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BHP Group Corporate Office Address

BHP Group Limited
171 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

Contact BHP Group

Phone Number: (61 3) 1300 55 47 57
Fax Number: (61 3) 9609 3015
Email: Email BHP Group

BHP Group Facts

Founder: Billiton Mining
Date Founded: 1885
Founding Location: Broken Hills, New South Wales, Australia
Number of Employees: 62000

BHP Group Executives

CEO: Andrew Stewart Mackenzie
CFO: Peter Beaven
COO: Diane Jurgens

BHP Group History

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The mining giant BHP Group got its start in Founded in 1885 in the isolated mining town of Broken Hill, New South Wales. Incorporated in 1885, the first consignment of Broken Hill ore (48 tons, 5 cwt, 3grs) was smelted at the Intercolonial Smelting and Refining Company’s works at Spotswood, Melbourne, Australia.

Today, BHP is the largest mining company in the world and Australia’s third-largest company by revenue.

BHP sign In 1915, the company started manufacturing steel in Newcastle. This plant was closed in 1999.

In the 1950s, BHP began oil and gas exploration, which became an increasing focus following oil and natural gas discoveries in the Bass Strait.

BHP SignIn 2001, BHP merged with the Billiton mining company to form BHP Billiton.

On 8 November 2007, BHP Billiton announced it was seeking to purchase rival mining group Rio Tinto Group in an all-share deal. The initial offer of 3.4 shares of BHP Billiton stock for each share of Rio Tinto was rejected by the board of Rio Tinto for “significantly undervaluing” the company. 

In 2015, BHP Billiton spun off a number of its subsidiaries in South Africa and Southern Africa to form a new company known as South32.

Also in 2015,  the company was involved in the Bento Rodrigues dam collapse. This was to date the worst environmental disaster in the history of the state of  Minas Gerais, Brazil.

BHP workerIn February 2017, BHP Billiton announced a $2.2 billion investment in the new BP platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

In May 2017, with much of the former Billiton assets having been disposed of, BHP Billiton began to rebrand itself as BHP, at first in Australia and then globally.

In April 2019, the company’s efforts to streamline production will result in the loss of an estimated 700 jobs, but no further details were released at that time regarding where the cuts would take place.

Headquarters for the company remain in Melbourne, Australia.

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BHP Group FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for BHP Group?
Answer 1: The phone number for BHP Group is (61 3) 1300 55 47 57.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of BHP Group?
Answer 2: The CEO of BHP Group is Andrew Stewart Mackenzie.

Question 3: Who founded BHP Group?
Answer 3: BHP Group was founded by Billiton Mining in 1885.

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