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24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office Address

24 Hour Fitness Worldwide Holdings, Inc.
4450 Norris Canyon Road
San Ramon, California 94583

Contact 24 Hour Fitness

Phone Number: (925) 244-9855
Fax Number: (925) 543-3200
Website: http://www.24hourfitness.com/
Email: Email 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness Facts

Founder: Mark Mastrov and Leonard Schlemm
Date Founded: 1983
Founding Location: San Ramon, California
Number of Employees: 22000

24 Hour Fitness Executives

CEO: Tony Ueber
CFO: Patrick Flanagan
COO: Frank Napolitano

24 Hour Fitness History

24 hour fitness logo

24 Hour Fitness began in 1983 as 24 Hour Nautilus, a one gym company founded by Mark Mastrov and Leonard Schlemm.

Mastrov hired Mark Golob to market the club.  Golob created commercials with Pamela Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mike Tyson.

By 1994, there were 32 clubs.  The company acquired Family Fitness Centers and renamed to 24 Hour Fitness after an investment by McCown De Leeuw.

In 1997, the company expands to Europe after a failed IPO attempt.

24 Hour fitness gym store front

In 2000, 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide is created as a holding company.

In 2005, the chain is listed for sale.  It eventually sells to Forstmann Little & Company.

24 hour fitness gym inside

In 2007, the chain was subject to a class action lawsuit by 1.8 current and former members who claimed funds were still ACH withdrawn from their accounts after they had canceled their memberships.

The company was also hit with big fines in late 2017 after a court found that members were deliberately misled when signing up for contracts.

Today, 24 Hour Fitness is the world’s largest privately owned fitness chain.  The company has over 420 clubs in 18 states and serves more than 3 million members.

24 Hour fitness gym storefront

24 Hour Fitness FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for 24 Hour Fitness?
Answer 1: The phone number for 24 Hour Fitness is (925) 244-9855.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of 24 Hour Fitness?
Answer 2: The CEO of 24 Hour Fitness is Tony Ueber.

Question 3: Who founded 24 Hour Fitness?
Answer 3: 24 Hour Fitness was founded by Mark Mastrov and Leonard Schlemm in 1983.

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Michael Craney December 7, 2019 at 1:23 pm

I have tried to correct this situation number of times. My wife and I was an original member of Nautalis gym in 1980’s. Our contract was $50..00 a year for life. On around December 15th(this day is when it was put on my credit card). I went in and paid $100.00 for my and my wife’s membership. Two days later I was supposed to have an operation.
I could not go back to the gym till August. When I went back to the gym. I was told my membership has expired. I came back showing I paid for it. Livermore allows me to goin till I can correct it.
I started calling Corporate customer service and getting nowhere fast. Finally reached someone who would listen. He realized that there was a mistake. He worked with the manager at Livermore center. I went in. We wrote a new contract ($50.00 a year ). I paid next year. When I was leaving. He told me as long as he is here. I will pay $50.00 a year.
So I decided to call to your Membership customer service. All I ask for to put comments on my membership that it stays at $50.00 a year for life. If you see on my old membership I had them put notes in it. This was a real joke. I was talk to like I am a little child. I was told, had I paid my membership. We would not have this problem. Now my Membership will go up in the future.
I was told that my old membership could have gone up at anytime. I explained then why haven’t you raise the membership then if you had the right to. I tried to explain if you would look at my wife’s membership. You would see that she has two $50.00 payments. Ivan ( ID # z3825) told me. He can not look at my wife’s account. So he can not see that. I said if my wife was here and ok’d him to look at it. Would this allow him to check. I was told all that he sees is that I did not pay for my membership. That is why it was expired
I ask for his supervisor. Ivan told me he is the last person I am allowed to talk to. I explained to him. There is always someone above you Ivan. He said this is my first warning. Next time he will have to hang up on me. Ivan kept saying is there anything else that he could do for me. I kept saying I want to talk to someone above you Ivan. His reply, there is no one else.

This is got to be the worst customer service. When I stump him on his comments. I got a robot answer { no personality)” If there is something I can do for you, please
let me know”. I don’t like talking to someone who thinks he is so much smarter than me. I explained to him. If I go to court. You can’t possibly think you could win. He said then we should hang up And he did.
My old # is 50111559
My wife’s # is 5011560
My new tc11311
My phone # 925-819-2864

All I am asking for is my $50.00 a year for life No increases.
I don’t want to go to court or call our channel 7 action news about this.
All I am asking to make this right.


MAC October 30, 2019 at 2:20 pm

I had two $500.00 charges posted to my credit card from a 24 Hour Fitness in Houston, Texas and I live in GA! I don’t even have a membership here. I had to cancel my card and I am waiting for the dispute process to complete. Meanwhile, I am without my credit card and am wondering if someone in the Houston gym office is a rotten, hacker, and thief. Called the corporate office to let them know they may have a rogue employee and I am shocked at the lack of concern I received from customer service. So disappointing!!!!


Michael W July 10, 2019 at 11:29 am

My wife and I spend a lot of money at Burbank gym and it’s got to the point we are VERY UPSETTTTTTTT at:
1- No one cleans up after these adult children who must have mommy clean up after them in the showers
2- Shower maintainence is ZERO. Shower heads missing, no soap, girls taking selfies….??
3- People on phones just sitting on equipment NOT USING THEM!!! AND with loud facetime conversations in jacuzzi!!! Need a NO CELL PHONE ANYWHERE policy. FOCUS on working out………..please
I’m not the only one saying this!!!


Mariela May 14, 2019 at 5:10 pm

Well, clearly corporate is NOT reading any of these complaints nor doing anything about it and it seems like its time to round up all those of us who have been ignore by the 24 hr fitness cooperation. It clearly time to round ALL the members who have been ignored and pushed aside and hire an attorney to get their attention the only way the know, legally. Just like in 2007 and 2017.
If another class act is the only way then so be it.


Kim June 18, 2019 at 1:36 pm

Lets do it. I m ready


Homaira Anwarzai September 20, 2019 at 2:24 pm

I am SO FEED Up with their unprofessionalism! THE HQ or DOES NOT DO anything but falsely charge members! They are a fraud! I am in on the lawsuit idea as well.


farzana halimi MOHAMADI April 3, 2019 at 1:02 am

I am telling about being clean in the gym I try so many times tell the Manteca gym management about how dirty is inside the ladies changing area and showers but looks like they do not care all they need our monthly payment if we miss one moth they tell you , you can not go inside because of the payment but when we ask for cleaning they do not worry they said we make sure to take care next time but never happen
I hope some one send the health department one day


Shaylene February 14, 2019 at 2:44 pm

Hello, I am a mom of a16 yr. old special needs son and 13 yr. old daughter. We live on $859. a month. My son is wanting to exercise and now and I know it will help him with his depression. I am homeschooling my daughter and we need a place for P.E. I have worked out at 24 hr. fitness for many years over my lifetime and have enjoyed all the locations I have been a member of. At this time in my life, I can’t work away from home because of my son’s needs and am needing help with 3 memberships. Is there a scholarship program or some kind of financial help to join 24 fitness for us?
Thank you.


Elizabeth Filadelfia February 7, 2019 at 5:41 pm

So the Corporate office of 24 Hour fitness has discontinued towel service in the name of the environment. So what they are saying is that it is better for the environment for the members to wash a large thick absorbent towel that takes a long time to dry as opposed to their small thin utilitarian towels that absorb very little water and take no time at all to dry. The old dirty towel bins have been replaced with trash bins. This may be a good thing since they no longer supply the hand towels that were used to whip down the equipment, the members are instead using wads of wasteful paper towels that are filling up those trash bins. So my question is – What part of this is good for the environment?


Lee Goade January 17, 2019 at 1:08 pm

I want to file a Member Escalation Report for Liability & equipment maintenance at the Bella Terra locations #851.

I have documented pictures and conversations with employees regarding the Leg Press machine dating back to August 2018. The new Manager Blake Mistretta, has now finally “Logged in” a maintenance request as of 1/6/19. I have pictures, emails and have sent him the proper protocol for safely and properly anchoring this apparatus to the 2nd level, light weight concrete. (but, I don’t care how it is resolved, as long as it is…)
4 of the 6 anchor bolts have completely pulled out of the floor. All 4 of 4 bolts located at the seat area have been dislodged and the entire machine rocks up OFF OF THE FLOOR while pressing 700lbs or more. -LIABILITY.

This has been a known and reported issue since August 2018. -DOUBLE LIABILITY.

I am tired of waiting for anymore bureaucratic red tape BS to be cut. I simply want to know the date this machine will be fixed and operational? I WANT A DATE. No more BS about the maintenance process excuses, Corporate process excuses, etc… Not to mention, the Leg Press @ Westminster is now Completely broken and “scheduled” to be replaced sometime in the next 30 days. (I wont hold my breath…)



M Mason September 21, 2018 at 8:44 pm

I have called 24 hour fitness gym and corporate office to have my membership transferred to the Rialto gym. They told me that I could not do that because it is a newer gym. I have been waiting on a gym closer to my home and now that it is finally here they said that I could not transfer. Kevin Roger’s the District Manager was to call me in ten days and that never happened. I call on 08/16/2018. I have been a member for almost 20 years. I would like corporate to give me a call and transfer my membership. That’s simple enough. I am not asking for anything else but to get to a gym to work out for my health. Very disappointed in your customer service.


Paula Miles December 11, 2018 at 11:38 am

What was the outcome? I am trying to do the same thing, but I can’t get anyone to even call me back.


Chris Vowell January 17, 2019 at 9:37 pm

I have been a member for 20 years at 24hr fitness. It have come to my attention that the membership that I had originally signed up for is not good enough to get into some gyms and requires an upgrade. When I signed up my membership was to include all 24hr fitness gyms anywhere, and that my membership was a lifetime membership that would be good until I stopped paying my membership fee or until I died. I feel that adding some amenities and calling some of the gyms a “super sport” is an unfair and unethical tactic to push out lifetime loyal members such as myself and others. This issue could be an opportunity for a class action lawsuit. Many customers such as myself have been mislead and obviously lied to. A good honest fair company should honor its commitments and promises, not find ways to ditch its most loyal first customers that helped establish its economic success and positive customer perception.


Dennis Ewing February 12, 2019 at 1:02 pm

I’ve been experiencing the same frustrations. I’ve been a member since 2004 and at that time they did not have any Super Sport or at least in Denver they didn’t. I was told the same thing, that my membership was an all access membership good at all 24 Hour gyms. Now they want me to pay $39.95 a month to “upgrade” to the gym. That’s ridiculous. They keep their corporate number hidden away from the public so that complainants cannot escalate to a higher position than the individuals acting as gatekeepers in the membership services department. I was finally able to get that number, (925) 543-3100 and was transferred to “corporate membership services”. They fail to show any gratitude for longstanding loyalty and quite frankly I felt they spoke very rudely and abruptly to me.


Arturo Jazo August 12, 2019 at 5:15 pm

I did not know there was so many complaints about 24hr fitness until I started reading some of the comments on this site. I personally had purchased an all access lifetime gym membership back in I don’t remember when. I was also told that my membership would be good anywhere, anytime. I did not pay the ” yearly maintenance fee” that comes with the lifetime membership for three years because of some personal problems that I had gone through but barring that, I got in touch with customer service and was told that I could not make up the yearly maintenance payments that I had missed and that was the final decision that was made by 24hr corporate office. I am guessing that a lawsuit will be the only way to get their attention. I know I am partly to blame for my missed payments but I should not be discarded without being given a chance to make it right again. My next step will be to write a letter to corporate to first discuss my situation and secondly to see if they will even respond. If I do not get a response I will sue in court(not that I am rich or can afford to sue)to get some type of beneficial outcome hopefully in my favor…until the next posting and update. Good luck to all.


rosa September 20, 2018 at 12:16 pm

I have had terrible service with corporate, thinking because they came into our employment we would be treated better. I have left NUMEROUS telephonic messages and emails to Nick K. in Carlsbad who also covers Ventura County. Not once has ever returned my call, yet when he was here he promised the world! it has been a disgusting experience. I have been a member since the late 80’s.


tony weekly jr. July 30, 2018 at 1:04 pm

24 hour on cottle rd. san jose, ca is filthy, rotton dirty. Roaches in the pool area Saturday 7/28/2018. The janitor says he does not have time to hose the pool area only once a week, YET, time to pick personal recycle out of the trash bins and place in a plastic bag, I asked him if for him, his reply is YES. 24 clean has ants and bugs by the pool shower, never sanitized I am sure. mop, mop, mop the front, never mop the wet area, does Carl Liebert III ever go into these horrible clubs??????????


Court July 11, 2018 at 8:59 pm

Generally Speaking, if you were an early investor and bought a lifetime membership.
They will try and revoke you as soon as possible and replace you with a higher paying member. FYI.


Janet July 5, 2018 at 6:08 pm

Considering the volume of negative comments, I’m amazed 24-hr is still open….does no one at Headquarters read this stuff? I’m sending a letter with my complaints.


tanya seguinot August 6, 2018 at 1:12 pm

this gym is corrupt and unproffesional, Bronx N.Y Fordham RD. location. I will be contacting a lawyer.


Chris Vowell January 17, 2019 at 9:39 pm

If you contact a lawyer there is an opportunity for a class action lawsuit judging my the concerns in the comments.


NDM November 28, 2017 at 9:12 pm

I’m a new member at 24 Hour Fitness. The club is at a convenient location and has the potential to be a nice place. But it appears that little is done regarding cleaning of the facilities or the equipment. The basketball court floor can be filthy and many of the pieces of equipment seem to have years of filth built up on them. Unfortunately I’m locked in to a 2 year stint at this place. But if it doesn’t get cleaner during that time I’ll be moving on after my contract is up.


E v p October 25, 2017 at 12:31 am

I attend 24 hr Friendswood Texas. You have a trainer there that chomps, hammers and pounds his gum in your customers faces as he is training them beside the fact he is very touchy feely with the women as I have seen with several different ladies. One time I witnessed him pressing his knees in between a girls thighs while his knees were pressed up against the seat by her personal spot. Do you people not have a an ethical standard for your employees or at least a professional look that is required to work there?????? I do not think the gum chomping is giving much attention to your customers nor does it show they are your focus, your trainers sure should be able to wait 30 minutes to be respectful while holding off on their bad habits.


Anastasia Daviis October 17, 2017 at 4:03 pm

During my Saturday workout at 24 hour fitness in San Ramon. Someone went into the ladies locker room and cut off locks. My car keys and phone were taken. The person went to my car stole my wallet which was hidden and went on a shopping spree with my credit cards. 24 hour fitness has not even reached out to me and that makes me angry. I have tried calling to discuss what has happen and there is no one who cares. The manager of the gym told me it was out of his pay grade to handle things like this an to reach out to loss prevention. I did that and Keith has failed to get back to me.

It cost money to buy a new phone, change to locks on my car and home.
I’ve been giving this company money for years as a member and I can’t even talk to someone regarding what happen at a gym I pay to use.
I’m very disappointed. %$#^ 24hour fitness.


Passage astral April 6, 2019 at 3:40 am

Anastasia has me laughing because I understand her frustration.


aaasne.com August 30, 2017 at 8:49 pm

If anyone is wondering where to buy drugs, well look no further, and join the 24 Hour Fitness in Santee, CA. Because apparently 24 Hour Fitness Corporate turns a blind eye to the drug dealers that frequent the Santee, CA 24 Hour Fitness.


Hector Pacheco August 25, 2017 at 12:08 pm

Hector Pacheco

To: Club 456 General Manager

Aug 24 at 10:28 AM

To: 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office

Re: Why has the 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office in San Ramon California, not responded!

An e-mail addressed to the Corporate Office was sent on Monday August 21, 2017, via the Antioch 24 Hour Fitness, manager’s e-mail address!

Another e-mail addressed to the Corporate Office, was sent on its ‘own website’ on Wednesday August 23, 2017!

Why is the 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office in San Ramon not willing to communicate directly with their members, via e-mail!

The 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office and the Antioch 24 Hour Fitness Gym management have both been ‘ABSENT’ in resolving any ‘Issue/Incident Report’ brought before them!

The Antioch 24 Hour Fitness Gym management have repeatedly ignored and discarded complaints, grievances, incident reports and issues for years, reported by members!

The 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office and the Antioch 24 Hour Fitness Gym management have demonstrated throughout many years, that they don’t care about its members and are unwilling to assist at any level.

If the 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office is going to conduct an investigation, they must be willing to communicate with its members via e-mail.

As stated previously, the Antioch 24 Hour Fitness manager was unwilling to communicate with me back on October 2016, much less conduct an investigation!

The Antioch 24 Hour Gym/Corporate Office only knows how to bully, try to incite it’s members to retaliate at management’s ‘groveling level’, so as to discredit said members!

I have discovered that other gyms in the community offer an environment of ‘accountability’. Their managers are accountable and protect their members with a ‘safe’ environment. Said managers do not try to ‘discredit’ their members when they come forward with concerns. The gym owners come forward, publicly and address the issues online, rather than fabricate ‘alternative facts’ as the management at the Antioch 24 Hour Fitness facility does.

I want my ‘funds’!

I have a prepaid 24 Hour Fitness membership through ‘Costco’ that runs through the middle of February 2018. Rather than ‘freezing’ my membership/money as you have illegally done, I would rather go elsewhere with my money, to another gym.

I did nothing wrong to have had my membership placed on ‘Freeze’.

I am moving forward…

This is only the beginning!

Of disclosing the ‘Institutionalized Corruption’ that begins from the 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office in San Ramon California…extending across the country to the local gyms.

Thousands of members throughout the country have come forward on the Internet and Social Media, sharing the same types of experiences that I have had, exposing the corrupt Corporate Office, Local Gym Management and Staff.

With the advent of technology the world has become a much smaller place, where names of ‘Unethical Employees’ are being plastered all over the Internet.

Doxing will serve to let the world know of such ‘Unethical Employees’; and their deplorable actions will follow them for the rest of their lives.

These individuals have no place to run; their unethical actions will follow them everywhere they go!

These individuals think they are above the law and are accountable to no one! How wrong they are! They are accountable to society, they are accountable to their families and lastly, they are accountable to the ’24 Hour Fitness’ members and employees.

Hector Pacheco

August 24, 2017 – 10:28 a.m.


Hector Pacheco August 23, 2017 at 1:21 pm

Hector Pacheco

To: Club 456 General Manager

Today at 8:53 AM

To: Corporate Office

Re: Hate Crime Cover-up

On Saturday morning, August 19, 2017 I went into the Antioch 24 Hour Fitness facility, to speak to management about the retaliatory ‘Freezing’ of my membership, only to be treated in an antagonistic, belligerent, and condescending manner by acting Operations Manager Gary Brown.

The Operations Manager did to not cooperate, and refused to furnish me with the information that I requested. As the acting Manager, he was obligated to furnish me with the Corporate Office address, and the name of the person that I could communicate with.

The Operations Manager on Saturday morning, stated that his Manager Tony Cigliutti, prohibited him from furnishing the Corporate Office information to me. As an employee of 24 Hour Fitness, I would have given any member that information if it was available to me. I would have been of service to any member or employee.

There were many employees outside of the Operations Manager’s office who were present and are aware of my petition. Outside of his office the Operations Manager acted like a gentleman, unlike the unprofessional manner in which he had comported himself inside his office when he was alone with me.

On October 2016 I experienced the same antagonistic, belligerent and condescending treatment from the Manager, and made it quite clear to the Operating Manager in July 2017 that I would not be subjected to the same treatment again by the Manager. I again requested that the CEO and President’s business/personal e-mails be given to me.

Till this day, I still do not have the CEO and President’s information that was requested long ago.

All three individuals (Manager, Operations Manager, Assailant) have presented ‘alternative facts’ that are unverifiable!

I want the Corporate Office to conduct an investigation as to the refusal of the Antioch 24 Hour Fitness ‘Management’ to assist me on October 2016, when I sought a ‘Safe’ environment, and their refusal to assist me now.

I want an e-mail response from the Corporate Office with the following information:

1- Name of Contact Person
2- Address
3- E-mail
4- Telephone Number and Extension

If I do not receive an e-mail response from the Corporate Office, I will research the address and go in person within the next 48 hours.

Hector Pacheco

08-21-17 Monday, 8:53 a.m.


Hector Pacheco August 23, 2017 at 1:15 pm

Hector Pacheco


Club 456 General Manager , omclub456 at 24hourfit.com

Aug 16 at 2:17 PM

To Whom It May Concern:

This morning on Wednesday 08-16-17, at 5:58 a.m. I was once again harassed by the individual who physically assaulted me a month ago today on Wednesday 07-19-17 at 5:20 a.m., in the men’s locker room.

It has been a month since this individual attacked me in the men’s locker room! My left hand has still not healed completely! I have not been able to use my left hand, nor do any kind of upper body exercises, due to the attack!

As you are quite aware of, this individual has been harassing me at the 24 Hour Fitness Antioch gym for over 5 years, without any kind of provocation! I brought it to your attention last year on October 2016, on numerous occasions! You did absolutely nothing about the harassment and the physical attacks back in October!

You have apparently done ‘nothing’ since this last attack took place, last month on July 19, 2017, when I brought it to your attention, at your request!

You have done absolutely nothing to stop the harassment, nor the violence. You intentionally propagate harassment/violence at the 24 Hour Fitness Antioch gym and do nothing to protect innocent, pacifist members like myself, or others that I know!

Since you have intentionally failed to do anything to protect me from this individual’s harassment and physical attacks for the past 11 months, I am now going forward with contacting the proper authorities and reporting you and this assailant.

I have grown tired of asking you for the personal e-mails of the CEO (Mark Smith) and the President (Frank Napolitano), and you refusing to furnish them to me.

You have repeatedly refused to give me this assailant’s name, as well, so that I will not file a Police Report against him. It no longer matters, as the proper authorities that I contact will find out that information for themselves.

When I spoke to Samantha at the front desk this morning of Wednesday 08-16-17 at 6:24 a.m., she thought that you had already terminated this individual’s membership, a month ago!

Obviously, you have not terminated this individual’s membership and have given him the complete freedom to continue to harass me at his own leisure.

Having communicated with you/management personally at the gym, last month with the evidence of my badly injured left hand was a complete waste of my time. You did absolutely nothing!

You thought that you could discredit me and terminate my membership, but as you found out, I did nothing wrong, I was not the aggressor as you had planned for me to be! I was once again the innocent victim!

You have repeatedly demonstrated to me, that you cannot be trusted.

You have repeatedly demonstrated to me, that your ‘word’ means absolutely nothing!

You have repeatedly demonstrated to me, that you lack the professionalism and moral ethics that your position entails!

Hector Pacheco

08-16-17 Wed, 2:17 p.m.


Thoroughly Upset August 8, 2017 at 12:43 pm

I have been a member of a few gyms, and a member of 24Hour Fitness since they opened in Costa Mesa. The only three consistent aspects of this gym chain are the worse customer service in any business, the worse gym managers in any business, purposely uncomfortable work out experiences.

First, customer service/ management. What business in the world treats their clients so badly? Why is there no access to Corporate management for complaints (try finding a contact phone number or email address)? Why are clients ignored and lied to? Why are clients subjected to harsh, overly loud, disgusting music with racially offensive lyrics? Why can’t clubs keep a manager more than just a very few months? Why is there a constant turn over in gym workers/staff?

Uncomfortable work out experience: why are the wall mounted large screen TVs either out of order or only broadcasting 24hour fitness commercials? Why does the music played in these gyms have to be so loud? Why do most member wear personal headphone and ear buds? Why is the 24 Hour music so offensive? (This may answer the previous question). Why will management not fix the music problem? (Perhaps because 24 Hour management treats clients badly) Why is the work out equipment so worn, frequently broken, and poorly maintained? Why are the gyms so filthy? (Bandaids stuck on the floor for more than 4 months). Why are the hand soap and towel dispensers always empty? Why are the staff so dicourtious and disrespectful? Why is 24 Hour Fitniss constantly trying to replace members who have quit in disgust? Why would any member ever recommend 24 Hour Fitness to anyone else? Worse fitness club,worse business I’ve ever seen!


Robaire W. Estel July 10, 2017 at 3:30 pm

I have been a member of many gyms in my lifetime, but NEVER a gym, like this…

I joined 24 Hour Fitness June, 2017 as a birthday present to myself! I went to the facility in Santa Monica, CA. where I live. I did the walk through a noted a few things such as: A shower handle in the pool area being missing. I was told it was be fixed in a few days. Almost 4 weeks in and it still is missing. I notice the floors being slick and was concerned because of a double hip replacement. I spoke with the Manager and Assistant Manager about this concern. The floors are still slick with sXXXX 4 weeks in. The stairs leading to the pool area was of great concern for me, as swimming was necessary for my hips.

With every gym I join, I play a little game! I will place an item slightly out of sight and see how long it stays there. That will determine how often the area is cleaned. i place an empty Smart Water Water Bottle in the first shower stall. It remained there for 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS!!!!!.

I contacted the Executive Offices to place my concerns. I spoke with a very kind, professional, respectful young man, James, understood and doXXXXented my plight. I was assured of a call from Scott Melvin, District Manager today (July 10th, 2017). I did not receive that call.

This place is a health hazard on many levels. A cancellation is in order. I have an attorney in place to address the issue. I paid the initial fee! I will pay nothing else…


Teja Sharma July 6, 2017 at 4:00 pm

I first went in for the 3 day try out for free. I wanted to join gym but when I signed up for it I only wanted to be in the gym for two months as I told them but I got signed up for a 12 month membership. Now when I want to cancel it, they are telling me that I have to pay $200 something to cancel it. I am trying to cancel it because I was signed up the most expensive membership they had and I feel cheated. I just want to pay for the month I have used which June and get down with it. But the corporate office keeps telling me they can’t do that. I feel cheated and I demand to speak to someone who has the authority to solve this problem.


Efren M. Castro May 19, 2017 at 2:47 pm

Dear Sir/Madam:

I’m writing this email because I would like to make a complain about my gym benefit which is covered by the Kaiser Senior Advantage. 

