected but I remain ever hopeful I may speak to someone who is actually interested in solving a problem. This did not occur. Then I spoke to a “3rd tier” agent. Jeremy clothed his response in a promise to return my call within 90 minutes to advise me of potential responses.

When you had a potentially large public liability issue you were quick to respond. I would even consider your response to be immediate and demonstrating alacrity. When I, as an individual customer, requested some relief the response was at best, indifferent. I do not shout nor use foul language in the conduct of my business. However, as soon as I can find ANY option to Charter I will explore it.


Clyde Adams November 23, 2016 at 11:29 am

I need to talk to someone regarding a cable installed 2 days ago and has been run across our property. Have called every number in the book and also all the way up to CT. Get nothing but Menu and could not talk to anyone. Call me at 214-773-XXXXX. I live in Waxahachie, TX 75165.


David bolden August 17, 2016 at 3:09 pm

I have been tring for a year now to get charter to raise the high line that runs from pole to pole . it is so low that I can grab it , I’ve had a bunch of people come out from charter and all say it needs to be raised but all say they will come back. To do it but. None of. Them do it. So I Wonder how many. Years this will take or do the kids that. Hang from it have to get hurt before they fix it this is so stupid it will only take them a hour to do it but it has been over a year. For service like this they need to pay us to have their service. Overland. No


Lynn August 15, 2016 at 11:29 am

I recently received a phone call from Charter sales about adding internet. When I edified the caller that I paid for Charter cable for a homebound relative that uses a walker and a wheelchair and that I was only the contact person. He then repeated, “Oh they use a wheelchair”. Well can they use their hands?

What kind of people do you hire? Who trains them? Where is your customer service?
Where is your head?
I have tried for the longest time to try to get a small concession from Charter to help pay the bills for this relative and have been turned down repetitively. You are NOT interested in your customers or their needs. That is obvious. It is all about the dollar. If it were feasible to hang a coat hanger out her apartment window, I would do that. Don’t be so smug just because you are the only game in town. You will reap what you sow.
DISAPPOINTMENT does not adequately describe what this sales person did that day!
You should be ashamed that they represent you and you should be ashamed that you pay them to do so. My sister should have your service for FREE


Nancy Eckstein August 13, 2016 at 1:49 pm



Jose Mejia October 28, 2016 at 2:28 am

AS you probably already found out is the FCC you need to complain.


Beatrice November 29, 2016 at 4:08 pm

let me know if you do sue them I will sign it and complain they have been billing me for a yr for 2 internets,damn thieves.


Andrew July 26, 2016 at 10:04 am

I’m the manager for a business that opened in April 2014. Owner chose Charter for internet and phone due to the advertised internet speeds.
In the interim we have had about 9 modems installed. Nearly EVERY time there is an issue the Tech Support implies or outright says that the issue is with our equipment. I.E. router, alarm/door interface, and/or NVR for our cameras. NOT ONE SINGLE TIME has the problem been with our equipment.

The Service techs that are sent have been, without exception, wonderful in their customer service. However their level of training and knowledge has at times been lacking. At least one said outright, “I don’t know anything about that. (Name left out) is our business tech. All I do is residential.”

The latest fiasco begin a couple of months ago. The modem would lose connectivity. I would power cycle it and it would reconnect. This begin to happen more often and it would take repeated power cycling to get it to reconnect. Then our internet went down and the modem would not reconnect. I called Tech Support, went through the phone tree and got a person finally. They were responsive and immediately sent a tech out.
The Owner had his fill of Charter continually saying it was our equipment. So he had Charter remove our router and run all our Wi-Fi, internet and systems (cameras, alarm, doors controls) through the Charter modem/router.
LONGER STORY; SHORTER: After 4 different techs, the Supervisor, and about 8-9 different modems Charter did not have the SLIGHTEST CLUE how to get all our systems working and connected THROUGH THE CHARTER MODEM so they could be accessed off site on a wired/wireless device and as we were constantly able to do through OUR router. Our door installer had to tell the phone tech support how to install a router table and port forward THE CHARTER ROUTER so our cameras could be viewed from offsite.

After TWO WEEKS of Charter trying and NOT HAVING A CLUE HOW TO MAKE EVERYTHING WORK, and the SUPERVISOR saying, “You need to get your I.T. guy”.

I said put everything back the way it was. Charter modem bridged to our router. GUESS WHAT?!! It all works exactly as it did before Charter started their
“it’s your equipment” and “You need to get your I.T. Guy, our modem is ‘broadcasting and advertising’ “.

OH! and the Supervisor STILL has NOT answered my TWO emails asking for the contact info for HIS Supervisor!! Guess I’ll be contacting corporate. If THEY even care,


Alaynna King September 6, 2016 at 5:23 pm

OMG! I just got off the phone with their headquarters with EXACTLY the SAME issues!!!! I want the email address for their CEO. They are such thieves.


Shirley Heinz September 19, 2016 at 7:05 pm

Have just been informed you are closing our office where we pay and get other information and new DVR’s etc.
Why don’t you worry about getting us ABC,NBC and CBS . A lot of times major channels are blank and says will start soon. A whole day can go buy. We have audio problems, the picture tiles etc. This is a big retirement area and we need to have something dependable.It helps to go to the office for various problems as on the phone no satisfaction at all. Maybe we should all go to Dish or Direct TV if you can’t help us.I came to cable because one bill but it has gone up all the time and the problems have also gotten bigger and more often.
At least at the office here you can get help and an answer to the problem.


tom hunt June 9, 2016 at 4:31 am

my bill went from 115 to 210
i was told that my promotions expired
i was told my bill would only go up 15-20 last year
i agreed to 160
the next day i found several premium channels had been removed from my service
what is the telephone number of the coo board for customer relations?
please call or give me the number
tom hunt


Doug Mowen June 4, 2016 at 2:25 pm

I have just got to vent. This week I received a letter from Charter/Spectrum CEO Tom Rutledge stating that basically things will be so much better. Now that they have bought out TWC. Well today I called to find out why my bill was raised almost $60.00… They told me I just came off of a promotion and all the best he could do is lower it $13.00. Tried all the ridiculous sales techniques and then when I asked for a supervisor, well none is available in the entire company.

I told him to take off my phone service and he said it would only take off $8.00 more. This infuriates me. So I told him I need a supervisor to call me back and he would only put me through to Voice Mail wouldnt even take a message.

At what point are cable companies going to take care of their current customers.

I will be calling Dish Network or Digital TV today.


saundra gilmore July 26, 2016 at 10:39 am

I am in need of a good email address for corporate


Gregory D Schierholz June 4, 2016 at 12:06 am

I was very impressed and hopeful after reading Charter Communication VP Justin Venech’s interview with the Fayetteville Observer (see attached) which several customer-friendly commitments were shared in order to impress folks yet another mega-merger/consolidation would yield improved product with consumer-friendly pricing structure eventually to be known as the advertised on tv: Spectrum.

My bundled package for tv/phone/high-speed internet was expiring, which usually means a haggling experience with the cable company akin to your worst used-car sales team working you over with bait-and-switch tactics to draw you in and then the cookies and coffee disappear while a rotating cast of “good guys and bad guys” take turns trying to break you down to buy the car at far higher price than advertised (that car is no longer available…..gee, sounds like every cable sales person I’ve ever spoken to “that package is no longer available, sorry if previous agent said it was….there aren’t any notes showing you even called in…) while trying to convince you to add all kinds of after-market extras and added “stuff”.

Why do I feel worked over every time I deal with the cable company? Could it be due to the huge increase in costs due to that advertised-on-tv/email-saturation teaser rates are no longer available…except for new clients. Forget about the loyal customers who stick around.

Mr. Venech of Charter promised a different experience inspired by the “Charter Playbook” that includes:

*Improving customer service by in-sourcing and bringing back jobs from overseas (if the smarmy and smug Supervisor in San Diego I had the audacity to ask “such a general question” is an example of new and improved service, leave the back-up call center in the Phillipines because they are always nice even when unable to assist.)

*Making all TWC all-digital. Mission accomplished here but after a year, yet another equipment charge will be added to my account x (2) since I have multiple tvs = $5+ = $70 per year.

*Improved consumer & broadband product including 60mpbs with no data caps; no usage based pricing (huh?); no modem lease fee (does that mean I can deduct the $8 = $96 yr I am continuing to be charged with my “new pricing”?)

*Time Warner customers can continue to keep their current packages of services, if that’s what they want…”. Silly me, I took that to mean at the SAME PRICE but my package is no longer available (even though those sweet but not empowered overseas cust ser team in the Philippines assured me all package pricing frozen). Of course, there was no record of my inquiry and after the “no record of chat” brought me to the smug Supervisor in San Diego who dismissively declared that it “didn’t matter” what anyone promised, pricing expired and “that’s that”. Wow, this is the new and consumer friendly experience. Funny, feels like the same old thing. I guess I should be grateful for the nice but unyielding “sales team” member who cheerfully pointed out I was lucky that my bill is only $29 more x 12 mos = $348 more for “keeping the package I want”.

After dealing with predecessor to Comcast, AT&T Broadband, before mega-merger that begat Comcast (high-pricing, fired many emps, closed local offices so closest cust ser ctr 30mi away), Time-Warner (price creep, no records of promised services etc.) and now Charter-brand Spectrum (so far the same experience as every cable company).

Maybe I just haven’t waited long enough for the new and improved consumer friendly services.


Lillian May 20, 2016 at 1:32 am

Having worked for Verizon Telephone/Comcast in Network Administration in my working Career, a loyal customer with home land line for 25 years, also paying my bill on time, I went through all this when Verizon sold California services to Frontier Communications in 2014 Finalized in 2015), researching Frontier Communications on the Web, I found out all the same problems that I have read in the site. But I threw Verizon out of my home, lock stock and barrel, no Frontier Communications either. I went with Time Warner, now I have to go through it again, after reading everything in your comments I have NO USE FOR CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS. I do not plan on going through their abuse, follow the comments of customers of Frontier Communications customers and their horror stories on the web. If you want to talk to Corporate CEO’s, contact the FCC in Washington, DC and file a complaint and odds are they will conference call you to Corporate Headquarters, this is what I have done when going through the mess with Verizon, I got out of Verizon before they finalized the sellout to Frontier, but I kept up with what was happening.
By the way, for those of you who have service problems that is completely different to what is you were promised or what they advertised either through printed adds or tv commercial adds, there is a legal road, it is False Advertising can be brought into court, or Breach of Contract. After reading all your comments and researching the company that is taking over Time Warner, I am planning to throw Time Warner out of my home before Charter can take over my home, since we only watch Channel 3, 5, 7 and Channel 30. I refuse to let them to charge me for channels I never use. We have a Roku (Netflix, and Pandora), over 400 DVD’s w/blue ray DVD player, 600 VHS going back to 1960’s with a VHS/DVD Recorder. So since I have all these movies and Netflix to look at, I going to look into setting up an antenna to bring in the only 3 local channels we watch, and stop paying for cable/satellite or a third party to watch television.


Jerome Goodwin May 13, 2016 at 8:06 pm

Your rap ad on TV is so bad I shut it off so I don’t have to hear it. Because of it I will never swtch to Spectrum.


Cyndi May 13, 2016 at 11:12 am

CHARTER SUCKS. After being on an almost three year hiatus due to technical issues and the inability to solve them decided to go back. Scheduled my install last week, everything went well until hook up time only to be told I had a weak signal and the wire from the pole to my house had to be replaced but two bucket trucks were needed to rewire and were not available so had to reschedule. Rescheduled for this morning, had a different technician – had no clue what was going on. Asked him where the bucket trucks were, told he wasn’t aware they were needed, said signal was good. Said to myself here we go again, went with my instinct and cancelled. For some reason there is a lack of communication between the technicians, I have never had the same one ever in twenty plus years when I did have Charter, and none of them except one ever had clue on what was done to fix the problem – you would think they would doXXXXent how the problem was fixed. They certainly don’t have any trouble collecting your money but when it comes the customer the people they get their money they don’t care. What do they do with all that money? I’m done with them and any business affiliated with them..


Nick Holloway April 19, 2016 at 8:07 pm

To Geoff Boytos VP of Marketing Charter Communications

Having just received your marketing letter, I was amazed to see that you touted one of the benefits of Spectrum Voice as providing location information to 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency call. While this may be true, it is not a feature limited to Specturm Voice. In fact, it is available on all landlines across the nation regardless of provider.

In my view, this type of statement lowers Charter’s credibility by coming across as being less than perfectly honest. Business integrity in your industry needs to be increased, rather than constantly trying to find new ways to trick customers into purchasing your products.

Please adjust your messaging appropriately.


John Kahler March 31, 2016 at 11:57 am

To Geoff Boytos VP of Marketing Charter Communications

I have been a customer off and on of Charter Cable for both TV service and Internet for many years. Recently in 2012 I reestablished my account for Television and Internet. About 2 years ago I turned off my cable TV service and returned all of my charter TV boxes but I kept my Internet service going with Charter. About a year ago I received a direct mail notice of a new service called Spectrum TV Stream that was geared towards customers like myself who still had computer internet service with Charter.
The service intrigued me and I decided to sign up. I had tried another service called Sling TV and was extremely disappointed that the connection was constantly freezing and the sound was out of sync continually making the service un-watchable. I cancelled the service but decided a few months later to give them another chance believing that maybe it was just growing pains that come with a new service. However when I reconnected with Sling TV I found they had not upgraded their service and had all of the same problems. I cancelled again. When I saw your (Charter) mail notice about Spectrum TV stream I gave it a try and found that after a few hiccups the first 48 hours the service was adequate and have continued until this day.
My only quirk with Spectrum Stream TV is that there should be a choice for the customer in other words give the customer a list of channels, an amount of channels for a set price and let them individually go online and select what they want to view. Then if you want a news package give the customer all of the News channels for an extra set price. The same could be set for Sports and give the local sports teams channels available to customers in their own cities. I live in Los Angeles I can’t watch the L.A. Dodgers because of the ongoing feud with Time Warner and the rest of the TV world.
I have noticed recently that Charter has added a few channels here and there to the lineup Lifetime & TBS to name a few. But since this service is web based the customer should be able to select their own channels they want. The first reason after cost for cable cord cutters is paying for channels they don’t want and will never watch. I have some of those on the new Spectrum TV stream. The customer would be happier and you would get many new customers if you found a way to do this. I myself want more news CNN, Fox News , etal at the moment the only news channel you offer is CSPAN which I am very happy I get but it could be advantageous to add a News Plus for say $7 more and have all the NEWS Stations available and let the customer go to your website and select ten they want. The same for Sports give the customer the option to watch the Dodgers and Kings or maybe the RAMS NFL for a set fee. It would also be great to have an on-demand option


JIM March 30, 2016 at 4:28 am

I set up a new charter account and i told the woman send me an Email
with my account information.
The women who worked for Charter aparrently had an IQ of about 23 she
emailed me the wrong account information.
I called charter about a bill and the women emailed the wrong acount
number to me.
Then the woman told me i have a past due balance and i paid Charter
the bill but the idiets read on a 1st grade level.
The women asked for my check number i gave it to her showing my
payment then she says can i have the reference number.
She said fax them proof i paid the bill.
Their so stupid they dont even know how to use a fax machine.
Charter is a Big Joke terrible sevice and their all stupid idiets.


Diana Bihler January 9, 2016 at 10:34 am

I have several issues with charter. The first and most costly is the 6.99 charge for digital boxes that I now need to receive cable. The other issue is the rude customer service in the Ludlow Ma office. One of the woman said loudly that she should of called in sick . I assumed it was because there was a line of customers returning their digital boxes and this woman has to work a little harder. Its apparent to me that Charter corporate has a disconnect with the associates who take care of customers. Obviously communication is a problem between customer service and the technical crews that service homes. Just read your emails. I assume that customer service is not important because you have a monopoly on most communities, but don”t close your eyes . Customers are smart. It might take a while but they will leave in time. Just look at land lines.


Travis Tharp December 28, 2015 at 6:03 pm

Dear Charter –
My name is Travis Tharp.
I have been a cable customer since 2000. I have been through all of the buyouts from one cable company to the next. I cannot remember how many that has been.
For the last 15 years of having cable I have been very loyal. Obviously it has not been all through Charter but I feel for cable we get a horrible price for being loyal. I am tired of sky rocketing bills. Especially with no notice.
The last price increase was 8%. They say this was due to my internet promotion expiring. I did not even know I had an internet promotion. I called back in September when the 8% increase happened and they stated they could drop my price again.
This price would be about 2% more than what I was paying. I was ok with this. Charter was working with me! October Bill came in. Still the high price! I called and they stated I needed a new router and when I sent in my old router I would get that discount. This would have been nice to know on the first call. The previous discussion stated nothing about a new router. Charter sent me a new router. I hooked it up and sent the old router back. Low and behold, new bill comes and it is still the new high price. I called and received a third story. There are no promotions going on and this is the standard price. All three times I called in the customer service was very kind and professional BUT I received three different stories.

Charter should really do some research on their company. Look at social media. You guys are leaving a bad taste. Not just with high bills but the choppy cable is getting worse. Customers are leaving Charter for something better. People looking into cable or satellite do their research in our area before choosing. Hands down satellite customers are extremely happy they went with satellite or switched to satellite from cable.
I have no idea if anyone will get this email. Since no emails are provided to get to the front office I figured this would be worth a try. You can’t find anything on the internet for email contacts. It is not worth to call in anymore. I can not get anywhere.
Amazon has a TV service, there is Roku, Netflix, Satellite. I am really thinking about looking into a service that is better than Charter.

I am a loyal customer giving my money on time every time to a company that truly does not care about loyal customers.
I might of as well give my money to a company that cares.


Tara Froggatt December 6, 2015 at 2:12 pm

I decided to switch from ATT to Charter due to having free charter in an apartment that I was living in. A tree fell on my home and was a total loss, and loss of everything inside of the home on June 30th which is what led me to have Charter at my apartment. I enjoyed it for 6 months, I closed on my new home on Nov 30th and decided to end my contract with ATT and switch to charter for internet because as I said I enjoyed it.

Then reality set in once the technician came to install services on Dec. 1st. I set up my service through a “third party ” Duke Energy when I was transferring my electric service. They offered me Wifi for 39.99 free installation and free equipment. I then asked them “so I will not have to pay for a router,” they assured me that i wouldn’t.

They came to the install, Since I had to work a 12 hour shift that day I was not there. My boyfriend was. I left a note where I wanted the connection to be. They called my cell phone as instructed if they had any questions. They stated that I was NOT set up for wifi services, that if I wanted the wireless router I would have to pay 39.99 one time fee, as well as five dollars extra per month for the router, which I was told that I would not have to pay for through the “third party” where I set up the services. I told the technician to go head an install, but that I would be calling Customer service to clear up these “issues” that I am having, he advised the best thing that I should do is ask to speak to a supervisor.

The services were installed and set up. The technician left without knowing if my services were set up because the “system was down” got a phone call a little later saying that my wifi should be working but I was not home at that time, when I got home it was working. They didn’t clean up their mess of wood shavings on the floor, which I could deal with, but they also left a 20 foot long orange wire going through my back yard.

Well I called customer service to discuss my issues with the Wifi services and was made aware that I had an appt on Dec. 2nd for them to come out and put that long orange line under ground. I told the representative that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. They got me to one and I advised them of the issues I was having. They made me aware that I was ALSO charged 29.99 for installation. They waved the installation fee but told me that there was nothing they could do about the 39.99 one time fee and the 5 dollars that I am paying extra per month for the router that I could of just bought myself. The supervisor told me that I should speak with redemption team and see if there was anything they could do for me. Also I was informed by this supervisor that a different technician would be out on the following day (Dec 2nd) to put my wire into the ground. Then I spoke with redemption team which did nothing for me. I told them I would cancel my services. Because I still currently have ATT under suspension. Which I would rather have ATT’s slow internet then to deal with this crap from Charter.

The next day when they were supposed to come put the line underground (Dec 2nd) no one showed up. So I called that evening and was told that someone would be out on the 3rd to put the line under ground. They apologized and told me that there was an order put in but the representative informed me that the initial order they put in had 10 days to be completed. I informed the representative that I had been told the wrong information and that I cannot have this line in my yard any longer. I informed them that I have a 2 year old pit bull who will chew up this line, and they need to get someone out here to fix it before something happens to my dog. And if something does happen, Charter WILL be responsible.

The representative put in an order for someone to come out the next day. So December 3rd comes, a charter tech came out and spray painted orange lines in my grass and that was it. No line put into the ground. I called back on the 4th and made them aware that still no one has come to my home to put this line in the ground. and that they needed to get someone out to my house that same day to put this line in the ground due to my dog and that this is a hazard. Again they expressed their concern, this representative told me that she put in an urgent order and that someone would be calling me within an hour to come out to my home. Once again, no one called me within that hour, no one even called that night. Now it is Dec. 6th and the line is still in my back yard and no one has contacted me or come out to my home regarding this issue. Customer service and satisfaction is absolutely ridiculous. That is not your number one priority at all. My hopes would be that all of this be fixed plus more after all that I have dealt with in the last 5 days and I have only had my services set up for 5 days. I haven’t even called them back to say that they haven’t come out yet again. I will be doing so after I post this and Im sure that I will be given the run around again. I have been in customer service for 15 years and this is by far the worst situation I have ever dealt with and I haven’t even gotten my first bill. Which in my opinon this is so bad I shouldn’t have to pay for services at all. Just ridiculous. As soon as I get this sorted out I will be disconnecting my services and going back to ATT uverse like I had before. I just thought I would make the company aware of the horrible job they have with their “communications” and customer service.

highly aggravated customer,
Tara F.


Paula December 4, 2015 at 7:18 pm

I echo the frustrations of the many disgruntled customers. The customer service rep just hung up on me. I hope there are internal audits. Charter management needs to re-train or take corrective action on the employees that are giving your company a black eye.


BAM Sports Grill December 1, 2015 at 6:13 pm

Charter Communications has been, without a doubt, the single most difficult vendor our restaurant has dealt with in the year and a half since we opened. Our business relies on a stable internet connection for a number of functions and systems, not the least of which is secure credit card processing.

Our internet drops every time there’s a hint of inclement weather, even though it’s supposedly a hard-wired connection into the building. We typically find ourselves forced to reboot the Charter modem multiple times a week, just in order to function. And, when there’s a more serious outage, it takes DAYS for the issue to be resolved. In fact, it takes DAYS for a technician to even show up. Every single call on these issues requires that we start from scratch in terms of detailing the problem, scheduling repair service, etc. Then, when a tech finally does arrive, he’s clueless as to what the issue is … we must start again from scratch with him.

However, the most egregious problem of late came when we reported that a truck had knocked out an overhead cable run that killed our internet service immediately. Despite being told on 3 separate days that techs were being dispatched to address and repair the outage, nothing was fixed. This morning, 2 techs FINALLY showed up. We watched as they worked inside a box atop the pole. Then, the “lead” tech waltzed into our kitchen, into the office, looked at the modem and exclaimed, “All your lights are blinking so nothing is wrong with your service. What exactly did you want me to check out?”

As it turns out, we suddenly had internet service back despite the tech telling us that there never had been a problem and that they had made no repairs or adjustments. Mind you, we actually WITNESSED them working in the cable box atop the pole … our internet service, which had been out for 4 days prior was suddenly and magically alive. Basically, the tech treated us like some sort of stupid idiots … according to him “there never was a problem, nothing had to be fixed, we had had service all along.” Several of us here are, in fact, quite tech savvy and, on this particular day, we had a network specialist in the house on some unrelated issues who happened to witness the same things we did. Not that we needed it, but he confirmed that the internet service was out prior to Charter’s arrival and was only restored once the tech came down off his ladder.

We don’t pretend to understand why this particular technician would behave in this manner, but suffice it to say this has left a horrible and lasting taste in our mouths as far as a continued relationship with Charter goes.


Marelyn Krueger November 3, 2015 at 3:02 pm

Dear Mr. Rutledge

I am emailing you to alert you with my serious dissatisfaction with Charter. I have been trying to reach someone at an appropriate level to discuss my challenges but either I am too small of a business account or not important enough. However, I thought I would send one final note to you with the assumption that you would want to know.

My husband and I sold part of our business earlier this year and moved the remaining portion we kept to a new location. With that move, I had to decide on continuing with the current phone provider (TDS) or finding a new solution. I started working with Eric Strack back in April. Although we had several hiccups; Eric did a good job of responding and helping create a final relationship.

We secured two new lines with Charter and ported over two existing lines from our old business since they represented our main advertised contact numbers.

They were ported over to me in May.

In the last month I have needed to call into your support several times with various issues. One day all my lines were mixed up and your service support person (whom I gave a nice survey for) spent over an hour rebuilding the lines appropriately on your end to ring in how we had arranged. later that week after still having issues, you guys came out and replaced the phone modem.

About a week after that (through just sheer luck) I discovered that my line was down which is our main advertised number. I called your support team thinking it was an extension to the issues we had recently resolved. After much confusion your support person told me that 269-385-5912 was not my number. Of course you can imagine my shock because it most certainly is my number and I have been paying for that line since we ported it to my account in May.

What we discovered was that the company that purchased our old business mistakenly requested it to be ported to them.

This I get and I can see how they were confused with an old list of numbers and made the request….what I don’t get is how the number was released to them.

When I was working through this discovery, your team continued to tell me that the request was authorized. Authorized by who? I am the only person that has my account number and the only person listed on the account.

I find it funny that I have to jump through hoops with Charter every time I call for service issues providing numerous pieces of information just to get to the point of having you work on my issue but TDS can request MY number to be ported to them without any of that information.

