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Amtrak Corporate Office Address

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation DBA Amtrak
1 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001

Contact Amtrak

Phone Number: (202) 906-3000
Fax Number: (202) 906-2493
Email: Email Amtrak

Amtrak Facts

Founder: US Congress
Date Founded: 1970
Founding Location: Washington, D.C.
Number of Employees: 20000

Amtrak Executives

CEO: Joseph H. Boardman
CFO: Gerald Sokol, Jr.
COO: Jason Molfetas

Amtrak History

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The National Railroad Passenger Corporation does business as Amtrak. The company is a publicly funded railroad service operated and managed as a for-profit corporation.

In the United States travelling by rail was extremely popular until the popularity of the automobile started to rise in the 1930s.

Amtrak Train Front View

By the 1960s rail service had declined to the point that bankruptcy filings were rampant. In 1970 Congress created the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, a hybrid public-private entity that would receive government money to operate intercity passenger trains.

This was seen as a way to “save” American railroads. The experiment was a success and Amtrak continues to operate today.  Amtrak at the station

In March 2019, Amtrak had to temporarily suspend service between Kansas City and St. Louis due to flooding from recent storms. 

Today Amtrak operates 374 trains on over 31,000 miles of track in 46 states and three Canadian provinces. The most popular service is the North East Corridor (NEC) and accounts for 11.4 million of Amtrak’s 31.6 million yearly passengers. The company has 20,000 employees and had $2.88 billion in revenue in 2012.

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Amtrak FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Amtrak?
Answer 1: The phone number for Amtrak is (202) 906-3000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Amtrak?
Answer 2: The CEO of Amtrak is Joseph H. Boardman.

Question 3: Who founded Amtrak?
Answer 3: Amtrak was founded by US Congress in 1970.

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Jason Lynch June 2, 2019 at 1:59 pm

To whom it may concern, Ive called and called and called and called some more!!! I’m only wanting a call back and refund!!!

In regards to our trip on the 11th of May, 2019 aboard the Number 19 Crescent train. I would like to distress our series of unfortunate events;
From the calling customer service, before boarding, the fiasco upon departure of Penn Station, the bedding situation, and the dealings after disembarking from the train in Atlanta. Utmost attention pertaining to Bed bugs bites accompanied by unsanitary bedding, Price gouging, and downright poor customer service. With an original quote of $744 for a round trip Family Style Car consisting of enough bedding to fit the needs of our 3 passengers. In the attempt to book the Car, your Amtrak online services were down so we had to purchase our fares at a later time. Which, was the first of a multitude of added charges to the card ending in 1460 (Ticket Number 1305355081995). Immediately, boarding the train went roughly as a double booking occurred. 30 minutes after departure from Penn station Amtrak staff and our party were still trying to resolve the seating issue. More charges were added to the card ending in 1460. The staff was pleasant after the fares were added and the seating issue was resolved but, during… the 2 staff members were very snappy towards us and didn’t seem to be on the same page. Constantly changing how they were to handle the situation. When pulling out the bedding provided the sheets had lighter and darker brown stains, Extremely unacceptable in any right. (little to no rest was had on the 16 hour OVERNIGHT ride) Calling to report these matters to Amtrak customer service became daunting when being transferred to different reps. With excessive on hold times and being told to call back at later time. A seeming disregard to the most serious matters at hand. Being a very frequent traveler and giving Amtrak a try. This experience was very disappointing for way we’ve been handled throughout the process. A measly voucher was offered which could not be accepted under the terms of service and quality of our trip with Amtrak. Under these circumstances we do not wish to board our return trip to Penn Station from Atlanta. Booking of other means of travel are being facilitated.

Due to Cause of bud bugs 2 of us were ate up! We did not know what it was at 1st and sought medical attention in ATL, we were treated and told to trash our clothes and the hotel we were in closed off the rooms were in and called in a 3rd party to treat the room. I have ton of documents and pictures and receipts of having to seek other travel arrangements, new clothes , and even luggage. Receipts from medical treatments and more, however all I am seeking is full refund of what was charged to card ending in 1460 with total of 2,300.00 that’s all.. nothing else.. This was bad from start to finish and I just want my money back and I’ll stick to flying Delta