I am a member of Senior Advantage since last year and Kaiser Permanente has been regularly charging each month  from my retirement account my membership fee. To date, my membership is pretty much current. 

Accordingly,  I enrolled with Kaiser Silver and Fit Program which in turn enrolled me with 24 Hours LA Fitness (“24 Hours) in Broadway in Glendale since last year. My group id is 500600 and membership id is 34053838.
Therefore, all this time, I was and is under the impression that I’m enjoying my gym benefit with 24 Hours through Kaiser Silver and Fit. 

Last, May 16, 2017, I was shocked to find out that 24 Hours cancelled, deactivate  or otherwise, suspended my membership with it. I found out that Kaiser Silver and Fit did not enroll me with 24 Hours as they told me last year and that, the reason I continued using the 24 Hours facility in Glendale was due to the fact that it countinued charging from my wife’s credit card my alleged membership monthly fee- despite the fact that I was and is a member of Kaiser Silver and Fit, without my knowledge or consent and neither Kaiser Silver and Fit nor 24 Hours put me on notice about this matter. 

Accordingly,  I right away called Kaiser Silver and Fit and brought this suspension to their attention  I got a discouraging response, however  because to this writing this gym benefit issue has not fixed yet. Consequently, I was unable since  Tuesday to use the 24 Hours facility in Glendale. Im a debiatic and I need to exercise regularly,  Also, I suffered monetary damages due the negligence of Kaiser Silver and Fit and/or 24 Hours 

In addition, Kaiser Silver and Fit breached its fiduciary duty to me  by not affording me the necessary wellness benefit that I am lawfully and legally entitled to pursuant to and as provided for under the Senior Advantage Benefits. 

Therefore, I demand that you fix this matter right away with 24 Hours- re instate my gym benefit, and that reimburse or refund the money that was unlawfully  taken from my wife’s credit card without my knowledge and consent. 

This e mail will put Kaiser Silver and/or 24 Hours on notice about my complaint and request for reimbursement.

I trust you’ll give this matter the utmost importance it deserves.

Best regards, 

Efren Castro


So-Ying May 9, 2017 at 12:29 pm

Hello to whom this may concern,

My mom and I have been members for more than 13 years and always been loyal.

A few years ago, Seattle opened up a new Super Sport at Northgate and they had a promotion where members can pay a monthly fee of $10 to upgrade their current membership, so that’s what we did. After a while, my mom decides to cancel this upgrade because she doesn’t find it as convenient as the other clubs (that are non-super sport).
That said, we talked to the front desk and asked them to cancel her upgrade and we got a verbal consent saying that they will get that changed. This discussion happened about a year and half to two years ago. I, on the other hand, kept the upgrade.

Yesterday, while I was auditing my mom’s credit statement, I realized that she is still being charged with the monthly dues even though we asked them to cancel the upgrade. And I know we cancelled her upgrade because a couple of months back when her gym (Ballinger Way club) was closed for a week due to power outage, they directed their members to workout at any gym that is most convenient to them so my mom went to the Northgate location. When she tries to check-in, the front desk representative said that she is not allow to attend because she doesn’t have super sport access club membership, but after explaining to them about the power outage issues, that was when she got access into the Northgate club.
Aside from that week, she hasn’t even been attending the Northgate club because she thought she no longer has the upgrade.

I’ve spoken with a couple of representatives yesterday and today, and I explained to them the situation. They said that unfortunately members are charged based on their accessibility and not their attendance.

I understand what the representatives are trying to say, but think about this situation rationally, 1) if my mom knew that she is able to access the super sports club, why wouldn’t she since she’s still being charged with the extra monthly dues? 2) Even though we’re loyal customers, why would we pay extra if we are not even taking advantage of the facility? 3) We got the verbal consent from one of the front desk representative when we spoke to them a couple of years ago and they said we would be taken care of.

We are not trying to point fingers; we believe that there is some miscommunication on both ends. But just to be fair – since my mom hasn’t been using the Super Sport facility, it would be great if 24 Hour Fitness could credit her account. I know that refunding her is impossible, so if the Corporation is able to credit her with the amount based on the number of months that she hasn’t attend the Super Sports club, that would be a great and move forward from this mishap.

I look forward in hearing from someone at the corporate office.

Thank you,
So-Ying C.


Norma cooper April 26, 2017 at 3:56 pm

The orange facility is the worst. 26 people signed a petition asking for the RETURN of a palate class. We were ignored. There business model is to have someone join and hopefully never come and just keep paying out of guilt. Approximately 10% of machines are broken on a daily basis. The machines are dirty and disgusting. They removed the pads for floor exercise. 24 hour in orange doesn’t give a cheap.


Elizabeth pacheco May 20, 2017 at 7:10 pm

I’m very angry and the costumer service in the 24 hr fitness in 459 NJ-17, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604. For starters I lost my bank card and forgot to update the new information with the gym, I understand that the payment for May 2017 was able to be process by the gym because of the same reason I forgot to update my new card information.
My indignation came when an employee name Elizabeth called me to collect the payment which I had no problem paying it, the problem was when I informed Elizabeth that I was driving and that I will come to the gym tomorrow and I will make a payment Elizabeth insisted to wait on the phone while I look for my bank card, I explained to her that I was driving and I can have an accident and again she insisted that she will wait to take my time. I explained to her numerous times I’m driving and that I can’t do this now. Elizabeth kept insisting to take my time that she’ll wait, it got to the point where I had to remind this is been recorded we’ll I’m telling you I’m driving and I can have an accident for being in the phone and since this is been recorded if I get into an accident you will be held responsible in the court of law and the proof is in the recording. Elizabeth didn’t apologize or gave me an option of calling on a later time she just hung up on me. This is very unprofessional and unethical also is not the first incident with the gym staff. I’m very disappointed and very dissatisfied with the customer service they provide. I’m really thinking about closing my family and my account and heading to a different gym. I hope this person gets fired or disciplined for her actions because this reflects on the entire gym and their staff.


Al Talena March 14, 2017 at 12:44 am

I was a member of Ballys for a number of years. When 24 Hour bought the gym, after 3 months, their financial dept said I owed for a month trainer fees.. Despite supplying credit card proof, their illiterate staffers kept saying I owed 1 month trainer fees. After numerous emails & calls, they admitted I was right. 2 months later, my trainer said 24 Hour financial office notified him that I suspended trainer payments. The last person I had spoken to messed up and put down I canceled payments.
Needless to say I walked out of the gym and joined another gym.


Jerry Reeves February 22, 2017 at 5:43 pm

A busniness that caters to their customrs will always thrive and successful. No business wants negative comments about there establishment. As a customer i want a flexibility when spending my money with you. Here’s my complaint. Your stiff and unbending policy not to except payments by phone is ridiculous. I have been trying to pay my daughters membership by phone. I do not live in the Portland but your office doesn’t care. Instead they simple say it’s a corporate policy and i must come into Portland. Thats5 a 150 mile round trip just to give you my money and i will not do it. You lost a customer. We will look for a different fitness center who will accommodate us.


Anonymous February 5, 2017 at 4:33 am

HR department. Please review this. KBS the cleaning company is stealing hours from you Guus. They are removing approximately 14 hours pre week pre club!!! Nicole shibuert OM was told about this and Alfredo lenck plotted all this because they were loosing money and hire sub contractors. They are stealing money from you guys the CEO should be aware of this and remove KBS from this account


Richard Williams February 3, 2017 at 10:44 am

I was stupid enough to join the 24hr in Savannah, Ga. in 2013. It was filled with criminals from right across the street. I told the manager and called BBB. I finally had to call them and pay what I owed. Now, they are trying to say I never paid them and put me on a collection agency! I am trying to contact the new owner but they are probably the same. I honestly hope they are not as crooked as the former owner. I have contested the report on my credit and am really pissed with such dishonesty!


Lisa January 27, 2017 at 1:06 pm

I agree 100% 24hr SUCKS!!!! They have THE WORST customer service of all time!!!
The one in Upland, CA as well as all the rest they think they’re the only gyms around… they terminated my membership due to non payment when I didn’t even know my membership was up for renewal I never got any notification EVER!!! No phone call no letter in the mail that they say they sent but somehow I never got it I get all my other mail so that’s a lie!! I’ve lived at my same address for 17 years so I know they never sent me anything…
AND AGAIN I NEVER got notice they were going to terminate my acct either.. oh well F-THEM!!! The gym is always a mess anyway and the equipment SUCKS!!! Half the time the machines don’t work and the place is just dirty!! GROSS!!!


Linnie March 29, 2017 at 5:47 pm

You are spot on with your comment. They never sent me a renewal either.


BJ January 11, 2017 at 1:36 pm


If you have an issue, good luck getting it resolved. The management both at the gym and in the corporate offices are completely uncooperative and do not return calls or address issues.
Even when there is a resolve, the matter simply continues to resurface and not be addressed.

When promises are made by management, they are not kept. No one, including upper level management returns calls. It is nearly impossible to have anyone at 24 Hour Fitness take any level of accountability. No one knows who is responsible for any resolve. It is a game of cat and mouse.

Membership services are sold, with certain promises as to what the gym membership offers and these promises are not kept, yet your credit card will be billed every month.

The gym will close early, and the hours for kids club are often changing. The other gyms offering kids club will close in the area and the management will frequently close for a number of days, without proper notice, for holidays. If you have a child, both you and your kids WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A GYM YOU ARE PAYING FOR. This has happened over 12 days in the last month and a half!

The lights do not work in the bathroom.

There is frequently no hand sanitizer, paper towels or any feminine hygiene products.

These types of problems are ongoing.

The team and staff have a revolving door. No one gives you their contact number. When you call, you are put through a run-around and nothing happens.


Even their own staff complain about not being able to talk to anyone in management, promises not being kept, and a lack of integrity on promotions, respect, or service.



Darien Mitchell January 9, 2017 at 12:14 pm

On January 4th I entered the NOW new 24hr. facility in Antioch when I input my phone number to enter the facility it said “see receptionist” I was then informed that this particular gym is now a “Super” or “Gold” whatever the term is that gives you access to all 24hr gyms. I had been going to the old gym as I had recently moved back to the area and I’ve been a member since 2012 and was a previous member back in mid 90’s so safe to say I’ve been a PAYING MEMBER for about a decade! I was informed that I couldn’t enter as I only have the basic membership package that only allows me to certain facilities. I tried to explain that I wasn’t aware of this gym turning into this as I was just recently at the location behind this new facility and instead of them allowing me to enter for the day the staff attempted to pass me on to a sales associate in order to sale me another package!! I was appalled and totally embarrassed and felt like I wasn’t even a current member who had just paid my monthly fees. The staff was unprofessional and very trivializing as though now there in this new facility that my membership fees has attributed like the rest of the dedicated members and unless I upgraded I wouldn’t be allowed to enter!! I would like a representative from corporate to contact me so I can discuss this unacceptable treatment to a member of this organization!! If any one elese has had this issue with this facility please make a comment or contact corporate headquarters


BJ January 11, 2017 at 1:36 pm



Gina Lee August 25, 2016 at 4:57 pm

Hi, my name is Gina Lee, joined Monterey Park club on 3/22/2016 as well as P/T (#PD02388). I had membership with LA Fitness before but your 24 Fitness was close to my work and I also want to join it with P/T. I had two P/T trainings with Jose in one week and then my knee was getting hurt. Next P/T(3rd), I told Jose about my knee problem and he did easy on me.
First of all, I didn’t have any knee problem before.
Even after 3rd P/T, my knee was getting hurt more.
So I stopped P/T and told Jose that I need to see doctor. My doctor recommended me not to excise and see how my knee is getting better. I was waiting for my knee to get better but as of today, still same.
I wanted to get the refund back with membership & P/T so I called to JJ. Austria for refund and he told me to get a doctor’s note. However my doctor was out of country for few month so I have to wait until my doctor came back and get my knee checked again.
I finally got doctor’s note and send refund request to JJ. Austria by email with doctor’s note on 7/15/2016. No reply for few weeks so I have to call him again for the current status. He said he need to talk to manager Erick Krull. He called me that they can’t do refund even with doctor’s note, only credit for future P/T, but I don’t want to have exercise with P/T anymore and I don’t know when my knee is going to get better. So I called Club Manager Erick Krull and he said same thing, also he mentioned that my knee injury is not during exercise with P/T. During the phone conversation with Erick, I felt so bad, not respected, humiliated, and unkind.
(Maybe you check recorded phone conversation with him)
Now, all I want is my refund back to me.
The H.Q. management can investigate or check for this matter with club manager and get back to me.
JJ Austria has a my doctor’s note. (I don’t understand that why he ask for doctor’s note even they are not willing to do refund, because it took me lots of time to get it)
Please see below for the charges debited from my account.
3/23/2016 $229.99 for P/T sign up
3/23/2016 $32.89 for membership (just went for P/T, total of 3-4 times, cancelled on 6/18/2016)
4/18/2016 $150.00 for P/T remaining balance
5/16/2016 $29.99 for monthly membership
6/18/2016 $8.00 credit back to cancelled membership
Total $434.87
Please total of $434.87 need to refund to my account.
If you have any problem for this matter, please contact me at (213)509-XXXXX or email at diane1026edu at hotmail.com.


BJ January 11, 2017 at 1:41 pm


Even if you get a resolve, it will shortly return. The management has a revolving door. No level of integrity on customer service or satisfaction.


kaykayncrocker@gmail.com August 20, 2016 at 8:23 pm

I am having trouble finding someone to hear and fix a serious problem at Rohnert Park 24 hour fitness. The pool for the third weekend in the past five has not been appropriately tested and treated with chlorine and or other chemicals. It is cloudy and tastes salty and there is no one there of any authority to deal with it. The problem tends to start Fri. pm and by Monday when someone finally comes, the pool ends up “closed until further notice” until chemicals can work. The health department has already closed it down once and will again I am afraid when I call Monday morning. I really want to use this pool daily, but management is very inconsistent and many times non existent. PLEASE FIX OUR POOL>


BJ January 11, 2017 at 1:43 pm

We have no hygiene products in the women’s restroom for a few months. The kids club is closed early every weekend and most holidays. Good luck getting someone to call you back.




TAMMY August 11, 2016 at 5:15 am

I have notice there is a charge for annual fee on my bank statement 8/8/16 and have call customer service what is going on and was told is additional charge annual fee that no one told me at all. I even ask the sale rept when I sign is there any additional that I need to know before I sign up he says . I’m really upset in this matter which I have discuss with customer rept that nothing have clarify clearly and its falsifying information advertisement and I’m going to call 24hr fitness headquarter corporate to bring this matter up and if nothing is settle at all I will definitely file lawsuit against them. They cant just charging you with explain to clearly and thinking everything was alright and done deal.
I wouldn’t recommend no one to sign up with this club at all.


BJ January 11, 2017 at 1:43 pm



Brandy August 8, 2016 at 12:13 pm

I called corporate and was on hold for over 20 minutes and then was hung up on. I signed up for the year plan and when I first signed up the employee that helped me didn’t even tell me about the $49.99 plan they charge you every year. To me this is a rip off and on top of it I pay my monthly fee of $34.99. I honestly don’t want to go to this gym anymore and I will let my friends know how 24 hour fitness rips people off. sometimes I have to wait to use a machine because they’re all in use. I want my refund of the $49.99 I was never told that I was going to be charged for.


BJ January 11, 2017 at 1:45 pm




LaLa Beal June 3, 2016 at 4:25 pm

My family has been a 24 Hr Fitness member for many years. I joined because I reside in the Sacramento, CA (Greenhaven/Pocket) area and a 24 Hr facility is within walking distance. The Greenhaven/Pocket facility is disgusting. It’s a very old facility and it looks like it’s old. At 9am, there’s a Boot Camp Workout, at 10,am, there’s an Zumba class, once the 9a class is over, we have to wait about 15 minutes or more, for the room to air out (the circulation is horrible) there’s a huge stand alone air fan in the corner, it blows so strong you can’t bare to be near it. The Sauna area has holes in the wall, the floor is uneven to walk on an it looks like Algae in spots, the Stream Room rarely functions properly, I go to workout, but I’m so concern with the appearance, wondering if it’s mold, rust, algae etc…that I can’t concentrate on my workout. Not to mention the outdated equipment. Please repair this facility or build us a new State of the Art facility (in the new upcoming 50 Acres Delta Shores Development ) 3 minutes away from the Greenhaven/Pocket Facility.

This is just a thought; The New Delta Shores Development, is planning to build by the end of year 2017 – 5,500 new single family homes, 21 restaurants, 12 screen theatre and lots of retail stores, If just half of the new residents joined 24 Hr Fitness, the Greenhaven/Pocket facility would not be able to accommodate them. Why not build a new State of the Art facility to attract old and new members. Many current members have expressed their concern about the uncleanliness of this facility. If you doubt what I’m saying, please go to this facility and see for yourself.


BJ January 11, 2017 at 1:46 pm



alicia May 16, 2016 at 3:20 pm

I have been a member for over 20 years, been fairly satisfied with the gyms I have attended all over Los Angeles. I’ve learned to deal with dirty bathrooms and broken equipment for the price I pay. However the new group training class at the North Hollywood location as of 5/16/16 is a travesty. 25% of the entire first floor is now taken over by an all day circuit training class (for an extra monthly fee), delineated by astro turf we are admonished to walk around, and led by a staff member yelling every 30 seconds. Annoying and insulting to the already paying members forced to listen to and accommodate this greedy and short sighted decision. I am not alone in this, many members were upset and complaining to the front desk. Hopefully it will be a bust and gone soon.


Sabrina May 18, 2016 at 1:40 pm

Disgusting. I go there-as of today I am cancelling my 18 year membership. We have no room to work out and people hog the machines, and the treadmill area is not air-conditioned. I complained last night to the manager Patrick and he was snotty, condescending and rude to me.


BJ January 11, 2017 at 1:51 pm






John Doe May 5, 2016 at 7:21 pm

The employees of the Grossmont 24 Hour Fitness , San Diego, CA are defaming my name and reputation. First of all, I am straight and the employees are spreading lies and rumors about my sexual orientation. Thus, I have meet the first of the three requirements of defamation, I am prof that I am straight. Their lies and rumors are detrimental to how people and women respond to my reputation. Thus, I have proven the second requirement, that their lies and rumors hurt my reputation. And third, they have posted not only lies and rumors of me on the internet (instantly publishing it as an employee of 24 Hour Fitness, while on the clock), but also when I arrive at the gym, stalking me. The third is proven on their social media accounts. If no course of action is taken on part of corporate 24 Hour Fitness, I will seek legal compensation against 24 Hour Fitness.


BJ January 11, 2017 at 1:51 pm




Jennifer May 5, 2016 at 2:45 pm

24 Hour Fitness Worldwide Holdings, Inc.
12647 Alcosta Blvd 5th Floor
San Ramon, CA 94583

CEO: Carl Liebert III
COO: Jeff Boyer
Jennifer LePore
Chino Hills, CA 91709

May 5, 2016
Dear Mr. Liebert and Mr. Boyer,
I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the management of the branch of 24 Hour Fitness Sport that is located in the Chino Hills Marketplace. In the two years that I have frequented this gym, which is the most convenient location for me, I have seen the professionalism of staff members and the policies related to group exercise classes degrade to the point that I am ready to cancel my 25 year membership and take my business to one of your competitors. My husband and family, who are also members, are ready to follow my lead.
Due to my medical conditions I rely on cardio exercise to manage blood pressure and other cardiac conditions, as recommended by my physician. Spin classes are the best fit for my work schedule because there is a class offered at 7:30pm on Tuesdays at the Chino Hills location. Unfortunately, what should be a healthy and stress reducing experience has turned into such a frustrating weekly exercise in futility that I do not bother trying to sign up any longer.
The club’s policy when I joined was that space can be reserved three weeks in advance for the Tuesday night spin class by paying $1.00 to be placed on a reservation list with only the first 10 slots open at a time. The rest of the available slots for the small number of bikes (there are only 25 total) could be reserved one hour beforehand on the night of the class. The window of time the club staff members allotted for signing up members for the classes that are three weeks in the future was at 8:30pm on Tuesday nights, after the class was over. Several months ago, people started leaving class 10-15 minutes early without bothering to clean their bikes or areas, to sign up for the future class. Those of us who stayed until the class was over would try to sign up at 8:30 to find that the list was already full from those who left early. My husband and I shared our concerns with the woman who introduced herself as the club manager, named Nicole (I tried to obtain Nicole’s last name by calling the Chino Hills location and was rudely informed by a staff member named “Lilly” that she would not give me any information about any of the workers.) Following our conversation, Nicole decided to change the policy to only allowing sign-ups for the future classes to occur one hour before class starts, leaving those of us with un-accommodating work schedules who can’t queue for a class one hour before it starts, with no possible option to sign up. My husband has a more flexible schedule and goes to the club Tuesdays nights at 6:00pm for yoga. For a short period of time, the staff members at the front desk allowed him to sign me up for the spin class, but then he was abruptly informed the club changed its policies and people could not sign up other people who were not physically present. After this new change in policy, I called the club and asked to speak to a manager and was given to a man named “Philip” who replied “Yes,” when I asked if he was indeed a club manager. When I stated how unhappy I was with the policy change, he sarcastically replied that he could just cancel my membership for me, if that would make me happy. When I told him that I am a long time member and did not appreciate his unhelpful and condescending attitude, he replied in a chipper tone that he was “more than happy to cancel my membership.” The next day in person at 24 Hour Fitness, I asked to see Phillip the manager and was told by the person working at the front desk that the club did not have a manager named Phillip, only a personal trainer.
As disappointed as I was that I can no longer find any way to attend the Tuesday night class, I asked the front desk if I could use a spin bike on my own time at the gym, as they are kept in the exercise room, which is now locked at all times except during classes. I was told they could not unlock the room with the bikes, even though I have been to other 24 Hour Fitness locations and have observed that the Chino Hills branch is the only one that keeps this room locked. My husband and I have pled our case to Nicole and asked if there was any way she could be more flexible. She chuckled sarcastically and said, “No.” I have called the corporate headquarters to try to reach a satisfactory resolution or at least inform someone at the administrative level of the very poor and unflattering way their club and brand are being represented in Chino Hills. I have called four or five times now and spoken to different representatives every single time (Gregory, Micaela, Elizabeth) who assure me that a district or regional manager will contact me to address my concerns. I was given the name of Bradley Spindler and told he would personally address my concerns. The first time I received that assurance was 17 days ago and I have yet to get that call. I can’t figure out if Mr. Spindler has not gotten the message or just doesn’t care.
I have been a member of 24 Hour Fitness since 1991, when it was called Family Fitness. It saddens me that customer loyalty is repaid with unprofessional and obnoxious conduct by incompetent staff members with absolutely no regard for customers at all. Gregory, one of the operators I spoke with says he has given me four months of free membership so I will see next month when I receive the bill if this is indeed the case, or more misinformation which I have come to expect from this organization. When I think about how I have been treated and what I have observed at the 24 Hour Fitness location in Chino Hills, it reminds me of a sketch called “Pop Copy” on the Chapelle Show from the early 2000s, where a company goes out of its way to provide horrible customer service and insult people so badly they never return. You should watch it on You Tube to get an idea of what is happening at your club.

Jennifer LePore
Member Log-In ID 909-289-4208
Member since 1991


BJ January 11, 2017 at 1:53 pm





Maria Salvia May 4, 2016 at 5:38 pm

I was working out at the gym in Houston, Tx Rice Village area, I over heard and notice one of the managers being so ruded to one of their employee/personal trainer, I thought that was sad for business, the personal trainer was almost in tears and just walked away sad, I thought that was so unprofessional to intimidate your employee in front of members of gym.


Nick April 29, 2016 at 4:47 pm

I am a member of this club since last year and I am a frequent user of this facility on daily basis. I have called the corporate office several times to address an issue that I have been waiting to be heard about either from the club manager or a district manager, and I have not received a call yet. It is very disappointing that it is required of us to fulfill our duties as members and pay on time, but when we request to be heard we are ignored. I was at my local club and working out and a personal trainer came and asked me to finish my exercise because they had a group of 4 people that were getting trained in a designated area of the gym. The time that I attend gym is around 4pm to about 5:30pm everyday. This is the most usual time when people are able to go to the gym and get fit because that’s when they leave work and it is convenient for them to be going to the gym. There are 4 cable machines, 2 of them are out of order for 2 weeks, 1 is occupied by one person for 2 hrs, and the one I was on is located in the area of the gym where the trainer wants to block for personal training. I was very insulted to have been asked to cut my workout short and asked to find a different machine so that “a group” can be trained. As far as I know, I pay to use the gym in its entirety and not a specific section unless there is a class which even then it’s is conducted at a special area of the gym like a closed gym or a room. I am very disappointing with the fact that the manager is blaming corporate and corporate is saying that they have nothing to do with what classes or group exercising the gym is doing. It is very unprofessional that a member is asked to move and find a some other place to exercise when the member has already found a place to do so but has to move to accommodate others. They tend to prioritize the group instead of individuals which is very biased and ill-advised. It is disadvantageous to those whom are coming to the gym and look to make use of their time should they choose not be part of a group.


Sonny Garcia March 24, 2016 at 8:01 pm

I am not the first person to write a review for anything. But, that changed today. I travel for work to many states within the US and attend what ever gym in the city that happen to be visiting. I hate working out at the hotel gyms. The two treadmills and one bench, with dumbbells that go to 50lbs is not a fitness center. LOL. Recently I had to work in Overland Park, KS and went to the 24 hour fitness located at 12075 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66213. I was greeted by the Operations Manager Jeremy and the sales Manager Darci, and they were great. Jeremy went out of his way to make me feel like a member. The staff was friendly and it was great experience. I have been training in gyms across the US for the last 15 years and I have never stopped to write a review for any of them. I frequently attend a 24 hour fitness in CA and have attended another in Texas. So many are professional and polite, but Jeremy and Darci went the extra mile to make my experience worth my time to stop and write this review. They always made it a point to greet me with a smile and make sure I was enjoying my experience at the club.

I wanted to say thank both Darci and Jeremy for the hospitality while visiting Overland Park, KS.

if you are in the area and need a workout at a great place, stop in at the Overland Park 24 Hour Fitness.


