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Bob's Discount Furniture Corporate Office Address

Bob's Discount Furniture, Inc.
428 Tolland Turnpike
Manchester, Connecticut 06042

Contact Bob's Discount Furniture

Phone Number: (860) 645-3208
Fax Number: (860) 645-4056
Email: Email Bob's Discount Furniture

Bob's Discount Furniture Facts

Founder: Bob Kaufman & Gene Rosenberg
Date Founded: 1991
Founding Location: Newington, Connecticut
Number of Employees: 2500

Bob's Discount Furniture Executives

CEO: Michael Skirvin
CFO: Bob Kaufman
COO: Eugene H. Rosenberg

Bob's Discount Furniture History

Bob’s Discount Furniture can trace its roots back to 1976 when Bob Kaufman began selling waterbeds due to his own back problems. By 1991, the bottom fell out of the waterbed industry, so Kaufman teamed up with Gene Rosenberg to buy a furniture store that had gone bankrupt.

Today, the company has more than 84 locations in and around New England. The company is best known for its whacky and humorous TV commercials, as well as for the cafes which are located inside each store. In 2016, the company had annual revenue of $1.1 billion. The company operates as a subsidiary of Bain Capital.

Bob’s Discount Furniture has “outlet” locations (oftentimes part of the warehouse inside the store) where imperfect furniture and appliances are sold. Other names the company goes by are BoboPedic ZZZoom and Bob’s Value Express.

Bob's Discount Furniture FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Bob's Discount Furniture?
Answer 1: The phone number for Bob's Discount Furniture is (860) 645-3208.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Bob's Discount Furniture?
Answer 2: The CEO of Bob's Discount Furniture is Michael Skirvin.

Question 3: Who founded Bob's Discount Furniture?
Answer 3: Bob's Discount Furniture was founded by Bob Kaufman & Gene Rosenberg in 1991.

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Bob June 12, 2018 at 1:43 pm

We have some issues that need resolved. If you check my notes on file you’ll see that it took 5 attempts at getting my bed delivered without problems. On 3 occasions something came damaged. That’s unacceptable. On the 4rth time, finally an undamaged headboard arrived, but to avail, there was no hardware to build the bed. My wife and I had to sleep on the floor for weeks. And it wasn’t comfortable. I didn’t spend thousands of dollars to have to deal with this. Furthermore, I had to take 4 days off work unpaid. That’s unacceptable. I expecting good customer service after going through this storm, but in the end it wasn’t good customer service at all. In fact, it’s the WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE I’ve ever had. I’ve been more than patient in dealing with a company’s inability to do their job. In the end I’m losing boat loads of money because of your poor business. Store credit? Are you kidding me? Why in the world would ANYONE want to go back after having this experience? I have no intentions of going back. And I would advice anyone to NOT GIVE BOB’S DISCOUNT YOUR BUSINESS. Why should I have to pay a penny for shipping? It should only take 1 trip not 5 to have a bed built. What a joke. I will be filing this complaint on all social media platforms, and also with the better business bureau.


Sue Gibbs June 4, 2018 at 12:26 pm

I need resolution on 3 couch cushions that I have been waiting 7 months for!!!!!!!!!!


Heidi June 2, 2018 at 3:57 pm

I recently purchased furniture at Bobs in Wilkes-barre, Pa. My delivery was scheduled for 6/1/18 and never came. I was told they couldn’t get here on that day. So today is my delivery date. Guess what they didn’t even have me listed for a delivery. However on both days I received a text that my furniture was 10 minutes away. What a joke. And their tracker system that allows you to see where they are, showed them near my house all day long. I was told by their incompetent customer service that they weren’t in my area so therefore couldn’t deliver my furniture. I have been lied to for the past 2 days now and am currently sitting on a bean bag chair because I do not have living room furniture. I will never ever buy from them again. I will now file a complaint with the BBB in hopes no one has to go through this aggravation like I did. Another thing there is never a manager on duty to talk to you either. Worst experience ever.


Karen Ward May 21, 2018 at 4:03 pm

I called the woodbridge New Jersey store to order an item that I had previously purchased . Easy enough I already have the Playscape . The Associate placed the order the only thing that needed to change was the color due to the fact Bob,s no longer carried that color . First delivery wrong couch sent chase and couch were in the wrong direction . After 2 hours on phone and a slew f nasty customer service representatives and supervisors I was assured on the new deliuvery whch was scheduled for the following weekend the couch would be checked and checked again to assure the correct item went on the delivery truck (they did give me the option of picking up my own furniture from Secaucus New Jersey . The delivery address id 100 miles from my home . 2nd delivery the following weekend same wrong couch . 2 weekends wasted travel expense and lost a weekly rental for $1,200.00 due to the fact there was no couch / sleeper . I asked them to deliver it on the same day they could go to Secaucus New Jersey and pick it up and get it correct . The refused . Now due to the fact the only deliveries offered for this upcoming week was from Wednesday through Friday my husband needs to take off of work (Holiday Weekend ) and lose a substantial amount of pay . Bobs Discount Furniture apparently has went downhill over the past year . No one watching the shop or following up on sales associates to deliveries to customer care . Definitely has serious internal issues . If they ever get the delivery straight and trust me I am seriously doubting it at this stage of the game unless Bobs really goes above and beyond and finds a way to compensate me for my losses (huge ones ) I will never use them again and will definitely steer people away from ever using them . This sofa as of last week costs me 4 x the amount that I originally was paying for it .Still dont have my sofa but Bobs has my money .