Case #05136-149 Conf. #8bc975


Kendall Winter March 21, 2019 at 8:07 pm

I used the address from the Amtrak web-sight, to wit: 60 Mass Ave NE, Washington DC 20002-4285. All my mail was returned as + not known unable to forward+. What is the correct address for Amtrak. No Richard Anderson.
Of major concern is this; we 3 were deposited at the Palm Springs, California “station” about 1:30 in the morning (dead of night). The station was closed. The were no taxi’s, no nothing. The stop was 3 minutes. No time for questions. We were stranded.
For Gosh sakes advise dumb amtrackers of this anomaly. We did not even know which way to walk. Walk 10 miles to town as it developed. rsvp


Tammy Robinson March 22, 2019 at 3:41 pm

Use the address in our listing


Vince fans February 27, 2019 at 12:38 pm

why cant Amtrak facilitate the repair of theBNSF to bring passenger service to Phoenix, ARizona. this operative effort woul facilitate Phoenix getting on the rail map . Presently Flagstaff or maricopa are the closest stations this is had for some wouldbe passengers to get to. Presently the Flagstaff station handles about 12 people a stop. Convience is the name of the game. There are no major airports located in nomans land.


Susan Massenburg July 21, 2018 at 11:28 pm

This is the second time that I am sending this complaint (see below. The first response was unacceptable a $40 Amtrak Voucher. I need to get a refund check for the $52 that I paid for parking due to train delays in Meridian. I do not need a $40.00 Amtrak Voucher I need to have my money back. My budget for such a short trip did not include paying parking that exceeded half the price of the Amtrak Ticket.

Last year my daughter and two grandchildren traveled from Minnesota to Chicago and their train was delayed 12 hours. She was given a $100 voucher though there were 3 of them and it had an expiration date. I do not want you voucher I want my money so that I can use it to meet my everyday living expenses which do not include traveling Amtrak anytime soon. I love riding the train but want to do it at my leisure not on a voucher that has an expiration date. Again please refund my money. I can resubmit my receipts just tell me where to send them since there is no mechanism to attach them to this mailing.
June 15, 2018


On June 14, 2019 my girlfriends (Jacqueline Baham and Yvonne Landry) and I took a long planned day trip to Meridian Mississippi. The trip was to serve as maiden voyage to many other train trips to come. I arrived early enough to take the early bird parking special ($6.00 expiration time 7PM) at a parking lot near the Amtrak Station. Our departure went fine as did the rest of the day. The staff was friendly and provided great service throughout our journey there. We arrived on time and were able enjoy lunch and a museum visit before heading back to the station for our 3PM scheduled/confirmed departure.

Upon arrival at the station we were informed that the train was delayed and still in Birmingham. As a result, I needed to add 3 hours to extend my parking (at a cost of $20.00) so as to avoid being towed from the parking lot. We were later told that the train was still delayed and would arrive closer to 6PM making it necessary to extend my parking once more to the tune of yet another $20.00 bringing my total parking for the day up to $46.00. This made my parking fees more than half of what I paid for my roundtrip train ticket ($72.00) plus another meal for an additional $6.00. Total unexpected expenses due to train delays cost $52.00.

I am a Senior Citizen and sacrificed to make trip. I ask that Amtrak refund the $52.00 as it was not a planned expense and will bring additional hardship in meeting my monthly expenses. Though the delays were stressful and put us back into New Orleans near 11:30PM some 4.5 hours later than planned exposing us to the dangers of late night in New Orleans. I am hopeful that this incident will not spoil our zest for train travel as we were told that that particular train is more often late than not, and it was also the first train ride for one of my friends and the other had not ridden the train since childhood.

I have attached receipts for my expenses and may be contacted via return email or by phone at
504-214-XXXXX. I can be reached via snail mail at Harvey, LA. 70058.

Susan B. Massenburg


Cynthia Elsafarini January 28, 2018 at 10:15 pm

I have attempted to send this exact message TWICE through your contact form on your website and both times it was immediately “blocked” due to “offensive language”. So I was going to mail it through the USPS… but you won’t give a real address for that. And you don’t offer a real email address either. So I found this site. Let’s see if I even get a response. Oh, and if you find offensive language in this message which is an exact copy/paste of the original, I’ll eat YOUR hat.

I was on the train that was over 12 hours late on the 31st of December 2017, reservation 7820DD. I believe it was the Empire Builder 8, but for some reason my ticket says it was number 28… This late train was my return trip from Minot ND to St Paul MN and it was supposed to leave at 9:47pm on the 31st but didn’t arrive till around 10:30am the next day. My experience with Amtrak has been nothing short of horrendous. Not only did I miss a day’s work due to this incident but I also became ill from the experience due to exposure to the elements, no heat on board the train and no sleep in over 24 hours because we kept being told the train would be there in an hour – only to be told this again an hour later – over and over again… so I was afraid to go to sleep for fear I would miss the train when it finally did arrive!

