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American Airlines Group, Inc.
4333 Amon Carter Boulevard
Fort Worth, Texas 76155

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Phone Number: (817) 963-1234
Fax Number: (817) 967-4162
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American Airlines Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

American Airlines Executives

CEO: William Douglas Parker
CFO: Derek J. Kerr
COO: Robert D. Isom Jr.

American Airlines History

American Airlines was created from a conglomeration of 82 small airlines in 1930 and was the common brand used by a number of independent carriers for a time.

American originally stayed afloat through carrying U.S. Mail.

By 1933 American had a network serving 72 cities.

After World War II American acquired American Export Airlines, renaming it American Overseas Airways, and serving Europe.

American has shown its dedication to innovation over time, hiring the first female pilot in 1973 and was among the first to use a computer reservation system and a frequent flyer program.

Today American is a major U.S. airline with an extensive route network, offering flights to North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.

The airline operates an average of 6,700 flights per day to approximately 350 destinations in 59 countries.

American Airlines is #121 on the Fortune 500, has 118,500 employees, and had $40.990 billion in revenue in 2015.

American Airlines FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for American Airlines?
Answer 1: The phone number for American Airlines is (817) 963-1234.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of American Airlines?
Answer 2: The CEO of American Airlines is William Douglas Parker.

Question 3: Who founded American Airlines?
Answer 3: American Airlines was founded by in .

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KarenPressey September 11, 2019 at 2:48 pm

I am a travel agent trying to get a duplicate ticket situation resolved.
I booked my client at her boss’s request and she booked herself on the same AA flights unkowingly. My client was on vacation with no access to email when I sent her the confirmed reservation so I missed the void opportunity.
I’ve called 4 different numbers at American and was transferred, hung up on and told a flat “no we can’t do that”.
I am trying to get confirmation MDFVKO cancelled and refunded or at least have the penalty waived and a credit issued in the full ticket amount since American has not provided any services. I am frantically attempting to do this with a degree of immediacy since travel is not until 22Sep. American can still sell the seat to another traveler.
Can anyone at American understand and help?
Thank you,
Karen Pressey


KarenPressey September 11, 2019 at 4:02 pm

I must write that American did resolve my issue…it took numerous phone calls but I finally reached the person (Monica in Dupes and Arc Errors) who would/could help and she quickly and courteously refunded one of the dupe tickets. When I mentioned my problem getting resolution she said “this is what we do all day everyday”…which tells me it is just a matter of getting the right person on the phone…but that takes some doing.

Thank you American Airlines


George Duggan October 7, 2019 at 11:58 pm

YEARS after I finally got my problem refunded, I see similar problems are still happening. Doug Parker needs to reshape the department.
We go to England twice a year. I must say, lately everything on AA is improving! We just returned yesterday from a month long trip. Robert, the flight attendant on the London-Charlotte flight, is fantastic. We have been on one of his long haul flights a few times, and we probably will be on one again in December or January. The food on this last journey was really good to great! Keep up the good work!
George Duggan


Terra July 19, 2019 at 1:44 pm

I booked this flight as part of a round trip fare departing dfw on 7/13/19. We had something come up that required us to be in New York on Friday night. I called AA to ask about changing the Saturday flight to Friday and they said they couldn’t. I said ok can i book a one way to nyc and use my rerun flight from the round trip booking. The woman at AA reservations said i just need to notify the airline that i wouldn’t be taking that flight on 7/13. I said ok I’m notifying you right now because i need to book a one way so i can get to nyc on Friday night. We arrived in nyc after a canceled AA flight on 7/12 forced us to pay out of pocket for a delta flight- at this point we’ve paid $1100 for the initial round trip AA flights plus the $1500 for the delta flight to get to New York. When i went to check in this morning for our initially booked return trip to dfw (remember this was part of the round trip fare that i was told i could still use) it wouldn’t allow me to check in. I called AA who told me my reservation was deleted because we no showed on 7/13. I said i notified AA prior as was what i was told to do by the agent i spoke with on the phone back in June before booking the one way Friday fare. I was told nothing could be done and i wouldn’t receive a credit or a refund because i no showed. I didn’t no show. I told AA and made sure what we planned to do was ok to which i wasn’t told it was. Now AA claims i never called in and refused to work with us. I just had to pay another $1400 for a return flight home on the same flight that I’d already paid for once. I’ve spent $4000 for a round trip economy trip to nyc to visit family because of all of the issues. Lastly i went to check in for the flight today and my 8 year old daughter is not seated with us. AA agent on phone said they are not liable if anything happens to her while sitting alone and they can’t do anything unless i pay to change the seat. I’ve flown with AA a lot and never encountered such poor CS.