Anonymous March 4, 2016 at 12:04 pm

Do not go to the facility in Allen TX. Most do not know what is happening inside this club and have the right to know as a member. The management is the worst I’ve seen. Clif seems to try for the Kids Club, but is all talk and no action. Promises toys and materials will be purchased and never follows through. There is little formal training for Highschool graduates and up and no support. They are CPR trained and work hard, but are treated horribly. No set schedules and management never seems to know what they are doing or how to schedule correctly. They have the childcare worker fill out an incident report but then never follow up on them. That is the point of a report. Your children are not safe here. If reports are not followed by an action of suspension, a child or children, who should not be there will eventually hurt your child. There are no separate areas for different ages, even though it has been suggested to make a separate infant area. It also has never been followed up. Lately, there was a wrongful termination, in my opinion. A boy, who loved working with the children and they loved him, was let go because a fight happened and they said he did not react quickly enough. 3 people in an area and he is the only one let go. At the time, and it is on tape, he was holding a child and verbally telling the children to stop. When it definitely was getting worse, he put the child down, got between them and an incident report was written. 3 people and he was the only one who reacted but he was let go. Why? That’s hard to know, but you don’t see a lot of boys working in the Kids Club area do you? Think about it. He was humiliated and told to go to the Child center to let the other worker know he had to leave and why in front of the children. This is a managers job. The other 2 involved in this incident, one was checking people in and the other one…well she was there somewhere? She says bathroom but the incident was 15 minutes long according to management. Why has she not been fired for either not being at her area or ignored the situation completely?? So the one person, who did react, is let go. Seem wrong? It gets worse. The missing girl in this incident has also had other issues, but is somehow still there. She is either late or doesn’t show up. She even text her manager that she partied too much and that is why she wasn’t there that morning. She brought blades into work that were confiscated by her manager. She has left crying numerous times, left work early for cramps, caught sleeping while working and has had headphones in her ears. Hard to hear the children that way? Yet, somehow this person still remains employed? How? Nobody has any idea. But a very hard working boy is told to leave after one incident when others were there as well. He’s told he hasn’t reacted before. This is not true and never has had a verbal or written warning prior to this incident. Wrongful termination? I absolutely believe so. Now on to outside the Child Center. The new manager Kage and Bodean were investigated and found guilty for not following protocol with members accounts. In fact, not legal. Yet, they are still there? There is no cohesive atmosphere. Rarely does the front desk want to help out the child center when needed, and lack of support in all areas in regards to management. There are many reports on this site about member fees and that is also an issue at this club as well. Main focus..knowing what you do now, do you feel safe leaving your children in an area that is not backed up by management? The rest of the child care staff are working hard and writing reports that go ignored. If you would like play equipment, a separate infant area and toys, let management know and loudly.


Moisesesg February 26, 2016 at 4:32 pm

Honestly I LOVE 24 Hour Fitness. I’ve had other gym memberships and various location but 24 has always been my favorite. Being brought up around training and weights has always been my life. My father was a professional boxer and i have trained my entire life in mma. Im now 22 and like to do all of this on my own. But unfortunately there is always that one individual that ruins your experience. Ill get to that later.
I like to attend several 24 fitness around my home. For example the Super Sport in yorba linda CA, great staff great equipment. Then on the other hand there the 24 Hour Fitness in Anaheim.(Address: 1430 N Lemon St, Anaheim, CA 92801 Phone:(714) 525-9924)

The weights/people/ equipment was excellent, BUT THE STAFF….The staff at this specific location is absurd. Not professional at all. They’re great at making people feel uncomfortable, great at belittling, insulting, and making accusations. Its sad how a gym can let this happen.

Well my story is, i was working out with my father. We were taking turn alternating at lifting weights, but of course I’m spotting him, I’m the one garbing the weights for him because that’s how i was brought up. There happen to be a personal trainer next to us goes by the name Josh C. I didn’t think much of it at the time when he was “training” o fellow customer. Apparently this guy called his co-worker Kenny Fraizer. Kenny stalked my dad and i as we worked out. If there had ever been a time i felt more uncomfortable, it was then. This feeling he gave me was depraved. I wasn’t able to continue lifting. It was horrible. I wondered why was this guy picking on me. I noticed he would stare at my dad and make faces. The only explanation was that he was of a different ethnicity. This now became HARASSMENT. Kenny was walking in my direction and when he finally approached me (me minding my own business) he says “you knew this was coming right.” with a horrid(angry) face that frightened me. I asked, what he was referring to and he said “leave or else.” When someone says that “or else” my mind was only left to wonder. I was already feeling undermined and insecure because of the ethnicity difference, and when another man approaches you and says that i thought he was going to attack me. I stepped back and he called up the rest of his staff. Kenny insisted that i was training my dad and not working out. If i were training him i would have apologized, but we working out. This was ludicrous. Accusations, and attacking me with such a threatening approach. This cant possible be okay right? When they decided to embarrass and belittle me in front of all the other guest, which i thought was cruel, Kenny kept saying i should leave. I didn’t want to be ridiculed anymore, there was a huge scene, so i decided i should. The manager whom i thought was reasonable only sided with Kenny. I understand he is his co-worker and they must have built bond but one has to side with who is right not just because of the amount of time one knows someone. I went downstairs to gather my things and the manger approached me again. I was already getting ready to leave, why did he have to approach again and add more fire to the flame. Why did he have to try to make a point that he runs the gym, i thought he was there working for my needs. He said he spoke to 6 other members upstairs and supposedly they all said i was training my father. This had to be a lie. He tried to say he was giving me a “verbal warning” but after they had just put me through this didn’t seem right. Not only was it Harassment, racism, belittlement, etc… but it almost changed my view on 24 Hour fitness.
I have nothing against the gym I will still attend regularly and invite my peers of course just not to this one in particular, i just hope they would be better at deciding who they hire. This specific establishment because of their staff is absolutely horrid.

Here’s and attachment to rules and regulations they broke legally.

Please help me come to some justice


John Doe February 16, 2016 at 5:44 pm

February 16 2016

San Diego, CA
LA Mesa, CA
LA Mesa 24 Hour Fitness

The employees of the gym were seen using and selling narcotics, the membership sales selling to the front desk staff and both congregated around membership sales to use the narcotics. No one at this gym works at best they seem to harass the customers more than anything and are going to hurt someone or get someone hurt in the process of harassing a customer. They allow their friends free entrance into the gym on a three day pass they allow the same people to use over and over.


John Doe February 21, 2016 at 9:26 pm

February 21 2016

San Diego, CA

LA Mesa, CA

LA Mesa 24 Hour Fitness

The employees are using and selling narcotics in and on the gym premises. Now, as a formal employee and personal trainer I know that 24 Hour Fitness doesn’t drug test, but as a law abiding citizen who doesn’t use drugs or have a criminal background I know that possessing and selling drugs is still illegal. Now control your employees, stop them from selling drugs, using drugs while in and on the gym premises, allowing them to have their friends (who don’t work for 24 Hour Fitness) to cover their shifts, harassing your customers by spreading rumors and stalking them around the gym and taking pictures of them ( which is against both employee and customer agreements), or I will have to involve the police and civil court against your company and the individuals working for you.


John Doe March 31, 2016 at 9:55 pm



LA Mesa

Grossmont 24 Hour Fitness

The employees are using and selling narcotics in the gym. They are letting their friends into the gym for free and their harassing your clientel with lies and rumors.


Jimmy February 3, 2016 at 2:41 pm

These guys are a complete joke and certainly not concerned about their customers. I have been a member for 30 years and tried to get an address to send some doXXXXentation to corporate. They refused to provide any information whatsoever, but certainly wanted to go over their new structure and membership levels.

I’m tired of having to upgrade my membership every time I want to go to a club…and for an additional $79/month!!!!


larry January 30, 2016 at 3:57 pm

I just added my wife to my membership. I did it over the phone. after the transaction was complete then sales guy said oh, by the way, we are now charging $39.99 yearly fee. This appears to violate all of the rules regarding telephone sales – I insisted that they tell me of any other fees before the transaction was completed.
It looks this company fraudulently misrepresents themselves continuously. It is time that we, the paying members, revolt – cancel your membership and don’t provide referrals – its time we bankrupt them.


Sharon Morton January 21, 2016 at 1:38 am

I also purchased a lifetime membership in St Charles Missouri with 24 hr fitness Sports in 2003 was told I had access to any club in the US per my contract.I currently moved to Texas and went to 24 hr fitness SUPER sports in Mesquite Texas and was told I did not have membership to the club, This is so not right. What about grandfather clause? Not my business you have created a super sports and ultra sports 24 hr fitness. i was told I have access to all 24 hr fitness club. When I contact 1800-432-6348 nobody knows anything. This is a law suit will be seeking legal advice


Kimo McGhee February 11, 2016 at 12:47 pm

Sharon, I see more and more of this now. Never spoke up til now since it had not affected me. Today I face the Same thing a Lifetime membership for all Clubs and a 100.00 increase with no notice. Let me know if ya sue. We should all file this as a class action Suit. Feel free to Contact me kimomaxx at yahoo.com. Would list my ph# for ya but lets start there.


Denah February 15, 2016 at 1:19 pm

I am with you guys on this. I was locked in for 50 dollars a year after paying $700 about 10 years ago. Now they want to raise the fee is not rigjt.


jESSICA ZOLDOS February 26, 2016 at 11:26 am

I had same thing happen to me recently. I was promised 29.99 for life and disregard what stupid agreement says however, they wouldn’t honor it and per the agreement after 24 months there legally said they could charge me 3-5 per cent increase which is total crap. So 29.99 for life is not really 29.99 for life there big fat LAIRS 24 HOUR FITNESS


Dee March 24, 2016 at 8:36 am

I have been a loyal member with 24 hour fitness since 2004 and as some of you have mentioned…was told that I would have access to all facilities. I have paid them my money for almost 12 years and they happily took it. Now that I have moved and live near a super sport they are trying to tell me that I have to pay more to access this gym. Now you have non-members who can print off FREE passes and visit gyms over and over again in an effort to suck them in. Once they have you though it’s a completely different story. You are no longer a concern and loyalty means nothing to them. I have called member services 1800.432.6348 several times and only able to speak to a call center agent who has no pull. When I asked to speak with a manager or another number to call they put you on hold and never come back to the phone. Horrible customer service all the way around. It would be nice if some of the CEO’s read the remarks of those keeping them in business unfortunately they are too high on the horse for that. At any rate I will no longer refer anyone to 24 and will continue to report them to every site there is…BBB being #1 site to file on.


DMC May 5, 2016 at 2:16 pm

Worst customer service. Been a member over 20 years and worked out 10 times. They closed my locating 1 mile from my home and opened a new location down the street. Nope you can’t work out there unless we get more money. Can’t transfer you because you don’t work out enough. It’s okay to take my money when I don’t work out, but you can’t move me to the new gym 1 mile from my home. Instead I need to drive 16 miles round trip. What BS! Everyone I’ve spoken to says the same thing, to bad, but you can upgrade. Zero customer service, they don’t care about you, but they sure want your money. I bet if I continue to not work out, they will want me to give up my membership because I won’t upgrade. Corporate is just as worthless and the workers at the gym’s


Mike January 13, 2016 at 8:10 pm

Call to arms, lets reach out to this Garcia Guy

My membership has been $63 since 1998, my membership # was retired, we still have no idea why from AgXXXX, to the present ID which is XXXXX

When they retired my old #, tommy the GM at hermosa club stated “I know what theyre doing, you are not lapsed in payments, but I have to set up a new contract, but this will not raise your rates are change your membership” This was also echoed through a rep in san diego, Ken XXXXX. All this occurred in 2006.

I am good with my present rate, I have been with you for along time, and quite content, I am not good with the poor customer service though when I called in on this matter, or the very rude staff at the club who was too eager to bypass my membership under the “take it or leave it” I have been with you in nearly 20 years, times when you were not even open 24 hours (Temecula club), gym closed, suana/steam room always busted, rude staff, I
Think I deserve better than being spoke to “As a matter of fact” manner or dismissed.


Jerry January 5, 2016 at 1:46 pm

I got the same 100% increase to my annual membership in the mail today!!!! I tried repeatedly to speak with someone in corporate and hit the same block wall-sorry I cant transfer your call but you can write a letter. IN all honesty electronic media is probably better because it reaches more members and future members who will be conned to believe their rate was locked in. I WOULD HIGHLY RECCOMEND YOU ASK YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE ON ALL 24 HOUR FITNESS CLUB ELECTRONIC MESSAGE AND YOUR NORMAL FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC. REDUCING MEMBERSHIP ENROLLMENT WILL BE THE ONLY WAY TO GET CORPORATES ATTENTION.


Rafael December 18, 2015 at 6:47 pm

I don’t know how most of the members signed up for the lifetime membership. I would think a salesperson did so in one of the Clubs. I did the contract over the phone and they never told me they “could” raise the fee.
They did email me the Membership policies, but never did they read me or tell me they would contractually be able to raise my yearly fee. Once they convinced me to agree to to sign up, they emailed me the agreement.
I took the advice from another post, here on this page, and called the Gary Garcia Law Offices in San Diego. I called (619) 795-XXXXX and Gary, answering the phone, says he is getting ready to file a lawsuit against 24 hour. You can google his information, he is a legit lawyer who has received many complaints from 24 hour members. I believe on this page, the moderator will remove email addresses or even phone numbers, which is the reason I say to Google Gary Garcia Law Offices in San Diego, CA. When I called he answered and gave me some important information on why he is going to be filing a lawsuit.


Jane December 16, 2015 at 12:30 am

This morning I went to the gym around 9am at the 24 hour fitness in Corona, CA with two other people. I had a FREE 7 day guest pass. We were already running late so we decided that we’d just get a quick 30 minute work out. As I was trying to sign up there, this man name ERIC GERACE was trying to tell me about what they offered. I already knew what this gym had to offer but he continued to have small talk with me. I felt very uncomfortable speaking to him. I tried to end the conversation so I could get my quick workout in, but he kept talking. He was trying to get me to pay to workout today even though I had a free guest pass. He kept saying he’d “let this slide.” He ruined my whole workout. As we were leaving, he decides to try and have some “small talk” with us asking if we all had the same occupation. I completely lost it. As i walked out making a comment, the next thing you know, he walks out and makes all these racial remarks at us. What kind of person at work does that? He is a very creepy man. So he continues to make these racial remarks about us and obviously we get angry. One of the girls we were with turned back around and asked him he said and he wouldn’t repeat them. He kept talking and was coming closer to her. He was in her face and it appeared like he was about to hit her. My instinct was to splash my water at this creepy man attempting to hit this girl and pour his drink one her. So that’s why I did it. HIS NAME IS ERIC GERACE!!! BE CAREFUL!!!


irene okwuosa December 15, 2015 at 6:28 pm

I don’t know how many are aware of the new policy implemented by 24hour fitness as of January 1st of 2015, that it’s members are to be billed an annual fee of whatever your membership fee is. This was not disclosed to me when I signed up. I don’t appreciate that they can just come up with new policy whenever they want, without notifying those who have membership. I’m upset and totally dissatisfied with 24hour fitness’s business model of sneakily charging an extra fee per year. I’ll take this as far as I can. Things like this should not be done without members being aware. IT’S NOT RIGHT!!!!!


Oscar December 9, 2015 at 8:43 pm

The steam room and sauna has not worked since December 6, 2015. It’s been 5 days and it still doesn’t work. When will it get fixed, I emailed the location itself and haven’t got a response. This is the main reason I joined, otherwise I can workout at home. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.


Stephanie Dinh December 1, 2015 at 12:24 pm

I frequently go to this gym (UTC, San Diego, CA) almost 7 days a week and I will no longer recommend this gym to ANYONE. A few weeks ago I was attacked by two other gym goers. They robbed me and physically attacked me. I was so shaken up I went to the staff for help since this occurred in the women’s locker room at night. Since this is a 24 hour gym I figured I would be safe at all hours of the night, the staff just shrugged their shoulders and did not offered ANY assistance. Not only was I physically and emotionally traumatized but on top of that I felt completely unprotected by the staff of this facility. Long story short- I just want to warn others. COME TO THE GYM AT YOUR OWN RISK!


b iwanabe November 17, 2015 at 10:42 am

I’ve been an active member for over 12 years and have been drawn to the classes because of the dedicated and loyal class instructors. As Fountain Valley, California offers classes that best fits my needs, I wanted to recognize several instructors who have made a positive impact on my life. Mondays, TKB, 9am, Matthew Ritter motivates a room full of members by his humor, skill, and drive. On Mondays, a day that’s tough to get going, Matthew manages to energize a room with ages ranging from young adults to the senior group, challenging everyone to work their hardest. Not only are you exercising, you are entertained by Matthew’s personality. While teaching a large group, he is able to canvas the crowd to check on your form and level of activity. Today he recognized that one of the members appeared to have some physical difficulty and he took the time to follow up on her. Other instructors, Roxie, Tues, 8:30 AM and Fri. 8:00AM, Core, Cario and More and Joe, UJAM, Sun. 9:30AM, and Lisa, Yoga Thurs. 8:30AM are also excellent instructors that motivate a room full of members that consistently attend to work out. I appreciate outstanding instructors and hope that you will recognize these individuals as well. The instructors are a huge factor in the success of the club and my own personal success in maintaining good health. And..Fountain Valley has some excellent ones!


Jennifer Walker November 6, 2015 at 5:09 pm

The gym I have used for almost 20 years closed and 24 hour built a new one about a couple miles away. I was told that when it closed I would be grandfathered into the new gym. I spoke with someone in corporate about a year ago before the gym closed and was told the same thing. Now 10/31/2015 the gym closed and I went to the new one and was told I need to upgrade. I have been a member since 1996 and have an awesome family plan rate of $2.60 per month, so NO I do not want to start paying $25 per month… I spoke with someone from Corporate on 11/3/2015 about not being able to use the new gym. I tried calling Corporate two times on 11/2/2015, but I was put on hold over 45 minutes and then was disconnected. On 11/3/2015, they told me they would contact the manager at the gym and escalate my issue and until my problem is resolved she would put in the system that I can go to that gym until 11/17/15. I went back on 11/3/2015 and was told no notes were put in the system only that that I called to update my phone number(which I did not do…) I just want to go to the gym with the membership I signed up almost 20 years ago.


Victor November 6, 2015 at 1:36 pm

To Whom It May Concern: My name is Victor Ramirez. I have been a paying member for over 20yrs and this is my first complaint. I was using the gym today at the Whittwood Ln. Gym. It was roughly 2:00pm and the gym was not that busy. I was using one of the gym equipment and on my third repetition when another gym member tapped me on the shoulder ( I was wearing headphones listening to music). I stopped and looked up as he proceeded to tell me that he was using the machine that I was on. At the same time he pulled out the pin from the weights I was using and I told him “it was empty and not being used so I assumed no one was using it”? He told me to look over there? “You see that, that is my gym bag, I am using the machine on the other side as well as this one” He told me to move on and get off. Not to make the matter worse I was beside myself and walked over to the service desk and asked to speak to a Manager. Michelle Reyes was the manager who listened to my complaint and asked me to walk her over to the machine which he was NOT using yet. He was still on the other machine. She asked him his side of the story. He told her he wasn’t finished with the machine and was using both of them. His argument was that his gym bag was on the floor near the entire machine units and I should have noticed this fact of his? He finished his story with a crude remark of how I was just being an a**hole in front of me. She looked at me with a smirk look on her face staring at me as if she wanted me to reply to that comment? I didn’t. I am 50yrs of age and was humiliated at her management skills. She asked him if he was going to be done soon and he replied “with a few more sets”. She asked me if I could use another machine in the meanwhile. I looked at her and told her, “sure”. I walked around and drank some water to refrain myself. Continued working out and contemplated the situation. It was humiliating and degrading and bottom line “WRONG” on all accounts. I have worked for 8 yrs in crisis management and new I could not let this go by without someone in charge knowing about this. I went back to the desk and addressed Mrs. Reyes and conveyed my disappointment in her actions. I pointed out to her my viewpoint. I even tried to explain by example that if I put my shoes on a bench and went to another machine does that reserve the machine with my shoes on it just because I say so? She stared at me with a blank look and asked me “what I wanted her to do about it”? I was further disgusted and explained to her that if not for me I am sure their may be another future incident with another member that will take place and if at the least a report with his name could be doXXXXented showing this crude action? Ms. Reyes looking at me very disturbed told me that, ” We do not make reports on these types of matters only in the case of a physical altercations and that since there where none there would be no reason for such a doXXXXentation”. ( I knew right there that this was a poorly trained manager who had no experience in dealing with altercations or resolution solutions. She is just a warm body filling a position ). She was disturbed at my persistence in the matter and kept referring back to his statements. She stated, “he said he was almost done”? I told her, “Yes. Perhaps on the other machine as you clearly seen him on as we approached”. The machine that he kicked me off was still not being used “? She said to me, “What do you want me to do? Look through the video tapes to see what happened”? I was now horrified. Dumbfounded and alarmed at her responses in a 360 degree observation I left to the lockers and grabbed my belongings to leave. Upon leaving I asked an attendant if there was a store manager available? Someone above “Michele Reyes”. He said yes let me get him. The young man’s name was Ean. Ms. Reyes immediately appeared from her desk eating a bag of chips and started to translate the incident to which I interrupted as her story was fogged with errors. I had to correct her and fill in the gaps she was leaving out. The young man Ean was very courteous and told me not to worry about it that they would “fix it”. With nothing left to say I left. I was still embarrassed and disgusted from being embarrassed by the other members observing me being kicked off a machine by a very angry crued voiceturous man but didn’t feel comfortable with the statement of “we’ll fix it” so I am writing this letter in concern and disgust of the treatment that has been played out. I contacted Mr. Ean a few hours later via phone call and notified him of my stance on the matter and that I was going to notify higher Management of this incident as to be prepared for any further inquiries on the matter. I told him that It was nothing personal but rather a business matter and that I was not being facetious in any way but rather implementing a more responsible approach and concern for all members and management involved. He understood and thanked me. The end. So here I sit typing this letter of grave concern and feeling most bewildered more still disgraced by the occurrence at this facility which happened to me this day. Sincerely, Victor T. Ramirez


James Fisher October 28, 2015 at 6:23 am

I have been a member of Bally’s for almost 30 years, and I can’t believe the people from 24 hour fitness will not let me go to the gym so I usually go to in northern New Jersey, your executives are out of order,please contact me back with a solution that doesn’t cost extra finances.


Dennis October 28, 2015 at 12:51 am

My daughter was considering upgrading her membership to the Redlands facility but was reluctant because of the extra cost. Sensing the reluctance, the slick salesman at the Redlands club told her that she could try it out and if she didn’t like it, she could revert back to her original membership at another club. She decided against the upgrade but the company went ahead and charged her $90 and has refused to restore her original membership. I spoke with Joel, the A/Mgr. He fed me a bunch of BS and promised to resolve the situation…never to be heard again. He won’t return calls now and is always busy. What kind of company would hire sXXXXmy salesman who will lie and promise the world in order to secure a new deal and managers who become MIA.


wade October 23, 2015 at 5:53 pm

I have been a loyal member for 15 plus years and recently signed my 12 year son up as a member. The reason was for him to be able to play basket ball at the gym instead of at a park with crappy lights.
Last night 9:00pm I took my son to the foothill ranch location by my house in California. We were there 15 minutes shooting the ball practicing shots getting my son ready for tournament play for Saturday. As we were shooting out of the wood works comes 12 or so guys who were bigger then my son and before I knew it they were taking over the basket ball court by playing a full court game. One end of the court to the other and being very fu**ing rude and a couple of times running full blast down court around us through us and almost running my 12 year old son straight to the ground. I told them all that they can play half court and that there is no reason for this kind of rudeness and disrespect not to mention the most important part about it all my 12 year old sons safety as well as my son wanting to play basketball at 24 hour fitness. Did this even help out not at all they continued to play full court with no regards for anyone but them selves. My son who is 12 years old was petrified completely scared and was motionless from this experience. I told one stupid XXXXXer that you guys need to play half court and not come in here while others are playing ball and act like they own the f-ing gym. He told me that this is how it works we play full court here and the rest of us can shoot the ball at the end where they were not at for the moment. I am not about to play ball against a wall not shoot free throws 3 pointers and if we did and miss the shot to get the rebound have some young dumb a** run my son over possibly cracking his head on the wood floor or injuring him possibly for life. Instead of grabbing a couple of these dickheads by the throat and kicking their a** or instead of waiting around to run them over with my vehicle I grab my 12 year old and went to the front desk explained to them what just happened hoping they would do their job but what I got from them that work for 24 hour fitness was a dumb dog mindless look and a phone number to call and report my situation. Wow I said that’s great my son who is 12 years old dam near gets pummeled by other fitness member’s and his safety and possible life threating injuries could have occurred and the only response I get was here is a number call someone who cares. Well I called Scott the manager who took my call at 630am 10-23-2015 listen to me and my situation and then says full court basketball was the reason the hoops were put in the gym to begin with and he will get back to me today.
Basically blew me off and hopes I drop it all. Well I’m not this is the 3rd time out of 4 times going to play this has happened to myself and my son. 24 Hour fitness has no policy and if they do they are f-ing hush hush about it. I say this I have acquired a really good well known lawyer I have put up 75000 dollar retainer for the lawyer to go after 24 hour fitness. I want compensation for my son and myself troubles not to mention my son 12 years old will not go back he’s so scared as well as your stupid a** staff being weak minded and rather text on their phone then help out a member such as us and with 15 years plus membership to 24 hour fitness.
Rules need to be posted to see from all full court should not be allowed unless gym is empty but if someone comes to play then half court mandatory. The gym has 6 hoops hanging on the wall for all to play not just for the manager and his friends to play full court.
I will not stop until 24 hour compensates us for our troubles and my 12 years old son life safety possibly serious injury to his head or body from the f****rs playing ball running him over with out care and I wont stop until 24 hour fitness trains their employees to do their job the right way and get off their dam phones. You say 24 hour that you care about your members and how they are treated well here’s your chance to prove to everyone who is a member that your not just full of sh*t.
Scott should be fired the 2 working last night should be fired they basket ball court full games completely stopped at all 24 hour gyms and I wont stop until I get an apology regarding my son and his safety at 24 hour fitness gym.
I am going to my friends at channel 5 and 7 and 11 news report teams and I am going to break this situation out for the public to know and hope that others stand up and speak out with me so 24 hour fitness will be forced to put policies in place for every one to see before entering the court. My lawyer is a great lawyer who will see to it 24 hour fitness does what Im requesting and compensates me and my son the way I see it his life was in danger and no longer safe after those punks came into the gym.
If not handled I will take matters into my own hands and that will not be good for 24 hour fitness or any of their clubs.
24 hour fitness do the right thing here is your only chance before I bring the public and news stations and the lawyers into the mix and bring tons of heat down onto 24 hour fitness. 24 hour fitness do they care about the safety of our members 12 year old kids or do they not and if you have any kids put yourself in our shoes. You have 1 week to take action if you do not 24 hour fitness I will make this issue become so big and hurt your business and all the money you suck from people will then be talked about.
I am very pissed off the way you 24 hour handled this whole situation and now I am ready to proceed. If you out there have the same situation happen please speak out please lets force 24 hour fitness to make policies for everyone to play and be safe on their courts not a victim of violence.
San Clemente Ca and foothill ranch 24 hour fitness facilities are both the same full court then everyone else passed out no matter if they were playing on the court first or not the gyms allow these thugs to push people off the courts so they can play full court ball and the employees don’t do a dam thing about it managers know most of them thugs and play with them XXXXXting on everyone else.
12 year old son is my main reason for me pursuing this matter the right way. If not for him I would handle this deal my way and that would not be good for any one involved. One week 24 hour that’s all then I go viral and from state to state 12 year old boy or girl should be able to play ball at 24 hour gym and not worry about a bunch of the staffs plus managers friends hurting them possibly for life that’s what I am pissed off about his life was put in harms way just for being a member and playing at 24 hour fitness basket ball court.
1 week is all do the right thing I promise you if you don’t this will become a very very big issue for 24 hour to deal with I PROMISE YOU.
Thank You,
Wade Desco


Puente Hills CA member October 20, 2015 at 12:34 am

Puente Hills Location Broken and MalFunctions;

1 Swimming Pool closed for whole month of August
2. Jacuzzi now broken and closed for 3 weeks, still not fixed.
3. Basketball court ventilation system and air conditioning system
broken for entire year of 2015. Its feels like a sauna w no air .
4. 3 to4 broken showers in the men’s locker room for entire year of 2015, still not fixed.
5. No soap, toilet paper in men’ shower and restroom too frequently for 3-5months, 2015.
6. The Staff here is too busy recruiting membership, but existing members become the losers for what they pay for their memberships.
7. Management of 24 Hr Fitness need competent staff and management for this Location, Puente Hills.


