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Barilla Corporate Office Address

Barilla America, Inc.
1200 Lakeside Drive
Bannockburn, Illinois 60015

Contact Barilla

Phone Number: (515) 956-4400
Fax Number:
Email: Email Barilla

Barilla Facts

Founder: Pietro Barilla
Date Founded: 1877
Founding Location: Parma, Italy
Number of Employees: 10106

Barilla Executives

CEO: Claudio Colzani
COO: Paolo Barilla

Barilla History

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Barilla can trace its roots back to 1877, when a bakery owner in Parma, Italy, named Pietro Barilla began making pasta for local customers. The company remains in the Barilla family, now under the control of Pietro’s great-grandson Guido Barilla.

Barilla pasta box The company makes a wide range of boxed pasta, bottled sauces, and instant frozen dinners that feature pasta. Barilla is the world’s largest pasta maker, capturing more than 45% of the Italian market and as much as 25% of the American market.

Barilla has plants all over the world, including Mexico, the US, Italy, France, Russia, and more. The food processing plant in Greece is the third-largest plant in Europe. The wheat used for pasta products comes from around the globe as well.

barilla pasta sauce bottle tops The company had announced that they were going to use eggs from free-range chickens by 2020 and in September 2019, announced that they had reached their goal early.

In 2013, Guido Barilla made disparaging comments regarding gay couples adopting children. After a huge backlash that included boycotts and businesses, such as Harvard University, pulling out of contracts, Guido apologized and CEO Claudio Colzani has spent the remaining time trying to undo the damage caused by Guido’s statements.

Since 2010, the company has focused on sustainability and increasingly healthy ingredients, such as removing palm oil and reducing the sugar and salt used in their products. 

The corporate office for Barilla in the USA is located in Bannockburn, Illinois.

barilla pasta meal

Barilla FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Barilla ?
Answer 1: The phone number for Barilla is (515) 956-4400.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Barilla ?
Answer 2: The CEO of Barilla is Claudio Colzani.

Question 3: Who founded Barilla ?
Answer 3: Barilla was founded by Pietro Barilla in 1877.

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