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AAMCO Transmissions, Inc.
201 Gibraltar Rd Ste 100
Horsham, PA 19044

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Phone Number: (610) 668-2900
Fax Number: (610) 617-3503
Website: http://www.aamco.com
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CEO: Malon Wilkus
CFO: John R. Erickson
COO: Gordon J. O'Brien

AAMCO History

Robert Morgan and Anthony A. Martino founded AAMCO in 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

AAMCO is a transmission-repair company that operates as a franchise, with the first franchise opening in New Jersey in 1963.

Morgan and Martino also founded MAACO, an autobody shop franchise. Martino eventually ended his affiliation with AAMCO to manage MAACO.

Morgan was the first CEO of the company and was succeded by his son, Keith Morgan.

In 2006, American Capital, Ltd. bought AAMCO Transmissions.

The company now has almost 900 franchises across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, 5,000 employees, and $31.32 million in revenue in 2012.

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James March 25, 2015 at 10:07 am

Every encounter I have had with the Wentzville, MO manager Jerry Gervais has left me mad! He talks over me, interrupts me, and has a smartass answer for the questions I ask. After being misled by one manager, Jerry called me to ask when I was picking up my 07 Mustang, he could sense my frustration with the previous encounter he told me the problem has been rectified…by firing the first manager. I asked him hoe that rectifies my problem, he didn’t have much to say and hurried me off the phone. When I got my car back the radio won’t work. I brought it back and they won’t help because the transmission doesn’t affect the radio, yet it worked when I brought it in! Then, he calls me and says the coupon I used was invalid and the employee who accepted it would have to pay the 150 bux back so I have to sign a paper saying that I was given a discount!

Like an ass, I decided to call them about checking fluid levels in my Explorer. Jerry said if I do that I may as well just have the transmission serviced. I asked him what that meant and he got mad and told me I just don’t get it! What an ass! I would avoid this asshat at all costs!!!


Eddie Weber March 24, 2015 at 2:19 pm

I live in Lexington, SC I took my 98 Lincoln Navigator into a aamco shop on North Lake Drive in Lexington, SC. The manager there by the name of Andy was the rudest person ever, cursed me out like I was a piece of garbage. I recommend that no one go there. Very bad service and I give that shop a big F- all the way…….I will be calling corporate headquarters on this guy and his shop…..


Merrie March 13, 2015 at 10:03 pm

The AAMCO in Hazel Dell, Washington is another AAMCO rip off. My boyfriend and I have dumped close to $5,000 into the transmission that they were supposed to fix. We paid all of the money and yet the transmission is doing the same thing as when we first took it to them to fix. It was $3,000 for the transmission to be done alone. Now when we take it back, they are rude and don’t seem to care that they are too stupid to do the work right, just like to bill people and hope that they don’t realize that they are being ripped off. Now this is gonna go to court because the services that we paid for have not been fixed at all. I would NEVER take anything to AAMCO EVER!!!!!!!! They just rip people off and it seems that it doesn’t matter what branch it is.


Esteban Paredes March 6, 2015 at 4:26 pm

my warranty paid about $7000 for a new transmission on my 08 BMW 550i. Besides that, the local manager knew the warranty did not cover fluids or diagnostic. After knowing this he started bringing up charges for more diagnostic time, overpriced tranny fluid almost another $500 and just trying to squeeze the most money out of me and the warranty company. The had initialy told me car had oil leaks then said it was the tranny. They replaced the tranny, a week later brought it back cuz it was leaking and they said it was the previous leaks that they never addressed or brought back up after they got approval for tranny. They billed again diagnostic fees even dough I had paid those the first time they inspected and saw them but only worked on the tranny and yet got another $1300 paid. Now 4 Months later the transmission pan is leaking and they are neglecting their work and do not want to honor their warranty they gave me of 1yr 12,000 miles. besides that tranny doesn’t shift smoothly. Should of gone to the dealer, would of paid the same amount in the end and they gave 24/month 24,000 mile warranty. Called a different branch and said the warranty they offered should cover the whole tranny even leaks. Hope that it was Just the Taylorsville, UT branch that is dishonest and run by a thief at this point I would say and not all your branches or AAMCO themselves. Taking it to a different branch see if I get better treatment and honesty if not so me and the warranty company that paid them can pursue them in court for this. Especially after paying almost $9,000 in repairs for so called quality parts and labor.


Rod Waller March 25, 2015 at 4:12 pm

Mr. Esteban Paredes,

We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the service you received at AAMCO of Taylorsville on your recently purchased used BMW 550i from a local used car dealership.

As with many used cars on the market, they come with their own deferred repairs/maintenance issues and concerns. This is the case with your vehicle.