Barbara October 19, 2015 at 1:19 pm

Same problem for me… Cannot get help from the NON “Member Service Support” group. Dues increase almost 200% from previous yearly fee. No other compensation such as money off on training which would have satisfied me). No budge on the fee after waiting long times to speak to 2 different NON “Member Services” representatives. I was told that at the end of 2015 I would get a letter stating the fee would NEVER increase again, but I DO NOT believe this (at least until I see it in writing).

I want in on a class action suit and have left a message for the Gary Garcia at his San Diego office number.


Frank October 15, 2015 at 3:38 pm

From what I understand there is an attorney that is considering to represent club members for a class action law suit against 24 Hour. His name and address is

Gary Garcia Law Office of Gary D. Garcia ** Midway Drive, Suite 208 San Diego, California 92110 g****@gmail.com Telephone: 619-795-**** Facsimile: 619-795-****


S L Goodman March 10, 2016 at 5:46 pm

I have an Advice for All 24 Hour fitness Patrons, Don’t ever sign up for Automatic payments that takes out of you’r Bank Checking account, especially for alot of members that just don’t use the facility regularly, and 24 hour Fitness loves stupid Parons, that you are just donating your monthly membership down the drain, and making 24 hours fitness pockets fat. So Cancel your automatic payments, and let them send you the bill monthly. that way you can see where yourt money is going, or Just Cancell and walk away. Dont be Stupid like me. I was a member for 27 years,and didnt use the facility not even once, and they got thousands from me, and didnt even thank me for my stupidity, and when I asked them I would like to have my wife join, the answer was NO. But they loved my 27 years of donations. Just again, dont do what I did, a word of advice, or just find a better facility, that appreiciates your hard earned money, and thanks you.


Frank October 15, 2015 at 3:35 pm

I have a contract dated for 2004. Those of you that have a pre-paid membership and are not paying month to month are protected by the contract itself against the club raising your guaranteed yearly amount. Those of you that pay month to month, your rights are also being violated by the club because they are raising the amount by more than 3% of your current monthly dues. Word per word as transcribed in the contract…it states the following: 3(c). Right to Increase Dues: If you have a monthly membership, 24 Hour may increase your monthly dues once per calendar year. The increase will be calculated at not more that three percent (3%) of your then current monthly dues. Any such increase will not occur during the first three (3) months of your membership. Your EFT Date will not change. If you have a prepaid membership, 24 Hour will not increase your Guaranteed Annual Renewal Amount on the front page of this Agreement, so long as you remain a member in good standing. There is no way the club can win in court on this one. You are protected by their very own contract. I recommend a class action suit against the club.


Charlene Glover October 13, 2015 at 6:32 pm

When I joined 24 Hour Fitness several years ago after the first payment I was told I would never have to pay $29.00 a year for my lifetime. Well that worked until this year and the price went up. Because I love the water and because I need it for the many physical problems I just paid the fee.
I will soon be 83 years old and within the last six weeks our pool has been about 74-75 degrees. I don’t understand why in the temperature can’t be fixed. Omaha is surely a big enough city to know how to do this.
I work out at the center that is the 144th and F street.


john doe October 6, 2015 at 6:56 pm

Santee, CA, San Diego, CA
24 Hour Fitness
Employees are dealing and using narcotics in the gym and on the gym premises. They allow people who do not have gym memberships into the gym. And use their cell phones while on the job, as well as, training clients not of 24 Hour Fitness using 24 Hour Fitness equipment and time


Passage astral April 6, 2019 at 4:34 am

Reminds me of the stories you here about Corrupt Polizia in Mexico.


joe October 6, 2015 at 12:54 pm

My emails are waiting moderation or censorship?


joe October 15, 2015 at 4:32 am

Yeah, how bet you’re doing a bang up job in censoring my replies. We wouldn’t want the rest of the members to know where and who they can contact for a class actions suite against 24 hour for breach of contract on memberships for those that paid a large one time fee and thereafter only one small yearly fee. I wonder just how much that moderation or censorship will entail on your part against my replies to those that are interested in a class action suit against 24 hour fitness.


john doe October 4, 2015 at 6:41 pm

3:00 pm PST
Santee, CA., San Diego, CA
24 Hour Fitness

Employees seen allowing people into the gym for free and allowing people who are inebriated to use the gym equipment. Employees that aren’t scheduled to work are at the gym inebriated in uniform pretending to train inebriated clients.


Grant October 1, 2015 at 4:06 pm

I also purchased a Lifetime membership for $649 Dollars with a $49 annual fee after the 3 years and just found out that it went up to #161 dollars ? Who are you kidding here ? I called multiple numbers and no body wants to help or cares. So from what I gather Gena Baxter 1866-417-4946 is the Membership care supervisor from cooperate office and I am still waiting to here back from here. This seems like a total scam. Class action lawsuit is a option on the table if this does not get resolved.


Rafael December 18, 2015 at 6:35 pm

I had the same thing happen to me. I did the contract over the phone and they never told me they “could” raise the fee.
I took the advice from another post, here on this page, and called the Gary Garcia Law Offices in San Diego. I called (619) 795-XXXXX and Gary, answering the phone, says he is getting ready to file a lawsuit against 24 hour. You can google his information, he is a legit lawyer who has received many complaints from 24 hour members.


SKarim October 1, 2015 at 12:53 pm

I would like to share my experience with your organization it happened yesterday 09/30/15 evening at your 1411 Southwest freeway. Sugar Land, TX 77478, with your employee manager Mr. Adnan M. Sanjak. I was told at time of my check in towel will be available in 19 min so when I went back to pick up towel 30 min later it was not there so I mentioned to the person your club service is not up to date and deteriorating Executive looker room has no air condition for last 4 weeks and it smell bad and hot. Mr., Adnan replied to me members are steeling can you catch them? Bring your own towel when I said its includes as part of member ship he replied no it is only for the facility and he can take way all other facility as he wishes he was very rude. I simply walked away from him. On my way out he was on his office with two staff he stopped me and said to me if you want to cancel your membership let me know I will be happy to cancel your membership personally. I have been member to your club more the 10 years and never had any bed experience with your personnel since now with your new manager Mr. Adnan poor attitude shows he is not there for customer satisfaction but for himself and to his ego.


L.Morales September 18, 2015 at 12:49 pm

I have experienced NOTHING but disrispect, disreguard, and impertinence. I have been a loyal member and after over 10 years of being on time with payments. I was trying to reach someone in Customer Service to ask about the current situaton with my Membership increase ( just as I see everyone else is going through). I asked for Corporate email, address or phone number and multiple employees after being on hold over hours at a time keep telling me that Corporate only has a PO Box (which I can see it’s been closed) and there is no way to contact anyone there. Can anyone share some guidance as to what they have done Please? I am seriously looking into a different gym for my entire family (since we all have memberhsips). A place where we willbe treated as a PERSON, with customer service.


ashia September 26, 2015 at 1:20 am

Here is the info u asked for .please go ahead and contact them. maybe something can be changed within…..

Contact 24 Hour Fitness
Phone Number: (925) 543-3100
Fax Number: (925) 543-3200
Website: 24hourfitness.com/
Email: Email 24 Hour Fitness
CEO: Carl Liebert III
CFO: Patrick Flanagan
COO: Jeff Boyer


ashia September 26, 2015 at 1:22 am

Corporate address to send complaint in writing to is:

24Hour Fitness Member Services
PO Box 2689
Carlsbad, CA 92018


Vinnie Hanna September 15, 2015 at 11:03 pm

All I want to do is pay off my bill so I can cancel my membership. I sent a cashiers check by certified mail to the address given me by “The Corporate Office”. The PO Box was closed and my check was returned. I sure would hate to have to pay my attorney to take care of this. But I will unless someone will please tell me what I have to do to Pay my bill and cancel my membership. Thanks Vinnie Hanna


Sumedha Shende September 3, 2015 at 5:03 pm

I have lifetime membership for 24 hour fitness. I just received a double amount of bill than my normal bill. I call the 800 and 866 number the wait is 30 minutes and more. I took my original agreement and even in fine prints there is no mention of due increases in my agreement. The club manager saw that but ask me to call corporate. There is some kind of foul play going on with the customers. This kind of service is totally unacceptable. Sent them two emails, noreply!!!


Rafael December 18, 2015 at 6:37 pm

My fees were also increased by $100 a year. I did the contract over the phone and they never told me they “could” raise the fee.
I took the advice from another post, here on this page, and called the Gary Garcia Law Offices in San Diego. I called (619) 795-XXXXX and Gary, answering the phones, says he is getting ready to file a lawsuit against 24 hour. You can google his information, he is a legit lawyer who has received many complaints from 24 hour members.


John Doe September 1, 2015 at 6:27 pm

Santee, CA
24 Hour Fitness
Employees are allowing friends and acquaintances in for free and in turn those ” friends” are breaking the exercise and facility equipment. Because there is no person or contract to hold them responsible for their actions.
Also, the employees are constantly in uniform off the job and constantly on their phone, texting, searching the web, and taking photos (which is against 24 Hour Fitness policy in the gym) while on the job.
And lastly, the employees are buying, selling, and using narcotics and illegal prescription drugs in the gym and on the gym premicse.


Rochelle Ennis September 1, 2015 at 4:57 pm

In May or June of this year 2015. I put a medical hold on my membership. All of June July And August I have been charged 39.99. This was only to cost me ten dollars while on a medical hold. When in to see why your chargeing me this amount. Only to be told there wasn’t a hold. I really think this is a terrible way to treat people. I’m a senior citizens on a fixed income. Your need to make this right. I enjoy the gym. But at this time I would tell anyone to join. Truly hope you and I can work this out. I have been on hold trying to talk to someone for about twenty minutes. Nice way to run a business.


James Rose August 29, 2015 at 7:14 pm

I gave my 30 day notice on August 10 th. Your representative told me that I would be receiving a confirmation email. I never did. That’s ok because I recorded our call. ( In Texas you don’t have to let the other party know that they are being recorded) I was told my last day to be able to workout would be September 9th. The next time me and my two boys tried to work out we were told that we no longer had memberships.That’s fine because we have memberships elsewhere. The thing that gets me is my account gets drafted every month on the 10th like clockwork. So with the 30 day notice my last draft should have been August 10th. Tell me why my bank was drafted $102 on August the 10th and on August the 28th again. That’s OK too because I’m going to fight these charges. I paid for a membership until September 9th and not only did you cancel my memberships you over charged me for another month. I have the recording of my cancelation and I have numerous pictures of how filthy this gym is. I heard about how you guys screw people over when they try to quit. I’ll be contacting the News channels to see if they are interested in how you screwed me over and how disgusting you gym is. Mold everywhere. Clogged drains.XXXXX on the floor in the restrooms. Build up everywhere you look.


Daina August 28, 2015 at 5:45 pm

My three year old daughter came home with bruises. I called the manager i was informed that he had more important things to take care of, and i would get a call back. An hour later i was told he went home. I guess this company really wants a lawsuit. the care is completely absent.


Casey August 27, 2015 at 8:16 pm

Extremely disappointed with the lack of customer service and complete lack of common sense with this whole organization as a whole. The only gym I’ve gone to since day one recently under went a renovation. After the renovation on my second or third trip there (cause their log in works so well) someone stops me to tell me I don’t have a membership there because they are now considered a “SUPER” center. I explain that I’ve gone there since day one and have done my initial set up there and everything. Well they tell me looks like I signed up 30 miles away at a location I’ve never been to. So I explained the guy who signed me up did it over the phone and was from that location cause he’s the one that I met that talked me into trying 24hr and I wanted him to get his credit. But it was explained that I lived one mile away from my location. ..no problem your good to go I’m told. So the member service person on the phone tells me okay cool no problem we’ll “GRANDFATHER ” you in to that location as long as I’ve gone there 6 times in the last 6 months. Cool no problem I think to myself, now full disclosure I haven’t gone everyday but I was going once or twice a week for a couple months and even tried one other location twice while the other location was getting fixed. Well they came back and said I don’t qualify cause it only shows 3 times and one of those was they other location. Obviously I guess I’m lying now and the technology is the end all in keeping a customer because they wouldn’t budge at all. Like I explained to the manager on duty there really what the hell does going 6 times have to do with anything?? They can look at my prior 6mths and see yeah this is the only location I’ve used. …but no common sense was used at all in trying to keep a loyal customer. But like I told them they are NOT THE ONLY RODEO IN TOWN AND I’LL BE TAKING MY MONEY ELSE WHERE. They actual are losing three people all for one because my other two work out partners will be walking away too!


joe September 14, 2015 at 8:45 pm

First of all the corporate con artists at the ‘top’ are giving you the run-around by not dealing with the complaints directly and forcing you and many others to talk with the underlings. General staff do not have the authority to help you. A legal notice will get the corporate thugs attention. These are corporate thieves, and as such, have to be dealt with in a manner they understand.

They might get away with this so called Section 3c ‘bull XXXXX.’ I don’t know, I’m not an attorney, but I believe we can nail them on fraud. I also made one large payment and was paying $50.00 a year and now they’ve raised it to $100. My email is bo****@yahoo.com. Just thinking that we could maybe go on the offensive as a class action litigation because what they’re doing also is closing a lot of sports clubs and opening up super clubs in the exact location or opening one up not far from the closed one. This allows them to charge those of us who made large payments up front to also now pay a monthly fee. Let’s all get together on this and sue them for breach of contract and fraud. I believe we can win once the evidence is presented.


joe October 13, 2015 at 8:03 pm

Raising Rates on Lifetime Membership I found this attorney on another message board who is looking at filing a Class Action Suit. Please contact him. Gary Garcia Law Office of Gary D. Garcia ** Midway Drive, Suite 208 San Diego, California 92110 g****@gmail.com Telephone: 619-795-**** Facsimile: 619-795-****


Lucian IV August 26, 2015 at 6:26 pm

I too bought a 3-year prepaid membership with the promise a fixed annual renewal rate and got the same increase and the same section 3c of the contract explanation.
The girl I spoke with today indicated they are not allowed to give out the corporate phone number and after all, they have not increased the annual dues in 9 years.
I talked with other members who have a monthly plan and they are only getting a $5 or less increase per month.
So, to boil it all down, those of use who gave large amounts of money to this company for our memberships are getting hit with the largest increases of anyone attending the club?!
Pure crap and the Laguna Niguel, CA club have black mold everywhere and backed up sewage all the time!
I would love for management to explain to all of us why there is an increase if the equipment is still broken all the time and the health issues / cleanliness of the clubs have not changed at all?!

Corporate address to send complaint in writing to is:

24Hour Fitness Member Services
PO Box 2689
Carlsbad, CA 92018

Flood them with complaint letters folks.
Let’s see what we can do with numbers…
Good Luck!!


Gwin August 31, 2015 at 9:06 pm

Same issue. Would like to discuss with all members with same issue. I have tried contacting their office with no luck so far. Please contact via email. Thanks .


joe October 6, 2015 at 12:57 pm

Lucian…change your checking account number and put a stop payment on all payments to 24…this will stop the thugs.


Chia August 15, 2015 at 11:13 am

Today I went to the gym that I always go on the time they used to get two largest towers and a small one to everyone or whoever ask. I don’t want to go to that gym anymore I will change gym


Maria_SFEB August 14, 2015 at 6:13 pm

In 2007, I purchased a pre-paid/lifetime membership which is no longer offered. The membership terms, as explained by the salesperson that sold it to employees at my place of business, was: pre-pay three years and starting the fourth year, the yearly membership amount would remain the same for the life of the membership. Since then, the customer service representative was happy to point out the Section 3C of the contract states that 24-hour reserves the right to raise that yearly membership amount. I gladly admit that I had a wonderfully low yearly membership due, (that I was sold on the fact that was supposed to stay in effect for life). At the time of my membership dues in 2015, I received a notice that my membership dues had to go up. No real explanation as to why but they did remind me of all the great benefits I receive. (And I remind you, 24 Hour Fitness) of the number of broken equipment at the different facilities, for example: In Fremont on Paseo Padre which is in horrid condition.
With all of that said, if 24 Hour Fitness felt the need to increase the yearly membership fees, I would have appreciated more than barely a months notice, when the increase was a mere 345%. That is NOT a type. Three-hundred forty-five percent! Mind you: when I purchased my membership, I also referred three others, two of which ended up purchase the same memberships. One of the two people, bought two memberships – one for her and one for her son.
Now, here I am trying to reach the DM, at a minimum, and I’m told by Customer Service that “corporate doesn’t have a phone number”. REALLY? Because with these rate hikes, you should be able to afford a phone service. Hearing back from anyone that can help me resolve this would be wonderful. And by resolve I mean find terms that are more acceptable. It’s not my fault someone in 2007 decided that offering such a membership package was a good idea. Besides, in the end you win, even if I do get to keep my nominal fee. Many people with those plans have likely quit their membership so those of us that are left, are a drop in a bucket of water. I challenge someone to get in touch with me.


Omar A. Muhammad August 20, 2015 at 3:49 pm

Omar A. Muhammad I was sold that same package for my wife and I. Now we have a 100% renewal increase. We were referred to the same paragraph in the lifetime membership contract and was on given a phone number nor the name of the corporate officers. The wonderful customer care provider Joy did not have that information.


Kiley August 21, 2015 at 12:44 pm

You have said the same thing I was told as well this is crazy that they won’t help us when we paid a lot to have this “lifetime” membership in still trying to get a hold of anyone as member services is useless and might as well be a recording! I say get rid of member services and replace it with a recording and you can save way more then raising our rates!


Kristan August 25, 2015 at 3:47 pm

I had basically the same contract. A large upfront fee for 3 years with the promise of a $29 lifetime yearly renewal. Then they raise it to $79 this year. I’m not sure if it’s worth my time writing to corporate. I’m on disability & this will literally take food out of my mouth. Anyone else think those promised “Lifetime” renewal fees should form a class action?


Gwin August 31, 2015 at 9:07 pm

Same issue here. Would like to start a group . Please email or reply


Cecil M. September 28, 2015 at 1:05 pm

Same issue, paid 3 years in advance for a life time membership was paying 31.76 annually and now 141.38 annually. I feel insulted, swindled and this is incredibly disrespectful I want to do something about it.


joe October 13, 2015 at 5:11 pm

They’re converting all clubs…looks like it…to super clubs. Who’s to stop them from raising the yearly membership again next year…nobody! The only thing that will stop them from breaching their contract is a class action suit! I can see the legal suit on two grounds: (1) Bait and Switch…where they lure members/individuals into a lifetime membership for all sports clubs then shut down the sports clubs and hang their ‘shingle’ out and call it a super club, thus forcing same members to pay a monthly fee and including their constant and never ending climbing yearly fee. (2) I believe the contract states that those of us who acquired lifetime memberships and do not pay on a monthly basis…only monthly paying members are subject to their monthly payments being raised at will by the club. This does not apply to non-monthly paying members…those of us who pay once a year. Is there an attorney in the membership crowd. We need a class action suit…end of story. Contact me at 24hourcrooks at that g mail dot come. Let’s get together and make this happen.

Edward Lee September 17, 2015 at 1:15 pm

class action lawsuit time?!


joe October 6, 2015 at 12:54 pm

For those of us who paid a lifetime fee and thereafter a small yearly fee…they just raised the yearly fee by 100%. They’re not going to stop with this and will continue to raise it on a yearly basis. They have a former CEO that is suing them for about 23 million dollars and a class action suit by instructors for being cheated out of hourly salaries. 24 Hour is not an honest organization. Let’s get together for a class action suit. My email is bo***@yahoo.com and please attention heading ’24 Class Action Suit’ or ’24 Corporate thugs.’


Wiebe August 12, 2015 at 10:51 pm

Orlando has no A/C upstairs—all A/C units broken. Way to slow to fix things!!!!


Laura Stone August 7, 2015 at 7:02 pm

I want to work with 24 Hour Fitness about a few issues and want a great solution to the problems that I have encountered that have endangered my life physically and mentally because no one has enforced your Zero Tolerance Policy for harassment, discrimination, and the attempted assault on me by a few members of the same family and want you to enforce your policy so that I can go back to the Super Sport I love and chose before knowing this man who deceived me stating he is single and because for some reason does not want to have to see me at the GYM he says is his and his family stories and lies about me to harass, intimidate and now physically assault which have all taken place at 24 Hour Fitness. I want to speak with Corporate and implement changes and training that would keep this from happening and work with Police so they can not lie for people and feel any incident like that should automatically have to have tape saved and sent to the police department and back up so it can not be erased for corruption and continuous victimization of innocent people. The Reeves family starting with Chris, Melissa, Stephanie Nicole and Jenna have all threatened, harassed and Melissa is the one who attempted physical assault pushing a Staff Member and Guest to get to me and false report from your staff stating we were in a fight she followed me unprovoked upstairs and I begged for help and told me to stand behind him and I did not say or do a thing to her and thank GOD got locked in the break room as she was pounding, pushing and screaming to get to me. I was scared to death as I am disabled already and am very fragile if she would have got to me could become paralyzed or die because of Spinal Stenosis, etc. Laura Lee Stone 562 698 5382 also I had seen at another gym young staff ask where blood was when a member dropped equipment on his finger was barely hanging on and could not tell he and his friend where the closest emergency room was or to help him. She was only concerned with wiping down equipment. Please contact me I loved 24 and want to go back when I feel safe and when you take action and help 24 become a name to be proud of!!!


amy August 7, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Fraudulent activity going on in the Manhatten Beach CA office. They are allowing “members” to sign up and use stolen credit card numbers! They obviously do not ask for ID, the actual card, or any other information to verify that the card number they are accepting is isn’t stolen. The perps never had physical control of my card–my number was “lifted” from a transaction made elsewhere. My credit card number was used to sign up THREE new members before I noticed it on my bill. How does that happen, except that 24 Hr Fitness is complicit in allowing people to use stolen numbers to gain membership. What’s more, it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach any one other than low level people who don’t care and can’t do anything to help.


Charlotte Evans August 7, 2015 at 12:53 am

The Pleasanton CA club has an UNSAFE paking lot! Cars are broken into very frequently and the employees don’t seem to care. They just tell you to call the non emergency number for the Pleasanton Police and file a report. There are surveillance cameras in the parking lot but I doubt that anyone reviews the footage. They can pay for a valet service but not a security guard to protect the members’ vehicles. Very disappointing.


Dr L August 6, 2015 at 12:54 pm

Still waiting on Corporate/CEO’s office to contact me about the many code violations, etc doXXXXented at the grossly-neglected, etc Oakland 24Hour. Not only did I help stop three males from breaking into cars in the parking lot last Tuesday but months back myself and another member stopped a male gang from crashing the women’s locker room at 6 am. This in light of this 24H reportedly eliminating parking lot security during the most crime-ridden time of midnight-6 am to “cut costs.” Soon after, even the Janitor’s car was broken into and one long time member’s white truck stolen amidst car break-ins, etc. Police are constantly called to this dangerous location, dangerous parking lot of 24H.


