Autozone Corporate Office

AutoZone Corporate Office Address

AutoZone Inc.
123 S. Front St
Memphis, TN 38103

Contact AutoZone

Phone Number: (901) 495-6500
Fax Number: (901) 495-8300
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CEO: William C. Rhodes III
CFO: William T. Giles
COO: Harry L. Goldsmith

AutoZone History

AutoZone was originally known as Auto Shack and was a part of the Malone & Hyde grocery chain.  The grocery was sold to the Fleming Companies of Oklahoma City and the name Autozone came to be.

In 1984, the chain had 194 stores in 13 states.  The company grew quickly in the 80s and had 513 stores in 17 states by 1989.

The company went public in 1991.

In 1995, the 1000th store was opened in Louisville, KY.

In 1998, the company acquired Auto Palace, TruckPro and Chief Auto Parts, which gave the chain over 150 extra locations.

There was currently over 4400 locations in 48 US states.  The Autozone corporate office is located in Memphis, Tennessee.


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Brad Carr May 19, 2015 at 12:15 pm

1st let me state I’ve been doing all my parts shopping at this store located @ 4301 Montano NW 87120 since they opened there doors. I’m sure I’ve spent 10s of thousands of dollars there. I ordered a couple hundred dollars worth of parts from a employe named Ricky & I had all the part #s. The guy had attitude when I ordered the parts over the ph. He told me it would take 4 days and he would call when they arrived. after 12 days I called to check on the status and they said they did not arrive and that they would call when they arrived.. After another 15 days I called again and they still haven’t arrive. I told the girl to have Ricky call me. after waiting another 3 days I called him, and again with the attitude, he said the parts arrived weeks ago and someone just put then in stock. I told him to pull them and I would be in the next day. Ricky said he would be out. So I established a day when he would be there, after all I did want to meet Mr. attitude. I went to that Autozone to retrieve my parts that he said he would pull and hold for me, but when I arrived the parts were not pulled and set aside. He asked me for the part#s That I have now given him 5 times. I did not have them on me. Of course there was no attitude this time because I was there in person and now knows the Brad Carr is a big SOB and that Brad is not very happy. I waited for 45 minutes while he was in the back trying to find them. I just got fed up a approached 2 other workers and asked for the manager and the young girl said she was the manager. I told her to forget my order I would get the parts some were else. I have never had a problem with this store when other managers were in charge, because they would never put up with a clown like Ricky. I believe in business it always starts at the top positions whether a store is successful or a failure I will have to get my parts elsewhere and will not go back until you straighten out the problems you have at that store (the manager @ Mr. attitude Ricky) so call me if you get it straitened out. On closing my complaint; I have never in my life took the time to gripe or wrote a complaint to a main office but it would just leave a bad taste in my mouth if I didn’t say or do anything. Best regards,
Brad Carr.


Erick Norvell May 16, 2015 at 1:07 pm

I recently visited the autozone in Midland, Texas on Michigan ave. I am from out of town and needed a new battery. After walking into the store with my dead battery and standing at the first open counter, I was not helped for 15 mins while during this time I was passed by several employees. After finally beind asked if I needed help, they tried to test my battery and told me that they needed to charge it first before they could see if it was bad and that I needed to come back in 1 hour. I left and came back, had to wait for help again my battery was still in the same spot as before with a service ticket on it, the employee walked up and told me that the charger kicked it off right away so they “think” it is bad. Then they told me that they couldn’t sell me a battery because there computer was down. I left the store drove 4 blocks away to advance auto parts, walked in was greeted right away, they pulled out there tester hooked it up printed out a paper to show me that it was bad, got my car info went and got the new battery for me, I paid them for it and was on my way within 5 mins!!!!!!!!! YES 5 MINS. Thanks for wasting 2 hours of my time autozone.


concerned May 12, 2015 at 4:02 pm

I’ve grown up in and around Autozone my whole life. I have several family members and friends who have worked for the company and some who still do. Over the years though, I can’t help but notice the huge turn over rate. I can, however, very clearly see the problem with nearly every store every time I visit one. There are alot of complaints about customer’s why..I’ve heard employees (both managers and regular) talk about inappropriate subjects while serving customers. I’ve heard awful language spoken and even yelled back and forth between employees and a couple of times with customers. I’ve also, more than anything, observed very poor treatment of employees by managers to where it is obvious there is no employee appreciation , humiliating them in front of customers and belittling them to and in front, of other employees. This is not the way you run a business. You do not merely train an employee of any sort to do a job and then yell scream, make fun of, curse and badger them.. (most especially if you want to keep them and at the rate of pay you offer)..i have yet on my city and a couple of others walked in an autozone and been least not in the last decade. I would also very highly recommend more frequent drug testing. side from that, you’re HR and AM or DM visits should be more concerned with how your employees are treated because in my life time I have never seen a single company so poorly ran with such poor treatment of people. I do not work for the company, nor am I being bias. .customer service and due diligence is my passion and it breaks my heart to see on my weekly/monthly ventures to the stores


Never Again May 5, 2015 at 9:58 pm

Went to store #2732 in Phoenix AZ had to wait in line for 27 minutes to get a belt that I ordered went out to my car to check to make sure it was the right belt and sure enough it was wrong, so I go inside and go to the checkout counter where I just checked out 2 minutes prior and asked for a refund the store manager Louis tells me I have to wait inline again to return my part. Why should I waste over an hr of my time because your employees cant get it right? I would like a response if you want a chance to save my business at your stores. Im off to orilyes to get the right belt and fight with autozone about getting my money back another day..