For this exact purpose, many consumers purchase an extended warranty/service contract. The good thing is you had this coverage, however, these organizations dictate what is or is not covered and at what dollar amount (based on your specific contract) and what repairs can be completed or not and when. Almost without exception, most extended warranty/service contract providers do NOT cover all items associated with the needed repairs on the vehicle. This was the case in your situation.

When your vehicle arrived to our location, it had the following symptoms:
Transmission fluid: Low, burnt and varnished.
Error codes: Error codes related to transmission failure where present
Performance: Limp home/fail safe mode (only had 3rd gear – missing 1, 2, 4, 5, gears)
Motor oil leaks (from many locations of the motor – majority front and rear of motor)
Power steering leaks

Actual costs that were paid (by you or your warranty company) for your Transmission (less sales tax and the other repairs/services you authorized) were: $6385.68.

Comparison estimate: BMW of Murray Dealership estimate (less sales tax – dated 3/25/15): $7,882.34

Additional repairs:
You did have additional repairs (unrelated to your transmission) completed at AAMCO Taylorsville on a separate occasion. These repairs were all related to the excessive motor oil leaks and power steering leaks from various locations very common on this vehicle year, make and model.

As you know, due to the excessive nature of your motor oil leaks from the various locations throughout, we recommended to you that the remaining leak repairs (unrelated to the repairs we competed) would need to be completed by a BMW dealership.

All of our repair work is warrantied and guaranteed. Please accept my personal apology for any misunderstanding or miscommunication that may have occurred in this regard. You are ALWAYS welcome to contact me directly with any concerns.

We take our customers’ experience very seriously and appreciate you taking the time to provide us your feedback on your experience. I am available at any time to discuss your experience personally and would appreciate the opportunity to inspect your vehicle free of charge and make any and all corrections that may be necessary as a direct result of the repairs we performed.

Best of regards,
Rod Waller
AAMCO Taylorsville


Michael April 21, 2015 at 8:04 pm

Funny how you are the professional service we bring it to, but cant seem to fix it, I have the a problem with a las vegas dealer and all they want to do is charge me mre money to fix what I brought my car into be fix, AAmco customer service you need to control your franchise’s and stand behind your name, I paid to have a tranny fixed took it to 2 other shops after the local shop did the work and they found problems with the tranny we took it in for; the over drive light flashing, the manager now gone didn’t write it down, and to top it off I had to take it some where else and pay for it to prove they didn’t do the work right, today I am still fighting to get what I paid for corrected, and I will not top until AAmco. gets this handled. lets see if any one responds to me, the corp, office seems to side with the local company…


robert scott March 2, 2015 at 4:31 pm

after paying over $3,000.00 for a transmision repair the work was not up to par with in one week the drive shaft came undone and put my life in danger , i am very upset .

Bob Scott


Tyrone Merritt February 26, 2015 at 2:41 pm

On 11-20-14, I had my 1997 XK8 towed into AAMCO at 1444 E. Colorado St. Glendale CA. Mr. Robert Bakhtiari me quoted $2,500.00 to repair it. When I came to pick up the car on 11-25-14 the price changed to 3,500.00. I drove off and had to return back within an hour because my check engine light came on. After returning informed Mr. Robert Bakhtiari, I was told they would repair the problem and to come back on Saturday, the 11-28-14 which I did. I have taken my car back there over four times for them to repair the oxygen sensors that was damage when the mechanic drop the transmission before he disconnected the wiring, But instead he pulled the sensor pins out of place damaging the pins in the connector. I dropped off my car on 01-15-15 and was told they were going to repair sensor and to check why transmission delay in Drive. My last visit to the AAMCO was on 01-20-15. I went to pick it up my car on 01-19-15 Robert Bakhtiari, told me a bold face lie, that I have on tape, that my car was at RUSNAK Jaguar being repaired. I contacted RUSNAK and was informed by Mr. Vasquez and Mr. Lopez that what I played on tape is not true, that my Jag had not been there since I brought it in myself. The mechanic did something to cause the check engine light to go out for a day then it was right back on again. On 02-25-15 I took my Jag to RUSNAK Jaguar to get the truth once and for all and was informed by a certified Jaguar mechanic in writing that the sensor was stretched out of position and my newly built transmission does not want to shift into 1st and 2nd gear that the gear ratio is in consistent, that it has transmission internal failure and my 3,500.00 transmission job is leaking fluid. I do not want to go back to that shop for more lies; I just want what I paid for the repair of what they damage by their negligence of not unhooking the wiring before letting the transmission drop out there by causing the damages to the sensors.