Rebecca August 4, 2015 at 6:19 pm

I just froze my account about a month or so ago and wasn’t told about the $10 a month fee. My boyfriend then started receiving the fee for my account for some reason. The weird part is, my boyfriend froze his account prior to mine and he was never charged the $10. When I called customer service I spoke to Sasha and it was by far the worst customer service I’ve ever had. I usually have bad service when I call 24 hour but this one takes the cake. She said she didn’t know why one of us was charged the $10 but not the other and why he would be charged for mine. When we signed up we used different cards. I told her to take off the $10 just like his. She refused. I guess some customers are favored and some aren’t. I was so fed up with her rudeness that I just told her to cancel my account and re inverse the $10 to my boyfriends account. She again refused and said I could pay him back! What the hell!! She kept raising her voice! And apparently this was the supervisor. It was more important for her to lose a customer than re inverse $10. That is by far the worst example of customer service! I bet the employees are trained to not back down. Bad reviews can ruin a business. In the middle of me speaking she transferred me to who knows where and tried to pon me off on someone, then after listening to the elevator music for 10 minutes the line goes dead. Whoever trains these people needs a new job because customer service isn’t there strong suit. So she did a good job in forcing me out of a membership. I’m in such disbelief!


Sunjal Patel August 3, 2015 at 12:06 am

I have been going to the Buena Park California 24 hour fitness for the last 4 years. The last year or so the gym has gone down the a lot of the machines are broken and not fixed right away. Also the borders on the walls are coming apart. I have asked a couple of the employees about the sauna and neither could answer my question I have you hear my complaint and fix this gym.


TexBuck July 28, 2015 at 4:50 pm



John Doe July 12, 2015 at 7:17 pm

Santee, CA 24 Hour Fitness
Employees in uniform when not scheduled to work certain days.
Employees using narcotics on and in gym property.
Employees allowing free access to the gym and its equipment.
Allowing friends to use the gym to train clients.


dick voll July 7, 2015 at 4:34 pm

This complaint is regarding the men’s shower areas at the club in Shawnee, Ks. It is filthy to put it in a few words. The tile grouting is every color but white and the tiles and glass are turning yellow. Even the trainers have complained about it. Managements has done nothing to CLEAN the shower area completely. In addition, many times there is no soap.
Many of the members are concidering looking at other clubs to join if the cleanliness does not improve quickly.


Donna July 6, 2015 at 9:27 pm

File with the BBB guys


Lizbeth June 30, 2015 at 4:10 pm

This gym is going down the drain. It just keeps getting worst. they put me on a yearly contract without my knowing. Now i have to pay 149 to discontinue the service. The fordham/bronx location has got to be the worst gym i’ve ever been to. Treadmill machines are always broken and the gym always smells like there are dead rats in the walls! disgusting!!


Carrie CHarles June 19, 2015 at 6:12 pm

the exact same thing just happened to me. Ive had my membership for OVER 20 years! except mine was a tiny $3.00 monthly payment that online shows all paid up to date, but no I call to update cc and they tell me its cancelled! NO notifications no letters No emails…..NOTHING… just the same scripted lines from member services this is insane!!! Sorry no corporate Address or Phone #…Seriously…best one my boss doesnt take calls!!!!!!!! I want my membership back!!!


Megan June 24, 2015 at 3:06 pm

Literally the exact same thing just happened to me. I have had my membership since 1998 always on a recurring monthly payment with no problems. Apparently my cc needed to be updated; however no one contacted me! I spent over 45 min holding until someone answered their membership hotline and when I finally spoke with someone they apparently mailed a letter to an address in California when I live in Washington and have never been associated with an address in California. I was told a manager would look into it and call me back. After a month and numerous emails and phones from me I received a call and all they said they terminated my membership and cannot reinstate it because its past a certain time. I even offered to pay all the missed months. I am still taken back by how the women on the phone spoke to me and offered no resolutions. When I questioned how they could have my address as an address in California the lady began yelling at me on the phone that it was up to me to make sure my address is correct and that every time I go into a 24 hr the confirm that. I corrected her and said that you actually check in with your phone number or finger print she started yelling at me that it was not their fault it. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have called me. I personally believe its because I had such a low monthly membership. I have been a very loyal member and it is frustrating and sad that they don’t seem to care or want me as a member. I too want just want my membership back!


melissa mars July 22, 2015 at 5:37 pm

call Member care @ 866 417 4946
Ask to speak w/ Lilia. She may be able to help. Stay calm and respectful but be firm. If this doesn’t work toward your reinstatement, after all I have read, it sounds like a class action law suit for against this company for conducting business below the Standards of Care for the Industry might be the way to go. Im sure a lot of people would be willing to jump on that bandwagon. All that you and these other people are asking for is respect for the time, money and commitment they have put into this company. Its a shame that respect is not given back. Its misleading and greedy. I really do believe it a way to grandfather people out of a really good deal they are trying to get rid of! It’s a shameful business practice. Good luck to you.


Janel July 24, 2015 at 6:48 pm

I had the same disappointing experience with my membership being terminated. I’ve been a member since 1986 (29 years) and discovered that my membership had been terminated when I tried to go to a class. After speaking to a supervisor in member services, I was told there was no chance of renewing my membership because it was past due by 90 days and that I missed renewing it by 1 day! I explained I didn’t remember receiving a dues notice in the mail but the supervisor said it didn’t matter because that was only a courtney notice anyway. I’m sickened by this situation and the way 24 Hour Fitness is treating valuable, lifetime customers. Although it’s not company policy, I’m hoping they will to the right thing and reinstate my membership due to the cirXXXXstances.


Vicki July 20, 2015 at 4:26 pm

I just had the same thing happen to me…I have been a member for 21 years. They said they tried to call me.. I’ve never gotten a message on my phone, no email, no letter….my monthly fee was only $6….they offered me a ridiculous $99 initiation and $29/month…are you kidding me???


Anna Cordon June 10, 2015 at 8:29 pm

I have had a lifetime membership at 24 Hours for years and now all of a sudden they cancel my membership with no notice!!, no warning!!, NO STATEMENTS!!! claiming I didn’t pay my yearly fee of 49.00 dollars for the year 2014!!
Why is it , that I was never notified of this before??
Or any of the times I came into the gym, it was not a problem?? Now they want to cancel me??
My sons membership is a monthly contract,
Why wasn’t his canceled?? I have always payed my fees ahead of time!!! 49.00 dollars is not a big deal.!!! I need my membership back or I am going to small claims!!! this is just so unfair asking me
to prove that I paiid last year!! I have no receit !!!
Anna Corson
Member # DG78219


Jay June 6, 2015 at 6:50 pm

Has anyone ever tried. To get in touch with customer service. Been trying for four days. The recording says you are next and can wait hours. As a test I called on my landline phone before I left for work. Wan put on hold. Twelve hours later, when I returned home I was still on hold. Has anyone ever spoken to a live person?


Lizbeth June 30, 2015 at 4:14 pm

it took me 45 mins to get to one and even so it was a foreign speaking person. It was very hard to communicate with her and got nothing resolved.


Richard Luu June 3, 2015 at 7:54 pm

I recently tried to get my membership reinstated. At first they said they could and that I needed to pay $169. They said they would call me back and never did. I just called today and now they want to tell me that they can’t reinstate me? What is going on? How do I get reinstated? Please advise.



Dr L May 26, 2015 at 12:12 pm

The latest email from many of us on 24H’s deplorable, long neglected Oakland gym near the 880 FWY(recognized for yrs as one of 24H’s worst managed, maintained, etc). Have talked to several top top people at corporate San Ramon who seem nice & willing to take note & do something(they do need to update the names as listed are CEO’s from several yrs ago I’m told). Unlike this Oakland facilities latest GM(the 3rd since December?!) who apparently never answers members’ many calls & when “caught “spits out the same “what do U want me to do about it?!” useless answer, always in an angry, argumentative tone.
Corporate said they were unaware of this property several months back(admittedly to “cut costs”) eliminating security from 1-2 am until at least 6 am which various staff & on-call security volunteered. This properties’ latest G.M.(Raquel) accidentally picked up her phone after dodging the call all day & claimed she was not aware that two members had their trucks stolen from the parking lot soon after the hired security was axed. They were both parked directly in front of the front door & had their been security monitoring the lot(or even a front desk person occasionally looking out at the p’ing lot), the thefts could’ve been prevented. Or the latest nut/male many of us have reported to OPD since this 24Hour won’t do anything. He paces back/forth in front of the club cursing@members & trying to pick fights. Longtime good club member Richard said “morning” to the guy last month & the guy followed him into the club ready to start a fight. Had their been security, they could’ve stopped him because he’s not even a member. Richard also soon after this 24Hour eliminated badly-needed security stopped a gang of young males who snuck into the club@5 am & tried walking right into the women’s locker area since the super nice, but white-haired female front desk fill-in had ZERO security backup to both help & protect even her, let alone all those female members in there. Thank goodness for member Richard who also has complained to corporate. Richard said Raquel never, ever returned his calls or hand-delivered letters since January…until the first time he called corporate/San Ramon last week like I did(again). When she called, she was caught lying, claiming she “hadn’t found the time to call him back yet.” C’mon. She appears, like past gm’s like the horrible Mat, to just not care.
How about even our janitor Jose having his car broken into or many of us having our cars keyed since this Oakland/near High St & the 880 FWY dump cancelled nighttime to daylight security? Many female members have quit lately because they’re scared & have no security escort to their cars late at night.

One of the DAYTIME, super-capable & nice Parking Lot security guys said on-the-record “we’re all just freelance security they can pick & choose to use on any given day, but they lied & told us it was “the members” who they claimed said the club didn’t need any security from midnight to 6 am which they claimed to be the reason they stopped having security then. We knew that was a lie. This 24 Hour pays the least of any(only $10/hour) so how much could they be trying to save? Other 24 Hours pay $14, $16/hour and you can see how much crime has occurred here in the short time since they decided not to use us from midnight to 6 am. It’s crazy.”

Also told Corporate/San Ramon about eqpt & the hot tub(for those of us who are disabled & need the once strong jets) being out of order for months @a time with the lame “out of order” signs on them, that often there’s no soap for hours in both the men’s bathroom & showers, since they don’t provide paper towels in the bathrooms, when the air dryers are out for 3-5 weeks w/ “out of order” signs on them, how are people supposed to dry their hands? Or the pre-6 am front desk who whisks past disabled members trying to get to the one Handicapped bathroom stall to use it(with the other, tiny stalls all open w/ no one in them which is a complete A.D.A. violation).

Or several staffers who quit, citing that “management tells us we don’t have to clean the bikes or eqpt because they assume members will do that, so nothing here has really been cleaned in years.”

Or the male, female early morning janitorial crew who dangerously(they’re nice but clueless when I spoke Spanish to them to warn them they were endangering their health & the health of nearby members) began sand-blasting the walls just feet from many members in the pool & hot tub, spraying out viruses, bacteria, pathogens, toxins into the air where many of us could’ve inhaled same. Not sure if these people have any professional training whatsoever. They apologized and had no idea, but reports say eye witnesses will testify that they’ve done this many times in the past, until myself and one other member complained directly to them about this dangerous, cross-contamination nightmare they were causing.

Re-listing just a few of the many problems here:(most of us are stuck w/ this club because of our disabilities, no public transit & the fact we live right near it) since I covered the grand opening with Magic Johnson a decade ago before he very publicly disassociated himself from 24 Hour citing “poor & embarrassing management.” BTW, the two men I spoke to @Corporate(nice, hope they can get this dump back on track) were very apologetic, saying they were horrified to hear some of this stuff & that their was some kind of buy-out w/ total new ownership? in the past year & to keep reporting problems to them which they’ll try to correct.

-There’s an early morning male weighing in the 400 lb range who several times has had fecal accidents in the disabled person’s shower/stall. That smelly mess sits there for hours even after reporting it to one of the weekday 6 am incompetents.

They moved the 6 am infamously screaming cycling instructor(who can be heard even in the weight room which is like 1/2 mile from her) from Fridays to Tuesdays. Once again, it appeared to be only 4 members in there, so she continues driving away members who’ve gone on record saying they don’t believe she knows what she’s doing, that she barks & just screams incomprehensibly so they have no idea what they’re supposed to be doing & aren’t learning anything/just give up & leave. Several of them have nicknamed her the “Orgasmic Instructor” because she screams, rants, raves like she’s having one. It’s ridiculously stupid and ear-shattering. None of the other cycling instructors yell, scream, warble & appear to have actually been professionally trained. Leading us to, what only one Personal Trainer left at this gym(and this guy claims to have been trained only by 24 Hour which isn’t a good sign)? Several members have complained that he may be violating rules by massaging, right in front of members, only attractive female members when he has them lie on their stomach on a mat. First he’ll use one of the foam rollers on his legs, then he actually has the nerve(any lies being violated?) to lay hands on their back, midsection & legs. Several have filmed this & hate to think where they’ll send that complaint(perhaps to OPD’s District Attorney).

Many members have complained about the always-too-loud Muzak playing each day, with the same dozen songs played in the same order, over & over.

When the few remaining pieces of eqpt(like the large red balls, weights, etc) or boxing punching bags get damaged, we’re told they’re just being sent out to be fixed. We had two punching bags many of us used but once they were sent out after tears to both, they never returned nor were replaced.

Despite many of us complaining to the 6 am front desk about several members on cross trainers, talking super loud on their phones every morning disturbing everyone around them in a “No-Cell-Zone” clearly marked area, said front desk(one long-time male in particular) did nothing. This is the same person who, when there’s absolutely no one around me & I’m on a cross-trainer in front of channel 7 news on one of the tv’s(I work for ABC as a nationally syndicated radio host besides doing my weekly syndicated newspaper column) he’s intentionally come behind me & used the remote to turn the channel to the Food Network. He’s done this & other things in retaliation to so many of us reporting him for openly appearing to being unfriendly to non-Hispanic members who he speaks Spanish with(which I speak so I know exactly which members he’s trashing) & for a multitude of other grievances & complaints(he’s basically worthless to members).

Ever since this 24Hour lost midnight-to-6 am Cornelius(who was the best front desk we ever had, friendly & helpful to ALL members, always working hard putting wts back that members refuse to re-rack & not just pacing back/forth ready to bolt this “club” a good 15-20 minutes before his shift is even up) & with Corny reporting back that they screamed him over when he announced he couldn’t take it anymore here; we’ve had a string of different front-desk people coming/leaving. Granted, it’s a dangerous area(now w/ ZERO security thanks reportedly to said manager allegedly trying to “cut costs”) & a worse time slot, but if you take a job & get paid, do your best at least.

Did I mention there are many, many days where there’s no bathroom or shower soap, no out in the gym hand sanitizer or paper towels(sometimes with empty signs on them), the alleged “purifying water” fountain often out of order…most of the “good” equipment locked up in the staffer’s room so members have no idea what’s in there nor can use this eqpt….

This is besides every other member who’s posted about the disgusting and deplorable conditions that the Board of Health would immediately close this club down for.

Example-many of us have reported & shown evidence(to this club’s GM & front desk people) of the 4 years+ swarm of biting fleas by the pool & often-not-working hot tub. Part-time fixit person Kenny has tried but pointed to where they breed, underneath the tiled floor, beneath & under the gutters where it’s super hard to get to. The Club was supposed to get an outside extermination firm but so far has not(more cost-cutting measures?) & you can see these fleas & ticks all over the two disabled people’s chairs by the pool, on the walls, even entering the men’s and women’s shower & locker areas where many have on film, their bites & welts from these bugs. This & all the cars stolen and/or damaged since this club cut loose security could cause several major, major Class Action Lawsuits along with Board of Public Health visits…plus Consumer Affairs Julie Watts/KPIX CBS channel 5 & Michael Finney and crew from KGO7-ABC along with Fox “Shame On You” channel 2 film crews to come out to publicly humiliate & expose this club until it “cleans” up it’s act.

Yet another problem Oakland Fire Dept has warned them about in past years(which they’ve ignored) is telling the 6 am front desk people to nearly, completely block 1 of only 2 emergency exits out of this club with heavy tables loaded with crap they’re trying to sell like giant cans of protein powder. If there was ever a quake, etc; members wouldn’t be able to get out safely. It has to be one of the stupidest things ever here: nearly completely blocking one of only 2 very tiny exits for this entire giant facility.

The above are just a partial list of complaints members are tired of complaining about to deaf ears & are now finally taking to corporate about because this GM appears to just not care, refuses to do anything about any of the badly needed problems here that have been allowed to fester for years. Alameda has two brand new gyms nearby opening soon….that will be in the same low-cost forums besides The Balladium.

My attorney brother is finally back in Calif & he’ll also be interested in hearing about the above & hopefully that more conscientious corporate 24 Hour is at least listening with respect. Unlike management at this Oakland facility which sounds just like the tons of complaints here & on Yelp & other social media against so many 24 Hour similarly grossly neglected facilities. Like the below(ouch)

>>>ZAK October 13, 2014 at 2:11 pm
SUBJECT: Lack of maintenance and servicing the machines. Poor Sanitation and cleaning issues.

Dear management,
Few weeks ago I had notified one of the assistant managers about the poor condition of the workout machines and nothing had been done so far to rectify the problem. The assistant manager (don’t remember her name) was very agitated and defensive about it and ask me in a angry voice, disrespectful manner “Show me the machines” Like I was lying to her. So she went with me and the maintenance guy to see the machine and I had shown her few machines in poor condition. I went back to check those machines last week and nothing had been done to them. Few times I had notified the maintenance guy about several machines and his response was with a smirk” OH!!! These machines are Too old,” rather than the willingness to do something about them. The machine are too old that is not my concern, my concern is the attitude, negligence and maintenance of them.
Here is some of the problem I had seen at the Gym with these machines.
1. Many of the machines are rusted causing them to excessive friction and uneasiness to maneuver
2. Many joints, gears, handles are not oiled, lubed causing them to function improperly or hard to move them. Parts are missing.
3. Many belts, parts, pulleys are too old and need to be replaced, making all kind of squeaking noise.
4. Many bikes do not work properly or out of order.
5. Machines are dirty and full of dust. Needs to be dust free.
6. We have not seen any newer machines, made the workout routine boring and monotonous.
7. Paints are peeling off from many machines or getting rusted, look very raggedy and old. Few layer of fresh paint can bring some life to these machines.
8. Many machines need sanding and paint, so they do not look so old.
9. Many machines needs to be wiped clean with the cleaning solution so they are germ free and does not smell like sweats.
10. The front finger print machines needs wipes and hand sanitizer, and needs to be clean every hours .too many people putting their finger on it causing it very unsanitary
**11. Employees needs to proactive not reactive. They need to listen to the clients and their needs rather than getting mad.
12. Front Desk Employees should treat, greet every customer in equal and friendly manners rather than treat people differently for their race, gender, and nationalities.
13. Exercise mats and the exercise balls needs to be clean on a regular basis after people leaves their sweats all over them causing pungent smell.
14. The floor needs (carpeted, stretching areas, or training areas) to be vacuumed on regular basis, as needed or request basis. Once a day is not enough because people are walking all over them with their shoes all the time makes.
15. Bathroom needed to service more often, the tissue, toilet paper on the floor needed to be discarded and the smell of urine needed to be eliminated by the bleach or cleaning solution.

16. The filter of the water fountain needs to be changed often so the Drinking water does not taste funny.
17. The weight scale needed to be serviced and calibrated. Making sure they are working properly
18. 3/4 wall clocks will save our neck from twisting 120 degrees to see the time in distance.

Since the last time I had written letter about the poor condition of the Gym, the gym had went into a major cosmetic overhaul which was great and much needed. It feels great to work out in a freshly painted, colorful and bright gym than old raggedy, falling apart gym. It was really a great job done by the management to bring so much joy and beautiful environment for us. I would definitely appreciate the management to address these issues that I had mentioned and try to rectify the problem, beside you guys had raise my membership fees four time in last few years.. MACHINES ARE OLD , THAT IS OK, AS LONG AS THEY ARE WELL MAINTAINED, LUBED, GREASED, SERVICED, PAINTED, RUST FREE, GERM FREE , SANITIZED AND IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION. I would love to see the machines are not jammed because of rust so I cannot adjust my seat or position of the different weight levels or the heights.

Please, take these in to your consideration, you don’t have to do this everything at once but working on these one at a time will bring so much enjoyment and easiness into our experience at the 24 hours fitness center.


10-3-14 Zak Hossa

CC : Club manager Sandra
CC: Carl Liebert III
CC: Jeff Boyer


David May 21, 2015 at 1:38 am

I go to the 24hr on Ann rd in Las Vegas. It is about time they upgrade and get more equipment. It shows it’s age. The stationary bikes are trash. The pedals will spin before it actually takes hold. The treadmills are so dated and beat up. Safety switches are always stuck down or bar that holds iPod’s broken. Good god, they have two stairmasters that look like they are 20 yrs old. The free weights, actual individual weights stink like puke. They are never disinfected. Years of sweat dripping on they almost cause you to dry heave. Eliptical machines old. Get rid of the Nautilus equipment and get some more Hoist or more actual machines . Seriously, 1 leg press, LVAC has numerous leg machines. You always have to wait. Get another cable system. Get rid of the stretch machines. Seriously you have to spread your legs in front of everybody. They belong in the corner. Rope pull downs are frayed. This gym hasn’t been updated in years. It is clear its tired and worn out. 24hr should get there act together. The new multi-million dollar 2 story LVAC just opened a few miles away. Tons and tons of new better equipment for a cheaper price. Try putting some tint of the windows that face the west, blinding and hot during summer. The one plus, the trainers. I like all the ones I have used and know. But this place is in in serious decline. Last thing. Have your cleaning people actual clean, they go from one machine to another using the same dirty cloth wiping it down. Disgusting. Equates to watching a food server wipe the seats off at a restaurant then wiping the table. Just look at their dirty filthy cleaning cloth. What’s amazing is you corporate people don’t even check your own gyms. If you did this would be updated and properly cleaned. David Barton, Lifetime, yes much more money, but much better maintained. But they are the nicest gyms in the city. Bathrooms are spotless, showers extremely clean. Pay attention 24hr. I don’t have a contract and I spent over 2500 with you last year. I will not pay for any more extras until you clean up this dated gym/


Ted May 12, 2015 at 2:33 am

The employees of the 24 Hour Fitness gym in the Flatiron section of Manhattan, NYC emptied out the locker I was paying for monthly. The manager, Tasha, who did not want to give me her card or tell me her last name told me they were not responsible. How were they not responsible when they were the ones who emptied my locker. Basically, I consider my stuff stolen and I will sue them, report them to Consumer Affairs and go to the police. They are a bunch of thieves. The worst gym EVER!!!


Yesenia matta April 26, 2015 at 7:01 pm

The worst customer Servies ever . I have been a member for two years 24 hours fitness for 8400 mills drive , Miami fl 33183. Yesterday on April 25, 2015 and April 26, 2015. Had the worst customer services from one blond girl on the front desk not paying attention if we have sign in , and she ask my boyfriend very rudly where are you going after my boyfriend sign in and my boyfriend ask her would like to sign again and she said yea super rude . She should been paying attention instead of talking to her coworkers . In addition today on April 26 at 6:43 there was another girl with brown hair on the front desk whom was very rude also . I spoke to the manager on duty Jose Miguelies whom didn’t not care about my compliment looked at me with a I don’t care face . I am terminated my membership of my boyfriends and my boyfriend and I tomorrow and going to LA fitness and start my membership in May .


andrea April 21, 2015 at 1:44 pm

I was recently harassed by one of the staff members at brea , ca location.

me and my sister went for a swim and noticed there was a class being held at the pool so we decided to wait till it was over in the Jacuzzi. while in there the instructor in a very impolite manner proceed to tells us we need it to be quiet to which we replied we were not being loud and that there was no signs saying we needed to be silent while at the pool. we were using a very low tone voice. when we did that the intructor proceed to tell us we need it to shut up cause she was doing class and a few of the members joined in the complaint. we told her we had as much right as a paying member to be there as the other people and she said ok I am calling the manager. so she did the manager came and in a very polite manner proceed to ask us what had happened , she did not remove us or anything , she apologized for the staff behavior and left. when the class was over we went into the swimming pool and not happy that the manager had not removed us , this instructor approached me asking me if i had an open wound which I did not I have a bruise on my foot with a heal scratch , she kept pushing towards me allowing her to see my foot , and I told her no, I knew she was just bitter and trying to get us out. after the last no on my part she said to me in a sarcastic way , it doesn’t matter cause I took a picture of your foot and will show the manager.
we immediately got out of the pool and went to see the manager , she was already talking to the instructor and I told her it was unacceptable that she was taking pictures of me without my permission, I mean what kind of gym is this that the staff members take pictures without regard of how the members feel about it. according to her she deleted the photo but , that is not enough for me this staff need to be removed from her current position cause the fact is that this is harassment and as a member how am i gonna feel comfortable to go to the gym if there is members of the staff taking pictures of any part of my body without my knowledge. if this staff member doesn’t get removed i will pursue to file a lawsuit against the staff member and 24 hr fitness for invasion of my privacy and from all the headache this day was . unacceptable, the staff member name is Melanie and she teaches the aqua fitness class on Mondays at 6 pm on the brea location. last but not least i want to point out the manager who handdle the situation was very polite and apologetic but the staff member was not she was defiant and arrogant about the matter and not once apologized or said she had acted wrong towards us.


Laurie J. Lowe April 21, 2015 at 1:44 pm

April 19, 2015 Sunday 24hr Pacifica, NO AC on this morning, room was packed, no air, floors were slipperly, wet and not allowed to open door for air!! There’s no excuse why the staff aren’t allowed to turn on the AC in a PACKED room. The floors get wet with sweat teachers and members are sliding everywhere. Someone’s going to fall or have a heartattack because of the heat!! This has been an on going promblem for months. We were told by the staff that they are not allowed to turn on the AC or open the door when there is no site manager on site?!! That makes no sense to me, and unsafe. I have photos to show all the mirrors are steamed up and the temp is at 74. Unacceptable. I did talk to Doug at Pacifica 24hr fitness new manager today regarding this complaint. I hope something can be done before someone gets hurt. Please keep our gym safe for all!!