Blake May 1, 2015 at 11:46 am

I went to autozone @160 lapalco blvd Gretna la 70056 I purchased a new ball joint for my truck got home it was the wrong one so I went back they didn’t have the rite one no big deal I just want a refund I used the 20$ that I had on my reward card and I also got a few other things. So when I go to return it he gave me a in store gift card for the remaining balance wich was around 15$. today is May 1 2015 I go to a different autozone to get tire shine the guy at the register imidiatlly has a attitude with me I give him me gift card he scans it says there’s nothin on my card and throws it away I explained my story and he says well there’s nothin on it so we have to throw them away. And moves on to the next customer. To be honest I dnt care about the 15$ because it’s my fault I did loose the reciept but every autozone I go to they have poor attitudes and I honestly think the reward card program is a scam because this isn’t the first time I have had problems with it. I am a car guy and all my friends are to and there opinion on autozone is the same as mine. As of today unless it to swap out a warranty I wi never use autozone again. my recent and past experience with autozone has been nothin but bad attitudes and a hassle.


James Pratt April 28, 2015 at 11:42 am

well i have been working at autozone 2929 01/21/14-04/22/15 or so months thats in endicott ny it has been one of my worse places on earth to work the only reason i stayed is for my son i’m a single dad any how well sense i worked there i have had a manager James brunick grab my wrist pin me behind their counters and would not let me move, the hole time he was screaming at me as loud as he could though out the store it took a employee Daniel hextor 3 three times to yell at him to stop finally he did then another manager came out her name is marcia nunn and had said to me just to let u know when eric button is not in the store James Brunick is acting super,and i did reply you have that right acting thats a good choice of words.I was under so much confusion never been treated in that manner at a corporate,well really only been in construction all my life.i have spoke with my store manager Eric button about the problem well nothing happened time went on i didn’t know about corporate people don’t want to sound like big dummy but like I said I’ve worked in construction all my life,next I have this employee Alfred latessa 6’4/ 345 lbs working on putting rotors away i asked him would you like some help Alfred latessa had stated to me Fuck u an flinched with his body motion I said sir you can’t talk to me like that, then he says what the Fuck you going to do, my store manager Eric button was around 20 feet if that ,I said to him Eric button you need to talk to Alfred latessa,Eric button looks over at him says Al knock it off , I walked away thinking what is going to happen next to me.everything you read here has two side a lot more info but not much for typing lol then its time for me to go home shift over ready to punch out phone rings customer need part manager todd tells me to take part to him i tell him im done for day he tells me you will do as i tell you wow this is crazy.then you a manager amber Harmon on day if she could help with some of these orders she can drive she starts yelling i don’t get paid to do that just take them and go Now then amber Harmon returns to her Facebook on her phone,so again i go to eric button nothing happens this manager AMBER harmon not only her but all of them that work there only one never uses phone is James brunick or self any how i call corporate man did that piss everyone at2929 they got letter to sign saying no electronics allowed they signed but only lasted that day wow ,.now the sit Indian style next cash reg on ladders tex while customers wait , i’ve seen this one time (Many times) sorry,standing in isle IAN LAINHART is texing customer standing there Ian looks up goes back to his tex customer say excuss me Ian laughs ooo didn’t see you there.this place need s manager that is a manager I’ve report this to my HR department now we had time to meet about this problem but now im on leave so he say oo didn’t know you still wanted to talk to me you see this place can do as they please they all friends still waiting for my pay for vaction io put in month ago HR JOE says i will make sure next pay you will have well that was 3 weeks ago still nothing in my pay check now he say what let me look into it how can this place let people get away with stuff So many things have happened to me in the time i was employed please some one call me about this i see going thogh all other chanels don’t work DAVE STRANGE {dm}has my number maybe this is autozone way not sure i’m very sorry if this what you pay people for . my id number is 10593692


unknown April 21, 2015 at 11:38 am

(Store 3450) I have been working for Autozone for a while I love my jobs as a PSM but the people that i work with is not right the store manager and the other two PSM are lazy they want do nothing they always put everything off on me if i don’t do it. it want get done and when money come up short I’m the blame for it something needs to be done about everything parts coming up missing and i know its not me i have never taken from autozone or no one period


unknown April 21, 2015 at 12:00 pm

My name is jason and i worked at store 3450 and stuff. in that store is not right they moved me to the Jackson store after i been at 3450 for 8 years why i don’t know yes I’m really upset about it. so i know what the other psm go through and he only been there for about a year he is a great guy and he don’t. deserve to put up with what i had to put up with the store manger and her two side kicks stick together things in that store come up missing and while i was there i was not taking nothing and they get awaty with to much at 3450 and something need to be done

don’t deserves


Rick Liles April 20, 2015 at 10:36 am

Car down for 6 weeks! My only car has radiator problems so I went to autozone and ordered one, took a week and was damaged sent it back, another week got another damaged one, 3rd radiator put in and drove 20 miles got home blew a hole in it, with a mess all over the drive. Number 4 radiator shows up about a month later since this started and it’s the wrong one. Been talking to customer service they tell me they will overnight one, 2 days later no radiator, I call again they tell me they credited my account and they can’t help me. I say why didn’t you tell me that so I didn’t set and wait and response was they can’t get one. 6 weeks now and no car!! I have lost a month of work because of this! They just blew me off! I want compensation big time. I have been buying from them since they opened and this is my reward. What the hell is going on here! Guess I will have O’Rielly’s take care of my needs.


