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Airbnb, Inc.
888 Brannan Street #300
San Francisco, California 94103

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Phone Number: (415) 800-5959
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Airbnb Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Airbnb Executives

CEO: Brian Chesky
CFO: Laurence A. Tosi J.D.
COO: Joe Gebbia

Airbnb History

Airbnb was founded in 2008 by roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. When the pair found that they were having trouble paying the rent on their expensive San Francisco apartment, they converted the living room into a  “guest room” with three beds. They rented this space out to short term renters and offered a homemade breakfast as well.

Airbnb offers vacation rentals from private individuals who rent out rooms, entire houses, or guest houses. Both hosts and guests post pictures and offer feedback afterwards. This creative concept has been praised by many, however, it has seen a few problems, including a recent (May 2016) lawsuit brought about by a guest who says they were denied a reservation based on their race.

The company now lists rentals in more than 191 countries, 34,000 cities, and boasts more than 6 million guests.

Airbnb FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Airbnb?
Answer 1: The phone number for Airbnb is (415) 800-5959.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Airbnb?
Answer 2: The CEO of Airbnb is Brian Chesky.

Question 3: Who founded Airbnb?
Answer 3: Airbnb was founded by in .

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Helen Hamann October 6, 2019 at 1:11 pm

Open letter to the CEO of Airbnb,

Dear Mr Chesky,
I have come to the US from overseas to undergo medical treatment. While in the US, I chose Airbnb to provide me with a home away from home. Unfortunately, my experience has been less than satisfactory so far.

The first place I booked was a disaster. All the physical features of the listing were ideal for me, yet the person at the listing was not the “superhost” depicted in the online listing—the photo shows a woman maybe thirty years younger than the actual person at the site. This older woman doesn’t even have the basic hosting skills of a third-rate motel manager, so, to preserve my sanity, I decided to look for another listing, only after a week stay.

The second place I booked (HMAFBYMBRT) was a dump and the “superhost” lied to me when I communicated with him to find out if he could provide me with the special accommodations I require due to my medical condition. He is a liar and a thief, and he refuses (with Airbnb compliance) to refund me for the days I have not stayed at his place (26 days in total to be exact).

As you may well know, when a guest is ready to book, there is a disclaimer just below the “reservation” button that reads (paraphrasing): “Book with confidence, if for any reason you are not satisfied, Airbnb will help you find a new listing and issue a full refund.” This has not happened.

So, could you please explain to me, how can anyone trust and book with confidence with Airbnb and give any credit to the standard of “superhost,” when in the first instance, you are aiding and abating a fraud and in the second, you are aiding and abating a liar and a thief?

I have been an entrepreneur all my life and my main concern has always been to make my customers happy. Happy customers always mean more business. But most importantly, honesty and integrity are crucial to the success of any business. What is happening with Airbnb? I cannot believe that a successful company such as yours, could have such low standards and condone fraud, lying and thievery.

Even though I have contacted your customer service, both by phone and online, I have not been serviced properly and my claim is still pending after more than two weeks. Nobody assumes any responsibility and I have never been given a satisfactorily or rational response, nor been contacted by anyone from your organization. All communication has always been initiated by me.

I hope you look into this with the seriousness and alacrity that it deserves. The success of your business depends on it. While you are at it, make sure you review my file and provide me with a prompt and favorable resolution to my claim. Taking advantage of frail and vulnerable seniors is very bad for business as well.


Helen Hamann


Marie Jean October 2, 2019 at 7:23 am

Ur business sacks u stole my money. Refuse to refund me my money Let’s get a judge decide if u can do that


Hisham Elkei September 25, 2019 at 4:16 pm

Hello AirBnB Management,

I am a Super Host who is facing a support problem and would like to place a complaint after trying to contact my line of support in vain several times, appreciate your support on that please (Event happened on July 23rd, by Guest RJ):

According to your Instant Booking rules, if I am not feeling comfortable with a guest for my own safety, I can ask for canceling his booking. I hada guest who used the F-Word and I called the support asking to cancel and refund him which they did before he even checks in.

Either the support or him cancelled his booking (not me) and he got refunded same day.

After two weeks, I found this guest posting a nasty and unreal review about his stay which never happened and giving one star for the place that he never visited and commented on it despite he never checked in and un-recommended me to the community as a revenge while I couldn’t even rate him and the only thing that support told me is to reply to him which I did.

This rating is unfair, not legitimate as he never checked in and is causing me to lose my Super Host status..

Support didn’t want to take out his reviews for transparency while they didn’t understand that it is not for real and the guest never even saw my place to review it!!

Pls help me taking out this fake review and fake rating being not legitimate and affecting my super host status.

Thank you,

Hisham Elkei
646 872 XXXX
Morristown NJ


Prabha Nair December 2, 2019 at 2:20 am

We are a policy consulting firm in India New Delhi, working closely with the government on different sectors. I would be keen to have the contacts of the Policy head of Airbnb India to explore potential opportunities.
Request a quick response .


Thomas H June 8, 2019 at 10:24 pm

I would give zero stars if I could. After using Airbnb in the past with no issues/no negative reviews in the past against me. I book a reservation for an upcoming trip that was confirmed and low and behold a week later I get an email stating that I have been refunded and banned permanently from their platform due to a *criminal records match*. Confused, wondering what crime could possibly be on my record so severe that Airbnb found me unfit to use their services. So I read through there policies and it stated… Less serious convictions will never result in removal (such as disorderly conduct or marijuana possession).

Some other crimes may result in removal for a period of 14 years (such as felony burglary or felony larceny) or seven years (such as fraud or property damage) from the date of conviction.

Severe crimes may result in removal for a longer period of time or even permanently (such as murder, terrorism, rape or child molestation).

So I asked for the results from the background check knowing there is nothing on my record that should constitute a permanent ban. The crime that was so “serious” is a Marijuana related charge that took place over 5 years ago. Also might I add this alleged “serious crime” I had committed was prior to any state legalizing and or medicinalizing marijuana. While browsing trying to find a suitable Airbnb in California for my upcoming trip, multiple hosts post openly in their description “420 friendly” but why would this matter because marijuana is legal in the state of California. My crime was only marijuana related. So in short this company had put me in the category with Severe crimes may result in removal for a longer period of time or even permanently (such as murder, terrorism, rape or child molestation). A crime in which did the courts did not even seem serious enough for me to spend a night in jail and was resolved in fines being paid and probation and since this incident took place 5+ years ago I work in a professional position with a great company, am now a home owner, great credit standing and am a financially stable, productive member of society.

Completely flabbergasted had contacted Airbnb all for a simple explanation as to why and also offered any additional information they would like to request to show that my past does not define my future and I received no response in return. They actually refused to give me any additional information and told me they were not able discuss the matter at hand with me.

I could honestly care less if I ever used Airbnb again in my life. I simply wanted explanation as to why I am being treated as if I were a hardened criminal that was recently released from prison on parole and they could not even give me the decency of that.

In saying all of this, I do understand why Airbnb has these policies and procedures in place. They also offer a way to appeal this review. However in my case when they ban your account the only way to appeal is… From their app… From my account… Which is now blocked that I cannot enter. There should be a proper appeal process in place to address such matters as I am sure I am not the only person they are losing business from… but then again it doesn’t seem as if they want “criminals” business.


stephen miller March 22, 2019 at 4:18 pm

I bought $2600 in Gift Cards from Amazon and Stables for airbnb (i get 5% back with my credit card)

I made a reservation thru AIRBNB for 2/2020
Reservation code: HMAMHADBD3
they used the gift cards and I paid the balance with my credit card
(Mar 20, 2019 · 04:57PM EDT
MASTERCARD •••• 7411
Mar 20, 2019 · 11:24PM EDT
Next day they refunded my gift cards and credit card for $399.33
And charged my credit card $3,089.43!!!