I have spent days apologizing to angry customers who were not able to get a hold of me. Then to add insult to injury it was up to me to request this to be ported back to me. Fortunately the company we sold our business to jumped in to help by providing pertinent information to create the port request back since after 4 hours last Monday on the phone with numerous contact people at Charter (especially one women whom I failed to get a name from who was absolutely rude) I can only imagine how much longer it would have taken had I not had that info.

I reached out to Eric Strack during this time but received his voicemail directing me to Mike (Fredmore I believe but could be wrong) whom I spoke to a couple times. He was very sympathetic but had to direct me back out to support.

I have since tried to reach Eric but assume he is no longer with Charter and continued to reach out to Mike since I have repeatedly requested a copy of the authorization request that allowed my number to be ported out. Since I have been unable to reach anyone who is willing to help or respond…I have decided to send this note to you.

I realize you are very busy and working on much more important business than this but after searching the website I failed to find another person that I could reach.

I feel that Charter should compensate me for this in some way. As a business owner, when we frustrate one of our clients and cause them challenges it is my job to evaluate and compensate if appropriate.

I would hope you feel the same way.



Marelyn Krueger

Rentalex Events
*** E Vine
Kalamazoo, MI 49001


Barry November 1, 2015 at 10:44 pm

Set up new dvr box the old one w as 2006 the tech could not get picture said he could send someone over in 4 days. I went to my other dvr tonight the tech had shut it off so all taped shows never taped called charter lady said someone shut the box down no note No one is responsible for anything but they sure collet my 200 ever month. This service is verry poor


Jennifer Becker October 21, 2015 at 12:05 pm

we would like to see if its possible to bring Charter Service to our community. Not sure who to contact. Please let us know!!


Kevin Chalk October 7, 2015 at 11:32 pm

Is it possible to even contact Charter via email? I’ve tried working with customer service, but can’t get anywhere with them, so I wanted to go “up the ladder” but so far I can’t seem to find any way to communicate with Charter’s execs via email.


Robert Hickey October 11, 2015 at 11:58 am

e-mail was impossible so I sent a letter. I received a letter reply stating they tried to contact me by phone. I think they make up a story. Neither my home phone or cell phone had any messages from Charter. The letter had a contact phone number and a name of a person to contact. I tried several times and all i got was a voice mail. I left several messages and never received a call back. Charter is too busy figuring out how the next way they can screw the public. We live in a rural area and there is no competition other then satellite so they can do just about anything they want.


Office Manager September 8, 2015 at 3:55 pm

We were forced into Charter Spectrum, and since then our email accounts have not worked.We have subsequently doXXXXented and sent the 27 problems we are having to Charter tech support, they created a trouble ticket, then called and said everything was fixed, it was not. We have escalated to Thomas Rutledge who sent us to Michael Henry, 864 297 2248, who was pleasant, called back, and said the engineers were working on it. The engineer called and said they had known problems, and to use a third party email appliance (rather than their webmail). We indicated that we already had a third party email appliance, and neither it nor webmail worked after switching to Spectrum. These problems have been unresolved since July 30th. We told them the email was not working, they said it was a “free service” and basically, “take a hike”. We asked for Charter’s chief legal counsel, they gave us a non working number. We filed a complaint with the Public Service Commission and will be turning this over to our attorneys.


randy vibbert September 3, 2015 at 6:12 pm

In july recieved notice that my bill was going up. Not only have i lost channels but i am not getting any new ones either. Was promised hd 2 years ago ,still no hd upgrade like they promised!!!! Talked to 2 different people Jennifer got disconnected some way…..called back talked with Rachel , niether one really seemed to care or willing to work with me …..nothing they could do for a 20 year customer… Also called Corporate office, talked with Tiffany ,,,,nothing she could do ,suggested cutting some service to lower bill……there all ready cutting channels ,and charging more. What a way to do a senior citizen, who has been a Loyal customer for 20 yrs. Round about way ,was told they dont care. I told her i could satelite with more channels and less money…Round about way was told to go for it ( satelite ) .. What a sad company treating people like you and me. I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND (((( CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS )))) I REALLY DONT EXPECT FOR CHARTER TO EVER RESPOND TO ME !!!!! BUT I WANT EVER ONE HOW THEY DO BUSINESS CAUSE THEY GIVE YOU THE BUSINESS !!!!! SEE YOU CHARTER


Mark August 29, 2015 at 5:59 pm

I am not going to add to the comments already mention because I have also had terrible service with Charter. The comment I would like to convey is that the problems we are having with our service is a direct reflection on the incompetence of Thomas Rutledge as the CEO. If I owned this company or was an investor I would start asking some serious questions about how he is running my company. Hey Tom ever thought about a career change? This one doesn’t seem to be working out.


Done!!! August 8, 2015 at 1:12 am

I have never been so frustrated in all my life. I have talked to customer service over and over again about being overcharged for 3 boxes when I only have 2! (These would be the boxes that bring cable into my boys bedrooms that used to be included in the total price)! I finally had a representative admit that they screwed up and she was putting in a “ticket” and I would get a call back the next day regarding a refund. I heard nothing, so I called back a few days later..only to have another rep say, “No, you’re wrong, and so was the person you spoke with.” I called back again after reading over the details of their pricing policy and reached a couple reps who chose to talk over me and argue and insist that I should pay even more now that I have been a customer for 20+ years. Yet if I were a “new” customer…well I would get a hell of a deal! No Charter, you can now stick your cable boxes where the sun don’t shine!!! I’m done!


Ed July 30, 2015 at 8:02 pm

All I can say is get dish, they leave the cable drop on the ground and takes a act of congress to get it buried, I have talked to people 5 different times to get a 75′ cable put underground and it has been almost a month now. I urge anyone get anything bit charter


Lewis Green July 30, 2015 at 1:33 pm

We subscribed to Charter Communications upon moving to North Carolina and were pleased with the service, price and reliability. However, lately we are losing our service at least once a week. As independent businesses, we cannot afford to lose phone and Internet service. Why is this happening and what is Charter doing about it.


Avi July 24, 2015 at 4:18 pm

I was a satisfied customer with Charter for 10+ years now, and they told me they are happy to lose my business over a $7.95 fee that their system applied despite my being signed up for autopay!

What a stupid company that would lose a paying customer – on autopay no less – for 10+ years because their system takes two months to update and my CC was closed due to fraud and even though I updated it, their system didn’t update it, so I’m responsible for their 7.95!

I predict charter losing a huge customer base if they don’t improve their customer service stat!


Marvell Rice July 16, 2015 at 6:25 pm

Charter you are HORRIBLE!!! How dare you put RESTRICTIONS on my account, due to an Error on your very own Customer service??? You understand, its not my fault and you waive the fees, but the Restrictions must stay, and you think that’s fair??? I will be calling Corporate Office in the morning!!!! Charter you SUCK!!!!!!!!


Kristin July 11, 2015 at 11:44 pm

You are the most unprofessional unaccomodating company I have ever delt with. I will be more than happy to use another provider. Your staff are rude at best and your service is nothing short of substandard. For more than 2 weeks I tried to have the same problem rectified. You lie and say someone “local” will call and come out sooner than your ridciulous date. And then nothing. I am currently on hold for 16 minutes cuz I show as a previous complainer….your automated system told me so…AGAIN YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!! You from the top down should all be fired. The last phone call I was on I could hear the “supervisor;” used loosely, telling the phone person what to say…shame on you from the CEO down. You SUCK at customer service and should be audtied…I was just hung up on by your last employee because she didn’t like the furstration in my voice. I was not using vularity or anyting….totally inappropriate on her part. I will be cancelling your service and would never recommend you…..quite frankly you are less than substandard and should replace management….CIAO


jim June 16, 2015 at 6:17 pm

My email has been screwed up for 5 months now, and all I get from phone calls is we are sending up to the engineers. Well in my opinion Charter must have the dumbest engineers in the Industry, because it has not been fixed, I have a grandson in 4th grade that could match their IQ.


Rita Days June 8, 2015 at 2:00 pm

I have been a customer for a long time and lately have been very disappointed with your product. Without fail, there is an interruption of service at critical junctures, i.e morning news and weather when I am preparing to go to work, doXXXXentaries and especially on Saturday mornings when I decide to relax, there is no cable.
I have often recorded programs and when I sit down to enjoy the recordings – there is no picture. When I call, I am requested to unplug and try again. Sunrays were offered as a reason for the “One moment please, this station should be available” message. 20-25 minutes later, the picture appears. I recognize that investments and acquiring

additional companies is important, however, the emphasis should be on customer
satisfaction and service. My bill is paid in full every month and there is no excuse for
the unreliability of Charter. Unfortunately I am looking for alternatives because the
aggravation is not worth it.
I recognize that investments in infrastructure and acquiring


Kathy Harrison June 7, 2015 at 12:43 pm

I have h,ad charter since 2009, when I first got it down here in Missouri I had troubles non stop with my internet. It took months to get it fixed and to find out it was in their old lines. Now we are having multiple outages every weekend with the on Demand, it has been going on for over a month now. I am getting frustrated to No end with the poor service that Charter has..and the service call center isn’t worth the money you are paying them for all they can do is run through the steps of rebooting the system (something every person has already done prior to calling the service call center) and in order for a ticket to be activated they are required to send out a technician just for that technician to run through the same steps and then tell you it is an outage with the service not your equipment. I pay good money for a service and I expect it to work and when on Demand is advertised as being part of the package I expect it to work as well per charters guarantee :

(Quality Services

Unleashing the unique power of our superior two-way, interactive digital cable plant, Charter provides a full range of advanced broadband services. Residential services include:

Advanced Charter TV® video entertainment programming includes hundreds of HD channels, DVR service and a choice of more than 10,000 video-on-demand movies and shows 24/7. Customers can take video throughout the house – and even outside the home – with on the go content on laptops and mobile devices.Charter Internet®, with speed 10 times faster than DSL, offers download speeds up to 30 Mbps to simultaneously stream videos, download music, upload photos, and more without sacrificing Internet performance. Charter WiFi assures superior speed ranges to do more on more devices.With more than two-million telephone customers, Charter is the ninth largest provider of residential phone service in the nation)

It would be nice if they lived up to this guarantee and actually fixed the problem instead of putting band aids on it. When the department of transportation does this with roads (filling potholes) we get all sorts of flack when it doesn’t work causing us to do something different. I think it is time that Charter looks at the problem and does something different with fixing it for you sure won’t be crediting our accounts for the days that all of the services that are part of our packages do not work..

Sincerly, Kathy Harrison


ZMontez June 5, 2015 at 7:00 pm

I’ve been with charter for less than two months, which has turned out to be not a nightmare but a horror story. I was told that in a month of signing with Charter I would be able to have 1 DVR for 2 TV’s as I had with Direct TV. The new account agent said we just had a meeting where it was said Charter was going to have the same capability with the new DVRs. as Dish Network. Well needless to say, is not true, and the ONLY DVR I currently have through Charter for a month or so Broke Down! Yes it was replaced, at a cost to me. When it was replaced by a technician, he found noise in the line where the DVR is being used, now the cable line needs to be replaced , so he put a filter in the line that now does NOT let me have access to my ON DEMAND programming. I was told yesterday that is going to cost me $50 to get it fixed. When I called customer service I was told I would be charge $50, I let her know that the technician that came originally to setup the lines should have noticed immediately the noise on the line and that I should not be penalized for this. I requested to speak to a supervisor that never had the courtesy to get on the phone even asking to speak to her in various occasions, she would only pass a message to the agent, refusing to speak to me. I explained to them that I had never had in 5 years of service with Dish Networks a problem. Me second TV does not have DVR if I request a second one I was told yesterday by the same agent that I would be charge $19.99 and the 12 month credit I have been getting for the only DVR that I have would disappear! I could not believe what I was hearing! On top of that If you loose power in the house your phone service will stop working if you don’t buy a $40 back up battery. I let them know I did not want their service, and the agent very efficiently explained how to return their equipment. The not express any interest in keeping a brand new customer. What possible interest would Charter’s CEO, CFO and COO would have in new customers if not even their supervisors are willing to step up to the plate!!!!


Doris June 2, 2015 at 2:41 pm

I have to agree with 100% of the comments. Charter Communications needs a VP of Customer Service. The 12 VPs they have on payroll is a bunch of “I am here to get a pay check not help the customer type “. It is unfortunate that the only reason they had to buy Warner Corp was to get customers because we have seen the light thanks to the incompetency and extreme poor customer service and many will be leaving Charter!!!


Carolyn odom June 2, 2015 at 12:41 pm

I cannot believe the nightmare that I experienced with Charter!!!!! I only wanted to bundle my services with Charter and I thought Charter was a good upstanding and reliable company, but was I really fooled!!! The Tech came out to install the cable line and I asked him to run the cable line under the lower part of the siding which could be done and was previously done before . Another Tech was there with him which l explained to him . Well the Tech left the other person there to do job. This person ran the cable line about five feet off the ground through the center of my siding, can you imagine, black cable line five feet up on white siding going all the way around the house??? I spoke to several customer service reps to no avail! Finally I got hold of claim Dept. Claim was filed and denied by claim dept said Charter was not responsible! What kind of company is this that would let Teck come out and put forty two holes in siding and not be responsible! I guess legal action next, and complaint with BBB. Mably a picket line in front of Charter to protest on Brannen Rd. In McDonough. Ga Nothing seems to get their attention, I have tried to contact CEO Tom Rutledge. Sec. Will not let you speak to him or take message or give out Email. Its time that the public stands up for their rights!!!!!!! What else can you do???


matt May 20, 2015 at 7:27 pm

They do not care.Customer service from a different third world country everytime!When you get America it is dodge and move on-dodge and move on.They are very reluctant to let you speak to a supervisor and once you do they are not very willing to help you.The answer is thats how it works.Also nobody else is going to talk to you.He would not give the corp phone number and told me it is unlisted.They advertise on the radio that they know that their past history of bad customer service has all been fixed.THAT IS NOT TRUE.VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY DO NOT CARE. CORP DOES NOT WANT THE CALLS BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARE!


OVER IT!! May 20, 2015 at 5:46 pm

I called and made a payment with Charter that covered the total balance that was reflected on my account. Three days later, my services were interrupted. I called to inquire about the interruptions, only to be told that it is because of my bill for April 27th~May 26th. Today is only the 20th of May. This amount was due on May 15th. This is ridiculous. I will never understand how there is a past due balance owed on a bill in which the billing cycle covers future dates. I have spoken with at least 9 different representatives and I have yet to get one to admit the company is at fault. I have attempted to contact corporate headquarters, but they just refer customers back to incompetent representatives in customer service. This is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I am COMPLETELY over Charter!


Shonda Jenkins May 17, 2015 at 3:03 pm

Charter is a joke. They profess customer service and equality, WRONG! I’ve been trying to get their CEO’s to listen to me for 8 years. My neighbors and I have been petitioning th get charter to us since 2007, they’re literally less than 1/4 of a mile from us on the same road at both ends of it so were literally a dead spot in the center of their service area, come on and just connect the center of the dang service! So earlier this spring I thought I made progress in getting them to pay attention and get us service so our children can keep up in school since the internet is the number one tool schools use, they did nothing more than tell me to get my neighbors to agree to pay $76,000 and they’ll gladly install service. More than 100 people have expressed interest in getting service and they want to extort money from us that they’ll more than make up in the first year!! They don’t care about helping you, our the 118 children in the area that they don’t service, I guess our children aren’t important here on Sandy Church Rd in Hillsboro.


Jenn May 12, 2015 at 10:54 pm

HORRIBLE customer service. new customer as of a month or so ago. bills being sent to service address not billing address. account is already past due, but charter will not update billing address. they are willing to take my money without providing me a copy of the invoice but are not willing to update the billing address without me going into a local store (which is at least 45 mins away). Cancelling service. would rather go without internet service than have it from a company with XXXXXty customer service that I’d have to deal with when issues come up. Really in this day and age, there are no other ways to get a billing address updated for a customer who wants to pay!!! CRAP


allen townley May 11, 2015 at 5:26 pm

charter has very poor customer service and no one cares i had appointment for 100 to 300 i called at 230 and was told he just finished jobandtold me im next and at 305 im told my appointment was canceled and now i must wait to 500 to 700 to see if they come out charter doesnt care one thing someone should do a hostile takeover and kick all of them out of a job– asked for ceo office and would not give me his namewhich i found online


paul May 3, 2015 at 4:27 pm

my friend went in to pay his bill. he has been a charter customer for over three years. he usually pays at the local office. a couple of months ago he went in with his debit card to pay and the usual ladies we not there to accept his payment instead it was two people he didnt recognize. he gave them his debit card to pay the bill, his debit card has the same name on it as the bill. the employee there then wanted to see his drivers license. he flipped his wallet open , then the employee wanted him to remove it from the clear plastic holder in the wallet. he refuse and asked for the employees name and employee number. the employee held his name badge on a lanyard up a little. my friend went around the counter and took the name badge on the lanyard off the employees neck so he could read it and started calling charter customer service. the employee called the cops on him. the cops iniatally charged him with”rudley removing a city employees name badge” charter employees are not city employees. he has been going to court over this for awhile now they got him going for simple assualt charges. the charter here is claiming that their security system does not record. so he has no video to prove what happened… fix this XXXXX charter and have these charges dropped my friends name is rodney kibbizoff laramie wyoming


Bob Cantor May 1, 2015 at 9:14 am

This is the worst service by a company I have ever experienced in my short life of 68 years. I cancelled my TV service last year after several calls regarding pixilating chanels no help from Charter just excuses.

Last week I had the occasion to call Charter about the internet service that barely worked or did not work for 4 days. Charter sent a Service Tech who after 5 hours in my house and tried real hard to restore my full servic was not able to do so. About 3 days later the service started to function properly. I guess no one in your back office is competent enough to realize you probably have internet switching and routinf of site problems.

All we get from Charter is a big run around.

I am so tied of dealing with this inefficiency I decided ot cancel my phone service with Charter and port my number to AT&T they actually care about their customers. Another total frustrating Charter experience this has been going on for a week now and Charter denied the Port twice already. After makinf several phone calls to Charter and having AT&T on the line as well I have run into a brick wall.

The only reason I keep your internet is there is no choice where I live. That soon will change and your company will loose lots of customers I promise.


pissed-off April 28, 2015 at 11:20 pm

You give me your “corporate” phone number in St. Louis & i’ll give you my e-mail address. Expect your next bill to come back “paid in full” with no check. You can take it or leave ,—–Or put where the sun don’t shine,which is slightly to the west of you in Kansas—look to the left & behind you(use a mirror) & you’ll find it.


michelle mosley April 21, 2015 at 5:41 pm

I would like to speak with Thomas Rutledge about my service. If he is interested enough, he can send me his phone number or email address.


Karen Kohr Blinn April 20, 2015 at 7:31 pm

For some reason your billing has not been able to assimilate the information I provided to use auto pay for my internet account with you. I got a notice, computer generated, to help in resolving the matter, and did so by 4/4/15 according to your records. I have received an exact duplicate of the letter, computer generated, telling me that auto pay is not working. I am sending my payment in check form and reporting to you the dissatisfaction I have for the way I am treated. I have done nothing to warrant the condescending demeanor by a supervisor in your employ this day. I have been unable to correct the issue using the online services because the information there is not accurate. I also am using my own equipment a router/modem therefore am unable to access the account online in my name. I regret this. I shall, send you a check for the amount each month along with a letter to Facebook to discuss the issues there and my family and friends will post to their accounts as well. I hope you and I can solve this problem before the cost is equal to the money in wages paid to staff I have tried to work with to get your house in order to be able to receive my payments in the auto pay you advertise as being a special feature… spectrum? dont think so…. Please advise. Thank you Karen Kohr Blinn


marlene collins April 16, 2015 at 12:54 pm

charter is a joke nothing but lies and broken promises,been waiting over a month to get installed nothing but lies can’t speak with anyone in the corporate office just really frustrated this is no way to run a business of this i understand why people are switching to At&t,dish,and direct tv charter is based on lies and misrepresentation why are there all these corporate sites but yet you can get to anyone are these people not seeing the drop in sells? i’m just too upset to write any more.


Ronald Feld April 14, 2015 at 11:45 am

Video on demand has not updated for one MONTH. It is egregious that a problem that affects so many subscribers can go on for this long. How can a tech company that derives its earnings from providing a customer service allow a problem to fester for so long?


Mary April 11, 2015 at 3:14 pm

I have to agree with all the complaints about charter. I have had their service for some 8 yrs. Lately it has gotten worse and worser. I have decided to disconnect, but they won’t port my no to a cell phone. It has been a week now and still the same excuses. In the meantime, I must stay connected with them in the event they actually give me my old no.
You do get the same promises and lies each time, and are shifted from person to person and need to repeat and repeat the same story.

When I call corporate office, the number is always busy. Can’t imagine such a company can stay in business!!!!


allen townley May 11, 2015 at 5:33 pm

corporate office refers you to the office your fighting with


shelley hall April 3, 2015 at 9:35 am

I have had an ongoing issue with charter for the past 2wks where I am watching tv and all of a sudden all the 3 services goes out for anywhere from 15mins to 6-7hours at a time. When I call the techs on the phones have sent signals to the boxes and it doesn’t fix the issue and in some cases made the issue worse. The screen is either frozen or scrambled. I have called them about 7-8 times while this has happened and there has been a total of 5 technicians that have come out so far including a supervisor. the first one came out and came in my house with his dirty shoes on my carpet in and out of my home and told me that he could not find anything, the next one came a few days later after it happened again and he said the line outside was rotting and he wasn’t sure why the first tech didn’t see that , he changed it and it worked flawlessly for about 3days, then it happened again for about 7hours this time and I called again, this time they sent someone named Anthony out again and he came out rude telling me he was gonna have to charge me for this visit if he comes out and doesn’t find anything like the other techs did, he came out and changed out 3 splitters and advised me that this will fix the issue. a day later it happened again for 30 mins and I called again, this time I got the tech that changed the rotted line outside and his supervisor coming out and they came and informed me that they cant find the issue and tells me that they are almost certain that it is not an issue in my home and he is almost positive that it may be an issue in the line up the street and he has seen this issue before so he is almost positive that that is where the issue is, unfortunately I am the only customer this is happening to so now I have to sit and wait for the 6th tech to come out and check the lines up the block. I have lost an entire day off from work and I have been late to work waiting for these techs to come out. I have been rude to on numerous occasions and have to speak to a manager on the issue. I am tired of charter apologizing to me for the issue, reassuring me that they are going to fix the issue. I have recordings of the issue actually happening.
I finally got tired of talking to the local office so I called the corporate office and spoke to Melissa who listened to my complaint, looked up my account and basically told me to just sit and wait till the 6th tech comes out nothing that she can do. Which tells me that just like the other people that I spoke to she really doesn’t care either just apologize and past me off to the next person to deal with. Pardon me if I do not have any faith in him resolving this issue….
No one is addressing my loss time at work, credit on my account or any type of compensation on my account for having these issues all they are doing is making me feel like I am being a pest for calling and informing them of the issues that I am having with the service. I have had charter since 2009 and it has been pure hell as far as the service and dealing with these rude agents. I had one person decided that she was going to sit on the phone and calculate how much I pay per month divided by the length of time that my service was out for to determine how much credit to give me which was less than $15 credit by the way.


cheryl rawson April 2, 2015 at 11:58 pm

charter is a disgrace and the support that supposed to be is a joke. i was very happy with optimum and bresnan. charter doesn’t come close to the professional standard of an honest and respectable business, and the assistance i received when i needed help? they were everything charter isn’t, professional, eager to assist. charter has done nothing but left me frustrated at the lack of assistance, and there was even laughter when i was upset after all the useless calls. i never in my left experienced such rudeness from a business. compentency, to say the least doesn’t apply at charter. no one should be treated so badly. since the switch, i have not been able to use the internet, what am i paying for? i hope the calls are recorded, i have my doubts.
I plan to change from charter so i can enjoy and use my computer again.


Mary Richards March 26, 2015 at 11:59 am

Need to speak to someone from corporate, not from a call center. Please advise


carolyn March 18, 2015 at 10:19 pm

charter tv went out today. Called 3 times. Last time they called back said it would be 6 day to get someone here. Live in small town and have never had this problem before. I bet if i didn’t pay my bill on time i would hear from them.


Bill March 16, 2015 at 10:08 pm

After reading all the blogs, seems as nothing has changed with Charter. The Executive Staff should be reading the posts instead of just looking at the Financials as to how much of a BONUS they will receive. I manage a multi-million company and could not sleep at night with all the negative posts. Increasing service costs is ridiculous, perhaps they should increase their customer service and retention of Valued Customers. I have tried to negotiate my Internet bill that went from $30.00 a month to $60.00. They could not offer me anything even though I have been a customer since 2011. Tried their Bundle in 2012 and it was nothing but a Bundle of Problems, bad receivers, wrong TV package, ETC. Guess I will shop and go somewhere else even if I pay more. Thanks Corporate Executives for Caring!!!!! Will NEVER EVER use Charter for life!!!!


Johnnie Alston March 14, 2015 at 9:45 am

I switched to charter because my WOW bill was getting higher and higher. We loved WOW. At first everything seemed fine with Charter. But the cable as it has done in the past with Charter kept cutting in and out. Now the one channel we watch a lot, Disney junior, has been “upgraded” to a new package. While I find that shady since I already had the channel and can no longer watch it, I find this move particularly ridiculous since i now have to get all the XXXXX movie channels like cinemax and hbo to watch my 3 year olds cartoons. On Demand works but I can not leave her alone since it plays one episode at a time. I do not want to bring that filth in my home so my little kids can watch cartoons. If you change plans around who were already paying for these channels should be able to keep them. Your customer service says that it was noted on our bill. It says nothing about Disney junior. It talks about all the Nick channels and sprout. Rest assured charter will soon lose another customer.