Ami February 23, 2015 at 5:39 pm

Absolutely horrible. We took our Audi to the AAMCO in Cottman Ave in Philadelphia on February 5th after my husband purchased a Groupon deal with 3 oil changes, etc. When he got there he explaied some of the issues we were having with the car and a gentleman named Mitch informed him that what he was describing was minor in nature and would take a day–two MAXIMUM to complete the work. We were quoted $179 for parts and $150 for labor and was prepared to pay that. After THREE weeks, we still do not have our car back and when my husband called (mind you we called daily to see what’s going on with the car and repeatedly asked how much it would cost) he was told that it would cost well over $3,000 but will get a $400 discount. Are you serious? We need our car back. We are willing to initiate and join any class action lawsuit against these sorry excuse of mechanics and businessman. Anyone interested please feel free to email me at Am****@gmail.com. This is ridiculous. I will be visiting their corporate offices this week. When I do go to retrieve my vehicle, it will be with the police and a mechanic accompanying me.


Porsha LaCroix April 20, 2015 at 2:22 pm

Please email me ASAP. I am looking at filing a class action lawsuit. 612437**** plac***@gmail.com


Chris Krueger February 23, 2015 at 3:57 pm

Re: Aamco Winchest cv. Memphis,TN


Chris Krueger February 23, 2015 at 4:12 pm

Re:AAMCO Winchest Cv, Memphis,TN I took my 2002 VW Jetta to them for Transmission as it wasn’t shifting at all. Got a quote for $2000. I told them go ahead. For 6-weeks, kept getting run-around. Excuse after excuse. Wouldn’t return phone calls. Finally got car back Nov. 2014. Had and isssue with shifting and not even going into 3rd gear. Took it back after finally getting them on phone to discuss warranty. Took it in. Bad mistake on my part!!!! They have had it now for 8-weeks. First telling me they had to order a valve body. That went on for 3 weeks. Finally get valve body with solenoids week 5. Then it wouldn’t shift at all. After another 2 weeks, they found badly shorted transmission Control Module!!! Tried blaming me. after another 2 weeks of them saying that UPS can’t find the package, it finally came in. (Mind you, I go down there a least 2-3 times a week complaining about the time they have had it.) They put the replacement TCM and check. Said it was shifting and getting ready to test drive. Then smoke came out from under fender where TCM is mounted. May have fried the replacement module now. I told them they need to check the wiring, modules and valve body solenoids. Not sure how much longer they will have it NOW. Trying to figure out re-course of action. Needless to say “DON’T GO TO AAMCO”!!!! I will never use them again!!!!!! Probably wont here from this corporate bunch either. BEEEWWWAAAARRREEE!!!!!!!!


SMV February 23, 2015 at 3:06 pm

I greatly appreciate your time in reading this email. AACMO, Covina CA

The Transmission went out on my car Dec 19, I had it towed to Aamco in Covina after speaking to Jordan the Sales Manager. They were closing so kept the car there overnight. The next day Jordan advised $980 would be the total for: assessment of problem, labor, taxes and fees. He said the parts would be an additional $1520.00 to rebuild. TOTAL 2500.00 and that I would have the car back to me in 7 -11 days at the latest. I advised Jordan on several occasions that I was moving out the the state and needed the car by January 9th. Until then I got a rental car.

When I called on the 27th, car was not done-Jordan blamed it on the holidays (yet employees were there working just not on my car) and was going to take another 7 days to get (that means after January 1st). But he would help me by crediting my bill 37.50 for the rental car I had now had for 8 days. ($200.00).

Called on the 3rd of January and now Jordan was blaming the delay on the transmission delivery stating he could not force them the get there any faster and had NO idea when they would be there to install and EVEN had the nerve to tell me that if he gave me the number I should call and try to expedite the delivery. And this was going to take another days (rental car is now up to $375.00)

But wait on January 6th Jordan called to tell me that a rebuilt transmission would not be safe and he ordered a brand new one from the company and the cost of the all this was going to exceed $3500.00! well since I had already secured a loan for the $2500.00 Jordan was out of luck and needed to repair it for the original cost.

Jordan called my financial group and asked them to increase the loan amount so he could finish the work on the car! That was so illegal and I did not find out until after he had done it. My finance company thankfully called me and I advised that was not permitted. I called Jordan who at that point was still blaming the holidays for the delay even though now we are a week past any and all holidays.

On January 9th my moving day the car was still not fixed and the ever unhelpful Jordan was not rude, belligerent and vague about all repairs to my car. I left the car to relocate out of state with my company– Before I left Jordan asked if he could have the finance check for the loan I secured. The ONLY was to guarantee that the car would be done was to hold the check hostage and advise that the check would be NO GOOD in 30 days.