Lost Comercial customer April 18, 2015 at 1:49 am

After seveteen years of dedication to your business I’ll never send another Comercial order to you. On numerous occasions I have placed orders to only wait and wait with no delivery. When I finally call about my order it is several sorry with your order wasn’t placed. Would like to know why that is when the sales rep is sitting in front of the screen looking up my parts. And here recently your district manager made me out to be some senial idiot. When I contested a bill that was incorrect by two hundred dollars. Pretty sad when my employer was assuring her that he heard the phone conversation and that I had questioned the price quoted. But yet she choose to side with her Comercial sales manager as if she was there listening to the conversation. I’m not the first to have the price quoted and the price charged to be different.
Thank you for your time and rest assured oriellys is smiling that they now have another account that does over five hundred on a slow week.
Sincerely, Lost Comercial Account.


Ben Dover April 17, 2015 at 2:09 pm

Must be nice to be able to have a sexual relationship with the district manager and get whatever you want. Call him anytime for frivolous reasons and he comes running. This is sickening and totally against company policy. This is going on at the Johnson City, TN Market Street store. Between Christine the commercial mgr and Brian Musick DM. They are constantly fraternizing with each other in front of everyone. But as always no one cares. I guess AZ is running a dating and sex service. Maybe someone will do something when I capture video of this and post it to youtube for the world to see. AZ and its employees need to have some morals about themselves during the line of work. Especially a DM.


Heather singleton April 16, 2015 at 11:47 pm

I had the worst experience today with autozone. First I called the greenwood ave location in Trenton, NJ location looking for an alternator the guy on the phone told me that it was in stock. So I came to the store where a young lady then confirmed that the part wasn’t at there location and that the part was in Fairless hills, pa. I then get to the Fairless hills location where a guy told me that he does not have the part and that it was being sent from the Philadelphia to their location around 5-5:30 today. I then called and the guy on the phone said to give him 20 min and the part should be there. So I called back again and the store had me on hold for 40 min. The associates kept saying after every few minutes please hold (repeatingly).
I will never shop in your store. From the beginning the gentalman and the woman from the greenwood ave location and the guys at the Fairless hills location were very incompetent and should possibly be retrained to know their product the company’s computer systems as well as proper customer service training.
It is a shame and I’m very upset I had to run around for a part that was suppose to be ready today, never even getting a call back to apologize for the delay. I still do not have the part.

Thank you
My reciept is reg 10 car 29 reciept 075002


Alejandro Martinez Pardo April 13, 2015 at 10:44 pm

Dear Sr or Miss:
I just want to contact with the with the executives of international business department. I represent an important spare parts factory and we are interested on Autozone. We are planning to travel to US with an important porpousal for Autozone.
We are Optimal Kg from Germany


Carolyn Armstrong April 3, 2015 at 7:13 pm

I bought a battery on Aug 3 2014 for the 1999 Jeep that my husband drove before he passed away the previous year. I explained to the person working that I had to have my jeep jumped off and would like some help on what to do. This store is in Mooresville, NC but sounds very much like what you all have described as far as customer service goes. Anyway he said I needed a new battery which I purchased from them. Well here it is April 3 2015 and my jeep wouldn’t crank this morning. I had to have it jumped off again and drove right back over to the same store. I went in and ask for one of the guys to come out and check the charge on battery. He came out and sure enough the indicator said bad battery. I said well I just bought it less than a year ago from this store. His reply was no you didn’t buy this battery from here because this is not the brand we sell. This brand is a cheap battery that would be sold somewhere like Walmart. I repeated that I was sure I had purchased the battery from this store and they installed it for me. He insisted not and then I said well I have the receipt so I will prove it to you. He went back into the store while I looked through the dash for the receipt. When I went into the store and showed him the receipt he pulled it up in the computer and said no we sold you a battery for your RAV 4 to which I replied I bought that the same day as well. I insisted he keep looking and guess what he fount the one that was sold to me for the Jeep. The actual brand that he had declared minutes before that Auto Zone did not carry. Okay so that’s the first part of my story.
Here’s the second part, the manager came over and declared that the battery only had a 90 day warranty on it. I said why would you sell me a battery that was not reliable and that I was not informed of the 90 day warranty. His reply was well you bought a cheap battery so that’s what you get. Besides that he said the battery wasn’t even the right one for the charge the jeep needed. I said I just want you to prorate the battery and I’ll get another. He said nope it only had a 90 day warranty. My reply was well I suppose that’s why you don’t sell them here anymore because it wasn’t worth a crap. He totally ignored me and turned to help someone else. At that point I was really upset and told them so and also that I would report them and spread the word about their poor customer service to a female that had no clue and depended on them to sell the right product. Bunch of JERKS!!!! Please report your store to your local news channel so we can get the word out. Also to the Better Business Bureau as well. This needs to stop!!!!!