I chatted with Airbnb and they say
” .. this is indeed an error in our platform and that they’ve been working on it for a while. It will take some more time for them to fix it….
..No, you won’t be able to use the gift cards until further notice. Basically, until we fix this error associated with gift cards.

So I have $2690 in gift cards that I just bought that AIRBNB knew would not work
And instead of a $399 credit card charge I have a $3,089.43 credit card charge.
If I cancel I still have $2690 in gift cards 1


Richard March 20, 2019 at 11:34 am

After exchanging 57 phone calls, 65 emails, 73 text msgs, 17 disconnects, and 23 hours of my life speaking with Airbnb Customer Service Reps, some of whom were actually not obtuse and sincerely attempted to help and after calling 415-728-0000 (not recommended) as the call disconnects shortly after hearing “or wait for an operator.” No one in this vast company with $2.6 ban annual revenue really, truly exists to help after allowing a host to STEAL my money ($2,875) after promising me a refund only to renege on said refund after hearing Airbnb tell me numerous times the refund is being processed, when days earlier the host actually rescinded said refund. I stayed in his dump less than 10 hours, in a ghetto type area all mis-advertised, adjacent to a 24/7 active RR track with horns blasting and finally having this cretinous host agree to refund, only to renege one day later. Airbnb is complicit through their mis-information, ignorance, and general lack of compassion, and sense of decency. I personally wrote Mr. Chesky one week ago asking for his intervention, but apparently as is the case of many companies whereby the owner/founder has relinquished corporate responsibility, I have received no reply.

Still in anguish & robbed while Airbnb abetted this theft!

Richard Gonzales
Bloomfield Hills, MI


Phil January 24, 2019 at 8:28 pm

DO NOT HOST WITH AIRBNB!! I purchased a property listed on Airbnb and with existing guest dates booked. You would think that the web site…that askes for payout preferences….would actually work. IT DOES NOT!!!!

All the payments continue to go to the other guy even after I changed everything on the web site relating to payouts. He even called and tried to change the way the payouts are made to no avail. The web site does not work. The “help” team does not work. It has now been over a month and I have talked to no less than 10 or 12 phone “help” people. They have no “policies” to cover this situation. I can’t believe a company this big has such a kindergarten web site and “policies” to restrict helping the paying customer!!

They continually tell me that my case is transferred to “special group” (which you can’t call or talk to anyone in that group) and will get back to me in 24-48 hours. This has gone on for over a month!!! NO HELP AT ALL FROM THE HELP LINE. DO NOT RELY ON THE HELP LINE FOR ANYTHING.
I have done everything I know to correct the situation and still no resolution because of Airbnb NON HELP. I will probably cancel all reservations (about 30) and write each customer of the reasons why and leave it up to them to get a refund from Airbnb.
I would not get involved with this company in any way. I can’t believe the web site is so amateurish and that they continue to function. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN FOR FRAUD AND FALSE ADVERTISING!!


dennis wick January 22, 2019 at 1:08 pm

I can’t believe that you don’t have a fax machine. I tried to get a rental from Airbnb for N. Charleston and then again Memphis. Airbnb wanted a picture of me in order to get a rental.
I called headquarters with no results. The person said that I couldn’t send a copy of my Id. through the mail. Also, no fax. Therefore, I had to use another company. A company of your size and no fax? Very, very stupid. I had used your company three other times.

Dennis W, Wick


Hasani Lee October 24, 2018 at 2:01 pm

Host name Sandra checked on on the 10th of Oct, 2018 booked a stay for 24 nights with your host you contracted with named SANDRA After the 1st night it was hell at Sandra house she got her money it was Traffic all night long until early mornings then the traffic was still coming through the day now Sandra has cars, different men coming and going all races ages it didnt matter and some women but mostly men SANDRA is Smoking CRACK and Selling P***y (tricking) Sandra has an camera outside that can SHOW what Im saying but when AIRBNB asked for the footage she lied and said its not working good its very fuzzy…. lies,,, Then Sandra went in our room which dont have a lock on door to keep you stuff safe She sent a message after we asked her had she been in our room she said YES!!!! (Contract was Voided) right then Sandra should have never went in our room. But the point is Sandra said she had to make sure her Wifi was connected because her CAMERAS were not on or working, If they don’t show nothing why do it matter but the point is SANDRA invaded our privacy (Privacy Laws) Airbnb im sure you had to agree to the host you contracted with agreement about Privacy Laws your host have to agree to and sign dealing with this law Locks with a key would have to be on the doors, to keep the thieves called Host out of your room… im just saying Now Sandra was walk stomping through the house up and down the hallway All night long until early mornings for the two days we stayed at her place Sandra then ate our food 1st she says. She didn’t then she says it was by mistake then Sandra SLANDER my name after I checked out then then falsified that I had over 30LBS of weed in her home that she knew about but couldn’t tell Airbnb how she knew it was an duffle bag full of weed and it was orange with that bag is an laundry bag and it was in the bottom of my Blackford dirty clothes which I didn’t have any dirty clothes so that tells me she had to dump all of my things out my bag to see that folded up orange laundry bag Sandra never complained about anything until she found out I check out and was called by Airbnb in which I FELT my wife could be raped or we could have been killed we felt unsafe from your host Sandra Airbnb told me that was nothing and closed my case and others said it was wrong for those to close the case this host Voialated my Privacy Sandra went into my room Sandra went through my personal items Sandra ate my food then Sandra Slander my name and AIRBNB sided with her telling me as long was house was clean it’s OK and closed the case refusing to give me back my money


Mikhail Khitrov September 28, 2018 at 9:40 am

We would like to make the public case of an intentional lie and cheating in Rotterdam made by the citizen of the Netherlands.
We are a family from Russia (a husband, a wife and 2 years little son). We love the Netherlands and used to came here for 1.5 months holidays. For our stay in Rotterdam this time we decided to use and found an apartment in the city-heart at Bottersloot, 435. The apartment was announced and presented fully furnitured and safe to stay with a little child.
What happened in reality?
We came and found this apartment with broken inti fire system, full of dangerous opened electric wires – especially in a baby room, broken lamps, without furniture and the Host (the Owner) is not the man whose photo and ID on Airbnb profile. We immediately complained about it. Now, the citizen of the Netherlands (his name is Stavros, he called the owner of the apartment), using the fact that we are foreigners, with a little child & one of us is a permanent invalid of group 2- trying to push us to leave the apartment which is against Airbnb rules and law of the Netherlands. We have learnt some parts of the NL law: According to the criminal code of the Netherlands, deception and fraud are already on face:
Deception is “the reporting of unreliable facts, the appropriation of another’s name, the distortion or concealment of genuine facts, as well as the misleading of the victim …”
Assuming the fact that Airbnb is already a part of international investigation about compliance and safety rules violation (see CNN or Bloomberg about it), and has to follow law of the Netherlands, and the host is the citizen of the Netherlands and acting against law, rules, respect and ethics, – we think it might be interesting case for compliance
We would highly appreciate if you could make this case public and ready to share with you all details and facts, and invite for compliance to see this.
I would like to inform you that the actions of the owner and the actions of AIRBNB are absolutely illegal and against the laws of the Netherlands and the rules of renting in Rotterdam that the head office of AIRBNB will surely be notified
Police case opened
Thank you.
Not-1.Just one foto electrics in “babe room»
Mikhail and Anna +7985763XXXX Rotterdam