Donna Wade March 13, 2015 at 10:27 am

I hate to complain, but I am going to. We have had Charter TV since Jan 24, 2015. It has been nothing but trouble since we got it. I spend most of my time on the phone with Charter or waiting for a service person to come to my home. I am about to give up!


Deb Hall March 10, 2015 at 5:12 pm

Dear Charter Business,
When you contacted me last August and convinced me to switch from AT&T to Charter, I was really excited about the savings I would be getting along with the extremely reliable service you promised me. Seriously. The reduction in our phone bill was going to be tremendous! And according to you, I would no longer have the incredibly long wait times while waiting for an internet page to load on my computer. I looked forward to those glorious days.
Unfortunately, Charter has failed us spectacularly. Since our account finally went active in mid-December, we have been without phone service for a considerable amount of time on 3 different occasions, one of which is happening as I type this to you. Keep in mind that this was after we had huge problems with the install and generally bad service since.
During install we were down for several hours instead of the 5 to 15 minutes we were told to expect. We later found out that this was because you and your company failed to let us know that we would have to have the company that installed our phone system come out and switch our internal lines over to your equipment. This was not a free service, by the way, so thanks for that extra expense. We finally got back up and running the next afternoon! Of course then we started getting a slew of hang-ups and garbage calls on the extra line you gave us. Again, thanks for that. Also, the internet speed is crap. I didn’t think the page load time could get any slower than what we had with AT&T, but congratulations on proving me wrong. Excellent work.
On the first instance of complete and utter failure after the install was complete, we thoroughly enjoyed having a quiet peaceful day when the phones didn’t ring at all, as did the rest of the country; at least the ones using Charter. You guys really outdid yourselves on that one. Crashing your system nationwide was impressive. Naturally I only discovered that this was a nationwide problem after spending an unsuccessful two and a half hours on hold with your customer service, never once actually getting to talk to anyone at Charter. (By the way, it was our IT guy that informed us that it was the whole country suffering your idiocy, not just us. I felt so much better after hearing that.) Of course when the system finally came back up, all that peace went out the window as we received multiple calls from irate customers that had not been able to get in touch with us. Thank you. Really. That was fun. Truly.
For the second instance, your failure, while localized to our neighborhood, was no less enjoyable to us. I again got to spend a lengthy period of time on my cell phone trying to get through to your customer service only to find out that you had employees in the area working on the service lines. Great job warning us. Unexpectedly having important phone conversations with our customers cut off mid-sentence is always a joy.
Now on to the third instance. Right now. We once again are without phone service. While we do enjoy the peacefulness of a quiet office, we also enjoy being able to do what we came here for. Our job. It would be nice if you would do yours as well.
So, from our customers, my co-workers and myself, I say thank you! Thank you for costing us time, money and reliability in the eyes of our customers. Thank you for making it even harder for small businesses to survive in this horrible economy. But mostly, thank you for proving that AT&T is the right company for us. We are in the process of switching back to them. At even lower rates, might I add.
Ever heard the saying “Third time’s the charm”? I like that one. Unfortunately, that one doesn’t apply here. Another saying does though. “Three strikes and you’re out.” Yeah. That fits much better.


Getting Tired of Waiting March 9, 2015 at 10:05 am

Third week now and no service, what would happen if I waited 3 weeks to pay the bill? That’s right, it wouldn’t take them 3 weeks to disconnect me, would it? What in the world has happened to this ONCE great company? All you get when you call, after going through many automated steps, is a person telling you lies just to get you off the phone! There has been 1 lady (and I have her name) that has called me back several times to update me so I vote to put her in charge of this company!!! Come on Charter, do you not need the business? Then quit spending money on those triple play ads and spend it on technicians, customer service, and other things that could benefit your existing customers!


Frustrated March 8, 2015 at 2:39 pm

Lies, lies and more lies! Sick and tired of not having service and all the lies told and promises made just to get you off the phone. High price billing with below cost service.


Dawn February 27, 2015 at 12:49 am

Charter has never been great in customer service. However, due to their barrage of “triple Play ” commercials that they seemingly believe if they drown the public in, we will somehow be brainwashed into only thinking of their company. They are correct. I have now discontinued all Charter services. I was a customer at home and my business, Tv and internet. Funny, I am not alone and have got several friends who feel the same dropping Charter and changing to dish tv. Great service and cheaper too. The endless stalking, harassment and XXXXXing annoyance factor of replaying that XXXXXing stupid commercial worked. I hate your company. I just got a charter mailer and a phone solicitor this week. My restaurant had a drop in salesmen trying to get me to switch back. NO XXXXXING WAY< rhymes with triple play! I told the saleman he worked for a horrible company and get out of my store. Buh Bye. Great job Charter! I hate you. I Love Dish TV. Make the switch and get Dish folks. The hopper is great!


Jack Rose February 21, 2015 at 3:18 pm

Charter is the most unprofessional, out of touch company ever!!!! I almost took the plunge with Charter a couple days ago,but due to multiple lies by Charter personnel I decided I will stick with DirecTv. First I was sent an email from Charter informing me that since I use their internet service, I qualify for TV and Internet for $79.98 a month with free DVR service. I called Charter and the sales agent told me that yes, Charter will pay off my DirecTv contract if I sign up with Charter (TV and Internet) only. I found out the next day that Charter will only pay-off if your purchase the Triple Play. Lie #1. Next the agent told me that their DVR records 4 channels at a time. I found out the next day that their DVR records only 2 channels (but you must watch one of the channels!!!!). Lie #2. Next the agent told me that you can watch recorded shows in another room as long as you have a HD/SD box on that TV. I found out that no, Charters DVR does not have that capability. Lie #3. Lastly, I found out that when I called the first time that the agent wrote up a work order for an install the next day. I only found out when I had called Charter back (to confirm services) when another Charter agent informed me of such. I immediately cancelled (but in order to cancel, I had to call another number since sales doesn’t deal with installation orders!!! So during this second call, I wanted to speak with a supervisor to inform Charter of my displeasure. Well after being on hold for 5-10 minutes, I got disconnected (hung up on). What a nightmare this whole ordeal was and all I wanted to do was sign up for tv service. Unbelievable. Charter is a joke of a company (and should go under). Plus there is no way to contact corporate (no email addresses). Charter – please go away.


James Royster February 18, 2015 at 11:23 pm

I’ve never her this before:the landlord pays the cable bill plus one free
Box,any addional box is $6.99,so I purchase 2 more boxes for my
Bed rooms,and I ordered internet,to make long story short,I fell
Behind in my internet bill,and the other 2 boxes,so they cut off all the
Boxes,even the one that the landlord pays for,question?, why cut the
One the landlord pays for…WORST COMPANY EVER.they also lay and
wait for the bill to add up before they send u a Notice Billing practices


Jim Zmolek February 13, 2015 at 4:54 pm

Charter – Biggest joke ever.


Katherine February 13, 2015 at 2:41 pm

First of all if AT&T provided service in this small area I would have it because I HATE CHARTER!!!! The extra box we pay for that is located in our garage & the junk boxes we have in our house sucks!!!! The programs we pay for is basic but over half the channels skip like a scratched CD would, “On Demand” NEVER WORKS, & unlike AT&T when we switch channels it takes FOREVER FOR THEM TO COME IN DUE TO REFERENCE CODE 0200!!!!! Charter should NEVER be the 4th best T.V. service because it is by far the WORST I’VE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!! I cannot wait to switch to another company!!!!!


Jay Calicotte February 10, 2015 at 7:40 pm

I wished charter cable and internet would just come 3 more miles down my road so i could get their service,at my address there is no internet or cable providers,i live 3 miles out of city limits,i cant find anywhere on teir website to put in a request.


Urist McCauley February 10, 2015 at 12:25 pm

Is Charter downsizing or Shutting down? Are they so desperate for business that they send their Sales team out to lie to customers?

A representative from Charter called me offering me their “Customer Buyout Program”. The Sales Rep informed me that all I had to do was sign up with charter and take advantage of their “Triple Play” program. I thoroughly explained to the Sales Rep that I wasn’t interested in the Phone portion of the “Triple Play” so I declined the offer. She later placed me on a brief hold to talk to her Manager about my situation and later told me that I could ONLY get the TV and Internet with a Year’s DVR Experience if I signed on, send them the bill and they would send me a check to cover the “Early Termination Fee” from DirectTV. Well almost a month had gone by after I had already terminated my service with DirectTV with no check, so I called. Much to my surprise a Charter Representative told me that I had to sign up for the complete Bundle (TV, Internet and Phone) and they would NOT send me a check. I’ve been a Charter Customer for 12 years, and have made 22 recommendations to other businesses and new customers in our area. I chose DirectTV for the simple reasoning that Charter didn’t offer some channels that my family enjoyed at the time.
So NOW I’m stuck with a cancellation fee from Direct TV and NO CHECK. What’s worse.. the Customer Service Rep says that she can CLEARLY see in her notes the mix up and was trying to fix it.

At one point I was thinking… just maybe the wait or the “unimportance” of my situation was due to the fact that I was a Residential customer. What they should already know is that I am the Engineering Manager for 3 other businesses that uses Charter and there are other options in our area.

Ill keep you posted of the outcome.


Mark January 23, 2015 at 12:06 pm

I am highly frustrated with my current ISP for their frequent down times. But at least I can readily communicate with them, and their personnel are Americans who have a great command of English. However, the people I’ve spoken to at Charter, are not Americans and their language skills are very lacking. I cannot even contact your company through email to ask simple questions about your service. This seems to reflect very badly on your quality of service. Why would anyone want to deal with such a non-communicative company? I won’t!


Daniela Rodriguez January 13, 2015 at 11:12 pm

Set up an appointment to transfer services on Friday. Today is Tuesday and my current services have been shut off. I called charter they can not get someone out here until Thursday and if I accept that they can not guarantee my Friday appointment that was scheduled weeks ago.


Rebecca February 6, 2015 at 12:09 pm

I have had continual issues with my bundle with charter (Internet-phne-cable), have continually paid my bill, yesterday I spoke to 8 people at charter they still could not assist they pacify, partronize and pass you off to every other person not being able to fix the problem and refuse to credit my account!!!


Mark Ellenberger January 7, 2015 at 3:14 pm

WORST company ever to deal with. They have no idea what it means to provide customer service and beleive that the they are doing the customer a favor rather than the customer doing them a favor by chosing them. Based upon the number of times they have lied to me (blatent, recorded, and verifiable lies), it would seem that they coach their call personnel on how to successfully lie to a customer to get them off the phone. The real problem is that they are in (government supported) collusion with all the other “wired” providers so unless you want to be racked over the coals by Dish or Direct, you really don’t have a choice and if internet service is what you need, you don’t even have that to chose from.


Mike Schilling December 20, 2014 at 4:30 pm



LEA December 20, 2014 at 3:50 pm

The new charter e-mail system is simply horrible. Very undependable. A few examples of continuing problems;
1. During the transition, my group folders content was lost.
2. Existing group folders (empty ones) cannot be deleted.
3. Frequently unable to drag and drop an e-mail into a folder.
4. Can’t populate an e-mail for distribution to various individuals from the group folders.
5. Can’t scroll through current e-mails to select top priority ones.
6. When typing new e-mail’s, the current screen is often lost and reverts back to the home screen, requiring additional sign-in.
7. When typing new e-mails, typed letters will suddenly not appear in the text. Two or three such instances brings up a different window and the text disappears altogether. This then requires another sign-in process, finding the disappearing text in the “drafts file.”
8. The system is extremely slow and not dependable. Never certain if recipients receive their messages.

It’s evident that charter came on-line with this new system far too soon. I suggest they go back to the previous system, which had it’s own set of flaws, before the lack of performance of the new e-mail system becomes the quality standard by which charter products are viewed by the consumer.


Bettina Flowe December 15, 2014 at 10:19 am

Could you have screwed up and Charter e-mail any more ????? I hardly think so ! Your “New” website/e-mail is a NIGHTMARE !!!!
I FINALLY (after MANY conversations) with “customer service” was able to “access” my e-mail……..BUT, can NOT “scroll” down through all of them. I can see the ones only on my screen that loaded first. “Normally”, you can scroll on the right down through your e-mails. NOPE……….not with this TRAIN WRECK !!!!

It WASN’T BROKEN……………..WTH, were you THINKING ???????


Rick December 14, 2014 at 8:38 am

I have had charter services since February of 2014. The release of the spectrum services were announced around March. I have contacted customer service a half dozen times and had two technicians come to my house for internet issues. To no avail, my internet still cuts out at random times for various lengths off time (from 1 to 10minutes). We don’t don’t have the 60MB in my area yet, we are supposed to be getting 30MB’s for now. That is hilarious because the speed test congress back 6~16MB at peak our off peak hours. Not to mention picture depixelation and audio loss randomly on our cable and forget about pausing live tv, if you do and start playing again you can’t watch it without wanting to throw the remote through the tv. I hate having to pay these prices for services wet don’t receive. Yet the bills come every month… What can wet do about this. Bet the CEO had no issue at his home. He probably had satellite anyway…. Ya I am fed up with paying for services I am not getting.


Henry December 12, 2014 at 3:59 pm

Installed Charter Spectrum Triple Play with the Silver package on 11/15/2014 after leaving ATT U-verse, what a BIG mistake. The reason I left was that I answered a flyer in the mail; if you install the triple ply (TV, Internet & TV), pay 1st months bill (12/05/14) and send in previous providers bill (ATT) you will get a Kindle Fire HDX. But OH NO! I do not qualify for the Kindle Fire because I got 3 DVR’s and I receive free movies HBO….. That is part of the Silver package. DAH! I am paying extra for the silver and the 3 DVR’s that was not one of the requirements. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. DO NOT SWITCH TO CHARTER. Bad customer service. They do not care about there customers. I am going back to ATT U-Verse and staying. I told everyone of my neighbors and co-workers. They really SCREWED UP!!!!


Steven December 18, 2014 at 10:48 am

I also just switched back to Charter on 12/13/2014 to the Triple Play, Silver, and was told that I was eligible for the free Kindle Fire HD by two separate employees. After several attempts to log into the web site to complete the paperwork for the free Kindle, I kept getting “no information matching found”. I contacted costumer service and was told to keep trying. After about the sixth call I was told I was not eligible due to my location. The “kicker” for me to switch back was to save money and the Kindle Fire was surely a bonus. I have made contact with Corporate and I am awaiting the out-come. I will seek other actions if the issue is not resolved to my satisfaction, social media and the local news.


Cynthia February 9, 2015 at 9:44 pm

I have had this happen to me as well. I contacted customer service and all they could tell me was that it was not on my account. I had so much happen on my account I would say it is not. They originally sent an installer who was a complete moron and an a$$. He wouldn’t install and then they sent another guy out who did the install but I have extremely old equipment that is huge(like the size of a VCR huge) and one of them has buttons broke on it. This is crazy. I have junky used equipment in my home and I can’t get my free Kindle Fire HD. Don’t even know why exactly. No one can tell me. Edgar T at Charter just kept saying sorry but it’s not on your account. I know others that didn’t get their Kindle either. It’s just a gimmick to get you to sign up.


Dennis December 11, 2014 at 5:49 am

I am shocked at the level of incompetence with Charter customer service. I have made more than a dozen written and telephone calls to try and resolve issues. Each time I am promised action but there has been zero follow through.

It’s getting even more crazy as time goes on…


Brandy December 5, 2014 at 7:53 pm

I am beyond pissed right now! Charter came and installed new service for my neighbor, in the meantime, cut my wires! I have called Charter 4 times to get the technician back out here to fix this, then being told at 5:30 they don’t have anyone to come out! Well, let’s see, if they didn’t hire companies on a contract to install, then maybe they can hold them accountable! whatever happened to customer service? This is their mess up not mine, and no apology!!!!!


Joe Logan December 2, 2014 at 3:14 pm

My story is eerily similar to the hundreds I’ve been reading over the past few days, I palced calls to numerous Charter offices including corporate locations in Connecticut, and St Louis to no avail, I’m finished attempting to resolve issues directly with Charter. I’ve contacted California PUC, next I will be contacting local consumer groups including T.V. stations who have consumer advocate programs that air throughout Southern California in an attempt to hit Charter where it hurts, forcing them to learn their TV ads are not only costly, but becoming useless because of all the ‘bad’ TV and press they’re going to be getting over the next year. Hopefully someone with a brain at corporate (or stockholders losing revenue) will finally take notice and install a management team that actually delivers positive results for clients/customers.
My suggestion to all is not to waste your time calling charter, writing these types of comments, contact your local news media, print, TV, and digital, national bad press for charter will be the your only solution, I know, I was a senior executive of a multinational corporation, bad press and resultant loss of market share will eventually force positive action at the corporate level.
Always follow the money…………


Tara November 19, 2014 at 1:11 pm

This is in the DFW area by the way! Get ATT if you can!!! Stay away from charter!!!


Tara November 19, 2014 at 1:10 pm

I am beyond disgusted with Charter, especially the reps they have working for them! Last year I was working for an apartment community and living onsite. We provided ATT UVerse for our residents, which I’m a firm believer in. Charter came in and we started offering them also. Since we were told to sell Charter, I figured I couldn’t sell something without having it myself. So I switched. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!! Which by the way, I am still dealing with and paying for! This time last year, November 2013, is when this whole thing started. I canceled my Charter less than 30 days and here it is Novemeber freaking 2014 and still can’t get anyone from Charter to help. I have called and text, texted and called the reps and their supervisor, and no one will respond and when they did it was oh someone else is going to call or “Candy told Mike to get in touch with you”. And it never happened. I was told they were going to buy out our att accounts. I had just made a payment of $186 including a bill and my cancellation to ATT and Mike said he would reimburse me with a check and that a check would be mailed to me. I reinstalled my att uverse and held onto my charter equipment because Mike said we could switch the check for the equipment and being that I canceled in less than 30 days that I wouldn’t have a bill. We’ll never heard back from him and when I tried calling again he said to go to a charter office. They were no help and said the could credit my account even though it was canceled it I was still out $186! I talked to Mike and Manny and Candy the supervisor and once they told me to reach out to Marshall… They all ended up being of no help. Manny I spoke with mostly and he seemed to try but then became useless just like Mike and the supervisor Candy. I have tried to find their office so I could make the effort to go in and give my equipment back and see about my check and they won’t give me their office address. Then to top it off they just send a random bill amount of over $400 to collections!! I am beyond pissed and am absolutely dumbfounded on how these people do business!! I have tried emailing corporate offices, and a couple other emailed I’ve found online but no response from anyone. Save your money! Charter does nothing but scam you!!! And their service is awful!!! Stick to UVerse!!! Worst experience of my life!!!! Business and personal!!!


Happy FIOS November 19, 2014 at 12:58 pm

I can only echo what others write and laugh. I don’t normally even bother positing things like this, but I had to laugh today. After 3 months of calling Charter Customer Service expressing that I was going to cancel if they couldn’t lower the bill, I finally switched to Verizon FIOS. What is so funny, today, in snail mail, I get a letter from Geoff Boytos, VP of Marketing, offering a NO CONTRACTS, Triple Play, 12 month bundle for $29.99 a month. Really? A wee bit late Geoff – you missed the boat 3 months ago. As I expressed repeatedly and kindly to Charter’s Customer Service, people want/need affordable and reliable cable/internet/telephone at consistent market prices. Here’s how they work, they sign you on at this incredible deal like Mr. Boytos offers and then when that ends, yearly, they continue to “up sell” you to the point you are forced to go to a competitor. It’s simply outrageous! And, as I say at this point – laughable. They send me “deals” almost every 2 weeks or call me, because they want me back as a customer? Really? Where were you when I tried to work with you? You are fleecing the American economy. All I can say, is if you are considering Charter – don’t. They dumped millions of debt a few years back and eventually, should you bring them into your home, your high bill will be assisting them to recover from that set back. Run, don’t walk, to any of their competitors. You will be much better off and happier in the long run.


Patty November 19, 2014 at 11:10 pm

I got the same letter from Geoff Boytos today and I went through precisely what you described. I mean all people want is affordable and reliable service – you are SO RIGHT! Geoff/Charter, do you understand this? To me, it is simply good business.


charles reed November 12, 2014 at 5:04 pm

The Worst ever, they suck. I bet Tom Rutledge wont help either. Joke


Dana Voigt November 8, 2014 at 10:24 am

I am beyond disgusted at this moment with Charter. I called customer service over an hour ago and spent 40 minutes with a woman on hold discussing an issue with our cable. I finally asked her to call me back when she had an answer on credits for On Demand movies we have purchased and they are not there, only start and then stop or most recently at 4:30 yesterday my son watched Planes Fire and Rescue and then it is gone from the rentals. I explained this at least 12 times to her while answering question after question over and over again. She finally calls back and I am told now I will only get a credit on one of the 2.99 movies and once for 5.99 for Planes Fire and Rescue even though I was told already by her that I was charged twice for it. I was very polite and courteous until now. I was told to call back AGAIN at 4:30 when it would be 24 hours from the original rental to see if it’s been billed again and to go ahead and watch it now. I explained it is not there…..what is she not understanding????? The movie is not in the rentals, for us to watch it now we need to reorder yet AGAIN. I finally asked for a supervisor and got Ray, apparently he has no last name even after I asked for it several times. He greets me with, “I was told you requested to speak with me.” Are you kidding me, I need to go over everything again after spending over an hour on this. I asked for a name and number above him to place a complaint as I didn’t want to spend more time right now on this. I explained to him as I did to the previous woman I have two autistic children with one being severe and don’t have this kind of time to sit on the phone with them repeating myself AND on top of the fact they will not give me full credit, they never addressed fixing the problem. After 10 minues going round and round with me yelling at this point nothing, absolutely nothing got resolved other than Ray repeating himself about there not being any information he can give me about who to place a complaint with and he would escalate to Jermaine. I finally just hung up on him, utterly disgusted. I refuse to sit another 1/2 hour on the phone with Jermaine to do this all again. I am trying to find a number for corporate headquaters to place a complaint with. I want a full credit for movies ordered and the situation fixed. I hate Charter. I hate that we have no other option but to use them as well.


Bonnie November 5, 2014 at 6:18 pm

After reading just a few of the many comments on this site it is clear that I am not the only disgruntled customer of Charter! My situation is that I have basic service at my vacation home. I opened my bill last night to find that I have been billed $277.82 by Charter ….then they listed pay per view movies totally a cost of $157.87 billed within eleven hours …..for a cable service in a property that has had no one in it during the month of October other then my husband and I being there a few hours on two different days!!! The house is a lake and not being used often during this time of year. I was told by their customer disservice department that my service had been “upgraded” to silver, then gold ….and that I would have to pay the charges! I didn’t authorize any change in service and no one has been in the house during the times we are being billed….I am now told that there are additional charges of approximately $400 for additional pay per view movies ….ordered apparently by a ghost!
We are scheduled to meet a “technician” at the house the coming Saturday …I don’t hold any faith that this will resolve the issue …as the ones they have sent up to now are clueless. The last one said he found some wire that was not connect and he didn’t know how we were getting any service at all….since “going digital” the picture freezes….the remote won’t turn on both the “box” and the television at the same time ….the service is awful ….and now this. If Charter does not sort this out immediately I am going to file a complain with whatever federal agency governs businesses such as this and I will take them to court if I have to. I absolutely am not going to pay for things we did not order and for service that was changed without my authorization. I would go to their competitor immediately ….if one were available. I will reluctantly deal with a “dish” operator if they don’t sort this out. Poor, poor customer service, tech support ….and far too expensive.


K.Dickerson November 4, 2014 at 12:33 pm

I contacted Charter on 10/04/14 because my service had been interupted. I was told that I could not post a payment to have the service restored. I understood that and the call was disonnected. A supervisor by the name of Luke,called me back advising that he reviewed my account and explained that I was over charged. It was brought to my attentionon that I have been paying for HBO and one cable for over four years, and that is feature is also being billed $47.00 through my apartment complex. I assumed this issue was resolved because 11 months prior I was told that Charter could only staements from three months. Luke assured me that, the information was incorrect and that he would order the prior statements. In addition he restored my service and allowed me to make a payment on 10/10/14. Luke advised that it may take a few days to receive the statements but he would call me back on 10/08/14 with the correct balance and credit amount. 10/10/14 I called Charter for an update and was told again that a manager would call me back and I should pay the balance due. I made the payment on 10/10/14. . On my pay day 10/24/14, I contacted Charter again for the status and balance of the payment and was told that some one would call me back, because the account was still being reviewed. On 11/03/14 my service was interrupted. I called Charter and I was informed that Luke had indeed received the statements on 10/08/14, but no further doXXXXention was noted. I was assured that I would receive a call today, but in the meantime I wanting my serivce restored, because I contacted your office on 10/24/14. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General, Channel Five News and Consumer Finanical Protection Bureau, because your supervisor advised that there was a billing error on your part. It is so sad that we pay so much for this service and receive so little.


fedupwith cable October 25, 2014 at 2:36 pm

Unfortunately Recent Changes to your company will lead to its complete demise,since the change to all digital format,have incurred too many extra costs for customers who had already cut corners to get cable in the first place.First you have pay for extra boxes for each tv and also pay an extra fee for the remote,whose bright idea was that one?.People that have been with the company for 20 Years or longer are now leaving by the thousands,because of stupid decisions by a few.Lack of any real customer support or tech,some customers have 7 -8 calls a week and still their cable or internet is not fixed.Your company is the worst in the business and will lead to its complete demise.


