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Anytime Fitness, LLC
12181 Margo Avenue South
Hastings, Minnesota 55033

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Phone Number: (651) 438-5000
Fax Number: (651) 438-5099
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Anytime Fitness Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Anytime Fitness Executives

CEO: Chuck Runyon
CFO: John Pindred
COO: Dave Mortensen

Anytime Fitness History

Anytime Fitness was founded by Chuck Runyon, Dave Mortensen, and Jeff Klinger in 2002 after working for a consulting firm on the improvement of under performing athletic clubs across the U.S.

The partners quickly began franchising and by 2005 Anytime Fitness had 77 locations.

By 2012 Anytime Fitness had expanded to 10 countries: Canada, Australia, Grand Cayman, Japan, Mexico, Holland, Poland, New Zealand, Qatar, and the U.K.

Anytime Fitness locations are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  There are gym locations in all 50 states and 16 countries worldwide.

The chain has 2,400 gym locations, over 2 million clients, and had $484 million in revenue in 2012.


Anytime Fitness FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Anytime Fitness?
Answer 1: The phone number for Anytime Fitness is (651) 438-5000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Anytime Fitness?
Answer 2: The CEO of Anytime Fitness is Chuck Runyon.

Question 3: Who founded Anytime Fitness?
Answer 3: Anytime Fitness was founded by in .

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Marijo Cohn August 22, 2019 at 9:50 am

Dear Sir,
I have only been a member for a couple of months and decided to cancel my account. The reason behind this decision was on the first day there, I was told that they wanted an automatic pay every month and I said no not until I was comfortable then I would change. So I paid the first month and the second month but on August 18th an automatic payment came out without my authorization. So on the 19th I went it and confronted them and was told
it was now automatic and I said no..i did not give you authorization to go into my account and cancelled the membership.
They took my $30 and has not paid it back and I was wondering if that is how you do business?
We do have another gym in town which I will probably join and they do not go into your account..
Thank you
Marijo Cohn


Salll June 30, 2019 at 5:06 pm


I am a member of Anytime Fitness in Frankfort IL. For months, I asked the previous manager to fix the TV’s that are built in to the aerobic equipment (treadmills, stair master, etc.) She never fixed them. We got a new manager, Carolyn, I asked her if she could get them fixed. She was super-nice, and kept promising to fix them, but 3 months has gone by and still they are not working….could you please get this issue resolved? I know it’s not a huge issue, but I really miss having the television functionality…..I appreciate your help & thank you for considering my request.
Sally Kleinschmidt


Karl Pierre-Louis May 30, 2019 at 10:52 am

My name is Karl Pierre Louis,
I was a member of this gym from south Florida and enjoyed its values and establishment. Upon moving to North Carolina, I found a new location in hopes of the same experience; unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Within 30 days of my membership we had to move further than the convenience of the south Asheville store. I spoke to the manager and owner, turned in my key, signed the cancellation disclosure and was instructed to call the customer service line to confirm cancellation. I did just that same day. Fast forward 2 years I get a collection letter of 906$ from that location. I want this resolved from corporate because I am disappointed with this experience as a customer and past member in Florida I feel swindled by this and will Not pay any settlement and will prefer this resolution done according to the values of what first attracted me as a customer to anytime fitness.


zoran st.clair December 10, 2018 at 9:17 pm

I signed up for one year membership at DELAVAN WI with my old friend well i thought she was my friend Linda Hathaway owner of anytime fitness 4 years ago .I had her take money out of my bank automatic so i would be on time with the payments ,i got hurt at work with in 6 mnts of the one year member ship .miss Hathaway called me to see why i have missed so much time and i explained my situation and told her that i will no longer need the membership and i will pay the penalty,she sad that was fine .I moved to Indiana this march had to close out my account with my bank and they told me that i had a balance with anytime fitness miss hathaway was charging me for 4 yrs that i have never went to ,and now she has Mr clayton and Mr Mayrick attorneys at law after me for $200 dollars that i owe miss Hathaway .
i called miss Hathaway and asked her why she has charged me for all this time she sad my account must be still active i asked her if she was joking and she sad no and that her accountant would call me and let me know what happened .NOTHING . i sent her e mail asking for answers .NOTHING.still getting mail from her lawyers once a month with threatening letters .If some one reads this please let me know how to fix this problem
ty. zoran


Nancy October 23, 2018 at 12:34 am

I am taking my personal time here to write a complaint, pertaining an individual employee at the Oxnard, California ATF, by the name of Angela M, which is a Trainer.
I am a very respectable professional. I deal with all types of personalities in my profession. I am liked by many. I have been a member at ATF for years, along with my family.
Upon my observation with Angela M., is very unpleasant. She can be very rude. She has snapped at me several times. Never says “Hello”. Not friendly towards me and a few other members .I have known about 3 other members that have quit the gym, due to her bitter attitude. All other employees have been pleasant. I really enjoy this gym and the other employees, but I will not tolerate her bitter attitude. I hope this corporation takes this matter into consideration, and does something about Angela’s attitude, or myself and my family will find another gym.
Thank you for your time and concern.


Tina Fields October 15, 2018 at 4:46 pm

I cancelled my membership the first week in September. My account was charged $61.65 this month. When I called to complain they said that I would get reimbursed 10 days from today. I don’t understand how they can get away with charging someone money when they cancelled their membership, then tell them they have to wait 10 business days to be reimbursed. This is the most unprofessional company I have ever had to deal with.


Nancy Harvey May 25, 2018 at 4:04 pm

I used the gym at the Harker Heights, TX location. I became disabled in May 2017 and spent time taking care of my health. I attempted contact in March 2018 by calling, mailing a letter, submitting a complaint through the AnytimeFitness website, and calling corportate over a span of two months. They never once reached out to me- my mailed letter wasn’t returned by the post office, I left a voicemail and voicemails don’t just delete themselves. It wasn’t until I contacted the BBB that they finally reached out. Got nowhere with the general manager or the owner. Being that I am medically disabled, provided a doctor’s note stating that I’ve been disabled since May 2017 thus satisfying the requirement to cancel my membership, I feel that I am owed a refund for my unused membership. If my health concerns were not so great that I needed to focus on recovery, and I had been able to submit my Dr note earlier, they would have cancelled and not made that money anyways. The owner acknowledged that yes he would have lost out on that money, and that he is simply not willing to refund me back for that time frame because that’s a small business and they make make money off of those contracts and that money is already spent, etc. What kind of crappy ethics is that??! I mentioned that and he said it’s not about ethics, it’s about contracts. Corportate should be ashamed to have owners franchising on their name that mistreat customers like that. Customers who never caused any problems, had a severe medical disability and was forced to cancel, and then tell them sorry for you- but we already have your money and refuse to give it back because well, we’re a small business and that’s how we make money.


