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Au Bon Pain Corporate Office Address

ABP Corporation
19 Fid Kennedy Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

Contact Au Bon Pain

Phone Number: (617) 423-2100
Fax Number: (617) 423-7879
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Au Bon Pain Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Au Bon Pain Executives

CEO: Susan Morelli
CFO: Timothy Oliveri
COO: John P. Billingsley

Au Bon Pain History

Au Bon Pain was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1977 by Louis Rapuano. The company operates a chain of bakery/cafe’s which feature foods cooked with freshly made baked goods made at the restaurant. The name is French and roughly means “a place for good bread”.

The first location was in Boston’s Fanieul Hall and it featured a bakery with glass walls so customers could see their baked goods being made, a revolutionary concept in 1977. The company focus is on fresh baked goods, including croissants, bagels, pastries, and bread. In 2014, the company hired chef Katherine See as their head chef. The company is owned by LNK Management, a private equity firm, who acquired it in 2008.

As of 2014, the company had 243 locations, with 108 of these being franchised, as well as numerous locations in other countries, including India and Thailand. Most restaurants are found in hospitals, airports, shopping centers, and universities.

Au Bon Pain FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Au Bon Pain ?
Answer 1: The phone number for Au Bon Pain is (617) 423-2100.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Au Bon Pain ?
Answer 2: The CEO of Au Bon Pain is Susan Morelli.

Question 3: Who founded Au Bon Pain ?
Answer 3: Au Bon Pain was founded by in .

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charolin rodriguez May 15, 2019 at 4:25 pm

my nane is charolin Rodriguez, I work for au bon pain for 4 years almost,i got a problem with my general manager her name is Fatima at one international place.
i don’t find no other way to communicate with human services. I call joe but nothing happen, went i get transfer from children museum she know and joaud Explain Fatima I got a daughter with medical problem,Doctors sent her several letter,and she know, but Fatima is discriminating against my daughter’s right and mine as a mother my daughter right to get medical help. she got letter from everything that i do, on may 8 she give me only day off because store was slow she suppose that ok fine, she know I got some family issue and I dint fell good i text her please i will need some day off she text me that she will going to take out of schedule. With out ask even she is aware of what going. Well same day she call me Threaten me i just put my phone on speaker my kid my husband listen at her just in case i need sue her for discrimination and my civil right. She got letter from doctor as well for those day but what she did when i get back to work was don’t clock in before you need to sing a paper if not you can go more thing she said now on everything that i do like no name tag hat on she will send me home retaliation i call that…but when is people from her country everything is fine .they better star working hard.I need a hr from Panera or some one who take care of complain really serious to call me or go to international place. And make a meeting with our team. now i know why a lot of my good coworker left because she dont’ treat people good…one of much that i have to say yesterday , she ask me or she pretend that im going to stop bring my daughter to her ap just because she said not…


Sandra Stoakley May 7, 2019 at 3:38 pm

Visited Northwestern Hospital, Chicago, IL, Galter Center. Purchased a chocolate croissant at your FIRST floor location there, Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 10:30 a.m. When I got home to eat it, it was kind of hard and seem old. Very disappointed. Usually when I buy them at the upstairs location, they are fresh.


Koudou poll November 15, 2018 at 1:24 pm

Hello my name is koudou poll I use to work for au bon Pain since February to September my ssn 215****** I will like you guys to email me my four last pay stub at this email koudoupoll@


Elisha May 24, 2018 at 12:22 pm

I’ve had the most horrible experience at this Au Bon Pain on Mass Ave in Cambridge in May 12.
I wanted to get a cup of coffee and a bite to eat plus use the restroom. So I went in and asked the cashier. He was a little man about 25 yrs old, Middle Eastern look, dark skin, dark short hair and very nasty and unpleasant demeanor. I just wanted to use the restroom before purchasing BUT he wouldn’t open the bathroom door!!!!! He kept me waiting for about 8-10 minuets!!!!! He just took time tending customers made me wait when he could just walk 10 feet to buzz me in to use the restroom. There was a brief moment when he could have open the door but he decided not to.
What a nasty little man and with such low grade of customer service. This was totally not acceptable under any cirXXXXstances and he should apologize for his immature, nasty behavior!!! I would NEVER go back to that store!! He should not work in the front if he behaves in that sick manner. He should be retrained and understand what customer service means…awful experience!!!!