Cyndi cornell October 16, 2014 at 10:41 am

Amazing that a company can have such bad reviews and not care to fix it. If you don’t know how to fix your customer service give me a call I have 35 yrs customer service and if this was my company they would all be fired your tech people are no better what’s wrong with you people if I had another choice for service I would be gone apparently that’s why you don’t care cause you lock areas in where people are stuck with you. You should be embarrassed at your ratings


aspentree October 9, 2014 at 5:14 pm

I pay a good fee for my service and your service stinks. My tv stands still, I lose my picture. We watch the same movies over and over. Walk the Iine willbe on for 3 months at least. Since this company has become Charter, it is the worst it has ever been. Whoever owns this company needs to do alittle soul searching. How can you do this to people who has been with this TV company for years. I would like to thank you but I don’t know what for?


Kelly October 9, 2014 at 8:45 am

Glad to see im not the only one dealing with crap service from charter. This company sucks! I cant even watch tv due to broken up picture and no sound. I have looked every where for an email address for them so i could send a pic of what the service looks like. This is stupid. Does anybody else have problems with their bill never staying the same amount? U would think for the price u pay for this u would at least be able to watch your tv. Seriously charter get with it or get out! Im so over charter and their XXXXX ass service


Sandra M October 7, 2014 at 11:23 pm

Dare I say that Charter does not know the meaning of customer service! I can not fathom that this company lose of sense that we are the ones using the service and because of that very fact they are earning a salary. I can understand that being in customer service for over 25 years that there are times when the customer might not always be right but it is your job to at least knowledge their complaints.

We called and had service installed in mid August and ever upgraded to the Silver package. I requested at the time that they also setup a wireless router at an additional charge and an additional box for my mother bedroom. The wireless router was not brought on the day of installation and I had to wait until the first of September for it to be installed. The landlord did not want a hole in the wall but wanted for them to put to cable outlets in the two bedroom and that she would pay for it. The customer service rep told me to give her my information and that she had to call to have that work done so she did. They told her when she called that they could not take the order from her. So this Saturday she took the time and came to my home and we called together. We spoke to a gentleman name Tom that explain that the correct procedure was to request the appointment and that she needed to give me a letter granting permission. I setup the appointment which was for today between 5 & 7 pm. I arranged to pick up two digital receivers from the local office yesterday which I did and had the letter. Last night I got a confirmation called that they would be here today. I confirmed as requested. I saw a driver sit for over half and hour in his vehicle across the street. When I saw it was 5 pm I went to see if he was coming in and he was gone. At 6:30 I decided to call Charter to see where the tech was that was to do the job and end up going through several people and two supervisors and at 8:30 pm ended up pissed off and with a headache.
Tara: we have no record of and appointment. I will check with dispatch who finds it but tells her to switch me over to video repair so the can find out what happened and in the process get hung up on. I call right back
Justin: I explain again the issue. He tells me that he see in the notes that I canceled the appointment because I downgraded the service. Really! I am calling because you fair to keep an appointment and I confirm last night and picked up to digital receiver but I CANCELLED the service call. At this point, I request a supervisor who take over 20 minutes to get on the line.
Kate: Explain the issue again in details and at this point the tone is changing at my end after I proceed to tell her how lousy customer service has become in the last few years.No one can give a straight story. She goes to the notes to check and comes back and tells me that it was and error on their part and she will do her best to see about getting an appointment in the morning. She got to transfer me to Video Repair to set it up. I get transferred and mind you she did not even explain to the rep the issue. I once again have to explain what the issue is to her.
Leslie: The earliest appointment I can give you is for Thursday. That about sent me into a full on fit. You guys make the mistake and I have to wait a couple of more days. Does charter plan to pay me a salary?! I ask for her supervisor. I am on hold for a long period of time and best believe that I am not hanging up at this point. I get transfer to Chris Cook.
Chris: I explain the issue again and the best he can do is give me an appointment for Thursday between 10 and noon for now. He will try to get a hold of someone and see if maybe he can find something earlier and will call me back. He calls me a few minutes later and tells me he cannot get anyone at this moment but will email dispatch and see if someone can call me tomorrow to arrange an earlier appointment. I honestly do not see that happening so let’s see what happens on Thursday.

In the meantime, she can only sit in the living for short periods of time due to her condition. She is blind and 67 and her only enjoyment is to listen to TV which she still does not have in her room after ordering service over 6 weeks ago. So Charter, explain to me what the values and goals are for your company to continue to succeed because I can not see it right now.
Next stop the media and BBB.


Allan Pilger October 6, 2014 at 12:33 am

It appears that we are not alone in our feeling about Charter Communications and its reliability and service.
We live on the Long Beach, WA peninsula across the Columbia River from Astoria, OR. In the 4.5 years that we have had Charter for TV and Internet, it has been one headache after another. Because of very limited bandwidth, we don’t get many of the features Charter advertizes. Charter seems to have an over abundance of “Paid Programming” or “Leased Programming”. The latest episode was this weekend when audio on the TV kept going in and out. I wanted to relax and watch some college football but gave up in disgust. Top top it off the internet connection quit. Don’t know and don’t care if they were related or not. With the internet interruptions (a great many) it is a royal pain in the shorts to get it back up……power down the modem, power down the wireless router, disconnect the coax from the modem, wait 3-5 min then reconnect everything and hope it works. Sometimes I have to go through this XXXXa rocka 2 and 3 times to get back on line. “We’ll be glad to send a tech out, first available appointment would be 3-5 days out.” This last episodes has pushed me ever closer to going to DISH and bundle everything with them. My neighbor has had DISH for 12 years and has never had the problems I have encountered. Wish to God I had Comcast instead of Charter but the FCC in its infinite stupidity gave it to Charter. The techs for the most part are pretty good but every now and then you have the misfortune of getting a foreign speaking tech, female to boot, that doesn’t know sic ’em about what they are doing. I will be checking with Coastal Communications to see what the cost of bundling every thing with DISH will be. Old Japanese saying “To climb Mt Fuji-san is once a fool, to do it twice is twice a fool” Not climbing the mountain a second time so it looks like its Sayonara Charter.


Laura Migliore October 3, 2014 at 6:23 pm

My husband and I had ordered charter phone and internet. It would have saved us about 15 – 20 $ a month. Someone came out from charter, stated they couldnt set it up that day, because they needed to have tap lines installed. He reminded my husband not to cancel our current phone service until the installation was done. The next day a truck came out, not sure what they did. The next morning our land line with verizon had been discontinued by charter. When I spoke to the first person at charter, he said they dont cancel your current service until the installation is done. I said “well, you did”. He kept arguing with me, so I asked to speak to someone over him. This lady was very nice, Kiara, but couldnt find out what had happened. She kept telling me to call verizon to have our land line reinstated, and I kept telling her I had already done that and they said charter had the number now. She investigated and called us back saying we had to call verizon and do a ‘win back’ on our old phone number and see if they would reinstate our land line. She couldnt tell us why our service had been switched before installation was done. The clincher was when she said, I have a note here saying we dont service your area. So why was our phone switched if they knew they couldnt provide any service.? Verizon is now charging us a new customer fee, our old plan is no longer available so we will be paying more each month and we have to renegotiate our long distance carrier. Our land line is important as we have very poor cell phone service in our area. My husband and I have prepay phones and had to put more money on them by the afternoon because each call to charter was lengthy. So we today have no land line, until verizon comes out next week and checks our lines. Charter not only did not provide service, they caused us a very frustrating day, About 40 dollars in fees WE have to pay, and a higher monthly phone bill than before. There were some very nice helpful people on charters end, but overall we really got the shaft. This is the poorest customer service we have ever received from any company. Our phone should never have been disconnected until the charter installation was done, especially if they decided they couldnt provide the service anyway. I feel like charter should at least pay our 32 dollar reconnect fee. This is a very poor way to treat a potential customer. Since our next door neighbor has charter I dont believe they dont service this are anyway.


Joan Scheer September 28, 2014 at 8:39 pm

A communication company that doesn’t offer an email address????? So perhaps you could forward this to the appropriate dept. Thank you.

After years, I am being threatened with disconnection on Tues if $90 is not paid. First it was $303.24. Now it is $90. I was assured in November of last year by a man I spoke with my payments would be $144.00 plus applicable charges. Hasn’t happened. Up and up and up.

I’m retired and obviously on a fixed income. I have $26 in the bank, a specialist/doctor apt. on Tuesday and that is $35. I can only hope they can and no doubt will bill me. They aren’t inconsiderate uncaring Charter. I’m not even sure I can wait until Tuesday. I need medical help now but the $50 ER charge if looming over me as is everything else. I am not well and handicapped and am now in my insurance “do-nut” hole. My legs are practically useless and painful all the time as is my back. I have recently developed a Martens Neuroma or have a broken toe on my right foot causing a lot a pain. I have a constantly recurring bladder infections. I took an early retirement thinking it might help not having to work shifts and have that stress. (I retired from the St. Louis County P.D./Criminal I.D. I loved my job and it was hard to leave but also becoming impossible with the pain.) I have needed a plumber for over a year in two baths and the kitchen. I have bills that are just not possible (yours being the largest), thus my phone rings all day. At least that won’t happen when you so charitably disconnect AFTER ALL THESE YEARS the charges, of course, going up and up and up. Right now Ameren Missouri (electric) is also threatening disconnection. My teeth are literally falling out. I recently lost what is almost a front tooth! My vision needs a lot of help also. The condo association I live in is suing me for $75 from 2012!!!!!! (the last one of six) which I apparently overlooked – $75, plus monthly late fees ever since, plus their atty fees. I have an atty offered by the state who is useless. I have a veterinary bill of $1,300 (I will take care of my two Shih Tzus, they are my obligation and didn’t ask to be here – they are my love, I will feed them before myself, they are the only smiles I get). I have car repairs that are needed on my 12 year old car for $1,200. etc. I had half of it done about three months ago, a $300 deposit from my past Social Security and so far am trying to come up with the rest next SS check. I tried to file bankruptcy but was told they would take my car. That makes totally no sense. In my case, how would I go to doctors, pick up meds, take the dogs to the vet, etc. I am going to inquire of another attorney. I was part of St. Louis County designated as a disaster area from Hurricane Ike by way of 6 inches of rain in an hour and 2-1/2 feet sewage in my finished/furnished lower level taking everything (to include furnace, water heater, washer, dryer, all furniture, memories, etc.). While working in this horrific mess, I cut my foot badly but didn’t get stitches (was tired, dirty and stupid and just wanted to shower and go to bed to start the next day). Because of this I became infected with Clostridium Difficile from which I have never fully recovered and continue to be weak as a kitten (this is so frustrating because I have always been so independent and a do-it- yourselfer and now I have no strength). Highway 141 (six lane highway)was built literally in my backyard so close it appears when looking out my kitchen window there is a hwy sign on my privacy fence reading “Ladue Road 1 mile.” Because of this and the sewage, I have lost thousands in equity. I can’t sell. The digging and hauling in of dirt has caused some critters to invade my house and live under my bed!!! with me and my two dogs on it (tearing up the underside and peeing in the box springs, up the stairs, down the hall, under my bed and in my bedroom. It won’t shampoo away. I have tried and tried to barricade my bed with boards, old doors which were stored in the garage, bricks, large concrete (6 X 10 or so) but to no avail. They have torn up the underside of my 44 year old bed but still in good shape (I think) but given what I hear on the TV, not healthy. It must be lethal now! That is where they sleep, of course, up in the box springs. I was considering hammering boards around the bed to the box springs down to the floor but am afraid I don’t have the strength or energy or money for boards (some days I have to just stay in bed). I looked at the cost of a platform bed that goes to the floor and a new, healthier mattress but don’t have the of money? As I said, the critters have ruined my carpeting up the stairs and upstairs with pee and I have no funds to replace the flooring. Because of my health and that of my older dog (14) who is not well, it is a concern. (Now if I am crazy, so are my two dogs. They have seen them, I watch their heads follow them. The younger one will bark at it/them. The dogs then get as close to me as they can. I can’t get up fast enough to see them). MoDot (Missouri Department of Transportation) has told every exterminator sent in not to put forth any effort, there are no critters. You see, the exterminators had to call and get a P.O. number before coming in. Just go in and look and “just look” (barely) is exactly what they were told by MoDot and is just what they did. They didn’t bend over, look under anything, or leave any measures at catching/killing the critters. They ARE NOT mice or rats. They are bigger than that. Their “Poop” is larger. The smell is nauseous. I could feel them moving around. MoDot will take NO responsibility going so far as having me committed to a psychiatric hosp. by way of the Chesterfield P.D. (after all, MoDot brings in more revenue than I) but only for two days. When the hospital psychiatrist came in to talk to me very briefly, he wasted NO time in saying there was nothing wrong with me, to call my daughter and tell her to come get me now. Two days and nights wasted crying, And a missed family reunion. As of Friday, my bed is gone. Two (lady) friends (bless their hearts) came and fought with my queen sized bed and box springs, lugged them down the stairs, into a truck and off to the dump. I took pictures of the demolished diseased box springs.

My brother died a couple of months ago. I looked down upon him and saw peace and Heaven. No, I am not suicidal, that is not within my faith. I have no family. There are two women that come in to help me two days a week. I don’t know what I would do without them. They give me two days of smiles and help. No, I don’t pay them. They are compensated by the county.

I need help, not these harassments and threats. Because of everything that has happened and applying for a home loan modification which took Bank of America five years to accomplish, every cent I had put aside for retirement (IRAs, CDs, etc.) is gone. When I started in 2009 with Bank of America for the modification, my credit score was 766 (I have a letter so indicating.) The modification closed the first of this year (2014). My credit score is now horrible and I cannot get a loan or credit card to help me. Why are you, Charter, doing this after all these years? Your service is not working and you apparently do not know how to fix. You then indicate that it is “MY” equipment failure. No, it isn’t. It is lack of knowledge and the only excuse they can come up with. I am still experiencing the problems with both my TV and phone so I guess Charter’s easy way out is to be super ugly and say it is my fault and disconnect. I have been trying to find someone who would help me and would not rob me blind and loan me $20-25,000. I AM good credit but now have to juggle to see who I can pay now. My mortgage is always paid.

When I am able to be up, I try to hold off lying down until Dr. Phil is on. I love it and respect his observations. But that pleasure is also going. My only entertainment is my TV.

Sorry for the length. There is more but I think this is enough. Can you or someone help me. I have found NO gold in these retirement years. Bank of America won’t help me even though this is their fault. My credit score immediately keeps me from getting a loan. I am so very sad and worried. Crying all the time doesn’t help and talking with your uncaring people like Charter’s representatives makes it worse. Their attitude is “oh well.” It is funny to take their after conversation questionnaire. When it is a constant “1”, it becomes “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. I am going to disconnect now.” A lot of good that does.

Is there help out there? I WISH I had money to invest and that I had not needed to use the funds I had set aside for retirement. So it goes …

Or not. I couldn’t even get an email address to send this to after all this. And so it goes … on and on and on. What a sad joke!


Ray Chambers September 23, 2014 at 10:20 am

Well it look like I am not the only one who has poor service. It’s out as much as it is on. I have had four tech come to my house and tell me it’s line trouble. Line crew came out three times and said they could not fine any trouble, Then on the fourth time I was told that there a line that has seven patches on it, but it would be to expensive to repair the line and I would have to Live with it. If this is service than I am a duck. It is the only cable service in our area so its rather poor service or no service and they know it.


Diane December 10, 2014 at 1:35 pm

Hi Ray

If charter supplies you with phone service I would e-mail FCC and tell them your story
I do believe you will get that line fixed……..(Smiling)


Elizabeth Reilly September 14, 2014 at 10:43 am

A long time customer of Charter, I am ready to drop the cable coverage because the service interruptions occur far too often and I am now into the 5th day of a dozen or so channels breaking up, freezing, losing sound. Contacting a live person at Charter is a nightmare and the recorded phone responder is more intent on selling me new service than sending me directly to a live person.
This am I got a call back saying the outage in my area was fixed. No, it wasn’t! Now I have to have a technician come out (in April one came out and I was charged $50.00. He did not fix the problem. I was fortunate enough to have a rare employee fix the problem over the phone. I told the tech who made my coming appointment that I would not pay the $50. for another visit. He ‘had no control’ over that.
Programming is a nightmare, with over 50 channels in Spanish, probably the same number involve sports, and there is little left for me to watch. I like the PBS stations until they do their incessant fund raisers and pummel the viewer with 50’s over the hill music, the ‘Celtic women’ drivel. The classical music stations on Music Choice have been reduced to one, Light Classical, where they repeat the same music, most of which is light weight many times.
I’m ready to leave Charter, but want to make sure there’s not another Charter lurking out there under the guise of offering something better if it’s going to be more of the same.
Mad? You bet!


Elizabeth Reilly September 14, 2014 at 10:51 am

My comment is ‘awaiting moderation’??? Is Charter now in the word censorship business?
Charter’s actions are pushing me toward canceling my service. I will not be censored.


Dale LaBohn September 11, 2014 at 7:39 am

I have used various cable companies over the past 20+ years, and I have to say, Charter is the worst. I frequently lose internet or cable service. Customer service is usually okay, but there has been many times when the reps talk so excessively fast that they can not be understood. They become annoyed when asked to speak more slowly, and last night was particularly disturbing. I had to repeatedly asked “Aquarius” to slow down so that he would stop slurring his words and I could stop asking, “What?” It happened so often I became angry and yelled at him. Five minutes after my cable was working again, it stopped working. My first thought is – sabotage, and I truly believe that’s exactly what happened. Aquarius had access to my “lines,” and I’m quite sure he went back and screwed with it so I would have to go through the aggravation again of lost service. The reps also frequently give ridiculous names – a sign of disrespecting the customer, in my opinion, and it’s a way of not being accountable. If they do not use their right name, then they can’t be tracked. I had to call customer service again, and then I got someone named “Sufi.” I asked to speak with a supervisor several times. That is no exaggeration. After several requests, I was very angry. I could not believe how he repeatedly ignored my requests. I finally resorted to, “Quit the b___ s__, and put a supervisor on the phone.” With that, Sufi replied, “Well, you’re going to have to wait a while. That’s not just an easy thing to do. It’s going to take some time.” Again, “Put a supervisor on the phone.” Twelve minutes later someone named Peter picked up the phone. Are they told to give the customer a cool-down period? I can’t wait to move so I don’t have to deal with this freakin’ company any more.


Christopher Matthews September 10, 2014 at 8:42 pm

I wanted to let everyone out there know about my experience over the last year with charter. I opened my acct in OCT of 2013. At that time charter was giving up to 200 dollars to any customer that would switch over to charter. That money is supposed to help cover any early termination/cancellation fees with the cable or satellite company you are choosing to switch from. You have to send charter some info….fill out their buyout form and a copy of your last bill from your old cable or satellite company. I have done this 5 times now. The first 2 times by mail, which the first time they did contact me to let me know I didn’t send them the correct info. I sent it the 2nd time by mail again, with the correct info, and of course never heard anything back. Had to call in and speak with an idiot that says I need to fax the info to her and she assured me she would take care of it. I did exactly as she asked and of course never heard anything back….AGAIN… after calling in again to complain, the next idiot tells me that I need to scan the info and send it through e-mail. I do just as he has asked me to do and it takes 2 weeks for a response in my e-mail( from the charter buyout team) that says I haven’t given them all the info they need and to re-send it again. At this point I am about to explode because this has been on-going for 11 and a half months now and no resolution. I called in once again to let them know that I would not be sending any info again and that someone, anyone, with a brain needs to send the check that charter owes me. I even told them on several occasions how about doing a 3 way call…, charter and dish network 3 way…..I’ll tell the dish network rep my SSN and they can hear exactly how much my early termination fee was. Of course none of the idiot charter reps want to do that. I had charter before I switched to dish and never had a problem. I found out quickly that I didn’t like satellite after only 3 to 4 months so called charter back. I really wish that I had just kept dish now and if this isn’t resolved in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be telling charter to cut it off and I’ll call century link or maybe direct TV…..The package I have with charter is about 170 dollars a month. It’s not about the money….it’s about a company doing what they tell you they will do. If you do the math we pay charter just over 2000 dollars a year to watch TV. I promise if this isn’t resolved in the next 2 weeks I will cut charter off and someone else, or maybe no one else will get my money for TV. 2 grand a year is a lot of money to pay to watch TV. I just called in tonight and spoke with a rep named Hannah…..told her the situation and she tells me that she has contacted the last supervisor I spoke with and he will call me back within 72 hours. Really??? 3 days for a call back??? She said this guy’s name is Bryan….he is out of Florida…..his operator ID is CEV…..not sure if that is correct or just a lie from her as far as his operator ID. I am writing this here hoping someone will see this and take this seriously. Only time will tell and if enough time goes by without resolution, like I said…..I PROMISE YOU THAT THIS COMPANY WILL NO LONGER GET ANY MONEY FROM ME EVER AGAIN……..I have left my e-mail address so we’ll see…….


Mathew Berens September 8, 2014 at 9:47 pm

In response to Brian Bice (above). Brian, if you can get the class action suit started, I’d be glad to sign up.
This is a company with so many deeply rooted problems and such a lack of customer service orientation that I’m pretty sure they’ll be out of business soon enough. I’ve read the other contributors below and my story is as bad as any. Charter has sent me a bill for equipment I returned to them (I have the receipts).
My father and mother had Charter service at their home. It was very problematic. They both passed away a couple months ago and I mailed a letter to them to inform them that they needed to discontinue service due to death, but they didn’t and now they claim I owe them money (I am the executor of their estate) for equipment that was not returned.
Frankly, it’s amazing to me that they are still in business. I have Comcast at my home and the service provided by Comcast really illuminates all the bad points of Charter. One of the other commenters mentioned that if the customer service representatives at his office treated customers the way Charter treats their customers, that those customer service reps would be fired. That is my companies policy as well. Charter puts no value on their customer service relationships – indeed, they use every method possible to AVOID being in contact with the customers. Starting with the 29 level “Robot Voice” and the customer service representatives who claim to be a supervisor but are in reality just another phone center employee.
The problem is, they hire outside call center companies to intercept your call, but the employees are told to follow the script handed to them and to avoid offering any service for any reason. There is no incentive for the call center operators to intercede on your behalf to resolve your problems. They get paid no matter what the outcome of your call.
Their efforts to avoid contact with the customers are really a step above other non responsive companies that provide poor or non-existent “customer service”. The lengths they’ve gone to to refuse to resolve problems and avoid contact with the customer are legendary and really very impressive.
For anyone who is interested, you might want to contact Mr Bice (above) regarding the class action law suit. Personally, I support it 100%. Also, even though your letters probably get filed in the round file immediately upon receipt, it is still a good idea to send their company president (Thomas Rutledge) and the VP of customer operations – Kathleen Mayo a letter to let them know how displeased you are with their (lack of) service.
Charter Communications
400 Atlantic St
10th floor
Stamford, CT 06901
No phone number – of course.
Best of luck to you all.


Brian Brice September 8, 2014 at 9:00 am

I have been a Charter customer since February 2014, this is the healthiest company I have ever dealt with their customer support have no idea what’s going on they read from a script and do not listen to their customers. We got cable TV, Internet, and phone we had DirecTV for over seven years customer service was great they came out and installed all wiring and their boxes in every room we asked them to with no charge and barely had outages even in rain and snow whether cannot say that about charter communications if we get just a little bit arraign our Internet, phone and cable goes out when charter first came out and installed our cable it worked pretty good no complaints. Charter then had a group come out and bury the cable and every since that time we have not had consistent Internet or phone service we try to call customer service at first but after spending an hour on the phone and then blaming our equipment when they could not even get into their equipment to their computers for a while we quit calling and just dealt with the problem but here in the last three weeks we call every time our Internet goes out which is about 30 other day and all customer service does is read from a script you’re lucky if you can get one that can understand or speak English you have to cost the asked for a supervisor. I’m seriously thinking about getting in touch with some friends and putting ads in every newspaper in the state of Alabama and the surrounding states that charter communications are in asking people if they have the same problems. Since my wife is a lawyer we are seriously thinking about a class action lawsuit for charter communications maybe if we can get enough people involved to get this lawsuit filed charter communications will finally step up and give all of us the service that we pay for, I know I get very sick and upset every time I see one of charter communications commercials let stand up together and force charter communications to give us what we pay for. I would love to have the opportunity to talk to the corporate office and the CEO of charter communication


Brian Brice September 8, 2014 at 9:05 am

I meant to say worst company I have ever dealt with


Jacque Kasselman September 3, 2014 at 2:43 pm

I added cable tv to my service, and had my modem moved. The installer that came out here complained about the work the entire time. Then he removed ALL of my cable connections except the two I was using, saying it would degrade my service even though it NEVER had before and now if I want to put a tv in one of the rooms I had previously had cable wires in, I will have to call and be charged to get it added not to mention the time that it will take to even get someone out here. The cable guy that came out also unhooked ALL of my phone wires…said to just use cordless. Corded phones were dated and nobody else uses them. He was rude, made changes I did not want changed and complained about the changes I requested and was on his work order.


Celene September 3, 2014 at 10:19 am

Just moved my cable over to Charter and boy was that a BIG mistake. After the sales person sells me the service at NO point was it told to me that I would be charged an install fee. When the installer comes out, he makes a huge mess, was at the house for over 3 hrs and couldn’t even figure out how to install a new phone line. My husband had to help him, then I see the install fee on my bill. I call up their and speak with a supervisor Jerry, he tells me he will give me a 1 time courtesy adjustment for a portion of the Install fee…WHAT? The guy leaves a huge mess, tracked dirt all over my floors that were just installed a week before and you expect me to pay for the install plus the cost for the clean up? You guys have some balls! I will never recommend Charter and who know’s if I’ll even continue service!! Now I understand why people told me that CHARTER SUCKS!!


Sally August 30, 2014 at 6:59 am

I’ve been waiting 3 months for a for a refund after I changed cable companies. Every time I call (about 8 times) I still get the same answer (checks in the mail) you will get it in 4 to 6 weeks!!!!!. REALLY is this coming on the slow boat from China?????