Tony Milner December 6, 2017 at 8:00 am

I am a 5’10” 180 lb disabled 60 year old Senior in Thunder Bay Ontario. I’ve had 4MI’s, have 5 stents, Turretttes Syndrome, insomnia, CPS, and Fibromyagia. I go to the Anytime as I am able to go whenever I can. It has been great therapy. This past summer 4 of us members were held hostage inside for an over hour as a crazed man hammered on the windows threatening us until the police came. They just let the guy walk away. Two days ago I emailed a complaint after being threatened by two large 20-30’ish aggressive young men. The 6’4″ 240 lb man kicked the wipe stand next to me and became abusive and intimidating inches from me, while his heavily tattooed friend told me to shut up, “you don’t know who your f’ing with, he’s the guy I want watching my back in jail” . I waited till they left and went strait home shaken and depressed. I had sent an email complaining about the issue through Anytime s site 2 days ago. I got no answer back. As I was afraid to run into them again I went to the gym for my treadmill walk at 4AM tonight. Now my RFID FOB won’t work, I’ve been a good member for years and never had an issue. No one has contacted me to explain why I can’t get in but it looks like I’ve been locked out? It’s a pity, Anytime Fitness as a whole is a good gym. But Thunder Bay needs to do more to protect it’s members. You think they’d have at least contacted me regarding my email. Instead they’ve apparently suspended my membership? I can’t tell, no ones contacted me. I’m distressed over the whole thing and considering litigation.


Kelly November 28, 2017 at 12:39 pm

After almost a month of not receiving a refund for a mistake on their end (Tuttle Road, Springfield, Ohio location), and several unanswered emails, I had to go into this gym and speak with Bryan Ansel’s Manager (Bryan was the person avoiding me) about when I would receive my $100 refund. SHADY AS HELL. I suggest choosing another gym.


Bradley Zepik October 26, 2017 at 9:43 am

.A Manager named Katrina gave a member the run around when a member wanted to cancel there membership she couldn’t answer a question when the member ask. She told the member that we r open from 10-7. This is very poor Business practice they should terminate her for not doing what the member ask. She is rude not very nice to members this is very unacceptable. They should get fined with stuff not being fix. An ILLEGAL fee they charge every 6 months. I’m going to call corporate and an attorney about this Its called FRAUD. People we need to stand up for our Rights and lets put this people behind Bars where they belong. If anyone needs to call corporate here is there #1-651-438-5000 for Customer service #1-800-704-5004 or contact them by going to www anytimefitness com/ contact. Report these crocked people to BBB. Anybody Else in Oct get way OVER charge like Twice and plus some over the amount. Kevin Scott is not a very nice Regional Manager he is mean to people very rude to people and has no respect to people. Bad business practice on his part. All unacceptable. They canceled my Membership for giving them a BAD review I have that right. Truth hurts I think they are hiding something this seems strange suspicious. They Violated my rights. They also hire more Women vs men that’s called Discrimination. The Owner Feras Musleh is not to nice about stuff either he don’t take care of his members very well he seems to cant fire the bad Manager’s bad business practice with him he cant seem to get stuff taken care of fireing the people he should had fired for doing people wrong. All unacceptable. I’ll be seeing them in court.


Kristen December 11, 2017 at 9:19 pm

This is by far the WORST gym I have ever had a membership at. I tried cancelling my membership MONTHS ago. After telling them that I had moved they said I had to come in and sign a paper cancelling my membership. This was after being told that I could just call and cancel after my year was up. After I refused to pay them since the didn’t cancel my membership after I had already had it for the year contract, they charged my card DOUBLE!! Then after blocking there charges from my card, they leter from collections stating that I owed 570.00 after just speaking to them and that said if I cancelled a month ago they would only charge me 86.00 This company is FRAUD.


Carmine Ferrari September 19, 2017 at 10:44 pm

The manager Alex from this location does not make himself available when it comes to cancelling membership. He is known through out the community to avoid appointments, reschedules at his convenience. I have a 17 year old who was a member, who membership expired and we would like to cancel because he is gone away to school. After completing one year membership. I was told that only he could cancel the membership even though I explained he was away at school was for him to come back and make an appointment. I am the parent and I signed the contract as well. He is under 18 and therefore is not held legally binded to contract. I have the right to cancel the contract. I tried to make an appointment to where he had one of his staff members call me back and said he wouldn’t meet with me he had to meet with my son. Again I explained he was away at school, 2 hours away and I couldn’t bring him back. I even visited the facility to where he would not speak to me. He called me the next day and was insistent and rude. He only called because my husband dropped off a copy of the contract with a strike through it indicating is was void. When speaking to others in the community we were informed that they had the same experience. Avoidance and rude, this is a stalling tactic to keep members enrolled and therefore keeping drawing on personal accounts. How does one cancel a membership when the manager doesn’t make himself available ? He gave me no alternative in fact he ended his conversation rudely indicating the contract was still binding and that he would be contacting his director, in a threatening manner. He stated I never signed a cancellation agreement so the membership is still active. Really, how does one sign a cancellation agreement if the person who is responsible is not available? I mentioned I am ready to rally up the many in our community who have experienced the same tactic and stand outside this location and advise many the scam that is portrayed when signing with this gym. There are laws in Ontario that maybe he’s not aware of, I advised him the membership is cancelled as we gave him noticed it’s not our fault he’s not available. It’s unfortunate that I now find myself to use today’s social media to advise many of the business this gym runs. Not to mention reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.


Ana M Gonzales September 8, 2017 at 6:11 pm

I’m trying to cancel my membership with my home gym simply for the act that we no longer use it. I was told the only way I can cancel is if i have a doctor’s note saying I am. medically unable to use the gym or I have a military move. I think that is ridiculous. I seem to have signed up for an 18 month contract, I didn’t know it was an 18 month contract, i never would have signed up for an 18 month contract. I just need to know how to cancel it.


Sarah September 2, 2017 at 11:33 am

I signed up for the club in Galveston Texas last October (2016) I had one meeting with the trainer about a week later. the very next time I went, I was coming out of the dressing room when I was verbally attacked- “fat shamed” by a fellow patron. The event was so horrific that I will never return. I called the club and a gentleman told me that I needed to speak to the finance company about the matter. They were no help saying that I needed to deal with the club directly.
I did. About a week later Nicole from called from the Galveston club and we discussed the matter. At that time I told her I would not under any cirXXXXstances return to a place where I didn’t feel safe. I also inquired about early pay out to release me from my contract- at the time I was more than willing to pay 1/2 of the contract to be let out of it. She said the only way to get out is if I move and there is no club within 50 miles OR I could go to a Dr. and get a note- then there would only be a 50.00 charge for release. I found this policy to be both strident and odd- I am the victim here- I was more than willing to satisfy part of my contract- literally giving you something for nothing, yet there was not bend in her stance. In addition I mailed the Fob back to the finance company in December- the club said I could not return it to them.
I now find myself reported to a credit agency for collections (almost 1000 dollars) and a black mark on my credit report- seems like I have been more than willing to make this “right” but the company through its local representative has been unreceptive.
It is my hope that this may be resolved.
Thank you for your consideration.