James R Moses June 27, 2019 at 6:16 pm

sorriest airlines I have ever flown on will not fly AA again, instead of driving to terminal in Texarkana,Arkansas we will start flying out of Little Rock, Arkansas, Terminal that way we won’t have to fly AA. I need some one to answer this question. Why should some one who is already booked on a flight give up their seat


Barbara Katz June 25, 2019 at 6:27 pm

I’ve taken many, many trips on American Airlines and have never before been given the runaround as I am now experiencing. I booked a ticket round trip to Hanoi through The plane is operated by Japan Airlines but that is nothing new as many of the tickets in the past have been operated by another airline in your group. I paid and booked a ticket for a seat that was designated as Choose Your Seat. When I got my confirmation the tickets instead show Economy with a class 0 designation which according to JAL means we can’t choose our seats till 24 hr. before departure. Your website shows Main Cabin flexible with the price we paid. AA customer service said we did nothing wrong; it’s JAL’s fault. JAL says we booked through AA so it’s your fault. Meanwhile my sister and I have a good chance of getting seats apart from each other for 22 hours. This is really false advertising. At this point I’m already figuring we will get awful seats but it’s very important for us to be together as I get panic attacks and she calms me down. I think it should be your responsibility to do something to help us. Thank you.


Elaine Harris April 15, 2019 at 10:12 pm

First off I would like to state I received an email this afternoon regarding a flight change of my families’ flight returning back to Austin from HNL. You had changed my flight to try to have me leave a day early and Monday 17th Jun at 11; 20 pm. Instead of Tuesday 18th Jun at 7:15am our original flight. As you would understand we were not at all happy to have to leave earlier being as our vacation has cost us a lot of money. My Father-in-law called and managed to change our flights so that we are leaving on our Original flight date (and not a day before) however it is an overnight flight and we were trying to avoid this, we feel like we really got shafted as when I booked my flights it was more expensive to fly early in the morning (which was the only Airline that did this so this was our main reason for booking with AA) But we are now leaving later (with no talk of some compensation)? This I feel has no regards to us at all. We upgraded our own flights to 1st class leaving Austin to HNL..and we assumed that because we were not taking an overnight flight on our return, that we would not need to fly first class back. Even though my father-in-law is in first class. We tried to change to first class returning (because it’s an overnight flight but it was way beyond what we could afford unfortunately) . However, I do feel like you should be compensating us something or some kind of Scooby snack, for the inconvenience, since we originally paid more $$ for the Early morning flight it was in fact cheaper to fly over night flights. Is there any possibility that you could award us at least a free upgrade or something? This trip is our 30th wedding anniversary and it has already stressed me, before I get to go. I hope you will consider us


Jessica Miller March 3, 2019 at 11:27 pm

On February 20th, 2019 I flew from Miami to LaGuardia (3:30pm flight) on a short vacation. I was seated in the middle seat and drinks were served. The first and only time the stewardesses came around to collect the cups, etc. I was not finished. After a time when no one came to collect the cups I figured we should be getting close to NY so I hit the call button for the stewardess. When she arrived she hit the call button and quite aggressively said “YES?”. I responded with “I just wanted to give you the cups so that I can put up the tray”. Her response was to lean in and say (and I quote) “The call button is NEVER to be used for that purpose. You are only to use the call button for emergency ONLY.” When she continued to carry on I responded “Please do not lecture me on the uses of the call button and please take these cups”. I have travelled all over the world on just about all Airlines and I have NEVER been told that you can only summon a stewardess if you have an emergency. This is so insane and quite frankly I expected better from a company that has been in business as long as your company has. Further people are frustrated in flying these days as travelers get “less bang for their buck” and some staff behave as if we are infringing on their time. Perhaps you need to look at further or ongoing training for your staff as evidenced from the previous emails you have received.

Jessica Miller


Barry Tipiere December 26, 2018 at 5:34 pm

Good day, on the morning of 12/26/2018 my wife Betty Tipiere booked a flight from jfk to lax, the woman was very helpfull and confirmed with my wife who has a disability that myself and my wife would be seated one window and one isle with a seat between us, when i reveived my conformation there was not seat and it advised that seat would be assigned at airport, my wife’s conformation had a seat, when we called we were advised that this request could only be done for an additional charge, how out ragious ,so we will take our trip and not only not use AA any longer but advise all family and friends to do the same, oh by the way we are also AA advantage, and will be discarded, will also convey via social media the same, bye
I can be reached at 516-578-XXXX, or 516-578-XXXX or 718-793-XXXX