Lori May 2, 2018 at 4:14 pm

Since March I have been waiting for living room, bedroom and dining room furniture to be delivered. For some reason couldn’t finance even though I have excellent credit so my mother laid out over $6,000 cash to pay for all this. I know this was not a good idea but I just moved and needed furniture and we believed in Bob’s.
The first time of scheduled delivery, all I got was the bedroom set and the dining room table and chairs. the table was damaged on delivery and was taken back, the bedroom dresser drawer was broken and had to make an appointment for someone to come back and fix it, this took 2 weeks.
Another rescheduled delivery never came as the guys did not ring the bell or knock on my door they only TOOK A PICTURE OF MY DOOR!!! Who does that??
We rescheduled again but the incompetent woman did not enter it so the furniture was never put on the truck for delivery and I wasted another day waiting for nothing.
Rescheduled again and again and again. Both in person at the store and on the phone. The salesperson, Ray rescheduled yet another delivery appointment for me in the store in front of me to hear for Tuesday March 20. On Monday the 19th I called to confirm the 20th delivery, I was told there wasn’t any delivery for the 20th only on the 27th (even though Ray made this appointment himself in front of me). So who decided to change this delivery date without notifying me???
Meanwhile, remember on the 20th, I was supposed to have received part of my order and the other part on the 27th. So I called on the 26th to confirm the delivery for the 27th only to be told again that they decided to delivery everything on the 30th????? What kind of nonsense is this??? WHO TOLD THEM TO CHANGE MY ENTIRE DELIVERY FIRST TO THE 20TH THEN TO THE 27TH AND NOW TO THE 30TH? This is totally unacceptable and horrible treatment of your customers.
After waiting so long I am now told that my dining room table has been discontinued. Seriously people?? So what do I do with the chairs and no table?
Talking to customer service on the phone is totally useless and going to the store talking to incompetent people is also totally useless. No one knows what’s going on and cannot help us out. We are totally disgusted and aggravated with Bob’s and want a FULL REFUND – YOU do not care about your customers at all.


Erick Gardner April 25, 2018 at 10:00 am

Don’t ever buy furniture from Bob’s their quality is very cheap I suggest raymour &flanigan or Ashley furniture and the delivery service is the worse they don’t get your stuff to you the day it was promised to you and don’t care about it anyway I wouldn’t recommend anyone to Bob’s ever!!!!!!!!


Tyliah hickson March 9, 2018 at 8:22 am

So far I had the worse experience with Bob’s I brought a living room set the set that I was to be delivered in 3 days the delivery guy claims it didn’t fit but all he did was look at the door and said it don’t fit he did nothing no measuring or try bringing it in, so I go back to the store found another one now I’m waiting another week then that comes and it was used and dirty which I paid for a brand new one now they took that back and I’m waiting another week to see what they bring and Bob’s did nothing to accomodate there customer so I’m going on 3 weeks now at this point I don’t even want it I’ll never buy from them again had to cancel all plans


Keith Monti March 5, 2018 at 12:10 pm

Dear Bobs,
I have to tell you how incredibly disappointed I am with a purchase we made through your Seabrook location. We spent over $2000 in furniture with your business less than a year ago and one of the items was a bonded leather couch. The salesman assured us that the couch would not fray or peel and that the couch was exceptionally made. Well, less than a year later, one of the cushions, which is seamed-into the couch * un-removable, is peeling very badly. This couch has not had an abundance of use either, which makes this an even more frustrating issue for us. Whenever we have guests over, and they notice it, they all ask where we purchased this item. People are surprised to hear the couch came from Bob’s less than a year ago and you have probably lost thousands of dollars of new business as a result. I would like to know what type of warranty, if any, might be in place for this?
I can gladly send you a photo of the couch to show you the peeling. Please advise.
Keith Monti


Brian Lombard November 28, 2017 at 10:15 am

I went to you store in Orange CT. Bought a kitchen set paid in full on Oct 21, 2017. Had some issue you would like to know. First the set I order was back order. I get that. My ship date was Dec 11, 2117. When it came It was the wrong size. right Table top. The service men didn’t care because they where in a rush. They didn’t even call customer care. they had me sign and said someone will get back to me. So, I decided to go where I bought the set. I was in the store for two hours. no manager came over to talk to us. the sales man Sean took care of us going back and forth with customer care. When Sean went to so call manager Stephen C.he shook head and didn’t want to be bother. From there was told the order would come Friday the following week six days. When the order did come Two of the items where right and the chairs where the same. The service men this time called customer care and left me on the phone with them. Two hours again on the phone with service getting pushed around. Did talk to a Jenny in service that took care of issue and talked about compensation but will happen after I have my total order complete. When service put me on hold to talk to a manager at that store the phone rang. I called the store in Orange asked for manager while one the phone waiting and was told no manager was there and would not be in till 1 pm. Mind you it was 11:45am. Was also told by staff that he would be getting back to me. Four hours passed after 1pm and no call. So, I called back talked to Stephen. Asked if he could rush my order seeing this was the second time being wrong and to look into why. Also asked to be compensated for my troubles. I did pay in full and so far there where a lot wrongs. Was told after the has been shipped we will get back to you and take care of you. Had to wait 5 more days till the order came. till now of submitting this letter to you still haven’t heard anything. My phone number is 203-906-9151 you have my e-mail address Brian Lombard
After having all this trouble paying in full and have to wait is BS. Also having been told something be compensated and here nothing don’t try and call to make end meet. is poor. Being in management guest satisfaction repeat customers was our goal. Why do I have to go this far?
Brian Lombard


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