Brionna Robinett June 29, 2017 at 11:49 am

I’ve been trying for atleast 7 months to cancel my membership that I’ve utilized maybe 2 times since I got it, between work 2am to 11am and school 12pm to 7pm and going right back to bed at 730pm-8pm and doing it all over again I am being told I cannot what so ever cancel my membership. I was told at first I could and they ” cancelled it ” but In reality they put a freezer on the account until around may and now they are charging me. I refuse to pay for a membership that I don’t and cannot use. This is bull crap to tell someone they cannot cancel a membership they pay for !!!


Elizabeth M September 6, 2017 at 7:36 am

Hi Brionna,

I have been having the same issue for the entire year, its absolutely out of control. Could you please email me about your experience and what ended up happening. I am incredibly frustrated and at a loss of what to do. Thanks.



billie timmerman June 6, 2017 at 10:38 am

i tryed to cancel my member ship and i am in mid contract which i didnt know i was in a contract till october now i have to pay 40 bucks a month till then????


Sandy Slaven August 17, 2019 at 2:53 am

Anytime Fitness, my life has been a living hell since signing up for what I thought was a simple membership. Omg the hoops I have jumped through just to be told we will not let you out of your contract. I worked with a trainer who gave more attention to the other client who I had to go I with more times then not. She didn’t work around my schedule but rather I had to work around hers. the staff I completely feel has been rude to me. The owner of the gym as if he is a mind reader stated ‘my staff is not rude’. Well they were rude to me and I cannot get anyone to acknowledge their unprofessionalism. GOD I want out so bad. I am praying around the clock. Mr. Runyon to run a gym like a communistic country you should be ashamed! I hate anytime fitness!!!!!!
Sandy Slaven


Barbara Proulx May 27, 2017 at 4:49 pm

Signed contract, cancelled the next day. I met all the cancellation requirements and have a letter stating that, signed by the Area Manager. ABC Financial continues to bill me. I’ve talked to them. Anytime Fitness Club manager has talked to them. I received a bill from them today.

Done playing games. I’m filing a complaint with the BBB, Anytime Fitness’ CEO, CFO, and COO, the Michigan State attorney general, my state representative and my state senator. This usually gets results. I’m angry because I’ve had to spend so much time on this nonsense.


Marcy Grimm June 16, 2017 at 6:36 pm

As the complaints state here, I too continue to get billed by Anytime Fitness in Council Bluffs IA. After attempting four times to resolve billing after I turned in my keys (I cancelled due to the filthy conditions of the gym went unaddressed by owners). I was billed two months and left a voice mail that I would charge back the billing error. That’s what I did and today received a collection letter for those two months AND a late charge. They even had the nerve to tell me I would be billed in JUNE! Anyone want to join me in addressing unfair consumer treatment? Email me tmgrimm at because I am taking serious action since this company makes it impossible to reach a live human to resolve simple issues like billing. Charge back billing errors, folks visa and MC won’t stand for this type of consumer treatment. Maybe then someone will pay attention to their financial practices and make some changes.


Harry and Linda Stanley May 12, 2017 at 11:58 am

We just had our membership cancelled by Anytime Fitness, Canon City Colorado, in retaliation, it seems, for filling out one of your surveys. We offered honest opinions about this gym and, bingo, we are no longer allowed access. And, if these surveys are supposed to be confidential, how is it that Jay knew exactly who filled it out in order to target us for termination? He should have just been told that “someone” gave this critique and that things needed to be addressed. That apparently didn’t happen. We go to the gym as we usually do and our key fobs no longer work. No explanation, nothing. We finally got a face-to-face with Jay Fredrick, the gym franchise owner, and he said it was because we complained and were not happy with the gym. We told him that was not the case, but that we had seen some shortcomings in the gym that needed attention and brought them to the attention of the corporation in the survey. We did not indicate that we were so dissatisfied with things that we did not want to use the center, just that things needed attention at the facility. So, our take on it now is that if you fill out one of your surveys, and it is less that favorable, you are automatically terminated. Jay said, in fact, that this was recommended by corporate. We found that hard to believe! And when pressed as to where do we go from here, Jay’s attitude wasn’t one of wanting to work things out and make our key fobs work again so that we could get in the door, it was basically one of you’re outta here, you’re locked out, how dare you to complain, go find another gym. So, we gather from what he told us,that rather than fixing the problems at the gym, you eliminate the complaint by eliminating the customer. This definitely is not customer service, and definitely not customer oriented. How can a franchise owner stay in business treating customers this way? I was self-employed for many years and if my customers were dissatisfied with any of my work I bent over backwards to accommodate my customer. That is what customer service is all about. I was totally astounded by Jay’s comments. You get paid by your members and/or their insurance companies so in reality by eliminating your customers, you eliminate your income from those sources. Why send the survey out if you don’t really want to hear the answers? With social media the way it is, we will definitely put it out there that Anytime Fitness does not care about its customers, nor want to hear any type of feedback from them that is not positive. This gym owner is milking this gym and although he says it is deep cleaned twice weekly and that he is there on a regular basis, this is definitely NOT the case. We are not the only clients of this gym who have noticed this, however, we filled out one of your surveys and were automatically terminated and basically told not to come back. Again, what kind of customer service is that? And, I’ll ask you the same question I asked Jay: Where do we go from here? What kind of solution do you offer?


Cindy Freeland April 30, 2017 at 11:28 am

I became a subcontractor to anytime fitness in Haltom city in march 2016 , cleaning the gym 6 days a week , was told by manger of the gym that they cut pay checks on the 1st &15th , I submitted my time for month of march on 31st of month expecting to get paid on or about 15th of march , as of may 1st still have not received a check , I have contacted the manger about this on several several different ocasdions . Was told you should be receding it in the mail in next few days . Contacted them again on Thursday April 27 when I have not received it , was then told that the person at corporate that does payroll got fired for forgetting to cut checks & should receive it by end of week . No check still , ask for corporates phone # no reply . Didn’t believe someone forgot to cut checks . Ask Mgr woul he contact them & see what’s going on & no reply , told me in beginning of week to e mail him April time & he woul get it submitted asap . I have terminated my sub contract with them & will be calling corporate myself on Monday


Angela Penera March 30, 2017 at 1:40 pm

My personal information was released to another member during a dispute over not following gym rules. This is a direct violation of the Privicy Law, Gym is located in Winters CA.


Itaisha Clay March 27, 2017 at 8:33 am

I just sent this to the Detroit MI ” personal trainer coordinator ”

I prefer text because I like things written out: like a contract.