Pam Watson March 29, 2015 at 12:21 am

On March 12th at about 8:45 pm my niece, Debbie Moore, purchased a bulb for her car. One of the service techs on duty said he would install it. When he checked under the hood he said her bulb just needed to be tightened, which he did and she went back inside with him so he could do a return to her for the bulb she purchased but didn’t need after all. Approximately 15 minutes after leaving the store the hood to her car flew up while she was driving down the road. The hood had not been properly closed and when it flew up it completely damaged the hood, broke her windshield and dented the top of her car. Debbie called me upset and was sitting on the side of the road unable to drive with the hood of her car up and with a broken windshield while she waited for someone to come and help her. Someone arrived and tied the hood down for her so she could drive. It was close to closing time when she had left the store and when the accident happened and she waited for help and the car hood was secured so she could drive the car home the store had closed. The next morning (Friday 13th) she went to the store which is located in Bartlett, TN. The manager is David White and she told him what had happened. He said he would let his supervisor know what had happened. I also called him between 9:30 – 10am and said we needed to know how to proceed as she was driving around with a broken windshield and a hood tied down. I ask what we needed to be doing to expedite a response of what Auto Zone needed us to do to get this problem that was created by their employee resolved. David said to get 3 estimates for the damage. Monday, March 16th, Debbie went and got the 3 estimates as requested. Debbie went by the store Tuesday with the 3 estimates and David was not there so she did not leave them. She called him Wednesday, March 18th, and was told it was his day off. At this point we felt like we were getting no where and I called the corporate office and spoke with Wall Curry. He said to have Debbie drop the estimates off with whoever the manager was on duty that day and someone would get back with her. Debbie went to the store and dropped off the estimates and gave to the manager on duty on March 18th. On Tuesday, March 24th, not having heard from anyone yet I called Wall Curry back and received his voice mall and left a message to call me and I also called a telephone number I had been given the previous week for I believe the district manager, Jason Greenwood. When I called the number the person that answered the telephone said Jason had just left but could he help me. I did not get his person’s name. I started to explain who I was and what had happened and he said he knew what I was talking about and someone would get back with me. On Wednesday, March 25th, I received a call from Wall Curry and he told me what the company would do. I told him I would talk to Debbie and get back with him. I called him back Friday, March 27th, and was told he was not sure the company would do anything that another dept. was investigating the situation. I am very upset that we can’t get this resolved. I believe one of the reasons for Auto Zone’s growth has been because of the service they offer of not only selling the product but installing the product the customer buys. By Auto Zone hiring “trained Technicians” to offer additional services there is more liability to be incurred by the company and they should be able to accept responsibility when an incident/accident does occur. Debbie has ask for nothing more than to get her car fixed as it was the night she drove up into Auto Zone’s parking lot. Auto Zone knows there was not damage to the hood and windshield that night when she was at Auto Zone and that is not the issue. The issued seems to be why it wasn’t reported that night. We were ask why the claim was not reported that night and I told them because the store was closed and it was reported the following morning. I am hoping someone will read this and help get this resolved. It will be 3 weeks this Thursday since the accident happened. If Auto Zone is not willing to be responsible for human error then they need not offer the service. The person that has been inconvenienced is not Auto Zone but Debbie. She has been frighted by the hood flying up and breaking the windshield while driving down the road and is being made to feel like she has done something wrong. It’s a shame to not accept responsibility and instead try and shift the blame.


james bennette March 27, 2015 at 1:30 pm

The stores in Johnson City Tn are a joke. They are losing all of their commercial accounts because of a couple of people. One is district manager Brian Musick which is a total douchebag. You call and complain and he pretty much just blows you off like your crazy or its your fault. Another one is the ditsy child named Christine that suppose to be commercial parts manager. This girl wouldn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground. But like so many others on here they don’t care about the customers satisfaction. So what we will all be doing is going to federated auto parts where people are nice and take responsibility for their mistakes. Also I will be discussing with my fellow garage owners to drop business with Az also. Which won’t be a hard feat. Also I will no longer be referring anyone and I mean anyone to Az. This company doesn’t care for us so we will not be supporting them. I hope you all lose every bit of business and more for the problems you have caused us.


Kim March 26, 2015 at 10:44 pm

I wanted to post my recent experience at Autozone. I stopped there today (I am in PA, Rochester location) as my check engine light was on. A gentleman came out in the pouring rain and hooked up a code reader for me and printed out the results and gave me some money saving suggestions where he could have sold me unnecessary crap (I wouldn’t know). While at my car, he noticed that my windshield wiper was a little bent as well. He went in got me a wiper and what I needed to self-diagnose the exact problem since code readers are a bit vague. This nice man stood outside in the cold and rain and put my blade on, explained the self-diagnostic technique, checked to see if he could find an obvious problem and then proceeded to stand outside longer while I ran the new wiper to make sure the second wiper wasn’t off and what damaged the first wiper. He was extremely helpful, went above and beyond in helping and explaining and did it all with a smile, despite getting soaked. I don’t see this kind of customer service anymore and it absolutely made my day. Unfortunately, I wrote his name on the printout he gave me and gave it to my mechanic so, I will email the corporate office when I retrieve it. His patience, helpfulness, thoughtfulness and willingness to get drenched to help a customer will cause me to recommend their business to anyone, him especially!