1 day before the check was set to expire Jordan called to tell me the car was finally fixed. So lets recap: On 4 separate calls Jordan promised to have the car ready on a certain date when that day came and went he always extended the new date 5-7 days,
$525.00 (rental cal fees),
$2698.00 transmission repair (45 DAYS TO REPAIR),
$15,000 (for a used car since when I moved I had no transportation),
$122.00 (for insurance while it sat in his lot),
$220.00 for a new car battery (since he left the old one out for 45 days and never charged it)
That is a total of $18,565 for a transmission rebuild.

The best part Jordan called me on Feb 3rd and ask me for another $450.00 in fees!! I laughed and hung up!

I am paying a loan on the transmission for a car I DO NOT EVEN HAVE! Jordan violated several lemon laws. Jordan represents your companies name as it is my consumer duty and right to report these types of salacious practices. This type of scamming and slamming consumers is something that everyone who even thinks about using this location will know. Please feel free to contact me, though I have attempted several times to contact headquarters at AACMO and fully understand these are independent owned locations–it is still YOUR company name and something that you should take pride in I am not looking for any deals. Just someone to know that customer service actually does go a long way and Jordan and this AAMCO have none.


Bradley February 16, 2015 at 5:34 pm

I took my car (Mitsubishi 3000gt) to AAMCO in San Marcos off Hwy 123 around September 2014. I got a quote for a re manufactured transmission with full warranty for such and such miles. They eagerly gave me a quote of $4000 parts and labor for the transmission and some front axle work. The worked with me generously taking payments. I got the car back and around the beginning of Dec it was stuck in low gear. I took it back and they’ve had the car every since. When I call the place the receptionist tells me that the mechanic is looking at it and they’ll call me later that day with an explanation. I’ve yet to hear anything as to the status of the vehicle and it’s been 3 months. The car just sits in the back lot. I’m near the point of seeking legal assistance to atone for a refund of services, the value of the car, and the severe inconvenience of not having transportation for months.


Vick kalfayan February 13, 2015 at 1:39 am

Have a great commercial property that will be available soon near freeways lots of parking no close shops around .across from new DMV VERY ESTABLISHED SHOP


Robert Cona January 30, 2015 at 12:20 pm

I spent close to $5000 at AAMCO last week. My car was left at the shop for approxiamtely two weeks to allow time to order parts and work on my transmission. The shop attempted to call me on Monday (the day before the blizzard 1/16- NY) to have me pick up my car. I was unable to go due to employment obligations on that day. I returned on Wednesday once storm had subsided. I was told that I had to shovel my car out. It was completed covered in snow! The employee offered me his shovel but did not offer to help me. Is this supposed to be customer service? The car is in their lot it is their responsibility. What if I had fallen and hurt myself in anyway? AAMCO would have had a nice lawsuit on their hands. I was appalled that no one in that location saw fit to do their job and ensure that my car not be buried in snow. After spending that much money, (all cash) I thought they would have been more helpful. Needless to say, I am extremely unhappy with the occurrences at AAMCO. I will never patronize your establishments again, nor will I send friends or family there.


Jeremy January 19, 2015 at 4:47 pm

• AAMCO made me believe they were going to get my car fixed, “We REPAIR not rebuild,” was what I was told over the phone after the gentleman refused to give me a ball park range without a diagnostic.
•So I went in
After the diagnostic and wasting my morning, AAMCO proceeded to tell me, “we can only rebuild not repair.” That seems contradicting.
• AAMCO then proceeded to rip me off on the pricing to rebuild my transmission. (I didn’t buy in)
• AAMCO proceeded to waste my time even longer just to call me back and inform me they were going to continue to rip me off. THANKS
•During my wait to pay for my diagnostic the, “professional” Tom behind the counter (more accurately described as a fancy speaking sales person, for less then automotive savy people) proceeded to confuze a poor customer on a relatively simple water pump, or radiator leak repair, and transmission flush and servicing. He quoted her a cost of twice as much than if you were to go to anybody else and made it sound like she was about to make a series of great decisions. (Poor girl, more dollars than sense is what my dad would say)
• THEN I handed the help my cash to pay for my diagnostic and he COMPLAINED, “this money is soaking wet.”
All in all, AAMCO is the worst experience I have ever had witha automotive service. I will be leaving a bad review and contracting a corporate office. AND I will be giving negative feedback to all my friends at, Jenkins automotive, shiffletts automotive, monroe muffler, Sears automotive, j&d automotive, all my friends and family that have, and will have car needs in the future not to mention the hundreds of customers I visit monthly in the Harrisonburg, Winchester, waynesboro, Staunton, and Charlottsville area
AAMCO In harrisonburg Va.