MARSHA MCDOWELL November 13, 2018 at 4:02 pm

colorfulstrokes@ My husband and I are finally home after experiencing a NIGHTMARE trip from hell thanks to American Airlines! I am semi-disabled and in a wheelchair for distance type walking. My husband has early dementia and his short term memory is severely impaired so I have to conduct business and essentially everything that is happening at the moment. We had just finished a wonderful 6 day stay in NOLA visiting musician friends and experiencing great food and other French Quarter activities. Our return flight was scheduled to leave NOLA at 6:37pm and we arrived at the airport shortly after 3pm. We had 1 first class ticket and 1 coach. The curbside baggage person insisted on charging us for 2 bags. I argued a 1st class ticket was entitled to TWO free bags up to 70lbs. He finally backed off and I only had to pay for one. After we were at our gate (me in wheelchair) we found out that our flight was going to be delayed “due to flight crew issues”. The delay was 2 hours and were told “it was going to be close” in catching our connecting flight in Dallas but they might be able to make up the airtime to make it doable. As soon as we got off the plane and I was in the wheelchair I asked the skycap if we had missed our connection. He said probably after I told him which one it was. I asked him to look at the schedules posted so we would know for sure. He REFUSED and said the only way to know was to go to the gate indicated! At this point I knew IF we missed it we would need to get our bags AT THIS TERMINAL before we could proceed with anything else. Again he refused to do anything except take us to the indicated gate. So we wound up getting on the skytrain and transferring to the other side of the airport 2 terminals away from our BAGS!! Of course when we got there we had missed the connection. The ticket counter person just took our tickets and booked us for the next flight without even discussing it with us, but did change it to a later morning flight around 10am. however, even though I paid for first class I couldn’t get it. By this time it was about 11pm and I hadn’t eaten since early morning since I was flying First Class. He also produced a voucher for a Hotel (in another city) and a voucher for some food. I was familiar with the hotel chain and told him they didn’t have a restaurant. He called them and they confirmed what I said. He proceeded to say “but they do have several you can walk to”. (EXCUSE ME I’M SITTING HERE IN A WHEELCHAIR!!!) Then he said we could use it in there food court which was in another terminal. He said go ahead and eat and we’ll then shuttle you to the hotel. I then told him we STILL needed to get our bags because my oxygen concentrator and C-PAP machine were in them. He said I should have had them with me. I explained the O2 Concentrator was too big and I always traveled this way with no previous problems. He took our baggage tickets and said okay, go eat and come back here and we’ll have your bags. So the skycap took us back to the train and we went to another terminal for food. Once we got to the food court everyplace was closed except a BBQ place. We went up to order. Every time we tried to order something, “THEY WERE OUT OF IT”. FINALLY, we settled for WHAT they had left, some dry bbq pork and beef that had been sitting out for hours. Pretty pathetic overall (not blaming AA), PLUS the fact that even with the voucher we had to shell out about another $10 of our own money…. The skycap then took us back to the train to get to the terminal we had just left so we could get our bags. Once we got there the ticket agent said, “Okay let’s get you on a shuttle to the hotel”. I again told him we needed our luggage. He said they were locked up and we couldn’t get them until 4am!!! It was nearing 1am at this time. We had to be BACK to the airport around 8:30am to catch our flight. So if we got our bags at 4am clear down at the furthest terminal from where we were at that point and then come BACK to where we were now to catch a shuttle to take us to a hotel in another town, register in the hotel, get to our room, set up my oxygen, C-PAP, etc, etc……..ummmmm maybe 10 min sleep????? PLUS because we had our bags, it meant we’d have to check them in again, go thru security, etc, etc!!!! We are both senior citizens with health issues so we do not move like we once did or wish we could. SO, we opted to just spend the night in the airport because the alternative was more than LUDICROUS! Oh, they wanted to make it “better” for us so they “COMPENSATED US (their words) with a free bag of 1st class blankets to keep us warm! (I was past livid at this point, but HELPLESS) After about 2 hrs. I remembered there was an earlier flight that was first offered so I wanted to see if we could at least change to shorten our suffering. I finally saw a couple of employees in a booth at a nearby gate. My husband (with a BAD BACK) wheeled me over and both people working were EXTREMELY rude and didn’t want to hear anything we had to say. They just informed us we needed to go to gate 25 for assistance. (that’s where we first were brought and given the new tickets and vouchers) So my husband pushed me ALL the way back to that gate and of course no one was there. We got in line and waited. And WAITED…… and waited. Pretty soon it got to a point that I knew there was no way we could change it to the 7am flight because it was already well past 6am. Finally close to 6:30am a ticket agent who was at the gate next to 25 came over and said she noticed we had been waiting for a long time and could she help us. I think she was a supervisor because she got on a walkie talkie and started complaining that no one was manning gate 25 like they should have been doing. SHE was the FIRST and ONLY person at DFW airport who showed ANY compassion and was courteous and found a flight around 8:30am to get us back to Phx. Both my husband and I feel like we have suffered a very traumatic experience and will NEVER willingly fly AA again! I have been a LOYAL advantage cardholder since LONG before US Airways was aboard and it seems like after the merger this airline has gone to the DEEP DEEP SOUTH!!! I feel we are due some compensation for all the hardship and what I consider ABUSE that we encountered and endured throughout this ordeal. I still break down in tears when I think about everything. I’m livid, upset, and disappointed at how uncivil everything was. GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE has almost completely disappeared and it breaks my heart because I was raised to always embellish and strive for that.