Nick Crenshaw March 17, 2015 at 10:57 am

Please forward this message to your company president. I would like for store manager Lina R. from the 1834 Gessner Rd, Houston,TX store to be recognized for outstanding customer service. She “Wowed” me by helping me in my time of need. I purchased an H7 Sylvania bulb for my 2003 Hyundai Elantra about 4-5 months ago and during the early morning drive to work in thick fog, I noticed that my drivers side headlamp bulb was not shining down the road. It was on, but looked like it was failing. After pulling into Autozone and looking at the back of the package for the replacement bulb, it states that a customer may return the bulb to the place of purchase or to Sylvania directly within 12 months if not completely satisfied. Lina R. offered to swap out my failing bulb for a new one in the store. This was outstanding! I didn’t have the receipt for the failing bulb in the car as most people don’t but she really aimed to please by putting safety and customer service first! Later during the installation process, I noticed that my “failed” bulb was actually still good and the reason for the reduction in light was because the clip that holds the bulb in place came off. I returned the new bulb back to Linda R. as well as the tool kit that she let me borrow to work on my car. Thank you for empowering your management team to make customer service a priority and honoring what was stated on the back of the bulb package by allowing customers to return faulty bulbs to the store. One note though, there was no way for the store to pull up my purchase history by swiping my card. In the future, this would help customers prove when they purchased an item from any AutoZone store so they don’t have to hold on to old receipts to prove an item was purchased, especially for low cost items like bulbs. Thank you! There was also another associate in the store named Robert who I believe said he was from a regional team or something, he was also VERY helpful in working with Lina R. to get my “faulty” bulb swapped out.


Lisa H. March 16, 2015 at 6:14 pm

Today 3-16-2015 at approximating 1:40pm, on Corunna Road in Michigan, one of your truck drivers did something very stupid that could of caused me to be involved in a serious car accident. It’s by the grace of God I wasn’t. I do plan on calling back and talking to someone about this as you are closed right now.


Jay C March 14, 2015 at 2:57 pm

I was recently at one of your stores off of Ashley phosphate road AnD dorchester rd in Charleston South Carolina. I walked in just to ask one of the representative to look at the back of my vehicle to see if when I press the brake the lights and which I just purchased comes on. when I walked in, I was told we are not mechanics and a blank stare. I am a business owner and I am very well known on the southeast. I do feel like this individual did not want to help me and I will make sure from this moment on, I will not, and my client will not purchase from the store. Thank you for your time


B Jenkins March 10, 2015 at 7:38 pm

I have never seen anything like this in my environment before regarding a store where I have spent $$$. The lack of customer service is AWEFUL and when I pointed out to their attention where I took notice that the problem was, they reteliated on me and lied to their higher ups so no one would treat me right.
I went to the AutoZone in Bellwood, IL to buy brakes and the women (Shirley) at the counter ignored me initially, finally she acknowledged me and I told her I was there to buy brakes and that I have a warranty and that I called the day before and was told they had my brakes in stock. Shirley was having problems pulling my information up in the computer and then kept losing my information so I gave it to her 3 to 4 times before she could get it right. I bought the brakes, left and took them to my mechanic. I left the mechanic to run errands but an hour or so later he called to say they gave me the wrong brakes. I drove about 25 minutes to get back to him, picked up the brakes and then took them back to AutoZone in Bellwood, IL and then all of my troubles started. They became defensive, and rude when I told them my mechanic said they gave me the wrong brakes, then the woman (Shirley) who originally sold me the brakes left her customer to come over to me and the other sales guy and was even more defensive also and telling me she did not give me the wrong brakes.
It got very heated and the guy told me to leave the store and never come back, and I told him I am helping to pay his salary so how is he telling me to leave the store, then the Shirley started in again and I made a comment to them that they didn’t like and left the store. Mind you I did not cuss but I let them know what I was witnessing as far which customers were being serviced and who wasn’t and because I called it like it was they in turn lied on me to say I was the one who was the initiator of the incident to their higher ups so now they are biased and aren’t giving me the service that they should to fix the issue and said they can’t so anything to their employees based on the information that got that says I was the problem. I’m telling you, I have never seen anything like this before in my life in cases where I have spent $$$.



Curlee Alexander March 10, 2015 at 5:20 pm

I really enjoyed being an employee for almost two years in the AutoZone family. I had to change my families life from Memphis, TN to assure my kids sucess and now the mission is complete and I’m ready to return if AutoZone will allow me. I alway felt a joy from working at AutoZone and as CEO William Rhodes always said “family comes first”. I want AutoZone to reconsider me for my old position ( General Liability Adjustor ) with the only place which me feel like leaving my 24/7 family and coming in to work with my 8-5 family. Please allow me a second chance AZ !!


Jr fugate March 9, 2015 at 8:16 pm

Ordered a transmission Feb 25 from auto zone Oakhill wv told I would have by the weekend paid for in cash around $1700.00 told I would have the following wed still did not receive told on Friday I would have by Mon still do not have transmission as of this statement but u have my cash not cool and u still want my business remember the good never remember ed the bad never forgotten its not about the cash folks its about the service how do u sleep at night knowing all these complaints its called a conscious


katy February 28, 2015 at 4:07 pm

I s recently at auto zone in brownsburg Indiana. I needed a head light and wind shield wipers. Billy helped me. He even installed them both for me on a bitter cold night. Little things like this make my day. He actually cared and was very nice . Please let him know he was appreciate
Katy Dalton


Paula February 23, 2015 at 8:51 am

Good Morning,
Ok AutoZone it’s time to tell your truck drivers to SLOW down. Today in Texas we have Ice on the roads in the DFW area and your truck on George Bush Toll are driving at speeds of 50 plus. Slow down!