I never signed a piece a paper, nor was I given any paperwork, I was never told I was signing a contract or that I ever would be, I was initially told that I would be receiving a call from my coordinator to set up three free sessions for signing up with the gym through healthways, I was never told about a cancellation fee nor was I ever told that I would have to do this program for an entire six months, OR I would be charged a cancellation fee.

I was shown a 3 package deal that I could choose. I was supposed to be charged $90 that Thursday AND $90 the next day, instead two separate transactions of $90 was taken out of my account so already your system is flawed I do not want my card in a system that is flawed I also do not want to be signed up with a gym who doesn’t lead with truth and paperwork to back that truth.

I have reached out to corporate to get this handled since I don’t feel like our conversation garnered anything but more info that I wasn’t given in the first place. Thank you for your time.

I’ve paid $180 and plan on using my remaining PT as well as the 2 free sessions I was promised and then I’m done. I don’t like shady practices in a business especially when my money is involved please reach out to me ASAP


melissa m March 23, 2017 at 1:51 pm

Good Morning,

I received a letter in the mail on Friday evening from your company stating that I have been placed in recovery for a debt with Anytime Fitness (Orange Park) for the amount of $609.20 I am disputing this debt entirely and this is the reason why.

I opened my Anytime Fitness account in Orange Park i believe back in June or July of 2016 with Tim Gustin of the Orange park location. My boyfriend went with me to open this account so we could both see the gym. From the first time i met Tim i did not get a good feeling from him. On several occassions i felt like he was trying to hit on me and trying to get a date with me instead of treating me like a customer at the gym and did this right in front of my boyfriend. I did not appreciate this at all. He did this on a couple of different occassions when i would go to the gym so me and my boyfriend started going to other gyms in the area and near our house. At one point I even went to a anytime fitness out by my work on the southside location area and i mentioned to the manager there the problems that i was having with tim and they said that i wasnt the first person to hear about being “hit on”

A few months went by and i stopped going to the gym less and less. It just became a hassle more and more. Me and my boyfriend started talking about building our own home gym eventually. I sent Tim a few emails asking how much it would cost me to discontinue my membership with anytime fitness. Here is the email that he sent me telling me how much it would be to settle my contract with anytime fitness. $184.95

Every month i was making my membership payments and then in December Tim was not taking my payments out of my account directly anymore. He never emailed me back or i never heard from him about my account so i assumed that he chalked my account up as a loss and that was it. I have every email that me and Tim had in discussion about the account and not once did he email me to let me know that i owed any money to him or that he was sending my account over to collections… I have even thought about getting a lawyer about this matter cause i feel he did me wrong with this situation and i am not going to pay $609.20.

I appreciate your help with this matter and i look forward to hearing from you soon.

Melissa Morris
Cell# 443-636-XXXXX

Your contract ends in February 11, 2018. Its 150.00 plus 34.95 to end the membership. 184.95

Tim Gustin
Anytime Fitness Orange Park
General Manager

“Lets Get Moving”
CrossFit Level 1
General Fitness & Wellness
Group HIIT Training/Boot Camp
Functional Integrated Strength Training
Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) Experience
From: mmorris360 at
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2016 12:18:54 PM
To: Anytime Fitness Orange Park, FL

Hey Tim,

I need to update my billing information for my membership. I have changed banks. I know i owe for the month of December. Also i wanted to see if i paid off my membership what would i owe? me and my bd are looking to buy some equipment for our house so i need a total for closing out my membership.


melissa morris


Joseph Jolly February 1, 2017 at 1:19 am

I am a member at the Ephrata, Wa 98851 Gym. I am just short of 65 and noticed that of all the pictures in the gym there is not one older person. Kind of sad, as older people have the greatest need to get in shape or keep in shape.
This link is a video of myself working out.
These are just a few of the things I do in the Gym.
I would suggest adding art that shows older or vintage people.
Thanks, Joseph


TQS January 10, 2017 at 1:53 pm

I have received several responses regarding the minimum age in the gym. I have a 12 year old that has come to the gym with me on several occasions and sits up front away from the equipment. The last time I was in there I was told she had to leave, that it was corporate policy that no one under the age of 13 is allowed in the building. Can you please clarify? This is extremely important because it limits the number of days I can go to the gym and feel like I am wasting money.


Jojo November 2, 2016 at 9:30 pm

To : Mr. Chuck Runyon November 03, 2016
Chief Executive Officer

&/Or : Mr. Jeff Thames
Chief Operating Officer

Re: Partnership / Co-operation

Dear Mr. Runyon / Mr. Thames,

Warm Greetings from Optimum Brands, Inc.

We are the Philippine representative for brands like: LG Hausys and AMTICO which are certified not only for quality excellence and highly innovative designs, but also conform to the environmental standards on sustainability.

We have been in the finishing industry for almost 5 years now, fortunate to gain the trust and confidence of highly acclaimed architects and designers, thus enabling us to be part of notable projects, such as : Belle Grande, CITY OF DREAMS ( Pasay City ), One Shangri-la Plaze Edsa ( Mandaluyong City ), 7 Stones Boracay ( Boracay Island ), PhilPlans ( Makati ), Phil. Blood Center ( Quezon City ), etc.

That being said, we would like to be part of the product portfolio that you can offer to your valued partners, either thru actual exposure in the gym or simply by being part of the design concept via visual inspirations.

In line with this, we would like to request for an opportunity to present our products to your group representative here in the Philippines, at the time of their convenience.

It is our privilege to be your potential supplier in business and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,
Mr. Jojo S. Ceño Jr.
Distributions Manager


Steven A. Sipes August 8, 2016 at 5:42 pm

I have been overcharged membership dues months and months and months. This last time the overcharge period was 10 months if I am not mistaken. Asking for help and getting help to rectify the situation is an impossibility. The gym’s manager did what he could, but when I spoke with one of the owners the overcharges were not even addressed.
Finally I gave up and terminated my membership at Anytime Fitness, Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, Mi.
The owners should be ashamed of themselves. This is the second time this has happened. And they don’t get the fact that I have been charged for tanning, and it is not offered.
Shame on them.


Charlene Gumble June 29, 2016 at 1:37 pm

My husband and haven’t been to the gym since we moved in March because there isn’t one around told the staff we would not be coming to the gym any more and it was left at that now we are being billed so I called the gym to end the month to month contract to find out that I need to go to the gym to sign papers. Now I have to drive several miles and pay for months at the club when all this could have been handle in March.


Tarah Schraffenberger June 8, 2016 at 9:27 am

The Detroit Anytime Fitness has created the worst experience I have had. I called when I reached 12 months to cancel my membership as I no longer used it. I was told to simply email the club to confirm that I no longer wanted the membership. I confirmed twice that I did not need to come into the club to cancel and I was told that an email would be sufficient. I have emailed multiple times without a response and the payments continued to be taken out of my account. I have issued a chargeback through my bank and now I have been sent to collections. This is unacceptable. The collection needs to be removed from my account as I have insisted to have the membership discontinued. I called from my work line which records all calls if needed. I’ve now tried emailing Corporate; however, the link does not work as every time I’m asked to select a specific club it says there are no results.