But please, let me start from the beginning and tell you my story. On my trip out to Minot, I made my reservations far in advance. I informed the ticket agent that I am a disabled veteran and would need help with my bags from the station to the train, etc. They said that was no problem and to just ask when the time came.

Once at the train station, I saw that they were loading “lower level”/disabled people first and I showed them my ticket, but they stopped me and said that I wasn’t on the lower level. I said “but I am disabled”. It says so right on my ticket. They said that if you don’t specifically ask for lower level, you don’t get it and that I would need to call and see if it could be changed. They couldn’t call for me. Thankfully I got through faster than is normal and the agent changed it for me.

So I then asked for assistance with my bags and was told by more than one employee that they don’t do that. Specifically, one sarcastically said “If you’re looking for “red cap service” we don’t do that”. I was humiliated and stunned. My car was 5 cars down and the temps were well below 0 and the employees were just completely uncaring. Once inside and settled the conductor came and told me I had to move because my ticket was for upper level. I told him I had just called and had it changed, at which time he did some checking and said I could stay. Then, not 2 hours later, another person came and woke me up, asking to see my ticket and again telling me I had to move. I went through the explanation again and again they told me I could stay. The third time this happened I was ready to explode! Finally, I was left alone to get a couple hours of sleep before arriving at my destination where surprise — no help with my luggage — again.

Now for my return trip… I got notification that my train was running late but that the arrival time could change one way or another so to keep checking in. This went on for over 12 hours by which time I had been awake for well over 24 hours. Once the train arrived, I once again didn’t get help from the station to the train with my bags. By the time I got to the car I was told to go to, I was in pain and exhausted.

When I sat down I noticed a rancid odor in the car and saw trash on the floor, smeared hand prints on the walls, and some type of food particles smashed into my seat cushions. This is in the lower level of the car next to the boarding doors. Then I noticed the door to the lower level section didn’t close after I came in. It was a negative 13 degrees outside and here the other passengers and I sat without shelter from the freezing cold and inadequately prepared to sit in such conditions for any amount of time. The other passengers that the door had been like this for their entire trip and that it would only close once the train was moving. I put my cold hands over the heater vent and … felt nothing. There was no heat coming out. We sat like that blowing into our hands for over 10-15 minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I went to the boarding door where 2 employees were standing talking and asked if something could be done about getting this door closed and one said “we have to have those open when at the station”. I realized he meant the boarding doors so I told him I was speaking of the door to our car. The other employee told him the door was busted… and they just stood there shrugging like there was nothing they could do. I told them the least they could do was put up a tarp or hand out blankets. People were freezing!! They STILL didn’t do anything – just said that the door would close once the train was moving. When we pulled away from the station the door did close, but still there was no heat coming from the vents.

I asked a conductor about the heat and he told me that the heat WAS working but heat rises so there wasn’t any on the lower level. Umm.. okay? How stupid did he think I was? I requested that he move me upstairs where it was a little warmer and he agreed to do so. Once settled in upstairs I went to the dining car to have a late breakfast.

The incident with the door was unacceptable, but to make matters worse, the employees absolutely treat you like you’re a welfare case if you aren’t in a sleeper car. “Coach” is like an unsavory term on your trains while “Sleeper Car” cues your employees to smile, be polite and helpful. I witnessed proof of this while in the dining car. Those that go there to eat are treated with respect and dignity while if you go to the snack bar on the lower level they have someone working there that is slovenly and appears to want to be anywhere else but there taking payments for snacks. This callous treatment of coach passengers is not just my imagination – While I was dining (and being treated quite well because they thought I was a sleeper car passenger at first), I overheard some conductors talking about people in coach and how one had moved to the upper level because there was no heat downstairs. One conductor sneered and responded that they would have made them stay where they were. Well guess what – that person the other conductor moved WAS ME.