Kathy January 19, 2015 at 4:07 pm

This is regarding the AAMCO on No Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, CA. I took my ’92 Toyota truck in for a diagnostic since KFI radio advertises that if you mention them, the diagnostic is free. I was charged $89.95 and told that the free diagnostic is only if you have the work done there. I was quoted a labor charge of $595 by John. I had to make arrangements for transportation before I could leave the truck even though I was being pressured to leave it right then for a rebuild. The day after I dropped it at AAMCO, I got the opportunity to buy a whole parts truck so told AAMCO to stop immediately. I was never given an estimate and when I went in to close out the bill, I was being pressured by Andre the Manager to let them do the rebuild even though it could cost up to $4700. I had in my hand KBB quotes that my truck is only worth $1900 to $2300. Andre kept pressuring me. When I told him just close out the bill, he charged me all the labor and refused to adjust it for only labor done. All they did was remove, detach the transfer case, and put the parts in the back of my truck so I can have it towed. I asked by email for a partial refund as the labor contracted for had not been done. The owner Craig never responded. Andre insisted on talking on the phone. Told me that I was charged full labor because I had changed my mind and he refused to put his answer in writing. After reading these complaints, I’m very blessed that I got out of there for only $700, but will be sharing my experience with everyone. I will never use any AAMCO anywhere, ever. Turns out, they had never started the labor other than removing the trans. All the engine crud is clearly there with not a single sign around either seal that it was touched. Single women BEWARE. I’m also sending all my emails asking for written contact plus pics of the untouched trans to Corporate. Like they care. BEWARE!!!


Erica January 13, 2015 at 4:56 pm

AAMCO, Market Street, Riverside, CA – WORST SERVICE AND CAR NOT FIXED AFTER 3 WEEKS AND $3000!!!!!

Based on the advertisement of “diagnosis, service and maintenance of transmissions”, I called AAMCO on Market Street in Riverside CA, because I was having transmission problems. Andy said that the majority of the times it is not the transmission and only requires minor repairs. So I took my car there. After 3 days, Andy said it was the engine and would cost $500. I picked up my car after being in their shop for 1 week and it was not fixed. I called Andy and he said they never tested the repairs and released the car to me because I was in a hurry to get it back. So I took my car back to repair what I originally paid for. After being there another 3 days, Andy called said it was the transmission (but also needed the engine repairs that cost $500) and would cost another $1000. So I agreed to the repairs. After another 2 days, Andy called and said the transmission was worse than they thought and would cost $3000 to repair. After 4 weeks and $3500, my car is NOT fixed. I will NEVER go to AAMCO on Market Street in Riverside, CA or any AAMCO.

Riverside, CA
January 2015


Stephanie Motley January 13, 2015 at 10:55 am

I live in Jacksonville Florida. I called the Aamco (on Biscayne Blvd) based upon online reviews and the fact, Dave, who answered the phone quoted me a flat fee tow of $55 and a “Free” Diagnostic, which he charged me $90 for. The total estimate was $1201+. He kept assuring me that he was helping. When I told him I didn’t have the money he suggested I fiance through them at 20+% Absolutely every place I called was significantly cheaper, including the Nissan Dealership, who Dave, made damaging statements about, insisting they would be more expensive. They were infact, $500 dollars cheaper than the estimate Dave had given me. Nisian actually they suggested calling my insurance company to cover the tow fee. I paid Dave $65 which was $10 dollars more than had quoted me on the phone and I’m sure he never suggested that as an option because he does business with the tow company. When I suggested on the phone that Dave’s Aamco was ripping me off he said he was only trying to help and that he would call around to see if there were any cheaper auto parts dealers, but he didn’t. He questioned me about who I had contacted and what their price quotes were and he immediately suggested he could “discount” stating his boss would kill him. Too late, He’d already lost my trust. I told Dave that he knew he was in the wrong at that point and again, he started with the whole “Oh I’m just trying to help”. When I went to pay the balance of $165.85, he gave me a very hard time about returning the key, he kept claiming in case of a fire they’d have to be able to move the vehicle. I informed it would would be moved, that very Day! I am disgusted and furious at how he felt he could grossly take advantage of me and I personally feel like it is because I am a single woman. This guy in my opinion very dishonest. Don’t EVER take your car there.
I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, put an ad on Craigslist and my work’s internal classifieds (the Mayo Clinic) and emailed Ken Amaro with First Coast News.
Stephanie Motley Jacksonville, FL


Ronald January 7, 2015 at 11:04 am

I took my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo To you shop on Backlick Road in Alexandria, VA. In fairfax county. I had coupon for a free check. The transmission was slipping i told them. This on on 1/2/2014. I call to check on the car on 1/3/2014 at 1110 am. I was told by the service rep that the transmission was low on fluid and it was brown. The person i tlalk to on the phone was Eric and the price to just drop my transmission would be $895.00. The person that look at it was Javier. I pick up my car and i took it to a service station near my home to have them look at it. They put it on a lift and told me it was missing a freeze plug and that is why it was low on fluid. They replace the freeze plug and change the transmission fluid and the car runs great now. That cost me $ 212.00 now how did your service person Javier miss that freeze plug missing and the transmission fluid all over the underside of the car. I would not take my car to the AAMCO service center on backlick road in alexandria VA. if you live anyone near them go some place else.