Leah Hunter June 30, 2018 at 3:29 pm

Res # HMRT899PQW

Check in May 14, 2018 – 2 adults, 4 “puppies”, young dogs and a ferret.
My house rules state dogs MUST be housebroken and non-aggressive. Of the 4 dogs, 3 were Malamute Mix and 1 was a German Shepherd, ages ranged from “about 6 – 12 months”. The stink was awful, I provided fans (both oscillating and window box), carpet fresh for pets and put a towel along the bottom of the door, all in an effort to reduce the eyewatering, headache and nausea causing smell from stinking up the entire house. The dogs were NOT housebroken, leash trained or even crate trained. A week into their 32 day stay, the director of the local PAWS witnessed one of the adults “punching down on a young black dog” because she was digging in my yard. Animal control was called and the officer came to investigate a report of “animal cruelty/abuse”. When I called Airbnb about the guest’s damage to the room and yard, I got the run-around and told how much I would be charged.
A frequent-repeat guest was appalled about the treatment I was receiving from Airbnb and concerned how the situation was going to negatively affect my income. She called Airbnb, to alert them and complain of problem guests, not to complain about my home. She finally gave up trying to get across to them, the problem is not with the host, it is with the people with the unruly and stinky animals and wrote on Twitter how Airbnb does not stand behind the hosts even when there is animal cruelty involved.

5/24/2018 – The guests were finally told they had to leave (by Airbnb) the next day, with no refund. Unfortunately by then, the room was non-habitable, going in required holding your breath or a mask dowsed with mouthwash; they had used the main bath to bathe the dogs in the middle of the night, ruining bath rugs and mat, and chipping the tub; the holes dug in the yard mad it a hazard to both pets and humans alike.
6/1/2018 – I submitted a request for the damage done to the bath and a new pan, through the resolution center, the guest declined it. So I resubmitted it Involving Airbnb Airbnb: Resolution Center #6812230 Escalated for Reservation2 #HMRT899PQW.
6/7/2018 – I submitted a request for the yard and a large portion of the room refurbishing work, “Thank you for submitting your Host Guarantee payment request. Your case number is 209351.” Later that day, they resolved the first case #6812230.
6/20/2018 – requested status of case #209351.
6/21/2018 – emails from Airbnb: 1. “New message about your open support case”, “We’re currently forwarding you to the correct department. If you have any details to add or… “; 2. “Airbnb: Airbnb Customer Support’, “________________________________________

Sidney, Jun 21, 06:16 PDT:
Hi Leah,
My name is Sidney from the Airbnb Trust and Safety Team.
In regards to your reservation with Tia, you need to open a case in the resolution center to request payment for the damages done. This case has to be opened before Airbnb can mediate a case.
For Airbnb to meditate and consider paying for the damages you’ve reported, we require that a Resolution Center request be submitted.
To open a Resolution Center case visit:
If your guest does not respond or you cannot reach an agreement within 72 hours of submitting the Resolution Center case, you may choose the option to ‘Involve Airbnb’ in the Resolution Center and we will be happy to mediate.
Please know you can initiate a Resolution Center request even if you don’t have all doXXXXentation. If, after collecting all doXXXXentation, we find that the cost to repair the damage differs from the amount you originally requested, we will take this into account when issuing our decision.
Best regards,
So I resubmitted and received “Thank you for submitting your Host Guarantee payment request. Your case number is 1537983.”
6/30/2018 – I have received nothing on this issue from Airbnb since 6/21. There has been no correspondence, the case shows under Open on the resolution center page.
Airbnb’s $1,000,000 Host Guarantee is a farcical marketing ploy. Airbnb does not support hosts.


Crystal Brown June 12, 2018 at 5:52 pm

We booked an Airbnb in Costa Rica, wasn’t able to find the place when we arrived back in the states we contacted Airbnb to get a refund and they refused to refund us our money even though we never checked in, we was approached by a guy wearing an ankle bracelet and also asking us for money to try and help find the location, the directions was not straight forward and Airbnb is saying it’s our fault because we didn’t find the place and waited until we got back to the us to contact them, meanwhile we are out the money for the Airbnb and had to pay for an alternative location that was more secure and safe to stay at… very disappointed in this company.


Daniel Sehres March 14, 2018 at 8:42 am

I have another situation.

Why has AIRBNB allowed a host to copy the pictures of my listing and create their own listing using them?

I have called numerous times to reported this issue. AirBNB has done nothing to stop this.


Craig Walter March 13, 2018 at 4:16 pm

Is there a supplier channel available to airbnb members to source product for rentals – i.e. mattresses?


Daniel Sehres March 9, 2018 at 11:15 am

I have another Airbnb situation.

Booking May 7th to 11th. reservation HMF5KPX3CH. Cancelled there booking 2 weeks ago.I was notified by AirBNB about the cancelation and told I would get $3201. as a cancellation fee. This morning, MARCH 9TH AT 5:40 AM 3 days into the cancelled reservation I was sent an email from Air BNB stating that I will not be getting the cancellation fee. All funds were refunded to the traveler. Apparently, the traveler was able to provide sufficient doXXXXentation to AirBNB 3 days into the reservation that warranted Airbnb not to pay me the cancellation fee that is due me.

To me this is another example of AIrBNB not protecting me, the host. If they want to give all the funds back to the traveler they can do that. But not at my expense. They need to pay me the $3201. cancelation fee that is due me from the HOST GUARANTEE FUND.


Daniel Sehres March 5, 2018 at 11:19 am

When a traveler books my property I require a $2500 damage deposit to be collected by Air BNB. When the guest kicked in a bedroom door. I notified air bnb immediately. I made the necessary repairs which cost $800.00. I submitted the pictures and the paid invoice. At this time I still have not been reimbursed the $800.00 from the guests damage deposit. What I have gotten is the run around from Alex in the trust and security department. He is requesting a 2nd estimate. This is the most ridiculous request. I have already paid for the repair. I collect a damage deposit from the traveler I don’t rely upon the $1,000,000.00 host guarantee fund. There is no reason that I have to jump through hoops to get reimbursed. AIR BNB NEEDS TO PAY ME BACK THE COST OF THE REPAIR AND STOP THE NON SENCE.

I am a super host and deserve to be treated better than I am. At this time I am losing faith in Air BNB and their ability to manage the damage deposit I let them hold. I may need to collect it out side the platform. Airbnb is mishandling the funds.


Daniel Sehres March 9, 2018 at 11:18 am



JERRY PARKER February 19, 2018 at 8:22 pm

This has been the worst experience I have ever had.. I reserved and paid up front $1344 for a house for 5 days and even got a conformation on the reservation. An hour after the conformation comes through I get a message ” the host wants to charge $504 more

Thu, May 17, 2018
Anytime after 3PM
Tue, May 22, 2018
2018-02-18 15:12:15 +0000

Payment Details
Payment received: Sun, February 18, 2018

2018-02-18 15:12:15 +0000

$200.00 x 5 Nights $1000.00
Cleaning Fees $200.00
Airbnb Service Fee $144.00
Total $1344.00
2018-02-18 15:12:15 +0000

Payment (VISA ) $1344.00
Balance $0.00

Laina wants to change your reservation

Santa Paula
1910 Restored Craftsman Home on Main Street
You will be charged an additional: $504.00
If you accept Laina’s request, we’ll immediately update your reservation. If you choose to decline, your reservation will remain unchanged.
View request

Sent with ♥ from Airbnb
‌A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌,‌ ‌I‌n‌c‌.‌,‌ ‌8‌8‌8‌ ‌B‌r‌a‌n‌n‌a‌n‌ ‌S‌t‌,‌ ‌S‌a‌n‌ ‌F‌r‌a‌n‌c‌i‌s‌c‌o‌,‌ ‌C‌A‌ ‌9‌4‌1‌0‌3‌

In the 41 years of my adult life I have never had a hotel call me back and tell me the ad was wrongly placed and now we want $504 for your reservation.