After my meal I went to try and get some much needed rest. I dozed off and when I woke, the heat must have stopped working upstairs too because I woke to 1/8 inch of frost/ice on the INSIDE of my train window! I took pictures of it to show my friends and family! I still have them and tried to include a link so you could see them because there is no way to attach them in your contact form – and you don’t seem to want to give anyone a REAL email address for contacting you, but my message was “blocked” because of “profane language” or something. This is ridiculous because I haven’t uttered one single profanity! Anyway, to continue, I had gone to the dining car again to have coffee and cheesecake when they made an announcement that they were going to give all passengers a complimentary meal. I thought “wow… finally a sincere gesture”, but they continued by saying that it would be meat, some kind of vegetable and some water. I just shook my head. What a description… and what a sorry compensation for everything we had all been through. I went back to my seat and tried to pass the time until dinner.

They decided they were going to feed us “by car” and came through letting everyone know not to get up until their car was called. I guess they thought we were a herd of cows that would get unruly and trample each other for a free meal if they didn’t keep us under control. I am not a big fan of mystery meals so I asked the conductor what the meal actually consisted of and he said beef stew. I am also not a fan of stews of any kind so I asked if I could go ahead to the dining car if I wasn’t having the complimentary meal but instead wished to order off the menu. He said “No, you’re coach and all you can have is the beef stew they made. Only sleeper car’s get to order off the menu tonight.” OH MY GOD SERIOUSLY???? What if I was vegetarian? Or vegan? Or had food allergies?? I ended up having donut holes and microwaved chicken nuggets from the snack car for dinner. It was disgusting.

By the time I arrived in St Paul it was very late and I still had a 3 hour drive to get home. I was exhausted from lack of sleep, starving, freezing and just wanted to go home. I was getting ill as well. In the course of a few hours your employees managed to make me feel like an insignificant piece of trash that they wished wasn’t there. When you consider I work for a federal agency, am a disable american veteran and woman at that, you would THINK they would have at least shown me common courtesy or respect for my service. Ah well…. changing times I guess.

So after the new year was over I called your compensation department and told them the whole story. I told them how I didn’t think I would ever ride Amtrak again because it was the worst experience I’ve had in many years. PLUS it cost me a LOT of money. I make good wages where I work. I lost a minimum of $200 that day due to your train being late. Well guess what she gave me? A $100 voucher good towards ANOTHER ride on one of your trains…. Did she not hear what I just said?? I don’t think I will be using the train again. EVER. $100 doesn’t even come close to making up for what you guys put me through. Offering me a discount on one of your trains is like offering to give some a lifetime supply of the eye drops that caused them to go blind!

I apologize for the long rant, but I have seen this behavior on more than one occasion from your employees and heard about more – and worse from other passengers. I am frustrated and angry with the treatment I received and lack of compensation of any meaningful type. I don’t want your $100 voucher. I want to have real compensation that makes a difference in a positive way for ME – not some voucher that is geared only toward placating a serious grievance and guaranteeing you future business. I want to be compensated for my time, my lost wages, for my misery and pain and humiliation and unfair treatment while a passenger on board your train. If you won’t take me or my complaint seriously then maybe someone else will.


Angie October 5, 2017 at 6:17 pm

My mother had an accident when she went to Eugene through Amtrak. She was boarding for San Jose, but had a hard time because the handrails were not really set up for shorted and older people. She lost leverage and fell. This was back in June 2016.
The recovery from this injury was a real pain because no 80 year old will choose to go through this torture. My parents have been using Amtrak for years, and this is the first time she had an accident like this. She had to go through physical therapy for her ankle since she was wheelchair bound for a while.
We have received a letter from the claims adjuster: Jim Miller regarding the claim case for her injury. My parents have been calling him several times, but were only able to speak with him for once or twice. But prior to that, you get a recorded message whatever number you call. Considering Amtrak is a big corporation, it was really disappointing that they are not great at returning people’s call.
I had to call the number several times for almost an hour before someone actually picked up. They said he was in a meeting when I called the main number. But when I said I am wanted to file a complaint, they got him on the phone. This is not a good way to handle business. I think having the courtesy to update clients of their claim status would lessen the frustration of the pain my mother had to go through.
I really hope the management can do something about this. I would appreciate an email from the higher management because it is just ridiculous to be waiting this long.


Mr Lee June 30, 2017 at 3:13 pm

Your Costumer Service line are horrible and getting in touch with someone at Corporate office is nearly impossible. I want to put this experience behind men and nothing is being done to assist me in doing so! Im hoping I have better luck with Mr R. Ali.

But would like for a call back to happen to voice my opinion with someone reputable and someone who actually gives a XXXXX about the issues you are having with your employees.

because its clear from your service lines they don’t care at all!!


Mr Lee June 30, 2017 at 3:07 pm


Thanks for making the time.