ROBERTO GARCIA-CHAVEZ June 6, 2016 at 1:39 pm

I am disgusted with the fact that Anytime Fitness in Hopkinsville, Kentucky closed down without any notification to its members. I am even more than pissed off that upon contacting ABC Financial to ensure my account was closed as described in a letter posted on the front door of Anytime Fitness in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, I find out that my account was placed into collections with First Credit Services. I spent over an hour with ABC FINANCIAL attempting to resolve this considering that I have PAID my account!!! I have been bounced around by member services, member services supervisors while requesting to speak to a manager to assist in resolving this problem. I also made contact with First Credit Services, the company in which my personal information was passed to without my approval and appears to be a company which is in another country. I will never ever recommend to anyone to apply or obtain a membership with ANYTIME FITNESS as it does terrible business and evidently the company’s that handle their affairs are worthless also.


Jeff May 21, 2016 at 2:20 pm

I was interested in getting a family membership at the Anytime Fitness in Chelsea, Alabama. After 15 trips to this location during “staffed” hours , phone calls, and emails……..have yet to find anyone working there.


Tom Akins May 11, 2016 at 1:42 pm

I’m a Precor home fitness dealer. As well as I sell all Commercial grade that is used at Anytime for those who want it for their homes. Naturally I like seeing Precor at Anytime. I favor Precor because its the industries best in quality and performance. Particularly when it comes to their ellipticals and AMT cross trainers. Theirs nothing else that compares.

While traveling I stopped to workout at the Anytime Club in Davenport, Iowa on Northwest Blvd. They had almost all Precor. Never had I’ve been more embarrassed. The equipment was outdated in need of repair. The facility was dirty. It looked like no one took even cleaned the place in years. Contrary to other Anytime that are very conscientious. This is not good for the Anytime brand as well speaks poorly of Precor.

I assume at Anytime corporate their would be some guidelines that franchise owners half to adhere too. Reason for my writing. Someone needs to look into this.
Theirs a new Planet Fitness that just opened next door. The advantage Anytime has had over these less priced gyms is in part the equipment they provide. In this case, Planet Fitness will put this Anytime out of business in no time.


TerI Hedgepeth April 28, 2016 at 1:05 pm

Anyone looking for a new gym membership DO NOT GO TO ANY TIME FITNESS. A membership was recently purchased for my son as he’s preparing to take the CPAT Florida’s Firefighter Fitness Test. The chip in his membership card was expired and he was denied access after business hours several times. He works nights and obviously sleeps during the day. The problem could only be rectified during the day so he went and was told about the wrong chip being in his card. I called during business hours to address the problem which was a tremendous inconvenience at best. After someone finally answered the phone I spoke to the owner Barry in Dade City Florida. I requested a ten dollar reimbursement on behalf of my son for his inconvenience and to cover the cost of his gas. He’s working full-time and saving every dime for school $10 for him would be alot.
In speaking with Barry it was clearly evident that the only thing exceedingly his unprofessional business practice and complete lack of customer service was his utter incompetence and rudeness. He told me and I quote: “If I wrote a check for $10 to every member who felt that they were treated unjustly I’d be out of business.” Now, if that doesn’t speak volumes. He blamed a corporate computer upgrade and said quite a few members had similar problems. YOUR THE OWNER……OWN YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO YOUR MEMBERS WHO ARE WRITING YOUR PAYCHECK AND DO THE RIGHT THING!


Roseline March 14, 2016 at 11:50 am

Worst customer service i ever had.Call the branch about an unauthorize withdrawn from my account.

No one answer the phone i called 2 different branches no one seem to help, i called Abc finance and they told me that they must have change my due date to the 10th, i sign a contract and gave them permission to charge it on the 24th ea month well they charge it on the 25th and again on the 10th. I told Abc i need to know what do i need to do from preventing that my account would be charged again on the 24th since i been trying to contact the branch and NO ANSWER! But Abc told me i need to send them an email cancelling my Ach and that all i have to do is go in person and pay it, i did that and almost right away i start receiving emails, telling me they are sending my acct to the branch were i got the membership the 1st time and that my keys would no longer work at their location in Hunters Creek, this is 10 min from my house the other one about 45 min, are you serious right now? I call a branch for them to give me the corporate office all the time they dindnt want to give it to me, they told me the owner is here i was like perfect let me talk to him, guy told me hold on.

Guy came back on phone he said owner was in a meeting he will call u back that was more than 8 hours ago…. But he did send me an email telling me my payoff etc… And after that no phone call, no apology, sarcastic emails wich i got them all, worst customer service i have in my life… I even have record of all the phone calls i made and no answer!

And it was their mistake and i was the one that had to pay for the broken glass. They need new staff and most definetly a new owner.

They are rude, they have no customer service skill they dont care about their customers, and they made me feel unwanted.I wont recommend this company to anyone, i read all the comments and reviews and now i know why it happens to me….please read reviews before giving your trust and money to a company that can care less about their customers. I did contact Julie at cust service, she ask me for copy of all the emails i did that, and that was on 2/18/19 and then 2/22/16 i send her another email to see if she got the info that she requested and today is 3/14/2016 and i havent heard from anybody, bad really bad


Julie Murphy March 5, 2016 at 9:26 pm

I joined Anytime Fitness in Dover , Ohio January 2015. Tore my Achilles’ tendon in August with my trainer. My membership was frozen. I attempted to go back to the gym in January 2016 but was unable to due to back pain which started in October while my Achilles was healing. Started with chiropractor in December to help with back pain. Was advised to not use gym by chiropractor until I have results of MRI and seen surgeon. Handed note to cancel membership and personal training to manager of both departments on January 28 to be handed a medical form for Doctor to fill out. Where was this form in August when I tore my Achilles? I had 2 doctors fill that form out and both advised cancellation of membership. One even back dated it to December when I started seeing him for back pain. The other was the surgeon who I saw in February. February 25 these letters where given to the managers of this gym. I have asked to speak to the owner of this establishment on several occasions denied. They would not even give me his name! I was made to pay for February gym fee before they would cancel my membership. I was told if I didn’t it would hurt my credit. Seems to me Anytime Fitness is only concern about money and Not the welfare of their clients!!!!


Suzanne March 11, 2016 at 1:40 pm

I enrolled as a member at the gym in Mandeville, LA on Highway 59 in Feb. 2015 and can’t say enough about the fabulous facility and gym manager, Megan, at that location. However, I encountered multiple problems with their billing company in Arkansas drafting the wrong credit card & charging me fees for failed attempts (I was told to update my credit card information online in my account data, which apparently would not be updated accordingly) . This cost me on several occasions, in addition to the repeated telephone calls to get the account corrected.