TeoTioliendo April 1, 2018 at 11:00 am

I recently learned that on Jan.5th the St.Louis Bread Co. Community Charity Restaurant had closed. I am artist, Tioliendo. I am the first artist that was exhibited in the charity. I was diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis after a long career as a post man, and found myself suddenly reduced to working 1 hour a day at the Post Office. This 1 hours day the union never prevented though I was union protected. By taking my income claiming O could no longer carry the mail, I was medically cleared to work 8 hours, in the office. I worked my flat land, senior buildings, and businesses, not walking steps, while they were to accommodate me and find me work. But they neber bothered. I was left working1 hour a day for 2 years. In that time I lost my home, car, and was forced to close my business. And for 7 days I was homeless to save my dog, nobody would except me in my family with her. I lost my $5,000 a month income. It was at this time I happened to walk by the St.Louis Bread Co. Charity Restaurant and went on to offer my services for a sandwich. I folded napkins and one of the workers was so impressed at hold nearly and evenly they were folded. She said she had never seen their napkins folded so neatly. I explained I am an artist, it was more of a meditation than just work for me. I showed her my mini photo portfolio. She liked and complimented my art and I prepared to leave not intending to come back, but thankful for the sandwich. She then stopped me and said maybe you could have an art show here for us. Our customers could use a lift, your art is very pleasant and relaxing to look at. She took me to meet her manager, she liked the idea, she would run it across the district manager. The district manager looked at my sample photos I left for her to see and approved the exhibit. The exhibit was a great hit. After the 6 month long art exhibit which was published as a book, they decided to make artist a feature on the walls At the charity restaurant. Many of St. Louis best artist were exhibited since. At work, due to remaining in active status, you can’t just fire a mailman, I neither qualified for food stamps or unemployment. I was brought to complete financial ruin. Still I had God, my gifts of art, and I liked helping. I was a CEO for 2o years the whole time I worked for the Post Office. I was asked once by the Post Master to do a mural in the main Post Office downtown. I was a student of Washington University. I had once received an academic scholarship in Art History. After my 6 month long exhibit at this charity, I have worked for a year on am all New Art Exhit. I let the manager know and she was excited, she had invited me to come back. I have since retired, forced into retirement, got 12 books published on Amazon, three of them novels, opened my online store and the paintings from my St.Louis Bread Co. Charity art exhibit are now sold on clothing, all types of merchandise grom watches, purses, fabrics, and even postage stamps, and art prints and art canvas prints, art prints, book covers, a magazine and more. I now am left with a complete new art show and no sponsor or venue for my new paintings. I am heart broken I will not have the show for the charity as I promised. But I thank you for the inspiration and hope that the charity gave in a time when I had very little.
Most Sincerely,
Artist, Tioliendo Art CEO Twinteum Artist


christine vargas October 18, 2017 at 4:34 pm

hi, im a former employee, and i was looking to see how can i go about getting the dates i started working with au bon pain and when i left. i worked for au bon pain in coney island hospital.


K. Pittman July 24, 2017 at 11:34 am

I am a staff member of Au Bon Pain. I was looking for ways to contact human resources to ensure my leave would be taken care of, I noticed there is no direct person to speak to. Where is the enployee representative? Who do I speak to about medical leave? Why do I need to write on the site with HOPES someone geta back to me? Where is the organization on HR phone line?


Ms. Penn Station June 21, 2017 at 4:01 pm

June 21,2017 I am a patron for the NY Penn station location – service is always awful but today was the worst.
I came in and saw the new item to which I wanted to purchase – when I asked where can I get it I was directed to 3 people behind the counter – it turns out the person I spoke with is the only one that makes that sandwich ( so I was told)
I waited for this person for approx. 20 mins and when he turned up he said he will come shortly after he fills the ice.
What poor customer service and attitudes


William Chamberlain June 1, 2017 at 8:55 pm

my name is William i have been with Au Bon Pain since June 2013. i work in Nashville at the Vanderbilt medical center location. and i would like this to go to the COO CEO someone who actually cares about the employees and not just the managers. this cafe is not being ran right at all. the wrong people are in charge of it. we come in each day and continue to deal with the management abuse its not fair. no manager knows what they are doing. Only time they act like they care is when Steve is coming in town ore hr. we as the employees are looked over all the time. Our money is never correct our hours are being taken from us. they don’t know how to talk to people with respect but wants it. they are out of the cafe more than actually in it.this is redicoulus period. Can someone please come down to our cafe thats in corporate and make things right


Ana Martinez February 6, 2017 at 7:39 pm

My name is Ana Martinez. I worked for au bon pain for a year and couples months, on feb 3 2017, I have a situation with my general manager his name is Ratish I worked on copley . On thursday feb 2 Am not going to my job because am sick am trying to go but if was imposible I didnt sleep the night before so I felt sleep , I know is my responsability to call out but I cant do that day. When I go to the job everithing was good until Ratish go , he start to scream on me he call me liar and thats disrepectful cuz he dont have to tried me like that so thas why I quit of the job he always do the same and am tired of him .. So I want to say thank u for the opportunity to work with u . I dont want to say bye but thats to much , I dont want to talk nothing bad about him but he need to control his anger and his manner to talk with the employs.. I dont want that him close my doors to find another job I have 4 childrens so I have to work . Thanks for everything .


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