Amanda February 20, 2015 at 1:42 pm

I feel sorry for the store managers that you all employ. I know a few of them and the way they are treated and the hours that they have to put in to meet all your requirements is just ridiculous. They all have families too but, it doesn’t seem like you all care. The managers I know are hard working and dedicated to your company and to get treated the way that they do is unacceptable in my book. I understand that managers put in longer hours because that is part of management. I have been a manager myself, thank god never for your company. I think that maybe you should put yourself in their shoes and see the hard work that they put in on a daily basis. However, I am almost positive that will never happen. Your company asks so much of all there employees and the pay isn’t that great at all. I have not been, nor will I ever be employed by your company because of your business practices. I hope that this reaches someone that will actually do something about all of this but, I am sure that it will fall upon deaf ears and you will continue business as usual which means you will lose out on some great employees because they will go where they will get treated better and appreciated.


chuy February 11, 2015 at 6:55 pm

I went to store #3514 palmview TX there was somebody on the cash register I was ready to pay I put my stuff on the counter and the salesperson ignored me and went to help another customer bad customer service 02/11/2015 17:30 FTMF


adrian zapata February 10, 2015 at 12:14 pm

tale a nightmare on autozone, Store 3445 Alpharetta Georgia.
I bought a transmission on 02/03/15 at 8:36am. They told me that the arrival date was on 02/06/15 at 6pm. i went there saturday and teh manager of the store told me that the transmission was on transit. I received a phone call from the regional manager on saturday feb 7th and told me that i should receive it on monday feb 9th. Today is Feb 10th and still not signs of the transmission. On the top of that, the personal warranty information is incorrect and have somebody else name on it and they cant even correct that at this time. I’ve been calling and emailing several people and nobody can give me an answer. Is there anyone that can take care of this matter???


Julio February 5, 2015 at 1:07 pm

Auto zone is no good to there employees because I used to work there and one day Friday morning the power went out we had a bad storm on Thursday night there was no a/c, computers were down so no checkout or looking at parts, it was dark couldn’t see nothing but your district manger and regional manger still wanted to keep the store open like really that’s dumb we had to write everything in paper in the dark. Autozone is the worst company to work for


Richard January 26, 2015 at 3:14 pm

Why during a state of emergency in the NE region of the US, county officials are closing state offices and multiple groups are demanding people not to be driving on roads unless emergency personnel, but your District managers are refusing to close stores and let workers go home. Are they that greedy to have associates be killed in accidents from this blizzard? District managers, or Regional manager continue to put your associates at jeopardy trying top keep stores open during bad weather. I wonder if it would be a good PR when/if someone dies driving home tonight during 1ft of snow, cause they were forced to be at your stores.


Kevin Frazier January 20, 2015 at 12:06 pm

I went to you store on 714 N Horner Blvd sanford NC 27330 and i was so disappointed. First of I am a black male spent 8 years of my life in the United States Army and I walk into your store and get treated like a criminal from the start. I have a 2007 Yukon XL I was going to pick up a couple of parts for and when I was looking through some stuff there was a sales associate acting like he was looking through the oil, I saw him but I just didnt worry about it. Then I went to ask him a question about the difference between royal purple oil and regular oil and with a smart mouth he told me your store dont sale it. So i was about to leave then I remembered I needed tire spray so I went to were it was and when i looked up there he was looking at me at a cash register that wasn’t even open. So I left, there was at least four other people in the store that was not getting the attention I was receiving. That’s not right, I will be emailing higher and higher until I get an answer because I didn’t survive Iraq and Afghanistan to be called a criminal in my own city!


DAVID CHOI January 15, 2015 at 3:26 pm



Jennifer January 11, 2015 at 6:23 pm

My boyfriend bought some blue devil for my car and we didn’t need it. He lost the reciept so He called AutoZone to ask about the return policy with no receipt the manager on duty told him if he doesn’t have a receipt he will not return it. My boyfriend then looked up the policy online and it says it can be returned he will get store credit for it. So I called the same AutoZone back and was told if I don’t have a receipt and the product was not open (which it was still closed) it can be returned and we will get an AutoZone card. My boyfriend went inside to return the blue devil and was denied the return. The manager called another store and because the other store had 2 bottles of blue devil missing that manager told him not to return it… We are not thiefs and we do plenty of business at AutoZone because my boyfriend is restoring/rebuilding his mustang and for them to not return an item we paid for is unacceptable. It is not our fault another store is missing items and it’s not professional to take it out on customers. I would like someone to contact me about this because it needs to be resolved.. The AutoZone this is regarding is 500 north spring garden deland fl 32720. The manager my boyfriend spoke with was Sean.


James J January 7, 2015 at 5:20 am

I have some parts I bought at Chief Auto Parts back in the day with a lifetime warranty, since autozone bought them out do they honor that warranty? I have the receipts.