Blanca August 28, 2014 at 3:22 am



David M. August 27, 2014 at 1:20 am

Just read an article in an online business magazine that the CEO was “surprised” that such a huge customer base only wants internet and not TV.
It should not be surprising, because if the ever increasing cost they keep passing on to customers for nothing in return.
It is ridiculous to force customers to pay an additional $6 per TV that they want to watch for a digital box. Normal people who work hard for a everything they have cannot afford to keep playin more and more for TV.
I am about to cancel my Charter phone and TV because I can’t afford to keep paying it. Internet is the only thing we need these days.
Maybe if the CEO and all the other people sitting in these headquarters buildings made low salaries like all the rest of us, they would understand.


Abby September 5, 2014 at 9:17 am



raggmopp August 26, 2014 at 10:41 am

I’ve been trying to port my telephone number from Windstream to Charter since July 14, 2014.
Windstream has put one obstacle after another to prevent porting of my telephone number.

The first reject was a account name mismatch, which I immediately fixed. After the next port request, they disconnected my telephone. It took me hours on the phone to get it reconnected the next day. When they reconnected my phone, they didn’t reactivate the long distance service that they had also cancelled so I have to use another phone to call my husband’s doctor in the next town. Then they rejected the porting stating it wasn’t an active number.

Then they assigned a new account # and PIN # (I never had a PIN # before) that they suddenly required, but they didn’t have the new numbers available for a week.

Then Windstream rejected porting because they needed the Pass CAPP code. In a conference call with Windstream and Charter, they were told that 4 years ago the FCC had told them to stop requiring the Pass Capp code, so they decided they didn’t need it, but needed a PON code.

After everything was supposedly straightened out, a week later they rejected porting my number again saying the telephone number was not found. Both Charter & Windstream performed a test call on the number to prove to themselves that the number is indeed active. I’ve never stopped paying Windstream for it.

Then they said they had no request from Charter to port the number. I asked how they could come up with rejection excuses if they had no record of porting requests.

The port has been rejected three time on the basis that it wasn’t an active number. I would call Windstream each time and they would confirm it was an active number and there was no reason the number shouldn’t be ported.

Again on 8/14/14, porting was rejected because “telephone number was not found.” Again Charter performed a test call to my number and I answered the phone. I called Windstream and they confirmed there was no hold on the number, there was no outstanding bill for the number and there was no reason the number wouldn’t port immediately. However each time the port is tried, they block the process..

On one call yesterday, I was told again that they had no record of a port ever being requested and that it must have been routed to a third party who was rejecting the port before it was reaching Windstream.I gave her the PON number which is generated by the system during the porting process. Charter porting department states that they are making the request through the system that goes directly to Windstream and there’s no way of it being routed to a third party . . . they are just making that up.

Windstream has disconnected my telephone again. On a conference call with Charter, they said they would get it “repaired” either today or tomorrow, further delaying any hope of getting my number ported. They did get it reconnected the afternoon of the same day, which was Friday 8/15. The next Monday, Charter called again to verify that my phone was active and said they would initiate the port process again which they did.

That port was rejected because they put the “company code” as “NE” for Nebraska, rather than “NC” for North Carolina. Charter caught that mistake and corrected it on 8/19, but Windstream is still using this error as an excuse for not porting my number on 8/25. Windstream insists that all the information is now correct, other than the “NE” rather than “NC” issue, so they can no longer claim they’ve never received a port request for me.

Windstream states that if a port request is “expedited” it can be done in one day. I’ve asked Charter four times in the last week to let me speak to a supervisor. None is ever available and they claim they’ll have them call me back, which never happens. It’d be easier to get an audience with the Pope. There’s no reason someone in authority at Charter can’t get together with someone in authority at Windstream and get this straightened out and, at this point, that’s what I expect them to do.

It’s now been over six weeks and I still don’t have my number ported from Windstream. I’ve filed complaints with the State Attorney General who wrote them a letter but no response as yet, the FCC, the State Utilities Commission, Comsumer Reports, the Better Business Bureau, the ABC TV station troubleshooter, and wrote a letter to the President of the Company. But I still sit here with no long distance service, no caller ID, etc. nothing is happening.


charter sucks August 25, 2014 at 10:26 pm
Barbara Johnson August 25, 2014 at 7:51 pm

I have been without cable for 6 days!!!! Cannot get this problem resolved but you can bet your sweet patootie if my bill was late I would lose service and be turned into collections. Maybe it is time for people to seek legal action against Charter. You charge a month in advance with the promise of quality service which you do not provide. False advertisement???!!!


Harv August 25, 2014 at 2:14 pm

I have been in business for many years; even conduct Customer Service seminars. Charter has the WORST customer service set up of any major company. When you finally get a live rep, the odds are it will be complete dimwit. Don’t expect a call back. Never happens! Want a laugh…ask for a “supervisor”. When I finally got through to Corporate, I was advised that a Mr. Darrell Buckholter would be calling the next morning, that he was in a “meeting”…the callback never came. Charter’s Customer Service program is “to wear you down”. They ask so many questions, as though they’re logging all the details. Then with each switch to another rep, we go back to square one…phone number, name, what is the issue. Typed this while waiting 20 minutes to find out how to access my pass code.


Keith August 23, 2014 at 10:57 pm

Alright where to begin… I should have known right off the bat that charter is a bigoted company that is out for nothing but to grab money when I called and told the employee that I explicitly only wanted Internet service but they continued to hound on me and my choice to choose Internet and how they saw it as impractical and did not make any sense to them. Well then came today… At about 4:30pm the Internet went out soo I try for trouble shooting myself and then after I call (and fail multiple times due to shotty recordings and bad websites with no real contact info for customers with service errors) finally I get through because I call the new customers line and have the operator there finally explain the problem how there is a nationwide outtage! How ridiculous! I expect a company that “prides themselves on customer care” to have atleast created a message on their hotline to inform everyone of the outtage and maybe an estimated time it will be corrected.. But heck I’m just a payin’ customer what do I know!


Keith August 24, 2014 at 12:08 am

Oh and now to add on I just got an over charge from them of 50 bucks! What is wrong with you people!


Pollyanna Rogers August 22, 2014 at 5:24 am

I don’t even know where to start. We have lived in our home for four years and of course went with Charter because my husband did not want any type of dish. We had a local cable company when we lived near Dothan Alabama and never ever had the problems we have with Charter. We have had what Charter calls tiling from the time we moved into our home till now (which has been as I said four years). We have called and called and Charter does send people out but either they don’t know what they are doing or just don’t know how to fix it or Charter is just so big they could care less about their customers. We had one of the tech’s give us his cell phone number and his supervisors number, told us if the problem keep happening to call, no matter if it was that evening. Well, the young man was not gone an hour and it started going out again. Well, my husband called the supervisor and he was so ugly to my husband. My husband works in the corporate office of a huge company and is the corporate specialize in a certain department. He said if anyone that worked with his company talked to a customer like this man that worked with Charter talked to a customer the way he talked to him, the man would be fired. People just don’t talk to customers the way he talked to my husband. But that just shows you that Charter does not care about their customers. They are so big if they have one persons business or not they just don’t care. My husband said if he could get the phone number for Charter CEO, he would call. But there is not way. We have wrote him a letter ( CEO: Thomas M. Rutledge – Charter Communications) but of course no responds. What were we thinking. He (Mr. Rutledge) is to big for his pants to bring himself to call a customer or see that something is done about the terrible service that customer is getting. If the picture is going out every other minute so we don’t know what the people are saying and the channel has gone out completely and a screen comes up saying Check back later channel is temporarily off the air. That is really great specially when we are right in the middle of a show that we are enjoying. These tech’s have run all new wire underground to our home and in our home, from the neighbors home three house up to our equipment that services our cable box’s. Has any of that helped, NO!!!!!!! The tech’s have even put what they call a buster on the equipment in the garage and still have problems. I told one of there customer service people one time, ” until you can get my service fix I’ll pay all but 1/4 of my bill”. She told me that my cable would be cut off if I did not pay them. Again, prove Charter does not care. They have people over a barrel. We either use Charter because they are the only cable company in the town or go with a dish. Well having a dish the cable may go out when it rains but NOW I think if that is they only time I may have to worry about the problems that is better then the problems we have all hours of the day every day. We pay over $200.00 a month for our cable, which we have the net and phone also. I just feel if I pay that much a month I should get better service. We have had more then one of Charter’s tech’s and more then one of the contractors that Charter has hired to tell us that the signal that comes to our neighborhood is weak. When I said something to one of the Customer Service people what they said, they remarks were. Quote ” they don’t know what they are talking about and Charter was not going to replace the equipment because of the cost”. Well, that is just not good enough. I thought I would never want a dish but now I am so tried of this happening, I’m ready to give up and get a dish, It’s my husband that doesn’t want a dish but I am going to keep on trying to get him to change services. I talked to a couple of neighbors that have either Dish or Direct TV and they said even when it goes out when it rains it comes back on in just a minute. But it also has to be raining really hard for it to even go out. Not only that I can get as much by going with a dish getting the local telephone service that has the net for less then what I pay Charter. Of course they said the net is a little slower but I don’t have to have the speed that I may have to have as if I was at work. Face it, it would be just for home, no big deal. Bottom line is CEO: Thomas M. Rutledge does not care about his customers nor does his employees and specially the guy my husband talked to just could care less. You pay the price and get XXXXXXXXXXXX service or they will cut you off. Also, by the way the man that my husband talked with has had a promotion. Well, TV is on now and has gone out 10 times. Watching FOX news and was able to get maybe ever other word they said. So Mr. Thomas M. Rutledge what do you intend on doing about this problems we are having and all the other customers that your company is taking advantage of? No answerer, well what was I thinking!!!!!!! A man like you has such an important job that he doesn’t have time for the lower people that pay his bills every month. Am I mad, you better believe it. I would not expect anything more then your company cutting my cable off, just because I have spoke my mine. When the cable works it’s great but it is an everyday problem. From the time we get up and try and watch the news and weather till in the evening while we are trying to realize and watching some programs we TRY to enjoy.


Vicky M August 25, 2014 at 10:56 am

I more than ever agree with you (Pollyanna), and more. I am experiencing everything that you have wrote in your complaint. Something has to be done….Maybe if they start leaving Charter they might….just might, DO SOMETHING. I am on a fixed income, and this is the kind of service I get. SHAME ON YOU CHARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sandy Veenendall November 17, 2014 at 5:56 pm

We agree with you as well, Pollyanna and Vicky. My husband and I own a small resort and campground in northern Wisconsin. In July, Charter forced us to install set top boxes in each and every cabin and campsite-63 of the terrible things. No set top box…no TV reception, period. Prior to this, service was not great, but we could live with it. So now we have the boxes, very unhappy clientele and headaches galore, not to mention huge bills month after month, as well as 6 months when our TV service is suspended for 6 months in the winter. For those 6 months of no service, we pay nearly $400.00 each month, for NOTHING!

Have contacted Charter numerous times asking to discuss our problems with someone who has some clout and has answers, asking for a return call from a supervisor since everyone we talk with gives us a different answer. If Charter really wanted our business and the revenue it brings in every month, they would work with their customers to keep them happy. We will look elsewhere


Mark August 10, 2014 at 2:07 pm

A charter employee came to my house when they didn’t have an appointment and broke into my basement. When my girlfriend realized that the charter guy was in the house she ran out the back door because she heard him shuffling around through my storage boxes in the basement. Right away she called me at work, and I flew home and called the police (the charter guy had left already). The police didn’t do much about it besides file a report. Other than that, charter didn’t do anything as well. Charter basically told me that there was nothing that could be done about it. Now when I call charter for all the issues with my internet, they won’t send anyone to my home to fix the peoblem (they say that they are sending someone, but they never show up). Unfortunately where I live, charter is the only cable provider. So, if you have a charter employee in your home, make sure you follow them around, and make them take their shoes off because they always seem to be out of boot covers. I hope the guy who has my box of baseball cards, along with a Ted Williams autographed ball is happy. Charter is the worst company that I have ever dealt with, hopefully you have comcast in your area.


Pat M August 7, 2014 at 11:53 pm

Every evening around 9 pm my picture breaks up just as if I had a satellite dish. Also some channels bring up an error message that says ‘This channel will be available shortly’ but it never is until a few hours later. On Saturday July 26th two technicians came to my home and stayed for almost 3 hours. They did some work outside and some work inside. They installed a new modem, a new HDMI cord on one television, reprogrammed my remotes and said they could not find the problem with the picture. I had told Charter reps every time I spoke with them that the picture reception only happens at night. The two techs that came said they would have a technician who lives in my area come by after 9 pm and check the signal. They also said some of my neighbors are having the same problem. Well, no one came by that night or any night since then but at 9:30 that same night I lost my cable service, my phone service and my internet. I called Charter and was told there was no one available to come to my house until Tuesday afternoon. I would consider being without telephone service for 3 days an emergency, especially since I am a widow and live alone. I asked for the request to be escalated and gave my cell phone number.
Fortunately, the next morning everything was working fine but that changes every night. Later in the day I received a recorded message on my home telephone number that Tuesday afternoon was the earliest I could expect a technician. I told them I would not be home on Tuesday afternoon because I work. I was told there were no evening appointments available for several days. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After being on hold for 17 minutes I hung up.
The technicians that came to my home and most of the representatives I spoke with on the telephone were very courteous and I have no complaints about them. The only complaint I had with Customer Service was that there are no records of some of the calls that I made. I don’t know how that could happen but that is what I was told.
Every night now I lose my picture reception and internet for an hour or longer. I have given up trying to get this resolved. If I had another choice I would gladly switch to something else but I have too many too tall trees for satellite and VIOS is not available without Direct TV. It’s criminal that we have to pay so much and we get so little.


Katie August 4, 2014 at 3:44 pm

From day one, charter has proved to be a company of deception. The lying, scheming, person who came to our door is well known. Tomorrow is the 3rd time in one week we have someone scheduled to come out. Each time the problem has become worse.

My phone service is so bad, I feel like the old “can you hear me now” commercial.

Charter does not care how much of MY time is wasted waiting on someone who never fixes the problem.

Any recommendations for other phone providers?


Tom Stachowski July 30, 2014 at 7:50 pm

Looking at these complaints, I am guessing that my problems will not get resolved either? I am saddened that so many people have the issues with this company as well. I have never used Charter before and the customer service has been horrible. I have never had an experience like I have had here so far. I tried getting internet for my new house a month ago and still have no answers and no one has come out to the house out. The previous owner of the house used the same company and had service cut off the same day I moved in, so go figure. I would love for Mr. Rutledge to really hear about another unhappy customer. Maybe this company will be bankrupt again if they keep treating customers this way. All I want is internet at the house asap. Please help me. I will keep reaching out via tweeter and facebook to let people know to use another company before they become another victim of a non customer service friendly company like Charter.


Sandy July 25, 2014 at 8:29 pm

Unfortunately for me, Charter has a monopoly on the cable and internet service in my area so they are not concerned with customer service. No wonder they already declared bankruptcy once. When I signed up with Charter, I explained I had a residential phone and a business phone. I wanted the residential phone bundled with internet and cable and I wanted the business phone separate. They put everything on a business plan which is costing me approximately and extra $70 per month. I called to have it corrected and was told that once they put a number on a business plan, they cannot switch it to a residential plan (we have lived in this house with the same phone number for 26 years). I was told I would have to switch all the services to another provider (not available in my area) then switch back to Charter. Charter should be ashamed of how they treat customers that pay their salaries. I will use every opportunity I have to spread the word to avoid doing business with Charter at all costs!


TAMELA July 23, 2014 at 11:51 pm



patrick peloquin July 29, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Charter Comm. Over the years of off/on services with charter, we have had to endure this same horrible issues with returned unreturned equipment that they truly do not want back, and when you do return, and get a receipt, they will still bill you for early termination, once you have done an upgrade in services. This is SAD/DECEPTIVE/FRAUDULENT practices.

We are now in a service call(s) complaint mode again with them for failing services, they simply cannot provide services without glitches or erroneous EXTRA billings for partial month services. It is a small amount, however, it continues under deceptive/fraudulent practices. Including, but not limited to reporting it to credit services, solely to lower your credit rating, to increase your cost of doing business with anyone, or even being denied credit by others, due primarily to their notations of delayed or failing to pay them for services that have never been received.
We are experiencing poor signal issues, glitching, pixellating, going blank screen, then coming back further into a movie, and missing content of that movie.
Frustrating to say the least.

I have contacted customer service, relentlessly to get it corrected, Then hunt down corporate #’s in order to go above the front end, (STALLERS), to slow down complaints, and schedule for repairs, days later than when needed.
Then when they do show up, like taking your car to the mechanic, for a noise, but when you get to the mechanic, it doesn’t do it for them, or in front of them!
They have rewired our home completely, they have changed out ALL of our boxes, which were non dvr boxes, to dvr upgrades, we had no choice but to take the bundled package, as that was all they were offering on specials, then after two weeks of having the 3 bundled services @ $30.00 ea. They added the silver upgrade, our bill went up, our commercials increased from ten commercials every fifteen minutes, to fifteen or more commercials and access to a few more channels, but the commercials, have been driving us crazy, Why do we have to pay more for an increase in comms? This is deceptive fraudulent practices, they now include more comms for upgrading from silver to gold, or if we want to watch a particular movie it is alacarte and individual extra costs, again fraudulent practices. The extra fifty channels are nothing more than an increase in commercials traffic, and a XXXXXload of movies they repeat all the time monthly, then move them from one channel lineup into another, yet they advertise all these new movies, hoever without going gold upgrade, you won’t see them. Silver upgrade only costs more for more commercials, and a higher monthly fee, to see exactly what we were seeing before upgrades.
This needs to be addressed. Along with the deceptive add-on billing practices done without authority, or any approvals, then actually trying to charge extra for service calls that we originally were paying for line protection fee so we did not have these service fees. Simply needs class action to get them to stop these deceptive fraudulent practices. I’m in, i am willing to do a class action we need at least 4 individuals with similar complaints, prior to hiring an agreed to attorney to represent us all in class action, send me an email to: if you wish to move this forward. thanks Patrick


Nancy Nadeau July 22, 2014 at 4:32 am

I resent the fact that charter has added so many Spanish channels, this is America, isn’t it? There’s hardly anything worthwhile on Charter, now it’s going to be taken over with Spanish programs.


Laurie Buehler July 21, 2014 at 12:35 pm

On Monday July 14th I had Charter phone installed. Up until recently, the area I live in did not have a choice as to who we had for our phone service, so I decided to give Charter a try. What a mistake I made. My phone service worked for a whole day and a half, if it was that long. Due to personal cirXXXXstances during the day I was not at home. So, it was not until late Wednesday early Thursday that I was made aware that those calling me were receiving either constant ring(phone was not actually ringing), busy signal, or a recording stating they had dialed an invalid number. On Thursday I placed a call to tech support for telephone service. I initially let the automated service attempt to correct whatever was wrong. That did not work. On my second call the agent informed me I had an outstanding balance of $58 some dollars and it was due on the 17th (this balance was due to the installation of the phone service that was NOT working) he then placed a test call to my phone and my phone rang. We both assumed my phone was working. After the call I text my son and asked him to try my phone, and I discovered my phone was NOT working. So, a third call was made to Charter. The agent filled out a tier 2 form and took my cell phone number to ensure Charter would be able to contact me. Well here it is Monday July 21st and I have had no contact with Charter and my phone is still not working. I really do not feel like a valued customer. I have several health issues and yes I do have a cell phone but it is simply a lifeline phone to aid in transportation to and from doctor’s appointments. I will be either going back to my original carrier or will be looking at CenturyLink for my services ..


Laurie Buehler July 22, 2014 at 11:01 pm

It is now mid day on Tuesday and still no resolution to my telephone troubles… why am I not surprised. someone from Charter better get this fixed soon !!!


Holly Younginer July 16, 2014 at 10:44 pm

Monday July 14th at 3:30 I called to report a service outage. I scheduled an appointment for the same day with a person at Charter. At approximately 7 pm a Charter truck came down the road then turned around and left. I called bc I thought they missed us. I was told that we did not have an appointment scheduled that it was for Wednesday July 16th over and over by a very unhelpful associate. Wednesday is now here with no calls nor no one showing. I called the first time and asked to speak to a supervisor. I waited for thirty m minutes on hold and was magically disconnected. I called back again to try to speak to a supervisor and waited 35 minutes and as soon as I get on the phone with the supervisor, I get get disconnected again! I call again and get a supervisor after waiting 15 minutes and he is sarcastic, mocking me and doesn’t resolve any issue I have except to tell me that I’ll have someone out Friday July 18th. I have not had service for three days now. Friday I will have not had service for a full seven days and not once has any if your Charter associates cared. I’m ready to disconnect service and just do without if this is the type of service I should expect from your company.


Lynn Sequeira July 15, 2014 at 1:41 pm

for 2 years I have complained about my picture pixling at various times. There have been numerous repair men here that do just what the last guy did saying the cable in ground from box to my unit needs replacing. When complained one time I got a reduced fee for my service for one year to keep me quiet. When you moved channels I paid for to HD that I need a box to get when I didn’t have HD TV I was given a box for free for one year after complaining. With all this I still had a poor picture, ending up paying for box now, just want what I pay for nothing for free. Now after 2 years they come in and dig up the asphalt in my area 7\11\14 to lay new cable and have not hooked it up to my unit. I just called to see the progress of this and was told I needed to make a repair appointment, which then was made. I was never told this. I would think you would line up all repairs. I would like to also add that we slurried and striped our complex at the cost of $13,000 only to have Charter to come in with one week and dig up for repairs that people like me have waited several years for, and leaving the area looking like a war zone.
This is worst company I have dealt with in giving service. All you want to do is sell but can’t give the service paid for. Your poor employees have to deal with unhappy patrons because upper management isn’t in the real world. I would like to sue your company as your ads on TV are bold face lies.


christine willingham July 14, 2014 at 7:42 pm

I have called 8 times for help with the cable that was installed across the outside step of my patio. I was given an appointment for today and after waiting until the end of the set time, 5pm, I called was informed that my appointment was changed to tomorrow without any notice. Around 6pm this evening I received a call stating that my appointment was changed not giving me a reason. This is unacceptable service and as soon as I find another internet service I will be leaving Charter. If someone falls because of this cable laying across my step I will not be responsible. I will also contact the local TV station for their assistance with solving this problem>


DAVID July 14, 2014 at 5:04 pm

I have been dealing with technicians & supervisors over the past 6 months regarding intermittent distortions in pictures on my 3 TVs.The last tech supervisor who came out (Philip Rice) eliminated various devices in my home to see if one of those caused the problem, which it didn’t.He said he would call me back after the last visit to my home but did not.I called the management level of Charter & a manager told me the tech supervisor (Mr.Rice) told him it was a coaxial voltage problem & not a Charter problem. The voltage involved is due to their operations.So they have left me with a problem I have not encountered since 1990 when I first had Charter installed.It is obvious they have given up without taking the necessary steps to fix it.They maintain it is some kind of voltage problem but I have no way to know. So I am left to pay Charter each month for a picture I cannot at times enjoy,since it is an intermittent problem, & which the technical dept.seems unable or unwilling to fix


Lesley Paul July 11, 2014 at 11:11 am

I called to downgrade my service to basic cable. I guess they weren’t happy with me for doing this because they completely nixed one of my TVs and DVR boxes. I called because I thought it was a technical support issue, jumped through all of those hoops, until finally they set up a service call. The tecnician came, who was EXCELLENT by the way, but he discovers that customer service deleted one of my tvs and boxes from my account. So nothing he can do. After spending a considerable amount of time on the phone with customer service and unable to get on with my day, the issue was finally resolved. I am so unhappy with the amount of precious time was taken up by something that was not my fault. Completely a customer service issue. They need to handle their business correctly or I see another bankruptcy in their future.


Robert Pollard July 9, 2014 at 12:41 pm

It amazes me that Charter spends so much money on their commercials and yet the thing that can make them the best company in the world they stink at ….client service. They are by far the worst company in existence. They are truly lucky they are the only option!


Sheila July 1, 2014 at 1:59 pm

I have only had Charter for a little over 2 months and it is literally the worst company I have ever had to deal with. We had problems the very first day all the equipment was installed. It took an entire weekend to get everything corrected and several different technicians to correct the problem. Each time getting appointments missed, getting phone calls confirming that I had cancelled my appointment (which is of course ridiculous since we had been fighting to get someone out to our house), the complaints go on and on. But, the main complaint is no matter how many countless times we have called and complained, had to reset our connection ourselves (many times 4 and 5 times a day) we still can’t keep an internet connection. My boyfriend took an entire day off of work yesterday to deal with this once again (second time he has had to do this) they were a no show again. Then after talking to 2 different “supervisors” he was given an appointment for tonight between 5-7:00. NOT TO MY SURPRISE I received an email confirmation for my appointment today at 3:00-5:00. I can’t even begin to tell you how many phone calls and different people he had to speak to just to get that corrected. But, still above all, the worst thing said during this entire horrible experience with your company was by one of your “supervisors” after our initial installation that took us the whole weekend to get fixed. When we expressed our displeasure in having to miss work one day and change our plans for a weekend so we would be able to have our TV and internet we were told “It was just as much of an inconvenience for Charter as it was for us, because they had to send a second technician to our house” Truly believing that we couldn’t have possibly understand this “supervisor” correctly we asked “Did you really just say you were as inconvenienced as we are?” He said, “yes, that is what I said!!!” I am a Customer Service Manager and truly try to always stay calm when dealing with any company because I know how poorly some customer’s can treat my employees and myself. But, if I EVER had an employee say this to a customer or treat a customer as poorly as your entire company has treated us, I would fire them. I am truly, truly amazed that you don’t want to improve your company and customer service. But, it is clearly not a priority to your company. We are in the process of looking at other options for our cable and internet needs. Would love for you to actually read this and email us back. I am most certainly not going to hold my breath.