Susie Lewis September 13, 2018 at 3:08 pm

American Airlines – Never Ever

I’ve never had a worst experience ever and on top of that i paid a lot for this upsetting experience. My Daughter & I was flying out ahead for her Wedding date. 1st. Went to SAT airport we got there 5:45am the AA employee stated we can scan our ticket then i notice something about 6:00 am bag’s being checked in. I ask Ma’am are we going to make it??? She said, oh you need to get in the Customer service line which had a Lady already there going through a very lengthful conversion with the AA Employee. So, i went to the counter where there were 3 Employees standing not doing anything. I ask if someone could help us & they said no that you would need to get in the Customer Service line. Finally after 5 plus minutes an AA Employee came over to assist the matter by that time it was almost 6:00, our plane takes off @ 6:30 and she said we would not be making our flight????
So, to say the least i was beside myself – we had places to be in Durango, Co. for the wedding. !st My Daughter had an appointment for hair & makeup run through, pick-up food, pick-up containers for the Wedding then drive out to the Venue to prep for Rehearsal dinner & Wedding. So, the young Lady showed some empathy to the situation that we were having. My Daughter stated Southwest wouldn’t have done this…. Tried everything getting another flight out as soon as possible to our destination. With that being said and $600 later we got on a flight @ 10 am to Arizona – Durango, Co landing 4:00 pm. When getting on the Flight to Arizona we had Katie’s Wedding Dress in a Wally bag and was told that we could use the Coat Department. The Redheaded Flight Attendant was the rudest person that I’ve met in that profession. Speaking of a bully she did not lend a hand to help or assist with the matter. She told us that we need to put that in the overhead department. I let her know that I had ask several times before I got there, that it would not be a problem. She was grumpy, everyone one in First Class was watching along with the other Customer’s watching & listening to her saying ugly stuff to me. She first said in a loud voice MA’AM YOU’RE IN MY WAY. So, I said I’m sorry…. So, I moved over to where she was and then again stated in a LOUD voice NOW YOU’RE IN MY WAY. I’m at my wits end going through what I just got dealt with starting @ 5:45 am. Got in my seat and began crying. I thought to myself I’ve never.. So, I eventually got to our destination.

Flying back from Durango Monday 19th 2018. 1st plane had to deice the plane no problem waited about 10-15 minutes – landing us in Dallas – now waiting to for AA Employee to arrive in order for change over and to get us off the plane – took 10+ minutes which delayed us from making our flight to San Antonio, had to go to the Customer Service counter and try to get out on the next flight. Finally made it home around 7:00 pm instead of 4:00pm. Glad to be home but, never ever will I fly American Airlines. It was the saddest experience I’ve had to deal with in a very long time.


Fabian Brown June 19, 2018 at 9:46 am

I have traveled with American Airlines for many years and have always been satisfied with the service, flights and pricing until now. I scheduled a trip to Jamaica for my anniversary and have family from all around the United States meeting us there for a ceremony. On yesterday, the day before my flight, I received and text message from American Airlines telling me that my flight had been cancelled an they will be contacting me shortly to reschedule. I heard nothing from the airline so I called and was put on hold for over an hour to only be told that there were no flights that would get me to Jamaica on today and that the earliest that they could get me there was the day after my reservations and ceremony. My sister got on her flight that I purchased only 150 miles away from me and sent me a picture of a very empty flight. The agent told me that there were no flights within 300 miles of Virginia that he could put me on. My wife and I are very disappointed in this airline and your employees that didn’t care enough to do their jobs properly and accommodate my family. I am not one to usually my formal complaints but this time I felt moved to inform someone of this situation. I’m missing out what was suppose to me a very memorable mile stone of a 20 year marriage as well a lot of money.