So I want to touch bases on a few points,

Upon me arriving to the station in San Antonio I witnessed you security guard giving your client walking in a hard time. Apparently the way he looked gave the Guard the impression that he was only there to hangout, and he immediately pulled him over and asked are you here to buy a ticket. Sarcastically your client responded with yes why else would I be here and walked away. he then bought his ticket and moved on.

while waiting I took off my sandals and put them on my bags so not to take up unnecessary room, and was immediately reprimanded by the same security guard that management said that I could not have my sandals off in station, meanwhile your rules posted said that you could not be walking in station unless you have footwear on. Nothing about reseting them on my bags.

I called shortly after and was met with sarcasm by your costumer service line, and they hung up.

unfortunately my seat was taken and I positioned myself in an area out of the way, and again your security guard reprimanded me again. Seemed that nothing was going to be done right. so I decided to have a conversation with the gentleman behind the counter and sadly he didn’t understand the reason for me talking quietly. I asked him for the guards name and he screamed out, “well he’s right behind you, why don’t you just ask him?”

Again unprofessional, and so uncalled for. Putting me in a worse predicament. Security guard heard his comment and went to the supervisor to explain his actions. Which I find funny, because I had asked for a supervisor and was told one was not on duty. The entire time she was standing to the right of me.

Im sharing with you to show you the unprofessional behavior to start with.

While on your train, Lucius your Dinning Cart Supervisor made and announcement for 12:30, unfortunately I did not hear the announcement correctly and proceeded to head to the cart. His instinct reaction to me saying is this the dinning cart was, did you not here me make the announcement for 12:30? Being upset I waled away and went into your snack car area, to see if he knew what was on the menu. Seconds later Lucius arrived acquiring liquor from David. I waited for him to finish up his transaction, and tried asking him a question only for him to walk away from me.

So I some time to collect myself and David had made me aware that he dint know what was on the menu. So I went back into the dining cart only to witness Lucius Poring himself a drink, and the chugging the rest down, when he heard the door open. It was a clear cup, dark soda, and whatever vodka he got from the snack bar.

Not being to worried about what he was doing I asked may I ask whats on the menu or do I have to wait till 12:30 for that too? He said sarcastically in return, Beef Burgers, Quesadillas, and Veggie Burgers. I told him immediately that I had an issue with an allegory to beef, and asked how was the other items prepared? he said they are all cooked not he same skillet, so he wouldn’t be able to accommodate me at all. So I asked what was the point of a veggie burger if it being cooked in meat source and he responded that its a small kitchen, he’s not the cook and to get out of the dinning cart.

So I went down stairs again to have a conversation with David who did offer me a veggie burger but it was going to be a microwaved versions and he didn’t know how they where going to taste or come out. I refused because I did order a gaggle earlier in the morning and he microwaved it and it was just so rubbery after, and I had to force myself to eat it.

So I went again to the dinning cart, and found that there was now 2-3 additional employees in the cart. I asked the young lady, purposely ignoring Lucius, if she wouldn’t mind getting the conductor. she said yes sir, and Lucius asked what was the purpose of me needing him. I asked him not to speak to me, and he responded back, well the you can leave my cart and wait for him on the other side of the door. So I ignored him, and he became quite irritated with me, and started to yell at me, so I replied why don’t you just go and have another drink you alcoholic. This created a smiling reaction from the young lady and other guy turned around and whispered has a favor to me so that nothing gets out of hand can you please just wait outside.

I said fine. Shortly after the Conductor Comes out and I explained what happened. Nothing was done to accommodate my food allergy at all, and he said nothing could be done.

So about an hour later, I felt my sugar dropping and proceeded to walk to the snack cart to get something to help, Ironically Lucius is waking in the same direction and see me. Instead of pulling off to the side he proceeds to walk through me, bumping into my shoulders purposely. I then called for the conductor again and notified him of the situation, and again nothing was done.

I spent almost 30 hours with nothing else to eat other then snack food. Upsetting my stomach, and leaving me health wise in a bad situation because of my blood sugar. Nothing was done to accommodate my needs, and sadly it was in there control to do so. You would have thought I had asked for him to steer the train and rebuild track lines to my final destination. Nothing unreasonable was asked of this worker.

Here is the kicker he wouldn’t even sell me a salad, unless I bought the entree, what????? So again nothing was going to be done at all, nothing!! I would like to say I was the special and the only one deserving of his wrath, but I was not. He continued his outrage with almost all your clients, reprimanding them over the intercom because either they didn’t show up on time.