John Leggett April 19, 2015 at 3:11 pm

I recently made a payment in my local 24hourfitness (Corona Ca.) and the rep told me that I had to make my payment for last month before I got charged a late fee. He told me the card will be charged my monthly dues of 40 bucks. So i made my usual payment and once I got my receipt I released the guy charged me for the upcoming month as well, so instead of just the month I owe, he charges me 10 days before my account was actually due, and because of this my bank account is in the negative! Now as I am trying to get my money back, no one can help me on a Sunday and I have to wait until Monday which will only cause my bank account to be charged with an overdraft fee… another extra $35 charge because of 24 hours mistake.
I am only upset because the guy must of seen the entire time what he was charging me and still lied to me about what he was charging me, now this whole day I have to figure out how I can feed my niece and myself! Hopefully tomorrow brings better news from 24hourfitness!


john doe March 29, 2015 at 9:33 pm

Santee CA
24 Hour Fitness
Employees are seen allowing friends into the gym for free and allowing their friends to sell and use narcotics in the gym , as well as, using narcotics themselves. Will also contact the BBB to inform them of your poor business practises.


Azjohn March 19, 2015 at 10:51 pm

I can’t believe you are canceling the evening water aerobics at the 43rd Ave. and Bell Road facility in Glendale Arizona. This class usually has 25-35 members on Tuesday and Thursday. Most of these members work during the day. They have become extremely distressed over this and some have told me that this class is the only reason they joined. I think you should take a closer look at this matter as you may lose many members over this. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is a fitting quote!!!! Why don’t you have a corporate E-mail instead of funneling the E-mails back to the location manager. The manager is the problem!!!!!! Oh, I see, you solve the problem by letting the manager delete the E-mails.


Aaron K March 3, 2015 at 8:57 pm

Got a call from 855-283-3957 (24 Hour Fitness Financial Services Dept) @ about 7:01 PM.
The rep said I owed a payment on 2/4 & it’s late after 2/23. WHen I said I have auto payment, she said there is no c.c. on file.
I said I made a payment 2/6 & there is a card on file. She then said “Uh, yes.”
I asked to speak to a supervisor & was disconnected.

I called back & asked to speak to a supervisor. An hour later, no call back.

At about 8:30, I called again, asked for a supervisor and was told one would call me back. 50 minutes later & no call.

Guess who will not renew with your gym.

BTW, do you even read these feedbacks?


Stacey February 17, 2015 at 10:01 am

I have been a member of 24 hours fitness for two years, and I pay for the kids club for two kids. I worked out and I checked out my kids from the kids club. We left and unfortunately one of my kids stated they needed to use the restroom. I walked in the front desk and asked the person if it is ok for my daughter to use the restroom and he said yes, I also asked him if i needed to check in he said no because he already had my information in his data. My daughter was in the girls restroom using the bathroom, my son was not feeling good and told me he felt like he was going to faint and he needed water. I walked over with him to the water fountain. While he was drinking water a manager walked up to me and said I had to leave I could not be here at the gym. I told him that I apologized and I will go get my daughter from the restroom he gave me an attitude and told me to hurry up. I walked away and I went to go get get my daughter from the restroom. When we were walking out the same man (which is a manager) was waiting for me in front of the door. My kids and I started walking to exit the building and he kept following me and my kids. I turned around and said why are you following me because i’m already leaving, I notified him that I’m not breaking any rules and the guy at the front desk let me in and I asked him to please stop treating me like a criminal and he stated to me that I was breaking the rule , so he was going to treat me like a criminal. I was in shocked, because I am a woman and he is a man. I’m only 5’2 and weight 115 lbs, so i was terrified to see that the gym has no policy of how a man should approach a woman. He should have spoken with his staff, instead of making a woman feel like she was about to be attacked. It was very unprofessional and embarrassing because I was with my kids. And to be escorted out when I asked for permission was just really unprofessional, he really came of as racist and as a womanizer. There should be some procedures with how a male employee interacts with a female client.


Adam Stanton February 13, 2015 at 1:21 pm

I use the Lynwood facility just about every morning, and I have been a member for about 18 months or so; one of the principal reasons I signed up was so that I could play basketball every morning. My complaint is that I like to use the court at about 5am in the morning, and I’ve noticed a bizarre cleaning habit: The janitor will come in while I’m playing, and he will lazily drag a wet soapy mop around the edges of the court; and he will not put a wet floor sign up to warn members….does this strike anyone as perhaps not the safest habit?

I spoke with an associate today because I saw 3 guys playing basketball and one of them slipped on the water and could have easily broken something, I have also slipped about 3 times and brought it to the front desk’s attention at least twice. On one of the occasions I was told that they are supposed to mop while the court is dark so no-one uses it; today when I complained I was told to “write a complaint” in as “no-one listens when we bring it up?” Why are employees expressing a lack of faith in their management?

I find it odd that the floor isn’t cleaned when no-one is using it and while the lights are out (typically between 4am and 4:30am), why does the janitor wait until people start to use the court to make it hazardous? I manage a health-care facility and I am pretty adamant that when we absolutely have to mop where people could be, we use wet floor signs and of course common-sense; this does not seem to be the case here.

Would it really be too much trouble to have the janitor clean it when it is dark and no-one is using it? If I fall one more time due to this hazard I will be escalating my concerns and taking it to other parties.


Adam Stanton February 13, 2015 at 1:22 pm

I did send this complaint to my club 3 days ago but I am yet to receive a response.


jsp February 13, 2015 at 11:06 am

I have been a member of Bally’s in Wayne, NJ for a few years now. All was going well unti December 2014 24 Hour Fitness bought our Bally’s location. I have arthritis and use both the pool and hot tub for relief. Since 24 Hour took over in December the Hottub has been closed. They say they need an inspection to open the Hottub yet when I called the township of Wayne and they say there never was or is a inspection listed. It sounds like 24 Hour Fitness is lying to it’s members and doesn’t set well with me. I have been paying membership fees and not able to use the Hottub for over two months now.


Jeff H February 10, 2015 at 9:20 pm

Too many negatives to list but this one really bother’s me to the core. My vehicle was parked in the parking area and another member crashed into it and drove off. My car was majorly damaged and It was all caught on camera! I was relieved to find out that the license plate of the hit and run driver was recorded on tape. However, 24 hr fitness staff wouldn’t release it to me to give to the police saying that it would cost too much to pursue. In our Happy Valley location there are lots of break ins and vandalism to the vehicles in the parking area. The gym contracts mean nothing you sign up for a deal and randomly they increase your monthly dues without your consent-and you when you finally catch on they cancel your membership so you can’t go in and continue to bill you after you send several emails/letters to resolve the issue. Warning if you are on contract with them and you cancel you better close that card that you paid with down altogether because they will bill you for several months before they finally stop& even if it is their error and you try and talk to them about it-they will turn you into collections over $1.00. There are a lot of nice-CLEAN-new gyms popping up all over the place I suggest that if you haven’t switched over already you do so before you end up regretting in more ways than one.


Joe February 6, 2015 at 7:56 pm

This 24 Hour fitness really stinks and disgusting …. Lack of cleanliness suffocating the people around. I took a tour recently for 5 days and noticed that same towels on the ground in the sauna room and in the locker room, never been vacXXXXed or cleaned for a week… coz, I noticed the chap stick and some other belongings to people still on the ground. Here is the address : 3600 West Emporium Circle, Mesquite, TX 75150.
I will not recommend anyone to go here. Some of my friends told me, they are paying $50 for this trash place. People will get sick, also OSHA violation. I will send someone from the department to check this place. If you look at LA fitness, they wash the entire place with the soap and use the power wash to clean the place. So people can breath. I will send this to different media for others info…..I cannot wash my face in the locker room, really dirty sink and bathrooms.


john doe February 4, 2015 at 6:33 pm

LA Mesa, San Diego, CA 24 hour fitness
Deal and use narcotics on the gym property and should all be drug tested ASAP. As well as, allow friends and associates to use the gym for free.


Babak bootorabi February 3, 2015 at 12:25 pm

I am a member and I had my two sons in kids care but the sign said that you have to wear. Shoes to be in there some of the kids wearing shoes are old enough to use public restrooms and climb the slides and the jungle gym in kids club step on all things and then there are kids that are 2,3,4, that climb and run on the same surfaces as the kids walked on with their germ infested kids, 24 hour should learn from the malls and lose the shoes as they bring all the germs from who knows what public restroom floor to a kids play area. I have put my kids care membership on hold until this issue is addressed. please respond for a good reason to not change this realy unsanitary policy. The manager told me one reason was hand foot mouth disease, by removing the foot out of the equation you do not stop this sickness but rather pro more the spread of sickness and disease!!!!!!!!


bob January 29, 2015 at 1:19 am

My membership was cancelled but no reason was given. I told the club manager that members were going to LA Fitness because the gym was so dirty and broken equipment was not fixed timely. I Have called but no one returns my calls.


Alan Bases January 27, 2015 at 9:05 pm

I joined your fitness club at 400 Town Center Drive, Oxnard, CA, on January 9. Needless to say, I had a HORRIBLE experience, NOT with your friendly helpful staff, but around my 5th visit, I began to develop a very irritating itch on the left side of my neck. I contracted it from your weight lifting equipment upstairs, and even though I did wipe the sweat off from the previous exerciser, It developed into fungus and ringworm and I began to look as if I fell asleep in the sun for hours and I have several pictures I would like to send to for proof. I returned back to the club and demanded a refund to which I spoke with Elvia Campos, the manager on duty last Sunday morning. She did prorate my January fees and refunded my account but refused to refund me my February fees that I paid for in advance. I asked her, “DO YOU REALLY WANT ME HERE SPREADING THIS FUNGUS ALL OVER YOUR PLACE FOR ANOTHER MONTH?” She replied “Of course not” but still refused to refund my $49.99 fee. I work for the County of Ventura and have excellent contacts with the health department here. All I’m asking for is my $49.99 refunded back to my checking account and I’ll ‘Go Away’. I understand you don’t have complete control over all your visitors but unless you want me back over there for another month spreading this fungus all over you place and having 25 people canceling their membership, refund my money immediately.
Alan Bases


Jenny January 27, 2015 at 4:59 pm

After an incident at the 24 Frisco location with a very unprofessional front desk person, I called and left several messages for a manager to call me back. When this didn’t work, I emailed him directly. I was unable to speak with him face to face because I work out at 4am. To this day, I haven’t even had the courtesy of a reply.

Furthermore, I think that the front desk people (at least in the early morning) feel as if they are at liberty to blare music to a point that others cannot hear the music in their headphones. I have had the same rude reception as other members when it comes to asking to turn the music down. It has gotten so bad that there is a petition floating around asking for any help from the staff that won’t listen!

At least 25 members have signed already and the number grows every day. But the main frustration is the unresponsiveness of management who should be dedicated to resolving the issue at hand. I would LOVE to hear from someone..anyone.


E.R. January 10, 2015 at 2:08 pm

On Jan. 6 my friend and I met at the Corona Teller st. Location. My friend and I were alternating on our work when she quickly noticed that we were being watched. I was trying not to pay attention to the fact that everywhere we went a trainer was watching us. It became uncomfortable for me since i look the way I do and my friend is in good shape, but I proceeded to finish my 1st day back. The next day we went back and the same trainer was there (Kenyatta S.) I don’t think I had started my second set we were there maybe 10 minutes when he approached my friend and began to question her. After a few minutes I asked him what the issue was and he said ” this is a place of business” really? Gee why were we approached? Is it because I am overweight and my friend is not? so i went to talk to the manager she claimed she was the manager but then again she claimed he was the manager as well. I feel humiliated and harassed. Honestly 24hr do you approach EVERYONE who comes in pairs and assume they are training each other? Is it policy to hawk eye groups of 2 or more and assume something is up? I attended the gym with a friend a year ago and i was helping her out and no one ever approached us, is it because we were both out of shape? Is it not possible that a woman who is in shape can have friends who are not and work out together ? There were multiple people paired up as a matter of fact when we were in the weight room area to our left there a set of 3 people with one teaching the other 2 how to properly use the free bar to squat and when we were at the cable machines there were to female friends doing the same thing we were but they looked more like my body type and not once did I see them being eyed or questioned. I seriously hope that something is done about this as i am still thinking what my next move should be


Maruice Mangum January 2, 2015 at 8:25 pm

On January 2, 2015, about 2pm CST, Karen L., a white female trainer at the 24 Hours Fitness Rice Village location called me the n-word. She wanted me to get off an elliptical because it was squeaking. Before telling me to get off, she tried to unplug the machine while I was on it. I did not get off, and she calls me the n-word.

Karen L. goes to get a white male trainer, Chris Y. He told me to get off the machine, but I told him “No, I am almost done in a few more minutes.” Chris Y. then said to her, “You’re right. He is one.” I said one of what. He said, “What she called you earlier.”

The trainers then started talking to their white clients on ellipticals two rows in front of me, and it turns out they were building a case against me built on lies. The trainers got the clients to agree that I fingered her. The male client took pictures of me, so I took pictures of him. I would later show the manager the picture of the white male client taking pictures of me.

I complained to the manager Brandon Lewandowski about the trainers’ behavior. He refused to believe me, but thinks I fingered Karen and took pictures of other members. I said I did not finger Karen, but she called me the n-word for not getting off the machine, and that Chris suggested I was an n-word. Brandon claims to have done some investigating, which he did not do, and said about 5 members complained about me. That is not even possible, for there were not even 5 members in the area to observe or hear.

Brandon completed an incident report on me for fingering the trainer, making one of the clients scared, and taking pictures of the clients. I told him that the client took pictures of me and I showed him a picture of the white male client taking pictures of me, but Brandon did not complete an incident report on him. I asked Brandon why is he treating me differently. He said “You know why.” To sum up, two white trainers called or suggested that I was an n-word, the trainers intimidated three white clients into lying about me, and the white male client was allowed to commit the same offense I was accused of (taking pictures) without any sanction or report.


john doe December 24, 2014 at 2:26 pm

Employee’s working on Chritmas Eve or showed up to work not scheduled to work in their uniforms to sell steroids while in Uniform on 24 Hour Fitness Property, Santee, CA 24 Hour Fitness.


Adam Nichols December 15, 2014 at 1:44 pm

To whom it may concern;

I have tried to give your facility the benefit of the doubt, unfortunately, this is the second week in a row that there has been no hot water and the second time that this has occurred for multiple weeks within the past few months.

I have come to expect overflowing towel bins, no paper towels to wipe down equipment, empty spray bottles, and no tissues in the restrooms. Karen in the morning is the only employee who seems to understand or care about customer service, the rest of the employees are more concerned about talking with each other and treat guests as if we are an inconvenience to them.

I have been a member off and on for many years, both here and in California, and was going to quit my membership because of the poor service I have received at the Alameda and Tiffany Plaza locations; however, I thought I would try your facility and was willing to pay more. Unfortunately, the additional costs has provided no additional benefit.

On multiple occasions I have seen the same band aid in the same shower two or more days in a row. The shower door has been broken for several weeks and rather than fixing the issue, a cheap $5 Wal-Mart curtain has replaced it. If this is the level of service that you are providing your customers than this is not a facility that I want to continue to use.

Please have the hot water issue addressed immediately or I would like a refund of this month’s fee so that I may join a facility that actually tries to provide service to their guests.


Tracy December 13, 2014 at 8:42 am

To whom it may concern, I would like to make a complain regarding the Glendora location. On Lone Hill and Gladstone.it’s time to do an upgrade to this gym the machines are all old and broken they never get fixed. Also it’s very dirty in the road in the women’s restroom and in the gym overall. is everything is fine they hire new people and then everything gets switched especially the music..it seems like when things get broken nothing ever gets fixed in the gym.I’ve been a member here for 7 years and I’ve seen big changes as far as the dirtyness and the machines are always broken.I hope these issues get tajen care of asap.Thank You


Susan December 9, 2014 at 8:35 am

Please don’t take the Zumba class from the instructor name
Lesley at the super sport club at 6380 W Sunset Blvd
Ste 4
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Hollywood . She is very unprofessional and ask her good friends in her class to teach her class instead her teaching. And she said sexual insulting word to insult others class remember. What she did is illegal and i have been reporting her for so long. The 24 hour fitness manager isn’t doing anything. I heard that she is sleeping with the manager. That’s why he is protection such bad instructor like her. Her class is suck and she is very lazy instructor. Other zumba instructor are more professional and much better than her. She is just a jealous XXXXXX who get jealous of other class member dance better than her. And then she just asked her good friends teaching the whole class and her friends don’t have any teaching certificate. She always finish her class over time past more than 15 mins. Make us and other instructor wait. And the gym is super dirty and it is very bad.


Susan December 9, 2014 at 8:17 am

Please don’t take the Zumba class from the instructor name
Lesley. She is very unprofessional and ask her good friends in her class to teach her class instead her teaching. And she said sexual insulting word to insult others class remember. What she did is illegal and i have been reporting her for so long. The 24 hour fitness manager isn’t doing anything. I heard that she is sleeping with the manager. That’s why he is protection such bad instructor like her. Her class is suck and she is very lazy instructor. Other zumba instructor are more professional and much better than her. She is just a jealous XXXXXX who get jealous of other class member dance better than her. And then she just asked her good friends teaching the whole class and her friends don’t have any teaching certificate. She always finish her class over time past more than 15 mins. Make us and other instructor wait. And the gym is super dirty and it is very bad.


Aaron Sisk December 2, 2014 at 7:26 pm

I have been a member for 3 years or more, and have just added one of my sons last weekend. Today I was going to add another son with just a 30 day membership. When I entered 24 hour they gave me to Leo Arehart, and I told him I need the 30 day membership for my son, he took me to one of the computers and tried to sell me another membership. I told him I only need a 30 day membership for my son, he tried to tell me that I can get a better deal if I buy month to month. I told him I only need a 30 day, I have already done the research and only need the 30 day membership for $75. He waved over another employee and they tried to sell me a different membership again I told them I only need the 30 days. They then started to tell me that I could pay for some 2 month membership.. blah blah blah. At that point I was Very frustrated and I just walked out. I turned around and came back in and told them to cancel my membership. He acted like “no problem” smirking, without trying to resolve the issue at hand. I told him why did you keep trying to sell me something that I did not want? He said he didn’t. IO said again all I wanted was a 30 day, He started saying something, I said something I should not have said and told him to shut up, and he said “oh your really gonna go there” and turned toward me in an intimidating way. I just don’t understand why this club manager didn’t say “sorry sir, how may we resolve this”. This same manager, I showed him an area with spilled chocolate protein mix 5 weeks prior to today, and he said he would have it cleaned, and it still isn’t cleaned, and it’s on the brand new floor. I came home, called the 24 hour 800 number and the nice lady on there talked me back into my membership and told me she would take care of the way I was treated, I get along with every employee in this place, and even have long good conversations. As I left I told the gentleman working at the check-in area I was sorry if I was too loud, and he looked at me like this is nothing new with that manager. I would like for this “Employee” to be spoken to about this account, and asked why he didn’t try resolving this instead of being combative with the customer,he almost lost 3 valued members, when I return to this club I will avoid this manager at all cost, if he looks at me weird I will just smile because I know 24 hour has dealt with Him in a proper manner.


Jared Thomas November 25, 2014 at 5:41 pm

24 Hour Fit Corporate,

It is unfortunate that I need to write this, being that 24 Hour Fitness is a respectable company, but I feel that Corporate and the customers need to know how your branch (5045 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90056 · Ladera Heights) is exploiting their customers.

I hadn’t been a member of 24 hour fitness since I started collegiate sports in Track from 2008-2012. Now that I graduated from college I needed a gym. My retired uncle offered to buy me an early birthday present which would be a month membership that we registered at the Ladera Heights 24 Hour Fitness on Oct 23, 2014. The Membership Employee (don’t remember which handled the membership: John Gerber, Eddie, Johnathan Marquez) who handled our registration informed my uncle and I that Membership Costs is $40 per month and $40 for a Registration fee. It made sense and since we had no brochure or cost information around us we unknowingly agreed to the cost.

About a week after I registered for 24 Hour Fitness I went to workout at the Lancaster, CA gym. I quickly learned that the Lancaster gym is a 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport and that the branch in Los Angeles, off Slauson Ave, is just a Sport. So essentially I couldn’t workout at the Lancaster location because it is a different class of gym, which is fine, I thought I’d pay the difference in the upgrade and that would be that. However, the Lancaster Branch informs me that I do not currently have a membership, which didn’t make sense because its been about a week since I had registered. With the help, and flexibility of Mark and Lucy at the Lancaster Super Sport, they informed me that my membership was canceled a week after I had started. This means that out of the $80 that my uncle had paid, he was refunded $34.66, and I had spent $45.34 for one week of Membership at the Slauson Branch.

Enraged that my uncle’s birthday present to me had been exploited by the Slauson Branch I wanted and deserved to be compensated for the loss of $45.34. Lucy, a Manager at 24 Hour in Lancaster, set me up with a basic Super Sport Membership, that I had to pay for, which neglected the idea of a birthday present from my uncle. She also revealed to me the differences between a Sport (Slauson) and Super Sport gym (Lancaster) and how the basic prices for membership per month vary. For a Super Sport gym minimum is $40, and for a Sport gym its $25, which means that the Slauson Branch had charged the maximum amount for my membership.

Understanding my frustration and situation Lucy and Mark had arranged me a membership while also giving me a credit for the month of December to help offset the lost $45.34. These two employees were very professional, courteous, and represent the Lancaster branch well. I would recommend others to the Lancaster Branch and to stay clear of the Slauson Branch. Overall, this experience was disappointing.


JOSEPH GLYNN November 9, 2014 at 4:29 pm



DJ November 7, 2014 at 10:32 am

I’m a member of the Silver Sneakers Club, I have been a member of the YMCA, for over 20 years. My main reason for joining 24 Hour Fitness is to have access to the swimming pool., for 24 hours. One can not use the pool from: 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM, These hours are very
Restricted for a person(s) who wanna swim. I have friends who have 24 hours membership
and this (4) hours rule does not apply at there gym.


DJ November 7, 2014 at 5:47 pm

The above letter is also intended for:
CEO: Carl Liebert III
CFO: Patrick Flanagan
COO: Jeff Boyer


R.J. Deakins November 5, 2014 at 12:35 pm

Please finish the renovation of the swimming pool, steam room and sauna at the Camarillo, Ca. facility. We were promised a October 27th completion date, then, a drop dead date of October 30th completion date, none of which happened. And, no construction workers have been on the site since October 27th. When we ask the management at the Camarillo the status, we get, “I don’t know”, or the latest, ” we are waiting for a permit from the city”, what???? Why did you close the pool area, drain the pool when you did not have a permit to begin with???
Will someone in the Corporate Office please contact me with a no nonsense explnation.


Marlando October 31, 2014 at 8:54 pm


This is regarding a bad incident that co. Super Sport Location Last night 10/30/14 while I was working out at the gym while working out someone broke into my locker and stole all of my personal belongings and information Driver’s License, Wallet Credit cards, cell phone I know its not unusual for break in lockers at gym; however my issue is that there is no routine staff monitoring the locker rooms. When I notified the staff of this incident the young lady Camille said she was the only one on duty. Camille also took an incident report which she must have thrown away because it never made it to the manager’s attention. Which leads me to the next question. How many other incident reports have been misplaced by staff? After getting back to my house last night I called and spoke with Kim to get the manager’s email address; however she did not give me which seems bad customer service.
Thieves probably know the routine and have done this before and know there are no staff to watch out for thefts. (I know the usual disclaimers to NOT place valuables in the lockers and at your own risk) My biggest issue is not for monetary items stole; however it’s now my sense of security and safety. If this has happened once, it will probably happen again. Which will most definitely make me want to get the word out on social media: YELP, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK ect. to let anyone who is planning to sign up at your gym; it is not a safe place because thieves probably know it’s easy pickens and an easy target. Which means they have targeted this gym for other “marks” victims. Via the corporate level their needs to me precautionary meassures to thwart this kind of problem, to stop the persons not just for my sake but for others and so their level of crime does not escalates to more serious ones. The staff may want to sweep this under the rug however I will not! If not for mine, but for the welfare of others who probably have been victimized and never reported it.


Jim Johnson October 20, 2014 at 5:15 pm

Concerning the fitness Club in LANCASTER, CA.. It was 12 days ago on Oct. 8th., 2014 that I wrote about locks being left permanently on lockers; at this LANCASTER,CA facility. To absolutely no one’s surprise here, nothing has been done to correct this matter at the Lancaster, CA gym. Many of these locks are 3 in a row and in the swimming area there are a couple more locks left on lockers since my last complaint. This shows me how little respect and consideration is shown towards the members at the LANCASTER, CA center when this is allowed to continue month after month. Last New Year’s Eve during the shut down they went through and cut all the locks. I just wonder how other gyms handle this problem . Jim


CS October 17, 2014 at 6:59 pm

I signed up a few months ago on a costco membership that was supposed to get me 2 years and all club access including the upgraded clubs. I have never received any of my contract information & today when I went to go to a super club I was told I didn’t have access to that upgraded club & to add to it I was told I only had the one year membership! Can somebody please assist me from corporate. Someone intelligent please!



Dissapointed Member October 17, 2014 at 11:21 am


24 Hour Fitness
1800 Lake Woodlands Dr
Spring, TX 77380

As of today 10-17-14 the shower located outside the wet area where the steam room, dry sauna, hot tub & pool are has been out for nearly a month. So nobody’s showering! Additionally there are black slimy streaks running down from ea step in the steam room. All this concerns me because Staph & other communcable diseases thrive in dirty wet areas.

Overall a really nice club w/friendly staff & extremely knowledgeable trainers but could be so much nicer if it were kept cleaner.


ZAK October 13, 2014 at 2:11 pm

SUBJECT: Lack of maintenance and servicing the machines. Poor Sanitation and cleaning issues.