Julie Rowe June 14, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Charter sux. I have been with charter for 10 years or more and customer service is going to treat me like Crap? I am switching to Knology.


Susan June 10, 2014 at 8:35 am





MO June 8, 2014 at 3:16 pm

Been with Charter since it bought TCI in St Louis off and on, that is, for nearly 20 years, that is, also in Wisconsin. You are gouging your customers to death. Rate hikes for less services. Customer service agents who don’t even know the number to the corporate office in CT, nor do they know you have a legal department. When I asked “Annie” in Washington State for the corporate public relations or legal department, she said something to the effect you don’t have lawyers. My complaint is how little service I get for such an exorbitant price … plus I called and spoke to someone 2 months back who was going to offer me more services for about the same price, but alas, now that offer is gone. Basically, you tell your long-time customers you could care less about their patronage. One day, Charter, you too will go the way of others like AT&T, TCI, TWA, etc. etc. You are shamefully exploiting your customers via no-competition. Hey, have you heard we are in an economic crisis and many people don’t have an extra $200 laying around to watch TV (basic expanded) and have internet??? Basically told there are no promotions for customers who are long-term, so we do not value you. Get a hint Charter, without customers you are what? Why are you in this business Messrs. Rutledge, COO and CFO??? To line your pockets and take from us. Going to the BBB.


Willy Olsen June 7, 2014 at 10:45 pm

I have been with Charter for the last 6 years. They suck so bad, but I can’t do too much about it because our city gave Charter exclusivity in cable service. Their billing has gone up over the years and I can understand as operational costs increase and as a company you pass that increase back on to the customer. But, from Dec 2013 until April 2014 the internet was not even working half the time. I was calling them every day to get this issue resolved. I work from home and need to make sure I have an internet connection. Many times I ended up going to a local Starbucks for my internet. There internet was more reliable than Charter’s. They did all these tests online and said there was no problem. After 9 calls/complaints they sent out someone to check. He said the problem was the coax cable. It was old. He replaced the cable in one room where the modem was and did something out where the cable comes into the house and was saying everything was now fine. I had the internet, but now no tv channels. He disconnected some filters and changed the way the cable from the street connects to the cables in my house. I made up a tool to remove their coax caps and reconnected the filters and the cables back to the way they were. Having a background in multimedia I had an idea of what to look for and what to do. Now that I had my cable tv back, there was still the problem of the intermittent internet. After several more calls and online tests they came up with that it was my wireless router that was failing. So, I went out to Best Buy and bought another top of the line router. Same problem. Nothing had changed. So it was not the router. This went on until sometime in mid April then everything cleared up.
The latest was I got the bill last month and there was a price increase of $10. And I think by law they are suppose to notify you 30 days prior to any rate increase. I never received any notice. I regrettably paid the bill and I called them up and informed them that they were now higher than everybody else. That my son has some sort of satellite internet from WinSpree(???) for $2 less than what I had been paying. And that Verizon has internet for $45 a month. So the lady over the phone said she would get me a rate that was $1 more than what I had been paying. Plus the 30 mbps would be going up to 60 mbps in a couple of months. I said great. The very next day I get this call from some XXXXXX from Charter saying I need to pay my bill because it’s late and I’m subject to service interruption. I’m going what! She’s telling me that my due amount is $66.97. I’m going what!!. No it’s not. It’s suppose to be $54.99 and the bill is not even due yet. She got all argumentative with me and didn’t like the fact that I would not pay the bill right then and there. Because I told her I would go online and pay the bill. And as far as the $54.99, well that wouldn’t kick in until the next billing cycle. I said, “that is not what the lady I talked to the day before said to me”. It was suppose to kick in right away. The funny pisser is I got my bill in the mail today, June 7 2014, three days after Charter was calling me up and harassing me to pay saying that I was late. If I can find out what the CEO’s email address is, I will blast it out to every pissed off Charter customer and let them flood his inbox.
Charter doesn’t value it’s long term customers. They would rather rip you off for as long as they can, give you poor customer service and hope that you have no other choices for cable/internet service. Luckily as technology gets better there will be more and more choices for your internet service. Especially in my neighborhood. Charter is no longer the only cable/internet service provider on the block.


Katie August 4, 2014 at 10:23 pm

Thanks for the information on Verizon! Going to check that out!

Charter does NOT value long term customers which is a very bad business pratice.


customer no service June 5, 2014 at 9:16 pm

Was stood up for the second time in two days today. The funny thing is that I received FIVE phone calls today confirming my appointment…as if “I” am the problem. I confirmed each phone call. During the past two days I have been given the runaround about the technician showing up…each time being told that the technician would be reprimanded…knowing that it is not the technician’s fault about being over booked. Moral of my story is…when calling to cancel Charter service, stick with the plan. Don’t be fooled into sticking with them to get a matched price with Direct TV. Charter is a poorly run company.


Striplin family June 5, 2014 at 11:20 am

I too, have been fighting with Charter over an internet issue that has been ongoing for 2 months now. This all started when a Charter contractor mistakenly disconnected our service (cable & internet) when adding new neighbors to service – said we had an illegal splice! Note we were the first house on our street to get Charter service about 11 years ago. A real Charter technician came out and was surprised to find what had been done. TV service was restored but internet service up and down so another appt setup and Charter sends a contractor who says it’s my wireless router but they went ahead and installed a new cable modem. So I invested in a new wireless router and guess what? Same issue even when removing the wireless router and direct connecting to cable modem. Another appointment last week with another Charter contractor who said the problem was that new cable needed to be run from hub on street to my house and service “turned up” as I’ve been paying for high speed internet but not getting it. Of course he couldn’t fix the problem but said he would submit an order to Charter. Found out 2 days later he never submitted the order nor did the customer service rep that took down the notes when I called to see if that order was submitted – nothing was entered from this last contractor nor rep. We did finally get a VIP ticket number and guess what? They didn’t call nor show up yesterday as scheduled. We called repeatedly to 888 number and were told they had until 8pm local office time. Still no call nor technician. In contacting the local McDonough/Stockbridge GA office at 8am this morning to speak to a supervisor, we were told we would receive a callback from a supervisor within 30 minutes. That was more than 3 hours ago and nothing. We are contacting Corporate, local news action lines and anyone else to get some response from this company.

Note that I know enough about networks and have been telling them from day one of this issue that they needed to check the provisioning of service at the hub and look into bad cabling from hub to house. Also contacted outside company to verify issue so I know what needs to be done.


The charter tech. June 3, 2014 at 9:26 pm

Let me get this straight, everyone’s cable bill is going up and up..charter has new contract out with contractors and it pays less?…The more work you do for them the less it pays.Thats not right at all by any means..Here is a link, keep in mind this is a contractor company that has an employee thats is taking a pay cut. The structure of this contract is based on an average..Charter did not take into consideration when the work order requires the tech to do more work then average. So a triple play New connect on a house order with 5 dvrs, mdm, WiFi and phone(the tech has to run the outlets and spend a lot more time at the house above the average.)Pays the same as reconnect triple play in apartment with 1 box, mdm and phone.The house requires more time then the apt.4 hrs vs 45 min..The contract is set up unfairly to the techs and to its contractors.I could go on and on how this new contract set up.It not set for good quality work to be perform a customer house, it is set so Charter pays out less for more work that is done for the customer at the same time raise your cable bill rate.. so here is the link.


Angela Gregoire May 30, 2014 at 8:41 pm

Had a cable box go out on May 17 and contacted the 1-800 number. Sergio the contracted tech came out and changed box. He then left wire for my 84 year old mother and 80 year old stepfather and told them to run the wire inside the house because that was the problem. (Actual Charter Techs have run wire in my house and outside my house.) Also, funny all was well until new box was installed. They still had trouble with red and green lines going through the TV so I called again on May 25 when a VIP ticket was written and the operator was appalled that the wire was left and not run. I told the operator NOT to SEND SERGIO again.

On Wed., May 28th, the VIP ticket had not been responded to so after disconnecting the box and connecting directly to the cable line, I called the 1-800 number again . The operator said my husband’s cell phone had been contacted on the 25th, which had not happened because we double-checked the phone. Again, I told the operator not to send Sergio. Today, May 30th, Sergio came back to my parents’ home. When my mother told him I disconnected the box and reconnected directly, his response to her was, “Who is the cable guy, me or your daughter?” UNACCEPTABLE. Evidently, me because once connected directly red and green lines went away and all was well again.

He allegedly call his supervisor and his supervisor, so he told my mother, told him they do not run wire. Upon my arrival, I told him he was a liar because previously a tech had rewired my home and the outside as well ande sent someone to bury the line. He tried to tell me about what the problem was, but I told him to leave the house because I did not want him in the house nor did I appreciate how he serviced my parents.

He told me he was being nice by leaving the wire and I told him I had dealt with much nicer Charter techs. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me to call the 1-800 number and good luck with finding someone as nice as him. I did call the1-800 number and again the operator was appalled at how the tech left the wire and did not run it. Please contact me via email to clear up this matter.

Angela A. Gregoire


Bruce Mansfield May 26, 2014 at 5:19 pm

I an attorney and have been without business all day and I can not get anyone on the phone. I am calling from my cell and all I get are recordings. I have been on hold for over an hour and on several other times for twenty minutes. What good are phones if they don’t work. I understand some technical problems now and then but this is unacceptable. They don’t even answer the tech support line. telling me by recording that they have no estimate for eight hours does not help. I advise anyone reading this that they don’t use charter for anything more than internet. That is the only thing they seem to get right.


Debbie Tabor Hoffman July 5, 2014 at 5:39 pm

Hi I noticed you issue with Charter and thought you might answer this question. HD services get more channels or everything. A charter person informed methat the individual channels dictate this. A lie according to the stations I contacted. Any idiot knows charter can transmit either way because they do it. On demand has less and less regular shows. Most of these people in our area are on fixed disabled incomes and cannot afford HD. Anyone can see Charter is trying to force us to switch by limiting our choices on demand. Discriminating against the elderly, disabled and fixed income.


jennifer jones May 15, 2014 at 4:56 pm

I am so tired of dealing with you people.first time you come to install my phone that was &is now hooked up to a lifeline machine. your techs were not even out of my phone wasn’t that means my life line was also not working.they could of text those installers to come back in but no.some lady from the company told me they were real busy she gave me this medical #.for there repair department said they would be her at 7pm.at11pm no charter.I was still on the phone with them tell well after one am.told them I walked in my sleep broken almost every bone in my told them udnhave to stay up all night,since didn’t have my lifeline up and running.the agents reply was you have a cell phone dont you.told them they needed to before dog was real sick &had vet appt.we argued about that. I told him my concern was first he could call the other he could call the other customer tell them they were going to be a little late. well they pulled in right when me&my dog were headed to go to vets. they said they would have to charge me anyway just for comming here. I stayed. my dog died because he didn’t get to the vet in time. do you think they cared no. not even a credit.NOTHING!!!!!


deloris May 13, 2014 at 11:11 am

I have a few choice words for charter and the way they treat their employees and customers. I’m go glad that some of you live in an area where you actually have charter employees including supervisors that really do care unlike where I live… Cookeville TN. Some of the employees do such a crappy job and leave a mess for other employees to clean .. there are some supervisors that evidently are not good at supervising and freak out over small stuff, put their employee’s lives in danger just to try to meet “numbers” that some one behind a corporate desk came up with. …. the “joys” of being a “yes man” and all it does is create more problems because somebody is trying to please someone else’s thoughts as to how it should be when they aren’t even in the situation. This company is not organized and have their heads up some place other than where they should be. I could do better than that in supervising employees and they would even be happy to come to work.


Jackie Hudson May 12, 2014 at 3:08 pm

My faith in charter has been renewed. I’m a happy costumer again.When I went to pay my bill at the office in McDonough ga, I expressed all of my concerns to the woman who took my bill, who was very nice and said she was going to get in touch with her boss, Mr.Singletary which she did. That afternoon Mr. Singletary rang my doorbell. He assured me that he would find the problem and correct it and he game me his card with his personal cell phone number and told me to call him when the problem ocurred so he could his techs out to locate the problem. Today 2 more charter supervisors came back to my house to follow up because the problem was still occurring. They checked out everything in my house even in my attic and said that they believe they have fixed the problem. Hopefully the problem has been fixed. I appreciate all the attention that charter has provided to address my issues. I encourage you if you have a problem to go directly to the supervisors and not over the phone. Thank you Mr. Singletary for all your help.


Pat May 11, 2014 at 7:21 pm

Every single Cable or Phone company is going to have customers who complain about their service and there is not one out there that has not had these problems.Check out all the other company comment sections there is nothing different. So get over it!!


Al May 23, 2014 at 10:37 am

A “Get Over It” attitude is why the industry is the way it is.
Accepting poor performance and incompetent customer service & billing department because they are all alike will never change anything.


caroline May 7, 2014 at 10:44 am

charter is a DISASTER. It’s a scam. It’s been nothing but trouble with the service and techs. This organization blows.


Mike May 6, 2014 at 9:53 am

This is the sorriest company for support I’ve ever encountered. I’ve never seen a company “Hide” behind the internet like Charter. You can search and search and search through their endless loops of internet support and never mind a phone number to contact a human being UNLESS you want to order new service and I would definitely not recommend that. And, of course, like a previous poster you will never find a high level executive to talk to. All the money they spend on their advertising could be better used to support existing customers to keep them. Anyway, I did solve my problem..I canceled my account and moved everything, TV, Phone and Internet over to AT&T and it was a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend everyone else that is having issues look at AT&T or one of the satellite providers. You’ll get much better service.


Dawn Polucha May 5, 2014 at 12:50 pm

I have had nothing but a nightmare experience with Charter, I just faxed my complaint to the attention of Mr. Rutledge CEO. Fax number is 1-314-543-2468, phone number of corporate office, they refused to give me fax to Mr. Rutledge. Hopefully my complaint is not just put in a stack somewhere!!! Dawn


doug Rutz May 1, 2014 at 5:49 pm

I have a 24 unit apartment complex that has not had service for 3 day’s because of the digital switch over. No one at charter can tell you when they will be able to do anything. I hope that I can get this resolved so I can cancel my contract with them.


LT April 30, 2014 at 3:07 pm

We have had charter internet & phone services at 2 locations (8245100080701259 at Lindale & 8245100420105914 at Bader) for a few years and yesterday (April 29, 2014) we switched to Verizon internet & phone service at both locations. Yesterday evening we phoned to cancel service at the Bader location. Today we phoned again (the conversation today April 30 Wednesday lasting about 5 minutes ended at about 10:50 am) to cancel the service at the Lindale location, thinking that it requires 2 phone calls to cancel for two locations. To my surprise the person (a lady) who answered the call said that the internet service at Bader location had not been canceled yet. I was a little surprised but I asked that the internet & phone services at both locations be cancelled at once. She said it was done. I then asked how I could be sure and if there is a way I could confirm my cancellation request (for example, a confirmation order number or a confirmation email). She said all the conversation is recorded and I could always phone back to find out). I said phoning back is rather unproductive for both me and for Charter. Then I asked her name and she hung up on me. I want to bring this up here to Charter Comm and suggest Charter Comm to change its policy on cancellation request to have some kind of doXXXXentation (for example, a confirmation email to the customer or a confirmation order number), as I remember getting a confirmation email (not 100% sure on this) on my new order. I believe this policy of confirming cancellation request is beneficial to both Charter Comm and its customers.


George Darley June 6, 2014 at 12:05 pm

I have some sad news for you. Verizon will not only let you not cancel on line, they too will also not give you a confirmation number and their favorite thing to do is to tell you they will mail your final bill and then they will bill you for the full month of service and then tack on late fees! So a word of warning is that when you go to cancel your contract or not renew your contract with them as you will have to go to one of their stores to do so; get the name and if I were you I would video the transaction due to the fact they too will screw you!


Clayton Blakey April 30, 2014 at 7:22 am

Charter has already started screwing me and I’ve only been a customer for 15 days.

On April 15th I had cable/phone/internet installed in my home. The “contractor” tech they sent out for the install walked off with my wi-fi router along with the equipment that was previously installed.

Thinking it was an honest mistake, I called their incompetent customer service and was advised that it has to be investigated and that they will do nothing until they reach out to the install tech.

A week later they called me again to ask when the incident occurred and that they need to talk to the tech. Feeling agitated, I offered a few suggestions – 1) they waive the monthly $5.00 router rental fee, 2) they adjust my first bill removing the cost of my router, and 3) they either return my router or send me a check for it. I was advised that none of my options were viable and that a claim has to be filed and if the tech removed the router I would have to file a police report. A police report? WTF?

In all my years of having cable with the far superior Cox, Comcast, and Jones.. hell, even SuperTV I have NEVER heard of being told to file a police report against a representative of their company. Cable contractors of Outer Banks NC beware! Charter would rather have you incarcerated over a missing $150.00 router than get to the bottom of whether you mistook a customer’s router as Charter equipment. Heck, the Charter claims guy even went as far as to say that they don’t take a customer’s word for it that their personal property was taken and that they need to check the bags of the installer to validate my claim. That’s a first! Welcome to 21st century customer service!

I pray that some day a viable alternative such as Comcast comes down to the OBX so I can tell Charter to screw off. As it is now, they are the only game in town and sadly, I am at the mercy of this incompetent, somewhat shady company.


David April 29, 2014 at 4:55 pm

I have never been so frustrated with a company. Your outside contractor that buries cable cut my cable line in the process and knocked out our TV service. When I confronted them, they went and looked for the cut but could not find it so they told me I would have to call Charter to get a new cable laid. They cut they needed to contact Charter. Secondly, my home phone now has static on the line, a new development and I suspect related to the above. Since I do not have Charter phone, again I am responsible to contact ATT to check and fix the problem. I suspect that will cost me. Again the responsible party and the company that hired them need to step up to the plate and take ownership of their errors, I sure have to. Lastly, I had a tree whose limbs were inconvenient for the workers so they proceeded to prune my tree. I have been told the variety is rare and not very tolerant. So I may lose it. A few weeks ago I got an email address so I could leave my service and switch to Charter because I need greater bandwidth for the internet. That now looks like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.


Jackie Hudson April 27, 2014 at 3:17 pm

From Jackie Hudson to Thomas Rutledge CEO,
Its a shame reading all these complaints and now I’m fixing to add mine probably knowing that you are doing nothing about it. I’m having the same problems as all these other people such as tiling, freezing on the tv, bad phone service, slow internet etc… Having charter supervisors lieing to me on the phone. This will be my 6th time having a tech come out in 1 month. Seems like the techs wanna do the absolute least ammont of work they can but take up a lot of my time doing nothing. A tech supervisor is coming In two days and if this person can’t get something done to correct my problem then I will be leaving charter never to return again. This is a high point of this I pay my bill every moth before its due and all charter could offer me is 10 dollars off my bill. Ill pay them 10 dollars if I never have to speak to another charter representative. So Mr. Rutledge, are you going to step up and address these concerns or r you going to hide behind your CEO title. SHAME ON YALL!!! for taking hard working peoples money for totally unsatisfactory service.
Your more than welcome to contact me. Charter has all my info.


Monica April 23, 2014 at 12:38 am

Well it looks like we are all on the “SUCKS BUS” with Charter.
My husband and I have had Charter for only 4 months and the level of incompetence is ghastly!!
We have paid our bill every month and we consistently have intermitted TV and slow internet. We are now calling nearly everyday for the same issue only to be told, “we will have to send a tech out…. tomorrow” REALLY!!?!
We have had more than 15 techs in our homes and they are nothing but a bunch of liars wanting to blame someone else for the issue and don’t even get me started on their subcontractors, nothing but a bunch of egotistical jerks.
I think enough is enough!! This company obviously does not care if they lose customers!! We are moving on….
You know, I wonder if anyone from the company reads these??? If so please feel free to contact me…
I dare you!!!, but you might want to hurry because this may not be our email address for much longer!!!!


Edward Roberts April 22, 2014 at 1:34 pm

I would like to make a complaints on April 18, 2014 My cable and internet services went completely out giving me a messange S900 I contact charter with my concerns I was going the run around tell me I should unplug my Computer rebooted it and even had someone to send out a signal to all 3 boxes nothing work. I am upset cause they told me the earliest a tech would be out was sunday April 21, 2014 so, I went three days with no service i think it not right when you paying for the top of the line service you get very bad service I am paying 260.00 dollars and getting $30.00 dollar service I had to keep calling in to get some help finally a tech came out at around 4pm that very sad nothing come be done but charter want there payment on time but in return give you poor service


Geri Amaral April 22, 2014 at 10:27 am

I somehow can’t find anyone within Charter Communications to complain to, so hopefully my complaint will get some traction. Both my husband and I work from home and work for the largest computer company in the world. We have 2 phone lines and internet service from Charter and if I could use another vendor, I would, however, due to my location, it’s the only game in town. I continue to go down daily on the internet and my phones, a different story. I’ll be on a conference call, I don’t hear the other parties, but they hear me. I have to hang up and dial back in…very unprofessional, however, similar to the support I’m NOT getting from Charter. I have a service person coming again today and I’m racking up the credits on my account, as each time I call, I ask for a credit for down time…sometimes I forget, sometimes I just can’t deal with the 20 questions asked b4 I can talk to someone…the most frustrating company I’ve ever had to deal with. I thought DirectTV was horrible customer service…not so. HELP!!!


Gary April 21, 2014 at 8:08 pm

Well it looks like I am not the only one that is getting screwed by charter. They cant seem to fix my business internet, they give me a hard time about closing my residential TV service they are over charging me for. One problem after another and all they do at the 800 number is argue with you and most of the time my call gets cut off. so it is next to impossible to talk to these people. If I ran my business this way I would go out of business!


Travis Davis April 18, 2014 at 3:02 pm

I called customer service regarding a notice that my pricing will increase due to a promo offer ending. I spoke to a Supervisor by the name of Eli (Employee # 1zz) and advised him that I’d been offered $92.99/month for internet and cable with more channels with Direct TV and $85.99 with Dish. I’m still willing to stay with you as a customer for my current pricing which I’m paying roughly $125.00 per month. It was very disheartening that Eli really did not attempt to retain my business. My only offers were to lower my current plan which is not acceptable to me.

If you are not making a profit with what I’m willing to pay then I understand, but I’m sure you are. If you really value your customers, you should show it. If you are able to accomidate me, please advise, if not please respond so that I can take my business to your competitor. I have been a customer of yours for over 2 years and have always paid on time.

Side Note: I had Direct TV for 8 years and the only reason why I switched to you is because I moved to apartment (that I’m no longer at) that would not cater to satellite. Direct TV never went up on their prices, had great service and can now service me. I have no problems switching, the only reason I’m sending this email is because I’m busy and don’t feel like hassling with it, but I will if you don’t work with me.


Ken Baker April 18, 2014 at 2:54 pm

I just called Charter and asked to talk to Carl Leuschner , Vice president, Product Management. About a problem that gets swept under the carpet, his own people don’t know who he is. What kind of company does this? Bad service plus high cost equals bad publicity…..I don’t expect a reply because this company is more concerned in bringing in more money than fixing the problems.
After reading the comments on this page, I can see where this is going.
Good Luck Carl who ever you are.


Tina M Grooms April 15, 2014 at 6:25 pm

My business has cable, internet and phone service and I have had to call customer service about 10 times if not more in less than a year because service was down. I’m not trying to be ugly but you can’t make money if your phones are out or you can’t ring purchases up on the credit card machine. Today is the boiling point when I absolutely got poor service and no help with my problem. Let me explain something I have been in business seventeen years and word of mouth goes along way right now if someone were to ask me now about the service. I would tell them the service is absolutely terrible and so is the customer service. If I could get help with this issue it would be greatly appreciated.
Tina M. Grooms
Global Fitness and Tanning


june April 15, 2014 at 9:42 am

WOW, glad to see this has got to be the worse company that exist or am sure is TIED with several others! this is just a short note to let it be known that my contacting has just begun… from waht i have read so many people have been going through the pain of Charter for awhile. mine has just been a month and to think am so upset. Apparently you need to refile Bankrupcty and then never reopen since no one and i mean NO ONE has any Respect with this company!! apparently since the anger is so deep within the company this must be one of the Requirements to work for Charter! this service was for my son while in College. am just thankful i have VERIZON!!! at least they have customer service skills and no how to UPDATE their paperwork…. TO BE CONTINUED!!!


tina Morris April 8, 2014 at 7:24 pm

i ve been having same problem for over a year ,ive been liedto numerous times, going to leave charter , they obviously do not care about their customers!!!!


Marie March 31, 2014 at 9:23 am

Charter and AT&T are both terrible. Service is as everyone else is saying is awful and customer service just as bad. Brian, who is a supervisor, lied to me and now I am told you can not do what I said he would do. I con’t talk back to him, because no one knows who he is or which call center he is in. Looking for some way to not have to deal with you or AT&T. neather of you have the truth in you or any customer service.


Unhappy Couple March 26, 2014 at 12:00 am

I was a LONG time HAPPY customer for many years, BUT as I moved a lot , and finally settled with our 4 kids, into a freshly purchased home, We LEFT ATT for their hidden fees, and opted to get CHARTER ( I was excited to have them back) BUT since Getting them in January, we have had NOTHING but problems. constant tiling, Phone not working half the day, internet slowing to dial up speeds or dropping altogether. Channels dropping out or freezing. The technicians we have had were GREAT in helping us out, BUT customer service has been horrible. They promised us that they were going to credit our account from January to Early March, because of all the problems, yet they billed us for all the time we did not have service, or poor service., We had customer phone reps hang up on us or even cuss at us. THEN after they continued to BILL us for this crappy service, they shut us off pending a payment, which we paid because we need the phone badly for DR. appointments etc, only to find that NOW we have no TV in our area due to some Outage, which they are also refusing to stop billing on! I work from home doing phone and online tech support, and computer repairs to which I need access to service, and HOW AM I TO PAY THEM IF I CANNOT WORK? This is absurd! We just got done contacting the BBB about them. When I’m promised something for which I am paying good money for I expect to have those promises met. AGAIN, I don’t blame the technicians, they have been amazing, but the billing department, and customer service has been disgustingly rude, and lacking in every way.