Israel Ortuno December 31, 2014 at 7:14 pm

I have a toyota sequoia in austin texas in your stassney and s.first location and mark has been telling me that is going to be ready and is going to be ready for the last 3 weeks I need someone to do something about it because my wife is about to loose her job do to we don’t have the car so please help us and do something about it we need the car fix and fast and if someone from this corporate office would like to contact me with mark at the aamco stassney and south first location you can find my I have a toyota sequoia in austin texas in your stassney and s.first location and mark has been telling me that is going to be ready and is going to be ready for the last 3 weeks I need someone to do something about it because my wife is about to loose her job do to we don’t have the car so please help us and do something about it we need the car fix and fast and if someone from this corporate office would like to contact me with mark at the aamco stassney and south first location you can find my number


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Tracey Mills December 30, 2014 at 12:21 pm

I took my daughter 2007 Pontiac G6 to Aamco in Miami Gardens, FL., because engine light was on and the car was jerking and transmission not down shifting. I was told it was a computer problem and to open transmission to find out it would be $500 and that piece should only cost about $45 to replace. so i said ok no problem then i was called and told once transmission was opened it was so bad inside that other parts need to be replaced and he would be easy and only charge $1649. Im like wow i dont have that kind of money right now. ok now i have a choice of them putting transmission back together and not fix for $600 or let them fix it and pay $1600. i dont have money to throw away so i let them fix it. i explained i dont have all the money and if i can pay 3 payments until paid and get car out. I was told yes but it had to be in cash only. I agreed. 2weeks later i got car from Aamco the very next day enging light back on and transmission jerking again so i took back now they tried saying it was spark plugs but i already had all the spark plugs changed. I took to autozone before i got their and they told me it was computer and dirty transmission fluid so i advised aamco of their findings. i was then told he was going to put some transmission cleaner and put another computer and he was doing this for free. Im wondering free i just paid $1640 and it still not fix. Ok they claim to put computer, the next day same problem i took back. Now they telling me its the coil pack and that need to be change another $175.19 cash since he only charging for part not labor. Ok they claimed to fix that. Next day pick up car later on same problem so im frustrated now and took to another mechanic he says the computer for transmission is the problem. almost $1800 later how is that possible when aamco claims to have put a new one and the best part is he claims he threw it in for free. So my question is if it was free what i paid $1640 for and why it dont work.
I also looked up the business name and as of 8/20/2014 the business was Voluntary Dissolution. But they are still up and running taking customers money. Aamco obviously dont know or dont care who is doing business under their name as long as they are getting paid. This is not fair to the consumers who are paying their hard earned money. I took my car back today 12/30/2014 and was told owner on vacation. I guess so after my $1800 cash but if my car not fixed by this friday i suing sombody.


Allen December 23, 2014 at 1:40 am

Just wanted to let you guys know that you have a gem in Doug, the manager at your Renton, Washington location. He bends over backwards to help in any way he can to get the work done. Not only that, but he does it with real concern for the customer. You just can’t fake that. I cannot do a lot of work I used to on my own vehicles any longer. For the projects I cannot do, I go to this AAMCO location only because I will get an honest bid from him on any job, and an honest job done. Kudos to Doug… he deserves recognition. Merry Christmas to all.


Monty Cully December 22, 2014 at 8:15 am

I took my ’97 SAAB 9000 Aero Turbo in to the AAMCO,owned by Gouping Li DBA AAMCO Transmission on 187 W. Alameda Ave.Denver,Co.80223 (303) 462.2626.It took 29 Days to get my Car Back ( after being told on more than 7 separate occasions that it would be ready in 3 Days,2 Days,1 Day etc).Now,after taking this Company to Court on 4 occasions ( 3 Continuos) where I finally won a Judgement from Gouping Li DBA AAMCO Transmission Go Transmission for the amount of $3,461.66 Court Case # 14S00750.He has been Sued a Plethora of times refer to these cases in Denver Small Claims Court1.)Jeff Capra vs Gouping Li DBA AAMCO Transmission Case # 14S01087.2.)Keith W. Johnson vs Gouping Li DBA AAMCO Transmission Go Transmission Court Case # 14S01039.3.) Tyler Tuck & Todd Harbert vs Gouping Li DBA AAMCO Transmission Go Transmission Court Case # 14S00958.My Case is in Appeals as of 12/16/’14,meanwhile my Car was fixed properly by Gouping Li ( Independant Expert Mechanic)and now I will not be able to get my car out,because these Appeals go from 4 Months up to 4 Years.With that said I may have to forfeit my Car.”CONSUMER BE AWARE”! ! Monty.