I had tried to reach a compromise with the host I went up from $1344 to $1650 out of pocket but AIRBNB steps in with their fees and that would take the price up to $1800

When AIRBNB got involved this is the response I got

Armani M, Feb 18, 12:58 PST:
If you have any questions, please let me know I want to help you out the best way possible, but I cannot honor paying for the difference. I can help you find a new listing and we can take it from there.

Please just try to work with me and I can see what I can do because I want you to have a great experience


Now there is 2 problems here

AIRBNB published a house for rent for $200 a night and the host didn’t bother to check the add before it was posted.

The worst thing about this hole matter is CUSTOMER SERVICE no one not AIRBNB or the host will take responsibility for any of this mess and now the reservation has been canceled by the host, and now I have to wait at the very least 5 days to get a refund of my money.


May 17-22

Host of 1910 Restored Craftsman Home on Main Street in Santa Paula

We know this is inconvenient, so we’ve issued a full refund of $1344.00. While this refund is immediate on our part, it may take up to 5 business days for the refund to reflect in your account.

Not only does this company SUCK the host hasn’t been too honest either.


linda firth February 13, 2018 at 4:35 pm

Well I am back. Yesterday I sent an email concerning an issue that is ongoing for now up to 2 days. I have tired repeatedly to take pictures of my drivers license and passport to no avail. All the time I am doing this I have one of your Supervisors on the line. He cannot tell me if the pictures have been taken? I do not understand that YOU could not or have access to that information. He then asked me to take a copy of my passport which I think it took 6, but who knows???? He was nice but never really clear as to how to proceed. Also if I am on the phone with your representatives like for 5 hours yesterday YOU do not keep any type of notes???


Steve Hyle January 6, 2018 at 5:31 pm

I am the President of a Home Owners Association. What is your policy or rules regarding hosts who are in violation of a HOA’s covenants and by laws in operating their home as an AirBnB? Hosts are not responsive to official requests to cease and desist,


T Reed January 22, 2018 at 12:53 pm

We also have a homeowner who violates the neighborhood’s CCR’s. He has also been sent a Cease&Desist demand from our attorney…with no reply from homeowner. Our attorney suggested we file a complaint with Airbnb before with file a civil action…but we get no reply from Airbnb. Please let us know if you hear what their policy is. While we don’t expect them to arbitrate our complaint, we expect them to not interfere with our contract (CCRs) with this homeowner/host. Thanks.


Tami Grimslid November 29, 2017 at 4:21 pm

I had an instance where an airbnb customers service rep (that was outsourced) canceled a reservation for a guest for reasons that were not legitimate. I am a long time airbnb host with 5 star ratings. I called and have spoken with 5 different service reps in regards to this matter and have yet to have the situation resolved.
It saddens me that a first time guest was given a refund at 11:00 p.m. on the day she was to arrive and that I cannot be given the same courtesy as a long time host. I have not received the payout even though I have a strict cancellation policy and have been given the runaround for over 10 days regarding this matter.

In the past when I have had a problem everything was resolved with one phone call.


Lisa January 18, 2018 at 3:35 pm

I had a very similar situation with a customer rep today that stated the fact that I used the word flexible on my page negated the fact that I also stated if I am not informed 1 hr prior to not arriving at checkin time – there is a late fee. I used the terms given by an Air bnb customer service rep via phone and now I’m being penalized for doing what I was told to do. Seems as if they are not clear on educating their staff or knowing what they are speaking of. It has seemed in this situation, it is a whatever supervisor you get is what answer you get.


Eddie Penn October 29, 2017 at 9:09 am

I have been trying to get in touch with someone in customer service at Airbnb for about three weeks. I called air bnb about a question on a reservation. The representative made me feel uncomfortable for asking a question. Since I felt uncomfortable I asked to talk to a supervisor. I was told basically that isn’t going to happen. I asked to please make a request for a supervisor to call me. I have received one call at 11pm , and another call 9pm both a little late to be calling. I just don’t understand why air bnb treats their customer this way. It is as if customer service is not part of the companies mission


sarbani Bhaduri October 30, 2017 at 3:08 pm

Same here, they do not call back in a timely manner. This was a flat that was super unsafe, have yet to hear from safety department, its been a month.


Phillip Brutus September 5, 2017 at 5:13 pm


We have been proud Airbnb hosts for over 1 year now. By and large, we are quite happy with our relationship with Airbnb. However, a recent incident is having us wonder whether Airbnb is really dedicated to beng a model corporate entity.

We recently hosted a young man and his girlfriend who turned out to be a rogue posing as a guest to locate a nice site to host a rowdy party. He asked us to allow his elderly aunt and cousins to come visit him. However, the people who showed up were party goers who ended up shattering a very expensive 2 inch thick marble table; a fact they admitted. They offered to pay us $400.00 on the spot. We declined opting instead to Airbnb handle. .

We immediately reported it to Airbnb. They then asked us for a receipt. Because the table was purchased a few years ago, we could not locate the receipt and the store we bought it from had gone out of business, a fact we brought to Airbnb’s attention. One Patrick who purported to be a case manager suggested that we locate a similar store and have them appraise the table. We finally located an antique dealer who took some three days to analyze the pictures and samples of the broken table. We finally received the appraisal which we immediately sent to Airbnb. Upon receipt thereof, SIR Patrick advised us that because the doXXXXentation was provided on the 32 day after the damage, Airbnb was declining to indemnify us. Not a dime, zippo. He did not even appreciate the fact that we could have gotten a fake receipt and proceed with the claim but decided to do the honest thing. Mind you, the table did exist as before and after pictures attest and the guest admitted. Mr. Patrick cavalierly rejected our request to escalate the matter to a higher level. That is truly troubling. He simply hid behind an artificial 30 day policy to deprive an otherwise loyal host of a contribution toward replacing an item that was worth more than $5,000.00. And note that we specifically advised him that we were willing to accept $1,000.00/$1,200.00. His decision simply disregarded the month long email and telephone exchanges we’ve had with him and other Airbnb customer representatives.

In the end, he made us feel like we were scammers trying to make a buck. What made matters worse is that he did not even offer a modest amount to assist us in replacing the table. That decision caused us some potential clients because many people enjoyed the outdoor dining facility our place provides. And to make matters, as soon as we replaced the table, the National Weather Service announced a major hurricane (Irma) was about to hit Miami. This is quite shocking for a Billion Dollar company that touts its modest beginning.

I want to believe if the either CEO, CFO and/or COO of airbnb gets wind of this situation, they will make us whole. I trust that whoever receives this missive will forward it to the proper department for resolution.