Al March 25, 2014 at 9:38 pm

Have asked Charter telemarketers to stop calling my home. They still persist.
They’re not getting new customers, They’re creating enemies!


Patti wickersham March 25, 2014 at 7:26 pm

We have been going through the exact same problems as Candi. Technicians showing up three hours late, if they show up at all. The last straw was a technician showing up 3 hours late to install 5 set top boxes. Yes, he installed them, however he did not stay long enough to make sure they were activated or even working. He had to leave because his cell phone was dying! When we called later that night, we were formats enough to speak to the ONE customer service rep (unfornuate.y he was in the Phillipines). Who actually tried to help us. After finally getting so frustrated was able to speak to the supervisor in our area as well as an escalated CSR. But go figure I have called them both several times over the last two days, leaving several messages for both to please call me. After two days, go figure, no return phone call from with “supervisor”. Not surprised at all! Totally disgusted!


Lanith Jones March 25, 2014 at 10:53 am

I definitely agree that the prices are way out of line, but when you only have one choice except for the satellite providers and their prices are just as high if you want to watch anything that’s worth your time and the AT&T internet sucks. Of course Charter won’t have to worry about me anymore unless they air the SEC NETWORK in a few months.


Candi Reeves March 21, 2014 at 2:43 am

Services out constantly
Technicians underexperienced or untrained or late/no shows
Customer Service Reps awful & liars if you can understand them
No live chat anymore
Tiling (lil digital squares all over screen)
CONSTANT RATE INCREASE IF YOU’RE NOT NEW!!! Charter will inundate you w/offers of begging please, please, please, come to us & then overcharge, not apologize, not honor their word…who does that & stays in business? So tyrannical. Reminds me of all the worst “leaders” ever. Promise this but give that.
Insulted my wallet & INTELLIGENCE RAPED SODOMIZED BRUTALIZED w/an offer of $10.00 customer courtesy adjustment for over 4 months of service issues
We pay on time for full service a month in advance, but we DON’T GET FULL SERVICE
Ya’ know what, just disgusted, angry, blood pressure thru the roof & looking elsewhere.
Just sick of this s*** right??!!


Candi Reeves March 21, 2014 at 2:33 am

Well, came to find COO;CFO & CEO so I could inform them of the lies from reps, i.e.,
1.) one promises this rate & length of service, the other a different price & yet another yet a different price & another wants to add on services to save $$ the other wants to take away, & on & on & on, $99.00 for all; $125.00 for all; $135.00 for all; $160.00 for all & today $174.00 for all!!!! REALLY??!!! All in less than 3 weeks!
2.) the horrible service, the disgusting customer service reps & their rudeness;
3.) the lack of understandable English speaking reps, & a general all around complaint. 4.) I’m ??happy?? to see that we’re not the only customers w/issues of:
CONSTANT phones/internet/cable outages or tiling (little digital squares all over screen for hours on end)
5.) 2 of our family are disabled & phone service is ultimate but at least 3x per day, it’s out.
6.) We’ve been loyal, faithful & paying customers for over 30 years. THAT’S MORE THAN 3 DECADES FOLKS. We’ve been w/Charter longer than ANY of their current employees. SERIOUSLY!
7.) Explained numerous times that our home is underground & different/unique & we’d require a journeyman Techician. Nope, everytime got a newbie who eventually had to call an experienced Tech..This last time the newbie tech said the problem was our router…contacted that provider, they PROMPTLY sent out a Tech who showed us on his gadgets our router is in perfect working order, as it should be, less than a year old & how IT IS CHARTER. Directed me to contact , “drumroll please, ahem” “MANAGEMENT OF CHARTER”…
Complete & total definition of idiot, which means” mentally deficient human” would cover most bases regarding Charter.
They have no moral core or character, care NOT about the consumer, their equipment, charges & services are no good; if you’ve been long time, like us, bend over because they WILL show you how they feel about your faithfulness. We all need to have our heads examined. Billing is a mess, they will for sure rip you off. Anytime there is a monopoly, i.e., Electric, phone or gas, utility, etc provider, this is what you get.
Please contact me regarding that class action suit. We’re on board. In the interim, contacting BBB, FCC, etc. Good Luck, we’re gonna’ need it.


Monica April 23, 2014 at 12:46 am

Would love to join a class action suit ! Tell us more.


Walter Murphy May 28, 2014 at 1:24 pm

from 2011 to present I have had over 40 techs and several supervisors in my home due to problems with Charters service. When I call I am simply told there is an outage, DUH, I can see that when it say “network lost”. at over $2000.00/yr you think they could get it right. If I ran a business like they do I would be in court being sued no questions asked.


tommy anderson March 18, 2014 at 8:54 pm

I had charter cable for almost 10 yrs never really had a problem.but I moved 2 years ago and charter is 4 houses down from me lets say it is 500ft.I called to see if I could get service and they told me it would cost $7500 for them to run it and if I wanted it I would have to I waited six months or so called back and they told me $5200 so I waited 6 more months and now its down to $3600.heres the thing after the house that has charter there are 11 of us that want it now I may not be very good at math but after 4 months they should be making money from then on.who ever sends out the surveys should be fired cause it seems to me hes costing the company quite a bit of money.everyone of the 11 homes want their service


Kim March 12, 2014 at 9:21 pm

So based upon the complaints posted, I was not the only one bamboozled. I contacted Charter to switch phone, cable and internet, the most important thing requested was must have NHL, I was assured this was available. Scheduled my install, installer was very nice. Well after 3 hours of install another installer showed-up, then another and then the manager was called out to assist as they disabled my alarm system. Now there is 4 tech’s here, 6 ½ hours later, 9:30 PM, and still not resolved. The manager said he would come back to troubleshoot the next day, gave me his cell number. I started playing with TV looking for NHL, hmmm can’t locate, contacted customer service, was advised that this is not covered in my area, in order to get NHL need to pay to watch, REALLY. I requested cancellation with Charter that evening, requested equipment to be removed immediately, but they couldn’t give me a time frame. I contacted AT&T to schedule re-install of my phone, the cost was $ 99.00. I contacted customer service, spoke with Manager Sue Harnau, after an hour on the phone issue was resolved, a refund would be issued for the cost of AT&T reconnection, and it’s in an email. Well after 4 ½ months still no refund, contacted customer service again, now advised there will be no refund. Well guess it’s time to take things to court, it’s not the $ 100.00, it’s the principle, large company’s look at the bottom dollar, and they have no concept of CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THE TRUTH.


Shir March 12, 2014 at 7:10 am

Called in for new service and the person was great so I thought..He even gave me an upgrade, his personal number at work, if anything went wrong.Date of installation I was called at 1056a and was told that he was running late..(Skd from 10a-12n) He called back at 1130a stuck in traffic but informed me he would not be long since I was having phone, internet and 1 DVR installed..I mentioned box in bedroom and he told me that was not in my order and w/out a box; I would not receive t.v. on that t.v…I called agent that took my original order and he put me on hold and told me the guy would install in my bedroom..He told me what my monthly bill would be and told me to call back if I had another problem..
Before calling Charter I had wireless internet in my house..I had 3 boxes for all 3 t.v.’s ; phone ..unlimited calling and internet…
When the installer finished with installation; I ask what was that wire on the back of my t.v. for…He told me it was to make my touch screen t.v. work and I have no internet in the house for my laptop or my grands tablets..
Installer did not have an wireless box with him and told me about installation and the higher fees each month…
I am not going to pay another installation fee and I will be calling for them to send someone out here to uninstall their services…
I told the original agent that if I am having this type of prob and you have not entered my house; I am wondering how the future service will be…
Each person should be told about the box and wireless service…
I am 70 yrs old and I should not have to go thru all of this …No instructions on how to operate remote….
I transferred over because I thought Charter was a better deal but all they did was downgrade me…Instead of 3 TV’s hooked up I have 2 and no wireless inside my house..
I was installed at 230p on Tues and it is 6a on Wed…Bummer.


Anon March 5, 2014 at 6:19 pm

I can’t stop a gay man – GEOFF BOYTOS from sending mail to me. He has been asked many times over the past year to stop harassing me by mail. Hope he finds a boyfriend soon. I’m contacting local authorities in Stamford, CT to see if I can stop him from sending more mail. He’s supposedly a VP of Marketing but acts like a “can’t stop this infatuation with another man” type of person. Hope you find your place in life Geoff but it won’t be with me.


Johnny Templeton March 3, 2014 at 1:32 pm

Charter disrupted my TV, Internet, Telephone service on February 27, 2014 due as they said to non payment of a bill. When I called them after talking to four “clerks” and a so called supervisor, I was informed that I MUST PROVE that a payment was made by telephone on February 13, 2014. I gave them a confirmation number 043264 and a person named Kim. They told me that they thought the payment was “misapplied”; and, that I would have to send them a copy of my bank statement so that they could know how to apply the payment. I told them not in this lifetime would I give them my banking information just so that they could determine what Kim did with the money. I even spoke with a “bill supervisor” in Wisconsin; and, a person named Jody in corporate St. Louis, MO. They all agreed that their records showed that the payment was received and taken from my bank account; but, they all insisted that I must fax a copy of my bank statement to prove where they applied the payment. The phone number in St. Louis is 314-965-0555, and the address is Charter Communications, 12405 Powerscourt Drive, St. Louis MO 63131. I filed a complaint with FCC, and Tennessee Public Service Commission; and, I will file with the Better Business Bureau, and, the National Consumers Rights Groups. If anyone is interested and would like to participate, I considering a class action law suit since there are so many complaints by citizens against Charter.


Jodie Cannon March 6, 2014 at 1:56 am

I would be interested in the suit please email me at so frustrated with charter


Linda D Williams March 6, 2014 at 3:08 pm

I would like to join with others in Te class action law suite against Charter for high price service billings each month. For the amount of monies paid each month programing is terrible for TV & internet services. They continue year with high prices for less services!


Barry March 3, 2014 at 12:35 pm

Please STOP ADVERTISING TO US. WE ARE ALREADY CHARTER CUSTOMERS. I’m sick of seeing charter ads on T.V. Every channel, every other commercial. STOP STOP STOP


Cynthia March 3, 2014 at 8:17 am

So sick of charter!!!!!!!! My phone, t.v. and cable do not work half the time. I called charter to come out and fix the problem. FIFTEEN TIMES they did not show up. So called supervisors are a joke, they will not even return a phone call. My phone does not work at all at night, if I had call 911 I would be screwed!!!!! And I told them that. THEY DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have filed a complaint with the bbb. I hope other do as well. They don’t want to fix the problem or they can’t…but they sure don’t mind sending you the bill. Looking into Direct T.V. Will be soooo glad to get away from Charter. I would not recommend this company to anyone!!!!


Michelle Windbush March 1, 2014 at 7:47 pm

Charter cable television service tech support sucks. I called on 2/25/2014 because my cable tv was not working. The technician on the phone sent a signal to my box which made the problem worst. She scheduled an appointment for Thursday 2/26/2014 between the hours of 5 and 7 pm in which I left work early to make myself available. Well, the technician never showed I called several times throughout the night and was told someone will still come out and that didn’t happen. I received a call from dispatch that the technician supervisor said no one will be out because they all went home, so my appointment was rescheduled to Friday 2/27/2014 and no on showed. I called several times to speak with customer service and about 7:25 pm the technician supervisor called and assured me someone would be out, again no one showed. I called customer service and spoke to Tony who claimed he advanced my appointment and someone would be out on Saturday 2/28/2014 at 9. it is 7:40 pm and no one showed again. So I will be cancelling my cable service. The last supervisor we spoke with did not seem concerned. It seems as though they don’t think my time is valueable nor care about a paying customer. There lack of concern is terrible and not a way to run a business. Charter is the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. I will be going back to dish network. I would like for someone to call me but I don’t think it’s going to happen.


lucille grietsell February 25, 2014 at 4:06 pm

I disconnected service January 4, 2014 due to constant price increases. It is now Fibruary 25,2014 and I still have not received by box to mail by equipment back to charter. I have called every week now since January, spoke to supervisors, managers and others and no one can seem to answer question of why my box to return equipment in does not arrive at my house. The charter account was at my summer home which is 300 miles away and I will not drive there to return the box. Charter assured me it would come to my billing address as did the bill every month. Now they have turned it over to collections to get the box back with phone calls every week. Seriously charter I do not want your equipment and would send it back if you just got the return box to me to mail it. I will now take this up with the media so Charter can get a black eye for customer service and show people they don’t really care about you just your money!!!


Goreti February 25, 2014 at 10:30 am

Just received an email with my new account statement with great news. My bill is going to go up to $54.99 from $34.99 because my 24 month promotion is expiring. When I called to find out what my options are, the only thing I can do is to bundle it with phone or tv. Well I am in a contract with Dish so that is not going to happen. The funny thing is new customers have a $29.99 option for 12 months. It seems like being a good customer does not matter to Charter. Maybe time to find other options and cancel the service. So frustrating.


Matthew Bishop February 23, 2014 at 6:46 pm

Okay, so my most recent call to charter was quite entertaining. I have had ample amounts of tech visits for probkems with both internet and phone service. These clowns have the audacity to reimburse me a whole whopping $8.88 for over a month worth of issues! Well, that was just January of this year. Than, they have the nerve to tell me that this has been my issue and that they need to send yet another “Supervisor Line Tech” (which makes 4 in 6 months by the way) to address the problems. All issues were found to be line problems and none of which were on my end, yet these morons still charge me the $45 tech visit fee!! Are you kidding me?? I’ve called and called and called only to be ran around and treated like t total horse s***. They have the customer service skills equivalent to Forrest Gump, plus they treat you like they are better than you! I habe again been told that I need to take ANOTHER DAY AWAY FROM WORK( withiut pay mind you) so they can come and try to address an issue that has been going on for well over 6 months with no resolve! All I am trying to do is get these morons to do is repay me for the lost/faulty service I’ve had for half a year! I say we form some sort of mass boycott against charter! I am paying $68 a month for 30mps Internet as well as a land line, only to have my LAND LINE drop calls as well as Internet speeds barely breaking 14 mps dowload speed. I am canceling my charter service and they will be giving me my money back. If not, they will find themselves held up in court over this false advertising, cheap servie providing, poor customer service giving sorry excuse of a company. I truky just LOATHE CHARTER now.


Darlene February 20, 2014 at 11:52 am

WOW……is all I can say right now. I just went here to get the Corp. address and the CEO’s name and than saw and read ALL THE COMPLAINTS…… problem seems like nothing compared to what I have read. I do agree with quite a few on not always getting someone who speaks English. Like when I call my cell phone provider. If Charter would keep their customer service completely in the USA, where it belongs and give us Americans the jobs, that would be the right way, but Charter doesn’t believe that. My complaint is that Charter no longer offers any kind of promotions to it’s LOYAL CUSTOMERS. Why did it have to stop back in December of 2012?? No reason. Great offers are still given, as now, for NEW Customers, although the current, Loyal Customers, well lets not worry about them anymore. If I could switch, I would in a heart beat and am working on that right now. Although, there is no reason at all that Charter cannot take care of its CURRENT CUSTOMERS like was always done before December of 2012. TAKE CARE OF YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS FIRST……………….


Billy Staggs Jr February 14, 2014 at 3:29 am

I want to be contacted a.s.a.p. at 618-433-XXXXX or 618-210-XXXXX.


HARDIN FAMILY February 12, 2014 at 12:05 pm

I work from home, and I have spent more time talking to charter than anyone, 8hrs on the phone a day for the past 3 days. Im not happy. I pay my bill on time every month, I do my part. I CALL THEM AND TELL THEM MY WEB,PHONE AND TV IS NOT WORKING, and after 3 days and 2 tech people coming to my home they say sorry and offer me a $4 credit to my account lol. I lost $800 due to charter service and they offer me $4 dollars for my inconvenience. SO ME AND MY FAMILY WILL BE ENDING OUR SERVICE WITH CHARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN FACT WE JUST PAYED THE BILL 2 DAYS AGO AND I WILL BE ASKING FOR MY MONEY BACK. I think some one should call me back considering your system is having so many problems and my calls to charter keep getting disconnected 636-775-XXXXX. You have 24 hrs to call me back or im contacting my ATTORNEY for pain and suffering as well as service I have payed for. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS AS A CUSTOMER!!!!!!!! CHARTER SUCKS DIRTY B***S!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mike February 11, 2014 at 8:18 pm

They have raised my internet rate three times in 18 months. An increase of SIXTY PERCENT!! $20 to $32 – Accompanied by ZERO increase in speed. The average national increase is slightly over 10%. I’m on fixed income and the only two choices here are racing each other to raise rates. I bought from a reseller who said nothing about it being a sucker promo rate.

They need the F.C.C., B.B.B., P.U.C. to take action against them for monopoly gouging. Revoke their license. Prevent them from buying TimeWarner. Lower my rate. Retain net neutrality.

Not likely in this korporate owned “gummint”.


Thomas February 5, 2014 at 3:14 pm

After spending 7 hours with a crew and equipment at a job site that was stated as marked by Charter and Had not been, and told by Charter contact phone number that they were not going to mark the area as needed by gopher 1. I called MN Gopher one and asked for help – they said they did not have any contact numbers for gopher one. I told my crew to go ahead and dig – They nicked a line – I spent the next two hours trying to get someone from an office somewhere in the US to let me talk to a person to tell them their cable was out and where they needed to repair it. Even the receptionist a the corporate headquarters could not raise a human being at any of the 7 offices she tried (its 2:30 definitely within working hours. This non communication has also been reported to the state of MN Locate System


John McEwen January 28, 2014 at 12:39 am

We’ve been on the phone with Charter for over an hour. They are arguing about $35 in charges that we don’t owe. This Company would rather anger a customer than admit they were wrong. Terrible business. Horrible Custer values. The manager on the phone didn’t believe us so he said “I’m going to have to listen to the recorded phone message of your previous call with us”. All over $35 overcharged. Kicker is that we have been way overpaying for years. $133 a month for basic phone and Internet. This Company is the worst. Charter is dishonest and I would not trust them.


S Dalton January 26, 2014 at 12:17 pm

Joke of a company. Consider all the rip offs EVER and move Charter to the top of the list. They DO NOT provide the service we pay for, they have NO service representatives, they have NO wish to provide service only to screw the consumer at every turn. How long will it take filing complaints to the Better Business Bureau, FTA, and FCC before they’re forced to comply with general business practices? Have begun changing my email address to gmail on ALL accounts so I can ditch Charter. Fed up with imbecilic, ignorant morons who could give a rip as long as they make $10 an hour (which is probably $9.99 more than they’re worth). Of course the CEO is worth about 1 cent less than that. Cannot wait to switch to a different provider. This is the ONLY company I’ve ever seen who actually makes AT&T look good. Does that give an indication that this is a bottom of the barrel sXXXX company? In fact sXXXX looks good when compared to Charter. Hope they go down! We need competition in the cable company business.


katherine morris January 18, 2014 at 10:01 am

I am a FURIOUS customer. Every month i have an agent tell me one price and i get the bill and its a different price. charter is MISLEADING and LIARS. I need someone from corporate to contact me NOW! I am not getting any feedback from these crappy front line agents. -katherine.


Dennis January 14, 2014 at 1:02 pm

I had signed up for auto pay back in September of 2013. At that time, Charter told me it takes them 30-60 days to get the account set up to draw from. Are you KIDDING me? I can get my car payment, insurance payment, house payment, etc. set up and they can draw on it within a couple days IF NOT immediately, yet it takes Charter 60 days? So here we are in January 2014 and I am still fighting with them to take the funds from my bank account via auto pay! Last month(Dec 26, 2013) AFTER spending OVER 2 hours on the phone with these so called “Customer Service” representatives they said it would be drawn on January 8th but that I needed to make a “ONE TIME” payment of the past due amount immediately to avoid disconnection, which I reluctently paid on Dec 26. Now my January billing comes and AGAIN says the account is past due, and I must make a “ONE TIME” payment (sound familiar?) to avoid disruption, as the auto pay wasn’t drawn on January 8th as I was told, and they missed the auto pay on January 1st, so now it will be drawn on February 1st. I have heard the “We apologize for the inconvenience” comments SO many times I am sick of it, and I have now started my conversations with “Don’t EVEN tell me how you apologize anymore, as I know you don’t give 2 XXXXXs about CUSTOMER SERVICE”. I am currently talking to and looking at switching to TDS service, and as soon as AT&T is in this area, which I’m told will be this Summer, guess what. There will be an influx of Customers dropping Charter.


Dennis January 14, 2014 at 1:10 pm

Oh, and after chatting with them last night until 11:30PM and finally telling them to have someone CALL me back this morning, no call was returned. So, I called them this morning and talked with a Jennifer 4TR and a Brittany B 22C and got no “Customer Satisfaction” so I told Brittany B 22C to have the Manager from billing call me right back, as APPARENTLY they CANNOT transfer calls in this Hi-Tech Companys phone system. Maybe they should look into switching phone providers from Charter to AT&T.


Dennis January 14, 2014 at 3:54 pm

I talked with a Vivian who is apparently a billing Supervisor at 12:45PM today and told her to have THE MANAGER of billing call me to resolve this as I was getting NOWHERE with her or her Associates. It is now 2 hours later and I have YET to get a call back. Apparently Charter thinks my time isn’t important and I should have to wait around for them to call.

Oh, and just what does “your comment is awaiting moderation” mean Charter, that you chose to ignore it and not respond to it? Looks like it to me.


S Dalton January 26, 2014 at 12:19 pm

Absolutely,,,,,,Good for you that you keep names. So do I.


Teri cate January 13, 2014 at 3:02 pm

I want a CEO to call me back I do not have time to email crap about how absurd your billing company is and you will not get a dime from me I better get a call back or were going to court!!!!!


Dennis January 14, 2014 at 10:22 am


I concur with you TOTALLY! Charters billing is so F’d up I am SERIOUSLY considering switching to TDS, and once AT&T gets in our area and the rest of the Country (they already plowed in the cables in our area last Summer) they will put Charter out of business. Just do a search on line for reviews of Charter. We’re not the only ones with complaints. I hear the Charter commercials on TV that Charter Customer Service is “better than ever”. I just laugh, and I’ve said this to them every time I talk to them, it COULDN’t have gotten any worse, so it had to get better, it’s a matter of how much better.


Melanie Dunn January 13, 2014 at 1:13 pm

Personal Attention
Mr Thomas Rutledge
President/ CEO
Reading the other complaints here it is sad I just need to cut and past to tel my story. I have tried for months to get my internet to work properly. Each time I called I am sold more service and I almost bought it, The last time my son got the truth out of the “tech support-not really they are just sales” person, my modem i obsolete and no longer supported. Each time before I can see how they skirted around that fact and the last time he just wouldn’t get it, this is the mandatory equipment provided, leased to me to charge me for the eqt and the service. Each time they just tried to get me to pay for: the installation fee, and/or upgrade my service. I have medical problems and this interruption in service has caused me physical harm. I needed my networking this week to turn in things to my attorney, Charter will be lucky if I don’t find an attorney to sue you. I see another customer on here complaining about their health effected by the customer service incompetence. Computers and internet service is a life line these days and is no longer recreational. Have you been sued for this before?
I want my modem and wireless replaced with a supported device again and I want refunds/credits for the past five months myself and roommate haven’t had reliable or secure service. Please feel free to check my records for the amount of months. It may have been longer than 5 months. It mentioned in the Charter website I found this week-end that the replacement program, at no cost to me began in 2012. So I believe my trouble has been longer but an accident rendered me bed ridden and I don;t remember beyond the 5 months, but I can check my6 history and with my roommate, who got the worst of it and find out how much longer we had no service, dropped service on one, two or the third computer.
Sincerely, Melanie Dunn, 530-339-XXXXX
XXXXX South St. Redding CA 96001


Diawana Hutchinson December 28, 2013 at 11:33 pm

I’m a residential customer of Charter Communications and have been one for 5 years. 5 VERY long years. And this is not from choice. It’s from the fact that there is no other company to choose from. I was with Knology for the previous 10 years, and never had a problem. But Charter, that’s a different story! You NEVER get the same answer twice if you call. You can NEVER find anyone capable of telling you how to resolve an issue of any sort. I’m 67 and have only been in the “tech” world for 2 1/2 years, and I know more than their techs do. My bill is NEVER the same 2 months in a row, even though my services don’t change. And god forbid you should EVER change any of your services! If you do, you will not be able to understand your bill for about 5/6 months after. You’ll be paying partial months, and one month ahead of your billing cycle, etc. And if you call 12 times in one day, and talk to 12 different agents, you will get 12 different quotes on prices for various services. In other words, an agent will tell you whatever they need to in order to sell you the service. It’s after everything is hooked up that the fun begins. When you see what that agent offered you for only $78.30 per month is in reality going to cost you $129.98 per month, including rent on the cable box, the router, the modem, and wire maintainence. I blame a lot of my health problems on Charter. Every time I have to deal with anyone from their company my blood pressure goes up and I have chest pains. Charter will, more than likely, be the death of me.


Dennis January 14, 2014 at 10:25 am


No, Charter will be the death of Charter. AT&T will put them under, trust me.


