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BlueGreen Vacations Corporate Office Address

BlueGreen Corporation
4960 Conference Way North Suite 100
Boca Raton, Florida 33431

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Phone Number: (561) 912-8000
Fax Number: (561) 912-8100
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BlueGreen Vacations Facts

Founder: Harry Patten
Date Founded: 1966
Founding Location: Massachusetts
Number of Employees: 5700

BlueGreen Vacations Executives

CEO: Shawn Pearson
CFO: Anthony M. Puleo
COO: David L. Pontius

BlueGreen Vacations History


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BlueGreen Vacations was founded in 1966 in Massachusetts by Harry Patten. Originally named Patten Realty, Mr. Patten would purchase large lots of land, usually from farmers, then split up the parcels into smaller venues. Patten stepped down in 1994, at which time the company renamed itself BlueGreen Vacations. Today, the company is a subsidiary of BFC Financial Corporation.

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The company sells timeshares at the 60 different resorts that the company owns. The company currently has three divisions: Bluegreen Resorts, which oversees their time-share program, Bluegreen Vacations, which manages the Vacation Club point systems, and Outdoor Traveler, which markets the programs, mainly at Bass Pro 3 Under Bluegreen’s vacation program, customers buy vacation points, rather than being sold a specific property. However, they are still considered “owners” on a legal basis because they purchase an interest in a company resort held in their trust. Under this system, customers can plan stays at various timeshare resorts operated by Bluegreen or its corporate partners in North America. This point system also allows owners to stay at several thousand affiliated resorts overseas, and vacation points can be traded, sold, or rented to others, which is different from the typical timeshare model.

President and CEO of the company for more than 15 years, George Donovan, retired in 2006.

In 2013, BlueGreen Vacations made a partnership with Choice Hotels International.

CEO Shawn Pearson said in an interview that millennials love investing in timeshares.

BlueGreen has an ongoing partnership with Choice Hotels. In 2012, annual profits were listed as $458 million. The company employs more than 5,700 persons. Headquarters are now located in Boca Raton, Florida.

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BlueGreen Vacations FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for BlueGreen Vacations?
Answer 1: The phone number for BlueGreen Vacations is (561) 912-8000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of BlueGreen Vacations?
Answer 2: The CEO of BlueGreen Vacations is Shawn Pearson.

Question 3: Who founded BlueGreen Vacations?
Answer 3: BlueGreen Vacations was founded by Harry Patten in 1966.

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Tery Young April 22, 2019 at 12:57 pm