I witnessed on several occasions while online at snack cart many clients complaining about Lucius to David. David made sure that every experience in Quality was doubled due to the complaints. He was wonderful, respectful, extremely well mannered, and very help at every stage. Not once did he take anything personal, he allowed his clients to vent has they needed, and sincerely apologized to everyone online, and offered them a better experience at his location guaranteed, and would make the effort in telling the conductor of their complaints.

So eventually the train conductor staff was changed, and no one entering was notified of anything issues.

Eventually I had the chance to call up the CS line, and explained my issues, and the guy reprimanded me, “ if you knew you had a food allergy Mr Lee, you should have brought your own food” and hung up the phone on me.

Go figure, what a way to top off the experience by another employee treating your clients like XXXXX!!

So my only options was XXXXX with hair or XXXXX with nuts. When I called back to ask to speak to a supervisor I was told Management don’t involve themselves with clients, nor will they call anyone back and eventually they hung up on me too.

Here is the kicker, they had the balls to sit here reprimanding your clients after many calls in about there language, talked about there needs, and what they expected. Not once giving a XXXXX about resolving any issues, instead making things worse.

Next train in I tried communicating my issues with the dinning cart, but had to find out were to go first seeing how it was a new train and I was located in a section. I ran into a girl, and had asked her a question and wasn’t allowed to finish up my thought before she interrupted my thought and assumed that I was looking for the snack cart, I agin tried taking and she continued to do the same. Eventually I walked away only to hear her seconds later asking someone if they would like reservation to dine.

So I walked back and said you are the person I was looking for and she turned around. So I said excuse me I was talking to you, and she turned away and said I don’t have time for this XXXXX, and started walking away. I followed her till she came across a road block of clients, and said what is your problem, are you not the one raking reservations for the Dinning Cart???

She said yes and I replied then you are the person I need to speak with. She replied oh I thought you were asking for the snack cart, I replied I never asked for anything snack related you continued to push the snack cart onto me, and wouldn’t allow me to finish my thoughts. She apologized, and said maybe we just got started off on the wrong foot. ::THINKING:: “WE?????” Really?:: So I let it go and explained to her the issues I had with the last train, and asked if she would notify the cook of my allergies, she said yes. Then also stated that they only had one slot opened at 9 p:m. I said fine, gave her my name and went back to my seat. Finding myself with your “Coach Personel” Called Monique McLaughlin and explained to her what happened. She said that many people think the same way about Carla but thats just how she looks and behaves normally. However she is actually a sweet person, and does her job well.

So again it did not matter who I complained to, nothing was ever going to be done.

So I waited for the announcement to be called and nothing was said. Not one person came to get me, nor was anything announced over the intercom. at 9:45ish I proceed to the dinning cart, to find that everyone hanging out.

I asked her why wasn’t called and she insisted that the announcement was made. I told her lets say that you are correct and it was made, you do realize that some of your intercoms are not working properly, and also that we did have an actual conversation about the horrible service received from my last train. Why could you not bother to come get me, she replied that wasn’t her job. she said you are here now did you want something to eat? I said no because I couldn’t trust her, and wouldn’t take the chance thinking she had my best interest in mind if she couldn’t make the effort in coming to get, but meanwhile she did make the effort in being an ass with me and turning her back. Its funny how that came so naturally, but taking the additional effort in making sure her clients are fine wasn’t a natural response to do.

So went back to my seat and again had another conversation with Monique, who then started getting an attitude with me. Told me to budget cuts things have changed. ::THOUGHT:: What the XXXXX does budget cuts have anything to do with providing great services???::

So I asked if I was disabled how would I get my food? She replied that she would have been the one to bring it to me. So I said knowing perfectly well I had told you I had a disability of hearing, and what had happened earlier why wouldn’t you had just made the effort to come tell me the dinning cart was opened or just applied the additional effort in helping. She replied ‘Ive been here for 12 years and you aint about to tell me how to do my job, handed me a card with the 800 number, lifted her hand and closed her hands, and said this conversation is over!! please turn around!!”

So I noticed that the card was blank, and asked who’s name is suppose to be on the card, and she replied, who’s name would you like on the card? I said yours, the conductors, and the dinning cart lady.

She then took the card from me left and came back with tow of the names stating that the conductor refused to give me his name and said if you want it you would have to go to him and give him a reason why you wanted it. I said excuse me? Please return and tell the conductor that I have my reasons for asking, and she said no and sat down.