Then, toward the end of my contract during the past 30 days of my membership, they transferred my membership to another location I had visited in Mandeville on Highway 22. What a chaotic mess this is….. To make matters worse the Highway 22 location is the worst to deal with, as the manager is apparently missing in action most days, and I delivered my last membership payment to a “sit-in” manager assistant on the due date, however, the payment was not posted to the corporate account systems by their office, hence, two weeks now the payment is not showing at corporate and I have been getting nasty grams & telephone recordings daily regarding the last payment.

Well, it appears that the account is finally “inactive” and this gym experience has been one I would like to leave in the past!

I am relieved to finally be free of this, and will certainly be hesitant to enter into anything like this again. Happy, Healthy, and I will find my own fitness in a new home gym I am currently building – Yay!

S. Sharp


Dominik Porobic February 22, 2016 at 4:52 pm

Hi, I go to Anytime Fitness in Portland, Maine at the Northgate Shaws Plaza. I am very disappointed not only of the gym that I go to, but also the way they handle situations. I deal with lots of different businesses and corporations and never have seen anything like this before. First of all the manager/director of the Anytime Fitness facility has not been in contact with me regarding my membership, and my concerns about the proper maintenance/cleanliness of the place. Secondly the gym itself is poorly managed and run, in other words to simply express myself, the employees don’t give a sh*t. Now, if this is how you run a business and operate I feel very bad for even calling yourself a part of the company. No one is doing anything about it or listening to its customers who PAY YOU TO DO YOUR JOB. Now that being said let me remind you of your competition… there is not just 1 gym that a customer can go to, but there are many to choose from. What will you do to keep your customers? How are you going to appeal to the market and have people join? How do staff members and professionalism at their workplace affect a customer? We can continue with this ,but as a business you have to constantly revisit these sort of things. Hopefully someone somewhere can do something, but I am rather disappointed at the experience I’ve had with Anytime Fitness. Remember a treadmill or piece of equipment is the same everywhere… what do you do differently aside from competition is the real question.


Erika February 5, 2016 at 7:55 pm

I have a situation with Anytime Fitness where a membership has been asked multiple times to be cancelled by the home gym; the owner said he would take care of the problem. The problem was never resolved the membership was not only switched by the person using the membership but the payment was put on my credit card and not put into my name as asked so it has been almost impossible to cancel the membership almost 1 year later still no results – contacted corporate hoping for answers soon and possibly a refund. NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


john January 20, 2016 at 5:55 pm

In new orleans la, on Rousseau st, that manager is a c*** sucker. He kicks me out bc i caught him trying to f*** my old lady for extra money signing up. I made a big deal and we left. Today i go workout and my key doesn’t work and he comes to the door and this pos says oh the door is not working. Then i see people walking in. Then he tells me my bill is not paid and i laugh bc they take it out my account on the tenth every month with a different anytime. He tells me im kicked out bc i brought my old lady that is now a member a month ago ine time. I got so pissed with roud rage i broke my shifter. So i called this XXXXg*t ti come meet me outside so i could kick this fa**s ass. Like a p**** he hung up, mother f-er you have to leave there everyday you going to get it bc i caught you tryibg to f*** my oldlady with money 60$ to sign up, i got her on for 20$. You f-ing coward XXXXXX. You like it up the a** and you going to get a baseball bat up it f-you…


TAWANNA SMITH January 14, 2016 at 5:38 pm

I am so sorry to hear that you guys have had trouble with some of the anytime fitness in your locations or other areas. I am the manager at the Anytime Fitness in Jessup Maryland. I must say that I love it here. I have been with this gym since the begging Feb will make 2 years of it being open. The owners are wonderful and so is the gym. I really love my job and yes you are right customer service is a must and you can not treat your members like that. Zig Ziglar ” you do not build a business. you build people and then people build the business.” with out any of you guys there would be no gym .Unfortunately not every one will be a people person. you have have compassion and passion for people. I love what I do and if you guys ever happen to stop by Jessup Maryland stop by and see me and I will make sure you leave with a smile on your face. Please do not think all anytime finesses are like this. Each one is individually owned and the owners have to make sure that the staff that they have in place are able to connect with the members and are friendly. My husband is in the military and we are getting stationed to Fort Stewart GA. I am going to miss anytime family here but hopefully I will be able to join another anytime family. you guys no matter what stay with your fitness goals . do not let one bad experience with an Anytime spoil it for teh rest because there are some great one s out there . I wish you all , all the best in health and fitness

FIT FAM, Anytiem Fitness Jessup Manager
Tawanna Smith


Will ledbetter January 16, 2016 at 7:03 pm

Currently, attempting to contact anyone from anytime fitness, the Titusville , Florida location’s door card reader has stopped working. No one is inside the gym at the moment, but you have several unhappy members who can not get in. Any help would be great.


Brian Hagen April 19, 2017 at 9:36 pm

Their hired help does NOTHING AT ALL when members slam weights, hog the machines, and other bad behaviors. In fact, their staff actually DEFEND such actions. They also get paid for sitting on their duffs and doing nothing worth pay. I will quit ASAP,, and highly recommend that NO ONE ever sign up for this P.O.S. excuse for a business. EVER!


Victoria January 8, 2016 at 7:34 pm

After a busy week of moving and work I finally got a chance to call Anytime Fitness on Friday evening at 6:30 PM. I had had a wonderful day and was in a great mood. I did not get to ask my questions before the owner told me “I am going home, it is too late, everyone else goes to our website first, instead of just walking in here expecting to join.” I was calling from the number I got on the internet and had some more questions. I had not walked in, although other gyms are friendly when people do this. I wish the call had been recorded, so everyone could hear his tones.
It was all about him, he was very put out that I had called.

I had asked in a nice way “So there is no way I could start to work out tonight?” I was going to say “and hear the introduction stuff later”, but I did not get to finish before he condescendingly responded “No way! Normal people go to the website, I have too much business with the first of the year, I am not going to miss dinner for this”. I tried to lighten the mood by jokingly saying “I will not need you to work out”. He then got very upset and said “Just go to the website and sign up like everyone else!”. I said “I don’t think I will because, I can see I am not welcome or wanted”. He said “You are very rude and we don’t want you” and hung up on me!

I teach customer service and know that I was not rude. The owner needs to be trained that if he does not have time to answer questions that he needs to delegate this task to others or simply and politely inform potential customers “I cannot answer all of your questions right now, but could make an appointment with you at such and such times to do so, we have a system we follow”. Instead of condescendingly acting like it is the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard and that “no one calls on the phone!”.
So is every customer really the same?

People attracted to 24 hour fitness gyms might have a different schedule than the owner.

I have traveled and moved a lot and use a gym in most places. They have all been so friendly and welcoming, especially when I “just walk in, in person without going to the internet first”. As a manager I was horrified for Anytime Fitness. I called back to ask his name and he curtly asked me mine. I told him my name and asked for his again. He said “Why do you need my name? “. I said “Well, I gave you mine and I think you might need some customer service training, because I know I have not been rude, I just had questions”. He raised his voice “I am the owner and how dare you tell me I need customer service training, I have done this for eight years, we have an excellent Google rating, and you are rude and horrible!”