Vonda Watts June 12, 2018 at 12:40 am

I purchased a one way ticket from Dallas Texas to Lansing Michigan for my husband who drove our daughter to Texas. The ticket cost $220.00. I made an error the date. I made it for June 6th instead of June 7th and as soon as I realized my error I called and asked if there was something I could do so that I would not lose my 220.00 I was informed that there were no refunds and I could not credited for another flight. I was informed that I would have to purchase another ticket which cost me $340.00, so I purchased another ticket for 06/08/2018 so I have now spent $560.00 for a one way ticket. When my husband boarded the plane there was a delay. The plane was suppose to leave for Chicago at 9am but did not leave until 11am. My husband had a layover in Chicago and was suppose to take a connecting flight from Chicago to Lansing MI. I realized that the plane from Texas was not going to be in Chicago on time for his flight to Lansing MI. At that time I received a text informing me that the flight to Lansing was cancelled. I called American Airlines and was informed that the next flight was the next day at 7pm. I asked if American Airlines could help with hotel stay and was told that they didn’t do that. I asked the young man so what is my husband suppose to do for 18 hours and he said sit at the airport and wait. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he informed me that they are going to tell me the same thing. I was pretty upset by now and my husband was in the air not knowing what was going on. After waiting 25 minutes I spoke with a supervisor named Renita who was very nice and finally assisted me and found a flight that day to Flint MI. She was the only one to try to help and was very apologetic. after 10 hours my husband was in Flint and I picked him up. I do a lot of traveling because my children live in Texas and Hawaii but I will never ever use American Airlines again. I have never been so upset at the way your company handled my situation that I will no longer use this company in my personal travel or my business travel. I refuse. If I could give your company a half star I would and it would be only because of the supervisor I spoke with. I am so disappointed in this company.

Vonda Watts
A patron you just lost.


DR D E KING October 13, 2017 at 10:20 pm



Deenna Hinds April 21, 2017 at 4:12 pm

I recently flew from Baton Rouge to FAT on 4/2/17. My luggage was damaged, but American Airlines is refusing to pay the claim I filed. Instead they want me to drive from Visalia CA to Fresno CA which is 45 min away one way, 45 min back home leave my luggage to “see” if it is fixable. Then if its fixed then I get the privilege of driving up to get it and driving home again. I don’t think so. I will tell everyone I know of their poor customer service and DO NOT FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES.
They can charge you for your check in luggage but they certainly don’t take care of it. I want my claim reimbursed.


Julie Rawls November 11, 2016 at 12:44 pm

Dear Management, I have only flown on AA once many years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. On Nov. 10, 2016 I needed to fly to a very important business meeting in Nashville, TN from Austin, Tx. A friend used his AA miles to get me the ticket. I got to the airport and stood in line for TSA about 45 minutes then had to go thru additional screening because my shoes and wallet were in with my computer. The TSA officials were literally sitting on their butts except one who was moving very slowly and I finally told them if they did not get me searched I was going to miss my flight. They did not care at all and 5 minutes later one of them got up and checked me out. I hustled to my gate 13 which was very close and it was 9 minutes before the were to close the door. I stood at the counter patiently and not being rude to those in front of me because I had no idea you canceled an earlier flight and you overbook you flight the manager told me about 20%. The door was still open and when I stepped up to my turn at the counter she picked up the phone and said the flight was full I said no ma’m I have a ticket on this flight. She then went to the door and to the lady to get the last person and bring them back out then changed her mind and said I was not booked in yet and I tried to explain to her that while she was checking this person into my seat I was standing right there. I was not given the 500.00 they paid other people to give up their seat to be on standby and I was at the bottom of the standby list and after 4 flight I was still almost 20 people down. The staff was very rude and unbelievable. I should of just pushed anyone at the counter out of my way and got on that plane. I was just not raised that way. I missed a huge meeting for my new company that would of meant a lot 0of money for the company and it will be 5 months before we can get another meeting and for us this is horrible news. I expect an apology and a voucher worth at least $500.00 for someone else taking my seat when I was standing right there. I sincerely hope you retrain your staff to be more understanding and nice. If you need any other information please email. Julie Rawls


Elaine Jones July 28, 2016 at 7:08 am


American Airways Travel Experience
24TH July 2016
Dear Sirs
Booking Reference: TFFVRR
Ticket No: 0012379416118-19
Date of Travel 01 July 2016

I am writing to you as directed by your staff in Madrid Airport to complain about my recent travel experience.
As you will see from my booking reference above, I booked a return ticket with you VLC-CLE-VLC in Business class approximately 10 months ago.
Although you made several alterations to my flight schedules prior to departure, these were not too much of a problem, and my outward trip passed relatively satisfactorily. However the return journey which should have taken approximately 16 hours, in fact incurred delays that made the trip 52 hours in duration!

Thursday 21st July CLE-CLT 5436 left on schedule and although it arrived on time, we were advised by the Fight deck that due to a recent storm in the area, all flights in and out of CLT had been postponed and there were now serious delays after landing to arrive at our gate. In fact, we remained on the tarmac in a queue of planes for about 1 ½ hours. Again, the flight deck assured us that any passengers with connecting flights would not have a problem, as outgoing flights were equally delayed. Unfortunately for myself, the outgoing flight to MAD got away on time, and despite my request to the air crew to advise land side that we were delayed, this was ignored and consequently I missed my onward flight. Staff at CLT looked at any options to re-route me, but advised that any other flight would miss my further connection to VLC and therefore offered me hotel accommodation and meal vouchers for the next 24 hours. The Hotel, Wyndham Garden, was a disgrace, and had I been travelling Economy class I dread to think what the option would have been.