Terry Breland January 2, 2015 at 8:26 pm

issue with Auto Zone battery. Twice they charged it and told me my nearly new battery tested good, only for me to find it dead the next mornings. I took my car to the dealer thinking I had an electrical drain and paid for an expensive diagnostic. They said the battery was bad – won’t hold a charge. The dealer could have convinced me to have an unnecessary repair or buy a battery from them but didn’t. They said go back to Auto Zone, try to get a refund and buy a new battery somewhere else. The dealer said they see a lot of this with Auto Zone claiming their batteries are good and won’t honor the warranty. I am going in circles trying to get this resolved. The Auto Zone manager says he can’t replace it because it tests OK there. Their “warranty” is meaningless so Buyer Beware.


Helen Martin January 8, 2015 at 2:13 pm

Going thru that now. The Gm dealer and my mechanic tested and told me I need a new battery go back to autozone and get them to replace it. Autozone clerk test and said that protocol required for them to charge the battery for our it is below zero I have a little boy and once I turn my car off it will not turn back on. Not happy with how they claim they stand behind their merchandise.


Helen Martin January 8, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Going thru that now. The Gm dealer and my mechanic tested and told me I need a new battery go back to autozone and get them to replace it. Autozone clerk test and said that protocol required for them to charge the battery for a hour. It’s below zero I have a little boy with me. once I turn my car off it will not turn back on. Not happy with how they claim they stand behind their merchandise. Now they tell me I’m not in there computer they never sold me a battery. I can’t believe this glad i purchase with my credit card. This is unprofessional of them


kim R. April 1, 2015 at 6:22 pm

Going through the exact same thing as we speak. Im about to call headquarters in MEMPHIS.


Allan Alberto pineda December 28, 2014 at 3:40 pm

I was hired in march 17 2013 I accepted three tips total amount of $8 between #3 customers I did not know I wasn’t allowed to accept tips and I haven accepted tips since , now in December 2014 I get questioned and I was thruftful about it but the loss prevention guy nick did not ask me when also the real reason he was trying to resolve was if I ever used tools on my day off and returned to the shelf which my answer was no but anyway I got fired for telling themthruth ….please get back to me 1239 240 ****


Julius Tomsits December 27, 2014 at 11:00 am

On Sunday the 21st Autozone was having a huge flash sale on oil. $1 per quart of Castrol SynBlend with free shipping. I purchased a quantity of 12. I didn’t want to be too greedy.;) I received conformation of my order a short time after via email. Three days later I get a notice from Paypal that my order has been canceled by vendor. No notification from Autozone and no reason why. I called customer service to find out what the problem was. From that point on it was a nightmare. Call dropped off several times before I could even get to a person. Once I was able to get to a customer representative I was told SORRY but you’re SOL since they are out of stock. OUT OF STOCK ON OIL??? The local Autozone had the same oil on the shelves but I was not allowed to pick it up locally. I asked to speak to a supervisor and again the call was dropped. I called again and asked immediately to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to another person. I again explained the issue and gave him my order confirmation number. Again I got the “SORRY BUT” response. After some bantering around they did tell me they would send my a gift card to compensate me for my time and trouble. I said “fine, then can you send me an email conformation with your name so I have a record of this conversation?”…. Next thing I know is… Silence and another dropped call. This will be the last time I deal with Autozone. It’s a shame since I have one just around the corner and I’ve done so much business with them over the years. I’m an avid car collector and motorcyclist. Currently have 5 cars, 2 motorcycles and an RV in the stable. I guess I’ll just have to make the turn in the opposite direction and go to the Advance Auto Parts just a few blocks away. Shame that this company would rather loose a customer then to work something out over 12 bottles of oil on a sale they promoted abut was insufficiently stocked for. RIP Autozone.


Mr Rich A Salzer December 17, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Today, about an hour ago I was treated worse than AlQaida @ the AutoZone (4926) located @ 1402 Kempsville Road, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320 [Ph# 757-382-4234]. The female was about 5’11″, Caucasian and the male was about 5’7″ Chinese(Asian). Did not get either of their names. Rude, discourteous, disinterested and uncooperative! I finally found what I thought would help my ’87 El Camino radiator – no thanks to these two morons! My Transaction # is: 005626, Ref # 4926-005626-141217-2. Signed Disgrundled Customer, Mr Rich A Salzer, Post Office Box **, Chesapeake, Virginia 23328, USA. Pls. cal me back: 1-757-679-****. Keep this sh*t up and I’ll be going to Advance Auto Parts or Pep Boys. Have an arrogant Christmas, as you are/were…Carry On (I’ll be writing as well)!


shane December 13, 2014 at 9:49 pm

i work for autozone and just transfered to a new store before i transfered i was getting alot of hrs and being transfered as a manager then i get transfered and moved lost a weeks worth of pay and was lied to about the store i was goin to i know have to drive 30-40 mins one way to work thats a full tank of gas for me now im being told i have to go to some class that if i dont go i will lose my job i think is total bullshit if i cant afford to go and im no longer getting my training as a manager and my pay dont go up then why should i waste a tank of gas for two days worth of training this is the worst company to work for when ppl tell me if we are hiring im goin to start telling them they dont wanna work here and at my new store im being treated like i know nothing i have been working on cars since i was a kid i can rebuild motors and everything else i know more about cars than half the ppl that work for this place if it wasnt for the computers there they wouldnt know shit ya some may have a ASE certified badge on there shirts that just means they know about the parts nothing else there pay sucks and i lost my dad in april of 2014 my second day at work and i still have not been able to take time off to grieve for him i had to switch my shift with other ppl just so i can go to his last viewing or i would have got points for missing work.


robert durham December 12, 2014 at 5:23 pm

The guy at the Whitehall, Ohio store by the name of Mark is walking around with the title of manager. I’m not sure who was responsible for putting him in this position but they themselves need their fluids checked!! I’m not going to waste a lot of my time nor yours with all the details, I will however say that this guy is one of the most unprofessional people that I have ever encountered. Immature and deceitful is just a couple of nice things I can say about my experience with him. Long time customer saying good bye Autozone, I’ll take my business and my money elsewhere without any regret. Keep up the pace Autozone your competitors love ya!!!!