Terry Keeley December 28, 2013 at 11:20 pm

Personal Attention
Mr Thomas Rutledge
President/ CEO

After a month of talking to Customer Service a bunch of the dumbest people around, Charter I find out is nothing but a bunch of crooks. They take your money then say that you did not pay. I have asked that they find it but they cant I gave them the name of the person that took the money but still not found. My service will be shut off of Dec 30 2013 if the bill is not paid. If you do find the money and my service is turned of I will go to the courts and ask the Charter Service in Midland stopped until we get this taken care of and the arrest of all people that could not find or did not find the money charter took
Terry Keeley
Midland, MI


Nelson December 26, 2013 at 10:31 am

I am glad others communicate their problems, and I you to put in a complaint with the BBB as well, because they need to fix their issues and customer service. It sounds like others run into worse problems, and this is only a fraction because most people don’t say anything or just quit using them. My brother told me he had trouble with them overcharging and not being helpful so he changed companies. unfortunately, it was after I signed up. These companies keep adding additional charges, then treat you like you are stupid for not asking what they are going to charge for things you have no idea they are going to charge. I even asked what else they are going to tack on, and was told no, your first bill will be $69.98. She neglected to tell me that didn’t include hooking up the router so I could use the internet. I guess she thought I would just look at their box or something. Calling customer service doesn’t help because they are reading from a script and don’t care about keeping customers. I am very disappointed.


David Bearss December 23, 2013 at 8:31 pm

I am going to try to make a looooong story short..My night mare started back in October of 2013…. I called customer service on a Saturday, mistake 1… I spoke with 3 different people, 2 from Mexico and 1 from BFE…. 1 of these ‘helpers’ tried to help me, but didn’t have the authorization…. So, on Monday, my husband took over.Trying to speak with someone again, that sends him to Mexico. English was HORRIBLE, and to no avail. My husband was then on line trying to figure out how to speak with someone in the US… When my husband was able to communicate with someone on line. Enter Michael!! Michael was able to help my husband. Michael was able to give us a really good deal, so we would stay with Charter. Next 2 months I have had nothing but issue’s with billing. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. So today 12-23,was the kicker. Trying to sort through this mess. We were told our bill would be for so much, bill is incorrect. Spoke with a customer service rep, she hung up on my husband. He called back spoke with Savahanna. She directed him to take his on line communications and go to our local Charter company. She wrote on the computer what should be done. He then proceeded to be told by Paula#1322, that “no one gets anything for free”… We were only doing what we were told to do, and we did not want it for free. Paula was very rude, and said I will be writing on the computer, that you are trying to squeeze Charter… Really????? He then went home, placed another call to Charter, spoke with Kimmy #1340… RUDE again.Told we do not care what was discussed on line, what you were told or promised, Charter was not doing ANYTHING else, that we were just trying to squeeze CHarter. That they have given more than they should. So what ever happened to customer service. CHarter said they have over 30 million customers… so they don’t care about the customers who pay there bills every month ON TIME, have never been shut off. We have been Charter customers since 1976… The one customer rep said everyone else is wrong, and she basically didn’t care if we dropped service. Well guess what Charter, as soon as the weather breaks, we will be dropping you. I have worked customer service oriented jobs for over 40 years. My husband is a retired police officer with 40 yrs experience. It is so sad to see corporations not care about everyday people, who pay there bills and just want some good customer service. We have never been so rudely treated, told we were just trying to squeeze Charter and talked to like we were slime… You know what Charter, the next time you go into a doctors office or a hospital for treatment, and you do not get the service that you expect, think about how you treat middle class America…We will be leaving Charter. To all the people we spoke with today, hope you all can sleep tonight. I work as a real estate broker, if I treated my clients, like we were treated today, i would not have a business. So, Charter, have fun with all your great customers, that you have to shut off monthly, that threaten you and come into your offices and berate you… Remember, you will run up against some issues and want to be treated with respect. What goes around comes around. I am so disappointed with Charter. I will tell all my clients and friends to go with some other form of cable.. Direct TV or some sort of satellite tv… ANYTHING BUT CHARTER… And to Paula #1322 and Kimmie #1340… You are a very poor example of customer service. If you worked for me in my business, you would be out of a job…


Ed Coffin December 16, 2013 at 3:34 pm

I just completed a phone call to Charter billing support. The purpose of the call was to ask for help with an unexpected increase in rate for my TV and Internet bundle. The agent, Melissa, was most courteous but could not find a better rate (the increase represents an increase of about $35/month over my 12 month program rate which just expired). About two minutes later, I searched on line and found the exact bundle I use for $79/month plus an additional $10 for TV channel extension #1. FOR my zip code.
Are existing customers prohibited from obtaining promotional bundle rates? I’d think that Charter would rather retain a customer rather than lose the customer to a different provider. Being retired and on a fixed income, I cannot afford the new rate increase. Yet Charter would not offer it on my phone call, yet I got this offer on line minutes later: 12/16/2013


TV Select + Internet Plus + Phone Unlimited $79.97

TV Select + Internet Plus + Phone Unlimited $79.97
Digital Tier 1 $10.00

Installation $29.99

Get Charter TV® Select, Charter Internet® Plus, and Unlimited Long Distance Calling for $79.97/month for 12 months!

Monthly Total $89.97
One-Time Total $29.99

Go figure – posting here because there is no way to send the message to Charter from the website.


Dennis January 14, 2014 at 10:30 am


Yea, isn’t it ironic that you cannot send messages or complaints to Corporate from their website? Wonder why that is. Because they would be soooo overwhelmed the staff couldn’t handle it!


Jeff Turney December 9, 2013 at 5:39 pm

12405 Powerscourt Drive, St. Louis, MO 63131
Attn: Thomas M Rutledge; Kathleen Mayo; Joanthan Hargis
DECEMBER 4, 2013
I am in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Recently, you changed over to a
digital format requiring a box that must be rented from Charter. I
called the 1-800 number and a technician came over the same
day installed one box for free. We already had one box on
another TV, however a third flat screen went without. At the time I
thought this was a shoddy way of just collecting more monthly
fees. The two TVs worked fine, but our internet was nonfunctional,
requiring a visit the following day from an internet
technician, who informed us the TV technician had disconnected
the internet. Both times I used our phone number as the ID and
both times technicians were sent when I gave my name (Jeff
Subsequently, while watching cable our picture will get fuzzy , or
a grid pattern in it for brief durations. This didn’t happen before
we got the new box. My daughter, who has had a digital box
downstairs informs me that this has been the case with her TV
forever, as she got the digital box a couple of years ago.
When I spoke to customer service initially on the phone, I was
told I could get one new digital converter box for free for one year.
Later, I talked to several people who, unlike me, went directly into
the local office in Zephyr Cove, NV and ended up with a) multiple
boxes; b) extras for free like HBO and showtime; and c) a
reduction in their bill.. You can imagine my surprise.
To say she was irritated would be polite. I got the walker
and the crutch and my wife and got through the front
door when Sarah finally came around the counter —
a bit late. We then explained our disgruntlement, which
led to Sarah saying “we never give more than two boxes
for free, no freebies ect. “ I told her I could give her the
names of several friends who had told us differently, as
they had said that would be OK to use their names, but
no she just kept on saying the same thing.
So, I have two bones to pick: 1) is the obvious lack sheer
human sympathy and loss of dignity you caused my wife.
We are upstanding and involved members of our
community. My wife is a well regarded doctor and I am a
general contractor who has lived here over 30 years. No
one should be treated the way Sarah treated my wife.
Secondly, is the inherent unfairness of giving some
people great deals and not giving at least something to
others that ask. We just wanted one more box and a
look at our bill to see if we could economize a bit. Wasn’t
going to happen with Sarah. Lastly, when we left we were
told that the manager, who was up in North Shore that
day would call us ASAP, one week later still no call. What
kind of an organization is this?
Now I know a bunch of attorneys and I could easily go
that route. I am writing to you in the hope you can
redress my grievance. Please write or e-mail me and let
me know your decision.
Thank you,
Jeff Turney


steve December 4, 2013 at 2:21 pm

I’d also like to join this bandwagon of complaints. I have both Charter Business for Internet and Charter Residential for CATV. First, why is it that I have to speak with 2 different people that work for the same company. When the agents are asked they are all up in a tizzy about what they do and don’t do! Second, I cancelled my CATV subscription because, like many of you, I am tired of the rate increases. Well, Charter decided to charge me for services not used. I called and they said they “never got my order to disconnect,” and therefore “I am responsible for the charges” even though it was an agent’s error! Charter Business is so screwed up that when I transferred my services from one physical place to another, they disconnected the old acct before reconnecting the new — it costs me to lose 100’s of dollars. And what does Charter Business say? “We will credit you the time you were without service — $25 — REALLY?!

I wish I could switch ….. DirecTV says they cannot install b/c of trees in my area that block the communication with the satellite. And in my area Charter has a monopoly!

I’ve talked with everyone except Mr. Rutledge. And when I ask, they threaten to “discontinue my services with them.”

I have filed a BBB complaint and waiting to hear back.


Josephine Bienvenu November 21, 2013 at 8:10 pm

Well, for the seventh time in 9 months, I will have another technician come out to “fix” a problem that is not fixed. I cannot get anyone to get a lineman to check the line coming into my house–they just want to change the box. My “on-demand” is worthless, as the picture cuts out every 5 seconds. When I call the customer service reps, they are very polite, but are “not authorized” to dispatch a lineman. The technician must do it, but so far I have not convinced the technician to do this. They say the issue is fixed–which it isn’t, go away, and then I have the same problem again. And good luck trying to use the website to register complaints. Charter has successfully insulated themselves from all complaints. Think a very long time before signing up with Charter. My neighbor has U-verse and loves it–he switched from Charter and can’t believe he stuck with them so long. I am ready to switch myself. Cheaper too!


Vickie Isenhour November 17, 2013 at 10:59 am

I have had a very bad experience with Charter as we’ll. As I sit here waiting on the 8th appointment I have had for a install in the part 4 weeks and yet again the tick did not show up at all. When the ticks did show they could not do a install due to a bad TAP that for some unknown reason Charter will NOT repair or replace to keep our business after being a loyal customer since 1994! So I have called for the last time to have this matter resolved before going to the better business Beureu about the quality of service I have been provided and to speak to my attorney about the money it has costed me to miss so many days of work and yet still no service. This is the most unprofessional business I have ever encountered in my 42 years, and will make sure I express this to every single person income in contact with from here on out, maybe even to repeatedly do a write up in the newspaper about my experience,


Pena November 11, 2013 at 10:31 pm

Recently I contacted charter customer services regarding rate increase.
I was expecting at least help to lower the rate but instead I received a lesson how charter is suppose to make money and about grocery price increases. I find this very unprofessional and offending especially since I have been loyal customer for past 12 years.
Today I realized that I’m not a customer but just a number for charter communications.


Christopher hinchman November 11, 2013 at 10:02 am

To the corporate office of Charter Communication. I and my family are continuously having problems with our service from Charter Communications.Your company has failed once again with providing a service to me and my family. Charter Communication sent a tech to repair are service. on 11-10-2013, The tech stated they found some type of problem on the outside of the building on the opposite end of our Condo. On 11-11-2013 Monday morning, we found once again have the same problem with our TV service . We are beyond unhappy with your company’s service!!!! Will be visiting our local office this morning regarding this matter, rather than sitting on the phone with a customer service rep that can only do a temporary fix and schedule service once again. Tired of having to deal with handling your company and the repair process. We will continue to post until we have this problem resolved. Your service is AWFUL!!!!!!!!


Narciso Lopez November 9, 2013 at 7:57 pm

I received a confirmation email from Charter on a Tuesday the 5th for Wi-Fi installation on Saturday the 9th at my 89 year old mom’s home. It stated between 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM. So I got to her house at noon, and waited till 4:30 PM. At that time I figured I should call and find out what is going on. The rep on the phone told me that they would come on Sunday instead. I asked why they changed the date and never told me. She said it all depended on the date and time I made the purchase? I spoke to the manager, and she told me that same damn thing. This is ridiculous, and Charter owes me compensation for lying to me, sending an email that also lied, and wasting my whole damn day. I need to be recompensed for this. What a lousy way to start, and what a lousy company. Full of liars. No wonder they rate 1.4 Stars out of 5!


Jerry Stroud October 30, 2013 at 9:16 pm

October 30, 2013
Charter Communications
Personal Attention
Mr. Thomas M. Rutledge
President / CEO

Back in September my neighbor had Charter to come in and bury the cable line to his house. I was out of town when this transpired but when I returned I happened to walk down in my back yard and noticed a number of lines and guide wires hanging loose from the pole the cable was on. This pole is located in the corner of mine and two other neighbor’s yards. I was unable to get in touch with the neighbor who had the work done. I did talk with the other neighbor and he and his wife both work and did not see who left this job in such a hazardous condition. There were two guide wires with extremely rusty tips that were wrapped around and protruding through my chain link fence. I have pictures that I would be happy to forward to you if you can give me an email address that would get them to you. I have a five year old grand-daughter and my neighbor has two young daughters also and this mandates that this be handled as soon as possible.
The first part of October and this being a Duke Energy pole I first called them and they sent a serviceman out who advised that it was indeed their pole but not their wires. They said it was either Cable of Telephone that left it like that. Being that Charter was the only one who had been in the neighborhood working I called them and advised them of the problem and the urgency it needed to be addressed.
Charter advised me that it would be October 18th, 2013 before they could get someone out to take care of the problem. Well October 18th came and went and I neither saw or heard from any one from Charter. On October 19, 2013 I called Charter and they apologized for not calling and said that the person that needed to do this job could not get there until October 23rd.
October 23rd came and went and no one came or called from Charter. On the October 24th I once again called Charter and was advised that they had ten (10) days from the first date given which was the 18th of October to get the repair done. This was the first time this had even been mentioned. This meant they had until October 28th to get it taken care of.
The Charter repairman finally showed up about 5:30 – 6:00 PM on the 28th and he advised that he could not repair something like this. He said he would relay it to his superior as to what needed to be done. I gave him my phone number and he said he would call or have his superior call and advise when they would be here. As you can imagine I heard nothing from anyone and on the afternoon of October 29th, 2013 I once again called Charter. The man at first told me that the repair was showing as being complete. After further checking he said that meant that the man had come to my home. He said it had been referred and did not know why no one had called me. He called the party that is supposed to do the repair and he was told it would be a few days but they would call me.
As you can imagine my patience has worn extremely thin
Jerry Stroud
X Rimrock Court
Simpsonville, SC
My Charter Account Number Is 8351 10 040 XXXXXXXXX


John Cowens October 29, 2013 at 7:57 pm

From 2009 to 2013 cost of living averages 2 – 3%. During these four years, Charter raised my rates 12 – 24% each year. These increases are without any upgrades to equipment, additional television stations, and baud rates. Last year, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Charter gave me a “Special Promotion” rate (they reduced my rate 12% for 12 months.) The following year, they increased my rate 12%. It’s no wonder people drop Charter, join Direct tv for 2 years then drop them, join Dish TV for two years then drop them, then join Charter again. This non-ending game of “horse jumping” from company to company seems to be the only way to get a fair rate. CHARTER’S RATE INCREASES ARE TOO HIGH. Too much corporate emphasis on profit, profit, profit, and no compassion to low, middle class, and seniors on fixed incomes.


alisa October 24, 2013 at 11:32 pm

charter is ripping people off badly. i am a cutomer. i called customer service tonight and asked for the corporate offce they gave me the wrong office. its not in st.louis Mo they moved how nice to know this. so our money we pay for bills are going elsewhere instaed of the st. louis MO. the rep i talked too didnt say that they moved. and she didnt now the phone number so the other place is getting our money instaed of where its suppose to go. every customer needs to know this. we cant let this happen


P Fretton September 19, 2013 at 7:09 pm

Billing is a disaster. I have had two long phone calls to Customer Service regarding my bill.
Both agents agreed to take the excess charge off my bill that was caused by my contract year finishing and your company bumping me to an outrageous fee. I have received three quotes for continuing service – $114 or $135 or $145 depending on who I was talking to. These quotes were all for the same service. I was denied the $29 month a unit fee which is only for new customers. Old faithful customers ….we just have to pay through the teeth. So many people are doing away with cable that I am surprised that you do not take care of your existing long term customers. If this bill isn’t reduced asap I will join the many cancelling your service ( I used the word loosely).


bill September 15, 2013 at 11:41 pm

why is it when you call and tell your people that you have a line signal problem that comes and goes being that iam the last tap and a150 ft drop to the house going thru a 5 way splitter with web and phone all put in by charter that they cant come out and check the problem out side i have to be home well for the 170.00 $ i pay each mnt you might want to make me happy but no cable has had problems since thursday called in and they said they would be out sunday during the game to check the signal but late thursday nite i get a email saying they are coming monday morning8-10am when i will be at work itold them i am thinking about switching to dish or at and they dont care guess the wont miss the $. i did work for a cable company years ago and i know a line problem ..un happy customer in covington ga 30016


Daniel September 10, 2013 at 9:58 pm

Hello everyone I see alot of problems you have, and I will say from being a charter tech in the field alot of the problems are not charter faults I’m not just saying this because I work for them but because I see first hand that it has alot to due with the tech you get, if your cable is going in and out alot most of the time your drop from the tap to the ground block is losing to much signal or ur line is bad or it could be a splitter is going bad, but if all that is changed out and your still having problems then there is a hardline issue either at your tap or somewhere down the line, first line of defense for a tech is if you didn’t run the drop yourself then it’s not new , but all in all if your tech does his job the correct way then the only other option is to get a line problem put in. But I hope this helps out the people in here atleast enough to make some sense of this and all have a good day tech 6480


Paul Nelson September 10, 2013 at 11:38 am

I was going to recommend to Charter to stop advertising potential job openings in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge. They simply don’t exist. TV commercials saying “start a career with Charter…” are a waste of time and money. Now I see their reviews are the absolute pits. They deserve the financial loss.


Sheldon needle September 4, 2013 at 7:51 pm

You folks advertise he fastest Internet connection. Where and when. EVERY DAY the Internet goes down. When I call it n all you can offer is a service tech sometime in the future. I wnt bother them. I am sure your records show the ONGOING problems you have n his area of greater Atlanta . Just when are you going to get it fixed? Lets hope you don’t have a vote with the county for the renewal of your one way contract. I will be one of those pushing for a change.
Sheldon Needle, duluth Ga.


Stephanie Reagan August 20, 2013 at 6:43 am

I have been trying for MONTHS to get my cable fixed. Eric Grose, Terrence Mathis, Henry Thomas–all corporate titles, but no professionalism whatsoever. Eric and Terrence are regional; Henry is in Stanford corporate. All do no return calls with any consistency–Henry never has. I’ve left messages; the phone operator- “Lady” is her first name has emailed him urgent with no professional response. Tomorrow I will print all individual office and cell numbers that I have for anyone to use. Just know this is a slack company. Anyone interested in pursuing a class action suit? I had 63 cable interruptions in 26 days and it is still not working continuously. It is better since Paul came and worked with it, but not 100%. I am charged a 100% rate. The commercial says satisfaction guaranteed. I am not satisfied with 15 or 16 repair calls in 8 months. I do not work for Charter! I stopped paying and had to pay again when I had to be out of town because of a family emergency and did not want to leave house sitter with no cable as I had not had time to get a dish service here. I was also told by Eric Grose that no one would repair my “service” until I paid bill. My question to him was “I’ve been paying for YEARS and you still will not follow through and repair?” He mumbled and was incoherent in response. He hung up when I said his work as a corporate supervisor was unacceptable because it is. I started working with him at the end of June. He took off on long vacation with no heads up and no success. That is boy behavior! I teach middle school so I can point out little boy behavior as opposed to professionalism when I see it. Charter is middle school. Kim Rogan, also corporate, is unprofessional. She sent a tech first thing in morning with no appointment or phone call as a warning. She took no responsibility but blamed tech for not calling. Henry Thomas, in Stanford CT, may or may not exist. He has made no effort to do his job. I guess he makes too much money to actually work. His voice mail says lies like I will return your call as soon as possible.

Again, is anyone interested in beginning a class action suit? I am owed money for bad service. I think a 50% refund for 8 months of constant interruption is appropriate. I am unsure what Charter’s advertisement of 100% satisfaction belief is, however I expect service that works 100% of time. I have to pay 100% of fee. Eric Grose would not even end tech.

Count on more complaints. I can be found on FB if anyone would like to begin to build a case. I suspect there are lawyers with a Charter stories. I also expect pay for all the hours I’ve logged walking techs through, allowing supervisors to check each outlet (3 times at 2-3 hours each time), numerous techs, techs with trainees, tech contractors… You get the idea? I work more consistently than they do. I’ve spoken with offices in 8 states, 3 countries– yes Charter outsources. A very unAmerican practice, so they are also that kind of company.

I have to go to teach. My students and their families know I do not respect Charter’s work ethic as they are my example for what integrity Does Not Look Like!

Stephanie Reagan, NC
I have clicked like followed by long message on my page explaining this racket…..


Stephanie Reagan August 8, 2013 at 9:15 pm

I’ve been trying since 1/28/13 to have consistent cable and Internet access. I gave up on phone because it was too intermittent. My cable went out 63 times in 26 days. Corporate Exec. Eric Grose said they wouldn’t even look at until I paid my bill. My response: for what? I’ve been paying it for months with no resolution. Now I just annoy Eric by sending videos of the eight times it went out last night during a one hour program. I expect some compensation for the zero percentage service.


Webdevii August 20, 2013 at 10:46 am

That is why you go with Verizon FiOS, I was a charter customer for about 4 years until their rates skyrocketed and their service continued to be crappy. I have now been a Verizon FiOS Customer for 6 years and had only one outage due to a traffic accident. Also Verizon does not “Cap” their internet bandwidth. I am paying for Internet, TV & Telephone as a package deal at a monthly rate of $152.00 (Approx) my internet bandwidth I am paying for is 100 Mps, on average using a download manager I am averaging 200 to 300 Mps, Also running 2 servers and an FTP site, (Shhh Unbeknowns to Verizon) But they dont seem to care. I am also able to bypass their Router portion of the Fibre distribution equipment and use my own Netgear A6300 Router. They set up their distribution equip to allow me to use my own router through corporate at no cost to me. I have never been happier with a communications company like i have with Verizon.



doug July 19, 2013 at 6:29 pm

nothing but problems with my e-mail. i have contacted them so many time to fix the problem. “we will contact you every day sir until we get the problem fixed”. that happened 1 day. high price for bad support. time to change.


Cynthia Watkins June 5, 2013 at 11:07 am

I called in March because lines did not allow proper clearance over my driveway. Tech came and did nothing. Friday’s tornado caused uprooted trees to bring main line down to ground. I have called 10 times, spoken with Tech Support Supervisors, and they have sent four techs/contractors and one supervisor to my home. Yesterday, they called Ameren UE to come and cut power, without scheduling a utilities meet time, and left. Ameren says they just did not want to do the work because they know the usual procedure of scheduling meets. Keep in mind that all Charter customers in our area are without service since Friday, and we keep telling them this. They don’t care and I plan to contact all of our local news stations to make sure the customers know that also.


Henrietta Borden for Georgia Borden May 4, 2013 at 2:41 am

They picked up the equipment at my home during the week they discontinued service,
and now they are sending us a bill telling us they do not have the equipment. Rick a
technician came by our house and picked it up. I asked Rick if he had all the equipment
that belonged to Charter and he said yes. No problem I thought. Boy was I wrong. I looked for an EMail address to the corporate office because the local office seems to
be handled very slip-shod. Did not find who I should contact. Hate to vent to the public, but maybe they need to know.


Manuel P Lott April 29, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Charter CEO’s don’t care about customers. They don’t care about services – but – the getting the dollars.


david w. in granite city il. April 28, 2013 at 9:03 pm

i called sunday at 7pm and first got a man in audio and video. told him my problem. was told not his area. hang on . after i was on hold for 20 min. before.waited some more..then this girl came on . like hello?. she says what ..i tell her a friend of mine who works for charter told me my internet conn. was way slow . im supposed to get 30 mg down lo…. he told me i even have wrong modem .so i tell mhe this and she is like how is she suppossed to know what kind of modem i have?. i told her the dude that i just talk to knew what kind i had and it wasnt even his dept. so surely you can tell., then here comes the XXXXXXiness . told her why am i paying for 30mg, and my modem doesnt even take it?., and i just had a tech guy out 3 weeks prior for a diff. reason.she says its not up to them to tell us,only if i have issue , i say, hello, why am i calling your XXXXXX ass, to talk?. my internet is slow. , but no,, wait.. get this, if i would have called earlier complained . theeeen i would have gotton a credit. but since i waited a little bit, your know 4 kids, work, life, she says to bad she thinks im trying to rip them off the 30 mg i paying for, but not getting , because i have the wrong modem,, riiiiiiggghhhhttt… im ashamed to say im a shareholder..omg, am i ashamed.connot wait for uverse to get to my area..i work at u.s steel. few thousand people, word of mouth is best or wosrt advertisment


john July 11, 2013 at 5:29 pm

that s*** happened to me also, their shady… They advertise 30 mg and that’s why it went up to 54.99 but not receiving the speed and they admitted it. They should be reported


elliot March 19, 2013 at 3:11 am

went into one of your stores located in florida on u.s.1.i saw baby outfits and so i went to the cashier to find out the final price due to it was 70 percent off 8.50.the cashier claimed it cost a penny so they needed to NOT sell me the garment due to the fact of a factory recall.what kind of XXXXX is this.wanted a reasonable price and they ………with me.i dont take this to lightly.afterwards brought up 5 more garments and 4 of them were priced at a penny each.the bottom line is you probably lost one of your best customers probably means NOTHING to you but thats o.k. due to the bimbows working at your store.i will bet you they have already bought these items by now.


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