Honestly I felt he might have me confused with someone else, this was my first experience with Anytime Fitness, even then he does not treat this person very well either. And for the record someone is not a loser for working out on Friday night. Sometimes we have had a full and busy social life the rest of the week and just decided we really want to work out.


Yazmin December 29, 2015 at 4:34 pm



Mark Stafford October 6, 2015 at 7:13 pm

I would like someone from Corporate management to give me a call. My info can be obtained from my account. The email support to make a complaint returns members to their home (state) gym and not the Corporate email accounts.


Matt edington September 30, 2015 at 9:24 pm

I think anytime fitness as a whole may be a decent company to train at. That being said the one in gainesville texas and ardmore Oklahoma are horrible. The manager is a good guy but has absolutely no say in what goes on in day to day operations. The owners of the gym originally bought the franchise for their daughter an ex son in law. Well they have parted ways and she is crazier than bat XXXXX. The owners have now taken over their daughters place in tje business and how it is ran. What a horrible mistake. The daughter still comes to the gym and if she doesn’t feel comfortable personally with the temperature she will change it regardless of what the clients want. She did this th other day and when a customer ( paying individual ) ask her about it she proceeded to scream and customer her out in front of all the members. The most unprofessional act ever. The daughter will walk up to a paying customer and tell them to move off of certain equipment if she needs it personally. She doesn’t wait like everyone else. Her statement is I own this XXXXXX and I will do as I please. Really suprised that the guys who started this corporation let this happen and don’t do anything. I do know every owner has the right to refuse anyone admittance but when that individual is a paying customer in good standing they have rights as well. Just because you are the owners daughter gives you no right to act this way. The daughter recently fired the personal trainer because she was sending him nude photos and in his defense he didn’t want them . Yet when his gf found out an confronted her he was fired because he took her side an not the trashy owners side.
Now my fiance is a trainer for them and I believe it was the worst decision she has made. The owners change her job duties daily an change how the gym is ran daily. She isn’t paid for signing new members because they don’t want to take away from the little girl who gets paid to do this. All in all she was told she would be paid to do this and would be paid for each client she brings in. Hopefully she will male a move soon. As soon as she does I will stop my membership and my son’s asap. This sad because I will have nothing good to say about these anytime fitness but it will negatively affect others franchise. It is a small world and word travels fast.
To the owners of anytime corporate please get a handle on this. And I know for a fact that all negative surveys are thrown away. This is truly a disappointment.


Joan September 22, 2015 at 3:32 pm

The manager at Anytime Fitness in Tigard is very unprofessional and rude. The previous manager was respectful and had excellent customer service skills. This man should not be dealing with customers this way. It is an absolute disgrace his customer service skills. You’re treated as if you have no right to question charges and he abruptly hangs up the phone.
I am thoroughly disappointed with his service and he is a pock mark on this franchise, with his rude behavior.


Victoria January 9, 2016 at 1:05 am

I completely agree! He was so condescending and rude to me. It was shocking! I had called so happy and looking forward to learning more about what looked like a cool gym and instead had to waste moments of my life interacting with the “nerd who this gym is all he has power or control of in his life and he will abuse it and overdo it to this absurd extreme”

He talked over me, assumed all sorts of stuff, and then when I tried to speak said I was rude.

Instead of talking about business it was all about him getting home to his dinner and his this and his that. Very self- absorbed!

I suspect he suffers from misogyny.


George June 17, 2015 at 11:05 am

Here is why I don’t like anytime fitness, (at least why I don’t like the franchise I signed up with), they are nothing but liers. I signed up with a friend in the first week of January 2015. Everything seemed to be going well for a bit. Then I saw that they had a promotion which was a month free on your membership for each person you sign up. So my friend and I happened to get 2 people to sign up in the same day. Now, according to their statement, I was supposed to get 2 months credited, so I called and the guy said I’ll get credited a month. I was supposed to originally be credited for April. It is now mid to late June and still nothing. I have called them and spoken to them numerous times, and all I keep hearing is, “Okay, we’ll give me your name and I’ll let Fred (the manager) know and we’ll rise care of it”. The must have written my name down 10 times. The most recent time I called them about this ridiculous issue, they said that I won’t actually get credited, but instead when my membership is over, they’ll add on the free month at the end. So basically they’re gonna let me go to the gym an extra month. That is single handedly the dumbest thing I have ever heard them say to me. Why on Earth would I want to get a free month added on after my membership ends? The point is, they have been lying to me for the past few months and decided to put the cherry on top of the lies with their last statement. I am exhausted of this ridiculous situation. Sick and tired of the games. Corporate needs to do a better job of keeping their franchises in check. Unbelievable.


Lauren June 15, 2015 at 6:48 pm

Absolutely outraged at this company. After a few months of paying for my gym membership, I found myself jobless. I forgot to call to freeze my account until I found a job so of course the membership payment came out and over drafted my account (nobody’s fault but mine). I immediately headed over to my home gym where Kwa helped me freeze my account. I was told that the payment made on April 1st (the one that over drafted my account) was covering the month of March when come to find out today, that payment covered all of April. That is one whole month that I could have been going to the gym and one whole month that I wasted my money on. I had my account frozen starting on April 15th for 2 months tentatively. Approximately two weeks ago I called my club to unfreeze the account. “Please come in when a manager is here so you can sign the paperwork”. To that I say, OK and WILL ANYTHING BE DUE WHEN I UNFREEZE MY ACCOUNT? “No, your payment will start back up on the 1st and your two months that were frozen will be added to the end of your agreement”. So the next day comes and I get off of work at 5pm, head over to the gym and there’s a sign on the door stating that there are no employees in the office today. I call later in the week to see when they will be there, I head over on that day and the same sign is up. Really??? I call the next week (last week) and speak to David. I ask him, WILL ANYTHING BE DUE WHEN I UNFREEZE MY ACCOUNT? “No, we add the months that were frozen to the end of your agreement”. I tell him that every time I try to come in, nobody is here to help me even though I am well within office hours. His response is that they are understaffed. He says he WILL SEE if he can take care of my account for me and call me back. Did I get a call back? Nope. So I went in Saturday 6/13 and saw Kwa again. He had me fill out the form to unfreeze my account and told me NOTHING WAS DUE besides my maintenance fee which was fine. He says he will give the form to a manager to finalize it. I called today Monday, June 15th only to be told by David that my account was taken care of last week and that he forgot to call me and tell me, and then proceeded to tell me I owe my payment for all of June. After calling the corporate number TWICE, and ABC financial, turns out if a member decides to unfreeze their account before the assigned day (June 15th for me), the member is responsible for that month. My question is WHY did NOBODY tell me this any of the FIVE different times I asked? Why was my account unfrozen without a confirmation from me that it was being unfrozen and I would become responsible for the whole month if I chose to do that? Where are the managers at this place? Why is it that when I came in today after working all day I still was unable to talk to David although he was there? Why does this company have such poor customer service? Why have I been lied to several times? Why is it that I’ve gone all the way to the corporate office and STILL no resolution? Who runs this place???? Absolutely terrible experience.