Jacki Tipton October 13, 2017 at 2:54 pm

I had the same TERRIBLE experience with Patrick and several other airbnb “specialists,” and as a more than six year Airbnb HOST, I never expected this treatment-apparently this has become a corporate company, interested in the money, rather than honest customer service.
I confirmed “Luxurious Apartment in New York,” with Jennifer after reading RAVE reviews which is why I paid $2000USD for 4 nts.
This apt is in a great location, but that is all-DIRTY, we had to keep our shoes on to prevent thick dust from our feet bottoms & dirty dishes in sink, are you kidding, we thought, furnishings not as pictured, no room for anything belonging to guests, Jennifer’s “stuff” is everywhere, including mold covered bath spongees, nasty, but it gets much worse.
Upon arrival, Jennifer tells us that her “apt is rented illegally and if anyone asks, tell them you are my good friends.” Ok, weird…….and we did not like it.
Then, I sit down on chair and it is broken and I fall hard on dirty floor and really hurt my back-ruined my vacation and I had to return home to Belize, 3 days early to see my Dr.
Emailed and called airbnb several times, followed thru on their requested Dr letter, etc and never even received one followup,
Very unprofessional and must be corrected.

Jacki Tipton
Casa Placencia, BELIZE

“Luxurious apartment in New York” and ILLEGALLY rented!


Meredith S Gold August 26, 2017 at 9:27 pm

August 26, 2017

To AirBNB Corporate Headquarters
Re: reservation HMJZKTMTYH

Over a month ago, I reserved Andy’s place from 8/12-8/20/17. We checked in on 8/12/17.
On the morning of August 18th, I received a call from Andy stating that he had received a Cease and Desist order from Nashville. He said legally no one could stay there and we had to be out that day. He also that he’d find a hotel or another place for us to stay, and would get back to me shortly.

We were off for the day, and did not hear from him until the afternoon when he texted me that the cleaning woman was at the unit and that we had to get our stuff out.

He also texted back that:
1) We had been given alternative arrangements by Airbnb;
2) That we had to be out of the unit.
3) Our reservations had been cancelled.

Later that day, Airbnb called me responding to a request from Andy saying that we requested to change our reservation and leave on 8/18, instead of 8/20. I explained to them the curious call from Andy that morning and that we did not want to leave. We had nowhere to go.

I continued to receive harassing calls and texts from Airbnb and Andy about how our reservation had been changed and we had to leave. Our vacation was ruined!

Curious about the urgency of these calls, I asked Airbnb an Andy if someone else was scheduled to stay there. They replied, “That’s not possible, since you booked those dates.”

On 8/20/17 we went back to Andy’s place. I met the folks who had stayed there 8/18 and 8/19. They said they had booked their reservations a couple of months ago on Airbnb. So, we were kicked out for other guests. This is abhorrent!

I also see that it is still listed as an Airbnb for rental.

We were lied to by both Airbnb and Andy. I explained to Andy when we first rented the unit that I had a bad knee awaiting surgery. The aggravation due to the sudden and immediate move exacerbated my knee condition even more. Additionally, there was no place in the hotel to keep my ice packs necessary for my knee, one of the key reasons we wanted an Airbnb with a freezer.

Additionally, we had to dispose of about $150.00 worth of food, since we couldn’t take it to a hotel.

The last thing I needed to unexpectedly move to not one, but 2 hotels! I place this squarely on your company and Andy.

Our vacation was ruined. For expenses and pain and emotional harassment, we demand:

$2653.55 paid for the Airbnb
$150. for food,
$1371.86. for The Best Western, Music city
$3,000. for emotional pain and harassment, and the additional aggravation to my knee.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Meredith Gold


Dana Pagliaro August 25, 2017 at 5:07 pm

NEVER AGAIN!!! I had NO idea that Airbnb endorse disgusting living conditions and support the host and not the paying customer! Airbnb also allows their host to provide unsafe conditions as out front door lock was completely broken and the host said “we can get there tomorrow night…” Airbnb we have pictures — black mold, stained carpet, wet carpet, dirty kitchen floors, and bathroom showers… really?? This is what I paid for and traveled cross country to arrive to… does it make sense to pay all of that money for a place we had to leave?? Not happy and I want a response as I have a case manager who abruptly closed my complaint, customer service who also never followed up, and surveys/reviews that will probably just get disregarded because they are all negative!!!


Perviz Walji August 18, 2017 at 6:44 pm

Confirmation code: HMMZZDKKHJ
Dear Sir/Madam:

​My name is Perviz Walji. My phone number is 703-577-1XXXXX. I host my condo at XXXX in Scottsdale, Arizona on airbnb.​ I have been getting a lot of runaround for airbnb for regarding my payment. I even sent an email to response at for them to resolve the issue. So far there is no response. Here are the details.

Dillon Hunt was a guest at my condo from July 13, 2017 to August 13, 2017. I had my condo listed for $70 a night. Confirmation code: HMMZZDKKHJ

Airbnb only paid me $1110 rent from Dillon for those days.

I called Airbnb several times regarding this discrepancy in payment. They told me they had opened a case to investigate. No body ever emailed me or called me regarding this case. Then a few days later I got an email from airbnb stating that they hoped Bresha had resolved my case.

I called again and insisted on talking to a supervisor. I spoke to Margaret who said she is a case manager. She kept on insisting that I had given Dillon a special discount of $37 a night. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I sent Dillon a message saying I would give him a discount of $75 on his total payment. LOOK AT THE MESSAGES..

There is a message from airbnb stating “SPECIAL OFFER $37/NIGHT SENT.” I did not ask airbnb to give him that discount. Nor did I tell Dillon I would give him such a discount.

Airbnb gave him that discount. I ask Airbnb reimburse me the difference in the payment of $70 per night.

Also, Airbnb did not collect cleaning fees of $150, although I have asked for cleaning fees to be collected on my listing. Please reimburse me that amount also. Also, Airbnb did not collect security deposit of $300 which I have asked to be collected on my listing. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME ANYMORE RUNAROUND.

I look forward to getting my money back soon.

My address in Florida is:

Orlando, Florida, 32819
My phone is 703-577-XXXXX

Thank you.​

Perviz Walji


Christin August 10, 2017 at 5:02 pm

How do we get in touch with someone at corporate to handle a luxury retreats related issues? Their team has been extremely unhelpful, and have become unresponsive in the midst of a pretty hot crises involving theft of $15k+ worth of electronics from one of the houses we stayed in. I need HELP.


sagebrush August 5, 2017 at 12:20 pm

i recently attempted to use airbnb for the first time. i am an old retired guy who has no desktop and exclusively uses apple ios/safari as i find it to be a much better platform and more secure thatn microsoft and chrome. unfortunately, airbnb’s verification process would not work with my ipad. i tried customer service but rather than reading about my issue, they sent boilerplate responses that were a waste of my time. after calling this to their attention, they sent me an email that i needed to go to a library to get on a computer to complete my verification.

wow! airbnb client renters should be aware of this shortcoming as well as potential users of the app.


Sabrina August 3, 2017 at 4:40 pm

This company is starting to suck as it has no great way to verify more increasing criminals who are ripping folks off. My son responded to an Airbnb add. However, the person said paid deposit to a link they had to email to him outside of airbnb but it was an airbnb link. But before he wanted it he wanted my son to send him his personal email address and copy of passport. I have never rented through the company and this does not sound right. However, I could not find much info on what is proper way to verify a legitimate listing He said and Airbnb agent would meet us at property as he Is traveling once we paid deposit. I want clarification that to protect, all transactions should be done through airbnb not accept outside links to personal email. If this is correct, can you have section specifically on your website spelling out how to make sure you are working and interacting with a legitiment screened airbnb property. thanks


sandee August 2, 2017 at 2:07 pm

You deleted my help request:(


sandee joy August 2, 2017 at 12:58 pm

Hi and thank you. I have two issues. One is important. 2nd is to understand how the calendar works so I can open up for more renters. This is the least of my worries.
I can’t get airbnb to help me. I repeat I CANNOT GET AIRBNB TO HELP ME.
The person, TRAVIS MORPHEW listed my property on airbnb was collecting the full payouts.
He paid me for four months, taking out his commission.
in June he kept my payout about 1800.00.
I tried many ways for airbnb to help to not have the July payout go to him. But they did send out the payout and never answered any of my emergency emails.
Today is the last day for them to communicate with his bank to freeze or send the funds back to airbnb so they can investigate and send the funds to me. I sent my lease and the agreement I had with this pretend host, TRAVIS MORPHEW yesterday with the instructions from the manager/supervisor Brandon.