donna pachl December 18, 2014 at 7:23 pm

does anyone even read these issues? my SUV went in for a transmission build and it is still there I was told 3 days MAX!!!!. NOW nearly 14 days there. when I call they do not call back. and I do not get answers of why my car is not ready!!!! I will NEVER trust AAMCO again. still working on trying to talk with someone with this issue. DISGUSTING!!!!!


sheldon December 17, 2014 at 7:52 pm

Brought my 94 z28 camaro to aamco in Wentzville missouri for a trans rebuild. They did not diagnose the reason but when i got it back the car wouldn’t shift basically how it was before i brought it in. I later returned the car one week later.this time it them roughly 2 days and the determination was i had a pcm. So they said I have to pay for a new pcm which I believe they shorted it out but now im out on a 2k because of there mistakes. .note they said they have pics of my trans parts that were bad clutches bands etx but he deleted them lol yhea right.


Michael Lee December 8, 2014 at 3:24 pm

My complaint is against the Aamco dealer on Garden of Gods Rd. In Colorado Springs, Co.
My transmission went out the week of Thanksgiving while visiting in North Carolina, I had a new reman put in from Cottman there, when I got back home here in the Springs, I noticed 2 bolts sticking out by the transmission about an inch below the started area that was not screwed back in, I tried to tighten but they wouldn’t budge. I pulled in the Springs Aamco dealer to ask about them and he wouldn’t even take 2 minutes to walk 30′ to look down from the open hood to see them. He said that I could leave it and he would run a diagnostic check later today or tomorrow. I ask for the owner and he said he was the owner and he said that if I wanted it looked at I would have to make an appointment. All I wanted was for him to tell me if it was something critical where I need to make an appointment to get it fixed. He was about as rude as a person that I’ve ever met for being in business . I will never go back to him, will drive to Pueblo or Denver if I need any transmission problems.
This complaint may never get read or anything done about it, but at least I tried and got it off my chest.


camilla December 2, 2014 at 9:08 am

I took my car in to the for one thing and they found over things so they say because I had extended warranty.They kelp it for one month and two days .they put a engine in it which I don’t think I needed they broke my front motor mount. And didn’t tell me l carry it back because it was loose.they still didn’t tell me they had broke the motor mount. Two week later my car started to leak transmission fluid.i carry it back that’s when they told me the mount was broken. I had had the back mount put on at the same shop under Paul management and was told that I didn’t need the front one. Not only that l had a high pressure power hose put on that was put on right way. I ended up taking it to Buick to get all the problem fixed costing me another 900.00 dollar.i am not pleased at all .I have left my name and number on the phone.


camilla December 2, 2014 at 9:12 am

Other not over.


Jesus Flores November 18, 2014 at 2:49 pm

I wish to submit a severe complaint against AAMCO in Redlands ca. their address is 1267 W Redlands Blvd
Redlands CA 92373 their phone # (909)7937261
I had my transmission rebuilt 3 times from the period of Oct 2013 and June 2014. All under warranty and all 3 rebuilds failed.
I paid with a credit card the amount of 3291.60.
When the transmission started to fail again for the fourth time I decided to take it to another shop and it was discovered.
An internal part of the transmission fractured and there was metal debris in the transmission oil so another
Rebuild was recommended and performed. I have a receipt that’s states these recommendations.
I sent a letter to Mr. Larry Adams who is the owner of the AAMCO shop Located in Redlands CA demanding a refund of my money that I paid since his shop never performed a satisfactory result
He denied the refund so I submitted my case to small claims court and strangely enough despite all the evidence I submitted,
Receipts, pictures even physical evidence , the judge still ruled in their favor.
I ask for my case be considered for any action against the AAMCO franchise thank you

Jesus Flores
1585 W Redlands Blvd
Redlands CA 92373
E mail address d**@sbcglobal.net


David Suggs November 13, 2014 at 11:56 am

they’re trying to charge me $2700 for fixing my truck an I have not gave them the authorization to fix it. there should be a law against that wanted me to go to a finance company and the finance company did not help me. I told him to wait let me see what the finance company was going to do but they went on an fix it anyway. i just don’t understand why they do that to . people that’s not right. the one in Temple Hills Maryland


Steven Anthony Quiroga November 12, 2014 at 9:47 am


I, Steven Anthony Quiroga as of 6pm cst 11/11/2014 am voluntarily resigning my Management position with AAMCO. Center location 5960 NW Loop 410 San Antonio,Tx 78238. Please contact me at 210-833-**** for further details.
Steven Anthony Quiroga