Friday 22nd July, I returned to CLT and waited in the Admirals Lounge until the departure of my flight to MAD. Out of curiosity, I tracked the incoming flight 749, and watched it arrive at the Gate D 03 before 15.30, approximately 30 minutes ahead of schedule.In fact your flight records show it to have arrived at 3.12 pm When my flight was displayed as boarding, I went to gate D03, which was totally chaotic, to be advised that the flight was delayed by approximately 1 hour. When I questioned the ground crew as to the reason for the delay, I was advised that it was due to the late arrival of the incoming flight. Clearly this was a lie as I had seen it arrive and tracked it myself. To kill time, I then visited a local airport bar, ordered a glass of wine at $15 and showed one of my meal vouchers issued by AA. The glass was duly served, and when I went to leave and again offered this voucher, I was advised that these could not be used for alcoholic beverages, only sodas…..At no time was I advised of this, and clearly it is not stated on the voucher.
Once on-board the aircraft, we left the gate approximately 1 hour late at something near 18.00, although I did not check the exact time. We were then parked on the tarmac for a further 30 minutes as the flight deck advised us that the brakes were overheating. At this stage I called the flight attendant and advised her that unless we had a very strong tail wind, I would miss my final connection in MAD and could she advise me what procedure to take. The flight attendant advised me that this was a very regular and frustrating problem to them, as it impossible to turn an aircraft of that size around in 1 hour between International flights. I am sure that your logistics department would also agree with this statement.
Eventually, our flight arrived into MAD shortly after 08.00, 1 hour later than scheduled, thus I missed my onward connection to VLC. After a very lengthy discussion with your ground staff, I was offered an economy class seat on a flight at 23.00. Clearly this was unacceptable and after a lot of aggravation, was then offered a seat on the flight leaving MAD at 20.15. So now after an overnight flight without much sleep, I had a further delay in the lounge of 12 hours. Your staff did provide me with more meal vouchers and offered a hotel, but I declined this. I asked to be reunited with my luggage in order that I could finish my trip by rail, but again was told this would not be possible.
I eventually arrived back in VLC at approximately 21.15 July 23rd to be advised that my luggage had not arrived, and indeed at the time of writing this, 19.00 on the 24th I still do not have this.
I am an older person, with very limited mobility, and the purpose of my visit to CLE was to visit my family who I see approximately every 2/3 years. The entire pleasure of my trip was ruined by what has to be the worst travel experience of my life, and indeed as a Travel Journalist, there have been very many trips and Business class experiences enjoyed over the years. I would be very happy to write about this experience for inclusion in your inflight magazine!
I accept that the late arrival in CLT was partly due to weather conditions, but I do not, and cannot accept that you believe a turnaround of 60 mins in CLT is viable and acceptable; and indeed your schedule shows arrival time of AA749 3.50 pm and departure time of AA748 4.45pm this is 55 minutes from touchdown to take off, however, you were happy to make my entire reservation on the grounds of all flights being connecting which clearly they did not.
Surely a delayed arrival of 36 hours is extreme in anyone’s view, and not acceptable under the terms in which you sold me the ticket.
Could you please advise me within the next 14 days of what compensation you are prepared to offer for this most hideous experience which clearly could have been avoided?


Janet Breitkreutz June 29, 2016 at 10:17 am

Booked a flight for our son from GRI to HSV on 6/17/16. That flight went flawless, thank you. The return flight was to leave on 6/27/16 Mesa Airlines flying for Amercian Airlines out of Huntville AL to Dallas Forth Worth Texas. Cancelled due to plane maintenance. Rebooked for 6/28/16 same time same place, CANCELLED due to plane maintenance. Rebooked for 6/29/16 7:33 am flight 5705 to DFW leaving 2:40 pm to GRI arriving at 4:29 pm. Cancelled due to PLANE MAINTENANCE. Rebooked today 6/29/16 to leave HSV 2:30 pm. to DFW leaving 8:15 pm. to arrive Omaha at 10:30 pm. Will the airplane leave the ground? Good question? REQUEST A PHONE CALL FROM AMERICAN AIRLINES TO DISCUSS.


Jeremy P Leon May 21, 2016 at 2:32 pm

Fourth try to receive an answer!!!!!