I don’t know what to do. I called, had 3 one hour conversations with being on hold several times. Today I had another attempt to call and think he answered in the Philippines.. and
after all the explanation asked if Travis was the home owner. They are always so confused. I even tried to call corporate to get help. Losing 3600.00 rent is devastating for me. I don’t know if airbnb is short staffed, the trust and safety is either out to lunch or on
vacation, but no one is bothering to help me. I believe no one cares that I am losing my rents. I only hope that someone sees this and can offer help since today is the last day before the money hit this scammers bank account. I did meet him face to face and know that he was working for a realtor in Los Angeles, but found he left the company 3 weeks ago and many phone calls are being received to that office about Travis scamming others. I made a report with the FBI.
310 405 XXXXX


sandee joy August 2, 2017 at 1:18 pm

After reading others complaints I am writing another time, since I heard the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
My first phone call was with a rep that understood completely and said he sent info to another dept.
I got a follow up from him repeating the issue. I didn’t notice his email, then everything apparently got dropped.
2nd phone call. Edward assured me with “not to worry, everything will go your way.
Result:. None
Third phone call. Finally was able to take to a manager. Normally I am put on hold when the rep doesn’t know the answer, then after 20-30 minutes comes back with an answer. Brandon made it sound like there would be some hope for me, (again). He did send a follow up email and it said I can respond to that email and even ask him to call
me if I set up a time to call. When I tried to write to do so, I got a return email that said
request was undeliverable. ANOTHER DEAD END.
So, I repeat, if airbnb does nothing today and does not contact TRAVIS MORPHEW’s
bank, and freeze the payout or cancel the payout, HE WILL AGAIN KEEP MY PAYOUT AND I receive zero. WHO CAN HELP ME?

310 405-XXXXX


Anna Stelmach July 30, 2017 at 6:17 pm

Hello Airbnb
My name is Anna. I’m using Airbnb for traveling around the world since 2015. And I always been happy and satisfied until my last trip to South California, July 12-July 23, 2017
I booked on July 5, 2017 “Master Bedroom with own bathroom!!!” in Santa Ana from the host, Kateryna, for 5 nights, from July 13-July 18, 2017 address: 1430 Cabrillo Park Dr Santa Ana CA 92701 US. After I paid $288 I received confirmation with location an her cell phone number. And I shared my cell # to keep in touch. First night (July 12/13 ) of my trip I spent in Bakersfield. On July 13 at 11 am, I texted Kateryna asking her if I we can check in around 1:30 pm. She NEVER reply to my text. When we arrived to Santa Ana, I called her and she said that she CANCELED on July 12, while we were already on the road!!!! Telling me nonsense!!!! 5 days mandatory maintenance (?) it was Thursday, so till Monday, maintenance on weekend? IT WAS DISASTER for us to arrive in the middle of the day around 2 pm and found out we don’t have a place to stay!!! Our vacation was ruined!!! Just before huge D23 convention in Anaheim !!! Devastated! tired! hungry! and thirsty! after 5 hours of driving, we found Starbucks with wifi (thanks God we took our laptop with us) We spent intense past 3 hours looking for another place to stay in the area. Waiting for hosts to respond to our desperate messages we checked on Priceline and found last reasonable hotel in Anaheim, but cost me almost $800!!! We had tickets to convention D23 for the next 3 days. All hotels were booked for that weekend. It was last one and we had to take it!!! Airbnb offer me refund $288+$28 if I book other room on Airbnb. There was no room available in the area, so I took refund of $288.
I have been told that some hosts cancel reservations on most popular and busy dates and raised price to book to other people. I don’t know if this is true or not. I want compensation $500 to cover my hotel bill. It’s up to you to do investigation.
Kateryna cancelled my reservation on the last minute, 24 hour prior our arrival. Since, I gave her my cell # she should call me!!! text me!!! let me know immediately!!! NOT mailing me on Airbnb. I was already driving to So Cal.


Mackenzie Dillon July 29, 2017 at 11:47 am

Dear Airbnb,
I’d like to start out by saying I really do admire your company and it’s convenient, usually safe mode of travel housing. That being said I had a positive attitude while using your site to book an apartment in NYC with a friend. Our experience booking was fast and easy, but our nightmare unfolded when we stepped foot into New York. We never met our host, just a friend of her’s (in the review the host seems to always have to leave town for business when a guest comes) and the apartment was filthy, unsafe, and not at all what was advertised on the site. Frantically, my friend and I called the host- no answer, called airbnb customer service, and shockingly no answer. We immediately left the apartment and got a hotel. For the next two days we were on hold with customer service for two hours with no answer. Honestly, for a billion dollar corporation I’m surprised you haven’t splurged or put much effort into a 24/7 or even just a better customer service department- especially for emergencies like this. Your lack of care for your customers shocks me, not only was my case worker absent for 5 days after promising me a refund within the hour on 7/10, the other customer service people were of no help trying to locate her or proceed with my case. Fast forward to today, 7/29/17 almost a month from when this started. 2 weeks ago my case manager Olivene said she had processed the refund in full, taking 3-5 business days depending on the bank to complete the transaction. I have heard nothing from Olivene, and have nothing in the form of refund in my bank account. I am so incredibly disappointed in this conning company’s ability to take money mercilessly from people. I am disgusted that my friend and I’s lives could have been in danger and we were barely taken seriously by your customer service representatives. I’d really love to see my $250 back from your company. After this I’d rather spend money on a hotel in the first place. At this point I’m not expecting it, but I’d really love to hear back from you considering I am out over $200 currently. Thanks.
-Mackenzie Dillon


Lee Lipton July 27, 2017 at 7:33 am

I’m a family man, spiritual man, and CEO. While disappointed in Airbnb’s management, their communication, resolution failures, my diminishing trust, and my anxious fears have lead my family and team to La Societe D’elite. They were recommended by a close friend so I contacted their owner. He is accessable, easy to talk to, and eager to accommodate and grow his business. I went through their approval process and I was accepted. Problems solved!


robert hyde July 25, 2017 at 7:55 am

how can AIRBNB charge a service fee when they do absolutely nothing to earn the money, somehow my account has been frozen for a week now, trying to make a new reservation but still disabled …. i have called the reservation help number but they tell me … now get this in 2017 that the tech people do not have phones !!! maybe the company should take some of that ” service fee ” & get some support staff


Sheila Dugan July 14, 2017 at 10:49 pm

After receiving confirmation earlier in the week, we arrived in Montana today only to be told that our Airbnb host no longer is listed with you. (Our payment was made in full). We called your office and were able to book another property two days from now at a higher price. Your office wanted to book us a property about 45 miles from where we were attending a wedding. In addition, the property was near the airport, not just outside Glacier National Park. We declined this option and booked another more expensive one that was conducive to hiking, rafting, and all the other activities that we had planned. We received a credit for our original payment and an additional $130 towards the difference. This is not acceptable compensation. In addition, we had to book two nights at motel first.