Dear management,
Few weeks ago I had notified one of the assistant managers about the poor condition of the workout machines and nothing had been done so far to rectify the problem. The assistant manager (don’t remember her name) was very agitated and defensive about it and ask me in a angry voice, disrespectful manner “Show me the machines” Like I was lying to her. So she went with me and the maintenance guy to see the machine and I had shown her few machines in poor condition. I went back to check those machines last week and nothing had been done to them. Few times I had notified the maintenance guy about several machines and his response was with a smirk” OH!!! These machines are Too old,” rather than the willingness to do something about them. The machine are too old that is not my concern, my concern is the attitude, negligence and maintenance of them.
Here is some of the problem I had seen at the Gym with these machines.
1. Many of the machines are rusted causing them to excessive friction and uneasiness to maneuver
2. Many joints, gears, handles are not oiled, lubed causing them to function improperly or hard to move them. Parts are missing.
3. Many belts, parts, pulleys are too old and need to be replaced, making all kind of squeaking noise.
4. Many bikes do not work properly or out of order.
5. Machines are dirty and full of dust. Needs to be dust free.
6. We have not seen any newer machines, made the workout routine boring and monotonous.
7. Paints are peeling off from many machines or getting rusted, look very raggedy and old. Few layer of fresh paint can bring some life to these machines.
8. Many machines need sanding and paint, so they do not look so old.
9. Many machines needs to be wiped clean with the cleaning solution so they are germ free and does not smell like sweats.
10. The front finger print machines needs wipes and hand sanitizer, and needs to be clean every hours .too many people putting their finger on it causing it very unsanitary
11. Employees needs to proactive not reactive. They need to listen to the clients and their needs rather than getting mad.
12. Employees should treat, greet every customer in equal and friendly manners rather than treat people differently for their race, gender, and nationalities.
13. Exercise mats and the exercise balls needs to be clean on a regular basis after people leaves their sweats all over them causing pungent smell.
14. The floor needs (carpeted, stretching areas, or training areas) to be vacuumed on regular basis, as needed or request basis. Once a day is not enough because people are walking all over them with their shoes all the time makes.
15. Bathroom needed to service more often, the tissue, toilet paper on the floor needed to be discarded and the smell of urine needed to be eliminated by the bleach or cleaning solution.

16. The filter of the water fountain needs to be changed often so the Drinking water does not taste funny.
17. The weight scale needed to be serviced and calibrated. Making sure they are working properly
18. 3/4 wall clocks will save our neck from twisting 120 degrees to see the time in distance.

Since the last time I had written letter about the poor condition of the Gym, the gym had went into a major cosmetic overhaul which was great and much needed. It feels great to work out in a freshly painted, colorful and bright gym than old raggedy, falling apart gym. It was really a great job done by the management to bring so much joy and beautiful environment for us. I would definitely appreciate the management to address these issues that I had mentioned and try to rectify the problem, beside you guys had raise my membership fees four time in last few years.. MACHINES ARE OLD , THAT IS OK, AS LONG AS THEY ARE WELL MAINTAINED, LUBED, GREASED, SERVICED, PAINTED, RUST FREE, GERM FREE , SANITIZED AND IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION. I would love to see the machines are not jammed because of rust so I cannot adjust my seat or position of the different weight levels or the heights.

Please, take these in to your consideration, you don’t have to do this everything at once but working on these one at a time will bring so much enjoyment and easiness into our experience at the 24 hours fitness center.


10-3-14 Zak Hossa

CC : Club manager Sandra
CC: Carl Liebert III
CC: Jeff Boyer


Jim Johnson October 8, 2014 at 6:46 pm

This has been an ongoing problem for well over 10 years at the 24 hour fitness center in Lancaster, CA.. Locks put on lockers permanently. I went in at 4 AM last Sunday morning; and even thought there was only 1 male already there already who doesn’t use a locker; there were 31 locks on lockers in the men’s locker room. Also; in the pool area which has 24 lockers; there were 8 locks on lockers with no members in the area. I feel this is very disrespectful to members who come at more crowded times to find no lockers available.
I have stopped writing emails which end up at this center and nothing is done. In every locker it says “locks left on overnight will be removed”. Some of these locks have been on since the first week in January. Jim


Elizabeth Silva October 6, 2014 at 7:59 pm

My husband had a membership at your 10025 Carmel Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92129 location. In July of 2013, he was delayed to Afghanistan. I called had his membership frozen indefinitely, a wonderful benefit that your company offers military members. We were very fortune late that my husband did return safely. However, we received overseas orders almost immediately upon his return.
Today, I got a phone call from my credit card company and it appears that the indefinite freeze had been unfrozen without our consent. No problem, I thought, I’ll just call 24 Hour Fitness and figure this out. I called today and spoke with the Service Manager, Michelle. I explained the situation and told her that I had not re-activated the account and that we haven’t been living in the area. She seemed to have an indifferent and resolute attitude from the very beginning. She said that she couldn’t do anything for me other than freeze the account if I had the credit card billing information linked to the account. I told her that I didn’t have the credit card number. My husband has the card. She told me that he had to call. I told her that he is away from home of a training operation but that I have a full power of attorney to act on his behalf. She said that unless I had some type of doXXXXentation proving that I had placed an indefinite freeze on the account, there was nothing to be done. I asked to speak to her manager and she spat out a phone number for your corporate office. I wasn’t ready so I had to ask her to repeat it and she did so contemptuously and she hung up immediately after without saying goodbye. In fact, she hung up, as I was mid-sentence trying to thank her for the number.
I called the corporate office and my issue was handled pleasantly and efficiently. I should have a resolution within the next 3-5 days.
I’m just writing because I think you guys still have a problem…Michelle in Rancho Penasquitos. I think it might be beneficial to your company to inform Michelle that 24 Hour Fitness prides itself on being a military friendly company. I don’t understand why she had to treat me in such a hostile manner. If she didn’t have a resolution to offer within in her scope, she could have just referred me to corporate in a more professional, customer friendly manner.
Elizabeth Silva


Carol Hansson October 6, 2014 at 1:16 pm

I joined the Everett 24 Hour Fitness club (Everett. WA) not only because it’s close to my home but because the music was not blaring like all the other gyms I’d visited. I commented to the sales rep that I really appreciate the low volume of the music and was assured that it usually is at a decent volume. I was thrilled to learn that so I proceeded to pre-pay for a two-year membership – What a mistake!!

For the past month the music has been blaring throughout the gym, especially in the cardio area. I asked the receptionist why it’s so insultingly loud and was told, “It’s on the lowest volume we have!” I’ve asked the sales rep to correct the nerve-racking problem but he’s reluctant to do anything.

I’ve gone to both the Lynnwood and Bothel 24 Hour locations (neither convenient to my home) and was grateful for the pleasant volume of the background music – and the selections were not insulting rap and screaming hard rock!

It would really be appreciated if some respect and appreciation for members was demonstrated bylowering the decibels on the music!!_
Thank you!


frank Valdez October 5, 2014 at 1:53 pm

I’m a member of the gym in sanfrancisco@16th and Bryant st., on 10=1 there was power outage and only a few emergency lights came on,it was full of people, lots of seniors and some handicapped people as well,it was very dangerous and a scary situation, this gym has a great volume of members and I think it needs a backup generator and safe backup lighting, please look into this problem or maybe the health department of the city should be notified, respectively Frank Valdez


John Doe October 2, 2014 at 9:56 pm

The employees at 24 hour fitness Santee, CA San Diego are encouraging the use and sale of illegal narcotics on the premesis. As well as, allowing associates and friends without memberships use the gym. Along with people knowing committing disability fraud and workers comp fraud.


Jon October 2, 2014 at 9:26 pm

What does “Master Trainer” really mean? Does it mean you can be a jerk and show no simple manners or respect for other members of the gym other than those you’re making money off of? While one of us was in the middle of a set and focused on form and in the zone, Cy H a “Master Trainer” at the Pearl City Gym takes the medicine ball we were using and puts it on the side with the other medicine balls near one of the trainers desks. Any person that takes lifting serious does not appreciate being interrupted during a set. It could also risk injury. I’d like to see him interrupt people like Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler in the middle of a set for a measly ball. NO, he didn’t wait till the set was done, NO, he didn’t say “excuse me” He just pointed at the ball and took it. YES, he interrupted his set. A TRAINER, OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD UNDERSTAND WHAT FOCUS, FORM AND BEING “IN THE ZONE” MEANS! His unprofessional behavior is a poor reflection as a trainer/employee for 24hr fitness. I wouldn’t be so upset about the way he took the ball IF he needed it for his client, but he didn’t. He just took it to put on the side. Which leads me to this. If he has all right to take a piece of equipment from members of the gym while they’re using it means this limits members to use what is available to them and members should be notified. Furthermore, if this is the case maybe 24hr Fitness can start lowering the costs of the monthly memberships because members believe they have full access to use all available equipment in the gym when in fact they do not.
I’ll end with this, Several people we know both family and friends have worked for 24hr fitness from trainer to membership counselor to service even in management so we know how it works in terms of respecting the paying members. This so called “Master Trainer” is a master of what? clearly after this incident rudeness, arrogance or taking money from people and training them incorrectly.The elderly woman he was training, her form was so off she could risk injury because he WASN’T focused on her. We knew and remember him WAY before he became a trainer because he sought the advice from some very knowledgeable people we know very well. If he only knew that the guy who’s set he interrupted as a power trip calls one of those men “Uncle”. Never forget where you came from, a title is nothing the day you forget….
Now will 24hr Fitness limit the use of equipment notify their members and lower monthly fees? or allow members to have full use and get what they believe are paying for? Or maybe simply teach their trainers some gym etiquette. Is that so difficult?


Mark Arden October 2, 2014 at 1:46 pm

Your San Francisco club off Potrero St is absolutely filthy!!! I have mentioned it 3 times to no avail…. what will it take to clean it up???


Juby September 24, 2014 at 4:52 pm

Come on people! Share a little love. You know you signed up for 24 Hr Fitness because of the concept, a place that is open 24 hours. What other gym on this planet can offer such a wonderful schedule? Yes instructors get sick & classes get canceled, yes the bathrooms could be cleaner and sometime the front desk staff aren’t the most friendly but overall this place ROCKS! I’m proud to be a member and I value my membership hat allows me to take as many classes as I can possibly squeeze in a day, visit any time I want day or night, provides such a wide range of equipment and knowledgeable trainers. I just want to say keep up the good job and thanks for doing your best! We love you 24 Hour Fitness:)


R.J. Deakins November 5, 2014 at 2:29 pm

You must be a 24 Hour Fitness employee, and your job was threanten to give such a glowing endorsement.


E. Maldonado September 16, 2014 at 2:10 pm

This complaint is in regards to “policy” and or lack of knowledge of your staff. I have been a client for over 10 years, my wife as well. I pay a low fee yearly to remain a member. i get al etter in the mail and I come in and I pay to play. I have a grandfathered relationship that is supposed to be a good deal. I GET NO GOOD DEAL IF I ADD MY WIFE TO MY MEMBERSHIP.


pauline jow August 27, 2014 at 11:11 am

re: your location at coral springs florida
I have been a member at this location for 18 months. I mainly come for the aerobics classes(zumba and hiphop). the class rooms are spacious and most of the instructors are great. my only complain is there is an elderly instructor who for some reasons keep picking up more and more morning classes (as of today, she even picks up the Wednesday 10:30am class from hiphop to zumba) it is ok for her to lead some seniors classes like silver and fit etc., but for fast intense zumba classes, in my opinion, it is out of her league, she just not up to it (she can barely lead the low impact cardio mix). I hope the management would put the interests of member first and use more qualifying instructors because young instructors brings new and vibrant energy to the classes, even elderly members welcome that. sincerely.


Titi Ricafort August 18, 2014 at 9:39 pm

We have complained directly to the location in Kaneohe, Hawaii about how their repairs seem to take so long. Currently the men’s showers are completely shut down (again) so as they are unable to shower have often talked into the women’s room OR are using the sinks. Others walk to the sauna, steamroom and jacuzzi after working out and while still sweaty which is somewhat a cause for a hygeine concern.
The jacuzze has never been cleaned properly as the oils/dirt residues are on the tiles inside the top of the pool rim. It needs to be scrubbed with a brillo sponge. The tiles are also falling off and i had actually cut my toe on a sharp one, took that piece to one of the workers at the front desk who just looked and didnt say a word.
This facility is being called the “ghetto” as it has never been renovated.


Will Jay August 14, 2014 at 10:05 pm

Take your matter to the new President of the Company Frank Napolitano. 215-341-6130 Let your voice be heard at the top.


Rudy Lara August 14, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Why does 24 Hour La Jolla West still have an hour and a half class when the the Downtown Chula Vista gym (whose instructor innovated it way befor the La Jolla gym had theirs) got their hour and half cancelled? The La Jolla West gym’s hour and a half has only been going for about three years (according not only to members, but gym staff as well) and is a direct result of the instructor getting word about Downtown Chula Vista’s gym having one and taking it to her GXM. In the meanwhile, South Bay’s GXMs are turning over at such a high rate, they don’t pass down such info about our hour and a half class and it ends up getting cancelled. Those classes started way back near 2005 and the members loved them. Why can’t we have our class back. I just wrote the GXM (Barbara Uzelac) about it and she gave me a sub par answer that was vague, political and didn’t honor my request despiter her ending her email with “Thanks again for taking the time to write. Your feedback and perspective helps us provide the best possible class schedule that is appealing to all of our members.” I’m letting her know what it is that the members want (only 30 extra minutes on one class a month) and yet she gave me an answer about special classes with no regular periodicity. I have 27 other members who have agreed to take our business to another local gym if we can’t get such a simple request honored. It’s been three days since I’ve responded to her email and she has yet to make me understand her vague answer and why we can’t have our ‘once a month, hour and a half class’ back on the schedule. If we don’t get our request filled, then we are ready to cancel our memberships and take our business to LA Fitness where they have already entertained honoring our request.


sam shanley August 8, 2014 at 8:11 pm

Interesting to find out that all the clubs are the same across the country… filthy and broken down. I spoke to customer service today to report that the AIR CONDITIONING in the cycle room is broken AGAIN. My club is located in SOUTH FLORIDA. Imagine a business operating without air conditioning in So. Flo. I think this organization has gotten too large. Perhaps we should all find different clubs to give our money to. I pay for 4 memberships. Think they’ll miss me? (Doubtful.)


current employee August 8, 2014 at 6:42 am

I work at club 218 in the kids club and im bringing this to corporate because i dont feel comfortable talking to the club manager plus i also feel like nothing will be done. Someone needs to let the kids club supervisor know that it is very unprofessional to contact us about whatever issues she has regarding work on our OFF DAYS. Not only that but im sick and tired of being accused for doing or saying something that i didnt say or do. Id rather have her WAIT until i come into work and then we can talk about the issue, but no this is the most unprofessional place i have ever worked for. I have kept track of each text message i get from her nagging about something stupid! I love working in the kids club, all im.trying to.do.is my job! People i have previously worked with have quit due to being so much drama, and honestly im about to walk out if i cant just have one normal day of work without being bothered after my shift or on my off days.


ERICK PINA July 18, 2014 at 7:21 pm



Miriam Delgado July 18, 2014 at 3:32 pm

24 Hour fitness in Town & Country – Sport
8400 Mills Drive
Miami, FL 33183

I have been a member since the 24 Hour Fitness was openend in June of 2008. I had gotten my whole family and some friends to join. In total i would say 10 members. At the beginning it was great, My daughter and I got a personal trainer (who, by the way, was the best. His name is Abeku). Unfortunately, he left for another gym. The turnaround of Employees is ridiculous, and that should say something . I started the Zumba classes a couple of years ago and fell in love with this type of Cardio. So I was elated when they extended the classes to almost 5 days a week and even more when they started the classes 3 days a week at 4:30 PM. But it’s been a couple of months that these classes, on some days of the week, have been cancelled or switched to a Boot Camp class. The reason I’m upset, and will probably cancel my entire family membership, is because there is no notification of these class changes. However, there is, and I think she’s the only remaining trainer still left since I joined, a trainer by the name of Marta N., she was substituting for the regular Zumba Instructor, she is extremely rude. First you must understand that the women taking the class are already frustrated, this trainer walks in and announces that the zumba class was canceled and that she was going to give a Boot Camp class, mind you, the average age of that class is about 50 years old, she stated that those of us that didn’t like it can leave and do some other type of cardio, well, needless to say, I left, not because I wouldn’t have tried the Boot Camp class but because of her rudeness and attitude. Where does she get off speaking to us like that? Later after complaining to the Manager, which got me nowhere, I was speaking to some of the ladies and was informed that this trainer, (Marta N) was continuously being very rude and has had problems with other members. Beside the fact that the bathrooms are for the most part disgusting and most of the equipment is out of order, I am definitely not going to tolerate with this rudeness. There are a lot of gyms out there, I think someone needs to take a course on Customer Service in your establishment. This comment with probably fall in deaf ears. But i am not one to sit back and take it.

Miriam A. Delgado


James Osteen July 17, 2014 at 10:28 am

My post is in reference to the club at 21614 Tomball Pkwy in Houston, TX. The club manager is Cameron (nobody likes to give his last name, and that should tell you something) and the service manager is Jeff (also anonymous). I am cancelling our membership there because the club is always dirty and poorly maintained, because the equipment is very poorly maintained, and because the club management is dishonest. I have complained to the club management and staff 20 – 25 times in the last 6 months about the treadmills malfunctioning and the audio jacks on them not working. I have been told repeatedly that repairs would be made in 2 – 3 weeks. Not one repair has been made during that time except to two machines that were completely inoperable. No other problems were addressed and, in point of fact, the equipment has continually deteriorated over this time period. As of last night, 9 out of about 20 machines had an operational problem. The plain truth is that both Cameron and Jeff have blatantly lied about their intentions to repair the equipment – not once but many times. This applies especially to Jeff, who I have talked to directly about 10 times.

Last night, when I asked to speak to the club manager about the situation – again – I was told he was not there and that no manager was on duty. When I asked for contact information for the district manager the desk clerk called Cameron and was told not to give it to me. When I said that I was going to cancel our membership unless I got some guarantee about the equipment being repaired and/or was given contact information where I could file a complaint that would be heard and acted on the desk clerk calledCameron back and then told me the Cameron didn’t care whether we kept the membership or not.

I understand it is the club’s right to maintain or not to maintain its equipment. The club operates on a Lowest Cost business model and performance reviews clearly focus mainly on expense ocntrol. But at least be truthful. Do not insult me not only by lying straight to my face repeatedly but also by thinking I am so stupid that I will never figure it out. I refuse to do business with any company that treats me with such contempt.

My advice to anyone who considers joining this club – go somewher else. There are at least 3 other clubs within a 10 minutes drive, 2 of them within 5 minutes.


Gina Weber July 12, 2014 at 9:36 am

I just wanted the Antelope Valley to know how disappointed and appalled I am that 24 Hour Fitness was so rude and unpatriotic they behaved toward my daughter who is serving in the United States Air Force. I have been a 24 Hour Fitness customer since they came to this valley. I also have paid all these years for my children to participate in the fitness lifestyle I’ve always advocated. 24 Hour Fitness used to like their customers to come and use the facilities. The last few years the younger, ignorant and more unsophisticated worker bees have taken over and impart such a shallow and unethical behavior all over the use of the facilities that we all have paid many years to use. My daughter and her husband recently came home on leave. I told them to go use the gym since that is part of their lifestyle. They were given way too much grief and derision to even stay. My daughter’s membership was put on hold several years ago but can be “unfrozen” when the time comes that she may want to use it again. They just wanted money, since my 3 memberships I pay for now aren’t enough for them. Not even to mention that we’re talking about a member of the Military! Show some damn respect for your meaningless little job 24 Hour worker bees! Grow some patriotism and be something more than the inconsequential parasite that thinks scamming money from every client that walks through your door is somehow important! Very disappointed that our little gym in Palmdale didn’t impress my daughter’s husband with it’s show of loyalty and respect! In Shape did give my daughter and her husband a pass but only after a 45 minute sales presentation! Wake up and smell the freaking sweat morons! Give away passes and perhaps you would have more customers willing to pay your outrageous fees for using your equipment, even with the rude and unpatriotic employees working away while other young people are giving their all!!! Thank you for listening! Have a great weekend!


Kathy July 10, 2014 at 8:54 pm

This is the worst gym I have ever been apart of. Always filthy, is , etc. abou tryin t notify district mgr of staff rudeness, sexual harrassment, swearing at members etc. he just allows mgr to pretend to be him because he is too lazy to investifate (Garret). Unable to get through or help from customer service talk about rude. Everyone I talk to says dont become a member now I know why. Horrible horrible gym


J. Robert July 2, 2014 at 3:16 am

I have a complaint I’d like to bring to the corporate office’s attention. I’d rather not waste my time writing such a lengthy comment. So instead I hope someone contacts me. I have read a few of the comments below and I hope all of you have had your issues resolved. I’d really appreciate anyone that replies to let me know that the corporate office hears everyone out.


Felipe m. juatco June 29, 2014 at 9:42 am

Panorama city ca. U guys renovated.d place fix d most important the machines. D elliptical, stair masters put some missing free weights dumb bells


Tina June 27, 2014 at 12:44 pm

On June 19 I called the 24 HR Fitness – Branch #150 – to check the status of my membership as I had not been to the gym for some time. I was rudely informed by the front desk employee that my membership had been deactivated, which was done so without my prior knowledge in spite of their claim of having mailed doXXXXents to my residence.

I asked what date my renewal was sent out since I didn’t receive the renewal notice in the mail, nor any follow-up notifications that my membership was about to expire. The person at the front desk stated the renewal was mailed sometime October 2013. This was not acceptable, so
I asked to speak to a manager to resolve this obvious confusion, since clearly I did NOT receive such a doXXXXent.

I spoke to Kasey Belouski, and he repeated the same information as the previous conversation with the other person, then suddenly forwarded me without consent back to the front desk, basically dismissing my call and concerns.

Upon speaking with the front desk employee, I was again forwarded to another branch where I proceeded to explain to the customer service rep for a third time my situation – that why would I NOT pay my 20 membership renewal as this was a great deal? I have been a member for over 10 years and never had an issue with receiving my renewal in the mail. I told the customer service rep the same information – I did not receive anything in the mail and no courtesy notice prior to the termination of my membership. This customer service reps was extremely unprofessional, rude and made absolutely no attempt to resolve the issue, no was she interested in retaining a valued longtime client. Her resolution was to immediately charge me a reactivation fee of $169, and then I could resume my $20 per year membership.
The company’s resolution to my issue is to blame the customer and take no accountability for their lack of customer care, stating once again emphatically that “we mailed it out!!” So basically, if the renewal was in fact lost, mislabeled address or other reason it was not 24 Fitness fault or issue and sorely lacked accountability as to why I had not received my renewal doXXXXents, is simply ridiculous! I have been a committed member of 24hr fitness for over 10 years and my membership is $20 year, why would I not pay it?? At this point my issue was falling on deaf ears and it’s obvious 24 HR Fitness does not care about retaining customers that have been with them for a long time, no does anyone have any customer service skills as they simply do not care about their clients only the financial benefit of losing a low cost membership.

At this point, I asked the customer care rep to speak to a supervisor, so I was left on hold while waiting for the supervisor to get on the call. However, the supervisor never got on the call as I waited approximately 10 minutes before the customer care rep returned to the call. I felt it was not fair I had to pay the 169 activation fee, since I had not received notification or the renewal so I had requested they waive the activation fee. The customer care rep said the only way to waive the activation fee is to get approval from the branch manager since this credit would affect this branch’s financials at that location. I thought this was very unprofessional as 24HR Fitness is stating their limitations as their inability to find a solution, and therefore imposing this limitation onto their customer, as this is an internal issue between branches that they need to work out. But once again, she mentioned this and inferred this was my issue once again to resolve.

As a business, these internal limitations or challenges is no fault of the customer, and is something that is discussed between the branches as part of the resolution. I asked for corporate number again, and instead of providing it she said that she would submit a request to have Robert Swigart, a District Manager, to call me back within 3-5 business days.

Overall, 24HR Fitness could not connect me with a person of authority to resolve this issue, which could have been resolved within in much less time. Instead I have been transferred to multiple persons, as clearly as no person within the company wanted to take accountability. I am still waiting for a resolution, and 24HR Fitness did not follow through with their commitment for a return phone call.
Update: as of 6/27/14, ZERO calls, and nothing but frustration and headaches! Poor management, poor communication and reflects very poorly on 24HR fitness overall, considering all the other fitness options available these days.


Dave July 8, 2014 at 1:48 pm

The corporate customer service number is 866-417-4946. But they likely won’t be helpful.


Dave July 10, 2014 at 5:25 am

The corporate customer service number is 866 417-4946


Mariela June 23, 2014 at 9:19 pm

I am a member of 24 hours for over 8 years. Now days is the worst gym in South Florida,
I go to the one in Fort Lauderdale near Oakland. The water fountain does not have a filter!!! the pool is always full of urine…they have aerobics with over 50 bodies!!! they hardly can move inside the pool!! I have a hospital bill from an eye infection, that I got from 24 hours pool, the department that handles insurance claims has not returned my calls in 12 months.
The steam room and sauna are not maintain at all, you need to wear a mask to cover yourself from the germs. The TVs are all about sports.
The manager by the name of Maurice is never there to answer customers concerns. The one in Plantation is worst…the carpet is so old and the machines are from the X century…
Finally!!! LA Fitness!!! is building a new one in Plantation, membership is only $29.00 “YOU FIT” is another option I am considering. Please share this with corporate so they hear about their member’s opinion. NOT THE TYPE OF GYM WANT TO BELONG


Colleen Jeffries June 12, 2014 at 4:12 am

24 hr fitness in Las Vegas NV is one big mess. Politics is coming to play becuz of my lawsuit against the US Marshal. Staff members are usually rude. The male members do nothing to the men but chew out the women for not paying attention to those low income men. I was informed by the staff a sale manager had left who was going to be my go to person. They would not be it. I was not welcome at any 24 fitness gym
either because of my lawsuit against the US Marshal Service. Call customer service. I have no person just an automatic system telling you to go on line or to the club. I was inform 24 fitness has been bought out. The female employees have told me & other women sexual harassment is the norm from their male employees. There is only maybe three staff members. The gym has a hand full of customers now. The children’s gym was close. The pool was close for a long time. The huge pool crowd mostly seniors left that gym. I asked if they were closing that gym? I was told no. They have done activities to lose about 80% of their customers. Most of classes at 24 he fitness gym are no longer offer. Not sure if 24 hour fitness is still in the gym business much longer. I have talk to attorney about suing 24 fitness for having a sexual hositle environment for women. To have any men openly ask a young girl if she is a virgin is just plain ugly. The staff told the woman the male customer ask a guestion that she should had answer. If I do sue.24 fit.was gym; I am sure I can have other female join the lawsuit. A huge problem of homeless men/low income men allow to come into the.gum to use the bathroom. The pool is dirty because people are allow to go in with their street clothes. That area is for the most part empty. The police have asked some of us if drug selling is going on. I did at one time. I told the cops they have few people going to their gym. It looks like they are running the gym out of.business. Drug dealers go where there are customers. There are hardly any gym customers.