Jeremy P Leon May 18, 2016 at 5:30 pm
I booked a flight for me and my wife to Philadelphia and return to Fort Myers through American Express Travel on 15th of April at 2000 hrs. My request for arrival on the 2nd of June and requested a return seven days later on the 9th of June. I am also profoundly hearing impaired and was trying to book on our regular phone instead of my closed caption phone for the deaf. When I received my written confirmation by email that I opened three days later I discovered the flight schedule was in error, because they had me leaving on the 2nd, and returning on the 12 of June not the 9th. When I call American express with whom I’ve been a member for 54yrs no one would admit the error and reschedule me correctly leaving on the 2nd and returning on the 9th. After three calls trying to reschedule correctly, I was made to pay a $200.00 fee for each ticket costing me $400.00 more for the error that truly was American Expresses fault. My wife had a medical procedure scheduled for June 10th, and American Airlines refused to even consider Medical issues to eliminate extra fee charges for medical issues. Both American Airlines as well as American Express travel refused to accept responsibility for their in-action to rectify a situation for a 100% Disabled Marine Veteran, and to put their final touches on a bad situation our seat selection was not able to allow us to sit together. There would be another extra charge for selecting two aisle seats next to one another.

Jeremy P. Leon, 100% Disabled USMC Veteran


Jeremy P Leon May 18, 2016 at 5:30 pm

I booked a flight for me and my wife to Philadelphia and return to Fort Myers through American Express Travel on 15th of April at 2000 hrs. My request for arrival on the 2nd of June and requested a return seven days later on the 9th of June. I am also profoundly hearing impaired and was trying to book on our regular phone instead of my closed caption phone for the deaf. When I received my written confirmation by email that I opened three days later I discovered the flight schedule was in error, because they had me leaving on the 2nd, and returning on the 12 of June not the 9th. When I call American express with whom I’ve been a member for 54yrs no one would admit the error and reschedule me correctly leaving on the 2nd and returning on the 9th. After three calls trying to reschedule correctly, I was made to pay a $200.00 fee for each ticket costing me $400.00 more for the error that truly was American Expresses fault. My wife had a medical procedure scheduled for June 10th, and American Airlines refused to even consider Medical issues to eliminate extra fee charges for medical issues. Both American Airlines as well as American Express travel refused to accept responsibility for their in-action to rectify a situation for a 100% Disabled Marine Veteran, and to put their final touches on a bad situation our seat selection was not able to allow us to sit together. There would be another extra charge for selecting two aisle seats next to one another.

Jeremy P. Leon, 100% Disabled USMC Veteran


Jeremy P Leon May 21, 2016 at 2:49 pm

Jeremy P Leon May 18, 2016 at 5:30 pm
I booked a flight for me and my wife to Philadelphia and return to Fort Myers through American Express Travel on 15th of April at 2000 hrs. My request for arrival on the 2nd of June and requested a return seven days later on the 9th of June. I am also profoundly hearing impaired and was trying to book on our regular phone instead of my closed caption phone for the deaf. When I received my written confirmation by email that I opened three days later I discovered the flight schedule was in error, because they had me leaving on the 2nd, and returning on the 12 of June not the 9th. When I call American express with whom I’ve been a member for 54yrs no one would admit the error and reschedule me correctly leaving on the 2nd and returning on the 9th. After three calls trying to reschedule correctly, I was made to pay a $200.00 fee for each ticket costing me $400.00 more for the error that truly was American Expresses fault. My wife had a medical procedure scheduled for June 10th, and American Airlines refused to even consider Medical issues to eliminate extra fee charges for medical issues. Both American Airlines as well as American Express travel refused to accept responsibility for their in-action to rectify a situation for a 100% Disabled Marine Veteran, and to put their final touches on a bad situation our seat selection was not able to allow us to sit together. There would be another extra charge for selecting two aisle seats next to one another.

Jeremy P. Leon, 100% Disabled USMC Veteran


Roque Rey February 19, 2016 at 12:31 am

Bought tickets and confirmed with American airline agent that our dog will be accommodated with our flight. Was told that our dog will be checked in and paid for day of our departure (February 12) booked on flight 1258. From STL to LAX, non stop flight. Came in 5 hours early for our flight, spoke with agent name Genna G. American Airlines counter and ask to checked in our dog. Dog tags/labels was placed on kennel and was told to get back with the agent in an hour to proceed our dog check in. An hour later, was told by the same person that the plane can no longer accommodate the dog. That will have to either wait overnight for another flight since the there was an aircraft changes. Time check 12 pm…After much frustration and incompetence experience with this staff, was told by the agent to request a medial note from the veterinary to have our dog serve as an emotional support for my wife during the flight. With this being said, we immediately contacted the vet office and ask for this note. Within almost an hour of trying to get this note, they finally sent it via fax to American airline counter. Upon receiving this note, the agent (Genna) told us that she made a mistake what she needs is an actual medical doctor’s note..Time check 230pm. My wife’s primary care physician to provide them this order, saying that the dog is needed to serve as emotional support during her flight. We again complied with this demand and contacted the doctors office, after another 30 mins of going back and forth with doctors office, they finally send the not via fax, 3 times. And three times the agent said they just receive blank page. With all these troubles, incompetency and unprofessionalism of the American airline staff. We obviously missed our flight. Our luggage has been checked in long before. And now stuck knowing that we might not leave for our flight that day. Finally after my daughter spoke with Genna g. And her manager, that they somehow created a solid solution… That is to get on a later flight 641pm. They managed to get us on the flight which is not a non stop, to Dallas. And Dallas to Ontario. Which should be originally lax. Instead of arriving 715pm. We arrived 1130pm. And to so much dismay and disppointment which cause my wife such anxiety and have left her with high blood pressure. To top it off the luggage was suppose mail to our address with 24 hrs, became 32 hrs. Woke up at 2am with a voicemail from American airline staff saying that they left our luggage at front porch because they were knocking at our door. Nobody came.. And that they had a notation that said it is suppose to be hotel and was surprise it was resedential area instead. Good job for leaving our luggage out at 2 am with our valuables, medicines on it! Never again American airline!