To: Bluegreen Vacations Corporation
CEO Shawn Pearson

From: Tery and Shelia Young/712-790-7895
Dear Sir;
In February of 2019 I made reservations for 1 bedroom1 bath ocean front for my wife
and my 30 th wedding anniversary. I called spoke with one of your receptionists to
confirm the reservation was for ocean front and not ocean view. The receptionist stated
“All of our rooms have and balcony/ocean front” so I made the reservations. We arrived
on 04/03/2019 and stayed at the Carolina Grande with matching reservations. The
receptionist was very nice and accommodated us-even moved us up a couple of floors
where we had a nice view which was wonderful!
On 04/04/2019, my wife and I went to the Horizon Resort and spoke with receptionists
Simon Strother and Angel Grissett. Both receptionists were extremely rude and stated,
“We don’t guarantee any rooms and they are ocean view not front.” I explained to them
when I made the reservations the receptionist stated they were ocean front eliciting the
response of, “We don’t guarantee any room and all of our rooms are ocean view” from
them both. Both Mr. Strother and Ms. Grissett were disrespectful and rude to my wife
and I during this exchange.
Following the interaction with Mr. Strother and Ms. Gissett, I called the corporate office
and I explained what happened resulting in 4500 points being returned and the
corporate representative stating he would call the resort. At the completion of this call, I
had hoped we would have a beautiful view to enjoy during the remainder of our
anniversary trip…sadly, I was mistaken.
My wife and I checked into the Horizon Resort on 04/06/2019, it is my opinion that due
to my having called corporate regarding our negative interaction with Mr. Strother and
Ms. Gissett we were placed into Room 118 which had a view of the parking lot, trash
dumpster and a severely limited view of the ocean. The floor was so dirty in the room
that my socks stuck to the floor and were black after walking across it. I had to put
towels down to walk on the floor without having these issues! The next day a maid
cleaned the floor by applying a daily cleaner and using a steamer. She stated “They
used too much floor cleaner and didn’t steam the floor that’s what happened.” After this
cleaning, my wife fell ill for two days and experienced trouble breathing. The MSDA
sheets clearly state, to remove the person to fresh air and call poison control if exposed.
The receptionists did neither and still did not move us to a different room.
The following morning, I advised the front desk there was a homeless person living
underneath the stairs which made us concerned for our safety. This report was met
with laughter only by the receptionist. Employee Samantha and the maintenance
worker took our concerns seriously and were very respectful in dealing with the
On 04/09/19, my wife and I had our ownership review and informed Renee Hair of our
experience at the Horizon Resort. We showed her some of the pictures we took which
Renee found appalling! We believe Renee placed a call to the Horizon Resort as a
result of our meeting (although we were not told this) as upon our return, we were met
with an atmosphere brimming with hostility! At that time, my wife and I made the
decision to make a reservation at another resort. We truly believe we were
discriminated, harassed and retaliated against by the three receptionists; Simon, Angel
and Tasha while we were at the Horizon Resort as a result of our having contacted the
corporate office with our concerns/issues.
My wife and I truly believed we would have a beautiful, relaxing 30 th wedding
anniversary complete with treasured memories. Unfortunately, we experienced
completely the contrary as the memories we now have are the worst we could have
asked for- compliments of the Horizon Resort managed by Bluegreen Resorts.


Kenneth Gammons April 12, 2019 at 7:23 am

I want to know why Bluegreen keeps painting over oil paint with latex paint owning my own contractor’s business I know that you are wasting a lot of money painting with the wrong paint and the owners will be the one to pay the price I have complained at every place that I have stayed whoever you have in charge of maintenance is an idiot thank you


gary March 29, 2019 at 10:43 pm

i have been with bluegreens for a couple of years and I have to say I will not send anyone to bluegreens because they steal and lie about everything they do and we had to sign 3 different contracts just to be a member and stole money from us on maintenances fees and they say u can book 11 months out well that’s bull sh*t to so someone that owns blueegreens it would be nice to get this straight for us so please contact me asap thank you also no one should become owns been with then for 2 or3 years and they put u in roach hotels and when does the maintenances fee go ?????????????? because it don’t go to fixing stuff or does it go to main tang sh*t


Jeffrey Jones November 16, 2018 at 5:27 pm

I own 8 weeks at the Fountains (completely paid, as are all maintenance fees). I am looking to exit my time share. I would appreciate knowing if Bluegreen ever buys back weeks from owners.


BARBARA BOLDEN April 17, 2018 at 7:05 pm

I need someone from corporate office to get in touch with me or my husband, Jimmy Bolden. You were never this hard to reach when you were taking our money, money, money! If I don’t hear from someone in authority (not a front line person) but someone with real authority, I am going to blast this company on Facebook and take ads in large newspapers telling everyone how we feel ripped off! Like I said, we had no problems reaching someone when you wanted to “sell” but the story is different now. After over $30,000.00 we sure would like our questions answered. If I don’t get a reply with the name of a person who can answer our questions, we hope to make your company as miserable as you have made us! I look for a response by Monday, April 23

Barbara Bolden


Sharon Caldwell December 15, 2017 at 7:46 am

Bluegreen has the WORST customer service and the “resorts” we’ve stayed at are BELOW par. What are they doing with all of the “maintenance fees” they collect from us owners. If I could give them a rating of “-10” I most certainly would!
FYI…. Don’t buy into their pack of lies…. save what you would pay in yearly maintenance fees and club dues, and take your vacation ELSEWHERE!


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