I was told by Shelby that,”Because you chose an additional listing for different dates and above your price range, I cannot cover it as there were other options. While I personally understand your concerns here and would like to do everything I can to help, I cannot compensate you for these additional charges are there were other options”.

These “other options” were not acceptable. If your host left Airbnb, why were we sent a confirmation? Your company sent us a confirmation THIS week. We should not have to pay ANYTHING for our alternate accommodation and nights at the motel. This was your error and our vacation was disrupted because of it. I hope that immediate action will be taken to rectify this situation. If


Cathy Dunigan July 13, 2017 at 8:48 pm

Confirmation # HMDHPKSPS3 TODAYS DATE: 07/12/07-
Just recieved notice reservation cancelled for 07/19-07/23/17
I am not able to get to the airbnb site to see if their is a possible other place to stay in Fort Collins, Colorado at such a short notice. Cannot even get to the place to request refund.
The airbnb is using a phone that I disconneted over a year ago. My new home is in Puerto Penasco, MEXICO. My number is 011-52-638-382–XXXXX (a Mexican home phone), my bank card numbers have also changed as I had to have it replaced. Your records have NO way to change CURRENT information. my birth date is 08/18/1942..Love airbnb in the past and would like to use in again even with this current cancellation. Please respond asap. We need a place to stay in our close to Fort Collins, Colo.


Elise June 12, 2017 at 6:50 pm

Please help. Pay out from my guesr was not processed after 24 hours from Airbnb. It is not listed in my payouts transaction history, it is not listed as a completed transaction, it is not listed as a future transaction.

Guest checked in on Thursday, June 8 and checked out today June 12 and payment has yet to be sent to Paypal. You automatically generate an email notifying me when the payout has happened and no emails have been sent.


Jeremy Loy June 8, 2017 at 2:02 pm

I made a reservation on AirBnB a good 2 weeks ago. days after an email said that my profile could not be supported and that the reservation was terminated with no specifics to what went wrong or how to fix it. it appeared i made a couple errors in profile but fixed it. i am still unable to get any response whatsoever from airbnb customer service. i have sent emails through help desk and have called several times over course of 10 days with absolutely no resolution or response from a case manage. NOTHING!

now i am in a dead end. i have made travel arrangements and purchased tickets which are non refundable and have no accomodations. this is unacceptable and very unprofessional to not have an interested and caring person do something about this . almost 10 days of follow up calls and i get the same run around that i should be receiving an email from a case manager. NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER



Yasmine Diouf June 4, 2017 at 2:42 pm

AIRBNB is a DISHONEST COMPANY WITH QUESTIONABLE ETHICS! I recently had a guest stay at my apartment. She was undecided as to when she wanted to check in, so I let her know in a message on Airbnb that I would leave the key so that she could check in whenever she wanted. She had decided on 10am and checked in on time. After her stay, she wrote a review complaining she didn’t know that she could check in whenever she wanted to. Not to mention, that she had to drive 40 miles extra because she didn’t know. I ltried to let Airbnb know about this and remove the review because my guest clearly lied. Two case managers carelessly dismissed my claims regardless of me sending my screen shots of the messages between me and my guest where I said she has the option to check in when she’d like. This is following someone else’s review on me not having enough pillows for them. Clearly Airbnb protects their petty guests more than their accommodating hosts. I wouldn’t recommend working with Airbnb since they go against their own guild lines and let anyone say anything they want. Airbnb is TERRIBLE if you want to host.


shannon nicholson June 1, 2017 at 1:11 pm

shannon-64 at!
I went to a house in Omaha Nebraska after a 10 Hour Dr. the house was absolutely disgusting I sent them pictures that my son took and the Airbnb person told me to go back to the house and take more pictures that they would not give me a refund I never checked in I left within 15 minutes of arrival Airbnb is only for the homeowners not the people staying there I just sent proof I’ve including pictures and she still wanted me to go back to the house to take pictures how uncomfortable is that for me as a client and I still can’t get a response from them after more than 6 to 8 emails and that lady that answered the phone and Brian one of your people they’re canceled my reservation on Sunday so I couldn’t even leave feedback this organization is ill managed and I’ve stayed in over 45 of these air B&Bs someone needs to do something I want my refund.


Paula Kenney May 31, 2017 at 4:52 pm

We paid a lot of money for our Airbnb in LA. The place was filthy. The carpets were so dirty we had to keep something on our feet at all times. Our host declared that this was a “building issue.” Not an acceptable excuse. The least she could have done was to put clean rugs on top of them. When my husband went to make coffee he found coffee grounds covered with mold still in the coffee maker. There was a dark hair in the freezer which clearly did not belong to either of us, the bath and bedroom reeked of urine and the windows were so dirty it was hard to see out. The urine problem was more or less addressed (there was still some odor) but most of these things were not addressed. We did not leave only because we knew we could not be guaranteed a place as close to our family as it was and we had to be close to them to take showers because there was no hot water in our unit and it was not clean enough in which to prepare meals. We had maintenance people constantly invading our privacy during our stay. They told us our host had never lived in the apartment making it an illegal hotel. All of these things really took the glow out of our vacation. In the future we will stay in hotels where we know we can count on a clean environment. And we are presently warning everyone we know through social media and otherwise to NEVER stay in an Airbnb. You have provided thousands of people with a way to rent out places for the sole purpose of making money with no regulation or guarantees of basic cleanliness. Shame on you. I believe a good class action lawsuit may be in order to help you wake up to the harm you’re doing. BTW, this complaint was phoned in immediately upon our return and I was promised a return call that never came. Busy hiding under your rock?


Verna Gillis May 27, 2017 at 12:25 pm

When the hell will this credit be sent? Your website sucks – it definitely does not encourage commication or resolution. hate you.

Avery H, May 5, 12:49 CDT:
Hi Verna,

My name is Avery and I’m a case manager with the Airbnb Trip Experience Team. I was off of work for the pat couple days and saw your email as soon as I arrived to the office. I am sincerely sorry to hear about your reservation being booked by accident .I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you.

As a guest myself, I understand that finding a new place can be somewhat challenging. Please know that I’m here to help provide the information you’ll need to find yourself a new, amazing space that you’ll love.

I went ahead and processed the remainder of the refund in full, in the amount of $697.00. This usually takes 5-15 business days, depending on your financial institution

Thank you again for reaching out to us. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to let me know. I’m more than happy to help in any way. You can respond directly to my email, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your time and patience.



Brenda Singleton May 24, 2017 at 12:38 pm

Airbnb is losing it’s rating. I am sure a Big company like this can do better than that..I am very disappointed in the way ya’ll staff is handling the host and the guess.. Bad booking procedures. Discrimination of locations.. Please take a look at my listings and see such nice guess homes. Thank you kindly. Ms B


Neal Sobel February 1, 2018 at 7:29 am

Last night I saw Chris Lehane on the Tucker Carlson Show.
( I just spent 3 days in Delray Beach Florida at an Aribnb)
Chris was , unfortunately a guest on the show that could not answer a simple question and tried to then filibuster his time left on the show by rattling off talking points.
He could have been honest and said that he and his family have not been to Haiti, but they have visited other areas of the world such as Cape Town and scheduled trips to Africa , etc…
If your a left leaning organization, that’s OK. when you take out ads mocking the president of the united states, that’s your right and I respect it.
However, I don’t have to stay at an Airbnb property.