Michael Rhoad February 27, 2015 at 6:11 pm

Ok…..Now i’m on hold two and a half hours


Michael Rhoad February 27, 2015 at 6:06 pm

I was delayed all week which I understand. Weather is weather. I checked a suitcase which I could have carried on but did not for everyone’s convenience. I paid the $25 both ways.
For starters the suit case was late. I had to return to the airport to retrieve it the following day [2/27/15] .This suit case was given to me recently and this was the first trip. This suit case is totally ruined. Grease marks, cuts, and a broken wheel. I have before, and after pics if you are interested. I did this because I was warned about your airlines treatment of passengers and their belongings. My initial indications are that nobody from AA gives a hoot since I have been on hold for two hours. I doubt this will reach you office however, if it does, you need to look in the mirror as a company and remember who pays your bills……….


Rev. Jeremiah T. O'Shea February 21, 2015 at 5:26 pm

was recently given a $750 American Air gift card by very close friends, which I used to purchase a rt ticket, Pittsburgh PA to Lax. However I needed to add few days onto my stay in LA. There is the change fee and for medical reasons needed aisle seat ($60). Fine. Yet the gift card was not accepted for this and likewise not accepted for food on the plane. None of this is spelled out on the card itself, other than “terms and conditions”. While AA is no doubt covered by said conditions, AA should make this very explicit to the buyer of the card, who I’m sure would expect the card to cover these additional expenses. This is a case of misleading “fine print”.When the balance of the gift card is used on a future flight, that will be my last w AA.


MAGGIE B May 6, 2014 at 1:43 pm

Dear Mr. William Parker, CEO & Mr. Derek Kerr, CFO

I apologize for the urgency and lateness of this email but, I was recently discharged from the hospital for a severe allergic attack and vertigo. For the past few months I have been working and saving toward a trip to Chicago for an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in Chicago. I have two surgeries that must take place but, I am trying to be conservative about one the second will take a year for recuperation, healing and rehab. The conservative decision with the first after much research will be that of stem cell injection. For years it has been suggested I have knee replacement but, I have been uncomfortable with the idea especially after reading some of the reports issues regarding the problems with the knee replacement equipment, decided to wait until the medical professions came up with other options, there is one, stem cell injection. There are few many medical centers doing the injections one is in Chicago and Emory Orthopedic Clinic in Atlanta and, because the Toronto Medical Center in Canada were the catalysis who have being doing the research (85%) success, on this procedure for several years it is another option. I have been in a great deal of pain for years due to my knee, six surgeries over the past years and my foot/ankle, the other surgery to take place. I have had a bone removed and replaced along with a cyst removal on the left foot/ankle. I also have other surgery upcoming following. I decided on Chicago because it has some of the most outstanding medical professionals in the country.

I made an appointment to see the surgeon in Chicago for Tuesday, May 12th, I would like to fly out on Sunday, May 10th if you would extend me a complimentary ticket. I have been able to acquire a place to stay at the University of Illinois Medical Center Guest Housing, it was the lease expensive place for me to stay.

I am 79 years young with many years before me to accomplish several goals. I am a veteran and the widow of a veteran, mother and grandmother. My financial portfolio was wiped out several years ago due to medical bills and family emergencies. I receive social security just slightly above the government poverty guidelines therefore I am unable to receive assistance from any agency. I do receive $60 per month, food stamps. Besides having several other health issues I am a diabetic with high blood pressure, Medicare does not cover my insulin, over $300 per month. And, I have a genetic eye disease, FUCHS, confirmed by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. It causes blindness, there is no cure.

My intent is go back to work following the surgeries and the stem cell injection, it is not covered by Medicare, cost over $3,000. I have been in contact with the Volunteers of America and Easter Seals in Chicago they will extend any help I might need when I arrive.

I would sincerely appreciate it if you can extend a complimentary ticket for a flight to Chicago. Your immediate response will be gratefully appreciated.

Thank You

Maggie B.


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