Yvonne Dominguez November 5, 2014 at 11:07 pm

I took my van to the Salem Oregon AAMCO to have them check out my idle. My van ran good but the it was idling high and then low. They googled the possible problems (this is what the guy said) and came up with it being a valve. They tried to different valves and then a reading came up saying that our computer was bad. They said this would for sure fix the problem so I agreed to replace it with a new one. We got the van back and it was doing the weird idle again. The guy said it was another bad computer (the computer was new how could it be bad?). Took it back in and they replaced the same valve as they had previously tried, and that was the problem. In my opinion, it seems to me that we were taken advantage of, maybe he wanted to make a fast buck off of us. So we never needed a computer. We got stuck paying for a brand new computer which cost me 1100.00, and this is not including labor. My computer was obviously not bad, it was the valve. I had a huge feeling that it was not my computer. I have also emailed and called the headquarters several time and no response. Due to this poor customer service and their cheating ways of trying to make a quick buck off of me, I will be writing reviews everywhere, and see if I could report this company to a Bureau. What they had done to me is not right at all!


lina November 2, 2014 at 11:17 am

I dont even know where I’m gonna start with Aamco.
Back in 2013 our Chevy Malibu 2008 all of the sudden stop moving. We took the car to Aamco and they told us that the transmission was completely out and we needed a new one. We paid over 4,000 to get out car fixed. We picked the car up and everything seem fine until about 2 weeks when the car started leaking power steering fluid. We took the car back to Aamco and they said that by mistake the place one of transmission cables on the wrong side and it had burned down. The manager had an attitude just because they had to fix it at no cost. They fixed it but in less than a year after I get another engine light took it to AutoZone for a diagnosis and they said the code it’s giving its for a transmission failure. I couldn’t believe that after paying over 4,000 to get my transmission fixed I’m still having problem with it when I contacted Aamco and all they could say was how my warranty its up and I can drop my car off but I’ll have to pay for the repairs. This place is a SCAM and I can believe they are still in business. I think a lawsuits its in order at this point.


Stephanie October 30, 2014 at 6:37 pm

Well….lets see. In the spring we took our 1993 Dodge Spirit in for poor heat issues and oil leak. Aamco replaced the thermostat, hoses, radiator, timing belt, water pump, and valve cover gaskets. In less than 2 weeks it was leaking antifreeze and oil..again. Called them and of course got the “bring it back and we will take a look”. It was “now” the head gasket, which they wanted to charge an additional arm and leg for, which we “negotiated” a much lower yet still WAY to high amount..got it “fixed”. Fast forward a couple of months and the car is acting up again… By this time we realize that Aamco is unreliable and we take it for a diagnostic somewhere else. The results we got were HORRIBLE. They are: Cylinder head gaskets leaking, intake manifold gasket leaking, valve cover gaskets leaking and multiple codes. I am unsure why…after a few THOUSAND dollars, our car is now a complete POS that is unreliable and is leaking crap everywhere. It will cost MORE to fix the crap that AAMCO “fixed” than what the car is worth. I do believe a lawsuit may just be in order. This company should be ashamed of themselves. You put my family at risk and essentially stole our money as they work was faulty. P.S. This shop is located in Bellevue, Nebraska and Steve is the Manager.


wade cronce October 23, 2014 at 4:44 am

Working out of town in Ohio. Needed my truck fixed. I was quoted 1900 for the work needed. When i revived the bill it was 2800. Called owner, nothing. I felt uneeded work was done and over priced. I am letting everone know never to use a aamco for service. Poor public relations. It’s aamco on Arlington road in Akron Ohio.


Steve Cottrell October 21, 2014 at 1:09 pm

I took my 2009 Honda Pilot into the Aamco shop in Scottsdale AZ on Butherus. September 22, 2014 They replaced my transmission for $2000 and had the car for 5 days. My wife and had to rent a car so that we had transportation to work etc. One week after picking up the car the transmission fluid leaked out all over our garage floor and the transmission was slipping again. I took the car in again on a Saturday, on Monday I called to find out what caused the issue and to find out how long it would take them to fix it? I asked if they would reimburse for a rental car and was told that Aamco does not do that for any reason. I was told that a seal was bad in the transmission after one week of driving it? Again they had the car for 2 days and I had to rent a car. I have had the car back two weeks this time and the transmission is leaking all over my garage again, I called Aamco and they refuse to pay for a rental car and stated that we just need to bring the car in again for them to look at and figure out why this keeps happening? My car is in worse shape now than it was before I took it there with the transmission slipping. I am so disappointed in the way they handle there customers and would appreciate a response from corporate. Bad comments travel much faster than good. I hope your corporate office is customer service oriented because your service station in Scottsdale, AZ sure isn’t.


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