MR.ALLEN December 10, 2014 at 6:01 pm

My experience today on 12/10/2014 between 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Was terrible, unable to return an item. I would like to post the names of people I spoke with but that may be too much. I won’t do business with this company ever again. But like Mr. H told me an expensive lesson learned (verbatim). Thanks for reading my post YOLO


courthney December 3, 2014 at 8:43 pm

When to autozone on miami fl 119 street. Was there for 45 minutes, when to the register to pay , I notice I didnt use my reward card, I tol him since I’m buying for a lot of money can you please rescan my items for me since it’s only there isn’t anyone waiting. He said no, open the register and put the money. I told him u were not done checking my items, since you just want to get ride of me can. I want to return them and get my money, he said return system down, it was 7:45. When home call them on the phone and ask if I can return it they say yes. That man look at me dead me dead in the eyes and lie to my face and keep my money. Were is the honesty, customer service,and the respect I never was rude to the person and he decided to be disrespectful toward me I feel very offended and I will never ever go back to any autozone anymore


Jonathan December 1, 2014 at 8:10 pm

Hi today around 2:00 pm I called the autozone on West Ridge Shopping Center, 95 Myrtle St, New Britain, CT 06051 because I was looking for a part for one of my cars and I spoke to the rudest person on the phone . As I was trying to te her the year and model of my car she was just having a non related conversation with a coworker while I was listening to their personal conversation. Once she took my car information with an attitude, I asked if it was available at the store., she snap and yelled at me telling me to let her check to see if she have the part in the store. I asked to speak to a manager because her behavior is not acceptable and I would know since I’m a store manager myself for a very well known retail store. She said she was one of the managers, her name is I believe Liz G. Or Luz G. I’ve been a customer for autozone for over 17 years and this woman was so obnoxious and disrespectful to me that I decided never go back to that store.


Shannon Waits December 1, 2014 at 1:57 am

I have been dealing with Auto-Shack/Zone for most of my pre-post adult life. I have bought parts for a 1980 Honda Civic through a 2013 Yukon and a lot of vehicles in between. I will say over the years I have had a few parts that wasn’t up to par on fitment to wearing out sooner than expected but I will say I have never had an issue getting the parts exchanged. I live in Tupelo, Ms with several Autozone(s) at my disposal, I only use one and that is the one on South Gloster Street. I have been dealing with Micki Boyette (Commercial Sales Manager) and Ricky Pate (Store Manager) for years and they have been awesome in getting the parts I need. I have spent Thousands of dollars with them and they have been knowledgeable and helpful whether I spend $5.00 or $500.00 at a time… Good guys and should be reconized for their values and dedication to your company because they always find a way to make the consumer happy and the company profitable at the same time… Thanks for you time!


Brenda rooks November 26, 2014 at 8:10 pm

Brought battery in August 2014 at AutoZone in Detroit tireman /Wyoming has been replaced 3 -times very disappointed if happen again iwant cash refund go somewhere else to get better quality I very disappointed with AutoZone


Ryan Cole November 17, 2014 at 6:36 am

recently purchased brake shoes for my daughters vw. I had the items shipped to home with no issues. When I went to install the parts would not work. I returned to the local store in Wayland MI. Thank goodness they had the same parts in stock because we were able to compare the parts that I had ordered and what the store had in stock…Part number 662.
The parts I received were manufactured incorrectly and we were able to see the difference immediately. I wanted to make someone aware of what happened. The correct part was make in Mexico and the incorrect part was make in the USA. Yes it was a inconvenience, not looking for anything just a FYI.

Thank you,
Ryan Cole


Austin Hardy November 14, 2014 at 10:37 pm

I live in Rossville, Illinois..
But on Thursday 11/13/2014 I bought a theromostat for my 200O Chevy Silverado at the Danville,Illinois store on North Vermillion st.
Today(11/11/14) (@630 am, with a temp. Of 18℃), my wife and I were headding 30 mins south out of the town we are living in when just 1 mile out, my truck over heats (we waited for an hour in the fridges cold before realizing it woukdnt cool down enough)…. So I proceed to install the new thermo stat, got everything taken off to replace the thermo. But the sales clerk I bought the part from at A.Z. sold me one that didn’t even fit….. So, I got on the phone and called tat store. The guy who answered the call said he couldn’t help., so I got a lil Pist..’ so the store manager “Brian Coffey….gets on the phone,
Yes, I said…hey, sorry my guys messed up lastnight, so I’m going to deliver this to u…”cool” I said…well ur store manager not only delivered me the right thermo, but also took it upon himself to install the new part, and brought me new anti-freeze….. It took Mr.Coffey about 20 mins to get my wife and I back on the road again.
Its gentalmen/Managers like Mr. Coffey that give consumers hope when doing buiseness with your company…… More managers should be more like Mr. Coffey


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