Q June 4, 2015 at 12:50 am

Do not work out at anytime fitness, If I knew the manager Joshua Neal was so unprofessional , I would have never got a membership with this gym …


Q June 3, 2015 at 11:46 pm

6/3/15 / Time : 10:00pm
Manager / owner : Joshua Neal

Tonight me and my guess went to work out , as we came into the gym tonight I was stop by the manager Jashua , Jashua approach us with did you both swipe in , I stated that I brought a guess with me , Jashua ask did my guess have a membership, my guess told him no and that this his 3 night working out here in a total of 3 months. After that Joshua proceeded to pull out a membership registration form and began to bombard my friend with several personal and irrelevant questions. He asked for drivers license and credit card info and he told he needed to conduct a background check and it was standard procedure because Anytime Fitness does not allow felons in their facility. He then asked me for my name and information and he questioned me as to if my membership was valid. I became offended because neither me or my friend have ever been arrested for any crimes and Joshua interrogated us at the door and made us feel very uncomfortable. I never consented to any background check because that requires a social security number and I would never release that to a gym. Joshua then pressured my friend to sign the contract which he did, but he did not have his credit card info on him. So Joshua then told him that he would deactivate my card if he did not come back and pay by Friday. I did not exchange any words with Joshua except for giving him my name and he threatened my membership. . I am just a paying customer that bought my friend with me and regardless of any decision my friend makes Joshua never should have threatened my membership. Since Joshua threatened my membership please cancel it ASAP . I will let all my family and friends and social media never to come to anytime fitness, of all the gyms in my area I chose to come to anytime fitness, then after Joshua finish talking to my friend he looked me up and down and said you have to “kill them with kindness”… Ok not once that me and Joshua have a conversation I only gave him my name and number. If this the kind of people you have running your gyms this company is going to lose a lot of members. I pay every month, im a paying customer. I will like a call back ASAP about this matter. I will never be back … Joshua ideal was to deactivate my card please do so. Once again me and Joshua never talked, I only looked at him the whole time while he disrespected me and my guess at the door. Bad business very . PLEASE CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP. I do not like threats that was given to me from Joshua … This is a major issue for me….


Andrea December 22, 2015 at 4:23 pm

Anytime Fitness in Timonium, Maryland will never get my business nor the business, NEW MEMBERS, I was going to bring them. On December 22, 2015, I was visiting my children in Maryland for the holidays and found an Anytime Fitness, Timonium, in the area. On the same date at approximately 5:10a.m. , I encouraged my son to check out Anytime Fitness Timonium, instead of his gym (Brick Bodies). I thought he might like Anytime Fitness. When I entered the gym I noticed there was no drop box for guest’s fees nor a book to sign in guest, like other Anytime Fitness. Therefore, I wrote a note explaining the situation and left it under the door to the office. Later that day, at approximately 1:16pm I received an irate phone call by an employee of Anytime Fitness Timonium, Craig Mosier, harassing me and accusing me of false allegations, to no avail. I am hurt and offended by Mr. Mosier’s abusive words and accusations No one should treat customers like that, members like that, nor other staff members like that.


Amber April 12, 2015 at 8:33 pm

I am absolutely disgraced with this company. With my current situation I had called to try to cancel my membership with them. They had refused to so when I asked for a manager they wanted still make me come inside the store to ‘exercise’. When I had first signed up I was only working a part time job. That same job shortly after had moved me to full time and I had found no time what so ever to go into the gym to exercise. I had called again to try to cancel and these guys gave me the run around. when I asked for their corporate office to speak with someone there they just said one of the managers would call me shortly. Guess what??? No phone call!!! I will get to the bottom of this.


Sherri M March 3, 2015 at 3:59 pm

On 2/25/15 at 7:30pm I signed up online for a free 14 day trial membership with obligation for the Republic Mo location. The terms stated that I would have to call during staffed hours (11am to 7pm) to schedule a tour and get set up. So since I had just missed them and wasted 1 day already, I started calling first thing on the 26th which was last Thursday. I didn’t get an answer so I left a message. Didn’t get a call back at all so I called Friday, left message. Called Saturday and Sunday, left messages, still no call backs and of course no one was answering. So then yesterday I called a different location to see if my location was currently open for business, the lady advised me that these 2 locations have the same owner and yes was still open and currently staffed so she suggested I go up there. So taking her advice I went to the gym, which has 3 doors and all 3 doors were locked and only if I had a key card could I get in. My visit was at 6:15pm so the door should have been unlocked so new comers like myself could get in. So after I got home extremely frustrated I had my husband call up there until 7pm (the time they are supposed to be staffed until) to see if he could get someone on the phone. No answer after a non stop 1/2 hour of calling, no answer. So today 3-3-15 I called and left a message at 11:30am and another at 12:50pm. I finally got a call back at 1:15pm. I told the man the whole story since last Wednesday including the trial. I was then given one excuse after another. For the free 14 day trial, this location does not participate in 14 day trials and their “system” should have provided them with my info so they could have called me the day after signing up for the trial to get me in there but they didn’t get my info. Then about all the calls and messages I’ve made last week and this week, the manager was out sick last Thursday and Friday and has been on vacation this week and there is updating going on at another location so staffing is short at this one therefore no call backs. And regarding my visit last night at 6:15pm during their normal staffed hours, he said he had left early at 5:30pm so he locked the doors and left a note(that I did not see). So even though I’m extremely frustrated and have had an incredibly horrible experience thus far, I have an appointment today at 5:30pm and we shall see what kind of disappointment I’m up for at that time. I will be shocked if my opinion of this place turns around for the better at all.


bobby terry January 29, 2015 at 11:35 pm

I have had the worst experience i have ever had at in my life at anytime located in Tyler Texas on Troup Hiway. Who can I contact in writing to voice my displeasure?


Barry Meltzer February 19, 2015 at 5:45 pm

I joined Anytime back in Sept 2015, which was formerly Edge Fitness. We were told that in Jan new equipment and a update to location was to be completed by end of month. Well some new equipment and a fresh coat of paint has been completed. My complaint has to do with we were told that we had to purchase the key fob by first of year to have access to gym, I paid in good faith and as of this date no key fob on door, anyone can walk in and of course closed in evenings after 9pm. I called the manager and was told contractor had problems but it was to be done soon. That call was made the 1st of Feb. I’m upset because I have paid for a service for 2 months ago and I can’t go anytime, what did I pay for, and many of the other member are very upset with the present situation.


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