Brenda Singleton May 24, 2017 at 12:06 pm

Dear Airbnb; I am a Host from the New Orleans area. New Orleans has one of the most biggest Tourist attraction in the world. Let’s get real, Ya’ll needs to do better with communication,bookings,and Airbnb staff. It is a lot of wrong doings within the company, stealing,and unfair bookings. These workers are not trained for these positions .Half of your host here do not have license, because certain areas are not allowed to do airbnb, like the french quarter, but Airbnb are still sending guess under the table and getting paid.It is just not fair for people like me who is getting knocked down for the wrong doers. Please take a look at this situation and try and do something about it. Bad reports about Airbnb all over the internet. Thank you kindly..


Pat Santolla May 23, 2017 at 6:26 am

My account has been comprised and no one can help me with answers. Constant run around on the phone with no resolve. I can’t even delete my account since I can’t get access to it as someone has changed all of my personal information. The trust and safety is a joke with 0 response and the fact that you can never speak with them directly. Be aware. Be very aware that there is abapirler no one to help you if you have an issue.


Dan Bobbitt May 3, 2017 at 12:21 pm

Just got off the phone with payoneer the account is still locked out I haven’t been paid it doesn’t look at this point like I ever will be paid so if you want to rent your property with Airbnb and not be paid well have at it whata scam a** company


Dan Bobbitt May 3, 2017 at 10:59 am

What a scam have not been paid by these people
Will not pick up a phone , NO WAY TO CONTACT ANYBODY!


Dan Bobbitt May 3, 2017 at 10:37 am

A PRE PAID credit card for 2 months .
Payoneer will not pick up the phone ,the recording says that they will call back in 24 hours lol that’s after
2 months of calling what a scam
I rented one time with airbnb 580 dollars I have yet to access the money
Airbnb says they sent the money to payoneer
And that I must speak with them LOL they will not pick up the phone
If you want to rent your property and NOT GET PAID
this is the company for you
The crowd should pick up the phone not send all calls to Philippines to some person that you cannot understand


Rogers Inn March 2, 2017 at 5:09 pm

Rogers Inn is integrated with Airbnb thru the liverez system. I was assigned Andrew Baker as my Airbnb representative. Andrew has been of little or no help and we are experiencing some real problems. Airbnb is collect Oregon tax on about 1/1o of our reservations but no on all of them. All of our homes are in the same town of Seaside, in the same state of Oregon. If Airbnb is collecting taxes on some, then they also need to collect on all of them. I think that is Airbnb’s legal tax responsibility. We are also receiving payments from the Airbnb resolution center for dog fees. These payments come to me, some with the name, date and home and some without anything to identify where the payment is coming from. I had an appointment with Andrew today. He got frustrated and said I was yelling at him, which I was not. I was not AGREEING with him which is different. He says he will not help me now. We do need someone to give us help with issues like this. Andrew Baker is really not suited for customer service.


Susan Plunkett February 7, 2017 at 10:58 pm

Please contact me about the damage in my home!
I need to tell what James really did over Christmas his roommates told me he wasn’t new toAirbnb! He’s a scammer!
Please help!

Tyler’s group broke the no parties rule in my home my chair still broken! His group scammers too!
Please help
Susan Plunkett


Pearl January 27, 2017 at 1:26 am

I need a copy of my 1099 I cannot retrieve from my account my account is deactivated Please I need a hard copy


Niru Desai October 25, 2018 at 5:53 am

My wife and myself had been to Norway, Sweden and Denmark from 17 Sept to 10 Oct. 2018. Our sightseeing and pleasure trip started from Copenhagen in a VW Touran SUV van. All 24 days travel was in Van from one place to another place. In most of the places we stayed one night except in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen we spent two to three days. During our stay we spent 16 nights in Airbnb accommodations. Most of these places we had booked a month in advance.
Purpose of this letter is to share our Airbnb good and bad experiences with you and request you to take steps to improve Airbnb facilities in Scandinavian countries. We used an Inspirock software package to book these Airbnb accommodations one month in advance.
Major complaints are:
• Some places did not change bed sheets. I had lot of etching for several days. After returning to Canada went to see a Doctor. Diagnosis was Scabies from Airbnb bed. I ahd to go through treatment for Scabies.
• We have already informed you about host on phone using discriminatory foul language. We cancelled because of on phone he said “You F……ing Indian”. I am settled in Canada from over 50 years, but born in India. This host must be out of your list.
• Stair cases to climb: Two uneven stair cases at elderly age to climb with luggage. They should state in their listing, so elderly persons will avoid such Airbnb accommodations.
• Bathroom facility should be on the same level.
Our request to you is that your representative in any country should check the facilities and certain items MUST. Request to you is to set-up certain requirements prior to you approve for Airbnb.
September 17/18, 2018

Aarestrupsvej 25, 5230 Odense, Denmark: Light arrangement and bed items not comfortable. Lady Asta was very helpful.
September 18/19, 2018
Bredgade 43, Hejnsvig, 7250, Denmark: very good and well-furnished room. Both were very helpful. No complain at all.
September 19/20, 2018
Fuglsøvej 30 Stuen, Risskov, 8240, Denmark: Place was comfortable and host had prepared items well.
September 20/21, 2018
Donbækvej 24, Frederikshavn, 9900, Denmark: It was a farm house. Overall reasonable place.
September 21/22, 2018
Långåsliden 38, 412 70 Göteborg, Sweden: Key was in a coded box. It was okay place in a basement.
September 22/24, 2018
Haakon Tveters vei 51, 0686 Oslo, Norway: Near Oslo. Place was good and host was helpful.
September 24/25, 2018
Brennehaugvegen 6 Leilighet, Ål, Buskerud 3570, Norway: Host Anny was not helpful. More on blunt side. We managed one night stay with her. Beds were not okay but not very comfortable.
September 25/26, 2018
Langåsen 9, 5114 Tertnes, Norway: Good accommodation and very good both host.

September 26/27, 2018:
Hellebergvegen 25, Leikanger, Sogn og Fjordane 6863, Norway: Both host were helpful, but it was a sofa-cum-Ikea bed, not comfortable bed and also parking was not ideal. It was a narrow road side tight parking.
September 28/29/30, 2018:
Ringerrike: It was a place in attic, two storied spiral uneven staircase. Difficult to climb for elderly persons like us, we strongly suggest that in their details they should clearly mention these specifications so that persons will not even ask for accommodation.
September 30/Oct.1, 2018:
Arbogas: Had to cancel because t would have been late. Host seemed good and helpful.

Oct. 1 to Oct. 4 (3 nights: Stockholm)
Fågelviksvägen 3, 145 53 Norsborg, Sweden: Part-time home. Over 225 units, Efficiency type apartment.
October 4/5, 2018
GÅNGLÅTEN 3, 553 07 Jönköping, Sweden: Well furnished apartment. It is a part-time home of the host.
October 5/6, 2018
Hultsby 130, 380 30 Rockneby, Sweden: Place was in a village in run down house. Small adjacent unit was converted into Airbnb. It was not comfortable place.
October 6/7, 2018
Dörröd 1001, Veberöd, Lund 24796, Sweden: Accommodation was about 8 to 10 uncomfortable steps up from bathroom. At night with age one need to get up for bathroom two to three times. It would be better if they state that bathroom facility is one floor down.
October 7/10, 2018
Egebæksvej 5, København Ø, 2100, Denmark: Host were nice and helpful. Accommodation was okay.
Anjali and Niranjan (Niru) Desai


Kelly Ferguson October 6, 2016 at 4:37 pm

I have a $1,229.00 charge on my credit card ending in 5921 dated 09/22/16. REFERENCE 2422443LS31TAR8M. These are not my charges and I have notified my credit card company to dispute them. I am not a member of AIRBNB.
Thank You,
Kelly Ferguson


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