I got up and went to the dinning cart, and found him sitting down with another conductor. I ask what seemed to be the problem, with him providing me his name, he replied that he was under no obligation to give me anything, and that he ddint do anything wrong to start with, I replied i know you didn’t do anything wrong, but you were a witness to what happened and thats why I was asking for your name, but seeing how you think I work for you, you just made it to the XXXXX list with the rest.

The other conductor jumped into to conversation and said what would you like us to do? I asked what is there to do? Doesn’t seem like you care at all about your clients needs, you have been sarcastic, and rude at every point!!! He replied well sir if you don’t like the services, you can get off at the next rain station and find another way home.

I then replied I love how that came out your mouth so freely, I wonder what your corporate office would have to say if they heard you speaking to there clients that way, he replied why don’t you find out, and told me to get out of his cart. I asked for his name, and he replied no, now leave.

So returned back to my seat making mental notes of his appearance.

Sadly only 3-4 of your employees had made the effort period to assist your clients, and were well mannered. You would have thought your main issues was going to be your clients, and it wasn’t. There was no excuse, none for the way they pushed and pushed your clients. Has if to gain any reaction from them to have just call to kick them off your train.

because I had assaulted any of your members I would have been arrested. Meanwhile they did to me and nothing was ever done.

Now my experience wasn’t all bad, but those doing their job where expected to do just that, and they did it well. Not to take away from the moment, because I certainly want to shine the light on them for a job well done and will gladly provide the feedback.

However these are issues that violated my rights, religious beliefs and the disability act and I want something done about it.

Lucius the Dining Supervisor (Horrible)
David from your snack cart. (Great Guy) Job Well done!!

Monique McLaughlin Coach personal (Horrible)
Carla Bernal Dining (Horrible)
D Creeps Conductor (Horrible)
Other conductor on train, bold headed and beard (Horrible)

Last Train Conductors, white male, older, and very polite. Knew of my hearing issue and sat me down in front, and when he changed shifts notified the next conductor, Young White Lady (New or in Training) about my issues and she walked up to me and asked if I was the one with Hearing issues.

Another African or Native American lady was polite, and you saw that she was the lead Conductor. She made the effort in helping her CoWorker out by changing Positions slightly, and doing all the inspections needed to be able to leave quicker and told her she was doing a great job. She had her check in the clients and attend to their needs. A great example to see after seeing so many of your other employees not give a XXXXX period.


brad reed May 18, 2017 at 3:56 pm

I was kicked off your amtrack train last night the 18th and need to speack to someone emeditly 731446XXXXX


Marcia crockett November 6, 2016 at 6:12 pm

I had a reserved ticket on the bus from Santa Maria to Santa Barbara. The bus. showed up, did not stop. She didn’t stop at all. I had to call and reschedule for the later bus,which made my cousin and I change all our plans for that day. I did fax a copy of both the original and the new reschedule tickets to your corporate office.


Ms Margo September 10, 2015 at 12:20 pm

I’ve taken Amtrak several times. This past trip on September 6 was the absolute worst with baby screaming alarms going off and a very angry and unprofessional conductor. Once my trip was completed I called customer service they were absolutely no help after speaking to Mark as he said he could credit my trip $45. Absolutely not, that is unacceptable for a trip that I wish I never took I will never ride Amtrak again hopefully someone and upper management will see this and decide to do something about it because customer service really sucks


lars erik juselius August 11, 2015 at 3:51 am

Need yr help as follows.
My wife Mrs Maarit Tamminen made booking with Amtrak on the 30th july, round trip NYC-DCA-NYC. 23/24 th Aug.
Here is the schedule Ex NYC-DCA 155 Northeast Regional 23th aug dept 9:05 am arr4 12:35 pm 2 reserved Coach seats 1 adult 1 senior ttl amnt USD 159,10.
DCA-NYC 24th aug 3:02 pm arr to NYC 6:30 pm 1148 Northeast Regional 2 Reserved Coach Seats 1 adult 1 senior ttl amnt USD 159,10
We paid by master credit card 30yh july.and after that we got the confirmation emai E-mail that says,s as follows:
Terms on condition total USD 318,20.
Fares are not guaranteed until we provide you with a reservation confirmation.

For you security,please be patient while your bank authenticates this transaction.
do not refresh this page or click the back button or this transaction may be interrupted or canceled.

