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Bartell Drugs Corporate Office

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Bartell Drugs Corporate Office Address

The Bartell Drug Company
4025 Delridge Way SWSuite 400
Seattle, Washington 98106

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Phone Number: (206) 763-2626
Fax Number: (206) 763-2062
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CEO: Brian Unmacht
CFO: Jean Bartell Barber
COO: Ed Littleton

Bartell Drugs History

Bartell Drugs was founded in 1890 in Kings County, Washington, by George H. Bartell. The company operates a chain of pharmacy and drug stores in and around the greater Seattle, Washington, area. It’s believed that Bartell Drugs is the oldest pharmacy in the USA.

Bartell Drugs began when George Bartell purchased Lake Washington Pharmacy. Soon, he opened more locations and by 1915, the company had expanded to include 15 locations. Today, the company has 67 locations and has an estimated annual revenue of $200 million.

The company is still privately owned and operated by the Bartell family, even though the current CEO is the first non-Bartell family member to hold that position. Headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington.

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