BRANDON June 4, 2014 at 4:08 pm



John Santos June 1, 2014 at 5:13 pm



John Santos June 1, 2014 at 5:16 pm



Humberto Gutierrez May 11, 2014 at 12:56 am

Thirty five members of the Pacifica 24 Hour Fitness have signed a petition to request the installation of security cameras in the parking lot. Management at the gym has paid only lip service to our request. Management has posted signs in the parking lot and in the gym for members to be careful with their belongings. Nice trick, but has not gone down well with the gym’s membership. Here is a copy of the petition.
We hope you act on it.
By the way, you may purchase a system from Costco for less than $500.00. A small price to pay for our security.
To: Todd Shypett, Manager, 24 Hour Fitness, Pacifica, California
From: Humberto Gutierrez and other interested 24 Hour Fitness members
Re: Request to buy and install a video camera security system overlooking the parking lots

Calls for service from 24 Hour Fitness in Pacifica to the Pacifica Police Department from 3/31/2009 to 3/31/2014 show the following results:
There were a total of 73 calls for service to the Police Department. They break down in the following manner:
• There were 31 Burglaries: Second degree. These are mostly (if not all) auto break-ins.
• There were 5 Grand thefts: Money/labor/real property.
• There were 8 petty thefts.
• There were 2 vandalisms less than $400.
Other calls varied from suspicious person to criminal threats and one hit and run.
The statistics average to more than one incident a month. They also do not show unreported crimes, which would most probably make the number of incidents much higher. This number of cases is inacceptable and can lead to more serious crimes.
With the installation of security cameras, members will feel safer and prevent more serious crimes, not only during the day, but at night when women are more vulnerable. Closed-circuit television, “as part of a surveillance system, are most effective in parking lots, where their use resulted in a 51% decrease in crime.” This statement is taken from a 2009 analysis by Northeastern University of Cambridge.
We hope that this information will be a wake up call to the management of 24 Hour Fitness and will promptly install the security system. Thanks in advance for your concern.

Humberto Gutierrez


Virginia O June 13, 2014 at 1:13 am

Please go to yelp and read review that I posted today. My vehicle was broken into on 6/2/14 @ 24HR Super Sport on Auto Mall Parkway in Fremont (between 9:15AM and 10:45AM). I hate to be the bearer of bad news, even if the Pacifica gym had security camera’s the members will NOT be allowed to view security video unless there is a police office present. Fremont PD do not come out to vehicle vandalism unless you know the culprit. Bottom line 24HR’s privacy policy does not provide protection for members but rather it protects the criminal element.
The security camera’s give members false sense of security. You have to protect yourself. 24HR will not assist members . Bottom line, you have to be aware of surroundings and protect yourself. 24HR will do nothing to assist members when they are victimized. This gym has 2 to 3 vehicle break ins per month!
Best of luck to you.


Susan May 8, 2014 at 8:17 pm

I have been being to the Hollywood Super Sport Club in Los Angeles for more than 8 years. I love their zumba class and instructors. They are very professional and nice.
There is one new instructor her name is
Lesley who is very unprofessional and rude. She said rude and mean words during the class. And let her good friends in the class who doesn’t have the teaching certification to teach for half of the class. She is the instructor and she let her class members teach instead her teaching. And she would just walk around and dancing next to us and make us very uncomfortable. And she like to insult class member and was very racist. She would find every way to say mean things and insult class member. It is illegal that a instructor let non certificated class member teaching. And i have never seen any instructor did that kind of thing before…let her students teaching for half of the class and pick her favorite friends to teach. And they are not even a good zumba dancer. We are all following the wrong step. And we have been reporting this abusive and unprofessional behavior to the club manager. They never take care of things and still let her doing the illegal and unprofessional behavior. A lot of us are very tired of these kind abusive environment. And we highly suggest you guy investigate and move her class away. Especially her class in on Monday and Wednesday night. We usually go to gym at this time. We missed the previous zumba instructors. They never be lazy and let their class member teaching during their class. They are the only one in the front and teaching the whole class. Not like the Zumba instructor Lesley who is a abusive and laze unprofessional instructor. There is something wrong with this Lesley instructor. A lot of class member doesn’t like her unprofessional behavior. But we don’t have any other class instructor to choose on Monday and Wednesday night. The club manager is ignoring our comments for several times. And the gym is getting dirtier and dirtier…Please fix these issue and make this club as good as before. Please see the club reviews on this link….very bad reviews…google.com/#q=24+hour+fitness+hollywood+super+sport+club

Please make this Hollywood Super Sport Club a professional better club. Thanks a lot!


Tamara April 30, 2014 at 11:39 pm

I have spoken with the Eastvale facility, customer service and I am trying corporate office, however I can’t send and email because I can’t seem to get past the security bologna.
I have been a member since 1990. I moved from MV to the Limonite Facility. Where I registered my children but was NEVER told I needed to move my memebership. Our facility closed and you opened up Eastvale. Now they are refusing to let me use the facility. Reason was I didn’t attend the last 6 mos before the facility closed. SO WHAT! you took my payments. Never in my contract that it say I would be penalized for NOT working out. I was never notified of this new rule. I am really upset about this. We have been loyal customers for 24 years and always paid on time and even added on our children. I would like to see you grandfather us in to the facility. Driving to Redlands or MV is unrealistic. Please contact me. I love my old facility, and I am finally getting the time to work out! FRUstrATed!!!!


Ken Waters Esq April 16, 2014 at 10:07 am

It is time to bring Hannah Griebel back now to the Riva Rd facility. We know you have discovered at this time that the person who set her up was actually the guilty party. It is okay to make mistakes but you need to correct them when the mistake is discovered. Hannah deserves to be at 24 Hour Fitness and was an outstanding and loyal employee for 3 years. Maybe you can show the same loyalty to your staff and customers. Correct your error and out it all in the past where it belongs.
KW Esq.


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LILLY April 11, 2014 at 3:55 pm



Tonya April 22, 2014 at 6:39 pm

Same here Lily. I’ve been a lifetime member since “81. There was a glitch in my yearly dues, so I called them and they wanted $150.00 to rewrite my contract.. I only pay $30 a YEAR! They’re office said they will look into it and get back to me….They have not.


Tonya April 22, 2014 at 6:52 pm

Yes! 1981! Before it was even called 24hr, It was Family Fitness.


Yubani Hernandez April 11, 2014 at 1:52 pm

My purse was just stolen from a locker at the willow glen location in San Jose. I think it is sad that 24hr doesn’t do much about this sort of stuff in protecting their customers that bring in so much $$ to them! All they do is say we apologize for your loss and then post a sign up indicating to leave valuables at home. Ok, well the manager did say she was going to review the tapes but still! They should hire a security soon or someone to supervise locker rooms!


Robert April 8, 2014 at 4:17 pm

I want to know why I have to have a paypal to get a discount on supplement’s. Being a member isn’t good enough! And when I ask for the corporate number the girl working there gave me a 1800 number to there gym! Not happy at all!


Grace April 6, 2014 at 1:44 pm

They need better security at their clubs. Someone on Facebook that attends their club has posted several pictures of women in the locker/changing rooms. It’s been several occasions & a few days ago she posted a picture of a woman naked without her knowledge or consent. This is the internet and I don’t see how this is allowed. And this person has not been banned from your clubs. I tried getting an email to a corporate employee or anyone that has some higher authority other than the club employees since I went directly to the Arcadia club and turned me away. I am disgusted with their poor customer service.


Iz April 2, 2014 at 4:20 am

I have been going to the new walnut creek 24 hour super sport since opening in 2013. I am disabled and use the hot tub on a daily basis. The hot tub is used heavily at this location but is only cleaned once a week. The water gets very dirty within a day or two after cleaning. I have complained about the lack of cleanliness and the fact that there are members who go in the hot tub in work out clothing instead of the appropriate swim attire as posted by the tub. Yet the complaint seems to be ignored . It seems to me that cleanliness and safety should be top priority!!!!!! Maybe the corporate officers and staff members should be required to get into the dirty water and see how the members feel 🙁


Katie Atherton March 28, 2014 at 4:47 pm

My husband and I have been members at the 24 Hour Fitness in Roseville, CA for 13 years. I’ve never been treated so rudely in the whole time I’ve been going there. The manager, Mike Ajdari, has not been trained in customer service apparently. This company can do better.

He wasn’t mean, he wasn’t awful, he wasn’t aggressive. He was just apathetic in the most disrespectful way. There is obviously a staff issue when the service manager cannot even look a member in the eye, answer a simple question, and tells it’s members that if they call customer service they will just “go in circles.” It was absurd. Is this the way you want your company to be represented? If he would’ve just said something, anything, to show me that he understood my frustration and my problem, I would’ve felt like this store cared about it’s members.

Today I went in ready to work out and was told that my bill hadn’t been paid in two months and that my membership was “Fitness Terminated.” If I didn’t pay immediately, my membership would be cancelled. After 13 years, I am standing in the lobby being told that I am about to be dropped as a member. Awesome. Apparently my credit card direct payment didn’t work. I thought I’d already changed my card in the system at the gym after the Target hacking in December.

I went home and called customer service. Guess what? I didn’t “go in circles,” and talked with two customer service reps, Sheryl and Monique. They were both professional and handled it immediately. I paid my $46 and didn’t get terminated. If I hadn’t showed up at the gym, what would’ve happened? I don’t even want to know. I’m guessing it would involve a lot more than $46.

My question to the manager while I stood behind the desk at the gym: Why wasn’t I notified that my account was about to be terminated? No answer. The same question to the customer service rep, and the answer: a collections company sent a letter to you. I’m assuming it was lost in our stack of mail, but that’s not the point, is it? The point is that a person listened to me and fixed the problem.

Please train your people in how your own company works so that they are better able to speak to the members like adults. Next time I have an issue to resolve, I hope someone can spend the time to try to fix it and not just hide behind the desk and give me the brush off.
Thank you.


concerned members March 23, 2014 at 7:37 pm

we checked with our City Prosecutor Office. Despite your policy of children SIX Years and younger allowed in same-sex locker rooms when accompanied by a parent, the City Code in our City is FIVE years old. Your policy may not supersede that Code. Your location at 3030 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach CA is criminally allowing children 5 years and older in the locker rooms where they see adults (who may or may not have criminal restraints keeping them from children) undressed, often naked. We have seen fathers take their young daughters into the mens locker room to change, which is the most horrific; and regularly mothers WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER take their young sons into the womens locker room. In either of these instances, girls in the mens locker room or boys in the womens locker room, these children are exposed to naked adults who never gave consent to allowing this to happen. This criminal activity occurs mostly in conjunction with the “swimming classes” on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, but occurs at other times too. There must have been other complaints, because the staff feebly and inadequately placed temporary changing tents next to the pool – HOWEVER, the staff DOES NOT ENFORCE the Policy of keeping children Six (FIVE per Law) years of age and older from entering the locker rooms, and the irresponsible and criminal parents CONTINUE to bring their children of the opposite sex into the locker rooms.
The City Prosecutor’s Office recommended that we notify the police the next time we see this happen. We are informing you first before we have to take this step, so that you have a chance to correct it before we 1. go ahead and Notify the Police, 2. Report you to the Dept of Consumer Affairs, and 3. Expose you in Social Media and Local Television News Outlets.
We hope that we do not have to be subjected to this shocking situation any more. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.
*the enitre text of this message has been copied so that it may be forwarded to the City Prosecutor’s Office, City of Long Beach, California*


Dennis Malenski March 14, 2014 at 1:26 pm

I used to work for these slimeballs. Everything I read here is all par for the course as long as I worked for the company. There was a reason 24 hour lost a couple class action lawsuits already. It’s all about the $$$, sales will tell you anything to get you to sign. Once you sign your done. What are you gonna do call corporate and get the run around. People need to realize 24 hour fitness doesn’t care about the members. We are just numbers. They are too big now to care. Too much $$$ to care. So members quit. Who cares?? There will be more that line right up to sign. As many people quit I ciuldn’t even keep up with the new people that came in to replace them.


G. Dan March 7, 2014 at 10:25 pm

I am in my third month of 24H membership. I transferred after 8 years at the Y when the Y terminated its Silver Sneakers membership status. Ever since I joined 24H I have been trying to discuss the noise levels in the fitness classes. I have recorded numerous decibel readings and have submitted them to the local club manager. The concept of excessive noise (baseline ~95db, often exceeding 100db) is foreign to him. Multiple calls to Customer Service have only been frustrating; the issue is being passed from manager to manager, according to CS. I have made numerous requests to discuss with Safety/Loss management, no luck. I have been promised followup return calls, no luck. I, and some others, wear earplugs in group classes!!! In short, the noise levels are excessive; the excessive noise levels are harmful to hearing for participants and instructors; the excessive noise levels exceed OSHA allowed levels. I would like to discuss with Safety. This is a health and safety issue, not a management issue. I’m tired of being given the runaround by management and Customer Service.
G. Dan Mingea
Wylie, TX


NT March 6, 2014 at 6:00 pm

I have been a member since the mid 90s.
My complaint is this…. Why is the 24 hour fitness off Royal and 75 in Dallas so disgusting and outdated?
The shower curtains are plastic and full of mold. Isn’t this an OSHA violation? Half the sinks are out of service and staff does not refill the soap containers.It’s ghetto and embarrassing.
Furthermore, please STOP controlling the AC in TEXAS, when clearly you California people do not have high summer temperatures and humidity- all to save buck! One day, someone may have a heart attack or other respiratory issue and sue you for negligence then having a high AC bill will be the least of your issues, instead you will be responsible for long term medical care.
LA fitness is sneaking up on you……


craig March 6, 2014 at 4:55 am

Dear Ms Blair,
My problem is simply one of principal. I signed up for a membership at your Burbank club almost two years ago. My membership gives me access to other clubs and full membership privileges for $29.99 a month. I was told that if I paid more down I could get this great rate “locked in” for the rest of my membership life. Less than a year later I received an email from 24 hour fitness saying my rates were being raised. When I tried to speak to the manager of the Burbank club he said he would be with me shortly but instead sent someone in sales out to deal with me. I told the gentleman my problem and he said they would do a one time reversal of the charges. I was also told the rep should not have told me there would be no increase, which I find rather convenient after the fact.
I was a member of Bally’s for over 12 years and experienced this same type of nonsense, only they waited five years before the first increase. When I approached them they all seemed surprised and assured me I should not have been told no rate increases would incur. I just decided to live with it, until the gym started going down hill and I noticed a pattern of nothing being fixed and my rates increasing every year. Fed up, I left and came to 24 hour fitness. I told my sales rep or “team member” that very story and verified twice with her there would be no increase before I plopped down close to $300 for my membership.
Fast forward to my present situation. Fewer employees working and a gym that is increasingly becoming filthier by the day. I just received an email saying you are once again raising my rates just as my second year is ending. It’s a minor raise of $1.08 for the year, but as you can see by my above comments I’ve been down this road before. The truth is I can begrudgingly over look the hygiene issues (although it is only going to take one case of staph infection to make someone wake up) but to break your promise and blame it on something as silly as a “cost of living increase” when you are already obviously cutting back employees and maintenance, is unacceptable. Everyone, including myself has had a cost of living increase but I’m not trying to pay less that I promised to those I have made agreements with. I’m sure a new member isn’t paying a cost of living increase on their new plan, so why should someone who’s been loyal and timely on their payments have to?
I gave this information to a customer service rep and she said she would submit it and I should call back and they would have an answer for me in a week. Called today and there was no answer but she now said someone would call me. Anyone who can read between the lines knows this doesn’t sound good. I have been working out since I was in
junior high and would probably keep this membership til I pass one day. I can’t really believe 24 hour fitness is willing to trade $359.88 a year for many years to come for $1.08 increase. Really? I’m afraid that is what is going to happen unless someone honors their word and takes care of this.
Thank you for your time,
Craig Mcalpin Membership # LL41363


Margaret Moorhead March 4, 2014 at 5:17 pm

To Elizabeth Blair, President, 24-Hour Fitness

I have been paying 4 memberships since February 1996, one for myself and my 3 children. When I signed the contract it was for full access to any Family Fitness Center any where, any time. Recently my daughter attempted to use the Sports Club facility and was told her membership did not include the Sports Club. The definition of “full access to any Family Fitness Center” means access to all the clubs – and this was explained to me by the Family Fitness Center employee having me sign the contract. Granted it is now called 24-Hour Fitness but the contract is still binding and I have never had a lapse in payment.

During the past month I have called several times to try to get this remedied and am told repeatedly that a notice was sent out in 2012 for a one-time deal for everyone with my type of contract to get upgraded at no charge or a minimal charge. Of course when you never receive such a notice it is hard to accept the offer. I explained that I never received the notice, had I received I would definitely have accepted it. I have called several more times and tried reasoning with customer services, finally someone told me they would pass it on to a supervisor who would get back to me within a few days. Well, it has been 2 weeks, no return phone call.

I know you have several million members and I am only 1 member paying for 4 but each member should be considered an integral part of the whole.

Please have the courtesy to respond to your member’s concerns and do right by the signed contract.

Sincerely, Margaret


clifton topham March 3, 2014 at 6:55 pm

my name is clifton topham

me and my wife have been member for over 5 years we and her went in to cancel are membership and trainer well as we sat down with the manager we ask if we could cancel and the manager said no you may not it in your contract and i said what contract i never seen no contract and i think me and my wife have the rightto cancal are member ship and trainer the manager then started giving me excuse and was really rude making my wife cry know how would you like you walk in to a 24 hour fitness had someone tell you and your wife that you are fat i will not put up with the bogus remarks and also bogus contract so i would really like my and my wifes account to be canceled asap thanks clifton topham


Melissa February 28, 2014 at 11:44 am

Dear Ms Blair,

I have been a member for quite a few years. I purchased the lifetime membership which includes all clubs without restrictions. I called today to have my account taken off hold. I placed it on hold when I moved out of the country. I found out the hard way that my account was not placed on hold, but eventually closed. So due to someone’s error on your side I was told by 3 different people that you will not fix the problem. You will not give me back my membership, you will not give me a new membership without my paying for it when it was clearly your mistake. This is not a good way to do business. I am extremely unhappy with this outcome and I would like to hear back from someone with some power and not someone on the phone reading from a script.



Susan February 24, 2014 at 4:42 pm

I have been a member of the 24 hour fitness at the Belleview location for almost a year now. The condition of this center has deteriorated over the past year, not to say it was in that great of shape when I started. When I spoke with one of the Managers regarding the condition of the equipment, headset jacks, tvs, etc. He had more excuses than my teenage son.
• First off he questioned my knowledge of a fitness center and how often/long I used other facilities. I have been attending fitness centers long before he was out of diapers.
• I told him if I found a Stair Climber and head phone jack that both worked I felt like I “SCORED”. Most of them don’t work. I asked him what kind of Preventative Maintenance was being done to insure the equipment was being maintained in working order. His response was “we fix equipment when someone tells us it is broken and that the head phone jacks were the lowest things on his radar. (meanwhile there were 5 employees hanging around the desk doing nothing). He further informed me that he only had one tech to fix equipment so that is why it take months to get something fixed. I suggested to him that he may want to have some of the idle employees go through the equipment during off peak hours and verify their operation, it would be proactive. I pay my monthly dues, things should work. It is not my responsibility to report broken equipment. Additionally, if the equipment was number it would be easier to report it.
• Cleanliness- non existent. I have a dog, she sheds, her hair sometimes sticks to the bottom of my shoes. I could walk into the facility today and find a dog hair from my dog on a piece of equipment because they are never cleaned. FYI I have found some before.
• His excuse was we run “twenty four hours”. I get that! Hence the name 24 Hour Fitness. But at 10:00PM to 4:00AM I bet it is not so busy that things can’t get cleaned and equipment verified for proper operation.
• Lastly, why is it when one of the Fitness X classes start the instructors have to have one of us go out and ask for the AC to be turned on in the room. There is a schedule of classes, should this not be an automatic thing. HELLO!
Somebody needs to step in and fix this problem.


attas February 20, 2014 at 12:57 am

Hello i have been a member since 2011, At the time i paid almost $600 for a 3 year membership. Because i heard so much good things about the fitness. When i finally checked in to one of Rancho San Diego gym. The guy who helped me sign up was very helpful at the moment. Then i come to find out years later everything he told me was lie! At the time Pete had told me if i paid $600 i would get years free and after that it would only be $12 a month. I liked the deal and was very interested, The other deal he told me was to go to costo and get a membership for 350 for 2 years. and then after that i would have to pay again after the year was over. So i told him i liked his deal which was $600 for 3 years after the 3 years $12 a month. Now my time of expiration is coming up. and every member i talk to doesn’t know how to fix the situation. i’m getting frustrated to the point where i’m just going to join a another gym.


Susan Logan February 19, 2014 at 6:21 pm



Jazie February 13, 2014 at 10:27 pm

Customer service is something I take very serious in any business that I pay 30 dollars a month for and when I walk in to the building I expect atleast a hello or goodbye. The people working at the front are rude, have major attitudes and seem to want nothing to do with the people coming to work out. I am close to cancelling my membership because I am fed up. I don’t want to be discouraged right when I walk in the door to go work out.


Sasha March 10, 2014 at 4:43 pm

wow, I have the opposite problem. I don’t like having my name bellowed out when I check in or having someone screech bye to my back when I am trying to leave. If you’re paying $30 per month you’re getting a good deal, mine is $49 per month


Philip Lawrence February 2, 2014 at 1:38 pm

When we signed up about one month ago – at the gym in 23166 Los Alisos Blvd, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 – We were told that one of the nice things was we could now could go to any 24 hr fitness center in the Us – with no additional charge – Last night we were told if we went to any other center we would be charge $25.00. We ask why and when did this occur – We were told this just changed – It seems to us that since we were told that we could use any center with no additional charge that anyone that signed up before the change should be grandfathered.


Mark January 28, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Dear Ms Blair,

I am writing to you in regards to my current situation with your company and my current membership. I had been a member with your club since 2007 and a good standing member until now from what I am being told. My wife and I have had 2 separate accounts both of which we had been paying since the inception. I visited your San Leandro location Saturday morning after being away from the club for some time. When I walked in and scanned my finger I was surprised to be told my membership had been terminated. I asked if I could speak to anyone who could fix this situation and they mentioned there was nobody there at 8am who could make this call being my membership had been expired for quite some time. They said they had sent me a notice in the mail in April of 2013. I mentioned that I had never received such letter. The previous year I had received a courtesy voice message notifying me that it was time to renew. I never received a courtesy call or email I told them. I was quite surprised and asked to speak to someone in charge. The older gentleman at the front desk, Eric, just stared at me. Being a customer service advocate for years I was frustrated by his mannerisms making me feel if I had done something wrong. Eventually, I was told that there was nobody there that could make the judgement call. I was provided the 1-800 customer service phone number and assured they would be able to take care of me there during normal business hours.

Today, I finally had a chance to speak to a customer service agent at the 1-800 number. I spoke to a very nice agent by the name of Kimberly and basically she told me there is nothing they could do besides reinstate my $99 yearly membership for a fee of $149 plus the $99 fee. I expressed to her that I did not not feel that was fair as I had never been notified of the renewal fee. My wife has always kept our accounts in good standing as you will notice her membership is currently active. Kimberly passed me onto to a service agent named Demantre who seemed to be over aggressive telling me the rules and how the renewal notice is only sent out as a courtesy. He continued to repeat that there records show it was sent out and that whether I received it or not it was still just a courtesy. I expressed to him that I would even go back and pay the $99 due in May of 2013 since I thought I was still an active member and continue to make that $99 this coming May. He began to quote policy etc and how there wasn’t anyone that could change what he was presenting. I politely asked what his position was and he said he was a team leader. I asked to speak to his supervisor but he mentioned there was no one available to speak to as all the managers/supervisors were in a meeting. Managing retail for the last 25 years I thought to myself how could there ever be a call center for -customer relations without someone in charge. I am sure Demantre was following protocol but I do believe he could have handled the situation with a bit more sensitivity for the customer.

I understand in this corporate structure that sometimes protocol and policy are written in stone but I still believe that there are those exceptions where we should take care of the customer due to certain situations. I can assure you that a renewal never made it to my doorstep. I take full responsibility for not knowing when my membership expired and unfortunately because I hadn’t been there in such a long time didn’t even know it had. I would hope that an exception can be made to make a bad situation good again. I apologize for taking your valuable time but there doesn’t seem to be any other person or place to email concerns.


Mark B.


TRACY CULLEN January 9, 2014 at 1:38 pm



Austin December 29, 2013 at 8:57 am

I have been told an given every excuse an reason why the North Hollywood club will not return the Chairs too the Lounge area..The MEMBERS have to sit on the FLOOR an STAND to watch the,TV or take a brake from enjoying the Club thats paid for! The reason was people fall a sleep there.Thats no reason to punish all other members! People fall a sleep in the pool area also..( They don’t Drain the Pool)…I was told that this was a LOUNGE AREA when being sold a membership..(with chairs)….The chairs in the front lobby have people that fall a sleep all the time..No one removes them! Getting Customers ( Members) to abide buy the rules is a management an employee training situation…I see no reason why MEMBERS should be subjected too sitting on the FLOOR just because the rules are not enforced…


howard ajax September 26, 2013 at 5:58 pm

When will the club be open on ridgeway road memphis tn


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