Noe is the problem that we will fly out frm Helsinki Finland on Next monday to New york and we stay their frm 17-28 aug Edison Hotel,and on the 23-24 we plan to go to DCA for one day and we also have booked the hotet their and cfmd and paid.

I hope you can help us what went wrong here as all other thing we have made the booking in NYC theatre etc has work perfect could be that we have made same misstake ???

Brgds lars erik juselius

P.S. waiting for yr reply tks in advance


JACQUIE DAVIES July 31, 2015 at 11:37 am

AMTRAK SUCKS! The WORST customer service I ever experienced. NO response; CS agents obviously engaged as passengers immediate problems that require assistance. When they don’t want to talk, they just hang up, refuse to give you their names & ID numbers. CLOSE & do us all a favor. The trains are old, dirty pieces of crap that no human should have to endure. 50 degrees for 18-20 hours with NO way to turn the temp up is inexcusable. $400 for the ‘meals’ prepared by Amtrak chefs! HA, it’s barely edible microwaved crap. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW AMTRAK GETS AWAY WITH THIS. IT’S FRAUD, IT’S ROBBERY. Complaints are ignored, hoping the passenger will get sick of calling & writing & give up. I’m sure many do. NO WONDER AMTRAK IS PRACTICALLY BANKRUPT. I NEED HELP TODAY! IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO MY FAMILY MEMBERS AS A RESULT OF YOUR NEGLIGENCE YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE!


Melica A. Grimes March 6, 2015 at 11:46 pm

I just received an email from Vanessa Scurry. Another very unprofessional staff member. In her email she states the same information that the other unprofessional staff members have repeated regarding my $130.00 refund for missing my train on Dec. 23, 2014, An, as I have stated I feel that this action is grossly unfair and I am seeking legal action against Amtrak, especially when I made several attempts to contact Amtrak several times to make changes in my schedule trip. Each time I call I got no answer. Twice I requested for a new pass word to open the account in Dec. 2014, To this moment I have still not been able too open the establish account through Amtrak website.Once I arrived at the station in Dec. 2014, I was told I had missed the train, No options were offered once I explain the situation too the Clerk.I had to purchase another ticket and wait in the station for 11 hours for the next train. With a policy as strict as Amtrak,,this agency should have more follow up with their customers such as more emails alerts or a telephone calls.Many of the business I currently do business with have great customer relationships. It is obvious, the Amtrak does not respect it customers and can only maintain it’s business by stealing from people who experience problems with their webs or from talking with their unprofessional staff members. Good Luck! I hope more people take the time out to find other ways to travel instead of traveling slowly and poorly through the country on an Amtrak train.


Pamela Young February 6, 2015 at 11:39 pm

I have waited weeks now for Amtrak to turn a mistaken evoucher into a credit on my American Express. I’ve been on hold from 15 to over 45 minutes on 2/3, 2/4, and 2/5 waiting for someone to speak to me regarding my multiple email requests for a response.

Clearly this speaks horribly about the customer service, attitude and professionalism for a corporation that doesn’t pay attention to their customer services. I will take this higher in my company if I do not receive a call or email by 2/9/2015.


Renata Kacprzyk August 29, 2014 at 10:47 am

I have called your office in washington and your 1800 rail number 9 times and have never gotten an answer do you want to pay my cell phone bill for theses calls, please call me at 1773-910-**** r i will go to to the better business bureau about your service and terms


JOHN COVINGTON July 10, 2014 at 11:50 am

I was a passenger on amtrack # 92 traveling from Raleigh NC to NYC 7/3/2014 leaving Raleigh 9am and arriving New York 1:30 am on July 4 th 2014 , we were late or delayed due to switch problems. But my complain is aobut the food service Car. I tried to purchase a meal while on train and was told to wait unit after train left Washington DC, then I was advised to wait unit after Train left Bailitmore and then was advised that only those using sleepers would be fed. I spoke with the conductor and was advised to file this complaint, we were struck on the train for over 16 hours and were not afforded the chance to have a meal.


Mr Lee June 30, 2017 at 3:21 pm

I had a food allergy with beef and they made no attempt to help at all. The guy wouldn’t even sell me a salad. Instead any viable options like a Veggie Burger, or Quesadillas were being cooked right along next to beef burgers and steaks.

I was left without no food for over 30 hours. Meanwhile my blood sugar went down and I could feel myself getting sick and irritable. Had to settle for items that was so pricey and only lasted for an hour or two before my body demanded something more viable.


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